Lie with Me (2005) Script

Men can do whatever they want.

They think the city is theirs.

They spray their scent in every corner.

They're not afraid.

I love my scent in the ground too.

I've seen how pleasure touches the cock.

It makes the guy look like he's never coming back.

But it hurls right through him.

I know how to fuck... how to get what I want.

But my pleasure never feels through.

Even when I come there are parts still stuck inside.

Like, my pleasure clings to my stomach. swells at my throat.

I need to feel myself like I've never felt myself before.

David... are you in there?

Come on baby. . open up.

Wanna blow job?

Okay... hah.


Ah ha.

Are you excited?


*Don't come...


Don't come.

Don't come.

Fuck!... . okay.

Don't come.

Don't come.

Don't come.

There's nothing like this feeling of knowing...

Liking... knowing its coming.

Its gonna come...

Its gona come.

Look at me.

Why was this in the garbage?

Oh... sorry... . we need that don't we. Here give me that.

Uh, your dad's in the backyard.

Why is there so much stuff out in the garbage?

Give me that.


Your dad and I...

What... were you guys in a fight or something?

Your father and I haven't been together for a long time.

I'm moving.

Talk to your mom?


I'm not hooked on danger, I'm hooked on sex.

No one felt me up when I was a little girl.

It's just that there are these times when I don't see whats safe... before losing my place.

Down on my knees the very first time... I remember, there was all this hair at my mouth...

I didn't think that was what it would feel like.

And the guy kept forcing himself in my face saying... . please, please, ... please.

He sounded like a girl.

I don't know if I was supposed to close my eyes... . or keep them open, but...

It all just happened so quick... there was this... Flash.

I looked up and I saw his head reeling, and I knew the guy was happy because he kept saying my name...

Lilah... Lilah... ... Lilah.

And he cupped his hand on the back of my head... and you know what I did... ?

I got off my knees and I ran.

That was what I thought to do... I just...

I kept running... . and running... . racing...

So fast that what'd I just done... made my heart burn.

My heart felt like I had just twisted a muscle.

I'm supposed to look beautiful, you know, like...

... dignified and confident with him. I'm becoming a wife for fucks sake!

The thing is that I don't wear white, I never wear white... why can't I wear white?

Barry came by today.

How Barry?

We fucked!

You fucked your "X" and the wedding's in a month?

He always had this thing where he wanted to cum on my face, and I always said no.

This time I said, sure, ... whatever.

Just don't get it in my hair.

So the sex with barry is that much better. You would give up that great sex for love?

Sex with Joel is great. Its emotional and...

Its, just if I could marry Joels' heart with barrys' cock!

My cousin told me she came so hard she blacked out.

Why would she give up that great sex for love?

What're you doing?


What are you doing?

I was looking for you.


You coming?

I'm not an ax murder, come on.

Excuse me a minute. Okay.

Is that woman from the party your girlfriend?


I don't believe you.

Was she your girlfriend?


But she's not no more?

No... . Don't stop.

I want you to do it.

Come down here.

I guess I'll see you.

You wanna go on a... . a date?

I mean...

Hang out... . . something... . sometime?

Never had a date.

My work number.



I always though that mens hearts were in their cock...

I mean that... . their cocks were the way that they loved.

I finally had the feeling that a real person was inside me.

Lilah can you help out front please?


Do you rent hours?

Ah, yeh, we close at six.

No, next day only.

He got intimacy issues.

He needs a mommy.

Are you gonna be his mommy?

Did you fuck him?

You know, you can suck a guys dick all you want...

And it doesn't mean he's ever gonna love you.



Oh, um, yeah, no I'll be there after work... Okay.

David, hi, its, its Lilah... . I... .

I didn't know how to get what I usually got from a man...

I mean I wanted to be having sex with this guy... . even more.

All the time...

I didn't know how to make it happen.

I thought about him in my bed... .

On the street...

It didn't matter.

... that really smarts.

Its so cold, you know...

Its freezing in here man... can I... put on some hot water?

Do you have to drink that now?

Fuck yes I gotta drink it now... Alright... you're done.

Lets move the bar to the house. Lets get you up. Okay.

Want some help?

No... . I'm going to do it by myself.

Okay... . you got it?

I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I did.

You got it? yea, very nice, very nice.

Oh, ... I spy... . a very pretty girl.


Oh, want to put the robe on?

Yeah, if I have to.

oh, ... . sorry... . thats okay.

Okay, yea

Well... are you going to introduce me, son?

Oh, ah, yeah, sorry... . um... this is Lilah. Ah.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah... . Yeah... . I heard you... but its nice to finally to meet you.

You heard me?

Yeah, Yeah, but its okay...

You can have premarital sex under my roof any time.

Oh pop, what the matter with you!

Ah, miss Lilah...

May I borrow your arm?

To see you is a pleasure, thank you.

Okay, there was a girl in 203, this was a long time, you weren't here... .

And she was a screamer, and the superintendant, had to kick her out.

She doesn't need to know... Oh dear, Please tell her I'm sorry.

I wish I could ride my bike forever.

I wish the sun would never go down.

The summer will go on... and on.

Until every person is out on the street...

And feeling like me.

I have a question for you.

Have you ever had... one man's dick in your ass...

And his friends cock in your mouth?


You slut.

What... because um...

... because I was dancing with those guys?

Come on David I'm sorry...

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'm sorry.

Take your skirt off.



Come here.

Why do you dance with them?

I don't know... . Because...

Because I like it.

I think there's another reason. No, because I like it.

Say something.

I can't.

Say something... . anything.

Alright... . . sometimes I think that something's stuck inside of me.

David come on...


What are you doing?

I can't stop thinking about you...

All day... . All night.

All I do is think about you.

Its all I have left.

Tell me...

Tell those things... . the way I do.

Tell me.

Tell me your not going to leave me.

Promise me. yes.

Promise me you're never gonna leave me.

Never... Promise me... never.

Look at me.

I must ask how do you know what I know... . when...

When you've had sex with someone you are in love with.

Nature is... . very unforgiving.


Oh man...

Its alright.

Ah shit.

Don't worry about it pop it time to go to bed anyway. come on...

I'm gonna try it.

Wanna do it on your own? Yeah.

Alright. Ah no... okay... Hang on.

God damn you're gettin heavy old man!

Sorry son... no it's alright.

Okay... Okay, got it. Yeah.

Go get the towel.


Hey David...

Yeah... You think that the leopard misses more than he catches?


Yeah... yeah I think they probably miss more.

Yeah I think that... . Leopard... . misses more than he catches.

At least I... I hope so.

Oh! Boy its hot. What are trying to do, scorch me to death?

Turn on your side.


Oh boy! I know... I know. Uhum.

Better? Yeah. Alright. Let me get your pants.

Thank you.

You going out tonight?

Ah, no. No I'll work tonight.

You'll work?

Yeah, I'm gonna work.

You know theres a... more to life than work you know.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

Like what?


People fuck each other for one night...

One year... . twenty years.

It doesn't matter.

It'll hurt.

Dad its okay...

Now I know.

I know.


Go for dinner.

I don't think my mom and dad ever really loved each other.

Maybe they shouldn't have fucked.

This is Lilah, leave a message.

Lilah, Its mom. Call me on my cell.

I think the suit case is under his bed.



What are you doing?

My dad used to laugh so hard when I crawled underneath his bed.

And I would sort of... push him through the mattress.

Will you come under here with me?

Lets just go to sleep.

Stop it.

David stop it!


I can't.

David, stop it.

David... . stop it!

Stop it!

How does a woman love a man?

He asked me never to leave him.

It was a promise I couldn't keep.

I didn't know how to love him.

All I knew how to do was fuck.

Its not enough to fuck.

Its not enough.

I just want your opionion...

Before I sign on the dotted line.

What do you think?

The Landlord seems... .

Nice. Oh...

He and his boyfriend live in the... suites downstairs.

It could be a really good location for me.

Of course its... not so isolated.

Where are you?

I'm coming over.

I woke up this morning... you weren't there.

Ah it was so gross in there tonight.

Some asshole was trying to pick me up and...

I was just thinking how I could have kicked his balls.

He just kept grabbing my anus...

... but I just wasn't interested, you know?

It was disgusting.

He ran his hand down my legs.

He just kept on looking at me.

I had to practically run outside.

He continued following me I swear.

Its hard for you to understand...

... to be with somebody and then fucking leave.

I'm not going back there.

I never did like that place.

I just take the music, you know?

It's so good I just love the dancing.

I just think dance.

You like to dance? Uhmm.

I want you to dance for me.

You want me to dance for you?

I want you to dance for me.

Get the fuck out! What?

I want you to just get the fuck out of here!

Okay? What the fuck are you doing?

Go on. Get the fuck out of here!

You fucked up women okay. You fucked up!

Yea you fucked up men. Oh yeah? Good.

No, No...

I won'tever do that again, I promise...

Lets be together tonight.

Come on please.

We can lie to each other and...

Fucking whore!

Fuck I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Please, get the fuck out.

Please, please.

No dad its fine.

Its just that... . its solely because... . . because your married, and you've been together for so long...

... that everything is going to be fine.

I don't, I don't know.

I know, I don't.

No, I've never felt anything like that.

I won't become good.

I won't become nice.

I'll be bad just for him.

I'll fuck... just for him.

When I can fuck with just looking for his love...

I'll stop running.

Hey miss...


You wanna come to a party?

Whats up, bigger up.

I was...


With a girl like you.


So I followed her...

... into the bathroom at the club...

... and I went into the stall right next to her, right...

... I wanted... . I wanted to break right through the wall.

I could almost taste her sweet juicies.


You have to get... . the scent... . of your lover all over you. and then...

You follow?

You gotta be near the sexiest scent... . all over you.



I'm going crazy.

I bet you got a lover crazy.

Drive me crazy... come. Come on.

David, its me.

I uh...

David, hi...


Come here. Hi.

I'm sorry I left your dads'... .

I can't understand you...

I'm sorry that I left your dad's house. I'm sorry that I left you. Sorry.

I don't never want to leave you again.


My uh... .

My house is for sale.

What do you mean your house... . my... . my parents house. Its for sale. And...

Calm down... . Everything... . everything... is... a fucking mess.

I need to be with you.

I need to be with you.

I love you. and... . I don't know what to do with this.


Its my mom... .

She drives me...

I fucking hate it...

... and... I just want to be with you.

I just want to be with you.


I just wanna...

Look at me.

I want you to know me.

Lilah... I want...

Lilah look at me...

Look at me... Look at me!

I want to never leave you again.

Lilah listen to me. I don't want to hurt you...

Lilah... I don't want to ever hurt you again.

I don't...

... want to be with you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I have to give a signal to you.

I wanted to get fucked while he watched me.

And then find men creeping around me, touching me... or having me...

... pinching my tits.

I wanted them all to do it to me while he watched.

Men laughing at me and saying, "look how he wants it".

I feel a cock between my thighs and he'd say "you've got a good girl.

A cock dropping into my mouth...

A cock dropping into my cunt.

I knew that he'd seen everything about me right then.

Over and over, each time I'd feel better.

And over and over, each time It would feel worse.

but no, this... . .

Being seen.

Being known.

Well, it will be a fine life to live alone.

Don't you think Morrow?

Oh, maybe you've all ready got someone else.

Some bastard waitiing in the wings.

Come on there's no bastard waiting in the wings.

Thats when you're stoned.

Your mother wanted me to know. Yes, I fucking want to be alone.

Is that so hard to understand, after all these years...

I want to be alone.

I just don't want to be married right now.

What do you mean right now?

When, when do you want to be married?

I want to have some fun. How about you?


Take your pants off. what?

Take your pants off.

Take those off too. I want to see your cock.

Take them off.

Don't touch yourself.

Don't fucking touch yourself until I say you can.

Don't fucking touch yourself!

Don't come until I say you can.


You can't fucking make me come.


You can't make me fucking come.

You can't fucking make me come.

You can't fucking make me come.

Get up! Getup! I want you to get up!

Get the fuck out of here.

Get the fuck out of here! Wait! Don't fucking come!

Look what you just fucking did.

Get the fuck out of my house.

Get the fuck out of my house.

Get the fuck out of here! Can I use the...

Get the fuck out of here! Can I use the bathroom?

No, just leave, just fucking leave!

Do you want to have brunch or something?

That was all right.

In here. Hey!

My dress is almost ready.

Will you come with me to my final dress fitting?


Your folks...

My dad is fucked.

But I'm sure he'll be fine.

Barry keeps calling me.

And I told him it was okay if he came by... while joel was still away. thats probably not the best thing you know.

The summer was over I could feel it.

It always gets hotter before it gets cooler.

You don't want it to end, but...

The heat slips away.

The trucks here in five, I'm going to put those plants outside.

Your dad is not ready for those plants.

You're not packing?

Should I?


You can't stay here.

Why not?

It's my house.

You grew up here for christs sake.

Let her go if she wants.


Its okay.

Its okay.

It'll be fine.

I promise you.

I'm going to go visit you all the time.

And you can come to my place for desserts.

You're going to be okay.

Its not so bad to be alone.

I don't know where you live.

I don't know anything about you.

Lilah look at me.

This time its a drunker!

Are you coming?




Lilah I'm...

I'm not gonna leave.

Please open the door.

You have to wait until you are uncovered.

You have to wait with someone naked.