Le jaguar (1996) Script

Take it easy, boys! He's too tired to talk now.

Your reservation's confirmed.

Welcome to the Crillon Hotel, Mr. Stevens. Your suite is ready.

I think your cause is important.

4th floor.

What floor?


We'll get help at once. Nothing serious.

OK, thanks.

They'll have it fixed in a jiffy.

Sorry about that.

No harm done.

Whatever turns him on.

We're trapped here with you-know-who.

He's fondling one of the guests.

The ears.

OK, thanks.

They're done.

Good! I'm claustrophobic.

Just a few seconds now.

Don't worry, he's a very gentle fellow.

I'm not worried.

Now what?

Grab his nose.

The nose is the breath of life.

You're saying that your lives matter to one another.


How long will we be saying this?

So much for that!

This is incredible. Why?

You're the 1st white man who's interested him.

He has a nice face.

He's a respected shaman of the Amazon rainforest.

It's about time!

'Night. Keep up the good work.

Thanks. Sorry if he bothered you.

Forget it.

So long.

I really am sorry. I don't know what's got into him.

That's all right. Goodnight.

Late, as usual.

I have an excuse. Let's hear it.

A shaman grabbed my nose in the elevator.


It's true! That rainforest guy on the world tour...

You look great.

Why'd you call me?

Had to see you.

After a year, you suddenly have to see me?

What's this?

I'm saying your life matters to me.

Photo op at 9, government meeting at 11, then we'll do afternoon talk shows.

What's that?

What'd he want?

He had a bad dream last night.

A man in the Amazon stole his soul.

He couldn't prevent it, since he was so far away.

So he had a bad night. He'll get over it.

I'm right down the hall.

This dream stuff bothers me.

It'll be forgotten by the morning!

He said something odd.


That he'd met the "Chosen One."

Chosen One?

How much?



I'm on to a big score. I'll pay you back next week.

What's so funny?

So that's why you called me!

I wanted to see you, not tell you my problems!

It's late, tomorrow's a big day, and I'm beat!

OK, I'll leave! Can I get dressed first?


You asleep?

Look, I'm in deep shit.

I lost at poker, wrote bum checks.

So what else is new?

It gets heavy. The guy I owe sold my debt to a loan shark in the Mob!

I'm sleepy.

I don't believe this!

My life's in danger and you're sleepy!

You asked everyone else, right?

Not at all!

Even if I had $100,000, you wouldn't see it!

It's fake.

Why say that?

Just a thought.


Why don't you try working for a change?

Goodnight, sir.

What're you doing here?

Aren't you cold?

You're shivering! They let you out half-naked!

Put this on!

Put it on! You'll catch your death!

Let's go in.

Now what?

That's nice, but I couldn't...

Happy now? Come on.

Found him outside. Isn't he guarded?

He's your problem. I'm outta here.

Gimme the coat.

You take the beads, I take the coat.

This is too tricky.

Get the damn interpreter, I want my coat.

It's 4 a.m.

I didn't ask the time. My coat is cashmere!

Who needs these crappy beads?

OK, I'll call at once.

No, thanks.

Goddam trading post!

Terribly sorry. He's never gone out alone.

I want to have my coat... and give these back.

That's a tough one!


If you've initiated the gift ritual...

What ritual? I'm not into ritual!

To take a gift back is a major insult.

What gift? It's cold, I lent him my coat.

Now I need it to go home.

Tell this bozo to stop!

A fertility necklace!

It's a sign of respect.

I want my coat now... or else!

I'll get my checkbook.

What for?

To buy the coat. He can't imagine a friend taking it back.

What have I done?

Tell me how much I owe you.

Never mind!

It's out of your league. Keep it.

I need way more cash than that!

I'm very touched, sir.

My name's Jean Campana.

Do I get my keys back?

Does he keep my car?

I said it was your fetish.

Nice move! Goodnight.

No! You stay! You not come!

Put him on a leash so I can split!

You scared me!

What're you doing?

Don't move!

Crillon Hotel? Mr Campana, please.


It's the guy with the coat. Yeah, right.

I got your cuckoo here. At my place.

Didn't see him till I parked! I'm sick of this shit!

Make it snappy. 95 Suffren Ave.

The name's François Perrin. I'll buzz you in.

See you soon.

Bozo's in a bad way!

Stop following me!

What's with you?

Stop it!

Try to warm up.

You don't keep the blanket!


You'll have coffee then go home, OK?

What a night! I go out for big bucks, come back with an old Indian!

I'm a loser.

I'm up the creek. 100 grand!

Go for it!

It's not so great. Comes from the deli downstairs.

You don't care.

What's up, Geronimo? Why am I your friend?

Still hungry?

It's a quiche.

It's lousy, but the deli lets me buy on credit.

You don't know about debts, credit ratings, collection agencies...

Where's your interpreter?

I'm not bored, I'm bushed.

Have a coffee for the road.

I got some brandy.

Keep the chill off.

Strong, huh?

What's keeping him? Is he coming by canoe?

Damn, I'm sleepy!

I gotta lie down.

No one home?

We get it wrong?

No, François Perrin, 6th floor.

What's he up to?

Let's call the police.

Who is it?

You can take him.

What are you staring at? Take him and get lost!

Sorry, but we came by earlier...

I fell asleep. He's all yours, goodbye!

Will he go now?

I'll handle it.

Thanks for coming, it's alright now.

You're sure?

Yes, thanks.

I'll be in the car. I'll reschedule the day.


What happened? I don't know.

And I don't care!

Talk outside. I'm crashing!

I asked him why he painted symbols on your face.

He did what?

Shit! The guy's nuts!

He says you're good. Your soul's clear and beautiful.

Looks like an initiation rite to me.

Those totems and crosses on your face.

That's what it looks like.

Tell him to do his graffiti elsewhere!

I wish I knew.

Now what?

He thanks you for the gifts. He should!

Don't wash off the paint for a few days.

Oh, sure!

He says you're The Chosen One.


He has chosen you, Mr Perrin.

But what for?

He's in danger: Only you can help.

Yeah, sure!

See you around, good luck.

Goodbye, thanks for everything.

Wait! He told me about a dream:

Someone stole his soul.

Know what that means to an Indian?

Who cares?

See you again, Mr. Stevens Thank you, Minister.

France cares about the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants.

We'll do our best to help.

Goodbye, Minister.

What's the matter?

Get a doctor, quick!

11 o'clock news. First this sad bulletin:

Wanu, the Amazon shaman suffered a heart attack a few minutes ago.

Wanu is touring Europe to publicize the plight of the rainforest and its natives.

He's in critical condition at a Paris hospital.

He wants Perrin.

I heard it on the radio. How is he?

He's dying, wants to see you.

Sorry, I can't come to the hospital now.

Look, it won't take long.

I can send a car.

No, I'm tied up today.

Why me? I only met him last night. It's crazy!

He's formed a mysterious bond with you.

It's rooted in Indian magic.

Indian magic!

I saved him from freezing. Where's the magic?

Hey, I got water on my floor!

A flood! Shit!

He hung up!

What's happening?

Valium? Valium 10, quick!

You got a week to pay up. No more.

We'll be visiting you. See you around.

A week!

I don't get it.

He was clinically dead, now he needs Valium!

I've never given a sedative to a stiff!

Who did you sell my IOU to?

You shoulda paid, it's been a year.

They just beat me up. Tell me who it is!

You won't lose them. They'll make you pay.

I can't, goddammit, I need time!

If you can't, then beat it.

Skip town, blow the country, the planet!

Why doesn't he call?

He won't give a few minutes to a dying man!

It's too late.

I'm going... Where?

To get him. To drag him here?

You bet I will.


Now what? You gave me a week.

Just checking on your mood.

Mr Perrin, I need a few minutes of your time...


Thanks for coming.

Least I could do.


There was another scare.

His heart was racing.

He wants you to get his soul.


His soul's been stolen. Without it he'll die.

You must retrieve it. Time is running out.

You two are bonded. He'll help you search.

You must answer him:

Will you go or not?


Thanks for playing along.

I pity the old guy.

He's happy, he thinks you'll rescue his soul and he'll recover.

You must think this is ridiculous.

It is unusual.

Indians believe you die unless someone recovers your soul.

Fine, but why me?

I don't know.

Thanks again for your trouble.

I bet the Amazon is really something. What?

I haven't had a vacation for ages, and a few days over there...

You'd consider going?

I have a few loose ends to tie up and if it all works out...

I had no idea you might go.

Why not? Sounds fun.

No, it's not "fun."

It would be no pleasure trip.

Recovering a soul is a ritual. It is long and arduous.

Indian magic is no holiday.

I understand. How interesting.

I admit I'm tempted...

It's a spiritual journey.

Spiritual, sure...

I'm seeing a guy today who's crucial...

I'll see him and then decide, OK?

That's him. His name's Matecamu.


Matecamu. He's Serb, or Croat, or Bosnian...

Who cares?

Anyway, it's gotta be him, his specialty is buying up gambling debts.

Mr Matecamu, can I talk to you?

My name's François Perrin, I think we're in business.

I'm an honest man.

I always pay my debts, I have principles.

I owe you $100,000. I swear I'll pay you.

But I need more time, 2 weeks at most...

What do you do?


You have a job?

I'm in deluxe real estate, in the Balearic Islands.

I have a property you may like.

By the sea, pool and tennis court...

Let's talk about it when we've settled our problem.

I have a son like you.


Same age, same charm, same gall.

Is that so?

The creep has bugged me since he was born.

He's a liar, a thief, a skirt-chaser, a drunk, and maybe a junkie.

He's dumb enough.

I'm not into drugs!

I'd love to murder him, but his mother protects him.

There's nothing I can do.

Could I talk to him? Youth to youth...



You get no more time.

Pay up by the end of the week.

That's impossible.

I'll tell them you need special care.

As if you were my own son.

Indians are wonderful, I lived with them all my life.

My parents were anthropologists.

I was ten when they died. I was raised by the tribe.

Have a nice trip. Thanks.

Time for a coffee before takeoff.

Not for me. I'll be at the gate.

You're not leaving.

Here's $10,000.

I sold my car, it's all I have. Give me my passport.

You owe $100,000.

I'll be back in a week, I'll pay you then.

I swear!

Stop, I'll pay you!

I swear! Stop!

You're leaving in a wheelchair!

You OK?

Who taught you to fight?

Who were those guys? No idea.

They followed us from Paris. I saw their car.

How odd. That'll teach them not to steal.

We stop in Rio.

I know someone in Rio!

A babe I met in a disco! She's hot!

She gave me her number. Hope I've got it.

She may have a chick for you!

We only have an hour to make the flight to the Amazon.

Wanu gave me this for you.

Wear it around your neck.

Around your neck!

You hear me, Perrin?

Sure, around my neck.

It's of great spiritual value. Take it out of your pocket.

A million for the new Ferrari! What a powerhouse!

What's with you? Think of your mission.

I am!

Give me the pouch.

What pouch? Oh, yeah.

You never asked what's in it.

So I'll ask. What's in the pouch?

Rock crystals containing the Spirits of the Forests and Rivers.

Glad I asked.


You're hurting me!

Believe in it.

I will, but don't break my arm!

You're leaving Paris because you're in a bind.

Don't try to run out on me.

Never occurred to me!

Happy now?

Never take it off, it's how Wanu sends you his strength.

What's so funny?

Wanu's strength...

He weighs 75lbs... And right now, the poor guy...

Don't kid yourself, Wanu is very strong.

Even on that hospital bed, his strength is intact:

It's spiritual.

The Indians call him the Jaguar. He has its power and speed.

Some claim he can become a jaguar at will.

You believe that crap?

I don't know.

But it does more for me than your $1 million Ferrari.

It's no Venice!

Matupa's a goldrush town. It can get mean.

We're here one night.

You can find gold here?

Not you. It's hard work.

What is it?

That's Kumare's plane.


Scenery's improving.

Her guy's a killer.

So are his guards!

OK, forget it.

He hacks down the forest: An Indian worse than white trash.

I just like his chick.

The asshole did it on purpose!

He knows I fight to rid the forest of his kind.

He's a disaster for the whole planet!

Spare me the Greenpeace crap.

I like the chick's ass...

This is the main street.

They all dig for gold?

Most of them, yes.

Do they ever play poker, to relax?

Forget it, Perrin.

That's the hotel?

The best place in town.


Not very fancy, but for one night...

No, it's charming.

Don't worry, tomorrow we'll be in the forest.

It's so beautiful!

You get around a lot? What?

No, I bet it's great.

Wanu's village is 2 days by canoe.

It's hot, there's mosquitoes... but it's fabulous.

I can't wait.

We shower and meet in the bar?

Right, see you later.

When's the next flight to Rio?

What? What time...?

Next plane, fly to Rio?

One hour.

Can I have my passport?

Mr Campana take passports.


Mine, too?

What's his room?

He not in room.

Everything OK?

Siesta time?


Awesome river!

You got our passports? Yes.

Good. They shouldn't lie around.

Weird hammock. So where is it?


My passport.

In my pocket.

I want to see the town. I need my ID.

Do I get my goddam passport?

Get those crystals out of the trash can, asshole!

Here's your junk, gimme my passport!

You volunteered, you're staying!

I'm outta here, and fast.

I'll find you and kill you.

Would I search the jungle to find a soul?

Armed with a butterfly net?

This is the 20th century!

Forest spirits, wizards who become jaguars, that's over!

Why did Wanu pick you?

Beats me, too. Passport!

I'll make a bundle here to cover my air fare.

You'll get a bonus.

I got one on the plane.

What? $10,000.

It fell out of your pocket. Pays for your trip and helps the cause.

Gimme back my dough!

It's in my pocket. Try and get it.

Lucky we're not alone.

Want to fight? I'll find a quiet spot.

I won't fight you. Only jerks fight!

I'm splitting, gimme some money.

Where're you going? To see the town.

I'll come too. I'd rather be alone.

I can't take that risk.

You got me reined in, but don't ride me!

It's a rough town if you don't know it. Even if you do!

I'm shaking. Gimme some of my dough!

Don't stay out late. You sound like my dad.

He was stingy, too.

If you get in a jam, call me!



The beer or the girl?

Cold beer or warm girl?

You're not sure?

I don't understand.

He asks if you want the girl or the bottle.

He's a joker.

Laugh or he'll head-butt you.

Buy me a drink? Sure.

I'm from Bordeaux. And you? Paris.

Two beers.

Quick get Senor Kumare's table ready.

Watch out!

Guy in white is Kumare. Know him?

I've heard of him.

Ogle his chick and he'll blind you.

I want no trouble.

Me neither. I drink my beer and bug no one.

They're machete-happy here.

In a jiffy you've lost your mouth:

It's on the floor with your head.

No shit. It happened to a buddy of mine.

He's at the bar, then his head's looking up at him!

Sliced clean off with a machete.

He was saying: "Here's to you".

Got as far as "Here's...", his head was gone. It stopped rolling and said, "to you."

What's he say?

"Where you get the pouch?"

Pouch? I was given it. Why?

His boss wants to buy it. How much you want?

How much? I don't know. It's just a charm.

He's getting mad. A price, quick!

What's it worth?

It's not mine to sell!

Make a deal. I'm outta here.

Hand it over, or our heads will be history!

Don't be a jerk!


Get up! Time to go!

Come on, we can't stay here!

Is Mr Perrin back?


Who's that fax for?

I dunno.

Go see.

It's for you.

He's had another attack, looks critical. I'll keep you posted.

When I get a fax, tell me!

Rest, you're safe here.

Nothing can happen to you, I'll protect you.

I'm at your side.


He's sick, Father.

Kumare wants to kill us. Help us, Father.

Get back!

So? He's OK.

Great, I knew he'd make it.

I won't go to bed till that fool's back.

He went off this afternoon. No word since. What a jerk!

Where is he?


My head! I drank too much.

OK, we had a ball, now I gotta go.

Don't go!

Kumare wants to kill you.

Don't scream! Where can I get a taxi?

The priest has gone to get help. Stay here.

Do you see?

OK, here...

They'll kill you if you leave.

Knock it off! I don't get you!

Oh my God!

I hustled the killer's woman. I'm nuts!

Your guy knows? Where is he?

You scared me! What are you doing here?

We'll talk on the way.

I guess I picked her up...

I must've been smashed...

Come on! Hurry!

What got into me? Hustling another man's babe!

A killer's, too!

Did he see us? She could say she was with a girlfriend.

He saw you and is out to kill you both.


Get in!

You fought both of Kumare's bodyguards.

I did?

You mangled the bloodiest killer in the Amazon.

I did what?

She says you were in a trance.

What's this bullshit?

Where's your friend?

What friend?

The gringo you were with in the bar.

I hardly know him. He just bought me a beer.

Who is he? I don't know, I swear it.

He's French, that's all I know!

He bought me a beer.

Who is he?

I was drugged.

That's it. The barkeep spiked my drink...

Nobody drugged you, you were in a trance.

He entered you, you had his strength! He helped you fight!

From his hospital bed. It's fantastic!


Now we'll get Wanu's soul back and he'll survive.

I don't want to!

I won't be possessed by some Indian!

I won't become his zombie!

I refuse to believe this crap! I want out!

Take me to the airport.

Perrin, listen...

Our deal wasn't for trances or killers on my tail!

I'm leaving, take me to the airport!

Can that jerk fix it?

Damn bugs!

What's she doing?

Looking for plants. Plants?

We're on the lam and she picks flowers?

They're for you.

I didn't ask her!

They repel mosquitoes.

You'd be eaten alive.

What's her name?


Why's she with Kumare?

He slaughtered her family, then kidnapped her.

Nice country.

What'll you do with her?

Keep him from finding her.

She should go to New York, Paris... With her looks, she'd do OK.

As a hooker, you mean?

No. New clothes, make-up, she'd be a top model.

Think so?

She'd wind up on the street, not the cover of Vogue.

The hell with it.

I never asked her to help me.

Give her my dough. I'll be fine.

Are we there yet?

You gonna ask every 5 minutes?

You said 2 hours. Is your airport on the run, too?

Get me to an air-conditioned suite in Rio!

I want to freeze to death!

Answer this question.


Why was Kumare so interested in that pouch?

Who cares? I'm in Rio, in a cool room...

Kumare stole Wanu's soul. Now I'm sure.

Kumare's a man of today.

He's into aircraft, not witchcraft.

My dad knew a farmer outside Paris:

Ran his spread with a computer, but he used witchcraft to kill his neighbor's cows.

Get down!

Why didn't he shoot?

He's having fun.

Come on!

They're in for a surprise!

You OK?

No... I never buried a priest's head before.

He'll never give up.


In Paris two thugs were after me.

Here it's headhunters! I made a lousy deal!

Come with me. Where?

To unload the boat. We'll take the forest route.

Careful where you step.

What are you doing?

Let's go.

Hang in there.

We're close to the village now.

What village?

Wanu's. We'll be there before dark.

We're not going to the airport?

The village is on the way.


It's only a slight detour.


We'll be safer there.

Wanu's men are friendly, they hate Kumare.

I won't go. I won't be pushed around!

The airport, or I stay here!

What's he saying?

He won't go to the village.

She asks you to come.

She says only you can kill Kumare.

Crap! You taking me to the airport?

She begs you not to desert her. She believes in you!

She knows you'll beat him.

She's wrong! Like your pal in Paris!

Tell her I'm sorry: I'm not who she thinks. Let's go!

She was wrong to help you. You're worthless.

I don't care what you two think of me!

Here's my rifle, a machete, some water and matches.

Light a fire at night because of the jaguars.

Don't kill birds. Go for monkeys: their brains are nutritious.

You kidding? Not at all.

You lied in the hospital.

"A trip to the Amazon...

"Could be fun... I'm tempted!"

Now you dump me. Good luck, Perrin!

Watch out for snakes, spiders and scorpions.

Let's go!

Wait for me, assholes!


Move! Gotta get there before dark.

Give me that: We've lost enough time.

Take me to the airport or I'll kill you!

Do what I say or I'll shoot!


Gimme the gun.

Easy, no sudden moves.

It's not poisonous. Let's go!


I was screwed from the start.

When I got into that elevator in Paris.

A second later...

But I stepped in, and here I am.

Now what?

We're still in that elevator. Don't get off.

You could save yourself if you stick it out.

Sticking it out means what?

We'll soon know.

C'mon, we can reach the village before dark.

We're here. You can rest.

No one here?

Sure it's the right village?

What'd she say? That she's scared.

Me, too. I hate this place.

Shut up!

I hate it!

You said his men were friendly.

Where are they?

Don't be scared, they're our friends.

You sure?

He says we killed Wanu and took him away.

He thinks you stole the pouch from Wanu.

He gave it to me.


He wants the pouch.

What's with the pig?

One of your gifts from the village.

There's more to come.

What's going on?

You spoke to them in Indian.

You said, "I am Wanu's emissary, I will help you."

Was I in a trance again? Yes.


They're counting on you. They are?

To get rid of Kumare.

You joking?

No. They now think Kumare stole Wanu's soul.

I told them you'll get it back.

Get rid of the goddam pig!

Kumare stole Wanu's soul to grab his land.

It's rich, and he's wanted it for ages.

My head aches. It's that pig, and your fairy tale...

It's no fairy tale. If Kumare wins, Wanu dies, the forest's doomed.

The chief gives you his hut. It's the biggest.

Why? I don't want his hut!

What do I do with this?

Take it or he'll be offended.

What must I do? Fight that monster?

She says you'll kill him. She knew it when she met you.

Tell her to cool it.

You'll kill him and she'll bear your child.

He's come for the ritual painting.

I need air.

I won't fight Kumare! I'm not their champ!

Want to keep your head?


Yours will soon be stuck on a spear!

You knew in Paris it would come to this?

No, I've never steered anyone into a trap.

Find a way to get me out of this.

I'll think about it. Get some rest, tomorrow may be rough.

Get rid of this old goat!

See you tomorrow.

Get out, too. I want to be alone.

Go on, scram!

No puppy eyes! This isn't the SPCA!

Now what's going on?

We have company. A messenger from Kumare.


He's a specialist in black magic.

He stole Wanu's soul for Kumare. Why's he here?

To plan your duel with Kumare.

I said I won't fight!

Then they'll cut our throats. So what's next?

I put on my shoes.

He says Kumare doesn't fear you. You die at sundown.

Say something, or he'll think you're scared.

I want to puke.

I told him you say Kumare is scum.

You're nuts! Don't provoke him!

He blew in your face, that's contempt. Retaliate!

I'm sick of your dumb rituals! I'm hot, scared and fed up!

Spit in his face. Do what?

If you don't, you'll lose face. Spit in his face!

You crazy?

Dozens of blowpipes are aimed at you. Do what I say, dammit!



No saliva!


You meet Kumare at noon in the big hut.

What do I do with that?

Same as him. It's a pledge. I'm gonna faint.

No you're not. Yes, I am.

Perrin, do it!

Go on!

Just do it! You won't feel a thing!

Perrin, go on!

Beat it!

They'll take you to San Pedro mission.

It's a few hours from here. You can catch a plane there.

OK, Perrin. Good luck.

So despise me, all of you! I don't care! I'm sane!

This is Wanu's mess!

OK, so long.

Why didn't he help me? Why no trance?

I stood there with that knife...

Maybe he's dead.

If he's dead, why fight? For whom?

For them.

Leave with me, forget this.

I can't. Why not?

I promised.

Damn your promise to this bunch! Kumare's their problem.

Don't be dumb, come with me.

Good luck, Perrin.

The Boy Scout of the Amazon, ready to die! Look at him!


Sorry. I didn't belong on this trip.

I'm out of my depth.

Sorry about her, too. I was despicable.

Her pity got on my nerves. I meant no harm, she's a poor kid...

No, she's magnificent! I'm the creep!

My Rolex, worth five grand. It's all I have.

Give it to her. In case she has money problems...

And give her my dough, OK?

Tell her...

Maya... you OK?


You're hurt. I'll take you to the mission.


When did we leave?

Half an hour ago. You've been out.

You've lost blood. We'll take you to civilization.

You crazy? You can't fight with a busted shoulder!

Hold it! Stop!

I have to do it.

He tried to kill her! One arm's enough!

Stay with him... Be happy, Maya.

God bless you, Campana.

You can barely stand! It's mad!

Go. Don't feel bad, you did more than your share.

Take care of her, that's all I ask.

Kumare won. I'm the king!

In the whole world... I'm the best!

You are dogs.

I won.

This time he's a goner.

Can someone else take over?

Help me!

Where's he going?

Where are you going?

There they are!

Thank you, Mr Perrin.

You were great.

He's glad to be back. Your country's too cold.

His is stifling, that's no better. What a dump!

Perrin never left the Amazon.

He lives with Maya in Wanu's village and now fiercely defends the Indians and the rainforest.

If you run into him, he'll tell you that the Crillon Hotel elevator took him higher a lot higher, than he ever dreamed.

And that searching for an old Indian's soul... he found his own.