Le chat (1971) Script

THE CAT Based on the novel by Georges Simenon.

How do you spell Bouin?

As pronounced: b-o-u-i-n.

See you tomorrow, Mrs. Bouin.

Until tomorrow.

And for you, Mr. Bouin? My milk, that's all.

Clémence! Julien!

"... it starts with a tune from an accordion, "which wakes a whole army of violins...

"so many things to say to you...

"that today is already tomorrow...

"... on snow fields with...

I've drunk too much...

I love it when you drink that pink wine...

I don't need that...

"...we'll have blue eyes...

The Cat.




Nothing... I've found a cat...

Yes, I can see.

He's snoring!

Snoring! You snore too.

No, I don't snore. Yes.

There. Join in: the lights come on, the artists hit the floor.

The acrobat...

There should be a law:

People who no longer love each other are forbidden to live together.


You think I hate you, it's not true. I don't. I find you very pretty.

You've never been with a lady cat...


No! You can't ruin your daddy's treasures...

Because your daddy has built his newspaper collection with love...

With a whole lot of love...

Have you seen him at it?

Look what you've done!

Just look what you've done!

Look what you've done. Look.

Look what you've done.

Look! Look!

Look what you've done!

Look... look... look...

Hey! That's a nice motorcycle... in 1934, I hit 160 km/h on a motorcycle.

Was it a plane?

No, my dear friend, it was a Harley Davidson.

This is a... Honda 750.

Which one? Honda 750, Japanese.

Number 8 is free.


Hello, honey. Number 8 was just taken.

Interested in my business now? No.

I wonder what interests you.

Do you love it? Yes.

How's your wife? The same.

What are you waiting for to separate?

I don't know.

Move here, I'll give you a room.

You're very kind, but this in not my home...

And over there? Is that your home?

Yes, a bit, despite everything.

What I think is best for both of you is for each to go your own way.

25 years of marriage, now it's... too late for pretense. Have to get to the bottom of it...

Bottom of what?

The bottom... the bottom.


You haven't touched your glass...

No, I just passed by to say hello, but... now I have to return as I think she drinks alone.

So, what do you care if you don't love her anymore?


Come, my little one, come.



There you are, my little one...

My little kitty...

My fuzzy kitten... I thought... come on!

What did you do to him? Nothing.

Nothing? His heart is pounding...

Poor kitten...

To start off, what are you looking for in the dark?

Nothing, just looking at what the little animal has done...

He hasn't touched anything there... You're making fun of me, aren't you?

If you bother him you'll have to deal with me.

Is that also my responsibility? What?

The animal.

His fault... But it doesn't matter.

I'm left with nothing...

I'm not an animal...

Why don't you go to a parrot's cage, so you can talk and leave me alone?


To start off, I don't want to see that cat in my room.

In my room, in my room... In our room!

And on my bed!

I swear you're paranoid.

It's not the cat's fault you hate the whole world.

Screw the whole world...

Listen, no use fighting, I'm going to have dinner.

No sir! You're not having dinner... that would be too easy...

Listen. A scene doesn't become your age.

Your job is perfect, you worked at the Medrano Circus, right?

Yeah! The retired typesetter... think you're Zola?

Petit bourgeois Nana, who's only capable of loving a fat cat!

Meow, meow, meow!

If you could see your face... You're getting worse by the day...

You old pig! Old pig!

There you go...

The acrobat having a bad day, won't shut up in the midst of her lunacy. Let me through!

No! Where are you trying to get... screaming like that in a basement?

Nothing... I don't care...

I want you to tell me... I have nothing to tell you... nothing to tell anyone.

If you... want to change the bed, change your wife...

And what would I do with her? Fuck it! Can't you see?

What I need is oxygen... you've taken away a fuck with a body that's still young, that's all.

And me?

You, you, you...

Me, me, me, me! Yeah.

Come on, my kitten, come. . No!

Don't bother, I know the way. Stay with her.

The leg won't be a problem, but her heart is weak.

She needs some quiet.

Right, some quiet... It's not easy, I know.

No, it's not easy...

What did he say?

Nothing, I'll prepare your food.

Listen... What?

You don't care, do you? Your cat tried to kill me...

You're definitely hopeless.

Who died? You didn't know him.

Frolo, a clown, a great guy.

How did you find out? Carlo called.

He's still got your number?

Perhaps he calls often, maybe every day...

Nobody calls anymore.

You seem jealous... you used to be.


I had to leave it all... work, family... I was wrong there...

You were wrong?


You know I could easily find a job if I wanted to?

For the clown show, as cashier.

Listen. Just remember I've played seven instruments... the piano, the violin, the xylophone, the musical saw, the concertina... the accordion... And the drums, I know.

I know you know... besides, I can train horses...

I also know how to take care of beasts... the real ones...

All I'd have to do is make a call. So, call.

Because in that job you never quit... except in case of an accident.

It wasn't my fault you smashed you face, was it?

No, it wasn't your fault...

But you were extremely happy when the doctor said that I would never... walk straight again.

Isn't that so? Yes, it's true.

And now you upbraid me because I can't work...

Yes. So, you're just thoughtless.

Or an idiot. I couldn't care less.

See you tonight, my kitten. Be good.

We've petitioned the management... for pay raises of 3% for category 1 and 4% for category 2...

Management is now proposing 2% for all categories next month... and, later, a progressive recovery... that would cover our demands in only 7 months... we think these proposals are insufficient... and we will discuss them. Secondly... we've met with management to oversee... the start up, at the earliest possible time... of the CATSIS system in its full shift form... substituting the 3/8 we now have...

And lastly... a reduction in the retirement age... while always considering a reduction in the working hours... and the evolution of production techniques... we have again asked for the age of retirement... to become 60 for men... and 55 for women.

Mr. Julien Bouin? Yes...


Thank you very much.

With my rent proposal, you'll stay here for the rest of your lives...

We step through the hall...

We place a bed here...

And the view is limitless.


Do you like it? It's nice...



Exclusive, my little kitten...

Your good owner...

and to think this was going to be the house of happiness...

We've been so happy here!

It was a bit small for you, anyway...

But you could get us a small two-room...

With a living room, a full bathroom...

And I could get back to my trailer.

Too bad for your daddy.

Wait a minute...

Don't move...

What's the use of this meeting?

What's the use? It's a debate, right? How do you make a living?

My pension...

Didn't it come out of a meeting like this one?

Just the same...

There's no "just the same", it's like this... Anyway...

To each his own...

That's not what's important to me...

What is important to you?

The story with my wife... it's fucking me up.

Julien! Julien!

Kitty. Come, my kitty.


What's the matter? Have you seen the cat?

No. What time did you get back?

Around six.

Was it here? I didn't notice. Dinner's ready.

Are you up there my kitty?


Aren't you eating?

I'm always afraid the children will hurt him...


Come, my Greffier, come.

Come here, come.

Where have you been, lazy bones?

You're a hooligan... Where have you been?

You hungry? Hungry, right?

You're hungry. Come on!

Come here and eat, you little yob...

You get hungry with your little prowls, don't you?

Eat... I'm going up.

I'm going up.

I'm going up!

Go ahead, eat.

Let's go! Hey!

You've eaten well, now it's time to sleep.

I know you have many things to tell me, but they can wait until tomorrow.

Sleep now.

He's calling you.

If you prefer, I can sleep on the sofa and give him my bed...

I was wrong, you know?

Even when I was beautiful.

I was beautiful, do you remember?

Yes, I remember.

And why do you blame me...

I'm not blaming you...

Do you blame me for growing old?

Because I limp?

Don't talk bullshit. Sleep.

Perhaps if we had had a child... because a child unites...

Am I right?

No you're not... because there are many people who get divorced due to children.

You say that to humor me.

No, I'm not saying it to humor you, it's the truth.

Is it because I drink too much?

You've always drunk too much... it used to make me laugh...

But meanwhile you go around to some hotel...

Are you still sleeping with Nelly?

Because you've slept with her for some time, at least...

Oh shit...

All right, now you're going to tell me why... you look at me like as if I were an object... and love a cat you found on the street...

What's happened? Yes, it's happened!

I've changed, that's all.

Why did you change. What has changed?

I've changed, changed like the whole world has changed...

Where are you going? To get my cat.

There are important things I'd like to know...

There are important things I'd like to know!

Leave me alone!

What have I done wrong? Nothing!

You've been perfect.

And I was a bastard like all men.

Nothing to blame you for, I just can't stand seeing you in front of me.

I did tell you that I'd love you forever, but...

I'm fed up, I've grown old and don't love you anymore. I just don't.

But I do.

Please, don't flatter me, that's for another age...

Now time has separated us...

Something will have to separate us for real sooner or later!

I prefer sooner!

Just kill yourself... or something. You can have your own headline:

"Acrobat kills husband because he cheated her with cat".


Will you shoot or not? What are you waiting for?


What is it? What's the matter? She murdered my cat.

What are you saying? What did you do with him?

Did you bury him?

Didn't have the courage. I left him in the garbage.

Give me a glass.

She must have had a good reason to kill your cat.

Of course, there's always a good reason to kill.

All she needed was to shoot me too...

Without meaning to, a death. Pop!

Not too much, I'm not thirsty. I'd like to know...

Listen, Julien. Listen, what?

The years have gone by... now that I'm at the end of the road, I've understood nothing.

Don't you have any other place to go? Nothing.

All right, I'll let you have 19. It's on the first floor.

There's less noise. You'll be better off there.

Germaine! Prepare 19.

Why don't you turn the sound on? I don't need it.

You're thinking it over, right? Do you miss her?

No, I miss the cat. You're lying.

I know men. I've loved dozens of them.

You're brave...

Don't you feel better here alone?

Yes... maybe...

Do you feel free from her?

I don't know and don't care.

I think you still love her.

Good morning.

Hello, baby.

What are you thinking?

About a lot of stuff...

Is it her first time here? I don't know.

Why don't you go talk to her?

I have nothing to say to her. Really?

There must be something to say after living together for 25 years.

And a life of love just doesn't come to a stop that way.

Love, love, love...

You women have that word stuck in your mouth: love.

Is that what you call love? That's a game, isn't it?

Didn't you ever go to a hotel when you were young?

Yes, and now I find it disgusting.

Some nerve you have...

Even in bad faith you couldn't have said it better.

Well, that's the way it is.

Bernard, Joëlle! We're leaving!

Stéphane! We have to get back before it gets late.

To start off, my hotel is condemned, like the entire neighborhood...

I have no other choice but to move.

I've bought in Clamart. Clamart?

Yes, they say growth in the west will never stop.

They'll wind up on the water. When do you want to leave?


We have to agree on the plan. Plans?

My head is full of them. I've thought of nothing else for the past six years.

Here. To your health.

Listen, I haven't seen your wife for three or four days.

You count the days?

And you? No.

What if something happened to her? What could happen to her?

Well, her heart is weak. You yourself told me...

That's what she got the doctor to say.

You're a pig! Well...

Damn, you talk just like her.

Mr. Boulin!

I hope Mrs. Boulin isn't ill.

She hasn't been here in six days. No, she's fine.

Did you see her? Yes.

Is she ill? No.

It's good night from me, I'm going to bed.

Good night.



Hello, who's there?

What do I owe you?

Hello... hello... hello!

Let me. Hello!


What's the matter? Nothing.

Julien... go see her.

I've packed your bag, they'll take it.

You're very kind. I'm grateful.

I'm back, Clémence. But I'll never speak to you again.

Never again. Understand?

...shall be executed without further notice... within 45 days...

So Much the Better.

You should see the doctor.

The Cat

No - The Cat - I Don't Know Anything

Clémence... Clémence... Clémence...!

Not me!

Tell him... not me...

Tell him...

How do you spell Julien Bouin?

As pronounced: b-o-u-i-n. Why?

The heart has stopped beating.