Le Doulos (1962) Script

"Doulos" means "hat" in slang.

But in the secret language of the police and criminals

"Doulos" is the name given to someone who wears one...

A police informant.

You have to choose.

Die... or lie?

Have you eaten?


There's stew in the kitchen. Not hungry.

Take your coat off and eat.

Some days, nothing works.

There have been quite a few recently.

What are you doing? I've got two buyers.

For the stones and the gold.

No one would take it like this.

How much do you think...

Between 15 and 20, but the papers said 110 million.

Did you see Rémy about that thing?

Neuilly? Yes.

Then what are you waiting for?

You moan about money, but you've got work.

There's a safe, but it'll be nighttime and the place is isolated.

Right. It seems too easy.

I don't like that. 6 years ago was an easy job, too.

When's it for?

Rémy says tomorrow.

He's right. The sooner the better.

Did you tell anyone?

Who do you think I am?

Not even Silien?

He's a good guy.

That's not the story in Paris.

Silien's a friend.

I hope so. Who's casing the joint?

Thérèse. She'll check that everyone's gone.

Does Rémy use a blowtorch?

No. Suction.

That's better, if it's reinforced.

Go to bed. I'll speak to Nuttheccio.

Is he coming?

Yes? Why? Have you got a problem with him?

Not personally. I just think he's scum.

I don't get why you work with him.

We're like you and Silien.

Nuttheccio speaks to cops. That makes him different from Silien.

Do you get it?

Why don't you go and eat?

Is him coming with Armand? Yes.

A fine pair.

When? Soon.

I'm going. I'll get a taxi and sleep at Thérèse's.

She'll be pleased. You're going because of Nuttheccio?

I understand how you feel.

Things have changed over the last 6 months.

You'll be back on track when you get some money and you can go off with Thérèse. Right?

If you don't feel up to Rémy's job, leave it.

Plenty of people give up after4 years in jail.

As soon as I sell this, I'll give you some money to go away.

Then come back on better form.

Hey. What?

I'll need your gun tomorrow.

Are you crazy?

No. You'll see.

I'm not up to fighting anyone.

I can't.

So, to protect Rémy, if things go wrong, I'll shoot into the ceiling, just to frighten them.

I don't want you going with a gun.

I don't agree with it.

And you're experienced. Where is it?

The top drawer, on the right.

Put the lamp on if you need to.

It's well hidden!

Got any bullets? There are 2 clips in there.

Thanks. That'll help me out.

Don't worry.

Take some money, if you need it.


And don't forget your cigarettes, on the table.

We'll be right back.

What's happening? What's that light?


What time's he coming? 7 o'clock.

Are you sure it's safe?

I can't always be sure...

Thérèse has put me up and fed me enough.

I've got money.

You're the second today. You all think I'm finished.

I didn't say you were finished. And I'm not taking about giving.

I bought a place and soon...

You'll need a site manager.

That way it'll be less like charity.

It'll be work. Not a favor.

OK. Let's talk about it in 20 years.

Stay put.

Who's that?

It's Jean.

Why have you come? To see how you're doing.

Could be better. I had snails yesterday.

They didn't agree with me. Any suggestions?

Did you see the paper? Yes, I saw it.

Gilbert Varnove: victim of a settling of scores?

He came out of it all right.

What do you think? Nothing.

Who gave you the address?

You. You were drunk. He's forgotten.

He was dead drunk.

Take it easy on the drink.

You talk too much when you're drunk.

About what?

What you said to Jean about Arlette getting killed.

What did I say? Not much:

When Maurice was in jail, Gilbert killed his wife to shut her up.

That's a bit much.

Arlette wasn't a grass.

As for him, he wouldn't give his accomplices up.

Not my style.

No. Gilbert was scum.

He wanted help for Arlette.

I haven't spoken to him since.

I know all that. I was in the living room.

I could hear everything.

I'm off.

Wait. Let's have a drink. No.

I wanted to see how you were.

Excuse me for coming round uninvited.

Hello. Hello.

This is Silien.


Hello, Silien.

Make me a sandwich.



My stomach hurts after those snails.

I feel all messed up.


I spent the afternoon in the car, watching.

Apart from one guy, it looks empty.

But there's a poodle that's always barking.

Then? I called Mr Delétang.

He told me the writer and his wife are in Biarritz.

I think it's a friend who's there till they get back.

So that's Silien? Yes. He brought the hardware.

What hardware? For the safe.

Why are you working with him? No one knows what he's like.

Why didn't you ask Jean?

He couldn't have got that sort of hardware.

We'll see.

In any case, Silien's a friend.

And he will remain a friend until proven otherwise.

I'll make sure he doesn't meet Rémy.

Then, if there's a problem, it'll be on me.

You know, friends...

I've got to go. Do you want to see?

So long as you've got everything in there...

Did you brings screws? Eight.

That's two packs.

The job will take two hours.

If the first set breaks, that means four hours' drilling.

If the second breaks, we go.

Rémy knows his game. OK. Bye.

Try to keep the suction pad. They're hard to get hold of.

And they're hard to make.

If it works, you won't regret it.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

So Silien's gone.

You could have been nicer. I don't see why.


Get me Inspector Salignari.


Hello. Is Maurice there?

No. He's just gone.

Am I disturbing you? No. Come in.

Would you like a whisky? Yes, please.

You like brown, right?

Yes. It's my color.

Maurice too.



It's because of your eyes. I'm not bothering you?

If you'd got here 10 minutes ago, you'd have seen him.

Once you've seen them... What?

Your eyes. Maurice is lucky.

Now, be sensible and give me the address where Maurice is working tonight.

Give me a sign that you agree.

Now, pretty lady, be reasonable.

And above all, don't shout.

Tell me where that house is, the one you visited this afternoon.


86 Boulevard du Général Grenier, in Neuilly.

I hope you're not lying, because I'll be back.

Flip, that's enough. Come here.

Come here. Now.

Hands up.

Don't move, or I'll shoot.

No funny stuff.

Is this a robbery?

It's just a surprise party. Lots of fun. Let's go.

Switch on the lights. Keep your eyes down.

Face the wall and don't turn round.

A good start.

Now, the piggy-bank.

Where? The safe.

The money's in the bank.

Right. And the safe's full of toys.

Time for bed.

Easy now.

There, face down.

Try not to shout, if you don't want to get hurt.

Keep an eye on him. OK.

Couldn't you find something better to do?

Yes, sure, we want to join the police.

We just need some money first.

Enough chat. You're disturbing my colleague.

That swine.


Let's go! What?

Leave it. Let's go.

That bastard Silien! On the left.

Give me it! What?

The gun.


What is it? Go! I'm hit.

Run for it.

Give me the gun. I'll cover you.

Run for it. But get Silien!


Hello, doctor. Hello, Maurice.

Is it bad?

A small hole above the armpit.

I fainted just for that?

Maurice, last time I saw you, I told you that jail wasn't good for you, that you looked off color. I told you to take iron.

You misunderstood.

I meant spinach.

How did I get here?

Maybe the lovely Mrs Jean knows.

All I know is what Jean told me: that you were here and I should come quickly for the usual operation.

Take out the drip in an hour.

Twenty-four hours of total rest.

If you need me, you know how to get in touch.

It's been a while...

How could I forget Dr Lequay's veterinary clinic?

See you next time.

How did it happen, Anita? No idea.

Jean called and told me to come.

He said you were at the house and that I should take care of you.

I came. The doctor was here.

Who brought me? No idea.

Thérèse and Jean?

I don't know, Maurice.

I've got to get that bastard Silien.

You're not going out like this.

Get me paper and an envelope...

and a pen.


Be careful.

Vacant lot Gaslight

2 million in banknotes

Jewels ave. Mozart

Leave the gun

Take good care of this. Understand?

Give it to Jean if something happens to me.

And only to Jean?

Be reasonable. Give me 3,000 francs.

Do you think you can walk like that?

There he is.

Joe, stop. Let's get out.

Paulo, get behind him.

Did he see us? He's not blind.

Hi, Silien. All right?

Get in. We want to speak to you.

It won't take long.

We need information, so we thought...

You were Sali's pal.


Yes, Salignari. You two were pals?

Salignari's dead.

An hour before dying, Sali got a call.

He asked the boss for four inspectors.

The boss didn't ask any questions.

Sali went to catch the guys at Neuilly without telling anyone.

When he got there, he shot Rémy and he was killed.

But Rémy's mate got away.

So if it was you who told Salignari, tell us where this man is and we'll leave you in peace.

I said nothing.

Rémy had the gun that killed Sali.

His jacket was up round his armpits, like someone was holding him up.

A man you're holding is hit - he's going to die.

Now, I can't imagine him lying there dying and gunning down a man running at full speed.

Salignari was shot down. He must have fired first.

So the other guy shot Sali, while holding Rémy.

You don't let a dying guy shoot. You shoot for him, then put the gun in his hand.

So, come on, Silien. Just for Salignari...

Think of him.

You were pals.

I didn't say anything. I won't tell you again.

Now you listen to me.

Salignari's dead. And I'm leaving it.

I'm going to live somewhere else, I don't know where, but some place without cops or crooks, if that exists.

If I find Salignari's killer, I'll deal with him.

It'll be safer and I won't go to prison.

If I don't find him, no policeman will.

Have it your way.

I understand you, myself.

When I think...

We got the car number. We thought the car was stolen.

But then, this morning we found it in a quarry.

Completely crushed with a body inside.

I know. A woman. I read about it.

Did you know Thérèse Dalmain?

I don't know everyone.

We only found her prints in the car.

Maybe she was Rémy's girl, or his mate's.

Maybe she was killed to stop her talking.

Maybe she wasn't in the car on the night.

Maybe a third crook was driving with gloves.

Maybe he was driving with the girl.

That's a lot of "maybes".

And the cop chasing the other guy saw nothing?

No, nothing.

Did anyone see anything?

Yes, they all saw something out of the windows.

But that doesn't help us.

Some say they saw one guy in the car.

Some say two. Nothing about a woman. Then it was in the papers and someone came and told us he saw a woman.

In his first statement, he said he saw two men.

We said: "A man and a woman?"

He said: "No, just a woman."

You see: witnesses get influenced by the papers.

No one saw the other man?

Yes. Everyone saw him.

They all saw a man running away.

But people just saw a shadow.

We can't get a match on that.

We can't put out warrants for every gangster.

We'd have to show them all to the witnesses.

No. Even if we had a suspect, it wouldn't help.

You know, these witnesses...

Well, sort it out.

Catch him before I do.

I sincerely hope you do.

It's late.

Wait! We had another question for you.

And you could help with this.

It's not about the Neuilly affair.

But we're interested in it.

A few hours before dying, Salignari got one of those mysterious tip-offs.

We know it wasn't from you.

But you can't just leave this one.

We know about this one. Salignari told us about it.

It's about a certain Gilbert Varnove.

He was killed with a '44 at his house.

We found a ring from the Avenue Mozart break-in.

Do you see what I mean?

The informant... says the killer was Maurice Faugel.

The informant asked Salignari... to wait before arresting Faugel and Salignari agreed.

This evening, while we were looking for you, we tried to find him.

But we had no luck.

But some... If I may...

I don't think this is about Salignari.

If I understand, you want me to help.

Forget it.

Too bad.

Just a minute, Silien.

How did you pay for that nice house of yours?

What do you take me for?

Get a mandate, if you want to know.

I'll send one tomorrow. Good!

We saw an inspector earlier.

He arrested a drug gang.

That's your thing, isn't it, heroin and cocaine?

It'd be a shame if it was.

With Sali dead.

Sorry, I didn't get any of that.

We said you were in the drug gang.

He'll ask for a search warrant.

We'll let you go now.

But we'll go over your house with a fine-tooth comb.

There's nothing there.

You make me laugh. I don't touch drugs.

I'm a little guy. Right.

You pay for those clothes by selling newspapers?

And collecting dustbins. Enough!

We'll get something on you. I don't think so.

Right. We all know there's nothing to find.

We'll look hard... Give me half of it.

We'll get something...

What do you think? That you're a bunch of louses.

That's not nice.

Do you want the search dropped?

What do you want?

Everyone knows you.

We want you to phone round about your friend Faugel.

He's not my friend. Even better.

Why don't you do a raid?

We thought about it, but it's a bit risky.

If we raid 3 or4 clubs and don't find him, he'll get a warning about us.

Without help, you don't get anything done.

So you'll help?

7.15. It's time for a drink.

Let's go.

We'll phone there. They don't know me.

Phone? In the basement.

Ten tokens.

Call The New York.

Who? Maurice? He'll be right out.

He asked about you. And Jean.

He's around. Over there.

What's that? Just a minute. Where?

He's in the bar opposite.

He's over the road. Shall I get him?

No. It's all right.

We can get him now.

Hang on. Another call. To who?

The vice squad. That was a joke.

See, we're even smarter than you.

I'm off. We'll leave you at the bar.

The phone's faster than our car.

You don't think I'd pay for more tokens.

My expenses aren't paid, you know.

Thérèse Dalmain's body found in her car in a quarry The police advance two possibilities:

1) An accident due to fatigue

2) The young woman was silenced by the mob

The car fell and crashed at the bottom of the quarry.

Up you get, Faugel! And don't try anything.

What did I do?

Get up. I won't ask twice.

Got a gun? Who'd say yes?

Less of the jokes.

Pay the lady - it's not her fault.

Let's go.

You ran like a rabbit.

That's surprising.

I could see they meant business.

I heard shots. I didn't want to go to see.

I stayed in the kitchen.

When they came down, I went out through the window.

The footprint's mine.

But the tire tracks are different.

I came by train. The others came by car.

You had the motive to kill Gilbert Varnove.

Someone told you he drowned your friend Arlette five years ago in Deauville.

I understand. If I were you, I'd have done the same.

It wasn't me.

I won't confess to a murder just to keep you happy.

Here's what I suggest:

I let you go... if you can give me a lead on the Neuilly affair.

The Neuilly affair? Yes.

Where Inspector Salignari was killed.

By a swine like you.

Listen, I use my fists, not a gun.

Give me the name of the friend of Rémy's and you can go.

I don't care if you killed Gilbert.

It's just one less crook.

I don't think you be mixed up in a small time job like this, if you'd stolen 20 million's worth of jewels.

I don't get it.

I hardly knew Rémy.


That's really a shame.

You'll have to answer for Gilbert.

I didn't do it. You expect me to believe you?

You'd deny it if you were caught with a gun in your hand.

Gilbert Varnove was my friend.

He put me up when I got out of jail.

I didn't kill him.

You did!

And you hid the jewels from the break-in.

He was fixing them up.

You know I didn't. I don't have a gun.

He did the job with his killers.

They were stealing his share.

That's not all that common.

Thieves just divide up the loot.

When they're proper crooks. He must have worked with bad people.

If I was you, I'd check with my informants.

One thing bothers me.

You say Gilbert was a friend.

Your reputation's good.

Why didn't he tell you who he did the job with?

I'm no big shot. They don't tell me everything.

And I was in prison when the break-in happened.

Even if I knew, why would I tell you?

I'm not one of those sniveling types.

I don't crack.

I don't care. I'm trying to help you.

They'll make short work of you in court.

You've got two motives: theft and revenge.

You could go down for 10 to 15 years.

That's a long time, you know.

You must have noticed when you were in Rouen.

Right. Let's go and make a statement.

If you change your mind, don't forget what I said about Rémy.

I won't.

All right, boys. Too bad if I'm wrong.

What did you do?

I sprayed a police car.

25 dead.

My name's Kern.


Are you looking for someone?

No. I'm thirsty.

Silien and Nuttheccio. I've seen it all.

Bad sign.

What would you like?


What's up there?

Here, Mr Silien?

No, up there. The game. Is it good?

I don't know.

What is it? Baccarat? Chemin de fer?

I just do the bar...


I think so.

To what do we owe this pleasure?

I was thirsty.

Give him another, on the house.

Yes, Mr Armand.

Your scotch, Mr Silien. It's for you.

Two whiskies here.

We're having a drink.

But, not with this lady.

Why not?

Because she's the boss's girl? I said two whiskies.

It's been a while.

I didn't want to disturb you. Really?

He's gone for a game.

Let's have no nonsense for once.

Why have you come?

Because I wanted to.

There's something else. Tell me.

I need some information.

Not much. About what?

About Nuttheccio.

So that's it. What do you want to know?

Not here. Where?

Your place. You think I'm yours?

Don't say you love him.

You confidence is annoying.

I know he disgusts you.

I'm giving you a chance to leave him.

You're too kind.

You dream about leaving every day. Admit it.

You don't belong with Nuttheccio. That bothers me.

Where can I see you?

I don't want to see you.

You don't believe me when I talk about leaving him?

I'm happy as I am.

That's a shame...

Are you going?

Looks that way.

I thought you might have come for me.

You asked me to be blunt. So I was.

I know I spoilt things and I know you're not happy.

You don't dare to come to me. It's a vicious circle.

Tell me what you want. I'll see what I can do.

No. Why not?

Because I told you the truth when I said I wanted to see you.

I wanted to spend a few moments alone with you,

to go to bed with you.

Silien... Yes?

11 Rue de Franqueville.

Wait an hour. It'll seem less suspicious.

I'll be there.

Try to remember. You have to.

There's an innocent man in prison.

You have to remember.

I was in the car. I couldn't see.

If Nuttheccio or Armand had shot Gilbert, I'd have heard.

It must have been cold in the car, the windows were shut, the house wasn't near.

It was hard to hear.

Listen, Fabienne, they knew, when they told you to wait in the car.

No, Silien.

Nuttheccio had the break-in jewels and the gun that killed Varnove in his safe.

That's not true.

You can tell the police that they forced you.

You wouldn't be an accomplice.

What do you take me for?

It's a one-off chance.

You could get free.

What good would that do me?

There'd be no one to contradict you.

Nuttheccio and Armand would be dead.

Believe me.

I swear Faugel didn't kill Gilbert.

Faugel is innocent and he's in jail.

Get that through your head.

You know Nuttheccio's a killer.

He killed Gilbert to get the rest of the jewels.

If I wasn't sure, do you think I'd be helping someone who was never my friend?

I need your help. I need you to testify.

I don't care about Faugel.

After all this, I can't let Nuttheccio get away again.


Then we'll go away together.

Maybe a slammed door, or a burst tire in the distance.

The train!


A train passed when they were inside.

I remember now.

You see, I was right.

You thought it was all quiet.

You couldn't remember a single sound.

And you were right.

The train is an ordinary noise.

But they didn't anticipate that.

The passing train covered the shot.

It must be that. They fired as the train went by.

You're not staying?

We'll have plenty of time soon.

I have to finish what I've started.

In a few days, you'll be free.

I'm scared.

If you really knew me, you wouldn't be scared to be with me.

Nuttheccio is dangerous too.

Nuttheccio's a walking corpse.

You don't love me. Try to remember.

Was there a bang while the train was passing?

You don't love me.

What do you know?

I'll be back tomorrow maybe...

I think there was a shot.

Don't say that to please me. There's no point.

I'll do without your help. Your conscience will be clear.

There was a shot. I remember. I'm sure.

No, Fabienne. I tell you, I'm sure.

Absolutely? Yes. Now I am.

Did you hear it? Yes, I heard it.

So we agree?

A shot fired when the train was on the bridge.



I'm here. Stay there.


What's that?


Sit down.

Hello, Armand?

Nuttheccio has the diamonds. He wants to see you.

Recognize them?

I see they're jewels.

They're from Avenue Mozart. It was your job.

Bad information. Nothing to do with me.

I make enough... I don't care.

I happen to have these jewels and I need money.

I can help you out.

You don't have to...

Who were you calling?

The cemetery, to book you a place in case you need it.

It wouldn't be the first time I'd helped a friend out.

You didn't need to...

I need 200,000.



I can give you 300.

OK, 300.

Touch it. It's real.

I trust you.

Touch it.

There's no need, Silien. I know I can trust you.

I said touch it.

Look at this brooch.

This one.

And the bracelet...

Diamonds and platinum.

Feel the weight.

Very nice. That's good stuff.


In cash, right?

Of course.

I've got it in the drawer.

I'd prefer it from the safe.

It's the same.

If you insist.

The keys are in my jacket. Left pocket.


How much is in there?

Three, four...

OK. Back to the wall and don't move.

Are you robbing me?

You might get your face smashed in.

Put that on.

Is two million OK?

And take the jewels.

Shut up.

Five million?

What is it, Silien? What's happening?

Well, this bastard...

This bastard... I brought him the jewels...

He said we could split them... I trusted him.

Then he took out...

Fabienne? Go ahead.

Hello, police?

So Silien didn't turn me in.

How do you think got you out?

Tell me how I was arrested. It wasn't by chance.

It was only me that knew about Gilbert.

How come the police knew more than me?

It was to make up for Arlette that Gilbert met me out of prison.

He became my friend.

It was difficult to kill Gilbert.

I would have been able to if... it hadn't been for a simple, fatal gesture.

He turned round.

He saw the gun on him.

That was too much. You don't point guns at friends.

There was only one solution.

Jean... Yes?

Who informed on me? You really don't know?

Salignari was my pal.

A few months ago, I caught him with a girl.

He said she was a good informant.

I didn't think about it. I forget in a minute.

Then I met her at yours.

When I came with the tools.

To think, I sent her to case the house.

It was time to get out.

I couldn't say. You'd have said I was mad.

I let you go with Rémy and I called Sali, to invite him for dinner.

Sali said it was impossible. I insisted.

He said he had to catch two men at Neuilly.

It was clear. I hung up. I went to Thérèse's as fast as possible. She gave the address.

I tied her up and took her car.

I drove to Neuilly to get you before things went wrong.

Too late. Yes.

When I arrived, you were running, then fainting.

By some miracle, I managed to get you back to Jean's.

I tried to call Sali to try to sort things out.

But he died 10 minutes before.

Despite my feelings for Sali, I didn't let go.

Sali was going it alone.

Only he knew the names of the Neuilly boys.

So they were stuck on the case.

For my own safety, I decided to get rid of Thérèse.

She could have accused me of being the driver.

Jean told Anita to take care of you while you were out cold.

We went round to Thérèse's.

We arrived just as she was working herself free.

Would you be angry if I said it was me who did her in?


That cost me an almost brand-new raincoat.

While Jean was taking care of Thérèse...

I was heading off to an address I'd been given to get you a false passport so you could get away.

There was nothing at the address.

I looked all day.

I was back with Jean at 7.

We called to see how you were.

Anita said Lequay was taking care of you.

Knowing that, I got back to the passport.

How did I get arrested in the bar?

No one knew where I was.

All of a sudden, I got picked up by the police.

I realized no one knew the second Neuilly man.

They said Sali was in on another case.

Gilbert's murder. They suspected you because of what Sali said.

Thérèse must have filled him in before.

Maybe when he brought you back drunk.

I must have told them I killed Gilbert.

The police asked where you were.

They put so much pressure on me that I decided to help them.

I called round the bars to find you, because I knew you were safe with Jean.

Just for show, I called here.

The barman said that you were over the road.

I'd just left Jean's.

I went to get the gun and the jewels, despite your advice.

You know what I did with them.

Which makes me think...


Then I got Fabienne to talk.


A friend who was Nuttheccio's girl.

I made sure I got prints on the gun.

They killed each other at the Cotton Club, with the jewels in the open safe.

There. I think you know it all.

I'll get you for dinner with Fabienne.

Ah? Yes.

I'm going away with her.

I've got a nice house on the hill at Ponthierry.

I think I'm going to stop.

In this job, you either end up poor or riddled with bullets.

I'm going to Ponthierry.

I need to hide someone.

I don't know him. My last good deed.

See you later.

I'm the last of the bastards.


I thought Silien was a rat. I wanted him dead.

I'd have done it myself.

But he... Yes. Who'd have guessed?

Silien's a dark horse.

But he'd do anything for a friend.

A crook or a cop.

I can even tell you that Salignari and you were his only two friends.

Maurice, telephone.

Hang on.

Kern says a wreath for 2 million today.

Prepare the money.

Jean! Where does Silien live?

Right at Ponthierry.

Lend me your car. What is it?

Nothing, if I'm quick.


Take my car.

Give me a scotch.

Hello, Jean.


How's Anita?

She's a nice girl, with a big mouth.

Sucy-en-Brie, all change.

Why was Faugel at your place the day after Sali's death?


Don't even bother. We found your raincoat.

Don't say it's not yours.

And don't say I put a bit of it on the car they found.

I don't get it.

Well, let us explain.


I hope it'll be dismissed.

But outside I need a million for a nice easy job.

1 million? Yes.

Listen, Kern...

I've got a very good friend.

I wouldn't want him to have an accident.

Of course not.

I wouldn't be there to place a wreath.

I'd like to give him one.

Very nice.

A 1 million wreath?


Maybe two.

I'll give my lawyer a letter.

He'll give it to Jean, a friend.

He'll give you 2 million to buy the wreath.

Maybe you're right about this accident.


There, there...




I won't come this evening.