Life (2015) Script

If you dig that new country blues sound that's got everyone talking, don't touch that dial, 'cause here at KFVD Los Angeles, we've got Lightnin' Hopkins... with "I'm wild about you, baby".

Yeah, she made me mad You don't know, baby, what I got on my mind You can't quit me, there's no need to try I'm wild about you I'm wild about you, baby I'm wild about you, baby As wild as I can be Whoo! Been a long time Whoo-ooh

Good evening.

Dennis Stock for Nicholas Ray's party.

Excuse me.

Mr. Ray?

Dennis Stock. I took some publicity photos for you on "Johnny Guitar".

Yeah, Dennis! Great. Great.

I remember.

So... you on to the next one? Yeah.

Pretty much casting "Rebel Without a Cause".

I'd love to show you the photos sometime, they turned out pretty great. So...

This is Natalie. She's my "Rebel" lady.

Yep. Nice to meet you.

You having fun? Sure.

Come on, honey. Nice to see you again.

Enjoy it. Thanks.



Hey! Why have you been dodging my calls?

Take our photo! Excuse me?

Oh, you're the guy from "Photoplay", right?

"National Geographic", actually.


Yeah. Good luck with that.

Yeah. "The trouble ain't that there's too many fools, but... that the lightning ain't distributed right."

Exactly. That's Mark Twain.

Who do you work for?

I'm kind of a self-assigned assignment photographer.

All right. That's what you all say.

I create my own assignments for "Life", "Look", "Ladies' Home Journal."

I'm guessing that you're one of Nick Ray's actors?

Or want to be?

You play the conga? No.

I'm Jimmy.


Hey, Jimmy! Oh, hey, Nick.

I got some people I want to introduce you to.

Yeah, all right. All right, yeah.

I... I got a little part in the new Kazan film.

There's a preview at the Electra tomorrow morning at 11:00, if you want to come. Yeah, sure.

We could meet at Googy's after.

Jimmy! Come on! Yeah, I'm comin'.

I'm comin'.

You won't get the role hanging out there.

I'm more like you. Who is that guy?

How's Adam?

How's your father?

I don't want to talk about him.

Oh, you don't? No.

Hey, Jim.

Goddamn, you didn't tell me you're the star of it.

I don't know about that.

Hey, we should definitely take some photos. It was a bit overdone, no?

Not too melodramatic for you?


No, it's great. I mean, maybe throwing the money to your dad was a bit...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Believe me, I was there.

But they weren't fake tears in the end. No, I'm just kidding. You're good.

It's Hollywood.

You're doing something else. It's not Hollywood.

Scrambled eggs for table 7!

Wow, they let you on set, you must be well-behaved.

I mean, I'd rather be doing my own assignments.

I ain't one of those red carpet gorillas.

Yeah, so what are you going to do with all this talent?

I think I'll just keep ignoring it.

It's worked so far. Are you married?

No! No.

My ex-wife's in New York.

You got a steady girl? Nah. No, I'm...

I mean, not one... Yeah.

You? What, don't you read the gossips?

Pier Angeli is currently making my life a misery.

You got much of a family?

Nah, I just got crazy mom out in Long Island. You?

I grew up on a farm in Indiana.

With my aunt and uncle.

So you want to take some photos?

Oh, I don't know. I'm planning on going back to New York.

I can come to New York.

Get "Life" to pay.

You want to go for a ride on my 'cycle?

Not really.


Hi, Jimmy. Hey, Pier.

That's Dennis.

Hi. He doesn't like my driving.

Do you mind if I use your bathroom? Sure. Let me show you.

And he's a photographer. Okay.

Oh, look.

That's who he works for.

For "Life"?

That's big.

Everything all right?

Didn't we meet when you photographed Paul Newman?

Yeah, we took some photos on set last year.

And who do you think will be bigger? I mean, Jimmy or Paul?

Well, definitely Jimmy.

Have you seen his film? Yeah. Yeah, it's very good.

It is.

When your film comes out, then your life will become horrible.

Now what are you going to do about a girl who says a thing like that?

Maybe she knows a little more than you do.

Is your life... is it horrible for you? It's a nightmare!

Maybe that's 'cause your English is lousy and you never understand what's going on.

Shut up or I kill you! I kill you back!

Jimmy, Jimmy!

Elope and marry me.

What? Marry me.

This is a proposal in America? Yeah, why not?

Dennis can be the wedding photographer. How does that sound, Dennis?

Yeah, that's my aim in life.

I got to tell a compelling story... alongside an exemplary cast.

I've been asked to mention the new boy, James Dean, whose unconventional approach some may appreciate.

I got to work with Elia Kazan, a wonderful director.

Ever since I saw "A Streetcar Named Desire", I thought here is a man... a genius I simply must work with.

Here is a man who interprets Tennessee Williams, John Steinbeck... I am so sorry.

Mr. Massey will only be five more minutes, and then it's you.

...a great literature, even.

For example, you know, "On the Waterfront", Kazan delved into our urban soul, and I like to think of "East of Eden" as a kind of companion piece, only, of course, this time it's...

"Magnum", New York. John Morris.

Hey, John, it's Dennis. My favourite menace.

You know Kazan's got his new movie coming out?

Kazan... Yeah, Elia Kazan. "On the Waterfront".

Oh yeah. Kazan. I never saw it.

Well, there's this kid in it, he's interesting.

In "Waterfront"?

No, in the new movie. It's from a Steinbeck book.

The kid's name is James Dean. You heard of him?

Dennis, I am very busy. What's he been in?

I mean, nothing yet.

But... I think he might be starting something special and I want to get in early, do a photo-essay on him.

A photo-essay on an unknown actor.

The way he looks, the way he acts... He won't be unknown for long.

You lose me here, Dennis.

Sell it like he's the symbol of the new movement or something.

A movement? Like, what, like a political movement?

John, I've been busting my gut doing red carpets and set stills, and I finally find what might be a good story, and I want to chase it! I want get it on people's radar.

That's our job, but just leave that to us.

If I leave it to you, I'm going to be doing this shit for ten years.

I've got to push things along, John. You're doing good stuff.

You're building your portfolio one job at a time...

Yours is coming. It's coming.

Yeah, but you get these good jobs for Elliott Erwitt and Ernst Haas.

You know, Haas had an exhibition. I want to get an exhibition.

One day you will have the body of work for an exhibition.

This is my ticket out of here. I got to get back to New York.

No one respects a photographer in LA.

Do you realize how many prima Donnas I deal with every day?

I'm going to hold you directly responsible if my mind gets poisoned.

Okay. Tell me what his name is, again.

His name is James Dean.

All right. Who would you like me to talk to?

I mean, who do you think? You try "Life". They'll know who he is.

I'll get back to you.

James Dean.

You know who James Dean is?

So you did Theatre Arts at UCLA. You didn't graduate?

Why you asking me questions you already got the answers to?

Well, I'm just confirming.

Okay, so it's like a... statement, not a question.

Yes, I did one semester at UCLA.

But then I decided that acting was better than studying, so... here I am.

Like... some people might think that... writing novels is better than, you know... writing about them.

Or something like that.

Do you prefer film to theatre?

I mean, I've done more theatre than film, so the jury's still out on that one.

But you think you'll move in the general direction of film?

I mean...

I just want to do good acting.

Challenging roles.

I'll go wherever that takes me.

What kind of roles would you not want to take?

Bad roles.

I mean, what kind of films are you not interested in?

Bad... bad films. I guess. How about monster movies?

Monster movie... Do I like monster movies? Sure. Doesn't mean I want to act in them.

And westerns? What about westerns?

Would you do westerns? Any recent ones you've liked? "The Bounty Hunter"?

"The Boy From Oklahoma"?

Not "The Boy From Oklahoma".

And what is it about that film? Well, did you see it?

Well, I'm asking you. Did you see it?

Well, it was a very popular film.

Hello? Hey, did you get the cheque?

I got it.

It's all gone now. I've had to buy him new shoes twice in nine months.

I swear I can hear his bones growing.

I'm on dinner shift two nights a week now...

Good. So it all came to good use.

I'm sending you all I can.

So... how are you?

I'm fine.

I'm tired.

Can... can you put him on? He's at school, Dennis.

Why can't you ever call at the right time? I'm sorry.

It's really not that difficult to work out. He misses you terribly.

I've still got to be in LA for now.

I'm just trying to make a living. I'll come to New York when the reason's right.

Your son's not the right reason?

Come on, Norma. How many times do we have to go over this?

Well, look, listen... I might even be there next week, there's a job I'm chasing.

I know you keep saying you want to move back, do more important work, but I think you want to stay out there, taking pictures of spoiled actors on film sets.

Norma, that's just not true, and you know it.


Why are you sad?

One more orgasm behind you and one step closer to death.

Sometimes I think you're an idiot.

The rest of the time, I know it.

Well, like they say...

He who knows he is a fool is not a great fool.

Why haven't I heard about "Rebel" yet?

You will.

You will hear.

Good stuff is so elusive.

They want to fly me to Algeria in the summer.

I mean, Algeria.

Yeah, I read that script.

What are you going to do that for.

What are you talking about? You know what I'm talking about.

I've got to pack for New York.

I know. Back to cry poor with the starving artists.

Well, something like that.

And I miss my friends.

You don't make friends here.

What about me?

You're my lover, not my friend.

But I can be both.

I'm serious.

Come to New York with me.

I have to go.



No, don't go. I have to.

I have to get ready for Judy's premiere.

Takes me seven hours just to get ready for these things.

Hello? Hello? Hey, Jimmy?

It's Dennis. Dennis Stock. Oh, Dennis.

Hey. What do we have to do exactly?

What do you mean, "What do we have to do"? We have to take some pictures.

It's like a photo-essay. Photo-essay.

We tell a story with images, like you do in movies, except this time it's about you and it's not a character.

Do I like the sound of that?

Jimmy, man, it's "Life"! Come on.

That means no studio shots, no lighting, none of that crap.

No, I... I want to help you.

Well, I'm helping you, man.

Yeah, I get that. But I admit, I want to get in first, that's exactly what I just told "Life". The public, they got to get to know you.

Yeah, I know. I'm just not sure how much I want to speed up that process.

Well, you just got to trust my intentions.


Dennis... Look, I'm... I'm just lazy, is all.

Man... I've got to go. I'll call you.

Mr. Warner will be with you in just a minute.

Mr Warner's office.

He's not available...

Oh, shit.

That's Warner Brothers?

You didn't know?

And this is... this is always here?

An exhibition just for you, I'd say.

I thought this was going to be good news.


It's so good to see you.

It's all beginning to happen.

We're very excited with the final cut.

Yeah, looks good, right?

Roger here has got a ton of stuff lined up for you.

Oh, a ton!

Sounds heavy.

We don't have any time, so there's probably some ground rules we need to go through.

Things that should've been clearer from the start.

You're an intelligent boy, right?

It's a question.

Well, I think so. I'm intelligent, right, Roger?

John Barrymore, Douglas Fairbanks, Cagney, Bogart.

These were my actors, you understand.

They followed certain rules. Basic rules for intelligent people.

Then I made all the decisions that made them what they became.

I cleared the path, you understand.

I hear Nicky Ray is thinking of you for "Rebel".

Course, he's thinking about a couple of others too.

I'm not sure we should emphasize the rebel in you, Jimmy.

Whatever's going to happen to you... doesn't just happen by accident.

I had to work to get this.

I'm going to get better at interviews.

It's not about speaking your mind, Jimmy.

If you're not a good boy...

I'm going to fuck you.

Till it hurts very much.

So do you want to be working back at the CBS parking garage?

So, what have we got for Jimmy, Roger?

How would you like to be a judge at a bikini contest at Santa Monica?

Pics are going to cover it, six-page spread, lots of flesh.

We just want to see you out and about for the next month. Different situations.

Here, there. High, low.

A lot to do before the premiere.

Well, I was thinking of going... back to New York to... catch up with some friends before it all gets busy.

When you're Humphrey Bogart, you can catch up with some friends.

On your favourite yacht, for all I care.

Right now, we need all hands on deck.

The film could go this way or that.

We just want it to succeed for you, Jimmy.

Come on, Jimmy, let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Judy Garland!

Here we are.

Hey, tell me again.

Keep breathing, drop your shoulder, and smile.

Hey, give me a kiss. I can't, I have my lipstick, Jimmy.

This is Pier Angeli. I can't!

They're ready for you, Miss Angeli. Oh, and... and James Dean!

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Pier Angeli!

Miss Angeli. Right here, please.

Turn your head just to the left. Over here!

Who's your date, Miss Angeli? Come on. You know James Dean, right?

Beautiful, Miss Angeli!

Great! Great, thank you!

Oh, look, it's Dennis! Hey, Dennis!

Hey, I didn't realize you'd be here.

Hey, what were you saying, what were you saying about "red carpet gorillas"?

Come on, are we going to take some great photos or what?

Are you going to make me famous? I guarantee it.

I'm... I'm thinking about it.

What was that all about?

Mr. Stock!

What? Phone call!

All right.

Yeah? Dennis Stock.

Dennis. So, I spoke to "Life" and they know who he is.

They said that Warner Brothers is trying to push him as some mix of farm boy and serious young New Yorker. Yeah.

The catch is, they're only interested if it coincides with the "East of Eden" premiere.

Which is when?

It's... early March. They want the pictures by the end of the month.


Okay. No problem. What's the bad news?

They'll only advance for four days. Come on, I need more than that.

Well, they just think it's not that interesting a story.

Well, what about travel costs and expenses?

Well, they said, could you shoot in LA?

Jesus, John, it's not an LA story.

If it's any consolation, Dennis, I've negotiated a guarantee of $500.

Oh, yeah, if they like the photos. Of course they got to like the photos first.

Okay, no pressure then. So basically, I pay for the trip out of my own pocket, and I may or may not make my money back. Correct and correct.

Isn't this what you've been waiting for?

So how's Mr. Dean?

Yeah, he's totally keen. He's committed.

Okay. Bye, Dennis.

Hello? Got you at last, hey!

It's Roger.

Roger, hey. Got some good news for you.

We're coming to New York for the final couple weeks.

Mr. Warner's decided to go all out. He's going to make the premiere big.

He's really behind you, Jimmy. Yeah, I can feel it.

Hey, you're going to have a ball. We've got some interviews and engagements lined up.

Nothing too strenuous, okay?

All right. I thought this was going to be news about "Rebel".

I know this is difficult for you, Jimmy.

And I wish I had some good news for you, but... but this is good news, right?

Yeah, it's great. It's really... That's great news.

Someone's at my door. Can I call you back?

We have the schedule to talk through, Jimmy.

Yeah, I know... I'll call you back. No, Jimmy, don't...

You hung up the phone. Great.

Hey, Jimmy?

Hi, Jimmy, it's Dennis. Are you there?

I flew all the way from LA. Pier gave me your address.


What do you mean, you haven't taken any photos yet?

You know how to make appointments. John...

I got them bugging me for proofs. They're asking me how it's coming along.

Hey, John, it's not for lack of trying. I mean, he's unreliable, he's evasive, he doesn't do what we set out to do. So...

Great. So, you want me to sell something we can't deliver.

I can deliver. It's coming.

Why do you want to shoot him, Dennis?

I mean, what is it that you see? Just trust me, he's interesting.

When you see the photos, they'll be interesting.

No. What is it in him?

There's an awkwardness I want to capture. It's...

It's something... it's something very pure. You can't fake it.

Okay. There.

Be patient now.

This Eugene?

Is it a good show?

It is very good.

Now, you need to find a way in. You have to let go of expectations.

Well, that's not going to be hard. It's harder than you think.

Well, I appreciate the pep talk. He's an artist. Isn't that what you said?

Yeah. Well, I'm a goddamn artist too, John.

Well, that isn't for you to say, Dennis. It's for others to make that call.

I know what I am.

Without a body of work, you don't know anything.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Listen... do you want me to find something else for you?


Just... just let me see it through.


Come on.

Hey there, little man.


You keep warm now, all right?

Want to put them on?

How you doing?


Like your... like your mittens. They new?

I'll be back at 4:00, so drop him off after.

At 4:00? Be patient, Dennis.

You're the second person who's told me that today.

Take him to the park or something.

You want to go to the park?

Sure. Yeah?

You should come and visit me in LA. It's sunny there.

Hey, it's not a toy.

It's not a toy, buddy. Sorry.

Hey, listen...

I got to get to a meeting.

But I'm going to be here for two weeks, so we'll do some more stuff, all right?

All right?

Come when you're done with that. Let's get you back to your mother.

Hey, Jimmy. Jimmy!

Dennis. Hi.

You been following me? No, no, I got... a lot of reasons to be up here, but... you know, "Life's" been calling my agency, asking to see stuff. I know, I'm so popular, right?

I mean, seriously, can we do something?

Well, we can... we can get out of the cold.

Looking good, Jimmy. I got this...

"East of Eden" press conference, you want to come to that?

Jimmy, no offense, but I don't want to take photos of you at a desk in front of a microphone. Come on, you don't?

No. I mean, maybe that world interests you, but it doesn't interest me.

I like to think I have a few better ideas.

Oh, well, I just thought it might be nice to have some company, that's all.

Well, yeah, why not?

You're something else.

Okay, gentlemen, thank you. You got your shot?

Thank you very much.

All right.

Ladies and gentlemen, the director and the cast of "East of Eden" are ready for your questions. Miss Harris... your character, Abra, is gradually drawn to Mr. Dean's character, Cal.

Off-screen, any romance to tell us about?

Jimmy was a gentleman at all times.

We're very good friends. Yeah, not for lack of trying.

Mr. Dean, any comment on the announcement that Pier Angeli is to wed Vic Damone?

You heard that? "Actress Pier Angeli

"and singer Vic Damone took everyone in Hollywood by surprise when they announced their engagement yesterday."

Well, I... I obviously knew they were an item.

Yeah, she's...

Yeah, she's a beautiful... charming woman. And he's...

He... he's a great singer.

That's great. That is... that is really great.

I dare say, young man, there'll be plenty more opportunities for romance when the film is released.

Okay, do we have any more questions about the film?

Shit! Why didn't someone tell me?

They're reporters. They love an ambush. I'll kill that son of a bitch!

It doesn't make any sense! We were going out!

It's not like you were about to marry her.

You know what this is, he's... he's... he's a big star.

You know what that says about her? How the hell am I in this bubble and every newsstand in the country is saying that my girlfriend is screwing somebody else and I don't know anything about it?

It doesn't say she's actually screwing him. Shut up, Dennis.

I don't want to play their stupid game.

You don't have to. Just let me help you.

I've got 30 million people reading "Life" magazine. We do a great shoot...

Wait a minute, you think you're giving me something that's not already coming my way?

I lose myself in my roles. I don't want to lose myself in all this other stuff.

Great. And you are this other stuff!

What, you're not? What, that was your stand-in at the "Star Is Born" premiere?

And all this with Pier, that was a real relationship?

You think you're experiencing real loss right now?


All I'm saying is I've got some ideas, and you're not going to be thinking those things about me when you see the pictures.

All right, then give me one of your ideas. All right!

Where in New York makes you most happy?

All right, but you're not going to like it.

Show me.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply.

Willing is not enough, we must do.

You started out with some very specific ideas, and I think they may have had a certain validity, and they may have been very sound, but they were all up here.

So, what you have to do is you have to go right back to square one.

But you were holding back.

You were holding back! It's like Goethe says:

"Until one is committed, then there is hesitancy.

"But the moment you commit, providence moves too."

Yes! All right, you understand. All right. So, do the scene again.

Go on, try it again, get set up, allow it to unfold.

Anyway, it's good to see you, all right? Yeah. Yeah, it's good to be back.

I forgot what was important for a while. Take care.

Well, you get anything good? It's a start.

Hey, Jimmy. Oh, hey, Veronica.

Do you guys want to get a drink somewhere?

Look at him.

He's sweet, right?

And so gifted.

So, where are you from? Iowa. Des Moines.

Let me guess, you wanted to get out of there as soon as you could?


Oh, Eartha.

Oh, it's good to see you. I was hoping you'd be here.

This is Dennis Stock. Eartha Kitt.

And this is Veronica.

Good to meet you. And you.

Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?

Whatever you're having. Can we have four more of those, please?

You look tired, Jamie. Well, I feel tired.

Well, I've got something for that.

You want a Benzedrine? Hey.

Hey, you ever had a Benny, Denny?

Nah. Tonight's your lucky night.

Well, cheers.

I got an idea.

I think I like this idea.

Excuse me, folks.

Yes, they called me the rocker I can rock you all night long Do you want to dance?

No, I don't dance.

I can let you down easy When I think your money's gone How long do these things take to kick in?

A lot faster if you get the blood flowing through you.

I can rock you easy I want you to have a jam I could let you down easy Jelly on a plate

You know I need to be in LA, you know, for obvious reasons, for now. But... there's something in the air here. And it's not going on there.

Something's changing, in music, in art, in photography, in everything.

Jimmy's a part of that. And that's why we're taking photos in New York, so people can see that things are different now.

There's jazz clubs here where everything feels new.

You know, we could go to one tonight. I could show you exactly what I mean.

Those musicians do the most incredible things, while I'm sitting around in LA, busting my ass just doing bullshit set photography, you know?

It's all very well and good hearing about these things, but you've got to get here, and you've got to... you've got to feel it.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I don't like to brag I don't like to say what I do But I'm like poison ivy I'll break out all over you

I'm out of quarters.

I'm out of quarters.

Hey, we're gonna go. But I'll get all this.

I guess that means he's over Pier.

Doesn't mean that at all.

He's just a very good actor.

Hey, I was thinking...

Maybe after the premiere, we could go to Indiana and take some pictures there.

J... After the premiere? I mean, Jim, my deadline's a week before the premiere.

And what the hell's in Indiana? Well, it's the past, mostly.

Who cares about the past?

And then... there were two.

Have a nice time.

So then there were two.

Have you got any more of those pills?

Wait... you're leaving?

Yeah, I've got to get home to my kid, Jimmy.

It's Dennis, but...


I hope you find what you're looking for.

Okay. Bye.



You don't look so well. I don't feel so well either.

I think I've got cancer.

Okay, you know what, don't be so morbid.

Here we go.

This is our publicity schedule.

What, are you kidding me?

Listen, Mr. Warner was willing to let that journalist thing slide, but you've got to keep him happy. He's thinking of you for "Rebel," remember.

I thought the director was supposed to make those kinds of decisions.

Come on, Jimmy.

You've got to go with us on these ones. You've got to play the game.

Just a few more weeks.

Don't you want to be a star?

Can we talk about the "East of Eden" premiere?

No. I'm feeling faint.

Are you okay?

No. Jimmy...

No, I don't... I don't think so. I've got to go.

Yeah, but you just got here. I'm sorry, Roger. I just, I...

I've got to go.

I've got to go.


I'm not going to even send these through to "Life".

What? A guy in an audience, looking bored.

A guy asleep in front of a beer, looking drunk.

That is your leader of a new movement?

A guy getting a haircut?

It's a very nice composition, Dennis, but... that is your actor getting a haircut.

And it makes him look... it makes him look vain.

Where is the soul of your subject?

You want an exhibition, Dennis. I'm afraid this is not it.

I got my reputation to protect too.

Well, I have Times Square tomorrow. Yeah.

Dennis, you don't look so well.

Yeah, no, I've just got to...

I just didn't get a lot of sleep.

You've been chasing a nobody... who likes to be chased, and it hasn't worked out, and that's fine, it's okay.

Happens sometimes. Here. You're lucky, I have something big for you.

It's only set stills, but it's brand new.

It's a month in Japan. It's a film called "The Teahouse of the August Moon".

And it pays some real money.

You just chalk this James Dean thing up to experience, you go to Japan, you build up your portfolio, you take some landscapes in your spare time.

It's travel, Dennis. You'll love it.



I promised my son that I'd do something with him this weekend.

Well, you have to be in Japan in four days.

You can buy something real nice for him with all that money.


You're such an asshole. You never see anything through.

You told him you were coming for at least two weeks, and now you're leaving after less than one? You made him a promise.

Norma, it's no big thing. Tell him it's no big thing.

Piece of shit. Hey, Rod.


Hey, little bud.

Hey, did you hear any of that?

You know...

Do you know where Japan is?

Yes. It's far.

No... you know, it's not that far, it's...

I can be back in two days.

Mom! Mom! Mom, look!

Hey, Rodney... No, Dennis! What did you do?

Let's hurry up, we're gonna be late. Come on.

You all right?

What are you doing here? Well, I've been thinking.

Why don't we go to Indiana now?

Before the premiere, and that way you can still make your deadline.

We can experience some real life.

Take some photos.

Jimmy, I can't even think straight. Well... you don't have to think at all.

We've got Times Square tomorrow morning.

Think that about does us.



You feeling all right?

I vomited on my son.

Hey, Jimmy... Yeah?

I don't think "Life" is going to want the shots.

I don't know why.


I mean, they're not good enough.

I'm sure they're okay.

Yeah, well, I...

I thought I'd just come because we organized it.

And to say goodbye.

You know this is where the "East of Eden" premiere is?

Yeah, I know.

I'd love to be here. I just booked an assignment in Japan though.

Then I go back to LA. Well, you won't miss much.

I think my big idea was this'd be, like... some kind of symbolic site.

Or the ultimate goal for the young actor.

If I could get our photos in "Life"... kind of my goal. You know?

Make me feel like an artist.

If anything was going to capture their attention, it's going to be Times Square.

We live in hope.

Wow, it sure is pretty, though.

I was picturing sunshine.

Let me ask you something.

What made you want to start taking photos?

I had to do something. You know, I... just needed a job.

I joined the Navy at 16, and my dad just died, so I had to find a living. You were in the Navy?

Well, Philadelphia Coast Guard.

Yeah, the Coast Guard had a darkroom, and I figured that was as good a place as any to hide.

I just went to the library, read everything I could, started selling portraits to sailors, a dollar a pop.

Everybody wants a record of themselves.


You know, it's a... it's a good way of saying...

"I've been here, and you've been here," I guess.

And this job in Japan... you going off to be an artist?

Would you mind getting wet? We'll do the photos anyway.

Well, I mean, we're here, right?

Come on.

Okay, just keep coming at me.

All right, just keep walking toward me.

That was great, Jimmy.

Are you still going to Indiana?


Yeah, I think I want to come.

Now we're in business. Here's your food, gentlemen.

Anything else?



Are you going to say Grace?

Two, four six, eight, dig in, don't wait?

All right. I like it.

You never heard that one? No, it's new to me.

Your folks religious? Quakers.

They're the... they're the nice ones, right?

They're the only ones that everybody likes.

They do anything special? Anything I need to know?

No, they're quiet.

You know, when my mom died, my dad, well, he had to... he had to keep working.

So, he sent me back home to Indiana.

From where?

Grandma came to take me back from Los Angeles.

I remember my dad at the station, he... he held my hand.

And leaned over and kissed my mom's coffin.

It was the only time I ever saw him cry.

And then he hugged me goodbye.

And me and Grandma got on the train and went to Indiana.

Because everything ends up in Indiana. You might not know that.

You went with the coffin?

Yeah, how else do you think it works?

And every time we'd stop in...

Albuquerque or...

Kansas City... my grandma let me run down to the end of the platform, and...

and I'd sneak into the freight car.

And it was... it was like Aladdin's cave.

Just stuff. Crates and boxes.

And then... way up the back... was my mom's coffin, kind of strapped to the wall.

And there was this old conductor there.

He took his little conductor's cap... and he'd say, "step right in, sir."

And he was utterly...

and he was utterly kind.

What did you do in there?

I touched the coffin.

And I stood there.

And then, after a minute, he'd come up and he'd say...

"Well, you better run on up, kid. I'll...

I'll see you in Fort Madison," or "I'll see you in Chicago ."

And then I'd sprint all the way back up the platform.

I can remember, I...

I just kept thinking...

"Who am I going to play with?"

Because that's all we'd ever do. She... she taught me how to play.

On rainy days, she'd take blankets, and she'd drape them over... tables and chairs and sofas, and... and she'd sit in there with me.

Like the whole day long.

And we'd be all different characters.

And it was like a palace.

Not a cubby house.

And then suddenly in Chicago, I didn't want to run back there again.

It's not as if I didn't miss her. I...

I still miss her now, it's just...

At a certain point, I...

I got to the front of the train.

And it started picking up speed.

And we were moving so fast.

And it felt so good.

How is everything, gentlemen?

Yeah, great.

I let my food go cold.

What's your story, Dennis Stock?

Don't talk with your mouth full, it's disgusting.

Chicago-bound train. Next stop, Lafayette, Indiana. All aboard, please.


Sir. Jim.

Hey, little partner.

Dennis, Markie. Hey, kid.

Dennis Stock, this is my uncle, Marcus Winslow.

Very pleased to meet you. You too.

Let me take your bongo, Jimmy.

There's a sentence I never thought I'd say!

Actually, that's a conga.

Come here, you.

Jimmy! Look who's here!

Oh, Jimmy, good to see you again.

This is Dennis Stock. He's a photographer for "Life" magazine.

This is my Aunt Ortense. Hello!

And my grandpa. Hello.

And Grandma Dean. Mr. Stock.

Come on in and get warm! Come on in. Come on in.

In you go.

Hey grandma, Dennis has never been on a farm before.

Shall we say Grace?

Lord Jesus Christ, be thou our guest, and share the food which thou has blessed.


Oh, Dennis knows a beautiful Grace.

Maybe you should lead Grace tomorrow night, Dennis.

That'd be lovely. How does it go again?

Oh, you know what, save it for tomorrow night. It'll be a surprise.

Which church do you belong to, Dennis?

Well... none, really.

Now, Jimmy, we're very pleased to have you back, you know that.

And we're very proud of you, and your mother would be very proud of you.

Yeah, well.

To Mom. To Mom.

What I'm trying to say is, happy 24th, for last week.

And... we all love you very much.

Well, I love you too.

Come on in.

For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow For he's a jolly good fellow And so say all of us

Welcome home, Jimmy. Thanks.

You didn't tell me it was your birthday.

When are we going to see "East of Eden"?

Oh, well, that'll be next month, Grandma, at the theatre in Marion.

They're doing a special sneak preview for all of you. Yeah, family and friends.

Will you come back for that? I'm going to do my best.

So, Jimmy, what's next? I'm waiting to hear about a big movie.

Not at the table if you don't mind. Oh, sure.

How long you staying with us, Jimmy? I'm hoping a week or two.

Jimmy. What's that, my little Huckleberry?

Why don't you stay the whole month instead. Then you can go to the screening with us.

Now, now, Mark. A whole month. What do you say, Dennis?

Hey, sweetie, if I did that. I'd miss the world premiere in New York City.

But I'll tell you what, I'll come back for the premiere in Marion.

Sounds like a lot more fun, actually.

Now, who's having cake?

I thought we said we were going to be here for two days.

Yeah, but I was talking about a couple of Indiana days.

Did I not explain myself clearly?

Hey! Just keep playing.

Dennis, you know...

It's none of my business, but...

This feels kind of silly.

I'm just having some fun is all. Can't go back empty-handed.

You think "Life" is going to change their mind?

It's not like they actually said no. Said to find something better.

Oh, hey!

Hey, Dennis, you ever driven one of those?

Don't be stupid. What? Hey!

Hey! Hey! He's never driven a tractor.

It's not hard. You want to try? No, I'm fine, thank you.

Come on. He taught me everything I know. No, I'm fine, seriously.

Hey, Marcus, will you pull around? Pull around!

Just keep pulling around.

That's perfect. All right, now let me get your glasses.

Hey, Marcus, you look away.

All right.

Put your hands in your pockets.

"Move here, stand there."

I've worked with some directors who think that's how you do things.

Turn three-quarters away.

Look back at me.

All right, now look down the lens, and... you keep that scowl.

I'm disappointed in you.

Well, you're not the only one.

You okay for money in New York? I'm okay. Thank you.

We don't need to worry about you in LA? No, no, I'm fine.

So, your friend... he's a real city guy?

Well, if by that you mean he's prickly and pushy and opinionated and rubs people the wrong way, then I guess so.

But then again, he is a New Yorker.

If he was a clock and you wound him any tighter, you'd break his springs.

I felt sorry for him when we were in New York.

He was following me around like a lost puppy.

It was kind of hilarious.

What is it that he wants?

Well, I mean, what he wants is one thing.

The trouble is I'm not sure he knows what he's doing. You know, he's... he's one of these guys who can't seem to get out of his own way.

Okay, let's get this firewood inside.

Morning, Dennis.

I was...

I was thinking we might go into town today.


Yeah, you know what, I think I might go back today.

Back? What are you talking about?

Hey, what do you mean by I can't get out of my own way?

What the hell does that even mean?

I'm sorry, Dennis. I didn't mean anything by it, what I meant was...

You know fuck all about me. You're just a goddamn actor so full of his own bullshit you wouldn't know if your ass was on fire.

All right?

I got real problems!

I was... I was working at 16, I was married at 17, we'd already split up by the time she found out she was pregnant.

I got a seven-year-old son in New York... You have a son?

Of course I have a son! I told you about him.

No, you didn't. Yeah, I did. Times Square.

Remember the vomit? No.

Course you don't.

You're so wrapped up in your own head, you don't even hear.

I came here thinking, that I'd find something beautiful.

That "Life" would say yes.

But you're just a little shit, so how's any of that going to happen?

Maybe the problem is you came here thinking that I'm the subject of this little expedition. What is that even supposed to mean?

You've got to stop speaking in riddles. I've got to get back to the station.

Dennis, just come on. Just take a seat.

You want to find something beautiful, then why leave?

You said all that stuff, Jimmy. There's no going back from it.

All right.

If that's what you want.

I'm just wasting my time here.

You do the voices.

Oh, I'm not doing the voices if you're not doing the voices.

I can't do it. Yeah, you can!

Come on, all right, we'll do them together, okay? You choose.

How about this one? All right, I like this one.

I won't divulge the secret to the fire powder, not for all the gold in Comanche country.

We wouldn't need to pay such high price.

Let me introduce you to Chief Redbear. He makes easy meat of secrets.

You fiends! Let Lady Olyphant go!

Let her go, I tell ya! Markie, five minutes!

Can you make him stay?

I'll tell you what, I can make him promise he'll come back.

Is that all right? I guess.

Markie, brush your teeth, get your school bag!

Get out of here.

You pick the one we do this afternoon, all right?

All right.

How... how often do you see your son?


I mean, I saw him.

I saw him the other day.

How do you make all of this so easy?

What is it that you think is so easy, exactly?

I don't know.

Well, you can... you can run quick and catch the school bus, or we can have some breakfast, and I'll drive you to the station in a couple hours.

Yeah, I might stay a little longer.

Yeah, we should go into town.

You know, see the sights.

Jesus, Jimmy, how'd you grow up here? It's tiny.

Well, you see that? That's the only traffic light in Fairmount.

Fairmount's Mount Rushmore.

They'll be back.

They're just kids. Must have seen you on TV.

Yeah, I've become a real local celebrity.

Excuse me, Mr. Dean?

Mr. Dean, on behalf of the Sweethearts Ball committee, we'd like to invite you and your friend...

Oh, Dennis Stock.

Mr. Stock, to our annual senior class ball tomorrow night.

The Sweethearts Ball. It'd be a terrific honour, sir.

Well, I'm just trying to imagine you at your high school ball.

I never went. I was in the Coast Guard. Dennis!

You've got to come to a high school hop. Yeah, we'll be there!

That's great! We'll see you tomorrow night, around 7:00?

All right. Hey, save me a dance.

Thank you!

Hello? Is that Jimmy? It's Jack Warner.

Hello, Mr. Warner. I don't usually make this call, but for you, I'm making a special exception.

Nick Ray is giving you the role.


That's to say... I'm approving it, I'm giving you the role.

This means we believe in you.

That means, we scratch your back, you scratch ours.


Is that even hygienic?

We'll see you at the premiere next week.

We'll all have a good time, celebrate a wonderful motion picture.

Then I'll take you to the doctor myself. The doctor?

Because you seem to have a hearing problem.

Otherwise, why else would I be tracking you down in Indiana?

From now on, you don't move a muscle without Roger knowing where you are.

You see, sir, my aunt took ill, and I had to make a kind of a spontaneous...

See you at the premiere.

Bad news?

I got the lead in "Rebel".

What do you mean? That's good news, isn't it?

I guess.

I mean, that's how the world works, right?

Two movies in a row...

You know, maybe you've got to learn how to appreciate things.

James Whitcomb Riley.

Indiana's poet laureate.

He ain't no Shakespeare, but he's ours.

I read one of these in drama.

Seriously, Jimmy.

When I was chasing you around New York, I...

I knew what I was doing.

I was following my instincts.

I could see it through the lens.

And the whole world's gonna see it soon.

You know that, right?

"We Must Get Home".

"How could we stray like this?

"So far from home, we know not where it is...

"Only in some fair, apple-blossomy place

"of children's faces, "and the mother's face...

"We dimly dream it... till the vision clears."

Will you sign this for me?

Thank you, Mr. Dean.

Is it true that you're doing a film with Marilyn Monroe?

Now where did you hear that? I don't know. I read it somewhere.

I hope one day it is true. You let me know if you hear that again, okay?

Do you think you'll ever come back and settle in Fairmount?

I hope... one day I will.

You can't keep me away.

How about a photo of the two of you together?

Oh, that's a great idea. Dennis?

Nah. Come on, give her the camera.

They're always... they're always shy in front of the camera.

Give her the camera.

You just point, focus, and shoot.

All right, well, you... you do stressed, and...

I'll do serious. Just turn it vertical.

One, two...

That's our cover shot, Dennis.

Let's hear it for our unexpected guest, our very own James Dean.

Thank you, Mr. Hope.

Thank you.

Oh, hi there.

Welcome, class of '55.

Well, I'm... I'm good with a script, I can tell you that.

All right...

I went to this very ball five years ago.

And I know you're supposed to talk about the future...

I'm not so fond of the future to be any authority on that.

I'm still working it out myself. It's...

Well, that's why they usually get old folks...

Yeah, I'm... Yeah, they'll tell you they know everything.

I don't know.

A friend of mine told me to appreciate things more.

Well, he's right.

And I feel that here with all the past... with all the love...

Well, you know, I grew up here.

All my folks are here, and the farm's here.

That's a lot of love, and... loss.

So... you know, people will tell you what's important for you.

But only you can know that.

You've got to live life now, like there's no time to waste.

Appreciate everything.

Can we get some music happening?

It was a night Ooh, what a night it was It really was such a night Moon was bright, oh, how bright it was It really was such a night The night was alive with stars above And when she kissed me I had to fall in love Mmmm, it was a kiss Ooh, what a kiss it was It really was such a kiss How she could kiss, ooh, what a kiss it was It really was such a kiss...

Go get Dennis.

Come on, dance with us.

Come on. No, no thanks.

And I'll feel desire Follow my lead. Now she's gone, gone, gone Yes, she's gone, gone, gone In the dawn, dawn, dawn And the night was gone And my heart was gone And the love was gone And before the dawn Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Such a night

Thank you.

You feeling all right?

Yeah, you know.

Everything changes so fast.

You about done with that?

One for the road.


One for the road.

Well, sir... it's time to get back to New York.

See what all the fuss is about "East of Eden".

I'm just going to put these in the office. That's fine, Dennis.

Then you've got your aperture.

That's the size of the hole where the light enters through the lens.

You set that, and... you're ready to take a picture.

I mean, that's all there is to it.

You want to try it? Yeah.

Press the little button.

Here's your coffee.

Thanks, man.

Get anything good? Hey.

Well... I sure am glad I suggested Indiana.

What can I get for you? Coffee.

Oh, wow.

These are beautiful, Dennis.

That's great. They're in the next issue on Monday.

Well, buried under all that stress, who would have known?

We didn't get the cover.

I thought you were going to make my career.

I thought you were going to make mine.

How many premieres you been to? Once or twice, but... never on your side of the carpet.

Yeah, well, you think it's any less pointless on my side, do you?

I got to work it. You can switch with me if you want.

Be in my tux.

Your car is after Raymond and before Julie.

They're using walkie-talkies to signal each car when to leave.

You should be on the red carpet by 6:35.

At this stage, all you have to do is smile for the flash bulbs, Jimmy, look fabulous.

There will be live television cameras.

We may get you to do a two-minute spot.

You know, "Elia Kazan is a genius and it's a wonderful film."

And then we move inside, and we get you all on the stage, you smile at the audience, you take your seat, and off we go.

You look lovely, Jimmy. A real matinee idol.

You can take the rest of the day off, Jimmy, have some fun.

There he is.

Page 125.


Four-page spread.

Congratulations. "Moody new star".

He's more like "annoying". You did good, kid.

You did good. Yeah, they're beautiful.

I got to stop offering you these jobs in Japan. No more set stills for you.

Yeah, I've been telling you that the whole time.

There you go. So, what do you want to do next?

I've been thinking about doing jazz musicians. Night clubs.

Good. Good. You're making art.

Just building my portfolio.

One moody new star at a time.



What are you doing? Dennis!

Where's your tux? Come on, we're getting out of here.

You're not going to go to the premiere? You've got to drop everything.

It's your big day, Jimmy.

Everything, Dennis! Come on, I don't need all that.

What, is the... is the world going to suffer if I don't do that?

You're really being serious?

Yeah, I'm serious.

Where? I start shooting "Rebel" in three weeks.

I've got to go to LA and start learning my lines.

Staying or going, bud?

I got to stay here, Jimmy.

I've got people calling my agency.

Feels right to be here. Christ's sake, buddy.

All right, well, I guess I'll see you around.

Yeah, I'll see you, Jimmy.

Thank you, Mr. Kazan.

Mr. Elia Kazan, about to go inside for the premiere of his new film "East of Eden".

That was Elia Kazan, ladies and gentlemen. He was one of our very special guests...

Is he here yet? We can't find him.

We are still awaiting the arrival of the film's amazing new star, James Dean.

Where is the little shit? I don't know, Mr. Warner.

He was supposed to... Find him. He's history.

...the atmosphere here on Broadway is electric.

The entertainment capital of the world... Well, well, well.

Can we get a photo, Mr. Warner? Let's take some pictures.

I'll catch you later. ...Ray's new film "Rebel Without a Cause", and we can be sure this is just the beginning, as the name on everybody's lips this evening... is James Dean.

We're making history, folks. Step right in. Let's have a great time.

Welcome aboard our flight to Los Angeles.

We've now reached our cruising altitude and our flight time is approximately 8 hours.

Enjoy your flight.

Let's play like we do at home. We can do the voices.

Can you make a dog sound? Bark. Bark.

Well, what else? Like...

Oh, that's a nice sound. Can we build a cubby house?

Sure. When we get home.

Can you make a cow sound?

Moo-oo! Moo-oo!

Okay, you draw the cardinal. I don't know how to draw a cardinal.

We must get home For we have been away so long, it seems forever and a day And oh, so very homesick we have grown The laughter of the world is like a moan in our tired hearing And its song as vain

We must get home We must get home again

We must get home All is so quiet there The touch of loving hands on brow and hair Dim rooms, wherein the sunshine is made mild The lost love of the mother and the child Restored in restful lullabies of rain We must We must Our rainy faces pelted in the dust creep back from the vain quest Through endless strife to find not anywhere in all of life A happier happiness than blessed us then

We must get home We must get home again