Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash (2018) Script


Half man, half machine.

All awesome.

I'm like a ninja meets an acrobat.

I'm a ninjabat!

Maybe I'm in the bat family.

Dreams do come true.

I am so...



Couldn't let me have it, could you?

And your tour of the Hall of Justice concludes here.

In our specially designed state-of-the-art training facility.

Atom, meet Cyborg.

Cyber mechanical specialist and the League's little ray of sunshine.

Hey, Atom.

Ah, Canis lupus familiaris.

It's a common hypothesis that dog is man's best friend.

But, uh... Not mine.

Whoa, cool! Oh...

"The Atom." I see what you did there with your name and you shrinking down all tiny and stuff.

Relax, Atom.

This is Ace, the Bat-Hound.

He's just evaluating you.

Well, in my scientific evaluation, Ace is very intimidating.

Tell me about it.

Lesson one with animals.

Never show weakness.

Man, I think I need an oil change.

Batman, I didn't know you had a...

Uh... Super-Pet.

Ace the Bat-Hound is more than a pet.

He's the best sidekick a caped crusader could ever have.

What about Robin?

Aren't you the best sidekick? Yes, you are, yes you are.

Aw, I want a Bat belly rub.

So, Atom.

Now that you've seen the Hall of Justice...

What do you think?

Would you like to become a member of the Justice League?


Hold your diminutive answer.

Follow me.

Come on, Plas, it's the trouble alert.

But I'm starving. I need a pick-me-up.

How's this for a pick-me-up?

One order of fast food to give you a boost.

Huh? What? Hey!

Way to be a team motivator, Firestorm.

Let's see who needs our help today.

This is Lois Lane with Breaking News.

Gotham City's clown prince of crime, the Joker, has invaded our beloved city.


Sunny Metropolis.

The perfect getaway from Gotham's Dark Knight.

Nothing like a little vacation to put the pep back in my step.

Oh, my!

The Joker's gassing the city.

Who can stop this ruinous jester?

Help us! Justice League, Superman.

Save us!

Great Scott! Lois is in trouble.


All right, team, gear up and let's go.

Atom, this is your chance to join the Justice League in action.

Are you ready? I, uh...

No pressure.

We know you're new at being a superhero.

If you want, you can stay here and hang out with Ace and Krypto.


Another Super-Pet?

Yeah, I'll take the clown over the canine.

The sooner, the better.

Ooh, the Daily Planet news building.

Hmm, the visitors' guide calls it

"The jewel of the Metropolis skyline."

Meh. Kinda boring.

Let's renovate!

The nerve of that clown.

He's tromping all over the jewel of the Metropolis skyline.

And he's jaywalking.

Let's take him down.

The welcoming committee. For me?

Good thing I brought pastry.

Ooh, is that coconut cream?

Lemon meringue.

With a bang.

Brace for impact!

What a beautiful, perfectly safe day at the park.

I should've taken my jet. Ooh. Ooh.

I'm holding it together.

I'm holding it together.

Oh, this is embarrassing.

It's not that funny. A little consideration here.

Lois, Cyborg.

Try to stay calm!

I can still hear you.

Is this normally how it goes?

Yeah, but usually with a little less laughter.

That laughter is dangerous.

We've gotta help these people before they laugh themselves to death.

And stop the Joker before he endangers anyone else.

Then let's divide and conquer.

Yup, we'll have this mess cleaned up in a flash.

Speaking of, where is the Flash?

I sent out the Justice alert minutes ago.

Priority one.

Barry knows how I feel about tardiness.

Come on, Barry. Get up.

And one...

And 2,000.

Okay, I'm up.

Shower time.

Whoa, I have got to remember to wait for the water to warm up before jumping in.


All right, Central City, let's get this party started.

Hey, hey, hey, you hit my car!

Who's gonna take care of this? Me? You hit me.

I'm gonna sue you for every brick you've got.

Thanks, Flash!

That guy's Flash.

Hidey ho, birdies.

Ooh, watch your step. Good morning, Troop 52.

Hello, hot dog.

No school. No way. No school?

Whoa! Thanks, Flash!

Thanks, Flash.

- Thanks, Flash! Thanks, Flash!

- Thanks, Flash! Thanks, Flash!


Thanks, Flash!

Five minutes out of bed and look at all the good I've done.

Time to get to Metropolis to meet up with the Justice...

Oh, I know that grumble.

And it's saying, "Donuts, now!"

And where are the best donuts?

Gotham City.

All the victims are safely evacuated.

Plastic Man, were you infected by Joker's gas?

No, it's all this laughing. It's hilarious.

Help me!

Plas, get serious, we have to find a cure for these civilians.

I wonder if I can alter the molecular structure of Joker's gas to create a cure.

How? Wait here.



At this size I should be able to find trace elements of Joker's gas still wafting around the area.


A Joker gas molecule.

There's nothing funny about this.

Now for a little experiment.

There he is. I've got this clown.

Never underestimate the Joker, Firestorm.

I'll fly around behind him and then we'll take him by...



Not cool, man.

Batman will never let me live this down.

Whoo hoos always bring a smile to my face.

You've got to be faster than that to sneak up on the Joker.

Where is Flash?

It's the Flash!

Best donut ever.

Saved the donut.

But who's gonna save you?

Captain Cold?

The only frosting I'm interested in today is on this donut.

Give up now and we'll chalk it up to hysteria over global warming.

Instead, let's chalk it up to global freezing.

"Global freezing"? That doesn't even make sense.

Come on, Cold, you got better material than that.

How about, "Chances of that are below zero?"

Ah, never mind.

I can see my puns leave you cold.


He's all yours, Officer.

Now it's off to Metropolis.

Thanks, Flash!

Hey, you know what goes good with those donuts?

You ever been to that Lampert's Milkshakes in Star City?


Ready, aim...


These roboclowns are quick.

Whenever I visit the city, I just love to take in a good show.

Then you're gonna love my performance as a helicopter.

Well done, Plas.

Bravo! Wonderful performances.

I laughed, I cried.

My roboclowns died.

Photo for your biggest fan?

Say, "Cheese."

Plas, no!

That was the oldest trick in the book, wasn't it?

You are so gonna get it later.

I love it when they fall for the classics.

Oh, Plastic Man!

Always clever, but never too quick.



I mean, really, wow.

Batman is gonna be so mad. He hates tardiness.

Ooh, a chase scene. I love chase scenes.

Captain Boomerang.

You know, you're the second captain wearing blue that I've run into today.

You guys have a club or something?

Yeah, it's the "Let's destroy Flash" club.


And another, and another.

And another.

Ha! Missed me!

Oh, did I? Yeah, you did.


Well, that puts the boom in Boomerang.


I missed the trouble alert.

My bad, had it on vibrate.

Batman is gonna be so mad.

Blimey! Good shake.

Attention, Metropolis Board of Tourism, I'm bored with your tourism.

Where's the whimsy, where's the fun?

Well, I'm gonna give it to ya with my Fun Cannon.

At last, my greatest foe plays his final card.

And it's up to me alone to stop him.

This could be our end game.

The last battle in a long...

Impressive, his weapon charged so quickly.

He's going for the trigger. No time. Have to strike now, go!

Batsy, how I've missed you in Gotham City.

You're always off to play with your superfriends now.

So I came all the way to Metropolis to join the fun.

Fun's over, Joker.

I foiled your plan.

What? Oh.

You thought your Batarang defeated my Fun Cannon?

Wait, then what's that button for?

This button?

It turns on the air conditioner.

This button fires my Fun Cannon.


Too slow, Batsy.

This does not look good.

You're right.

It looks hilarious.

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

In fact, I think I'll stay here forever!

Now, if I just add this atom on to this molecule, it should make the gas inert.

Eureka! I've discovered the cure.

Now, to synthesize a vaccine.


I said...



Well, my work is done here.


Sorry I'm late.

He took down the Joker! Thank you!


Thank you, thank you.

You know, it's all in a day's work.

Whoa! What happened to you?

This is what happens when you're late!

I know, I am so sorry.

I had my League alert on vibrate.

And then a really busy morning with Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang.

But, hey, the Joker is captured and everyone seems no worse for wear.

Well, mostly... And the Daily Planet?


Extreme building makeover in three, two, one!


Hurray! Flash is the best.

Super speed fixes everything. Just like new.

You want me to fix you up, too, Batman?

Not everything can be fixed with speed.

Flash, what Batman is trying to say, is that we're you're friends.

That's not what I said.

And we want you to be the best hero you can be.

Sometimes that means slowing down.

Being aware of your surroundings.

And always having a plan.

Flash? Slow down.

Surroundings and plan, got it.

Hashtag proactive. - Flash?

Updating my Hero Hotline, Herogram.

I-Hero, Herotopia and MyHero with my takedown of the Joker.

Oh, thank you, Justice League.

We don't know what we'd do without you.

Well... Well, Mayor, as long as I'm the fastest man alive, you'll never have to worry about it.

But you aren't the fastest man alive.

You're a fraud, just like the rest of the Justice League.

Something the world will see soon enough.

Who was that? No clue.

But I'm gonna find out.

Flash, wait.

Huh? This guy is seriously fast.

Are you wearing iron boots?

I knew you would be slow, but I didn't know you'd be this slow.

No way you're beating me.

Whoa! That's new.


Where am I?

Don't worry, you'll see it again.


Deja vu. Bah.

You'd think I'd learn by now.


Oh, yeah. It's go time!

Hey, you hit my car! What? That ain't my fault, look at my car.

Guys, we did this yesterday, you really gotta watch where you're going.

Thanks, Flash.

No school. No way. No school?

Two blowouts in a row?

Listen, here's the card for a tire shop I know across town.

They'll give you a great deal on new tires if you mention my name.

See ya. Uh...

Thanks, Flash?

Thanks, Flash.


Ha! You know, I like this one even better than the one we put up yesterday.

Thanks, Flash!

Triple deja vu.

Oh, hungry.

You know what would make my tummy feel better?

Another round of donuts at Fox's and this time I won't have to worry about Captain Cold interrupting my chowtime.

It's the Flash. Ooh!

Best donut ever...

Ugh. Seriously?

There's no way this is happening again.

Chalk it up to global freezing!

Well, now you're just repeating yourself. No, I'm not!

Yeah, you said the same thing to me yesterday.


Yesterday I was at home planning this heist.

It looks like you might be suffering from some brain freeze.


I don't even have a comeback for this, this is just too weird.

Okay, one more time, like this.

Put that there, you go over here.

And I step out of the way.

He's all yours, Officers.

This time, try to keep him in prison, would you?

Hey, Flash, you know what goes good with those donuts?

Lampert's Milkshakes in Star City?

Oh, you've been there?

Yeah, pretty sure.

That's the same car.

Something seriously strange is going on.

I have gotta get to Metropolis.

Hold this for me.


Thanks, Flash.

What a day.

Fun's over, I foiled your plan.


Oh, you thought your Batarang defeated my Fun Cannon?

Wait, then what's that button for?

This button?

It turns on the air conditioner.

This button fires my Fun Cannon.

Huh? Looking for this?

Ow, that looked painful.

You're late.

I was hoping for a, "Thanks, Flash."

Vacation's over.

And I didn't even get a tan.

Oh, man, guys, I have had the weirdest day.

It's like everything I did yesterday is repeating itself.

Except right now, because when I got here yesterday, the Daily Planet had been Joker-fied and Batman was dressed like a clown.

Highly unlikely.

Flash, your tardiness today endangered this city and the League. You need to...

Slow down, be aware of my surroundings and have a plan.

Exact... Wait a minute. Have I...

Given the speech before? Yes, yesterday.

Which feels like... Deja vu?

You! You did this!

I'm not sure what you did, but I know it's your fault.

Who was that? No clue.

But I'm gonna find out. Flash, wait!

Still not fast enough.

You are not getting away this time.

You can't catch me.

Maybe you'll have better luck yesterday.

Oh, man.

My deja vu is having deja vu.

Thanks, Flash!

Thanks, Flash.

Thanks, Flash.

What a day.

It's the trouble alert!

Let's see who needs our help today.

This is Lois Lane with Breaking News.

Gotham City's clown prince of crime, the Joker, was invading our beloved city, but he suddenly vanished. Huh?

Is your trouble alert always this not troubling?


Look, I stopped the Joker, but listen.

I've got an even bigger problem.

Great Scott, you're right. Your pants!

They're gone. Huh?

Looks like you ran out of pants.

So is Flash actually in the League, or just, like, an honorary member?

Well, that explains the draft.

Listen, I was in a hurry and...

They'll never believe you, Flash.

This will be our little secret.

Who's that? Get back here!

Flash, wait.

Still not fast enough.

Try harder next time.

That's it! This is the last time.

Flash, wait.

Flash, wait.

Flash, wait.


Aren't you the best sidekick ever?

Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Aw, I want a Bat belly rub.

Batman, I just... Don't worry.

I took care of Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang and the Joker.

Thank you?

And I only have a few minutes before it starts all over again.

Before what starts all over again?

Referencing events yet to happen? An agitated emotional state?

Time loop.

Yes, that's it. Impossible.

This isn't our first tangle with time.

Happens a lot in the superhero business.

I keep living the same day over and over again.

I feel like I've hit a dead end.

Fun fact.

At the subatomic level, dead ends aren't really dead ends at all.

There is always space between the molecules that allow atoms to move between them and...

And you don't care.

So, Batman, what should I do?

Hmm, it's theoretically possible to break out of a time loop.

But frankly, I don't think you're fast enough.

Not fast enough?

I thought you would have the answer, Batman.

I was wrong.

Nice reverse psychology, Batman.

That's just what he needed to hear.

Now where's he going?

Not where. When.

You still can't seem to catch me.

Why won't it fly, Dad?

There needs to be a wind.

Whoa! Son!

This is amazing!

Just a little faster, Flash.

Not today or again or...


Everything is going perfectly to plan.


Well, at least I'm not in bed again.

But where am I?

We hate you, Flash.

You're horrible. You're awful.


What a phenomenal disappointment.

What was that about?

Everyone loves the Flash.

At least they used to.

Okay, this is crazy, I need to get back to the League.

That's weird.

Let's try that again.

My powers.

They're gone.

I've gotta get to the Hall!

Oh, man.

I can see why people hate to run.

Maybe Cyborg can fix my...

Hmm. Hmph.

Uh, hey, guys, why the mean faces?

You starched my cape.

You switched my shampoo with fire extinguishing cream!

You painted my invisible jet.

Now it's just...

Just visible!

You replaced my arm with an egg beater.

Sure the eggs are amazing, but still.

And you decided it would be fun to mix up the pouches on my utility belt.


No, no, I didn't do any of those things, you don't understand.

There was this blurry guy and we started running and...

We don't wanna hear it, Flash.

You've pulled at least 52 pranks on the Justice League in the five days since I've joined.

Five days?

You just joined this morning.

I'm outta here.

Atom's right.

Flash, your pranks require punishment.

You're fired.

Uh... Uh...


No power, no League.

What do I do now?

Fade into obscurity I hope.

Hey, that's my costume.

Is it? I hadn't noticed.


The pranks, the time loop.

It was all you.

You messed with the wrong hero, yellow blur guy.

Uh-uh-uh. Don't blame me for the time loop, Barry.

You were the fool that had to prove you were the fastest man alive.

But you didn't know about the Speed Force, did you?

A force that runs through all of space and time.

Every time you chased me into the Speedway, I led you backwards in time to relive the same day over and over.

And while you were stuck in your time loop, I turned everyone against you, and then tricked you into severing your Speed Force power.

But why? What did I ever do to you?

What did you...

What didn't you do?

The Flash, according to future history books, the world's favorite hero.

So funny, so perfect.

So fast!

But I'm faster.

Yet, nobody will recognize my greatness while I live in your shadow.

That is why I, the Reverse-Flash, have traveled back in time to ruin you.

So, you're from the future and you call yourself Reverse-Flash?

Ugh. Really? I mean...

Do you run backwards or something? No.

Are you super slow? No.

I'm just the reverse of you.

You're good and I'm bad.

Then wouldn't you be called Evil Flash or Bad Flash?

I'm just Reverse-Flash, okay?


That's enough of that.

Please, Barry. You know how it is.

Me, fast, you, slow.

Now that you've been beaten, it's time for the world to know who is truly the greatest speedster of all time.

My friends in the Justice League will stop you.

Your friends?

You mean the people that just kicked you out of their club?

Well, I'll tell you what, Barry.

Since you care for them so much I'm going to take care of them next.

Looks like Flash was telling the truth.

This Reverse-Flash character kept him in a time loop while he ruined his reputation.

That rotten rascal.


I broke 'em. Don't worry, Flash.

Once I enlarge, we'll inform the Justice League together and stop this fast-paced villain. Hmm?

Oh, this isn't good. This isn't good at all.

My white dwarf shrinking belt must've shorted out when those shackles stunned Flash, along with my communication systems.

Flash! Can you hear me?

Flash! Flash, over here, Flash. Great.

What do I do now? I'm powerless.

My friends, if you can call them that, kicked me out of the League.

Oh, this can't be happening to me.

You think you have problems?

I'm too small to be seen or heard.

At least you can pick up the phone and talk to some...

Wait a second.

I can't give Flash his powers back.

But I know someone who might.

And the only thing that stands between me and helping the Flash...

Is fruit salad.

How hard can this be?




Huh? Oh.

That's weird, usually when I butt-dial, my butt is actually near the phone.


Welcome to Doctor Fate's magic helpline.

Do you feel like the world's turned against you?

Yes, yes, I do.

Do you feel like you've lost that pep in your step?

Oh, wow. Yeah, I've lost all my pep.

Do you feel like someone is trying to take your place in life?

Maybe kick you out of a club? Or League?

I don't know who this guy is, but he is good.

Well, if any of that applies to you, do yourself a solid and press one, now.

Well, Barry, let's hope this helps.


Wait, wait, wait!

I'm going with you.

It looks like I'm going to have to do this the hard way.

I'll just have to get to Metropolis and tell the Justice League everything that's happened.

It shouldn't be that hard.

I'll just slip under Flash's front door, hop on a bus and...

Oh, no.

Now that the Flash is gone, we'll need someone else to take the minutes.

Oh! Me! Me! Me!

Cyborg? Yes.

It looks like trouble is springing up all over the map.

All right, team, split up and let's take care of business.

Cyborg, read that back to me.

"All right, team, split up and let's take care of business.

"Cyborg, read that back to me."

Good job, let's move.

"Good job.

"Let's M-O-V-E."

Too long have humans gorged themselves at the salad bar.

Now it's time for the plants to gorge at the human bar.


I'm the Mayor, I command you to stop.

Sorry, Poison Ivy.

I heard someone screaming.

And you know, "I scream, you scream, "we all scream for ice cream."

Get him.

Oh, man.

Plants should be seen, not heard. Huh?

"Wimbley for Mayor"?

A mayoral float! Oh!

Thank you, Mr... Reverse-Flash is my name and helping people out is my game.

Now, I must be away.

There are other citizens that need my help.

Signal watch. Signal watch.

Come on, Superman.

This will teach Olsen not to take a photo of my bad side.

I'm sorry, Mr. Croc.

It's just, with you every side is a bad side.

Killer Croc!

Unhand Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen.


I've got this, Plas.

I can cut logs, too, Supes, check it out.



How did you do that?

Child's play for Reverse-Flash.

Say, I don't suppose you have a signal watch, do you?


He's stealing our shipment of gold!

Gold is a great investment in your future.

But the only future you've got is behind bars.

All in a day's work for...


Reverse-Flash is the best!

Reverse-Flash, you did it.

Trouble at sea?

Aquaman is in.

Reverse-Flash took care of it.

Aquaman is out.

I'm embarrassed.

But I'm also a little impressed.

All right, Penguin, drop your weapon.

Yeah. I'll drop my weapon, all right.

On you!

Not before I get the drop on you.


Batman just launched the missile.

We're doomed!

Don't worry. Reverse-Flash will take care of it.



He built a perfectly safe playground out of explosive missile parts. Amazing.

Courtesy of the...


Yeah. Let's hear it for Reverse-Flash.

Reverse-Flash, huh?


That was weird.

But not like floating castle weird.

Wow. Magical stairs.

I wish there was a magic escalator.


Yeah, um...

I'm talking backwards.

Just come in, okay?

Okay, sure.

Wow. You guys really like stairs.

Flash, come forward.

The Doctor is in and your fate awaits.

Thanks. You're welcome.


I can't believe backwards talking 101 is a magic requirement.

- Zatanna! Sorry! Uh, I mean, "Yrros."

Yeah, that's not strange at all.

Huh? Whoa!

This is the second weirdest room I've ever been in.

Don't be afraid. Come closer. Huh?

Welcome to my sanctum.

I'm the... Flash, I know.

I'm Doctor Fate.

It's nice to finally meet you.

Please tell me your blues, and we'll, uh, sort it out.

My blues?

Well, a couple of days ago, I was stuck in a time loop.

Okay, uh, does she always do that?

It's magic, man! Keep going.

Um, okay.

♪ I kept repeating the day

♪ And chasing a villain on some cosmic freeway

♪ But he was always faster than me

♪ And then my powers went away Ah, sing it, man.

♪ I came back home and everyone was mad

♪ Told me to leave and handed me my bag Actually, it was a box.

But... Don't stop now.

♪ So as I sat on my couch wonderin' what to do

♪ My phone started ringing and it was you

♪ You heard the call No need to panic

♪ 'Cause it's time for a little magic

♪ It's magic, baby

♪ That's all that it is

♪ Magic, baby It's just a little magic

♪ To understand it, baby, you don't have to be a whiz Listen.

♪ When life's got you down with nowhere to go

♪ Just roll up your sleeves and presto

♪ When you reach in your hat and pull out a problem

♪ You need some answers and magic's got 'em

♪ 'Cause it's magic, baby

♪ Time to get it done

♪ Magic, baby It's just a little magic

♪ It's magic, baby

♪ So now let's have some fun ♪ Wow! That was...


Anyway, can your magic tell me why I've lost my powers?


It looks like your connection to the Speed Force is broken.

Speed Force?

Reverse-Flash said something about that.

But I have no idea what he meant.

What's the Speed Force?

A mysterious energy that grants the ability to move at super speed.

Oh. The day I got my powers?

That was a total fluke.

You see, there was this lightning and then these chemicals spilled on me...

That's what you thought.

The reality is that you were chosen to be the Flash.

These powers are a gift given to you from the Speed Force.

But your connection to it was broken.

So, what now? Can you fix it?


But I can take you to where the Speed Force lives.

Where it lives? Yes.

We're going to the Speed Force Zone.

The Speed Force Zone. That sounds awesome.

Step back.

It's magic time.

With the force of fate and wits unified, take us away on a groovy ride.

Whoo-hoo! Field trip! Zatanna?


That's... That's the place I saw when I was running after the Reverse-Flash.

It's called the Speedway.

Our gateway to the Speed Force Zone.

Journal entry 13.

Things have not gone as planned.

Unable to grow to my normal size, the world around me has become more dangerous than you can possibly imagine.

Every car, a cataclysm.

Every mouse, a monster.

Every meter, a marathon.

Experiments always start with a question. Here's mine.

How am I going to survive?

That was the scene today, as the Reverse-Flash continues his unprecedented streak of heroism.

It would seem that the Reverse-Flash is the only superhero the world will ever need.

Just look at that trouble alert map.

Reverse-Flash is so fast, he's stopping crime before we can even...

Finally an emergency.

Aw, yeah!

He got there first.

That's 22 emergencies he's fixed today.

And he's just passed me in friends on Herobook.

Well, it's a good thing things like this aren't important at all to the Man of Steel.

It seems that the Reverse-Flash has agreed to sit down for a chat with the Mayor.

Stay tuned for live coverage of our beloved heroic speedster.

I think it's about time we had a word with this beloved speedster.

Whoo-hoo! I'm gonna get my powers back! I'm gonna get my powers back!


But, uh, first, I might need a snack.

Thank you.

Shouldn't you be driving?

Don't worry.

The Doc just gave me my magician's permit for hands-free driving.

Zatanna. Yrros.

Now listen, when you arrive at the Speed Force Zone, you'll go through a series of tests to make sure you're worthy.

Worthy of what?

That's what you need to find out.

That's the mystery.

That's the magic.

Yeah. Yeah. But you'll be there to help me, right?

I'm sorry.

The Speed Force Zone is only accessible to those with speed powers.

Or in your case, former speed powers.

Well, this is it.

Any parting words? Yeah.

Tuck and roll, baby.

Tuck and roll?

What is that... Yrros.



Wow. Would you look at that?

It's some sort of Speed Force Zone temple thingy.

And it almost feels like the temple is giving off some sort of energy.

The Speed Force!

If that's where the Speed Force is, that's where I need to be, and fast.

All right. These must be the tests Doctor Fate was talking about.

Bricks moving superfast, vibrating through solid matter.

And I just have to make it to the other side.

Well, this shouldn't be too hard.

Those speed bricks really pack a wallop, but if at first you don't succeed...

Okay. This is not working.

There has to be a trick.

We want you to be the best hero you can be.

Sometimes that means slowing down.

Mmm. Slow down.

Yeah, thanks, Supe.

Well, going fast didn't work, and Fate said I'd be tested.

How is this working?

I really, really, really hate going slow.

Holy moly.

It actually worked! I did it!

Piece of cake.

Journal entry 14.

The situation has grown sticky.

But I must keep my wits about me.

I must use everything at my disposal to survive.

I must use science!

A little known hypothesis about arachnids is that they can be hypnotized by flashing lights.

Time to test that theory.

Can science prevail?

Will the spider be hypnotized?

Will I learn about spider digestion from the inside?



Studies have shown tha some birds can be tamed by applying gentle pressure to a special nerve on the back.

This Columba livia domestica proves those studies correct.

And now to the Hall of Justice.

Hopefully, I'm in time to alert the League before Reverse-Flash can do any more damage.

Oh, I get it.

I have this game on my phone.

All I have to do is ride these to the top.

Ow! Whoa. That hurt.

Maybe this is some sort of endurance test.

I just have to show I can take it.

I can't take it!

Be aware of your surroundings.

My surroundings?


I never noticed those platforms before.

Wow, the path to the door was there the whole time.

Ha! Easy-peasy, lemon...

Still hurts. Still hurts.

Thank you for joining us, Reverse-Flash.

It's my pleasure, Mayor.

I serve with the pleasure of the community.

You won't see me in some private island clubhouse, no.

I love being the servant of the people.

You're incredible.

Not only did you stop Poison Ivy and her maniacal plants, you...

Why are we sneaking around?

You know this is how Batman does things.

We're spying on Reverse-Flash, because Batman thinks he'll eventually trip up and reveal his true evil intentions.

Correct, Cyborg.

This is a covert op.

We'll spy from the shadows, move in the shadows, be the...

Firestorm, turn down your head.

Oh. Sorry.

Modesty forbids me from taking such praise, Miss Mayor.

And speaking of Gotham City, - do you know what you call Batman and Robin under a rock? Why, no.

Flatman and Ribbon.

Oh! Here's another. When does Cyborg change his pants?

Never. He's not wearing any.


As I'm sure everyone at home would agree, you have made Metropolis and the world a safer place.

You're a hero that never asks for accolades or wears something as gaudy as a cape.

Gaudy? Gaudy?

And for that, we'd like to honor you with the key to the city.

Thank you, fine citizens of Metropolis.

I accept your paltry... I mean, precious gift.

Soon the world will realize what you have already learned.

That I, Reverse-Flash, am the only hero you will ever need.

No, Plastic Man.

You're putting too much weight on the support beam.

You need to...

This is why the Batman works alone.

Oh, look!

It's the Justice League.

Or should I say the Jobless League.

Sadly, I agree.

Huh? This can only mean one thing.

The Justice League is now retired.


Whoa! Huh?


A maze? Well, I love mazes!

They're amazing.

I'm almost there. I can feel my powers coming back.

Hey, look at that. Almost back to full speed.

Yeah! Oh, no. Huh?

So all I have to do is get through the maze in the dark.

With my super speed back, that shouldn't be a problem.

Ow, ow, ow!

Okay. It's a problem!

What is it with this place trying to hurt me?

What was it Batman said?

Always have a plan. Always have a plan.

Okay, so, Flash, what's your plan?

Oh! I can make a plan from up here.

Okay. Now let's see.

Left, right, right, right. Wait, no, no, no, no.

Okay. Left, right, right, right, left...

Okay. Left, right, left, left, right, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, left. Perfect.

Okay, I got it. I got it.


The final door.

Aw, come on! How can I get through this solid door?

It's a dead end!

Fun fact.

At the subatomic level, dead ends aren't really dead ends at all.

There is always space between the molecules that allow atoms to move between them.

If the Atom is right, and there is space between everything, I just have to do what the speed bricks did and vibrate my molecules to fit between them.

Well, here goes everything.

Whoa! Whoo!

I just vibrated through that wall.

I can do anything!

That's it.

I can feel it radiating the Speed Force.


It's some kind of nexus.

It's amazing!

I've finally done it!

Nothing can stop...



At last!


But how? Still too slow, aren't you?

The time loop.

You breaking your connection to the Speed Force, I knew it would all lead you here, to the Speed Force nexus.

And also, through that ridiculous obstacle course...

I mean, are you kidding me?


So I duped you into opening the three doors for me.

Congratulations, loser!

And now, with the power of the nexus, nothing can stand in my way.

The power!

It's... It's like drinking 52 milkshakes and eating a bag of jelly beans!


The nexus is mine! I earned it!


Good luck being trapped here for all eternity.

I can't believe that we're retiring.

I mean, where do we go from here?

Heroes, Cyborg, never give up hope.

And I haven't given up investigating Reverse-Flash.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The once great Justice League forced into retirement.

Face it, super zeroes, you're yesterday's news!

Today's fast-paced world needs a hero like yours truly.

And thanks to your old pal, Flash, future history books will know only me as Earth's greatest champion.


Look, outside!

What is he doing?

He's walling us in.

He must not be aware of my super strength.

Or my ability to transform matter.


I'm too late!

What kind of material is that?

Not the normal kind.

My scanners indicate these bricks are moving at an incredible speed.

The kinetic energy they're putting off is enough to counteract any of our powers.

Right you are, Cybore.

Those are speed bricks from the Speed Force Zone.

Does that sound made-up to anyone else?

Enjoy the rest of your days trapped inside your little clubhouse.

Oh, one more thing.

I've activated your Hall of Justice security systems and equipped them with countermeasures for each of your powers.

So you might wanna be careful in there.

Destroy. Destroy.

Not my cybots!

You monster.

What do we do?

Against the most powerful security system I've ever devised?

We run.

How could I have bee so stupid?

At every step, I've played into the Reverse-Flash's hand.

He took away my powers.

He took away my friends.

Oh, I just wanna go home.

It's vibrating, like...

Like they have the Speed Force inside of them.

I have a plan.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Now let's see what these speed bricks can do.


All my hard work, all the trials and tribulations, for nothing.


The Super-Pets! Huh.

All this trouble with Reverse-Flash and they're just digging a hole!

Under the wall.

Of course! Brilliant!

Hey, guys, wait for me!

Cyborg's laboratory.

Great job, gang.

Now I can use Cyborg's tools to repair my shrinking belt and return to normal size.


Well, I've collected enough data.

You guys aren't so bad after all.

Alert! Alert!

You must be eliminated.


Green Lantern has a pet, and he's a ring-wielding squirrel?

Hey! Who you calling pet, short stack?

You can talk?

Yeah, because I ain't no squirrel.

Name's B'dg.

I'm from another planet of people that happen to loosely resemble your squirrels.

I see. Well, that makes perfect sense.

Oh, I'm so glad you approve.

My buddy Ace here sent down an alert.

Let me guess, the Justice League is in trouble?


As per usual.

Well, let's go rescue them, again.

Can someone explain how Reverse-Flash can turn my cybots against us?

Somehow his speed power's been supercharged.

Time to fall back and form a plan.

By the toenails of Tartarus, I wish that Flash was here.

Hey, guys, over here!

Eliminate. Eliminate.

Thanks for the quick save, gang.

I can't hold them off forever.

We need to find a way out of here.

And leave this paradise?

Who knew Aquaman's bedroom was like the best day spa in the planet?

Ooh, ha!

Of course, the king of the sea has a waterbed.

Plas! Guys?

Hang in there, Superman. The Super-Pets have a plan.

Not a pet.

I believe they're calling someone.

You speak dog now?

No, I just understand my friends.

A seahorse?

Yet another Super-Pet?

Again, not a pet.

This is Storm.

He's fought alongside Aquaman before, so he's always ready to lend a hand.

Or a fin. Huh?


Superman, stay super.

Storm, we'll need you to lead us out to sea through the ocean tunnel you came from.

But first, we'll need a vehicle.

How about a sub?

Get it? A submarine sandwich.

Sorry... That'll work.

Aw! Not again.

One supersized sub ready for action.

Guys! Let's go, Superman.

Yeah, what's the hold-up?

Eliminate. Eliminate.

Eliminate... Oh, my, what a lovely room.

Storm, to the Batcave.

The Daily Planet, soon to be renamed the Reverse-Flash Planet.

And the perfect antenna to broadcast my manifesto across the world!

Hello, planet Earth!

It's me, the most beloved superhero of all time, Reverse-Flash.


The Reverse-Flash. I love him.

Now that I've rid the world of crime, I think it's time for you to repay old R.F. for his kind generosity.

That's why I'm ordering everyone to report to my Reverse-Flash command centers.

There, you'll be given orders on what I, your new ruler, would like you to do. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Cheeky monkey, I always knew he was rotten.

Now hurry!

You don't want what I did to the Justice League to happen to you.

With his increased powers, none of us are any match for him.

Ah! I've been looking everywhere for you guys. Now listen, I know you're probably still mad at me for those pranks, but the thing is, it wasn't me.

It was this cheating, evil, dirty, doofus-faced imposter from the future named...


Wait. You knew he was impersonating me?

No, we didn't. Not at first.

But there were three clues.

Your mysterious time loop trouble.

Your sudden interest in childish pranks.

A sudden denial of said pranks and loss of powers.

Your unusual behavior patterns led me to believe that somehow, some way, someone, somewhere, was framing you for some unknown purpose.

So, you fired me to flush out the Reverse-Flash?

Exactly. Batman knew that once he accomplished his evil goals he'd reveal himself to you.

That's why I was gonna be there when he did.

I shrunk down onto your shoulder and was going to report back to the League until Reverse-Flash's shackle shorted out my circuits, which kept me stuck in shrink mode.

Then that means you guys never really gave up on me.

Of course not.

We're superfriends, man.

We were sorry to deceive you, Flash.

It was our only play to get you out of trouble.

Thank you, everyone.

Yeah, yeah, real heartwarming.

And now, it's my turn to get us all out of trouble.

We can stop the Reverse-Flash with these.

Speed Force bricks.

And we can use the bricks from my speed machine to superpower our other vehicles.

Giving us all enough speed to keep up with Reverse-Flash.

Well, I don't have my speed powers back yet, Wonder Woman, but I have something better.

I have a plan.

Tell them all, the landmarks you build today will glorify my name tomorrow and for all eternity.

Look, it's the Justice League!

History will know the fastest man alive was always...



Hey, everybody! We're not retired anymore!

The Justice League is back.

And the Dark Knight returns. Bark.

So you've escaped the Hall of Justice with help from your pets, no doubt.

I hope you enjoyed your freedom, because it will be the last thing you ever see.

Powering on the speed bricks.


Whoa! Look at that!

It looks like everything just stopped.

No wonder the Flash is always moving so fast.

It must be boring to live in a world going so slow.

If we'd known it was like this, we might have been more patient with him.

Lesson learned, team. Look alive.

Somehow you've gained the power of the Speed Force.

No matter. I'm still faster than all of you.

Evasive maneuvers. Split up.

You're still no match for the nexus.

I can move so fast I can seem to be in five different places at the same time.

And I can take care of all of you, once and for all!

Ready, B'dg? You bet.

My bricks are returning to the Speed Force Zone!


Looks like the Flash was right.

The speed bricks have given our vehicles the ability to destroy those statues.

Go get 'em, gang!

Target locked. Fire!

It's away!


I don't know how you got those speed bricks but your plan failed.

I'm powerful enough to beat the Justice League, no matter where you are!

We weren't trying to beat you.

We were trying to distract you.


Impossible. How did you...

The trials in the Speed Force Zone weren't just there to see if I was worthy, they were there to teach me something.

Something you would have known if you took the time to go through them.

Enough of this!

I still have enough of the nexus energy to defeat the likes of you.

So much power!

Which is rightfully mine!

You didn't even know what the Speed Force was until I showed up.

What makes you think you know enough about it now to defeat me?

Only one way to find out.

You'll never beat me, Flash.

I'm the master of the Speed Force!

Really? Wouldn't a master have a plan so he doesn't get tripped up?

Guess not.

You're looking tired. Maybe you should slow down.

No! Okay.


Hurts, doesn't it? Huh?

Way to be aware of your surroundings, Speed Force master.

You may have won today, but I'll travel back in time and stop you from getting the nexus.

I don't think you have enough steam, R.F.

It looks like the last of the nexus energy is gone.

Without it, you're just not fast enough.

Fast enough? I'm the fastest man alive!

I am!

Prove it.

Come on, R.F. Huh?

You can go faster than that.

Really? That's all you've got?


Handcuffs can't hold me.

All I have to do is...

Huh? What?

My powers.

Uh-uh-uh. Looks like someone broke his connection to the Speed Force.

Tsk, tsk.

You should have slowed down.

You! You tricked me!

No, no. I just executed my plan.

You won't get away with this!

I'll come back!

Sorry. I... I can't understand when you're talking so slow.


Well, we won't have any trouble from Reverse-Flash for a while.

What about the nexus thingy? What about it?

With power like that, you could do the job of every hero forever.

Looks like the Justice League is still retired.


No one should have this much power.


You gave up all that speed.

But why?

Well, it turns out that slowing down was the best way to defeat Reverse-Flash.

The nexus power had him so distracted, he was totally unaware of his surroundings.

No way would I ever let that happen to me.

Returning the nexus was always a part of my... plan, and these were all the things you guys were trying to teach me.

Thank you.

Without friends like you, I would have lost my powers forever.

And we would have been retired forever.

That reminds me, is there a Justice League pension plan or...

It's good to have you back, Flash.

And with newfound wisdom to guide you.

That may be true, Wonder Woman, but Flash has only proven he's ready for the next level of training.

Now begins the true test of Flash's mental acuity and fortitude.

The training crucible I have prepared will destroy hidden weakness and forge the inner strength required to...

Hmm. It sounds great, Batman.

Let's get started on that.

Right after a little snack.

The nexus has been returned to the Speed Force.

And order has been restored to the universe.

And all it took was...

♪ Magic, baby It's just a little magic ♪ Zatanna. Yrros.