Left Right Left (2013) Script

1969, North Kerala An incident that took place in Kaitheri...

This is a paddy field in the northern region about 43 years back.

This is Sahadevan in the future he will be known as 'Kaitheri Sahadevan'

This is his Father'Kaitheri Chathu'

A bold dynamic warrior of RPIM during those days.

This is the dead body of Chathu's brother 'Ammbu'...

...which means, Sahadevan's Father's brother.

Are you closing the eyes?

Mustn't close your eyes Sahadevan, Look at it, without winking your eyes!

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Comrade Chathu is coming, with comrade Ammbu's dead body.

He is heading straight towards here, for sure.

Comrade what is he really up to?

Comrade what is this nonsense all about?

Keep the mouth shut!

On seeing the blood of own brother...

...scattered in and around palm leaves and Ferns.

Mustn't I exhibit this nonsense?

Then I'm not a human being neither not a Marxist!

Then no use of moving ahead with this party's flag!

Don't utter anything about party!

I will!

On party's instruction he had sowed the seeds in the Adikandda paddy field.

As per party's instruction he had hosted a flag over there.

The party had told to do everything, and told, will manage the rest.

And now!

Shall we...Police!

Police...Communists in Kaitheri giving complaint to police?

All of you hear this.

For each and every chop, will be returned back as three!

For each and every head sliced off, will be redeemed!

That is the history of this movement.

If it were to complain it to police what is the difference between...

...that 'red flag' and the red cloth, used for funeral rituals?

Chathu, this is no time for emotional outburst.

We must behave in a balanced...

You! Must not talk, the blood which is shed is mine, not yours'.

I'm the first person who raised a red flag in this land.

On that day, those who saluted the flag, were one blood.

I tell this, so that everyone listens carefully!

If the party doesn't safe guard the party members...

...then everything will be finished!

He will lie here...

...until and unless I bring the blood of those Adikandda's...

...and pour two drops 'm this mouth.

I'll not look at his face again!

Sahadeva you stay here, watch all this, without weeps and learn!

ChathumNever returned!

1976, A region middle of Kerala. Story of Roy Joseph...

Then, Roy's story.

This is not to be told. But understand after seeing it.

Ah! Money give me that phone.

As you are in exile, why are you moving around?

Now, who is it then?

Comrade S.R.

It is emergency!

It is said that one who had made a phone...

...and one who had given the phone, will be jailed.

You don't be scared...

...this is to some tea estates, to a bungalow of a party supporter.

Hey Joseph! Where are you calling from?

Party had instructed, to stay in Nellamboor, for the time being.

Here only, young comrade is alone. Just came here, that is all.

You might have known, three comrades in Ranni were killed yesterday.

Whateverl had in hand was distributed there.

Are you going to outsmart Che Guevara? Why did you call here?

That is to tell about the comrades in Ranni.

Women and children in those houses are tortured.

They do not possess a place to shelter.

That is all part of this, is it not man? You are also targeted.

Kindly pardon me, for calling you comrade.

Who doesn't hide anywhere...

...sleeps at day and out at night, taking care of indigent comrades.

How can one talk to comrades like PKG over the phone?

You don't worry, will find a solution, for the time being...

Papa are you going to hide?

Papa will not hide.

Why that, Marxist men are killed by everyone?

That is because Marxist men speak the truth, speak the logic.

Then there will be no way, other than to kill Marxists.

For those who believe, they are the truth, they will kill.

Will Marxist kill anyone?

Will anyone kill papa?

If I'm killed...son Roy is there, is it not?

1986, South Kerala. How mad Jayan came in to being...

My God!

Where are you looking and walking?

Can't you see?

This is P.K Jayan... His Mother...His sister.

He says she looks like me. He even tells I'm her.

The way you talk, looks like... You ask them. It was your fault only.

Take that cylinder and the mask.

How can it be possible? The child has got TB, is it not contagious?

Who knows, or else he will start shouting. Take it.

I can't.

A true hearted person!

No sir...No...Don't remove that.

Will bring another one now itself. Will come now. Nothing at all.

My God! JayanmMy son. Go and call someone.

Or else your sister will be gone.

My God! My child!

Jayan's lunatic started on this day on 1986.

Sir...The thing which was kept inside the nose of my sister was taken away.

Mother is crying.

You come.

Sister...Why is this child not attended by anyone?

Have seen this nurse, Jayan will always remember her.

Sir, that is because the doctor had told so, there is only four cylinders left here.

Aren't there any medicines for this?

Medicines are there, but bit expensive.

But they don't have money? Everything in hand is finished.

How much will it come to?

Will come to rupees two hundred and fifty.

Wait...Will arrange it.

My dear child!


Though he never accepted that... Jayan's sister is dead.

On that day two things were definite for him.

To live in a big way, one, must become a police, second, must need money!

"Might fall down...As the limbs go weak, body gets fatigue, but must stride on"

"As the winds swirls seeds in different 3 place, sprouts in three varied patterns"

"What I have seen, is it the same what you have seen?"

"What we have seen today, might be also a trickery"

"Whatever happens never succumb to dust must lead on"

"Hundreds of lives, who is never bothered by anyone"

"That is scattered in this way and that way, fleeted and perished"

"Here, earth is again revolving on its axis, for millions of years"

"As ceaselessly!"

"Might fall down...As the limbs go weak, body gets fatigue, but must stride on"

"As the winds swirls seeds in different 3 place, sprouts in three varied patterns"

"The jolted seed, did it submerge under the stones thorn?"

"Or did it fall in to ploughed lands? Or did it sprout again?"

"The jolted seed, did it submerge under the stones or thorn?"

"Or did it fall in to ploughed lands? Or did it sprout again?"

"Carry on...Let the movement be continued"

"Doesn't know which kind of tree tomorrow it will turn to"

"Doesn't know which kind of tree tomorrow it will turn to"

"As ceaselessly!"

"Might fall down...As the limbs go weak, body gets fatigue, but must stride on"

"As the winds swirls seeds in different 3 place, sprouts in three varied patterns"

"What I have seen, is it the same what you have seen?"

"What we have seen today, might be also a trickery"

"Whatever happens never succumb to dust must lead on"

"Hundreds of lives, who is never bothered by anyone"

"That is scattered in this way and that way, fleeted and perished"

"Here, earth is again revolving on its axis, for millions of years"

"As ceaselessly!"

2013 Capital city.

Look he is the minister in that serial.


Sir, don't stay out in the sun, will turn black.

What is the use of being in the sun?

A huge congregation as demonstrated by YFI...

...is scheduled to begin at the secretariat any moment.

In the advent of rising unemployment...

...and the education policy of the government should be amended.

There is a huge battalion of police force...

...stationed here in the event of any adverse situation.

Switch on that Malayalam channel.

What sir?

Comrade don't tell like that, when he leaves the job hard to get one.

As embarked upon, uniting the workers all-round the globe...

...in the homeland, there are no workers left.

Comrade, that Suresh is totally mad, on becoming a debtor.

Had come here, said something and all and gone back.

Comrade your phone is ringing.

I'm there in a minute, just dropped in at Ante's shop.

Soman, where is that lunatic Jayan?

He is standing over there.

Move away and smoke, do you want to do in front of him?

Tell them to close all the shops.

Put on those buttons!

Young tender lads well versed in English will command fire, charge, on the march.

But the actual situation is not like that.

When the beating starts he can just blow his whistle and simply push off.

We are the actual ones who are suffering here.

So before the beating starts chew some 'meeta pan' in the mouth...

...and smoke to instill muscles in the body.

And uh- bottoms so that wind touches the chest.

The drum must be pelted with stone so that the drummer gets the medal.

He knows that, so even if he sees this, he is never going to mind this.

Brother you go ahead, I'll come.

Hey! You are disabled and why do you want to stand here?

Hey! You clear off everything from here, no need to buy any of these.

After some time, everything will be lying on the road.

I'll will bring them there, when I come to see sister...

...are you having any exams tomorrow?

Just hold your tongue! Play with your equals!

Comrade are you fine?

If you demand more money, other than the meter...Don't you know me?

If you fuss with YFI! If you fuss with YFI!

You must cover your face, don't make any mistakes.

This is the document, I had told you. For Chembadd dam's maintenance work.

And for replacing the turbine...And for renovating Chek dams outer wall...

...Copy of the contract with the Canadian Government.

This is the direct fonlvard send by company's ex-auditor, send to me.

Had fetched 3.75 crores as commission, the contract is on 2007.

Did the money go to party fund? No idea.

The first transfer was to an account in UAE.

YFI Sindbad! We had seen this many a times!

Who is the main signatory?

An IAS officer named Mohana Krishnan. He is on suspension now.

Minister was Basi is it not?

Yes, for sure, but the money was routed, not for him.

Then who?

Who else?

Kaitheri Sahadevan' Sindbad! Kaitheri Sahadevan' Sindbad!

We will never run back, scared on hearing the sound of boots...

...or on seeing the stars on the shoulders!

What is the surety that it is com rade Sahadevan?

The account holder at UAE is a beenamee of Kaitheri.

It is not ethical to give this, without cross checking.

This is all cross checked by all means, this is concrete information.

Is this not that lunatic SI near comrade's house?

You will not have Onam! (Celebration in Kerala)

This is all my Onam!

This is not like speaking, when within the party.

You and Suresh had done a mistake, on starting...

...a newspaper, after quitting from party.

Party alone is not Communism, Party alone is not Marxism.

Comrade is this what you call com munism?

Your personal grudge towards comrade Sahadevan, I'm very well aware of it.

This is not connected with that.

May be not. But in a Marxist party it is not Marxism alone.

Few speak in favor of Leninism.

Few speak like Gober Chov.

There will be few Stalinist also.

Among these, where do you belong?

L...I'm this!

What you have to tell is true...it must be told at the right place Aliyar!

If communism and Marxism has got a voice here...

...it will reach out to the world only through RPM, for the time being.

Still now it is a big mango-tree giving fruits and shelter to many...

...and there are lot of weeds too...Lots of them.

It is not an excuse to chop off the mango- tree at its base!

Che Guevara Roy, what a brilliant speech in the olden days?

Aliyar you go, I'll cometo house of Suresh will discuss in detail.

Town was ditched in blood by the ruling party's alleys...

...barbarian police as commented by comrade Kaitheri Sahadevan.

He commented as, our history is blood for, blood!

We will repay for each and every drop of blood shed by RPM children.

How is your husband now?

How is the teaching at the orphanage and social work going on?

Isn't he Che Guevara, won't sit idle.

Classes are going on at orphanage, he is fully engaged.

Then as you know, lot of medical issues, yesterday there was a swelling in the leg.

BP is slightly problematic, must take him to hospital.

Che Guevara Roy had met him twice at the college...Real fire work!

He is lucky, Allaida March is with him.

Not only Allaida March...

...both Hilda Gelada and Allaida March, is it two in one.

Hilda and Allaida March who are they?

Don't know these names, HOD, PKG Memorial College.

Lal Salam comrade, can expect a change from this guest lecture position.

Had submitted all the certificates.

Will be regularized soon, as per the information from higher ups.

Okay sir.

No payment for over time. Hare Krishna.

Off day is as per the whims and fancies of the management. Hare Krishna.

I saw your police man on TV, What kind of beating he is giving?

We all respect the kind hearted loving Am ma...

...but there are few vanquishing Am ma's stature and fame.

Who commits roughness, under the cover of Am ma.

All we have to say to them. ls just by wearing a saffron you can't be a saint.

I'll wind up my speech with these words.

Also by congratulating our beloved opposition leader...

...who stood by us Comrade SR.

Now comrade SR will talk to you.

What happened?


Where are you now? I'm...Here...

Still after the tail of that nurse, is it not?

No doubt why people call you mad.

Have you not seen movies?

Beware of her! She is very devious!

You tell, what is the matter'?

Lightening inspection at the quarters, Kuttan had told me, you go fast, run!

I'll go and come now.

My dear nightingales!

As you are in the path of Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale.

Doing services, to mankind to each and one of you

...these hospital authorities' cruelties towards you.

Stop where are you going? Black coat in hot climate, with glasses!

Where is your helmet?

Take the money, you are over!

With one slap! Coming through the one-way and making dialogues!

Don't speak rubbish?

Will speak rubbishes, you are new generationmTake the money!

Coming through the one-way...And why man?

You take the money for petty case.

You do not know who my Papa is. He is big shot here.

Okay you go and tell your Papa to take a shot!

Old lady don't open your eyes! Okay.

Don't you have any allotted time for all these?

Gomlnspection, take a Iungi!

Sir, Is your Mother all right?

Hallo sir.

Who is this? My mothefs sister.

Who are they? Her son and daughter in law.

Don't you have mother'?

She has got sugar, some dizziness now in hospital.

Which hospital? Jaya Matha.

Sir you go to that house I will just urinate and come.

What is this? You caught including the photo.

Don't con man! How much do you want?

Two thousand and five hundred.

What...Two thousand and five hundred? When did you increase?

If I wouldn't have called you now, the show would be over by now!

A mother and a very good in laws.

I told you to sleep like MGR and not like Shivaji Ganeshan.

For a house like this, outside you will have to pay 6,000.

From next month onwards I must get at least the half.

That is 3,000. Is that clear to you?

As you are running a fraud chit, which other police will shelter you at home?

Get that shirt!

I don't possess power to grand you a boon, the person who has got that power is inside the heart.

Inside this temple. All mighty powerful Devi! Mother!

Well done sir... Can sit there.

Did anyone call? Had one or two miss calls.

Tell me dude.

I had given you what you wanted, then why this ditching?

The ones who must be succumb to trials must be put to trials.

Then only we will get what we need.

Is this a dialogue in serial or is it, what you told me?

Only to you.

Sir...What do you want now?

That...I'll tell you later. For the time being have you escaped?

I know how to escape.

I know, all yourware bouts. Even if it is bribe, there should be a limit.

After a situation nothing can be done.

After ten years of this 'kakki' still I'm getting rupees 12,000.

Rupees 12,000 when did it decline to this extend?

Got two suspensions, on buying four sack of rice, everything will be over.

The price of petrol and gas is shooting up as rocket.

Yes indeed rocket! What to do now?

There are three types of ladies who travel in a scooter.

First, they will hold on stomach, under the pretext that I and my husband are still on love.

Then the second type, they will cling on shoulders.

Which means this is my man, for the time being this is enough... piece of knowledge.

Then the third type, they will cling on thighs, which means my husband is my dearest one.

Apart from this, there is a fourth type, will not touch anywhere.

Which means I have other men apart from you.

That is the matter of husbands. Yes it is. It ought to be.

One packet of bread.

Comrade whatever you say, we must publish this.

We must be the first to publish this.

The main reason to start this newspaper... is to bring these kind of things to light.

Not for calling Sindabad for them, after going out from party.

Are you doing all this to improve the party?

Do you think the other way?

Doing all these against Kaitheri Sahadevan from the outside, I believe it is out of your right intentions.

But in action it will turn out to be the opposite.

If we disclose it through this paper, then it will be initially taken over by bourgeois... newspapers like Malayala Rama.

In effect it will be like giving them sickle and hammer.

And let party to be sliced.

Comrade you just get rid of this study class kind of language.

Our newspaper is only read by 2,500 people.

When the price rise of petrol and gas is written...

Children you go outside and play! Hey Deepa!

Can't increase the circulation, just by giving the petrol and gas price rise in the front page.

Not only that what we are telling is truth is also.

When Kaitheri says I'm the party and party is me.

Should we keep silence, after hearing all this?

To outburst all this, the main reason for quitting the party.

If Malayala Rama undertakes this, let them do it, let everyone know there is a newspaper like this.

I must do what we can, I left my home and home land just because of Sahadevan.

I was thrown out from party, on speaking against him in a LC meeting.

I came here, because I couldn't do anything in the native place.

On coming here I came to know all are cowards here!

As long as he is in this party, no communism is going to happen here.

Look man!

Lemon and eggs are over here, will you not go out and bring them.

Comrade do you know the amount of debt I have now?

This house and shop everything is pledged.

Ready to take u p whatever it may be!

I'll just smoke and come.

Comrade you tell, is it not the time that we show little more courage?

Comrade Roy must talk to him, for so many days had been talking about several things.

I'm scared ever since he had quit the party.

Three or four days before group of four men came and threatened.

I have not told anything.

When comrade says, will listen. Can you talk?

This children and me will be home-less.

Can you tell him to live on with possession what you have?

I'll talk.

Satya m Audios


This couragemBecomes a courage, when it is slightly mixed with fear.

By giving this, and something happens to you, have you thought what will happen next?


We have got police and army in here.

Notjust simply running a newspaper, but sometimes should be read also.

You keep quite!

What will you do?


Will you listen to me, when I tell you a matter'? Do you trust me?

It has to be discussed within the party circuits.

Party men must know this. Is that all what you want?

Enough...But. Suresh you tell.

Enough...But to run the newspaper.

I'll go and meet comrade SR, tell him the matter, he is a straight forward person.

Will do as the comrade says. SR...He will fish out in muddy water!

Do you trust me? I'll go and talk.

Won't trust SR but will obey you, comrade. Like always, will listen to

...comrade Che Guevara Roy!

Satya m Audios

Where ever you are? I'll come till I know the Father of that child.

I'll beat you.

If you can do anything, do it now. I must leave this place at the earliest.

Had spoken to Jaison, tomorrow we will go and meet.

But that guy will ask money.

Money is not at all a problem, will give whatever we have in hand.

It seems that next month...

Mathews will be released from hospital, must not wait for a single minute.

Then what about that police officer'?

He is mad!

I have not told him to come after me. They are all preverts!

For the time being I need him, if I can't go abroad, to live in this place I must have a company of a male.

Or else Mathews will kill me and my son.

If you fry forgetting the pot, the pot will also get burned.

If not, will make to burn.

What does that mean?

Every time he is saying the same thing, if you touch my children I will also touch back.

Then within the language, it will be intermixed that way and this way.

See, he is real mad guy, slashed in front of the camera.

Now they will wait for a chance.

Who cares, silly?

Hallo is he there inside?

Hey Jayan, lunatic Jayan!

Who is lunatic? Whom had you called lunatic?

Are you trying to play smart?

Just for a joke buddy...Cool!

What is this?

Two things, one Gopalan Kutty vls Kerala.

That file has to be plucked out by someone in vigilance.

Then this is Anish, had acted in movies in a small way.

Introduce him to SP Bilal, for getting an entry in serials.

Buddy our advocate Preman will come there, he wants some file on vigilance. He is very close to me.

What? Money? How much? 2,500!

Take 3,000.

What 3,000? Indeed day light robbery!

You give this to him.

Do you want to play this with me?

If you want the material, you go there.

Do you have photo with you? Yes sir.


You go, I will give to him.

Shall I go?

Can you beat in normal way? I'm as old as to become your Father.

Are you calling on my Father'?

Father! I mean I'm aged to become your Father.

Oh! Like that.

What kind of a person is he?

His Father was the line man in the current office.

His Father was the line man in the current office.

A person who didn't know how to live.

A movie freak!

Will take me and daughter to all the movies of Jayan and Sukumaran.

Then came a movie named 'Angaddi'(The market)

-took me and my daughter...

She was a little child at that time.

Seven or eight years before death. Poor little girl.

She died out of TB.

Then what happened?

I was carrying him, in womb.

In that there is a dialogue of Jayan in English.

We are collies, beggars, the whole theater was rocking!

On hearing that 'horripilation' fired up right from my toes.

When it got struck at the naval I knew that it was labor-pain not horripilation!

Then he rushed to the hospital taking me and the daughter.

The moment we reached at the hospital.

The delivery happened. On the spot the name was fixed Jayan.

My child was pampering my stomach, she was very fond of him.

She looks just like you. That is why he loves you like this.

He saw you from somewhere.

Came after you. Found out the house.

Threatened the owner of this house.

Took the upstairs of this house on rent. What all problems like this?

Now he wants to marry a nurse. Has got a child also. A divorced case.

I will not allow as long as I'm alive, doesn't like me, will fight with me on whatever I say.

But he is an innocent guy, sister's death and Father's death has brought sorrow in him.

But will not show outside.

As he lived without money, he will do anything for money.

He longs for money. He'll comejust now.

Let me go and set dinner for him.

He had left after naming Jayan, now his temperament is that of Jose Prakash, Balan K Nair and that of Kottayam Chellappan.

Everyone calls him mad Jayan.

He is always restless. He is here, don't tell I had told all this.

You are sitting here and chewing the fat! Come.

Brother I had harassed your men, will they make me sit like this!

Jayan W“ 9°'-!

I was just joking, I'm all ordinary guy, doesn't know anything, long before when I was a child.

There was a leftist party here which fragmented to two...

Had heard from my Father when I was young.

Com rade when a leftist party splits to two, one should be left and the other should be right is it not?

All I know is when our men are beaten, will beat them, no matter whether they are red, yellow or blue.

Sister shall I go.

Turn on that TV.

Before that we need an appointment on next Friday.

Why is that?

Three months back that cardiologist had told to do an angiogram.

Do you have money for all this?

Where are you heading to at night?

That police man called, must go to a hotel for a dinner.

You also come with me.

I can't.

The house owner came yesterday, why are you not paying the rent?

I know a big scam he had made, if I report that, that fellow will be jailed.

I'm corrupt sister, I know how to live here.

By reading books, preaching, try to be a saintly figure...Will be like that!

Don't talk nonsense and let go.

What Jayan's Mother told is true!

He has kept you as his sister, he has got sorrows, and sister married a guy like me.

Oh! Is it? Comrade do your work.

In a way what he told is correct, it is the teachers, doctors and police who deserves the highest pay in a democracy.

Just look at the disparity in their pay scale.

Did anyone tell him to become a police man?

Did anyone tell me to become a communist?

Anna did anyone tell you to marry this half man?

Comrade you not only know fire brand rhetoric's but very well know

-these kind of touching dialogues.

Anna, you will edit that on coming to fire brand rhetoric's.

Yourjournalist manifesto is to edit all, which you do not know.

Nice repartee. What do you want has gift for this?

You go take that guitar and play the old song, I have back pain must finish this.

"Oh! River banks... Water had flown off!"


Didn't I tell you about a person who pesters me?

Yes...Did he come again?

Yes...He tried to catch me.

Then hadn't you called me.

Next time I will call you.

"Will search for endings. Do we know the silence?"

"Will explore new lands. We had several dreams."

"The path is changed."

"Though it is the same feathers and the same clouds."

"We fly off... We Separates and departs."

"Are you my love... Is it unknown intercourse?"

"The paths of life, obscure in nature."

"Oh! River banks... Water had flown off!"

"As standing in the moonlight, will one brood- over the warmth of sun?"

" Will the fate vanish? On expunging with hand!"

"Oh! Light...Fall on these paths."

"Go and have your pills."

"Come as a companion to the banks of night."

Press the start button first and when the belt moves, sir keep walking.

Sir careful.

Get rid of these things!

A kind of bourgeois inventions to rift men more from nature.

Whatever things I say, is required here.

Okay sir.

Sir that Eye Vision channel is here for a byte.

Where is my banyan?

If Sahadevan had told like that, then ask Sahadevan.

I'm not the person, to answer all the nonsense Sahadevan speaks.

Has got an appointment at Jaya Matha at noon 1: 30.

Your Che Guevara will not remember, At least you should remember about it.

Will go.

You people wait here I will go, will call.

How are the things going Che Guevara Roy?

How are Anitha's lecture job and your social reformation going?

Going fine.

What brought you?

Why I came, wanted to show you this document.

You come.

Like boxing, the game of our Cuban's.

One must play politics only like that.

By leaping fore ward and give a smash, after that must move backwards two steps and dance!

At that time, enemy will come to strike us.

After evading from that smash, only after that, must hit again.

Here I'm not talking about any enemy.

Comrade Kaitheri is never a foe.

But comrade must present this inside the party.

Just to know the truth.

I have understood what you had meant.

But the relationship between me and Sahadevan, as others know, you also might have known about it.

If I tell this inside the party circuits, it will fabricated as my grudge towards Sahadevan.

But as you have mentioned, if this is put to print anywhere, the rest of the things I will handle.

If it is executed like that, can comrade give the surety on security of the men who undertake that mission?

Who are the editors of this?

Do you have a membership in party?


What about you? Don't have right now.

Do you know the consequences if this comes in your name?

What more to come.

They do not have any intention to endanger party, they are doing 'with a right motive'

Do one thing.

Give this news as a two column news in the third page.

No need to print more copies.

Must not put any ones name. I will manage the rest of the things.

Without creating any problems to these men...

I can say there will be no problem to Comrade Joseph Varghese's son But...

Can he think like that?

If you do as I have instructed to do, nothing will happen.

Sir Kaitheri's press meet is going on TV.

Turn it on.

Not a person delegated in the government positions.

Some people's children's are getting promotions un-lawfully.

You will tell SR.

For some others, when relatives are posted un-lawfully, you'll tell SR.

Your media commitment is going on telling SR...SR like this, is it not?

Mother where is he?

Sir is there any chance to get transferred to Ammaravilla?

Hey! Aren't you getting this much is that not enough?

I will give you a task, if you do that for me, I'll just try.


Have you not watched our serial?

In that...That Devi...

You listen, she is driving back home after having two pegs. I'll tell you the route.

You get the hold of her. Need to do only that much.

Like this, I'll show you.

Rest of the things I'll handle.

I don't need any transfer.

Sister this is the girl I'm going to marry.

Oh is it!

Yea very much!

Has been working here for some time, she is a Christian.

Comrade the partial paralysis, the issue is not only that, your heart is very weak.

Comrade told two column in the third page is it not?

What is it? Go and mind your business!

Comrade if you are afraid, no need but I'll put this in the front page.

This is our chance.

We embarked upon to tell the truth! Is it not? Must do it!

Without informing Comrade Roy!

No need to inform, he has not got that old fire.

Hey! I also feel we must do it but without telling Comrade Roy. I...

Are you with me or not?

With you.

Nothing will happen, 'absolute annihilation' is an old story.

This guy is not giving any piece of mind.

Who? Is it that police officer?

The guy you are about to meet will give piece of mind!

A Sugar boy, but a coward, depends on how you handle.

I do not have any other choice.

Say one Iakh.

No...In a bad shape financially. As soon as possible.

Told the husband is dead, then what about their family members?

Will not agree!

No need to agree...Only your consent is required.

No doubt that everyone calls you mad.

As you told, when you see Anitha, she is like your sister, no problem.

Is that nurse like that?

But this is a wired idea, that nurse who treated my child is like your wife.

I couldn't find any similarity, maybe you might not be looking at the face.

Why are you like this?

Get lost you!

If you carry on like this, if you tell, someone on the street is just like you Father, will I have to marry?

'Corruption amounting to crores' (News paper headline)

Roy what is it?

The press meet will commence within a short while...

-at Trivandrum Press club. It is held by opposition leader SR.

Why is that a press meet like this?

Don't know, channel is saying there is a news to be veiled.

This is a report which appeared in a newspaper... about a prominent leader in our party.

When enquired about the truth behind this.

It was found that, there is also certain amount of truth in it.

When one asks, is it a move to destroy the party?

I can only say, don't know.

Or when one asks, it is a move to safeguard the party.

For the time being I can only say, don't know.

Whatever it may be, -this accusation on Comrade Kaitheri...This shocking accusation.

The party cannot regain its lost image, until and unless this accusation is proved wrong.

The accusation against Kaitheri must be enquired, opposition leader SR comments.

He was talking in a press conference on a report... which came against Kaitheri.

With a Canadian Company...

No pardon for you, Corrupted Sahadeva!


Aren't these men your leaders?

Why must they smile to this extend?

What had been done here to smile like this?

While running the government, can siphon-off!

But after one, there is an arithmetids on number of zero's... to be added after it.

This smile is for manipulating that arithmetic's!

As a protest against the series of violence... targeted on Kaitheri Sahadevan'.

RPM state secretary had called for a state wide harthal.

The harthal is from morning 6 o'clock to evening 6 o'clock.

The emergency services had been exempted from harthal.

We will tell one thing!

If you come to shuffle with us, the nature of strike will change!

One second, tomorrow there is harthal.

Where is she? Not here.

Hallo...What is it? Mathews! Forgot.

Need to meet you. Okay will meet.


Come to the bus stop near Jaya Matha hospital. I'll be there.

If one can eat dead chicken then why not eat the worms inside it.

That is right enough. What... Will you eat?

Not that sir...Dead chicken...

What is it?

I didn't I tell you, someone is following me, he has come here.

I'll come now.

Take the bike.

What did I tell you to do?

To put that news in the third page as two column, did you do that?

I had also mentioned not to put names of anyone. Did you do that?

Even though technically, had I gone done any mistakes? No...

There are certain rules in boxing.

Comrade this is no boxing or law.

It is old story, story of a wolf, who wanted to 'drink blood'

This is that.

You will never understand what is that I stood for.

As per my knowledge, my papa spoke to you comrade, for the last time, before his death.

That is the reason why I came here.


I had got in to a bus, he will come after me.

Which bus? Medical College.

Good complexion, no m ustache, thick eyebrows.

Go to that side.

Where To? Take the vehicle fast.

Suresh haven't I told you?

What will do now?

For the time being move away from here.

Where is he thatAliyar?

Don't know, not seen him, left in the morning.

Did a blunder. I'm going to native place.

Native place?

Do you want to run in to the den?

Must meet the sister.

Must leave after telling her.

If anything happens to me, she is the only one left to cry for me.

Not at all interested to die like a stray dog here, Comrade.

Bravery is it not?

Anna...Just go and check whether that Deepa and children are there..

Or not. Go there and check.

If they are there, bring them here.

My son! Turn on the TV Jayan's photo is been shown, he had killed someone.

Killed? Yes.

The police had not received any information... about the person who is murdered.

From the information, from the eyewitness here, police officer who committed the murder had escaped from here.

It is identified SI PK Jayan is the culprit.

I knew that he will finally do something like this.

Nothing can be done now, you beat and kill men just in front of camera.

The TV is all about you.

If that advocate is there, go and surrender.

The cold blooded murder which took place inside the KSRTC bus...

What to do now?

Nothing more to do, just surrender.

Just like Ram Lala murder case. CI Raj Pal Modi vls Prem Lala.

I must meet my Mother.

You have not done away with that old itching is it not?

This news will come and go.

But those who gave the news will not come again! Hear that!

From 11 :30 to 1: 30 all the channels were defaming Kaitheri Sahadevan.

Now that is over, some police men killed someone in the bus.

Except Malayala Rama Channel.

All other channels are after that. That is all the intensity of the matter!

When an ant dies, becomes news till frog dies.

When frog dies, becomes news till snake dies.

Snake dies, becomes news till eagle dies. That is all.

Then you have tried to teach Sahadevan long before also.

I have a respect to Comrade Joseph Varghese. So will not touch you.

But will not give any guarantee about anyone else.

Did Jayan come here?


Will you kill...Someone?

When you watch Jayan's movies, -you used to scream, hit him! Kill him! And all.

When came after doing one, you beat me!

Is it anybody like that?

Oh! Almost like that.

You don't worry, I know sister will take care of you.

Go inside.

Jayan! Go man!

Channels are here, I will take him to magistrate will go through the back side.

You handle the things here, in a neat manner.

Maniyyan come to the turning where we took the turn you come there fast.

Jump, fast!

The rooms of the house is completely destroyed.

The press...ls also fully destroyed.

Deepa? Children?

Didn't I tell you not to turn on the light?

Are you not ashamed to say like this?

How many times did I tell you no need of this?

Did you hear me? Now you are scaredmWhen one sneezes, when children cries, are you all communists!

You speak low!

The only income was from that shop now that is also gone.

What do you want now? Little bit of milk powder and bread.

You stand here!


Suresh it is not safe there, you hide out somewhere else.

Comrade I...

Hey Suresh!

What happened?

Haven't I told?

Move back.

Stand aside.

Sir, is there any political motive behind this murder'?

There is no enough information to say who and all are involved behind this.

Whether political or nonpolitical matters.

Anna hot water.

Go fast. Okay.

There is drastic fluctuation on ECG, didn't I tell there should not be any kind of stress?

After all that thing is more reddish than yourflag.

Why should be so much involved? Is there any big problem?

Oh! I forgot, I'm speaking to that old fire band atJNU.

Where is Jennifer? She left the job.

What is this advocate?

The days of old wheat balls are all gone, now there is lavish food.

In the mist of this, rice in the carrier.

The lady staying downstairs, brought this.

Your sister!

You want water?


No problem at all. She is there watching TV.

She wants you to be there.

Mother is wise!

Taken the charges on murder, apart from that, there are three other cases also.

Someone had informed about the quarters also.

Then a bribery case that textile shop owner.

Then your house owner had also given one.

Can't say anything, lot of expenses involved.

How much do you have in hand?

Said you have not touched the salary for the last five years.

Adding up everything will it come to 5 Iakhs?

In the bank there is rupees 4, 78, 480.

I'll go to your house and bring that cheque book, sign and give ten leaves.

For the time being will take bail, for the maxim um three weeks.

You don't worry before that will get the bail.

Give me your phone.

That is not allowed here. Isn't it?

Hey that Jayson is here.

You do one thing, when I tell you, make a call.


When will it be ready?


Oh! It's Jolly aunty. Jolly aunty Jayson here. I had called you.

Uncle told me.

Is my Papa and Mummy fine there? Seems like they have forgotten me.

This Columbus Cross Over business was handed... over to me and they had left.

I had called to tell about that. The name is Jennifer Kuruvilla.

I had prepared the documents in such a way.

She is the cousin of Jolly aunty.

I had also pushed in big way through the church.

Take care of her, she is very close person for me.

Yes sir, I'll come. It is from the hospital, there is an emergency.

I'll meet you at the Office.

We came to know what you wrote against Com rade Sahadevan... which would have been avoided.

You don't know he is stealing.

No need to tell that, will not understand also, in a way what you did is betrayal!

But Sahadevan is a man!

When you were wandering, it was him who arranged a job.

For your sister at the co-operative bank.

Have you heard of a person named Chathu?


Or his brother Am bu?


On waging a war with someone, you must know who and all's blood had shed on his dress.

Or else you will not know from where chop will come!

Do you know what Communism is?

I do not know, but this 'paddy field' knows that... these 'small ridge in the fields 'knows it.

Whatever it may be...

Sahadevan knows how to handle people who are with him.

That is why, early morning, in the mud... in the old age going round with buffalo.

You people are eating, because we communist are turning blood... in to water in these fields.

Don't overstay in one place, keep changing the places that is only possible.

There is no range here.

You people want development, but none should get commission... is it not what you people say?

Whatever you write, we are still with comrade Kaitheri.

When are you going back? Staying here is not safe.

Don't worry I'll go tomorrow.

Comrade, they will finish Aliyar also, wait and see.


There is only one way out, Comrade you go and meet Kaitheri, must plead to him.


The fractional groups within the party and the enemies outside the party.

We must differentiate and identify them.

Brave Comrades of RPM, my Lal Salam to you all.

Brave leader Kaitheri, lead on bravely.


What is it? Are you creating a 'Tiananmen Square' here?

Must talk to you, comrade.

From here?

Tried to meet, at several places.

He is our man, go and sit in the car.

Come, will stand there.

How are you Chellappan?

Who is this? It has been very long, to see you.

I must come, our hospital is going to come, and it is for you.

I feel like having a soda. I'll take now.

Do you want? No.

Take the one with marble balls inside.

Don't you know that?

It is an old habit, Father could manage to buy this one and that minted toffee.

That too once in a year!

Now do you have any another ailments?

Comrade got a request to make.


Don't harm thatAliyar. Who is this Aliyar?

They have lost a lot and are indigent also.

Who is this Aliyar? Oh, the Communist.

I beg you!

Corruption worth of crores!

Suspicious fingers pointed on Kaitheri Sahadevan!

What I wanted to tell you, I had told you on that day over the phone.

Do you want in detail, I'll tell.

For the maintenance work of Chek dam, for replacing turbine.

And for the construction of the outer wall of the Chek dam.

Based on the agreement made in the year 2007... with the Canadian company.

I'm the one, who demanded and accepted the commission!

I got it has solid money! The commission was 3.75 crores of rupees!

But out of that money...

Sahadevan never 'wore or ate' any single paisa from it.

Only 'had fed and had made to wear'

Is comrade's son's course at Brahmin Ham over?

An English man had written a letter to you from Brahmin Ham...

University saying...

His performance in the major subjects were poor... and must call his parents, in 2009 Do you remember that?

Comrade you went to London, saw the Big Ben, saw the cemetery of Marx.

Saw the house of Shake Sphere at Avon, went to the Baker Street.

If I ask you, where did you get the money for all this, for a 'clean imaged' communist?

Hey, have you heard of my Father Chathu I had a step Father Ammbu heard of him?


There are a lot, which is not heard. Chathu's Father Raman.

One who is succumb to all rain and sun's wrath in the fields of Nair's.

When Raman goes for work, Chathu and Ammbu goes along.

For what?

At noon they will get some porridge!

While on making boundaries for a coconut tree.

If at all any roots are broken...

While making the ridges, if there appears any bend...

But severe beating with tamarind tree stick! That noon, no porridge...

That too, on the same spot of the work!

May be at fields, or in courtyards!

Put a hole in the ground, over that leaf will be placed, must move away twenty feet!

On that leaf placed in the mud, the aristocratic lady will pour porridge!

When Raman died of small pox!

Never a tear dropped from Chathu and Ammbu!

Why? Because they had the support, which was hosted by them on the ridges in the field.

'The Pole of a red flag'

At that time it only had the height of them.

On the strength of that 'red flag' Chathu walked on the streets... with the head up!

Sahadevan grew up on seeing the blood of that 'Chathu and Ammbu'

During the time of Sahadevan 'red flags' pole grew taller.

Raman dug the hole!

Chathu hosted the flag!

Sahadevan will make that flag fly higher and higher!

Sahadevan's children will study in England! Will grow!

To vanquish a bourgeois, it is no use of becoming a bourgeois...

Must become Father of a bourgeois!

Otherwise it is not possible it my ideology!

I'll take my action based on this!

If one creates a hindrance in my path! I'll make them to fly!

Sahadevan is a rich man! And a rich man's communist!

Those pariah dogs! Who are with you, they will also say...!

Only once...Never will speak after that!

I'll make their mouth shut!

Like shutting the mouth of a tender mango pickle jar!

The indigent who stand by the party, -this Sahadevan had considered only them as poor.

It is for those poor men this Raman's son's son had always stood for!

Hey! Including you, I had served the food for all, to gulp in to the throat!

The very orphanage, where you do social uplifting!

And that college... where your Delhi-born wife takes classes for journal writing!

To run all this where does the money come from?

Chek dam! Turbine! Outer wall!

Suspicious fingers pointed at Kaitheri Sahadevan!

I like foot- ball game a lot.

To hit the goal with left leg, must play with right leg.

After the game, to reach home... Walking with both legs.

It is not left, left instead... it is left, right...But can go only by saying 'left, right, left'

You know the difficulty, when it is not like that.

I have not come here to hear a sermon on your ideology.

Neither to show the ledger of accounts 'given or taken'... done for the movement.

If I do that, there is no difference between me and comrade!

You have tangled with me once, long back!

If I wanted, I could have finished you on that day! I won't do that.

I'll not touch you. I respect your Father.

He was a God-Father to me. A fool but brave!

Never again cause a hindrance like this! Hear that!

Comrade party can use gun but must see that gun never uses party!

It is not, what I said but the words of Mao!

First there will be a revolution lead by peace lovers.

If you act. As if it is not heard and see.

It'll be followed by a revolution lead by lunatics.

Come get in I'll drop you at the nextjunction.

No need, the left leg is incapable but still can walk with it.

On the decision of making permanent, there is...

I don't know why such a decision is taken?

Had given all the certificates, told that it will be ready soon.

Did anyone from the party...

I know, its okay.

If we intend, we can throw him and his nest like this.

But this movement had not grown like that.

He did that without any intention, if you want he will beg before you.

Kindly talk to comrade Sahadevan and make him understand, now anything will happen, only if he decides.

Nothing will be sorted out, there are ten or twelve men here with broken neck, on account of him.

Then all this issues are not resolved from our end.

This is murder! There is a person who is above us, seeing all this!

Above...Means comrade Sahadevan!

If at all anything should happen, comrade must decide.

For the time being go and take the bail, on that we will not do anything.

This thing is great, it is not the way as I expected.

I beg you, comrade tell something.

I had also empathized on that murder also. I went there and garlanded.

If anything happens like that I'll again empathize in a similar manner.

A' iya r?

The person who came with me on that day.

You go. It is said that, not to talk while walking on this.

Wolf...Drinking blood is it not?

That is more than enough.

I'll never forget Jayson.

I have got some urgent matters to look in to.

Son's school documents are ready, must go and collect it.

I had not forgotten the promise that I gave to Jayson.

Before I go to airport. Tomorrow you should wear this T shirt and come.

We will go somewhere and spend one hour.

Did you like this T shirt?

Daughter you don't worry everything will be all right.

Look, how much I had seen.

I don't have any worries.

Just imagine his fate.

I'm not going to go crying around. Whatever who ever says I know him.

If he had killed, then the other one might have done something wrong.

Her husband gave one time meal and told me to go.

Now nobody is going to give anything, comrade.

Did you meet SR? Then what?

Comrade you don't worry I'm going to Coimbatore.

If I stay here, I will be slaughtered for sure!

Do you have any money with you?

What was the use of telling, tomorrow you will meet him?

Yes, I must, he can spoil the trip till the last minute.

Till then it should continue like this.

Tomorrow you will board and go that police will come and ask me.

You don't worry about that he is in jail.

Quite unfair, what you did to him.

Yes it is unfair, the Mathews was a mistake on my part.

I was suffering that.

But this boy, he came after him. That is difficult for me to tolerate.

From the Mathews, the mistake...

I did to the right which I'm going to do tomorrow.

There are thousands of mistakes in between.

I wouldn't have reached here, by doing that completely.

I did that.

There are certain truths on what Mathews had told.


Honestly speaking, Leo has got no similarity of Mathews.

There is drastic fluctuation on ECG.

Didn't I tell you, there should not be any stress?

On the decision of making permanent, there is...

I don't know why such a decision is taken?

Anne, what happened?

Nothing about tomorrow's class.


Where is Jenny? From jail...When?

Where is Jenny?

She has gone.

Where? To America.



Which flight? In the morning.

Morning! There is no flight to America.

I don't know. Don't you know?

Which agency? Columbus consultancy.

Where is that?

Jennifer Kuruvilla and her son Leo, where are they going?

When? Which flight?

Hey you, tell!

What are you saying?

In which flight is Jennifer going?

Take off the hands from me!

Speak up you son ** * “g!

I will hit you!

Do you want the information or to kill me?


I will. But within this five minutes I have to tell.

Then only it will be advantage to you.

Tell fast! I will tell.

But first you return that 4000 rupees which you snatched from me... plus interest.

Return it.

You Achayya! (One who is keen on money matters)

Not enough!

Take this, and eat!

What time?


Satya m Audios

You don't worry, the security check is completed.

Is it an international airport?

Moreover that guy is on suspension now!

That is not possible, not even a mosquito can come near me!


This is India. If a mosquito intends, will come, will bite and put you on task!

My Mother told on seeing you, you are filthy! Didn't hear that.

After releasing from the jail, didn't go first to see her, came to see you.

If this Jayan really intends I can sniff you from here... without any ones notice.

I have the guts to do that, that's why I'm here.

When my colleagues and advocate asked me repeatedly... the reason for killing your husband.

I could have mentioned your name, but I'll not do that.

I cannot look inside me, after doing that.

After all this running and standing before you.

Like Kamal Hassan in 'Moonnam Mura' I'll tell you why.

You don't think you are going by fooling me. If you think like that.

It is a shame for me. Did you hear that?

Go and come will flourish.

Child go and come, must study well. I had brought a thing for you.

Satya m Audios

"Today my sun is turned to a funeral pyre."

"Fought with unknown shadows in the street."

"Far off eye sight, the darkness lingers."

"In some distant corners, sun shine as a tiny grain."

"As the cloud covers. As disappears in the tear drops."

"With getting weak, without shiver bid farewell."

"Without getting shaken, without panic, may depart...To far off."

"Night is moving to distance, in afar off place."

"Today my sun is turned to a pyre."

"Fought with unknown shadows in the street."

"Far off eye sight, the darkness lingers."

"In some distant corners, sun shine as a tiny grain."

Most probably I will be jailed.

If you do like this will be jailed.

Will you stay with the sister?

If the things are happening like this, that is the only way.

"We fly...Down, we swim."

"Departed with a word... to be separated."

"Or to scatter in to various directions in a wind."

"Night is moving to distance, in afar off place."

You take this. Okay.

Five Iakhs in hand is also finished.

The un necessary ones will not come to the court.

Nobody will speak un necessarily. Money is stuffed till throat!

The problem is that mobile video.

Nothing can be done on that. Can't escape by saying it is morphed.

See, anything can be done with this.

Is it not a Phycatric perception? Is it not an old one?

Have you shown all this during the time of training?

If I show all this I will not get my uniform...Advocate

Where is this doctor now?

He died four years back...He is dead!

What? Are you still taking it?


Are you really mad? Yes.

No doubt...You are really impossible! This will not work out now.

If this has to be worked out, you must do what I tell you to do.

What is it?

We must meet that Kaitheri Sahadevan.

I have told everything and arranged. Must plead with him.

Then all those supporters are against you.

If anything is to happen he must decide.

If I go the jail what will be the punishment?

Sometimes 'behind the bars' or 'rope' if we had money something can be done.

That is also not there, and no one will give you also.

For your release, I had to spent rupees 25,000. Separately... by giving under the table.

Without pay, if you survive only through bribe, after sometime no pay and no bribe.

Sir, your mobile is vibrating.

Comrade tomorrow I'm going to Hyderabad.

I spoke to a friend Gunna Rao Mohamed Rasher over the phone.

Are they Naxal leaders?

Yes. That is the only way out, a born foe like Sahadevan, they will finish him! If it is forest, forest!

Aliyar committing wrong! Listen to me.

Nothing more to say, nothing more to hear.

This back pain is because of taking strain like this.


What is it?

The death is only continuation of life.

When lot of chemicals join together, resulting in the formation of an organism.

When some other chemicals join together, the mind of that wakes up.

Life is a marriage of elements, death is the divorce of the same.

That is all. Is it not?

All these emotions and ramifications of sorrow, that is all pointless.

Must stroll on in the path decided, as long as you hear the drum beat. That is all.

When the drum beat is over...

Once the drum beat is over, doesn't anyone walk?

Don't they need to go home after this drum beat and parade?


Do not take any articles that will fetch money on selling.

Keep it where it is.

Is it not a palace to snatch everything and go?

Will hang! Not me, but him, will hang on the rope!

When one is suspended, he will hang, men will be hangedl...

Like the one, who got hanged in Gulf!

Was a brave man! What was his name? What was that?

Sadam Hussain.

Yes, that is the one, so leave that matter.

Anna, did you recognize this person?

He had left the country long ago. Saw him in that nearby shop.

He insisted he wants to meet you.

Get out from here! It had happened long ago.

Get out! You come here.

Sister what is the problem? You stay there itself!

That person's situation is pathetic!

What pathetic?

It had happened long ago, is it not?

Saw him at the road side, insisted on seeing you.

That is why I brought him,Anna please go and talk to him.

For a long time, just wanted to see and tell this. It is not possible, if I don't tell this at least now.

What is it?

Satya m Audios

Anna did he go?

For the time being let her stay here, then who is that good for nothing fellow, who came now?

See, you are physically not fit, then why do you want to call these kind of men to your house?

You shut your mouth!

Do you know to whom you are talking to?

Do you know that? Let your Mother stay here, if you want to and you go!

You mind your business!

You have lot of things to resolve, which you had created a lot!

Go. Isav 9°!

Just plead and consternate, do not speak a word!

If anybody says anything, we desperately need it.

So do not utter a word!

Will you speak out anything?

Don't you remember everything I told you, do not create a scene, come.

Nobody create any issues, comrade had told, that is why he is here.

Let him go and meet him. After that we'll decide later.

Hey don't you stare like that! Come man!

Hey stand up man!

Hallo sir.

Murder crime, leave that!

I have only one issue. You bet our children! Nothing more to do.

You go out and tell them by folded hands like this! Just tell them.

Out of my ignorance, I had to beat you. My apologies...


You can go after telling this three times. Then we'll see.

Comrade is coming.

He will come now, he will tell apologies, if he doesn't say, do not do anything, poor fellow, leave him alone.

Be cool man! Tell apologies!

The reason for beating you people is on my ignorance.

Or else no need What do you mean by no need? Tell your apologies and go man!

On the walls of my home, there aren't pictures of many.

Only one picture of one and only person.

That is my Father's. Jayan will not say apologies!

Hear that! If it is jail! If not rope! Let it be!


Leave him that is what comrade had told, leave him alone now, will see later.

You are finished man!

Ruined! One must not show deceitful behavior like this!

Let it perish!

This is not one case alone, six more are filed today.

Those who accepted the money had turned as rivals.

If you had uttered aword, by lowering your head, that Sahadevan might have saved you!

This will go up to 'mercy petition' that's all.

I don't want anything by lowering my head, what I had done is 'roguery' foolishness I'll suffer for it!

Mother is the star, calls Sadam Hussain!

Even now something can be done, if I intend to?

Which means dismissal can be prolonged!

Will you do the thing I told you to do?

What is that? That Devi...

Commissioner is calling you.


Will meet there should not be any kind of problems. Okay then.

What did it turn out to?

I'll give you a blessing, do you want it?

What blessing?

Devi...Gave it.


If anything happens to me, will you stay with sister?

How many times will you ask the same matter?

I'll stay. Othenlvise there is no way out.

How did it turn out, for what you perused?

Job gone, will be jailed!


Do not make it over!

Where is sister'?

Went to the library.

Then where is he?

Don't know.

Comrade I was calling right from the mid night.

The money and the charge in this is finished.

Know comrade will have pain.

Finished...Aliyar... Yesterday night...Finished.

Nobody came to know about it, in some mortuary over there.

Oh my comrade, hold him,

take the phone.

Doctor Anitha here, Roy just collapsed on the road.

I'm in a medical conference. My junior is there, he will take care.

How are your things going?

My issues are nothing!

L...I'm having ...Madness! Tried to do lot of things, nothing succeeded!

Everything that was done was wrong!

If I go, for Mother and sister...Who else is there?

Sister why did you marry a person like this?

Now,it will be over, but no peace of mind.

Must hand over to a person who cannot stand straight on both legs!

When I think that!

Why did you marry him? A person like this!

Must come to the office, to sign some papers.


What is it?

Must speak, will you come for a minute.

Sir, you might be having lot of affection and intimacy towards her but now, you mustn't ask such kind of questions.

Did anyone ask you? You get lost!

I'll go but I'm the only one who knows the answers for everything, that was asked now.

Sir that person who is lying inside, sir not only you, many doesn't know much about him.

What is there to know?

Became a useless guy by reading all the dusted books in your shop!

To become useless, not necessary, one must read dusted books!

If one does foolishness one after the other, that is more than enough!

If you have anything to say, tell that and get lost!

Then hear!

For eighteen to twenty years back, there was a Roy which I had seen.

A brave warrior of YFI !

No matter day or night, the one who lead us in the fore front for... any matter it may pertain to be.

Out of love we had given a name to him Che Guevara Roy!

During those times, every thought was drenched in red!

We were all YFI supporters ready for anything.

Do you know one Aliyar and Suresh?


We were all one gang.

Comrade Roy was a comrade who will interfere in all the issues... and will stand in the fore front on any issues.

We met comrade Anitha at the Delhi.

I hail from a region in India...

...where 'Lal' (RED) not a mere color but is a precious pride...

...where it is a higher thought.

From then on in all the Delhi evenings...

...comrade Anitha was also there among the four of us.

I wanted to tell about loving Father and Mother...

...but it is not like that.

My Mother expired when I was five years old, Daddy is somewhere in Europe.

His third wife Monthly I'll get my cheques, I keep on learning new courses.

Can I ask something I wanted to peruse a new course?

I think the college for this particular course is only there

Can I come along with you?

She had presented like that...

...after closing the bank account and got on the train along with us...

...Then we came to know that was not the only reason...

Comrade Roy was that reason!

On reaching Kerala...

The course which com rade Anitha had told was tutored only in one college.

That too in a college where BBVP ruled the sole territory!

The party had insisted that comrade Anitha must be enrolled in that college.

...as the first YFI student...

And YFI unit must be started in that college...

To host the Red Flag over there, ...Kaitheri Sahadevan was delegated to come there...

...who was the leader of the youth wing during those times

Did comrade Kaitheri Sahadevan reach?

Hadn't he told the flag will be hosted at 10? Now what is the time?


Will wait till he comes is it not?

You come here,

you have that thing in hand with you, is it not?

Yes it is in my hand.

When I give you a signal, you must fire that, okay, you go.

If you step inside, I will chop off your legs.

I need to take admission for her and also must host a flag...

...Do not block. Do you want to shed blood?

Did you see that flag over there?

...The color of the soil is the same as the color of the flag.

How much you shed blood here, you cannot 'redden' the color of the soil.

The communist shed blood not to redden the soil...

...As fanaticism is taking the toll as the heat of the sun...

...Communism is a shady tree in this soil, sheltering the poor...

The blood of the communist is the manure for it.

Comrade, will kill!

Soul takes the body as a clothing. After the use, ready to expunge it completely Hence forth the cycle of using and expunging continues over and again, hence fear not.

It is not mentioned in my ideology but in your books!

Get lost you! Without bubbling!


Roy's emergence was amazing within the party circuits.

The only comrade to outsmart Kaitheri among the cadres!

There is nothing wrong in accommodating the wealthy...

...who have affinity towards the party.

If anything happens for the party membefs party must be there.

For that money is required.

Is there anything wrong in using the bourcha, throwing it after use?

No, nothing at all!

Comrade my view is that, it is wrong in doing so.

Then what is the difference between us and those who protest us.

Che Guevara Roy!

These people call me simply like that.

Comrade Joseph Varghese, same voice, the very same eyes! Is it not?

BBVP men have noticed you!

Got this information yesterday. Careful...Not to spill the blood!

Whom are to be cautioned is it them or us?

This threat is nothing new to me comrade!

After a week comrade Roy came to see comrade Anitha at the college.

I was also present along with him.

Comrade, it is betrayal! Comrade! Someone help!

This is the person who chopped comrade Roy on that day.

But I'm damn sure that it was not done by BBVP activist, ask him.

Who had instructed to chop?

That is...

Hey you be prepared the bail is going to be cancelled.

Have been changed to Operation Theater.

I tried to locate the vein in the left leg.

That leg is paralyzed, doctor you will not get the vein on that.

He is the one who did like this...And still...! No need!

'Kaitheri Sahadevan'

You got sister for you, I'm leaving okay, and I'm leaving!



By afternoon you must be present at the court.

There is an issue.

One gold and one metta pan.

Sahadevan had strived through hunger, had seen the Fathefs and Father's bothers blood sheds!

From that day on wards it had commenced!

But some will say, I will not preach all this, I'm telling this so that everyone hears very well.

My biggest foe is, one who endangers the party from inside.

Then journalist will say, Sahadevan is a contemptible fellow!

Merciless guy, with no blood in eyes!

That is all...Like this to me!

On seeing own blood dried up in soil, the blood must be in the hand not in the eyes!

Last week the intelligence people had called me...

...They are saying Naxalist have hooked!

These Naxalist are some of the fools in Communist!

An army had started from Telungana to kill Sahadevan!

Let them come, let everyone come!

Nobody can touch my mere hair!

He is the one!

Jayan W“ 9°'-!

How many times will you ask the same thing? I will stay.

Hey you, wait there, why are you here!

Came to see sir.

What for?

Sir told me to come here.

What is it man!

Closing the eyes!

Tell them to move aside!

Move back you!

It has been one year since Roy had left.

Jayan's mercy petition's information was known today Feels like crying whenever thinking of him. But will never cry.

Like what Roy told, death is only the continuation of life!

Mother is there, for her I'm there. We never used to talk about Roy or Jayan.

Now, I came to understand one thing, that 'l' and 'her' arethe true communist!

"Might fall down...As the limbs go weak, body gets fatigue, but must stride on"

"As the winds swirls seeds in different 3 place, sprouts in three varied patterns"

"Might fall down...As the limbs go weak, body gets fatigue, but must stride on"

"As the winds swirls seeds in different 3 place, sprouts in three varied patterns"

"What I have seen, is it the same what you have seen?"

"What we have seen today, might be also a trickery"

"Whatever happens never succumb to dust must lead on"

"Hundreds of lives, who is never bothered by anyone"

"That is scattered in this way and that way, fleeted and perished

"Here, earth is again revolving on its axis, for millions of years"

"As ceaselessly!"

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