Le gentleman d'Epsom (1962) Script


Where is Paupiette?

On the outside. Doing well.

Turcos has the lead. Not surprising, he knows the track.

Uranium has won.

Go, Paupiette! Reine des Prés!

Uranium! Go, Garcia!

What's that joker doing? Did you see that?

Bravo, Poincelet.

A scandal! What happened?

Bandits! Thieves! To jail with them!

Did you bet on Paupiette? Yes, it's a scandal.

You can say that again!

The result of the race:

First place: number 6, Uranium.

- Second place: Paupiette. We'll try the sixth race.

Hello, Commander.

So we lost. You call that "lost"!

Philibert rode like a donkey. I'll have him suspended.

I lost 200,000. You and your "certain wins".

Excuse me? I was looking for you.

I just heard that...

Paupiette ate something bad.

Philibert wanted to prevent an embolism.

And why doesn't anybody tell me?

Mr Rothschild is furious. He's looking everywhere for you.

Tell him I'm angry with him.

No, I'll tell him myself. Alright.

Are you related to Rothschild? He's like my brother.

And you're a coward.

What did I tell you when you begged me for advice?

Begged, begged... Yes, begged.

What did I tell you?

Don't bet less than 10 to 1. Yes, that's right.

If you prefer playing the lotto, go to that charlatan there.

Are you betting on the sixth? Hey, come here...

I didn't mean to offend you. I thought I had the right...

You have no right. We're not from the same equestrian school.

You went to Vaugirard, I to Saumur.

You speak of horses like a blind man of colours.

We should all do what we do best.

Do not speak to me anymore.

Not even from a distance. But Commander...

Sorry about earlier, but I mentioned Rothschild because...

I thought you were in trouble.

I'm never in trouble. And if I were, I'd look after myself.

I think you went too far.

Excuse me.

It's alright.

Commander? Yes.

Do you have 1,000 francs?

If I had 1,000, I'd have 16,000 in a matter of minutes.

Because I'd bet on Cumulus, at 16 to 1. A gift.

Let's hurry, it's starting to rain.

So we're walking home?

Yes, through the forest.

It's a nice walk in spring.

The Duke of Morny often went for this stroll, followed by his carriage.

Get under the umbrella, but get your hands out of your pockets.

It may not be the right moment... but I know someone who's filthy rich. A restaurant owner.

I understand.

He dreams of horses. When he wakes up, he whinnies.

He'll do anything.

These types are getting rare. What are you waiting for?

I'm afraid of handling it the wrong way.

I don't want to spoil it.

These days, there are not enough men with class.

For you it would be easy.

Aren't you interested in a little deal?

I hate deals.

But you know me. Yes, indeed.

Who's that? I don't know. He's elegant.

Who's that? A countess.

Do you know her? I know them all, dear man.

Where do you think the madness stops?

With whom? With that cook of yours.

Judging by the prices on his menu, there are no limits.

Yes, he's on another planet.

What do you think? We'll be back.

We'll try it out as soon as we can afford to.

Some fruit? No, thanks.

Some pear compote perhaps? Thank you, but I have to go.

Alright, as you wish.

Here, I bought you some cigars.

Smoke them at your club, naughty boy.

And don't gamble too much.

Aunt, the club isn't what you think.

It's only an excuse to read the paper in peace.

25 louis on the star.

The game's on, gentlemen.

Rien ne va plus. Here we go, banker.

Star: pay- out 24 to 1.

This happens once in a blue moon.

Or right away. Don't you know Robowsky's Law of Repetition?

No. I do.

50 louis on the star.

You're suicidal. Or naive.

200 on the star.

The game's on. The last bets, please.

All bets have been made. Here we go, banker.

L'Etoile: 24 to 1, 500 francs.

The ace, 250 francs.

The 3, 50 francs. The 22, 25 francs.

Not a bad start. Robowsky's Law, dear man.

For the house. For the house.

Thank you!

Ever seen anything like that? Never.

They're in cahoots.

Let's talk about Papillon V.

Have we been conned?

What happened?

Victor rode like a donkey.

It went the same way as Watkins.

First he takes the last bend to wide, and then he wants to correct.

Watkins with Holocauste. Watkins with Holocauste?

Longchamp 1899...

But do you have a tip for me? Possibly.

Your money, Commander. Thanks.

Tomorrow, I have to be at the track early.

They want my opinion about a horse, before they let it race.

And does it look promising? 20 to 1.

We're having a lucky streak.

18 to 1 at the Prix du Cadran.

True, that tip came from me.

But tomorrow, a lot more money will be involved.

How do we do it? Will you call me?

Only when it's dead certain.

You know my motto: no risks.

Have some champagne.

It's not only a matter of being awake early enough.

You also have to think straight.

Do you go to bed with the sun? Yes, and I get up with the horses.

Because two things are important to me: my reputation and your money.

Goodnight, dear friend. I won't show you out.


It's ten o'clock, Commander.

So what?


Any good news today?

Well, there's good news and there's bad news.

The question is what's what.

I'm asking because I received my family allowance.

And I'd like to make it grow.

If you want a certain win, place a bet on number 3.

Please connect me to Wagram 1748.

Hello, I'm connecting you to Wagram. Hello, Arthur?

I'm fine, really fine.

A shame you were not at the races.

It was wonderful.

I gave my approval. That sounds good.

You upgraded the horse to 300,000.

That was so as not to influence the race.

Very good. What's her name?

Of the mare? Her name's Ridoxine.

Ridoxine. A beautiful name.

Yes, you should see the animal.

A swan's neck and perfect legs.

Pasterns like Eclipse.

She's a bit nervous at first, but then she goes like a rocket.

Well then, let's play.

Yes, let's.

By the way, I had some expenses of course.

But you know... No, not between friends.

Let's agree to 100 louis and that'll be all.

Goodbye, dear friend.

Connect me to Trudaine 7823.

Friedmann speaking.

Ah, you finally. Have you got anything interesting?

I was at the races around 7 and I saw the horse of the year.

With perfect legs.

And pasterns like Eclipse, if you know what I mean.

He's a bit nervous at first, but then he goes like a rocket.

And what's his name?

Fantomas from Funambule and Mélisande.

The horse of the day and maybe of the year.

How can I thank you?

Like always: 100 louis.

You'll make more than that.

Alright, goodbye, dear friend.

Commander, how are you? Any news?

Today I have a real locomotive.

Perfect legs and runs like a rocket.

What's the name of this locomotive? Sycophante.

What? Sy- co- phan- te!

And as always: 100 louis for me.

Goodbye, dear friend.

Connect me to Central 6060.

So no need to hesitate.

As always: 20 for me, two for you.

Good day. You look fabulous.

How do you do?

I thought you had forgotten about me Don't get so stressed.

I can't be at two places at the same time.

Come with me. Horses are men's business.

That starts well.

We'll have a reason to party. We always do.

Ténébreuse? Yes, the lady will make us rich.

This can become a big one. A very big one.

Jenny, close the door.

This case is a bit special.

Arcan will be drugged.

I find it as scandalous as you do.

But the only remedy against dishonesty is... to make use of it. Of course.

I have it from the horse's mouth. From someone who owes me.

The stuff is made from Guatemalan dandelions.

But there's a snag. I thought as much.

The product starts working after ten minutes.

And it only works for five minutes. Yes, so?

Everything must be perfectly timed.

If the race starts too early, it'll work too late. Or the other way around.

It's a matter of seconds. That's the big problem.

When the timing's correct, it'll work like a charm.

But dear Lucien...

Can I call you Lucien? Of course, please do.

If all goes well, we'll witness a historic win.

I put everything on a victory. And 5000 for you.

That's too much. Allow me.

Alright. Where do we meet?

As always, at three near the entrance. Alright.

Right, goodbye.

See you later, Commander.

Alright, dress rehearsal. I still have to go into town.

Get me my suit.

He goes off to bet, and we work to pay his debts.

And all week long.

Ténébreuse won. Put it on the board!

Fifth race: finish photo for 1st place between number 1 and number 5.

Third place: number 3.

What a mess!

I don't need a photo to see they didn't finish at the same time.

Of course Ténébreuse and Ridoxine were equal.

No they weren't. Yes, they were.

See? No problem.

Let it rain money.

20,000 at 12 to 1, that makes 240,000 for me.

And 24,000 for you.

And now, do we bet everything or half?

Don't get carried away.

That's not like you. I say all or nothing.

The question is: do we make up for our losses or do we keep our wins?

It's not the same thing.

But Arcan has been stuffed with dandelions...

Horses are capricious creatures.

Now he's also been drugged. Who knows what will happen.

So what do we do? Hello, Commander.

I told you not to speak to me anymore.

Can't we make peace?

I've only been losing. More than ever.

I told you so.

But I have a big heart. In spite of your ingratitude.

Héliotrope in the next race.

Hello. Hello.

The horses are approaching the start.

Ah, look!

300,000 on Arcan, could be worth it.

You call that worth it? Take it, take it.

Too many unpredictable things.

According to the finish photo we came second and the doping went wrong.

Too many unpredictable things. It's fate, old man.

Besides I'm a liberal. Or at least a democrat.

Cheating jockeys, capricious horses... each to their own.

But when a little businessman harasses an officer... because he's supposedly forcing people's hand. That goes too far.

The middle classes are taking enormous liberties.

O tempora! O mores!

What? That's Latin: what times we live in!

And I don't mean that in a good way.

We're witnesses of subversion.

It's not like it's a new thing.

I was there in 1927.

I didn't hang around when they put hussars on motorcycles.

It was unbearable to see Saumur and the Cadre Noir... go downhill.

That's why I returned my whip, cap and spurs.

I have nothing against horse manure, but I hate engine oil.

I have to go. I have a dinner appointment.

Goodbye. Bye. See you tomorrow.

- I put some oil in the pan. Thanks, Hubert.

About two spoonfuls.

And about 50 grams of butter.

50 grams correspond roughly to two spoonfuls of oil.

One big onion, of which I only use half.

I'm removing both ends. Like this.

To gain some time, I'm cutting it very thinly.

You see how fast it goes.

And it's not hard at all.

I put the onion in the pot.

Come in.

Good evening.

And now we start on the second part of our recipe.

Take a beautiful pheasant.

Yes. A beautiful pheasant...

Your brother, madam. Speak of the devil...

Don't start again.

Refer to him as Commander or Mr Richard Briand- Charmery.

It's me again.

Good evening, brother.

Nice of you to come.

Do you turn it off on my account? Because of the parasites.

Did you come for dinner? No, I came to see my sister.

Just a matter of affection.

Judging by the frequency of your affection, the story continues?

I don't follow you. Your own Berezina and Waterloo.

I have to disappoint you.

I made a nice amount of money, this afternoon.

Will you stay for dinner? If you're asking me to.

Thank you.

Since you made a nice amount of money... you could maybe pay back the 40,000... that Thérèse lent you, years ago.

Taken out of my money.

I don't see how she could have lent me that out of your pocket.

That's true. I don't understand.

Is that supposed to imply something? It sure does.

It refers to your rubber Berezina and your oil Waterloo.

The stock market is the necropolis of the middle classes.

And your its gravedigger.

Are you here to start a fight? He's only joking.

Although it's true that you haven't missed any catastrophe.

The Oustric case, real estate, Swedish matches...

The tramway through the Andes... I have to interrupt you.

He missed out on the Panama affair, because he was informed too late.

And to whom do I owe my disaster at the races of '49?

Really, I'm too old to be reprimanded.

Where's my niece?

She's doing homework in her room. I'll give her a hand then.

Help her with what? What would he know?

Dear crazy uncle, how are you? I'm well.

But a bit of respect, please.

That's scotch. Yes, it is.

Daddy doesn't allow me to have any. You know I'm rarely on his side.

But this time he's right. What if I like it?

What do I do if they don't allow me to have any?

I'll have it offered to me. Yes, by local womanizers.

Don't let me catch you. There are no womanizers anymore.

That was in your days.

Dimmed lights, Carlos Gardel, Orient- Express...

The Borromean Islands.

You must have been irresistible. Don't try to butter me up.

What's that? Just integral calculus.

To do with group theory.

It's new and fun.

Does it mean anything to you? If I were good in math

...I would have joined the artillery like your grandfather.

I would have liked the uniform.

Tell me, uncle... What?

Can you lend me 10,000 francs? For what?

When a woman asks you for money, you never ask why.

Excuse me. It's for a record player.

Dinner's served.

Great, are you having dinner with us?

That's for certain now.



What are you doing here? I've gone for a ride. And you?

Nothing. Get in then.

Unbelievable, after all this time and then suddenly...

Let me look at you.

The same. The same, but better.

You haven't changed. Yes, I have.

No, you still talk nonsense.

I thought you got married in America. I got away.

The marriage? No, America.

I keep looking at the shops here.

Steve comes with me when he can, but he's very busy.

And you? Still available.

What would you like to do? Dance, shop, have some pastry?

Buy. No matter what. As long as it's ocelot, leather and expensive.

I wanted to start with hats. Then we're going the wrong way.

What about Caroline Peloux? She only makes minister's wife's hats.

People would call you Mrs President.

And nobody would talk to you.

What's his name? César.

César! Please turn around.

Would that go with my outfit?

A beige jersey would be better. Yes.

Yes, maybe.

I'll take these two. Alright, madam.

To think that you taught me how to dress myself.

In spring, at the races, in the sunshine...

And at the finish line, you kissed me in the neck.

Lady Be Good had just won for me at 30 to 1.

You said: I'll show you how you turn a horse into a mink.

And that's what happened.

Tell me, how much did the mink coat cost?

You remember it. That's priceless.

Yes, I remember...

The model for gentlemen. It comes in various sizes.


Have it brought to the Ritz tonight. Mrs Mulligan.

You're staying at the Ritz out of habit? Out of loyalty.

They said you don't go there anymore.

Hotel life's not for me. Too many people.

I'm looking for something in the Marais.

It's the only nice suburb, now that everything's going downhill.

It's a big mess everywhere.

I hope you don't live in New York.

Yes, because of Steve's work.

But I've gotten used to it. We have a great view.

Learn something new everyday.

I didn't know you could have a view outside of Versailles.

I'm not taking the bait.

And what does he do? Who?

Steve. He's in business.

Mines, manganese, tungsten. I don't know exactly.

Mines aren't bad. Miss.

I was at the races with the ambassador, Steve's friend.

I was hoping to see you there.

I don't like to watch the jockeys when they're weighing.

That's a pastime for common people.

I've seen hat fashion change all the time.

Soon we'll see the Basque beret and the cap.

Steve wears funny caps.

Excuse me, there are no funny caps, of course.

Maybe on the head of this gentleman.

That's it, we're already there.

Maybe not. What are you doing tonight?

I'll be packing. That's a pity.

My plane leaves tomorrow at 8 AM.

I'd like to have dinner with you. It would be too late.

Alright, a late dinner then.

Don't say no. You never could.

Alright, pick me up at ten. I'll try to be ready.

The same music, the bad third violin, the maître d' who sees everything...

You must admit that nothing has changed. Almost nothing. Details.

Do you remember that singer?

He gained quite a bit of weight.

You wanted to kill him with a sabre, over me.

Looking at him now, I should have.

A pound of caviar for two, now that's a customer, Mr Boris!

Customer? One night, the Commander arrived on horseback.

He was in love with Lulu from Montparnasse.

Lulu always sat next to the orchestra and had dinner topless.

A queen!

That night lasted 60 hours and nobody left.

The Commander called Lulu "Sonia". He wanted to marry her.

He drank like a Romanov. He was drunk.

Drunk? Go empty ashtrays, little westerner.

What a life. They were great years, Richard.

I still happen to think of you when I'm laughing.

Do you laugh often? That's not fair.

Steve's a good guy. He works hard.

Yes, the mines. But don't tell me he goes down.

His grandfather started out with 50 cents.

Mine was in the army.

In my family, it was always about horses.

They are what separated us.

Here, I bought it for you, in fact.

Thank you.

Why did you say "in fact"? I never forget anything.

Yes... me.

At the races in Epsom.

Don't speak of that day. It still bugs me.

A disaster, a massacre. Shakespeare!

The trainer of the Duke had given me Suncup as a certain tip.

And then? A moment of patriotism...

I put everything on Fanfaron, a French horse.

What do you want? We're always betrayed by our own people.

When I left you to pick up my so-called winnings, I was broke.

But why didn't you tell me? Why did Lady Be Good win?

And why did Fanfaron lose? Why do these things happen?

Why does one lose the inclination to explain these things?

Who knows?

This is all really stupid.

Schaschlik Special. Shouldn't come as a surprise.

I'm talking about Epsom.

Did you wait long for me? I don't know. I didn't know the time.

You pawned my watch the day before.

They asked me to leave. I waited near the door for you. And then...

And then Steve.

What about Steve?

A gentleman invited me to come to London.

I accepted. That was him.

To approach a woman at the exit of a hippodrome...

What about you in Saratoga?

That was on the grandstand and besides that was me!

And I had just won a lot.

And he had bet on Suncup.

So he won with my horse!

Darling, you're wonderful. You'll never grow up.

You're exactly the way I remembered you.

Thank you, Richard.

Dance with me.

Time passed so quickly.

My flight leaves in four hours. I have to go to the hotel.

The bill, please.

Aren't you with Diners Club?

That's very American, but I think it's cheap.

Do you have a pen? Not a ballpoint.

Thank you.

Let's see.

Perfect. I'll write out 200,000. Please bring me the change.

Shall I drop you off? No.

I love smoking my last cigar outside.

I had a wonderful time.

Who knows where we'll meet again. In Epsom or in Saratoga.

So, what is it about?

Something that might not interest you, but it's important to me.

The family honour. Do you still play billiards with Baron Emblain?

No. We've never played billiards. We play bridge.

That's the same thing. Is it?

It is with regards to this problem. He won't play with you anymore.

No matter which game.

Why's that?

Does the Baron still work for the Bank of Paris?

He's its president. I gave him a bad cheque.

What? What do you expect?

Do you know what a Russian night is?

A gentleman has to spend big.

Now what will you do? I'll go to jail.

Impossible! Have you thought of Thérèse? Of your niece? Of me?

That's why I brought up the family honour.

I won't be blackmailed. I don't care about your honour.

How low. Your responsible for your foolishness.

I'm not going to get you out of this.

I couldn't help you if I wanted to.

The banks are on strike since yesterday. On strike?

Is it official? Of course it is.

You should read the paper better! Oh no!

If you don't care about my honour, I don't care about your advice.

Did my partner arrive?

Not yet. Maybe they put him in jail.

Get me an accomplice. I'll start already.

Buy Paris- Turf! Buy Paris- Turf!

Charlot, can you help me?

I don't have money for the entrance fee.

I've got something for you then.

If you'll work with Léon, I'll give you 2,000 francs.

Then we'll be even.

I don't offer that to anybody. I'm touched by your trust in me.

And this is for the bet with Léon.

And 2,000 for you.

Use this to bet twice. I don't need the manual.

The black one here, the other one there. I'm not showing the third one.

Who'll find it for 1,000 francs?

Here? No, no!

One to the left, one to the right and one... in the middle.

We'll start over. The reds lost, the black one's here.

This one stays where it is.

Here. Turn your card around.

Follow the red one. Try to find it while I try to hide it.

Who finds it for 10,000? What do you think?

On the right. Not in the middle?

You'd think so, but he moves the card.

Not under 20,000. Will you throw in 10,000?

I was so sure. How is that possible?

I must have been distracted. Once again, with the ace of diamonds.

It's all about the red one. Keep an eye on it.

Red wins again. This is the ace of diamonds.

Here it is. Everything on the ace of diamonds.

Red wins again. I hide it, you find it.

Keep an eye on the red one. Who finds it for 10,000?

Bravo, sir. Bravo, sir.

Once more. Still the red card. Here it is. Here you see it.

Red wins. Excuse me. Red wins.

Who finds it for 40?

I said 40. Allow me?

Yes, if you want.

Oh no!

You made me lose quite a bit.

There we go again. Red always wins.

26 to 1.

26 to 1 for Centurion, that's something!

What do you think? That we'll have to walk home again.

Poor friend, you'll never make it.

Sultan isn't in great shape.

Charly, 26 to 1, which horse is that?

26 to 1, that's Centurion.

But I don't believe it at all.

Once on 17.

A win for 1.

Hello, hello. The horses are getting ready.

Aren't you watching? No need. I already know.

Allow me?

If you want...

Four of them are 30 lengths behind.

The 17 is one of them. That's Centurion, isn't it?

At the moment, were coming eleventh.

Don't talk nonsense.

Still eleventh.

That's terrible! What a bunch of crooks! Stop them!

Moréno was too slow. That was on purpose!

He had orders and we know from whom!

Jolie Môme is in the next race!

Thanks a lot!

I thought I knew what they were up to. I lost 30,000!

So? And who knows if it's true. You don't believe...

I don't believe anything. I was going to bet on the fourth race.

And now I'm broke, thanks to you.

Who do you want to bet on? Number 6, Jolie Môme!

Jolie Môme.

Number six. 20 times on a win.

Thank you.


Commander Briand- Charmery, major in the reserves.

Oscar Robineau, grains and animal feed from La Ferté.

Pleased to meet you. Likewise.

She won, she won!

Jolie Môme! Jolie Môme!

I say...

I'll pay you back right away. I won't have it.

Listen... You lost 20,000 because of me.

You made me win 250,000. That's not right.

As you wish. But I'll give the money to the jockey relief fund.

And now what? We get our money and go.

Tonight we move on your friend, the pizza man.

You call that a rare steak? It's burnt.

Is that supposed to be a béchamel sauce? Get rid of it.

One moment. Alright.

Good evening. Mr Charly.


You here? Good evening.

You promised me a tip. I thought you had died.

Don't joke about that. Death isn't funny.

I'm not joking. It can happen very fast.

You're having a drink with friends, you're talking and then...

People die all the time. I didn't have any good tips for you.

Come by anyway. Want a drink?

I won't say no.


What are you looking at?

Does the Commander come here? Commander? What kind of commander?

Who's the commander here? The one with the white hair.

What's he a commander of? Of everything.

A retired major, used to be with the Cadre Noir.

He's quoted in every book about horse-breeding since 1912.

Horse owners fight over him. He knows magic spells.

He whispers into the horses' nostrils.

What do you want? Mr Cheyrolle wants to say goodbye.

One moment.

I hope the lady was happy? Always, my dear Ripeux.

See you soon.

This way, this way.

So he talks to horses? Yes.

In which language? Depends on the horse.

Sometimes Australian, sometimes Norman. He works with code words.

Dialect. He calls it oral tradition.


You must be Mr Ripeux. You know me?

I've been studying your menu.


Thanks, Henriette. Good evening, sir.

I haven't seen him for two days. What do you want me to say?

The truth. Is he ill? I don't know. His key's here.

Tell him that Mr Arthur's waiting to hear from him.

The Commander, please. It's his friend Lucien.

Lucien. You know what a friend is.

Yes, but what do you want me to do?

I told you he's gone into town. I'll leave a message.

Madam, sir.

So what do you say, Commander?

Quite remarkable.

I meant about my little idea. That's another matter.

I've been in the army long enough to know about treason.

You say something to a friend, the friend repeats it... and the empire falls apart.

Don't pull that face. This is my affectionate side.

When I like people, I want them to like me. I was like that as a child.

My mother always used to say: Gaspard, you're too sensitive.

That's how I am. You must think it's ridiculous.

Certainly not. It's actually touching.

Yes, touching.

Your culinary talent, your love of horses, your juvenile sensitivity...

I was a leader and I recognize leaders.

Believe me, you are one. I am one?

Yes, and a good one.

No, no, no. But, dear man...

You know what we should do? Have lunch together tomorrow.

We're having fish dumplings. And then we'll talk.

But I have to go to Chantilly. Do you have to go?

Because of Brunoise. Your wife?

A mare, that's going to participate in a race.

It's going to be a surprise: 25 to 1.

Will she win? She's a unique mare.

Something can always go wrong. With a man like you?

But I won't be in the race myself. Waiter.

Thank you, sir.

Let me explain.

Young mares can always have little problems... caused by the position of the planets or gender influences.

We have to take that into account.

Did you say ''We''? Do you see me as your partner?

Yes, but...

If you really want to, you can come with me to Chantilly.

Unfortunately... What, unfortunately?

My thrombosis. My heartbeat's like a chicken's.

All excitement is forbidden.

My doctor even says, that going to the race track will be the end of me.

And one horse in the race is worth two in the bush.

No, one horse in the hand... If you can't come along...

No, wait a second.

Give me that, girl.

Put 100,000 on Brunoise for me.

Don't refuse, think of my heart.

People might think I'm a bookie.

A man like you? It does look that way.

Coat! Coat!

And? The way he looked at my binoculars.

I had him in the palm of my hand.

How much? 100,000.

Only you could have pulled that off.

I see this as merely a down payment.

What did you sell him? Brunoise.

She hasn't finished a race yet. The money's ours.

How much do I get? Nothing.

I see. Tomorrow I'll go to the bookmaker.

I'll put the 100,000 on Reine de Saba.

She's a sure win. Reine de Saba?

I'd never have thought of that. Be happy I do the thinking for you.


This is Léon Citron from Chantilly.

We're at the Princes de Condé racecourse... that belongs to the Académie Française, as you know.

We're about to witness the start of the Prix de Diane.

This is a classic race for fillies.

The distance is 2100 meters.

Who's going to win? That's what everybody wants to know.

People talk about Reine de Saba, about Pomme D'amour...

Also about Fric-Frac, an unusual name for a filly, by the way.

Fric-Frac is on the extreme right of your screen.

The race is beginning.

Araminthe II takes the lead.

An excellent animal that already won in Tremblay... three weeks ago.

However, the general opinion is that...

Reine de Saba from the Carbington team has a better chance of winning.

The horses have now covered 400 meters.

They're about to pass by the stables.

They're slowing down slightly. Fric-Frac is doing well.

Reine de Saba has the lead and looks for her second wind.

Minouchette is able to improve her position.

We're halfway and everything is still possible.

Ten fillies with a chance to win are going past the castle at the moment.

Reine de Saba, in her relaxed style... still has the lead and seems to be going to win.

But another horse is coming forward.

Brunoise! Her jockey's wearing a light cap and a dark costume.

Brunoise... nobody was expecting her.

Brunoise is taking on Reine de Saba. She's going to win the race.

Brunoise has never done anything.

She can't lose anymore. Brunoise wins this race.

A length and a half ahead of Reine de Saba.

Why is this happening to me? This is insane!

Are you in trouble? Tell me.

Trouble too big to talk about. Turn that off.

First place: Brunoise. Second place: Reine de Saba.

Aunt Berthe. No, I have to go right away.

Béatrice, hurry up. We'll be late.

What are you doing here?

You should have had dinner at my place last night. We had lobster.

Hello, aunt Berthe. Come with us to the Goya exhibition.

It's supposed to be amazing. Not more than what just happened to me.

I'm ready, aunt. Let's hurry.

Richard, aren't you coming?

No thanks, aunt, but I'll walk you to the car.

It's not my fault that Brunoise wins.

And who got me involved with that stupid soup dealer.

To whom we now owe 850,000 francs. Have you got it?

No. Well.

But Brunoise was your idea. Of course. You never have any ideas.

What do we do now? I don't know.

But I know what he'll do: he'll take us to the police... then to court and then to jail.

What a future. What if we tell Ripeux everything?

We'll confess our sins and... What?

There are two things you never use... cyanide and honesty. And now?

We'll use Caesar's strategy: we'll put all our eggs in one basket.

I'm glad I wasn't there. I would have dropped dead.

It must have been quite something. When a horse is in good shape...

I just had the saddle replaced to relax the muscles.

Brunoise's muscles?

It's extremely important how you saddle your horse.

My book about this topic used to be on the bedside table of all the officers.

How much did Brunoise pay out? 8,5.

You'll receive 850,000. You should have seen Chanopoulos' face!

Did he come second? No, he's the bookmaker.

Your 100,000 plus 500,000 from the house: he almost has to pay a million.

So I'm giving him until tomorrow. We're not inhuman. One moment!

That's very friendly of you, dear Ripeux.

You're a real poet.

But why a candle? We're celebrating our first win.

May it not be the last. Who knows?

Your mother was right: you're too sensitive.

But don't think I hold it against you.


If only I wasn't afraid to spoil you. What?

Ripeux. Yes?

Do you really think money makes people happy?

It doesn't hurt. Alright, I'll give you your chance.

You'll need a dowry for your daughter.

Do you want to make a fortune? Yes, why do you ask?

A horse of Mrs de Carbouffe will be in tomorrow's race in Auteuil.

A son of Minos and Pasiphaë. His half- brother is a Saint- Simon.

He has famous ancestors. And what's the name of this dear horse?


Do you think he's the jackpot? He's the biggest jackpot.

Will you put everything on him? I never bet.

But the house will join for the maximum.

That's why, if you'd also bet your 850,000 from Brunoise... you shouldn't count on more than 4 million.

That's still 5 to 1. Yes.

Without wanting to offend you... can I bring up something absurd?

What if it goes wrong?

You may be right. I was blinded by friendship.

But I understand: a nice little restaurant, honest food... a little business. You're not the type to make it big.

I'll pay you your 850,000 tomorrow and you'll take it to the bank.

Yes, the 2% are certain. It's certain that they won't become 3%.

Old Ripeux really had you fooled.

Exactly like in school.

The Inspector said: "Ripeux, you'll be an actor one day."

And I could have been one.

I'm a grandson and a son of an Auvergnat and I'm a crocodile myself.

I make new bills every night.

When it comes to profit, I never have enough. I'm a boa!

You wouldn't know. You're from Saumur, the military academy...

Our backgrounds are not the same. Oh no.

I came to Paris almost barefoot. So now I want to stuff myself.

I need big safes to store it. I want it all.

Minotaure is going to be a blast.

I feel it. I have the nose of a hound dog.

Only 4 million? You don't know me well.

The 850,000 from Brunoise plus 100,000.

That's Ripeux. Oriental style. Does that make 5 million?

That's in the bag.

Hello, hello.

The horses are going to the start.

Number 6, Minotaure, at 25 to 1.

The lame nag! Not worth a dime.

Are you really sure that Minotaure will lose?

We don't want another disaster like Brunoise.

I checked it one more time. He doesn't have a chance.

Since you can see everything, which number is Minotaure?

Number 6. Ah!

Red costume. Yes.

Green cap. Ah!

It's funny. What?

Your Minotaure's doing well.

Normally, he's slow. I say!

How much did you bet? 900,000.

Flamenco has won.


That was lucky. I'm in good shape. It's an omen.

Predicting the loser of the 5th race... is one thing, but predicting the winner of the 6th is another.


Do something. It must be his heart.

No, the excitement.

Amazing... I'm not surprised.

He said earlier that he had bet 950000 on Minotaure.

There must be something wrong with him.

I leave you to your conscience.

You have cheated before, but not killed.

But I didn't do anything.

If you're not healthy as a horse, you shouldn't go to the races.

Minotaure will be my big blast.

We'll stuff ourselves. I have the nose of a hound dog.

The 850,000 from Brunoise plus 100,000.

That's Ripeux. Oriental style.

Did you escape from Melun? I thought you were in Fresnes.

What are you doing here? I have a bet going on the last race.

On the last race? Me too. First a bit nervous... but then like a rocket. Mine has pasterns like Eclipse.

I see. I thought it was a secret tip.

I have an expert.

Tell me about it. Mine's a riding teacher, with a moustache.

Mine went to Saumur. Saumur?

Cadre Noir. The Commander?

Exactly. We have the same one!

Phone call every morning at ten? Of course.

What did he recommend to you? Number 7, Fleur des Pois.

The jockeys are mounting.

Number 7, 22 times on a win.

Number 3, 22 times on a win.

Number 7, 22 times on a win.

And then number 8.

For me number 8, right?

Number 3, once on a win.

And number 8, five times on a win.

Hello, hello.

The horses are going to the start.

This time all the clowns are present.

What do we do? About the clowns?

No, who do we bet on? Apparently, number 8, Mexicana...

Hello, hello.

The horses are ready for the start.

Hey, number 7! 20 times on a win.

Number 7, 20 times.


I wanted number 7, not 8.

What do I do with number 8?

Not even good for a merry- go- round. Sorry, too late.

Too late, too late. What's happening, Commander?

They think they can do anything.

This is nothing but theft.

And? Number 7. Go, number 7, go!

Looks good for us.

Number 7, number 7!

Number 7 wins.

No, number 8! Number 8!

It was close. Hardly one length.

Last week I came 5th, today 2nd. It's a matter of patience.


Thank you.

Next, please.

Was Mexicana good for you?

You advise us number 7 and you make money on number 8.

Fleur des Pois was dizzy. I heard about it this morning... and I changed your bets to Mexicana.

Do you think this is too daring? Do you want your money back?

But Commander! Can I give you a ride home?

No thanks. We'll settle things tonight.

I'm expected somewhere. Goodbye.

He's a real gentleman.

Yes, old style. Those were the days.

He may be the last of his kind. We're lucky.

I don't understand. Didn't you want to bet on number 7?

Things change.

The problem with people like you is that you don't have a flexible mind.

You stick too much to logic, descent, distance, weight...

That's why I find intuition so important.

And sometimes that makes me say the wrong thing.

I think 7 and I say 8. Yes, if you say more than you think...

You're so primitive.

I won because I had to win.

And that's all. I see.

Buy France-Soir!

End of the bank strike!

End of the bank strike!

New special edition of France-Soir!

End of the bank strike!

The bank strike is over.

In the end, everything always goes back to normal.

Could you do me a favour? Yes, sir.

Get your hands out of your pockets.