Last Hero in China (1993) Script

Ah Kwai, get up, they are coming!

I can't run anymore.

I can't run anymore!

We can't be caught by those bastards.

Come on, they are behind!

Ah Kwai!


Are you Master Wong Fei-hong?

Yes, what's the matter?

A lady asked me to send you this bunch of flowers.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Fei-hong, I can't come to see you off.

Because I am following an important news.

3 branch leaders of the "Boxer Association" are wanted by HK Gov't.

I am sorry, I'll come to visit you when I am free. Yours Aunt Yee.

3 tickets to Canton.

They are the wanted criminals. Go and catch them.



Yuen Lon, Yuen Fu, Yuen Po, you bastards of the Boxer Association.

Surrender if you are wise, we've surrounded here.

The Boxer Association?

You bastards, do you want to arrest me?

You are dreaming!


Leave us alone, or I will kill this guy!

Be careful of my flowers!

You shut up.

We are civilized, don't be that rude.

So what?

So, I will counter attack.

Take it!

Thank you!

Who the hell are you?

Wong Fei-hong from Fu-shan.

Wong Fei-hong? Let's go.

So what? Let's beat him to death.


Shit, I can't make it.

God protect me!

Go now.

My God, come and help me.

Please, The God of Monkeys, come and help me.

Please, the God of Kwan, come and help me.

Please, the Prince Na Chai, come and help me.

You are bluffing!

How dare you!

Master Wong, thank you very much.

Don't mention it.

I am leaving! See you.

Take them away. Go.

Wong Fei-hong, the Boxer Association won't let you go!

Is Master Wong home? I come for medical treatment.

...4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...

Why do you push me out?

You are look like a cripple!

But you play like a cripple!

Stand properly.

"Single leg crane"!

Why did you kick me away?

Po Chi Lam is too small!


It'll be fine.

Now, take this herb home, drink the tea and you'll be alright.

Ah So.

Ah So, what are you doing?

I just wanted to fetch a piece of water-melon, but I was kicked in.

Why are you hurt, pal?

I was fine before coming here.

But I was seriously hurt by your students.

Are you coming for treatment?

No, But now, it is.

Ah Fu.

Master, it's too small.

You can't give treatment when we are practising.

By the way, more and more students joined us.

Why don't we rent a bigger place?

I know it.

But the rental rate is high in Canton, how can we afford it?

Master, if our patients are hurt by us when they come for treatment.

That's a pity!

You are so talkative. So you'd better give me some idea.

Master Wong, you'd move this time.

None of your business.

I am the representative of the landlord, this is a letter of rent raising.

You needn't look at it, 3 times will be added to your original rent.

I don't think you can afford it, you'd better move.

Watch the stance!

My cousin is a banana.

I'll teach you some English, so you won't lose face.

Alright! In morning, how do you greet others?

Good morning. Good morning.

How to greet others at night?

Good night. Good night.

How about in the afternoon?

Good afternoon. I guess.

Good afternoon.

Just say sorry if you bump into someone.

Then you may leave with no guilty feeling.

Sorry, sorry.

How impolite is the Cantonese.

What shall we do now, dad?

Let's find a place for a rest, then find out where the monks are.

Let's go.

My dear cousin!

Cousin Robert.

I am not your Robert.


Say hello!

Good morning.

Good morning!

Good morning.

Hi, Robert.

I'm sorry Benjiman!

I'll call you later!

Bye bye.

Cousin Robert.

Younger cousin My senior fellow.

You come early!

You've told me that many flats with low rent are available.

I want to take a look.

I'm busy!

What busy? I don't know.

Shit-head, I am busy.

Sorry, I many customers are waiting for me.

The electricity supply is always out of order, it always...

See, it's out of order again.

Drink a cup of brandy, I'll fix the electricity and chat with you later.

Take your time...

OK, bye bye.

It's imported wine.

It's brandy, the taste is hot.

You know, someone only drinks a mouthful, then he will be fainted!

I haven't tried it.

How poor are you, what a shame.

I haven't tried it before.

Do you want a try?

It's wise to taste some.

I can't see anything! Am I fainting?

No matter how, let's drink!

Drink whole bottle So stupid Don't drink all, give me some.

I beg you, leave some for me.


So scared... Ghost...

Drinking brandy will make one see ghost.

What's happening?

You guys are rough.

Shit! Cousin, you are shameless, heartless! You bastard!

Why did you hit my client?

He is human; I mistook him as a ghost.

Where did you get hurt?

He hurt my heart.

Oh! Heart!

You hurt his heart.

My chest too.

Oh, you hurt his tits.

What is it?



My god, how can Wong Fei-hong's students do whatever they like?

You can't beat the others!

Are you from Po Chi Lam?

So what do you think?


I admire Master Wong Fei-hong very much, may I know your name?

I am Wong's student Leung Fu.

I am his junior, Ah So.

How are you? They are my sisters.

Ching Ha, Chor Hung, and Man Yuk.

You dress like this, like wearing a pig cage?

Wearing halfway.

You are kidding.

Why don't you say sorry now?

OK, alright. Don't mention.

Mr. Wong, they want to find a new place for Po Chi Lam's removal.

You have a good place, right?

It's next to my shop, a spacious one.

About the rent, I will make it 70% less.

It's very kind of you to give us so low price!

I wish to learn Kung-fu from Master Wong. If I can make it, I will give you a commission equivalent to 3 months' rent.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead.

Mr. Wong...

You may call me Mass Tar Wong.


Spell M-a-s-s T-a-r! Mass Tar Wong.

I admire you so much.

You are flattering me.

Are you satisfied with this house?

He likes it so much.

If the price is OK, I will move Po Chi Lam here.

If you think it's rather expensive, I may lower the rent.

I don't mind sharing the sacrificial pork on the 1st and 15th of the month.

We are running business together.

Oh, your flat is for business purpose too.

I wish to learn Kung-fu from you.

You are flattering me.

Hey, why not go for a drink? It's my treat.

Our master promised his dad not to drink.

Sure, sure.

Let's make it a deal.


Fu, So. Yes Fix the contract with Mr. Wong.

I have to greet the new Military Officer now, excuse me.

Good bye.

Who the hell is that Military Officer? So cocky!

This way please, Master Wong.


Are there anyone practising Kung-fu inside?

Our Excellency wants to do some exercise.

Master Wong, after you.

Are you Master Wong?

I am Wong Fei-hong, how are you, Your Excellency?

Give Master Wong some tea.

Yes... Please take a seat.

I have just come here to take care of the law and order of this place.

I know Master Wong is the master of the local militia.

Your students are all geniuses of martial arts.

So I would like to meet you, may be, I need your help in future.

Sir, you are flattering me.

Take a seat please.


The Governor is taking opium now, he will come out later.

I have heard that your Kung-fu belongs to the school of Shaolin, Your No-shadow Kick is really famous.

But, what sort of Fists do you play?

Kung's? Tiger and Crane? Or Cross Fists?

Sir, you mean famous, it's being exaggerated.

Please don't misunderstand.

Master Wong, you are wrong.

It's a bad habit of keeping your Kung-fu secretly.

Master Wong, you're naughty.

Master, is this officer an idiot?

Shut up!

Thank you, Master Wong.

Master Wong, good work.

Your Excellency, I am a doctor and know little Kung-fu.

How can I compare with you?

Master, he did it on purpose.

Shut up.


My Kung-fu isn't great.

I can't make any muscle after numerous practices.

But, I know one person, whose Kung-fu is great!

Which one?

He is a notorious robber, he robbed and raped.

If he were not drunk that day,

we would not have caught him.

Kill me if you have guts, don't play any trick!

Why are you so fierce?

Master Wong is here.

It's not your turn!

Master Wong?

Master Wong, don't mislead by this Skinny!

He is protected by inner air.

He is hard to be killed.

Right? He didn't make a noise.

I want your life.

Master Wong, help!


Master Wong, kill him for me.

Master Wong is wonderful, kill him for me.

You bastard, I want to kill you!

What's the matter? Nothing special, a prisoner escaped.

He is executed to death just now.

Master Wong, I am sorry, I will buy you a drink one day.

Thank you. I promised my dad not to drink.

Sir, I have to finish some matter in my office, good bye.

I won't see you to the door.

Good bye.

He is quite famous locally, why did you fool him?

I should show him a lesson.

Otherwise, he will be our obstacle.

How can we allow such small potato to block our road to success?

"Man of Honour"

Thank you everybody. To be the chairman of "Moral Reform Society", I don't think I am qualified to do so.

You'd not be that humble.

In these days, most of the youth forget morality.

It's hard to find a youth with a righteous heart like you.

So we prepare this signboard to you, "A humble and righteous symbol".

This is a present for your removal.

Thank you.

Let's do some exercise first.

So we will have perfect performance in the coming lion dance.

Hey men.

Miss, you have so many sisters.

She is our mother.

Hi, Mother!

Lower the voice down.

Our Master hates us courting girls.

Doesn't he?

Why not chatting? Isn't it not allowed?

I haven't seen such old bag.

Your students are so active!

They are handsome.

With good spirits.

They are talkative too.

They are decent youth too!

What are you doing?

We just chat with our neighbours.

Is he your master? He is quite handsome.

Do you take females as students?

They dress so little and are look bitchy.

You can tell they are not decent girls.

Stop chatting, got me? Yes, Master!

Who is he? He is so cocky!

Let's teach him a lesson.

Give me the drum.

Good! You play the drum very well!

Good playing!

Don't see and don't listen to the indecent things.

My drum play is to remind you all these.

We know playing drum too.

We can sing!


Get ready the lion.


Ah So, isn't our neighbour shop opening today?

Why are they so quiet?

Yes, it's so quiet.

It is a female.

It's a bitchy lion!

Master, it's time to worship our ancestors.

Ah So, take care of here, I am going to worship the ancestors.

Yes, Master.

Honey, I want it.

You are welcome.


Boss, there is a guest for you.

San, serve the guest.

I have got it, come on.

Mass Tar Wong, you have recruited so many female students.

It's hard to teach the girls Kung-fu.


I only know how to teach females.

Mass Tar Wong, how humble are you.

No, I mean it, I will teach them... how to be good hookers.

A brothel?

Heung Chi Kun?

It's finished. Po Chi Lam is opened next to a brothel.

It's shit! The ancestors will get angry too.

Master, shit!

What? Yes.

Pick up the spirit tablets.

What's it all about?

Ah Fu, Ah So!


Mass Tar Wong, yours...

It's a high classed amusement nightclub.

Why don't you tell me earlier?

I told you before. I run a club as well.

But you haven't asked me for details.

Ah So, why didn't you inquire the details first?

Sorry, Master, I forgot to tell them.

Sorry, I will move soon, right after I find another place.

Please don't! Maybe, I won't take any rent.

I will provide the catering for you too.

Master Wong...


You are losing my face, you know?

I will take to you later!

What are you going to tell me?

I don't think you are so foolish!

Master Wong is so angry that, please ask mercy for me later.

I want to be his student!

You know him? No.

Who are you?

You two...

How's radiculous!

You are not righteous!


I am not lucky to be Wong's student.

So, just forget it.

Mass Tar, is she a hooker too?

Damn you! She is my God-sister.

Pretty good She is beautiful!

Let me try first.

Miss Nine, I am Ah So, call me So So.

I am Ah Fu!

Do you know them?

No, who are they?

She is too cocky, I wanna beat her!

How dare you beat your sister-in-law?

How do you know she will be your wife?

No problem, I will do a research.

Research? What for?

After drinking this nutritious medicine, they can't hear.

The company which sells this medicine refuses to be responsible.

So we decided to report to the police.

But, most important of all, is to treat the kids.


I will give them a treatment.

If it doesn't work, come back to me again.


Those foreigners earn money by every means.

It's too bad to sell such harmful medicine.

They come a long way to China. just want to earn large sum of money from us.

What gentlemen, what democracy, or freedom!

All are excuses for them to cheat money.

We have to strengthen ourselves, so as to have better future.

Master Wong, I won't bother you, see you.


Let's go...

They are deaf, it's useless to talk to them.

Let's go... Let's go...

Good bye.

Ah So, Ah Fu.


Master. Master.

It's pay day.

Fu, your salary is 8.5 taels.

After deducting your lunch fee, only 6.2 taels are left.

Yes, master.

Fu, your clothes are getting old.

Take these 2 taels and buy some new clothes.

Thank you!

My clothes are getting old too.

Ah So, your salary is 7.5 taels, Plus the cleaning fee, that's 4.3 taels. You'll get 11.8 taels.

Master, I won't be that mean, round it up, make it 12, alright?

Fine, but you borrowed 7 taels from me.

And you cheated twice in buying food.

You have taken 13.8 taels already.

So you owe me 2 taels.

It'd be 1.8 taels.

You said you are not mean.

I will lend you 2 taels, don't waste it.

Thank you. Don't go to the next door.

How can we afford to go there?

Ask all the juniors to come in.

Here come the hens.

Go, go, make it the other day.

Hold it.

Master Wong, please take it, I'd like to join your school.

I am not a good teacher, so I daren't take you as student.

You are too humble! I wish to be your student!

If you take me as your student, I will be responsible for all your expenses.

I am busy, I have no time to teach you Kung-fu.

Master Wong.

Just teach me something, I will be satisfied then.

In fact, I have learnt some Kung-fu.

Say, Tiger stance, Crane stance, and Hen stance.

I have learnt some of it.

You are that great, it needs no further learning.

That's different, I want to improve myself.

Do you want to push me to tell you the truth?


I won't take a pimp as student.

You operate a brothel next to my school and you didn't inform me.

If I take you as my student, should I call you Mass Tar (Master)?

So you are the master of Mass Tar!

Why don't you practise now?

I hope you won't come to our school again.

Master Wong.

Take back your hens.

The hens didn't offend you!

Sorry I can't help you!

Come and discuss!

I will charge 10 taels.

What did you say?

Show me the stance!


Here comes the Tiger...

What are you playing?

If you are in a duel, you'll be killed.

Master, won't miss next time.

I won't miss!

Oh! No... No problem... no problem Ah Fu. Yes.

I am now going out, lock the door.

That's no necessary, Master. Why?


Practise the Kung-fu.

No one is allowed to leave Po Chi Lam.

Don't go to the next door, got me?


Master, trust us, I will keep an eye on them.

You needn't lock the door.

I am not trusting you only.

I have been beaten by master for you all.

What are you going to appreciate for it?


Stop sighing please.

I think, I am not that lucky enough to be Wong's student.

Cut the crap, we can stay for a while.

We have to leave soon.

You should thank me.

Because I build a secret passage between 2 houses.

So you come so conveniently!

But our master is not a sugar daddy at all.

Otherwise, we will make him join us.

Damn, I don't believe a man who dislikes woman.


My master isn't a sugar daddy at all.

I don't think so, it's because he hasn't met a woman he is fond of.

Let me ask Chor Hung and Miss Nine to tempt him.

If he has no reaction, I will cut myself.

Where will you cut?

My tits.

Forget it, why not save it for your son?

We'd better bet 10 taels for it.

I don't think you can tempt my master successfully.

I haven't seen him show any interest to woman.

I will bet with you.

Do you have money?

You have. Me?

You can collect some from the pier tomorrow.

10 teals.

Hurry up!

What are you looking?

Why do you hide a woman inside the box?

None of your business! Get lost!

Why are you fighting?

Sir, I am glad to see you here. They hide a woman in a box.

It's abduction!

Really? Yes.

I have to take a look. Fine.

Where is the woman mentioned?

Leung Fu.

I know you always make trouble in the pier.

You're the student of Wong Fei-hong, you always abuse his name.

Are you blackmailing them?

No, I didn't.

They did hide a woman inside the box.

Well, why don't you open those boxes and check it?

Leung fu, you want to ruin other's property?

Are you a poor learner, or, is Wong Fei-hong a poor master?

I can defeat you by single hand!

Take him away.

Ask Wong Fei-hong, see how he teach the students!

Where is Ah Fu?

He goes working in the pier.

Listen, I have tried to cure the kids' ears for quite a long time.

But, there is no progress, the medicine is poisonous, it will hurt the ears.

I want to try some.

To test its effect.

It's not wise to test it yourself. Master.

It may make you deaf.

Such limited quantity would be OK.

You should pay attention to me.

If you find anything wrong with my hearing ability.

Remind me at once.

We understand.

Lock it properly.


He knows it is poisonous, but he does want to drink it.

He may be losing his mind. I think, he is lacking of excitement.

You can tell from the acnes on his face.

So, it's right to give him two women.

We needn't feel guilty.

No guilty.

Here come the women.

Hide up now.

Master, 2 patients come to see you.

You know I never give treatment at noon.

Master, we come a long way here.

Please be merciful.

What's wrong with you?

Everyday, right at noon, and right at 4 am.

We feel itchy, from foot and then to waist.

Then to the busts!

And to the head.

From head and then to the back.

And it goes downward, till...

Then, till there.

May I feel your pulse?


Show me the wrist only.

I don't feel anything wrong about you.

But my heart beats quickly.

Me too. Why don't you listen to it?

It's beating!

What are you doing?

To listen the heart beat.

There is difference between Chinese and Western treatment.

Please dress up.

Master Wong.

Oh, they are the bitches from the next door.

I have to punish you.

I know the sickness you are having.

What is it?

Your blood stream doesn't go smoothly.

The joints go wrongly, and the nerves are not in good order.


If you don't take treatment at once, you may be cripple one day.


How to get cured then?

Help! It's hurt.

Help! Let us go.

Are you feeling better? very good, we are fine.

Can you let us go?

So long! I am dying!


Tell me, who instructed you to come here?

Don't tell!

If you don't tell me, I...

Oh, you love hookers too.

I can't tell from your appearance.

Don't misunderstand, they are patients.

Men always love women.

Anyway, the brothel is right next to you.

It's convenient to call for hookers.



What's up?

Master, he framed me.

Your student bullied others in the pier.

They didn't pay, so he framed them to be kidnappers.

He beaten others too.

Luckily, he met me.

We are friends, if only he didn't kill, I would let him go.

Officer, if he committed any crimes, I would not stop you punishing him.

A poor master, a poor student of course.

Master Wong, if you want to call for hookers again, be careful.

I am leaving, so as not to stop you from making fun.

Hey, what do you mean?

You know what I mean.

I won't see you to the door.

A Man of Honour It's broken!

Why don't you leave now?

Sorry, Master Wong.


Go, stop saying anything, go.

Ah So, did you call them here?



I have warned you!

Damn, he said fine!

I don't think it's really fine!

What the hell is it? The noise is killing me!

How are you?

Nothing, Fu, let's check what is happening.

Ladies and gentlemen, my daughter and I visit here for the 1st time.

Our money is used up, so we want to perform for some money.

Hope you are generous to pay for our performance.

Dad, you perform stabbing the throat first.

Give my way, sweetie.

It's nothing special!

What do you want?

Why don't you perform stabbing the tits?

I will pay you 100 taels if you perform this.

Dad, forget about him.

Don't you know how to play it?

You bastard!


Yin-er, it's enough.

Thank you for saving us.

You're welcome.

You are strangers, aren't you?

We come from Shanxi.

I am Wong Fei-hong, You are Kung-fu masters, why do you perform in street?

We are far from home, in fact we don't wish to perform for money.

If you have any needs...

Master Wong, we perform only.

We are not beggars. Thank you anyway.

Well, I won't push you.

If you have any need, come to Po Chi Lam.

Thank you.

Dad, Master Wong seems to be a kind-hearted man.

Why are you treating him that cool?

It's a world filled with traps, you can't trust anybody easily.

By the way, we come to find your sister and those perverted monks Don't involve in any other business.

Dad, The Nun-yan Temple.

Let's go in and have a look.

Freeze Want to escape, I'll kill you.

Help! Help! Wait!

It's really suspicious!

Master, our Legate Officer from the Holy Temple is long waiting.

Please forgive me.

Master Liu Hung, long time no see.

The Holy Master asked me to send his regards to you.

I haven't seen him after I come to Canton.

How is his health?

He is fine.

But about the suppression from the government.

He is a little bit unhappy.

After the women are sold to South Asia.

We'll have much capital to use. Please don't worry.

But 3 branch leaders of ours are kept by the British in Hong Kong.


It's requested by the Ching Government.

We are trying to save them.

Who is it?

Super Kick.

Be careful!

Go now!

Dad! Go now!

Damn it, where have those wolves gone?

No business at all!

I have to buy some food to worship the God tomorrow!

You lose. Take off your cloth. Bad Luck.

We only have clients who won't pay!

I have to make up.

Po Chi Lam

Which sugar daddy comes that late? What are you doing?

Who is it? Why so noisy?

What a perverted wolf! He is so anxious!

Go and take a look! Check who he is!

It's the Shanxi girl!

No hurt can be told from her body.

But her organs are seriously hurt.

I will fetch her some pills.

Master Wong.

I have to see Master Wong.

I am Master Wong.

No, you are not.

Right. I am his student, Leung Fu.

Who beaten you so seriously?

The perverted monks of Nun-yan Temple.

The perverted monks?

Please speak clearly.

Nun-yan Temple is a bad place, the monks kidnapped the women.

And sell them to South Asia as hookers.

My younger sister has been caught by them from the North.

How do you know it?

I traced the clues and followed them for 2 and a half years.

They are from a heresy.

They earn money from abduction.

My dad and I sneaked into Nun-yan Temple, but we were hurt.

I don't know my dad is alive or not.

I have to tell Master.

You are sick! It's a good chance, we'd make good use of it.

What does that mean?

If we'd destroy the gang, and make this an achievement of Master.

Master will forgive us then.

She is a great Kung-fu master, but, see her look now!

We may be beaten to death.

We'd use our brain. Call the cops at the right timing.

So they will be caught red-handed. That's great!

Are there any traps inside the temple?

Nun-yan Temple...

Why did you wash your make-up to scare us?

We scared each one. Let's break equal!

Are we going to Nun-yan Temple now?

Yes. Are you afraid?

Sure, I am not good in Kung-fu.

If there is a fight, it means dangerous to me.

Cause you're not good in Kung-fu, and you don't seem to be powerful.

If you are as strong as Ah Fu, the monks will suspect us, right?

That's right.

Don't show up, watch Miss Nine and him.

If you achieve this time, master Wong will take you as student.

Trust me.

Well, I have to take this risk then.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you coming for worshipping?

Our young masters have heard that it's good to beg for marriage here.

So they come to beg for marriage.

Our god will give believers good marriage.

I want pissing.

Please take him for pissing.

Come on.

This way please.

I feel someone watching us.

Me too, it seems to be horrible.


Don't scare me.

A bad luck mark.

If you want to beg for marriage, stay here for one night.

Tonight at 12 am, the marriage star will enter your life.

After receiving the spirit of it, you will get good marriage.

To stay one night here?

Me first. Me first.

You two bastards!

You bastard monks!

Wake up please, Miss Nine!

It's a trap!

Don't want to run.

I am coming!

Why are you so stupid!

Why did you push him away?

I am sorry!

I get him. You go get another.

I take responsibility for him.

Go and save the girls! Now!

Beat you one more time.

Ah Fu, Ah So, come out and serve the tea.


Where are the kids? They should be blamed.

Uncle Cheung, take a seat please.

Thank you.

Ah Fu, Ah So!

Master Wong, may be they have gone for a walk.

I have told them not to go out.

They love fooling around and fighting.

They may murder someone one day.

Master Wong.

I remember you! You're the one who performed Kung-fu in street.

Ah Fu and Ah So have gone to Nun-yan Temple.


Damn it, you perverted monks! I wanna kill you.


What's the matter? What are you laughing? We are tied!

We are civilized, let's forget fighting.

But peace!

I tell you, I will take revenge.

Let's stay in peace.

May I stop?

Why do you still hit me? I have stopped talking!

What is this?

Arrest them.

Flying Tiger and Crane!


Wong Fei-hong!

Run for our lives.


Do you still treat me as your master?

Miss Nine has been caught by them.

Where is Miss Nine?

Over the sacrificial stage!

Bring me there!

Where is it? Speak up.

Over there.


What are you doing?

To save her from the trap. Right.

You know it's a trap.

If three of us all go in, once the door is shut, how can we get out?

You are right!

Stay here!

Understand. Go!

Help! ...Help!

Master Wong.

Wong, you offend our God, Our God will punish you! Kneel down!

You swindlers!

You dare kidnap girls for abduction.

Wong, you are sinful.

I am now giving you a chance.

I will recruit you as student so as let you return!

What? Return?

Let me send you to hell!

Shaolin Fists?

We are from the same school, so we are schoolmates.

How can you beat your schoolmates?

We are from the same school, but you are a bad student.

Master Wong.

No-Shadow Kick from Fu-shan.

Wong Fei-hong, you said it's No-Shadow Kick.

Can't Wong Fei-hong tell lies? Stupid.

No-Shadow Kick from Fu-shan.

Wong Fei-hong, you lied again, I won't let you go!

You hate me telling lies, you hate me telling truth too.

It's really difficult to serve you.

It's my turn.

This is for Miss Nine.

This is for Ah So.

This is for Beggar So.

Who is Beggar So?

I don't know!

I don't know I am a good boxer until now.

Search! Yes.

Your Excellency...

Master Wong, I am glad you are fine.

Dad, why does Wong Fei-hong stay with the man who hurt us?

There must be something wrong.

Let's go. Fine.

The monks are hooked with the government.

It's wise that we didn't trust Wong Fei-hong.

We can't tell his wicked heart!

I think we'd better leave now.

Your Excellency, many women are kidnapped inside the temple.

Please send them home.

Women? Are you kidding?


Those 2 perverted monks have almost caught Miss Nine.

But the master of this temple reported that, you came to mess up the temple.


Please give us a fair trial.

It's a base of abduction, how can he frame us of messing up?

You used to mess up in the pier.

So I trust him more this time.

Master Wong, although we are friends.

It's my duty, I can't help you always.

You'd better ask those girls who are kept inside the sacrificial stage.

Sir, there are only injured monks.

No women are found.

How dare you mess up the temple?

Are you hurt the monks and ruin the reputation of them!

I know you are a great Kung-fu master.

But you should behave yourself.

Ah So, what did he say?

Are you kidding?

He shouted and he almost made me deaf!

Sir, Wong Fei-hong hurt 46 monks.

Most of them are seriously hurt.

Many may become cripple.

The temple is seriously damaged, it needs to be repaired.

Please give us a fair trial.

My reputation is ruined by this rascal.

Hope you would help the innocent monks.

You hide so many dressless girls how dare you claim you're framed?

We went for worshipping. A monk sneaked in and wanted to rape me.

We experienced that too.

So where are the women?

Where are the perverted monks?

Sir, the Nun-yan Temple is filled with traps, and they're heresy.

I saw the women being abducted are kept in the temple.

So I have to fight in order to save them.

They have the freedom to worship their own god.

But you have no proof to say they are abductors.

Wong Fei-hong, I can't help you this time.

Master, he said he wouldn't help you.

Don't you think I am deal?

I decided to detent Wong Fei-hong now.

No, how can we demonstrate the lion dance tomorrow?

Master, they are framing you!

Shut up.

I would like to leave for a while, all of you should stay here.

Your Excellency.

You come to bail Wong Fei-hong?

Sir, 4 commercial associations would like to bail Wong Hope you would let him go.

After the celebration, we'll investigate this case and find out the truth.

Right, if you think 4 associations are not enough, we may ask Mr. Sasin, the manager of the 13 companies to bail him.

Are you threatening me with the British?

Since Wong is bailed by 4 commercial Associations, And the case is really suspicious, after careful consideration, I decided to detent the master and monks of Nun-yan Temple.

Wong is temporarily released.

I will investigate it and the final trial will be held later.

Sir, we are innocent...

Master, we can go for the lion dance tomorrow.

What's happened?

The men from the commercial association come and help.

I don't think it's easy to frame him.

They want him to give lion dance!

Well, I'll make him lose face then.

Give the medicine to Wong Fei-hong.

So, let's forget those few hundred tales which you owe me.

No! No?

I will take you to prison then.

Thus you will suffer something more than death.

Our pyramid lion dance will make them all eyes!

Master, the tea please.

It's sour.


Maybe the tea leaves are expired, I'll ask Fok to buy some.

Fok must bought some cheap leaves.

Well, Mr. Wong Fei-hong gives the puppet a real life.

It looks like a real lion.


No! A real lion!

He said Wong is a liar!

What'll we do now?

It's a big day, don't arrest Wong although he is a liar.


Lions pyramid.

Go ahead.

Bravo! Wonderful!

On the shoulders. Yes.

It's nice!


Be careful!

It's so tricky!

What the hell is it?

Moving of centipede.


Master, the centipede is really tricky!

Centipede dance is some hex from the North.

It's very dangerous, you'd be careful.


Get the bait!


Watch the kick!

Master, what's it?

Give it to me.

Step back.

Watch my stance.

Stop fighting.


It is radiculous that the centipede shot flames.

Get use of this chance to lose his face.

Cut the crap, beat him. Master.


What do you want?

The master of Nun-yan Temple has just committed suicide in prison.

I'll arouse bad feeling from the public if the news is announced.

I think you'd discuss it with the government.

Sir, I can't hear what you are talking about.

I am deaf.

They are coming out.


Master Wong and I have come to a conclusion.

He has a problem of hearing, so I will announce it to you now.

Since Master Wong is the coach of the local militia.

If we charge him destroying the temple and killing the master.

It'll bring all of us a difficult problem in handling the case with justice.

So Master Wong'll leave here for a while, he'll go back to Fu-shan.

Po Chi Lam will be attached by the government.

You are lying.

Master won't leave Po Chi Lam.

Shut up. Don't agrue.

Listen to me.

I have decided.

I can't hear what you are talking, but... remember my words.


Master Wong.

His Excellency tells the truth.


You bastard, how dare you attach Po Chi Lam?

I will sue you with all my best.

I forgot to tell you, Mr. Pimp.

You operate the indecent nightclub, we have got proof that, the government is going to attach your shop too.

From tomorrow onwards, no business.

I don't think you can make a dead set at me.

Let's wait and see.

Master Wong, I am busy, see you.

You will be busy.

Busy for your family's funerals.

Ah So, pack some clothes for me.

I am leaving, because I don't want to drag you down.

The gov't wants to go against me only.

We are not capable to fight with them.

Let's wait a better chance for counter attack.

Remember, don't do anything impulsively.

I am sorry, Master.

You are a man, don't cry.

He cries too.

He is different.

He is not a man.

So what am I?


Don't argue with anyone in the pier.

Ah Fu, you'd take care of your buddies.

I understand.


Take care.

You too.

Anybody here?

Miss Ti, it's me, Wong Fei-hong.

You are shameless.

Miss Ti, I can't hear you.

Are you still acting?



Don't get mad.

He hooks with the bastard officials, there must be trap.

Master Wong, we have left Canton.

Would you let us go?

I... I can't hear what you are talking about.

I am deaf.

He mistook the medicine, so he becomes deaf.

Are there any trick?

His pulse is abnormal, it is the symptom of being poisoned.

I have treated some patients who got blind and deaf in Shanxi.

Let's take research, hope it would cure you.

I have thought some possible solutions too.

But, it's hard for a doctor to cure himself.

If you can help, that's good.

My solution, "3 needles shooting", it's difficult to do it myself.

To stab 3 needles into the body at the same time, I need your help.

Buy Chicken Fur Sweepers Big hens.

How much is the hen cost? Mr. Pimp.

Don't call me Mr. Pimp, my name is Mass Tar Wong.

I will make 30% discount if you call me Mass Tar Wong.


You are insane.

If you scold me, I will beat you.

Brother, we'd better not to quarrel with them.

No matter how, I am a famous pimp.

Mr. Pimp.

Damn you!

How dare you beat the officers? Are you looking for trouble?

I don't know it's you.

Don't sell right here! Get lost.

What do you mean?

You always give us trouble.

You just forbid us to sell here! What do you mean?

Cause you offend Mr. Lui, he instructed me to give you hard time.

If you don't go, I will beat you.

I am scared! What is law and order?

If you dare hitting me right here, I will eat up all feathers.

Brother, don't quarrel with him.

What'll we do now?

Hi, you look poor!

I come a long way to search for you.

Lui Yat Siu wants to make a dead set at us, so we can't earn a living in Canton.

I have found a job in a brothel of Hong Kong, you are the No. 1 pimp, why don't you start your career in HK?

But we don't have the traveling expense.

I earned hardly for limited traveling expense.

So I can't help you two.

If you can get some money, come to me, let's go together to HK.

What'll we do?

Nothing can do, we have no money!

Hey, I have some gold hidden in Heung Chi Kun.

Come on...

It would be shit if we are discovered.

It's dark here, no one would discover us.

The Fung-shui master told me to hide gold under the poles.

There are 10 taels of gold hidden.

Once get it, we'll have enough money to go to Hong Kong, come on.

Will it be taken by the workers who did the decoration?

What a big mouth!

Here is the pole.

Where is she going?

I thought I have killed her, but she disappeared.

Master would punish us if he knows it.

Search now.

Will she run to the street?

Let's go out and have a look.

Don't make any noise, or we'd be in deep shit.


How are you?

Many girls... are kept next door.

Go and save them.

They will be shipped to South Asia...

Those bastards lock the girls in Po Chi Lam.

Go and save them...

How are you? How are you?

Stay here, I would take a look.


It doesn't matter, if she tells the truth, I would sue them.


Wake up.

Master Liu Hung, Wong's students are controlled by me now.

But I have found that, Wong didn't go back to Fu-shan.

He hides up in a village near by.

He is staying with the Kung-fu performers.

3 days later, the 13 companies will hold the stone-laying ceremony.

We have to kidnap their manager Sasin.

Will Wong Fei-hong bother us?

In order to be safe, I have sent someone to kill him.

He is deaf, he can't escape.

That's good.

Wong caught 3 branch leaders of us for Ching's Gov't.

We have to kidnap Sasin.

So the British will give Ching Gov't pressure to release our buddies.

Don't worry, the Empress Dowager is paying attention to us.

We will be treasured by her.

So we will have great power, and control the whole country.

Be careful not to disclose your real identity.

Who knows it, who will be killed.

Who is it?

It's you, Mr. Pimp.

You attached Po Chi Lam and Heung Chi Kun to keep girls!

You bloody bastard!

Bloody bastard?

You have heard our talk? Haven't you?

Master Wong would punish you two, bastards!

He is too nosy!

Damn Wong Fei-hong, he caught our buddies.

So we should go against him.

Are you coming to challenge me?

Say Wong is a bastard, then I will let you alive.

OK, I say.

Wong Fei-hong is a hero.

Say, Wong Fei-hong is a bastard.

Long life to Wong Fei-hong.

Say, Wong is shameless.

Wong is your dad.

Don't you scare death?

He is nothing worth, but don't bother the neighbours.

Fong, Yuen.

Dig a hole and bury him. Yes.

Let me show you to the door.

You perverted monks. Mass Tar Wong!

How do you feel?

Go now.

I am now sending you to hell, to serve your master.

Your crane is not as powerful as mine.

Come on.

Ah Fu.

The Flying Tiger and Crane. Do you wanna fly?

I try it!

What's matter with you!? Go to get Mass Tar Wong

Let's go now.

Brother, how are you?

Inform Master Wong now.

Lui has sent someone to assassinate him.

He is seriously hurt, let's send him for treatment first.

There is no time left, go and save Master Wong.

Why not take him to Master's home?

Oh my God.

When did you become so clever? Hurry up.

Be careful...

I discover a big secret too.

Don't tell us now.

Why? It's a formula of a film that, once a person got hurt seriously, he will die after telling the secret.

Please close my mouth now...

Master Wong!

It's poor to be deaf.

In fact you are handsome.

With good Kung-fu, strong enough.

I wish I had a husband like you.

Why are you laughing?

Am I pretty?

Do you like me?

You look silly!

It's useless even I am willing to marry you.

Why are you still laughing? Stupid.

Yin-er, have you got the herb?

Dad, it's ready.

After taking these, you will be totally cured.

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

I am sorry for bothering you.

It doesn't matter.



Can he hear us?

He's recovered for 2 days.

But he improves very much today.


What a shame!

What is she doing?

Maybe, she feels happy for me.

Master Wong.

We will soon reach there. No way.

Master Wong.


How is he?

Go now.

Lui Yat Siu attached Po Chi Lam and Heung Chi Kun.

In order to keep those women and the perverted monks.

He discovered this, and was seriously beaten.

Master Wong. He can't hear you.

Why don't you show him a sincere eyesight, with tears!

This is your last chance.

My master is mean and old fashioned.

Sometimes, he is cunning too.

But, anyway, he is a good master.

Get this chance to join his school.

You understand me very much.

Sure, I have strong observation ability.

Can you listen?

What do you think?

Why don't you inform me first?

You said I am cunning.

I am sorry.

The heaven will punish you.

Punishment at once.

Shoot the arrows.

Why do you leave Mass Tar here? You bastards!

Are you scared? You have a red face.

It's very hot!

Who is it?

Master Wong, Lui Yat Siu they...

They have a secret mission.

What is it?

They plan to kidnap Sasin, during the anniversary celebration of the 13 companies.

What are they aiming at?

They are from the Boxer Association, They want to trade Sasin with their buddies who were caught.

Master Wong, I think I am dying.

But I have a wish.

I beg you, take me as your student.

OK, I promise you.

Leave with peace now.

Master, I am still alive.

Why did you freeze?

I am tired, I want a rest.

Damn you!

What? Again?

No, it's my ass...

It's attacked by the arrow.

Go and help Master, quick.

Give me a weapon for self defense.

I am dying, why did you give me a cup?

You're too bad!

I am scared! Don't be afraid.

When I lie on you, I feel like holding my sister.

Just take me as your sister.


Arrest him.


Stop chasing.

Master, we can't stay here.

Of course.

What'll we do then?

Go back to Canton, to fight with that centipede again.

Sit down. Take a seat.

Go upstairs and get the bait.

Very good show. Exciting.

Hi! John. Hi! David. You look fine.

Be quick!


We come to report...

You are not allowed to enter.

What are you talking about?

The centipede wants to kidnap Mr. Sasin.

I don't know what you are talking about.

The centipede is played the men from the Boxer Association.

Get lost, I know English.

Ask your boss to leave at once.

The centipede is very powerful.

We come to save him.

Give us $150,000 bonus.

We don't want HK Bank cheque.

But Holland Bank cheque.

Get him out of here.

Are you okay? My brother?

How can you beat others in such brutal way?

Cousin Robert!

Excuse me.

What's the matter?

I am happy to see you here. What's the matter?

The players of the centipede are from the Boxer Association, they want to kidnap Mr. Sasin.

Follow me.

I will take you to see Mr. Sasin.

Hurry up.

It is lucky to meet Cousin Robert.

Don't move.

Do you want to ruin Mr. Lui's plan?

They're bad guys. Watch them.

Wong Fei-hong He must be coming to save Mr. Sasin.

Forget about him, go!

The Swinging of Centipede.

Turning of Centipede.

How dare you kill me?

I kill whoever blocks my road to success.

Damn you!


You shouldn't hit your cousin.

Oh yes, I shouldn't hit my cousin...

But I should hit my cousin hardly.

Your Kung-fu has improved.

Master Wong taught me that.

Wanna go?

Lui Yat Siu.

Damn you, but you can't hear me at all.

You can't escape now.

Wong, you always ruin my plan, you know, our God will punish you!

China is suffering now, you bastards still create internal troubles, I want to terminate you!

Continuous Kicks?

If I guess it correctly, you must be Lui Fai of the Boxer Association.

But, it's too late.

It is not late.

Fu-shan No-Shadow Kick

I know your No-shadow Kick is powerful.

I do have preparation.

Your toes are broken.

How can you use your No-shadow Kick again?

Wine can't give you guts.

You promised your dad not to drink any wine.

Well, I will represent your dad to punish you.

You have asked me before, what kind of fist I am playing?

Now, I am going to tell you. It is Master Drunken Fist

Isn't it Lui Tung Bun's Fist?

No, it's Drunken disciples of God.

Guess again.

It's Han's Flute!


It's the Drunken Crane. Continuous Swinging Punches.

Wrong again?

I seldom drink wine, because I can't stop giving heavy punches if I get drunk.

Are you bluffing?

The punch is not heavy enough.

Drunken Tiger, to catch the wolf!

Are you drunken or not?

It doesn't matter to be drunken or not.

Drunken Fist?


You look awful!

I want you to cry.

Laugh now.

Thank you, Master Wong, thank you.

You are bad egg too.

If you sell the harmful medicine again, I will teach you a lesson.

Yes... Yes.

Master Wong.

You may find your sister now.

How can I find her in such a big world?

Anyway, I will treat Miss Nine as my sister.

Master Wong, I have been stepped by hundreds of people.

I think I can't live longer.

I am dying. I have a big secret to tell you.