Levity (2003) Script

2 00:01:18,804 --> 00:01:19,069 Mom!


5 00:01:44,163 --> 00:01:46,496 what I remember most from before

was people's voices...

kind of floating on the wind

and laughing.

like everybody was in on something...

like It all mattered somehow.

I know what I did and I don't want forgiveness, from you or anybody else.

I don't deserve It and, with respect, I'm happy here. happy? well, I mean, I think It's right.

I think I belong here.

I find it interesting that you think that you should determine where you belong. you spent, uh,

21 years, 6 months here at Atborough. and prior to that, uh, 1 year, 5 months at Wentworth Juvenile facility. yes, Sir, that's correct. and I expect to remain here as sentenced.

I'm afraid you don't exactly ha.

the Board of Review Is aware of your record here and Is prepared to commute your sentence from life

there are those who might feel that congratulations are , so congratulations. you're a free man.


shit! hey! hey, you! yeah, you! hold up! Wentworth .

you was at Wentworth, weren't you? back in the d. yeah. damn, what's up, brother?

I thought that you were gone for good. yeah, well, they, uh...

I guess they fixed It.

I--I'm sorry, man, I forgot your name. what's your name? Jordan.

Jordan, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bryan, right?

Manuel. oh, Manuel, all right.

Manuel Jordan, yeah, yeah. Mackie Whittaker, brother.

I remember you. how you doing, man?

I--I didn't think nobody would be seeing you again, m. fuck that! anyway, hey, welcome back, man. thanks. all right, man.

Wentworth . all right. ok.

I'll see you around. thanks. yeah, all right, man. yeah, we was at Wentworth together. me and him. wasn't nothing but kids.

I read a book that was written . a man said there was 5 steps towards making amends.

the first involved acknowledging what you did. the 2nd involved remorse.

the 3rd involved making right with your neighbor. like, If you stole his chicken, you'd have to go and bring him another. only then were you able to go to step 4, which was making It right with God.

but It wasn't until step 5 that you could really get redeemed..

It had to do with being in the same place, in the. then, as It goes, you'd go and do something different.

only I can't bring Abner Easley back like he was some stolen chicken.

I certainly made sure of that 23 years ago.

and I don't believe In some God that's gonna open his arms to me, even If I did. so there goes steps 3 and 4.

as for step 5, time makes sure we're never in the same place twice no matter how much we wish it.

which is why, for me, I know I'll never be redeemed.




Manuel! hey.

Manuel. hey, man.

Mackie Whittaker, man. how you doing? you remember Earl Whitmore? he says he knows you from. yeah. yeah, me, Whitmore, and Dukie, we got this ride up in e and we need a sideman to run with Dukie.

It's like running with a cop, or something. no. I don't-- I don't wanna have anything to .

It's a liquor store, man, they do cash only, and the dude will make his run in 20 minutes.

I'm not interested, I'm really not interested, ok? but you're perfect for It, man.

I mean, you're just fresh out, you know.

I-It's like-- like a sign, or something, you k? and--and It's $800, $900 each, you know what I'm saying?

I'm not perfect for It.

I said I don't want anything to do with It. look, you've got to. you're with the people now, .

all right, all right, listen. I remember you now. yeah. you're that-- you're that wimpy-ass, crybaby r from Wentworth, ain't you?

I remember now, man. Earl told me about you at Atboro. he said you never did fight back while you was inside. he said you'd be a good sideman because you'd rather take a bullet than make a noise, m.

I don't have any problem with you, Mackie. listen, you come to my fucking, motherfucker. why don't you just mind your business? motherfucker, I'll fuck you up, now!

you got a death wish or something, man? what's your fucking problem?

hey, man. I just saved your life, man!

I could've sliced your motherfucking throat!

yeah, well, fuck you, man! you show your face here again, you'll be dead, motherfucker! where are you going?

141 00:10:22,605 --> 00:10:23,622 where are you going? oh, fuck, man. let's get out of here. come on, let's go. righteous, what the fuck... just go, man!

come on, let It go! what are you doing?

what are you doing?

hello. where the hell have you been?

I'm sorry? deal's a deal. we had an agreement, right? hold on a second. you don't have to pay to park, but you do have to sit I. man, I don't want to do that. fine, fine, suit yourself.

where's Duwayne? this Is a pay phone. turn around. those apartment buildings over there behind you, the Olivia may projects. nobody outside there called Duwayne?

nobody anywhere. yeah, all right. all right, thanks.

who Is this?

you there? yeah. all right, let me ask you a question: um, where are you headed?

I'm not sure.

hey. hey, you! you Manuel Jordan? yeah.

I'm Miles Evans. whoa! uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. uh-uh, uh-uh. you know the rules. take It back, inside. now. go!

you, with me. deal's a deal, right?

they want to use my lot, they know the drill. park over there. In exchange, spend 15 minutes . they don't have to listen, don't have to give a shit. just have to sit. listen to what? me. small enough price to pay for keeping daddy's car safe In the big, bad neighborhood, ?

Inside, Inside. come on, come on. you'll get to your little nightclub soon enough. h. here. don't take no shit. 15 minutes, no exceptions. we'll talk about pay when things get quieter. all right, everybody, we're back on the clock.

excuse me, uh, he gave me this clipboard here, .