Left in Darkness (2006) Script

[♪ rock on headphones]

[brush crackles]


Celia. What's yours?

It's nice to meet you, Donovan.

I can't. I'm not allowed.

[whisking sound]

Hey, where'd you go?

Hey, where'd you go?

Where'd you go?

Where'd you go?



Where do you think you're going, little lady, huh?

Grandpa, I have to find him.Find who?

The boy. He's gonna get away.

Come say hi to Mom, and then you can go play, OK? Come on, honey.


Say hi to Mom.

Hi, Mommy.

I was just telling her all about your new tooth and how you're excited about starting volleyball practice next week.

Go on, sweetheart. You can talk to her.

Just like you talk to me. I know she's listening.

Pay attention, Celia. We're here to see your mommy.

Tell her about your week.I don't want to.

What did you say?I said I don't want to.


[sniffles]I just don't.

Honey, your mother loves you. She loves you very much, baby.

I won't. You can't make me.Celia, honey!

[horn honks] Celia, no!

[horn honking]

It's OK. She's OK. It's OK, it's OK.

What are you doing? Don't dothat.

It's OK, Grandpa. He protected me.

He's always gonna protect me.

What if I would have lost you, too, huh?

Don't do that, baby, please.

[lighter clicks/ cigarette lights]


Out here.

One for the road.

Are you ready yet?

Hey, you can't rush perfection.

Still have to find my keys.

[laughs]What would I do without you?

You sure you wanna do this?Do what?

I know what this day means. I know how you get.

So we don't have to go if you don't want to.Justine, it's my 21st.

I'd like to actually enjoy my birthday for once.

You sure? 'Cause I'm totally fine just staying here.

Yes. I could use a party.

OK, then, let's go. [man on TV] This afternoon, several people were seriously injured in the accident...

Damn. I'm glad you didn't get caught in that on the way up here, especially in that piece-of-crap car.


Stop it.What?

Your birthday's not cursed.

Accidents like that happen every day up here.

[laughs]I know.

I-I... we'll have fun tonight.

...and recommends alternate routes.

Yo! You hotties wanna be in a movie?

You wish, losers!

Aren't you glad you came up here to share in this cultural experience?

Hey, I wanted to do something different.

[guys yelling] This is different.

[both laughing] I do my best to deliver.

Stay away from the froshies, and you should be fine.

Just promise not to ditch me five minutes after we get in for some idiot.Scout's honor.

You'll be too busy making it with Dougie Fresh, and I'll be left alone by the keg-erator.

OK, there's not gonna be any "making it," at least not by me.

Uh-huh. You came all the way up here for a little hand-holding and friendly conversation.

I came here so I could be with my best friend in the whole world.

And the hot guy she promised to hook you up with.

That's really the cherry.

[♪ rock]

You gonna be OK?

If you ask me that one more time, I'll kill you.

Come on.



Hey, you made it.

Hi. Follow me.

Corby, this is my friend Celia. She's up from San Diego.

Pleasure to meet you, pretty lady.Hi.

Can my boy Terry here offer you a cocktail?

You two should try the famous Terry Bomb.What?!

One shot from each bottle.Huh?

One shot from each bottle.

Uh, just beer, please.

I want a Terry Bomb!

So, where's Doug? I want him to meet Celia.

He's upstairs. I think you're gonna like him.

Really. [both giggle]

Let me see if he's in here.


All right.

Ladies? Are you sure? [coughs]

Cool. All right.

[young man]Well, I just - you know, I missed my guy.

He's weirded out when...

What's up, brother?

Hey, you seen Doug around?

No, haven't seen him since Jell-O shots.

Wow. You and your fine companions care to join us for a little otherworldly excitement?

Yeah. What are we in, third grade?

Hey, now, you dare mock the great Ouija?

Jesus, Gopher, put that thing away.

How you doin'? Don't listen to him.

He's really just a D&D geek under that shaved chest.

It's true.

Oh, my God.

Who's doing that?

It's not me, I swear.

Well, quick, grab a pen and paper.

"Go home, Celia"?

It didn't say that.

Who the hell's Celia?

Um, she is.

Very funny.

I didn't--Oh, please.

You cannot punk me.

Hey, whoa, whoa, ladies, let the man of the house...

Hey, bee-atch.

You chicaswait in here. I'll be right back.

That was kinda weird, huh?Oh, stop.

I swear it wasn't me.Whatever.

OK, believe what you will. Don't trust your number one girl.

He's kinda cute, huh?

Who, Corby?Uh-huh.

I think I might hook up with him tonight.Really?

What, you don't approve?I'm not here to judge.

It's not for sure or anything. There might be something better out there for me.

You wouldn't want to miss out.

Look who I found.


I've been looking all over for you.

This is my friend Celia. It's her birthday.

Oh, yeah?

Happy birthday.


Am I allowed to ask the number?

The big 2-1.

Nice. Well, we'll have to make tonight a special one.

[♪ trance]

Get the fuck out of here.


Two beers!

[young man]Yeah!



[men shouting]

[♪ "Ain't Got No Woman" by Ron Kustes] Do it!


♪ ...all right

♪ They're comin' out here

♪ Spread our wings, all right

♪ All right

♪ Ain't got no woman

♪ Ain't got no wine

♪ Ain't got no spice to get me by

♪ Ain't got sugar

♪ Ain't got no 'caine

♪ Ain't got no honey to get me high

♪ Oh, when the music's over

♪ Oh, when the music's over

♪ Aha

♪ Oh, when the music's over

♪ Oh, when...

♪ There's a hole in Mother Earth...

Oh, thanks.



What's wrong?

Nothing. Why?

You just seemed a little - I don't know - distant back there.

No. I'm sorry.

Thanks for getting me this.

It's no place for a girl over there right now.

Naked keg stands. [laughs]

No place for a guy, either, really.

So where's your girl?

She ditched me for a meathead.


Come on, I wanna show you something.

[man's voice] Go home, Celia.

What was that?



It was probably the music.

Come on.

♪ Television child, your mind is

♪ Freakin' out

♪ But you know nobody wants to see it

♪ Does anybody wonder

♪ Oh, what's goin' on round here...? ♪ Ohh. You guys have a make-out room?

Of course.

What kind of frat house would this be without one?

I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself there, buddy.

No, over here.

Come on, I wanna show you something.

What is it?

You'll see.

Come on.

What is this?

This was an old wine cellar back in the day, back before this was a fraternity.

It's probably, like, hundreds of years old.


I like to come down here and think about, like, who came through that door, you know, what they wore, what they talked about, what they drank.

I guess that makes me kind of a huge geek, huh?

No. No, I think it's really cute.

There it is.


That look. Why are you so sad?

It's your birthday.

I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to.

It's OK. You can tell me. I'm good at keeping secrets.

It's not even a secret, really.

I really hoped that this wouldn't affect me this year, but birthdays have never really been great for me.

Well, my mom died on my birthday.

She actually died giving birth to me, so every year, my birthday's kind of like a reminder that I killed her.

Shit, that - that's rough.


And apparently my dad hit the bottle and disappeared, so I was raised by my grandparents.

Which was great. I mean, my grandpa was so amazing.

But he died last year, so...

Well, I...

I just really miss him so much.

No doubt.

Every year, I'd spend my birthday with him, and he just missed my mom so much, but...

...he would always remember to remind me that - that her death wasn't my fault.

That's - That's some heavy shit.

And it was 21 years ago, and I never even knew her.

Still, it's hard to eat cake and ice cream, you know?


[laughs]I'm sorry.

I'm just really sorry.

It's like baggage central.

[sniffles]I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this.

Then let's not talk.

Go home, Celia.

What's wrong?

I just heard it again.


I feel really weird.

I need to get out of here. I need to get some air.

Wait, don't go.

Seriously. I'm not feeling -

What did you do?

Come on, Celia. Just relax.

[Corby]Come on, man, hurry it up.

Hey. Hey, what the hell is wrong with her?

[young man]Oh, dude, I think she's OD'in'.

[water dripping in background]



Please help me!


This isn't real. This isn't happening.



Please! Get me out of here!

Somebody get me out of here.

Please! Somebody, please.






[footsteps approaching]


[growling and moaning]

[growling and moaning stops]

[♪ rap, faint]



Holy shit!

[girl continues vomiting]




Is anyone here?

You guys, come on.

If this is a joke, it's really not funny.


Justine, are you here?



Hey, little lady.

Happy birthday.

What's going on?

It's OK, Celia. Everything's OK now.

No, no, no. This is a bad dream.

Don't be scared.

But you died.Yes.

Then how...?

You died, too.

Those boys, those filthy boys.

But they can't hurt you now.

You're safe now. You're safe with me.

I'm dead?


That stuff they put in my drink.

I wanna wake up now.

This is not a dream, Celia.Yes, it is.

This is a terrible dream.

I just must have passed out somewhere, and I'm gonna wake up.

I know how you're feeling.

I'm not dead! This is crazy.

I don't have time to explain it all, but we have to get out of this house.

Why?Listen to me, Celia.

Do as I say, and nothing bad will happen.

But, please, we've gotta go.

You cannot stay here.


Where are we? What is this place?

Stay with me, and you'll find out.

[muted howl]

Celia, you must go.

[growling] You must get out.

I will meet you out there.

Where are you going? Don't leave me.

I promise you, I will find you. Go.

Whatever you do, don't look back.


What the hell?




[leaves rustle]



Grandpa? [growls]


[roars] Aah!


[Grandpa roars]


Go back to the house, Celia. Who is that?

Go back to the house, Celia. It's the only way. Who's there?

[engine stalling]

Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.


Sweetheart, come on, let's go.

Go away!

It's OK.

What is this? Where am I?

It'll all be over soon.What do you mean?

Aah! Aah!

[Grandpa roaring]


[roaring grows fainter]


Is anybody here?


Hello, Celia.Stay away from me.

It's OK. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Stay back. Get away.

Celia -Stop calling me that.

You don't know me. I don't know what you guys put in my drink.

I'm not one of those guys, and this isn't some bad trip.

I'm not dead. Don't you tell me that I'm dead!

Look, I know you've had a tough night. You're upset.

So let's just calm down and talk about this, OK?Calm down?

Just invite me in. I'll explain everything to you.

Oh, yeah, sure. Come in so you can just kill me.

That's not why I'm here.

[man's voice] Now do you remember?

Oh, my God.

I'm your friend, Celia, and I always have been.


[boy's voice]Hello. What's your name?

Celia. What's yours?

They call me Donovan.

It's nice to meet you, Donovan.

Can you come and play, Celia?

I can't. I'm not allowed.

Don't worry. I'm here to protect you.

I'm always going to protect you, Celia.

The cemetery.

You saved me from that car.

And countless other times, I might add.

So what are you, like my guardian angel?Not exactly.

I died, too, just like you.

I was only eight at the time, so I understand how scared you must be.

This might be easier to explain if I wasn't out here freezing my ass off.

If you think you're coming in here, you're out of your mind.

You don't have a lot of time. Two hours, give or take.

Come 2am, it's lights out.

And then I suppose I turn into a pumpkin.

No, then you become completely vulnerable to these nasty things out here.

So I'd can the sarcasm, because I'm trying to help you.

I'm not letting you in here just so you can turn into one of those crazy, psycho demon things like my grandfather just did.

You see, that wasn't your grandfather.

It was the soul eater that ate him.

So now he can appear, act and sound like your grandfather.

This is crazy!

So what you're telling me is that I wasn't only raped and murdered tonight, but that my grandfather was eaten by one of those things?!

I don't know what to believe.

Well, do you believe that I am who I say I am?

Yes, I do.

Well, that's enough for the time being. Let me in.

Well, it's not locked.

You actually have to invite me in.

You see, this white light around is called your sanctuary.

People can't come in your sanctuary unless you invite them, and once in, they can't touch you unless you touch them first, so don't touch them.

That would be bad.


Come in.

Come with me.

I have something to show you.



Wait. Hey!

Well, come on.

I'm not going out there. I'm not really good with heights.

You're already dead.

Are you really afraid of falling?

Take a look.

We're the only ones here.

Exactly. It's just you and me now.

That's why you gotta stick by me.

[footsteps] Wait. I just saw something. Look!

What is that?

That is a soul eater.

[growling] What?

A soul eater is exactly as it sounds.

It needs to feed, constantly, or else it goes to hell.

They're all just waiting for the perfect moment when you step out of the light.

That's when it can attack.

You're my imaginary friend.

I must just be imagining you.

I'm as real as can be.

In fact, I'm a little offended that you stopped believing in me.

But you were the one that stopped coming around.

I haven't seen you since I was, like, eight.

Yeah, but I've been there the whole time.

Like when your grandfather Joe was in the hospital or when you got drunk and crashed your grandpa's car into the Dumpster.

I was there when you lost your virginity.You were there for that?

I needed to make sure that you were paying attention.

You really never left?


I wish I had known that.

Uh-oh.What? What is that?

Well, that flicker means that the light is dying.

We need to move to a place where the light is strong...Why?

...fast.What happens if it runs out?

You don't want to know. Come on, let's go inside.

Celia, come on. Hurry.



Celia, help.

You've got to help me.Oh, my God.

Don't listen to her.

Something's after me. It's trying to kill me.

She's not who she says she is, Celia.

Don't listen to him. He can't be trusted.

He's not like you and me. I'm your friend.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Celia, please, you've got to help me.

I don't know.

Celia, look at me.

Do you remember?


You came here the night I died.

It was different.

I always liked playing with you.

Yeah, right. I sucked.

You were always so much better than me.

Well, I was tougher than you.

Is that why you stuck up for me when everybody else made fun?

I knew it wasn't about you.

You were worried about hurting someone else.

Do you remember the night my grandfather died?

That was a terrible night.

I never really thanked you.

I was all alone.

You barely knew me, but you stayed with me all night.

I wouldn't have made it.

After that night, we were connected, weren't we?


I helped you then, Celia, and now I need you to help me.


Aah! [roars]

Aah! Aah!




[soul eater roaring]


What the hell just happened to me?

Gee, I don't know, genius.

Maybe it's the fact you ignored everything I told you.

I was confused.There's no time for confusion.

They will do whatever it takes to get into your head, to get you out of the light.

You have to be smarter than them. You have to think.

OK, but - but if she - if itwas not Rachel, then how did it know all those personal things about me?

Because when it feeds, it takes everything - memories, feelings, every-

We have to get to the basement.



[glass shatters] Aah!

Try to stick by me from now on, all right?

No problem.



Are you seeing this?

I see everything. It's a gift.

You'll find I have many gifts.

You can only see your old world through mirrors.

So this is what's happening right now at this exact moment?


I guess they haven't found my body yet, else the party would be over.

Once your body leaves the sanctuary, your soul goes with it.

Then it's open season on your ass.

Oh, come on now, don't start that.

I could never stand to see you cry.

I'm scared, Donovan.

Well, it doesn't have to end this way.

I'm listening.

I'll show you, but you're gonna have to be brave, and I know that's not your strongest suit.

I guess you have been watching.

Come on.

What are you doing?

This will lead you to a place without soul eaters.

That's where this all started.It's OK.

I can't.

Sure, you can.

No. Donovan, please. I have a really bad feeling.

I've been through this a few times.

I think I might know what I'm talking about.

That place is evil.

I'm the guy who's protected you from evil your whole life.

I can't.

So you'd rather let them out there tear you to shreds?

That's what you'd rather have?

There's still more time.

Please, let me see if I can figure this thing out.

If we run out of time, we can come back here.

All right.

Thank you.

Remember - don't look them in the eye.






She got me.

You need to cover that. Hurry.

They're like sharks. They smell blood, they know the source, they'll come.

Is that the right time?Oh, yeah.

We don't get much power here, but enough for a few lights, clocks, that sort of thing.

It's 1:08.

If that's accurate, your time is halfway gone.

What's he doing?

Isn't it obvious?

That asshole.

Justine, no!

Keep your hand on the mirror.

As long as it's on the mirror, you can hear everything they hear.

...cannot find her, and it's been hours.

You know what? I think I saw her in the backyard.

It's cool. You wanna go dance or something?

No, I don't wanna dance. I wanna find -

I don't want your beer. I wanna find my friend.

I wanna - I don't want your beer!

Are you sure?Yes!

Can't I just stay?

No. It may appear that you're in this room, but it's just perspective.

It's not reality.Stop!

They can't hear you, Celia.

I don't want beer. I wanna find Celia.

Why? Why do you wanna interrupt the magic?

She didn't just run off and get naked with Doug. She wouldn't do that.

Neither would you, apparently.

Don't be a jerk. I just wanna find Celia.

Would you stop freaking out. She's a big girl.

I think she can take care of herself.

Look, it's her birthday. I don't want her to think I ditched her.

I promise you, she's not thinking about that.Asshole.

She's off with my boy, having a great time.


I tried to tell you.

I have to get back. That's the stuff they put in my drink.

It'll kill her.

You can't affect living things anymore, Celia.

You need to understand that.I have to help her.

It's out of your hands now.

Whoa. Let's think about this for just one second, all right?

Your light is dying as we speak.

If she drinks that, she creates a new sanctuary.

That gives you more light.

And plus, you two get to be together... again.

I can't just let her die.

It's kind of the order of things.

Fuck you.

There's no need for the f-word.Shh!

Seriously, baby, why don't we give 'em another half an hour?

I swear, she's gonna walk through the door with this huge smile on her face.

You clearly have a lot of confidence in your friend.

Hey, my bros know how to get it done right.

Obviously.Justine, walk away.

He's a dick.

Stop! No! No!

I'm gonna need a lot more of this.No!

Did you just see that?Nice one.


We gotta go.

Hey, wait. You lied to me.

I did not.

Yes, you did. You said I couldn't affect things.

You said there was nothing I could do.

Technically, you can't affect living things. That's true.

Cup of beer does not have a heartbeat.

Why would you want her to die?

Because I'm here to protect you, Celia.

We could've had her light, had her sanctuary.

Look, I would never sacrifice my friend's life for my own, ever.

It's that kind of thinking that's gonna get you sent you-know-where.

Don't listen to him, Celia.

You're perfect just the way you are.

I'm very proud of you.

Don't do anything stupid here, Celia.

Shut up.

He's one of them.

How was he in my sanctuary? He was in the living room.

He was in the light. I was talking to him.

I don't know. Because you called him, let him in.


Fortunately for you, he can't come back without another invitation.

Don't listen to him, Celia. Listen to me.

He is not your grandfather.

I know that, but there's a part of him that is still in there.

Isn't there?

I'm here, and you can be with me.

Listen to me, Celia.

I can take you to your mother. I know she wants to meet you.



Just look at me, Celia. Look at me.

It's OK, you can go.


I can't believe you're standing here.

I don't know where to start.

I know most of it, anyway. I've watched you your whole life.

You're so beautiful.

So are you. More than any of the pictures.

I'm so sorry, Mom. I'm so sorry.

You have to stop blaming yourself, please.

You didn't kill me. It was my time. It was supposed to be that way.

But it's so unfair.

It was your death that was unfair.

It was far too soon.

Celia, come now.

What, now?

You must find your way.But I don't understand.

I'm here with you now. Why can't we just stay like this?

You have no idea how I wish you could, but you must earn it, Celia.


Celia, come now.

What's happening?

I can't say any more. You have the answer inside.

You must stay in the sanctuary. The door is there.

What door? What answer?

You can do it, Celia.

You belong here with me. Remember that.

I'll be waiting for you.No, Mom. Wait!


Aah! [roars]


Get inside.

[Grandpa roaring]

He's gone.

Are you all right?

I'm sorry.

Sorry's not gonna cut it anymore, Celia.

I've about had it with you.

There are others that I can help, others that listen to me, pay attention to me.

Wait. I'm sorry. It's just that she was my mother that I've never met in my entire life.

How was I supposed to say no?

Because it's not real.

That place that you went is a lie.

Everything is a lie.

Are you trying to tell me those things ate my mother's soul and sent her to hell?

No, not you mother. She made it to heaven.

But it's the in-betweens who get stuck.No, that's bullshit.

My grandfather and Rachel - they were good people, both of them.

And good people go to heaven.

Your grandfather wasted away after your mom died.

That's not true.

It is true. He might as well have died along with her.

No. He looked after me, he took care of me.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to yell at you. I don't wanna hurt you.

I don't wanna lose you to them, you know?

The fact is, Celia, your grandfather just went by the motions, like most people these days, after your mom died.

In the end, he lived a mediocre life at best.

So did I.

No, don't say that.

Sure, you were timid and held back by guilt, but you had depth, and that counts.

Yeah, a lot of good that did me.

I'm just sitting here, waiting for these things to eat me.

Well, I told you about another option, didn't I?

Not yet.

You have half an hour, Celia.

A half an hour - that's all you've got.

Don't look at me like that.

I just wanna go home.

I know, sweetheart.

I wish you could, too.

But it looks like you're just shit out of luck, so you're gonna have to learn how to deal.

[thudding footsteps above]

What was that?


I think there's something that I can do for you.

What are we doing here?

You'll see.


What's wrong with this guy?

Besides being a rapist and a murderer? Plenty.

I don't wanna be here.Wait, don't let go yet.

You'll wanna see this.

Don't stop.

Do it. Be free.

Who's there?

That's good, Doug. Good.


It's what he wants, Celia.

If he didn't, I would not be able to do this.


Goddamn it.

You can't just kill him.

After what he did to you? He deserves to die.

What about not playing God?

Celia, he wants to die. I'm just helping him along.Aah!


You're no better than he is.

You're a monster. I don't need you.

Get away from me!

OK, fine.

I wish you all the luck in the world on your own.



Damn it.


What are you doing?

Stay back. How did you get here?

Uh, I drove.

No. No, this...

You shouldn't be here.

What are you talking about?

This isn't your light. This is still mine.

You son of a bitch. You used my light.

My sanctuary saved you. How is that fair?

You are seriously tweaked, lady.

Whatever. I'm out.

Stop. It's moving too fast.

You're fucking crazy.

This sanctuary won't last.Sanctuary?

You're dead, Doug. You rapist.

You're dead, and that stuff you put in my drink - it killed me, and you're going to hell for it.

You're out of your mind.


Ho... Holy shit! What the fuck is happening?!


Oh, shit!Get back. Shut the door.

[soul eater roars]

What the hell was that thing?

It's a long story. Do you have your car keys on you?

Where's it parked?In the lot.

Well, we have to get to it.I'm not going anywhere with you.

What does your watch say?


All right, come on. I'll explain on the way.On the way to where?

To the hospital. The light will be strong there.

There was an accident on the freeway today. A lot of people were hurt.

What now?

We jump.

Oh, no, no, no. I'm not jumping that far.

You're already dead.

Where? Which way?

It's around the corner.

Where is it?

It's the black one.

All right, let's go.

The car won't start.

What's going on? This shouldn't be happening.Oh, my God.

Let's go.

Cars don't work out here. There's not enough power.

What are you talking about, there's not enough power?

Aah! Aah!



[Doug yells and groans]



Oh, God. Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

[♪ rap]

C, it's me again. Where are you?

I'm getting kind of freaked out here.

Corby's being a jackass. Surprise.

What happened to us not ditching? [call waiting beeps]

Hold on, it might be you.



Hey there.


Recognize me?

From the pictures. You're my father.

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

You were sick.

This is my house.

Yeah. I wanted you to feel more comfortable.

Wanna sit down?


I'd like to get to know you.

Well, it's too late.

Celia, come give your grandmother a hug.

How did you get here?

I came to see you. I was so lonely for you.

You must hurry, little one. You must find the source.



What did she say to you?

What are you gonna do to me?What do you think?

You cannot stay here. [Justine]Celia!

Just relax.We were connected.

"Go home, Celia"?Now do you remember?


Where am I?

Help! Help!

Somebody please help me.



What seems to be the problem?

I can't take this anymore.

I'll do whatever you want me to.

Just please, please, please make them stop.

It's for the best.

Go ahead.

[souls crying in agony]

[woman] Somebody help me! [man]Oh, God!

Help! Somebody help!

Help me! Aah! Somebody help me!


Help me! Help!


Who are those people?

You promised you'd do what I say.

And you promised that things would get better.

It's better down there than being eaten by those creatures, don't you think?

And my guess is, much better than eternal damnation.

I'm not going down there. I'm not going to be one of them.

You have to trust me, Celia.

I know what I'm talking about.

No. I trust me, and I'm not going down there.

Why can't you see that I'm the one with the power here?

Get away from me.

No. This is my house.

You will do what I say, and you will like it.

What do you want from me?

What would you get if I go down there?

Your soul.

You're one of them.

No, I'm not one of them.

I'm something more, something different.

Their rules don't apply to me.

I have sophisticated tastes, Celia.

Refined, you might say.

They're just sheep in my flock.

I'm watching them.

For who?

Looks like your sanctuary's almost gone.

Pretty soon, you're not gonna be safe anywhere.

Stay away from me!

I would, but I think I'm gonna hold on to you for myself.

Just a little secret between you, me and the big guy.

Watch your step!


Why do you run, Celia?

Celia, I'm going to find you.

Why don't you save us both some time here?

I miss you, Celia.

Find her. Now.

[gasps] [snarls]


[Tawnia]Keep your hands on it.

We better get the pen and paper ready.

Oh, my God, it's moving again.

Are you guys writing this down?

Don't miss any letters.

No way. Are you feeling this?

Stop it, Goph. I know it's you.

Honey, it ain't me. What's it say?

Rear b-a-t-h?


[door creaks open]



This can all be over, you know.

It won't be over. I'll be stuck down there with those people.

At least you won't be lonely.

Why didn't you just kill me?

Because, Celia, you weren't ready.

I consider the culinary experience an art form.

I nurture the souls until they're just the way I like them.

Those people in the cellar?

All carefully cultivated, just like you.

You're disgusting.

Am I? You know, it's a shame that you died when you did.

I had so many places to guide you, so many things to acquire.

True love, motherhood, pride.

Pride is my favorite.

So you were just protecting me so you could create a perfect meal?

But now I'll just have to work with what I've got.

How about we start with your laughter?

Not much to laugh about these days, anyway.

Such a small thing to trade.

And how about your loyalty?

Loyalty is quite a delicacy.

And what need do you have for it here?I will give you nothing.

I'd be careful about what you say.

This can be painful, or it can be easy.

That is your only choice now.

I will give you nothing!


Maybe I should be done with all of this, hand you to them, cut my losses.

[sirens wailing intermittently]

[horn honks]

What have you done?

Once your body leaves the sanctuary, your soul goes with it.

Goodbye, Donovan.

We're losing her. Get the defibrillator.

[police radio chatter]


[machine flatlining]

You must hurry. You must find the source.

You must stay in the sanctuary. The door is there.


You were right here this whole time.

Celia, you've almost made it. I'm so proud of you.

[fading out]But you must prove yourself... ...know you can do it.

You're supposed to be here with me.

Mom, what's happening? I can barely understand you.

The link is weak... ...must hurry.

But you must first save your grandpa.

I know you can do it.

Mom, wait.


One more test.

One more test.

Shit, six minutes.

There's no one here.

There's no one left for me to save.

What do you want me to do?

1, 2, 3.




[roars] Grandpa, no! You don't need to do this.

Grandpa. Papa.




Poor little soul wanting so badly to get into heaven.

OK, I'll give you what you want.

Really? What's the catch?

No catch. A deal.

Keep talking. I'm listening.

I want you to free my grandfather.

Take a look. Your grandfather's gone.

No, no, he isn't. I can see him in there.

Stop lying to me.

All right, suppose it is true.

Suppose I really can free him.

What do I get in exchange?


All of me.

Ah, that's tempting, but it's unorthodox.

I'm not a man who makes deals.

Please, just this once, for me.

You can take anything you want.


Oh, that is nice.

First free my grandfather.All right.

Stay there, Gramps. She's mine now. Walk away.

Shall we begin?

Hey! Yaah!

[Celia coughing] Stay away from her!

That's definitely a deal breaker, Gramps.


Come on, come on.

Get in. Trust me.

What about your -No. You're the only father I've ever had.

We have to go.

Celia...Go, go.


This is my house, Celia.

Celia, come on.

Go, Grandpa.Come on.

I'm your protector, Celia.

No, you aren't, and you never helped me.

Come on.

Goodbye, Donovan.

[wind whistles]

Are you sure you wanna do this?

I mean, you know, the last time we used this thing...


All right.

Yeah, you know, it probably lost its power or something.


Are you getting this?Yeah.

"When you die, I will come for you. Celia."