Lemon Tree Passage (2014) Script

Each week teenager to attend "Lemon Tree Passage" in NSW, Australia,

These adolescent risk their lives driving at high speeds hoping to glimpse the ghost believe that haunts this stretch of road, The following video was uploaded to YouTube XANDERTUPOU claims to have captured the ghost on camera, O my God, it's here!

Awesome! O my God!

This is wrong Friend

Now do you believe me? What?

Do we have to do it again? Yes

What happened?

Are you kidding?

O God!

He went It's a damn ,,,, O my God!

There's someone behind you


Sorry love a dog ate the thing, you can have mine Here

I do not understand this map Do you see a map?

I'm just saying Give it to me How about going north

Give me my camera You the tapeworms No, I gave it in the big banana Do you think mom and dad punished me to send this journey together?

Well ,, At least I am not adopted

(we could get to the Eiffel Tower) Maybe you lose your passport and you're stuck here Perhaps someone catches your ass At least my ass is not the size of a house At least my dick is not the size of an ant

(Or we can go to Central Park) You have a dick?

Please pay attention

run Forrest

You'd be lost without it Since we are Jordi, the whistle is ready If he is not with me ,, Thank You


We have all afternoon to find the hotel

Toby, tell him we were We were Hello, girl map Hello Still Lost Ever heard of a game called Cricket

,,, Tip Tip Tip ,,, ,,, Each time she woke up frightened put his hand next to bed so your dog lick and made her feel more comfortable so I could go back to sleep ,,, Tip Tip Tip ,,, ,,, It reawakened but this time was to see where the noise was coming

You forgot to put a plug in somewhere Do Not!

I forgot to put a cap Do Not!

I go to the bathroom and written in mirror writing said blood "Humans can lick"

And the shower was hanging dog The tip tip was his blood That's the end Is that It's a good scary story If it is good What?

It's an American classic If it is good ,,, Why do it?

Why Americans do? They sit by the campfire and tell stories of men What else are you gonna do?

We do not do, right?

What do they do?

We sat at the campfire telling a true story O please, real stories Ok, give us a true story I'll give you a true story And no, the torch should not need special effects or anything like that to make the story better Ok, this is how the story begins

There is a dark side to this city ,,, The Academy Award for Best cliché goes for Oscar here is It is about a man Is he handsome?

I need to know I do not know if I bet, say that if This guy owns a motorcycle It is always careful when driving because has two beautiful children and a wife, So you're driving home one night Take the intersection of Lemon Tree Passage Okay ,,, look left ,,, look right and see that there's nothing there So that rolls gently BANG !!!

They had stuck For a car full of teenagers They went above Then stop to see that they did They know not pass above a kangaroo

Seriously, They killed the guy So they left, they are teenagers, not want problems It is said that the ghost of this type stalks Lemon Tree Passage And every time a car full of teenagers passes A bright light illuminates all the way And that's how a story is told A True Story Have you seen? Of course I saw it, I would not believe if it were not so And where is it? As 20 minutes BUUU God Toby, just

You did not hear hot hot hot It's like a mistletoe That I ever worked Is that what your problem ,,, Left here You Here?

You will see, they will not be able to believe

Worked but needs go faster But I will No, faster

You do, there's nothing there Keep your eyes back, we'll see And if you work owe me a kiss

Keep looking, I promise At any time we will see ,,, There it is!

I had told them! I had told them!

I can not see

I thought you were joking We have real stories here real Stories I can not see Can not you see that? How can not you see?

Are you sure it's not a car? As it can be a car

It will stay there for a while, right remains Check this out and see how it goes in that hole there Wait ,,, Wait ,,, Wait Ohhhh That was spectacular Come again Come again How good was that?

That I was spectacular, let's back Wait, because back, Toby is drunk, back If the house, we go for another drink, I have thirst

We stayed at this hotel and ,,, Melbourne?

Melbourne? Melbourne

We had to share a room with about 20 other people and there was a girl he liked ,,, Duck Quack !! I thought I'd lost you Mahia Waki Waki Mahia Nice to meet you Sounds like fun, right?

They are ,,, You're watching history

You are more adorable than your friend Ohh, hey I'm sorry She loved him, took him with me everywhere I thought it was very old How old were you? 16

Should return with others

This evil know, I'm not going to get there


Sorry, I did not Who the fuck are you?

Sorry, this is my friend, Mahia She is traveling with his friends in America Yes, we're watching a movie, you want to see?

No thanks

Mirete ,,, Living at the foot of your word Pardon?

Kissing every Australian who crosses First we did the second you said it Really? It does not sound to me Not at all Mmm, oh oh Jordi

Goodnight Emilia

oh Sam, mua mua

Are you scared?

Your you were?

It felt good OK

Let Why?


Get her out of there

Calm down, calm down

Get away from me Mahia, Mahia, fine

Where am I?

These closet Are you okay?

I think I had a bad dream I think you were sleepwalking

Let Cursed cork? Basically it says Australia Cursed before all Okay ,,, Cursed cork That's it! Come on, give me a OK, try this Watch Out! Lava faster then Sorry That's what they say when Australians deceiving, Let Al bum no babies Your saw something last night?

Rather, a ghost Do not you?

Do Not

What I have to do to convince them to go? ¿Stand on the middle of the damn road?

I can not believe that you're doing to do this Say something friend Friend fuck I hear you OK I'm standing here in the middle of Lemon Tree Passage and It is almost dark, You're so weird Shut your mouth! It seriously Ok, we are you going Still no sign of the ghost, but if they see ,,, Oh, damn, friend, friend, are standing next Where? Right next to yours Ok, I call to report that I'm really a real ghost, Can you see it? I can not see Dude, this right there Wait and turn around to give you a better look Tell us where fetch Ok, I'm walking on the edge ,,,

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar What are you doing?

He missed the call Call it again

Hello I'll turn around, where we find for ,,, Haha, this is the voice message but if you have cute tits as the mother of Jordi leave a message Turn around and we pick Yes

Listen friend, are imagining things That is not happening, calm down You know what happened, just olvídatelo

Find it or I will

Hey Mahia

Maybe we should go look for Oscar maybe we should

They have a flashlight Oh, you're going to have fun with it Here you have one, and another here think

Have fun You do not want to come with us, do you?

Someone should stay here in case back Yes, what if you stay here and we will hunt Have fun friends

Good luck linking

This is so wrong Ahh, found something Yes

How about this?

Bebe No, no, listen

This is a classic, you have to know

I like Please, you're killing me here

You will kill you, you know?

What? Smoking

Are you okay ?, okay?

What is happening?

Are you okay?

What the fuck?

Try to stay calm, okay?

Have got cold?

Just for a minute but it will warm

Do you smell something?

Nafta Turn it off

O no, Oscar!

Wake friend!

Come on, let

You have to take him to a hospital, we

It works, it works!

Jordi not know what that means Damn shit!

unknown number You are more adorable than your friend What? What happened?

Mahia? O my God Emilia Where is?

It's in the car, was an accident

Oscar is in the trunk, is dead Get him, we have to remove Leave

He still may be alive There he is, he's dead

Hey, help Help Stop!

Hello What the fuck?



Jordi, he is no longer

Where is?

It was right here Oscar!

You know, I can not believe you This is so wrong That's a horrible joke, you stink We do not lie Ok, then where is it?

Toby! Emilia wait!

Do not be lying in this I do not know what to believe Believe us, it's not a fucking joke Well, I'm going to find my brother Emilia expected Toby!

Alto have to go back to the car, he knows where is the car We were going to find long time ago Ok, Where? I should find where leave Alto need to return the car, because Oscar ,,, We need to understand what happens I need to find my brother


Mahia do you do? There was a light out there What light? I thought I saw the light of Toby Mahia for I do not know what you saw, but I saw a light

I have to pee Go behind that bush, fast

Ok, I'll give them this humorous The vagus no baby

Dude, fuck Ok, I'm standing in the middle of Lemon Tree ,,, No, I can not see I'll stop there and see if I can see better Ok, I'm going to the edge of the forest ,,,

Hear this, is Oscar Where did you get it? Squeeze play I play it!

this broken You know what, I'm so tired of It was Oscar and someone was hurting Mahia, we are all tired and scared Sometimes it may affect your mind I do not suppose ,,, Shut up


Where does?

Toby, Toby! Emilia


Son Toby shoes Toby!




Ok, stop


So what Oscar said the type of the bike It is not real But I saw Tell us the story again A guy they passed up on a motorcycle, by a bunch of guys, It is a warning not to go fast

Fear of missing 19 year old girl

November 26, that's today

O my God Why do we pursue?

It's a stupid story, is not looking for us

But how do you know?

You're tired Why not rest

It's the wrong story


What the fuck is wrong with you Make it stop

Let's go back to sleep probably doing the same as before

Who's there?

Who's there?

Sal or I'll blow your head

Your brother is here

She will kill him To, to, for She is here She is here Who? You know

No no no, stop, stop Stop, stop, do whatever you want You're dead

She was in the closet, I was scared ,,, Look!

Let She went to the closet yesterday also




Mahia no!

Do Not!

Bring the rope trunk



If you loose, you promise not to scream promise Help!

Dress You saw what you did


O my God Sam Sam


What are you doing?

Keeping you watched

I can not believe

Are you going to tell you why you're here?

O my God Why the fuck are you here?

Do you want to talk

Let's try this

I'm here looking for Jordi So, why the hell are you here? Here!

O my God, you're crazy

Jordi, Jordi

Okay, I will, I will

Let me go!

Please, let me go

I left mine up!

Come on, I aguántatelo

Te I have

Ok, let's go

Where is Emilia? She is ,,,

Come on, let She was here


Wait, I saw something down there What?

I do not know, a vision or something Come No, listen, we're not safe I'm fine, Emilia it is not ok, this girl Brought here What is happening to us happened to her Do Not! Listen, listen Police are looking for this girl who was lost a nightclub on Saturday November 26 On November 26, it is now Do not have time for this It's her!

If you do not find Emilia O my God, you're right Jordi


I saw your car on the road brother

I found your American friend


What is that?

It's music

What the fuck is Sam doing here? Huh?

This is Sam's car

Well, it could not have gone far Mahia Emilia!

Mahia Emilia!

O my God

Are you okay?

What the fuck happened?

O my God, Sam We have to go from here, he has a gun Jordi desátala You'll be fine, I promise Come on, hurry up I can not check the car for a knife Be right back

l I can not see Did not you see?

We are following Look!

I was put colder?

It's in the car, was an accident Have fun friends

Do not you dare

Help Nooo! no Emilia Wake up please


Nooo! Curse Nooo, nooo

No, please


Come on, let

You are viewing

Do you like it?


Nothing to say Your friend was much more talkative


Can you see this?

Am I not crazy? Right?

You can see

You can feel

Perhaps it is sharper than I remember


I'm Jordi


Mahia is a weird name

I like What you did to Oscar?

The same thing will happen to you Well, a little different That was more gaseous

Would you rather be strangled?

Having something in your throat?

Cry a little I see, I see

Who are you?


What do you want? Spit Sam! What the fuck are you doing here? hello

Became old Buu No, no, no Your brother and I have known long ago Do not listen to Friend I am offended It is very rude to forget anniversaries

5 years, how much is that?

Tuvi, tavi, tuo

That is not appropriate What is speaking Sam?

Yes, Sam Better tell what's going on

Fuck Let my It was a dark and stormy night And you killed me!

Were not you listening to my story?

I said it was a dark and stormy night What are you talking about?

It's nothing Nothing?

Just a bit of fun

I want to hear you say


All Right

We are waiting You ruined my life Did I ruin your life?

That's an idea

I never had a hearing before

a final

Did you enjoy the lights?

If instead you're dead

I like that

I really enjoy telling stories I'm so glad you came

Did you bring me a present?

Sam, you have to give Why? I can kill you too I do not expect to be fast or something I love surprises

say so We will do it a little easier for you I'll turn And contare for 5

5 ,,, Sam, what are you doing?

4 ,,, You can not bury this Sam

3 ,,, Jordi, close your eyes now No, no, what are you doing? 2 ,,,

I'm sorry I told you ,,,

let him

What have I done?


Do Not


Sam did

Are you okay?

What happened to me?

Was not you

I do not understand Why is it ,,?