Layla M. (2016) Script

Nice pass, Abdel.


-Dad, do something. -Get in front of him.


-Dad, please let me play. -OK.

Ref, substitute.

Hey, offside.

Off... Right.

Calm down. Calm down. You too, go.

Go away.

-Free kick, here. -Free kick?

Dude, it was offside. Do you know what offside is?

-It wasn't offside. No way. -Be quiet.

Why is it always a hassle with you people?

You people?

-Every time. -You people?

-Don't just wave that flag around. -Don't wave your finger in my face.

Calm down.

-Don't you get enough attention at home? -Shut your big mouth.

-Dad! -Hey, listen...

Either you go and flag, or... No, you go and flag. Now. OK?

-It doesn't work with this girl. Clear? -This girl can talk.

Dad! Say something.

Never mind.

Just take the free kick.

-Sweetheart, it's just a game. -There are rules, though.

Come on, this isn't fun.

-Come, dear. -Never mind.

-You're Layla, right? -Yes.

-What did you say to the referee? -That he didn't get any attention at home.

Are you OK?

-Hey, sister... -Sister?

Phone me some time. Let's meet.

-Where are you going? -Home.

-Stay, please. -Another bullshit game. Bunch of racists.

Are you grumpy? Are you?

Hurry up, it's so hot.

Do that thing with your fist. We haven't even started yet.

That's good. A bit... Hold on.

-Is that better? -Yes, it is.

Maybe a bit louder.

God is great!

Sure? This is the one.

-Alright. -That one's great.

Can you help me?

It's sticky.

-Patience, patience. -I don't have any.

-I like them both, but... -This one takes too long to read.

-Then I'll take the other one. -It has to read like: Boom.

Then I'll post this one.


I have to discuss it at home. I bought one...

-This is a unique piece. -I know.

I need to talk to you.

-Can we do it out the back? -No.

-Is she your daughter? -Yes, she is.

Wonderful food on that square over there.

-But no alcohol, sadly. -I like that, though.

The entire country doesn't drink, so that gives a different energy.

I'll give you my card. Phone me if you have any questions.

-Good. -Enjoy.

-Bismallah. -Goodbye. Bismallah.

Sold a lot?

Do you have anything to do with this?

Great slogan!

-What's wrong? -I asked you something.


I said "yes", didn't I?

My English exam went very well.

God help me.

By the glorious morning light and by the night when it is still By the glorious morning light and by the night when it is still Try this one again.

...and by the night when it is still

...and by the night when it is still Very nice.

Right, you know what it is? I really like it.

What I'm learning is great.

But the problem is that I don't know what I'm saying.

That's OK. Here's the translation.

Thy Guardian-Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased Very well.

-Beard's growing. -It's getting big, right?

Yes, it's getting longer. Very fast.

-The food needs salt. -It's good.



Shall we show Mom that photo?

Which photo?

Photo of a girl wearing a niqab.

It's a protest against the burqa ban. Here.

I can tell right away it's you.

I don't want to see it, actually.

You don't want to see it, so it should be banned?

Take it away.

It starts with a burqa ban, but it ends with Wilders as Prime Minister, who wants all Moroccans to leave the country, including you.

They're predicting Palestinian situations for the Netherlands.

But with the Moroccans as pariahs and we're part of that.

Those are inflammatory words, Layla.

Stop it, my girl.

Surah Al-Kahf, chapter 18 says...

Perhaps we should read it together, since we never read the Quran together.

Can I just enjoy my food now?

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) has stated clearly...

Layla, please shut up. You sound like a fucking autistic.

Hey, hey, hey.

-It's true, though. -Not that kind of language.

-Mom? -Sweetie, I...

-Surah Al-Kahf: He who... -Stop it with those random quotes.

Regard the Koran as a whole.

Dad, it isn't Koran. It's Quran.

-You too? -Why so defensive right away?

You've become just like your sister.

You say something.

Give that to me!

What are you doing?

Stay calm.

-Where are you going? -Study.

Zine is great.

-Especially the last part. -Exactly.

He expresses in a few sentences what we all think and feel.

Inshallah, I'm going to make more films.

It was put together very well.

I put it together very quickly.

-I really liked your flyer. -My flyer?

-Yes, it looks good. -Thank you.

-Good job. -Thanks I showed it to my dad, but...

OK. And?

-He wasn't happy with it. -He will be, inshallah.

-No, he's astray. -That's why you have to keep going.

You're doing the right thing, so keep going.

It's your duty to point out to your parents the mistakes they're making.

-It says here... -Brother, make it a video call... so I'll understand it better.

You know it's not allowed, sister.

Keep quiet, Abdel. Keep quiet...

Abdel, quiet.

-What are you looking at? -Facebook.

Dad, come here.

I want to show you something.

Oh, my God!

What have we done?

What have we done?

God, have mercy.

Sad, right?

Why are you looking at that?

Because this could have been us.

Yes, Layla, that could have been us, but it isn't.

Or you alone with us. With Younes and me.

-Thank God. -I thank God.

-Say thanks to God. -That's what I said.

Don't look at that misery.

You have exams. Focus on those.

You think that is misery?

-Sorry about that. -Pardon?

-Sorry about that. -No need.

It'll be fine.

I hope it will be fine with her.

Say a prayer for your mother.

-Hello. -Hello.

How's it going?

-Can I have a drag? -Meyer...

Just a sec.

What are you looking at?

Look the other way. Come on.

Piss off.

What is this?

This woman established Kawlah bint al-Azwar...

Come on!

Listen, it's a group of women who are dedicated.

Men dwell in those women.

-No, those women fight. -We have an exam.

Good luck.

Coats and bags.

And to your seat.

...once in putting them under siege as they did in Madaya, and once in bombing them with chemical weapons, killing thousands of Muslims in this holy land.

Therefore, honest Muslims from all over the world have risen and came to advocate people of Damascus, sacrificing themselves and their wealth, leaving behind their families and homes for the sake of...

God is great

God is great

Peace be upon you Peace be upon you

Not inside the house, go outside.

-Younes. -Yes, here.

Nice and warm.

-Panna! -Panna? That's not fair.

-Well, why don't you join us? -Perhaps.

-Are we ready? -Yes.

-Younes? -Yes, I'm almost ready.

-And Layla will join us too, perhaps. -Layla. Why?

I don't want to go to that disgusting club.

-Sorry? -It's true, isn't it?

Abdel was suspended for three months and Oscar, that Dutch guy, wasn't.

Abdel hit him so hard, I had to take him to hospital. Or did you forget that?

-Because he called him a goat fucker. -Goat breeder.

Yeah, right.

-Were you there, Layla? -Mind your own business.

Come, let's go.

Shall I stay with you or go with them?

-Just go with them. -Good girl.

We've taken oath, us lions To move forward forever with no mitigation Even if it was the time of a clarion call We're soldiers in the call of a manifest Even if it was the time of a clarion call We're soldiers in the call of a manifest God's soldiers...

This is disgusting:

"Clothes off, rape them, and kick them naked out of the country."

I'm going to respond. I can't handle this.

-Layla, are you sure? -Yes, I'm going to respond.

How dare they? Unbelievers...

Our path is a righteous one Our path is righteous With the Quran's guidance March on the path of truth Soldiers of Allah March on the path of truth, Soldiers of Allah Soldiers of Allah, Soldiers of Allah...

Abdel, come.

...the civil wars that cause strife, all this is happening in our countries.

What shall we do? What shall we do in Syria?

That lowlife Putin sends his jets to bomb our mosques and kills and destroys as he pleases. And America too destroys our cities...

God is great!

God is great!

A shaheed won't die as long as his motives are pure.

Yes, it's true.

You have to act out like Allah (SWT) wants.

And not out of self-interest. That's crucial.

Allah (SWT) waits for her.

Look at those eyes.

Her eyes pierce my heart.

That way. They come outside over there. With strength, OK?


We won't be distracted We won't be distracted from our faith March on the path of truth, oh, Soldiers of Allah Oh, Soldiers of Allah

Until the moment of battle, we answer the call.

Soldiers of Allah Soldiers of Allah We won't be distracted We won't be distracted from our faith Our way is the only way guided by the Quran March on the path of truth, Soldiers of Allah March on the path of truth, Soldiers of Allah Shame on you.

Soldiers of Allah Undoubtedly, Jerusalem will return The redemption will be for eternity

Abdel, get out of here.

-Can I see your ID? -Do you ask everyone that?

ID. Now. Come on.

Mylene Alberdingh Thym?

-Can I see your face? -No.

Surat Al-Nour says: "Tell the religious women not to show their beauty, except to their husband, or father..."

OK, I'm just asking you to show your face.

We're not asking you to take off your pants.

I'm not talking to you.

It's your choice.

It matches.

Drop dead.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

You're not thinking straight.



You know what we have to do? Send her to Morocco.

Those fundamentalists scare me.

-Have you lost your mind? -What else can we do?

She will study to become a doctor.

Where are you going?

To bring her food, do you want her to starve?

-Then you talk to her. -OK, I'll talk to her.

Go back to Dad again.


Why are you always angry?

Sweetheart, hatred hasn't gotten anyone anywhere.

You know that damn well.

Eat something.

I thought I wasn't allowed to eat.

Layla, can you be pleasant for once?

Not so stubborn.

-Just for a minute. -Thank you.



In a few months you'll be rid of us.

You can go to university. You can do your own thing.

Go out, travel, make your own money.

Everything you want.


Thanks, Mom.

I mean it. I really mean it.


I love you.

Oh, Mum...

I ask Allah for forgiveness.

Shit, man.

-Can you hold him? -Of course. Come here.

Where's Zine?

Where's Zine?

He left the country.

He's suspected of recruiting.

So the government breaks into your home.

The people who burst into your home are cursed by Allah (SWT).

Listen to Surat Al-Baqara, sweetheart.


We're going to demonstrate tomorrow. You have to participate.

You know about the raid, don't you? And now there's a ban on gatherings.

I'm watching Ajax. Sit down.

Are you in?


We're going to play soccer. Abdel asked you to come along.

-It's an easy way of doing dawah. -Stop it.


God is great!


Step aside!

What are you doing? Keep your hands off my brother.

Keep your hands off my brother...

Perverts. I spit on you.


Your father is here.

He says you're a very smart girl.

Advanced high school, right?

Final exams.

Must be tough.

Look at me.

You're free to go.

If I see you again, it will be for two reasons.

Either you're here to talk and that's great.

Or you will have been arrested and then we won't let you go. Is that clear?

Are you a Muslim?


I don't think so.

Idiot, he's holding up the traffic.


Did you ask what they did with Younes?

He was only arrested because he's a colored boy who believes in Allah.

-Not true. -It is.

-No, it's because you guys messed up. -That's not true.

Especially not Younes. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

-You put him up to it. -Me?

You put him up to it.

I'm sending both of you back to Morocco.

-Understand? -No, I don't.

Where are you going?

-Are you OK? -Thank God.

I have to get out of here.

The prophet (SAW) said that it's not allowed for a woman...

So marry me.

...if she believes in Allah and in the last day to travel more than three days' walking distance...

Then marry me.

Did you say something?

No. I'm going to sleep.

-OK, goodnight. -Goodnight to you too.


-He's home. -Really?

Youn. Thank God.

Does it hurt?

What did they do to you?


This is exactly what they want.

Making unbelievers of us. Intimidation.

So you'll reject your faith.

-Why do you think you were arrested? -Why do I think I was arrested?

-Because they're afraid of us. -Us? Who's us?

Us, Youn.

Allah won't abandon you.

Don't turn your back on him.


Look what you're doing, man. You're shaving your beard.

You should be resisting. Do something. Rise up.

Stop it.

Religion isn't just about beards, you know.

My Islam isn't political. Just so you know.

Get lost. Go away.

What the fuck are you doing?

Shut up. I'm praying.

You look like a hooligan with your stupid behavior.

-What are you doing? -Act normally, please.



Our brothers and sisters in the...

Cut the crap, I'm begging you.

Cut the crap.

They're dangerous, Lay.

They're the brothers and sisters I feel safe and happy with.

In other words: you don't feel happy with me.

Please, take off that potato sack.


It's none of your business, woman.

What are you talking about?

The person who abandons Islam is ordered to withdraw.

Oh, come on.

If that person refuses, he has to be killed.

You're talking about me, right?

-You're dead to me. -Lay, come on.


You're fucking bewitched.

Eat something. That thing doesn't suit you.


Take it off, it doesn't suit you.


Thank God for the food.


-Jamal. -Layla.

Take that thing off.


Take it off.

As long as you live under my roof, I decide how you dress.

You don't decide anything.

I dress the way the prophet prescribes.

Allah (SWT) will be my guide in this alien country.

You're not my daughter anymore.


"Men and women are equal.

You know that."


"That's why I want the freedom to go where I please.

When there are conflicts, keep your hands to yourself.

We don't argue.

We follow the Sunnah instead.

Like the prophet (SAW) and Khadija, peace be with her...

We discuss things together without a third party.

And when you go abroad...

I'm coming with you.

As your wife...

...but especially as your sister.

My greatest wish is to work and study in an Arab country.

I want to live among my brothers and sisters.

And to dedicate myself to those who are treated unjustly."

Well, that's it.


If you're willing to follow me on the path the prophet has prepared for me, -you're welcome. -For you?

OK, for us.

One of the three people Allah (SWT) will help is the person who seeks the chastity of marriage.



That's what we're doing, aren't we?

And you're pretty.

I have to go.

-OK, bye. -Bye.


-Are you OK? -Yes.


The first night, did you and Zine...

You know?

It'll be fine, sister.

Don't think about it too much.

-He's kind to you, isn't he? -Yes.

In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate, do you give yourself as a woman in the name of God?


Do you take Layla Mourabit as your lawful wedded wife and will you be a worthy husband with God as a witness?


-Congratulations. -Thank you.

-Congratulations, my friend. -Thanks.

-Congratulations, brother. -Thanks.

-Shall I switch off the light? -OK.

I'm on my period.

It's OK.


-Where are we going? -To Belgium.

We'll stay there for a while.


-I had a lot of friends. We swam a lot... -In the pool?

Of course not, Al Hoceima is right next to the beach.

-And your house? -It was beautiful. Blue and white.

And we had a yard. Sometimes we had chickens and goats.

I'd love that.

-What? -That everything makes sense.

That you belong in the place where you were born.

I'm from Amsterdam.

But when someone asks me about it, I always have to explain. Understand?

Why did you move?

Well, when my dad disappeared, my mom moved in with her sister.

I went with her.

And then you came to us. Fortunately.

Hello, mama.


Don't cry.

Who's next to you?


Is Dad standing next to you or someone else?

God is great.

What's going on?

She contacted the Security Service.

What did you expect?

Some respect, love.

Let's go. Get in the car.


Are we staying here?

I've never stayed in a hotel.

Layla, don't. It's haram.

Oh, absent one, why do you not ask about your beloved who loves you They do not sleep at night Longing for your eyes I am thinking of you You leave me and forget me I need you beside me taking care of me To make me forget my wounds and sorrows I miss your eyes Oh, my love Don't go far You are my destiny And the only one in my heart You are the one with my heart

Come on. Don't be boring.

-Good morning. -Good morning.

-Get up. -What?

Get dressed.

-Clothes? -Yes.





-Where's the car? -Get in.


Stay here.

-God is great! -God is great!

Come on!

Come on!

-God is great! -God is great!

-God bless. -Come on, quickly.

Come on brother.

-God's soldiers. -God's soldiers.

-Where's that card? -What?

That SD card.

I don't know.

Why are you so wired?

Where are the weapons? Show me the weapons.

We won't be distracted We won't be distracted from our faith Our way is the only way, guided by the Quran March on the path of truth, Soldiers of Allah Soldiers of Allah

Okay, guys. Goodbye.


-No, bastards. -Shit...

-We have to go back. -No, we can't. Keep going.

-We have to help them. -Have you lost your mind?

You want to be arrested as well?


I'm here.


It's a bit simple but make yourselves comfortable.

Thank you.

May God punish the devil.

Layla, come and have a look.


"Semi-automatic rifle seized, as well as several fake passports and thousands of euros in cash."

-I'm going outside. -I'm coming with you.

No, you stay here.

Don't open the door for anyone.


We are going to the Middle East.

-He's coming over to me. -Easy.

Move on.

Look at that guy on the right.

I won't give it to you, leave me alone...

Okay, bye.

Go away.

Layla, let's go.


Hello, Zine!

Come, let's go meet the Sheikh.

-Was everything alright? -Yes, thanks to Allah.

-Hello. -Hello.

-Hope you had a safe journey. -Thank you.

-Are you well? -Yes, thank you.


I have to go with them for a while. You can go with her.

-Hello. -Hello.

-Hello. -Hello, sister, come in.



Super nice. Beautiful.

Super big.

Glory to God.

It's ours.

I find that Oum Osama a bit unusual.

I'm not sure why she's here and where her husband is.

I don't think she has a clue about what's going on.

-She met him online. -So?

-So did we. -No way. I already knew you.

OK, a tiny bit.

But that's different. She's so...

How shall I put it? Unusual. And she talks a lot.

-You're not allowed to gossip, you know. -It's not gossiping.

I'm trying to sort out my thoughts.

Other than that, she's sweet.

She wants to go to Syria as soon as possible.

She has nothing to do, so she's bored.

-Boring, right? -Very boring.

-Are you listening? -Yeah.

She's only 22.

She's so beautiful.

She has an 11-month-old son and the next one is on its way.


She feels you have to give the Oumma as many warriors as possible.

Me too.

-What you too? -Have children as soon as possible.

Do you think so too?

I don't.

Good morning.

I'm going to the mosque.

I'll be right back.


-Yeah? -Hey, sister.



Get changed.

-Why? -We have guests.

-I only have two fish. -Doesn't matter.

Get changed.


He is very funny. We were talking about Abu Khalili, you know him, right?

Yes, I know him.

He's a very funny guy, he forgets a lot.

He has five children, he forgets his children's names.

-Layla, where are the fish? -Here.

-Have you eaten yet? -I'm not hungry.

-OK, get some salad and salt. -Yeah.

There's already salt on it.

-Bon app├ętit. -Thank you.

Abu Kahlil is a good guy.

He forgets everything, you repeat the thing, two, three, four times...

-Hello. -Hello.

He has five kids, and he forgets their names.

He calls them by numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


-Have a seat. -No, thank you.

-Have a seat -No, thanks.

-Goodbye. -Bye.

Hey, Abdel...

What are the plans?

I'm not just here to cook fish, you know.

"Except for those who believe and do religious deeds and advise each other to truth and advise each other to patience"

"...rather they are alive with their lord, receiving provision."

"...rather they are alive with their lord, receiving provision.

Do you know that martyrs are in paradise.

Don't mourn them, they're better off than we are.

-What happened? -The camera was too high.

Abdel, focus.

We'll repeat it, it was very good.

I'm going to Quran class.

Layla, kitchen. Now.

-Kitchen. -Take it easy...

-What are you doing? -I'm going to Quran class in the mosque.

I'm coming with you.

-It's a 50-meter walk, you know. -I don't care. Come on.

Calm down.


Why are those men in our home all the time?

And that Sheikh?

Where do you know him from?

Where do you know him from?

He's one of the most famous Quran scholars.

No way.

That's what he says, I guess.

Don't let yourself be snapped at by that disgusting guy.

You make me look like an idiot.

You dishonor me in front of them.

OK, go ahead.

Peace be upon the day I was born.

The day I was born, the day I die and the day I arise.

Peace be upon the day.

Peace be upon the day.

You're kidding.

-I'm not. -I speak Dutch as well.

That's so funny. What are you doing here?

You're Flemish.

-You can tell. -Yeah.

-What are you doing here? -I'm here with my husband.

-A man from around here? -No.

We got married in Amsterdam and traveled here together.

How about you?


To a man from around here.

Okay, return to your seats, we're going to finish the course.

I met him in Brussels.

We work in a refugee camp at the border here.


What are you doing here?

Can I come along some time?

Of course.

Do you want that? You're welcome to.

They are alive with their God and blessed.

They are alive with their God and blessed.

Our religion is under attack... and defamed.

And it is upon us... It is upon us...

It is upon us to unite all... and to combine our strength, to...

And to combine our strength...


What is this mess?

Clean it up.


I'm off.

-Where are you going? -To the mosque.

Quran class.

-What about this mess? -If it bothers you, clean it up yourself.


You'll need this badge.

-You go on this road. -OK, come on.

Ali, Mariam, and Mohannad, come.

Sennah, can I do something?

You can give some lemonade if you want.

Who wants lemonade?

How did you get there?

-With Sennah. -Who's Sennah?

A fellow student.

How come I didn't know?

Seriously, though...

I don't want you to go outside by yourself.

I didn't. I was with Sennah.

-I don't know a Sennah. -So?

Come on...

Do you know where the money to build those camps comes from?

Are they our brothers and sisters?

I don't want you to associate with that Sennah anymore.

She's a false guide and she drags you down with her.

I fact, I forbid you.

You find that funny?

Get off that table. It's where we eat.


Thank God.


Can you take me to the camp, please?


Out, out.

Nermine, take the ball.

Imane, play.

Yes, that's great.

Bye, sweetie. Remember: take that penalty.

Bye, sweeties.


See? They need you here.


-Hello! -Where were you?

-Where were you? -Don't touch me.

I told you not to go outside by yourself.

Let go of me.

-We're not in Amsterdam here. -Let go!

With this behavior you turn away from God.

So you're God?

Damn you.

Layla, go back to bed.

What are you doing here? Put on your headscarf.

Cover your head.



He ruins everything.

You'll go to hell!

Come on, Layla, go to your room.

Go to your room.

I want to go home.

I have to go away for a few days.

And you have to stay at home. A kind of house arrest.

I guess I'll have to then.


Will you be careful?

Who are you?

This is my house. Get out.

I greet my dear wife Oum Osama.

And my dear son Osama.

Please take care of them.

We'll meet again in Paradise.

There is but one God.

There is but one God.

Please accept my sacrifice, God. And may our religion triumph.

We'll meet in Paradise.



Oum Osama.


No, not you. Don't, please.

Not you.

I have my responsibility towards my brothers and sisters.

So what am I?

My wife.

I want to go home.

That isn't possible.

You don't have to do this.

-Let me go. -Layla...

Let go of me.

Let me...

I love you, Layla.

Take care of yourself.

Hi, Mum.

Yes, I just landed.

See you later.

You're probably wondering why you're here.

But I'm wondering what you did over there.

OK, you're not talking?

Then I'll talk.

We know everything about your life here.

A neat little folder.

Your website...

...Ghoroub al shams.

Abdel makes those, right?

And those texts and videos.

How you provoked your father in front of the mosque.

Training camp in the Ardennes.

I just need to know a couple of things.


This may be the last photo taken of your husband.

The last one?


The question is... is he still alive?

And if so... where is he?

Are you really crying?

Bit late for tears, isn't it?