Left Behind: Vanished - Next Generation (2016) Script

(music playing)

♪ There are days when wake up ♪

♪ don't know what I'm doing here ♪

♪ I barely recognize ♪

♪ The pair of eyes ♪

♪ Staring back at me ♪

♪ In the mirror ♪

♪ But there was a day when I was free ♪

♪ Not a care that I could see ♪

♪ So good I barely could believe ♪

♪ That it was happening ♪

♪ Oh, take me back again ♪

♪ I was 16 with an open heart ♪

♪ Windows down in a beat-up car ♪

♪ When I was down and the world was young ♪

♪ And she was beautiful ♪

♪ She was beautiful ♪

♪ She was beautiful ♪

♪ How do we end up like this? ♪

♪ Living lives that we don't care about ♪

♪ Too busy fixing things ♪

♪ On computer screens ♪

♪ While the grass grows green ♪

♪ Me, I'm screaming out ♪

♪ There was a day that I was free ♪

♪ Not a care that I could see ♪

♪ So good I barely could believe ♪

♪ That it was happening ♪

♪ Oh, take me back again ♪

♪ Oh, l was 16 ♪

♪ With an open heart ♪

♪ Windows down in a beat-up car ♪

♪ When I was done and the world was young ♪

♪ And she was beautiful ♪

♪ She was beautiful ♪

♪ She was beautiful ♪

♪ She was beautiful ♪ Boy: Now, this particular specimen dates back to the Plethorillium period.

The Plethorillium period?

Yeah, yeah, very big vmh the Prethorillium stegasaura...

Whatever-atops. Oh I thought that was a new app?

Where'd you get this one again?

Gibbard Woods, Camping trip with my dad three years ago.

Nice. Hows he doing?

Living the small town life.

What was this one?

I picked it up when you asked me to Homecoming.

Oh, yeah?

BFFs at FHH. Firestone High Homecoming.

And by BFF I assume you mean

"brilliant, fetching, Finlandian man"?

That's exactly what I meant.


Checked lnstagram lately?

Last time I looked, we were blowing up.

214. What?

That's a lot of likes. Josh has a lot of friends.

Isn't it time for us to go?

Annie's mom said she could eat over.

Good. We have a few minutes.

I'd love to hear more about Homecoming.

He's gotta go.

Yeah, I gotta go.

(mouths words) Maybe another time Ms. Harlow.

Say hi to your folks.

Tell your mom I loved her chicken salad recipe.

Josh: I will.

Be careful walking home.

Yeah, end of the hall's a dangerous neighborhood.

So, are you and Josh still just friends?

So, are you and Josh still just friends?

Yes, we're still just friends.

Are you sure?

You two are so cute together, and you seem--

Can you please just stop?

Honey, I just want to know what's going on in my daughter's life.

A little late for that.

Hey, are you okay?

(muffled car alarms) (woman screams)

(muffled screams) (sirens wailing)

(sirens continue)

Woman: Michael!

Have you seen him? Who?

Michael, my baby.

No, I don't know. Michael!


(sirens wailing)

My Wife!

She was right here.




Recording: We're sorry. All circuits are busy now.

Oh, come on!

Come on.

(door opening) (gasps)

Claire? Annie?

Gabby! Ahh!

Whoa. It's me.

Are you okay?

I was afraid-- I'm fine, I'm fine.

Where's Claire?

I don't know.

I didn't see any empty clothes.

You know about that?

My parents, their bodies...

...they're gone.

My mom, too.

What is going on? I don't know?

If Claire's clothes aren't here, that means she's alive somewhere.

Where would she go?

Josh, look.

She wasn't here when it happened.

Josh: She went for ice cream.

(glass breaking) (sirens wailing)


He's got Claire!


Hey! Hey!

Gabby! Get away from her.

Hey, I was just-- Hey, back off!

You okay? Claire: No, he helped me!

When those guys came in and Annie-- she disappeared.

It's okay. It's safe in here.

She looks pale.

Drink some water.

I'm Pastor Barnes. This is our church.

I'm Josh.

I'm Gabby.

This is my sister Claire.

My name is Flynn.

And he's not with us.

Do you know what's going on?

The believers are gone.

Others believed this would happen someday.

Our church made these to explain.

Guess I never really believed we'd use them.

There are computers in the other room.

Watch it. Take it to heart.

I wish I would have.

It's not gonna be easy going forward.

(phone ringing) Dad?!

I've been calling and calling. I couldn't get through.

Do you know where your mom is?

She's gone.

She was right there, and than the next minute she was just... gone.

It's happening here, too.

Listen-- (beep)

Dad? Dad!

I want to talk to Daddy! There's no signal.

He'll call back. What did he say?

What are we supposed to do? Claire hang on!

Wait, what's that smell?

Man: It's a gas leak!

Barnes: Head to the door! Move to the door!

(sirens wailing)

(woman screams)

Get in!

And go where?

Flynn: Come an!

Whoa, whoa, hey. What are you doing?

We can't stay here.

Flynn: This way. Claire: Where are we going?

This is where you take us?

What was your plan?

Right. Nothing.

We can't stay here. Will you please stop?

Gabby, where's Mom? We need to get to Mom.

I don't know where she is.

You were with her. Where is she?

I don't know. We need to get out of the city.

We can go to my dad's, but we need to find Mom.

She's gonna be looking for us.

Claire, let me think.

I'm not leaving without Mom! Where is she?

She's gone, okay?

She's gone.

Claire! Get away from me!

Let go!

Hey, hey.

Look at me, hey. Look at me.

It's okay. It's okay.


It's okay. I want my mom.

I know.

All right? It's okay.

We can't stay in the city.

If we can get to the train tracks, we can follow them to Elburn.

I can find my way to my dad's from there.

No, not happening.

It's not your call.

Are you kidding me?

We don't even know him!

I can't deal with this right now.

It's fine. We have to go.

(Men grunting) Man: Get off, break it up.

Claire: I'm hungry.

How long is it? Gabby: A while.


Maybe we should've told them what's back there.

Maybe they should've told us what's ahead.

Claire: Where is everybody?

Gabby: They can't all have vanished.

Can they?

Well, somebody did this.

I was just looking for food.

Us, too.

Have you heard anything about what happened?

No. Have you?

Well, there's nothing left here.

Good luck.

You, too.

(music playing)

♪ I don't have answers ♪

♪ And neither do you ♪

♪ I know the pain ♪

♪ Of a heart breaking ♪

♪ This isn't easy ♪

♪ This isn't clear ♪

♪ And you don't need Jesus ♪

♪ Till you're here ♪

♪ When a heart breaks... ♪

Gabby: You want some more water?

Claire: Nope.

You should drink or you'll get dehydrated.

I'm not a baby, Gabby. I'm 11 years old.

Claire, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to tell you about Mom that way.

I know.

♪ Well, I just need some peace ♪

♪ I just need someone ♪

♪ Who could help me get some sleep ♪ J This isn't easy ♪

♪ This isn't clear ♪

♪ And you don't need Jesus ♪

♪ Till you're here ♪

♪ The confusion and the doubt you have ♪

♪ Up and walk away ♪

♪ Yeah, walk away ♪

♪ When a heart breaks ♪

♪ When a heart breaks ♪

♪ When a heart breaks ♪ Gabby: It was like they just disintegrated.

How does that happen?

I don't know.

Maybe it's some kind of chemical warfare.

That makes everyone disappear at the same time?

I'm tired and hungry.

So am I.

What happened to the people?

I don't know.

Their clothes are here, but they're not, just like with Annie. Where'd they go?

I wish I knew.

Sorry... about your mom.

Did your parents disappear?

A long time ago.

Hey, we found some bread and peanut butter.


Claire loves peanut butter.

What about targeted radiation?

Terrorists with X-ray machines? Like it.

I got a signal.

Recording: Sorry, all circuits are currently busy.

I've seen him before. Seen who before?

Flynn. You know him?

I don't know him. We seen him a couple times.

You know, where the homeless guys are?

By the old fountain? Yeah.

Gabby! Come on!


Shut up. Why?

What about an alien invasion?

Makes about as much sense as what you guys are saying.

The pastor at the church, he said the believers are gone.

Believers? You mean like people who believed this was gonna happen?

Hey, I recognize this place.

We're almost there.

Claire: That's Dad's truck.

Dad? (scraping)

Daddy! Wait. Claire!

Where's my dad?

Well, hello.

Where is he? Your dad?

Eric Harlow. Where is he?

Gee, honey. afraid we don't know.

The house was empty when we got here.

Gabby, come on. Let's leave.

We're not leaving. They are.

You got a mouth on you, don't you?

Hey, it's all good.

Gabby. Leave!


Go, go, go!

Gabby: Here.

Move over. I got it, I got it.

I got it, I got it.


(pounding) It won't open.

Move, move, move!

Go! Go, go, go!

They're coming!

This way.

Forget it.

They're not coming back.

Gabby, my leg.

It's okay. It's okay.

Aah! Hang on, Claire!

You're gonna be okay. It hurts!

I know, Claire, I know, but I need you to calm down, okay?

I saw this big farm. It's not too far.

I saw some women there.


Please, we need help.

Please open up!

My sister cut her leg. She's lost a lot of blood.

Lay her on the bed.

Come here.

All right, keep her-- there you go.

Hey, what's your name, sweetheart?

Claire. I'm Sarah.

She cut her leg on some glass.

It's okay. My sister's a nurse.

Is she gonna be all right?

Well, first I gotta clean the wound, and then we will see what we got.

What's your name? Gabby.

Claire's my sister. Well Gabby, I'm gonna take really good care of your sister, but right now I need you guys all to step out so I can work. No, I'm not leaving her.

Come on, boys.

Your little friend's in good hands.

Sarah's as good as any doctor, or better.

She doesn't need a piece of paper from some college to prove her worth.

Come on. I'll give you the tour and get you something to eat.

This shouldn't hurt now.

All right.

I'm gonna stitch this, so you might not want to look.

I'm fine.

You got a lot of medical stuff here.

Yeah, that's my brother for you, prepared down to the last detail...

...although I never believed we'd need it.

Man: All the fruits and vegetables, even the grains and meats are all grown right here.

Thanks, Larry.

Who are these people?

Neighbors, people who walked in.

Everyone laughed when I said I didn't trust the system.

Now they're all hoping for a handout.

I mean, I'll share, but everybody has to contribute.

How long have you been here?

I got here... right after everybody disappeared just like everybody else.

But Damon's been building this place for a long time. Years.

Isn't this sort of a big place for one person?

Yeah, well, my brother's always been a bit different.

When I was chasing after boys and riding horses in junior high, he was building a wind turbine in the backyard.

Wow. Yeah, we always thought he'd end up at MIT or Harvard, and he could've.

They wanted him.

But life went in a different direction.

All this will soon be hydroponic, gravel for root support instead of soil.

The crops will get a balanced mixture of all the necessary ingredients in a liquid form. Intense.

Yeah, it is sort of intense, but my method yields ten times any conventional agricultural method.

Here. Smell.


I'm not really an herb guy.

It's rosemary. We're gonna have it with the chicken tonight.

It's really delicious.

Oh, let me guess. You grow chickens, too.

Free range. We feed them scraps, the chickens fertilize the vegetation, and we eat both.

I've created this complete perfect loop here at Sanctuary.

Sanctuary? Mmm-hmm, you know the word?

Yeah, it means a place people can escape to.

And a place that people can live without interference, Or fear of reprisal.

Reprisal from what?

From whatever.

Damon always said the time would come when people couldn't rely on the government or modern conveniences.

People eventually would have to survive on their own.

Does he know why all this happened?

Well, he certainly has his theories.

It's not a theory.

What's happening is we're suffering the effects of an EMP.


Electromagnetic pulse.

It's complicated, but basically an EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic energy which causes a solar storm.

Our world relies almost exclusively on computerization and the electricity that feeds it.

This EMP, whether natural or man-made, has disabled civilization as we know it.

If it's man-made, who made it?

The North Koreans have been working on something like this for years, or maybe it's even beings that we don't know exist.

Either way, everyone was completely unprepared... except me.

I get how an EMP could take out all the technology, but it doesn't explain why everyone disappeared.

My guess is it has something to do with certain individuals' electromagnetic makeup.

So the EMP just vaporizes people?

That's a simplistic way to put it, but, yes, it's conceivable.

This guy back in the city said something about haw people who disappeared were believers.

Right, that's a fringe religious theory.

Believers who believe in the right god in the right way get zapped up into Heaven without warning.

Well, so what if you become a believer afterwards?

People just keep gelling zapped up?

Oh, no, they think it's a one-time occurrence.

It doesn't need to make sense.

People rely an religious superstitions

'cause they don't understand something.

I'm a man who deals in fact, not fiction, and never fantasy.

There. She should be just fine.

Just gonna have to watch her fever.

We were lucky we found you.

Oh, I'm just glad I could help.

Do you live around here?

No, we're from the city.

My mom was one of the ones who disappeared.

I'm sorry.

But my dad's still alive.

He didn't five too far from here.

Maybe you know him. Eric Harlow?

Did he ever come here?

No. Sorry.

But maybe he, uh-- maybe he went to look for you in the city.

If you were my daughter, that's what I would do.

When I built this place, people thought that I was crazy.

You know, they were the sane ones with their careers and families and tin gods.

But that world's gone now.

Suddenly, I'm the sanest guy on the planet.

You're right. The chicken's delightful.




Okay, her fever has dropped a bit.

You two can hold down the fort for a little while, can't you?

Yeah. Okay, thank you.


She seems cool.

But uh, I'm not gonna lie, her brother's a little weird.

So's this place.

(sighs) I don't know, just-- just the vibe.

As soon as Claire is better, I want to go back to the city anyway.

My dad might be trying to find us.


He's probably at your place right now.


I'm Pastor Vernon Billings.

Since you're watching this, the promised event of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 has happened.

People you know and love have vanished, and you've been left behind.

I know right now you're feeling lost and afraid and it seems like the world has gone crazy, and in a way, it has.

I'm here to explain to you what has happened and that there's still hope for you.

One minute I'm standing there, talking to my mom and the next minute... everything just...

At least I've still got her.


She's a good kid.

She said she's seen you... before.

I did sort of meet her once.

She gave me her french fries one day.

It, uh, just stuck with me.

How long you been on the streets?

About a year.

What about your parents?

They lost custody.


I, uh, bounced around some foster homes, then I left.

You know... it's messed up sometimes...

But, uh...

You just deal.

I thought we had it bad.

Not compared to you.

My mom drank... a lot.

My dad worked all the time.

It was just me and Claire pretty much.

The last few months, I think my mom was trying.

Didn't drink, talked about God, started going to some church.

She seemed like she changed, but...

I don't know.

Guess it doesn't matter now.

You just deal, right?


What's up?

I was just gonna show you the thing the pastor gave us.


Let's see.

The event that has happened is called the Rapture.

Believers have been caught up with Jesus in the air to spare them from the coming Tribulation on Earth.

You seriously believe that?

I seriously don't know.

(sighs) It makes just as much sense as EMPs or chemical warfare.

Better get some sleep.


It would be rude to point out that you snore... loud.

Massively loud. So, I won't.

Good to not know.

(both chuckle)

Something for your collection.

Tonight was Homecoming.



High school feels like a hundred years ago.

(music plays)

May I have this dance?

Of course. (music continues)

♪ Take a leap ♪

♪ Don't know where I will land ♪

♪ But we'll be fine ♪

♪ If you hold my hand ♪

♪ Show me how to be brave ♪

♪ Hold me till the sun drives ♪

♪ All the shadows away ♪

♪ After all this time ♪

♪ You make me feel alive ♪

♪ The world I've known is ending ♪

We've been friends for a long time.

BFFs at FHH.

♪ It's okay to be afraid... ♪ Claire: Gabby?

Hey. Welcome back.

Slept a long time.

How do you feel?

My leg is sore.

You're an awful dancer.

♪ After all this time ♪

♪ You make me feel alive ♪

♪ The world I've known is ending ♪

♪ Life with you is a new beginning ♪

Here's some water.


Farming seemed so much easier on TV.

Maybe I'm just a wimp.

Trust me, before I got here, the only blister I ever got was unscrewing my nail polish bottle.

I see Damon's already put you to work.

Yeah, lucky me.

I'm Gabby, by the way.


Gabby: What's with the gun?

Supposedly for protection, but it's better to not ask too many questions.


Did you ever meet anybody here named Eric Harlow?

He's my father.


Sorry, I've gotta go.

Be right back.

You okay?

Hey. Come on.

Maybe I should just go home now.

Maybe I should just go home now.

I mean, my dad's obviously not here.

He's back in the city looking for us.

I have to find him... for Claire.

I should go with you.

But she can't walk that far.

I don't want to leave her.

And what if I go home and he's not there?

Hey. Hey, it's gonna be okay.

But what if it's not okay?

Hasn't been that great up till now.

He just can't be dead.

It wasn't right between us, and now if he's dead--

Hey, it's okay. It's not okay.

Hey, I'm here.


It's okay.

It's okay.

You want to go back?

Not yet.

Sarah: Are you tired?

Claire: No, I was just thinking... about my mom.

You miss her a lot, don't you?


I still don't get it.

I mean, why did she just disappear?

Because she was a believer.

That's what the other guy said.

What does that mean-- a believer?

Did your mom ever talk to you about God?

Yeah, but I didn't listen.

Didn't seem to have too much to do with me.

I didn't listen either, but it was predicted.

The believers went to Heaven.

Do you believe that?

I do now.

But there was this pastor we saw.

Don't pastors do a bunch of good stuff?

Why didn't he go to Heaven?

Well, it doesn't really work like that.

Your job doesn't make you a believer, and you can't really do enough good stuff.

It's more like a gift, something you're given, not something you earn.

Do you think I could become a believer?

If that's what you really want.

But if I'm supposed to pray or something, I'm not sure I know how to do it right.

Oh, don't worry. It's just talking to God.

Am I supposed to close my eyes?

You can do whatever you want.

God'll hear you either way.

Jesus, this is Claire.

Look, a path. Try to keep up.



All right, come on.

Come on. The tarp.

(gasps) What, what, what?

That's my dad.

Get in. I said, get in.

Hey, you really think this is a good idea?

You want him to listen to you, don't you?

How else are we gonna build this thing?

This is no joke.

It's us or them. Don't you get that?

(rattling, pounding)

Shut up!

You keep that up and you're gonna stay in there another day.

Come on! No!

Gabby. No.

(branch snaps)

That was right back?

What's happened? Where did you go?

Answer him. Where'd you go?

We were going for a walk.

Something wrong with that?

Let's go talk to Damon, see what he has to say.

You, too. (huffs)

You like it here, Gabby? It's okay, I guess.

How about you, Flynn?

Like Josh said, the chicken's delightful.

Well, at least we agree on that.

I owe you guys an apology.

For what?

I should've made it clear.

I should've told you right away those woods were off limits.

So why'd you guys go out there?


This is bogus. Come on.

Sit down!

There's a problem.

People understand that I'm offering survival.

They trust me with their lives.

With that trust comes respect-- respect for me, respect for the rules, and respect for the concept that I lead and they follow.

So, I'm gonna give you another chance.

What did you see out in those woods?


Hey, hey, hey.

I'm okay.

Sit down.

Damon. They're not obeying the rules.

Let me handle them.

They trust me.

Just tell me what you want.


Make them understand how we do things here.

Sarah: Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Come on, we gotta get you guys out of here.

Claire, wake up.

Gabby. Shhh.

Come on. We got to go.

Why didn't you tell me my dad was here?

He's not. Claire: Daddy's here?

I saw him. Damon's got Dad and some others.

They're prisoners. Wait. what?

Yeah, I saw them, at some place out in the woods.

But I'm sure you don't know anything about that either.

It must've happened after the fight.

Damon lost it one night when I contradicted him in front of a group, he went after me.

Your dad stepped in and a couple other guys, but the next day they were all gone.

Damon told me he asked them to leave and they left.

So, I just thought that your dad went to look for you like before.


Yeah, he was going to get you when he had the accident.

You mean the truck.

All he could talk about was getting back to you as soon as he got better.

After the fight, I just assumed that that's where he went.

Maybe I should've known differentiy.

Damon could never let anyone walk away.

I'm sorry.

Now, please, we really have to leave.

Sarah: Follow me.

All right, come on.

Claire: Okay. Come on.

Here, I got you. Come here.

Okay, you got it?

You okay?


And are you sure you can find your way in the dark?

Aren't you coming with us?

No, I'm still needed here, but I'll be praying for you, okay?

And I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you your dad had been here.

I did that for your protection.

I know. Okay.

All right, you gotta go.

Be careful.



Daddy? Are you okay?


It's okay, honey.

Gabby, it's not safe.

We need to get you out of here.

We gotta hurry.

Be careful.


(chain rattles) Quiet.

Claire: Daddy! Let's go. Let's go.

Thank God.

What do you mean he's gone?

How is he gone?

I don't know.

Somebody must've helped him.

You know, if anybody finds out what we've been doing, it's gonna be bad.

No one's gonna find out anything, 'cause we're gonna find him, and he won't be coming back to talk to anybody.


You know what I mean.

Look, I've done some things in my life, But killing somebody?

I'm open to suggestions.

Way I see it, they forced our hand.

We need to get you away from here, get you someplace safe.

Hey, but what about everybody else? We have to help them.

I will help them, but not until you're safe.

We'll see how Claire's leg feels after she's had a chance to rest.

I'd like to keep moving if she can.

I'm really sorry, Gabs.

For what?

For not protecting you.

For leaving you and Claire when I... couldn't hold things together anymore.

It's okay. We managed.

No, you managed, but only because I forced you to.

It's whatever. No.

No, it was wrong.

I made a lot of mistakes, and you suffered because of them.


I don't know.

A lot of us went through life just trying to get by.

Paid the bills, did what we needed to do, just looked for whatever comforts we could find.

I never really thought about where we all came from or how we fit in, or where we all go when it's over.

But everything's different now, and it can't be ignored.

I need to talk to you about what's happened, what it all means.

And what do you think it all means?

I believe-- no, I'm sure-- why we weren't taken and why others were, why your mother was.

The believers are all gone.

You're seriously gonna get religious on me?

Not religious, no.

It's not about religion.

It's about... what I've seen.

No, it's the only thing that explains what happened.

And it's why I believe now, too.


Yeah, me.

Suddenly this all seems different, not just some accident.

I want you to know what believing means.

Save it. Dad, okay?

Okay? I've heard it.

Mom gave me the whole Jesus came down and Jesus died stuff.

I mean, it's fine if it works for you, but...

But you've seen it with your own eyes.

Miracles are everywhere, Gabby.

If you just let yourself, you'll see them.

Get up. You helped them, didn't you?

Yes, I did.

Are you too stupid to realize you just jeopardized everything?

Damon, I love you, but you've gotta stop--

(grunts) (ow!)

Don't ever tell me what to do.

(lock clicks)




Dad, no!

(distant gunshot)


You're gonna be okay.

You're right.

I know where I'm going, Gabs.

But I couldn't let you die.

I want you and your sister there, too.






You know why I have to go back, right?

Because of Dad?

He wasn't gonna leave those people there.

We can't either.

We marked this spot so we can find you when we come back.

See that road?

If we're not back by the time it gets light, Start walking.

It'll lead to a farm or a town.

You're coming back. I know, Claire, but you have to promise me.

You are coming back.

I asked God to keep you safe.

We know what we're doing, right?

I'm good. Yeah.

If one of us doesn't make it, you have to keep going.

We have to get back for Claire no matter what.

Let's hit it, then.

(whispers) Hello?

Man: Who is it?

I'm a friend of Eric's.

I'm gonna get you out.


(door opens, closes)

(approaching footsteps)

They'll be coming any minute!

I've almost got it.

Hey, hey, hey!


The fire's set.

The passageway was locked.

Man: Eugene...

It's just us here. Put it down.

We're supposed to be with the kids at the lake house.

The kids love the lake house.

You don't want to hurt us, right?

I was just trying to keep them safe.

I swear, I am not this guy.

I know. I know.

We're walking out now, okay?

I swear.

I'm just a dad.

I know.

I know.

(muffled yell) Josh: Rachel. Shh, shh.

Pass the word. We're leaving. Come on.


Gabby? I'm gonna get you out Sarah.

Do you know where the key is?

Damon's got it, but you can't be here.

It's not safe. I'll be right back.

We don't have much time.

Okay, come on.

There's fire! Nicky, come on!

Come on, hey!

Boys, come on, come on! Get the blankets! Get the buckets!

Come on, come on!

Come on, come on!

Where is everybody?

(coyotes howling)

I knew it.

I knew you were gonna be okay.

Have you seen Gabby or Josh?


They'll be here. Don't worry.

Do we have everybody? Yeah.

Where are the keys?

I don't know which is which.

I'm all over it.

You know how to drive? Let's hope so.

He's coming! (engine starts)

Come on, come on, come on.

There's a dirt road around the next bend.

We can lose him. Hang on!

Stop the car, stop the car! I've gotta get Claire.

I'm coming with you.

There's an abandoned farm at the end of the road.

Josh: Go! We'll meet you there.

(branch snaps)

Claire: Gabby! Shhh.

We gotta go. Okay.


Where'd she say the farm was?

Do we even know if we're going in the right direction?

(gunshot) Go. Go. Go.

Not so easy to hide in the light, is it?



Damon: Hey, guys.

This is very exciting!

But you're wearing me out!

We have to get back to the woods.

Hello? Are you listening?

I'm talking to you!

(door clangs)

(retreating footsteps)




Aah! Aah!


Stay there.

Go, go! He's coming!

Grab on. Go without me.

No, I'm not leaving without you. Take my hand.

Take my hand.

(gunshot) Stop!

Just stop, okay?

Did I say you could move?

Just let us go. Shut up!

Choose. What?

Choose between your cute little boyfriends.

I don't need both of them. Choose who goes.

I'm gonna let you decide.

I'm not gonna hurt you. I need you at Sanctuary.

But I can't have the two of them.

They're trouble together.

I just need one of them to do the heavy work.

No, you can't just-- I said choose!

No, no. You can't say no!

You don't listen!

How can I explain this so you hear me?

Hear me! Hear me!

Life is full of choices, hard choices.

I had to choose between being a leader or a follower, and that was not always easy.

Now it's my world.

You can pray to me.

Choose, or I'll just kill 'em both.

I-- no, I--

I said choose! (wood cracking)

(gasping, choking)

You doing okay?


I just keep thinking about today.

What are the chances, you know, that everything worked out the way it did?

I don't know.

Guess we got lucky.

Maybe it wasn't just luck.

Maybe it was something more than that.

It's a beautiful night, Dad.

Maybe you were right.

Hard to believe it was all an accident.

God, Jesus...

I don't really know what I'm supposed to say, but...

I'm ready to do this if you are.

I believe.

Where you gonna go?

We're just gonna try and find some food.

I want to come, too.

No. We still don't know what's out there.

You should stay here with everyone else.

There, done.

I didn't know you knew how to do fishtail.

Mom taught me.

She taught me, too.

I used to love it when she'd comb my hair.

Me, too.

You know, why don't you come with us?

When did the power come back up?

Day before yesterday.

75% of Chicago is back online.

Reports all over the country and even internationally--

Hong Kong, England, Russia-- are much the same.

Shelters are being set up already all over the city.

People are starting to go back to work.

The military has set up curfews and barricades to maintain order.

It's time to go home.

(music playing)

♪ I don't know ♪

♪ If I'm on the right road ♪

♪ Up is down ♪

♪ And it feels like ♪

♪ I'm all alone ♪

♪ And your voice goes ♪

♪ Round and around in my head ♪ Thank you, Sarah.

Are you sure I can't talk you into staying?

We need to figure out if there's anything left at home.

My friends are there.

They need to know what really happened.


Come here.

I'm gonna miss you.

You'll visit, though, right?

Only if you promise to visit me.

Bye. Bye.

(music continues)

♪ The summer sky ♪

♪ Fades to autumn gold ♪

♪ And don't lose heart ♪

♪ I'll find you ♪

♪ And hold you close ♪

♪ And your voice goes ♪

♪ Round and around in my head ♪

♪ And my heart goes ♪

♪ Round and around in my chest ♪

♪ I'll keep on fighting for you ♪

♪ Keep on fighting for me ♪

♪ Keep your eyes on the night sky's horizon ♪ Billings: After all believers have been taken into Heaven, there will be the rise of evil, a new, deceptive darkness that will pervade the worid.

Scripture tells us in Revelation 13

That the whole Earth will be amazed and follow after the Beast.

This Beast is a great deceiver, the Antichrist.

People will be drawn to this man as he masquerades as a savior forming a one-world government for a world craving direction and order.

And as Daniel 8:24 says, "His power will be mighty, and he will destroy mighty men and the holy people."

What does that mean?

I'm not sure.

Hey, what is that?


♪ I won't give up on you ♪

♪ Please don't give up on me ♪

♪ I won't give up on you ♪

♪ Please don't give up on me ♪

Looks like things are getting back to normal.

Yeah, whatever that is now.

Man on speaker: We come together at a crossroads between fear and hope, between disorder and integration, between civil regression and a global community.

We have restored calm to the world.

So let us rise to this moment and put aside our differences And move forward with one accord into one new world.

A world where everyone is free from oppression, where humanity reigns supreme.

This world used to live only in our imaginations.

Who's he? Woman: You don't know?

That's Nicolae Carpathia.

Who's that?

He's the guy who's gonna save us all.

Carpathia: Join me as we move from all that separates us to all that unites us under one government, under one currency, under one belief.

There is no need for doubt.

He scares me.

He scares me, too.

There is no need for fear.

You are all safe.

Trust me.

(music playing)

♪ lf we found out that the world ♪

♪ Was gonna end on Tuesday morning ♪

♪ What would everybody do? ♪

♪ Mm-mmm, yeah ♪

♪ It's funny how the thought of that ♪

♪ Can make some things real important ♪

♪ And a lot of things seem pretty worthless, too ♪

♪ But I'd be dancing like a fool ♪

♪ And I'd be laughing, I'd be crying ♪

♪ Calling anybody who ♪

♪ I ever hurt and reconciling ♪

♪ I'd call everyone I love ♪

♪ Say what I was scared to say to them ♪

♪ Now that I think about it ♪

♪ Maybe I should always live ♪

♪ Like the world is gonna end ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Live like the world's gonna end ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I'd hit all my favorite restaurants ♪

♪ They'd be open for business ♪

♪ Would not care what people thought, yeah ♪

♪ Mm-hmm ♪

♪ And I'd speak love to everybody ♪

♪ Who came close enough to listen ♪

♪ And if someone had done me wrong ♪

♪ I'd call and tell 'em I'd forgot ♪

♪ And then I'd be dancing like a fool ♪

♪ I'd be laughing, I'd be crying ♪

♪ Calling anybody who ♪

♪ I ever hurt and reconciling ♪

♪ I'd call everyone I love ♪

♪ Say what I was scared to say to them ♪

♪ Now that I think about it ♪

♪ Maybe I should always live ♪

♪ Like the world is gonna end ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Live like the world ♪

♪ Live like, live like ♪

♪ Live like the world is gonna end ♪

(music playing)

♪ Through me eyes of men it seems ♪

♪ There's so much we have lost ♪

♪ As we look down the road ♪

♪ Where all the prodigals have walked ♪

♪ And one by one the enemy ♪

♪ His whispered lies ♪

♪ Have led them all to sleep ♪

♪ But we know that you are God ♪

♪ Yours is the victory ♪

♪ And we know there is more to come ♪

♪ That we may not yet see ♪

♪ So with the faith you've given us ♪

♪ We'll step into the valley unafraid ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ As we call out to dry bones ♪

♪ Come alive, come alive ♪

♪ And we call out to dead hearts ♪

♪ Come alive, come alive ♪

♪ Up out of the ashes ♪

♪ Let us see an army rise ♪

♪ Oh, we call out to dry bones ♪

♪ Come alive, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, we call out to dry bones ♪

♪ Oh, come alive ♪

♪ Oh, come alive ♪

♪ Ooh ♪