L'Humanite (1999) Script

I'm on my way.

All right.

Aged 11.

All right.

I'll call you back.

De Winter, we've been waiting for you. Where were you?


It's horrible, sir.

How can someone do that?


A little girl murdered, her vagina in shreds...

Are you with us?

I'm sorry.

Hiya, Pharaon. Hello, Domino.

What a maniac.

In the middle of town!

All right?

Yes, I suppose so. A bit tired.

This heat doesn't help.

I'm waiting for Joseph.

Let's go over there.

You know, Domino...

It's abominable.

This morning, we found the body of a little girl.


covered with blood.

It was really horrible.

See, Pharaon, life is really sick.

What's up with her?

Hiya, Joseph.

What's wrong?

What's the matter?

There you are. Come on. We're going shopping.

Hello. Always off on that bike.

A good bike too.

A good bike.

It's a good ride.

Nice day for it?

Yes, very nice.

I'll leave you to it then.

What's the matter?

I'm all right, Mom!

Hello, Domino. Hello, Pharaon.

All right? I'm fine.

Look at your face.

Want to come out for dinner with us tonight?

I'll pick you up outside your place later.


Before I forget -

You got a good eyeful the other day?

Sorry, but the door was open.

That's no excuse.

I'm going in now. See you later.

All right.

See you.

I'm sorry.

I'm creaming my jeans.

It's stupid driving like that, Joseph.

The look on his face...

How about that?

I didn't brake that hard.

Raise your glass And don't spill a drop Touch your head-oh Come by bike next time.

Your gut-oh, your fanny-oh Your ass-oh Now go, go, 90 She's one of us, all right She drank that without a fight Fucking pains.

She's a drunk like we said With her big nose shining red

Think that one there will swallow it too?

Ask her name.

What's your name?


Aline, blow this pipe of mine With your lips divine

They're getting on my nerves.

Aline, raise your glass...

Come on. Raise your glass!

Hey, girl, what's your name? Come on. Tell us.

Tell us. Don't look so grim.

Come on, blondie, what's your name?

Come on, Barbie girl.


How does it go?

Brother Domino, when you meet a girl Where do you go?

Amen I take her to my cell And ring her bell

Shut the fuck up!

Can't we eat in peace?

You can have fun, but leave us be.

Calm down, buddy! We were just joking.

Fuck, Joseph, you looked really mean.

Can't we eat in peace here?

What the hell is this?

All these assholes...

Morning, Mom. Morning.

This stinks. Too bad.

Do it yourself then.

You're in a fine mood.

Usually you're at the garden by now.

What are you doing later?

I'm going to the sea with Joseph and Domino.

You are?

Aren't you sick of tagging along with them?

By the way, I read about that little girl in the paper, with her parents' photo.

What a tragedy.

That's my job.

Had a good jerk-off today? Leave him be!

Going to the garden?

Coming to the sea with us?

Be outside my place by 11:45.

All right.

You're an asshole, Joseph.

And you're boring!

You're no fun!

No need to show off just because you've got a girl.

Pharaon's suffered.

He lost his girlfriend and his baby.

Pardon me.

Cut it out!

What shall we do now?

I need a piss. Go in the sea.

Look, you can see England.

Sniff that pussy! Cut it out! Stupid bastard!

You're crazy.

That was great!

You've sat in some tar.


Oh, fucking hell!

Is there any on me?

No, you're all right.

Don't worry. It'll wash out.

Damn. I'm freezing.

I'll warm you up.

How was the fishing?

Can't you see we haven't cast the nets yet?

There's no fish yet, Pharaon.

He's useless.

Want to visit the fort?

Silly dummy.

We're at the top of the fort's bunker.

I think everyone's here. Here I am.

As you can see, this bunker has an annular vault in a ring shape that is held up by a central pillar.

This central pillar rests on foundations consisting of a concrete slab

-made during World War... Two!

Concerning the vault, there's a round opening, a circular opening behind you.

As we'll see later, it was used to clear smoke from the cannons of the time that used gunpowder.

I use white powder personally.

The whole building is stone?

Yes, stone.

You can't see it because of the stalactites -

the stalactites, sorry - due to water seepage.

Be quiet, please.

We're trying to listen.

Oh, come on.

Silly old bat.

Let's get going.

What nerve!

Fuck the lot of you. How vulgar!


Pharaon, how are you doing? I'm okay.

What brings you here? I've come to the sea for the day.

These are my friends Joseph and Domino.

I haven't seen you in seven years.

Yes, since national service.

Do you still run? Not really.

You gave me such a hard time.

Yes, I suppose I did, really.

What do you do now?

I'm a police lieutenant. And you?

Well, I keep an eye on the beaches in summer.

I've got some bad news about Jean-Louis.

He had a nasty car crash.

He went... straight through the windscreen, and there's brain damage too.

So you don't see him now?

I saw him about three years ago.

He told me all about it and we had a chat, but he's paralyzed and there are other problems.

It's not easy for him.

I'll leave you to it then.

You must have a lot to do.

That's true.

Well, it was good to see you.

If ever you're around, call in.

All right. See you.

Where the hell's Domino?

You can't see England now.

"It's the body of an 11-year-old girl. The body was found naked.

Traces of blood...

This hemorrhage...

No other visible external lesions...

The body is cold.

On the anterior part of the thorax...

bites made by a human of adult age...

The gynecological exam...

Sperm was also present inside the vagina."

Go on in.

Sit down.

Mr. Smagghe, we still have a few questions for you.

Do you feel up to answering them?

We'll come back.

It's going to be tough.

Especially with Lille and Paris on our backs.

It does this every time.


What're you up to?

All right, Joseph?

Nice bus.

Looking at buses now?

It's for the investigation.

That kid...

The cops came earlier to see the boss and another driver.

It's not easy. Lille and Paris are helping, but there's too few of us.

Think the bastard's under there?

Which bus did the Friday school run?

Jérémie's. Want to go and see it?

I'll have to go over the bus route.

When does it leave? At 4:00.

Till when? -6:30. I can take you.

Not your colleague?

Not this week.

It's my turn to do the school run.

See you at 4:00 then.

See you later, Joseph.

Now then...

What did Nadége do after she got off the bus?

Did you see anyone?

No. We were all alone.

There was no one there.

What did you do?

We went home.

What about Nadége?

Didn't she say anything?

What did she do?

This is getting a bit much. Can we see the inspector?

He still has a few questions for your children.

This is getting a bit much.

They're only children after all.

Someone was there? No.

There must have been someone.

No one.

Oh, come on.

Are you sure?

The police aren't here to pester you.

Your friend's been killed by an evil man, and our job is to find him.

All right, you can go.

What happened, baby?

He asked about Nadége.

Why are you crying?

Children aren't easy.

Not easy at all.

I'll need to see them again.

I'll see them at home to make it easier.

Was that the parents yelling?

See, De Winter, kids are the worst.

And it gets us nowhere.

Sir, I saw the bus.

I'm doing the school run at 4:30.

See you, Jojo.

Ah, kids.

I'm sick of them.

They're only children.

See you later, Joseph. See you.


I did the whole trip with the girls and I noticed the Eurostar passes very close by.


Perhaps a passenger saw something.

At that speed?

Check up on that.

I have to meet the gendarmes.

I'll need to see the bus driver.

Bring him in tomorrow morning.

God, it's hot.

Look, I'm dripping with sweat.

How's the investigation going?

You know, I don't really want to talk about it.

What do you want?

Tell your colleague we want to see him tomorrow morning.

I'll fuck you when you want.

Stupid bastard.

Why? What's he gone and done now?

Don't look so upset.


I'm pleased to meet you.

Very pleased.

It's a privilege for a curator to meet a painter's grandson.

This self-portrait you've brought me is fascinating.

It tells us a lot about him.

It's an important painting.

It will enrich the show in relation to the religious works and other portraits.

I'm very pleased.

Let's hang it, Gregory.

One meter 27.

There, that's good.

Can you raise it on the right?

A centimeter or two...

No, too high, Gregory.


Perfect. Take a look with me.

That's good. Thank you.

That blue's nice.

It's unique!

Your great-grandfather's first portrait of a child, probably painted in the De Coussemaker's garden in Bailleul.

Hamid, Gregory, let's have that one a little higher.

Look at this one.

Isn't it magnificent?

Excuse me. I have to go now.

Thank you for the loan.

I'll see you at the opening.

All right.

You're not going?

It's on my mind all the time. I've stopped living.

I'm not leaving. Not with the kids.

What do you think, Liliane?

Are you going?

It's not easy.

What? I don't know what to do.

You're up for retirement soon.

Would you go?

I'm not retiring yet.

You're not going there?

What if we have to?

You'll go without me.

Are you going, Muriel? With my kids?

Me neither. I'm not moving.

Your husband just found work.

If we won't go, the shop steward will have to stay too.

I'll tell you what, Liliane...

Did you see the Eurostar?

Yes, it's on my route.

At that spot?

I don't pay attention to it.

All right, you can go.

We're going to have to look into this.

Find out about the train schedules, the passengers at the time of the crime... and pop over to England tomorrow.

Selling this crap there isn't enough?

You had to come here and ruin our kids?

You don't seem to realize what you're doing.

How old are you? Thirty-four?

What? Thirty-four?

Been doing this long?

A long time.

There's no other solution?

What brought you here?

No reason.

Your parents?

I don't know my parents.

Got any brothers or sisters?

They're in Algeria.

What? They're in Algeria.

Jean, can you come and take over?


The strike's on.

All together!

Okay, Domino? Yeah, great.

What's new? We're on strike.

You'll get screwed anyway.

Not this time.

anything else?

I love you.

The gentleman and the lady... think they saw a man and another person, probably a child.

They say that they saw them because the land was fairly flat.

Ask them how they were dressed.

The gentleman and the lady aren't sure.

They didn't see.

Ask them if they saw a bus.

They can't say.

The train was going at 300 kilometers an hour.

They can't really say.

I see.

Are you catching the train back?

You're back?

All right, dear?

Remember to cut your hair.

It looks a mess.

Did it go okay?

Hi, Pharaon. Hi, Domino.

Hello, Domi.

Hi, Eliane.

I came to see if you want to come to the Cosmos with us.

No, not in the week.

Who's going?

Joseph, some of his friends, and a girl from work.

Come with us.

No, I'm tired and I'm going to eat.

Please, just this once.

Friday then? All right.

Always gadding about, that one.

Off out on a strike day...

They don't have to stop living because of that.

Can you afford it on your wage?

Why does she come here? She's got Joseph.

I can see it hurts you.

Mom, stop pissing me off!

Can't Claude go?

All right, I'll do it.

Yes, see you later.

What's going on?

They've been here half an hour to see the mayor.

Come on. No sense in getting carried away.

The mayor's out and you're in the way.

Stop it. He's here.

Let us through right now!

The mayor's gone!

He fucking hasn't. Piss off and let us in.

We know the mayor's here.

Calm down! Stop pissing us off!

All right?

We can spend the whole day here if we have to.

You're too damn stupid to be a cop.

We'll be back, Pharaon.

This is ridiculous!

We've got a crime and a strike on our hands...

and we're getting nowhere!

This isn't what I call teamwork!

When he starts...

It won't help.

I was thinking. You could check the local psychiatric hospital.

The crazies there could do a little girl.

My brother-in-law works there.

I'll take his number and give him a call.

I'll leave you to it.

See you later.

Sir, I was at the town hall. Things are heating up.

They'll give up before we do.

I know them: no guts.

I'm off to see the parents.

You're in charge here.

All right.

Try to be more successful in your work.

This is Lieutenant De Winter.

Jean told me to call.

This afternoon? That soon?

All right. Thank you very much. Good-bye.

Hello, I'm Lieutenant De Winter.

Come in.

Just a second.

Come with me.

I used to know your mother.

It's all right. They're quiet.

Do you want the TV on, Noél?


The lieutenant's here!

I'm down here in number 10.

Go on. Number 10.

Hello, Lieutenant. I was expecting you.

I'll be right with you.

There's a new inmate...

I told Jean we've got some crazies here who could do that to a kid.

We know a thing or two...

It's funny, huh?

The poor things.

Is that the police?

Here to see Domi? Yes.

She's up in her room.

You've got nerve coming up here!

Are you angry with me because of this morning?

I was just doing my job.

It's your job to insult me in public?

I didn't insult you.

In front of everyone too!

I know you want me, but you don't have every right!

You can touch me if you want.

Take what I give you! Not like that!

It's the only way you'll have me!

It's not important?

It's nothing!

It was my gift to you!

I really pity you!

You're a beautiful one.

Hello, Eliane. Hello, Domi.

Okay? Yes, I'm just doing my shutters.

They're dirtier every time. I'm sick of it.

Mind you don't fall.

I want a word with you.

You know Pharaon had a woman?

And a baby?

And lost them two years ago?

Just keep away from him. You've got your man.

So stop it.

The strike's already over.

What did I tell you?

Wait here for me, De Winter.

Hello, beauty.

Are you asleep?

You've got a nice litter.

You're a cute one.

Let's go.

The girls saw nothing. We won't get anywhere here.

I'm going back in.

Not working today?

I'm just going in now.

Making any progress?

Lille's handling the case now.

Coming out tonight?

If you want.

The strike's over.

Yes, I know.

We're not very courageous.

That's true.

Don't be angry at me about yesterday.

I like you a lot.

What's going on?

We've just made an arrest.

Sergeant, see to the accused's transfer.

I'm just popping out.

Go and guard the accused in my office.

It's all right. I can manage.

Joseph, surely it wasn't you?

Fuck, it was you?