Leader (1964) Script

Obeisance to the motherland.

Obeisance to the motherland.

The one overflowing with nurturing waters, food and pleasing breeze.

The mother land, which is all encompassing and compassionate.

Obeisance to the motherland.

With bright dawn and cheerful nights.

The motherland which blossoms with colourful flowers.

The motherland which is loving and nurturing.

The one which bestows its blessings on all her offspring Obeisance to the motherland.

Obeisance to the motherland.

Election is a way of living together.

We can either rule over each other by use of power.

Or select one of our own, and make a government..

To live your life properly you need a proper government.

And for a proper government you need proper people.

Our government will be our future.

That's why consider your precious votes..

..to be your valuable future.

All hail to uncle Acharya.

Mr. Acharya is great leader. All the people support him.

But he doesn't have the power of money.

And money is God.

These days' people praise money, not great thoughts.

Then too it's very difficult for me..

..to win the election against him. lt is impossible.

We don't want to win the elections.

We will buy out the elections.

We will give money in exchange of votes.

And we want you to destroy Mr. Acharya's socialism.

Politics has become a business too. lt's matter of crores of rupees.

The factories and the mills..

..which our ancestors have left for us..

..are being charged by tax, super tax and penalties.

Our official consulates are being inquired.

Our licences for import and export are being cancelled.

And that Acharya is behind all this.

And l want to get rid of Acharya.

Absolutely! We should have the government in our hands.

Yes! Other wise we won't be able to run our businesses.

Dagha! Yes sir.

Today we have a meeting with Acharya in the evening.

Are you ready? Absolutely!

Three bombs are ready. lt must be enough.

You will explode a bomb in the meeting?!

You do a business in leadership.

And l do business in blowing things.

How come this list in this document?

Editor Vijay Khanna of Yong Leader warns..

..that very soon a bomb of nutheaded rebels..

..is going to blast on Acharya's patriotism.

What nonsense is this?

From where this you got this piece of crap?

Look at this.

News of the entire nation on the front page.

And photographs of nude girls on the back page.

Who is this Vijay Khanna?

Who is afraid of him?

Sister! lt's a trunk call from father.

No complaints, please. l have to complaint. No, sister, please.

Sister, please!

Okay then, hold your ears. Here.

Now ten sit ups. Till ten!

No, sister, please.

Will you go late to the school? No!

Third rated editor of an even more downrated newspaper.

..you have become a student of that bloody Vijay Khanna.

Yes! That l understood, sister. But that phone..

The trunk call has been connected.

Your highness, the trunk call has been connected. - Give.


The reason behind sending you two to Bombay..

..and getting educated there so that..

..you can learn how live like an ordinary person.

Yes, father. l have understood properly..

..your aim and the value of your time.

Only understanding is not enough.

You should also put it to practice. l also practice it, father. Bravo!

Hello. Even give my regards too, your highness.

Dear, Gen. Mahipat wants to talk to you.

Hello, Sunita. l'm Gen. Mahipat speaking.

Hello, Gen.

Hello. Hello.

Did you call for me? Yes.

Hey, what's this?

Sunita, you are a girl.

You are also the princess of a kingdom. lt doesn't looks nice that a two bits worth newspaper..

..should ruin your name like this.

But l'm telling you the truth, it's not my picture.

They have glued my face on someone else's body. l know who must have done this.

Before creating any situation you should consider..

..that your father has sent you so far from your castle..

..to the city so that you can understand..

..how to live peacefully among people.

You can learn from it.

You shouldn't do anything who will instigates against you. l'm only obeying his orders, Mr. Acharya.

No one even knows who am l.

So, how can this be related to my kingdom?

The relations are between humans.

People shouldn't be discriminated by status.

lf you get the time then join me in the meeting in the evening.

The path which we are about choose..

..is the path of that new life..

..on which every man of this country..

..will get food to eat, water to drink..

..and love to share which they have a right on it.

To achieve this right we don't need those people..

..who chant the talks of truth but are actually filthy liars. lt is read in history that such low people have done..

..acts of deceit and talking fraud has ruined our country.

Some rich and selfish men want to get rid of me..

..with the power of their money. lt is possible that can succeed in their aim.

But those people, whom l address as traitors..

..can never destroy socialism created by Jawaharlal Nehru.

lt is read in history that such low people have done..

..acts of deceit and talking fraud has ruined our country.

You should also know that..

..this will be decided only by your votes.

And your dedication and hard work will give rise to it.

Then socialism will spread like..

..the rays of sun beneath this blue sky.

Listen! You all please sit down.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

No! Please, sit down!

Please, sit down! People, calm down.


Run! Run!

But till where will you run to?

On the peak of Himalayas our enemies..

..and your own fear has surrounded you in your home.

Till where will you run to?

Why did you stop? Run!

Who is that man? l don't know. l have never seen him before.

Remember, this fear of yours..

..have made this country a slave for many years.

Remember, the one who runs away from sinking ship..

..is not brave enough to face the waves.


You all are sons of that father..

..whose determination was steady as rock.

You have taken bullets on your chest without any fear.

Along with Bhagat Singh you sang the song..

..of freedom and faced death.

And along with Jawaharlal Nehru you have taken..

..the oath of walking along with each other.

But why have this fear now?

How can these coward faces call themselves as lndians?

Dear ones of mother lndia..

..come and stand on the battlefield.

Come and trample all evil like a storm.

Come and challenge your enemies that..

..we would rather die than bow our heads.

We can never loose our freedom.

We can never loose our freedom.

We would rather die than bow our heads.

We won't bow our heads.

We have achieved freedom after decades of struggle.

We have achieved freedom.

We have achieved this wealth after giving many sacrifices.

We have achieved this wealth.

We have taken bullets on our chest smilingly.

After going though many ruins we have achieved this heaven.

We can't destroy our own reputation.

We can never loose our freedom.

Evil cannot stand against our firm determination.

Against our firm determination.

No wind can blow this fire away.

Blow this fire away.

May our enemies bring huge armies against us.

May our enemies bring huge armies against us.

They cannot stand against our unity.

We are the stone which the enemy cannot budge.

We can never loose our freedom.

We would rather die than bow our heads.

We won't bow our heads.

We will walk along with time.

Walk along with time.

We will change our own paths in our lives.

We will change our own paths. lf we find any traitor in our dear country.. ln our dear country.

Then we will trample him with our might.

We have been betrayed once.

We won't be betrayed again.

We can never loose our freedom.

Obeisance to the motherland!

Obeisance to the motherland!

Obeisance to the motherland!

We are the youth of the country.

Those who will fight against us..

Those who will fight against us!

He will be completely destroyed by our strength.

Destroyed by our strength.

All evils will be washed away in storms of time.

This tricolour will fly high in the sky forever. ln the sky forever.

We cannot forget the oath we have taken for you.

We would rather die than bow our heads.

We would rather die than bow our heads.

Hello, Shallu!

Shallu is not here. l'm his sister Sunita speaking.

Who is this? l'm editor Vijay Khanna of the 'Young Day' newspaper.

Greetings, madam! By the way your younger brothers Shallu..

..works for my party.

To hell with you and your party.

Why you have printed such an embarrassing picture of mine..

..in your two bits worth newspaper?

What right do you have? l thought you were a modern girl, madam.

But it seems that you are very orthodox.

And when you came to the meeting..

..then it was just terrific. ln the talks of votes, people go crazy looking at you.

You call yourself a journalist?

You don't have the manners to talks to a decent girl.

And you dream to be a leader.

You must know that everyone is after leaders these days.

That everyone is after everyone.

That means there is someone behind your success too.

That's why l have chosen you, Ms. Sunita.

You can dig for grass for your entire life, Mr. Khanna.

Will you dig with me too, Ms. Sunita?

Bloody idiot! Don't you dare take my name. l hate you very much.

Thank you, Ms. Sunita.

This hatred is the first sign of love.

And you have taken the first step in love.

Now you just a watch, l'll be behind you.

You will be in front of me.

From Bombay to Agra.

Then definitely visit the asylum there. lf you know that there is also a Taj Mahal made for lovers.

What we'll do is fight the election of love..

..in a exotic night, over there. l will vote for you and you vote for me. l will vote for you?

Conceded idiot!

We hold hands in the exotic night together.

You are his professor. He is from your class.

He is your student. He is your son. l'm looking for him since five days.

But l couldn't find him.

And in the class, sometimes he is there and sometimes not.

And in the house, your mother and your wife..

..both have joined his team. lf the thief is the dear one of the family..

..then who can catch him? l will catch him. l will drag him here in front of you right now.

Either you explain him or l will spank him up for good.

Call him.


Vijay, father is calling you. Come down, right now. l'm coming!



Hello, yes.

Yes, Trombay fire station.

What? There is a fire in Thadda company?

There is a fire in Thadda company, brother!

There is a fire in Thadda company?

Yes! Yes, Mr. Fernandez.

Mr. Fernandez is calling you, brother. lmmediately!

Yes, Mr. Fernandez, l have told him.

What? Lal Baugh No.3.

Lal Baugh No.3! Yes, Mr. Fernandez.

Yes, he is coming. He is gone!

He is gone, Mr. Fernandez.

Brother, your helmet!

Brother, your helmet!

What kind of job is this?

You don't care about food or water.

Just blow out fires all day and night. lt was not a fight but it was trick.

And it was played by your son Vijay.

You are after him day and night..

..as if he is not your son.

No! After a great thought l have concluded..

..that he is not my son.

He is my father!

l'm late for college. Wear you coat. - Give it.

Give me my glasses.

What is this?

What a professor!

An eye for an eye! lt's not just an old saying.

But it's the oldest principle that a human being follows.

Section 299 and 302 are kept one the basis of lPC.

That's why murder committed in complete senses..

..is capitalized by death sentence.

Sir! What is it?

Sir, the philosophers of the 20th century say..

..that the saying eye for an eye..

..is not the principle of a human but animals.

Sir, they say that it's a black spot on the society.

Vijay Khanna, first clear your stains of your newspaper.

Then you can complaint against the law.

Sir, you know the law properly. lf you turn it this way then it turns this way. lf you turn it that way then it turns that way.

So you consider law to be the brinjal kept on a plate.

Sir, brinjal is for eating. Even l had brinjal at breakfast.

Shut up! l'm sorry, sir.

Sit down. Thank you, sir.

Get up! Yes, sir.

Get out! Yes, sir.

Just listen, you call us whenever you need us.

And for us you are being so stubborn.

And bother, Vijay, don't forget that..

..we all have chosen you our leader.

And our hands are scarred clapping for you in the election.

And our throats have gone dry chanting your name.

And when you did this we have always chanted with you.

And when you did this we have applauded for you.

That is all fine, boys. But..

We don't care about ifs and buts.

You have to be the referee!

Yes, you will have to be! Yes, you will have to be!

Fine, l'll be.

This referee is a cheat!

He is playing himself.


He is with the guest team.

Throw him out.

Throw him out!

Don't any dare touch me.

This hooliganism cannot work.

You are a cheat!

You dare to hit the referee with a shoe?

You now that l'm the commander of this ground.

My position is here like that of the judge in a court.

My decision cannot be changed.

You all are out.

Have patience! Calm down, brothers. Relax!

Look, in a country of non-violence..

..if you us the act of violence with shoes and beating then..

..the position f this country will completely deteriorate. lt will be worth 2 bits! People will spit on us.

Look, l'm like a leader for you. l'm the commander of this ground. l'm your leader.

You can cover up my little frauds. Forget it!

Be merciful.

lt's 1 2 o'clock.

But your prince has not arrived yet.

His cycle must have got puncture.

He will be here. Forget it.

You keep quiet! You are right, father.

Today you should give some firm decision.

Tomorrow he will be engaged.

Anyways, l have fixed the date of the marriage too.

Come in, sir.

He is Mr. Kesari Das.

He is a retired officer from the forest department.

He is my son's father-in-law.

Pleased to meet you. Me too. - Have a seat.

Where's the groom?

Meet him. He is Mr. Kesari Das.

Your, future father-in-law.

Bow to him.

Son, bow to him! lt doesn't matter. You are like my father.

Greetings! Greetings!

Come, sit.

Your son is very shy. Shy?

He is sharp man. He is a great actor.

He is great public speaker.

So priest, why are taking so long?

Where is the necklace? Where is the ring? lf you don't mind then l have to say something in this matter.

There is nothing to say. This is not the moment for a speech.

Not a speech! Just a small misunderstanding. lt's not that serious. lt's a matter of marriage. lt's not easy as having a cup of tea.

Or have some snacks.

Sir, you should carefully see the boy in this matter.

How deep are his emotions! How high are his aims!

His habits, his bad doings. What is he?

You should carefully check his mental level.

Do you know the condition of our country?

A baby is born every second here.

The population is ever increasing.

And you can't get anything cheap now.

And the prices of all necessary things are rising high.

And what is happening in this country these days.

Only strikes!

You are just looking at the one face of the coin.

Uncle Faqruddin, look at the other face of the coin too.

You should look at both sides carefully. lt means this a free country.

And every man has the right to speak for himself.

What is this happening? Sister-in-law!

Look, everyone listen to me carefully. l'm not getting married. l will disguise myself as a sage and from this office..

..l will leave to wander in a jungle or forest..

..or wander in the entire lndia. This is all wrong!

The state of our country is getting worse.

People are getting married and making babies..

You are right!

Even we won't marry! Correct!

We will go along with you too!

Absolutely! The calf goes where the cow goes.

You bloody calves! Am l your mother?

We don't care if you are mother or aunty.

We will go along with you.

You will get yourself killed and get me killed too.

All of your parents will come after me.

They lodge a report against me and l will be arrested.

And you will all live comfortably at your home.

No! We will come too!

We will come too!

Hello. Yes! Vijay Khanna took your son? l just got the news that the editor Vijay Khanna.. lnspector sir, my son has left home. l have lost my sleep and my appetite too. Search him out. lnspector sir, l have heard that a boy named Vijay Khanna..

Hello! Yes! That Vijay Khanna has kidnapped my son.

His husband's heart has failed.


Greetings, inspector sir! Greetings!

Listen.. can you hear me?

Yes, l can hear you.

Who are you waiting for? l'm waiting for you only. Please come.

lnspector sir!

We have some difficulties! Difficulty!

We will take care of that. Just come here.

lnspector sir! lf we don't come there..

..then what will happen? lf you don't come then it will be very bad.

You will be arrested! Then?

You will be imprisoned! Then you will have to grind the flour.


They will not obey this way.

C'mon, catch them!


We have been informed by our district police that..

..they have been seen near this police station.

Did they catch them?

No! They jumped into the river Narmada.

What? River Narmada? River Narmada?

Yes! But what was astonishing that..

..when the police reached at the shore of the river..

..then the boys were not there. Oh God!

Did you hear that? The boys jumped in the river.

But didn't cross it. Oh no!

Oh God! Please protect these children.

You keep praying here to God.

And l will search for my brother myself.

Good bye, DSP sir.

She is right. She is absolutely right.

Let's go. Just wait..

All hail the revolution!

Brother, we are busted.

Don't be scared. Come with me.

All hail the revolution!

All hail the revolution!

l agree that our country has been separated in to states.

But l'm asking is why didn't we get our share of our land.

And did you see, how the neighbouring state..

..took the Jagdamba mountain and..

..the Dharmaputra river in it's boundaries.

And our great leader Mr. Acharya said..

..that this is not treachery but a great thing.

Down with Mr. Acharya!

Down with Mr. Acharya!

Long live Mr. Anupam!

Long live Mr. Anupam!

And that's why l'm telling you that..

..vote for our party for the coming elections.

Because.. He is right! - He is right!

Because.. He is right!

Because our party has taken an oath..

..that after winning the elections..

..we will capture both Jagdamba and Dharmaputra.

Bravo! Bravo!

lf a Punjabi can fight for Punjab..

..a Bengali can fight for Bengal..

..and Madrasi can fight for Madras..

..then even we can sacrifice our lives for out state. - Great!

Let us in. You can't go.

We have to go in! You can't go.

All hail the revolution!

All hail the revolution!

All hail the revolution!

Dharmaputra river.. ls ours!

Jagdamba mountain.. ls ours!


Brothers and..

Brothers and sisters!

This is a very unusual opportunity.

And before we take any action in haste..

..we should think over our paths..

..the turns in our paths, the passing time..

..and the admirable hopes and thoughts.

Yes, you are right!

First of all, brothers, we have to silent those..

..who are interrupting our meeting there.

Let me in, or else l'll call the police.

Silence! Now we should have this meeting peacefully.

Where current times are taking us.

A country like China is slowly stealing..

..all the fame and fortune from our country.

And we are still debating here for the river Dharmaputra.

Rockets of Russia and America are revolting..

..around the moon and the sun.

Around the moon and the sun!

And here we are still fighting over..

..the rights of the mountain Jagdamba.

There they are making genius inventions.

And here we are banging our heads on temples and mosques.

Tell me is this right?

Absolutely not!

Then should we listen to such trash politicians?


Will they help in the progress of our country?


Will they help in the progress of our country?


Are they our friends?

They are our enemies!

Look at them!

Hit them!

Please everyone sit down!

Please calm down.. Hit them!

Please listen.. Hit them!

Who are you? Forgive me.

Forgive me for sitting in your car without permission. l apologize for it. You? l have seen you somewhere before.

Your face seems so familiar.

Weren't you giving the lecture in this meeting?

Yes, it was me! l was that unfortunate one.

But did you see the result of speaking the truth?

The planets are not in their proper constellations.

And they are causing such bad luck..

..as a result this country is in complete chaos.

And if you tell someone the truth then he will bite you.

Did you buy this car?

What did you say?

Are you saying that l'm deaf? l never said that.

Then you could have narrated your story from behind.

Why did you come in the front?

Look, madam, do you think l am some kind of..

..a low level, good for nothing, worthless, loafer?

Or else are you a father of some church?

Look, l'm warning you.

You are insulting a respected and well known man.

And you very well know that l hid in your car..

..just to save myself.

And l also apologized for it.

But it's not your fault. lf revolution is written in your faith then it happens.

To hell with whatever happens?

Get out of my car!

What did you say? Out! l'm going! But remember you may search for your entire life.

But you won't find him.

Whom will l not find?

The one whom you are searching for..

..in every jungle and city. You will not find him.

Listen! Listen!

Listen! Yes? - How did you now? l have been an astrological student for 1 1 years for..

..the great astrologer Swami Venkatram from Trivandrum. lf my prediction is wrong then l'll behead myself.

You are absolutely right. l was searching for my younger brother Shallu.

One hooligan provoked him and took him along.

And today l even saw him in the meeting.

And everything went wrong in the meeting.

Forgive me, l misjudged you.

No! You judged me correctly. l'm a father of some church.


Listen! l'm feeling ashamed. Please, forgive me.

And tell me where l can find him.

Tell me, please.. Move this right hand. Move it.

Show me your left hand.

Name of the kid? Kumar Shailender.

What? Kumar Shailender.

With love we call him Shallu.

With love? Yes, with love.

He must be about 9-10 years old. Yes.

And he must be fair in colour like you. - Yes.

He is fair. Very fair.

And beneath his left eye there is a beauty spot.

No, under his right eye.

On that side? Yes.

There are only 15 minutes left before the planets..

..change their positions. Maybe we'll find him.

Come with me.

My car is there! Yes, let's go.



They all seem to be victims of that Vijay Khanna.

Yes. Look, that imbecile has troubled everyone so much.

Rascal! Worthless! Hooligan!

He is such a bastard and a con too.


He wants to tell you something.

Ms. Sunita, just a minute.

He is the same person who was giving..

..that great speech in the morning.

Yes! He is also great astrologer.

He told everything about the boys to me.

Even Shallu's hair colour, his height, his age..

Bless him!

But what does he predict for the future?

Please tell us, sir. We are in deep trouble.

You should wipe your face from those worries..

..and be happy.

Be happy.

Right now the planets are coming in the right positions.

Now they are watching each other carefully.

They are watching each other carefully.

That's why on the seventh of this month when the sunsets..

..that means in the evening, in the Water palace of Udaypur..

..in the Water palace of Udaypur..

..you will find your dear children.

Remember that this is the same Water palace..

..where 225 years ago Emperor Shahjahan..

..ordered to fill the lake with saffron and scent..

..and bathed with her queen.

And it's written in history that the Queen..

..was wearing a pink gown at that moment.

And water was dripping from her beautiful wet hair.

And even the moon was feeling shy of her gloom.

The queen had complete faith in Shahjahan's love.

But she was silent.

Then both of them were holding hands..

..and they started walking on the banks of the river.

And seeing them walk the stars started to glimmer.

Even the moon hid behind the clouds.

And the queen was smiling just like this.

And smiling like this she bowed her head.

And looking at this Shahjahan slowly closed his eyes.

He kept hands on the queen's shoulder.

And slowly.. slowly.. slowly..

..he was lost in her dreams.


Sir, you have given a great show. ln the name of astrology you showed us poetry.

Great! Bravo!

Excellent! Wonderful!

Enough! l told you that l will meet you in..

..the lnternational hotel. Now you should leave from here.

We will meet.

Brother Vijay, you should meet us in Taj Mahal. l have told you a hundred times..

..l will meet you at Taj Mahal. Now go.

C'mon, let's go. Let's go.

Definitely come there.

We will wait for you there. Do come.

Hello! Who is this? l'm single like you, Ms. Sunita. l'm roaming around but no one is ready to accept me What do you mean? Rascal! lf you have the guts then just tell me your name.

Then you will see what happens.

My name is Vijay Khanna.

You are that monster! Bastard!

Tell me where Shallu is.

That brat is always worried about you.

He repeats again and again..

..friends, my sister has grown up.

Let me know of some marriage proposal for her.

What else could l do? l offered myself to him.

Shut up! You fool! lf you say then l'll disconnect the call.

What will you do? l'll disconnect it myself.

Ruffian! Hooligan! Dog! Third class person!

Who was it, Ms. Sunita?

That same man.. Vijay Khanna. ldiot!

Hello! Hello!

He is still there. What are you doing?

Keep this fraud busy on the line. l will call the police right away.

Go fast! l'll go now!

Good idea!

Hello! Hello!

Forgive me, Mr. Vijay Khanna.

How are you?

What a sweet voice! l swear even a beggar will turn into a king..

..after hearing your voice.

Are you the uncle of the great poet Galib?

Would you like to listen to verse?

Latest of 1964.

These days love has become my hobby.

Wonderful! Will you sing it?

Will you join me? Absolutely not! l won't sing! - lf you won't sing then l won't sing too.

You won't get Shallu's address too. No song, no dress. lf you want then disconnect the call.

No! Don't disconnect the call. l will sing too.

Please sing that verse again.

Please! Please!

These days love has become my hobby.

What can l say? l'm in love with you.

These days love has become my hobby.

These days love has become my hobby.

What can l say? l'm in love with you.

What can l say? l'm in love with you. l'm in love with you.

But l don't accept it.

But l don't accept it.

What can l do if you are fallen in love?

What can l do if you are fallen in love? lf you are fallen in love!

Oh gorgeous, love is that thing..

..which every dame denies in the beginning.

Then they accept it that they are in love.

Then they accept it that they are in love.

What can l say? l'm in love with you.

What can l say? l'm in love with you. l'm in love with you.

Don't speak more than that you are worthy of.

Look, don't forget your status.

Love is useless.

Love is useless.

What can l do if you are fallen in love?

What can l do if you are fallen in love? lf you are fallen in love!

l'm impressed by every style of yours.

What can l do? After all l'm a human too.

Why do you hate me?

Why do you hate me?

What can l say? l'm in love with you.

What can l say? l'm in love with you. l'm in love with you.

l will not continue to listen to your pleading.

Go and request it to someone else.

Neither the heart is here nor is the love.

Neither the heart is here nor is the love.

What can l do if you are fallen in love?

What can l do if you are fallen in love? lf you are fallen in love!

These days love has become my hobby.

But l don't accept it.

What can l say? l'm in love with you.

What can l do if you are fallen in love? lf you are fallen in love!

Beloved, promise me that you'll meet me. l don't care if you live or die.

This is no way of conversing with others.

And you too have no manners at all.

Don't insult my affection like this.

You shut up! You shut up!

You shut up! You shut up!

You shut up, idiot! Go your way!

Don't trouble your lover like this. Hello!




Will you do one thing for me? Yes, sir.

Look, there it is.

Did you see? Let's go!

Excellent, princess! That was great timing.

Or else we all would have crashed out.

Which idiot must have done this?

Don't anyone dare to move!

Hand over all your money and valuables.

What kind of ill-behaviour is this, sir?

We are respected..

C'mon, surround all of them.

Stop them! They are running away!

Thank God! Those dacoits left us. lt was good that you arrived on time.

Or who knows what would have happened to me.

Madam, since the planets have changed it's positions..

..all work is being completely successful. lf l put my hands in the soil.. if l put my hands in the soil..

..then soils turns in gold.. soil turns into gold.

Hello. - Look, l want to ask you something about an astrologer.

Does the police department here depend on astrologers?

Not at all, madam. Actually we are looking for your son.

Mr. Joshi, you are speaking to a spinster.

And he is my younger bother, not my son.

Room 24, please.

You are calling again?

Greetings! Who is it?

You? Yes, it's me.

You are very bad.

Why? What's wrong? l'm very mad on you.

Please tell me what fault is my fault, madam.

Where did you disappear too that day? l called for you, screamed for you.

Where are you calling from now? l'm very close to you.

Done be a poet! Please, tell me.

Where are you calling from?

Do you know the distance between body and soul?

Yes! A little bit.

Just then consider that l'm that close..

..or that far from you.

You are feeling shy? l can see everything.

What good will covering the phone do? l can clearly hear your heartbeat.

Bump.. bump.. bump..

What can l say about your beauty?

l even fear to say anything.

What if you inadequately think..

..that l love you.

What can l say about your beauty?

What can l say about your beauty? l even fear to say anything.

What if you inadequately think..

..that l love you.

My hear beats rigorously.

My hear beats rigorously..

..whenever l pass your way.

Don't misunderstand with this..

..that l love you.

Your voice is so melodious.

Your gait is just marvellous.

Your voice is so melodious.

Your gait is just marvellous. lf someone just looks at you once.. lf someone just looks at you once..

..he will die instantly, l swear by your gaze.

Even l'm crazy in love.

Neither do l die, nor do l suffer.

What if you inadequately think..

..that l love you.

Whenever you come in front of me..

..my heart just pauses it's beats.

Whenever you come in front of me..

..my heart just pauses it's beats.

My desire rises high.

My desire rises high.

And my heart just wanders in the dreams. l have feeling that l breathe for you.

Don't misunderstand with this..

..that l love you.

What can l say about your beauty? l even fear to say anything.

What if you inadequately think..

..that l love you.

Hello! Who? Ms. Sunita.

Yes, please hold on for a second.

Ms. Sunita, there is trunk call for you from Shyamgad.

From Shaymgad? Yes.


Can l know the reason behind this disobedience? l have been waiting for you two for week.

And you two are nowhere to be found.

Where is Shallu?

Shallu has gone somewhere with his friends, dad.

Shallu has gone somewhere?

And what are you doing? l.. l was searching for him with my friends.

Maybe you have completely forgotten..

..the rules of a royal family. l don't like your irresponsible behaviour and your friends!

Forgive me, dad. l would like you to leave your friends tomorrow itself..

..and reach to Shyamgad. You got that?


Your highness, l think the princess has learnt enough.

Now you should concentrate on her marriage.

Sunita, what has happened to you so suddenly?

You don't know.

You have no idea of my situation and my responsibilities.

l fell like going far away from you.

Go far away from me? Yes.

And until l don't think it over calmly..

..l won't return to you.

l will go away myself, Sunita.

But you should think it over clearly..

..that with your situation and your responsibilities..

..if you have just little space for my love in your heart..

..then at fortnight you should meet me..

.. by the monument of love..

..which people refer to as Taj Mahal.

l would see if the dream of my love is true or not. l would see if you would come or not.

You are going far away just because you are a princess.

Even Queen Mumtaz had asked..

..the same question to a man.

And his answer was Taj Mahal.

You are a royal princess.

The royalty is gone. Now l'm just a princess..

..in search of a prince.

His memories will haunt you, Sunita.

Just stop, Sunita! No!

Go back, Sunita! No!

Go back, Sunita! Stop!


Go back, Sunita! No!

An emperor got the beautiful Taj Mahal constructed.

He gave the entire world a monument of love.

Love will always bloom in its shadows. lt has given a never ending tale.

An emperor got the beautiful Taj Mahal constructed.

This monument is so sacred that lovers swear on it.

And this monument fulfils the wishes of lovers. l swear by the dreams hidden in this marvel.

The paths to love are easy and difficult too. lt has given the heart a reason to beat for love.

An emperor got the beautiful Taj Mahal constructed.

This monument is a living inspiration of a poet.

And its stories are fact not fiction.

After coming here it can be clearly seen.

Life is meaningless without love.

This monument has given a new meaning to love.

An emperor got the beautiful Taj Mahal constructed.

This beautiful night and this exotic atmosphere.

May this moment pause here, my heart admits it desires.

Love makes a human love other humans.

No one dares to deny love.

Today destiny has given us this beautiful night.

An emperor got the beautiful Taj Mahal constructed.

He gave the entire world a monument of love.

An emperor got the beautiful Taj Mahal constructed.

l won't ask. Nothing? - No!


Get a Taj Mahal constructed just like this for me. - Like this?

High, white, built completely of marble.

This Taj Mahal was made by an emperor..

..with the help of his wealth, Sunita. l will give my life for you..

..and make a Taj Mahal from my blood.

Why are saying such omen things early in the morning? lf you have something else in mind then ask for that.

No! Ask me!

No! Ask me! - No!

What happened? My heart is thumping.

What's wrong?

Trouble is headed our way.

Worry about our children.

Where the heck did that astrologer go to?

Come.. Why are you going there?

There he is! Catch him.

Come here, inspector sir.

He is that bloody Vijay Khanna.

Arrest this rascal! Absolutely!

He is right! He is absolutely right!

Maybe you are having a misconception.

Absolutely not! He is Vijay Khanna.

He is fraud! Yes!

Madam, why are you roaming around with him?

He is definitely flirting with you.

Take this ruffian away.

Why are you silent?

Why don't you tell them it's all false?

lt's all true, Sunita. Forgive me.

Sir, only the judge can forgive you now..

..in the court. You..

What are you staring at him?

Put handcuffs on him and arrest him.

Guilty Vijay Khanna, who will fight your case for you?

Your honour, l study law. l will fight my own case.

The court will allow it. Let the hearing begin.

Professor Khanna, is the guilty your son.

Yes! He is definitely my son.

But he has been doing criminal activities since childhood. l tried to stop him. Mother tried it too.

Brother explained him. But he didn't listen to anyone.

Your honour, l testify that he just didn't..

..provoked those boys to go with him..

..but he left home without my orders.

Judge sir, don't listen to my husband.

He has lot his mind in his old age.

Madam, please sit down.

This is the court, not your kitchen.

Professor Khanna, is it true that..

..the guilty Vijay Khanna is very intelligent.

..and has been topping his class from past five years.

What is the big deal about that?

After all he is my son.

And is it rue that you have forcibly tried..

..to lock up this intelligent student.

You fixed his marriage without his will.

And he was forced to run away from home..

..on the night of marriage. l'm his father. l have the complete right over it.

Was your son getting married or you, professor Khanna? l'll slap you now! Rascal!

Your honour, no further questions.

Next witness!

Do you agree that the guilty..

..was pretending to be an astrologer? - Yes.

And he had planned the entire run away scam of the boys..

..and kept deceiving you all? Yes.

That means he was cheating you all! Yes!

Definitely! Absolutely! Your honour!

Ms. Sunita!

Ms. Sunita! What is it?

Have you ever fallen in love with someone? - Never!

Then on the night of 13th November..

..why were you sleeping on the shoulders of the guilty..

..in an unknown forest? l didn't do it purposely. l was feeling sleepy.

You were feeling sleepy? Yes, l was feeling sleepy.

And on the night of 19th November..

..when you were looking at the Taj Mahal from..

..the banks of river Jamuna then you will remember..

..that in a very poetic way and romantic way..

..you had demanded something from the guilty.

You had said, that can you built a Taj Mahal for me too?

Were you sleeping at that moment too, Ms. Sunita?

Did you made the Taj Mahal for me?

Your honour, the witness's only regret is that..

..why wasn't her demands fulfilled.

Why wasn't a Taj Mahal made for her?

Your honour, you must know about the high prices.

And if you break your head..

..then too you won't get a piece of marble.

And look at her demands. This is so unreasonable.

Ms. Sunita, what were you thinking? Tell me.

Did you think that the guilty had..

..some machine to print money?

Or does he have some farm that yields gold and silver?

Aren't you ashamed of your self? What did you say?

Aren't you ashamed of your self?

Did l say all that you should count them in front..

..of the court and embarrass me in front of everyone? l will never forgive you. l think you are an awful man.

Your honour, no further questions.

The court states that the accusations charged..

..on the guilty are false.

The court states that the irresponsible behaviour..

..of these boys is due to the parents..

..not allowing them to roam around.

The court has found the accused not guilty.

And orders to free him respectfully.


Just give me one for chance. Just one last chance.

Please, Forgive me, Sunita. l'm not that bad.

You are a much respected man.

After meeting you l have received many things.

For making me so famous in front of the judge..

..l thank you very much for that. ldiot!

A girl from the royal family was standing in court.

You know, everyone is talking about this.

These middle class are boys are like this only.

You are absolutely right, your highness.

Really! lf you once talk to them nicely..

..then they narrate it as a romantic tale to everyone.

Sunita, just think what must be Gen. Mahipat feeling about it?

What does Gen. Mahipat have to do with this?

My royal blood is boiling in fury, Ms. Sunita.

You blood boils in fury on everything. So what?

Whatever it is. l cannot ignore this matter anymore.

We are being defamed. After all one day you will have to..

Mr. Mahindranath. When did you arrive? l have been waiting for you since so long, you highness.

Hello, Sunita.

General, weren't you supposed to go for boating?

Yes! We are going.

Let's go, Sunita.

Okay, father. Goodbye. -Goodbye.

Your highness, l feel that Sunita doesn't like Mahipat.

That's the whole problem.

These days it's very difficult to find eligible boys..

..for a girl from the royal family.

The boy is very much there, your highness. lf you like him then you can talk to him.

Who is it? He is your own servant.

Dhiru! Dhiru?

My son. Very good.

Tomorrow l'm going to Shyamgad.

We'll talk there itself.

Shameless! ldiot!

Fraud men like you should drown and die.

Not in a river or a lake. ln just a drop of water. You got that? ln just a drop of water!

You are 100%o right. l'm 100%o right.

This acting won't work in front of me. Understood?

No, Sunita.. l know all your ways.

You cheat! You fraud!

Sunita, you know my mother..

My mother likes you very much.

She is very furious on me.

She was saying, you worthless fool!

How dare you get such a beautiful and elegant girl..

..who has nice facial features..

..you made her stand in court?

And then she scolded me, go right now..

..and bring my daughter-in-law home.

Bring daughter-in-law! Yes, bring daughter-in-law Did she say that? Yes, she said it. Really!


Liar! Cheat! Fraud! l swear!

Shut up! Don't you feel ashamed..

..to use your mother's name for your own greedily use?

C'mon, move aside.

Gen. Mahipat is waiting for me there.


Hello, Sunita!

What do you care for this fatso with big moustaches?

He likes me from childhood.

And don't you dare come in front of him.

He will break you into pieces.

Listen, if you go with him then l'll become blood thirsty.

You got that? l will do whatever l like.

Who are you to order me?

Sunita! The consequences will be unimaginable. l'm warning you for the last time.

Hello! Hello!

Hello, General. Hello, Sunita.

You are looking so fine. Really? Thank you.

Did you see that? May l help you?

Oh yes! Certainly you may. lt's so kind of you indeed.

Excuse me!

You are excused, Miss.

Let's sit down here.

So nice to meet you. What's your name?

Ms. Kopeck. Ms. Kopeck! l'll call you Ms. Kopeck.



Beautiful hands.

English girl, Europe girl, white girl.. beautiful! lndian girl.. no good.


You married?

No! Are you married?

No, l'm not married.

lt is so nice.

You are very beautiful.

Really? How sweet, General!

Fat ugly man!

When you smile, then it feels that a flower is blooming.

Traitor! Do you know what she says?

She says l love you.

Won't you join me for boating? Yes, l will! l'm ready. Even l'm ready. - Come!

Let's go!

Look at that nasty woman.

Ms. Kopeck, have you got a boat? Yes.

Would you like to go for boating? Oh lovely!

Yeah! Come, let's go.

C'mon, Vijay!

Save yourself! You idiot! Save yourself!

Save yourself! Save yourself!

Save yourself!

Faster! C'mon, Vijay!

There goes that fool!

C'mon, Vijay!

Make way! We are coming!

C'mon, Vijay! Hey stop!

C'mon, Vijay! Bravo!

C'mon, Vijay! C'mon!

Faster! Don't let them get away, c'mon!

C'mon! We are coming!

Hey imbecile! l'm coming to ruin your life! l will shatter your boat.

Save yourself, you shameless man.

Getting beaten up by a woman.

Getting beaten up by a woman.

Look at him run away!

Look at him run away!

Look at her run away!

Sunita, wait please. Stop, Sunita!

Get aside. Stay away from me. l hate you. But listen to me.. l'll hit of you come closer. Confirm? - Yes!

You will hit me? Yes, l will hit you.

You will regret it!

No, Sunita!

Come closer, you fraud! No!

Where did you leave your white madam? - No!

Take this. Take more!

What is this lunacy?

Take this flower. How dare you?

Look, it was just a flower.

Listen to me, Sunita!

Take this!

What is this? Call her!

Call that friend of yours! What is this? lt will hurt! Take this. - Call her!

No, Sunita, please! l was flirting! No! l was having fun! No, Sunita, please!

And you were praying to that Goddess?

Yes, l was praying. No, l was not praying.

Don't hit me!

My bones will be broken. Leave it. l'm saying l'll hit you.

Now tell me. Should l hit you? Will you hit me?

Hit me! Hit you? - C'mon, hit me!

Take this.

Should l hit more? Vijay, l'm warning you.

lt hurts, Vijay.

You love me and you fight with me.

Oh, you have killed me!

You don't understand it now. Don't lift the dagger.

See that your wrist isn't hurt.

You are acting so rude with me today.

You seem so beautiful.

This heart wishes that l should sacrifice my life.

Nothing bad should happen to you in love.

l accept every attitude of beauty.

Even the anger of maidens seems so good.

You used the arrow of eyes on my heart.

Here, l took the wound even when l knew it.

Don't murder my heart like this.

Just one attack of your eyes is enough.

This is the age of trying our love.

Be disloyal to me like this.

Of course not.

The girl has come to meet you.

She will never come in this house.

She will never step into this house.

She is speaking to mother.


Mother.. l am coming.

Bless you. Bless you.

Daughter.. ls this possible?

The man whose skin should be flayed and made into shoes.

Can you ever forgive such a man?

Tell us, daughter. You forgave our son, isn't it?

l forgave him. Did you hear that?

What is this that l am hearing?

The stupid fool who rejected your love..

..the one who made you cry, you like him?

And you want to marry this fool too? Tell me!

lmpossible! What is happening to this world?

Did you listen to what is happening?

Whatever is happening is for the good.

A beautiful daughter-in-law has come into the house..

..and you are just going on arguing.

See, daughter. don't tell me anything after this. l won't be responsible for anything.

This marriage will take place tomorrow, in this house.

Why are you just staring at me?

Go and get my sherwani.

You are wearing it. But where are you going? l am going to fix the proposal with the girl's father.

Come on, Naren.

Father.. this is the matter of marriage and all that.

So the girl's parents should come first.

Why do you need to go? He is right, daddy.

Even l had make Lala Kesarichand..

..take thirty six rounds of my house.

And only then did l let him touch my shoulder.

Correct. We will go and bring him right away.

Come on. Come.

Come from here.

Okay, bye father. Bye mother, bye brother.

The girl is so beautiful. Please smile.

Be happy at least some time. You are always so glum.

One problem has gone and the other has come up.

What is the problem in this? You father is a human after all.

We will beg and convince him somehow.

He will shoot you. You don't know who he is.

Who is he? ls he a dictator? He is a king or something? lf not him, we will bring someone else.

Don't you have any uncle or anything?

No.. No.. No.. That Jailer is there.

Should we put a beard on him and bring him?


There is one.

Tell the priest whatever you have in your heart. l will be waiting for you. l will pray for you.

Go. - l will go. l will go.

Mother. Please make my love successful. l don't want anything except Vijay in my life. l don't want anything else, mother.

Can you keep your hand on your heart and tell that..

..you are worthy of getting married to her?

Yes. l keep my hand on my heart and say that..

..my love for Sunita is true. lf your love is true then why did you betray Sunita..

..about yourself from so many days?

Actually Mr. Acharya, the situation only..

..had become complicated.

Actually, my parents wanted to get me married forcefully.

And l was running away from marriage.

And when l ran away then the boys also..

..started running behind me.

When the boys ran behind me then..

..the police also came behind me.

Tell me, what could l do? l said some wrong things.

You print such insensible things in your newspaper also. lt is not my fault.

The public demands for it.

They want sensationalism.

Somebody has killed someone.

Somebody's wife has eloped with someone.

Some minister has taken bribe from someone.

There was a bomb explosion in the parliament house.

Until and unless you don't flatter about the news..

..it doesn't becomes interesting.

But l guarantee you about one thing, Mr. Acharya.

Guarantee? Yes.

Let anything happen.

Let the world change its direction.

Or let us have to bring the stars from the sky..

..but l will keep Sunita in a lot of peace.

Just like a flower.

Please. l feel very sad after hearing your talks, Vijay.

These lies of coward young people like you..

..will ruin our country one day.

But where is the question of truth and lies..

..over here, Mr. Acharya?

You are such a big leader yourself that you know..

..that in these elections which are going on..

..your enemies are preaching about the truth in front of us.

And all the bribing and fraud is going on..

..secretly among themselves.

The good things about truth which we had learned..

..in the books in our childhood and which we had..

..made our principles, all those teachings are stored..

..in the safe of the rich people, Mr. Acharya.

Now wherever or on whichever side, you will see that..

..the soul of a human being is dancing to the tunes..

..of money and wealth. lt is dancing.

All this is just the imagination of your mind, Vijay.

You cannot see anything except for all this. lf there will be something then only l will be able to see. lf there will be something then only l will..

..be able to see, Mr. Acharya.

Even l was every interested.

Even l had the determination that..

..even l will definitely become something. l will definitely do something. l will serve the nation.

But when we see around us then..

..there is fraud and betrayal on all the sides. lf you will drink the water of the tap then..

..there is a mixture of medicines in it. lf you will breath then there is the mixture..

..of the polluted air from the mills. lf you will eat food then there is a mixture..

..of mud in the flour.

There are lies on all the sides. ln prayers, in salutations, in love, in enmity, in anger..

..everywhere there are lies.

Vijay, the love of your mother with which..

..you have been born and brought up, was it false?

No. lt wasn't false.

The feeling of love which you have..

..in your heart for Sunita, is that also a lie?


The sunlight, the moonlight, the clouds, the rain..

..the river water, the crops that grow in the fields.

Are all these things also false? ls there a fraud and illegal mixing in all these things also?

No. All this is fine. lt is not fine. l want to ask you whether..

..all these things are true or false?

Your love, your heart beat, the blood that is running in your..

..veins, your hands, legs, are all these things true or false?

All this is true, Mr. Acharya.

But you have a look at the world.

The world has changed so much.

The helplessness of young and coward people..

..like you have not changed this world.

The people who are responsible for changing..

..this world are they who are as strong as rocks..

..and who have not bothered about day and night.

They have not bothered about the gains and losses.

This wonderful era of human beings is the result..

..of the struggle of those people..

..who have discovered the methods..

..to generate electricity from running water.

They have been able to remove the coal..

..from the midst of the earth's crust.

And they have used it to fuel the machines.

They have been able to obstruct the winds of the sky.

They have been able to fly.

And now they want to step over it and touch the stars.

They are the ones who have changed this world. lt's their strength. lt is not that unwillingness with which you want food..

..to fill your stomach and a shelter to sleep.

l don't have any reply to give you, Mr. Acharya.

This is not my thinking.

This is the call of the time, Vijay. lt is the call of those crores of young and innocent kids..

..who are going to play in your laps.

Don't give them a chance to say that..

..the people who have given birth to them has left..

..this deserted monument of principles for them.

When the mud in our body will mix with the mud..

..of this nation then they should not say that..

..our ancestors have given us such an unholy mud..

..as a part of their property. l pray to God that you should be blessed with..

..the lives of thousands of people like me, Mr. Acharya.

What is the guarantee of life, son?

Who knows from where does death enters?

When the process of this breathing stops?

Yes. l have one prayer to God.

That we should be able to understand the truth..

..speak the truth and walk on the path of truth..

..till the end of our lives.

Stop! Get hold of him!

Save! Save! Save!

Catch him! Catch him!


No! l have not killed him. No.

Catch him. No! No!

What did you say?

Has Mr. Acharya been killed?

Mr. Acharya has been killed.

Go to the hermitage immediately.

This is the price for your work.

Count it.

You people are merchants, Mr. Diwan.

l have faith on you all. lf you all wouldn't have killed him then..

..he would have killed you all.

You are absolutely right.

Now your election is certain Mr. Ghatak.


Congratulations! - Thank you! Congratulations! - Thank you.

Thank you! Thank you!

But this is too much, Mr. Diwan. l am not ready for this thing.

For which thing?

This is a murder. This is murder.

And Mr. Acharya was a very nice man. l mean..

People used to worship him.

His heart was full of pain and well being of the public. l understand this.

And l also know that he was insisting to ruin us.

And even you know it very well that if he..

..would have been alive then instead of our bribe..

..not even 5 votes would have been in your favour.

This happens in politics.

This also happens in politics..

..that in order to fulfil our greed..

..people use their community and their nation as an excuse.

They don't kill one but lakhs of people.

Am l wrong?

This is right but..

And this is also right Mr. Ghatak that..

..we are ready to spend lakhs of rupees for your election.

And this is your deal with us that as soon as..

..you are elected, the first thing that you will do is..

..to give the authority to me to take the decision about..

..the inquiries taking place about my company.

And the ban on my factory will be lifted.

And the accusation of earning lakhs of rupees..

..by betraying the public will be withdrawn by the government.

When have l disagreed?

But it really upsets me very much.

You all have taken up a very big danger.

And we all have promised to hold on to each other..

..in this danger.

But someday or the other, the police will..

..definitely arrest this boy Vijay.

So will he accept that he has himself killed Mr. Acharya?

We all know that Vijay's arrest can create a danger..

..for all of us.

But Mr. Ghatak, Vijay will not be arrested.

How will he not be arrested, Mr. Diwan?

What do you consider the police as?

He will not be arrested Mr. Ghatak because..

..he will be hidden from the reach of the police forever.

The problem will be uprooted from its base.


Will you commit one more murder, Garga?

There he is. Get hold of him.

Don't let him run away.

Lord, you know that l have not committed any murder.

You know it God that l am innocent.

Please save me. Please save me, God.

Please save me.

Come son, come.



Priest please let me go inside. l want to meet him.

But whom do you want to meet, child?

There is no one inside.

Don't doubt me, priest. l will not lie in this house of God.

Please let me go inside.

He needs me very badly right now.

Vijay! Vijay!

Vijay! Vijay!

Where are you, Vijay?

Vijay, where are you?

Vijay! Vijay!

What has happened to you, Vijay?

What has happened to you?

Sunita, l have not killed anyone. l am telling the truth. l know.

What happened?

What happened, Vijay? lts my wound, Sunita.


Don't worry, Vijay.

Everything will be all right. lt's good that you have come, Sunita. lt's good that you have come. lt's good that you have come.

Vijay! Vijay!

Vijay! Vijay! Yes.


What type of a mother are you? ls this your motherly love? l had come to take your blessings?

But what have you done?

My lover cannot be a murderer, mother.

My lover cannot be a murderer.

'O queen of this beautiful heaven!'

'Please give me my beloved.'

'You have the sake of your attitude.'

'Please give back my love.'

'Do you know that l am beauty?'

'And beauty rules over here.'

'Don't take the name of love over here.'

'l hate people who are in love.'

'The garden where l belong to..

..the hearts of flower buds beat over there.'

'Love and pleasure has an important status..

'Look, love is nothing other than just a stone in my party.'

'Give life to it through your pleasures.'

'Or else ruin your own life also over here.'

The decision of our love is being taken today, O beloved!

Today my destiny will be changed.

The decision of our love is being taken today, O beloved!

Today my destiny will be changed. lf you are soft hearted than l don't mind.

The stone will melt with my pleasures.

The decision of our love is being taken today, O beloved!

Today my destiny will be changed.

Look, l am very wounded. l am bowing at your feet with my head bent low.

Come and take me in your arms otherwise then..

Come and take me in your arms otherwise then..

The matter will remain pending.

The time will pass away.

Today my destiny will be changed.

My heart wants its sweetheart.

And it doesn't wants anything else. lf you will do even this mercy then.. lf you will do even this mercy then..

My broken heart will be mended.

Today my destiny will be changed. lf you are soft hearted than l don't mind.

The stone will melt with my pleasures.

The decision of our love is being taken today, O beloved!

Today my destiny will be changed.

O my life! O my darling!

Listen to my heart and gain your senses.

Then make me feel your presence.

Then make me feel your presence.

Otherwise l will feel suffocated and l will die.

Today my destiny will be changed.

The decision of our love is being taken today, O beloved!

Today my destiny will be changed.

Love can never be separated from beauty.

lf a heart is indeed a heart then it cannot be helpless.

Sunita! Sunita!

Sunita! Sunita!

Where were you? l was here only, near you.

How are you? l am fine.

Vijay! l am fine.


Daughter, there is nobody near the temple. l have done the arrangements for your departure.

Please be quick.

Are you fine, Vijay? Yes.

Was there any message from the control room?

Nothing sir.

And from Bombay Central or VT station? - No sir.

He must not escape.

Vijay! Vijay, let's go behind.

They are coming. No. No.

No. Come on. You will have to come. Come.

The car is empty, Garga.

They must have gone down over there.

This is the only way. Let's go.


Somebody has fallen over here.

Please come.

All this is your deed.

You always used to call my son a hooligan, a ruffian..

..and today there is a case of murder..

..filed against that poor boy. l know that this accusation of murder is absolutely false.

There is lakhs of bad habits in our Vijay.

But he cannot do anything like this. l don't want to listen to your lectures.

Go right now and by any mean just bring back my son to me.

Look, you don't worry. l am not only a professor of law.

But l know how to find the real criminal from his secret place.

Daughter-in-law, pack my bags for the trip.

Look Vijay, there are lamps of Diwali everywhere..

..in this dark night. lt gives rise to a light of hope in the saddest heart also.

Then why are you so upset? l don't have any light of hope in my heart, Sunita.

Because of my own silly mistakes..

..l am in the condition of a scared animal..

..who is hiding behind the trees of the forest..

..to save himself from the hunter dogs.

No ..to save himself from the hunter dogs.

No Vijay! l am right, Sunita.

Listen. You should not say like this.

The whole day, Sunita..

The whole day l am sacred about the killers.

And in the night, l keep seeing dreams of my hanging.

Come near me.

Come more near to me.

Do you know, Diwali is a festival..

..of the triumph of lights on the darkness? lt is the festival of the success of truth.

And your own name is Vijay. lsn't it? Yes, it is.

Why? Why did you smile now? l loved your talks.

Did you see?

You took the name of love and the bugle..

..is being played far away. Yes.

These poor fishermen also endanger..

..their lives day and night.

They fight against the storms.

But then too, they are celebrating tonight.

Come. Even we will participate in their celebrations.

Diwali has arrived. Diwali has arrived.

The lamps are lighted in all the houses.

Diwali has arrived. Diwali has arrived.

The lamps are lighted in all the houses.

O darling, please come.

O darling, please come.

O darling, please come.

O darling, please come.

O darling!

The drums are beating!

O darling!

The drums are beating!

O my God, l am feeling shy.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

My anklets are clinging. l am out of breath.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

How do l come to meet you, my beloved?

The people of my house secretly keep an eye on me.

When you tease me then l feel very excited.

When you tease me then l feel very excited.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

My anklets are clinging. l am out of breath.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

When my bangles cling together then..

..l feel very scared.

When my anklets makes noise then l am terrified.

The threads of shyness gets attached together.

The threads of shyness gets attached together.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

My anklets are clinging. l am out of breath.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

My heart stops me.

My brother-in-law wrangles me.

Neither does any excuses works.

And neither does any intention is of any use to me.

l am facing a very big problem today. l am facing a very big problem today.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

My anklets are clinging. l am out of breath.

O my God, l am feeling shy.

There has been a miracle, Mr. Diwan.

We followed him till the village of Sangli.

But then he disguised himself and ran away from us.

And the daughter of your friend..

..the King of Shyamgad is along with him.

Fool! ldiot!

The princess must have reached..

..the border of her territory also.

Look, do one work.

Go to Lion's club and take my aeroplane.

And follow them.

Kill Vijay Khanna before he enters into the king's palace.

Did you hear me?

Now stop your nonsense.

Disconnect the phone and go quickly.

Yes. l will go right now.

That rascal has gone away. Yes. He has been saved.

Palace. Yes.

Palace. Where?

Sit down.

Look over there, Sunita. lt's the airport! lt's the airport! lt's the airport! - Airport!

Vijay. Yes.

He is my father.

Who are they?

She is our Sunita, your highness.

Sunita! Hello!

What an imbecile!

What does this mean? lf father will come to know that there is..

..a charge of murder against you and you are..

..the same Vijay Khanna then he will..

..hand you over to the police immediately.

Then what will l tell him is my name?

'Now you have come under my control, idiot.'

'l will see now how will you save yourself?'

They are all looking at me only. Hello!

Yes. Let's go.

Come, come, daughter. Father!

God bless you.

How come you are here?

Yes. You were right.

Where is Shallu?

He is in Bombay, father.

He will come back after the examinations.

Greetings, General!


You have not answered even one letter also out of 1 1 letters. ls it so? But l did not get any letter.

Maybe you must have not pasted the tickets on the envelope.

Sunita, who is he?

Father, actually he is..

Yes. He is..

Didn't you recognise him?

You had seen me in the childhood.

How will you remember it now?

Wait. Wait.

This piper plane is of Diwan Mahendranath, isn't it?

Wow! Wow!

Did you see? Did you see? Did you see?

So you are Dhiru, the son of Diwan Mahendranath.


Dhiru? Dhiru? Yes, Dhiru. Yes, he is Dhiru. l did not tell him. Father has himself recognised you.

Hello, operator. l want to book a trunk call.

To Shyamgad. ln the happiness of the arrival of our princess..

..there is a very royal dinner in the night. lt is fine.

But who are you two?

My name is Balaram.

And he is Masood.

We both are waiters. New waiters.

Who has hired them as waiters?

They seem to be very strange to me.

Go away from here.

Go away?

Give here. Give it back to me.

Give it back? What do you want?

Why don't you speak?

lt is fine.

Now work carefully.

You can go. Yes.

Do you have something else?

Later on.

The General's boat went and sank in the middle of the sea. l felt like killing him after l saw that rascal.

And that rascal is becoming eager to kill you right now.

General, you?

Where are you going with two swords in your hand?

Are you going to sell it, General?

No. This sword belongs to our family.

That means it belongs to your after, isn't it?

General, what is your intention?

This shameless has attacked our prestige. - What?

Be ready for the revenge, Mister.

Let it be. Let it be.

He had just lost his temper. Yes.

Yes. lt was just a light of matchstick. lt burned immediately and it vanished away easily.

Stop this nonsense.

Take this sword and come in front of me.

Why are you both behaving like ruffians?

Look General, it is the matter among us.

We will sit in one corner and discuss it..

..with a cool mind among ourselves.

We will remove some political or social solution to it.

You apologise to me.

And l will apologise to you. Yes. And it will be all over.

And the matter will be over.

But first you will have to fall down..

..on my feet and apologise. l will spare you only after that.

Sir, if you will be happy with this then..

..look l will fall down on his feet..

..and apologise in front of you. ls it fine?

No! What happened?

Don't you have any shame?

Don't you have any self-respect? l have a lot of self-respect.

Self-respect is not lacking. l have a lot of self-respect.

But can we remove some diplomatic solution to this?

Being a man, are you hiding behind a woman? - Who?

Come in front of me? Who?

Who should come in front of you? l order you to come in front of me. - You traitor!

Leave me. Go ahead and face him.

Are you scared of him? l am not scared of him. l am making him feel scared.

Not over here. Over there.

Wait. Wait.

Are you ready? Ready. Ready.

Begin the fight.

You scoundrel!

He is a champion.

Well done, Vijay!

Well done!

The lady will be hurt. The lady will be hurt.

The lady will be hurt.

Vijay! Come on.

Vijay! Yes. - Attack.

General, attack.

Attack, General. Attack.

Very good!

Attack. Attack. - Ouch!

Are you fighting with him or with me?

Even l cannot understand that with whom l am fighting?

He is banging the swords so quickly. - Yes.

General. Yes. - He is immature.

Fight slowly with him. Slowly. ls it necessary to fight or is it enough?

Absolutely! lt is the question of our respect. ls it the question of our respect? - Yes. lf it is the question of our self-respect then shall we fight..

..immediately after eating something in the breakfast?

No. General. Yes. - Attack.

General, slowly. Slowly.

Did you see? Wow! Wow!

You scoundrel!

Stop coming behind me.

Look over there.

Very good, Vijay! Very good! lt is not at all good.

There that scoundrel is after my life and..

..you are sitting peacefully over here and eating apples.

You come near a girl and eat apple.

You are a coward.

To gain some strength, General. To gain some strength.

Wait over there. l will remove all your strengths.

Leave me. Come on.

Take this at least. You coward!

Take care, Vijay!

O bravo, Vijay! Bravo!


You scoundrel! Take this.

You stupid man!

Keep going ahead, brave people.

Go ahead, brave man.

Stop. Stop.

You are too tired. Have some water.

No water.

You bloody fool!

No Vijay. No.

Not fair. Not fair. Hey!

Your sleeve is tore.

Your shirt is also tore. No.

Your pant has also torn. No.

The enemy is running away, princess.

The enemy is running away.

General. Yes.

Don't forget about the party.

Ok. Ok. Ok.

That stupid fool has ran away.

That idiot royal man!

Wow! Wow! Very good!

You have proved to be a master in swords.

Where have l proven to be a master?

Even you had thrown me away to face that wild buffalo. l was telling no. No. No.

But attack. Attack. Keep fighting! Keep fighting! l am asking you why did you do it? l wanted to test your love.

So l have tested it.

Have you taken my test? -Yes.

So have l passed or failed?

You have passed. l have passed.

Really? Yes.

Really? Yes.

There is no need to become so romantic.

What did you say?

There is no need to become so romantic.

Shall we leave? Let's go. Let's go.

What had l told you donkey? Keep an eye on him.

Where is he?

He is romancing along with the princess in the garden..

..and bringing fame to the name of our family.

Go and have a look.

Why didn't you pull his ears and slap him?

Shall l go and slap him? Shall l give him a tight slap?

Will you slap on your head?

He is coming here.

We have taken so much time.

What will we tell father? We will make any silly excuse.

He is coming. Who?

Hello, your Highness! Hello Dhiru!

Where were you both from so long?

Your Highness, we had gone over there..

What is its name?

Mushy park. Mushy park. Mushy park. Mushy park.

So many English men had gone inside it..

..during the partition.

But none of them came outside.

Even one man came out, your Highness.

Then it is good that we both came back.

Otherwise my poor father would have said that..

..my alone child Dhiru, where has he gone?

Where did he vanish?

He wouldn't have told you anything. lt would have threatened my life.

Go and meet him.

He is somewhere over here only. Who?

Diwan Mahendranath.

Diwan.. No. Your Highness, you are joking.

He has gone away to Delhi to see the cricket test match.

What are you telling? Delhi?

Look over there. ln the front. He is looking at you only.

How can he come over here?

Look over there. lt is he only.

Yes. lt is he only.

Vijay! Leave me. l will handle it.

Hello! Hello! Vijay!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Vijay! What happened?

Daddy. Daddy, greetings!

You are very smart!

Excuse me, daddy. l made a mistake in a hurry, daddy.


Excuse me. Please allow me to talk to my daddy.

Please leave.

Daddy, please forgive me. l did not take your permission.

Excuse me, please.

What fault have you done?

Child Dhiru, shake hands.

Hello! Hello daddy!

Where is mummy? Where is mummy?

Mummy is waiting for you at home. - Drink?

Sir, l have told you that please let me talk to my daddy.

Why are you interfering again and again by offering drinks? l am sorry.

Fine then l will go and meet my mummy and come back.

Daddy, bye-bye.

Wait. Don't spoil the party.

Come with me.

Waiter, scotch.


Daddy, l have stopped it from three years.

There is a prohibition in Bombay, isn't it?

There is a prohibition. This is not Bombay.

This isn't Bombay? So daddy, l will do one work. l will drink the red and sour tomato juice.

The red and sour one.

My son doesn't drinks tomato juice.

He drinks scotch and he drinks it in front of me. ls your son so disobedient?

He is very disobedient.

Cheers! Cheers!

Cheers! Cheers!

Can't you see?

You would have spoiled the entire suit of my daddy now?

You keep such big beard and moustache and you see but..

..then too you don't have any sense. - What did you say?

Yes. What? Are you scaring me? l will tell the king. l will tell him.

Where is that king gone?

Where is that king?

Excuse me! Sorry. Sorry. lts all right.

Take this. Cheers!

Daddy, l will lose control after drinking.

And l will say something wrong, daddy.

And if l will say something wrong then?

Daddy, please.

Look, if we will drink alcohol then..

..mummy will get angry with us.

Your mummy also drinks alcohol, darling.

Drink it.

Does my mummy drink alcohol? Yes.

Cheers! Cheers!

Cheers! Cheers!

Cheers! Cheers!

For mummy. For daddy.



Now l understand something about Diwan.

Daddy. Not daddy. Call me Balaram.

Daddy. Yes.

Daddy, you are great!

You are great, daddy! You are great!

You must not praise a human being but..

..you must praise the Lord, son.

There is lord up above over there.

And a generous man is over here.

Today you have saved me daddy.

Otherwise the king would have thrown me out.

He would have told me that scoundrel..

Stop this nonsense. Daddy. Daddy.

Otherwise you will be handed over to the police.

Daddy, are you angry with me?

Daddy, are you angry with me?

This is not anger. This is friendship.

You have become my friend. You have become my friend.

Take, drink this.

You make me drink it with your own hands.

Daddy. Daddy.

What happened?

Daddy, look over there.

Look, everybody is waiting over there.

Where are they?

Those killers over there.

Sir, look over there.

The one who is standing over there.

They are murderer people who are behind me to kill me.

He wants to kill me. All this is a misconception?


See.. see.. Garga..

You have drunk a lot. lt is time for you to sleep now.

Daddy.. daddy.. daddy..

What has happened to you?

What is this? You have drunk.

You are stinking.

Has he drunk a lot?

What does it mean?



Take him away. Take him away.

Oh people.. don't think me to be a drunkard. l haven't drunk, l have been made to drink.

Wherever the feet wander in love.. l have been shown that path.

l am intoxicated, but l now it..

Everyone is drinking in this world.

Someone has got dripping pegs..

Someone has been made to drink with the eyes.

O people of the world, don't regard me a drunkard. l really don't drink; but l've been made to drink.

Someone has the intoxication of happiness in this world.

Someone is intoxicated in the sorrow of this world.

Someone is drinking the blood of humans.

There is excitement in everyone's heart.

O people of the world, don't regard me a drunkard. l really don't drink; but l've been made to drink.

The world.. my friends.. has different ways.

The bodies shine here, but the minds are black.

This is the world.

The black hearts have been hidden in glorious bodies.

O people of the world, don't regard me a drunkard. l really don't drink; but l've been made to drink.

Wherein my movements strayed. l was indeed shown the same way.

Daddy, please listen to me. He is not wrong.

You don't understand, Sunita.

These things are not to be hidden.

We will have to telephone the police. - Father.

There isn't any time to think about it, Garga.

He is dead drunk and unconscious. lt is a matter of two minutes.


Yes, sir.

The killer of Acharya -ji.. Vijay Khanna is in the palace.

Acharya ji's killer. Vijay Khanna? l will come there right away. Yes. Sir.

Sir.. l was against blood shed since the beginning.

Do you know what will happen if Garga doesn't..

..fool the police and make Vijay disappear? l know that. The police will arrest Vijay.

And with that, Garga will be arrested too.

And with that..

..Vijay will tell the police everything about Garga.

When Garga will be interrogated..

..he will tell the police everything about us.

What proof does the police have..

..that Garga is our man? What proof..

..do they have that l had given money..

..to have Acharya killed? What do they know..

..that l have made Garga chase Vijay?

You be rest assured. l will tolerate everything.


Someone is recording our conversation.

Hands up! - Who are you?

Hands up. Who are you? l tell you, hands up!

And l ask you who are you? l was searching for the real killers of the Acharya.

Are you crazy? Who is a killer here? lt is you.

What proof do you have?

Gafoor.. Yes, sir. Tell me.

Let him hear the last two lines.

What proof does the police have..

..that Garga is our man? What proof..

..do they have that l had given money..

..to have Acharya killed? What do they know..

..that l have made Garga chase Vijay?

You be rest assured. l will tolerate everything.

Did you listen to that, you rouges?

Stop your nonsense. What drama is this?

We have made this drama to unveil your truth.

You wanted to commit a murder and trap my son?

Did you think that Vijay is an orphan?

What did you think? He has nobody? l am here.

Not Walaram. Mr. Khanna.

Have you ever heard the name?

Hands up..

Don't give it to him. Don't give him that recorder.

Give it, Vijay.

Here you are dad.

Give me the recorder.

Throw it.

Run Vijay..

Not so fast, Mr. Vijay. Not so fast.

Give me this tape recorder. Give it to me.

From there. Throw it from there.

What happened?

They are after me. Hide this tape recorder somewhere.

What is there in this? lt has their proof. Quickly.

Go after them. Come on!

Give me this tape recorder. l won't give it yto you.

Sunita.. Father..


Where is it?

Where is the recorded tape? l ask you.. where is the recorded tape? l will never tell you. l won't tell you even if you kill me.

Get away from our path, you illiterate.

Tell me where the tape is. l won't betray my Vijay. l will die but l won't tell you where the tape is.

Tell me.. No. l won't tell you.

This is lies, l didn't commit any murder. l am innocent. lf you are innocent, why were you running from the police?

Why did you enter the city under a false name?

You rogue. You will have to accept your crime. l didn't commit any crime, sir.

You had this pistol in your hand.

You were standing by his dead body.

But l didn't kill him. lf you didn't kill him, who did?

Diwan Mahendranath and his friends have killed him.

Garga had shot him. l have seen it.. - This is lies.

This is the truth.

The princess Sunita has it's proof.

Where is the princess? The princess is in the palace.

The princess is not in the palace.

Nobody knows her whereabouts. You have made her disappear.

Why are you being an enemy of your own life?

You are a princess. He is a worthless man.

A thousand men like this are trampled like worms in a day.

Sir. Look at this.

He has printed our names in the newspapers too.

Who will ask about us in the elections?

Sunita, l tell you once again.

Take your hands away from our collar.

Otherwise, we will cut this hand.


No.. no..

Tell me where the tape is.


Sunita is in our hands. lf you open your mouth in the court against us.

Her death will be in your name.

You wretch. Go away from here, you wretch.

The court asks you for the last time.

Do you accept your crime?

lf you open your mouth in the court against us.

Her death will be in your name.

Vijay Khanna. What is the meaning of your silence?

The silence of the accused gives..

..proof that the accused has killed the Acharya. l request you.

Under the lndian Penal Code 302..

..this coward murderer should be sentenced to death.

This is lies. These accusations are lies.

My son is innocent.

Acharya's killers..

..are the Diwan Mahendranath and his allies.

Son, why don't you say that you are innocent?

Tell it, son. Please tell it.

Take him out.

No.. no.. my son is innocent.

You people don't have a right to kill a innocent man.

This is not justice. lt is injustice.

My son is innocent. My son is innocent, sir.


Don't bow your head to these killers. l have bowed my head, father.

To save my life.. l cannot sacrifice Sunita's life.

You think that they will spare Sunita after you?

Sunita is our daughter-in-law.

The two of us wish to see your love fruitful.

Yes, son.

Can't you give us even so much happiness?

Please don't talk to me like this, mother. l cannot give you anything. Nothing..

Why cannot you give it to us? Am l not your mother?

Have l not given birth to you? Did l not look after you?

Vijay. Pay me for my love and service.

Give me my daughter-in-law.

Have her released from those murderers.

Or else, l won't forgive even a drop of my milk to you. Vijay..

Mother.. mother.. what should l do?

What should l do? My son.. l'm unable to understand anything.

Don't cry. Don't cry, son.

Vijay. Keep this Gita with you. lt will take you on the path of truth.

Come on, Vijay's mother.

Come on, mother.

Come on.

Vijay Khanna has escape the lock up.

Move.. move..



Garga.. Who is it?

Who is it?

Vijay Khanna is here.

Vijay Khanna.

Give me the tape. Give it to me.

First you send these people out and close the door.


No. Vijay. No.

Give it. Give the tape.

No.. no..

No.. no..

Sunita.. Sunita.. no.. no..

Fie on Vijay Khanna.

The enemy of the country.

Fie on Vijay Khanna.

We promise the country..

That we will trample all Ravanas like Vijay Khanna.

Your vote is the call of death for these sinners.

Your vote is the message of life..

..for the high concepts of Janata Sevak Sangh.


Hail revolution.

What is this? Lights.. lights.. electrician..

Don't worry, Ghatak. This is the darkness of your sins.


What is this going on?

You betrayers cannot put the tradition..

..of this country in the pockets of these rich people.

Who is this rogue? Whose voice is it?

Electrician, put the lights on.

Diwan, this is the voice of that innocent man..

..whose clothes you wished to blot with your accusations.

This is the voice of Vijay Khanna.

Whom the world thinks to be the killer of the Acharya.

Killer.. killer.. killer..

Vijay Khanna.

The police bullets have surrounded you from four sides. lt is impossible for you to come out.

Give yourself up to the police straight away.

Pump all your bullets into my chest.

Give my dead body to the feet of my thousands of brothers.

But l will snatch the mask of honesty..

..from the faces of these sinners.

And l prove to all my brothers..

..to take the rule in their hands..

..and to win this election..

..these people have killed the Acharya.

Lies.. killer..

The police will have to take the dead bodies..

..of these killers with me.

Your vulgar antics prove that you..

..don't have any qualms before killing anyone.

This proves that you have killed the Acharya.

And you must surely have killed the princess Sunita too.

Don't accuse me of the murder of..

..the Acharya. Accuse your betrayer friends of it.

What proof do you have of this accusation?

What proof do you have? l am the proof.

The people who are folding hands and asking votes from you..

They are fooling the whole country. l had the proof of their hand in the Acharya's death.

But these killers took me away from the palace forcibly.

The threatened to kill me and forced..

..Vijay Khanna to keep silent in court. ls their wretchedness strong, or the justice of the people?

You have to decide it.


For the ambitions of your heart..

..for your lust and ambitions you can kill humanity.

But you cannot see the dead face of your lover.

What do you think? The court is blind?

Or is the public blind?

Neither the people nor the law of the land are blind.

These slaves to selfishness are blind.

They think that they can put the..

..principles of this country in their pockets.

They think that they can buy the dignity of this country and..

..the respect of the crores of countrymen with their wealth.

But they will not win.

The public will win.

These lies won't win. Truth will win.

These murderers will not win.

The blood of these innocents will win.

The lightning of revolution..

..will wipe away these selfish people.

The mountains of gold and silver will break..

..and they won't be seen till afar.

What will be seen is the smiles of our coming generations.

Their marching ahead footsteps.

What will be seen is this tricolored flag.


Undoubtedly you brothers will not believe me.

Undoubtedly, you won't believe..

..in the love filled heart of princess Sunita too.

But these fake gods of justice and integrity.. For once..

Just once listen to their voice with your own ears. l leave the decision of my justice to you.

Whatever punishment you decide for me..

That will be acceptable to me.

This wretched sinner's farce is over now.

This rogue cannot fool the public any longer.

Anupam Rao Khatak.

Janta Sevak Sangh..

Anupan Rao Khatak.

Janata Sevak Sangh.

This is not a meeting. This is a joke.

Come, Mr. Khatak.

Please wait for a little while more, Mr. Diwan.


The recorded tape of the conversation..

..of the famous personality of the city..

..Mr. Mahendranath Diwan, is placed..

..in the court of the public by us.

Please listen to this and decide who the criminal is.

What proof does the police have..

..that Garga is our man? What proof..

..do they have that l had given money..

..to have Acharya killed?

You be rest assured. l will tolerate everything.

The enemies of the country..

Fie on them..

The enemies of the country..

Fie on them..

Let me go. l am innocent.

The Diwan killed the Acharya.

Give me this gun.

Don't you dare. lf anyone comes to me, l will shoot him.

Get away.

All the bullets of the pistol were fake, Mr. Diwan.

Hit him! Hit him!

Accept your crime. Or we will make pieces out of you.

You cannot hurt me. l didn't commit any crime.

And l won't accept any crime.

He won't accept it like this. Burn him.

You cannot hurt me.

Burn him with the Ravana.

You cannot take the law in your hands.

Stop him.. Stop him..

Don't let him set afire. l tell you. Stop him.

Help me.. help me.. l had the Acharya killed.

Vijay Khanna is innocent.

Burn him!

We are the youth of the country..

'The one who clashes with us.

The one who clashes with us.

He will be kicked in the dust due to our kicks.

And, will get buried in the ground.

The injustice will drown in the sea of time.

This tricolour will fly in the sky for ever. lt will sway for a lifetime. lf you teach them, they cannot forget it.

They can have themselves beheaded, but won't bow their heads.

They can have themselves beheaded, but won't bow their heads.

Hail the motherland.

Hail the motherland.

Hail the motherland.