Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010) Script

My talons are upon you!

Your days of terrorizing the owl kingdoms are over!

Not so fast! You're no match for my army of Evil Ones.

Ha, ha! Well, perhaps.

But I am Lyze of Kiel. Soren, but...

And I have assembled my own army, the Guardians of Ga'Hoole!

But, Soren...

We've sworn an oath to make strong the weak, mend the broken, and vanquish evil!

Eglantine, what is it?

Soren, this time you said I would be Lyze of Kiel.

Oh, come on. Look, next go, all right?

Well, I hope you're not lying...

...to Metal Beak!

Got you!

My beak. Da.

Okay. Enough, young owlets. Time for bed.

Yes, please. Enough stories about the Guardians.

Now, Kludd, stories are part of our culture and our history.

We learn from them.

Even after the 7ooth time we hear them?

Yes, even then. Unless, son, you already know all there is of our history.

I know the Guardians win.

Soren, is just a story. It is not!

Here we go again.

I mean, Da, have you ever seen a Guardian?

Kludd, just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't real.

Is like feeling something with your gizzard.

You know, through our gizzards...

...the voices of the ages whisper to us and tell us whas right.

Now, thas enough for one night, dear.

Tomorrow's a big day. Is first branching.

Now, off to bed. Now, come along, children.

I've made the moss and down extra soft for you, Eglantine.

Soren, do you really think Metal Beak is real?

You remember, it was the Battle of the Ice claws.

The Guardians were outnumbered. Things looked dark.

But then Lyze of Kiel...

...struck down the leader of the evil owls.

The Guardians were victorious.

The owl kingdoms were free once more.

And then they returned home, to the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole.


But some say the evil king still lives...

...and wears a metal mask to hide his missing beak.

Stop! You're gonna give her daymares.

But this is my favorite part.

I know. We've heard it a thousand times.

You have a soft head, Soren.

I think Da has filled it with stories and dreams.

There's nothing wrong with dreams.

Thas the difference between us. I have mine when I'm asleep.

Now would you just go to sleep?


...Da says our dreams are who we are.

So as I was... Kludd, wait! No!

Look, Da!

I'm gonna be the best flier.

Thas because Tytos are best at everything.

Right, Da?

You have strength, Kludd. But owls make the best hunters for one reason alone.

Yeah, I know. Their silent flight. By the time I have my claws out...

The mice will have run away. And you and your hatchlings will go hungry.


I'm ready.

Young Guardian...

...I don't think your first branching lesson will be that dangerous.

Now, don't worry how much noise you make in the beginning.

You just need to stretch your...


Well done.

Beginner's luck.

You know, Kludd, it helps when I picture where I'm gonna land.

Come on, I'll race you!

Okay. Go!

Yeah, you had a head start.

No, I didn't! Yeah, you did. Da, he cheated.

Boys. No more fighting.

Les get the boys inside. Is time to go. Can we come with you on the hunt?

Not tonight. But when the time comes, at least you'll have the helmet for it.

Nice helmet. Get off!


Do it again. Say it again.

Noctus, I know Soren's a bit of a dreamer. Do you worry for him?

I worry for both of them.

Seems like yesterday they were hatchlings...

...and now, well, you know, they'll soon be grown and leaving the hollow.

I just want them to be prepared.

They'll be fine.

Come on.

Eglantine, are you all right?

Oh, is all right, dear.

If it wants to come out, let it.

Thas it, dear. Thas it. Keep going.

Oh, is going to be beautiful!

There you go. Eg, hat is gross!

Quite an achievement.

What is it? Is your first pellet.

First? You mean there'll be more?

Don't you recognize it, Eg?

It was the mouse you ate.

Its fur and bones, anyway.

Every owl yarps up pellets.

In fact, I think I might have your brothers' first pellets.

No, no. Maybe you'd like to see them?

No. Oh, Mrs. P, not again. Please. Oh, come on, dear.

Such a big night for this tree. First branching, first pellet.

Excuse me.

Kludd, do you want to go out and try some more branching?

What? So you can go out there and show off again?

I don't think so.

Oh, maybe you're right.

Maybe we should just...

...I don't know, stay inside and play Battle of the Ice claws again.

Kludd? Could I just show you how? Without you being so angry?

All right. Show me how.

Well, before I leap...

I picture myself standing on a great cliff with the Guardians, ready for battle.

We leap down, floating silently like Lyze of Kiel.

The air's just carrying us as we... Thas enough!

Kludd, are you okay?

Oh, no.

We're on the ground.

We can't be here. Is... Is...

This is the worst place for an owl.

Yeah. No, no. Is weird down here.

No. We gotta get back. We can't be here.

You know, if we could just make it to that branch.

Then we could climb our way up.

Yeah, here, les see.

Shh! Quiet!

What was that?



Kludd! Kludd!

Where are you taking us?

But our home's that way.

You can't do this!

Keep your mouth shut, or I'll shut it for you.

Whad you think, Jutt? The "I'll shut it for you" part?

No, not that. My evil stare. Been working on it for weeks.

Oh. I missed it. Les see.


You like it? Yeah.

You know, your evil stare reminds me a little of my "Intimidator."

Yeah? I raise one eyebrow...

...tuck in my chin and...

Who are you? Hey! No questions.

No "whos," no "whats," no "whys."

You'll see soon enough.

What do you think? Did that evil stare seem forced or natural?

Completely natural. Oh, thanks.

Let me go!


Strong beak, that one. Yeah? Well, they'll put that to good use.

You know, Jatt, if I use your evil stare...

...and combine it with my raised-eyebrow look...

...I get this.

What do you call that? "The Predator."

"The Predator"? Is a bit silly, don't you think?

Hey, Jatt, look. Is Grimble.

Perfect. Hit him with the new look.

With or without raised eyebrow?

With raised eyebrow. With raised eyebrow.

Greetings, Grimble.

Jutt, Jatt, so nice to see you both.

Did you only get half an owl tonight, Grimble?

No, Jatt. Is an elf owl.

They're very small, but hard workers.

Too old to carry a full-size one?

Yeah, hilarious.

Is there something wrong with your face, Jutt?

Huh? No!

You've upset him now. Is a new look!

But you gotta work on your comebacks.

I'm Soren.

I'm Gylfie.

He said you were an elf owl.

From Kuneer. Thas in the desert.

Are you a Tyto?

Yeah, from Tyto Forest.

Who are these owls?

Do you have any idea where they're taking us?

Hey! Stop talking.

Quiet! Listen to the old man!


Settle down. Silence!

Kludd! Silence!

Your parents and families have abandoned you.

So from now, you'll be classified as orphans.

No, I'm not an orphan.

Horribly tragic, I know.

But by the mercy of Glaux...

...you've been rescued and brought here to St. Aegolius.

And, in time, you'll come to be grateful for the kindness shown to you.

You'll repay that kindness with labor.

Some of you will be pickers.

No, I don't want to be a picker!

Some will be soldiers. Gylfie, stay with me.

In your ways, all will serve the High Tyto and the Pure Ones.

Let us go! Silence.

We don't want to serve the Pure Ones.

Who are the Pure Ones? Silence!

I am Nyra, Ablah General of St. Aegolius...

...and mate to the Lord High Tyto.

I know right now you miss your families...

...but soon enough you will understand the Pure Ones are your new family.

The Pure Ones are not our family. Let us go!

She's right. Let us go!

Whas this?

Tyto, don't waste your time. Don't soil your feathers.

You leave her be.

Oh, spirited little Tyto. How touching.

You and your patch of felt will stay together, then.

As pickers.

Les go. Hurry up.

Perhaps when you remember your nobility, Tyto, we can make a soldier of you.

Come on. What about my brother?

Oh? Where's he? Kludd!

Owlet, that one says you're his brother.

Would you like to join him?

I didn't think so.


Here we go. Move along. Move it along.

Kludd! Now, there's a soldier.

Thank you.

Soren, you know, you don't have to be here with me. You should be with your brother.

No, Gylfie. I could never be with those Tytos.

I don't know why Kludd would even think...

Hey! Whas wrong with him?

He looks like he's been moon...

All right, you owlets, move it in, move it in. Come on!

Do exactly as he says or you'll never see the light of dawn.

Nice one, Jutt. Felt a little forced.

It was awesome. Thank you, Jatt.

So tonight, we want you to...

What was it again, Jatt? To rest.

To rest.

So lean back, put your beaks up...

...and turn your faces to the light of the glorious full moon.

And sleep.

Soren, we mustn't fall asleep.

I think they're trying to moon blink us.

Moon blink us?

Sometimes in the desert, owls would get exhausted and collapse under it.

When they woke up, they just weren't the same.

As if they'd forgotten who they were.

Gylfie, we are going to get out of here.

I know these stars.

I could get us away from here...

...but the only way out is to fly and we can't.

Not yet, we can't.

But we're gonna learn how.

Whenever they're not watching...

...every chance we get, we're gonna stretch out our wings...

Do you really think that we can make it, Soren?

Together, Gylfie, we'll get away.

I'm cold.


All right, my lovely little owlets. Thas enough beauty rest.

Wakey, wakey. Rise and shine. Is another glorious day...

Oh, no. Soren.

Thas right. Here we go. Move it along.


Where are we going now?

Gylfie, we need to act moon blinked.

Keep moving. Lots of pellet picking ahead.

You may have noticed that we don't like dawdling.

Anything with W's in it, we don't trust.

Come on. Shuffle those talons.

The sooner you get there, the sooner we start.

The sooner you start, the sooner we finish. Les go!

Keep moving, no dawdling.

And welcome to the Pelletorium.

Is a great place for the rest of your lives.

You mustn't feel sorry for them down there.

As lower species, they are fortunate to serve a higher cause.

As Tyto owls, their natural superiors...

...you too are part of that plan.

One that will soon bring order to all the owl kingdoms...

...when the Pure Ones will rule.

A new and noble era will dawn.

Now, prove your greatness...

...and rise.



Les get this party started!

Les get picking!

Start picking up those pellets right now.

Thas right. Think of the joy. Pellets.

We love them.

Ugh. Other owls' pellets.

You know, maybe it would have been better if we had been moon blinked.

Oh, here we go. Eureka.

Great job, number 857... Whatever.

All right, everyone, gather around.

Hey, you with the blank expression. Thas all of them.

Oh. Pay attention. He's talking.

Now this is the kind of pellet you're picking for.

Mouse fur, mouse bones, thas all standard.

But the secret rare ingredient in this one is what Mr. Mouse ate:

A metal fleck. Metal fleck.

Now, I'm very perceptive.

He is. I am.

And I'm detecting you... Nicely done.

...want to volunteer to take this fleck to where all the flecks belong.

You all watching? Hm?

Come on.


Ha, ha. All right, more baskets to fill.

Back to work.

What happened?

Listen, Gylfie, those birds are doing something terribly wrong.

We have to find Kludd and we have to get out of here.

And exactly what do you two think you're doing?


Once we have amassed enough flecks...

...we will set a trap.

Then it is up to you to lure our enemy to their rightful place:

Into our claws.

And then the Western Kingdoms and the Tree, those will be mine.

You have my word.

What do you plan on doing with us?


What is this place? Get inside.

Stop asking questions.

The Pure Ones won't be too happy if you don't let us get to the Pelletorium.


And they won't be too happy when they find out what I'm gonna do to you either.

I'm gonna teach you to fly.


You can breathe now.

Yeah, is been getting worse here.

I told myself if any came who were smart, and brave enough to resist...

...l'd help them.

I guess you two'll have to do.

But aren't you a...?

A Pure One? No, I hate them.

Almost as much as I hate what they've turned me into.

My feathers weren't always stained with these colors.

When the Pure Ones invaded our kingdom, I fought back.

Now, they thought they could use that...

...so they took my family.

And they promised me if I followed orders, no harm would come to them.

And I've been doing their dirty work ever since.

Now, have you flown at all before?

Well, I have been branching.

You don't have the luxury of gliding down from a nest anymore.

We need to work on your power skills, starting with what you already know.

Show me what you can do.

Come on.

Hey, good, good.

Now, try and feel every muscle, every feather in each stroke.

And push!


All right, you two, thas enough. Come on.

Back to practice.

Now, the best of you...

...the fittest and the most brilliant...

...I will present to the Lord High Tyto.

So les see how much you've improved...

...as fliers, as fighters.


Well done. You've shown exceptional obedience and discipline.

My husband will be most pleased by your progress.

Hm. Tell me, does your brother have similar potential as a flier?

Who, Soren?

No. He fell out of the tree when he was still a hatchling. He's lame.

Oh, soldier, you mustn't confuse praise for license.

Never lie to me.

For the Lord High Tyto, we need as many strong fliers as we can find.

Come, les tell your brother what rewards there are...

...for those who recognize their true family.

No, more flap, deeper flap.

The still air has no shape to use.

You gotta compensate with your downstroke.

Make your wing tips almost meet, if you can, without stalling.

I can't curl my feathers enough, Grimble. My wings are too short.

Well, they said Lyze of Kiel's wings were short.

And that didn't stop him.

And you're gonna need to fly a long way to get to the Guardians.

The Guardians of Ga'Hoole? Yeah.

But how will we know where to go?

Well, you have to get to the Sea of Hoolemere...

...yeah, where the Tree is shrouded in ancient mists...

"Which keep it hidden from all but the strong of purpose and the true of heart."

Yeah, exactly.

I'd come with you...

...but I still hold out the hope of freeing my family.


Kludd. Go!

Kludd, come with us!

Go, now!

Get them!

Kludd! Your little owlets won't get away.

Soren! What do we do?

Soren, we have to go!

Wait. Kludd! Come on! Now's our chance!

Well, what are you waiting for, son? This is your chance to go home!

I am.

I am home.

Eh? No.

Would you wound your queen, Grimble?

You're not my queen!

We need to jump now, Soren!

Now! Aah! Aah!

Come on, Gylfie! Flap!

Flap your wings!

No! Follow the owlets!

Follow the owlets!

Go, you fools!

Go! Go tell the Guardians!

Look! There! I see a way!

Where? Aah!

Gylfie, come on, follow me!

Faster, Gylfie. Come on! Faster!

I can't, Soren, I just can't. I have to rest.

No, Gylfie. Come on, we have to!

Hey, wait. I think they're gone.

What? Are you sure?

I think so.

Hey, you know what?


We're flying.

Does it feel the way you thought it would?


It feels much better.

What are we gonna do now, Soren?

We're gonna find the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

Grimble's death was unfortunate.

But you...

You had a chance to follow your brother, yet you didn't.

I'm starting to think that you might actually deserve to stay.

To be one of us.

Oh, I want that.

We offer power and purpose.

What can you offer us?

What can you offer me?


I have a sister. Go on.

She's young, but she's got spirit...

...and will grow into a strong Tyto.

Perhaps you could bring her to me.

Here the young ones are our future.

Are you hungry?


Watch this.

Hey! Oh, nice hunting. You should be really proud of yourself...

...catching a moth thas already caught.

Wait. You hadn't caught it.

Mm! I was very close. One might even say I was this close:

Extracted from DVD by ForsakeN Perfect. Ahem.

An ambush. Well, I bet you didn't count on this.

I'm sorry. We didn't mean to take your moth.

It wasn't his moth. Yes, it was.

We were just looking for a place to hide and rest.

In which order? What do you mean?

Did you need to hide first or rest first?

What difference does it make?

Huge! If you need to hide first, I'd say you were in big trouble.

But if resting was on your mind, I'd say your situation wasn't as dire.

We're on our way to the Sea of Hoolemere.

We're gonna find the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.


Two little owlets like you will never reach the sea.

There are some really scary beasts out that way.

Scary beasts?

If the hawks don't make a quick lunch of you, then the buzzards will.

And if the buzzards don't get you...

...the dingoes wait in the trees and as you fly by they...

Our request remains the same, owl.

Do you have a place to rest? My friens hurt.

Name's Digger.

The hollow's this way.

Going to the sea, huh?


You know what they call owls who fly towards the sea?

Uh, no. Lost.

Is hilarious. I have another one for you.

What do you call an owl...?

Twilight! We've got company!

Put me down this instant! I mean it!

This is highly disrespectful!

Dinner is served.

And she will not stop talking.

Mrs. P! Is me, Soren!


Oh, it can't be.

Every day, I've been looking for you and Kludd, and then this.

To be snatched up by this monstrosity.

Monstro...? The audacity!

Digger, who are these tiny owls and why are they talking to dinner?

My name is not "dinner."

Well, dinner's rather moody, isn't it?

Wait. She is not dinner. She's my nursemaid.

I just hate being driven to hiss. So unladylike.


Mrs. P, these are my new friends. This is Gylfie and Digger.

And Twilight, is it?

Charmed to meet you, dinner.

Oh, I mean, Mrs. P.

These two are going to the Sea of Hoolemere...

...to find the Guardians.

Really? What?

No, Soren, we need to get you home. Your parents are so worried.

No, you don't understand, Mrs. P. Kludd and I were kidnapped.

Mercy! He's still held captive.

I have to find the Guardians. They're the only ones that can save him.

An adventure afoot!

Danger. Intrigue.

The stuff of songs.

Oh, no. Not the lute.

But such things have no effect on me...

...for I am a poet as much as a warrior.

If you will...

Though his nursemaid tels him no The boy will not be tamed He flies off into danger To be battered, bruised and maimed Just because is sung doesn't make it a song.

That poem just came to me, if you can believe it.

I think they can believe it. Is a gift.

Right, well, sounds like we've got a long journey, so...

Mrs. P?

Look, you know is what Da would want.

Thas just why I'm coming with you.

What? No! Please do not leave us here.

Yes, you're the first new souls we've seen in eight moons.

If I have to hear any more of his ridiculous owl jokes...

They're a hoot! They are not.

Well, if I have to hear him play one more quote-unquote "song"...

...l'm gonna tear my gizzard out!

How dare you?! Les get out.

Please. Please don't go!

Do you even know the way to the Sea of Hoolemere?

Twilight knows the way. Of course I know the way.

We are off to the Sea of Hooladance.

Is "Hoolemere." Hoolemere.

Hey, you know, Mrs. P, you might be the first snake ever to fly.

You know, I think I am.

And I quite like it too.

Oh, my!

Shove it.

My lord. Hm?

Our work at St. Aegolius is very nearly done.

The last of the flecks are on their way.

And I've brought you an offering with beating hearts.

Your new soldiers. Tested and pure.

One in particular shows exceptional promise.

I'll be the judge of that.

You. Soldier.

Step forward.

Yes, you're right to be afraid in my presence.

What is your name?

Kludd. Speak up.

Ahem. Kludd! My name is Kludd.

There. Thas better.

Remember, weakness is for the lower species...

...never for us.

Do you know why, Kludd?

Because we are Tytos.

Oh, I got another one.

Knock, knock. Please don't respond.

Who's there? Don't encourage him.

Owls. Owls who?

Here it comes. Ha, thas right. Owls whoo!

I told you.

Because owls whoo. Funny. Absolutely pathetic.

Is a very complex one, but is...

As the night falls, so do we we fall asleep we fall asleep

We continue to fall asleep we fall asleep For dreams, they come on highly Shh! Shh!

We are now asleep we are now asleep

You know, I think that crow is following us.

Yes. I've had my eye on him for a while.

Know what an owl says when he's pecked by a crow?

Really, Digger, must you?

Ow! Thas right, "Ow"!

Hey! Get out of here!

Oh, that is it.

Twilight! Your lute!

Oh, let them have it. Good riddance.

Oh, wait. Oh, no! Oh, yes!

Mrs. P!

Come on!

Mrs. P! I'm coming!

Soren, look!


They're too fast.

I'll get you closer. We're going to lock talons!

What? Trust me! I know what I'm doing!

Yeah, but have you done this before?

No, but I've always wanted to try it!

Hold on!

Mrs. P!

Get out of here! Begone!

Oh, Mrs. P. Are you okay?

Quite a ride.

Les do that again.

Owl, you surely can fly.

Thank you, Twilight.

Well, here we are.

The Sea of Hoolemere.

Is just so big.

Yes, is a right big puddle there.

I don't know.

You really think the Guardians are out there?

They have to be.

The band!

Finally. Who's there?

Your arrival 'twas foretold.

'Twas foretold trespassers would land on my shore.

Look, we mean you no harm.

Yes. 'Twas foretold as well.

We've flown a long way. Also foretold.

And we're very tired. Foretold!

I know all.

Now, state your desire, owl.

Well... Wait.

If you really know all, then how come you don't know that?

Ah! 'Twas foretold there would be one who doubts.

Is anyone else having trouble with this?

Yes, I kind of am.

Da said, "guided by the spines of the echidna."

Wait! Wait, you're an echidna!

I am the echidna.

And it was foretold you would need some help getting here.

Well, then, I should tell you, we seek the Guardians.

He should already know that.

I do, doubter. Go on.

Da said your spines can guide us.

And they will.

Now, to reach the Tree, keep between the Whale's Fin and the Eye of Glaux.

Never go outside those stars.

Now, go! All of you.

'Twas foretold that the band would hesitate.

But that in time would become a family.

And a family needs all of its members to play their parts.

The warrior.

Poet warrior, please. Thank you.

Fine, strong and noble.

The tracker, sturdy and faithful.

The navigator, who doubts.

The leader, whose gizzard is strong.

And finally, of course, the heart.

Wait. Are you a snake?

Yes, I am.

You've all come this far, each protecting the other.

So go. Look to the sky, and fly.

All right. Les go.

Remember, when your wings are weak...

...your spirits done...

...and you've flown as far as you can...

...you're halfway there!

What did he say?

We're halfway there! Oh, yeah.

Woo-hoo! This is gonna be a breeze.

We're lost!

I can't find my bearings.

We have to find the island!

We're in the mist.

The Tree must be on the other side. I can feel it in my gizzard!

Your gizzard?

Does anyone else have any more solid information about how much further it is?

Digger, why are you flying like that?

Like what? You know how I fly.

Is not that!

Digger! Your wings!

I think...


Digger. Digger!

Aah! Digger!

Digger? Digger.

Oh, no. No.

Can you fly with me?

There are...

There are five of us.

Yes. We know.

Can you see whas happening?

Out of my way, I can't see.

I can't hear a thing. Shh!

I wanna see!

I'm concerned about this fleck material of which they speak.

It could be a weapon. Could be a new shield or armor.

Having examined them, Your Majesty...

...they do show signs of the trials they described.

It beggars belief to think that these brave owlets would fly here by themselves...

...to spin a fairy tale.

Heh-heh-heh. Does my Lord Allomere feel otherwise?

Oh, good Glaux.

Boron, Your Majesty, if I understand this correctly...

...Metal Beak is not a myth...

...he's building a slave army of moon-blinked owlets...

...and is planning to conquer the world with magical pellet debris.

Without intending any disrespect...

...and particularly to my little friends, who have been through so much...

...such a story simply stretches plausibility too far.

Does that notion strike Ezylryb as amusing?

What cheek!

Whas amusing to me is that you would cover yourself by besmirching these fliers.

Perhaps my good fellow Ezylryb wishes us to race back to war.

No, no.

Perhaps he'd write a poem about it from his hollow, while the rest of us...

Well, while the rest of us had our talons deformed too.

But I say caution...

...when the losses could be so many.

I would never counsel rushing blindly into war...

...but for a cause such as the one the boy described...

...for a violation of peace so blatant, so powerful...

...of course I'd fight!

What other course to take?

And if you think I'm a coward, or I'd simply urge others on, I'll fight you right now.

Order. Boron, you can judge the winner.

Mildly, owls. We're trying to seek the truth.

The truth?

I told you the truth.

The Pure Ones exist.

They've kidnapped me and dozens of owlets from our hollows.

They want to enslave us all and rule our world without pity.

Yes, the only proof I have are my words.

But words were the only proof I ever had that you were real.

And still, I believed.

And you would argue with that?

I will not argue with it.

Your Majesty, my search and rescue chaw...

...is scheduled to leave on a routine survey during the next full moon.

No. Perhaps we could...

You shall leave immediately.

Take your best owls with you, Allomere. And be thorough.


Soren, we did it.

Yeah. Yeah, I guess we did.

I just hope Allomere finds the owlets.

Oh, to be a young owl with a taste for adventure...

...arriving to the Tree for the first time.

Well done to hold your own in there.

Some more nice strong gizzards.

The Tree always needs them.

He is one strange owl.

I think he might be missing a few talons.

And a good bath.

Gross old owl.

You'll want to stay out of his chaw.

Chaw? I'll tell you on the way to dinner.

You're already late.

Look out!

Now, Matron's instructed me to give you lot a rundown on the way we do things here.

During your basic training...

Wait, wait, wait. Basic training?

You don't just become a Guardian overnight. It takes years. Years.

Hello. Only our absolute best...

...are chosen to be... Wait. Who are you?

Are you going to keep interrupting me?

Now, if, however unlikely, you do have talent...

...you'll be tapped, or selected, for a specialized chaw, or squadron.

There's navigation, healing, search and rescue...

...blacksmithing, weather interpretation, colliering.

I expect to be placed in the navigation chaw myself.

Name's Otulissa, by the way.

I'm... I'm Soren. Heh.

I believe your friends are in there.

Digger! Hi!

How's the food, Digger?

He said "good," but he thinks ill go better with a little music.

What? And this looks like a decent crowd.

He's actually pretty good, you know.

Oh, I guess. If you like that sort of thing.

Here at the Great Tree...

...every owl trains in different skills we call "chaws."

You'll study tracking...

...navigating, combat.

But maybe you're a blacksmith.

Here I come, here I come.


Ow! Hey! Hold it!

Hang on, hang on. Ow!

Fire, boy. Is the lifeblood of the Tree.

There's nothing more dangerous. Hm?


You must be joking.


Come back here! I wasn't ready.

Feel the air!

Follow me.

My soldiers, my sons...

...many of you have heard of me in late-night whisperings...

...but I assure you, I am not a myth.

I am real.

And I stand before you with one simple truth:

The strong shall rule the weak.

Long ago, I was viciously attacked by the coward Lyze of Kiel...

...for defending that truth.

Now I wear this mask to conceal my scars.

But the metal is strong.

It is a symbol of the Pure Ones' strength and resolve.

It is time to set a fire that will consume the owl kingdoms...

...and take back what is rightfully ours!

Because we are Tytos!

We are Pure Ones!

And I am Metal Beak!

Metal Beak. Metal Beak.

Metal Beak. Metal Beak.

- Kludd? Metal Beak.

- Kludd. Metal Beak.

I miss Ma and Da.

I'm scared.

Don't be. You're with me now.

Eglantine, this is our home.

They really appreciate us here.

Kludd, please, could we just go find Soren?

Hey, hey! Forget about Soren.

Soren's weak. We're Tytos.

Pure Ones.

Kludd, I promise I won't tell anyone what you're doing.

I just wanna go home.

All right, Eg.

So we could go? When?


But first, tonight...

...just sleep.

Doing some wee-hours reading, eh?

Yeah. Is the Battle of the Ice claws.

You know, this is my da's favorite story.

He used to tell it to us all the time.

Well, your da had good taste in authors.

You enjoying it?

Honestly, is not at all like my da told it.

No? How did he tell it?

Well, Da always made it seem so heroic.

You know? Like a great victory.

Well, in these chronicles, I mean, the battle just sounds like...

Like hell?

Come on, boy. Is almost first light.

You've got a big day tomorrow.

I'm going to teach you how to really fly.

Feel the gutters! The currents in the rain.

A scupper!

A swillage!



He could have at least given us a vocabulary list.

Now, this, this is the way to learn!

Oh, yes! This is exactly how I want to learn.

In a monsoon!

The air currents warm in different ways, you see...

...from the sky to the ocean.

You can't fight them.

You have to feel them with your gizzards.

Aha! You see that one?

Soren, see it! Is there.

Go for it.

Thas it! Use your gizzard, boy.

Trust it!

Fly inside.

He sees it.

He sees it.

Hold it. Hold it.

Soren. Hey, hey, hey! Hey, careful, look out!

Soren! Soren!

Owl, come to my hollow.

So lean back, put your beaks up...

...and turn your faces to the light of the glorious full moon...

...and sleep.

Lord Allomere, the boy was right. Those owlets, we have to rescue them.

Caution. We mustn't rush in blindly.

We don't know what we're up against.

Now, see those bats?

Follow them. I'll wager we'll discover the full extent of their plan.


I'll take out that one, you get the two down on the platform.

What is this?

I don't even know what I did with it.

I don't know what happened.

I don't know what I did. What did I do?

We flew a great way out here and it was nothing like that.

You've got no reason to worry, boy.

I confess, I guided you into that twister on purpose.

I wanted to test your gizzard.

You were exemplary.


No, no, no. I nearly had my wings ripped off.

You know, my head said to do one thing while my gizzard was saying to do another.

And you trusted your head.

Thas when you failed.

Wait. Is that your mark?

EzYLRYB: What, this? Yes.

So you wrote the Chronicle of the Battle of the ice Claws.

I think so.

Well, actually, yes. I did.

Were you there? Yes.

What, as a scribe?

Well, no. As a soldier.

As the, I guess you could say, leader of all the soldiers.

You're Lyze of Kiel.

Um... Yes.

You're Lyze of Kiel.

Yes. Don't wear it out.


That old thing?

Thas only good for gathering coals now.

Yeah, but why go by Ezylryb?

All the owls of the Tree know who I am.

But you're...

My days as Lyze are well behind me.

And that battle is a distant memory.

Except, funnily enough, for young owlets like you.

Why didn't you tell me?

What difference does it make what I call myself?

Because Lyze of Kiel was my hero.

Yes, well, fancy it must be hard meeting your hero...

...and seeing that he's real and not a myth.

You're just not...

What did you expect?

Some Tyto alba with gleaming armor and battle claws, the moon rising behind him?

Well, this is what it looks like when you've actually fought in battle.

Is not glorious, is not beautiful. And is not even heroic.

Is merely doing whas right.

And doing it again and again, even if someday, you look like this.

Something's wrong.

Downed owlets, downed owlets!

Come fast! Allomere is back!

Quickly. Make way.

Some help here.

These owlets need attention.

Fetch it, quick.

Mommy? Is okay.

Hey. Hey. What happened?

Lord Allomere rescued two owlets in the Beaks.

It looks like he's hurt.

I think he ran into some of your Pure Ones.

You know, I didn't really believe you before.

Oh, well, thas okay. You know, I wouldn't have believed me either.

Soren! Soren, come fast, is Eglantine.


Let me through! Let me pass!

Been moon blinked.


Do you think you can help her?

We will do our best, Soren.



The battle was ferocious. We were greatly outnumbered.

I was only lightly wounded, thank Glaux. But the others...

Can you estimate the number of enslaved owlets, Allomere?

Scores, that I witnessed. There may well be many more.

And you believe this is part of a larger plan.

It is certain.

Your Majesty, this is no time for half measures.


Bubo, sharpen the battle claws.

To arms.

To arms.

Not a bad fit.

Ezylryb! Lyze.

Yes to both.

Look, I have to go.

You have to take me with you.

Oh, absolutely.

An untrained youth like you could last a whole minute in a real battle.


Come along. We could use the talon fodder.

I'd love to throw some bodies at the enemy.

Yeah, but I'm...

Or you could stay here...

...tend to your sister...

...and do some real good.

But what do I know? I'm just a tired old screech.


Oh, Eglantine.

I'd trade places with you if I could. I really would.

You know, I wish it was me lying there instead of you.

Oh, Soren.

Because then you could see this place for yourself, Eg.

You know, Da's stories, they're true. They're all true.

You know, the Guardians, and the Ga'Hoole Tree, and...

Is all true Even Lyze of Kiel. I mean, he's real, Eg.

He's real.

Soren, you promised.


You promised I could be Lyze on the next go.

Oh, Eglantine. Oh, Eglantine.


Soren? Mrs. P?

We're... We're not at home, are we?

We're at the Guardian's Tree, Eg.

Look. Look, this is Ga'Hoole.

No, it can't be. Kludd, he's still...

Kludd was wrong. Da was right. He was right all along, Eg.

No, I mean Kludd was there. With me.

He did this to me, Soren. He's one of them.

He what?

No. No, Eg.

Look, you must be confused. That can't be.

Well, thank Glaux Allomere rescued you.

I wasn't rescued.

Kludd gave me to the owl who brought me here.

No, Eg, no. Thas impossible.

I mean, that would mean that Allomere would have to be a...

Be a traitor.

No, is a trap.



We'll follow the Whale's Fin. Is how they would have gone.

I see something.


We should check out that smoke.

Soren, look.

Oh, Allomere.

Is it different when you see the consequences of your betrayal?

Must it be bats that bleed them? Of course.

They have no gizzards to be impaired by the power of the flecks.

Now, my love?

It would be cruel to make them wait any longer.

Finish them.

Well, we can't just leave them down there, writhing in pain.

Can we? No, you don't understand.

When we were at St. Aggie's, we saw what those things can do.

They do something terrible to your gizzard. Isn't that right, Soren?


Uh, we've got bats inbound.

Not to worry. I can down a hundred of those bloodsuckers.

Uh... Ooh. How about a thousand?

Well, we won't find out sitting on our tail feathers, will we? Come on!

Wait! Just wait.

Of course. Soren, what is it?

The flames. Thas it.

I think I see a way to free the Guardians.

No, Soren, you can't fly into fire.

Listen, Gylfie, I need to trust my gizzard.

Twilight, can you take care of the bats?

Friend, I'll give you as much time as I can.

But hurry. And be careful.

Come on!

Twilight, I think if we're going into battle together...

...you'll have to sing your best battle song ever.

What? No, I'm serious. I want to hear one.

Give us your bravest, most inspiring battle song ever!

Brilliant idea, Digger!

Into battle we do fly Yeah, thas it!

No matter if we're going to die What? Is that supposed to be inspiring?

Wait! We haven't gotten to the best bit! Oh.

A nasty, scary death that hurts quite a lot Even if our wlngs are ripped clean off No. No!

You told us you'd bring all the Guardians.

But they're not Guardians.


They have no chance against the flecks.

Still, I don't think we can trust you anymore, Allomere.


No, no, you promised me.

You promised me I would be King of the Tree!

You should know, Allomere...

...there is only room for one king.


Fly away!

Use your glizzard, boy!

Fly inside.



Oh, Soren.

Come on, Soren.

That was exemplary. But we're not finished yet, boy.

Oh, yeah! Woo-hoo!

Come on.

I bet you didn't count on this.

Ha, ha! Good job, my friends!

Pure Ones, attack!

Crush them!

Before they can recover!

Guardians, we must uphold our oath.

To battle!

I need you to stay here with your friends...

...and guard these owlets. Huh?

Unh! Ha, ha!

Come on!





Hello, brother.


Well, the legendary Lyze of Kiel.

Once again, is come down to just you and me.

And now I can take my vengeance for this.

You should thank me. It appears to be an improvement.

Your precious Guardians are finished, Soren.

The Pure Ones will triumph...

...and Tytos will take their rightful place as rulers of the owl kingdoms.

Oh, is gonna be glorious!


No, the Pure Ones are monsters. You saw what they were doing.

They were moon blinking other owls and turning them into slaves.

You're just weak, Soren. Still living in your dreams.

No, my dreams are what make me strong, Kludd.

They led me to the Guardians. Ha-ha-ha.

A pity there won't be any Guardians left after today.

I don't understand.

How could you join the Pure Ones after what they did to us?

"What they did to us"?

They believe in me like no one else ever has.

Metal Beak says the strong will triumph...

...the broken are put out of their misery.

And honor...

...honor is just another word for weakness!

No, Kludd! I know you don't really think that.

Then you don't know me at all.

Soren! My wing's broken! Help me up!

Soren, I'm your brother.

Kludd, no!

Metal Beak.

Be done with it, then.


I'm not letting you hurt one more soul.

Oh, you're not letting me?

Oh, what a pity to waste...

...such a strong, young and confident Tyto.

No, Soren!

Oh. You know this sad old owl.

He's my teacher. My hero.

Well, your hero can teach you one last lesson about Pure Ones' strength...

Don't move.

...by letting you watch him die.


Unh! Ha, ha.

Pure Ones! Fall back!

To me!

Soren, you did what was right.

And you did it well.

It seems we will have to amend the Chronicles. Huh?

As it was in the old ages...

...so it was in the new.

The Guardians upheld their oath that night.

I foretold you so!

They made strong the weak and mended the broken.

And when the sun shone again that morning...

...all could see that they had vanquished the evil.

Soren! Soren!

Oh, Eg. Ha, ha!

Are there any casualties?

We're so proud of you. Ha, ha!

Da, the stories... Ha, ha.

...they're real.

You made them real, Soren.

With the peace restored...

...it was a time for celebration...

...and recognition that our small band of owls...

...who fate and a storm had blown into the Tree...

...now stood before its king and queen as young Guardians.

Eady finally, with all their hearts...

...to take that ancient oath:

To mend those who are broken...

...to make strong the weak...

...and, without hesitation...

...vanquish the evil.

For as we know...

...Nyra escaped.

And Kludd?

Well, Kiudd was never found.

Should I stop?

What? Please, don't stop.

I don't wanna give anyone daymares.

Oh, come on. There must be more, there must be.

Ha, ha. Listen to them, Soren.

They want more stories.

Well, come on, you lot. Les not disappoint them.

Ah. There's a good storm brewing.

And if we're lucky, ill be chock full of baggywrinkles.