Legend (2015) Script

'London in the 1960s.

'Everyone had a story about the Krays.

'You could walk into any pub to hear a lie or two about them.

'But I was there and I'm not careless with the truth.

'They were brothers, but bound by more than blood.

'They were twins as well, counterparts.

'Gangster princes of the city they meant to conquer.

'Ron Kray was a one-man London mob.

'Bloodthirsty, illogical and funny as well.

'My Reggie was different.

'Once in a lifetime do you find a street-fighting man like Reg.

'Believe me when I say

'it took a lot of love for me to hate him the way I do.'

Morning, Albie. Morning, son.

Is that tea for two? All right, Albie?

Hello, boys.

How you doing? You all right? Got you a cup of tea here. You fancy it?

Yeah? No?

What's this? The old Dagenham Anglia?

Naught to 60 in, what, 40 minutes, something like that?

Phwoar! It's a bit of you, that, innit, all black and cramped and very sharp.

This one's really milky, for you.

Why don't you fuck off, Kray?

All right, I will. You know, I wouldn't want to keep you, what with all them rapists and murderers you gotta lock away, eh, Nipper?

Where do you take a turd in there?

I suppose you just hold it in, don't you?

All right, then, have a lovely day. Cheer up. It's nearly Christmas.

Sorry about that.

Where's me driver? Where's Frank?

Can't get out of bed in the morning, Reg. You what?

He ain't here. He ain't showed up. His heart ain't in it.

All right, OK. Well, let's go get him, then, shall we?

Where is he? On Ormsby Street, yeah? Yeah. Jump in, I'll give you a lift.

Nah, you're all right. I'm gonna walk. It's a lovely day for it.

Don't forget this lot. They're very important.

I won't.

Come on.

I shall walk incredibly slowly.

All right, Vera? All right, Reg?

How you doing? You good? Yeah.



I was going to knock on your door. Me mum said you left that in the kitchen.

Oh, I did. That yours?

It is. Oh, thanks ever so much. Not a problem. You're welcome.

Isn't he sweet?

East Enders.

They won't talk to a policeman, but they'll kiss a gangster. Eh?

The filthy cockney bastards.

How about we clean your car for you?

You get the bumper and I'll get the lights.

Frank about?


Who are you?

Frances. Frank's sister.

Hang about, I recognise you. See, I recognise you.

You was a little bit younger then. You got all grown up, didn't you?

It happens.

What have you got there?

A sweet.

That's not any sweet, is it? That's a lemon sherbet, that is.

Mind if I have a crack?

All right.

Thank you.

Oh, that's nice, innit?

You're not supposed to chew it. No?

How else am I supposed to get to the sherbetty bit?

By being patient. Nah!

Being patient doesn't get you what you want, does it?

Half a minute, Reg. Right down.

Is he in trouble? Yeah, he is.

Will you go out with me? I'll go easy on him if you do.

All right.

But not for that reason.

Saturday night.

Who are you talking to? You're half-dressed, talking to a man in the door. What's wrong with you, Frances?

Get back in the kitchen, finish them dishes.

Hey, this is yours.

Thank you.

Oversleep again, Frank, all right, and it's back to the cheese shop or the fish shop or whatever shop it was you come from.


Print shop.

Oh, yeah?

You'll be back to the fucking shit shop, you understand?

Yeah. What does your sister do?

She goes to one of those, uh, Pitman Colleges.

You know, typing, shorthand.

Yeah? Yep.

She's got a bit of class, mate. She's very elegant.

Where you been hiding her?

She been away.

She's a bit, uh, fragile, Reg.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

All right. Stop here, Frank.

Five minutes. Won't be long.

How long you reckon it'll take for him to twig, Albie?

Little bit of cat and mouse.

'Nipper Read was the copper on the Krays' case.

'And he made his presence known.

'He was heavy-footed, as they say.'

And I'm staring at the back of this geezer's head.

The whole time I'm thinking, you know, "Give Ron Kray your sausage.

"Give Ron

"your fucking sausage."

You know?

I was drilling my eyes into the back of his head.

Till I'm not even thinking it anymore. I'm not... I'm not even thinking.

I'm broadcasting it.

Until he turns around and you know what he says? He says...

"Hey, Ron, do you fancy my sausage? I've got... I've got no appetite for it."


'When my future brother-in-law said "interesting"...'

Ain't it?

'...it meant he had no fucking idea what he or you or anyone else was talking about.'

Fascinating, Ron.


'Ron had been sentenced to three years in prison

'for grievous bodily harm.

'Near the end of his sentence, he was certified insane

'and remanded to a mental hospital.

'What was wanting was a friendly psychiatrist.'

What's that?

When you say you want to "raspberry" this man, I'm not sure of your vernacular. What do you mean?

Raspberry ripple, cripple.

You want to cripple someone?

Yep, that's right. And why is that?

Because, Doctor, I'm afraid he may not be inclined to provide a favourable evaluation of my employer.

And who's your employer?

Ronnie Kray.

Is there hope, Doctor?

Excuse me a moment.

Take your time.

Ronald Kray possesses possibly the soundest mind I've seen in 26 years of psychiatric practice.

In my view, to keep him here would be a waste of public resources.

A lifetime's integrity down the toilet.

'The Queen would survive, but God save the rest of us.'

Mr Kray.

I hope you know what you're doing.

Yeah, I know what I'm doing. I'm going back to London, gonna take the...

Your brother has no real idea who or what he is.

Nor does he trust his own senses.

I've never seen a man so desperately in need of reassurance.

We all like a nice little compliment now and again, don't we?

Your brother is arbitrary, violent and psychopathic, probably paranoid schizophrenic.

What I'm trying to tell you is that he's off his fucking rocker.

It's called Stemetil.

You need to give it to your brother twice a day or there's going to be serious trouble.

Oi, Frances, the car's outside.


You've got glamour, Frances. You're like an East End starlet.

East End harlot's more like it.

They're trousers, Mum. She doesn't look like a harlot.

What she's wearing doesn't matter.

When people see her with Reggie Kray, they'll think she's a tart.

Why would you say that?

He's a gangster, Frances. The Krays are gangsters.

Well, I think he's sweet. Oh, God!

And I'm going to kiss him. Do you hear me?

Hello. Hello.

You look lovely.

So do you.

Hello. This is Big Pat.

Hello, Big Pat. Reggie.

How you doing? You all right, mate? Miss. Nice to see you.

Big Pat's here to keep riff-raff out.


So how come you're letting us in, then, mate?

Have a good night.

Thank you. Thanks, mate. Cheers.

Oh, hello, here's trouble. Hold the phone.

Oi, you. How you doing, big man? You all right, boss?

Are you well? Yeah, I'm fine.

You behaving yourself? Always. I'm a teddy bear, me.

Go easy. If he gives you any trouble, come and speak to me. Come on.

You all right, ma'am? Yeah, I'm good. She's good.

Hello, Reg. Hello.

Reg, you all right? Mr Kray.

Everyone here knows you. Yeah, well, I own it, it's my club.

You mean it's your local? No, I own the place. It's mine.

I've been by here 10 times, I never knew it was yours.

Well, you can get away with a lot in life if you keep your mouth shut.

Ooh, that's Teddy. Hang on a second.

How you doing? You all right? Good to see you. You good?

How's the family? Excellent.

What? Those men look frightening.

No, no, they're just East End boxers. They're lovely.

I let 'em drink in here for free, you know.

Reggie, that's Joan Collins.

Yeah, might be, yeah.

We had that Barbara Windsor in here the other night.

Really? She comes in quite a bit, actually.

She loves it. And, uh, that's my formula.

What I like to do is I like to mix celebrities with a few, just a few, East End villains.

The punters, they love it. It's really good for business.

Would you like a seat?

Excuse me, Reg. Have you, uh, got a moment?

No, I don't, actually. I'm busy. All right?

Nah, it's important, Reg. This is important as well, so...

Reg. All right.

Frances, would you mind if I, um... if I take care of some business just for a moment?

No, of course not. Excuse me. Be back in a minute.

You sit with her. What is it?

It's back here. What?

Hello, Reg. All right, mate?

In fact, if you don't know, you don't fucking know.

You know what I mean? Reggie.

How are you, Reg?

I'm all right. I can't complain. Who'd fucking listen?

What's the palaver? Go on. Sit down, Reg. Sit down, please.

All right.

You had a question about our take in the purple heart business. Pill game.

Go on. Jack here would like to explain himself.

Go on.

Go on, Jack. Tell Reggie what you told me.

Well, Reg...

Yeah? I, uh...

The thing is, under normal circumstances, my accounts...

Are you going to take all fucking night, mate? 'Cause I've got things to do.

Tell him, Jack. Go on, spit it out.

I borrowed a few quid off the top. Right. All right.

I sold a few pills on the side. Yeah, there's a surprise.

Things have been a bit tight at home and I was just trying to keep the wife happy.

Trying to keep the wife happy.

Is this why you brought me in here, for this? This nonsense?

It's important business, Reg. It's important, is it? Yeah?

You should know about this. All right, let's deal with this business.

Tomorrow, you come back to work, and you pay back every fucking penny.

I was going to suggest that. Good. Right. Are we done?

Everybody happy?

All right, then, can I get back to my fucking evening?

Thank you. Thank you very much, Albie. Cheers.

Sorry for wasting your time, Jack. Thanks.

Thanks for coming in.

Here you go, mate.


You fucking little thieving cunt. You understand?

I heard me. Yeah?

Next time I'll finish you off, you little slag.

Get him out of here. Fuck him off. Fuck!

You fucking what? What did you say?

Don't you swear in my club. Get him out of here right now.

Don't swear in my club. Wanker.

Listen, there's something else. No, there isn't something else, 'cause I've got a young lady in here and I'm entertaining.

Have a look at that. See that there? I see it.

I'm entertaining, all right? So I'm gonna have an evening to myself.

This is important business. Can't be. My business, innit?

It's my business. I would know.

Night, Albie.

Hello. Did I miss anything important?

No, just me. Now, that is important.

Is it? Very important.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So, um... your brother, he was telling me that you, uh... you're going to college to... to study to be a secretary. Is that right?

Yeah, anything to get out of the East End.

What's so bad about the East End?

I've just got bigger dreams than pushing a pram or haggling with the butcher.


I just don't quite know what they are yet.

Well, the East End's not that bad.

The centre of the earth can be anywhere you like.

Even here? Yeah, even here.

In Bethnal Green? Yeah, Bethnal Green.

Do you like being a gangster?

I'm not a gangster.

I'm a club owner.

I like the money and I like the respect of being a club owner.

But I'm not a gangster.

I could have been a boxer, but then, you know... hello, mate...

I'd end up looking like some sort of potato.

And I wouldn't even know what day of the week it was.

This way, at least I know who I am, you know?

More so, I like the fact that I've made a little something of myself.

I don't owe the world anything.

So long as the world agrees with you.

I think the world will be all right.

'We shall fight on the beaches.

'We shall fight on the landing grounds.

'We shall fight in the fields...'

'...and in the streets.

'We shall fight in the hills.

'We shall never surrender, and if...'

Hey, Ronnie!

Ronnie, come on out. You've got visitors, mate.

Watch your step. It's a bit wet.

You all right? Mmm-hmm.

You must be Frances. Hello.


Hello, Frances. Hello. Welcome to the family.

Well, it's a bit premature, that, is it?

You don't have a beer that I could have? Yeah, of course I do. Help yourself.

Don't mind if I have a beer, do you?

I'll let you get to know each other.

Want a cup of tea? I just put the kettle on.

Take a seat. Go on.

Sit down anywhere you like.

Needs a bit of warming up. So...

What do you think?

Do you think that we look alike, me and Reggie?

Oh, yes, certainly.

No, you don't. You think that he's beautiful and I've got a face like a gorilla's arse.

It's all right, don't worry about it.

No. I wouldn't say that. I'm used to it.

Stop doing your hair, right? Get me stuff out of the car.

Do something fucking useful.

Yeah, go on, then.

I'm homosexual, Frances.

Well, I am a, uh... I'm a giver, right? I'm not a receiver.

There is a difference. I'm not a faggot.

But I do believe that, you know, you should not hide what you are.

You shouldn't hide what you are 'cause it'll make you very sad, you know?

It'll make you very sad. It'll make you very unwell.

I agree completely. Mmm.

You know, me and my brother, we're going to rule London.

'The Krays' main rivals were the Richardsons of South London.

'They were called the Torture Gang.'

For the benefit of the jury, on whose behalf were you operating on this side of the river?

Come on, Charlie, please. I'm begging you.

No, no, no. You do business with the court as an entity, therefore, address the court. What?

What? "Your Honour"! Fuck!

You say "Your Honour".

By saying "Your Honour", you gain the court's attention and open up a channel of communication, a conduit.

So, we'll try again.

For the benefit of the jury, on whose behalf were you working on this side of the river?

Please, Charlie! I fucking beg of you! Order!

Order in this, my court!


You're in Indian country, old son.

That's what them cockneys call south of the river, innit?

Indian country.

Well, what are you doing on my reservation without my say-so, filling up your canteen from my fucking watering hole?

You ain't got the bottle to do that on your own, son. Who do you work for?

I don't know what you're on about, Charlie. I don't know what you're on about.

Say their names. Say it! Fuck.

Buzz him. Uh, objection, Your Honour.

My client is an upstanding citizen.

Objection overruled on the grounds it's boring.

Oh, well, fuck him.

Say it. Say "the Krays", you daft cunt. Fuck it!

No, no. No leading the witness, Eddie.

Fuck off!

Alexander might have been great, but he wasn't a Greek.

No? No. He was a Macedonian.

But he loved them, though, Aristotle and that lot.

He was deeply impressed by them flash Hellenistic cunts.

Christos, get us some more of that awful retsina.

Charlie, we've got to fucking sort this.

You're absolutely right. Christos, where's my retsina?

'The Richardsons sent George Cornell to call for a truce.

'All they were saying was give peace a chance.'

Fucking Frank'll win. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the fuck!

Are you wearing your bravery jacket? We're here to parley.

I will fucking map you up, Southie.

No, no, no. Go on, let him in. He's only little.

Things have got out of hand. Charlie wants to meet.

Pig and Whistle. Neutral ground.

Just him, you two and Eddie.

Yep. And how do we know that we're going to be safe?

Well, that's a little thing called trust, ain't it?

Trust, eh? You always got one bloke harping on about trust, don't you?

But then you look over your shoulder, right, and you see there's another bloke there, right, with his Hampton in his hand and he's preparing to shove his cock right up your arse.

Well, you wouldn't mind that.

You fat poof.

Whoa, no. No, no, no...

Right, you, get him out of here. Go on, fuck off.

One hour. We'll be with you. That's it, bye-bye.

Fuck off, George.

There's the door, go on.

Bye-bye. Take that dead fox with you. Go on.

Get out, you prick.

What a fucking liberty.

Big Charlie, please could I have another egg?

I've eaten this one.

I don't like it, Reggie.

Nah, it's all right.

I know them. I know the pub.

We'll be all right.

You got to clean that fucking toilet, mate. It stinks.

Mate, I paid a girl to do it. It's not my fault if she don't.

What are you having to drink? Um...

Forget it. They just walked in.

Mate, can I get two Guinnesses, please? Hang on a second.

I just gotta go down to change the barrel.

Reg. Ron.

The Richardsons were unexpectedly engaged, so we're going to look after you.

Oh, it's all right. The landlord's gone to change the barrel for me. Thanks.

You don't mind if I pull myself a pint, do you?

What is that? What do you think, poof?

It's a fucking tool.

No, it's not. It's a fucking rolling pin. Who are you, Fanny Cradock?

What are you gonna do with that? You gonna bake me a cake?

You gonna sing me a song, watch me blow out me fucking candles?

I come here for a fucking shootout, right?

A proper shootout with some proper men, like Colonel Custer and Geronimo. Have you ever heard of 'em? No.

'Cause you were too busy in your pinny baking fucking fairy cakes, weren't you?

Reg, this lot are fucking nonces, to a man. They're fucking nonces.

Get out of me fucking way. Go on, get out. Go on, fuck off.

Call yourself a fucking gangster?

A shootout, right, is a fucking shootout!

Like a Western.

Wankers! Fucking embarrassing.

Waste of my time. Fucking waste of my time.

Well, your brother's done a runner.

Ah, he's just genuinely disappointed with you. That's all.

Look at that. Full of iron, that is.

See, it takes a while, that does, you know, to settle.

Charlie Richardson said we're to knock the granny out of you, Reg.

Oh, yeah? He did, did he? That's good of him. All right, listen.

When you see him next, you tell him from me, yeah, that I say... fuck Charlie, right?

And fuck his brother, yeah?

And fuck that fat Georgie Cornell that hangs out with him.

Fuck your face. Yeah, yeah?

And fuck the fucking lot of you as well. What do you think of that? Eh?

You like that? Mmm.

You won't mind if I fight back, will you? You think you can manage it?

Ah, it's more for me pride, really, to be honest.

I warn you, I'm not gonna fight fair, though.

So I brought these.

All right?

Now, before we start, I got a little joke for you.

You'll love this one.

Paranoid schizophrenic, he walks into a bar...



You fucking... Ooh!

Fuck off!


'They never stood a chance against my beautiful Reggie.

'Gang war seemed certain.'

Fucking hell!

'But on the day of the World Cup final, Scotland Yard had its say as well.'

'There's Ball, running himself daft...'

Goal! Get in there, you cunts.


Stay where you are! Oh, come on, boys. Not tonight.

What do you mean, no goal?

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

'It's a goal!' It's a goal! It's a fucking goal! It's a goal!

'Charlie Richardson was sentenced to 25 years

'for fraud, extortion and assault.

'London was an open city and the Krays moved in.'

Glad you could come, Mr De Faye.

Mr Payne.

I'm not often intrigued, but your message...

It intrigued. Hmm.

Sit down.

These are the Kray twins.

Ronald and Reginald.

Yes, I've, um, heard of them.

You'll find them useful friends.

What's this about, Mr Payne?

This is about a gambling casino in Knightsbridge called Esmeralda's Barn.

I'm not familiar with it. Really?

Well, you'll be shocked to learn that you earned £24,000 from it in the last three months.

My friends and I would like to purchase it from you.

We have the contracts ready for your signature.

'Ruling London involved intelligence and intimidation.'

It's not for sale.

You might find that in the future, there is a less polite approach.

'The trick was to cultivate a quiet certainty

'that should it be needed, violence was on offer...'


'...and would be happily applied.

'Leslie Payne was a fronter and a fixer.

'Reggie found Payne useful, but Ron was suspicious of him, 'afraid his scams were the opposite of what a gangster should be.'

Consider Las Vegas. All right.

It's all legal, all run by the Mafia.

Soon, London will be the same.

What with Havana gone, the Mafia is moving in.

Meyer Lansky has already made inquiries.

Meyer Lansky? Yeah.

What, as in the Meyer Lansky?

Meyer Lansky.

Are the Americans gonna try and muscle in on us?

No. They don't work that way. They don't want a war, Ron.

They're businessmen. Well, maybe I want a war with them.

Now, look.

What they do want is to know who is the up-and-coming local firm, because they will colonise London by financing that firm, then franchising the city.

So you have to prove to the Americans that the Krays are the only game in town.

Yeah, very fucking interesting.

The world could be our oyster.

Payne. What?

You say "our" a lot, right?

You say "our" and you also say "we" a lot.

Do I?

My question is, is your last name Kray?

Listen, Ron, you keep the pearls. I'm perfectly happy with the soft bits.

Yeah, I bet you are.

I bet you are.

Reggie, I say it's a very bad idea. It's just a bad idea.

I say, right, that we meet these Mafioso scum at London Airport, right?

We pick them up, we chop them up, put them in their fucking luggage and send them straight home, mate.

That's the plan.

Well, I'm glad we could have this meeting.

Mr Lansky has taken an interest in the Colony Sporting Club.

He has his casino people there right now.

Well, Mr Lansky might want to know that we happen to have a casino of our own.

Really? Your own casino?

Well, you see, we own Las Vegas.

But here, the Atlantic Ocean is in our way.

So Mr Lansky lacks the ability to, uh... ensure the physical security of his property, from both outside muscle and the cops.

He thinks the Kray family could help.

London is going to be the Las Vegas of Europe.

We need someone to front and someone to muscle for us.

Uh... I mean, look, we can do your security, right, that's not a problem, you know, but we don't want to work for you.

I mean, we'd much rather that we work with you.

What Reggie is trying to say...

I think he knows what he's trying to say. He just said it.

We're in your backyard. Yeah.

And Mr Lansky is open to discussions of this nature.

He sends this as a goodwill gesture.

Just a taste. For expenses. Open it, please.

Now, the second briefcase contains business of my own I need to take care of.


Bearer bonds. Free money.

A hundred grand in negotiable bearer bonds.

Jacked from a bank in Montreal.

Too hot to move in North America.

That's a hundred grand.

Could you guys handle that?

Yeah, we can handle it.

Really? Good.

Boys who jacked it get 20%.

We split the rest 60-40.

If this works out, Reggie, I got a $2 million backlog of those scharoles.

Does that sound like you're staying out of our way?

50-50, mate.

I like you, Reggie.

50-50 it is. Done.

I'm glad we could make a deal.

Yeah. Now, this feels right.

Listen, you come to Philadelphia any time, you see what you want, any size, any shape, right? We'll get it for you.

A nice Italian girl. Little spaghetti and meatballs.

I prefer boys.

Excuse me? I didn't catch that.

I said I prefer boys.

Italians, actually.

Sometimes Greek, but I am not prejudiced.

No. Because I happen to have had a Negro once and a Tahitian, who I bent up like a pretzel.

I really fucking hurt him.

You got a lot of fucking balls to admit that, kid.

You know what? You got some fucking set of castagnas on you.

You know what I say to that? Bravo! Salute! Come on. Salute!

Salute. Am I right, fellas?

Cheers, mate. What fucking balls! Salute!

Cheers, mate. Cheers.

Cheers. Salute.


Cheers, mate.

You don't understand! He's not what you think he is! All right?

He's really sweet. And it's exciting being with him!

Just because you have a boring life doesn't mean I have to as well!

The reason I have a boring life is because I gave up my life for you!

Oh, Frankie, you take my breath away.

Well, you can have mine.

You're a joker. Go on, get in the car.

♪ Look around you

♪ Look down the block from you... ♪ Come on, hurry up. ♪ The lonely faces that you see... ♪

'Esmeralda's Barn made money like a dream, '£2,000 a week pure profit.

'There was nothing to do but enjoy it.

'Owning that casino meant everything to Reggie.

'He'd finally crossed the line between the old East End

'and the green pastures of the Golden West.

'He was becoming a celebrity himself.

'As long as their health didn't suffer, 'the high rollers loved rubbing elbows with gangsters.'

Come and dance. Come on, darling.

'Aristocrats and criminals have a lot in common.

'They're both selfish, get bored easily

'and have access to wads of cash they didn't have to work honestly to get.

'The topper, neither have any interest in bourgeois rules or morality.

'Put it all together with roulette wheels?

'A stunning recipe for success.

'Ron was the odd man out.

'His pills stabilised him, but they'd never cure him.

'Clubland held little charm

'and he yearned for Reggie and the darker side of gangland.'

As soon as you turn your fucking back, life, it just plays dirty tricks on you, you know?

♪ Don't let them show you now... ♪

'We wouldn't spend Christmas together that year.

'There was an old warrant on Reggie.

'The last six months of the sentence was on appeal, but it was denied.

'He was to surrender in the morning.

'My real life was about to begin.

♪ Are you sure this is where you wanna be?

♪ Are you sure

♪ This is where you wanna be? ♪

All right.

All right? Mmm-hmm.

See you in a bit.

See you later, Reg. Ta, Reg.



You look after your sister while I'm away.

All right, Reg. Yeah?


Good lad.

Move it, Kray.

Stop on the line.

You're nothing in here. Nothing!

Fuck him up.

Fuck him up!

Leave him alone!

Bury 'em, Reggie!

Shut up, all of you!

Fucking let 'em have it! Go on, Reg!

Ain't so tough now, are you, hey?


Get him in.

You're nothing in here.

Nothing. Please, no more, guvnor! Please.

"Please, please, please." That's more like it, Reggie.

"Please." Eh? Please!

Eh? A bit of respect. Doesn't hurt, does it?

No more.

I have shit bigger turds.

Please, water.

Oh, you want some water?

Look at that, gents. He's only begging for water.

What do you make of it now, eh, your famous Reggie fucking Kray?

Fuck you! Begging for fucking water.

What has he come to?

Here you are, Reg.

Now, don't spill it.

'Cause you've had a little tumble, haven't you? Eh?

Here it is.

Good boy.

Can I have water? Here he is, look.

Look at this. Reggie Kray.

Begging fucking water...

Reggie! Reggie! Reggie...

Hello, Frances.

Hello, Ron. I saw Reg today.

He sends his best. He says it's probably best that you don't go and visit him yet.

Did he say why?

Nah, didn't mention it.

Do you know it is possible, right, for a person to become a ghost while they're still alive.

You think so?

Well, it's happened to you, ain't it?

No, no, no. No, look.

Listen. "No" what?

No, no, no. Please, please. Just for a moment, just listen.

Gambling clubs are legally obliged to pay winnings on the spot.

And that is why we insist our gamblers pay their debts on the spot as well.

Yes, I know. I've heard you. But that's your problem. Right?

That's your problem, not mine.

Mine is that I want £50,000.

Here you go again with your £50,000 to go to Nigeria.

No, it's not just to go to Nigeria, is it?

I want to set up a company. All right?

I want to build a city in Nigeria, for the children.

Near Enugu. Enugu.

Yes, Enugu. Yes, Enugu.

I told you, Enugu! Right?

You don't know everything, do you, Payne?

Did you know that "Enugu" is the African word for "utopia"?

No. No, you did not.

Did you know that "utopia" is the Greek word for "nowhere"?

For £50,000, I can make that somewhere.

I can turn it into a place where people will smile at me and children will dance... I will smile for you, Ron.

I will smile for you if you tell me where I can get £50,000.

I'm telling you. I'm fucking telling you. Just pull it out of the casino.

I cannot pull it out of the casino... Just pull it out of the casino, you cunt.

Do not meddle with a foolproof way of making the money!

I'm not a fucking banker!

I am not a fucking banker!

Right? Am I? Genius! Look at that.

That has made it all the more manageable.

This man who wants to build a city! Don't you fucking threaten me!

Don't you fucking dare talk to me like that, you cunt!

Reggie is not here now, all right? He's fucking gone, ain't he?

So you work for me, Ron Kray!

So you will trot along down to the fucking bank, and you will fetch me my £50,000.

Yeah, I'll go down to the bank and see what I can do.

And I'll tell you what, I may work for you, Ron, but I'm certainly not afraid of you, all right?

Well, that is fucking stupid as well, because you fucking should be.

Because if my brother hadn't have vouched for you, you'd be fucking dead.

What happened?

What are you doing here? Didn't Ronnie tell you not to come?

I missed you. Look.

Frankie, I don't want you to come here and see me like this, understand?

Who did it? What?

Your face. Was it one of the other prisoners?

No, no. It was one of the guards, all right?

Well, have you reported them? No.

But you know what? When I get out, I'm thinking I might go to the Houses of Parliament, have a word with the Prime Minister, 'cause he will listen, he will.

Frankie, this is prison, OK?

That's what this is. It's the law of the jungle in here.

But don't worry about it, because I'm a big boy, I can look after meself and I'll be out very soon. All right?

Go on, have a look at that lump over there, you see him?

With the big hat.

There's a very good reason why we all call him Handbag.

All right?

I don't want a life like this.

Just waiting, while you're in prison. I know. I know.

Frankie, it won't happen again. How can you be sure?

Because I know. Because I promise you it won't happen again.

All right?

I know how you can be sure.

Go on. You could go straight.

Be a casino owner, a club owner. You enjoy it.

Just forget everything else.

It really is that simple for you, innit? Yeah, just go straight.

Babe, life isn't always the way we want it to be, you know.

Life has other plans. It...

It's the way it is. It's life. I love you.

I love you.

I never loved anybody before, but I love you, Reggie.

And I love you, too.

You think it can protect people?



I like him. Yeah, he got something about him, ain't he?

Do you know what I reckon it is? I think it's his hips.

I want to blow the soul out of that horn.

You feeling a bit horny, are you, Ron?

I am. I am.

Go on. Do it. I will. Yeah.

I want to blow the soul out of that horn.

That's what I'm gonna do. OK? OK?


That's it, Ron, give it a fucking blow.

Kill it.

Oh, fucking hell.


Hello. Hello?

Yes, Ron. Hello.

Do you know when I plan to die?

When, Ron? At the very last minute.

Don't fucking encourage him, for fuck's sake.

Look at you, you flash fuckers. Eh?

Now, I may not be very good, granted.

But good gangster?

Oh, yeah. I'll fucking claim that title.

And how many titles could you claim? Eh?

Superficialite. Hmm?

Oh, yeah. Dripping in your synthetic opulence.


It's disgusting. Really is. Yeah.

Right, a bit of magic. You love magic, don't you?

All kids love magic.

You might all be aware that there are three magic Cs, right, in the word "carpaccio". Yeah?

But how many Cs...

...are in the word "cunt"?

Just you.

You're free.

What are you doing throwing stones at the window?

They're not, they're not stones.

These are... these are lemon sherbets. Here you go.

Oh, well played.

Why don't you ring the bell?

Well, your mum.

I mean, I'm not being funny, but the thought of your mum answering that door is a bit shocking, so...

I thought she'd give me grief on account of where I've been.

You mean prison? Yeah, prison. You look beautiful.

You look beautiful, too.

I know it's a bit late, right, but...

I've got your Christmas present here.

Do you want me to throw it up? No.

What? You want me to deliver it? I ain't going through that door.

All right.

You cheeky bugger.

Be careful.

A bit late now, innit?


Your flowers. Thank you.


...your Christmas present.

Sorry it's late.

Go on, open it.

Frances Shea, will you marry me?

We'll live free and above-board?

On my honour.

Yes, Reggie Kray, I will marry you.


That one of mine?


That's it.

Come on, show us your fucking hoochie.

Give us a fucking look. You're not listening. You're not listening.

All I'm saying, all I'm saying is crime is still a business.

You need a public relations department, and we've got Joseph Goebbels.

Is he the fat one?

You read lips. What's he saying? What's he saying, Les?

I'm struggling, but I think he's saying something about gobbles or no balls?

That's very strange.

He ain't happy. You'll see.

Nice, innit?

Oh, he looks lovely, Ron.

He's put on a little bit of timber, ain't he?

He's going to be very, very upset.

Did I miss something?

Is this not... This is Friday night, right?

Well, I tried to tell you.

Yeah, but it's Friday night, right?

You didn't tell me that it was this bad, did you?

It's Ron, innit? He's run the place into the ground.

He's turned a straight money earner into a financial wreck.

And another thing: This place will crash when we get our tax bill next week.

What's he saying? What's he saying?

He's just told him that you're missing tax payments. Silly cunt!

Let's go.

This is tomorrow's business. Do you understand?

That's very rude.

Oi, where are you going? It's fucking criminal, mate!


Hey, where are you going?

Oh, there he is, my beautiful brother, Reggie.

A toast to my beautiful brother.

Home at last, like Agamemnon returned to Ithaca.

And beautiful Frances.

Where have you been?

It's as if you've returned from the dead.

What are you doing, mate? What are you fucking playing at? Eh?

I'm not playing at anything. It's you.

You come in here. You don't even say, "Hello, Ron."

You don't even have a drink. You just bugger off.

Hello, Ron. Cheers, mate. Fuck you! What are you shouting at me for?

Because you had the world on a string, yeah?

But you couldn't hold it together so you fucked it up.

Don't... Listen, you was away. I was in prison.

I had to make do with what I had.

You going Ron or Reg?

Score? Mmm-hmm.

Reginald. He'll never go down in front of the missus.

You had everything, mate. You had it all. I didn't have you, did I?

Reggie, please. It's all right, honestly. I got this. It's fine.

Yeah, actually, he's got this. Thank you very much. He's a big boy.

We're talking about earning a living.

We're talking about being gangsters, right, which is what we are.

So you can just fuck off. Go on. Don't.

You know, one of these days, Ron Kray, your miserable life will swallow you whole.

You should know all about that, because I've heard all the stories. They're not good.

Your mum did palm us off with the damaged goods, didn't she?

You're very, very damaged, aren't you?

All right, just get in the car.

Don't ever speak to her like that again. Yeah, that's right, Frances.

Blood is thicker than water, and I've been with Reggie since the womb.

Ron, shut up. I want you to apologise to Frances right now.

Right. All right.

Right, right. Frances.

I'm sorry, all right? Yes.

I'm truly very sorry the club's very, very empty.

A bit like you, really. There's fuck-all in it, apart from my brother's cock.

You, all right, are a fucking disgrace, mate.

You hit me.


No! No! No, Ron.

No! No!

I fucking did, you fucking cunt!

Fucking cunt!

Fuck's sake! Not the bottle. Not the...

No! Not the balls!

My fucking nuts! Wanker!

Sweetheart, please leave.

Biting! Biting cunt!


Give me that.

Never mess with a man's jewels, mate. What the fuck...

Now what are you doing? No, Ron. No. No, no. That's a bottle, Ron.

That's a bottle! I'll serve you up, you fucking cunt!

It's a bottle, Ron!

That's enough.

Pack it in. That's enough!

I'm going to split them up. Shut up, mate.

Get back and sit down in your chair.

No. They're family.

Stay back. Get out of the fucking way.

Put it down!

OK, now, I told you!

Come on, that's enough.



Enough, Reg, mate.

You just don't understand, you don't...


You don't understand me.

That's probably 'cause I don't want to fucking understand you right now, Ron.

I wanted to just, you know...

There's no point in fucking explaining it to you, either.

It's fucking hopeless. Come on, help me up.

Just help me out here, will you?

That fucking hurt. All right, mate. What are you doing?

For fuck's sake, Ron.

Reggie, what I'm trying to tell you is very simple, all right?


I am very, very, very fragile, myself.

All right?

Yeah, fragile, I've got it.

Very fragile. I've got it.

All right, come on, now. For fuck's sake.

I'm not myself, am I?

I mean, this isn't me. Is it?

This isn't us. None of this is us, is it?

I'm very sorry. It's OK.

Are you done?

Has she gone?

Yes, she's gone, mate. She's a keeper.

She is. Thank you, Ron. Thanks.

There she is. Yeah, I got her.

All right, stop here.

That girl's gonna be the death of me.

Mind how you go.

Frankie. Frank. Excuse me. Sorry.

I need to have a word with you about something.

I don't care if you forget me.

Don't say that. It's true.

You don't mean it.

Don't tell me what I mean. I know what I mean.

Come on, Frances, please. Can't we just start again?

From the beginning, you know.

We can get rid of everything that's bad, and we'll just keep everything that's good.

What about Ron? What about Ron?

He's not exactly a good bit, is he?

Well... I mean, he's not exactly a bad bit, either.

He was awful to me. Yeah, he was. But, you know, that...

That's Ron. If he don't take his tablets, he's like that. He's a nightmare.

He's not always like that, you know. He's got a heart of gold.

He loves you to bits. He thinks the world of you.

Honestly, when you left, he was in pieces.

He was like, "Where's she gone?" I said, "She's left."

"Well, you better get after her 'cause she's a keeper."

You are a keeper. So he's right.

He said, "Tell her I'm very sorry."

He is sorry and I'm sorry. We're all sorry. But you know, that...

That's what happens sometimes. Families are stupid, aren't they?

You know, they fight, you know, they make up.

And ultimately, you know, they stick together 'cause they love each other.

It's what they do.

Don't tell me about forgetting you, 'cause that ain't happening, either.

I spent the last six months thinking about nothing but you.

So I get out and the club's gone up... All right. All right.

I'm sorry. It's all right.

'It was time for the Krays to enter the secret history of the 1960s.

'As absurd as it seems, 'it grew out of Ron's nutter dream of building a utopian city in Nigeria.'

Some are born to be Ronnie Kray, and some have Ronnie Kray thrust upon them.

'Lord Boothby was a distinguished member

'of the House of Lords.'

Ronnie. Yes.

I regret that my answer is no.

Nigeria is simply too far away and I never involve myself in a thing I can't control personally.

I'm so sorry.

He's really lovely, isn't he?

I take it you like ice and a slice, my Lord?

Ice and a slice.

Please, Teddy Bear.

And don't spare the horses.

Do you know where I hear the lemons are particularly lovely and fresh?

No, where?

Enugu, Nigeria.

You are very well-informed, Teddy.

Very well-informed.

Down the hatch.

Do you like it down the hatch, Teddy?

'Boothby declined, but friendship ensued

'and the perverted peer was soon a guest at Ron's flat.

'The ripples would spread far and wide.'

Do call me later, Tom.

Harry, all alone?

No need to be, plenty of fruit on the tree.

Tom, not in the House of Commons tonight?


Fucking look at me, you cunt.


Go on, fucking look at him now.

Fucking look at me.

But he looks up at me!

Good Lord, that's Bob Boothby.

Yes, Prime Minister, sir.

At an orgy.

The Tories are going to have trouble explaining this.

Here, sir.

Is that Tom Driberg?

In fact, yes, sir.

There's no moral advantage to my party if my party are also involved.

It gets a bit stickier, sir.

Where were these photos taken? Cazenove Road, Hackney.

What in God's boots were they doing in Hackney?

That's where it gets sticky.

I thought the orgy was the sticky bit. It gets stickier still?

We've had two brothers, gangsters, under surveillance. The Krays.

The photographs were taken in Ronald Kray's flat.

Orgies aside, we're tracking fraud, protection rackets and the American Mafia might also be involved.

'London's bottom had reached her top.

'Scandal loomed.'

The elections are in 10 weeks.

They'll vote out both sides of the House.

What exactly are you doing about it?

Bugger all, by the looks of it.

Is that Italian?

Don't know. Is it a Daimler?

It's nice, that is.

Oh, what do you want for Christmas?

Um... I don't know.

You don't have to get me anything. Eh?

You don't have to get me a present. Ah, that's ridiculous.

Not get you anything for Christmas?

All right, well, just surprise me, then. Surprise me.

I'll get you a sock full of coal, you lucky thing.

What about that?

What about it?

For Christmas.

For me?

That's gonna be my club.

Is it? Yeah.

In the West End, just a touch of class.

That's our ticket out of here.

It's snowing.



'What did I want for Christmas?

'My Reggie, free and above-board.

'But Ron wanted his Reggie back as well.

'He longed for his gangster twin.

'And Reggie, he chose a hideaway instead.

'The owner was Hew McCowan, the son of a baronet.

'Though he was not usually intimidated by the working classes, 'he agreed to sell half the club.

'Reggie knew he'd get the rest in time.

'A dirty deal for a clean life.

'Ron was terrified of Reggie leaving him behind.

'He sent Mad Teddy round to kill the deal.'

Listen, gentlemen...

I'm sorry. I can't look at you, darling, I'm gonna get lost in your eyes.

I've got a deal with Reggie... It tastes shit.

I love your mouth! Mmm! I signed the contract.

I have an arrangement with Reggie, ask him.

Crap. Gentlemen, please.

Please, I have customers. Out of the way. That's it, come on.

Please! I have customers here! Gentlemen, please. I've spoken to Reggie.

We don't work for Reggie. We work for Ronnie.

'Ron almost got what he wanted.

'McCowan backed out of the deal, but he also called the police.

'Reggie and Ron were both charged with extortion.'

Franny, I'm telling you, the police stitched me up.

I am innocent. I'm completely... Even if you are...

What? You're back in prison.

You made a promise to me.

And it still stands, it stands. I'm fucking innocent!

I'm sorry, I don't mean to swear at you, all right? I just...

I really want you to marry me.


If you're innocent and acquitted, I'll marry you.

If you're guilty, I never want to see you again.

Why would you say that?

Franny, that... Franny... Frances.

'Strangely, it was Lord Boothby who saved the day.

'His walk on the wild side had not gone unnoticed.'

I found the photo.

It's been forwarded to the proper places.

Say "Enugu".


'The photograph taken in Boothby's flat ended up with the paper, 'along with a story of sexual misconduct

'between a gangster and a member of the House of Lords.'

The problem is, Arnold, that unfortunately, it's all true, for once.

I don't care about the truth, Harold.

Except that the greater the truth, the greater the libel.

'An election was looming, 'so the Prime Minister brought in his fixer, Arnold Goodman, to sort things out.'

Get me Cecil King at the Sunday Mirror.

'The great and the good engineered a cover-up, 'a cracking good one.

'When the Krays' defence threatened to call Boothby as a character witness, 'the implication was clear.

'The government would have to drop its case

'or face the consequences.

'It was this that made the Krays the untouchables of London crime.'

New information casts poor light on the prosecution witness, Mr McCowan.

Case dismissed.

'That night, the Krays held their celebration party at McCowan's club.

Reggie had bought the Hideaway that same afternoon. At a discount.

♪ Now, I'm sorry if I hurt you

♪ Let me make it up day by day

♪ If you will please forgive me

♪ Make the world, make it go away

♪ Make the world go away

♪ Oh, oh...

♪ Get it off of my shoulders

♪ Say the things you used to say

♪ Oh, now, darling

♪ Make the world

♪ Go away

Thank you.

So, why are you here, then?

I've come to see the difference between you and me.

The difference, yeah?


What do you know? I grew up poor, like you.

Yeah? I boxed as a lad, like you.

But it didn't turn me into a thief.

But it did turn you into policing, didn't it?


It did turn you into handing your own over at the bar, didn't it?

You know, the difference between us, right, apart from, you know, the obvious and that, is that I, right, I work for me.

And you...

Well, you work for them. Eh...

Sir, I can explain. This is Scotland Yard.

And this investigation will end at once.

But there's so much more that we can get them on.

Your investigation into the Krays will end at once!

♪ Goin' to the chapel and we're

♪ Gonna get married

♪ Goin' to the chapel and we're

♪ Gonna get married

♪ Gee, I really love you and we're

♪ Gonna get married

♪ Goin' to the chapel of love... ♪ All right, all right. She's wearing black.

Yeah, I know, I know. She's read it wrong, hasn't she?

She thought it was a fucking funeral. Wearing black, that fucking bitch.

Don't drive yourself mad.

Wait till you see the daughter, she looks unbelievable in white.

What do you see in her?

Well, I see... I see meself, yeah, I see...

I see what I could be.

You know?

If I weren't so scared. You're not afraid of anything.


Yeah, well, only meself, you know.

And you.

What's she doing?

Well, you know what she's gonna be saying, OK?

So, just take it easy. Deep breaths.

Why are you not inside yet?

Are you sure you wanna go through with this?

Mum, please, don't start this again. It's all right, Frank.

I love him.


Do you even know what love is, Frances?

I know it's not an answer to anything.

But love is a witness.

Reggie sees me, and I see him.

And who are you to refuse that?

I'm your mother.

Hey, East End starlet, Frances.

That's you. Thank you.

All right. Look at her, mate.

She looks beautiful.

Gracious God, accept our prayers for Frances and Reginald, that they may reap the harvest of the spirit and reflect your glory through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Amen. Amen.

♪ Love divine

♪ All loves excelling

♪ Joy of heaven

♪ To earth come down... ♪ Fucking sing!

♪ Fix in us thy humble dwelling... ♪

'We honeymooned in Greece.

'The Parthenon had stood for 2,400 years.

'Reggie's promise to go straight lasted two weeks.'

The Two Aces, the New Mill, the Gigi Club and let's not forget Ronnie Scott's.

And this is the bearer bonds cashed in Hamburg!

Kettle's on the boil.

It's tea.

'We started out near Marble Arch in West London.

'But we both missed the East End.

'And so we took an empty flat below Ron's at Cedra Court.

'Like all else in life, it was supposed to be temporary. Not very clever.'

Rattle the monkey. Rattle it, monkey boy!

'Ron's parties would keep me awake at night

'and clubland kept Reggie out until all hours.

'He enjoyed being a gangster, after all.'

We heard that you were down the Regency the other night.

Waving a shotgun.

Those bastard Barry brothers blocked me from coming in.

They said I was drunk.

You were. You was drunk as a skunk.

Waving a shotgun?


Now, you know we look after that place, right?

So, no more of your messing around down there.

I spiced the evening up for people.

"Spiced it up".

Here you go.

Now, you're not gonna do that anymore, are you?

No, sir.

Good lad.

Oh, bollocks.

Get up, Jack, fuck off.

This is so kind of you.

Treat, isn't it? Lovely, yeah.

Oh, hello.

Oh. Uh...

Is that OK? No, no.

No, Frances. That won't... That won't do. Um...

Go and sit with Mr Kray and I'll sort it out.

All right.

She can't even make a decent cup of tea.

Poor Reggie, eh?

It was a good effort.

She looks like a budgie in that dress, doesn't she?

The rag-and-bone man wouldn't pick her up if she was laying in the gutter.


Oh, well. Poor Reggie.

Right, I shall, uh... Might as well flush that.

'I left without saying goodbye.

'A sad victory.

'I'd never be good enough for their Reggie.

'He was Nipper's Reggie as well.

'Read couldn't rest unless he clapped eyes on my husband once a day.

'I often had to settle for the same.'

Wherever you're going, don't stop till you get to the sea.

'But we all need something.

'And what I shared with Ron was needing pills to get through the day.

'Sleeping pills helped sometimes, 'other pills helped other times.

'They were like a friend who held no judgement

'and only wanted to be loved in return.

'Mother's little helpers.

'They were very well-named.'

Don't go too fast.

We're not going anywhere like too fast. We're on the grass.

All right. Almost there. All right.

Bit more. OK.


You ready? Yes.

Ready ready? Yes.

Oh, my God!

Do you like it? Yes, what kind is it? What's it called?

It's a Triumph, a Triumph Spitfire. Can I get in?

Yeah, of course you can, it's yours. Happy birthday. There you are.

Happy birthday, Frances. Thank you.

Will you teach me how to drive?

Uh... I can.

Now? Oh, not today.

Why not? Uh, I just... I can't. Not today.

But I can tomorrow.

All right. Sorry.

♪ Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

♪ That I love London town... ♪


Kray. Kray.

There's an inherent threat in that one commanding syllable.

It's the only word some need to hear.

What does that mean, "the only word"?

Well, you're like Ford.

Or Shell. Or Woolworth's.


Yeah, that's very interesting.

All I'm saying is Kray is a brand and an established reputation needs less maintenance, less violence, you know?

People fall naturally into line.

Clubs are asking for our protection before we even offer it.

Yeah. That's true, actually, they are. Yes.

I suppose that would leave us with less straightening out to do.

Exactly. That's right. Yeah.

Makes sense.

But I happen to like...

I like straightening out, you know, once in a while.

Obliging someone in the old cobbles.

What's wrong with that?

I just think you could do better, Ron. You know.

It'll keep you out of prison, I mean, none of us are getting any younger.

You know, you need to leave all this behind, I mean...

You got to look to the future, you and that lovely young wife of yours.

No! Fairy tales!

That's fucking warning!

This is a firm, right? I'm a fucking face.

I'll fucking serve you up, you fucking cunt!

You're fucking bang out of order!

I don't fucking like him, I don't trust him. He asks too many questions.

I want him fucking dead! Leslie Payne, right, is our business, and you want him dead.

Have you been taking your tablets? Fuck tablets, right? Bugger tablets!

Bugger Payne, the fucking pain in the arse!

And fuck his briefcase!

I don't give a fuck what's in there, I want to know what's going on up there.

He knows too much about things. Things about us.

Reggie, he knows too many things about us.

He knows too many things about us? Right.

Albie, do you know things about us, mate?

Do you know things? Eh?

About Ron, about me, about the firm, right?

You know about payments, right?

You know we cash bearer bonds, yeah?

D'you know we pay off juries to make 'em look fucking favourably upon us, do you?


You do. There's a fucking surprise. Jack!

Mate, do you know anything about fraud?

Anything at all? Take a punt.

Do you know anything about how we pay off policemen every fucking final Thursday of the month?

Do you know that? Of course I do.

Fucking surprise, that. So why don't we kill Jack now?

Or we do Albie as well? We do the fucking lot.

Or you can do me and I'll do you and we're both fucking dead!

That's a genius idea!

Listen to yourself, Ron! You're fucking nuts!


People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

You know I never drank gin till I came here?

Oh, well, next you'll be singing God Save the Queen, won't you?

What did you want to have a word with me about, Mr Bruno?

Things are going well, we're very happy on my side of the pond.

Well, that's good. You know, we're very happy also.




You realise I asked to speak to you alone. Um...

You see, in our line of work, it's not good to be famous.

Anonymous is the goal.

This Mr Lansky, Reg, he sees a lot of potential in you.

But he sees limitations in your brother Ron.

Well, you know, maybe...

Maybe they could just sit down and meet each other, couldn't they?

I mean, he could come across for a chat.

A chat?

You guys crack me up, really.

You ever hear of the Gallo brothers?

From Brooklyn? No.

Similar loose cannon situation.

You see, Ron is your Joey.

And it's not gonna end well in either case.

What exactly are you asking me to do, Mr Bruno?

I'm asking you to do something about Ron.

I can't do that.

He's my brother.


There's nothing I can do. I ain't finished with you yet.

Mr Kray takes care of this warehouse. Now, you say Kray one more time...

...and I'm gonna hit you, you understand?

I have an arrangement with Mr Kray.

I didn't ask whether we had an arrangement.

I asked if you understood me.

'The Richardson gang were away.

'But George Cornell had crossed the river to work a protection racket on their behalf.'

I fucking warned you!

'Ron's response would secure his place in gangster legend.'

What is that, is that English breakfast tea?

I can tell by your face, Ted, what you think of it.

Lovely box, isn't it? It's beautiful. It's not English breakfast. That's not, no.

That's got pheromones in it, that's got.

It's musky.

That's a bit of magic, that is.

That's very beautiful, innit?

I'm glad you like it. I do, that's proper.

Me mum will be very, very pleased with that.

Did you have that away from the old warehouse, did you?

Yeah. Don't say anything. It's all right.

Regards to Mrs Kray. Thank you.

For the other matter. Yeah. What matter?


Yeah. All right.

I mean, I'm not in the mind to hand out refunds, am I?

Can't you handle it yourself?

I pay you for protection, Ron.

What are you trying to say? Nothing...

No, you just said it. You just fucking said it.

You come in here with your fucking nose, right, and your tea.

Your fucking exotic tea.


And you say that.

I'm not very good at my job.

I didn't mean it like that. You fucking did!

No, I... Ah!

I'll tell you what.

This matter of yours...

I'll deal with it for you. All right? All right.

You go with Teddy, right, and you bring me £2,000, OK?

And in return, I promise that I will have George Cornell killed.

All right?

I didn't say... All right?

I didn't say anything about killing, Ron.

You fucking did.

You fucking meant it. Look at you, you meant it with your eyes.

Look at your eyes. Eh? It's in your fucking eyes!

Or are you threatening me? No.

'Cause there's death in your eyes and you're fucking threatening me!

Is he threatening me? It's hard to tell, Ron.

I'll pay. You'll what?

I'll pay. You will?

Yeah. There it is. And a deal is a deal.

It's done. Yeah.

It's done. It's over. Teddy, take him.

Thank you.

That's very kind of you. Thank you.

For the tea.

That's a good deal.

How do I look?

Fucking deadly.

Do you want me to come in with you? Hmm?

In there?

Come on.

You all stay in the car.

Anything you need to tell me?

Well, look what the cat dragged in.


Yeah, you're not laughing now, are you?

For fuck's sake.

Boss, the fuck...

Get the fuck down!

Don't say a fucking word!

What are you fucking looking at?

You didn't see nothing!


That's Ronnie Kray, that, isn't it?

Fucking hell.


Are you mad?

The Blind Beggar? Yeah, Cornell?

It's on the fucking radio.


Hi, Mum.

Oh. Thank you.

Oh! Look at you.

Look how handsome you are!

I'll get you a cup of tea. Thanks, Mum.

Albie? I'm all right, Violet, thank you.

You do look lovely, Reggie.

How many witnesses?

It was a quiet night.

Seven? Seven?

Albert Woods was with Cornell. Plus five regulars, don't know them.

And the barmaid, the blonde, the one with the big fucking pair of eyes.

For fuck's sake.

And you bring this here? You bring it straight to Mum's?

Don't moan about it, all right? It's done, innit?

What are we gonna do, hmm?

"We"? Yeah.

Where's the weapon?

It's here, Reg.

There you go. Now...

Here, let me have it. Would you like a piece of cake?

Do you know what? That would be lovely. Yeah. Thank you, Mum.

It is, it's lovely. Thanks.

I assume you were in those clothes, right?

Yeah, yeah.

So where's his jacket?

Right, you need to burn that.

And that gun, we need to toss it in the river right fucking now.

Go on, fuck off.

You are... You're unbelievable.


Whoever was in that pub, we need to find out who they are, get hold of them and just unravel whatever they've said to the police.

We need to undo, so get Big Pat, Bender, send them down there now.

The barmaid I know, right? You know her.

Well, bring her to me, I'll deal with her myself, all right?

Go on. Fuck off.


Where's everybody gone?

Oh, Mum, it's late, it's late. I wanted them out of your hair, you know.

You should get some bed time.

Why don't I give you a lift home? Come on.

Oh, it's all right, I am home.

I've made a bed up for him. He's not well.


He's got a fever.

He's going to stay here the night.

Teddy, would you like to stay with him?

Thank you, that'd be very nice. Thank you, Violet.

Whatever he's done, he's your brother.



Well, um...

Here's your Stemetil, mate.

You should take that.

Do you know what? I'm going to have to go, actually.

'Cause, um, I left the lads at work and I have to clean up.

So, I'm going to say goodnight.


Teddy, now, you couldn't do us a favour, could you? Be useful.

And when you take his trousers off tonight and his shirt, can you burn them?

Yeah? And check in with me.

Yeah. Good lad.

Night-night. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Reggie.

He's lovely, isn't he?

'Not even Scotland Yard could ignore murder on the streets.

'Nipper was back on the case.'

Gentlemen, your attention, please.

Now, you've been told that we're conducting a high-level investigation into a major corruption allegation.

In fact, we're going down into the sewer after the Krays.

Any man with any objection, come and see me.

See that lamppost up there, right?

That was known as a safety point during the war, right?

So, if you could run to that lamppost, you knew that you could make it to the air raid shelter before the bombs started dropping.

One night, right, me and Ron, we just stood there and we watched.

We saw the old Stanton house get blown to bits, they were still in it.

It's a wonder you lived through it.

Yeah, yeah, especially with Ron, you know.

Every time trouble came on top, he was always dragging behind, wasn't he?

He's got plenty of trouble now, if the stories are true.

I heard it on the street, Reggie.

My own family and you didn't tell me.

Yeah, well, you know, I didn't want you to worry, did I?

I don't worry about Ron.

What do you plan to do about it? I'm not gonna let him go to prison.

Why not? Why not?

Why not? Because he's my brother, that's why not.

He'll still be your brother in prison.


No, Frances, look, he belongs here, right? He belongs with us.

He belongs with you, me and his family, this is his home, all right?

I've been looking after Ron since we were little boys, it's just the way it is.

You can still look after him in prison.

And he doesn't belong here and you know it.


Right, well, you just don't understand.

Yes, I do. No, you don't.

Yes, I do. You once told me you don't owe the world a thing.

Well, you don't owe Ron a thing, either.

My loyalty for my brother is how I measure myself, do you understand?

What about your loyalty to me, is that not a measure?

So... what is going on with your eyes right now?

Are you on something? Are you taking something, Frances?

Are you taking pills again? Let's have a look.

Oh, hello. Look at that. Stop it.

Jesus Christ, how many of these things are you on?

No wonder you're not making any sense. You're a pill popper.

And who made me that? What? A pill popper?

So, let me get this straight. What you're saying is that in order for us all to be free, yeah, that we all have to be on our own?

That's great, Frances. Let's just... I'll go with that.

Listen, talk to that barmaid. Yeah?

Tell her when they line the suspects up across from her to point her finger at Ron and say, "That's him.

"That's the mad hatter what done it."

All right?

Where are you going? Home.

What about me mum? Fuck your mum!

Take your time. No.

The man who shot Cornell, he's not here.

Are you sure?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.

Please, could someone just take me home?


I swear to God.

I smelt something, I don't know what I smelt.

There were some good funny looks in the room towards the judge.

A bit stinky, he was.

Right? Am I right or am I wrong?

No. No. Shh.

Just goes to show, you can give a dog a bad name, but when that dog's name is Kray, it might bite you back. Well done.

Well done, Ronnie. Justice is served.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Eh? Drink to my little bunny.

Welcome home.


It's discipline.

Come and sit down, Vi. No.

Give her a pink wafer.

What did you tell her?

I just said, "You might want to think about your children." You know?

I wish I could make you go away.

Well, good luck with that, Frances.

Yeah. Good fucking luck with that.

♪ Oh, I cried last night

♪ How I cried last night

♪ For I knew the warning you had given me last night

♪ Now it's over

♪ Yes, it's over

♪ And my tears are all too late

♪ I won't sleep tonight

♪ I will weep tonight

♪ But the years filled with tears could not put this right

♪ For I've lost you

♪ I have lost you... ♪ It's pouring down with rain.

What the fuck is she doing?

It surprises me that some people still...

Still survive these days.

See you later, Albie.

You all right? Yeah, go on.

You all right? Look like you're struggling there.

Help me.

Help you? What are you doing?

Help me put the top on.

Oh, I'm not sure I can help you. Reggie, please, it's going to get ruined.

I can't, can I? I'm a club owner. You know what I mean?

I can pick a nice model, all right, in a nice colour, but I'm not very good at anything else. I'm not a mechanic, am I?

I'm more of a... a gangster, isn't that right? Yeah?

Please help me.

Please help you?


"Please, Reggie."

All right, let's help you, then. Go on, then.

How's that?

It looks a bit fucking fucked to me, mate.

Speaking of...

You look like shit and all.


What are you doing? Reggie, stop it!

Stop it!


Eh? Stop what? Please stop. Please stop.

Reggie, please stop. Please stop. Stop what?

Please, no!

Please! No!

Stop it!

♪ Life goes on without me

Where are you going?

I'm leaving Reggie.

Oh, that is a shame, he will take that very hard.

Please get out of my way, Ron.

Unless you prefer me to stay.

All right, boys, go upstairs. Go on.

Would you like me to help you with your bags?

No, thank you. Oh, come on. Don't be daft.

Look at the size of you, look at the size of me, come on.

Come on.

You know, Frances, sometimes to achieve greatness, you do, you have to cut off a little piece of yourself no matter how much it hurts, in order to grow, in order to move on.

It takes courage and I admire that, you know?

To be honest, I think you're getting out just in time.

You think so? Absolutely, yeah.

There's so many people who know so much about us.

Not you, of course. You know.

Most people hate us.

Sooner or later, someone's going to talk and that'll be it, it'll be over.

That wouldn't be so bad, would it?


I think God ought to cut us some slack, though, don't you think?

Yeah, I'm sure God will.

That is, uh...

That is bang out of order.

That's not how we were brought up, not at all.

Ron, I've got to go.

Yeah, course you do. Listen here, Frances, right?

We both love him, all right?

We both made the effort.

So we shall just have to see what happens when we get there.



Goodbye, Ron.

Bye, Frances.

Listen here, I always liked you, Frances, I always did.

'Cause you have the ability to see into the future.

You do.

And that's the same as me.

Bye, now.

All right, Reggie?

How are you?

Yeah. You all right, Frank? Long time no see, eh?

I've been walking straight, you know. Oh, yeah?

Yeah. That's nice, innit?

That's nice.

What can I do for you?

Frances here?

It's just that I've been outside your parents' house the last couple of weeks.

And they hadn't told me that she left, so, you know, I've been standing underneath her window like a fool.

Yeah, she's here. Yeah, I know.

Reggie... What?

I haven't seen her like this in a long time.

She's delicate.

Right. All right.

You tell Frances to come out here 'cause I had to come out here.

Why don't you just go and get Frances? I'm not letting you see her.

Don't fuck about! Frank?

Frances, get back inside. What are you doing?

It's OK.

Hi, Reggie.

Hello, Frances.

Have you got a moment?

Let's have a little chat.

It's all right. Are you sure about this?

Go inside and put the kettle on.

Frankie, come home.

I am home.

At least until I find somewhere else.

I can't go and live with my mum.

What can I do to change your mind?

You can't.

I've changed my mind about one thing, though.

What's that?

I do want you to remember me.


That I existed, that I once walked beside you.

What are you on about?

Frankie, come on.

I always imagined, you know, I thought that we might have a child or two, you know.

Why? So you could use them to threaten me?


No, because I still love you.


No, it's just a thing you say out of loyalty to something that didn't exist in the first place. That's not true.

Loving you is the only thing that holds me together.

You know, I...

I dreamt that we could live beyond the place we were meant for.

But you're a gangster and you love being one.


No, Frances, listen.

Please let me make amends for the suffering and the pain that I have caused you, please.


Just let me take you somewhere. Somewhere?

Yeah. Anywhere. Anywhere you want.

Just the two of us so we can be together.

It could be like our second honeymoon or...

Or not. Just so that you can know that I can change.

That... To be fair, I have. I've... I've changed.

All I'm saying is is that the centre of the world can be anywhere you want it to be.



Who? Ibiza.

Let's go there, I like the way the word sounds.

Yeah, you know what, I like the way the word sounds, too.

You want to... We go to Ibiza?

I'll get the tickets today. I'll book 'em today.

♪ Now I'm sorry

♪ If I hurt you

♪ Let me make it up day by day

♪ Just say you love me

♪ Like you used to

♪ And make the world

♪ Make it go away

♪ Make the world go away

♪ Oh, yes

♪ Get it off, get it off of my shoulders

♪ Oh, right now... ♪

'God doesn't ask if we accept this life.

'There is no choice.

'Life is forced upon you.

'The only choice is how you live it.

'Or not.

'That's a choice as well.'

'A cup of tea can solve anything.

'A bit under the weather? Tea.

'You've left your husband? Tea is the answer.'

Frances? Bloody hell, Frances. What have you done? Frances!

'In case you thought, "At least Frances survived

"'or she wouldn't be telling us this tale", 'well, now you know.

'But I was free at last.

'God had finally cut me some slack.'

Where is she?

In her bedroom.

'That afternoon, Reggie would drink himself insensible.

'What do you do, after all, 'when the only person who could ever get to you is gone?

'Cup of tea?

'I don't think so.'

One big hat.

Well, sit down. Don't stand around here like some kind of lamppost.

Squeeze in.

Sweaty, what don't we have?

A bottle. Go on.

Go on. Go on. Right on.

You wanted to see me, Ron? Yeah, I do, actually.

I want you to kill somebody for me, all right?

I'm gonna give you £1,000.


There's £500 there, all right? So that's half. Yeah?

You get the rest when it's done.

You can count it all 'cause it's all there and you can put it in your little pocket.

That's for you.

Go on, put it in your fucking pocket. We know you ain't got any money.

Don't be daft.

Who is it?

Mum, wait here.

Stop, Mum, leave it. You killed her!

You killed my daughter, you bastard! You killed her!

And your £100 a week on flowers won't bring her back!


You're gonna rot in hell, Reggie Kray!

McVitie, what are you doing here?

I've got a message for you.

From Ron.


Shall I send a solicitor? Or have you seen to that?

I want my wife and children's safety guaranteed.


He's given them everything.


Dates, times.

Documents. The lot.

They've put two and two together, taken a dozen witnesses into protection.

Nipper, uh...

Yeah? Nipper what?

The barmaid.

He got the barmaid back in.

She ain't come out.


Where's Ron?

♪ I know I stand in line

♪ Until you think you have the time

♪ To spend an evening with me... ♪ Oh, yeah.

♪ And if you go someplace to dance, I know that there's a chance... ♪ This is a piece of me, this.

Oh, yeah, I love this song. Yeah, it's your favourite.

♪ And afterwards, we'll drop into a quiet little place

♪ And have a drink or two

♪ And then I go and spoil it all

♪ By saying somethin' stupid like, "I love you"

Oh, fuck off, soppy bollocks.


♪ I can see it in your eyes that you despise the same old lines

♪ You heard the night before... ♪ Don't get him started.

Say what? Fuck off.

♪ And though it's just a line to you, for me, it's true

♪ You never seemed so right before... ♪ Oh, yeah.

Cheer up, twinkle toes.

It's nearly Christmas.

Why don't you have a little dance or something, you know?

What is the point of coming out to a party like this if you're not going to enjoy yourself?

I'm waiting for Jack the Hat.

Oh, right. What's he been doing?

Has he been waving his shotgun around in the clubs again?

What did you think going after Leslie Payne was going to get us?

What do I think?

You heard.

Well, in case you ain't realised, I don't fucking answer to you, sweetheart.

Now we're back to business.

Here he is. Come on, come on, Ron, show us how it's done.

I've got the moves.

Hello, hello. Where the birds at? Hey, it's Jack the Hat.

Mr Bender, how are you? Nice to see you.

Esther? Jackie.

I should never have let you go. That was an absolute mistake.

I'm gonna get myself a drink.

Then I'm gonna come back, and I'll tell you why I shouldn't have let you go.

I promise.

Hello, Leslie. How are you?



There you go, Ron, look. Jack's here.

What's your stories, morning glories?

Here you are, Jack. Cigarette.

I quit on the way down the stairs.

You got something on your mind, Reg?


Yeah, you're on my mind, mate.

Leslie Payne?

What the fuck were you thinking? Eh?

You've ruined this.

I don't know what you're on about. Don't fucking lie to me!

I don't want to be treated this way. How do you want to be treated?

Ron? Shut up.

He ain't gonna fucking help you, is he? You got a tin of worms in your head.

Don't take it out on me what happened to Frances.

I'm sorry, what did you say?

It's not my fault Frances killed herself. I never sold her the fucking pills.

You've got to be joking. Are you fucking joking?


Go on, fucking shoot him.

Say that again. Go on.


Say her fucking name. I dare you.


Why would you do that?

Because I can't kill you.

No matter how much I fucking want to.




Reggie, look at me.

What the fuck's wrong with you?

You kill a geezer in a room full of people.

Are you fucking mad?


"Eh", what?

'Reggie once said, "The centre of the world

"'could be anywhere you like."

'Even here, in the East End of London.

'The world is quite like London.

'It's not good, it's not bad, it just is.

'There's no morality or dishonour, 'just your own lonely code.

'Until your race is run. Until the end.

'Until we're all just ghosts of the people we once thought we were.'

'Reggie spent 33 years in prison for killing Jack McVitie.

'Through all of those years, until the end, 'he carried a pair of tickets with him.

'Reggie, my prince, 'we were supposed to go to Ibiza after all.'

♪ I feel frustrated all the time

♪ Over and over

♪ Bittersweet you and me

♪ Ain't no way to understand

♪ Now I believe we'll make it to the end

♪ When you just couldn't feel

♪ I negotiate

♪ Between love and hate

♪ And it winds up just the same

♪ Try to understand it

♪ Feel you could comprehend

♪ I negotiate the bail

♪ Took a lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Took a lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ Whole lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Whole lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ I see regret in your eyes, stone cold sober

♪ Go deny what you do to me

♪ Hundred times I ask of you to think of me

♪ But what more could you do

♪ You just couldn't hide the truth

♪ I compromise

♪ To get by

♪ To survive

♪ You won't see me cry

♪ I give and take

♪ I'll be your mistake

♪ Sure I'm moving on

♪ I'll be standing strong

♪ Took a lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Took a lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ Whole lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Whole lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ Whole lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ Whole lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ Hear me as I say

♪ Took a whole lot of love to feel this way

♪ Understand that I tried

♪ But hate pushed all the love aside

♪ It took a lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Took a lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ Whole lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Whole lot of love, whole lot of love

♪ I negotiate

♪ Between love and hate

♪ I negotiate

♪ With a whole lot of love

♪ I negotiate

♪ Between love and hate

♪ And it winds up just the same

♪ Took a lot of love to hate you the way I do

♪ Took a lot of love... ♪