Late Autumn (1960) Script

This film was screened at the Arts Festival in 1 960

Late Autumn Original story by Ton Satomi Screenplay by Kogo Noda & Yasujiro Ozu Cinematography by Yuharu Atsuta Art Direction by Tatsuo Hamada


Setsuko Hara, Yoko Tsukasa Mariko Okada, Keiji Sada Miyuki Kuwano, Shinichiro Mikami, Shin Saburi Chishu Ryu, Nobuo Nakamura, Kuniko Miyake, Sadako Sawamura

Directed by Yasujiro Ozu

Oh, really? Sounds delicious What does?

He knows a good place that does steak. Where is it?

You know the Honmoku-tei in Ueno? lt's right next door It's run by an old coupIe RealIy? I'd Iike to try it l usually go to that pork restaurant behind the Matsuzakaya You, too, right?

I've been going there ever since it was just a stall That was when we were students. Always hungry, but no money We'd pool our money, then go there together. Miwa used to come, too ReaIly? You were friends with him when you were that young?

Yeah. We also shared the same dormitory at school Did you reaIIy?

Mr Miwa was very kind to me He was an excellent manager, always very calm

This is his seventh memorial Time flies

How many years has it been for you? What do you mean?

Since you lost your wife Four, almost five years Hey, the tea staIk's sticking up Very auspicious. Maybe something good's going to happen lt could mean that your dead wife is coming back to get you Oh, stop it! l'm not ready to go yet

UncIe's rather late l wonder what could've happened Oh, here he comes

Sorry l'm so late

l'm Shuzo Miwa's brother. Thank you all for coming here today

Being from the countryside, l got lost on my way here Good to see you, Mr Hirayama, Mr Taguchi lt's been a long time. Did you just arrive in Tokyo today?

No, l had other business to attend to, so l arrived yesterday Thanks for taking care of my son last time Not at all What was that?

My son went skating at Lake Haruna last winter with his friends They stayed at his inn Thank you for the present you sent Not at alI. Did you Iike them? l pickled those spring vegetables myself It was nothing special...

...just a small token of my appreciation It was a wonderful gift Oh, those wild vegetables we had?

They were deIicious It's interesting, as we get oIder...

...we seem to enjoy such things more and more You're right Things Iike seaweed with carrots...

...mushrooms, dried radish and bean curd Don't forget steak and pork cutIets

Is everyone present?

PIease, Iet us begin

PIease come through to the main halI

After you

You're Iate l got held up We've just started Then l got here too early

That sutra recitaI today was Iong lt went on You can't compIain, you got here late!

Sorry for putting you through that Mr Taguchi toId me that shorter prayers were better...

. I asked the priest to keep it short. Didn't l?

The monk was eager to pIease You must've paid him welI Not at alI. l wasn't that generous!

At least it was cooler today. The day of the funeral was so hot It was realIy hot. l was wearing a thick morning coat How old were you, Ayako? l was 1 8 So now you're.. .? Twenty-four Good age to get married, right?

Yes. Do tell us if you know someone who'd be suitable for her That won't be hard at all. Ayako is very beautiful What kind of men do you like? Don't be shy Tell us How about someone like me, for example?

Very nice And how about me? Very nice, too You've confused me. They're totally different types And me?

You, too She only said 'you, too'. You're out l'm out?

You shouIdn't have bothered asking! lt was a bad idea to ask her Seriously, joking aside, l might know someone suitable Yes, please ls that true?

Yes. Ayako, are you really interested in getting married?

You shouId get married soon How old were you when you married Miwa? l was 20 See, Ayako? You should marry soon Right. l think so, too I know a nice feIlow, Ayako l think he's about 29 He graduated from the University of Tokyo...

...and works for the Obayashi Group He's an interesting chap Sounds too good for us No, I think he'd be perfect Then please introduce us

Ayako, it's time to go Please excuse us Already? It's stiII early I'm sorry, but...

Sorry for troubling you today, and thank you for all your kindness

l hope we haven't offended you with our bluntness Far from it. You kept us entertained. l hope to see you all again soon See you soon Goodbye

Please excuse us

Goodbye, both of you. Ayako, you know what you're doing, right?


She's so beautiful I reaIly enjoy talking to girls her age The girl's certainIy pretty, but...

You mean her mother, don't you? Hmm. She hasn't changed a bit She's a beauty You think so?

But her daughter's charming Of course she is But Akiko is over 40 and still...

If I had to choose, l'd pick the mother She's lovely LoveIy...Iovely You really think so? Absolutely A man who marries someone so beautiful is destined to die young Miwa used up his luck too fast She's developed a new kind of charm recently Yes. You think so, too?

You can just see it, it's obvious And you're usually so slow to notice such things l see it, too, just not as clearly as you

What's making you aII so cheerfuI?

Do you have enough sake ? Yes, we're fine

l'd say your husband must be in good health Yes, thank you l don't doubt it Of course He'Il have a Iong Iife You never know what'Il turn out to be a blessing in disguise, right?

What are you talking about? Nothing

A long time ago, when we were all at university...

...there was a chemist's shop on the third block in Hongo lt's a fruit shop now, but there used to be a beautiful girl working there This one fancied her and bought medicine there all the time That's rich coming from you Who bought all those decongestants when he didn't even have a cold?

And he bought antibiotics Yeah, l remember the packaging The woman who was just here with us was that girl That lady? l thought they were sisters, not mother and daughter She's very beautiful. So what happened after that?

Oh, well.. . lt ended badly It's painfuI to telI You remember a man named Miwa? No l think he came here once or twice ln short, Miwa stole the girl away from us Goodness me!

You should've bought love potions instead of flu medicine!

You're right We weren't so wise back then We were innocents compared to the youth of today ReaIly? Do you have enough sake, Professor Hirayama?

Fine, thanks WouId you bring me some soda water?

Of course. Just a moment A man who marries a woman like that will live an awfully long time What was that?

Nothing. We were just talking. Soda water?

Right away

A man who marries a woman like that could still die young, though Have you seen the size of her? Good for wrestling?

The head scissors?

He wouldn't stand a chance

He'd be totalIy crushed

Some more?

Welcome home Evening You're home early

l thought you'd be home late tonight Why's that?

Weren't you with Mr Mamiya and Mr Hirayama?

Yes And Akiko came, too, with Ayako RealIy?

What's this? lt's Yoko's She's back? Yes. She just arrived Is her husband away on business?

They had another fight Living with a mother-in-law isn't easy for a young couple Did she quarrel with his mother?

No, she gets on weIl with her. But still, it's stressful lt's better for a young couple to live by themselves I've often thought so myseIf What shall we do with her?

She means to stay for a while this time. She brought a bigger bag Do you think they'll sort it out? They have to...

...just Iike we did l suppose so. A husband and wife eventually get past that stage Yes, they both do. Yoko needs to make an effort Right. You can't be too ambitious in a relationship True. You can't set your hopes too high WouId you like a snack? No, l've eaten enough

WeIcome home, Dad What's up? lt's happened again

'Happened again'? You're always fighting What was it this time? lt's hard to explain. lt's the result of weeks of discontent What do you mean, 'discontent'? You chose to marry him Yes, that's why l'm upset About what?

Daddy, don't try to intervene. l'm teaching him a lesson You need to learn a lesson, too. You're simply too impatient Enough!

Dad, have a bath. l'll heat up the water for you

She's hopeless Oh, yes, you know that chap... What's his name?


The man who works at the Obayashi Group. Your friend's brother You mean Shigeru lnoue?

That's the one His father owns a music box factory in Kamisuwa, right?

Yes. What about him?

He'd be a perfect husband for Ayako No. He's already engaged He's getting married?

Yes. l'm thinking of what to get them as a wedding present That's too bad. l said l'd help her out Why? l thought he'd be good for her. What a shame Do we know any others?

What about lkeda? No way. Too arrogant No good? Do we know anyone else?

You should be worrying about your own daughter, not someone else's But Ayako's so beautifuI l don't want her marrying some idiot l see She really is a nice girl. Very wholesome Does she look Iike Akiko when she was young?

It's hard to compare They're very different. Mamiya says he prefers Akiko How about you? Me?

Who do you prefer? Akiko, l bet. l know all about it About what? The third block in Hongo You were always going there to buy cold medicine, weren't you?

That wasn't me, that was Mamiya!

So what did you buy? l bought antibiotics and other stuff Don't lie. You bought cold medicine. l remember it well Who told you that? You did I told you? When?

Not long after Yoko was born. You were drunk ls that right? l was being honest, l suppose Yes, more honest than you are now

Mum, l'm hungry. ls there anything to eat?

Dad, the bathwater's boiling Okay. Did you turn off the gas? lt's still on You have to turn it off!

If it's not one thing, it's another!

Do you have anything to eat? You're all hopeless!

Go on in

Nice to see you again Thank you very much for the other day. ..

...for taking the time to come to the memorial service Not at all. Please sit down

l just came to thank you My pleasure. Have a seat

l stopped to see Mr Hirayama and Mr Taguchi on my way l see

So did Taguchi say anything about matchmaking Ayako?

He said the young man had already decided on someone He's getting married? Yes That's typical of Taguchi. He's always doing things like that Miwa always complained about him because he was never punctual Although l was the one who came late to the memorial service!

Miwa would have been glad to see you all there Have you had Iunch?

Not reaIly, but...

Shall we go out for lunch? Not that l know any great places...

But l have to be back by 2:00 Back where?

I'm helping out at my friend's dressmaking school these days With French embroidery Are you teaching? Yes, though not very well It must be a chalIenge Let's have lunch together. l'll drive you to the school after Shall we go?

l'm leaving now. Get the car

Have another glass No, thank you You sure?

Did you notice the man who greeted me at the lift as we were leaving?

No, sorry. l'm not very observant He's a bit shorter than l am. He had a fringe over his face I reaIly didn't notice him WelI, he doesn't realIy stand out or anything He's a good man and an efficient worker When we were talking about a husband for Ayako...

... I thought of him immediately But Taguchi was so quick to offer help and he sounded so confident Mr Taguchi is such a funny man He's so funny that everything else becomes funny when he gets involved He's such a character, isn't he? l can't remember where this man graduated from He's been with us for four or five years He may not Iook the athletic type...

...but he's captain of our basketball team How do you like the sound of him?

He sounds very nice WouId you like to meet him?

Or maybe you'd like to see his photo and background information first?

Yes, that wouId be better Sorry to keep you waiting

Thank you

l'll send them to you Please do Could you get me a photo of Ayako? Sure

Have you always smoked a pipe?

I smoke both cigarettes and pipes My husband was fond of pipes, too. We still have two or three at home You can have them if you Iike That would be nice. l'd like that very much I don't know if they're any good, but some of them he bought in England They must be good quality. He was very particular about things like that Then l'll bring you one next time Thank you Please, help yourself Thank you


Here you are, Dad l think he'd be perfect Who?

Mr Goto. He's a fine man

You think so? Absolutely lf it were me, l'd say yes straight away Where did he graduate from?

Waseda University. He studied economics The azure sky...

Where's he from? Fushimi. His family runs a brewery

Can't you quieten down?

Go to your room Why?

Just do it

Dai, too! Upstairs, now!

Waseda, Waseda, Waseda University.!

l think Mr Goto's the best candidate we know I think so, too. I'Il invite him over Ask him for a photo and background information I wilI

l wonder what Akiko will do once Ayako is married. She'll be alone She'll be fine. She has to be

ls Akiko as beautiful as ever?

Yes, very beautifuI But l like Ayako better. She's so innocent RealIy?

Taguchi said he prefers Akiko I think you do, too Who? Akiko No way. That's not me, that's Taguchi He's liked her ever since he was a young man RealIy? And you haven't?

Not reaIly Oh? Which medicines did you buy?

What? Which medicine?

Whose? Yours Was it coId compresses or decongestants?

Who told you this nonsense?

Taguchi's wife?

Now I know why you never catch coIds You took too much medicine back then

l'm home

Welcome back, Mum. Have you had supper?

Mrs Sakai treated me to supper l've been waiting for you Really?

l bought some sweets on the way home Do you want some now? l'll try some later

l'm exhausted. l've been all over town today Oh, Mr Taguchi's matchmaking failed RealIy? Why?

The young man already has a fiancée He's always doing stuff like that True enough. But now there's another candidate Another one? l'm so popular all of a sudden Who's arranging it this time? Mr Mamiya. He sounds nice They work at the same company l see He'll send us a photo and some background information I'm going to boiI some water Mr Mamiya thinks very highly of this young man He wanted to mention him the other day when we met He says he wants a photo of you

You know, Mum... What?

Could you decline the offers? Why?

lt'll be harder to say no once we have his picture Don't give him my photo, either

Do you want some tea? Sure

Listen, is there somebody you Iike?

Not at all!

Then why won't you consider this man?

So many people are concerned about your well-being You shouId be gratefuI I know that, but l'm fine with things the way they are But...

RealIy, I don't want to get married yet

'Don't want to'? Just sit down and listen to me

What is it?

Tell me the truth What?

You really don't have anybody else in mind? l'd telI you if l did. l wouldn't hide something like that from you Okay...

I feeI fine as l am for the time being Make sure you decline his offer Are you sure?

Of course, l'm sure Let's live together, just the two of us

The water's boiled

But once l falI in Iove with someone, l'll probably change my mind

Wait a moment

Like this, okay?

That's aII for today lf you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime

ls your class over? Yes Do you have a minute?

Please come in and take a seat Have you spoken to her? Not yet Do it, then You should do it yourself You think so? Okay

Here, Akiko...

What do you think of him? Who is he?

What do you think of him for your daughter?

But isn't his nose crooked?

That's just the photo. It's the lighting

Well.. . What is it?

Thank you, but Ayako says she doesn't want to get married yet But... He's not suitable, anyway But he's from a good family The man's more important than the family!

We discussed this last night Shame to pass him up It's no shame at all. He's got no chance of succeeding, right?

That's not the point, reaIly Just the other day, Ayako declined a match arranged by Miwa's friend Why? She doesn't want to marry yet Really? Maybe you can't let her go, either Not at all But you need to give her away soon lf she waits, she'lI end up with someone who's not right We can't aIl be as lucky as I was

Yes? There's a call for Mrs Miwa A call? Transfer it to here Yes Thank you There you go

HeIIo? ls this Ayako? Yes, it's me Yes, I can come What time? Okay, no problem Then I'Il meet you at the corner I'Il Ieave early and stop by Uncle Mamiya's on the way Okay. Bye

I heard lshii couIdn't get the time off He'd even bought the maps and everything Why? His boss is really mean So there'll only be seven of us Right l want to shop for hiking boots. Come with me after work Not today. l have an appointment A date, huh? What's going on?

No, with my mum How boring. Poor you

PIease go in

HeIlo. Nice to see you HeIIo. I've brought you the pipe The pipe? Oh, yes. Thanks a lot


What is it?


Yes, this Iooks right Show me that earlier file Yes, sir Wait a minute Yes?

This is the young lady who turned you down


Ayako, this is the man you decIined

My name's Goto. Please excuse me

You're so mean Why?

You shouldn't have said that I was onIy telling the truth But.. . But what? Will you reconsider?

No way

Here's the pipe HoId on, Ayako

l heard you work at Toko Trading Yes Say hello to Sugiyama in Accounting. We went to school together I wilI Excuse me

Here you go

l'm so full You still have some beer left l shouldn't let it go to waste. l'll drink it

That's it

Here you go!

You know, once you get married...

...we won't be abIe to go out like this Yes, we can. l'm not getting married EventuaIIy you wilI, though Until then, we should go out together once a month or so...

...and eat at nice restaurants

That was delicious Even once every other month would be fine Yes, or once every three months

l'll pay for it today No, l'll pay You'll be short of funds for your trip. You bought so many things Don't worry. l watch how l spend my money It's a great idea...

. go on a farewell hiking trip before your friend gets married We never thought of doing such things when l was young They're both into climbing, that's why we thought of it Wasn't it Yuriko's idea?

Be careful not to fall, like in the film we just saw Don't worry, l won't. It's a safe place WeIl, that's good You stiIl have some shopping to do, so shall we go?

You wanted needles for the sewing machine And another thing. Your favourite What?

Oh, salted roe

Could you bring the bill, please? Okay!

Mum, l'll pay No. You can pay next time

You must be tired, Mum A little. But l had a lovely time

Oh, l forgot What?

The soup mix. Hopefully someone else will think of it WeIl, don't we have some here?

Only three sachets left You're just Iike your father


You have to prepare everything perfectly when you go travelling Your father was just like that He couldn't do without his pumice stone at the hot springs To rub his heels with? l remember that l'd like to go to the hot springs with you, Mum Remember that time we went to Shuzen Temple?

We saw all those carp in the pond at the inn And I threw buttered peanuts to them and they ate them all up Then we found the carp next morning floating belly-up l was shocked when l saw them, but dad thought it was hilarious That was the last trip we took with your father The budding maple leaves were so beautiful

Know what? We should save some money and take a trip Where to?

We couId travel around on a tourist pass We could visit uncle at lkaho, too Good idea. Let's do it We won't be able to do that after you get married Mum, why are you so eager to marry me off?

It has to happen eventuaIly No, l'm not going to get married. l'm staying as l am But when l do find someone l really care for, what do you think?

About what?

Won't you get lonely? l will, but l'll have to bear it I'Il be just fine I'm sure my mother bore it, too That's how it is with mothers and daughters

Mum, shall we go to bed soon?

Okay. We need to get up early

I've had a Iovely time today

Three of a kind A three?

Here you go. Reach! That was quick

You want this? Yes

Then l'll give you this Okay, l'll take it

Reach with a bonus makes three in a row Can't you be a bit nicer to the bridegroom-to-be?

Don't worry. l gave you a gift just recently, didn't l?

Why did you have to come and play?

She's making your husband-to-be cry RealIy? Don't be too hard on him Hey, you sound Iike a wife aIready

What's the character for 'fresh'?

Fresh? lf it's about your bridegroom, surely you mean 'gloomy'

'Fresh' is written... l wrote it out in letters Miwa, l heard you turned down Goto What? Goto who works at Sanwa Trading l saw him in Shinjuku last night. He told me you turned him down l didn't. lt's not how it sounds He's a good man. Don't reject him I didn't! l didn't reject him What are you taIking about?

You just keep your mind on your own husband

Why would you reject such a good man?

Shall l reintroduce you to him?

No, thanks l will. You can count on me

lt's time

Today feels like a lucky day. The train will probably be full of young couples l wonder how Shigeko's doing right now Are they sitting face-to-face or shoulder-to-shoulder?

Whichever they like. lt's none of our business There it is!

She said she'd wave flowers at us from the window Maybe she forgot How couId she? She mentioned it so many times Maybe she was feeIing shy Besides, they couId've invited us to the reception today They should have Maybe they just forgot about us We joined the company together, we've always been good friends We'll all go our separate ways eventually That's what l hate about marriage. ls it the same for men? l don't know lf friendship is just a temporary filler until we get married.. .

...what's the point of aIl this?

You're right It's stupid!

Sorry to keep you waiting

lt looks like we'Il have a fine Sunday tomorrow I hope so. Bye Thank you very much

Welcome Welcome

Welcome A water and a cup of coffee

What a coincidence, seeing you here

Where did you go, Ayako? To the cinema The cinema? Have a seat

But... Her, too

But... Are you off some place else?

No, I'm going home now Please excuse me. Goodnight

Ayako, don't you want to go with him?

No, I'm fine Then please sit down All right

Here you are, sir WouId you like to order something? No, thanks. l'm full

What's going on?

What do you mean? With Goto l met him for the first time today. Somebody else introduced us I introduced you first. lt was me But.. . But what?

A friend of Mr Goto's, Sugiyama, works at my company That's why Sugiyama.. . Forget about Sugiyama What do you think?

About what? About Goto l met him the first time this evening You already said so Stop teasing me I'm not teasing you, l'm serious Don't you think he's a nice felIow?

Do you like him? Do you? l don't know You don't know? Really? l've no idea No idea, huh? WelI, that's a problem Supposing he's a nice young man...

...and supposing that you like him, it's as simple as that What's simple? Marriage No way! What do you mean?

Suppose l fell in love with somebody...

...there might be a number of reasons for not being able to get married RealIy? What reasons?

You mean financial reasons?

That's one What are the others?

Like in my case, the girl might be living alone with her mother That's not an issue You'll never get married if you insist on staying with your mother I don't need to get married That's not right. Women should, you know Listen, UncIe, romance and marriage are separate for me Oh? What do you mean?

WeIl, how shalI I expIain?

You mean you could put up with your husband's affairs?

No, I'm not silly Iike that Oh, sorry Of course, if you could combine romance and marriage.. .

...that would be ideal But l don't think you're unlucky if you don't have both You can stiII enjoy Iife l think that's the case for most couples You think so? Wouldn't you feel sad?

No, I wouIdn't. l belong to a different generation You're right I'm happy Iiving with my mother I'm very fortunate. l'd rather keep living this way

You Iove your mother so much You think so? We often bicker, though That proves you Iove her A mother and a daughter wouldn't fight unless they were very close You think so? Yes, l think so She really is a good mother...

...and you're a good daughter, too

Young people these days really are something You get some strange ones, of course l think what she says makes sense What?

Separating romance and marriage lt's because the world is getting more difficult to live in And what do you think? Do you think Ayako likes that fellow?

I think so, as far as I've seen She tried to make excuses, though That was a bit suspicious Who's this Sugiyama she mentioned? He's out of the picture now

So the issue here is her concern for her mother Yes That's easy to deal with How?

We'll get the mother to marry first Remarry?

Yes! Then the daughter will marry. That's both of them sorted out!

You think that would work? Depends on how we persuade them Sounds like a brilliant idea If it worked out, it would be ideaI lt wiIl work. Akiko is so pretty. Who wouldn't marry her?

Then why don't you ask Akiko if she's interested in remarrying?

Do l have to do it? Of course, it's your idea It's right that you do it Give it a try. ..will you?

Okay. l'll try Good But l don't have anyone lined up for her

How about Hirayama?


Yeah, that could work That's not funny! There's no way l could do it She's the widow of a good friend Don't be so uptight No way No way, it would be immoraI There's nothing immoral about it. You're a widower and she's a widow l can't be so detached about it. l couldn't do such a thing WeIl, so much for that idea!

But go ahead and ask her anyway l will, then Don't you dare mention my name, you hear me?

What a pity You've been a widower for years and what do you have to show for it?

I totally agree. l wish l were in his place Yeah, l wish l were in his place I realIy do

Welcome home, sir Evening

Hi, Dad You're home?

Have you had supper, sir? Yes, thanks How about you? l've eaten already. l couldn't wait for you all night l see

What were the scores? Did you guess right?

Not too bad

What's the matter with you?

What? You seem a bit down Has something happened? No, nothing

l have to ask you something What?

I've declined, but my friends are trying to play matchmaker For me? No, for me For you?

Who's the woman?

Aside from who she might be, what do you think?

That depends on who you're marrying. Do l know her?

Tell me who it is Don't hide it from me l'm not hiding it Then who is it? Tell me

You know Mrs Miwa, don't you?

Oh, her? She's great. l'd be fine with her So you approve?

Of course! And you declined?

Sort of That's a stupid thing to do!

Really? Yes!

So you'd accept? Of course Listen, Dad, l always hoped you'd get remarried


I'm going to get married someday...

...and if you're still alone, you'll end up living with us You'd be in the way. lt's not fair on my wife ldiot!

And you wouIdn't like it, either So you'd better marry Mrs Miwa lt's a great chance Chance?

But is she reaIly wilIing?

I don't know yet What? You don't know? You need to be more confident So you like the idea? Yes, l do. Absolutely l see...

Dad, you look much happier now

Please enter

What is it?

Today's such a beautifuI day's been like this for a few days Yes, it's Iovely There was an earthquake last night, though RealIy? l didn't feeI it There was. Only a small one, though

So what is it? What's the matter?

What we discussed the other night... What's that?

You know, when we were at the golf course About employing students?

No, at the clubhouse

What was it? About Miwa's wife Did you think of a suitable man?

WeIl...l've given it some thought And? Well...

Remember what you suggested? My son likes the idea What did I say?

You remember!

No, I don't at alI Stop pretending l'm serious. Do you think Taguchi has already asked her?

No idea... But you didn't seem at all interested then Yes, I know, I know...

...but life can be inconvenient in a lot of ways for a widower

'lnconvenient'? You have a maid I know that, but I just thought...

There's an itch that your maid can't scratch?

Sort of And you've suddenly developed such an itch Sort of I don't know about your itches, but what do you want me to do?

Well, I'd Iike you... talk to her...about me l think you should leave that to Taguchi No, that man talks too much l want you to do it instead Me?

Yes. Would you do it for me?


Will you get me Mr Taguchi at Nitto Electric?

Do you think Taguchi can handle it? No problem. That's what we agreed But when he gets involved, things tend to...

FaIl apart?

HeIIo? What? He's away?

He's not there l see

l'lI talk to him As soon as you can Are you that itchy? l'm no good at this, no matter how old l am

Where are you going? To the toilet



So...where's Hirayama?

He's not here yet Did you talk to her? Yeah

How did it go? Well...

... I got a bit sidetracked Could l have a glass of whisky with water?

I'Il have another, too So what's the story?

She has absolutely no intention of getting remarried She talked about her late husband from start to finish Did you mention Ayako and Goto?

Yes, l did What did she say?

She just smiled and said, 'Oh, realIy?'

And what about Hirayama? l couldn't mention his name lt was like l'd gone there to hear her talk about Miwa l was touched by what she told me, too So you didn't mention Hirayama? Nothing Here you are, sirs

But Hirayama's serious

She's too good for Hirayama She's as lovely as ever l wish you'd been there to see her moved to tears Oh, really?

She was like a beautiful flower in the rain And she peeled an apple for me with her gorgeous white hands And you ate it? l did indeed. lt was delicious

And she gave this

What did you go there for? What are you getting at?

What about Hirayama?

There's nothing l can do. Forget about him But he's in a hurry He can hurry all he wants!

Tell him to just put some ointment on that itch of his I guess we'd better forget about him Yeah, forget him Welcome!

That's him. He's here

Hey Hi Sorry l'm late

Hey, want a drink?

Anything's fine All right

Have these as well

Taguchi, did you see her?

Yeah, l did

Did you taIk to her? Yeah, l did How did it go? Well... need to be patient

You need to be patient


l feel sorry for Mr Hirayama l know They're having fun at his expense They're so bad, those two Your husband's a bit better Mine asked me the other day, 'lf l died, would you get remarried?'

And l said, 'No, l've had enough.' Then he said, 'l would' l asked him, 'To whom?' He said, 'To Akiko, of course'

RealIy? Mine's probably the same Pretty women have that advantage That's so true. Makes me jealous Akiko can't just suddenly decide to get remarried She won't say yes right away. l wouldn't, either Me, neither. Even if l were interested Right. They're so tactless l agree l'll see you Iater, Mum On a date, Michiko?

Yes, good guess. Until Iate tonight See you later Bye What's to be done with young people nowadays?

Mine's a headache, too Things were simpIer in our day All we wanted was to go to the theatre Yes, Mon Paris or When Lilac Blooms Nowadays, they listen to rockabilly and that Presley No wonder things like dyed flowers are in fashion How true

Good afternoon Hello

We're taIking about matchmaking Mrs Miwa's daughter You should take care of Ayako's marriage first l don't think you have to worry about Akiko's remarriage Well, your husband came up with that idea ls that so? He said it was your idea No, it was Taguchi Whose is it, l wonder? Definitely Taguchi's l heard you saw Akiko in tears and thought she was stunningly beautiful He said that?

He's terrible. It's the other way round I bet he aIso said I ate the appIe Yes l heard it was delicious Don't be siIly!

Anyway, we'll take care of Ayako first, if you think that's better Of course we do We do indeed I'd better leave you two to chat


Is Mr Mamiya here?

Yes, he's waiting for you Ayako, I'm here

Please come in

I'm sorry I'm late You found it all right? Yes Sit down

Make yourseIf comfortabIe We don't have much time, so l'll get straight down to business lt's about your marriage. What do you think of Goto? ln what way? Do you like him or not? Tell me

l don't dislike him So you like him He said he likes you, too So just go ahead and marry him, will you?

But, Uncle... What? l haven't decided yet if l'll ever get married That's what you said Iast time So l can't give you an answer right now But if you like him, why not get married?

But what would my mother do if l got married?

Ah, your mother... Yes We've thought of her happiness, too. We won't let her down What do you mean?

For instance, what do you think about your mother getting remarried?

Remarried? ls that what she's considering?

Well, sort of

What do you think?

Sorry to keep you waiting

What's wrong? You look like you're deep in thought Is it definite, then?

What? Your mother's remarriage? Who is he?

The man? Yes Since you and your mother have known him for years...

... I thought Hirayama might be suitabIe Mr Hirayama?

What do you think of him? Are you not keen?

WeIl, it's not definite yet

What do you think?

WeIcome home. Are you hungry?

We've not got much for supper l meant to shop on my way home, but l was late, as well

What's wrong? What's happened?

What's the matter? What's up with you?

l saw somebody today who l haven't seen in years lt was on the train I wonder if you remember her She often came round to sell rice in the years after the war She looked so elegant l hardly recognised her Mum?


Have you been hiding something from me?

Such as?

UncIe Mamiya told me the whole thing today What about?

Mum, are you planning to get remarried?


Don't hide it from me any more!

Hide what? l know What do you know? What is this?

I'm completely Iost Don't deny it! What about dad? Didn't you think of him?

Wasn't Mr Hirayama a friend of dad's?

What about Mr Hirayama? You're still denying it?

Why wouId you hide it from me?

What do you mean? Enough's enough! l never thought you'd do this. l hate all this secrecy What are you talking about, Ayako? lt's sordid! l hate it!

Ayako, where are you going?

Where are you going?

Leave me alone! l don't like what you're doing!

Here you go Cuttlefish, please And you, miss? l'd like some more of this Coming up!


Oh, welcome

l came to see Yuriko Yes, she's in Yuriko! Miss Miwa is here!


PIease go on up

Nice to see you. Come on up. My room's a mess, though Please

Here you go!

WouId you like some more clams? l'll have some You do Iike your cIams, don't you?

Clams are delicious They're poisonous, though, if you're not careful How about some octopus? l've already had some octopus I want some cIams, the softest part

And some red shellfish Yes, sir!

So what did you say to her? l hate it all the more because he's my father's friend. lt's not right That's why you stormed out? Yes, because l think it's sordid So that's what you think I stiII remember my dad so welI Why is my mother behaving like she's forgotten him?

I just can't bear this Listen, I can understand...

...but aren't you being a bit seIfish?


Look at it from your mother's perspective What do you mean? Well, she's a woman, too, like you What are you saying? You have a boyfriend Why shouIdn't your mother have one? lsn't that selfish of you? lf it were me, l'd just stay quiet So you'd be fine with it if you were me?

Of course. l'd let my mother live her own life You'd feel differently in my place That's not true lt was fine when my father got remarried lt didn't mean I'd forgotten my late mother Even now, when l close my eyes, l can see my mother's face My father's a bit sloppy, but that's all right, he has his own life But l don't think that But you have no choice You can't expect things to be perfect in this world You're acting Iike a baby

Yuriko, here you are Thanks

Want something to eat?

Come on over here I'm going home Home? l thought you were staying over tonight l'm going home Eat something before you go I've had enough

You're reaIly going home?

Go home, then. What a baby!

Go on!

Where were you?

l've been worried about you, running off like that Where have you been?

What are you so upset about? There's been a misunderstanding

What did Mr Mamiya teIl you?

What do you think I'm hiding from you?

I have no need to hide anything

You're the one who's hiding something What are you talking about? l'm talking about Mr Goto You said nothing to me about him, a man that you like l've been waiting for you to tell me about him

I've heard he's a reaIly nice man...

...and l've been reaIly happy for you Why didn't you telI me?

Morning Morning

See you

Morning Good morning Good morning

Did you make up with your mum when you got home?

Are you stiII upset?

Fine, stay upset. Stay like that forever

Thank you!

Here you go

Welcome! Welcome!

That's not good, quarrelling with your mother

I lost my mother when l was quite young Sometimes l think back and wish l hadn't argued with her Suddenly l remember and regret what l did

l'm from Fushimi We have these traditional dolls made of clay They used to be on a shelf in the kitchen... Are you okay?

One day, when l was nine years old...

...I got angry about some stupid little thing...

...and l broke all those dolls l still remember the shocked look on my mother's face I had no good reason

l'd got home hungry and found that supper wasn't ready yet She died that autumn Really? So it's best not to quarrel Never quarreI

You're right

Yes? Who is it?

Good evening Oh, hello ls Ayako home? Not yet But do come in

Please have a seat Do you know where Ayako is? l don't know l sort of know...

I heard what happened Iast night So she was at your house last night?

Yes. And l heard that you're getting remarried

What's going on with you girIs?

So l told her she was being childish getting upset about it You have your reasons for making your choices l suppose l do Ayako isn't being fair She's just blaming you without really thinking about it l had a long talk with her, but she refused to talk to me today Really? That's why l came over The truth is that I think she's overstepped the mark Why's that?

If I were Ayako, l'd rather you got remarried RealIy? Why?

No offence, but I'd feel less burdened if you were married You may be right Of course. Everyone thinks so Ayako's the only one who doesn't see it. She's so silly I'd be a burden to her, wouldn't I?

No, of course not WelI, maybe just a little burden. Sorry. Will you be lonely?

There's nothing l can do about that As long as she's happy, l'lI be happy You're really amazing. l'm glad we've had this chat And l'm glad you've decided...

...because otherwise Ayako would never get married You think so? Definitely. She's said so Has she? lf you decide to get married, Ayako will quickly follow suit She's so stubborn She certainly is l wonder what she's upset about. lt's perfect, isn't it?

What is?

Mr Hirayama. He's a college professor And he was a friend of your husband's, so he'll understand everything But, Yuriko, you've misunderstood No, I haven't. It'Il be fine What's fine? l think you've got mixed up l know nothing about a match with Mr Hirayama Don't deny it. There's no need to be shy!

Honestly, l know nothing about it Believe me RealIy?

How's that possibIe?

So you know nothing about the match?

That's right. l've heard nothing about it That's terribIe. Why is everyone talking about it?

You didn't know?

That's right RealIy? That's so ridicuIous!

Welcome back. Where have you been?

You're not stilI upset? l came to see how you were doing lt's none of your business. Go home Okay, l'll go Yuriko, you can stay here tonight No, Mum, l won't sleep in the same house as her Ayako! No is no. She has to go I'm leaving now!

Excuse me. Goodnight You're reaIly Ieaving? l'm sorry

Don't care!

Bye Bye

Sorry lt's okay. She's just being stubborn


Mr Hirayama is here to see you

What's up?

An odd situation seems to have arisen What do you mean? A strange girl came to see me What? Anyway, l need you to meet her Who? She's waiting for you in reception Taguchi's with her, too Who are you talking about?

Hi Hi What's the matter?


That's her. She's a friend of Ayako's

My name is Yuriko Sasaki My name's Mamiya. Please have a seat Please

l have one question for you. Why are you spreading false stories?

What do you mean?

I'm talking about Mrs Miwa's remarriage Oh, l see No, you don't see!

You told Ayako something that Mrs Miwa knew nothing about!

Why would you disrupt a perfectly happy family?

Ayako has suffered a great deal because of you Why would you disturb their peace like that? l want to know. Please explain yourselves

Can't you tell me? What's so funny about upsetting them?

We don't find it funny at alI Then why?

Your name is Yuriko, right? Please have a seat I'm fine standing But...

Sit down, please No!

Thank goodness you have a reception room here This is exactly what she did to me at the university

By the way, Yuri-chan... Use my full name Oh... l do apologise I can expIain how it happened I'm not asking you!


But what do you think about the idea of Mrs Miwa remarrying?

Good idea? Yes, it's a good idea But that's beside the point ActualIy, it isn't. That's how Ayako is She'll never get married unless her mother remarries first Why didn't you say so in the first place?

Mrs Miwa knows nothing about him, does she?

Hey, she said the same thing to me earlier What's going on? Didn't you mention my name to Mrs Miwa?

Just stay quiet for now But... Hold your tongue We seem to have made a procedural mistake For Ayako to be happily married, her mother must remarry You understand that? Yes. But then why did you.. .? l'm sorry for the mistake we made. Please forgive us I apologise to you, too Please sit down Please

Now the question is whether Mrs Miwa is willing to be remarried l asked her about that ls she? Yes WeIl, that's good news

We'd like you to heIp us We'lI take care of the mother first, and then Ayako What do you think? That's fine with me That makes sense to me You've perked up again!

Has it already been decided that he's to be her husband?


...nothing's definite yet Do you object?

I have no objection l think he's fine Fine?

Charming Charming?

So, Hirayama, we should celebrate No, no

'No, no'? You owe us a big meaI l do?

Fine, fine

Where are you going? To the toilet

Many thanks!


That's quite a way. lt's good sushi at your place, is it?

Yes, it is. Let's have some hot sake

These humble littIe pIaces often have surprisingly good food Sorry about the 'humbleness'

Aren't the master and his wife in? They've just stepped out And their daughter?

Well, she's...

Their daughter's very pretty. l wish you could meet her Yuri-chan, are you okay? Can you make it home from here?

Of course l can make it home. l'm more concerned about you What would you like? Where's my sake ?

Just a moment And what would you two Iike to eat?

What do you recommend? Everything's good Make an assortment, wiIl you?

We can't eat much, you know Yes, we can. The sushi here is really excellent Serve us plenty Hirayama, I'Il try to help you persuade Mrs Miwa But can you truly Iove her? Yes, l can Always and forever?

Yes, I can He Iooks so happy, doesn't he?

He's very lucky Here you are, your hot sake

I'm reaIly happy for you, Hirayama Thank you so much. l'm so grateful to my friends It's not guaranteed yet, you know Don't say that Here you go

But honestly, can you reaIly love my auntie forever?

Yes, I can Always and forever?

Yes, I can You're a sweet man. Leave it to me, all right?

You're such a lucky feIIow

Welcome, everyone Oh, you're back You're late today Yeah

They seem to know you very welI Do you come here often? Yeah, every day Every day?

Did you take the day off work? l left work at noon Mr Sugiyama called for you What did he say?

He said he'd taIk to you tomorrow

I get it. You Iive here Yes, that was my mother And l'm the daughter of the house You're terrible!

You can eat as much as you like, as long as you pay the bill Of course l'll pay the bill

Serve us everything you can, and sake, too We're no match for the young ladies nowadays They're way ahead of us Tuna belly, please And some clams for me

But do you reaIly promise me?

Yes, I promise. l wilI Iove her Not that! l'm talking about paying the bill Oh, l will, l will. l'll be glad to Red shellfish for me

l see. That's why Miwa's taking a vacation They're travelling all over together l'm glad they made up Ayako was upset at first, but she managed to get over it Seeing them, l wished l had my real mother back You've got a wonderful stepmother She's nice, but it's not the same thing l'm trying to be a good daughter to her RealIy?

Can't you tell? l must be acting well

Here you go Thanks!

l wonder where Ayako is today? l'm so envious of her Shall we go hiking again for the farewell party?

We can invite Goto, too Let's do it lt's a beautiful time of year for hill-walking We shouldn't be in the office You're right

The lanterns twinkle in the wan light of dusk And the path winds its way up to the old mountain hut Staring longingly out of the window, l reminisce about us And songs of old are carried on the wind...

Ayako, aren't you sIeepy?

No, not yet lt's unfortunate it's so crowded and noisy But there are students on school trips wherever we go The hotel in Nikko was packed with them. Wasn't it?

They kept taking our slippers and entering our room by mistake Did they? lt can't have been very restful for you But we still had a loveIy time WeIl, that's good Excuse me?

Sir, the teachers from the school group want to talk to you Okay, l'll be right along

l'm so glad that Ayako's found a good bridegroom. ..

...and that you've decided to get remarried

I was concerned about you...

...more so than I was about Ayako Thank you for thinking of us I'm just happy for you Sleep well

Goodnight Goodnight Night

Shall we go to sleep now?

Ayako, come over here

It's quieter now Maybe the schooI kids have gone to bed

School trips were always so much fun...

...but I never Iiked the Iast night l was always so sad that the trip was about to end Did you ever feeI that way, too?

What's the matter? Mum?


. ..remember when you said it was sordid for me to get remarried?

PIease forget about that I'm sorry for what I said To teIl you the truth, l feel the same way I've decided not to get remarried But, Mum...

I'm stiII happy with your father l'll continue to live with his memories That's all l want

l really have no desire to start all over again But, Mum... l'll be fine Don't worry about me any more. Please marry Mr Goto Nothing could give me greater pleasure.. .

...than seeing you happily married to someone you love Just forget alI about me I won't feeI loneIy at alI But how can l leave you all alone in that apartment? l'll be fine What kind of prospects will you have if you stay with me?

You're young and blooming. You have a bright future There's so much happiness waiting for you

Please get married to Mr Goto I'Il be absolutely fine on my own

PIease do as I say And please don't think l'm lying just to convince you to get married

Listen to me.. . You do understand, don't you?

I've realIy enjoyed this trip

Do you remember when we lived here during the war?

Your dad would come home every Sunday Although we were penniless...

...he'd always find something to bring back for you He was a good father

This will be our Iast trip together

I want you to be happy

You have so much ahead of you...

...and so do l

l'll always remember eating sweet beans with you here

...the leaves of crimson and ochre How varied the colours They scatter downwards to the water's surface Forming a flowing, richly hued brocade...

Wedding Reception for the Goto and Miwa Families

I'm ready Could the bridegroom please turn this way a little?


Hold. One more shot

Could you bring more sake to that room?

lt went well today. We had good weather and everything It went reaIIy welI lt was a rocky road, but we had fun We certainly did. Let's toast to Ayako And also to Miwa and Akiko Cheers Cheers

It wasn't much fun for me, though Just remember that we achieved our goal Ayako is now happiIy married l'm glad about that, but l feel a bit used At Ieast you alI got pipes What, this?

But you had a good time, dreaming pleasant dreams Dreaming in vain

We tend to make things complicated in life Maybe Iife's simpler than we think Speak for yourself!

That daughter from the sushi restaurant? She's a one!

She was lots of fun lt's refreshing to see a girl like that. Sentimental girls are too much Overly practical isn't good, either, though My daughter's aImost that age. lt's hell for parents!

l wonder what Akiko will do, though, all on her own Are you stiII hoIding out hope?

No, I've given up So your itches are gone now?

No, the itches stilI remain

But we had a good time together We'lI have to think of something else to bring us together

What about your daughter? lsn't she of marriageable age?

No, not yet. And l won't need any help from you two

Some more?

There's whisky, too This is fine

It was alI good fun

Mrs Miwa? Are you stiII up?


l just wanted to check you were all right We all went to the Ginza after the reception For you

Thank you Ayako looked so beautifuI today...

...with her hair up in the traditional style You think so? She said she didn't like it It was perfect Can l pop in to see you from time to time?

Of course. Do come and see me. l mean it

I'm glad that you Iook happy Yes, l am. l'm very happy today, thanks to you all And Ayako's happy She really is She's blessed to have you as a mother I have to go now WelI, thank you so much for coming to see me Goodnight Goodnight Bye Bye

The End