Legacy of Rage (1986) Script

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Michael, I heard this kid isn't too reliable keep an eye on him, okay?

I know


Do you want to die!

Young master, the kid is here

Michael, it's all done I'm coming right back

Phone call for you what? Phone call for you thanks it's a girl

Is it may?

Brandon, I'm finally dancing may, speak a little louder I said, the manager has finally agreed to let me dance today that's great!

I pick you up for work don't be late all right, I won't be late meet you at the same place. Be on time! Bye!


Hung, look after your brother and sister come, follow me

don't crowd hung, watch your brother and sister

What happened?

Mom left on the bus let me get you back to her

What is it?

Mom, sister is gone how did that happen? You were holding her hand


Sister mom

here she is

I'll play with you again soon

What's your story this time?

How much time do you have to listen?

No time, we're late!

You forgot this is my first time to dance

I didn't think may could dance this well; Not bad

Boss hello

Mr. tang, when did you come back?

Manager please, sit


Uncle, you made a fortune from our last shipment it's no big deal

if we killed that guy for no big deal I feel sorry for him kau, what are you blabbering about?

It's all right, uncle; I would have done the same if I were you but that guy died a painful death

Uncle, with me watching over you and your son, you must feel great but that depends on whether you know how to behave cut the crap; What do you want?

Kid, you're still wet behind the ears; When is it your turn to speak?

You have a lot to learn from your dad

but, uncle, you're making too much your brain is too stuffed with money you can't calculate any more the last shipment was worth five million but you only gave me a pittance

you know those were inferior goods so much flour was mixed in how can it be worth so much?

Uncle, stop treating me like a child I handled that last shipment I know how much it's worth

give me twice the amount this time

I'll take this how go home, think about it if anything happens, it's your head

dad, have the icac arrest him use your brain if he stays, we'll die

then what shall we do?

Kill him get a fresh face to do this

Manager, may I dance again tomorrow?

Again? Do something useful get to work: Don't break the camera

take a picture of you?

Fatso, did you smile?

Of course, I was in the picture with you you looked great it is nice pay up, fatso thank you

miss, take a picture, please I took one of you yesterday yes, but you weren't in it with me but...

Please do me this favour

Take a picture of us, please?

Sure smile

Michael how are you?

Have you seen Brandon?

He's working here, too are you two still together?

I have to greet my clients

How many in your party, sir?

We don't need you; Get the manager

Michael is there

I'll go over in a minute kid, get me five beers hurry right away five beers Brandon Michael! It's been forever; I thought you disappeared I had to take care of family business sir? You're looking for me?

Are you the manager?

Yes, can I help you?

Of course otherwise we wouldn't have come we are collecting protection money protection fee?

Someone has already collected it...

That is them, this is me well...

How much?

Eighty grand eighty grand?

Is that too much?

It's not but please understand I cannot make that decision come back tomorrow you're trying to trick me if you're not the boss, save your breath get me someone who can decide I'm sorry, pardon me

Pardon me... get me another one!

Why are you still standing here? Go!

Sorry put these flares away for me we'll set them off after work yes, sir I will get my boss right away

they're not easy to handle. Be careful

Let me apologize to you

one punch each; Fair and square

I just work here; Why are you making fun of me?

Making fun of you?

You're making fun of me not the other way around kid, come to the alley with me if you dare

Kid, I've been street-fighting for years no one has ever beaten me

I'll knock you out in 3 seconds

How many seconds do you want?

Brandon come here

What happened to you?

I'm fine why were you beating people up?

What? They were beating me up!

I'll show you something you've never seen before truly, this will be your first time

This is a 0.44, just brought over from the Philippines one shot can kill an elephant

Get some bullets and try it out


What happened between you and may?

We're fine if you're dumping her, give her to me

I don't mind wearing old shoes

as soon as it reacts, I'll shoot it I'm just kidding, relax I'm kidding, too; It's not loaded

This gun has tremendous kick you have to hold it with both hands

you don't have to work two jobs why don't you work for me?

I pay more in a month than you'd make in a year I'm not suitable for your jobs

What's wrong with you? Are you blind?

Miss, when do you get off? I'll wait for you

Let's go watch a movie all right in your dreams!

Wait for me what are you doing?

Going to the restroom

Thanks you're always with him aren't you bored?

Forget it, Michael we're getting married next month

What do you want?

My boss kau said he didn't like your attitude that day you two better come up with the money you know what happens if you don't

Are you okay?

I'm fine

are you all right? Who are they?

Kau who is kau?

This is personal; Stay out of it

you were beaten up! I can't stay out of it!

We are friends forget it; Stay out of it forget it okay

That man went upstairs

Cid! Freeze!

It's okay; He's one of us kau kau, that shipment belongs to uncle don't threaten me with him take it all away kau, don't lose your temper over young people if you're unhappy about anything just tell me I was here, drinking all night I don't know what happened outside then it's my bad luck $3million worth of goods, gone you're talking about tonight?

That was a routine check we made a deal last time why was there a routine check?

You understand; I can't resist pressure from above but I'm lucky to get information uncle, it's only a few million it's a pittance to you

fine, this is my apology to your boss we'll discuss details over dinner tomorrow night uncle, you have such a tight hold on purse strings. How can we discuss?

No need to discuss anything if you are okay with this bring the money tomorrow

Dad, pain now is better than problems later let's use my plan these two guns and bullets are identical at that time, I'll carry one, and fool will have the other

kau will surely die this time

will it work to use the kid as a scapegoat?

Just take care of yourself we must make our move in person and not rely on your men we must be punctual


Yes just say what you want see you tonight at the middle east restaurant okay

I like living here; It's less crowded what are you thinking about?

I have it figured out by working two jobs now I will have saved enough money in five months to buy something I like this model is great a motorcycle?


You just think about the motorcycle I'm nothing to you this bike is powerful, has a great motor, and is fuel-efficient it makes steady turns; All the cars behind it will eat its dust and I have no part in this you do, the back seat is reserved for you it's not practical to spend the money on a motorcycle

Motorcycles again!

Fine, I won't buy a motorcycle

I'll save this money for our baby

Don't think about motorcycles

Brandon yes sorry I got you hurt that day come for dinner at the middle east restaurant now?

Yes I don't have time you must come, we'll wait for you

Brandon, over here

what took you so long?

This is my first time in this kind of restaurant

wash your hands, that's the etiquette

Please give me a knife and fork we don't use utensils; Middle-eastern food is eaten with your fingers with my fingers?

Yes, just your right hand; Try it

I caused you to be beaten; Sorry I'm fine; You're worse what does kau have against you?

I'd like to know myself

Sir, someone is at the door for you

that's kau


we'll talk over there

need help?


Please sit

Dad is ill, so he didn't come I don't care of he sent his dog here...

As long as the amount is correct

You're trying to trick me again business has not been good lately dad said to ask you to take half first bargaining is for women's markets take the money back to buy coffins for both of you

Go to hell

stop kid freeze stay away, punk I'm a cop; Put down your gun he's not a cop; Don't believe him punk, it's none of your business he's my friend


Young master, how is your foot?

It's fine, just a little scratched

good thing I wore a bullet-proof vest

Kid, you have guts just shooting people like that

do you know who you killed?

He was kau, chief of the narcotics squad in the police

You're looking at a long jail sentence

wait and see

Are you satisfied, chief lau?

Thank you uncle we'll work together again bottoms up!

Make yourselves at home money earned belongs to everyone

that was a brilliant move you would even betray your friends like father, like son Mr. wong, as our lawyer, when you visit the kid tomorrow...

Try to persuade him...

To remember to say he was alone boss, don't worry he's simple-minded; Easy to handle this way, chief lau

it's important you don't say the wrong thing now I will compose your oral statement for you just recite it when you are in court how is Michael?

He's badly hurt but recovering now

that's why you must not say that you were together that is very important

as for your girlfriend, don't worry Michael will take good care of her and we will do the same

is this a serious crime?

You only killed out of self-defence it shouldn't be serious I will try to lessen the sentence it's most important that you trust us

I declare that Brandon ma is...

Guilty of manslaughter...

And will serve a sentence of eight years to commence immediately


Brandon ma on what charge?

Manslaughter how many cages?

That means, how long is your sentence eight years are you in a gang?

No Do you wish to appeal?

That means you haven't decided

from now on, we will call you by a number your number is 1368 your life and behaviour...

Will be under our scrutiny the alarm rings at 6:00am you have five minutes to make your bed...

Groom, and use the washroom you have fifteen minutes for breakfast you will work eight hours a day...

Five and a half days a week during work, unless permitted...

You may not speak to anyone your daily pay is $1.60...

Out of which we'll keep 40 cents...

To return to you upon your release you must absolutely obey the instructions from the officers...

But you have the right to complain are you clear on that?

In here, you and I are in the same boat you wait for release, I wait to get paid we're both killing time in a jail so I hope you will behave


Get up, get to work! Go

1368, did you kill kau?


this is from me

A real man admits to what he has done I deserve my punishment don't worry, I live well here I like your haircut

may, did Mr. wong call you?

Sorry, I promised to marry you...

But now, I won't be able to you must be disappointed

I don't smoke, you take it keep it; This is money, it's useful

Come one, give me another one what's wrong?

He owes me cigarettes how many?

One more

let's go are you all right?

I'm fine you're a real pal be careful; It's complicated in here

what did you do?

Weapons; I'm a gun dealer hey! You have many cigarettes he's a newcomer shut up, not you you! Come here

Either you kiss my ass or you call me "papa"

Squat down!

Don't move squat down!

You must have started it

How could you let this happen?

You know life is complicated here everyone here is a major criminal and those damn westerners actually...

Since you know the bosses watch us...

You shouldn't do stir up this major stuff if it happens again, I will not deal with it you'll deal with it yourself watch what you do get out yes, sir

Your punishment is to serve three more months you'll get more if you misbehave

May, I have never written such a difficult letter I hope to get out of here as soon as possible this incident ruined all of our plans you must be very disappointed I don't know how much longer I have to serve Mr. wong came a few days ago I know Michael is worried about me he is a true friend you must take care of yourself ask Michael for help if you need anything he will take good care of you for me love, Brandon

Please wait outside; We'll know soon thank you you're welcome


Tell your husband, he will be a father come back for a check-up in 2 weeks

Miss, don't go this is from me thank you shall we talk in my hotel?

Your hotel?

I'll give you a ride I want to talk about Brandon with you sorry miss, I have another gift for you miss

How have you been?

Do you know I've missed you is there a chance to appeal Brandon's case?

Appeal? He killed a man we're lucky it's only eight years what more do you expect?

You're still young; Isn't it better to marry me?

You are such scum!

Brandon is in jail because of you and still you say such things stop, I want to get out don't pretend to be proper I am nice to you just to save you face you think you're a lady? You're a whore!

Don't let her get away

Help! Somebody is...

Manager, are you all right?

They will find you you must not stay here


Go to Macau or even to lantau just hide avoid Michael if you can

I heard rumours that...

The cop at middle east restaurant... Was killed by Michael's men Brandon was only a scapegoat you must go and you?

Don't worry about me; Go

Stop crying the manager told me about you it's bad for you to stay in Hong Kong come to Brazil with me: Avoid Michael my wife died years ago I have no children I would like a companion I am pregnant that's fine, I like children very much I just cannot have my own

please understand, I'm not asking you to marry me I just want a companion discuss it with your boyfriend before you decide

A personal gift. Four-eyes

Hey, you've got a big mouth get away, freak are you talking to me?

Son of a bitch

What's wrong?

Ignore him

hello there, four-eyes

I knew you would come because you're nosey

Okay, how do you want to play?

No more

Papa, are you okay?

Piss off, piss off later, when we arrive, what will you tell your boyfriend?

If you say you're pregnant...

Would he worry even more?

Get down, it's Michael's men

driver, back up, quickly!

Let me get off in this case, you shouldn't see him you must leave Hong Kong now I'll have the manager tell Brandon

Where did may go?

I haven't seen her for weeks she left Hong Kong with huang huang?

The old overseas Chinese who came every night they went to Brazil I don't think she will come back how can she leave at this time?

She has no choice, Michael was after her Michael?

He promised to take care of may take care of her?

She almost got raped by him also, I heard about...

The incident at middle east restaurant...

Michael's man killed kau you were just a scapegoat are you sure about this?

You've worked for me for so long why would I lie to you?

Don't feel so bad you just made a bad friend may will be happy with huang she found a good home you should be happy for her time's up behave yourself!

Time's up

What's going on?

Drag him back in go!

Stay cool, you have 8 more years of this

if you can't take it now...

How will you be in two years?

How will you last past the next few years?

You want to escape?

There are many sharks out there swimming out there to feed the sharks? Isn't it better to stay nicely in jail?

Eight years will soon pass work!

You know it's a dead end, yet you still want to go

you want to escape? I have a way stay right there what are you doing, four-eyes?

I wanted to pick up the trash down there get back up

He is my friend are you sure this will work?

If it doesn't work, give me back my money you're crazy, if it's guaranteed, I would have escaped long ago why would I still be here?

Listen to him, 1368

this map can get you out

there will be a truck at the gate at 2:00am do you want to risk it?

I do and you?

I'll be released next month see you outside


You may go thank you, sir

What are you doing there?

Come out

How did you get on the truck?

I ask you, how did you get on the truck?

How did you get on the truck?

Sergeant yu, how many strokes?

He has appendicitis, send him to the hospital yes, sir

Kid, I know all about you even if you went and killed him...

What good would it do?

You'd just have to come back to jail think about it

Time for you to go, and me to start

manager ip sergeant yu manager ip sir, why does the guard tell me Brandon is in solitary confinement...

And cannot receive visitors?

He nearly killed me you're kidding he tried to escape what happened?

I did not report it I will watch him for you it's not for me; I'm also helping a friend how is my son doing at your nightclub?

I don't want to talk about it; He almost got me fired what happened?

I assigned him to washroom duty but he stole from me he stole the washroom?

Not the washroom itself he took toilet paper, soap, ashtrays...

To use at his home that punk don't worry, I'll watch your son but...

I'll also help you watch Brandon I told you it's not for me I'll watch him for your friend here's the ferry, let's go

Brandon, don't think too much about it may has gone with huang to Brazil she will be happy there she has a good family now you should be happy for her

Bless my health and my family bless my family's health

dad, you used to come here only on the anniversary of mom's death what's different now?

I was busy before; Now I have time see, I don't even have to walk

so I'm saving up some good deeds I don't think I'll live long I will join your mother soon

Michael, things are chaotic now it's a good chance for you to develop your business while I am still alive and can help you there are many virgin territories now get what you can establish relationships with people you think will be good for you get rid of those who are in your way

Chief lau

Let's work together again; Be there early tonight I'm sorry, Mr. chan there are no tables tonight but I have a reservation someone bought out the place tonight no, we're not closing down today is a bit special I know you booked a banquet of 30 tables a month ago we'll pay you back, don't worry

Mr. wong, this way, please I am sorry sorry I am late

please sit get two more bottles of champagne cheers, bottoms up bottoms up!

Brandon you don't have to worry any more from now on we'll make money together I have made all the arrangements we have a great future ahead of us

great, we'll celebrate with a good meal

It won't take long let me try sure where is the washroom?

Fill it up, understand?

Brandon, when were you released?

$300 please, sir

you're still at work, right?

I'll come back to take you to supper

can you go now? Let's go shut up

Listen, he works at the shell station keep an eye on him boss yes?

I want to quit after today I won't take this month's pay it should cover your loss you're good; Why are you quitting?

I found another job; Sorry

What a troublesome night hurry

Brandon why did you come back?

I flew back from Brazil just to see you

You are still wearing the ring?

Mom, are we leaving?

No more playing

Stop flirting; Get to work

goodbye Brandon, I must talk to you we'll talk another day

Thank you thank you, room 601, please room 601

stop it I want the most luxurious room!

With a bed that can sleep three

young master, you're drunk; Let's go I am not drunk I am not drunk; Go wait in the car

601 go up, hurry

Stand over here

Mom, why are you so scared?


It's really you

where have you been all these years?

Don't be afraid, I won't bite leave now or I'll call the police who are you?

I am her husband you would rather marry an old man than go with me how dare you despise me come with me now into the room, quickly kit bastard hurry

Go in

Open the door Mr. wong, what's going on? Open up please do not disturb our tenants Mr. wong

please go downstairs Mr. wong let's go; Don't make a scene in public what are you looking at?

Take kit, leave Hong Kong now but I haven't talked to Brandon yet it's too dangerous to stay here I'll talk to him for you

front desk, we're checking out now have a car take us to the airport

Go back, get may and the boy back for me go now!

Let's go mom, you left a bag

kit mom what do you want?

What do you want?

Shut up old man, fly back to Brazil right away call the police, and they will die

Young master if the boy is the son of the jailbird...

We'll be in trouble

Will he live long enough to know?

Brandon Michael captured may and your son my son?

Yes he's your son, not mine when I left Hong Kong with her eight years ago, she was pregnant

please understand I treated may as my own daughter

No! Stop


Over there

Can you see him?

No Go find him

Close the door

Here is all the goods I have

Michael I'm coming to make you pay good, I'm waiting

stop the jailbird

Brandon, take my car

Go to hell

Sit tight okay

This is none of your business; Go I put in so much, and you tell me to go?

Someone's up on the head

Hoi, bullets

Find him


and you?

Take it

We'll split up let's go; We'll look for Michael tomorrow but your son may be dead by tomorrow

this is no big deal; I won't die

go, I'll wait for you

Wait for me

Come out, Michael

Your... son

Come on

shoot! Didn't you want to kill me?

Why isn't daddy coming?