L'Enfer (1994) Script


It's here!

How's that? Perfect.


You've got visitors.

We're not disturbing you? No.


Hi. Hi.

Proud, huh? It's not finished yet.

Wanna come see? That's why we're here!

Follow the leader!

It's enormous! You ain't seen nothin' yet.

That'll be my apartment, with 2 kids' bedrooms.

Brilliant! There's more.

This room's almost ready. Must've cost a bundle!

Very cozy! I had all the windows changed.

Where'd you get all the money?

I've worked here 15 years, so I saved up.

And my Mom left me some.

And the bank donated the greater part of it.

Now I'm choking in debt.

Got a light?

I'll build a pontoon next year.

Yes, a pontoon!

I'll get you an electric shaver.

Not on your life!

Come here! Come to Daddy!

Come, son.

That's my boy!

Come see, Nelly! He can walk! I've already seen him walk.

Switch off the light.


Not now!

What if I started crying?

Wonder what he wants? Must be a nightmare.

I'll go check.

What are you doing here?

The baby's crying kept me awake.

I have trouble sleeping these days.

You're up? What was it?

Just a nightmare, come back to bed.

Coming to bed?


I think the mood's passed.

I haven't slept all night.

But you will, I'll get you a sleeping pill.


You work too hard, Paul.

That's why you're all wound up.

You'll sleep like a baby now.

The lamp.

The lamp!


Slept well? Very!

My husband didn't even hear the planes.

You get used to them pretty fast.

I think you hit a sensitive spot!

All kidding aside, it's a great place.

Opening the windows in the morning is a joy.

I'm glad to hear it. Come back during peak season!

My husband very much wants to.

Good! Between June and October, I need a month's notice, if you want a good room.

The same, if possible!

No problem. Bon appétit. Thanks.

Finish your hot chocolate!

Thanks. There's some on your face!

Whatever! You're running late! Vincent wanted hot chocolate.

But you'll be late. I'm always early.

Let's keep it that way! Coming back right away?

No, I have errands to run.

For the hotel? No, for me.

Clotilde coming's over at 10 to do the books.

'Bye, son!

That's only a sample, you know.

Open wide, son.



Sleeping pills can mess your head.

Just a mild case of strep throat.

Told you so.

You can open the curtains.

And he thought it was throat cancer!

Don't know what's gotten into him.

He makes mountains out of molehills.

I was worried, that's all.

He doesn't know how to relax. What's "strep throat"?

It's not a matter of relaxing. You tell me, then.

I have no idea.

Here's the prescription. Right...

Go back downtown with the doctor?

You could buy the medicine and bring back the car.

Do you mind, doctor? Not if we leave right now.

Hey! No kiss? Oh, right...

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon! We told you we'd be back.

It wasn't easy, but I got you the same room.

Let's go check out the view... I'm right behind you!

Finished sorting the mail, Clotilde?

I had to fill out the social security forms first.

Didn't Nelly do that?

She was by the lake all morning.

Hurry! I have to return these X rays to Mrs. Point.

Mr. Prieur, please tell that girl to go play elsewhere!

Of course...

Your X rays, Mrs. Point.

Please go play elsewhere. Mrs. Point needs to rest.


Over there, on the pavement. It's better for skating.

Ever tried skating there? Just go!

I think I'll help myself!

Two cognac, Julien!

And one for the boss!

A drink, doctor? Never while on duty.

Just like the cops! For me either, then!

Is my car ready, Mr. Martineau?

Dunno, I don't work weekends.

Do I put the gear in the Mercedes?

When'd Dad promise it for? Yesterday.

Then it must be fixed.

We run a serious business.

How's the boy? He'll survive.

Nelly can come down, then! No, she should stay with him.

We wanted to take her out.

That's a darn shame.

Maybe some other time, OK?

That's having kids for you... So we better be extra careful!

Sorry, but...

I'm going up to see her. No, she's got work to do!

Go out and play.

What a way to talk to your patrons!

She's a friend. I hope she knows that!

Vincent's got nothing serious?

I'm more worried about your sleeping pills.

If only I could get by without them...

Be careful, friend!

Do you drink much?

It's hard to turn down a good lemonade.

Got worries? "Worries"?

Like everyone else. Money woes! How's the hotel business?

Good, as long as it stays open.

I'm not sick, doctor.

The competition hurting you? Amateurs!

They're doing good business, no?

They're getting by.

It's easy, when you bribe the tour drivers and feed slop to the patrons.

You work your ass off for years to build a business, then some bozo shows up trying to steal your clientele.

Think that's normal, or fair?

You don't waste any time, Mr. Duhamel.

It's the magic hour, Mr. Prieur, when objects are about to undergo a transformation!

Don't you have a camcorder? Never, Nr. Prieur!

Nothing beats film and the silver screen!

Excuse me!

What's new? The Duchemins aren't happy.

They should've reserved sooner. I'll write them a note.

And the mayor is marrying his daughter. 35 guests!

Great. Call Nelly for me?

I just called, there's no answer.

She must be in Vincent's room. No, Julia's feeding him.

No matter, I'll take the medicine to him.

Paul! What's going on?

Martineau was showing me his photos.

In the dark?

Of course, they come out better!

Got the medicine?

It's 8:15! They're waiting for you to help serve.

Already 8:15?

Forgive me.

Got your car back? Yes... Of course.

Out for some fresh air, Paul?

Beautiful day, huh?

Yes, very.

Please hold.


Now you know what's what.

She didn't act guilty!

No... Does that reassure you?

She's not stupid enough to do it in the living room!

Of course not, not her.

How's the menu? Perfect.

I'm not sure about the meat.

How about an omelet instead? Ham, fine herbs, cheese?

No, just eggs.

"Just eggs"!

Thank you.

We looked everywhere for you! I went out for a stroll.

I didn't feel too well.

What's wrong? Just tired, that's all.

Omelet, hold everything! A bottle of poison, please.

Coming up!

I'll help you with those, Mr. Duhamel.

These are mine! I went on a spree today!

It's the lot of beautiful women...to ruin us!

Hi, sweetie! You look better!

Were you good? An angel!

For your strep throat.

What do you say? Go easy on him!

This is for you.

It could be a nightie... Transparent, I bet!

Thanks for keeping me company.

It was my pleasure, dear.

I'll gladly join you on your next excursion.

Aren't you exaggerating a bit? No way!

It's good for business, and there's no harm in it.

Time for your bath!

Does your throat still hurt? No.

The other foot now.

How dirty!

You went to the printer's? Yes, right after lunch.

He called at 3 to get his check.

"At 3"? Maybe I went by just after that.

All finished!

You stayed at your mom's till 3?

Of course not!

Didn't you have lunch with her?

It's too hot to put that on.

What about that lunch?

She had a new student. An hour of scales? No, thanks!

I had lunch with Marylin at the boutique.

Come on, my little prince! Is it stuck or what?

Now go downstairs and ask Clotilde to make you dinner.


And give Daddy a kiss.

I feel like a shower. Join me?

What about the customers? What customers?

While you were lunching at the boutique.

There weren't any. Must be a slow day.

Till 3 o'clock?

I don't spend all day checking the clock!

Hey, wait a minute!

Let me see!

Step into the light!

What is it?

I don't believe it! What?

You're jealous!

Right, "jealous." Yes, jealous!

I'm so happy! It proves you love me.


I'll catch a cold like this!


Do you mind? Sorry.

I was curious.

Nice handbag, huh? Must've cost a fortune.

Guess how much! 5000 francs?

Are you nuts? Where would I get 5000 francs?

Towel me down instead of spouting nonsense!

How much?

When you're obsessed about something...


Impressed? I am.

And old Montignac drives a hard bargain!

Now keep going!

Any mail? A letter from my brother.

Where is he? Koblenz, Germany.

I'm keeping the stamp for my seamstress's son.

Give it to him, OK? Going out? Where?

To Mom's. Again?

I told you she was sick, that I'd go give her a hand.

You told me that?

Maybe the doctor's right about your being out of kilter.

The bus! Gotta run! See you tonight.


My wife's on her way down.

OK, boss.

Sick mother, my foot!

No, don't!


Be careful!


If she's not at her mom's, you'll know for sure.

She's out giving lessons.

You should've come sooner.

Come here!


Your head's in the clouds, dear.

What're you doing here? Waiting for Mom.

Thought she was sick. That never stopped her!

And what're you doing here? Is Vincent sick?

I was in the area... You had errands?

You know, bank business...

Not to contradict you, but our bank is on the other side of town.

Where's the car?

Joan of Arc Square.

At the bus terminal...

You've been following me.

Do I have reasons to follow you?

No, but if you don't stop, I might give you one.

This is stupid, let's forget the whole thing.

Tell me something sweet.

What'd your brother have to say?

He sends his best.

What else?

Read his letter to me, for laughs.

How stupid! Mom has it.

I thought she'd gone out. I slipped it in her mailbox.

You're good with the excuses, like with your handbag.

I called, you paid 4000 F. So much for trusting me!

To be honest, I won the tiercé on Sunday.

You bet on the horses? From time to time.

Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause I went in with Marylin, and since you can't stand her...

Where'd you bet? At that café, past the bridge.

CLOSED TEMPORARILY They're closed till Wednesday or Thursday.

The grandmother died.

But mostly on account of water leakage.

Is that you, Paul?

It's OK, the commotions' over.

I'm closing up.

What happened, Paul?

You had an accident? You're sick?

Shut up.

Please say something.

Where were you, Paul?

Please, you're scaring me!

You want to be alone?

What's going on, Paul?

We looked everywhere for you.

Along the highway, by the lake, downtown, at the police station, at the hospital...

I made tons of calls.

I've been crying all day!

The patrons pitched in too, but to no avail.

I didn't know where to look anymore...

And when night fell...

But you're here now!

You're here!

Poor sad Nelly!

I saw you and Martineau on the river.

Yes, so?

Please! I don't feel like discussing it.

I followed you. Happy?

You went to the island to play cards?

I saw you.

I saw you!

What did you see?

Is that why you disappeared, like a madman?

And why I worried all day? And why you're in this state?

Of course we went to the island.

I just wanted to rest.

In the grass?

No, standing up in the boat! Look at me, you idiot!

I said look at me!

Can't you see I love you? That I'm your wife!

Look at my eyes! Beautiful, right?

They cried over you. You!

I wondered how I'd manage if you didn't come back.

Without you, my life has no meaning.

You don't love me anymore, leave me alone!

If I didn't love you, I wouldn't be here.

I wanted to die too.


You hurt me so bad!

It's all over now.

I'm here...

Come, my angel!

What're you dreaming about?

It's all over!

It's over!

Already back? Time is money!

What's this?

Paul! Look, Clotilde. Is it gold?

Shall I put it on? Why not?

Wow! Looks really expensive.

I'll go change dresses.

We're already full this weekend.

They can have Room 4!

Martineau's room? He called to cancel.

There's been a cancellation, ma'am.

See you on Saturday, then. 'Bye!

These shirts won't last another winter.

I should buy you some new ones.

This one's full of holes!

When did Martineau call? I called him.

I just said that for Clotilde.

I told him not to come back.

It's better that way, right?

These pillow cases have got to go too!

I told him you didn't like his attitude...

And neither did I.

I'm sure he got the hint.

You called the jerk? You nuts? What'll people think?

He'll tell everybody I'm paranoid about being a cuckold!

Plus I get my wife to do the dirty work!

But you were so upset...

Now I'll just look like a fool!

Martineau's not about to advertise it!

Yeah, if you say so... That's what worries you?

What people will think? The gossip?

Fine way to show your love!

You can keep your jewels!

Help me!

Stop that and listen to me! I'm sorry, I was wrong!

I can't take it off anyway.

Hey, that's my doll!

You're mean. No, you're mean!

Your son is a poet, he said it was a train.

What'd he do? Played with my doll.

Kids fighting over toys! Let him play with it!

Perfection! Don't move a muscle!

It's my doll!

Action! What a pain!

Mr. Prieur! It's the magic hour!

Sorry, I can't! I have work to do.

Where's he going? He's got too much work.

Sorry about this.

Lights, please!

This'll just...

...take a few seconds.

Can I get some candy over here?

And another beer, please.

For how much longer? It's the last reel!

'Cause I gotta go. No, stay!


Get a load of this zoom!

The War Memorial.

Too bad Martineau's not here.

I'd filmed his garage!

That's more like it!

Great cinematography! The actress makes the scene!

See? You're in it!

Is that you? The day Mom was sick.

I wanted more, but it was hard to keep up with them.

Be strong, face the truth.

That was a close call, my love.

No, you can't come back. He's spying on us.

We'll meet downtown.

I'll make up some story. He's so gullible!

Yes, I'll warn Marilyn.

No, stop...

I want you too...


Stop, for God's sake! But there's more.

I said stop! Paul!


What's wrong?

Where are you going?

It'll pass...

Please forgive me.

Proud of yourself?

What'll people think now? Don't give a damn, huh?

Duhamel wanted to check out.

He'll stay, but no thanks to you!

I told them you'd had too much to drink.

But I want an explanation!

Spit it out, Paul!

Well? I'm waiting!

I'm jealous.


Of whom? Of what?


It's killing me.

I should just jump out the window!

Please... I can't stand seeing you like this.

Slap me if you want.

Hit me if it'll help. What'll that change?

The problem's up here!

You're exhausted, come to bed.

Think I can fall asleep? Yes, I do.


Let go...


You haven't seen Martineau since?

Please, Paul!

I'm sleeping.

Have you?

No, I haven't.

I'm the one who told him to stay away.

'Cause it's too risky here.

You meet downtown, logically.


It is logical.

But not true.

Can you prove it?

How could I?

If you can't be reasonable, I'll be reasonable for both of us.

If you're worried about my going downtown, then I won't go anymore. Ever.



Feel better now?


More or less.

What more can I do?

Too late now, what's done is done.

What did I do?

Need you ask? Your little island excursion!

Not that again!

Like I said, I was tired and needed to rest.

Aren't you drinking too much? I'm cold.

So am I. Shall I serve you?


You "needed to rest"? Yes.

For 30 minutes? No, 5.


You left at 11:30 and I got there at noon.

Listen... Yes?

For the last time, we left at 11:30.

We went as far as the dikes and I rested on the way back.

On the island, true... because I was tired.

Which is why you were lying in the grass.

I wasn't lying in the grass! Liar!

I'm sick of your lies! Will you tell me the truth?

Let go of me! I want the truth!

OK, I had sex with Martineau!

On the island, in his car, in his house!

On that very bed when you go to the market!

Happy now?

Open up!

I made a mistake, I'm sorry. It's over.

It's over, honey. I love you, I love you.

Open the door!

Don't be stupid, open up!


You bought the lamb, boss? Damn!

Forgot it at the butcher's. I'll go call him.

My mind's like Swiss cheese!

Leaving, Mr. Vernon?

No problems at home, I hope.

Or here, rather. What a racket last night!

Mariette, take the Vernons' luggage to their car.

I understand his being jealous, what with such a pretty wife...

Hi, everyone.

Coffee with cream, Julien. Coming up, sir.

Be quiet!

How are you? Fine, thanks.

How are you? Fine.

You didn't sleep much, huh?

It happens.

You didn't sleep much, huh? It happens.

Stop it!

Stop! But I'm a plane.

Please, Vincent, Mommy's got a headache.

Thanks, Julien.

Make me toast, Daddy? What?

Make me toast? Sure.

Take him to his grandma's today?

Me? Since I can't go out...

Take all you want, it's on the house.

How generous of you!

Taking a stroll?

Getting some fresh air. Is that allowed?

Listen, I can't see Mom or Marylin anymore!

You freak when I take Vincent out for a walk!

You've been clinging to me for 2 weeks.

Wait, Nelly...

I can't take anymore, Paul. Want to play jealous husband?

Then I'll give you a damn good reason.

Wanna a be cuckold? So be it!

Who knows how or with whom, but I swear you'll hear about it!

Let me buy you another. No, my round!

I said, "You have your opinion, I have mine."

Hey, stop before you get too sloshed!

What happened to the lights? Do we get a rebate?

I'll think about it.

General blackout? Just local.

I'll check the fuses. It's these storms...

Come have a drink, boss! Sorry, no time.

How can they be enjoying this?

Do something! It's been an hour!

Well? The line's still busy!

That's France for you, always a strike!

It's not a strike, it's a blackout.

No blackouts in my day! Seen my wife?

Not for a while...

I've been trying to reach you for 35 minutes.

Put yourself in our shoes!

Is Mommy here? Don't know.

No, my friend! It's just us men here.

Mommy's disappeared into the shadows.

Scoot over, son. I'll play you a tune.

That's good news!

Let's hope so.

It won't be much longer.

"Disappeared into the shadows."

The providential shadows...

Wanna come in? Think it's a good time?

In a hurry again? Indeed I am.

About time! I can't be everywhere at once!

Know when my husband's coming back?

How would I know?

You were joking around earlier.

He didn't say.

Come in.

Sorry, sir! What's wrong?

All your guests are pigs!

There are wandering hands everywhere.

You startled me! What were you doing in there?

I brought a candle to Captain what's-his-name.

He's new here. What bad timing!

Why go in? He asked me to.

Why not for the others? He was in bed.

"In bed"?

How could I have known? You're still not better...

What was the prick doing in bed?

Waiting for me!

It's getting worse, Paul! You're right, it's stupid.

I love you!

Hurry, your wife's waiting!

You're gonna get it! I'm used to it.

Clotilde, send Vincent up for dinner.

Your dress is stained. Where?

Behind you!

That's nothing! Must've happened in the cellar.

You went down to the cellar? To check the fuses.

Julien said he'd go.

We both had the same idea.

Now eat, dear.

It's a flood! My roof's leaking! What a country!

The idiots forgot to close the skylights.

She's had them all here.

Did you go up to the attic today?

Me? No, why?

You're lying!

Think hard. You went up to the attic today.


Wait, I did! To go get the lamps.


Yes. You're lying.

Where's your bracelet?

What bracelet? The one I gave you.

I lost it. When?

Dunno. Two or 3 days ago.

You're a liar!

You're lying! I found it in the attic.

Where'd I put it?

Where the hell...?

You're raving mad! Shut up!

You lie to me every time you open your mouth.

That's right, 'cause I've had it with your scenes.

I never know what to say or not say anymore.

Don't touch me.

Don't touch me!

I'll say anything to shut you up.

Yes, I'm lying, and I could care less.

You hate me? Just admit it!

If I could afford to care for Vincent and Mom, I wouldn't stay a minute more. I refuse to believe that.

That's why you're with me?

Why do you think I married you?

I just can't believe that!

Sorry, but I'm exhausted. Come to bed and sleep.


Paul! Yes, "Paul"!

The bird must've flown the coop!

What bird? Just confess!

What's gotten into you, old man? What are you saying?

When you're rich, you get to hump the innkeeper's wife?

Just great! Calm down!

What's going on? Where's your wife?

Want me to break your face? What's the meaning of that?


That's nothing!

Lenoir dropped by.

For a game of cards after dinner.

Lighten up, old man!

Stuff your jokes, OK? It's been going on too long!

While the cat's away, the mice will play!

As of tomorrow, you're all out!

Now, old man, you're really starting to get on my nerves.

I hereby inform you that tomorrow morning I'll be gone.

And I won't ever come back. Now get out!

If ever I shoot myself, my blood will be on your hands.


Don't you go and do something stupid!

Where were you?

Where was I? Where were you?

I got up to let the cat in.

And dropped by Duhamel's to listen to the radio?

Don't try to deny it!

You've lost it! So now it's Duhamel?

It's all the same to you! Young, old, staff... Well?

Now it's my turn!

Should I be deprived?

I beg of you to stop, Paul.

Don't let her sweet-talk you! Stop!

Don't let the slut fool you!


I know she came here, she left this on my pillow.

Where'd you hide her? Sit down, Mr. Prieur.

I'm warning you, you could be held responsible for her desertion.

Accessory to desertion!

Is that clear? Have a seat.

I know I shouldn't get mad, but if she leaves me, I'm lost, understand?

I can't live without her.

Understand? Yes, but calm down.

Please, doctor, I want her back.

Come, Nelly. Don't be afraid.

You've had a go too! Thanks, how much do I owe you?

That's not funny, Paul.

You hurt Nelly last night, I had to examine her.

A thorough examination, I see.

Keep that up and I'll have you committed!

That's a good one!

She's the one who's sick and you wanna have me committed!

Think you can have me committed? You're deluding yourself!

You may not realize this, but I know my rights.

Forced confinement is a serious matter.

We agree on that point?

Don't you see she's misleading you, lying to you, and to me?

Lying is like breathing to her.

You beat her, Paul! "Beat her"?

I've slapped her once in 6 years of marriage!

And she deserved it!

If I had to do it over... I would.

You realize you almost maimed her last night?

You don't know how much she's made me suffer.

I believed her, at first, but over time I caught on.

But I forgave her.

But when your wife goes up to the attic for a quickie, you can't forgive anymore.

Or when she gets it on with patrons at 2 a.m., what can do you do, huh?

I didn't catch on right away, she's very clever.

She was always feigning sleep.

But I'd programmed myself to wake up.

Then I'd check her feet on the sly.

Cold as ice. Proves she'd gotten up, right?

Of course. But, doctor...

Shut up and let him finish. This is fascinating!

I know it's not her fault.

She loves me in her own way.

But when the mood strikes, it's anywhere with anybody!

The patrons, the mechanic, the barman!

She's sick! Just look at her.

She's ruining her health. Look how awful she looks!

She's hysterical.

Simply hysterical!


It may seem hard to believe. No, I believe you, Paul.

This is ludicrous!

He's out of his mind!

See? She wants to have me committed.

Absolute proof! You're right, Paul.

We'll remedy that right away.

See? Didn't I tell you so?

I'm calling the hospital. "Hospital"? What for?

She needs a psychiatrist.

Dumenil? Arnoux here. I have a case for you.

The same as last month.

Hysteria... The husband gave me a detailed briefing, if you see what I mean.

It's urgent, very urgent!

Is that right?

If that's the only way, I'll pick them both up in the morning.


No way either of us is going to the hospital!

I know this is hard, but it's the only way.

Be strong! Ignore him, I'll protect you.

Besides, he doesn't have the right.

I'll pick you both up at 7 a.m.

I'm setting the alarm for 6.

If it makes you happy.

It doesn't, but we're getting up early.

Get a load of this!

Maybe I should give you another chance.

I forgive you for everything.

We'll pretend nothing's happened.

But be careful.

I'll be severe.

Any more tricks, and it's the nuthouse!

Gimme a couple of sleeping pills, please?

"Sleeping pills"? What for?

I need some sleep. So do you.

I don't need anyone's advice!

Then do as you please.

He told you not to upset me, right?

Who? "Who"?

Arnoux. No, Paul.

I was here all afternoon. Maybe you called him.

Let's go wake Clotilde and ask her.

Let's go wake her up.

I'm the one who locked it.

You mind?

You mind if I take precautions?

In case you feel like going on one your little slut tours...

You've been trying to get me to sleep for an hour.

The jig is up. Listen, Paul...

Vincent has a fever, I have to go check on him.

Can you please open the door?

Two minutes.

Now give me the key! What?

Give it or I'll scream.

Another step and I'll call for help.

Haven't you caused enough scandal?

Hand it over.

Poor woman! Arnoux was right.

You're sick in the head. I'm still waiting.

Well played!

We'll see about that!

See? You can trust me. I came right back.

You're not asking about Vincent?

Yes, how is he? He's fine.

Enough of your sulking and gimme back the key!

I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

What's it to you if it's locked? And I'll sleep in peace!

Didn't I take my sleeping pills?

No, don't think so. So gimme? What?

The key!

Fine, then.

I'll sleep in the chair, in front of the door.

As long as you're ready to leave in the morning.

I'm not going anywhere.

Then I'll be all alone. You're not going either.

But what if I'm sick?

A disease like yours can be cured at home, with a good thrashing. No need for a hospital.

The idea of all those doctors makes you hot? Well, too bad!

Arnoux won't mind, he gets paid all the same.

Explain it to him tomorrow. I'll do no such thing!

The phone's been confiscated!

Afraid? No, I'm not afraid.

Get this through your thick skull:

I'm not nuts or a monster. I know.

Then why call a doctor in the middle of the night?

I can't take anymore...

The hospital was a clever scheme!

Hey, I'm talking to you! Really thought I'd go?

You actually bought it?

It'll never happen! I'll fight you!

I'll fight you tooth and nail! Now gimme that key!

Where is it, for God's sake? What're you doing?

Where's the goddamn key?

In the hall, under the statue.

She better be telling the truth!

They're on their way, doctor!

He's locked us in, the key's under the rug.

I'll open up as soon as he falls asleep.

She's a dangerous beast.

Dangerous beasts have to be tied up.

You want to let them in?

You asked for it, you tramp!

Doctor? He's bound me to the bed. Come quick!

Break down the door!


Come on...

Wake up, honey!

It's 6 a.m. But I'm so sleepy...

Come on, you can sleep in the car.

We have to get moving! Come on, baby.

Open your eyes.

Arnoux will be here soon.

What happened? I'll explain later.

It's raining. Rain scares me. Yes, honey.

You're right, it's raining.

But don't worry, I'll drive slowly.

Run this over your face, it'll wake you up.

I'll run you a bath.

Hurry, honey!

Don't rush me, Paul. Let me get used to the idea.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Never seen me before?

Like this morning, no. Not in a long time.

It feels like a dream.

If only it were real. It is real.

Can't you tell?

It used to be so good...

I thought all was lost.

There's no reason to cry.

I'm not crying, I'm happy.

We'll wipe the slate clean.

When I return from Clermont. You want to go now?

As soon as possible! Really, Paul?

Yes, before I hurt someone.

Must be an old wound that reopened...


I was sure I'd untied her...

What's happening to me?

What happened to me?

Let's see...

A second ago we were on the verge of going to the hospital.

In Clermont. Both of us!

But we're still here.

It's just like before.

But before what?

I don't know anymore, I'm confused.

I just hope she wasn't planning on...

I have to get a grip.

I have to be careful.

I mustn't, I mustn't.

If ever...

Let's see...


Subtitles: Eclair Media