Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) Script

In memory of the soldiers killed in combat.

How did those soldiers ever manage to dig out these tunnels?

Let's get a rotation in here.

Hey, I found something!

What is it!?


We soldiers dig.

We dig all day.

This is the hole that we will fight... and die in.

Hanako... am I digging my own grave?

Today, I head for the post where my men await.

I am determined to serve and give my life for my country.

I believe I have organized everything at home... but I am sorry I wasn't able to attend to the kitchen floor before I left.

I had all the intention... but had to leave without having the time... and I am still worried about it.

So make sure to have Taro take care of it promptly.

Damn this Island! The Americans can have it.

Nothing grows here.

It smells, it's hot, too many damn bugs and there's no water.

This Island is part of Japan's sacred homeland.

There's nothing sacred about this Island.


We should just give-up this Island to the Americans... so we can go home.


What did you say, soldier?

I said if we beat the Americans, then we can go home.

You there, is that what he said?

Yes, sir.

I'm Kuribayashi.

Welcome, General. I am Admiral Ohsugi.

How long have you been waiting here for me?

Three hours, sir.

Sorry to hear that.

They wouldn't allow me to wire my arrival... after what happened to Admiral Yamamoto.

I understand, sir.

This is my aide, Lieutenant Fujita.

What's the matter, Admiral? You don't look very well.

It's nothing, sir. The water doesn't agree with me here.

Sorry to hear that.

This way to your quarters.

Admiral, I would like to tour the Island first.

Shall I fetch a vehicle?

No, let's walk.

Walking is good for health.

It might be just what you need, Ohsugi.

So that's Suribachi.

You unpatriotic... no-good peasants!

Hey, stop it!

Stand up!

What are you doing?

These soldiers...

were conspiring with unpatriotic words, sir.

I see.

And, Captain, do you have such an excess of soldiers... that you could put two of them out of commission?

No, sir.

Then stop beating them.

Deny their lunch rations instead.

A good Captain uses his brain, not just his whip.

What is all this?

All this?

Trenches, sir.

Why are the men digging trenches here?

This is where the Americans are expected to land.

Have them stop immediately.

But, General...

And, Captain... make sure these men get proper breaks.

They look like they're from Mars.

Stop digging!

Stop digging!

That should do it.

My stomach has been bothering me lately.

A toast to General Kuribayashi.

A fine Commander.

Better than rice wine!

I heard he lived in America.

Maybe that's why he doesn't want us digging trenches.

Maybe he likes Americans.

No, stupid. He studied the Americans.

So now he knows how to beat them.

I heard from someone in the 204th... that another General was supposed to command the Island... but he didn't want the job.

So Premier Tojo gave it to Kuribayashi instead.

Nozaki, you hear a lot of things... but your ears are full of wax!

Anyway, you can't trust anyone from the 204th.

They're part of the Navy.

I think this Kuribayashi must be a superb General.

Look... we're not digging those damn trenches in the sand anymore, are we?

This heat is more than what I anticipated.

This Island is bigger than I thought. I'm exhausted.

Ito, reporting for duty.

Thank you for coming right away.

How many Air Force planes do we have?

41 Zekes and 13 bombers, sir.

Is that all?

In order to support Saipan, we lost 66 planes a few days ago.

We will have to rely on support from the Combined Fleet then.

Is this the current defense plan?


What about the Army troops? Where will they be stationed?

I don't know exactly.

They are under the independent command of Colonel Adachi.

You have not coordinated your plans with the Army?

According to the Navy rules, not until the enemy lands...

This is a real war! You are aware of that, aren't you?

This will not work.

You are concentrating all your effort on the beach.

Move the artillery to higher ground. But, sir, we just had them... moved down to the beaches.

Well, move them back.

Coordinate with the Army and have them start immediately.

Fortification at Suribachi are a priority.

I'm going to walk some more.

It's pitch black out there, sir. I know.

This one is trouble.

Army Commanders usually are, sir.

Another letter?

You know that the mail only goes out when there's a boat available?

I have a lot of family.

Then how come all your letters are addressed to your wife?


Here, let me do you a favor, otherwise, your letters will never make it through.

Hey, what are you doing?

I used to work in the Censorship Office in Tokyo before I was transferred.

You mean demoted.

To Hanako: We soldiers dig. We dig all day.

No, no, no. This will never pass.

Give me that back!

There. You'll thank me for this later, Saigo.



Are you blind?

Can't you see the target?

My six-year-old could shoot better than you.

Do it again!

You're an embarrassment! You call yourself an Imperial soldier?

Tonight you will clean the boots of your entire Company.

Go to the rear!

They should learn to clean their guns properly, rather than their boots.

What are those tanks doing here?

Those are out of commission, sir. They are waiting on parts.

For how long? About a month, sir.

Taro, America is filled with cars.

I have to be very careful when I cross the street... there are so many cars everywhere.

Taro, are you behaving yourself and listening to your mother?

I miss you.

These civilians need to be evacuated as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

Hanako... we have a celebrity here.

Baron Nishi, the Olympic gold medalist in horse jumping.

He will lead the 26th tank regiment... and has just arrived from Tokyo.

Nishi is very handsome, and there are rumors of his womanizing skills.

But there are no women left on the Island to woo.

Lieutenant Colonel Nishi! You brought your horse.

From Chichi Jima.

I used to be a cavalryman myself, you know.

Of course, I know.

I've been looking forward to serving under you.

One who understands horses the way I do.

When we used to ride horses through the battlefield... those were the good old days... not like these mechanized contraptions.

I could send for another horse... and we could ride together.

I'm afraid my riding days are over.

But tell me about this famous horse of yours that you won the Olympics with.

My stallion, Uranus.

Oh, yes, this horse has a fine back.

I bought him in Italy.

They were happy to get rid of him.

He was such a wild horse.

No one could tame the beast, but I told them... such a headstrong horse... is a perfect match for me.

Come dine with me tonight. I feel like having a drink.

I think that can be arranged.

How did you manage to get the Johnnie Walker?

I drank some already.

I'm sorry. This is all we have.

That's fine, as long as we have this.

What is this empty plate?

I have told our cook that all officers... will have the same rations and food as our men.

I'm sorry, but serving three dishes is regulation.

Oh, but of course we have the right to be served more than three dishes per meal.

You're absolutely right.

When you think about it... it is regrettable that most of the Combined Fleet was destroyed.

We still have some battleships left... but we have very little striking power from the air or sea.

Nishi, what do you mean?

So you have not heard about the Mariana battle?

Admiral Ozawa's carrier and boat planes were destroyed.

The Imperial headquarters... is deceiving not just the people, but us as well.

If you want my honest opinion, General... the best thing to do... would be to sink the Island to the bottom of the sea.

And yet, you still came?


I figured your men were going to need all the tanks that I could bring.

This must be it.

Yes, the enemy must land here.


Like you were one of the Americans!

Go on! Which direction would you take?


I think your General has gone mad.

Look at the gun he has.

He probably took it from a dead American.


Break time is over.

Back to work!

Are you all right, Kashiwara?

You look pale.

I'm fine. It's just the damn water.

But...I...really...need to go.

There will be a major change in our strategy.

We will dig caves in the Motoyama, Higashiyama, and Suribachi-yama areas.

We will build these underground fortifications, and fight to the end.

What about the beach defenses, sir? Not needed.

But, sir, the beach trenches are our first line of defense.

Without the beach trenches, how do you expect us to win?

Hayashi, do you know how many cars America produces in a year?

Five million.

The American's technological advancements cannot be underestimated.

They will cross the beaches eventually.

If we waste our soldiers there, there is no hope for victory.

It is inevitable that men will die... but I never heard of an Island operation without beach fortifications.

General, it will be a futile waste of time to start digging tunnels now.

We should force the enemy near the Island... and launch a pincer drive from the sea and air.

I agree. That makes the most sense.

Ohsugi... doesn't the Navy know?

The Combined Fleet has been completely destroyed off the Marianas.

The Island is now isolated.

What's more, I received a new order from the Imperial headquarters this morning.

The remaining fighter planes are to be sent back... to Tokyo to defend the mainland.

Outrageous! How are we to fight?

We do not have time for discussion. We should head back.

Dear Mother...

I have been commissioned to a new troop today.

I cannot talk about this transfer now.

Take good care of yourself.

Look at this picture.

That's some fancy castle.

You know who this castle was built for?

Someone who was already dead.

They must have had a lot of money back then... to build a castle like that for a dead person.

Why are you reading that book anyway?

We're never going to war over there.

We'll be lucky if we even get a hole in the ground when we're dead.

Don't talk about that. It's bad luck.

Is this the 312th?

That's right.

I'm Nozaki. This is Saigo.

Shimizu, you can put your bedroll there.

There's an empty space in the back.

Don't mind him.

His friend Kashiwara just died.

That used to be his spot.

But we are all going to die.

That's the plan, isn't it?

For our country, it is an honor.

Kashiwara died of honorable dysentery.

Shimizu, where are you from?


Ozawa is from there, aren't you?

That's right.

Where were you trained?

Maybe we were at the same school?


I trained in Tokyo.

I trained in Tokyo, too. Where?

The Koho Kimmu Yoin Yoseijo.

Hey... why do you think they put a Military Police Corp in our unit?

I don't know.

He's not wearing the white armband. He's not a Military Police Corp.

He went to the Military Police Academy.

Maybe he was kicked out.

He acts like a Military Police Corp.

Look at his holster. That's not standard issue.

He's been put here to spy on us.

Why would he spy on us?

Maybe it's those letters you've been writing.

You should be careful.

Weed soup again?

Kuribayashi is conserving our food supplies for the battle.

We'll be dead before the Americans even get here.

And you would think that with all my war effort contributions... we should be eating Castella cakes or sandwiches.


I ran a bakery in Ohmiya with my wife.

Back when we could still get sugar... we sold sweet rolls and Castella cakes.

However, his Military Police brethren... used to come and take whatever they wanted.

For the war...for the country...

Why bread?

We ran into those types at our clothing store as well.

When we started making sandwiches... they took those, too.

And when we ran out of meat and just had bread, they still came.

Eventually, they took all of our baking equipment for the metal...

and we were out of business.

I should have been a fisherman.

It must have been hard on your wife...

without the shop and without her husband.

Tell them to go away. We have nothing to sell.

Congratulations! Your husband is going to war.

Thank you very much.

I'm happy to serve the country.

Prayers for your eternal success at arms.

I beg of you! We have only each other.

This is not the time.

We have all sent our husbands and sons to war.

We all have to do our part.

At least you'll have a little one to carry on your name.

I can't eat with you like that.

What am I going to do after you die?

I'm not in the coffin yet.

The men never come home, not even a soul.

They'll never let you come home.

Don't worry.

And now, with the baby.

Can you hear me?

It's Dad.


Don't tell anyone what I'm telling you now.

It's a secret.

Your dad...

is going to come home for you.

Hurry up!

The enemy approaches!

This is ridiculous!

Why waste time digging these tunnels?

They are all going to die anyway.

At least he conceded to the pillboxes on the beach.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Care for a drink?

You have been looking quite pale these days.

It's the water. It has never agreed with me.

That's not good.

Why don't you go back to the mainland to recoup?

I have commissioned Admiral Ichimaru to take your place.

We are wasting time digging these tunnels.

General, the Island won't last five days without fleet support.

We should fight to the death.

The tunnel-digging may be futile.

Maybe the stand on Iwo will be futile.

Maybe the whole war is futile.

But will you give up then?

We will defend this Island until we are dead!

Until the very last soldier is dead!

If our children can live safely for one more day... it would be worth the one more day that we defend this Island!

Ohsugi... if you have an ounce of pride left as an officer...

I beg of you... go back to headquarters and ask them to send support.

So the rumor is true? I couldn't believe it.

I'm grateful to be leaving this Island.

We may have had our differences... but I'm truly sorry to see you go.

General Hayashi, it is up to you now.

Kuribayashi belongs behind a desk, not commanding war.

I understand.

There are many of us who agree with you, sir.


The Americans are likely to land here.

Crossfire positions will be here... here... and here.

The fact is... we are completely outnumbered in every sector.

But we have a great advantage.

Can anyone tell me what that is?

The Americans are weak-willed and inferior to Japanese soldiers.

Very good, Shimizu.

Why is that?

They are not as disciplined... and they let their emotions interfere with their duty.

That is correct.

Here is the uniform of an American medic.

He should be your target.

For Americans will risk the lives of many soldiers to save this one.


General, may I speak with you?

Please keep an eye on Major General Hayashi.

Thank you for your concern, Nishi... but we don't have any time to waste.

We must think about what we can do at this moment.

Admiral Ichimaru.

Reporting for duty, sir.

Excuse me.

Thank you for coming on such short notice.



Yamazaki... what are you doing just sitting there? Help us...

I think he's writing about us in his reports.

He's just writing a letter.

It's been two months, Nozaki.

He would have reported us by now.

How can you be sure?

Will they ever stop?

Day and night, day and night...

It's driving me crazy!

If the damn Americans are going to invade... why don't they hurry up and land?

Tako-Chan... the four chicks that were born two months ago have grown so much.

The mother chicken leads them for food every day... but they're giving me a hard time, picking at the vegetable garden I have grown.

The fleet of American ships has left Saipan.

So they are on their way.

Ready the troops.

Men... the time has come to show your true colors.

As a member of the honorable Imperial Army...

I trust that you will fight with honor.

This Island is of utmost importance to Japan.

Should the Island fall...

the enemy... will use it as their base to attack our homeland.

For the mainland...

For our homeland...

Until the very last man.

Our duty is to stop the enemy right here.

Not one of you... is allowed to die until you have killed 10 enemy soldiers.

Do not expect to return home alive.

I will always be in front of you.

Long live the Emperor.

Take care and be well.

I will fight courageously until the end, in the spirit of Yamato.

My heart will always be with you.


Every household is assigned a quota of bag-making for the gunpowder.

I cannot help but get tense when I think that these will be used in battle.

Taro and Yoko laugh at me for this.

Takako, on evacuation in Nagano, is also doing well.

I pray for your safety.

Sincerely, Yoshi.

No one can shoot me now.

That's a nice belt. My wife sent me one, too.

Doesn't look like Mr.Military Police has a thousand-stitch belt, does he?

Maybe he thinks it will clash with his uniform.

He probably doesn't believe in superstitions, anyway.

His mother made him one after all.

Maybe they're trying to sink the Island. My head hurts.

How many ships do you think there are out there?

At least 30. Maybe even 50.

They must be really close. I need to take a leak.

Don't go near the sewers. Dysentery is spreading through there.

Where do I go then?

There is a pot at the end of the cave.

The shit pot is full.

Someone needs to throw it out.

If anything happens to that pot... you'll be carrying our shit away with your hands.

Is this some kind of a joke?

Why are you always picking on me?

Thank you, God. I take back what I said before.

Shall we commence fire?

Not yet.

The men wish to commence firing.

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!

They will take the beach in no time if we do not resist.

Wait until the beach is full.

Let's go. Commence firing!

Commence firing!

Commence firing!

The guns of the Kitakubo unit were destroyed.

All the pillbox units on the beach have been destroyed.

However, all other forces are intact... and we estimate more than 1,000 enemy casualties.

The pillbox destruction was unavoidable.

Overall, that is good news.

How are the men holding up at Suribachi?

Forces are intact.

What is the enemy situation?

Approximately 20,000 men and 80 tanks.

There has to be more than that. They still have men waiting in the boats.

Currently the enemy front extends... between Suribachi and the south landing... and Chidori airfield south.

Just as I thought... Suribachi and the Motoyama airfield.

They are making a two-pronged attack.

That's not enough! I need more ammo.

Take his place!

The machine gun is blasted. Use your rifle!

Watch out! Imbecile!

I can't rely on you.

Go send a report to Colonel Adachi that we need another machine gun.

Hurry up!

Colonel Adachi is asking for reinforcements.

We can't afford to send reinforcements. Tell him to hold out.

Shoot him!

What's the matter? We're out of bullets!

We are losing Suribachi.

All is lost...requesting permission to lead a suicide mission.

No. You must try to hold them off.

Do what you can to survive and join forces in the north caves.

But, sir...

I have failed to hold Suribachi.

Permit me to die with honor with my men.

No, Colonel.

This is an order!



Sir, Captain Tanida requests machine guns.

It's over.


That's the only thing left.


Here, take this to your Commander.

I heard General Kuribayashi order Colonel Adachi to escape.


Escape is the coward's way.

Sit down!


we are...

honorable soldiers of the Emperor.

Don't ever forget that.

The only way left for us... is to die with honor.

This is our fate... to find our place at Yasukuni Shrine.

I'll see you there.

Soldiers, farewell!


You should die like an honorable soldier.

Look, Shimizu...

we can still join the troops in the northern caves.

Our orders are to stay here until death.

I heard General Kuribayashi himself.

That's what he said... over the radio.

It's true.

We can die here... or we can continue fighting.

Which would better serve the Emperor?

Which one?

Where does this go?

It will take us closer to Motoyama.

Do you have orders to move back?

Where are the rest of your men?

All dead.

It's the same with us.

There should be an outlet somewhere near here.

Be quiet!

So you thought you could blow us up, or burn us alive, did you?

Have we heard from Suribachi? No, sir.

Send a messenger!

Lieutenant Oiso has ordered us to rendezvous at the east cave.

We will make a run for Motoyama.

There is no cover for two kilometers.

It will be every man for himself.

See you on the other side.

If not on this earth, then in the next world.

Don't run with the herd. That's where the enemy will fire.

Stay back.

That's cowardice!

There is no use for a dead soldier.

Wait until the flare is gone.

Crawl forward.

What happened to the messenger?

He never came back.

I will go to Adachi myself.

Motoyama's transmitter still works, General.

Why not try there, sir?

Sir, these men retreated from Mt.Suribachi.

What are your names?

Saigo, from the 312th.

Shimizu, reporting for duty.

You escaped from Suribachi?

How dare you!

It was your duty to stay in your position until death.

You should have died... with your fellow troop members.

You are both a disgrace.

Get on your knees.

But, sir... I said, get on your knees!

I don't want you to kill my soldiers needlessly.

Put down your sword.

Put it down!

What's going on here?

These men ran from Suribachi.

Lieutenant Ito, I gave the order that all survivors retreat to the north caves.

I am very sorry, General.

It's just...


has fallen.

Now that Suribachi has been taken... the enemy will maneuver all forces onto the hillside.

We must move our command center north, sir.


fight for your fallen brethren... until the end.

Get up!

Major General Hayashi is leading an attack.

We are to join him.

Kuribayashi's orders are to remain in the caves.

Lieutenant Ito says Kuribayashi is a weak American sympathizer.

We will take back Mt.Suribachi.

Where is Major General Hayashi?

We don't know, sir.

Who is in charge here?

I'm not sure.

Stay here until I determine the plan of action.

We're dead.

Pull back!

We'll get reinforcements.

Why didn't your regiment join the attack?

Don't sit here like rats!

Come out of your caves and fight!

Where is your Commander?

We haven't received the order to attack.

Didn't you receive the order from General Hayashi?

Kuribayashi countermanded Hayashi's order.

There is to be no attack.

We will take back Suribachi... with or without Kuribayashi.

There are already troops on the attack. Get your men in order.

Lieutenant, may I remind you of your rank!

Your disrespect for senior officers... puts your men at needless risk.

I suggest you go back to your cave... or hand over your men.


We'll do it ourselves.

That's against regulations.

That's the officer who tried to kill us. He doesn't care.

I won't go back.

I've had enough of cave fighting.

You men are now under Lieutenant Colonel Nishi's command.

I will throw myself under an enemy tank.

I will take out one of their machines.


What is the status?

A thousand men were lost... in a night attack along Chidori airfield.

Why? I have given them strict orders not to kill themselves.

It seems that the order to retreat was not conveyed to all sectors.


Damn you!

And the American advancement?

A battalion is headed north and we are fighting back along the west ridge.

Good. Once they cross the west ridge, they will be surrounded on three sides.

This just arrived.

Read it.

From headquarters...

We regret that we are unable to send reinforcements to Iwo at this time.

We earnestly hope you will fight honorably... and die for your country.

Bring him in.

Bring him in.

Shall I finish him off?

No. Treat him.

But, sir...

Okubo, you would expect the same, wouldn't you?

Endo, treat him.

We are low on morphine as it is.

Sir, the Americans would not treat a wounded Japanese soldier.

Son, have you ever met an American soldier?

Treat him.

Where are your damned American tanks?

Come and get me!

How is the prisoner doing?

He is awake, sir.

I will question the prisoner for information.

Where are you from, soldier?

Marine. ABLE Company.

Ok. Marine. I mean, where is your home town?

I've lived in California, for a while.

Do you know Mary Pickford or Douglas Fairbanks?

Sure! Everybody knows now.

They are my friends.

I had them as our house guests in Tokyo.

No kiddin'? You...you somebody famous?

I was in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

That God's honest truth?

This is a picture of me and my horse. The champion.

No kiddin'.

Oklahoma. That's where I'm from.

Takeichi. Sam.


I've had enough of this.

I'm going to surrender.

Go ahead and arrest me.

I don't care anymore. That's what you were put here for, isn't it?

To report treasonous thoughts.

I was put here because...

I was discharged from the Military Police Corps.


I had only been in service for five days.

Shimizu... you must always be firm.

Any mercy and people will take advantage of you.

That's unpatriotic.

Go sort it out, Shimizu.

You do not have the Imperial flag properly displayed.

I'm sorry.

My husband has gone to war and I couldn't put it up myself.

It is unpatriotic not to have the flag displayed.

If you help me, I'll put it up now.

Get that dog to shut up.

What was that, sir?

That dog is a nuisance. It is disruptive of Army communications.

I am very sorry, sir.

Shimizu. Dispose of the dog.

We can't have a dog interfering with important military commands.

Take the dog in the back.

It's only a dog.

It won't happen again.

Take it out back.

Keep the children inside.

Hurry up.

Take the dog into the house and keep him quiet... and never let him out.

It's taken care of, sir.

Are you trying to make a fool out of me?

If you can't even shoot a dog, you'll never be able to handle the Reds.

You are unpatriotic!

I was discharged for insubordination... and sent here.

Don't look so glum, Shimizu.

At least now only the enemy hates you.

I don't blame the dog.

Taro... tonight I attended my farewell party.

The wives also attended, so there was a lot of fuss.

Greeting all the ladies... kept me from enjoying the food.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please.

Tonight's guest of honor is from the Empire of Japan.

Captain Kuribayashi, please accept this as a token of our friendship...this 1911 Colt .45 Something every Cavalry Officer could use.

Thank you for this wonderful gift and your friendship!

I will miss you. You are welcome.

Everyone please take your seats and enjoy your dinner.

First I have to ask Captain Kuri. You don't mind if I call you Kuri, do you Captain?

Captain? Hm..hmm?

How would you feel if America and Japan were to enter war?

I believe, they would make splendid allies.

No, I think she means against each other!

The United States is the last country in the world, Japan should fight.

But, if this were to happen, I would serve my duty to my country.

You mean, if Berty was on the opposite side, you shoot him?

I would have to follow my convictions.

You mean you'd have to follow your convictions or your country's convictions?

Aren't they not the same?

Spoken like a true soldier.

Oh, that's awful!

Bertie, that means you're dead!

No! No...never!

Hey! Sam?

Is there any information of the enemy's plan?

No, it's just a letter.

It's from his mother.


I have mailed you a couple of books to read.

I hope that you like them.

Yesterday... the dogs dug a hole under the fence.

They ran all over the neighborhood.

By the time we found them... the Harrison's roosters were terrorized.

Don't worry about us.

Just take care of yourself and come back safely.

Remember what I said to you...

always do what is right... because it is right.

I pray for a speedy end to the war... and your safe return.

Love, Mom.

Incoming! Watch out! Get to your positions!

I'm sorry, sir. There is no more medicine.

It's all right. I'm useless now. Go help the others!

Okubo, come here.

How are we on ammunition?

Not good, sir.

Our mortars have been taken out... and we're out of machine gun ammo.

We have only our rifles.

Okubo... you are now in charge of the men.

We can no longer hold this area.

You must guide the rest of the men north.

Take whatever food and ammo we have left.

What about you, sir?

I'm tired of sharing this cave with all of you.

I'm a one-man show from here on out.

What are you talking about, sir?

Your first order of business... is to find some water.

Men... do your best.

Do what is right... because it is right.


I will make sure that they send you medicine and food.

It has been a great honor... to serve... under you.

Hand me my rifle.

I'm sorry, Okubo.

Why am I not getting any reports? Have we heard from Admiral Ichimaru?

No, sir. What about Nishi or Hayashi?

Send out messengers! We have. Many times.

None of them have come back.

You can't plan strategy like this!

I have been thinking about what Lt. Colonel Nishi said.

He's right.

I don't know anything about the enemy.

I believed that the Americans were cowards...

but they weren't.

I was taught... that they were savages... but that American soldier...

his mother's words...

were the same as my mother's.

I want to fulfill my duty for the General... and our country... but I don't want to die for nothing.

What do you think?

You... haven't lived enough to realize...

what you are sacrificing.

Will you surrender with me?


They'll notice if we leave together. You go first.

I'll make up an excuse.

After a while, I'll tell them I'm going to check on you.

We'll be gone before they even notice.

Pretend that you have dysentery.

Give me your dysentery look.

I guess that'll have to do.

Where are you going?

I've got dysentery.

You're going to surrender, aren't you?

If you are, take me with you.

I've had enough of this war. Be quiet!

Where are you going?

He said he wasn't feeling well. It could be dysentery.

You two! Stop!

Sir, maybe they got spooked.

Miura, you're on guard.

Make sure we have no more deserters.

What unit were you with?

Higashiyama 314th.

Did you hear...

I heard that they would give you a meal.

A meal...

That sounds good.

I'm from Yokohama, too.

After this is over, you can come visit me.


Let this be a lesson to anyone else...

who wants to surrender.

We need to get through the crossfire to reach the north... and join our forces at the front.


We'll head for that cave and make our way from there.

Don't waste a bullet!

Not a single one.

Don't shoot recklessly.

These are Nishi's troops and the survivors from Suribachi.

Are there no officers?

You all did a good job making it here.

Fujita, water for them.

I'm sorry, sir. There is no more water.

I'm sorry.

At least you can rest.

You look familiar.

You almost lost your head.

That was the second time you saved me.

The first time... was the day you landed on the Island.

Of course. I remember.

Well, everything happens in threes.


This letter will probably never get to you... but... it comforts me to write.

For five days, we've been without water and food.

To survive... we do unspeakable things.

There is no escape now.

But... my only concern is for you and the baby.

Dig up some worms.

The battle is approaching its end... and there is no more ammunition, no more water.

All the survivors will engage in a General attack.

I pray for the victory and safety of the Empire.

I bid you farewell.

For the country, I could not fulfill all of my duties.

Now that we have no ammunition, it is with regret that we must perish.

You made it all the way from Suribachi?

That must have been quite a journey.

You are quite a soldier.

No, sir.

I'm just a simple baker.

You were a baker?

Any family?

A wife... and a baby girl born last summer in Ohmiya.

I haven't met her yet.

It's strange.

I promised myself to fight until death for my family... but the thought of my family makes it difficult to keep that promise.

A radio transmission from the homeland.

For General Kuribayashi... and his troops, who are fighting bravely for our country... a song will be sung by the children of Nagano... which is Kuribayashi's hometown.

On the waves of the Pacific down south from the Imperial City a small lonely Island floats

The fate of our Imperial country lies in the hands of this Island

Iwo Jima

As long as we stand we shall feel safe, as the Imperial land shall forever be at peace

We shall fight with pride and honor at any price

Our proud Island Iwo Jima

Do me a favor.

Stay here and burn all these documents, and my military chest.

Everything happens in threes.

We will make a General attack.

Although Japan has lost... one day... our people will praise your dedication.

A day will come when they will weep and pray for your souls.

Be proud to die for your country.

I will always be in front of you.

No more.

No more.

Thank you, Fujita.

This is an order.

You again.

I have one more favor to ask of you.

Bury me... so that no one will find me.


I will be home soon.

I'm glad to be going back to Japan... but I'm a bit sad to leave my friends behind.

I drove home... but... it's lonely driving all by myself.

Listen...is this still Japanese soil?


This is still Japan.

Careful! May be booby trapped.


It's safe.

Look what I got!

Got one hiding!

Bring him around.

Put down the shovel.

Does anybody speak Japanese?

Put the shovel down.


Hey!? It's fine...

Let me take him down.

Nobody's gonna hurt you.

Do I shoot him Lieutenant? No! Don't shoot him.

Hey! Watch yourself.


Be careful. Yes.

What is that? A bag.