Leatherface (2017) Script

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Jed Happy birthday to you Okay, now make a wish. Blow 'em out.

Yay! All right!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right.

Drayton, where are your manners? Give the first piece to the thief.

I didn't steal your fuckin' pigs! You callin' my son a liar?

He saw your grubby hands steal our property.

Why would I go anywhere near your dirty pigs? Or your filthy family?

I swear, the whole world gonna find out what kind of brood you raising here, Verna!

Shut him up. I've had enough.

Listen to me. No hillbilly's gonna ruin my son's special night.

You ready for your present?

You know you're my special boy.

Come on, Jed. Here you go.

Jed. Yeah, this is it, Jed.

Now, remember, bad people like him, they're trying to break our family apart.

But we're not gonna let that happen, right? Now go on now, pick it up.

Jed, pick it up.

Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed.

Jed. Jed. Jed. Pick it up, Jed.

Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed...

Come on now. You know what you have to do.

That's right, Jed! Get him, boy!

Come on now, Jed.

Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed...

No! No!

Here you go. Get him, son!


No! You can do it!


No, please! No!

No! Jed. Jed. Jed. Jed...

Jed, go. Go. That's right, do it!

Jed. Jed. Jed!


Stop! Stop now!

Hey. You let us down, Jed.

It's okay. Your family's always here for you.

Remember that.


You tryin' to make us crash? You want me to stop?

Nah, didn't say that.

Look out!

What the hell was that thing?

Hey, Betty.

What is it?

I don't know.

Well, let's go.


It's just a kid.

Let's go! We're gonna be late!

Hey, there.

You okay?

You shouldn't play in the road.

Help me! Please!

Hey, Betty, where you goin'? I didn't hit him!

There's something wrong! Betty!

He needs help! Jesus Christ.

Hey, little guy, you hear me?

Let me help you!


It's okay! You can come out!


Betty, where'd you get off to?


Come on.

I won't touch you.

I just want to help.


You done good, Jed.

Looks like you can learn a little after all.

Nubbins, go ahead and learn him some more.

Show him.

Where is she? Take it easy, Hal.

Let me through, goddammit! Get off me! Get the fuck off me!

We need to figure out what happened. Easy there, Hal.

That's my baby in there.

Is she in there? Is my baby in there?

Answer me, goddammit! We got one of them.

I couldn't get to her on time. I'm real sorry, sir, I swear to God.

Drayton Sawyer.

This time it ain't the Gorman House. Nah.

You're grown up now.

That means the gas chamber for you.

For what? You arrestin' me for finding a body?

That ain't no crime I heard of.

How about I put a bullet right in your fuckin' skull?

Hold on. Put it away, Hal.

He's right. We ain't got nothin' on him. Easy, Hal. Keep your head on.

Hal, he ain't worth it. Come on, Hal. Put the gun down.

Fuckin' trash.

You let those boys go this instant. Don't count on it, Verna.

You see them do something wrong? No, I didn't think so. You uncuff him.

You let him out of the car. No.

He's stayin' right there.

What for? He's not under arrest.

He's under protection. From you. What are you talkin' about?

I can't count how many crime scenes I've been to...

...where there just happened to be Sawyers there already.

Them kids ain't safe with you. Horseshit.

Send some units over to the Sawyer house. You round up all the minors.

I want all of them. You hear me? You can't do that. You can't do that.

Well, I'll have a warrant that says I can by the time we arrive.

It's called child endangerment.

You take one of mine...

...and I'll take all yours, Verna.

All of 'em.

In 1935, the state of Texas instituted...

...an endangered childcare program.

The first year nearly fifty children were taken from homes...

...where criminal activity was the norm.

Most of these children were given new names and entered into foster care.

Others, the product of degenerate parentage...

...were remitted here to Gorman House.

We take care of their psychological and physical needs.

Yes, sir.

I've been wanting to come on here for a long time.

I think I can help them... Elizabeth.

Oh, please, sir, Lizzy's fine. Elizabeth.

Most of these kids will end up in prison or mental institutions.

Keeping them here is safer for everyone.

Keep your guard up.

Well, hello.

My name is Lizzy. I'm new here, and I want to get to know y'all.

That's Bud.

You don't say all that much, do you, big guy?


You're in my seat. Sorry.

I thank you kindly. I'm...

Lizzy. Yeah, I heard. I heard.

Sorry, I'm... I'm Jackson.

Jackson and Bud.

And what meds we have you on, Jackson?


They give 'em to us and we take 'em, right?

We figured you'd know more about all of that than us, Lizzy.

You aren't gonna be trouble for me, are you?

No, not me, Lizzy.

Is there a reason you keep saying my name like that?

No, I reckon I might like how it sounds is all.

Fuck you, asshole! I'll pop your eyes right the fuck out of your head!

Let him go. Mind your own business!

Is it my business. What is the problem?

He said some things I didn't care for.

Something about a girl in a nurse uniform, what she might taste like.

Hey! Hey! Get off me! Let go!

Fuck you, Frankenstein! Break it up, pinheads!

Back to what you were doing. I didn't do nothin'.

Not me.

What are you doing?

Come here.

What's the big deal? It was just a stupid mouse.

Got a light? You're not allowed to smoke in here.

I got me special permission.

True story. You can ask Dr. Lang.

I will. He'll tell you it helps me.

On account of my anxiety.

Truth is...

...it's 'cause I'm his favorite.

He told me so. You just got yourself a warnin'.

For what? I was takin' a bath.

Get out.


Everything all right?

Yes, Dr. Lang, I'm fine.

I'll have a word with Isaac and...

...Bud. Bud didn't do nothin'.

Lookin' forward to our session tomorrow, Jackson?

Sir, he's right, actually, Bud didn't do anything.

He was just fighting? Well, he was protecting me.

Remind me to tell you later what he did to his last foster family.

They took away his dog. Yes.

That's a perfectly good reason to bludgeon somebody into a coma.

Yeah, well, I'm just sayin'.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

You didn't.

Thanks for helping Bud.

I know you don't even know him, so that's... that's nice.

Well, I'm here to help you all.

You're the first nice one we've had around here.

So I thought you should know.

Know what?

What goes on in the ECT chamber.

Kids around here got to callin' that Dr. Lang's chamber of horrors.

Piece of shit. Why is that?

You drop by tonight, you can find out for yourself.

I think maybe you could even do something about it.



You're gonna get out of here some day.

And just because you can't trust certain people...

...it doesn't mean you shouldn't trust others.

Yeah, I'll think about that.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Barry Farnsworth. We've been here an hour.


Miss Sawyer. It's Mrs. Carson now.

I want to see Jed.

We've been through this before. Year after year.

He's my son. And I can afford me a lawyer now.

That changes nothin'.

He was taken from you for a reason.

Show him. It's an injunction.

The court says Mrs. Carson has the right to visit.

You have to let me see him.

You bring me Jed.

Well, that's a problem.

Most of these kids are given a new name...

...so they can hide from their degenerate...

...criminal families.

Jed probably wouldn't be able to recall you or even his real name.

But you know who he is. You and that sideways ranger.

You know 'em all. I have a lot of patients.

We'll have to check the records to be certain...

That's bullshit.

And that requires an entirely different court order.

The records are very sensitive.

Get me the correct court order...

...I'll be happy to help you.

That one took three months to get! Then I advise you to get on it quick!

Jed is eighteen soon.

I'll recommend he be transferred to prison.

You're a bastard.

Even though you married into money and hired yourself a snot-nose shyster...

...you are still hillbilly trash.

I have a friend, a country clerk, maybe he can push it through.

It don't matter! It's all bullshit! Lavatory.

That way.

I warned you, Bud, but you wouldn't listen.

Come on, man up, Bud. This is for your own good.

Go get her. Office hours are over.

I can't go into the ladies' room.

Ma'am? It's Mrs. Carson.

Goddamnit, she's gone!

Get... get... get off me!

Get off me!

Jed, I'm coming! Jed! Jed! What in the hell is that?

I'm here for you!

You hear me? What is it?

You're next, Isaac.

Are we ready?

Jed! What the hell is that?


Jed! Jed!

You can't be here!

Damn that woman. I'll be back.



Lizzy. Come quick.

The kids are loose in the halls.

Help me.

Jed? I'm coming?

Jed? Jed...

Get your hands off me!

No way, she...

My client was acting in self-defense. Get out. Get out.

She was...

That's it. Lock it down.

I can't believe you did that.

Want to give me a hand?

I saw you with him.

And you know...

...that Ike is my soul mate.

There's an emergency exit in the basement.

Come on, follow me!

I told you a thousand times we're understaffed.

Just get here before they...

Just hurry.

Who's there?

Don't be stupid, Bud.


They'll never let you go.

Think about it, Bud!

Let's get the fuck out of here, y'all!

Ike, where you at? Ike!

Let's hide. Hide. Right here.

Come on.

Jackson's got a hostage. Hey, what's up!

Hey, Doc has a nice ride.

Don't touch him! Let go of me!

Be quiet! Let go!

You fuck!

They'll think twice about shooting us down with her along.

They will!

Hey. Hop in, stupid. I owe you one.

Fuck you, Gorman!

Well, don't you look nice.

You just had to bring the prettiest nurse along with us, didn't you?

Well, I didn't pick her.

No, Jackson did.

You got no reason to be jealous.

Why'd I be jealous of someone who's about to die?

Everything at the proper time.


Oh, here we go.

Hey, where do you think you're going, bitch!

Put me down, put me down. Fuck you!

Let go of me! Let go of me!

Do that again, I'll turn you into strawberry pie.

I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him...

...right before your eyes.

And that goes for you two, as well.

Anyone bolts...

...and everyone dies. You son of a bitch.

Jackson, wait.

We're all gonna look out for each other. It's okay.


No, you ain't makin' her get undressed.

Oh, ain't I?

You got clothes underneath?

All right.

Cut it out, you bastard...

...before I slit her throat.

That ain't no way to talk about our new friend.

She's going with us all the way.

Where are you takin' us? Mexico.

Perhaps you've heard of it?

Gonna find us some money, find us some more wheels...

...go past Austin, see my mom. Y'all be welcome there.

My mama loves company.

And soon as we get to the Mexican border, we go our separate ways.

Jackson, you got someplace you want to get to?

You got family somewhere?


No, Mexico sounds like a plan.

You Sorells? Yes, sir.

Glad you could make it. We know which one did this?

No. We know who's missing. They're pulling up the files for us right now.

I bet I know who it was.

This ain't the work of a confused child.

This is evil.

Needs puttin' down.

They all mine?

All but one were brought in by you, yeah.

Roadblocks set? Ten. Twenty miles out.

Push 'em out more. I want every local cop from here to new Mexico on the lookout.

Yes, sir.


They're loose. Cops lookin'?

Yeah, of course we'll pay ya. You just keep us updated.

We're gonna find Jed.

Lang's car was just spotted. Where?

South on 385. I'll meet you there.


Yes, sir.

Knowing these kids the way I do...

...they ain't givin' up easy.

I understand. I don't think you do.

Just 'cause they're kids, I don't want your men going soft.

If they gotta shoot first, then let God sort it out, well...

...that's permissible. Copy that?


Fuck, I'm hungry. I thought the plan was not to be seen.

People are looking for a group with a mongoloid. We go in separate.

And you stays outside.

And you stays quiet.

We have no money. Blah blah fuckin' blah.

We improvise. There's food, there's money, and there's cars to grab. Get in there.

Want me to see if I can throw it in your mouth? Okay.

Oh, yeah.

You all right, darlin'?

Ma'am? You haven't touched your food.

I'm just not hungry, I guess. I'll bag it up for you.

Throw it in my mouth.

What the fuck you lookin' at?

Yeah, that's right, nothin'.

Everybody think they can look down on us.

It's not funny.

You know, why don't you check to see if he's got a gun?

He's got a gun.

Let's start some shit up. Okay.

I wish this was just normal.

I wish we were just two people...

...here at a diner, you know.

I wish I was somebody else.

Sorry, y'all. That was my fault.

Think it's time y'all clear out. Pay up and go.

We ain't got no money


Holy shit!

Fuck, I love Texas.

Everybody go ahead and put your keys and cash on the edge of the table.

Clarice, get a bag. Put your cash on the table, man!

Clarice? Coming.

Put your money on the table. Are you all deaf?

Get your fuckin' money out now!

Get it on the table! Come on! We ain't got all day!

Fuck you!

You! Let's go!

Give it up! No, wait!

Thank you!

Let's go!


No. Where you go, bitch?

Keep a hold of her! Stop it!

Let me go!

Go, go, go, go, go! Go!

Come on! Come on! Go!

Get in!

Yep, it were them.

No doubt about it.

What happened?

They went buck-shit crazy.

Cuttin' up with the waitress. Then they started shootin'.

You see which way they went? What car they took?

Maybe they left in a wagon.

What color? Blue, I reckon.

Or gray.

A Ford.

Hey, could have at least stolen a car with a full tank of gas.

I don't look at the gas gauge when someone's shooting me, asshole.

Quiet, now.

Clarice, get over here.

Get the door. Okay, on three, right?

One, two, three.

Smells like an old barn. You first, Lizzy.

Well, go on and get in there.

Get the fuck in.

Check it out, all right?

Well, it's as good a place as any for the night.

We can rest up, let the cops pass us up...

...enjoy my mama's barbecue by dinnertime.

Guess he died of loneliness.

Sit down. You're gonna be okay.


I'm just gonna take a look, okay?

You're gonna be okay, but I gotta put some pressure on it, okay?


That's good, that's good, that's good.

Now breathe slow.

Come on, come on. Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

Squeeze. Make it better.

Big arms like that and that's all you got?

That's good.

We just gotta put some pressure on it. Okay?


Man, you're lucky I love you.

Want some of this?

All right.

Make you feel better.

Oh, God. Really?

Well, why not?

What else we gonna do? Yeah.



You're gonna aggravate your condition.

My condition?

What do you know about me?

What now?

You know she's seen our files.


So, she knows where all those foster moms who gave you shit live now.

No, I don't.

I only saw your medical charts, I swear.

She's lying, Jackson.

She says she doesn't know.

Who cares if she saw anything?

You don't want to find your family?

Bud's the only family I got.

No real family.

That's all I want.

I thought you said your family were in Austin...

...they'd be thrilled to see you. They keep fuckin' movin'.

I swear, I don't know.

Come on, man, let's leave her be.

You sweet on her now?

Fine... lover boy.

Hey, good luck getting it up with all the junk they got you on.

Sleep tight, asshole.

Bud, you're on first watch.

Get your ass out of bed.

What'd I tell you about running away? Let go of me!

I guess I've business to attend.

I think for the benefit of folks sleeping, you best keep your mouth shut.


What in the holy hell is going on here?

This little piggy's the worst goddamn lookout in the lone star state.

And this little piggy just tried to abandon us all.

Including his girlfriend here.

Well, then maybe it's time we get rid of all this dead weight.

Calm down. We got a plan and we're stickin' to it.

Take these two back to the trailer, okay? Don't take your eyes off 'em.

Bud, you're an idiot and a fool and I don't know why God bothered to make you.

Now get away from me.


Where's Ike? Hey!

Where's Ike?

Maybe you should keep your voice down in case somebody else is out there.

And maybe you should kiss my Texan ass.


Where's Bud?

Oh, shit.



Okay, come on. Ike?

Jackson! This is our chance. Let's run. If she finds Bud, she's gonna kill him.

Bud can take care of himself.

Ike, where you at!



You don't want to see it.

Bud, you okay?


What did you do, big guy?

Come on, let's get you up. Come on.

I got ya. Let me get a look at you.

Let's go.

Ike, where you at!


Nope. Hands up, darlin'.

It's over.

I got one!

Drop the gun.

I said drop it.

All right, now turn around.

Where are the others at?

What do you mean the others? It's just me and Ike.

And I can't find him.

Just tell me where the others are, and you'll be safe and sound.

What do we got?

Fuckin' Hartman.

He won't ask but once. Just tell me where they are.

What'd she say?

That it's just her and Isaac. She don't know where he is.

Nothin' but bullshit then?

Good to see ya again, Clarice.

Jesus Christ, Hartman! You could've killed her.

Get everybody to spread out. They're close.

Dogs are on the way. All right, fan out! Wide circle.

They're somewhere close by, okay?


Yeah, you laugh it up, girl. Let's see how funny this gets.

Feel that?


This is your last chance, baby, to tell me what I want to know.


Where... they... at?

Cops! Cops!

Fuckin' cops!

Fuckin' cops!

Shit. Hide! Go. Go on.

Oh, fuck. Who is he?

Rounds up kids like us. Bad news.

He's a policeman.

A policeman that broke my nose once. He can help us.

He's a corrupt son of a bitch who has it out for kids that get into trouble.

He filled Gorman House almost single-handedly.

Get. Come on.

Get down there.

Come on out!

Y'all got nowhere to go!

You want to let me in on the joke? Fuck you, pig.

You're the fuckin' joke. You ain't shit.

I said come out!

Your friends got guns in there?

You ain't law.

You're just a sad old man...

...cryin' over his stupid, dead little girl.

If you go, me and Bud will be next.

Holy shit, Hartman!

Jesus fuck, Hartman! You out of your mind?

You forget what these fuckin' kids did at the diner?

It's called justice, boy.

Let go of me!

Get in there.

What do you got? We got a body.

It's not one of them.

It's been in there a while.

Let's move out.

They gotta be close.



Fan out! Shit. Dogs.

We just got something over here!

They been here.

It's nothin'. Head over the ridge.

Hey! Hey!

Stop! Please stop!


Dispatch. I got three suspects at the old bridge.

Copy that. Backup is on the way.

Don't you fuckin' move!

Get back! Stay back!


Stop it! Stop it!

They fucking killed Bud! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Why'd you run away? Why the fuck did you run away?

You're insane. You just killed that cop.

You got Bud killed! You got Bud fucking killed! Fuck! Fuck!

You're just like everybody else. You fuckin' liar.

Why'd I think you'd be any different?


Hartman! Drive! Drive!


Come in, Hartman, you there?


Hartman, come in.

It's Sorells. Can you hear?


Hartman, come in.

Hello? My name is Elizabeth White.

I was kidnapped from Gorman House and held hostage.

Elizabeth? This is Trooper Sorells, Texas State Police.

Where you at, girl?

I don't know.

I'm locked in the back of a police car.

Why don't you go on and tell me what you see?

An old barn.

Looks like it might collapse.

All right, you stay put, darlin'.

Dispatch? I'm on it.

Get down there.


There is no Jackson, honey. It's Jed. Jedidiah Sawyer.

What are you doing to him?

I'm settin' things right.

You know where he started?

Killin' my little girl.

Right here.

Please let me go.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

This shit's about to get fun.

What do you want? Where's Verna?

Other side of town. Carson Estate. She's not there.

Look, it's about Jed.

Pig is here. Says it's about Jed.

What is it?

Hartman's got your boy.

Holed up in an old barn somewhere.

Sound familiar? Sounds right.

Hey. What about me?

What about you?

I thought we had an arrangement.

You know? Some kind of understanding?

That we did.



No. No, no.

No. No!

Let's go get Jed. He's at the old barn.

You sure he's gonna remember us?

I got something that'll jog his memory.

Don't do this.

Well, who's gonna know? Me.

Hey! Hey! Shut up, goddamnit!

Hey, Verna! We've been waitin' for ya.

No! No!


Elizabeth, meet Verna Sawyer.

Jed's aunt. Or is it mother?

Or maybe both.

You're too late, Verna. He's dead.

And I know you Sawyers all travel in packs.

So where they at? Y'all get in here! Now!


Get on the ground! Verna, get the fuck down.

Get in!

All right, well, maybe I'll just get on a roll.

Kill every goddamn Sawyer I see...

Jed? Jed.


You... you all right down there?

Jed? Come on now.

Pull him out! Come on, we got ya! We got ya, Jed.

This'll hold it all together till you're all healed up.

Okay, you're gonna feel it. I'm gonna tug it real hard.

Almost at the end here.


Oh, Jed.



Untie me. Please.



What were you gonna do with me?

I don't know.

But I'm sorry.

I am.

Jesus Christ.

Oh, God, let's go.

Nubbins, get over here.

Make your brother something to eat. Okay.

They're gone. They're gone!

Go. Go!

No! No!

All right. Let's go.

You messed with the wrong family. Yeah, you're proud of this goddamn family?




What are you gonna do?

This ain't over, boy. Goddamnit!

This ain't fuckin' over, ya hear me?

Jed? What did I tell you about outsiders?

They fill your ears with lies. You show 'em who you are, Jed.

Look what that man did to your face.

Jackson, don't do it!

You shut up over there. You're next, do you hear me?

Fuck you!


Go, go, go, go get her, now! Go get her!

Jed, Jed, remember what I told you? Go. Go get her. Get her, Jed.

Nobody messes with our family.


Jackson, don't do this!

Please, don't do this.

I tried to help you.

That's all I ever tried to do.

You know that, right?

Listen to me. It's not too late.

We can still get out of here together. That bitch is a liar, Jed.

She doesn't care about you. Kill her. Kill her now.

Please don't listen to her.


I know there's good in you.

I've seen it.

Please listen to me.

This isn't you, Jackson.

This isn't you. It's your crazy mother!

It's your crazy...

That's my boy.

You done good, Jed.

You made Mama proud.