Leviathan (2014) Script


I'll have a smoke outside, or I'll fall asleep.

OK. I'll be quick.

There they are...

Not making your quota, Sergeant?

Your license and registration.

Polished your badge today?

Stepanych will come see you today. His carburettor broke again.

Again? I'm not a charity.

You know he'll make it up to you.

I can buy my own damn vodka.

Look, he said he'll cover everything for our trip: petrol, food, guns.

I'm so excited, I could wet my pants!

Kolya... Pasha.

It'll only take a second. I'm serious.

I can't today.

Tell him to come tomorrow.

I will. All right.

Say hi to the wife.

I'm sick of that Stepanych and his truck.

Fucking cop...

Cheap bastard is always after me to fix his rust bucket.

He can crawl around underneath it himself.

Any corrupt traffic cop can afford a good car after 5 years on the job.

Maybe he's an honest cop.

Yeah, and generous!

Are they here yet? Nope.

And where's your "good morning"?

I don't know.

Look for it, then.


Did you wash? Go on, don't be an ape.

You're the ape.



Stop right there. Get lost.

What did you say? Just what you heard.

Oh! They're here.

Dima, tell them to take me along.

What about school? You have a test coming up. Go get ready.

Don't lie...

Don't talk to your mum like that! She's not my mum!

Difficult age...

You shouldn't hit him.

Just an affectionate slap.

I'm not driving him to school today.

He's been rude to me all morning.

I can't either. My friend's here.

He's your son. Up to you whether he becomes a man or an ape.

Does he really have a test today?


Kolya, just take him. I can come along too.

He'd like that.

Hey, soldier of fortune, you ready to go?

How've you been?

All right.

We're looking for a new place.

I've been saying we should move out of town.

Away from this place. He says nothing.

Could you talk to him? Sure.

Can't I just wear it?

Give it back, Dad.

All right, I'll give it back. Stop whining.

Thank you.

Go start the car.

You're driving.


You wish.

Dima and I are coming too.

But I'm driving, right? Yes, you.

Time out!

My own fault for coaching him.

A couple more years, and he'll knock you out cold.

It's all good.

I love you. I know.

Don't let him drive too fast!


Hi. Kolya's taking Roma to school.

Come in. He'll be back soon.

That's OK, I'll wait out here and have a smoke.

Hello, Kolya.

Hey there. Car troubles again?

Didn't Pasha tell you that I can't today?

No. Why, what's up?

My friend is visiting from Moscow.

My court hearing is at noon, and we still have a few things to go over.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Come by in the morning.


I'm Ivan Stepanych. Dima.

I promise. I'll fix her up - good as new.

OK, Kolya, fair enough.

Tomorrow it is then.

He wasn't happy about that.

Funny character. You think?

He's outlived two wives.

Fucking tyrant.

OK, my friends.

Over the last two months, I dug up some dirt on that bastard.

Got him by the balls?

Yep, it'll do some damage.

Doesn't look like much. So what now, how does it help?

Here's the deal:

I think today's ruling won't be in our favour...

Don't write us off yet. But...

We need him to think what's best for him: settle with us, or we go public.

Meaning? Kolya, let him finish.

I want to know what he found. A cannon can't bring that prick down!

No need for cannons.

We'll just gently tug him by the balls.

I don't believe in that approach. We've got to crush him.

With a sledgehammer! No.

Only a subtle approach works with his kind.

This here is our leverage. Facts.

Let me see. Not just yet.

After the hearing.

Why's that? Kolya...

Because you're a hothead. No offense, but you can fly off the handle just like that.

And the last thing we need now is a scandal.

Come on. I'm not crazy.

I have to know. You think I'll just blurt out everything in court?

Do you trust me, bro? Of course.

Then don't question me - read it after.

Lilya, how about some tea?

Well, all right. I'll read it after.

Good man.

But you know, you're bossing me around, junior.

And I don't like it.

Kolya, "junior" is what I was in the army 20 years ago.

Why are you waving these papers in my face then?

See for yourself then, chief.

Well, I've heard things about him. Who hasn't, around here?

He's got blood dripping... from his hands.

So why isn't he in prison if you've got all this documented?

Because somebody up top needs him.

They've got all of them by the balls.

Easier to manage that way. It's all very simple.

Vadim's position is safe as long as he serves his purpose.

Or until he dies.

Or until someone lynches him.

Give me a break. Who's going to lynch him?

You guys coming or what?

So let him sleep. Come alone.

I see.

If there's no one to watch him, fine.

I know. I've just got other things on my mind.

I'll talk to you later.

So what? Not coming?

Pasha is asleep after his shift. There's no one to watch the kid.

Last time they had an excuse too. Some friends!

What about yours? Mine are right here.

OK, Kolya, you win.

My friends are shit.

Sure are! Stop it, please.

Kolya, get a grip. Watch your driving.

My driving!


I'm not saying anything.

Decree No. 1295 of the Pribrezhny Town Administration ordered the seizure from Mr Sergeyev of a land parcel of 0.66 acres cadastral number 28:136:254:2001, along with the residential building, automotive works shed, repair garage and greenhouse.

Mr Sergeyev petitioned the Zagorye District Court to repeal this Decree.

The Court ruled to deny the petition.

Mr Sergeyev then petitioned Pribrezhny Town Court to appeal.

During proceedings, Mr Sergeyev insisted the court ruling be revoked.

The Town Administration rejected the appeal and upheld the ruling of the Zagorye District Court.

Mr Sergeyev states the initial ruling violated procedural regulations and therefore disputes the conclusion that the seizure of the land parcel is lawful.

He says the Administration did not meet the deadline for notifying him and violated the procedure for determining the purchase price.

He also contends that, when determining the price, the court did not consider an independent evaluation he submitted, which values the property higher than determined by the Administration.

Me also states that the Administration violated civil law.

Mr Sergeyev was not notified of the upcoming seizure a year in advance due to which he incurred expenses related to improving his property.

Also, the purchase price did not consider his loss of business revenue as well as his liabilities to third parties.

The Court ruled: by Decree No. 1295 pf Pribrezhny Town Administration, the land parcel shall be seized to build a town communications centre.

The Decree determines the purchase price of the land and structures as 639,540.27 roubles.

The purchase price was determined based on an evaluation.

Per Mr Sergeyev's request, Alliance Ltd estimated the value of liabilities for the loss of agricultural production due to the seizure of the land parcel of 0.66 acres for the town's needs.

The market value of the liabilities constitutes 3.5 million roubles.

The court questions...

...and deems it invalid.

The Court upholds the purchase price of 639,540.27 roubles as determined by the Town Administration's evaluation.

The Court rejects the statement that the purchase procedure was violated.

The case file contains letters about the purchase and testimony of Town Administration officials stating that Mr Sergeyev had been notified of the seizure of the land parcel.

The Court casts doubt on Mr Sergeyev's claims that he didn't receive these notifications.

Having examined Mr Sergeyev's appeal, Pribrezhny Town Court has concluded that Mr Sergeyev failed to establish grounds to repeal the court ruling pursuant to article 330 of the Civil Procedural Code.

As per articles 320-335 of the Civil Procedural Code, the court denies Mr Sergeyev's petition to revoke the ruling of the Zagorye District Court.

That ruling is upheld, and Mr Sergeyev's appeal is denied.

The ruling shall come into effect forthwith.

Well, shall we go?

In a minute.

Vadim, every time you come, all you do is worry about the election.

It's not for another year.

In fair weather, prepare for foul.

You do well to tend to worldly matters, but remember the divine.

But I...

Don't I already?

I know.

You're a most... charitable patron.

Even today, you come from afar, bearing gifts.

Have some fish.


I'm telling you, don't worry so much.

All power comes from God.

As long as God wishes for it, you need not worry.

And does He?

Who can I ask if not you? You're the priest!

He does.

Chase it with some food.


Yes. Thank God, finally.

Get Tyagunov's guys on it.

Why wait?

Tear down that bastard's fucking place already!

We've lost so much time because of him.

How's that your fault? Drop the excuses!

OK, later.

Lyosha, get my thing...

from the glove compartment.

Hey, Vasya.

Let's pay that fucking arsehole... a visit real quick.

The one at the bottom of the hill.

Past the bridge? Yes.

There are lots of arseholes at the bottom of hills.


You trying to be smart now?

It's obvious that the prick wants this place so he can build himself a palace!

Calm down. That's enough.

I built this place with my own hands!

Here we go again.



My whole life is here.

My grandfather lived here. And my father...

He's seen it before.

Stay out of this!

Stop yelling!

Kolya, calm down.

Come on, Dima.

Let's have a drink.

Here's to you.

All right.

To everything you've done for us. If you say so, bro.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What are you talking about? It'll be fine.

But that dirt of yours...

Kolya, that's not my fucking dirt. It's his.

All I'm saying is, I don't see a way to put your theory to work.

Either way, they're knocking this place down.

We'll buy that crappy apartment near Angela's with that 639,000 roubles and 27 kopecks and I'll become a cop, like Pasha.

Oh no...

Listen, bro, this is not like you.

You hear me?

You've never let problems get to you before.

What's the matter with you?

Things were different. We're not 20 anymore.

The years take their toll.

Anyway, what are you on about?

Are you a shrink now?

I'm no fucking shrink.

But fuck, man, it's like...

You can look at this situation differently.

How is that?

Fucking hell...

You're my brother!

Take on the challenge, for fuck's sake!

It's a fresh start!

Easy for you to say. You're off to Moscow tomorrow...

What's Moscow got to do with it? Come with me then. You hear me?

Why not?

To Moscow? Sure.

Pack your bags.

Rent a studio apartment for starters, for about 30,000.

Oh, wow!

What? That's a fair price.

A fucking genius handyman like you won't have any problems finding work!

With your hands, you'll be all right.

We'll find something for Lilya, too.

Maybe in some shop at first.

Anything is better than cleaning fish at that stinking fish farm.

What's the matter with you, bro?

What about Roma?

What about him? He'll go to school.

He's a kid. He goes to school!

Sort of...

He's barely a C-student. Who will take him?

They're required to. They'll take him.


I'm not a C-student. I get Bs.

Don't get worked up.

What are you doing listening to us?

Why would I do that? I just went to the toilet.

Come over here then!

Come on.

What's up guys? You need help?

Kolya, don't you recognise authority when you see it?

And what do you want, "Authority"?

Just all of this.

Come and get it.

Will it all fit into your hearse?

What else?

You're all insects.

You always have to make things difficult, don't you?

That's way you're all drowning in shit.

Kolya, have you packed your suitcases?

Look, sir, it's you who's not supposed to be here now.

The court ruling hasn't taken effect yet.

And your office doesn't entitle you to come here. Do you have a warrant?

Who are you?

Dmitri Seleznev, Moscow Bar Association.

Kolya's lawyer in litigation with your gang.

Oh, yeah, I heard someone babbling about that.

So what's up, Kolya? Can't stand up for yourself anymore?

Ignore him, man. Take it easy, Kolya.

I'll stand up to you, bitch.

Please, no more, I just shit myself.

Scary stuff.

Sir... OK.

Maybe I just wanted to have a friendly drink with you.

By the way, where is it? Give it here.

Want some?


Guess not.

I'm not gonna offer him any. I don't like his kind.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you something to bear in mind.

Lilya, call the police.

Go ahead, Lilya, call them!

The police. Do it.

What's your name, kid?

Listen, Vadim, why are you doing this?

You're not so drunk that you don't know...

Shut your mouth, you courtroom rat.

And you, listen up.

Fuck off. Remember my face!

Ignore him, bro.

You piece of shit.

You've never had any fucking rights and never will!

Where the fuck are you going?

Listen, it would be best if you go now.

You are trespassing.

And the owners are not happy to see you.

Vadim, let's not escalate the situation.

What did you just say?

I'm the owner.

Got it? Got it. I've got it.

Let's talk about that tomorrow.


We have some business to discuss.

Ivan has told me a lot about you.

Ivan who?

Ivan Kostrov.

From the Committee. Kostrov.

Just because we can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there.

Anyway, I'm tired of you all...

So what about tomorrow?


Between 3 and 5pm.

Office hours for constituent issues.

I'm all right. I'm all right.

Kolya, are you going out hunting or something?

Give me that.

Bro, tomorrow we'll write a statement about his abuse of office.

We'll tear him to bits, Kolya!


I won't go to Moscow.

I'm staying here.

Let's drink.

"The actions of Vadim Shelevyat caused great harm to my family.

"He was not authorised to implement a ruling yet to come into effect

"and he committed a criminal act

"as defined by Article 330 of the Criminal Code.

"Pursuant to Articles 285 and 330 of the Criminal Code

"and Article 141 of the Criminal Procedural Code, "I request an inquiry into these actions

"and, pending evidence, a criminal case to be opened."

Take that, arsehole.

Here's another one, Kolya.



"Darwin's term for directional and irreversible historical

"development of life."

9 letters.

A prolonged leap from the twat to the grave.

What's with the swearing, Sergeant Potty Mouth?

Takes one to know one. Sure does.


It fits.

Good morning.

Are you almost done?

Yeah, yeah.

Another half hour or so.

I've written it. Just sign it, and we'll be off.


I'm not sure if Kolya told you, but I just had a birthday.

Happy birthday.

So I invite you to join us tomorrow.

Campfire, kebabs, vodka, a bit of shooting...

My treat.

Shooting - as in, hunting?

Of course not.

We're going with women and kids.

We'll just do a little target practice, for fun.

Is it far?

Hundred kilometers or so.

We'll leave early, hit the booze, shoot a little and come back.

I'd love to. Excellent.

Kolya, I'm ready when you are.

Pardon me?

Are you the victim?

No, Mr Sergeyev is the victim. I'm his lawyer.

Off he goes.

Reporting to his superiors.

Lilya, got any water?

I have a feeling he won't accept it.

Can he do that? Sure.

Even though he has to by law.

So what then?

We go to the prosecutor's office, And then court.

If necessary, we'll file a complaint about this guy too.

We'll need all the facts, even the minor ones.

Are you going to fight the whole town?

These animals are not the whole town.

Kolya, you know what I mean.

Where did our lieutenant go?

Just wait.

Hey there, lieutenant! Where are you?

Sir, calm down!

What's this racket?

Everything's OK.

I'm not talking to you. Will it be long?

What's this behaviour?

Why are you making trouble?

Detain this one.

Put him in custody! Take him to a cell.

The prosecutor is not here, and I'm not authorised.

I can't accept your statement.

And there's not a soul in the entire office besides you?

No one who is authorised.

Did they all get drafted? You don't think it's strange?


We only have two of them.

The public prosecutor is off sick, and the detective is out on a case.

You can mail it in. Or go to court.

OK, I get it. Give me a refusal note in writing.

I told you: I'm not authorised.

Hello. I need to see the judge.

No one's here.

No one at all? No one.

No assistants or secretaries?

When will they be in? I've not been informed.

I see. Goodbye.


Up the stairs, third floor. Thanks.

Why aren't you answering your phone? I called and called.

Seriously? That little devil Vitya must have been playing with it.


Why try to kill me? 'Cause you're pretty!

Say hello to Lilya! Howdy!

Men are all the same. First, you're pretty. Next, they'll kill you.

Angela, where's Pasha?

I've already heard of your crusades earlier today.

Take a seat. Thank you.

What's your name, I forget? Dmitry.

Right. So, you're really trying to stick it to me, aren't you?

You asked for it.

But that's nothing, Vadim, in comparison to what's in this folder.

Here, take a look.

There's nothing you don't already know, but it's good to refresh your memory sometimes.

This conversation is off to a strange start.

How so?

I thought we were going to talk about your friend.

As in, about our litigation or something else?

Something else.

You must mean his unlawful detention?

Article 301 of the Russian Criminal Code.

It's good you've been notified.

Vadim, it would be great if you saw to it that justice is served and those responsible for this outrage are punished.

I would be glad to help, but...

But you don't see what's in it for you? Just look in the folder.

Take a look.

You'll see that Kolya's release is only the first step.

Here's what I think we'll do, young man.

I'll let your Kolya out, and you'll gather your stuff and quietly go back to where you came from.

To Moscow? Yeah, back to Moscow.

Vadim, I'm afraid Ivan would not have that.

He'd say, "Dima, why didn't you do

"everything in your power to restore justice?"

You know Ivan personally?

Ivan Kostrov?

We're talking about him, right?

Of course I do. You bet.

We're pals.

He's a lawyer, I'm a lawyer.

Moscow is a huge, but close-knit city.

No one is out of reach.

And if I don't read this, then what?

Doesn't matter.

Take my word for it: the facts in there are damning.

You know what I'm talking about. They are, after all, your handiwork.

Horrible stuff.

How do you sleep at night?

So, let's make a deal, or else...

Or else what?

Oh, it's hard to even imagine what would happen.

All within the provisions of the law, of course.

Firstly, your name would be all over the newspapers and the Internet and on TV, all over the news.

You youngsters like playing with fire.

Vadim, you're not exactly an old man either.

Or is it time to retire? No?

Have you thought of that?

Come back with the tea later, Yulia.

Right. Let's see it.

Let's see what you're trying to stick us with here.

A horror movie with you in the lead.

How did it go? They cuffed him and threw him in the cage.

What did he do? Nothing!

Last night, the mayor barreled in, drunk, told 'em to pack their things.

They had another court hearing yesterday.

Yes, they're getting demolished.

That's all.

This morning, they went to the police to drop off a statement and they took Kolya in.

Lilya is sitting right here with me.

Don't be dumb, I'm not calling just for a chat.

Tell Stepanych to get his arse to the police department.

We have to get Kolya out of there.


Yeah, you'd better go yourself.

And call us right away. We're stressing out here.

And pick up when I call, or I'll worry. OK then.


Me too.

OK, Pasha, go already. Bye.

Something like that. Thanks.

Don't worry, they'll get him out.

They got Vova out 5 times. He was in for real stuff - fighting, theft...

Mum, I'm hungry.

Go play outside. Dinner's not ready yet.

Can I? What?

Go outside? I just told you, go!

But not too far. If you go to building 9 again, I'll kill you!

OK, Mum! And put your hat on!

Come on in.

It's OK, honey. We'll pull through.

We'll get all hands on deck and do a great job.

Won't be fancy, but it'll be homely.

Won't it?

Let's go look at the kitchen.

There's even a radiator in here.

You hear me?

Let's say you got me. Now what?

That depends on you.

I got that much. What do you want?

You're the second public official today to use that tone with me.

Don't beat around the bush. Get to the point.

I want Kolya to keep what's his.

That's not possible.

I thought there was nothing impossible for you.

Well, now you know better.

You can't get 3.5 million? I don't believe that.

Oh, that's what you mean.

That I can do.

And, of course, release Kolya.

It's a deal.

Leave me your phone number.

I'll call you in a couple of days. We'll meet and discuss the details.

You'll still be here?

Yes, I'll be in town.

Except what's there to discuss?

We'll only need to meet so you can hand me the money.

Hey, are you baptised?


Why da you ask?

I'm just curious.

I'm a lawyer, Vadim. I believe in facts.

OK. You got it.



Is everything OK, Vadim?


You never brought me that aspirin.

Get me those three right away.


Tarasov, Goryunov and Tkachuk.

Find them, I don't care how.

And close the door.

You think he'll give us the 3 million?

Not 3, but 3.5.

We'll see.

But he shit himself big time. And that's a good sign.


What did I have here last time?

Borscht, dumplings, beer.

That's it.

Have you decided?

Yes, Tatyana. Bring us two borschts, please, two servings of dumplings, beer and fruit juice.

Or are you having beer too?

Fruit juice is fine.

Fruit juice then. Is that it?

Yes, that's all.

I have to go up to my room.

Please wait 10 minutes so the food doesn't get cold.

All right. Thanks.

Can you wait a bit? I'll be right back.


Hello, where are you?

We're in the restaurant at the hotel.

Well, of course.

I'm behind bars - you're at a restaurant. I should have known.

Yes, they released me.

Not on the phone. Let's meet, and you'll tell me everything.

Finish up.

I'm headed there. See you.

They've been keeping dirt on me!

I've known it a long time.

All I ever hear from you is the same thing right, left and centre:

"Everything's fine, Vadim".

"Everything's fine, perfect weather -

"nothing to worry about!"

But I'm fucking worried!

Because I smell a rat. Something bad is brewing!

When did anything like this ever happen? I crush some louse and he turns the tables on me! Brings in a lawyer from Moscow!

And that bastard starts blackmailing me.

And drops big names!

What if he's bluffing?


How about you stop doodling and figure out who's paying him?

You think it's that loser Kolya?

You should know better, woman.

Or do you think that Moscow lawyer came here to bust his arse for free?

More importantly, where did he get that information?

I almost fucking lost it when I opened that folder.

So what was in that folder?

You don't need to know that.

So they have something on you that we don't know about?

We have an election in a year.

Did you forget?

If I don't get elected...

Need I say more?

You'll all go down.

No holidays abroad, no mansions, no cash.

We'll all be marching off to the monastery to a jolly tune.

You're paranoid.

You see enemies everywhere. Ease up on the booze.

Your head will roll first!

Cut the drama. And don't yell at me!

Save that for your wife.

Let's be constructive.


Maybe I could lean on him a bit?

Within lawful limits, of course.

Absolutely not.

First off, get me the story on this Moscow lawyer.

Use your own channels or work together, but find out who he is and who he's working for.

He was rubbing it in about Kostrov, and you say "lean on him"?

The Committee Chairman?

That's right, sweetheart. Why do you think I've been going on about it?

So get to it.

Tomorrow, I'll consult the bosses.

They're going to run their checks on him.

Get to it, my good people, and get cracking.

Hello, Dad...

But it's still early.

Oh, I forgot... Yeah, I'll be right there... Sure, OK.

Yeah, I'm not far.

OK, guys, I'm off.

Mummy calling you? We're going out shooting tomorrow.

You're lucky!

That's right, go and watch your bedtime cartoons.

Where is everyone?

Mum is asleep.

Dima's in the outhouse with a magazine.

So, mate, you like Dima?

Sure. Seems like an all right guy.

That "all right guy" did a major deed today.

What deed?

He squeezed the mayor.


Just like that, son.

Took him by the balls and pulled ever so gently.

I don't get it.

You'll get it when you're older.

Listen, you stink of fire.

Hanging out in the old church again?

Well, yeah.

Always looking for trouble.

What kind of trouble? Some kind or other.

Stuffing your face right before bed?

Well, yeah.

Come over here.

Sit down.

What is it?

Were you drinking beer?

No. The other guys had some.

I can smell it on you.

Hey, Roma.

What took you so long?

Lay a cable out there?

Interesting book you've got out there.

Couldn't put it down?


A couple of comedians, eh?

Yeah, that's our shitty northern sense of humour.

What's so funny?

It's all good, bro.

It's all good.

No, seriously, what am I missing?

Whatever, you idiots...

Can you do this?

I'll show you. Watch.

Pasha, turn off that crap.


Come here for a moment.

Pasha, what the hell?

Angela, let's enjoy the silence.

Not enough silence at your place?

Dima, I'm trusting you with my rifle. Thanks.

Every guy should have his own gun, so you don't have to share Kolya's.


What will you use then?

I'll show you.

You need help, Kolya?

No, Dima, I've got this. Relax, kick back.

You're the guest.

Wow, Stepanych!

Someone's armed for war.

Why not? I like shooting in style. It's my birthday.

What, no grenade launcher? Show me the target, I'll get one.

Mum, I'm thirsty. It's in the car.

Where are you going? Out of the water, now!

Vitya, are you deaf? I said, get out of the water!

So, Kolya, shall we?


Dima, Pasha, come on!

Dima, one drink if you hit it, three if you miss.

Got it.

One drink!

Just one!

To your health, Stepanych! Cheers!

Same to you.

Go, Pasha. Nail it.

Don't jinx me.

Three drinks for him.

He missed on purpose, to get shitfaced.

Just pour it. Have a pickle.

To you, Comrade Colonel.

Dima, you show them.

Anyone can hit it with a sight.

The sight was closed.

Are you for me or against me?


Pleasure to meet you, happy birthday!

Pleasure's all mine.

Stepanych, just don't...

Enjoying the silence?

What did you do that for?

What do we use for a target now?

Your hat? Are you fucking crazy?

Kolya, the kids...

What about the kids? They just went deaf.

No, I heard everything.

Can't I shoot to my heart's content on my birthday?

Well, now you have.

I've got better targets still.


Go get them.

Angela, shall we get started on the kebabs?

Can I shoot the AK, please? Ask Stepanych.

Stepanych, can I fire your AK?


He's a grown boy. Let him.

Stay with us, gals. It's about to get interesting.

Call us when it does.

I'll go and light the grill. Can you manage?

I think so...

Nice one, Stepanych!

Got anyone more current?

I've got all kinds of stuff.

But it's too early for the current ones.

Not enough of a historical perspective.

Let them ripen up on the wall a bit.

How do we stand them up?

Nail them to the log.

Do we have nails?


I've got some screws in the car.

Let's go have a drink.


I've got Yeltsin, too.

But he's more small-time.

The drunken conductor...

We forgot the nails... Your fault.

Look at you, girls! There's a sight for sore eyes!

Look at those honed, precise movements!


We're quite the roadside attraction!

Any bread? In the bag.

What else is there? Pickles.

Help me. I'm busy.

I'm busy too. What are you busy with?

With stuff...

Kolya, come here! Let's drink.

That's enough.

My oh my, what a guy...

Where are you off to, Lilya?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Did we bring the charcoal?

What for? We'll run out of wood.

Plenty of driftwood. Go get some, but have a drink first.

Chase it down.

Where's my drink?

Here you are.

Thank you.

Oh, this is nice!

Where is that wood, you say? Past the waterfall. You'll see it.

Got it.

Vitya, come down here.

I'm scared.

Give me your hand. No, I'm scared.

Suit yourself.

Where's your kid?

And where's yours?

He'll break his neck.

He'll be fine.

Let him run around and enjoy nature. There are no animals here.

Man is the most dangerous animal.

None of those here either. Well, we're here.

You calling yourself a man? Get a handle on your woman, Pasha.

Too late now.


What happened, Vitya?

That man is choking Lilya.

Roma saw it and started crying.

What are you talking about? What man?

The handsome one from Moscow.

You coppers just gonna wait for the mayhem to start?

Mum, what's "mayhem"?

You'll know when you're older. I want to know now.

Let's put that gun away from harm.

Mum, what's "harm"?

Stop annoying me. Remember when you set the cat on fire?

Yeah. Who did it this time? Nobody.

Then where's the harm? Knock it off.

Oh, God...

You've got too anxious, Vadim.

Worrying yourself and others over nothing.

As if you don't know we're all in God's hands. It's His will.

Of course I know, Father.

So what troubles you?

Is your faith wavering?

Do you take communion? Go to confession?

Every Sunday, without fail.

I try to.

Of course I can't always make it. I get so busy...

But I try.

Who's your confessor?

Our local priest, the one you referred me to.

Father Alexei?

That's the one.

He's a good priest.

Seems OK.

Get a hold of yourself, Vadim.

And don't worry, you are doing God's work.

It is said that good deeds are done happily and with ease, but don't forget the enemy is ever ready and does not sleep.

That's the thing.

You know...

It's like everything is going wrong.

I'm uneasy.

I'm uneasy.

What's happened is...

Don't reveal anything to me. You're not at confession.

You and I may be working for the same cause.

But you've got your territory, and I've got mine.

I understand that.

I just feel ill at ease...

I told you a couple of days ago, and I'll tell you again: all power is from God.

Where there's power, there's might.

If you hold power in your territory, solve your issues yourself, with your might.

Don't go looking for help, or the enemy will think you are weak.

Honestly, I have to lecture you like a child.


I don't recognise you like this.

Everything OK with the wife?

I think so.

How are the kids?

They're fine.

You're not sick?


That's a blessing.

God bless you.

It's all my fault.

No such thing.

Each of us is guilty of our own faults.

Everything is everyone's fault.

Even if we confess, the law doesn't hold it to be a proof of guilt.

We're innocent until proven guilty.

But who's going to prove anything? And to whom?

Do you believe in God?

Why do you all keep asking me about God?

I believe in facts.

I'm a lawyer, Lilya.

Don't. Please.

No confessions.

Because there's no proof?

And there won't be any.

Will you come with me?

I don't understand you.

I don't understand myself.

I'd love to run away with someone too.

Women are dumb.


Because you can't run away from yourself.

Maybe not, but I sure can run away from you.

Where to?

To whore around in Moscow?

Why "whore around"? Because you're a whore.

See that?

Want me to smack you too?


You guys can't take a joke?

I think I'd run all the way to America.

Great. Why not the moon?

Are you asking for another slap?

Are the boys asleep?


Roma... he's... depressed.

That's understandable.

I'll talk to him tomorrow.

Kolya, don't drink so much again.

Roma's traumatised enough as it is.

I won't.


She's back.

Thank God. Maybe she's getting her things.

Shut up, Pasha. Go get Vitya.

Are you OK to drive?

I'm a traffic cop, aren't I?


Well, we'll be off.

So just, you know...


Do you want a child?

Hello? Yes, Vadim.

Yes, I recognised you.

Sure, let's meet.

I'm at the hotel.

Half an hour is good.

Can I see those?


Here you are. Thanks.

Well, get in.

I won't bite. Come on!

You're a tough guy.

If I'm not back here in two hours...

You will be, don't worry.

Rough night?

You're all puffy.

Where are we going?

You'll see.

You'll like it.

We'll sit and talk things over.

What things?

What do you mean? You want money, right?

And I want guarantees.

Guarantees of what?

See, we're already talking.

Just a quick tete-a-tete, you know.

So, how does it feel?

Why did you hit him in the face?



Nothing to say?

No last words? No?

Not even a few for your daughter maybe?

What? That's enough.

Fine. We'll honour your last wish.

A public-private partnership.

A spot with great potential.

Close to the centre, by the sea.

I'm very happy, because this is a brand of sorts.

I mean, your brand.

And people trust brands these days. Officials hold high hopes for them.

The main thing now is to keep the momentum.

The desire to make headway, to work and move things forward.

I'll send my guy over today.

No, no, today.

It's a deal then.

What do you mean, "crystal"?

That's your problem.

I told you loud and clear: you get going, whatever it takes.

If you can't get going, we'll find someone who can.

All right, back to work.

So, how??ôs Kolya?

He threatened to kill you both.

Then had a few drinks and calmed down.

He loves you.

What about the other one?

Did he ask you to go to Moscow?

OK, fine.

Come pick it up. But make it quick, OK?

He's taking the boat tomorrow.

I'm selling it all off for nothing.

If that bastard builds himself a palace here, I'll burn it down.

Hey, wandering spirit!

Why did you leave your phone?



What do you want?

You ruined everything! It's all because of you!

I hate you!

What is it, Roma?

I don't want to live with you anymore! I'm sick of you!

Son, calm down.

Stay away from me! Stop it...

What's with you?

Get her out of here, Dad!

Get out!


It's going to be OK.


Forgive her. She's...

She's a good person.

Have you forgiven her?

I'm trying.

OK, better get going.

Put it down here.


Where's Lilya? She didn't come today.

What? I'm serious.

I tried calling her too - says "number unavailable".

Isn't she home?

Number unavailable.

OK, I??ôll be off.

Can you give me a lift?

What? Can I get a lift?

Oh, sure, get in.

She ran off to him. To Moscow.

I don't doubt it for a second.

What else could have happened?

Anything. Do you know how many people go missing?

I don't believe in "anything".

What about the cops?

What about them?

Have to wait three days.

That's a bunch of shit.

You can report it right away.

Take it from the wife of a law enforcement officer.

OK, I go to the cops and tell them what?

"My wife ran off to Moscow to her lover.

"Here's her name and number. Get her back."

Hey, if you want, I can call him right now.

I already tried over and over.


Nothing. No answer.

We have to do something.

And I wouldn't be surprised if he took my money from that bastard and bailed.

And she joined him later.

Hi, Kolya.

Where's Roma?

He went home.

When? About 20 minutes ago.

Get the door!

They found her.

Move away.

Come on.


Why, Lord?

What can I get you, Kolya?

Vodka, what else? 2 bottles.

Hello, Kolya.

Hey, Father Vasily.


Where's your... merciful God Almighty?

Mine is with me.

As for yours, I wouldn't know.

Who do you pray to?

Haven't seen you in church.

You don't fast, take communion or go to confession.

If I lit candles and all, would things be different?

Maybe it's not too late to start?

Would I get my wife back from the dead?

And my house?

Or is it too late?

I don't know.

Our Lord moves in mysterious ways.

You don't know?

Then why do you call me to confession?

What do you know then?

Want some? No.

"Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook

"or tie down its tongue with a rope?

"Will it keep begging you for mercy?

"Will it speak to you with gentle words?

"Nothing on earth is its equal.

"It is king over all that are proud."

Father Vasily...

I'm talking to you as a regular person.

Why the fucking riddles?

What for?

Have you heard of a man called Job?

Like you, he was preoccupied with the meaning of life.

"Why?" he asked. "Why me of all people?"

He worried so much he became covered with scabs.

His wife tried to talk some sense into him; his friends told him to not evoke God's anger.

But he kept kicking up dust and sprinkling ash on his head.

Then the Lord relented and appeared to him in the form of a hurricane and explained everything to him in pictures.


Job resigned himself to his fate and lived to be 140.

Got to see 4 generations of his family and died old and content.

Is that a fairy tale?

No, it's in the Bible.

Let me help you carry that. Come on.


The funeral service is tomorrow. They just called.

Yulia, there's some bread for you.

God bless you.

Glory be to God. Eat up.

How terrible...

Do you think she did this herself?

The forensic tests will tell.

Remember how Kolya threatened to kill her?

Come on now. He did.

So what? He could have done it.

He's capable, I swear.

You hear me? What the hell?

Did you hear me? I heard you.

And? You're the cop. You tell me.

Use your brain.


Will you ever stop drinking?

I will.

I'm quitting tomorrow. You believe me?


Sit. Let's talk.

Forget it. I'm going out.

All right.


Hello. Hi. Is your dad home?

He's asleep. I see.

Hey, where are you going? Easy, easy.

Dad! Some guys just barged in! Sit down and be quiet.

What? Sit down, I said.

Get up. Homicide department.

You ignored the court order.

What court order?

This one.


Sit down!


We have every reason to believe you killed your wife and then faked her drowning.


Are you crazy?

We discovered signs of violence on the body.

She was murdered, then pushed into the water.

She died from a blow with a blunt object to the back of her head.

Not long before that, she had sexual intercourse.

The investigation is looking into the possibility of rape.

We'll take your sperm for tests. Something tells me it will be a match.

Next, we have testimony from Angela Polivanova and her husband, Pasha Polivanov to the effect that a few days prior to the murder, while at a picnic, you had a fight with your wife and her lover in front of witnesses. after you caught them having sex.

You beat up the lover, a man called Dmitri, whose identity is currently being established, then hit your wife, and afterwards threatened to kill them both.

This testimony was confirmed by Ivan Stepanych Degtyaryev, Lieutenant Colonel of the traffic police, who was also present.

In addition, the suspected murder weapon, a hammer with the shape matching that of the Victim's head wound, was found in a building on your property.

It has been taken for testing.

Would you like to comment on any of this?

Personally, I would advise you to write a full confession.

We have more than enough evidence.

A confession may reduce the sentence.

Pursuant to Article 105 Part 1, you'll get up to 15 years unless there are aggravating circumstances, in which case, it'll be up to 20 years.


In any case, we're detaining you for 48 hours as a murder suspect.

I'll petition the court for a warrant for your arrest as a flight risk and as someone who might impede the investigation.

Also... you have the right to a lawyer.

If you don't have a lawyer, the state will appoint one for you.

Do you understand?

I don't understand any of this.

You'll have plenty of time to think it over.

Hello. Just one?

Just one.


My son's left all alone.

We've got no relatives.

Don't shit yourself.

The state will take care of him.

Roma, open up. It's Angela and Pasha.

Are you alone?

Yes, it's just us.

How are you?

I'm all right.

Why didn't you call me when they took your dad?

I don't have your number.

How long have you been here alone?

I don't know.

5 days, I think.


A lawyer called.

Your dad was accused of murdering Lilya.

He'll be in jail till the trial. Then, they'll take him to prison.

They have proof.

That's not true.

Why would I lie to you?

Why didn't he call me? They must let him call me.

Look, Roma, the lawyer said that if there's no one to take care of you, they'll put you in an orphanage.

I can take care of myself.

By law, until you turn 18, you must live in an orphanage or with a guardian.

Pasha and I talked it over...

We'd like to be your guardians.

You've got no one else, right?

Is it because of the money?

What money?

Won't you get paid for it?

How should I know?

But if you agree, I'll definitely find out.

I guess the state would probably help out, but that's not why we're offering.

Why then?

I don't know.

You're like... family to us.

Your mum and I were friends.

You were little when she died.

I went to school with your parents. And Lilya. She was a bit younger.

I'll step out for a smoke.

Pribrezhny Town Court has ruled as follows:

The Panel of Judges, presided over by Mrs Tarasova, examined Mr Sergeyev's petition to appeal the ruling on case No. 06-18.

In the presence of Mr Sergeyev, the court has determined that:

Mr Sergeyev, who has no previous convictions, is convicted in accordance with Article 105 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 15 years in a maximum-security penitentiary.

The ruling also addressed evidence in the case:

Mr Sergeyev was convicted of premeditated murder of his wife.

The circumstances of the crime are outlined in the ruling.

Mr Sergeyev refused to confess to the crime.

He filed an appeal requesting that the ruling be repealed.

Mr Sergeyev claims that his guilt in the case was not proven.

The court considers the ruling not subject to repeal.

All circumstances were thoroughly examined by the court and all evidence given due consideration.

The defendant's claim of innocence was reviewed by the court and soundly rejected.


15 years?

Well, thank God.

That'll teach him to know his place.

Yeah, later.

One more.

We probably don't even realise yet what is really happening.

We are reawakening the soul of the Russian people.

As the Great Prince St. Alexander Nevsky wonderfully put it:

"God dwells not in strength, but in truth."

And he was right: not with strength, but with love; not with cunning, but with the Lord's wisdom; not with anger and hatred, but with bravery have we overcome the many enemies of our faith and our Motherland.

But the most important thing today is that we must uphold the Orthodox faith and always speak truthfully.

Truth is God's legacy.

Truth reflects the world as it really is, without distortion.

But only he who knows God's truth can find truth.

And God's truth is Christ Himself.

This is why, when Apostle Paul said, "I no longer live, but Christ lives in me" he meant that when a man lets Christ into his soul - in other words, begins to think like Christ, see like Christ and act like the Lord commanded - only then does this man possess truth.

And that means he can regard events and see their true meaning and tell good from evil.

And that is the essence of truth.

When people destroy crosses, break icons, defile the Crucifix and blaspheme by calling demonic rites a prayer, when people try to convince others that they do this out of good intentions, they are passing off lies as the truth.

How can one preach freedom while destroying the foundations of morality?

Freedom is finding God's truth.

The Bible teaches us this.

Know God's truth, and it shall set you free.

Only man who knows God's truth, who lives by it, who defends it - only that man is truly free.

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

The world today is constantly changing its reference points.

True values are being replaced with false ones.

But even in this world, our path remains unchanged: it leads to Christ.

We know that the Church will protect and guide us but the Church consists of you and me.

God is with us.

Truth is with us. The Lord's love is with us...

God sees everything, son.

And in defending our faith, we will not liken ourselves to our enemies but just as Christ shed light on the truth and unmasked the lies with one word, so will we, enlightened by the Church, the World of God and saintly prayer defend the Orthodox faith.

I'm so glad that you're pleased, sir.

Thanks a lot. We try.

It's not quite finished yet, but it will be soon.

We'll do some landscaping, maybe build a refectory.

As soon as it's all finished, I'll call you right away.

I have every faith in you. Thank you so much.

Where's my family?

Come on, sweetie, get in the car.

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