Leviathan (1989) Script

Four to shack. Container 14 ready to winch.

Six to shack. Silver extraction completed.

That's good eating. Burritos, enchiladas...

Black beans and rice, man. That's Puerto Rican. Hey, I gotta take you...

Well, I hate to break up the great Latino gourmet debate... but we ain't off the clock yet, so uh...

Since we got a few more days here, can somebody... please tell me who the hook is?

Fifteen, is that you?

You got a hook on box 22?

The man is asking you if you're hooked on 22, you dumb shit.

Watch your mouth, Sixpack. Fifteen to shack.

This is Jones. I ain't the hook.

Seven to shack. I'm the hook.

Okay there, seven. Pack up box 22 and call it a day.

Hey, Willie, you trip on a tit or something? We're all waitin' on ya honey.

Go suck on a shrimp, Sixpack.

Seven to shack. Ready to winch.

There we go. Winch on.

Okay, miners, let's come on home.

You heard the man. Let's get movin' folks.

Come on, guys. We only have three days left.

I hear that.

Put the kettle on, Beck. We're coming home.

Well, Doc, not so as you'd notice but the sun has set on yet another day of hard labor and toil here at the homestead.

Sixteen tons and what do you get.

Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company store.

Jonesy! Help!


My rebreather's stopped! I'm losing compression!

I'm gonna blow my suit! Doc! Beck!

Yeah, I got you, DeJesus. You look fine from in here.

Give me a readout. My rebreather's stopped!

I'm losing compression! I can't breathe!

Mr. DeJesus, I can't...

I can't get an accurate readout if you panic.

Doc, we got an emergency here. We need you. Got trouble.

Doc! Doc!

So just breathe slowly and through your nose and uh... and out through your mouth.

I think you're hyperventilating.

Hyperventilating, my ass! How do you do this?

He's gonna blow. No, he's not gonna blow!

(coughing) Doc! Beck!

Help! Doc, come on!

Check his oxygen level. Yeah, I'm doin' that.

Do something, quick! I'm doin' it.



Hook him to my RV-four transpac.

Right. Hook him to the RV...

No! Don't do that! Don't circumventilate him.

I think you're risking an implosion probability.

Doc, we need you. Bring him into the shack.

There's not enough time! You've got time. Just do it.

I'm gonna die!

You ain't gonna die.

Just keep him moving.

Take it easy. We'll make it. We'll make it.

Open the damn door.

Come on! Get him inside!

Keep him moving.

Come on, lift lock. Go.

Come on, lift lock. Up.

Rebreathers. I don't trust anything that doesn't have bubbles comin' out of it.

It ain't the goddamn suit, man. It's Beck.

It's not his fault. Doc should've been there.

If he was a real shack boss, Doc would have been there.

He got real lucky this time.

Hey, Wall Street broke the 15,000-point barrier today.

Shit. There goes my bonus.

You know, I stood next to a guy who blew a suit once.

He was in the Indian Ocean. Boy, I'm telling you that is not a pretty sight.

Hey, leave Hazy alone, man.

One tiny little hole in the fucking toe of his suit man.

No bigger than your dick.

Yeah, boy, that ocean came in.

The pressure just crammed his whole body up into his helmet.

We just buried his helmet.

That would've been you, DeJesus. Hey, I know about implosion.

Yeah, I bet you do. I bet you was imploding in your pants.

Knock it off, Sixpack! Cut it out, you guys.

We've been stuck down in this hole for a hell of a long time and we had a close call. We're not gonna let something like this break us apart.

The doc is my responsibility.

The doc is my responsibility.


(Groaning and creaking)

God, it would be just my luck to finish two months' worth of work two miles under and have the whole place fall apart with just three days left.

Anyone check weather up top? Yeah.

It's raining, but it's supposed to be clear for pickup.

As long as there's no waves. I hate waves.

Waves my ass. Do you know what you'd be doin' if you were up top right now?

Drinkin' brew and eatin' pussy. Oh, Sixpack!

How about gettin' stuck in traffic? Hey, wherever I can find it.

I'll tell you what you'd be doing.

Be watching news on TV that's so bad, it makes you nauseous.

So bad that you get in your car to get some fresh air and after five minutes, you realize the air's so dirty, you can't breathe.

If you're lucky enough to get back to your house... that looks the same as everybody else's... you find that your wife is as fat as she ever was.

And the only reason your kids aren't strung out on the drugs they were using is because they've found some new drugs which screw 'em up even more, and that's just the good part.

You people just don't appreciate how good you've got it down here.

Don't let me interrupt you, Mr. Cobb. That's all right, sir. I was just finished.

How are you feeling there, DeJesus? I'm okay.

See the doc yet? No.

Well, you better let the doc take a look at you after dinner.

Since he was busy earlier. When we needed him.

Why don't you let me handle the doc.

Makes me feel better already.

I was looking at the shack maintenance hours outstanding.

I see where this is going.

Well, um, see, all of us owe some shack maintenance time.

I thought tonight would be a good time to get it done.

No way, Mr. Beck. No bleepin' way.

We just pulled a full shift.

You can't call shack duty on top of a full shift.

That's a union violation. It's in the contract.

Right on, Cobb. Let's hear it for the shop steward.


Hear that, Becky? The company's got to abide by the rules.

I know about the contract, Mr. Cobb, and the deal is you can follow the letter of the contract to the law and you can spend an extra workday gettin' it done or you can get it done tonight and call tomorrow a down day.

What, are you giving us the day off? Looks that way.

What about our quota?

You're only 25 tons off quota.

You're bound to go way over that by the last day.

Look, folks, it's just a day off. It don't make no difference to me.

It's just up to you. I thought it might be good.

Hell, I could use a day off. Me too.

What the hell. Okay, shop steward's three.

Four. Four. Anybody else?

Six. All right, here's what we got.

Mr. Cobb, we still got that rattle in the air duct somewhere.

Take a look at that. Okay.

Williams, run a diagnostic on DeJesus' suit.

Anybody else got any suit problems? Yeah, my pocket.

Can you check my pocket, sweetheart?

Good evening. Name's Thompson. Party of one.

My reservation was 8:15. Not too near the orchestra, please.

Are you gonna come to work tomorrow, Doc?

Well, I'll be on the golf course in the morning.

Then, if I don't have any babies to deliver I could stop by after lunch.

We almost had an accident today. DeJesus's suit.

You have something to say to me?

Yeah. Section 1412 of the Tri-Oceanic manual requires a mining shack's medical officer to be present in the control room during all exterior operations.

I just wanna make real damn sure that's clear.

I'll keep it to nine holes in the morning.

Thank you, sir, for taking care of that situation.

Listen to it, for Christ's sake. It's just gettin' old, that's all.

You don't see Doc opening me up every time my joints start to creak.

As long as it's recycling the air, let it be. Come on.

Ten to one it's a short.


Piece of cake.


Oh, mama! What a pair.

What'd you say?

I said, "What a pair."

Our shack boss and his washed-up doctor buddy make quite a...

What did you think I said? That you liked my boobs.

(Machine rattling)

You watch the old Cobb magic, all right?

Compliments of Bowman.

(Rattling quiets down)


How in the hell did you do that?

You don't say anything to anybody. Job security.

All right? Let's go.

Now, wait a minute, man. How in the hell did you do that?

That's clean.

But there's nothing wrong with it. Oh, my God!

Come here, Kuki.

Here, Kuki.

Sixpack, you shit!


How much silver are we gonna start taking out of that mine again?

Well, it's like I tell you, Martin, I think you've got an honest-to-God bonanza on your hands.

You can haul us out in a couple of days. This mine will play itself.

When I told the Director of Atlantic Operations that we had to stick a geologist down there and turn that mine around...

I had no idea that you were going to prove me a genius.

Well, I'm glad you're happy, Martin. I'm ecstatic.

'Cause I can't wait to get the fuck outta here.


I said, I really can't wait to get back to exploration diving.

I miss the research, and...

By the way, I ran that check on Dr. Thompson.

He has a few incidences of insubordination but his credentials are very impressive.

Pharmacology. He pioneered several vaccines.

Well, this ain't the Mayo Clinic. How'd he get down here, Martin?

A serum he developed killed several people.

An accident, but it got blown all out of proportion.

Now, look, Beck.

Things are beginning to move very fast now.

If you're having a problem with him or you need any help... just say the word.


No, I don't think it's anything I can't handle.


How are your stocks doin'? Haven't you made your million yet?

Not yet.

How's Tri-Oceanic doing, Bow? Got money in this tub?

Yeah. I signed up for the stock option.

You know, last year when they lost a tanker, the bottom fell out of their stock and I lost a bloody fortune.

You take your money too seriously.

(Structure groaning and creaking)

You're damn right, I do. I'm not down here for fun.

Fun? Somebody talkin' fun?

(Wolf whistle)

Whew, look at those white legs!

Hey, Willie, honey, I'm sorry about that little incident tonight.

You know, I just thought a little humor might loosen things up.

Hey, watch it, Sixpack!

No hard feelings?

Nope. Sweet dreams.

I got a date with an angel.

Come on, baby.

Sit on my face.


Goddamn it, Williams! You bitch!

You bitch, look at my foot! Look at my goddamn foot!

I thought you'd find that funny. You think it's funny?

You're gonna think it's funny when you eat this goddamn thing!

What the hell's goin' on here? Look at my foot!

This bitch put a goddamn sea monster in my bunk!

How do you know it was her? It was her, goddammit!

Are you calling me a liar, Beck? That may be the size of it, Bubba.

You and Williams just pulled sea duty tomorrow. Oh, bullshit!

Oh, geez! Will you pipe down?

You just got half a day. Any more hoopla, it's a full one.

Ready to drill.

Looks like a nice vein of ore.

Let's blow it. Blow this.

Charge activated.

Hey, Willie, remind you of anything?

Ha, ha, ha.

Oh, yeah!

It looks like the mother load, guys.

I need more light on that, seven.

Sixpack, you hear that? We need more light.

Sixpack? Sixpack?

All right, look.

The cable's stuck.


Sixpack. Sixpack, what's happened?

We've lost him.

Well, what are you doing? Having a party out there, Sixpack?

Beck, I'm looking for him.

Shack to seven. What's going on out there, Williams?

He's gone.

Williams, speak to me. What's happening out there?

Sixpack. Sixpack, answer.

Oh, my God!


Come on, Williams. What's the alternate?

Try 35.

Williams? There she is.

Williams, you hear me? What's going on out there?

God, he's gone over the South Ridge.

I'm going down after him.

Watch yourself, 'cause we don't know what the hell is off that ridge.

Come on, Jonesy, work it out.

Sixpack's lost! Weren't they tied?

I don't know, he's lost! They're supposed to be tied.

Come on. Let's go. Move it!

Oh, God!

What've we got?

Tube worms. How's she gonna get out of there?

Bowman, what's the self-contained air capacity of that suit?

Thirty minutes.

(Heavy radio interference) This is six to shack.

Six to shack.


For God's sakes, why doesn't Sixpack have his blinkers on?

The man could be two feet away and on fire and she wouldn't see him.


What is this?

A ship?

That's Russian.

Are you picking this up?

Yeah, we got it, Seven. Can you open up that picture a little for us?


What? Leviathan.

Bowman, run a check. Sir.

Williams, What's your air reading? Twenty minutes.

We're gonna give you five, then we're coming in.

Jones, Cobb, suit up.

I'm going inside.


Sixpack, answer me!

Baltic Sea?

What have you got there, Bowman?

The Leviathan. Currently with the Russian Fleet in the Baltic Sea.

Currently horseshit. Currently it's rusted junk, and we're lookin' at it.

Well, it's gotta be wrong. Maybe you didn't enter it correctly.

It's right here. The Baltic Sea.

Maybe a ship sinks and they don't notice it's missing.

Williams, you got one minute to find Sixpack and get your butt out of there.

If Willie's got a minute, how much time does Sixpack have?

The infirmary.


I'm rich, honey!

I'm rich!

Safety negligence? I never even heard a word.

How can I be on report if I never even heard a word?

Ain't that right, Cobby?

Don't Cobby me. You're on your own this time, Sixpack.

You almost fucked up everybody's day.

A Timex. And it's still ticking.

A little Russian money. It don't look like much.

Here's something for you, Bow.

Hey, Sixpack, look at your girlfriends.


What's that? "Kitty Does Kiev."

Porn. Right up your alley. Let me see that.

It's in Russian. I don't know what it says.

May I see it, please? Doc, it's not really "Kitty Does Kiev."

It's the captain's log on videotape. Don't tell me you read Russian.

Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, a little Swahili and a smattering of Hindi.

It's part of my premed background. Bullshit.

Would you believe a Russian grandmother?

That I believe.

What's this? Personal effects, Doc. Can you read that?


What's all this?



Deceased. All of them.

Mr. Cobb, wrap all that up. Right.

DeJesus, dump this last box.

That's nice. What is this? Vodka.

Stresnavga. Hey, that's good stuff.

Make for a great end-of-shift party.

Hey, Becky, if I'm on report, I guess this bottle's mine, huh?

Well, I guess you're right. It is yours.

But it's pilferage, so now you're down for two counts of safety negligence for risking Williams's life, going on that boat and possessing restricted material.

Mr. Cobb, all this gets impounded. It's done.

And one more thing.

I think if I hear you call me "Becky" one more time, Sixpack, I'm gonna pop your tops... all six of 'em.

(Speaking in Russian)

My infirmary's filled.

The doctors on board tell me it's like a tropical infection.

(Speaking in Russian)

But it's not like anything I've ever seen before.

And there's something else I don't understand.

And then it goes off.

OK. So what do you want me to say, Doc? It all sounds mysterious?


Well, why did he leave his log tape?

Why are there two ships with the same name in different places?

Hell, I don't know. You read Russian. Maybe you read it wrong.

I didn't. Even if I had, there should be a record of some ship that's sunk within 100 miles of here, and there's not.

And look at this tear. This hole in the hull.

That's the result of an explosion. I think that was a torpedo hit.

I think that ship was sunk on purpose.

Hey Doc, now how the hell do you know that's a torpedo hit?

I mean, a collision with another boat could produce that hole.

I don't agree with you.

This hole would not be so jagged... So what?

I mean, so what if they scuttle their own boat?

I can't get bent outta shape just because some people got some jungle rot and ended up dead on a barge on the bottom of the ocean.

I know about rocks. I know about stones, Doc. I don't know about Russian boats.

Plus which, I bet you five dollars it's a clerical error.

Hell, we sounded the horn on it. Let the maritime people figure it out.

I gotta fix the lift lock.

Okay, two more days.

Let's have no waves.

Weather system on line. Tracking meteorological patterns.

Beginning scan. I hate... waves.

Hey, Cobb.

You know that in Switzerland, they speak four major languages?

Ask me if I care. I do.

When I get outta here, I'm goin' there.

I'm gonna find a nice snow-covered chalet... warm little woman, crackling fire, and ski.

Hey, Cobb, if you're gonna be doing that, man, you should be wearing what you wear to the beach.

I hate the beach.

Hey, guys. Look what I got.

I don't believe it. You got 'em. Yeah, put it there.

What are you doing with Beck's personnel records?

Watch. You'll see.

Four, zero, five, four eight, six.

You guys are so full of shit. I mean, how stupid do you think he is?

Who's gonna use their social security number?


That bottle's mine.

Cute, DeJesus. Specimen cups? Hey, loosen up, Bow.

Hey, Willie, got one poured for you. Not for me, thanks.

All you do is exercise. Come on, you gotta live a little.

My astronaut training starts in two days.

Forget space cadet. I'll drink hers.

What happens if he goes back and finds the bottle missing?

He won't. I put the vodka in here.

Smart lad.


It's water. Beck switched it.

That son of a gun doesn't trust us.

That pretty-boy little turd. I'm gonna fix his ass.

There goes our party. It's not bad.

It's not bad at all. It's water.


Did I tell you vodka's my favorite drink?

(Groaning and creaking)


That was a pretty big one, huh?

You'd think we'd get used to it by now. Yeah.

You're wasting your time here. This needs a shutdown and an overhaul.

Yeah, I need an overhaul. How's the training goin'?

It's going well.

I think I've got a good shot.

I just wish everyone would stop giving me a hard time.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Why don't you give me a hand and hit that button, huh?

Push D.L. What?


Oh, man.

What are you doing down here?

Well, I'm trying to fix this short in the lift lock.

What are you doing down here, Williams?

You know what I mean. Yeah, I know what you mean.

You don't belong in a mine. You got that right.

But somebody just got the brilliant idea to stick a geologist down here in charge of you cowboys.

I think maybe they thought that just 'cause I could tell shit from silver, I'd know how to run this place.

Well, do you?

You tell me.

I think you handled DeJesus pretty well.


Well, that was luck. I was scared to death.

What about Sixpack?

What about him?

Did you bust him because of me?


Well, I appreciate that. But I'm okay.

Yeah, I know.


Oh, by the way, how did you know they'd get into the vodka?

Hell, that's what I would've done.

Maybe you're more one of us than you think.

Good morning.


Okay. That's good.

Just look at my forehead.

That's it.

Let me see your tongue.

Good morning, gentlemen. What's wrong, Doc?

I'm getting a pretty good imitation of a hangover.

Take off your shirt. It ain't no hangover.

Feels about 1000 times worse.

How long did you have these spots?

What? Don't touch it.

Well, as First Officer of the shack, it's your call.

But if I were you, I'd not be too hasty.

I don't get it.

Any evacuation 24 hours before a scheduled pickup won't look good on an otherwise excellent record.

But like I said, it's your call.

Well, as bad as he is, there's no way we're gonna make that quota without his sad self down there.

He's tankin' on us. No, I don't think so.

I heard him last night, and he didn't sound so good.

The company will take that under consideration when they look at our numbers.

Sweetheart, the company doesn't give a damn about why.

The contract says, if we miss our quota they only gotta pay us half pay for the entire month.

Believe me, they'll stick to it.

The bastard's definitely tanking on us.

Yep, I think you're right. I wish you were, but he's not.

He's really sick. He ain't comin' out today.

Williams, take her down. That's terrific.

Three months of work down the tubes. You're outta here, guys.

So, what, are you taking inventory?

No, Mr. Jones. I'm getting ready to play Ping-Pong.

I'm goin' to work, Mr. Jones. You got a problem with that?

Work? Work.

Try to hold as steady as you can. What the hell is it, Doc?

I'm taking a little skin sample. Come on. Give me something.

Just a second. Steady as you can.

Try to do it as quick as I can. That's it. I got it.

Steady, steady, steady. Easy, easy.

It's all right. Keep your hands off it.

Here. Hold that.

I'm gonna take a look at this under the microscope.

Container 22 is full, sir.

Okay, this one's full up, so let's run her outta here and bring in a new one.

You got it.

"An organism of unknown origin." No kidding.

Tell me something I don't know.

Goddamn it, take a guess.

Good work out there, Becky. I mean, Mr. Beck.

Not bad, Mr. Beck.

No harm done.

Just don't call me cracker.

Perk up, sport.

How can the guy die from a skin rash in eight hours?

Put this on. I want you to examine him.

I'm not a doctor. For this, you don't need to be.

Oh, Lord.

Am I wearing this 'cause you think it might be contagious?

I don't know if it is, I don't know if it isn't.

I don't know a damn thing. Neither does anyone else.

I've been going back and forth with Narragansett Naval all day.

Consulting with the best people in marine medicine... the best people in virology.

They don't even believe the symptoms I'm describing.

Their best guess, and that's all it is is just a guess... is that before Sixpack died, he was undergoing some form of genetic alteration.

Genetic alteration from what?

It could be a million things.

Something in the food, the air.

Sixpack went in that ship, and so did Williams.

I want to examine the rest of the crew.

But I don't want to create a panic, so until I get some answers I don't think we should tell them that Sixpack is dead.

Skin condition? Herpes? Measles? What is it?

It's a little difficult to describe.

Christ, it would be a hell of a thing if I went back up to the roof with a herpes thing.

My wife would never understand that at all.

I don't think we have to worry about that, do we?

She wouldn't understand that at all.

She'd think I was down here screwing my head off or something.

Put on your shirt.

It's all right? Yeah, you're fine.

This whole thing is unnecessary, Doc.

The only skin problem I can see is white people.

How come you're wearin' those gloves?

It ain't bend-over time, is it?

Anything wrong? No, I just wanted to see something.

That's all.

You think it has anything to do with going on that ship?

Well, it's a possibility. But if that was the case you'd be showing some symptoms, wouldn't you?

I'm okay? You're fine.

No, really, you're fine.

Great. Thanks, Doc.

What do you mean, a skin problem?

Your skin changes?

Yeah, it blackens. It gets scaly. What, like a fish?

Yeah, like a fish. I was just joking, Doc.

You can finish getting dressed now.

Oh, Bowman. I'm sorry. I'll be right back.

Generic alteration? Genetic.

Whatever. But you think it's restricted to this one crew member?

Well, so far, but... But what?

What if it turns out to be nothing?

What are you talking about? It's already killed one man!

But you have no proof that this disease is contagious, do you?

And we've been wrong before, haven't we, Dr. Thompson?

Look, Martin, I think you're missing the point here.

My crew's in jeopardy. I've seen this disease.

And it's no day at the beach.

So by way of paragraph 539 of the manual I'm ordering you to start an emergency medical evacuation of all the personnel on the shack.

It's your call, but unfortunately we can't pick you up so soon.

There's a hurricane 600 miles off the coast of Cuba possibly coming your way.

And if it does, the company does not want to risk losing you folks.

What are you saying?

Are you saying you're not gonna pick us up at the scheduled time?

It shouldn't be a long delay.

Well, What's a long delay? A day? A week? What?

Twelve hours. We should know something first thing in the morning.

I'll keep you posted. You better be there.

Twelve hours. Twelve hours.

I promise.

Bow. Bow, are you okay?

Oh, my God. Come on.

Can you help us here?

Let's put her here. Come on. Take it easy.

It's all right.

You're gonna be all right, okay? I'm gonna go find Doc, all right?

Hey, Doc? Maybe he's with Sixpack.

Doc? Hey, you in here?


Hey, man, how you doin“?

We made quota today, man, no thanks to you, you dog, but we made it.

You won't believe this, man, but Beck helped us out.

Yeah, we just brought Bowman in, man.

She don't look too good.

You know, I hope what you got ain't catchin'.

Hey, look, I'm sorry, man.

You go on back to sleep, okay?

I'll talk to you later, all right?

I'm gonna go check the control room. Okay.

I'll be back in a minute, okay? Willie, please don't go!

Please don't leave me. I'm so sick.

Shh. You're gonna be okay. Don't worry.




My hair's coming out.

Where'd you say? The infirmary?



I don't understand. We just left her here.

Bowman? Bowman, it's Doc!

Oh, man.

Other than that, there's not much more that I can tell you about it... except that none of you have any of the symptoms.

And this disease, it killed Bow?


No, she killed herself.

Hey, we're getting outta here just in time.

Yeah, well, that's a whole 'nother problem.

We're on hold for the pickup. There's a hurricane rollin' into this sector.

A hurricane? Yeah. We're delayed 12 hours.

Twelve hours? What're we gonna do? We can't stay here for 12...

What was that? Wait a minute. Hold on. Just stay put.

Okay? Doc.

Oh, my God.

What is this?

What's goin' on, Doc?

Okay, Willie, get the door. Got it.


The contract states that you can't dispose of a body without authorization.

Come on. Will you for once forget about the contract?

Section C of the Health and Safety Code. Watch it.

Willie, program that lift lock.

Hey, I feel something.

What are you talkin' about? They're dead.

Wait a minute. I feel something too.

Let's go. Somebody's alive in here.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Alright, come on, let's flush it, Doc.

What do you mean "Flush it?" They're human beings we're talking about for God's sake! What if one's alive?

How about a moment of silence? Let's do it, Doc.

My God, they're alive!

Get it up here. Let's have a look.


Don't stop! What the hell was that?

Hit the button!

Hit the lift button! Get outta there!

Flush the damn thing! Flush it!


Come on!

Oh, God!

It's coming up now. That camera's gonna move into this room. That's it.

Some kind of sick bay or lab or something. Hold it. Run it back.

That's it. Stop. Now move in.

See? It looks like a human skull, but I don't know.

There's something about it. It's... Bigger.

Well, somebody's been screwing around. Just take a look at that hand.

Look at the size of it. If you were tampering with genetics... why stop with the base model?

Why not try to alter the human form?

Homo aquaticus, a man who could live underwater. Think of the possibilities.


The ability to withstand extreme cold, pressure.

Just think of it. Undersea mining. Underwater farming.

So What's next? I mean, what if we run outta airplanes one day?

What are we gonna do? Just grow a whole bunch of bird people?

Natura no confundendo est.

Loosely translated: "Don't fuck with Mother Nature."

I better let the company know.

Have you ever thought that they may suspect already?

Yeah. I thought about that, Doc.

But I also like to think they got some kind of commitment to their people.

You can save that speech for your ad campaign.

This company's commitment is to the almighty dollar.

If you think, based on what we've told them, that Tri-Oceanic is gonna risk exposing themself to potential market loss just to save us you're in for an eye-opening experience.


Maybe so. And I know your life's gone a couple of bad rounds, Doc.

But it doesn't necessarily mean this whole company's one big bummer.

I think we got something here.

Son of a bitch.

I don't get it. Why did they put it in the vodka?

It was an experiment, man.

I mean, they put the drug or whatever it was in the vodka!

They meant to trick them into takin' it.

That way, see, they didn't know what they were drinkin'.

I mean, with us, they would have put it in the coffee.

What are you talkin' about? Come on, man.

You know how mothers put the castor oil in with orange juice?

They trick the baby into drinkin' it so he don't know what he's drinkin.

That's the kind of shit they was doin', man!

Fool. He could've got us all killed.

You guys weren't so holy when you were shooting that vodka.

It could've been anyone.

Well, Miss High and Mighty, it doesn't seem to bother you none.

Yeah, it bothers me.

You deal with it your way. I'll deal with it mine.

You know that in Gstaad they have 64 square miles of ski slopes?

Sixty-four square miles.

How can you sit there goin', "Shh, shh," after what we just went through?

And another thing, man. I'm gettin' tired of hearin' about your goddamn skiin' OK?

You don't know shit about skiin', man. They don't ski in Spanish Harlem.

What about what we just saw?

Like Willie said, you deal with it your way, and I'll deal with it mine.

Doesn't anybody care what just happened? What're you gonna do about it? Huh?

Sixpack and Bow are dead.

I can't help what happened. Can you?

I'm gonna go get somethin' to eat. Anybody want anything?

Eat? After what we just went through?

The storm's still holding its course.

What about that disease? Still just the one crew member?

No change. Still just the one.

Hey, man, everybody's jumpy. What are you doin'?

Lookin' for butter for the popcorn.

Look, Hazy, you gonna make me finish this puzzle by myself, or what?

I should. You know how long that took me?

Hundreds, thousands, millions of hours.

I'll be right there. Okay. Hurry up.




Holy shit!

Please, God, help me! Help me, Jonesy! Help me.

I'm gonna go get some help. I'll be right back, okay?

Don't leave me. Jonesy, don't leave me!

Please. I'll be back.

Look! It's got Hazy! Stay here and watch the door!

Don't let him out! I'm gonna go get the doc.

I didn't want to tell her about Bowman.

I listened to Martin, and all my mind says "She's full of shit."

It's got DeJesus! Come on!

Beck, don't go in there. Don't touch anything!

DeJesus! Cobb!

What the hell you doin'? You supposed to be watchin' the door!

I'm not gonna watch that thing without some protection.

That thing is my friend. Your friend is not human!

Shut up, both of you! Jones! Let's go find him.

Okay? Come on. Let's go find him. Wait a minute. Where's Willie?

What's happening?

My God, she's out there.

All right, look. Jones, you come with me.

Doc, you and Cobb check your office and the dorm. Let's go.


Hey, Beck.

Oh, no. It's her scarf.

Oh, sorry. What are you doing here?

What the hell you doin'? I've been trying to fix these lights.

What's going on?

Whatever got Sixpack and Bowman is still here.

What? It just got DeJesus.

All right. We're talkin' turkey.

DeJesus! Hey!


Oh, my God.

The blood supply.

Oh, my God.

It got the blood supply.


It's growing. It's had a meal.

It needs blood? Apparently.

This is great. You're tellin' me we got a goddamn Dracula in here with us?

That's why that one on the ship was dead. It needed blood.

What one on that ship?

Somebody want to let the rank-and-file in on your little secret?

Whatever it is, it appears to be a genetic aberration.

No shit. What're you trying to tell us, Doc?

It has all the characteristics of deep-sea marine life: Scales, gills...

regeneration, even a period of dormancy.

But the fact that it remembered where that plasma was stored seems to imply that is has some other quality.

What? It absorbs the intelligence of its victim.

Intelligence may not be the right word.

The hell with semantics, Doc. What are you saying, now?

This thing is part DeJesus, part Sixpack, part Bowman, what?

I don't know. I'd just be guessing.

But I do know this:

The Russians deliberately sank that ship to protect themselves.

Maybe to protect us all.

Alright. Then I say we protect ourselves.

Let's escape into those air bubbles and get the hell out of here.

And hit the surface in the middle of a hurricane?

Man, that storm'd rip those bubbles to pieces.

They'd never find us. We wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

So what are we gonna do? Look, I think we got one shot.

Just one shot. We lure it down into the swamp, flush it out just like the other.

And how're we gonna do that?

So we rendezvous in the mess in 30 minutes.

Mr. Cobb, synchronize 30 minutes.

Mark. Got it? Got it.

Okay, so I'll run this by you again.

If Jones and I aren't back here in 30 minutes in the mess, hurricane or nothin', you get in those escape bubbles and haul ass.

' Okay? ' Okay, Let's do it. Be careful with this.

Don't worry. I don't want to give up any more. Take care.

I'll do my best.

Okay, let's go.

You know, I was quite good once.

When I did something, it was important, you know?

I developed drugs and techniques that're used every day by doctors all over the world.

Made a difference. It still does, Doc.

This itches like hell.

I'm all right. Let me have a look.

It really itches.

That's because it's healing.

I'm gonna change that dressing, see if I can't make you more comfortable.

Where are you going, Doc? The infirmary.

Without protection?

You shouldn't go out there. She's right, you know.

(Muffled booming)

You hear that? I hear it.

Here we go.

Take off your shirt, Cobb. Sure.

I'm cold.

Help me, please.

Oh, yeah, sure.

Doc? Doc!

Help me!

What's happening?




Beck! Jones! Willie!


Willie! Run! Run!

Get over here!



How are you doin'? All right? Where's Doc and Cobb?

It got Doc. Wait a minute. It was just here.

I know. Wait a second. You saw it?

It was in Cobb. It was in him. Slow down. There's two of them?

Shit. All right.

- How are you doin“? Okay.

Okay, now what?

How do you feel about big waves?

I love waves.

We're trapped. The escape bubbles are gone.

Willie, the door. Hey, look at this.

"I am fully aware of the finality of my decision."

It is my hope that our sacrifice will mean that the human race

"will never know this awful mutation."

Our death warrant. Signed by the good doctor.

Hell with it.

What are you doing? Well...

I'm gonna find out just how far up Shit Creek we are.

Thank goodness you're still alive. Where you been?

Hey man, you better get your ass out here now and get us. Right now!

Please, Mr. Jones, calm down. We haven't deserted you.

Naturally, after we received Dr. Thompson's message, we were concerned.

But we never would have deserted you.

When are you coming?

You said 12 hours, remember? Well, that's the bad news.

The hurricane has turned your way. Right now, it's on a course of...

Just answer the goddamn question. When are you coming?

Hopefully, within the next 48 hours. Forty-eight hours?

I realize you must have gone through hell...

Gone? Bitch, we're still here!

I can't control the weather. Now, rest assured your SOS was received by the coast guard and the navy and we will be responding at the earliest, safest opportunity.

Just don't promise us nothin'.

I realize this must sound ridiculous after what you've been through.

No shit. Now please try and get some rest.

How in the hell are we gonna get some rest? I can't sleep. Can you sleep?

Get some rest? Save your breath.

Damn. In 48 hours? No way. We don't have much choice, do we?

I'll tell you what. I'll take a watch. You all try to get some rest.

I ain't gonna never be able to sleep again. In life. Ever.

"Request weather report, July 26."

"Data not available." Come on.

"Files Closed."

Oh, man. They know, don't they?

Yeah. I think they're just sittin' up there, decidin' what to do with us.

Maybe they already have.

What're you looking for? I'm seeing how my investment's doing.

"The stock of Tri-Oceanic Corp. Took a bath on world markets today" when news of a tragic mining accident was revealed to investors.

The board of directors was immediately called into a special meeting in New York this afternoon.

A spokesperson revealed that the accident destroyed Shack Seven, Atlantic Zone Ten, off the coast of Florida.

Eight miners are reported dead. All bodies are missing.

Killed in the tragedy were Steven Beck, Elizabeth Williams, Justin Jones, "Dr. Glen Thompson, Tony Rodero, Bridget Bowman, G.P. Cobb, Buzz Parrish."

Martin, you bitch.

Welcome to the union, boss.

We're all expendable.

Doc, I owe you five dollars. Five dollars?

Emergency warning. Listen.

Countdown to implosion. The air's stopped.

Ten minutes and counting.

They ripped open an air duct. Can we fix it?

There are 20 miles of pipe in this building. They could've tapped in anywhere.

That's true.

Cobb. Job security.

It's that rattle that duct in Corridor A.

You got it. It's showin' us where it is.

It's drawin' us out. It didn't waste any time, did it?

You can't go out there. That's what it wants.

Yeah, well, if we lose enough air in here, the internal pressure will drop, and crunch.

Implosion, babe.

Wait a minute. You don't think I'm staying here?

Nine minutes to implosion.

It's over here! Ls that it?


It's going! We're losin' air faster than I thought.

Go! Here. Don't spend all day down there.

Don't worry. I won't.

Let's do it.

Eight minutes to implosion.

Oh, no. Damn! Can we fix it?

Can we block it off, maybe shut it down someplace else? Think, man!

Come on.

What do you think? I wanna die? We're not gonna die, man, we're gonna live.

Now think! What are we gonna do?

How should I know? You know this shack!

I don't know, I don't know! Come on! This shack's your home, man!

The swamp. There's a backup air valve at the swamp. If we...


What? I just saw Doc.

No, Jones. Let's get outta here.

Come on.

Seven minutes to implosion.

Look out! Watch out!

Willie! Willie!

Did you get it? I think we did it!

I don't know! Hurry!

Move it! The door's closing!

The other door's closing!

Willie, get out! Get out!

Torch it! Careful!

Jones! It's jammed!

Jones, check that door! Willie, get outta here! Willie!

The door's closing! Get that door!

' Go! Go! Go! Go'

Six minutes to implosion.

Come on!


Grab my hand!

Five minutes to implosion.

Grab it! Come on!

Go! Come on!

You got it.

Come on!


Let me help him! Let me go! Jones!

The handsaw on the table!

Come on!

Jones, help him! Stay back!

Four minutes to implosion.

There's no air.

The door's jammed!

The air valve! It's too hot! I can't get to it!

Forget it! Get the suits! The suits? You crazy?

Willie, bring the lift bags!

How're we gonna get to the surface? Like this.

We'll triple the inflation ratio. We'll float to the top like a balloon. Go!

Okay, let's hook 'em up. Get in the suits.

What about yours? Just get in the suit.

Three minutes to implosion.

Beck, come on!


Let's go!

See you topside.

Get into your suit!

Beck, get into the suit!

Beck, don't be a fool!

Two minutes to implosion.

Help me.

My God. DeJesus.

Kill me.



Oh, shit!

One minute to implosion.


You made it!

Base to Coast Guard Rescue Chopper 1437.

Make one more attempt in search area and return to base.

Jones? Jones! Jones.

So where's the goddamn hurricane? You all right?

I made it. Yeah?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm all right. I'll be all right. Okay.

Base to Rescue Chopper 1437. Any visual contact?

Negative. Return to base.

It's cold.

Hey! Here!

Over here! Give me that last flare.

There's a flare straight ahead.

Jones! Look! Chopper.

Sharks! Where are they?

Too close! Stay close.

Stay close!

Talk about having a bad day.

Help! Yes! Come on!

Jesus! Willie!

Get those people up! Go!

Grab a hand! Get outta here!

It's got Jones!

Beck! Come back!

Don't! Save yourself!


Come back!

Say "Aah," motherfucker!

Let's get outta here!

Helicopter 405 heading back to platform P.O.C.

They don't want anything else to do with it, you know?


You made it!

No one back at Tri-Oceanic believed me.

But I never gave up on you once. How do you feel?

Better. A lot better.