Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979) Script

[Hou Haap] MAGNIFICENT HEROES When we used to cross paths, it was fate With our hearts as one we wielded our blades, destroying the enemy Blood and arrows filled the sky, a sight that became commonplace We crossed thousands of mountains, swallowed up by the wind and the rain As suddenly as we would meet, we would also part ways We are both drifters of the lakes and the seas, but our destinies take different paths To live through a hundred misfortunes is my own solitary path How much bitterness and difficulty have I faced?

The thousands of praise in this world, Will become envy and disdain tomorrow!

With pride and mirth, roam the world as a wanderer!

But the fame and fortune of such a life dissolves into sentiment and sorrow So now we meet again, just like old times To think that the light of our blades is now full of hate I long to cast away this iron sword, but, alas, I am unable In the chaotic rain and the frigid wind, I have such resentments!

Tonight's the kind of night that's worth having that extra drink!

Oh right, have you seen the bride yet?

Not yet.

But I think she's got to be more beautiful than my wife!

Apparently the bride hails from a prestigious family.

Hey now, how could she be a match for our Lord Kao if she was just any old peasant?

Young Master Kao and his dad are actually complete opposites!

How are they different?

The senior Lord Kao made his name using his fists.

Young Master Kao's martial arts isn't bad.


But he likes to study.

He says, "Only with a head of knowledge can you get ahead in life".

Is that how it is?

We don't have any book smarts, that's why we're not going places.


I don't think so.

A scholarly man isn't necessarily a good man.

Is that right?

Ah! Maybe all that studying he's doing is for use in the bedroom.

Oh, then he must really be something!

Congratulations, my lord!

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Congratulations!


My honoured seniors.

My good friends.

I drink to you all.


Youngest nephew, a drink.

Back in the day, your old man and I fought...

108 battles together, right?

Youngest nephew, you really have a good memory!


After you.

Amazing! Amazing! Fantastic! Wonderful! Wonderful! Great!

Truly... in the heart of a youth... lies that of a hero.

He's just like his old man: full of guts!

Taking such a beautiful wife.

Even if it brings ruin to your family, it's still a good deal.

My Lord, your wife's as pretty as a picture!

I'm not ashamed to tell you that she is the famed rose of the Drunken Red.

Huh? Isn't the Drunken Red...

A brothel?

I don't believe it.

Of the so-called famed roses I've bedded, eight out of ten were as ugly as pigs!

She is the only one whose talent and beauty stands out.

That's why I bought her freedom with 1,000 taels.

Doesn't the young mistress hail from a prestigious family?

I have to keep up appearances.

You said it right:

"A scholarly man isn't necessarily a good man."

Dear husband.

Dear wife.

Pai Chung-Tang?!

The senior Lord Kao's sworn enemy?!

My lord, be careful.

How could it be that on the occasion of Lord Kao's wedding, that even I, Pai Chung-Tang, have not been invited?

It was my youthful negligence.

My apologies.

The Kao Villa is so renowned throughout the land.

And we have arrived completely out of the blue.

It is only proper that we bring a small token of goodwill.

What a truly thoughtful gift.

Is it too little, or is it too much?

If it's not enough, there's more!

My lord!

I've got his sword!

Protect his lordship!

I have always loved you... trusted you!

But the money Pai Chung-Tang gave me was even more than you!

With 1,000 taels you could buy her freedom.

But with 2,000 taels, I could get her to kill you.

A whore by any other name.

Kao Peng!

Three years ago...

Your dad stole this mountain fortress from me!

I swore an oath on my life:

I will have revenge!

How presumptuous!

Leave him to me!

Protect his lordship!

Take the young master and get out of here!

My lord, let's go!

You two protect his lordship!

My lord! My lord! We need to go!

Let's go! My lord!

I want revenge!

I want revenge!

I want revenge! My lord!

I want rev-

Big brother, just about everyone in Kao Villa has been *Kccch!*

I want Kao Villa...

Devoid of all life!

I want... I want...

I want... I want...


I want revenge!

You have to rest properly for a few days.

If you do not, your wounds will re-open.

You will easily bleed to death.

Grandmaster! I...

Save this breath.

To have revenge...

You must rely on this breath!

I believe that I can kill Pai Chung-Tang.

You are definitely not his opponent.

We can hire and recruit warriors!

A true warrior of unparalleled skill is not found with money.


You've helped me once already, so you might as well help me again.


How can I find a true warrior of unparalleled skill?

If your heart is consumed by vengeance, your wounds will only worsen.

But... the loss of my family...

...causes me more suffering than any wound.

There is a young man:

Chang San the Divine Blade.

I think he can defeat Pai Chung-Tang.

A bit cruel, don't you think?

Can you see the two bite marks on the chicken's arse?

Wha-What bite marks?

They must've been left by a Chinese cobra!

The chicken's full of snake venom.

If you eat it, you'll bleed from all eight orifices!

Bleed from eight orifices?

Isn't it just seven?

Where's the eighth one?

Where you take a shit!

I bet the King of Hell's gonna have you reincarnate as a chicken!

If I was smart, I wouldn't eat this chicken.


You little bastard! Your mum'll gonna be a chicken!

How dare you try and eat my chicken! Hey! Don't fight! Don't fight!

I'll kill you!

Hey! Steal my chicken, huh? Hey, don't fight here!

Give it back!

Hey! Hey! Come back!

Give me my chicken!

Hey! Hey! Over here!

Hey, give it back!

If you don't give it back, I'll kill you!

Don't pick on kids!

So what if I do?

If you do, there'll be someone who doesn't like what they see.

Do you know who I-

I don't care who the hell you are!

In this town I've got money, and I've got respect!

You've got money?

Let's go buy a bird.

Are we gonna look for a lady?

The kind of bird you can eat!

Still wanna fight?

Some... some other time.

I washed eight horses today.

The total is 8 candareens.

Here, 8 candareens.

Waiter, the bill.

Distinguished sir, come in and have a seat.

The ladies we have here are very beautiful!


Please don't stop.

You can come inside.

I don't have enough silver and taels.

There's nobody around right now.

It will be really easy if you want to come in.

No way.

It doesn't cost anything out here.

I only want to hear you play the zither.


Thank you.

And another freak.

I'm not the only one.

There's a few more down there.

Three of them.

They've been following me all day.

Being followed... Could be good, could be bad.

I assume it's probably something bad.

How ominous.

This one time, these three kids were always following me.

Over mountains and over ridges.

They followed me everywhere, it pissed me off.

What happened in the end?

In the end, I had a good look at them.

Their three faces looked exactly like mine!

And then they even called me dad.

Turns out they were bastard kids I left behind somewhere sometime.

Are you alright?

The character for "Fortune" hangs over my head.

How could anything go wrong?

I sleep when I'm full.

I eat when I've slept.

And when I make some money...

...I go drinking.

You sure know how to live the good life.

Oh, no!

Mother's waiting for her medicine!

If I say I'll come, I'll come.

You also said if you're not coming, you're not coming.

Aside from killing...

...I know there's nothing else you care about.


Be careful.

You can cut your hand like that.

You have to be careful too.

Or you might end up cutting yourself.

When I'm coming, I come by myself.

When going, I go by myself.

When it comes to other people...

...I have no relationships with anybody.

You know...

That I am your only friend.


In this line of work... have to even kill friends sometimes.

I know you won't.

If not, how come you've had such rotten luck all your life?

Do you have any more wine? Huh?

You're a first-rate swordsman, but a second-rate killer.

If you killed the wrong person... wouldn't be able to live with yourself.

If you don't kill...'ll live a drunk, and die a dreamer.

Are you this long-winded to all the guests?

To other people...

...I don't say a single word from the heart.

Is there any more wine?


There's only me.

Now that's good wine.

But it tastes a bit of incense and ash.

Go sleep hugging the wine pot then!

Go brew the medicine first.

Don't worry.

Mother will get better in no time.

What's the matter then?

Promise me that you won't get mad after I tell you.

Alright, I won't.

Tell me.

It's because of him!


Did he hit you?


What did he do then?!

He said he won't marry me!

Older brother!

I don't believe this! What are you doing?

I don't believe this! Don't be like this!

You said you wouldn't get mad!

Don't worry!

There's no way you won't get married!

Older brother!! Chuan!

Older brother! Come back here!

Don't be like this!

Older brother!

Chuan, open the door now!

Come out!

Open the door!

I... I'm sick!


If you're sick, how come your voice is still fine?!

I don't believe it!

Why won't you marry my sister?!


So my sister isn't pretty enough?!

She's pretty, and you can say she's easy on the eyes!

Have you ever loved her?!

When you put it that way, I guess there is something there...

Why haven't you married her yet then? Out with it!

I've given it a lot of thought, except... but...

But what?!

But she... but she's got such a fierce brother.

How could I dare marry her?!


I'm not fierce!

If there's something, just say it.

I'm poor!

I made a vow that if I can't make money, I won't take a wife!


There's love between a man and wife!

Even if all you have to eat is water, you'll still be full!

If you have enough money, then you also have respect!

I want my wife to be able to live comfortably!

This is what it means to be a real man!

Bullshit! Are you marrying my sister or not?!

Older brother, stop fighting!

Help me. Please help me.

Older brother, please stop beating him!

I beg you!

Stay out of this!

Get out of the way!

Older brother, stop beating him!

He's about to break!


You're fighting again?!

I'm not!

It's not my fault!

He fell down by himself!

Oh, dear!

Just look at yourself!

How'd you get so dirty just falling down?

Your eye's all swollen too!

M-My arm!

Your arm...?

My arm!

Oh yeah, it's dislocated!


Mother, don't get angry.

Sit down first.

Ah! Let me check if the medicine is ready.

I've always told you to not get into fights.

Why do you have to be so disobedient?!

I know!

I know!

The medicine should be good to drink now.

Drink it.

Get up.

Do you want to be my wife?

Then hurry up and boil some water.

I need to bathe!


The water can't be too cold or too hot!



I know you have the Moon Shadow Sword.

Would you be able to...?

You are not yet worthy!

I carry an indignation that demands absolute retribution.

How can that make me unworthy?!

The bravery of fools, brings the downfall of a kingdom.

With an unjust heart, a sword can only do evil.


To wield the Moon Shadow Sword, I have more than enough reason and worth.


I beg you to bestow the sword to me!

Until you have cultivated your mind, trained your heart to be free of all evil.

When using a sword becomes the same as using your heart.

Only then will I consider bestowing the Moon Shadow Sword to you!


Grandmaster, I only want the sword!

My lord!


Grandmaster, give the sword to me!

Grandmaster, I can't wait any longer!

I must have my revenge!

I'm begging you.

Why beg others, when you can beg yourself?

Why beg others...

...when you can beg... yourself...

Eh, excuse me.?

Please wait a moment.

Oh, it's a tail chasing dog.

Our lord wants to introduce himself.


Please have a seat.

This is fine.

Humblest greetings.

My surname is Kao.

Given name is Peng.

I really admire you.

If fate has it we meet again, I will return your hospitality then.

When we'll meet again, we'll never know.

Why not use this opportunity to get to know each other?

Strangers conversing like old acquantances.

I drink to you.

Let us be friends.

How refreshingly brisk.

Move it! Out of the way!

Out of the way! What're you looking at? There's nothing to see. Stand aside.

Out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Out of the way!

Hey, move it!

Hey, get over here! Out of the way!

Over here. Move it!

The money?


You'll get it in your next life.

Get down!

Let's go! Go!




Split up and look again!

You're injured.


He said I'd get 100 taels if I rescued him.

My dad used to say:

"It's better to trust a whore than to trust a gentleman."

This is some rotten luck.

I feel like we've met somewhere before.

Think about it.

I'm drawing a blank.

Hey, buddy!

Have you seen the fugitive?

You touched my blade.


Did it get bent or something?

You touched my blade.

Who are you, kid?!

An Tien-Ming. (Accept one's fate)

Whoever touches my blade...

...must accept one's fate.

Where is your blade?

Stored away.

It's gone rusty?


It is said...

Defeat Chang San the Divine Blade, and one can seal away their blade, and live a life of seclusion.

Because under heaven, there will never again be another king of the blade.

Chang San the Divine Blade is not what they say he is.

If I had a blade in hand... would also have to accept one's fate.

Then we'll have to see whose life is more valuable.

Chang San!

At long last...

The chance to battle the Divine Blade and see who is superior.

Chang San!

You coward!

My friend.

I have no friends.

Such skill with a blade.

I want to buy it.

Not for sale.

What about you then?

I think...

You won't be able to afford my price.

What about... 1,000 taels?

1,000 taels...

That'll be enough for me to buy 1,000 women.

If you're worth 1,000 taels, then Chang San is worth 10,000 taels.

Comparing your skill with a blade to his:

You're not even close!

When I've defeated Chang San...

Then you'll know how much I'm worth.

My friend.

There is a way you can still make 10,000 taels.

I'll consider it.

Brother Chang! It's you!

How is auntie faring?


Auntie, please get plenty of rest.

These are the finest medicinal herbs.

Go and have them cooked.

It's too late.

We've only met once before.

Why bring such an expensive gift?

When it comes to friends, treat them as your own.

Auntie's illness...

How can I stand by and do nothing?

They're leaving soon.

Where is he?

Over there.

We'll gather all our brothers tomorrow and rob the bank!


Hey! Cheers! Cheers!

Bring the wine over.

Why are you so badly injured?!

Wouldn't be the first time.

I'll do it myself.

Promise me...

This will be the last time you kill.

Once there has been a first time...

...there can be no last time.

No single person... forever destined for failure.

Only after I've accomplished something beautiful...

...I will give it up.

There is someone who really cares about you.

She is willing to give up everything... have a family to call her own.

You can love anyone you want.

But don't fall in love with a drifter.

Where are my 100 taels?

I spent it all.

You're not good with promises.

It's just how I've always done things.

It's also why you won't live a long life.

Despite our best efforts...

Auntie, Must have a fine funeral!


Why hasn't brother Wang arrived yet?

Who are you?!

In such a hurry.

Rushing off to see your dad to hell?

This money here...

Take it and start a small business, set yourselves up.

Ancestral Sword Master Chen Kuan-Wu, why don't you use your sword?

Beating a dog doesn't require a sword!



Brother Chang.

How about you come with me?

Coming here will be just like going back to your own home.

My lord, look!

Could it be that Pai Chung-Tang's men were here?!


Brother Wang!


Grandmaster, who did this?

I... I forbid... you to avenge me...!




It's him!

I'll find him!


This happened because of me.

I should be the one to go.

You can't!

They all died for me.

I will see to this personally!

Stay here and take good care of the grandmaster.

Brother Chang...

What if...

You can rest easy.

People like An Tien-Ming...

I can't even remember how many of his kind I've beaten before.

Besides, I've got nothing left to lose anymore.

Here you are.

It's still such a fine blade!

Hey! Hey!

What are you doing?!

Hey! What are you doing?!

Trying out the blade!

Ah, this is bad!


Ah, it's gone!

A fine blade!

You're always messing up my store!

Don't think I won't get rid of your sister!

If you ever bully my sister, you'll never have a good day again for the rest of your life!

Why me?!

Everything's broken.

Older brother, are you leaving? How will I even make the money back?

I'm coming back.

And when I'm back, I'll have a lot of money.

I'll even be carried home on a litter by a hundred men!

If I lose...

Please look the other way...

...and spare my friend.

Don't worry.

After I've defeated Chang San the Divine Blade, I'll retire to the country and live a pastoral life.

This time...

I really have to retire to the country... live a pastoral life...

I know...

I should have known from the start...

It was a conspiracy...!

I have never known... An Tien-Ming...

How could he know that this is where I live?

Why did he bait me to unsheath my sword?!

Someone is plotting against me!

Grandmaster, you suspect me?

But I am your most filial grand-pupil.

There is so much about you...

...I don't know even know...

My lord.

Chang San has already returned.

Brother Chang...!

Between the two of us, all debts are paid.

Brother Chang unleashing his blade is equal to having saved my life.

If you weren't there to help bury my mother, your friends would still be alive today.

Brother Chang's sense of loyalty is so apparent.

Like a shadow cast in the sun.

With his level of skill, Chang San is more than capable of handling Pai Chung-Tang.


To be so strongly governed by your emotions: it is a fatal weakness.

Hurry up! Alright!

Here is good.

Hey, find a bigger table for us to sit at!

That one!

Bring the wine.

But do you still have money?


But you know what to do.

Just give to us for now.

Drink the rainwater!

It's free!


Bring me the finest wine!

Right away! Right away!

Brother San. Hey!

Hey! Hey! Brother San!

Hey! Brother San! Brother San!

Why're you so well-dressed?

Wow! Nice clothes!

You look completely different! So nice!

Hey, brother San. Did you marry a wealthy widow?

Of course!

Wine's here! Wine's here!

Hey! Hey!

Hey, I want wine too! Give me some wine!

No taking breaths in between.

What about taking a piss?


Hey! Hey! Hey!

No slacking off. Drink! No slacking off!

I'm in!

Place your bets. All bets are final!

Place your bets! Place your bets! Place your bets!

Bet big and win big!

Place your bets! Place your bets!

Bet big and you'll win!

Place your bets! Place your bets!

All bets are final!

We're off!

Oh, no!

Four-five-six, straight kill! Banker wins!

What're you doing?

My turn. My turn.

Drink! Drink! C'mon, drink!

I'm borrowing this.



Bet! Bet! Bet!

Bet big and win big!

Place your bets! Place your bets!

All bets are final!

We're off!

Four-five-six, straight kill! Banker wins!

Straight kill! Straight kill!

Fucking kid, who are you?!

Don't move!

Surround him! Surround him!

Over there!

No wonder every game is four-five-six.

Con me will you?!

Hey now, no fighting.

With the exception of my mum, nobody is allowed to con me!

Even your mum would con you?

She said my old man was a 72nd generation grandchild of Emperor Ming of Tang.

You've got a pretty good ancestry then.

Hell no!

I've got 72 dads more like it!

So you're actually a bastard!

So what if I'm a bastard?!

Too bad one of my dads is the emperor!

Whatever you say, emperor boy.

You two... Who are you with?!

And who are you with? And who are you with?

I'm one of Pai Chung-Tang's.

Oh! Pai Chung-Tang. Oh! Pai Chung-Tang.

I've heard his wife is 50-something years old and still a virgin.

I think he's an arse bandit more like.

Big brother San!

We're coming to help! We're coming!

Wow! It's really pouring!

I'm done playing.

I'm called Chang San (Anonymous).

You wouldn't happen to be called Li Ssu (Incognito) would you?

Just call me Ching I (Green Clothes).

B-Big brother is the b-best!

G-G-Great kung fu!

Big brother is amazing! The best! The best! The best!

All of you listen up!

Train your mind and spirit like mine!

Come out and train!

Get up!

The four of you get out here!

Get out here!

C'mon boss, you're lucky to get chosen.

If you're not going to hell, who's going to hell?

Help us out here. Help us out!


We've got something to report, big brother!

Tell me after the fight!

Attack me!

Attack me!

Make your move!

Big brother, these two will need a coffin real soon.

Get them to talk before closing the lid!

Coffin's still open till you talk.

Big brother, some guys busted up our gambling den!

All our brothers have been beaten... and blue...!

Who did this?!

One was called Chang San... One was called Ching I...

This is not happening!

G-G-Good job! Big brother is the best! The best!

Big brother... Have a rest.

Get lost!

Here big brother, have some wine.

What's the deal with those two kids?


One is called Ching I the Life Taker.

He's the worst killer in all the land.

What about that Chang... whatever it is?



Chang San the Divine Blade!

Apparently he's a friend of Kao Peng.

His Rusted Blade has already taken the lives of all kings of the blade under heaven.

Furthermore, his skill with a blade is truly...

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Is he really that skilled?! Kill! Kill!

Just average.

That fucking bastard Kao Peng...

I should've killed him with my blade long ago.

Kill him.

Big brother, should we... quickly send someone to kill him?


I'll wait for them to come to me!

I managed to reclaim my mountain fortress with just one hand!

I'm not scared of some brats!

My lord!

Don't... Don't do this!

Y-You... You mustn't do this!

My lord!

Why did he...?

My lord may have been too eager for revenge.

Overcome with grief...

He just couldn't take it anymore... so...

Brother Kao.

How did things come to this?

Affection is... the affection of a father and a mother...

Vengeance... is the vengeance of a sea of blood...

For each day... that I have not killed Pai Chung-Tang...

I am not worthy... to face those with whom I share this world...

Pai Chung-Tang is really such a tough opponent?

Never has... he met his match...

My lord...

My lord... how do you feel?

Why were you so foolish?

As long as you, brother Kao, stop trying to take your own life, I will kill Pai Chung-Tang in your place!

Brother Chang!

This is my burden to bear!

Your burdens...

...are my burdens.

What's more...

This is the first time someone has thought so highly of me.

Brother Chang...

I am born because of my father and mother.

I am saved because of... my friend.

Brother Chang!

Be careful...

You are waiting for something.

What are you waiting for?

When I used to do deeds, I wouldn't even think twice.

But this time...

This time... your mind wanders and you cannot make a decision?

You can stop deciding.

Just go.

The whole world knows that you're fighting Pai Chung-Tai for Kao Peng's sake.

Such loyalty!

You know too.

They're waiting for you.

This is even more exciting than attending a grand banquet.

If I were you, I wouldn't miss it for anything.


Life and death...

...aren't very important.

Before I kill...

...I always break out in a cold sweat.

If I don't drink some wine...

...I'll freeze to death from the cold sweat.

Don't just get caught up drinking!


You have to know yourself, and know those around you, in order to claim a hundred victories from a hundred battles.

This is Pai Villa.

There are thirty-six warriors surrounding it from all sides.

The main gate.

It's guarded by the Yellow Weasel and the Phantom Spear.

The two of them might be pushovers, but we still need to be on guard; even ants can swarm an elephant to death.

Have you seen the deadly Spirit Reaper before?

In order to defeat this lot, the two of us have to work together.


The two of us?!

What if something unfortunate happens to you?

Who likes drinking with a dead man?

Mad Blade of the Sleeping Buddha.

His skill with a blade is inexplicable, comes and goes like a phantasm.

How come you know everything in such detail?

I like poking my nose into things.

But the toughest one to beat... Pai Chung-Tang.

You must... wary of his final move.

Final move?

Even I don't know what it is.

You're such a resourceful fellow, but even you couldn't find out.

Just remember...

Be wary of his final move.

Let's not dwell on today or tomorrow.

We still have wine to finish!

Let's save it for tomorrow!

I will keep the wine warm.

And I will wait for you to return tomorrow.

My lord, Chang San and Ching I have already set off.

I expected nothing less.

My lord, we should send our men and coordinate the attack with them.

Let us wait and see for the time the being.

Wait and see?!

If you want someone dead...

You don't have to hold the knife yourself.

Damn it!

I was hoping to live till 60.

Why not hope for 100?

Supposedly once you're over 60, you grow weak in the arms and legs, and feeble in the mind.

You can't do anything even if you see a pretty girl.

60 sounds about right.

A real man is unflinching in the face of death.

Sometimes... real men aren't worth a dime.

Where is everyone?

There's ghosts.

Even three-year-olds know these two coffins aren't for dead people.

The ghost king waves his fan.


All the ghosts have disappeared.

Be careful of ghosts tapping on the back of your head.

Clever move.

What are you doing?


Just checking if you have a chin.

It's the dead of night, so it's hard to tell if someone's a human or a ghost.

C'mon boss, stop messing around!

Watch out!

The Phantom Spear has no eyes.

Any ideas on how to stop ghosts?

Have them fight each other.

How come you suck more than a ghost?!

How can you drink now?

Do you fancy your life being too long?

I'm not afraid of dying unlike you.

I've always only been afraid of two things:

One, dying tragically. Two, dying drunk.

Dying drunk seems really straightfoward though.

There are many different kinds of dying.

Dying inexplicably, without any idea of the why and how wouldn't be worthwhile.

If you're going to die, die with some worth.

Hey! Why haven't we seen Pai Chung-Tang?

Yeah, get him to come outside... idiot.

One final sweep?

Let's go!

Ching I!

Hey! Are you alright?

Not dead yet, right?

I think I'm almost done.


If you like fooling around so much, why don't you make a living from it?

My mum fools around for a living!


Good game!

Tell me, for my last move of the game... what kind of move should I make?

Hire some men to do it.

And you can sit here and reap the benefits of their work.


Hurry and up and fetch the men.

Why are you still here?

The senior Lord Kao used to conduct himself in way that is completely different to you.

He was a righteous man who would take matters into his own hands.

That's how he became the number one boss throughout the land.

His generation has passed.

You are my subordinate, are you not?!

I have my own ways.

If I say this is how something goes, you are in no position to talk back!

Do you understand?

It's no wonder your master once said:

"There is so much about you...

...that I don't even know."

There's nobody here.


We're on the same side!

But I'm certain I saw something on your back just now.


No there's not!

What am I, a hunchback?

On his back like a dead snake.

Sleeping Buddha of the Blade.

His body sleeps, but his mind is wide awake.

He's not so tough!

He woke up.

He's gone from Sleeping Buddha to Swollen Buddha.

I'm not so scared now.

Is he dead yet?

It's hard to say.

His dead face is about the same as his sleeping one.

Save it!

It's more comfortable over there.

How can this old geezer be so fierce?

We can't die here.

We're in a hurry to go back drinking.

Attack his throat!

Sulphur solution?!

You're... You're not kidding around are you?

Kidding around...

Now is not the time.


Kao Peng gave me 500 taels.

Told me to bring back your head.

Kao Peng?

When you are useful... are his friend.

When your usefulness is up... are nothing but trash.

Is this...

...what the final move is?

I told you right from the start to be wary.

When it comes to my friends...

...I am never ever wary.

This is why you and I...

...are destined for failure.

Will there be...

...another move?


A third move. A fourth move.

When it comes to friendship there are just too many moves.

You just...

...can't defend against them all.

Where's the sword?!

I always knew you were plotting something!

Where's the sword?

My sword... only for those of noble character!

My character... not something for you to judge!

Where's the sword?

The sword is not something you can see!

You have eyes...

...but you may as well have none!

You have a heart...

...but you may as well have none!

Give me back the sword!


Give me back my sword!

Grandmaster would never fully recover.

Weary of his existence, he took his own life.

And here I thought I found someone else like me.

In the end it was just another dream.


Usually nothing comes from them.

So it's just like my love for you?

I've told you before...

Don't fall in love with a drifter.

In your world...

...there is only life and death.

It is cold.

But there is no warmth.

There are pursuits.

But nothing comes from them.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to dream.


...I'm always very aware of what it is I'm doing.

Older brother...

You said that when you came back, you'll be carried home on a litter by a hundred men.

Who would have thought...

What is it?

Chang San is already dead.

Help me tie my sash.

Are you a cripple?!


I have already become numb.

To you.

To your so-called vengeance and indignation.

The truth is...

Everything has been for the sake of furthering your own ambitions!

Through underhanded means no less!


Did you know, that the creation of a hero...

...requires many people to die.

I only know that in your dad's generation, people spoke of promises...

...and of real loyalty!

Truth be told, his Kao Villa was plundered by killing and pillaging all the same.

Once a person has achieved success, even past acts of killing and pillaging can be retold as the deeds of a hero.


Eventually I will become the great hero of the second generation of Chungyuan!

Look at them.

All of them are kneeling there so faithfully.

Except for just a handful of them...

They're bought and paid for!

Aside from following me you have no other way forward!

The deeper I understand you...

...the further away from you I need to go.

You should know:

Submit to me and prosper, oppose me and perish!

First you sacrificed our Kao Villa brothers.

And then there was brother Wang.


Chang San.

You won't even spare a fly!

I order you to stay!

You have no need for friends at all!

My brothers.

Let us help one another.

When I your lord revive Kao Villa, the fortunes that we make will be shared equally by all of us.

The land that we claim will be lived on equally by all of us.

Thank you, master!

I see you've kept your promise.

When talking business, there's only the language of promises.

That's right!

Where's my 500 taels?

The words of a gentleman are never empty.

Come and get it.

The way I see it...

Shouldn't we keep some distance between us?


You probably don't know the rules of our trade.

Killing for a job:

Kill with a single cut.

Those who don't keep promises:

Kill with 1,000 cuts.

I also have a rule of the trade:

If I want you to die...

You will have to die.

Kao Peng!

This move...

Even you couldn't anticipate it!


Truly a master stroke.

In this world, true friends do exist!

Will there be...

...another move?


A third move.

A fourth move.

When it comes to friendship...

...there are just too many moves.

You just...

...can't defend against them all.

I think there's one thing you overlooked:

I've never managed to wrap up any of my jobs.

That's why...'ll always be unlucky!

That's right.

It's cos I met you.

I underestimated the two of you.

And I used to overestimate you!


I deserve to be put on a pedestal.

Because I am superior to all!

Why don't you lock yourself up in a birdcage then?

Ching I!

When we used to cross paths, it was fate With our hearts as one we wielded our blades, destroying the enemy Blood and arrows filled the sky, a sight that became commonplace We crossed thousands of mountains, swallowed up by the wind and the rain As suddenly as we would meet, we would also part ways We are both drifters of the lakes and the seas, but our destinies take different paths To live through a hundred misfortunes is my own solitary path How much bitterness and difficulty have I faced?

The thousands of praise in this world, Will become envy and disdain tomorrow!

With pride and mirth, roam the world as a wanderer!

But the fame and fortune of such a life dissolves into sentiment and sorrow So now we meet again, just like old times To think that the light of our blades is now full of hate I long to cast away this iron sword, but, alas, I am unable In the chaotic rain and the frigid wind, I have such resentments!