Late Spring (1949) Script

Late Spring

Based on the novel "Chichi to Musume" by Kazuo Hirotsu Screenplay: Kogo Noda & Yasujiro Ozu Cinematography: Yuharu Atsuta Producer: Takeshi Yamamoto Sound recording: Hidetaka Sasaki Editing: Yoshiyasu Hamamura Music: Senji Ito


Chishu Ryu Setsuko Hara Yumeji Tsukioka Haruko Sugimura Hohi Aoki Jun Usami Kuniko Miyake Masao Mishima Yoshiko Tsubouchi Yoko Katsuragi Ichiro Shimizu Jun Tanizaki Toyoko Takahashi Yoko Benisawa

Directed by Yasujiro Ozu

Were you early, Auntie?

No, I just arrived. Where's your father today?

Working at home, past his deadline.

You know, moths ruined your uncle's striped trousers.

Could Katsu wear them?

Bu? Wouldn't he look odd in striped shorts?

That doesn't matter. Just snip off the legs.

I could fix them, but...

Please do.

You've brought them?

Don't bother too much. They won't last.

But reinforce the seat.

I missed you.

I did wait at Shimbashi Station though.

I missed my train.

Please forgive the delay. Let's begin.


Found it?

Oh, here it is.

"Friedrich List." There's no "z" after all.

Just as I thought. Liszt was the composer.

"1811 to 1886."

Electric company. Meter check.

Sure, go ahead.

Got a stool handy?

Where is it?

In the corridor, under the stairs.

Sorry. No bother.


So Professor, List was mostly self-taught?

Yes, and he became a noted economist of the historical school.

He loathed bureaucracy...

You're three kilowatts over.


How many pages done?

12 or 13. I see.

That means six or seven more.

I'm home.

I'm home.

Hello Mr. Hattori. Hello.

Rewriting? Thanks for saving me the trouble.

How's your aunt?

She had to rush home.

Make us some tea.

Can you stay for dinner?

No, I must be going.

Why? I can go to Tokyo with you tomorrow.

Tokyo? What for?

To see the doctor. And you need some new collars.

Professor, we miscalculated my mahjong hand the other day.

We did?

So it was 8 and 16?

I was ahead after all.

Say, Noriko!


Is Sei at home?


Go see. We'll have a game.

Are you done?

Yes. Almost.

No game then!

Get our tea!

You brought the manuscript?

Yes, of course.

Hey, want to sit?

No, I'm fine.

Home at the usual time?

Yes, unless there's a faculty meeting.

Take care.

Professor Onodera? Hello!

Just arrived?

No, yesterday. You're looking better.

I am?

Got plans?


May I join you?

You're not busy?

Not any more.

Look, an art exhibition. Shall we go?

I need sewing needles.

Let's get some.

"Art Associations Joint Exhibit"

"Takigawa Restaurant"

Tired, Nori dear?

It was worth it. To see Ueno again.

But you know, some people are awful.

See the guy shooting at that pigeon on the statue?

Who was he, William Tell?

Here you are.

Professor Shigeno dropped by.

Oh? He's still in town?

Said he was leaving this morning.

By the way, this is Somiya's daughter.

Really? What a lovely young lady.

Didn't she used to have a bowl cut?

That's her. You don't say.

Your father comes here often.


Warm sake? Sure.

Nori dear, some sake?

Not for me.

Something else then? Some food?

I'm fine for now. Let me pour for you.

Alright then.

More please. Yes sir.

You know...

I heard...

Heard what?

That you remarried.

Yes, I did.

I feel sorry for Misako.


It's just... awkward, isn't it?

It doesn't seem so. They get on quite well.

Do they really? It still upsets me.

What does? My new wife?

Not her. You.


It seems... unclean.


Dirty, even. Dirty?

What a predicament! So I'm dirty now?

Any better? Not at all.

Really? Not at all? What a pretty pickle I'm in.


I see. Unclean, eh? Exactly.

You got me good.

I'm back.

I'm back. With a guest.


Hey! Ho!

I was going home when I met Nori in Ginza.

Business in town?

Yes, the Education Ministry.

Father, a surprise.

Oh! Where were they?

Not here, that's for sure!


Ah, Takigawa? You went there?

Yes, I made her keep me company all day.

More sake? Great idea!

Any left? Yes.

Warm it up.

How's your blood count?

Down to 15.

Oh? That's good.

She's much healthier.

Working so hard during the war took its toll.

And she spent her rare days off carrying spuds home.

Times were tough. She suffered.

There isn't much.

It's fine, dear.

Is your family well?

Yes, but it seems I've sinned.


Nori called me "unclean."

Who is? I am.

I'm dirty, aren't I Nori?

Yes, you are!

Is Misa well?

She's just as bad. She's got the idea that marriage is life's graveyard.

Says she won't marry till she's 24.

Then again, she may be right.

Anyway, it's out of my hands. But how about Nori?

Yes, it's time I did something about her.

She's 27?

It's lukewarm. Oh, I'll...

Do it next time. Alright.

Is the seaside near?

A 15-minute walk.

That far? Is it on this side?

No, that side.

Oh. And the shrine's over this way?

No, that way.

And Tokyo?

Tokyo's that way.

So that's east?

No, that's east.

Oh? Has it always been so?

Yes, of course it has.

No wonder Yoritomo moved his shogunate here. It's unconquerable!

Alright? Aren't you tired?

No, I'm fine!

So which type am I?

Well, you don't seem like the jealous type.

On the contrary, I am.

I wonder.

As they say, my sliced pickled radish stays linked together.

That's to do with you and your knife.

There's no link between pickled radish and jealousy.

So, you like linked pickled radish?

I like some, every now and then.

You do?

Young people have changed a lot since our day.

Like that bride. She's from good stock, but she wolfed down everything, even sake.

Stuffing sashimi into that big painted mouth. I was shocked.

Who wouldn't? Food used to be scarce.

At my wedding, I was so grateful, I couldn't even eat a rice ball.

But you'd eat it now.

Never! Then again, who can say?

You'd eat.

Would I now?

You would.

Perhaps you're right. But not the sashimi.

Yes, you would.

I would? Yes.

You don't want a bride to cry, but if she doesn't, she wasn't raised right.

That's a sign of the times.

What about Nori?

She's not the crying type.

No, what about her marrying?

She's healthy now, right?

She is, but...

She should have married long ago.

How about him? Who?

Your assistant.

Oh, Hattori?

Well? How about him?

He'd be a good catch, but whether Noriko agrees...

It doesn't seem likely. They're just friends.

But who knows how she feels deep down inside?

You think?

I do. That's what young people are like today.

You think?

Why not ask? Who?

Nori. Ask what?

If she likes Hattori.

I see. Perhaps I will ask.

Ask her, or we'll never know.

You never can tell.

I'm back.

Hello. You're early.

Train crowded?

No, I got a seat.

Your aunt gave us some pickles.

She did?

The 28th is your PEN Club.

Oh, at the Country Club.

This Saturday.

Mr. Hattori was here.


Just past noon. Would you like your dinner now?

We went out together. On bicycles.

With Hattori?

Shichirigahama's lovely.

What did he say?

Nothing in particular.

Hey, Noriko! A towel!

You shared a bike?

Don't be silly! Sei lent me one.

We're out of soap.


My sash.

Shichirigahama was nice?

Yes, we went on to Chigasaki. I see.

It's a little burnt.

So, how about Hattori?

How about him?

Yes, Hattori.

He's quite nice.

Would he make a good husband?

I'm sure he would.

He would?

He's kind.

Yes. Yes he is.

I like his type.

Your aunt was wondering how he'd be.

For what?

For you. As your husband.


Tea! Some tea, please!

What is it?

Father, he has a fiancée. They got engaged a long time ago.

She's sweet and pretty. Three years my junior at school.

I see.

He'll tell you about it soon. I know the girl well.

I see.

We should give them a gift.

I see.

So Hattori's getting married.

What should we give?

So he's already engaged?

He is.

What would you like? I don't know.

Just a hint.

A keepsake from the professor would be nice.

We can only afford 2 or 3,000 yen.

I'm not sure.

Any good ideas?

Sure. I'll think it over.

With your fiancée? Alright.

Want to see Mari Iwamoto play violin?

When? Tonight. I have tickets.

That's nice.

You bought them for me?

I did.


Of course!

Are you sure?

I'd better not. She'll be jealous.

Come on, let's go. No way.

She won't mind.

I'd rather not.

Your pickles are linked?

Yes, my blade must be getting dull.

"Mari Iwamoto Solo Violin Recital"

Good evening!

Who's there? - Mr. Somiya?

Aya? - Yes.

- Good evening. Come in.

Is Nori home?

She will be soon. Come in.

Sit over here.


I visited my sister in Hayama.

I see.

I hear you've been doing well lately.

In what way?

That you're very busy.

Not so much.

Typists are in great demand, no?

I'm not a typist. I'm a stenographer.

Oh, pardon me.

You do English shorthand?

I do.


Not really.

Yes, it is.

Not short of money then.

Well, the pay's not bad.

I see.

So, your parents aren't nagging you?

About what?

To remarry.

No, not for some time. Knock on wood.

Once was enough?

What, marriage?

I wouldn't say that.

What's his name? Who?

Your ex. Ah, Ken.

Yes, Kenkichi. Seen him since?

No, not once.

But if you did?

I'd glare at him.

He's that bad?

I'd run away. I detest him.

Is that so?

- I'm home. Hello you!

What's wrong?

My legs fell asleep.

It's you, Aya!

I'm back. Hello.

We were chatting.

Staying tonight?

Let's go up.

Had dinner?

I'm fine. Have you?

I have. Let's go.

Why'd you miss class reunion?

Many come?

14 or 15. Mrs. Spitfire too.

Professor Murase? Foaming at the mouth as usual?

Yes. Spat all over the place. Even in our tea.

No one near her drank theirs.

Mine was safe though.

Did that girl come? Who?

The first to be wed.

Oh, Ikegami? Yes.

She fibs. She claimed she had only three children, but it's really four. She left one out.

Four already?

That's right. Plus, Fish-Face Shinoda was there.

Oh, Shinoda?

She left her job to get married.

Where's he from?



No, but it's likely.

Oh, thank you.

Some bread and tea.

You shouldn't have.

Will this do?

There's no sugar. Oh, right.

Father, I'll get it.

I'll turn in then. Good night, Aya.

Good night.

Some bread?

A little later.

We're missing spoons too.

We are.

Was she there? Watanabe?

Oh, Kuro? She couldn't come.

She's pregnant. Large tummy. Seven months along.

Really? When did she marry?

She didn't.

Oh dear!

Such things happen. It's all divine providence.

Only you and Hirokawa are still single.


When will you marry?

I won't.

You should. And quickly.

I won't. You should!

Don't tell me that. You've no right.

I do. I've every right.

No way, divorcee.

I do. I've only got one strike.

Next time I'll get a hit.

Going to bat again?

Sure. I just had a bad first innings.

The right ball will come.

You should go for it too.

What's so funny? I'm serious.

How about that bread now?

Bread can wait.

I'm starving.

Too bad.

I'll eat alone then.

I'd like some too, actually.

I'll go get some.

Got any jam?

We do.

Bring a little.

Or a lot, "actually"?

A lot.

Bu honey?

Why don't you go play ball? Did you get in a fight?

Bu honey! Why are you so mad?

It won't dry. The paint.

What paint?

On my bat.

Oh, you painted it red? Yeah.

Oh dear, the hallway's a mess. Your mother will scold you.

She already did. Did you cry?

No I didn't. Go away, Noriko. You nagging Nelly.

Big talk for a crybaby.

What? Want me to oil you too? Go away, nagging Nelly!

Bu honey!

Nori dear! Has your guest left?

No, but come on down.


You're grounded today.

This is Somiya's daughter, Noriko. This is Mrs. Miwa.

I see you often in Kita Kamakura.

Do forgive my staying so long.

Not at all.

Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Nori dear, come here.

Have a seat.

What is it?

Isn't it time you got married?

That again? Don't mind me.

I do mind. Sit down.

I have a fine prospect. Won't you meet him?

Name is Satake, a graduate of Tokyo University, from a good family.

He works for Nitto Chemicals.

His father was a director there, pre-war.

He's 34. Just right for you.

He's well regarded at work. How about it?

Oh, he looks like that American fellow.

From that baseball movie.

Gary Cooper?

Yes, Cooper. Looks just like him. Especially his mouth!

Not up here though.

How about it? Please meet him. He's a fine young man.

Well, won't you?

I don't want to get married yet.

Not yet? Why?

Why? If I do, he won't be able to cope.


Father. I'm accustomed to his ways, but he is a bit fastidious.

If I left home, Father wouldn't cope.

You can't help that.

But I know him better than anyone.

Leave him out of this. What about you?

I couldn't do that to him.

You'll never get married then.

I don't care.

Nori dear, about Mrs. Miwa...

How would she be?

What do you mean?

Your father will need someone.

I was wondering if she would do.

Come sit here again.

She had a good husband, but he died and she's childless, the poor woman.

What do you think? She's sensible, with good taste.

Has Father heard this?

I did mention it the other day.

What did he say?

He just cleaned his pipe. Didn't seem put off though.

So why ask me?

I had to know how you feel about it. Well?

I'm fine with it, if Father is too.

Oh, hello. What did your aunt say?

Nothing really.

The bath's ready. Water's just right.


What did she say?

What's wrong?

Something happen?

Where are you going?



Oh, it's you sir. They're both out today.

They left this morning. They did?

They said they were off to see a Noh play.

I see. When they return, please give them this.

Yes, of course.

With my thanks.

Yes sir. I'm sorry you missed them.

Thank you for coming.

Should I chop some kindling?

Sure. Hey, get a load of this.

Why, it's Mr. Hattori.

I always thought he'd marry Miss Noriko.


What a fine photo. So lifelike. And such a fetching bride.

The water iris I planted at my old home

Only the color of the flowers remains as it was

Only the color of the flowers remains as it was Only the color of the flowers

That man who lived long ago is still revered today The scent of citrus flowers

conjures memories from the past A hair ornament made of calamus leaves Which is their color?

The purple water iris and calamus are so alike

Lo, a cicada sings atop the tree A robe with sleeves

as white as deutzia blossoms or the driven snow The dark of night begins to break The rays of the morning sun illuminate pale purple clouds to the east The purple iris attains enlightenment, opening its heart Now is the time for flora and Terra too Now is the time

The Noh was rather good today.

How about a meal at Takigawa?


I need to go somewhere.



Will you be late?

I don't know.

Sorry I kept you waiting.

Had to finish making my shortcake.

Put in too much vanilla, but it's good.

Let's go to the other room.

Your hands are so cold!

Fumi? Please bring the cake to the other room.

What brought this on?

Well? What?

No reason.

Want some?

Say, is it hard?

What? Stenography.

Not very. After all, I manage.

Come on, have some. It's good.

But why do this now? Well? Why do it?

No reason, I said.

You can't work for no reason.

If Ken hadn't been such a cad, I wouldn't be working.

I couldn't move back home.

Just go get married.

Don't tell me that.

You need to hear it.

I don't want to.

Marry for "no reason" then.

Not eating?

Don't want it.

Have some.

Don't want to.

But it's good.


Just a bite. I made it for you. Have some!

Don't want to.

Have some, or I'll force feed you.

I said I don't want to!

Why the hysterics? Suit yourself.

You need a husband badly.

Going somewhere?


Home? You're leaving?

Aren't you staying? Stay with me!

I'm home.

Hello. Where've you been?

At Aya's.

A letter came from your aunt.

She says to come on Saturday.

Day after tomorrow.

She ran it by you, didn't she?

Give him a chance. He'll be there.

Can't I refuse?

Just give him a chance.

You can always turn him down.


Come here.


I'm sure your aunt has told you about this Satake.

I met him. He's an upstanding, handsome fellow.

I don't think even you would be disappointed.

Go see for yourself.

You can't live like this forever.

You'll have to marry sometime.

Now's as good a time as any.

How about it? Your aunt worries for you too.


But I...

I want to stay with you.

That won't do.

Of course, I'd dearly love to have you around...

Then why not...

No, it won't do. I've clung to you dearly for too long.

I wasn't willing to give you up, and I regret that.

If you don't marry, I couldn't live with myself.

But if I do marry, what will you do?

I'll manage.


One way or another.

Then I can't do it.


Your shirts and collars. You'd never wash them.

You wouldn't even shave.

I'd shave alright.

And if I didn't tidy your desk, no one else would.

You'd eat burnt rice every day because you can't cook.

I can picture how hopeless you'd be.

Well, hypothetically speaking, what if you didn't have to worry?

For instance, if someone else looked after me?

Someone else?


Father... You mean like Mr. Onodera?

You'd find a new wife?

A new wife?

That woman today?

It's all arranged?

You mean it? You really mean it?

Father, go away!

Go downstairs. Go downstairs!

So, you'll go, day after tomorrow?

We're all so worried about you.

Alright? You'll go? Do it for me.

Ah, another fine day tomorrow.

What did Nori say?

She didn't say a thing.

She didn't? But it's been a week since I introduced them.

I have to give them an answer.

Yes, I realize that.

But pressuring her could ruin everything.

The other party's very keen.

I'm sure Nori couldn't find fault with him.

She likes him. I'm certain. Dead certain.

Why'd she go to Tokyo again today?

You're complacent too.

I must have her answer today.

When will she be back?

Don't know.

Look, I found a purse.

It's a good sign! The wedding will go ahead.

Won't you turn it in?

Sure I will, but it's a lucky charm. Let's go.

What was he like?

What type?

Was he fat? No.

Skinny? No.

Then what was he?

He played basketball in college.

Oh? Is he handsome?

What's he like?

My aunt thinks he looks like Gary Cooper.

Lucky you! You've always liked Gary Cooper.

I think he looks more like our electrician.

He looks like Cooper?

He does. A lot.

Then Satake does too! Silly girl.

I'll slap you!

I'm impressed though. You've done well for yourself.

He sounds lovely.

Don't hesitate, go for it.

Good men are hard to find these days. What's not to like?

But I don't like it. What?

Arranged marriage.

You're too fussy.

You'd never marry unless someone arranged it.

But... But it's true.

If you found someone, would you dare to propose?

You don't have it in you. You'd just blush and squirm.

That's true, but...

An arranged marriage suits you. Mine wasn't arranged, and look what happened. It was a failure.

Men are no good.

They're sly. They say and do nice things until you're married, but after that, you only see their bad side.

Marriage is all the same.

Maybe it is.

It is. It's the same. Go for it. If he's no good, walk out.

No sweat. No sweat at all.

Just go for it. All you need to do is smile.

He'll fall for you.

Then get him under your thumb.

I couldn't!

You will. That's what you do. You think I'm joking?

I'm not sure!

There! That's the smile to use.

Try it. It's a sure bet.

Nori's late.

Maybe I'll go for now.

Wait a little. She'll be on the next train.

If you say so.

I hope she chooses wisely.

She will. She's taken to him.

She has?

She's shy. For a girl her age, she's old-fashioned.

Perhaps she is.

Is something silly holding her back?

Like what?

Like Satake's first name.

Kumataro Satake?

Yes. Kumataro.

I like "Bear boy." Sounds tough.

It's you who's old-fashioned, worrying over something like that.

But doesn't it make you think he has a hairy chest?

That might trouble a young girl.

And what if Nori marries him? What do I call him?

"Kumataro" sounds like a bandit, "Mr. Kuma" sounds rustic, and "Kuma dear" is like a baby bear.

Well, we'll have to call him something.

Exactly. So I'm going to call him "Ku honey."

"Ku honey"?

Yes. How about it?

She's back.

I'm back.

Here she comes!

Yes, if I'm not mistaken...

I'm back. Hello.

Hello dear.

What'll it be? I'll go ask.

Listen. What?

Be tactful.

Don't worry.

Oh, hello Nori dear.


So, what's your answer?

How about it? Given it some thought?

Well, have you?

You know, you're perfect for each other. Don't you think?

Well, will you marry him? Will you?


You will?


You will? You'll really do it?

Thank you! I'll let them know right away.

You're sure?

Thank heavens! What a load off my mind.

How'd it go?

She'll marry. I knew it.

Really? That's great.

I have to run now. My, what a relief.

I'll tell them.

Please do. Thank you.

I'll take the 9:35.

Then you'd better hurry.

My worries are over.

I can sleep soundly now.

I'll be back to help with wedding plans. Come when you can too.

Yes, I will.

This purse was lucky.

Better turn it in.

Don't worry, I will!

You close up. Good night.

Thanks again. Take care.

Good night. Good night.

Your aunt just left.

She did?

She was overjoyed.

Sure you did the right thing?


You're not just giving in?


You're not reluctant?

Not at all.

I see. Glad to hear it.

Sleep well on the train? I did.

So did I. When I woke up, we were already at Seta.

I was out from Nagoya to Maibara.

Flowers and tea for sale!

Sorry. All spruced up now.

Tired, Nori dear?

No, not very.


It's great to have you here.

Noriko suddenly decided to get married.

She did?

So it's our last trip.

You don't say. Congratulations. Great.


Nori dear, what's he like? How does he measure up to me?

There's no comparison.

Who's better?

You are, of course.

I am? Really? That calls for a treat.

How about lunch, at the Hyotei?

Sounds good.

Misako wants to see you.

Really? I'd love to see her too.

With "dirty" old me?

Do you mind?

Kyoto is lovely. So relaxing.

It's nothing like Tokyo. Not dusty at all.

Professor, do you visit Kyoto often?

No, I haven't for years. Not since the war.

Is that so?

Mr. Somiya!

So Nori dear, does she look dirty?

Don't tease me.

What do you think?

What's dirty, Father?

It's unclean. Right, Nori dear?

We walked so much today.

Aren't you tired?

I'm not.

Last time I went to Kodai Temple, the bush clover was splendid.

Plans for tomorrow?

Misako comes for me at 10.

Where are you going? You should see the museum.


Shall we turn in?

Yes. Shall I turn off the light?



I ignorantly said terrible things to Mr. Onodera.

What about?

His wife is so lovely. They make a wonderful couple.

How could I have called them dirty?

Don't let it worry you.

What I said was outrageous.

He never took it seriously.

He didn't?

He didn't. So don't worry.


I couldn't stand the idea of you doing the same thing, but...

It's good she decided to marry.

I know she'll make a good wife.

If I could choose, I'd prefer a son. Daughters are irksome.

You raise them, then give them away.

If they're unwed, you worry.

Yet if they do marry, it's somehow irksome.

Serves us right. We married someone's daughters.

Can't argue with that.

Father, hand me that.

How time flies. One minute we arrive, the next we're leaving.

True. But I loved it here in Kyoto.

I'm glad we came.

A day in Nara would've been nice though.

Why didn't we do this more often together?

This is our last trip together.

You'll be busy when we get home. Your aunt is waiting.

I hope we find seats on the train tomorrow.

I didn't take you anywhere, but your husband will.

Satake will take care of you.

What is it?

What's wrong?


I want to stay this way.

I don't want to go anywhere. Being with you is enough.

I'm happy just as I am.

I doubt marriage will make me happier than this.

This is the life I want.

That's easy to say, but...

Don't get me wrong. Marry if you want to, Father.

I just want to be by your side.

I'm so fond of you.

I'm happiest when I'm with you like this.

Father, please. Let things stay as they are.

I know that marriage won't make me any happier than I am now.

Don't say that.

You're wrong.

I'm 56 now. My life is nearing its end.

But you two have your future ahead of you. A brand new life.

One that you and Satake must build together.

It is not my place to interfere.

That's how people have done things since the dawn of time.

Marriage may not mean happiness from the start.

On the contrary, you'd be wrong to expect immediate happiness.

Don't wait for happiness.

You two must make your own.

Happiness isn't a wedding.

Happiness comes from a new couple creating a new life together.

It may take a year, or two, or five, or ten.

Happiness comes only through effort.

Only then can you claim to be man and wife.

Your own mother wasn't happy when we married.

For years, we had our troubles.

Many times I found her weeping in a corner of the kitchen.

But fortunately, she persevered.

You must trust each other. You must love each other.

All the fondness you've shown for me must now be given to Satake.


That's how you'll truly find a new happiness.

Please understand.

Do you understand?

I do. Forgive me for being so selfish.

I see. You do understand.

Yes. I was being selfish.

I'm glad you understand.

I didn't want you to marry feeling the way you did.

Marry him. I'm sure you'll be happy. It's not difficult.

You'll make a fine couple. I'm looking forward to that day.

When you do, you'll look back on this talk of ours and laugh.

Forgive me...

...for worrying you.

No, just find it. Your own happiness. Won't you?

Yes, I'll do my best.

Yes, you will. I'm sure. I know you can.

I'll rest easy in that knowledge. Find your own happiness.

It rained last night. I was worried.

Yes, but luckily it's fine now. Rain would've been terrible.


Where was your honeymoon?


Really? Noriko's going there. Just buses from the station?

No, taxis too. Oh, taxis?

Professor, you're wanted upstairs.

I am?

The bride's looking lovely. Why not go and see for yourself?

Alright then, I will.

She makes a wonderful bride.

Brother, she's all ready. She is?

The cars? They're here.

They are?

Thank you. Thank you so much.

So, you're ready?

We'll go on ahead. Please.

I'll take this. Thank you.

Nori dear, you have your fan?

I do.

Such a beautiful bride. I wish your mother could see you.

Well, shall we be going?

We don't want to be rushed.

Anything to say to her?

No, I've nothing more to say.

You're sure?

Alright Nori dear, let's go.


You've been so good to me, for so long... Thank you for everything.

Be happy, and be a good wife.

Be happy.

Remember, be a good wife.

I will.

Now, shall we go?

Aya dear, another drink?

This is my third.

I can handle five. I once drank six, then I keeled over.

You don't say.

There you go. Your daughter and Professor Onodera came recently.

So I heard.

I was amazed. She's all grown up.

Where is she?

We just saw her off. She was wed today.

She was? You came from the wedding? Congratulations.

Thank you.

Thank you sir!

Mr. Somiya?

Where would she be now?

Oh, I'd say around Ofuna.

Probably. You're going to be lonely now.

Not too much. I'll soon get used to it.

Ready for your fourth?

Mr. Somiya?

Will you take a wife?

Why ask?

Noriko was worried. It's what worried her the most.

Don't go and do something so silly. You mustn't remarry. Alright?

You mean that? I do.

I had to say something to get Noriko to marry.

You're amazing! Such a gentleman. I'm so moved.

Don't worry, you won't get lonely. If you do, I'll come. I mean it.

Good. You'll really come, Aya dear?

I certainly will. What a lovely feeling.

My fifth!

I'm done.

Aya, you mean it? You'll come? I'll be waiting.

I will. I definitely will. I don't tell lies like you do.


At least, not as convincingly.

I had no choice! It was the biggest lie of my life.

Hello sir. Hello.

Did you see Miss Noriko off alright?

Yes, thank you.

Glad to hear it. My warmest congratulations.

Thank you for everything.

Well, good night sir.

Give my regards to Sei.

Good night sir. Good night.

The End