Laughter in the Dark (1969) Script

The storm last night has absolutely wrecked the delphiniums, darling.

I may have to go up to London tonight. Oh.

But Paul's coming down for the weekend. Yes, I know, but, it's business.

Oh what a pity.

Boo! Nasty man, you are.

Oh. Yes.

Boo! Mummy, mummy, I'm a witch.

Yes, but don't trample on the flowers, darling.

Why not?

Come here, you old witch. Which witch are you?

A good one.


Sorry you're going back.

Paul. You'll drive Pamela back.

Of course.

Hey, come here. Goodbye.


Put me down here. Not straight home, sir?

No. This will do.

[ Audience laughter ]

[ Audience laughter ]

Thirty-seven thousand pounds.

Thirty-eight thousand.

Thirty-nine thousand.


Forty-one thousand. Forty-two thousand.

Forty-three thousand.

Forty-four thousand.

Forty-five thousand. Forty-six thousand.

Forty-seven thousand.

Forty-eight thousand.

Forty-nine thousand.

It's your bid, sir.


Lot thirteen.

Lot thirteen. Ninety-thousand pounds is bid.

One hundred thousand. And five thousand.

One hundred and ten thousand.

A hundred and fifteen thousand.

A hundred and twenty thousand.

A hundred and twenty-five thousand.

A hundred and thirty thousand.

A hundred and thirty-five thousand. A hundred and forty thousand.

A hundred and forty-five thousand.

At a hundred and forty-five thousand pounds.

Sir Edward More.

Congratulations. An absolute masterpiece.

Well done Edward. Thank you.

Ah. Congratulations Edward. Wonderful.

Yes, isn't it. Thank you.

Congratulations. Hello.

Sir Edward, I was wondering if you had time to think about my new idea.

Yes I have. But I it needs a little more thought. Let me write to you about it.

Not now, old boy. Later.

On your right. Straight through please.

Goodnight, again.

Goodnight. Let's go darling.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Nice party. Earl, what are you up to now?

I have a problem with Joyce.

Well, try and be early. Got a lot of work to do.

Brian, are we ready? Yes.

Right, we're going.

Some people have all the luck. I know.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Can I get you anything, sir? No thank you.

You left your drink in the bathroom.

It's not mine.

Your assistant's been running true to form again.


Kept pestering the girls.

I thought they were pestering him, dear.

Shall I come in with you?

It's late, darling.


[ Audience laughter ]

Excuse me.

Excuse me.



A vanilla ice, please.

Only drinks left.


Well, I'll have one of those then.

Thank you. Your straw, sir.


Thank you.

Hello daddy. Hello.

Hello old boy. Didn't hear you come in.

There is no reason why you should. I didn't slam the door.

Hello darling. Hello.

Anything interesting at the office? No.

I've opened all the mail. There's a business telegram from America.

They want you to go to the sale at Hartmand Abbey for them.

Would you like some tea, dear? No, thank you.

Oh, alright.

I wish you would speak to the maid about the plants.

She .. she overdoes the watering, and the roots are going mouldy.

Well, I thought it was the temperature.

The leaves are falling off the pelargoniums.

No, the temperature is fine. It is the watering.

Well she says she doesn't water them.

Well, someone waters them. You don't water them do you, old boy?

Damn. I've left a phone number at the office. I shall have to go and get it.

You're not going are you? You've only just come.

I shan't be long.

Try not to be too late, darling. You look tired.

What's the matter? Just a minute, George.

What do you want?

Please ..

Can we go and talk somewhere?

George, my friend, he won't wait. Don't go.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Before work, right? George.

Who is George?

Just a friend.

He works in the market.

Have you got to work? Yes.

I'm a salesman.

Are you married? No.

What's your address?

In Ealing. What street?

You wouldn't know it. Have you got a name?

Rubens. Peter Rubens.

It's unusual.

Will you take me to your place? I don't take men back.

Look, please let me take you somewhere.

Please don't go.

I have to go back to work now.

I'll see you tomorrow night. Shall I?

Of course. But .. what about tonight?

After you finish at the cinema?

There's George.

What do you sell?


Now this ..

Is probably the most important picture in the National Portrait Gallery.

Holbein's cartoon of King Henry V111.

It's drawn on a single sheet of paper.

The figure of the King you can see there ..

Is cut out and stuck on. I hope you can see it.


Was that alright? Oh darling, you were wonderful.

I didn't go too far with Edward V1? No, you were marvelous.

Sir Edward, can we go once again, please?

Good luck, darling.

Can you go and get dressed darling. Daddy wants to get up.

Daddy hasn't finished his tea yet.

Yes I have.

Go and get me the paper.

[ Telephone ]

Oh, not already.


"Edward? Edward darling?"

"Why didn't you come to the cinema last night?"

Hello. "You said you would."

I'm sorry. "Aren't you alone?"

I'll wait for you again tonight.

"If you don't come, I know you don't want to see me."

If your wife's there, say it's a wrong number.

Look, I think you've got a wrong number.

Wrong number.

Take it.

How did you find out my name?

How did you find out my name? I saw you on the Telly.

Well, you must never ring my house again.


Please don't be angry, Margot.

I'm not angry. I'm hurt.

Look, I want to take you to a hotel.

Give me a sixpence.

Don't be upset. I'm not.

Let me take you away for the weekend. Give me some money.

Have you got a car? Yes.

Is it a big one? No, not very.

We .. we can go anywhere you like.

Will you?

For my coffee. Thank you.

I love you. Please let me make love to you.

I don't want to have any more to do with married men.

I don't know. Edward is very clever.

You know, it's the best thing my sister ever did, marrying him.

Edward collects so many lovely things.

Oh Edward, Mrs Vanderbilt is waiting to say goodbye.

Excuse me.

Colonel, why don't you come and see the Degas?

Marvelous of you to come. Bye-bye.

Goodness, what an enormous car.


Can we go now? In a moment.

I think you need a long, quiet weekend. You've been working too much.

Why don't we go to Italy for a few days?

Um, I just want to go and speak to Miss Porly.

What's the old form?

Oh Paul. Would you go on ahead to dinner. Take my car.

I'll join you in a few minutes. Yes, of course.

Oh, my bag.

Miss Porly. Yes.

Do you see my bag anywhere? Yes, it's here.


Thank you so much.

Now, do I have everything?


Now, don't keep us waiting too long, darling.

Do I ever?

I'll see you later.

Alright, Miss Porly. Break it all up. Yes, of course.

Can I show you anything?

You shouldn't have come here. It's too risky.

I needed to see you. I've left George.

I've given up my job. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I've nowhere to live, and I don't know how I'll get another job.

I'm more in love with you than ..

Oh, uh, sorry sir. Didn't know you were busy.

Oh, I don't think you two know each other. This is Margot Hansen.

And this is my assistant, Brian Lasdom. Hello.

Hello. How do you do?

I'm a model.

Oh yes. Fashion or artist? Artist.

Well, we must see if we can get you a job sometime.

Edward, sorry old chap but you were ..

Oh. Hello.


Um, you forgot to give me the keys.

Goodnight, Miss Hansen. Goodnight, Edward.

Goodnight Brian.

Here you are. I'll see you in about ten minutes, Paul.

Yes, righto. Jolly good.

They have .. they've nearly all gone now, Sir Edward.

Oh, it's beautiful.

It's so beautiful.

Oh, you'll look after me, won't you?

I don't want to get another job.

I want to give up everything for you.

Oh no, not now. Please.

But where? Here. I've waited so long.

Oh but, you must wait until we get the furniture.

When will that be?

They say it takes about three weeks. Three weeks?

Yes, but I told them I must have it in a fortnight.

Now .. I shall put the bed here.

And the little table there. And I .. Let's go to a hotel.

Oh, that's sordid. I'd go to your house.

Well, we can't. The maid's there.

Well, this afternoon, I'm going to pick some new materials for curtains.

Are you coming with me? I can't.

Pamela comes back from the coast tonight.

What time? I'm not sure.

Do you still love your wife?

I've never been in love before.

[ Buzzer ]



You're mad.

I was bringing samples of the curtains for you to choose from.

You .. you must leave. But I left them in the taxi.

My wife will be here any minute.

Is there any office I can ring to see if they've found them?


Oh, that's beautiful.

You must be very rich.

You should open this to people at weekends.

Oh, yes. You could make a lot of money.

I've never seen you without your jacket before.

You look rather nice. Oh.

What's in there?

Who looks after the plants?

The maid.

Where is she?

She had the week off while Pamela was away.

But you said. I was lying.

That's not very nice. I know.


Two beds. Which one is hers?

This one.

Do you still want me?

This is grotesque. This is my new dress.

Wait until I take it off.


Pretty, pretty, pretty.

[ Car horn ]

I .. I'll use the window.

I've done it before. No.

No. There's a burglar alarm.

Hello Daddy, we're home. Anybody at home?

Ah .. hello darling.

Uncle Paul bought you a present, daddy. I went swimming every day.

Hello darling. Nice week?

You're looking very well. Can I give you a hand?

No. No thank you. Amelia.

Can you really manage all that, darling? Yes, I'll put these in water.

I think, we'd better get this coat off.

Popping these in the bedroom, darling. Pamela.

Edward, I've bought something for you.

Yes? Well put it in the hall, will you.

I'll put those in water for you.

Aren't you going? Give Amelia her bath.

Uncle Paul left the present in the study.

Oh, what is it? Oh, Edward, listen.

Look, I saw ..

I saw these prints in an antique shop down there.

They were going cheap so I've ..

Bought them for you.


I don't know whether they're any good, of course.

Oh God. What?

I've left the sprayer on in the conservatory.

Oh daddy, you would. Oh, Edward.

I'll get it.

They're absolutely sopping. It really won't do old boy.

Yes, well, perhaps you can dry them out.

Yes. Quite.

There you are. Come on. Good.

Now, you have a nice long, hot bath.

You'll never make a gardener.

Yes. Quite.


[ Telephone ]

I'm going away for a week.

I have to think.

I'm worried about everything.

I'll be back on Wednesday.

Margot .. Margot.

I'll see you there next Wednesday.




What are you doing here?

I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow.

Look. I didn't go away.

You mean, you've been here on your own all week?

Yes. But why?

I've been longing to see you.

I tried to phone you at your office today, but you were out.

So in the end, I sent a telegram.

But you shouldn't have done that. My secretary might have opened it.

That's alright. I sent it to your home.

My home? Yes.

What did you say?

My darling. I'm waiting for you.

Or something like that. But my wife may have read it.

I'm sorry .. but I was so lonely.

What time did you send it?

I don't remember.

You must remember.

I didn't look at the time.

God, I'll have to try and get it back.

Now ..

Pamela asked me to come over and pick up a few of her personal effects.

Hmm, I've got a list.


Her father brought these over from India.

As a present.

How could you?

Look, Paul ..

Couldn't you speak to Pamela for me?

I mean, this is so unnecessary.

I can explain about this girl.

Look, Paul. You're a man of the world.

I refuse to talk about it.

You let her receive a telegram like that, and then stay away for three days.

What about the office? You haven't been there either.

No .. you've let us all down.

I'm a fool, of course.

Tell her not to leave me .. I need her.

I mustn't be left alone. I can't be. I can't be alone now.

Paul, I don't want her to leave me.

Well, how much are you taking? There's a furniture van outside.

Well, it's not mine.


Margot, what are you doing here?

I brought the things I ordered for our flat. It's a pity to waste them.

Right through please. On your right.

How can you move that woman in here?

Are you the chauffeur? Give them a hand, will you.

Look, darling. You must not do things before you've talked them over with me.

Oh, but it's such a pity to waste them. I spent such a long time choosing them.

Look. This is the newest.

Blow-up furniture. Pump it up and put it by the window.

Hold that darling, will you.

Yes, put it there.

You can't stay here. Why not?

Because I have to entertain here, with all my friends. It's not convenient.

Not convenient?

Look, I must be fair to Pamela. This is her house. We have the flat.

That ugly, little ..

Little glasshouse?

I'll get a bigger one.

I have given everything up for you.

I am going.


Don't be angry.

You're a child. You don't understand.

You certainly haven't treated me like a child.

And I won't be your dirty little secret.

Put away by day and taken out at night.

I love you.

Then let me stay here.

Excuse me.


I bought this especially for our bedroom.

Please .. say you like it.

I love it.

And you are a child.

It's this way.

Pamela won't trouble you anymore.

I'm .. taking her to the house in the country.

I hope that you won't fight over that after all these years.

And uh, we're taking the maid.

I am sure she won't want to stay here.

I didn't know you had a house in the country.

Is it a big one?

My dear, have you seen the girlfriend?

She used to work in a teashop or a garage or something.

When are you going to France? Well, I thought I'd go next week.

I like to lie about in the sun and float about in the water.

And get away from all this.

Can I borrow your studio to work in?

Yes. I love to think of you looking after my little house.

It would make me feel rather safe.

Are you enjoying yourself, darling? Would you like to meet ..?

I'm so bored.

How boring, isn't it? I wish I'd never come here.

I never dared to come here while his wife was here.

I always used to wonder what it was like.

I was just saying dear, that the in-crowd just isn't here anymore.

Margot, do you know Patrick?


They're all laughing at me.

No they're not.

Of course they are. Look at my hair. It's all a mess.

Pamela's hair wouldn't look like this. Don't be silly.

Of course it wouldn't. Do you think I'm a fool?

That's because I don't know where to go.

I don't know what hairdressers are good.

Why don't you tell me these things? Margot, please don't be upset.

Don't try that with me. Look. Come and enjoy the party.

I thought it would please you. That's why I gave it.

Please. With these tramps?

These aren't your real friends. Pamela wouldn't have them in the house.

Have you met Hervé Tourace?

Guess who?

I've no idea.

Now do you know?

I'm happy here. I've never had anything like this before.

Don't spoil it for me.

Is he jealous?

He'll kill you.

He doesn't like you having fun?

Please leave me alone.

Let's go in the garden.

He'll come looking for me.

I'll fix that.

Ha-ha. That will keep them busy.

Edward's having a happening.

Come on everybody.

No, Hervé. Please.

Why are you crying?

I'm not really.

I just wish you hadn't turned up.

I was doing something with my life.

I was being lucky for once.

And now you'll spoil it.

How much money has he got? I'm not sure.

How did you find him? It doesn't matter.

Have I changed?

You're not quite so pretty.

There are little differences.

You're making me feel nostalgic.

Come back to my place.

No, I'm going home.

It's not far .. come on.

Margot. No Hervé, don't.

Please leave me alone.

I don't want to see you anymore.

I just wanted to thank you for the party last night. I enjoyed myself.

It was a pity about that stupid business with the fire.

Oh, there was no damage. Some people seem to enjoy behaving badly.

I thought I would call in at your house and thank Margot.

It was really nice to meet her.

She's out somewhere, spending all my money.

Well, I'll come back.

It really doesn't matter. I'll tell her for you.

No, no. Drop that about six inches. Then make the holes.

They are really beautiful. Hmm, aren't they.

We have studies for the reclining figure.

The woman having her hair done.

And several other subsidiary figures.

But the ..

The study for this one is missing.

Angrand did them in Marseilles in 1870, didn't he?

In 1862.

In Paris. Oh, thanks.

I thought you didn't want to see me again.

I hate it. I hate everyone.

I can't go back tonight.

I'm dying in that house.

You won't die.

When I first used to go to bed with you.

There weren't any sheets, just blankets.

If you hadn't left me, I might have had a life worth living.

You were getting thin.

I couldn't bear it.

That's not true.

This time it will be better.

You're winning.

Just a moment, pretty boy. That's my number.

Oh yes.

Never mind.

We'll have all Edward's money soon.

What was that for?

It's George. He's in the past.

I've forgotten about him.

What's the matter? Nothing.

Tell me. Why?

You'll have to get rid of Brian.


I'd rather not say. Well, don't be silly. You must say.

It's nothing. I don't want to make trouble for him.

What do you mean? Let's go to bed.

Has he been making a pass at you?


Oh, that's nothing.

He does that with all the girls. Don't worry.

I'm not having him in the house. You must get rid of him.

Now look. Don't be silly. Brian has faults, but he's very useful.

And I need an assistant.

There are lots of other people.

Why don't you have Hervé?

Of course you'd have to pay him more, a lot more. He's a lot more experienced.

Well, if I hired Hervé it would just be the same.

And why Hervé?

Do you like him?

He's alright.

Why do you say it like that? Like what?

Do you want to go to bed with him? Don't be stupid.

Anyway, it would be a waste of time. Why?

He's queer.

Haven't you noticed?


Well, you're not very observant.

Anyway, I can't get rid of Brian. It wouldn't be fair.

Alright, but I've warned you.

I find Brian so attractive.


Please don't let him come here. Please.


I'll get rid of him.

Oh, I'm so happy with you. I don't want anything to go wrong.

I hope it will be alright. It will.

Hervé? Uhuh.

Darling I .. Yes?

I had to tell him you were queer.

You what?

I had to. He started asking questions.

Did he believe you? Yes.

That's not very nice.

I hope it isn't a forgery. It couldn't be.

It's too rare for anyone except a lunatic to risk forging it.

It's no forgery.

I have forged things myself, and I would have recognized it.

But where did you get it?

I have a few contacts abroad you know and ..

Every so often, something turns up.

Come up to my office and let's discuss it.

You like that sort of thing?

No .. the line is .. too sweet.

How'd you like to work for me?

Well, here's to a long and happy association.

When you said you'd done some forgeries, what did you mean exactly?

Ha, I can turn my hand to anything.

[ Telephone ]

Excuse me.


Stop it. Stop it!

Alright, I'll drive straight down.

That was Paul, Pamela's brother.

My daughter is ill.


I'll have to go right now.

Can I help you to pack? Could you get the car?

You're not going down there? Oh, I must.

It will stop the divorce. What divorce?

The divorce.

They won't give you a divorce if you still see your wife.

And how do you know she's ill?

They just want you down there and away from me.

And even if she is ill, what use can you be?

Don't go Edward, please stay with me. I must go. My daughter's ill.

Your daughter, your wife. And what do you call me?

I am nothing.

That's not true.

I must go.

Alright. Go, go, go, go!

The car is ready.

And we'll go out to celebrate my new job.

Yes, mon Cheri.

It ..

It happened two hours ago.

A quarter to four.

I did try and telephone you.

But you must have been on your way down.

She was quite peaceful towards the end.

They gave her drugs, of course.

She did call for you.

It's as if ..

It's as if ..

It's a judgment on me.

He seems to have changed.


Since his son died.


It will be best to do now ..

Don't let him get tired of you.

I don't care if he does.

Why don't we just go away together?

Don't move.

It wouldn't last a month.

I love you.

Last time I was just a girl.

I know you now and I can work and ..

Don't move.

[ Radio music. Loud ]

Check these proofs Hervé, please.

[ Radio music. Loud ]

Cut me two roses please.

Thank you very much.

I'm bored.

For your buttonhole.

Shall I pin it for you? No, I can manage.

She's getting restless.

You should do something.

Cheer her up.

Otherwise she'll walk out.

That's what happened to me.

And a friend.

Why don't you buy her something?

A car, perhaps?


Yes. That might ..

I can help you to choose one.

I know just what she likes.

Would you like a glass of champagne?

Yes .. thanks.


I must go.

He'll be back soon, before I'm there.

You must get him divorced.

I'm trying to.

Not hard enough.

You must get him away from his wife.


You've got nothing.

I've got my car.

If he died tomorrow, you wouldn't get a penny.

It all goes to her.

I'll go and wash.

Why don't you try and get him away somewhere?

A holiday.

In the sun.

I love you.

Hello there.


You should try giving him sleeping pills.

Oh, I've tried that.

They don't work.

He's got a stomach like a camel.

If you don't make love to me soon, I'll go crazy.

Surely we could manage five minutes? Oh, don't.

We can't go on like this.

We must get away from him. Just be patient.

It will go alright.

I was thinking he might drown.

But he swims so badly.

He won't even go in the water.

I bet this takes you back.

You know, every time I see an ice-cream it reminds me of where I met Margot.

What you laughing at?

It's beautiful here. Are you happy?

Ah, Hervé, would you leave that there.

Okay, thank you.

Goodnight Hervé.


No. No.

You have to leave me alone tonight.

I feel I am drunk. I don't mind.

Edward, please.

And I'm not staying here.

I'm driving on somewhere else tomorrow.

Why darling? I thought it would be nice to stay here for a couple of days.

Because it's a dump. It's ..

I'm sorry, darling.

But you are .. so beautiful, I just ..

I want you to be happy. That's all I care about.

What a dump.


This is one of the bedrooms.

This is the bathroom.

And this is the señor's room.

There's only one problem. As we are rather full ..

I am afraid that means sharing a bath.

That's no problem.

Alright, bring the bags. We'll take it.

But I thought you said you didn't like it here.

Oh, it will do.

I feel hot.

Margot, are you alright in there?

Margot, are you alright?


Margot, are you alright?


Oh my God, I fell asleep. In the bath?


You could have drowned.

Oh yes, that's how tired I am.

I think we should stay here for a bit.

I can't travel any more. Good.

I like it here too.

Do you know, you're catching the sun?

It suits you.

He believes anything, except the truth.

No, not here. Yes.

No. Why?

I like it in boats.

Everything rocks.

I'll show you.

Are you alright? Yes.

See the couple in that boat over there?


Hello, Brian. Good heavens. What are you doing here?

We're on holiday. Philippa Urquhart - Sir Edward More.

Hello. How do you do.

How long have you been here? Just a few days.

Come and have a drink with us. Alright.

You working now? Yes. I've got a rather good job.

I'm going to America in September for a couple of years.

Would you like another? Yes, if I can.

Hmm. Dos Americanos. One gin-and-tonic por favor.

You ski very well. Oh, I can do better than that.

Can't I darling?

Only I saw this couple in the boat out there.

I got so surprised, I fell off. No problem.

Oh don't be ridiculous. He isn't mine.

You're not a prude are you? I hope not.

I saw this couple in the boat out there, you know.

You mean? Hmm.

Fucking away in broad daylight.

No wonder I fell off.

Look, there they are.

Doesn't she look pleased.

I think we ought to be going. But we've ordered another drink.

Look. Here it is.


Hervé. How are you? Nice to see you.

What are you doing here? We're on holiday. Philippa .. Hervé.

Where have you been? You said you'd be five minutes.

You know Margot. When she goes into the water she never wants to come out.

Why, why didn't you wait for me? We couldn't find you.

Margot wanted to go quickly.

Darling, we really must go now.

Goodbye Edward. Goodbye.

Hervé. Come along.

I'm sorry about that.

I told Margot we were taking too long.

Oh, that's alright.

As long as Margot's happy.

You know, I was just a bit ..

Annoyed at being stranded with Brian. That's all.


Well it's rather embarrassing when ..

You meet someone you've fired.

He's gone down to Val De Vosa to see that painter.

Why don't you drive over there and beat him to it?

It might be interesting.

Right. I go tomorrow morning.

Well, why don't you go over now?

Done. Good.

See you.


Oh. I thought it was Hervé.

Tell me it isn't true. It isn't true.

Then why did you go in there? To borrow his sun oil.

With no clothes on?

It doesn't matter. With him it's boys. You're lying.

I'm not.

You get back.

Send a porter up.

And make out my bill.

We're leaving immediately.

And now we're going home. We can't.

Do you love him?

No, I don't, I don't.

Then you'd better come with me. Start packing.


If that's what you want. That is what I want.

Ridiculous. I bet they're stupid. You laugh at them.

Ridiculous. You're never going to see him again. Never. Do you hear me?

How can you walk into his room with no clothes on and say it was a mistake?

You talk.

I don't understand it. How can you do this to me?

How can you fancy someone like that?

Did you pay his bills?

Did you pay his bills?

Margot, please don't!

Please let me drive.

You are in no condition to drive, Edward.

Drive on your right, Edward.



Margot. Margot.


Margot. Darling.

Are you alright?

You had an accident.

Don't you remember?

I'm covered in bandages. Why?

Oh, you've got some cuts and a bang on the back of your head.

That's the doctors.

They always fuss.

Why don't we have a look?

Do you think you should?

Oh, it doesn't matter. There's no-one here.

There is nothing there.


Maybe it's further up?

No, no. You're alright. There's nothing.


Put the light on.

It's daylight.

But I can't see.

Help me take this off.

No, it is ..

Look at my hand.

Look at my hand. Margot.

I can't see.

Help me get this off.

Is that better?

Margot. What's wrong with my eyes?

You must see that.

Look at me.

I can't see.

Margot, I'm blind!

Oh nurse. Help!

I'm blind. Nurse. Nurse!

I'm blind!


Oh. Oh.

I'm blind!

I .. I can't see.

I can't see!



And now I'm happy because you really need me.

And I can make up for everything.

Margot, you are a darling. I don't know how I could go through this without you.

Thank you for everything you've done.

Yes, but you mustn't get excited.

Look .. I've got a letter from Hervé.

Shall I read it? Yes.

"Dear Edward."

"I don't know what happened that terrible afternoon .."

"That made you run away."

"I'm afraid Margot is to blame."

"She poisoned our friendship out of jealousy."

Ha. He must be out of his mind.

"I can't express my sorrow at your tragedy."

"I've come to California to find a new life."

"But I shall always remain devoted to you."

That's a strange letter.

Well, that's what you'd expect a queer to say.

Well, now you can forget about him.

And tomorrow we will go away. It will be marvelous.

You're so clever, the way you've arranged everything.

Oh, you'll love the villa.

It's just by the sea.

And the views are so beautiful.

See you later.

Mind your head, darling. Alright.

Tell me what it looks like.

To go upstairs.

You have to go outside on the terrace.

Through this door.

Blast. What's that? That's the wine cellar.

You must try and be careful. You could have another accident.

Driver .. take the bags upstairs please.

Now, let's get you into a chair.

After lunch, I'll show you around.

You'll soon get to know where everything is.

Shall we take that jacket off? Oh yes.

It's so hot.

Margot, you are sweet.

Why don't you sit down.

And I'll go and pay the taxi driver.


Am I facing the sea? Yes.

He can sleep in there.

That is ..

Where you are supposed to be sleeping.

And this is our room.

Now .. help me to push this in front of the door.

Edward will never find it.



What was that noise?

I'm moving the furniture, darling.

I'll get you some lunch in a minute.

Here we are darling. There's some lovely melons.

Oh, thank you.

I just bought them this morning.

Would you like some wine, darling? Yes, please.

Thank you.

Oh this is marvelous.

Very ripe.

Darling, tell me what this room is like. Describe it to me.

What color are the walls?

They are white.

And the floor? It is ..


What about the door? Yeah.


What kind of blue?

How should I know? They're just blue.

Are they very beautiful?

Yes, very.

What was that? That was just a fly.

I just squashed it.

Why are you laughing?

It was very funny. It was such a big fly.

Ha-ha-ha. That's silly.

Here's your grapes, darling. Thank you.

This is the hall upstairs.

I've put you in the room with the best view.

So at least you know you have it. Even if you can't see it.

My room is just next door.

But aren't we going to sleep together, Margot?

You know what the doctor said. No excitement.

Oh, I don't think he meant that.

He did. I asked.

Now, let's take your clothes off and get you into bed.

Isn't it still early? It's been dark for hours.

I get confused. Of course you do.

The doctor said you would to begin with. You'll soon settle down.

I'm going to be so happy here.

Miles from anywhere. Just the two of us.

And I'll get my sight back. I know I will.

Margot, let me sleep with you.

Goodnight darling.

Sleep well.

They're just for little sums, you know. The lights and the laundry and so on.

I'll read them for you if you like. No, no. I leave it all to you.

There's another one.

You've become so clever.

Well, I can't sit around all day and do nothing, except stare at the sun.

Margot, what's happened?

Oh, I'm having a swim.

Oh .. oh.

Where are you? Here.

Oh Edward.

What's the matter? I'm bored.

Darling, I'm just going for a swim.

I'll be back soon.

Would you take care of kitty?

Enjoy yourself.

Shall we go and have some breakfast? Oh yes.

What's that?

I left the tap on.

Oh, you are silly.

Darling, how would you like your egg?

Oh, very soft. About three minutes.










What are you doing here?

I went to your room and you weren't there.

Don't be absurd. This is my room.

But that can't be right.

I walked along a drainpipe and found another room.

Walked along a drainpipe?

You must be mad.

Why did you lock my door?

Because you've started walking in your sleep.

If you go on like this, I'll have to take you back to the hospital.

But there was another room. I counted the windows.

You don't know what you are doing. You were sleepwalking.

There was another room.

Don't be stupid. You were sleepwalking.

And you're not wearing anything.

Edward, let's go back to your room. Why not?

I will sleep with you tonight. As a special treat.

You darling.

But I'm not making a habit of it.

Otherwise, you'll never get your eyes back.

I must be losing all my sense of direction.

I can't speak. I can't move. I can't breathe.

I'm a prisoner.

If we make love, we can't let go.

We're trapped.

You'd think he was spying on us.

Please Hervé. Keep him inside.

I don't want him out here.

From now on.

Oh, please Hervé, let's make love. I don't feel like it.

Tell him to sign a few more checks.

[ Bird squawks ]

Why don't you come with me? I hate to go in by myself.

No. Someone has got to stay in the workshop.

But he's on the terrace. He's perfectly alright.


We can't let anything go wrong.

Kitty, kit, kit, kitty.

Where are you?

Eh? Come on.

Come on.

Let's go upstairs.

Where is he?

In the cellar.

What do you mean?

He was wandering around again.

So I let him fall down the steps.

Is he alright?

I don't know.

No Hervé.

That's going too far.

You are not to do things like that. We'll get into trouble.

Edward. Margot.

Margot, I fell down.

Well, that settles it.

You must stay in your room from now on.

What do you mean?

I can't be watching you the whole time and you can't be trusted by yourself.

Margot, I keep hearing things.

There's strange noises.

And walking .. whispering.

You've had too much sun.

Anyway, I don't understand why you want to sit outside.

You can't see anything.

Margot, will you tell me something truthfully?

What is it?

Is there anyone else in this house? No.

There's only an old woman who comes to do the cleaning.

And she won't come near you.

She thinks a blind man is possessed by the devil.

What a stupid thing that is.

I won't be long.

[ Bird call ]

[ Bird call ]

[ Bird call ]

[ Camera shutter ]

[ Bird call ]

Who are you? Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Hey. Hey!



Are you alright, Edward?

It's Paul, Edward.


It was you? What?

Who hit you? You mean that Hervé fellow?


Oh, Edward.

Now, you drink that up.

And I'll pour you another one. I can manage, you know.

We had a hell of a job finding you, you know.

No-one had the slightest idea where you were.

Except your bank manager. Of course.

They got away with an awful lot, old chap.

Pamela's been ill with worry, Edward.

That's the idea.

She's opened up the London house. And she's going to be waiting for you.

When I take you back.

Thank you.

I say. Yes?

You didn't really think it was me here all the time, did you?

What a joke.

Me doing all those things. Paul, would you do something for me?


Would you drive into town and come back and collect me later?


I have to say goodbye to Margot.

Well, if you're sure. Yes .. I have to.

But Edward, I can't leave you here on your own now.

It's alright. I'm really quite used to it.

Oh well.

I will .. I'll come back about eight.


Edward? Margot.

0h, you're down there again.

Edward, where are you?


Edward .. please don't.


I do love you.


He made me do it.

He made me do it.

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]

[ Gunshot! ]