Le retour du heros (2018) Script


Here you are.

Tell your sister that Your dress is beautiful.

And your father refuses him what he deserves.

I look like a little girl.

Yes, but not because of the dress.

Really Elisabeth, You have to tell that to your sister?

No, he's right, on a day like today It is better not to say anything.

It's coming, the Captain is coming!

I can not wear this dress! Help me take it off!

Watch out!

Burgundy, 1809

Miss Beaugrand. - Captain.

Punctuality is not the first military virtue? - No, it's courage.

And I'm not missing, here I am in front of you. - How distracted I am.

I thought he was a gentleman, I find him insolent.

I have more qualities that I ignore. - I hope so, Captain.

Too many men think that a smile is enough.

Too many, it's true, sorry.

Mr. Beaugrand.

Mrs. Beaugrand.

Pauline Useless to waste time with vain words, The purpose of my sight is known.

Mr. Beaugrand I come to ask the hand of his daughter Pauline.

We deliver it with pleasure.

What happiness! What happiness!

We have to agree on a date.


I bring you a mission order.

You have to meet now with the 3rd battalion advancing towards Austria.

Dry your tears, Pauline.

The Emperor will crush the Austrians and we will return immediately.

Will you write to me?

Diary, I promise.

And of course the Captain never wrote.

Pauline waited for weeks, months Waiting to hear from him.

In vain.

It did not touch anything.

Damn it, that evil man.

It's in the front, Maybe he is impeded.

Disabled? Do not.

I think he forgot it as soon as He left this property.

He is a seducer, that is the truth.

A seducer Dear...

Good Morning.

My mother asked me to ...

Sorry, I'm Nicolás.

Nicolás Bonvallet. I think it's for his mother.

Good Morning.



Be frank, doctor. - Everything will depend on her.

If there is something that holds it back, she will fight. If not...

What I did that night, I did it for her.

It was a bad idea, a very bad ... but I did it still.

Dad! Mom!

Pauline received a letter!

Let's see...

"Dear Pauline ..."

Dear Pauline!


"Dear Pauline, The time has passed so fast.

That he surely thought I forgot my promise and with it her beautiful face.

But there is nothing more false.

The guilty one, he knows her. It is war.

I'm glad you finally found a moment to write.

I am writing to tell you, dear Pauline, how much do I think of you?

And how much those thoughts strengthen me, even in battle.

My feelings for you They are the same as the first day.

And I only want one thing: be by her side and watch her smile, happy and healthy Imagine it makes me happier than any of our victories.

Live, my dear. Be strong, happy and beautiful.

Receive my memories, more tender and sincere, Charles-Grégoire Neuville. "

Thank you.

That seducer seems very attentive to me.

Eugenie, bring me pen and paper! I will answer you right now.

But it's impossible.

Sorry. And why?


Because you do not know where it is. - I know.

You have to send the letter to headquarters in Paris.

That's where my sister sends my nephew. - Resolved.

Well, get out. I need privacy to answer my boyfriend.

Of course my dear. - Your wish is my command.

My father asked the city for an order. I'll take Pauline's letter on the way.

My education compels me to censor the content of this letter, in which I discovered in my sister, an unsuspected talent ... for erotic prose.

Dear Pauline, thank you for your kind letter ...

Your happiness and good humor they encourage me, I return to combat, hopeful in seeing you soon.

"And I only have one wish left, is to find the young from a good family that I knew, my tender, and innocent Pauline, of irreproachable manners. "

How strange that he doubts ...

Do not you think it's a bit distant?

Well, you can ask him in person.

The Emperor signed the armistice, He is back.


Look, it's the owner.

Dear Pauline, I'm sorry to tell you that I will not go back of Austria with our triumphant troops.

They commissioned me a delicate mission and strictly confidential, why I'm on my way to ...


"I have to get to Pondicherry on the east coast of India, to maintain security of our settlers, harassed by the English who they dispute the territory.

As you know, I do not make this trip with a satisfied heart, but the orders are the orders ... and a soldier of the Emperor must obey them. "

"Dear Pauline, Life in Pondicherry it is calm and prosperous ... "

Sometimes I went too far ... carried by my imagination.

Apparently Captain Neuville He bought a tobacco plantation.

Oh no, it's been a long time resold the plantations, and with benefits of 20,000 francs.

Now he has elephants, all a cattle.

"The tiger appeared suddenly, sowing panic among the hunters.

I admit that I have some scratches, but I guarantee you now the beast serves as a mat.

But that night, I understood that I had to finish it.

Pauline, my Pauline, apparently my luck is over ...

"Several weeks ago, secretly, the enemy was on the border.

And he attacked us by surprise.

The losses are huge.

We are a few entrenched, surrounded by 2,000 soldiers that will attack us in the next hours.

I'm hurt.

If this letter came to you, most likely ... that I am no longer in this world.

In this tragic moment only one thing encourages: your happiness.

Do not give up your youth.

Forget me and see around you.

The future is very close.

I keep it in my heart.

Forever. "

Come on, dear.

Go find the salts.


Ready, Goodbye Captain Neuville, welcome Nicolás.

And everything ended well.

Well almost.

Arnay-le-Duc, we stopped for an hour.

It stinks inside.

My luggage please.

Serve me a glass. - get out of here.

Give me a glass, I have money! - Get out of here!


Let me help you.

Do not touch me.

I waited...

We know each other? - No. Let go!

We do not know eachother! - Of course.


Not at all. - You guys...

The oldest of the Beaugrands!

She is the oldest of the Beaugrands!

Shut up.

Shut up, shut up.

Where? - Come on.

Over there.

Where we go? - Quiet.

I'm happy to see her.

What happened? - A misunderstanding, I entered the inn ...

Not that. 3 years ago he went to Austria.

Oh yes, Austria. A beautiful country, not very welcoming.

I do not understand what it says.

Does not matter. Will you have money to get ready at the inn?

Look, Captain ... - Oh no, that's over. No more Captain.

Did you leave the militia? - Yes, but without warning.

Did he desert?

He is a coward. A traitor.

If that.

Excuse me, will you have something to be able to pay?

I will give you money.

But it is not to drink it.

Of course not.

Take, 20 francs.

100, throw 100. - You are a monster.

As dirty on the inside as on the outside. - Is right.

Put 2 more francs for the hairdresser. And then I will introduce myself with his sister Do not you believe it, right? - Unlike.

I behaved very badly Héléne ...

Pauline Impossible, Pauline is married and is the mother of 2 children.

For her you are dead. - But how is that?

I had no news and I conclude that ... - What?

I better go immediately. - Do not!

I was the one who made him believe it.

I was adrift. You did not bother to write to him.

Then I did it, I made myself go through you.

I wrote some letters to him.

And in the last one, ¡ft!

Careful, Neuville, He died as a hero. The whole city believes it.

"In memory of the Captain Charles-Gregoire Neuville, hero of the empire.

May your spirit and example inspire forever to its inhabitants. "

Now you understand the problem !?

That audacity, courage and that panache ...

That extraordinary man.


You do not, precisely. - Oh, okay.

It would be a shame to ruin everything.

Oh no! He does not! - No, not them.

He paid his place like you. And it will travel in as you do.

You are a good person. Elisabeth

I'm sorry for your dress. - Adios Captain.

Oh my God!

Can not be. - What happens now?

Has returned.

Who? - Captain Neuville.

They have seen?

Fermín saw him in the city this morning.

He said he would come soon to present your respects to Mr. and Mrs.

My God, he will claim Pauline.

What? - It's here.

It's coming!

OMG. - It can not be true.

Quick, to the lounge.


No, make him wait.

How long? - I do not know.

Count to one hundred.

86 ... 87 ... 88 ...

89 ... 90 ...

91 ... 92 ...

93 ... 94 ...

95 ... 96 ...

97 ... 98 ...

99 ... 100.

Lord Captain, kindly follow me.

My respects, ma'am. - Captain.

My respects, sir. - Captain.

Miss Beaugrand.


Captain, it's been a long time since his last visit, and that Pauline ...

Little time matters, and here I am today.

And my honor forces me to tell you that as for his daughter Pauline My position has not changed.

I wished her happiness, and I still wish her.

So I'm happy to see her happy, as a fulfilled mother and satisfied wife.

Captain, It is a pleasure to see you again.

For me too.

Captain, do you stay for breakfast?

If you propose it to me. - I do not propose it, I demand it.

Eugenie, tell the kitchen that we have a guest.

Captain, can I show you how Has the garden changed in its absence?

If he insists. - I insist.

We had an agreement, he had to leave. - And I left.

And I come back. - No, the old Neuville left.

He's talking to the new Neuville.

Are you crazy, lost your reason? - On the contrary, I found it, for you.

What does it mean?

At the first stop travelers they agreed to leave me outside the inn.

Then in the straw of the barn I had all the time to reflect and I understood.

We are what the world makes of us.

They treat me like a vagabond, I am a vagabond.

When I am welcome, I am nice and presentable.

I do not understand anything of what he says. - It's very simple.

I am nobody outside Here, I'm Captain Neuville.

Do not. It's everything but Captain Neuville.

And the monsoon?

Tell us about the monsoon.

The monsoon ...

They say it's a show. - Huge.

Rains like they've never seen them before. The flood.

Entire flocks dragged by the water.

Which animals?

Dogs, cats, rats ...

And Elephants? - Yes Sure, elephants, yes.

A dozen elephants. Dragged like feathers.

Is that when he lost his cattle?

Completely decimated.

Poor beasts.

They are so, so sensitive animals.

And his memory ... Your elephant memory!

The survivors must have memories of that terrible day.

It was a moment...

It was very hard.

Very difficult.

We also...

We had horrible storms.

It was last winter.

I remember that once, coming back, I was soggy made soup.

Yes of course.

And the tobacco?

The tobacco?

Your plantation. What is its surface?

Well, I would say, one hectare, a good hectare.

But tobacco is not my main source of income.

Oh no?

And which one is it?

The diamonds.


A mine that I won by playing cards against a maharajah I extract a barrel daily.

A large barrel.


Oh yeah.

When it comes out, it comes out ...


Risking to be inappropriate, I want to ask you something that we all want to know.


How did he survive?

You evidenced in your last letter a situation without hope.

Yes, tell us Tell us, how could you get out of that dead end, with his handful of men, against 2000 English.

Yes, but did not they receive the letter where I explained them How did I get out? - Of course not.

That's why all we gave it for dead.

That is typical of me.

Now I understand your concern.

I would also react the same in its place.

This chicken is delicious Mrs. Beaugrand.

And so?


How did he escape?

I imagine he has told it a thousand times, but grant us that caprice We burn to know all the details.

Unfortunately the details have been erased.

I lost a bit of my memory for a head injury.

Where? - In the head.

In what part of the head?

Well you see, I do not remember that either.

Incredible, a black hole Did not he tell me he had entrenched himself in the arsenal and that it was said that as a last resort Would it explode everything?

Yes of course. He has a good memory.

Absolutely. I did not tell you that?

N0 - There, yes, it's my fault.

Of course not.

But what a donkey. Of course.

Yes, it was not a big deal.

I imagine that the English did all to get it out?

It's correct, Elisabeth.

> Everything They did everything.

They started by starving us.

To the English. Hunger.

Most of my comrades They died like this.

As Captain I forced myself to maintain hope.

Until... my campfire died out.

Then I could not burst the arsenal.

And then, I was ...



I was lost.


Completely lost.

But taking advantage of the moonless night, the Captain was able to sneak ingeniously Do not.

Do not?

No, Miss Beaugrand.

A soldier of the Emperor does not flee.

And less a Captain of hussars.

Heme then in front of 2mil Englishmen they charge towards me.

I have three bullets left.

I know that I lost beforehand, But I want to die as a floor.

The horde advances inexorably.

They were 500 meters away.

I reload my rifle, I contemplate them ...

They are 300 meters away.

I point ...

They are only 100 meters away.

My finger touches the trigger, and there ... there!

The cavalry arrived.

A regiment of dragons. Prevented by I do not know who.

The cavalry arrived ...

Is that the outcome? - Yes Well, what a shame.

Would you have preferred that the captain died?

No. But honestly it seems a bad novel.

It's a bad novel, okay.

But it is the story of my life. And we do not choose it.

Here the living room, and finally the office.

It is not a big thing, but it will be better than at the inn.

I am very sorry.

But if you insist ... - I insist.

I take advantage of being alone to ask...

It's about the mine.


Of diamonds.

Yes of course.

I would like to know if there is way to ...

in short, if you are willing to ... contemplate the idea of I can ...

invest in it?

Anyway, I do not have ...

I assure you that I am entirely confident. - I do not doubt it.

What kind of investment We are talking?

What do you think of 50,000 francs?

I think it's a good start.

Not a word to anyone.

Especially to Loiseau.

He is a good friend, but in business it's ...

Not much...

Anyway, you understand me.

Well, I let it settle.

And remember, I insist, Are you in your home.

Do you like the hero, huh? - Oh yeah. You smell tiger.

Look nothing else, the big one of the Beaugrand.

Days, Captain.

I interrupt you? - Not at all.

What can I do for you? - Leave.

Go? - Yes. Leave forever.

I'm afraid I have not contemplated.

I warn you, if it's a strategy for Get me more money, waste your time.

Do not. - 1000 francs.

What? - A thousand if he leaves.

And where will you get that amount?

I do not know, I'll steal it if necessary, whatever it is to no longer see it anymore.

It moves me, but no.

2000. And it's my last word.

5000 And there is my last word.

And mine will be no.

Do you refuse to leave for 5000 francs?

I'm not as vile as you think.

Your imposture will not last 2 days.

It will be unmasked. - And you also for our destinations.

If I fall, it will fall with me.

And so?

"Seeing the children that the current I was dragging in the distance, And only with my strength I threw myself into the sea ... "


It's stupid. I do not know how to swim.

"Dodging the storm I saved two children.

But, the waves getting bigger and bigger they dragged the third. "

Wait, are you saying you drowned? - Yes Did I let a child drown?

No. Only he did not manage to save him.

Why did he do it, it's horrible?

To give you realism, you can not save them all.

But it is a child!

That's what makes him human, sensitive.

Yes, of course, an Indian more or less, while I look good.

I'm reading the letters so that he knows his character.

That was our agreement.

But if it is to criticize ... - Go ahead, continue.

"With the children in the arm I was I'm about to give up myself.

Luckily, a boat of fishermen was passing by. "


A boat that walks in the storm ...

What would you prefer, a dolphin a giant turtle?

I'm just saying it's too easy.


Easy to write a new story every week with its respective outcome?

Well now, how does it end?

It saves, obviously.


The dolphin.

No, Captain Neuville. - Yeah right.

I thought he was talking about the 3rd child. - No, he drowned.

I'm sure he would have saved it. - No, he can not swim.

Yes but not me, but Captain Neuville does.

"Dear Pauline, after the storm We stopped at Madras ... " where the stifling heat the air was so thick that could be cut with a knife.

"That Hindu way of balancing head, It was a reason for many misunderstandings. "

When I punished one of my servants I thought he was making fun.

When he really gave me the reason!

Then the more I hit him, more balanced the head.

And more he hit him, more balanced the head.

"With extreme modesty, women they bathe in the river without undressing ... "

But when they come out of the water, His saari sticks to the body letting his little ones appear nipples in the air.

"The Sunday after Mass ..."

The Sunday after Mass ...

"I visited ..." - Yes, I know, I know!

The Sunday after Mass, visited the lepers to take those people ...

"To those" poor "people ..."

Of course they are poor, they are lepers.

No, it accentuates the pity that they inspire.

Yes, And if I said then "Those unfortunate ones?"

It is more precise. - If you prefer.

It is less derogatory. - Agree.

There is a little more ... - Yes, I said okay.

To take care of those unfortunate ones, despite its repulsive appearance, they are just ... what... humans?

Yes, humans.

Human avid for compassion And heat.

And ready.

The show, being sincere, It is not for the sensitive.

And they overcome the horrors that I saw in the war.

I remember my clumsiness on my first visit when ... greeting a leper, I greeted him too strong hand Who took off his body!

And the...

What are you doing?

No, it was a proposal, but he's right I will do it simple.

And it is with great pleasure and pride that I accept this decoration for my many feats.

And also with great humility, as you know, are the circumstances what they do to the heroes, and not the other way around.

I take this opportunity to announce a new one: the child dragged by the waves it was found safe, saved by a sea turtle to which he had seized.

That's right, everything happens!

Thank you!

Pauline And now that? - I'm tired.

Come back without me, I'll go later.

Captain. - Pauline Do not think it's convenient return them?

Return what?

My letters.

Unfortunately I can not do it.

Did he destroy them?

Yes, I preferred to do it.

They seemed very ...

My letters, they seemed very ...

"Very" no, but a little ...

Do not think I spoke lightly. Everything said was willing to do it.

I do not doubt it. - Yes, I see that yes.

I'm a little tired.

I'm going to rest upstairs in a room, the last one at the end of the corridor.

Captain, do you have a second? - Of course.

I just wanted to tell you that I know.

Who knows? - What I should not know.


Dunoyer is nice, but he does not know how to keep a secret.

Yes a little...

Know that I am more discreet than him. And above all... much more generous.

In that case let's talk tomorrow at noon, at home.

I'll be there.

A glass of champagne, sir?

I'm going to take the bottle.

Do not advance more.

I know very well your intentions with that face and champagne.

Well, I've been unmasked, I recognize it.

Good for you.

I confess that I was looking for her.

Yes, I saw her climb the stairs and a crazy idea came to me.

And finally why not?

Why not lock ourselves in one of the bedrooms forget our differences and let the champagne do the rest?

Is it a "no"? - Do not.

No, it's a "no".

It is just that...


Stop looking at me like that.


It makes me nervous.

Really? - Yes I admit it.

I do not know if it's since his return or if from the beginning, but ...

I have resisted, It's so clear, are you ...

I am?



An idiot!

How much pretension! How naive!

Poor friend, How could you imagine for a moment that I would succumb to their supposedly charms.

Listen to me, Neuville.

Pauline is married and marriage is sacred.

So leave it alone.

Oh, I already understood.

In fact, she is jealous. - Jealous?

Yes, jealous of her sister.

Jealous ... and alone.

Do you know why I'm alone? - Do not.

Because it is my choice.

No, I'm not jealous I'm disappointed.

Disappointed? - Yes It is destroying my work.

Neuville who believed was thin and subtle.

He is caricaturing it. - That's nice, everyone loves me.

Not all.

It's okay. Have a good night.


Completely alone.

Completely alone!

Really alone.

Pauline? - François?

Are you Captain?

Sorry I was waiting for someone else. - I also.

Maybe another time?

Well no...


Come, hurry up.

Since when I want this! - Do you want the hero, right?


What? - First talk to me.

Of what?

Of the women, the others that you met in your travels.

As they were? - Well...

They were women of bad life !?

Prostitutes? - Yes, there was.

How were they, dirty ugly? Describe them to me Well, they were ugly and dirty.

Did they lack teeth? - Yes And that excited you? - Do not.

Yes it excited you!

Because you were desperate! - If that.

Die of pleasure before dying in the war.

You nailed them your saber! - completely.

Treat me like them. Like a harlot.

As a farmer's wife in the field. - I'm trying to...

I know they are there Get out of there now!

I know what they are doing!

Pauline, you can not do that!

Do it. be crazy.

Be crazy!

I do not like slapping. - Then cachetéame me.

Cachetame Stronger!

Stronger! Of a really.

A) Yes. look.

Yes i like it!

I deserve it. I behaved very badly.

Punish me.

Marvel me like a tiger. - But what do they all have with the tigers?

Take out the beast, take it out.

I'm going to throw the door!

Start without me I'm coming back soon

Pauline, I'll tell mom.

You won it, I'll tell you.

A 3 shot the door.

One two Three!



Come on.

Do we sign peace? - Peace?

He has gone too far. From now on it is war!

It does not scare me You are wrong. I believe it, I can destroy it.

Very good.

Ready, now she is alone and wet.

He will pay for them!

And in the dark The English pounced on us!

A fierce fight.

My comrades fell like flies and shouted "Long live the Emperor!" in a last breath.

I still hear them.

I thought then, that my last The hour had arrived.

But I saw a wall.

The one I ran to jump, to dominate the view, the night to force the enemy to expose Cut fingers, hands, arms And hair!

Do not catch me, English dogs will not catch me This is our fight! Long live the empire! Long live France!

Sorry, Nicolás.

They forgot this coat in the stable. It's yours?

Do not.

But I think it's Mr. Neuville's.

He's right, sorry.

Elisabeth ...

It's Pauline's writing.

Yes look...

Nicolás, what happens?

It is awful.

This letter in the Neuville bag.

What an offense, what infamy!

Nicolas, what will he do?

When 2 Englishmen had to the woman and the child They demanded that I surrender.

They imagine my dilemma.

I threw my saber.

They advanced with weapons in front.

I thought my last hour arrived.


Yes ma'am.

And I tell you that one gets used to it.

What's the matter, Nicolás!

This man is a hypocrite, a predator!

And a villain!

Contrary to what he made us believe, he keeps thinking about Pauline.

He made fun of us!

I have the proof in this letter!

I found in his coat written by Pauline.

He keeps it a secret in his heart.

What are you telling us, Nicolás ... who searched the Captain's bags?

Wait, this is a misunderstanding.

This letter is only worth what a simple role.

In fact it should have the reverse a list of pending.

No, there is no list, but I assure you that the letter is innocent.

I can even read them ...

No I can not.

Enough, sir.

I wait for you at dawn in the meadow. And as offended I will choose the weapon.

It will be the gun.

He is crazy.

Completely crazy.

And this does not end.

I'm wrong with you.

She is not jealous of her sister.

But of me. - From you?

Totally, look at yourself.

It's right, it would be, honest and devout.

And what does he get in return? Nothing. The more they ignore him, the more they exploit him.

And I'm not moral or ethical, where it happened, I sow joy and happiness.

It is normal that you can not stand my presence.

But I will not leave.

And he will have in his conscience the death of that young man who pushed ...

What is that!?

Listen, Nicolás ...

It is not necessary to get to this.

Do not you think a reaction a little immature?

Will not he be a little touchy?

We do not have to come to this.

It is clear that it is her.

Nicholas, I have to miss a few days.

And to my regret, I must postpone our duel Do you want to fight?

Then come!

No, I'm not afraid No, it's not fear, Nicolás. Do you know fear?

Jump with me on the bed and enjoy this moment of happiness.

Is the time.

Yes of course. The wait.

Nicolas, can I talk to you?

I'm going to kill you.

Can you hear me?

I'll put a bullet in your forehead, you will die and you will be like an idiot.

You wanted to play man, and show that you had balls ...

I get it.

I even like it.

Now you are going to apologize.

And we stopped him before he this ends badly Agree?

Choose your weapon, sir.

There are not others?

Well now, decide sir.

Good. I'll take this one And I will take this other one.

No, sorry. I'll take this better.

As Mr. Bonvallet is the offended will choose the mode of mourning.

And he decided to walk 10 steps.

Are not 12 or 15 steps in the regulation?

12 Gentlemen, take your places.

Go ahead, gentlemen.

Alto, Neuville.

He did the 12 steps.

Oh, I had counted 11.

Sres, when I say "armen", they will arm their pistols.

When it says "shoot", they will fire.

They are ready?




I beg you, forgive Nicolás!

Get away, Pauline!

Yes, get away, miss.


It's true, he's been my idol.

I confess that his return worried me.

I admit that I was moved that my letters did something to you.

But I love Nicolás. He has always been by my side.

As you can see, he is brave.

I beg you, do not take it from me.

I will not harm you, I will not snatch it.

Calm down.

The idea of ​​killing him tormented me, Mr. but sadden Pauline, I can not do it.

I am forced to give up the duel.

Defend yourself, sir!

Silly, Nicolás.

Be reasonable.

No, I demand reparation.

You're watching... - I want to clean my honor!

Your Honor! - My honor?

Well, it's the first time you're worried!


When that merchant insinuated me openly yesterday in the market ?, Did you think of my honor?

I do not see what you're talking about? He was only gallant.


When your mother treats me like domestic, do you think about my honor?

Respect mom please. - And I, do you respect me?

When you snore right away when you go to bed? - I have a nasal problem.

When I can not tell you what I did on day. - But if you do not do anything.

When I have to put up with your boots disgusting you take to the bedroom.

How many times did I ask you that you left them out?

They stink! Your feet too! It's disgusting!

You should see a doctor, no, better to a gravedigger.

Your feet are dead!


Nicolas, can I?

Yes, very well, explain him Captain.

He is stubborn.

It will harden it. Because there is also something to talk about.

And if there are.

Anyway, this has to thunder. Everything has a limit.

You must go.

And go ahead, peel yourself, I do not care.

They will kill you and I will go ahead alone.

And your mother You will not be able to see the children.

I guarantee that.

Well already, it's the best.


Did the gentleman finish his caprichito?

Do you have to tell me something? ¿ Do you want me to comfort you !?

Now you shut up

Come on come on.

We came back home.

A) Yes! Stronger!

You are a tiger!




Oh, it's you!

What are they doing?

The same as everyone, dear.

We invest - Invest?

In which?

In the Neuville diamond mine.

Bring all the ingots. - There is no more.

And property titles.

It is not our intention to speak bad Mr. Loiseau or Mr. Dunoyer.

Both are excellent companies.

Of course.

But, in fact they are a little, how to say it...

Yes, how to say it ...

Let's say we have a better proposal.


Well, I can lighten them ...

We need to talk.

I am working.

It will be only 10 minutes. - I will be right back.

No, not there!

Good day, ma'am. - Good morning, ma'am.

A friend.

No. Not there either. - Good day.

So where? - Follow me

I know what you are planning. It's a robbery, that simple lower your voice I speak strong if I want!

He is stealing the money of those poor people.

First, they are not poor.

And second is they who insist in investing in the mine.


Nonexistent. - Clear...

But how do you think get away from such a lie?

Why do you let me talk? I already thought about it, and it's simple.

Do not touch me.

I conceived a system, so to speak, pyramidal.

The first investor gives me his money and I will refund you with the next 2.

That in turn refund with the following 4, and it continues like this.

With enough investors We can last for a long time.

Witty. - That's why I was telling him.

Yes, it is ingenious.

And the risks are limited. - Sure, there are risks.

Yes there are risks, but it is ingenious.


It is ingenious. - Yes I believe it.

But it is completely immoral!

Listen to me Neuville, I will not let him steal in half from the village, my family included, so it will be simple.

Or he confesses everything, or I am the one who will do it.

Forget the scandal that ...

Either way!


I'll go tomorrow to see his family.

What? - Morning?

I do not trust you anymore, Neuville.

He will confess right now.

Right now.


Can I go find my coat?

Captain Neuville is here.

Oh, Captain, what a surprise.

It is always a pleasure to see you.

Sit with us and Enjoy this rich instant.

Thank Mrs, but the reason for my visit it imposes me to remain standing.

How much mystery, Captain.

I have an announcement to make.

It's scaring us Captain.

Say, we listen to you.

I know what they will hear be a surprise, almost a shock, but this thing took it inside for a long time so I have to take it out now.

The affection that I have for his family, faithful and sincere, leads me today to ...

ask for the hand of his daughter Elisabeth.

So our friendship ties will be forever family ties.

The bastard. The bastard.

The liar.

The liar.

The scammer! swindler!


You have to get him out of our house. He is the devil!

It will destroy and dishonor us! - Enough is enough, Elisabeth.

Mom, listen to me. I know your intentions.

Everything is false!

All! Everything is invented.

Tigers, travel, Indian The giant turtle, the diamonds...

Everything is false!

All that is me!

But the diamonds do not. That is the.

I do not steal, sir, that's not it.

The evil liar! The villain, the cross!

Because everything plans Your brain works I saw him leave the carriage.

I saw him eating raw mackerel!

A) Yes!

Raw mackerel! - Enough!


You go too far!

Go calm down!

Now, disappear, I do not want to see you!

I am Captain Neuville ... - Go to your room!


It was good!

I am Captain Neuville!

I'm confused...

Elisabeth was always stubborn in regards to marriage.

But this goes beyond.

I do not get it.

I hate mackerel too.

Miss Elisabeth, I brought you food.

I'm not hungry.

He has not eaten since yesterday.


What are those guns !?

It's the artillery regiment of General Mortier-Duplessis.

It arrived yesterday.

Apparently there are Cossacks in the region.

Captain. It is a pleasure.

Miss Beaugrand. Equally. - Follow me please.

Sirs. - Colleague Dear friend.

Captain, it has arrived. He was just talking about you to the General.

General Mortier-Duplessis, Captain Neuville.


It should be said that his reputation precedes him.

It is an honor...



Excuse me.

What do you expect? - Nothing.

I just thought you would like to talk with a true veteran of the imperial army.

With whom his fables will not be sustained.

Your story has ended, Captain.

Story of a man who thought that his lie would prevail.

She is crazy, completely crazy. They are going to shoot me.

Do not try to scare me, it will not work.

Not, and what do you think they will do to me? Give me a bump?

I have defected Elizabeth.

It will be the Martial Court and the execution squad.

I did not know, I just wanted ...

What? Punish me? Win?

You do not win, I lose.

Well, we're all here, Let's go to the table.

Then Captain, apparently He has honored his uniform.

Nothing that impresses you, General. - Come on, Captain.

Do not say nonsense.

General, He has a man in front of you that faced only 2000 Englishmen.


I confess I have not told them. Maybe they were less.

Anyway, He honored France.

As in the campaign against Austria, is not it?

Were you in Austria?

I have an announcement to give them.

General, dear friends, Dear Parents...

I want to take this opportunity to announce that ... that I decided to accept the proposal of marriage of Captain Neuville.



Champagne for everyone.

And let the musicians come.

Come on.

But tell me, Captain, If he did Austria, was he in Essling?

Yes, I had the honor.

Go battle.

I always wondered how he did the Emperor to get out of there.

Yes me too.



They have arrived and ...



Come on, General.

To dance, lead the dance.

No thanks.

Elisabeth, enough. Leave the general in peace.

Beaugrand, do something.

It was good!

Elisabeth, come please.


Sit down.

Know that if you decide not to marry My wife and I will understand it.

Now, Captain ... tell us what happened in Essling.

What happened in Essling?

It was a nice day.

The Emperor had just won 4 battles in 5 days.

But that morning, while we crossed the river, the bridge collapsed beneath us.

Part of the army ... she was isolated, trapped.

The Austrians installed his artillery and ... the Emperor gave the order to the cavalry to attack.

We launch, proud unconscious

But the Austrian guns fired before we got to them.

I do not know how much The massacre lasted for a long time.

One hour...

A few seconds...

I do not remember it clearly.

A deafening noise.

The soil that explodes.

Riders thrown into the air.

The head of Joubert ripped off by a cannonball, his disarticulated body continues your crazy career.

My horse stumbles and falls.

His warm blood covers my face.

By my side a man who contemplates his viscera.

And another man ... whose arm is held by a vein.


300 men died like this.

Under a deluge of fire and steel.

300 bodies burst and scattered throughout the field.

300 lives extinguished, in an instant.


By God, it's ...

How the hell could he survive to such carnage?

Running at full speed.

As far away as possible.

Running at full speed!

Very good!

It honors his modesty. Captain.

We soldiers, we know how to do the war but to narrate it, We are as clumsy as some girls.


The Cossacks have been seen 5 minutes from here, to the East.

Got damn.

Prepare the cannons we march towards the East.

Mrs, Mr, Duty obliges me to cut lunch, and I must obey him.

As for the Cossacks, Do not fear, they will be my dessert.

Ladies, gentlemen.

I am sorry.

What's going on? - Nothing.

It seems that he does not like it. - Yeah right.

Is very...

Or not very ...

Do not.

It's just that ... how to say it ...

I have a hard time ... make me the idea that it is so ...

So direct? - Do not.


Do not.


No. Coward.

Oh yes, yes.


If we are not made to be lovers, we could be friends?

No, friends, no.

More partners.

Partners? - The diamond mine.


I want a percentage.

Ah, the bitch!

I love.

Well, I have many flaws but I'm not ungrateful.

And it's because of you that I'm here.

So, I'm willing to give it to him ...


I want 50%

Of course not. - Why not?

Because he would earn the same as me. - Y?

You are a woman. - We're not in the Middle Ages anymore, it's 1812.

It is time to change those prejudices.

But 50% ...


Are you sure? Where? - In the woods.

How many were there? - About 50!

OMG. Captain, come quickly!

OMG, Cossacks are close.

He has seen them.

And the General? - They informed him wrongly.

They will be here in less than an hour.

They are going to attack us!

Calm Calm.

You have to send someone with the General. - I am going.

I thought rather of Nicholas.

No, they need me here.

You are faster on horse, and the Captain will organize our defense.


Beware of furniture. They are fragile.

What do you think? Since this window is covered more, right?

Yes, very good, do that.


Yes we leave this place without protection to attract them here?

And when they arrive, we attack them from above. - Yes, why not.

But when they enter, they will set fire to take us out. - Is right.

Then we let bullets rain down. That will dissuade them.

But when we run out of bullets they will come to massacre us It is true.

Leave me some time to think of the best tactic.

Put it on the table. Ahead.

What are you doing?

Go, Elisabeth. Go now Go?

Is not it serious?

Do not imagine the horror who is about to fall in this house.

They are monsters.

Wild beasts.

Goodbye, Captain.

Hurry up, hurry up.

Help me, to put a barricade.

Be careful, it is dusty. Do not get dirty.


Come to see!

I do not want to die today.

Go ahead, quickly!



A little more, A little more ...

I'm so happy.

The weather is wonderful.

What happiness.



The moment is not appropriate ... - It is not.

We wanted to ask you ...

That the deadline long ago It's over...

Oh yes about the benefits.

They are absolutely right.

This is not the moment.




Invite me to dance.


The Emperor asks us to lift the camp, we left for Leipzig.

How, right now?

Show them who you are to that Prussians!

A club for the Captain:

Hip, hip, hip ... - Hurrah!

Do not go, they're going to kill you.

And the honor, and the duty?

Those are just words. I want my husband alive.

Yes, but I am Captain Neuville.

What are you going to do?

I am going to kiss you.

Will you write to me? - Everyday.

I promise you!