Latitude 6 (2015) Script

The content in the film does not intend to insult or refer to anyone.

It's fictional.

All humans, Allah created humans, both male and female, divided into nations, various groups, in order to get to know each other.

And God is the expert, according to Quran Al-Hujurat verse 13.

In the morning, four more explosions occurred in the area of Sateng Nok Sub-district, Capital District, Yala Province.

Initially, two people were injured.

Officials have checked in and collected evidence.

They believe that it is creating a continuous situation...

After that there was a bomb...

-Uncle Ton. -Yes?

Your phone is ringing.

There are both Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims...


Are you leaving?

I'm taking off now.

And don't forget. If we get signed, you'll have to come for rehearsal.

Just set up a system, be back in no time.

Bro, stop here.

-Here, here. -Get off, get off.

-Come on. -Teacher!

-What? -The tickets?

Shit, I forgot to think about them.

-Wait. -Where are they?

One, two, three, four, five.

Uncle Ton, hurry up! The train is leaving.

-Over there. -Go, go, go.

-Which one? -Hurry, hurry.


Sharif, come here.

Uncle Ton! Uncle Ton!

Yes, sweetie.

Where are you going?

Our bogie is here.


Let's go.


LATITUDE 6 Bao Won, are you ready?

Three, two, one.

Hello our beloved Pattani!

I'm Salinee Panyarachun. I'm here to welcome you to the beautiful morning.

This is a handsome man. I can't be here without him.

Thank you, Earng.

Hello to all girls and guys.

Wow! Love that energy.

-Thai Christian, Buddhist, Muslim... -Where are you going?



Where are you going?

-Fern, Sharif is back. -Really?

Wait up.

-Korsem, Korsem. -Reen.

What's up?

Sharif is back.

Did he win?


Mom, Sharif is back.

-Pa, I'll be back. -Yeah.

Sem, did you run away again?

Who's going to help Papa here?


Welcome you to "Latitude 6" the happy latitude of little note with me, Fern.

Well, let's start with the first tune this morning, here we go.

Arsem, have you checked your stuff?

-Did you forget anything? -No, but I'm aching.

-Yeah. All set. -How about you two?

Uncle Ton.

Uncle Ton.

Let's go.

Better go a bit further up, might be there.


-Assalamu Alaikum. -Walaikum Assalam.

Sharif is back.

And he lost again.

Assalamu Alaikum.

Hassan, how is it going with fixing the Masjid?

We put it on hold for now.

I'm fundraising for more budget on construction.

I need a cooperation from everyone.

-You only come to see Papa. -You are stupid.

There's nobody here.

Uncle Ton.


Excuse me.

TON Excuse me.



I was just having a good sleep.

Are you Ton?

-Yes. -Sorry, I was napping a bit too long.

Welcome to Pattani.

-Assalamu Alaikum. -Hello.

It's hello for Muslim.


-It's so beautiful. -It's a clock tower.

Its engine is powerful.

We live in the country, it got to be powerful.

-Yeah? -Yes.

-Assalamu Alaikum, Bung Aoh. -Walaikum Assalam.

How are you?

-I'm good. -Good. Have you eaten?

Yes, how about you?

Not yet, since the morning.

Since you are here.

-Ton, this is Bung Aoh. -Hello.

He owns this place.

You will stay on second floor while you work here.


-Do I have no choice? -Ton.

Don't worry. Bung Aoh is like my big brother.

-Bung Aoh. -Yeah?

Please take care of Ton.

I'll run some errands with the guys.

See you later, Faifoo. Make yourself at home.

Uncle Ton.

Your vehicle is so cute.


Assalamu Alaikum.

Walaikum Assalam.


Why do you dressed like this?

There is nothing wrong with it.

Muslim girls dress up properly.

My daughter is a teacher.

She sets a good example for others.

Remember that.

I know.

And you leave me, leave home.

Don't you think of coming back at all?

Do you want to live in Bangkok forever?

I never think of leaving you here alone.

I'm waiting for my job in Bangkok.

It should be ready in a few months.

I'm here this time, to ask you to live with me there.

I'm not going anywhere.

Pa, if you are still here, you know I'll be worried about you.

If Mama was alive, she would want you to move.

Let's not talk about this.

Go unpack your stuff and take a shower.

You're free now. You just take care of me here.

You know, they are short of teachers at school.

I have arranged with the principle already.

Are you used to it now, bro Rif?

-What do you mean? -I mean to lose.

You rascal!

It's called an experience.

At least I know one more way to lose.

Isn't that too many already?

Don't you want to know how to win?

Do you want a fight? You rascal!


You should focus on study.

Stop playing around.

Think about your future.

Come on, let's eat, Pa.

Have your meal, son.

-Make sure you lock the door. -Yes, good night.

Bye bye.


Sharif and the boys have come back.

They lost again.

Aren't they tired of it?

But maybe, they'll take back the championship next time.

Mom is coming, I gotta go.


-Fern. -Yes?

What a hard worker you are.

Do you really want to get the top score?

Come on, Mom.

Systematic development together.

The government is committed to resolve the problems.

In accordance with the needs of the people, introduce sufficiency economy philosophy as a guideline for development...

Hello, ma'am.

Hello, Sharif.

-Is Fern here? -She is upstairs.



What's up? How come you are so early?

Don't you normally wake up late?

My papa woke me up.

But it's good, I can do the warm up early.

Like you are so physically fit.

How about we go for bicycle race?

See who will get to school first.

The loser gives a treat, okay?

How gentleman of you!

Uncle Ton, you are late since the first day.

-Hurry up. It's hot now. -Coming.

-Uncle Ton. -I'm ready!

I think Uncle Moustache looks so kind.

Yes, but...

I think we should not bother him.


It's nothing.

-I'm only worried about you. -Okay.

But don't forget my parents' memorial day.

I want to make a merit for them.

Of course, I won't forget.

-Do you really study? -Sharif.

Don't forget our deal. Give me some treats.

How did you get here before me?

How come?

Hey, Rif.

You know, I had a girl on my bike this morning.

-What a sore loser! -Who?

Bai Fern.

Here we go, hurry up.

We are late already.

-I'm sorry, hurry up. -It's my first day.

Attention, please!

Where are you from?

I haven't seen you before.

I've just moved in from Bangkok.


What a great looking guy. I wonder which hospital you'd end up.

I'm kidding.

And what are you doing here?

I'm here to take care of you.

Hurry up! They are all in the class now.

-Go. -Don't be late again.


-Excuse me. -What now?

Where is the Principal's office?

Go straight to seven, turn right at five, then cut off at three, that's it.

-Quickly, she's gonna be late. -Okay.

-Don't be late tomorrow. -Yes.

You should learn to be in time.

Hello, I'm Faifoo.

Or Chanaree Sookcharoen.

Everybody take care of her, all right?

I will take care of her.

Thank you, Yasat.

-You can take a seat over there. -All right.

Have you done your homework?

Yes, ma'am.

The fees and the registration are all done.

-Yes. -So...

The only thing you are missing is... where do you live, get the address

-and the phone number. -Okay, got it.

That's Fa.


Do you know her?

-No, I don't. -Fa?

-Fa, is it? -Yes.

I don't know her.

Aren't you in a hurry to go to work?


Yes, I have to go.

-Good bye, sir. -Bye.

Faifoo, isn't Bangkok good? Why do you move here?

It's not like that. It's just my uncle comes to work here.

So I have to come with him.

Wow, that's beautiful.

Who is this?

They are my parents and this is my uncle.

-What is your name? -My name is Reen.

Hello, my name is Yasat.

What are you doing, Yasat?

I only want to get to know Faifoo.

Hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing, Yasat?

Go get your friends to the class. It's time.

-Yes. -No, you go alone. Hurry up. Run.

It's five minutes late already, always.

So here it is, you'll be the class instructor for these kids.

All right?

Hello, kids. I'm Teacher Fa.

Yes, Teacher Fwa.

-Fa. -Yes, Fwa.

All right.

ISLAMIC BANK Everybody, this is Ton. He'll take care of the IT system for us.

Please take care of him.

-Hello. -Hello.

My friend, my friend.

I picked him up from the train station.

Let us know if you need anything. We are all brothers here.

Okay, thank you.

I heard Musa said you have a daughter.

No, she is my niece. I don't have a kid.

-I see, so you are single? -Yes.

Nobody picks you up yet?

No, Uncle Ton is always like this.

-Ma'am, hello. -Hello.

Uncle Ton, you are late again.

I'm sorry, I got lost.

Come on. Come here.

She is just upset. I saw her waiting alone for a while.

Thank you for taking care of her.

You're welcome.

Is she your daughter or niece?

My niece, sir.

A playboy always talks like this.

Come on, Fa. I'll take you home.


Good bye.

-Good bye, Miss Fa. -Good bye.

Don't you smile!

-Good luck, sweetie. -Good bye.

Uncle Ton.


Miss Fa is still single.

How do you know?

I don't see the ring on her finger.

You nosy little thing.

Don't you try to hide it. I know.

Here, eat it up.

-Just keep your mouth busy. -Uncle Ton.

Do you want Miss Fa's number?

Just in case you come to pick me up late, so you can call her and ask where I am.

Do you want it?

Do you want some fish?

That's a nice guitar, Ton.

-I'm so in the mood. -Thank you.

Did you have a band?

Yes, with my friends.

But we were going nowhere, -it was difficult. -I... used to have a band.

-Really? -Yes.

-But not anymore. -Really?

Did you go separate ways?

It always happens. That's normal.

-Can I play a bit? -Of course, go ahead.

Here, here, here. Full on.

-Assalamu Alaikum. -Walaikum Assalam.

How is it going? Is everything okay?

It shouldn't be a problem.

Everything is all right.





-Don't hit so hard. -Hey.

Do you know you have radio interview tomorrow morning?

I know. It's eight o'clock. So early.

Are you going to go?

Of course.

Fern always reminds me that.

-What's wrong with you? -Well...

-You seem weird. -Well...

I want you to help me with something.

Why is Sharif not here yet?

He might wake up late.

I told him yesterday not to be late.

He didn’t answer the phone.

Come on.

So after the interview,... we should go to get something to eat.

-Korsem. -Yes, Uncle.

Come here.

We should go to get something to eat.

Isn't that lame?


-Don't do this again. -Yes.

-Fern. -Yes.

Come in and start the program, it's the third song already.


-Why don't you come in? -Okay, Uncle.

Come on.

We won't wait any longer.

-Come in. -Yes.

I got it all ready.


-Ten more seconds, Korsem. -Yes, yes, yes.

Oh, hey.


-Hello, Uncle. -What are you doing here?

-I'm waiting for my friends. -Waiting or sneaking up on them?


I bought something for you.

I told you not to.

I'm not eating it. I give it all to the kids.

Those two are cute, don't you think?

-Yes? -I mean those two.

I saw them talking to each other.

I heard they will go out for a meal.

I guess they are couple.

No, they are not.

They will be soon.

Young love is always like this.




-Assalamu Alaikum. -Walaikum Assalam.


-Hello. -Hello.

-Yes. -Mama, this is Uncle Ton, Faifoo's Uncle.

-My new friend that I told you about. -All right.

They have just moved from Bangkok.

-I'd like to show them Dikir Hulu. -Do you know Dikir Hulu?

I don't, but I have heard about it.

I'd like to show them upstairs.

-Okay, please. -Thank you.

-Can you please take care of her? -Sure.

It has been really far from the south But in hopes of study But I speak Jawi So my friends don't understand I have to explain what is that word means Fa.


Hi, Ton. Hi there.

Assalamu Alaikum.

Walaikum Assalam.

-Assalamu Alaikum -Do you have time for rehearsal today?

I brought along my friend, Ton.

-Also my colleague. -Hello.

His niece want to meet Ireen.

-And I'd like to show him Dikir. -That's good.


But I speak Jawi So my friend don't understand Ton is the guardian of Faifoo, my student.

Is he your Dad? Hello.

I'll wait downstairs.

-See you there soon. -Okay.

-Take your time. -See you, Bro.

Ton, this is my friend.

-Yameenah. -Yameenah.

-Hello. -Yes, Ton.

You can call me Ya.

It's shorter, easier and closer.

Assalamu Alaikum.

Walaikum Assalam.

-What's your name again? -Ya.

-This is Miss Fa. -Miss Fa?


I see.

Class dismissed.

-Thank you, Miss. -Thank you, Miss.

Let's go.

Rif, let's go eat.

You go ahead, I'll catch up.

Wait for a moment.

-Come here, here. -Catch up soon, okay?


Hey, Rif.

What's wrong? You seem distracted.

I'm all right.


I know you haven't finished it.

It's okay, I can do it myself. I'm almost done.

Don't forget to have lunch.

What's wrong?

You seem distracted.

I just have something to think about.

What's that?

My Pa said I spend too much time on Pencak Silat and don't pay attention in class.

He wants me to study to be a teacher.

What do you think? Are you going to quit?

I don't know. Let's see the result at the next event.

But what do I have to change?

Your mind.

-Thank you. -Bye.

Datuk Hassan.


Pa said that... we will have a meeting with lmam at masjid tomorrow.


Do you grow up here?

Yes, I've lived here since I was born until high school then I moved to Bangkok to study.

Actually, I want to find a job and live there.

How about you, Ton? It's been a while, still scared?

Sometimes. I think I'm just not used to it yet.

It's not like in the news.

I'm not surprised that you are not used to it.

I'm from here, I was born here.

I'm still not used to it after I came back.

It looks like you don't like living here, do you?

It's not like that.

I just feel like the rhythm of life is different between here and there.

If I was not here this time, I wouldn't feel it.

I guess I prefer the rhythm of Bangkok.

Like I told you.

I come back to take my Pa move there with me.


Don't panic, Ton.

People are like this around here.

They might be loud or look angry.

But there is nothing. They are very kind.

I think people here are lovely.

Yes, lovely.


Faifoo told me you are a musician.

Yes, he sings and writes good songs.

He is about to have an album released.


Not really.

It's just a dream.

I sent a demo to the record company, but... if they don't sign me this time, I'll have to stop.

I've got to find something else.

But don't we all live for the dreams?

That's true.

Can you sing for me?

Come on, Uncle.

-Come on. -No!

I'm a song writer. I'm not very good at singing.

Hope I will hear your songs someday.

Thank you.

Pa, why are you not in bed yet? It's late.

-Assalamu Alaikum. -Walaikum Assalam.

How is the masjid reconstruction?

I'm not sure if we can finish in time.

I saw that you are quite close to that man.

Just a friend, Pa. There's nothing.

Why don't you tell me?

I have to hear it from others.

I'm not mad at you.

You are a grown-up woman.

I just want you to be careful.


I'll go to bed then.

It has been really far from the south But in hopes of study But I speak Jawi

-So my friend don't understand -They are cute.

It's fun.

-I have to explain -The kids are great.

What is that word means? What should I do?

I'm hungry. Lapanasi. I say no.

I heard a van was bombed nearby.

-Exactly where? -It's around here.

-Are you sure? -Yes.

Seems like you understand But you really don't Datuk Hassan.

The Dikir Hulu champion that you asked, I have talked to them,... and they are willing to cooperate.

-Assalamu Alaikum. -You can't go out now. The van's ruined.

-What? -Hello?

-What? -The van's ruined.

-Yameenah? -A van was bombed.

-Yameenah? -I can't go.

What is it? Yameenah?

What was that, Yameenah?

You are quite something.

-Did you invite her here? -Something like that.

-When is she coming? -I can't quite catch it.

The signal was broken up.

-It's like that. -She ditches you.

I suppose so. Here we go again.

Don't give up.

But the last bit she said, something about a van, about Fa.

Always like this.

-Yameenah. -Ton?

Is Miss Fa alright?


Ton! Your arm!

You shouldn't have rushed.

Now you got hurt because of me.

It'll be better in a few days.

I'm more worried about you.

Well, my sister... and my mom, including Faifoo's dad... passed away because of an accident.

I have become more cautious about this thing.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

-What's that? -It looks like everybody loves you.

I just try to... get all the words from everyone around me.

Can you write me something?

-What should I write? -Anything.

It could be in Jawi.

I better not.

I'm sorry. Is it a taboo?

-It's not like that. -You can't?

I can. But even if I write it, you won't understand anyway.

I can keep it as a souvenir.

And you are right.

I don't understand. What does it mean?

One day you will know.

What do you think about us, Muslims?

I used to have a lot of questions.

But now that I'm here,...

I understand more.

Muslim people are disciplined.

But it's a good thing.

Actually, all religions teach us to have faith.

But sometimes I'm not sure that... what I'm doing or trying to do is the right thing.

It sounds like you doubt your faith.

If you forget the words in it,... that means you forget yourself.

Find sometimes to read it.

Don't focus only on work.

It's just a passage.

At last, you can't bring anything with you.

Ton, Ton. I need a favour.

Can you swing by Miss Fa's home?

-Miss Fa? -Yes.

Pass this to Datuk Hassan.

-Datuk Hassan? -Yes.

-Sure. -Okay?


Thank you so much.

I couldn't have done it by myself.

Thank you, everyone. Now we can finish it.


I just love kids.

Uncle, what's wrong?

I miss you badly.

Thank you for your help.

You are welcome. Our bank is supportive.

Why did you move here?

The headquarter sent me to set up the system here.

Are you not afraid?

There are only old people here.

Most of the young ones moved out.

Only you moved in.

I can't say that I'm not afraid.

But when I'm here, things are not what I thought.

I just want to do my best.

And that means, when everything is in place,... you will move back to Bangkok, right?

I suppose so.

If nothing changes my mind.

You should know, for us Muslims, there are other factors.

She is my only daughter.

I don't want to see her upset.

I'd like her to have a good Muslim life... and follow Muslim tradition,...

that includes her spouse.

Hey, I've booked your flight.

Better be back for rehearsal.

Let me clear things and I'll catch up.

-See you. -Bye.

Why do you make a face like that?

What face? Like this?


It's nothing much. I think I can work on my songs.

-Why don't you seem happy? -Of course, I am happy.

I'm only worried about you.

If I have to go back to Bangkok, who will you be with?

Or bring you with me?

I can be with anyone.

But you must hurry back, okay?

Okay, I promise.

Now, go to sleep.

Close your eyes.


Mom wants me to study in Bangkok.

I don't know what to do.

There will be a trial for Pencak Silat soon.

I don't know if Sharif will win.

He has been acting weird lately.

I don't know what's wrong with him.

It's late now. I better go to bed.

Good night.


I've made a decision.

I will send you to study religion with your brothers.

Be prepared at the end of this semester.


I have told you.

I'll take the athlete quotas for university entrance.

I don't think this is for you. You better focus on religion.

Pa, listen...

I'm not for a religion teacher like you expected.

Don't you have a brain?

I only want to give you the best, and you turn it down.

Why are you obsessed with that stupid sport?

And what's so good about your Dikir Hulu?

It's just a tradition thing that nobody cares.

The kids that study with you, they will do something else when they grow up.

If you think this way, the things our ancestors have built... will be all gone because of your generation.

Bung Aoh, I have something to discuss.

I have to go to work on my music in Bangkok.

If I leave Faifoo with you, will it be okay?

Musa will also help.

Of course, I'll take care of her.

-Thank you very much. -Do you want some tea?

Yes, please.

Thank you.

It's so good. Is it Muslim tea?

Chinese tea.

Uncle Ton!

-Can I have your phone? -Did you finish your homework?

Yes, I did.

-Are you playing games again? -Not at all.

-Are you sure home work is done? -Yes.

Hello, Miss Fa.

-Hi, Faifoo. -Hey, hey, hey.

-Miss Fa. -Yes?

Uncle Ton will go to Bangkok tomorrow.

One moment, he wants to talk to you.



-I'm going to bed. -Hello, Ton.

Yes, yes.

That's cute.

Have a nice trip.

Why do birds fly away?

Don't be scared. Touch it.

You see?

I like it.

-Yes! -Awesome!

-How about the lyrics? -It's ready, almost done.

Long time ago.

Allah created the first men.

They were Adam and Eva.

And he told the Angel in heaven that from now on, you'll respect these humans too.

But there is one who denied, that's lblis.

Iblis said that Adam and Eva were created from earth, but he was created from fire.

So fire is higher than earth and he won't respect them.

He then was expelled from heaven to earth.

He became very angry.

So he tricked Adam and Eva to eat some forbidden fruits.

And swore that from then, he will haunt Adam and Eva's offspring.

And he meant humans like us, to commit sins, to make us bad people.

Eventually he became Shaitan or the Devil.

Have you ever seen him?

Nobody has. Because he will come into our heart.

To control our mind, to trick us to be a bad person.

If you don't want to see him, be a good girl.

-Yes. -You too, Yasat.


Let's continue drawing.

-Show me when you finish. -Yes.

From what I heard...

I think you have a feeling for her.

And... What do you think?

Will it be just for this moment, or...?

I don't think so.

We are all grown-ups.

Love, or lust. I think you can tell.

The important thing is, this is about your life and future.


-Sharif. -Ma'am, hello.


-My Mama wants to give this to you. -Thank you.

-Say thank you for me, okay? -Okay.

Is Fern here?

-She is reading a book upstairs. -I see.


I'm confused lately.

I don't know if it's about study... or about Korsem and Sharif.

How about you? How are you?

I miss you so much.

Why didn't you tell me when Dad was leaving?

Where are you going?

I'll go to see Dad.

Be careful, dear.

Sharif, let's go to see my Dad.

Hurry up, Sharif. We won't be in time.

Hurry up.


-Uncle, hello. -Hello, sweetie.

Dad! Dad!

Dad, I got your present!

Follow your dream, honey.




-Dad! I'm going to see my dad! -You can't get in.



How's Fern? Is she asleep?

I don't want to disturb her.

Time really flies, don't you think?

Back in the days, look at this.

You were so small.

And look at you now...

You are so tall. Taller than me.

Yes, he always made the marks to see who is taller between Fern and me.


he didn't live to see...

how grown up... you both...

have become.

Are you leaving?

Yes, everything seems to be in place.

I have a dream to follow with my friends.

We see where to go now.

What a pity.

Excuse me?

Your eyes, they seem to change.

Fern, I'll take you home today.

It's okay. My mom will pick me up.

Try it.


What with that? Shout it out! It has to be powerful, to scare your opponent.

Shout it out.

-Hey! -Yeah.

And look right in the eyes.

-Do you get that? You'll look great. -Yes, sir.


Good. Make it strong.

All right, now we have come to the last break.

From all requests you have called in, I'll play four to five songs for you.

I'll get back to you after the break.

-Fern. -What?

Why do you go home alone today?

I actually don't have to.

But I don't want Korsem to wait for me.

Right, you practice so hard recently, don't you?

You never pick up my call.

It's the last chance.

This time, I'll try to win over Korsem.

Come on.

Can you really take championship from him?

Let me ask something.

If you really get to the final with Korsem, how confident are you?

If it's really happening, I think Korsem has a better chance.

I have to admit that... but I won't give up.

By the way, about you and Sem, how is it going?

You guys seem very close and hang out together a lot.


You are quiet. Is something going on?

Do you have a crush on my friend?




That looks suspicious.

You guys have argument, Rif?

-No. -Come on, run.

I have come so far with one faithful heart On the road laid out with thorns It was painful Until I can't take it anymore Why is life so difficult No matter how much energy I have left My heart will Continue fighting In the darkest night My heart will go on Love is the light That finds me the way

It's your decision, Ton.

Time never stop moving Thank you.

We have to continue moving along Take all the mistakes As lessons we learned Life starts with fighting We only have to stay strong It's our lives We will make it meaningful In the darkest night My heart will go on Love is the light That finds me the way The dreams are my best friends Life is full of purpose As long as there is the silver lining I'll go until the last light

Uncle Ton!

Uncle Ton.

Wake up.

In accordance with the needs of the people, introduce sufficiency economy philosophy as a guideline for development and resolution.

Focus on holistic development that integrates all dimensions.

Based on diversity of ideas and culture...




-Bung Aoh, have you seen Faifoo? -No.

-Miss Fa. -Yes, Ton?

Is Faifoo with you?

Faifoo, Reen.

Faifoo! Reen!

Faifoo! Reen!

Faifoo! Reen!

Fern, have you seen them?

No, how about you?

Not at all.

-I'll go to that way then. -Okay.

-How is it going, Ton? -I have looked everywhere.

I can't find her.

How about Bung Aoh?

He hasn't been back yet.

I think he is still looking.

It looks like Faifoo has gone with Reen.

I asked Sharif to look at the playground.



Reen! Faifoo!



Why has the train not arrived yet?

Is it far, Faifoo?

It's not very far.

I remember when I came, it was only one nap long.

Calm down.

Bung Aoh hasn't been back yet.

Maybe we will hear good news from him.

All right, get down, little girl.

-Sharif. -Reen!

Where have you been?

-Why didn't you tell me where you go? -Faifoo!

Where have you been?

Tell me now!

Why do you make me worried? Everybody is worried. Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Do you know how worried I am?

Tell me where you have been.

Tell me!

Tell me now!

I want to make a merit for my parents.

You only cared about work.

You didn't care about me.

I'm sorry.

I miss my Dad.

I miss my Mom.

Uncle Ton, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

I love you, all right?

I'm sorry.

Let's go.


Do you know you are wrong?

I'm sorry.

Don't do this again, or I will punish you.


Come here.


Your papa want to talk to you.

You'll have a competition tomorrow, right?


I might have forgotten that you have grown up.

I just keep thinking for you.

Do your best.

So it's worth time you practiced.

Your papa and I always support you.

Take your sister to bed.

All right.

Thank you.

Let's go.

Thank you for taking me here.

No, I have to thank you.

It's been a chaotic day.

That's nothing.

I think you should go back to be with Faifoo.

Hey, Miss Fa.

I might have to move back to Bangkok soon.

And... will you...

go back to work in Bangkok?

I'm still worried about my dad.

When will you leave?

Maybe in a few days.

I will feel empty.

I'm getting used to it here... then I have to leave.

I think you have so many things to do.

In no time... you will forget this place I don't think so.

I won't forget so easily.

I think you should go home.

Drive safely.


Why are you so stubborn?

Do I mean anything to you?

Why don't you listen to me?

Or do I have to do something else?

You are not reasonable.

Ton and I are good friends.

And if I want to think of him more than just a friend, is it wrong?

Won't you give him a chance?

It's not about the chance.

In reality, it's almost impossible.

I have seen a lot.

You only see ones that fail.

There are successful couples, why don't you see them?

Even mom can be converted to Muslim.

Leave your mom out of this.

Fatima, are you arguing with me... because of this man?

You are not reasonable.

I just think that you don't like him.

But your wish will come true soon.

He is moving back to Bangkok.

Isn't that because of you... that I have to stay here?


Why don't you want to move out?

It's dangerous here, everybody has left.

Why do you stick around?

I was born here.

And when I die, I will die here.

Do you really believe you'll be successful in what you are doing?

About masjid, I've seen you try for a decade, but it's still not finished.

And the problems here...

everything will be back in peace as you expected?

If we don't have faith in what we do...

nothing is possible.

And the faith we are having right now...

I don't see how it helps anything to be better.

Even for Mom.

She died because of you.

Because you believe it's safe here, don't you?

-Fern. -Oh, hey.

The competition is coming.

Just don't finish last again.

I'll be there to cheer you.

See you.

If you finish early, don't forget to go support me.

Good luck, son.

You are going to the competition, don't you want to eat?

Don't lose.

Don't you want me to do this, do you?

I don't, but I also don't want you to lose.

See you later, Pa.


-Okay. -Keep fighting! Be aggressive.

-Full on fighting mode. -Yes.

Go get him, go.

Keep fighting! Get in.

Get up, get up.


Listen, I have something to tell you.

What's up?

I like you.

You are crazy!

Are you crazy?

I meant it.

I like you all along.

But we are good as friends.

Or you have someone in your mind?

Why don't you tell Fern how you feel?

Just tell her.

-Have you got a crush on my friend? -No!

He is not my type.

So, what is your type?


someone who promised to take care of me.


From now on, I will take care of you.

I promise.

Thank you.

Miss Fa?


Good morning.

I got to go.


Miss Fa!

Miss Fa!


-Pa! -Miss Fa!




Pa, please help Mom.

Pa... please help Mom.

Pa, please help Mom.










Pa! Pa!

Pa, please don't leave me.

Pa! Pa!

Pa, please don't leave me!

Pa, wake up.




Pa, wake up.


Pa, wake up.

Allah said that...

I created you from earth.

And sent you... back to earth.

Death is the Allah's will.

We are always aware of that.

Pa, wake up.

Pa... don't die.



Help, please!


Pa, don't leave me.

Pa, don't leave me.

-Pa! -Datuk Hassan!



Please help him. He doesn't wake up.

Help him.

If we don't have faith in what we do...

nothing is possible.


If I make a wish like you do...

you think my Pa would wake up?

Just follow me this way.

Fa is here.


Thank you, Ton.

You are crying again.

Hang in there.

Thank you.

Let's hold on together.

Assalamu alaikum.

Thank you.

-Thank you, sergeant. -I'm with you.

May Allah help your dad for speed recovery.

Assalamu alaikum.

I hope your dad gets better soon. May Allah be with him.


This is the blue print of the additional construction.

We have to be hurry.


During the time that Datuk Hassan is unwell, I will do my best.

Thank you for helping us.





I have to go now.

-Thank you very much. -Good luck.

What's up?

-Assalamu alaikum. -Walaikum assalam.

-Good bye. -Bye.

May Allah be with you.

Uncle Ton.

It doesn't take long to fly back here, right?

That's right.


Can you take me back often?

Because I will miss Miss Fa and Reen.

Fasten your seatbelt and turn on flight mode on your phone.


Not so long

Think of the first day

The clock that is ticking So slowly everyday

Remind me to think of

The first day I've met you WITHOUT YOU

Allahu Akbar.

Commander of the Fourth Army Region, Maj. Gen Prakarn Cholayuth revealed that the situation as of now is under control.

No death report, 12 people got injured.

All of them were delivered to hospital.

It was caused by the bomb incident...

Right, and this is my last break.

But before we say good bye, I'd like to give you one last song.

It's beautiful song from a new artist.

The singer and song writer wrote this song for a woman who lives so far away from him.

He might want to tell her something through this song.

And this might be the last song that I play in this radio show, Latitude 6.

But I promise that I will be back.

It won't be long.

Don't forget to miss me.

Still remember the days we held hands

There are thousand stories Of our days I'm getting used to it here, then I have to leave.

In no time, you will forget this place.

Stars that used to shine bright Your smile Won't fade away Keep them that way

The only light has left It seems flickered You should know.

For us Muslims, there are other factors.

Only days and night The dream goes dark

It hurts as I keep thinking about it Destiny Seems so cruel And at last The one and only...

One day when you have enough faith, you will understand.

At the horizon Tears that fall Feel so empty It's meaningless It feels like hell without you.

-Sharif. -What?

When I leave...

will you be lonely?

Reminds me of the day I first met you I won't.

Tee and Anwar will keep me busy enough.

Won't fade away The rainbow Won't hurt me

And... the day I leave... will you be there to send me off?

So far away.

Tears that fall Feel so empty It's meaningless I don't know.

It feels like hell without you Good bye...

Latitude 6.

Do your best.

When you arrive Bangkok, tell your aunt to call me.

-So I don't have to worry about you. -Okay.

-Take care, Mom. -Will do.

I'll call you every day.

-Fern! Fern! -Fern!

-Fern! -Fern!

-Fern! -Fern!

-Fern! -Fern!




Is someone calling your name?









Rif, Rif!

-Fern! -Fern!


Rif has something to tell you!

-Fern! -Fern!




-Sharif! -Rif has something to tell you.


Take care of yourself.

I'm waiting for you here.

Please get back during the school break.

Get back soon, Fern!

I will come back.

Good luck!

Here is the outfit you asked me to make.

If Pa saw this, he would be happy.

Let's go, Pa.

The event has begun.

Are there a lot of people?



Rif, Rif, Rif.

It's been a long time away from my home I want you to know, my home is the best Missing me, missing him, missing who?

The happiness is always at home Oh, the windy beach Oh, what a life of fishermen!

I heard gori sound It means I miss you

When you're far from home Just think of my home As time goes by, my heart is trembling But happiness is at home

We have been through a lot together.

Many things here... were so bad, but it gradually changes from before.

Because we believe.

We believe, believe that one day, everything will be better.

Believe that one day, everything will be the same.

Although today is not good yet, we believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

We just have to believe.

Miss Fa.

Faifoo, how do you get here?

Someone misses you.

In memory of Imam Yakoop Rai Manee.

Thank you to Imam of Masjid in Pattani who gave us some advice while filming.

Arts and culture was created by our ancestors.

If we don't carry them on, they will fade away.

Sport teaches us about the word "sportsmanship".

Sport doesn't teach us to cheat in order to win, but teaches us to follow the rules.

To live together in harmony, we must base our lives around "sportsmanship".