Life on the Line (2015) Script

[Man speaking]

What, when is this gonna be on?

[Woman] Um...

My wife likes to tape it. [Laughs]

'Cause she shows all her relatives and stuff.

[Phone ringing] [Woman] Can we put our cell phones off?

I'm trying to do an interview.

Do I just, I just look at you? [Woman] Uh-huh.

Okay, so I'm here with Duncan from the Elite Power Corporation.

Duncan, I have a few questions for you.


[Woman] So let's start with the first one.

What is a lineman?


A lineman is formerly known as an electrical line worker.

Back in 1943, they...

[woman] No, no, I'm sorry, not the encyclopedia version, that was my bad.

What is a lineman to you?

From the heart.

A lineman's the motherfucker you want around if you feel like the world's coming to an end.

I'm sorry, am I allowed to say that? I didn't mean to cuss, that's okay?

[Woman] Yeah, don't worry about that, we'll take care of it later.

You gonna beep that out? Yeah, we'll beep that out.

But you know what, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Something raw.

Something honest.

Tell us what happened that night.

The night of the storm.

What really happened in substation 12?

[Thunder rumbling]

[Bailey] Daddy!

I'm right here, sweetheart.


It's okay, I'm right here.

I know you be afraid of the lightning, Baby.

That's just God reminding us he's around.

I just don't want you to go.

Come on now, you know I have to.

But got something for you.

In case lights go out. Alright?

I love you, Baby.

I love you too, Daddy.

[Phone ringing]

[Rain pouring] [Thunder rumbling]

Alright, yep, alright.

She okay? She'll be fine.

It's your ugly wife.

Hey, Pok Chop. [Pok Chop] Hey.

What we got? Branch came down on the line.

Uh-huh. Off the interstate.

Talk to Beau yet? No, I can't get through.

Alright, try him again.

I'll drive past his place, his truck's still there, I'll kick his ass. Got it.

Alright, I'll see you in ten. I'll see you.

Maggie... I love you, too.


Hey! You be careful now! No shortcuts.

Yes, ma'am.

[Pok Chop] Split right in two, huh? [Man] Uh-huh.

We got the grounds on the line.

We're all boxed in here. Where's your brother?

Not at home. Don't know where the hell he is.

Hey, Beau, you out there anywhere? Earth to Beau!

[Beau] I'm here, I'm traveling as fast as I can.

[Speaking indistinct]

You drive careful, you hear? Don't want you racing down here.

[Car honking]

Holy shit.

[Tires screeching]

[Speaking indistinct]

You crazy mother!

What did I tell you?

What, are you trying to wreck the digger?

Looks okay to me.

[Man] Where the hell you been, Beau?

I was celebrating with my future ex-wife.

Celebrating what? It's my birthday.

Come on, man, cheer up! Oh, Happy Birthday, Beau!

Alright, well, let's celebrate your birthday by getting the goddamn tree off the line.

Let's do it. Come on.

[Thunder rumbling]

Alright, boys, let's do this nice and clean, okay?


Come on.


Take out!

Hey, boss, what do you think? We need to clear outta here.

Get those branches off the road, we're going home.

A little vine on the line, she's done, Danny boy.

Ah, goddammit, Beau. What?

I told you I wanted this clean.

You gotta be a cowboy. Look at that!

You missed one, right there!

Oh, shit. No, no, no.

Do it right the first time or don't do it at all, Beau.


[Muted dialogue]


[Sirens wailing]

[Trunk honking]

[Man] Beau's here.


Who's your favorite Uncle?

You are.

That's right.

Baby girl.

You know your mom and dad love you, right?

Now I gotta tell you something and I need you to be strong.

[Snoring softly]

Uncle Beau? Pok Chop called.

Said they need you at the yard.

Some kind of emergency or something.


What'd you say?


What you looking at?

New neighbors moving in.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.

She's good looking.

You do that paperwork for college?

The registrar? Mm-hmm.

I'll do it tomorrow.

'Cause today... Today is somebody's birthday.

Oh, hell. Happy Birthday.

You know I hate birthdays.

Well. But I like cupcakes.

Don't forget we have a very special dinner tonight.

Baked potato? Baked potato.

I need your truck, you mind if I drive you to work?

I do.

But I'll let you, being that it's my birthday and all.

So come on, let's get going.


Hi, there.

Hi, I'm Bailey.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Hi. That's my Uncle Beau.

Hi. How y'all doing?

I'm Carline, and that's Elly and Dylan over there.

Hi. Hi, nice to meet you.

Hi, nice to meet you.

You have a real pretty dress on.

Oh, thank you.

Eugene says I always over-dress.

I mean it is moving day, isn't it?

Oh, there's Eugene. That's my husband.


Elite man, huh?

You a new hire?

Yep. I'm in distribution, you?


Well, good to have you aboard.

With this new contract we need all the men we can get.



Bailey, come on girl, we need to get going.

Okay, we're going to work. Very nice to meet you.

Bye. Bye.

They seem nice.

Alright, you be safe now.

You drive safe. I will.

Why the hell would the lights be out in the damn power company?



Happy Birthday, Uncle Beau.

You behind all this. Hey.

Happy Birthday, Beau. Thanks.

Happy Birthday, Beau, now blow out the damn candles.

I don't have enough wind in me to blow out all them candles.

You wanna help? I'll help you.

Alright. Let's go. Alright. Let's do it.

[Cheering] [Applause]

You shoulda seen your face, we got you good.

You looked scared there for a minute. Yep.

Thought the only thing that scared you was electricity, heights, and women.

No, no, no, it's that map that scares me.

Upgrade maps of state.

Contract's only for line 12, Beau.

No, well, line 12's the longest line in the county, the one at most risk.

You know you oughta think less about how old I am and get in your trucks and get back to work.

That's well said, Beau.

After the cake. Yeah, after the cake.


And after... this.

What'd you do?

You shouldn't be spending money on this, you should be saving it for college.

Oh, I saved on the wrapping.

[Danny] I understand you need money, but you've never held a job longer than two months.

[Beau] But I'll work hard.


I will!

[Danny] Beau, you know what mom used to say?

She used to say Beau is so lazy that he'd quit breathing if he didn't think it'd kill him. [Laughing]

I mean, look, how long has it been since I've seen you?

You've been off being a bad-ass, running around, getting in trouble.

Now all of a sudden you wanna come home and be a lineman.

I need something different, you know? Something better.

Yeah. Sure would appreciate it.

Besides, you got no choice.

And why is that? Because, it's my birthday.


It's my birthday.

You like it?

It's nice, it's real nice.

Happy Birthday. Thanks.

I gotta get to work but have a good day.

[Motorcycle rumbling]

Sounds like the carburetor.

Can you fix it? Yep.

How long? As long as it takes.

Where you gotta be, buddy?

Hey, Ron. When'd you get out?

What's the big rush, man? I gotta get to work.

[Ron] You got a job?

Could be.

I guess Bailey would like that, huh?

Mm-hmm. Oh, right, y'all broke up.

Don't get your hopes up.

Me and Bailey are cool. That's not what I heard.

You wanna know the thing with Bailey?


Why don't you take that damn wrench and go and fix something with it.

Or do I need to call you a cab?

Go on.

And stay away from Bailey.

[Country music plays on radio]

Hey, sunshine, I'm going for a smoke.

When you gonna quit that?

When you gonna smile again?

Thank you.

[Elly] Come on, Dylan, let's go.

[Distant gunfire] [Shouting]

You've got great kids.

Kids are right there.

Cut it out, Carline.

Let's go to the bedroom. Carline!

What's going on?

What's going on?

Called you a week ago.

I had things to do, I'm sorry.

What things?

Let me get a ham and cheese sandwich, please.

Cook's on a break. Pretty please, with sugar on top?



So what's the big secret?

That college call you back yet?

No mustard, right? No mustard.

Thought you were going soon.

You really shoulda called me back.

Come on, Bailey, what's so important?


Well, I have to go to work.

You got a job? I got a job.

* should make me want you forever *

* giving you all that I had *


[Cork pops] Oh!

There it is. That's very sweet.

Have some.

I love you so much, you know that?

* so I'm falling helplessly *

Cut the rain. Nice moves.

This is going on the Internet for sure.

Smile, man, looking sexy. Oh, my God.

What you laughing at, you grunt?

Your hooks cut out 'cause your knees are too close to the pole.

You all learned that on the first day.

Now get inside. Now! Go on, you heard him.

Are you good?

[Motorcycle rumbling]

Who the hell hired him?

I can't tell you who did but I can tell you who didn't.

They trying to torture me? And he's late.

Watch your blood pressure, Mr. Ginner.

Alright, gentlemen, take your seats.

I need you to keep quiet, pay attention.

Horrorshow? Horrorshow.

See that guy?

That guy right there aced the safety test.

He was top 10 in his class.

Now one day he decided not to wear his proper pp.

Now I don't know why, maybe he was running late, maybe he was thinking about something else, but if you think for one minute that half a million volts ain't nothing to worry about, you think you're so good you ain't gonna never make a mistake, or this can't happen to you, you a damn fool.

'Cause even if you ain't that stupid and you listen to everything I say, follow all the rules, one moment of distraction, you're thinking about your money problems or you're thinking about your wife or your girlfriend or both.

That distraction, that moment you ain't focused will kill you.

Now, I want you to leave all your problems at home, I want you to keep your focus, and I want you to lose your attitude.

Now this company is not only doing the largest upgrade to a grid in the state of Texas, but it's the largest upgrade our company has ever done.

And what you boys have signed up for ain't gonna be easy.

God knows being a lineman ain't gonna be easy.

But most of this grid is over 30 years old, and it's our job to replace every inch before storm season hits.

They don't like advertising this, but being a lineman is the fourth most dangerous job in the United States.

Hell, training grown tigers naked in a meat suit is the fifth most dangerous job, and I wouldn't lose sleep if I had to do that.

That's a joke.

[Quiet laughter]

Any questions?


What are you doing at my house, Ron?

Looking for you.

You ain't supposed to be here.

I just wanna see what's going on.

Nothing going on.

I heard you broke up with your boyfriend.

That's sad. That's real sad.

Folks talk too much. Let me help you with that.

You're not coming inside, you need to go.

Hey, cowboy, give the lady her things.


Just who is this?

I'm the woman who's gonna kick your ass if you don't give back her bag.


Another time, Bailey. I'll come by and see you again.

You'll change your mind.

Your friend better watch her tongue.

Who the hell was that?

Someone I'd rather forget.

[Car peeling out]

[Thunder rumbling] [Rain falling]


Hey, there.

That was a late one.

Boys take you out drinking?

You seen that boy Duncan lately?

No. Why? Are you sure?

Something on your mind?

Well, guess who got a job as an apprentice at Elite?

I hate you seeing that boy.

I know. He gonna break your heart.

And that family, oh...

His family ain't his fault.

All I'm telling you, he gonna hold you back.

What? What nothing.

How's your steak? It looks good.

Did you do that thing, that college, Regis...

Whatever the register thing?

Registration? Yeah, did you do it?


I'm in. I'm already qualified.

You don't have to worry about me, okay?

Buttercup, all I do is worry about you.

Night and day, sometimes when I'm sleeping.

I can't help it.

You're all I got.


[Woman] Duncan?


8:00, mama.

In the morning?

That's right.

What are you doing?

I'm going to work, mama.


What are you working at?

Told you, I'm a lineman now.


Your Daddy was a lineman.


Climbed up one of them poles.

Got himself killed.

Left us with nothing.

You know I'm sick of hearing that shit.


Daddy drank but what happened to him was an accident.

So you're a lineman. That's right, mama.


Let me see.

You go on out there, okay.

You just get yourself killed.

I won't mourn for you. I won't come to your funeral.

I won't! Alright, mama.



[Chainsaw buzzing]



What you thinking?

You're in the hole, you're texting, we ain't paying you for that.

You check the pole?

Yeah, it's good.

Check it again.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.

Hey, I watched him the whole time, he got it right.

Look, it broke off right there at the base.

I don't know how you got this job, but when this contract's over, I don't wanna see your dumb-ass face again, you got that?

Get the hell down from there!

Moves fast for an old man.

Let me tell you something, that old man hits you, your brains'll be squirting out your ears.

[Sirens wailing]

[Upbeat country music] Hey, sweetie, hey.

Another day like today and I might start drinking.

Thank you, darling.

[Man] Hey, sweet, can we get a round here?

Hey, hey. What do I gotta do to get a round here?

He looks like you used to, Beau.

Hey, cable guy. Can you get me free hbo?

We're not cable guys. We're linemen.

No, seriously, what do I have to slip to you under the table to get a little bit of cable over here?

Hell, I guess you'd have to be smart enough to ask a cable guy.

You're a smart guy, huh?

Smart enough to consider who you might be talking to?

I don't know, a dumb-ass?


Do you know who I am?

Well, by the looks of it,

a dumb-ass that's outnumbered ten to one.

Now look.

We don't want any trouble, we're tired, it's been a long day.

So why don't you just put it there? Come on.

Option b ain't good. Let's do it.

Alright. Yeah.

Hey. Are you finished with that, sweetie?

Hey, mom, what does Daddy do at work?

He's a lineman, honey, you know that.

But what does he do?

He fixes the power lines.

Morning, Baby.

See that line up there? Mm-hmm.

The stove, toaster, radio.

Well, when I'm at work I'm making sure all those things have electricity so that my family has everything they need while I'm away.

[Phone ringing]


Yeah, alright.

Well, it's a shame you're missing Dylan's ballgame.

Alright, well call me when you know when you're coming home.


Thank you.

[Woman] Forty's up.

Why are you being such a jerk to me lately?




What are we doing?

People are saying we broke up.

You going off to college and everything, what does it matter now anyways?


You know, you were always so smart in school.

People knew you'd get out of here eventually.

Hey, remember that time in class when your heel broke off your shoe and you just sat there all embarrassed you couldn't get up?

Probably thought you would be all looking poor, like you were from my family or something.

Don't say that. Don't say that. Remember that?

Remember... I snuck it down to shop class and glued it back on for you?

You remember that?


You called me a gentleman.

Nobody's ever called me a gentleman before.

You were.


I dunno.

Why'd it take you so long?

To ask me out after high school?

I don't know.

How come it took you so long to go to college?

That's fine, just finish up.



Beau, just need a second.


Heard about the incident yesterday, that's terrible.

Damn near lost three hours.

That kind of thing could seriously have put us behind, and well, the utility people, they get word of that, that wouldn't be good, so y'all gotta be more careful.

You seriously just tell me that?

I'm just asking you to be extra careful.

All I do is careful. My whole job is to be careful.

Well, Beau, just be a little more careful.

You want to get another general foreman, 'cause I'm fine with that. I didn't say that, Beau.

No, no, go ahead, 'cause yesterday I almost got killed, and I can walk away from this real easy.

Beau, I know that, that's not what I'm saying.

I'm sorry that that happened, but...

The problem is, the truth is the utility company let their grid run down, and my people are out there risking their lives to fix it and then I gotta go out there and bust my ass with a bunch of teenagers to get it done.

Alright. You know what?

Tell the utility company to kiss my ass.

You tell 'em that. Okay, Beau, I'll do that.

Nice chatting with you, Beau, that was real good.


Hey, neighbor. Hey.

Want some wine?

Eugene working?

Mm, yeah, he's gone for a couple days now.

Sometimes I feel like I never even see him.

It's tough being a lineman's wife.

Even a lineman's niece.

Oh, but you're lucky.

I mean you got great kids, a husband, nice house.

You know, ever since Eugene got back from Iraq, things have been different with us.

I didn't know he was a vet.


He won't talk about it, but it really changed him.

Sometimes I feel like he's not even here, even when he is home.

Things aren't always as perfect as they seem.

Well, you coulda fooled me.

Look at that, you haven't even touched your wine.

Not much of a drinker.


[Country music]

[Pok Chop] Well, what do you expect?

Well, I ain't never lost one man on my crew, not one.

You'd think he'd give me credit for that.

Fontaine? He's just worried is all.

Yeah, well, the thing is you got to worry about paperwork or something.

There's some serious risks sitting on your ass all day.

Low testosterone, man boobs.

Hey. What you so weepy about?

I'm just thinking about Danny.

I always think about him.

Shoulda been me up there, not him.

Yeah, I heard that racket before, I don't like it.

You think it's bad, ain't playing in your head.

Hey, buddy. I was there, too.

As I recall, you didn't control the lightning.




Mr. Ginner, how are you tonight?

You stay away from Bailey.

She got plans.

She don't need no jackass dragging her down.

Come on, man, that's not very nice.

Everybody knows she's leaving town 'cause of you.

She don't wanna date a swamp boy.

Time to go.

Hey, Beau. Howdy.

[Indistinct chatter]

Speaking of.


Yeah, you wanted to see me?

Russell, I'm sure you're aware the retrofit's way behind schedule.

Bill, you know we're working as fast as we can.

That's something you should be taking up with Beau.

Look, Beau's a little old school, know what I'm saying?

By the book.

I'm not telling you to cut corners, but we need to move things along.

In two weeks, transmission and distribution sides into connective substation 12 at the same time and so far both sides are behind schedule.

I've known Beau for 22 years.

I work with him because he does things the right way.

Our side'll be there. Don't you worry.

[Clears throat]


[Phone vibrating]


Eugene, you're home early.

What are you doing?

Won't have you snooping on me.

Lot of messages from numbers I don't recognize, Carline.

Yeah, well maybe you don't know some of the friends that I've made while you've been away.

Like who?

Well, I've been hanging out with Bailey from across the street, for one.

And some of her friends.

Where are you going?

I've got to repack, I'm heading out again soon.

For godssakes, you just got home!

Can I ask you a question?


Have you been spending a lot of time with my wife?

[Carline] Eugene?

Sure, we've been spending some time.

And your friends too? My friends?

Eugene, what are you bothering Bailey about?

See the thing is I just, I don't see any friends around here much.


My friends, too.

Alright then.

I'm so sorry. It's okay.

Thanks, Darlene.


I bought you something.

I'm fine, thank you.

Hey, you gonna help me out with this, talk to her for me?

Come on. At least look at it, see what it is.

I gotta get to work. Hey!

Jesus. Just wanted to talk to you.

Let go my arm.


I just wanted to talk to you.


What was that? Are you okay?

Yeah, just get this cleaned up.

[Upbeat country music]

* our days are harder and harder to come by *

I came down one morning and she was painting her nails with bright red Polish and it was all over my white carpet.

Oh, no. Sorry.

Thank you.

You like being a mom?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, it's wonderful.

I mean, it can be hard sometimes and you don't get much sleep, especially when they're babies.

Not much time for anything else, either.

What about you?

I'm going to college, so I don't think I'll have time for both.

You're not drinking again. No.

I guess I just don't feel like it.

You wanna talk about it? What?

Who's the father?

He's a lineman.

He doesn't even know about it.

My Uncle hates him.

[Sighs] What are you gonna do?

Don't know.

Your turn.


I saw you.

Getting into the cab.

At your home.

There ain't no hiding things from girls.

Could use another.

* you got me through my bad times * okay, here we go, now watch this here.

Okay, ready, one, two, you okay?

I'm alright. Alright.

Alright, here we go, just a few more.


[Ron] Well, well, well.

Just what are you pretty little things doing out here with no man to keep you company?


You have any idea how stupid you sound?

Just move along, cowboy.

What if I don't wanna move along?

Then what?

Then I guess you'll just keep making an ass out of yourself.

Okay, alright, alright.

Let's not even give him the time.

Can't believe you dated that jerk.

It was more of a stalker situation.


Come on, Ron, okay, you're really pushing it.

Y'all should show a little bit more respect when I pay you a compliment.

Get out of our way.


Or what?

I'ma knock your damn teeth out!


[Screams] Oh, my God.

You touch that girl again, touch her again, I'll kill you!

You hear me?


[Yelling indistinct]

Is that Bailey? That's Bailey.

No, no, no, Ron, stop it!

Stop! Oh, no.

Bailey, get the hell out of there.

Get the hell out of there.


Duncan, Duncan, are you okay?

I'm good. Oh, my God!

Okay, now I'm pissed.

You know how long this is gonna take to heal?

You want me to line him up for you?

I do, I surely do. Get your hands off me!

I so do.

He's gonna bash your brain in your head.

You're gonna be drooling after, maybe need diapers or something.

Alright, alright!


Go on, get outta here.

You again. Bailey, get your ass home.

It's not his fault, Beau. Just get your ass home.

[Carline] Come on, darlin'.

[Phone vibrating]

Ah, shit.



Hey. Can you talk?

What's going on?

I need to see you today.

Something we need to talk about.

Sure, how 'bout our spot?

Okay. Be safe.

Always. Bye.


That's it.

Today's our last ride.

Why? Sold it.

Dropping it off at the shop tomorrow.

But you love that bike.

I know.

Thought it was time for a change.

I dunno, grab some old pickup or something.

This is...

It's for you, for school.

Duncan, I can't take your money.

I want you to have it. You need it.


I'm not good enough for you?

You believe that? 'Cause I don't.


'Cause it seems like I'm just a place to stop on the way to college.

Why you pushing me away?

Rather have it the other way.

Can it be the other way?

I'm pregnant.

Gonna say something?


Bailey Ginner's gonna have my baby?

Bailey Ginner's gonna have my baby!


All I ever wanted was to be with you.

But I mean only if that makes you happy.

It makes me happy.

It does? Yeah.

Are you sure?

Maybe all I ever wanted was to stay here and marry a lineman.

They let the station run down and then they blame it on us.


You're pretty quiet.

Ain't used to that.

What's going on?


I'm pregnant.

Well, I'm gonna pretend that I didn't hear that.

Did... Did you say you were pregnant?

You're kidding, right?

Oh, Jesus Christ almighty.

I thought you knew how to protect yourself.

I didn't bring you up that way.

Oh, it's him. Oh, oh God, it's him, it's Duncan, isn't it?

It's what I want. Want, that's what you want?

Some boy can't give you nothing?

He's not some boy.

Well, then what is he?

He's a lineman. Like you.

Like your Daddy.

Like my Daddy.

I love you.

I love you like nobody else in this world.

But please don't tell me what I can and can't do in life.

It's what I want.

I remember going to my mama's house the morning of the storm.

Supposed to be a day of celebration.

I was gonna tell her about Bailey and I, and... I dunno.

Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them to, you know what I'm saying?

[Man on radio indistinct]

Hey, mama.

You remember Bailey Ginner?

Beau Ginner's niece? Yeah.

She's nice.

Yeah, she's nice.

Mama, she's gonna have a baby.

What? We're gonna have a baby.

I'm gonna be a Daddy. You don't even have a job.

I do have a job, mama, I told you, I'm a lineman now.

Your Daddy, he died and left me with nothin', I didn't even have food to put on the table, I didn't have clothes to put proper clothes on your back.

I ain't raising no baby! I'm not my Daddy!

I'm raising no baby!

Just listen to me, mama, okay? Just listen to me.

We're gonna get out of here, okay, and you're coming with us.

Me and Bailey, we're gonna get a nice house and you're coming, you're gonna be a grandma now.

A grandma.

And you need to stop worrying about me

'cause I'm gonna be okay. Alright?

Bye, mama.

I love you.

[Thunder rumbling]

Wind speed is 60 mile an hour out of the South, and it's picking up fast.

Ground all the transmission crews.

Have everybody on emergency standby.

Do it now.

You heard him, folks, let's get to work!

[Man] Damn, that shit's coming in.

I'm not going up there today.

[Speaking indistinct]

Looks like it's only a few Miles off.

It's gonna be a hell of a storm.

I'm not going up there, that's for sure.


[Man] What the hell's Eugene doing?

What's he doing?

I don't know what he's doing.

[Phone vibrating]


Hi, darlin'.


Everything alright?


Are you still there?

Yeah, I'm here.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

That's nice.

Listen, Eugene, the news says there's some weather coming through so be safe up there.

Yeah, I gotta go.

Carline, I love you.

You tell the kids I love them, too.

[Thunder rumbles]


I love you, too.

What the hell's he doing?

Is he crazy?

Eugene, what are you thinking?

[Electricity sparking]

[Train whistle blowing]


We got a problem on line ten.

Stay on your toes everyone, it's starting.

How bad is it? [Russell] It's tracking in fast.

Power's already out for parts of Louisiana.

It's coming in off the Gulf. Worst of it around midnight.

Gentlemen, it's gonna get bad, but that's what we're trained for.

I don't want any mistakes tonight, none.

You look after each other, 'cause you are your brother's keeper.

Let's get ready to party, let's go.

He's not tying off.

What is he doing?

Get off! Control says we're grounded.

Tie off, Eugene, tie off!

Oh, my God, he's gonna jump.

[Men speaking indistinct]

[Carline] Won't have you snooping.

[Eugene] You got messages from numbers I don't recognize, Carline.

[Carline] Maybe you don't know some of the friends that I've made since you've been away.

[Distant shouting echoes]

[Carline] Eugene?

[Train whistle blowing]



What the hell is that?

Something big is going on out there.

Get a crew over to line ten right away.

Beau's crew's the only one near there.

Send him there now, tell him to call me when he gets there.

You have any idea how stupid you sound?

You'll just keep making an ass out of yourself.


[Thunder rumbles]

[Sirens wailing]

Hey, chief, what you got here?

You the foreman? Yeah.

Looks like the line's still hot up there.

We can't do anything, we can't put any water on it 'til we get your okay.

I'm on it, call the control station.


I believe the Bible covered this in the part about armageddon?

Shut up.

Alright, boys, let's grab our gear, let's do it.


Damn, that's line six down.

Beau, I don't know what to tell you.

This storm is kicking the shit outta greensboro, I got no more men to send you.

I need y'all to find a way to cut that power.

Look, you gotta take care of this, you hear me?

And, Beau, watch your ass.

Alright, gentlemen, we got ourselves a situation.

These firefighters can't get to the fire while these lines are still hot so we gotta find the switches and kill the lines. Okay, so this is the plan.

Russell, you stay by, you see anything go sideways, you let us know.

Pok Chop, Hunter, you go on that side, and don't forget, this whole train could still be hot, so watch your asses.

You, you come with me, gimme them gloves.

[Thunder rumbling]

[Voice mail] This is Duncan. I would be if I was here but I'm not, so leave a message.

Get your hot stick ready, don't choke up on it.

Pull this line out and go ahead. Put that pin in there.

Don't... easy, easy, easy.

Okay, now, pull it back, pull it back.

I got it. Easy does it.

Easy does it, all the way.

Come on, all the way... Let it go....

Watch... Watch that back.

Don't touch nothing and use your hot stick.

I know.

Oh, you know, you know everything don't you?

I can't tell you nothing, can I?

The hell do I gotta do to get you off my back?

You got my niece pregnant, and that ain't a good start.

Where you going? Where you going?

Get back here, grunt! What you thinking?

What the hell you thinking?

You wanna know what I think?

Yeah, I wanna know what you're thinking.

It's not me, it's you.

You can't get on with your life.

Hell, I feel sorry for you.

You're just holding on to Bailey 'cause you got nothing left.

Nothing left.


Eugene, is that you?

I sent the kids to your mother's.

I'm really happy you're home.

[Muffled cries]

Oh, sh...

Beau, it's Pok Chop.

A pole came down on Hunter.

Russell just meet me with a chainsaw there, we'll be back.

You go down the line and you find them switches.


[Carline] Maybe you don't know some of the friends that I've made since you've been away.

[Eugene] You spending a lot of time with my wife?

[Carline] Eugene?

[Bailey] Sure, we've been spending some time.

[Man] You got no idea. [Eugene] Your friends, too?


Where's your big mouth now, sweetheart?

[Muffled groan] Where is it?

[Carline] No, please, please, get off me, please.


You get the hell off my wife you son of a bitch!


Carline? I'm okay, Eugene, I'm okay.

Shoot him.

Eugene, no.


No, Eugene, no, no, please.

I don't wanna lose you.

I'm sorry. No, put the gun down, Eugene.

No, put down the gun. Look at me.

Look me in the eye, look at me! You look at me.

Put that gun down.

Put it down.





We gotta substation 12 back up, we need someone out there now.

The work's not done on 12. Send Beau up.

He's got an injured man at the train.

[Slams fish] We got no other choice!


I want you to call substation five.

Hunter's gonna be okay.

Get through to control?

They got transformers popping everywhere, the county is dark, and they want us down at substation 12 now!

Substation 12's still down.

[Beau] I know but they're asking us to take it up!

And I don't wanna send our men down there in this storm!

Look what happened to Hunter.

What do they want from us, what do they want from us?

We're lineman, Beau.

It's what we do.

You got that right.

Alright, here's the plan.

Pok Chop, you go to the hospital and stay with Hunter

'til his family gets there.

Alright, Russell, you stay here, help me fix this mess, then get down to control and be my eyes down there.

What about the substation? You're gonna need help.

Well, I got Duncan.

Let's do it, come on.

You trying Bailey? Yeah.

Try texting her.

Doc, how's he doing?

Fractured pelvis, two ribs cracked, he's stable.


We're on backup power, it's all good.

What's going on? Bailey?

Female, 26, six weeks pregnant, gunshot wound to the right upper abdomen, blood pressure's dropping.

We need to get her straight to the or.


Don't worry, Bailey.

How's her blood pressure? 120 over 90 and stable.

What the hell just happened? Dammit, lost the backup generator.

That ain't good.

Grab some cutters, we gotta get through that fence.

Pok Chop, what's up?

[Muffled radio voice] What? I can't hear you.

Bailey what?

She's in surgery, the lights are out here and the damn backup generator shorted because of all this rain.

You gotta get the power on. She ain't got much time.

Hey! It's open!

[Thunder rumbling]

I gotta tell you something, and you gotta be strong.

Bailey's got hurt.

She's in the hospital, backup's down, What?

We gotta get the power on now, we gotta save our girl.

You got that? You got that?

Let's do it, come on!

[Man 1] Gotta get control of this bleeding.

[Man 2] Get some light on that wound, stat.

[Woman] Right away.

Scalpel. Giving manual ventilation.

[Indistinct chatter]

Beau should be there by now. This was what I was afraid of.

The whole county's in the dark.

The hospital's gennie just flooded.

Well, he better get there soon.

Alright, it's in sequence, one, two, and three.

Alright, get the third.

Alright get the bypass.

[Thunder rumbling]

What the hell are we doing wrong?

Alright, keep that light on.



I can't see where it's bleeding.

Get that light in here, all the way, come on, let's go. Can't see.

Alright, that's it.

That's it! That's it right there!

Get me a hot stick. The hell you doing?

Get me a damn hot stick!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, Beau! That ain't safe!

Bleeding out, it's not holding.

He's right. Come on, come on.

Come on, Bailey.

Okay, I got the bullet.

Still can't see where the bleeding is.

Hey, hey, Beau...

Send it up, now!

Now disable them relays or they won't stay closed!

Right there? Yes, that one.

It's done!



Watch your ass up there!

We're losing her. We need proximal control.


Initiate mtp. You got it.


In case something bad happens up here, I want you to keep this for me.

And I apologize to you for mistreating you.

You're a good man. You tell Bailey I love her.

You take care of our girl.

Wait, Beau!

Wait, Beau, don't!

[Indistinct chatter]

[Beau] Who's your favorite Uncle?

You are.

You don't have to worry about me.




[Electricity powers up]

We're back people.

Excuse me, ma'am, I'm looking for Bailey Ginner.


Hi. You're here. Yeah.

I'm here.

Beau. I'm so sorry.

Come here, come here, come here, my girl.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

[Slow tempo song plays]

* we know this life ain't for the weak of heart *

* and if I could I'd change the hardest parts *

* my dearest love you'll be my shooting star *

* wherever you are just know I'm not that far *

* read this letter to you and know I'm not that far *

* you lived your life on the line *

* now I live mine in your memory *

* if I could turn back time I would rewind *

* 'til you came back to me *

* we could free fall together *

* in your arms forever *

* you lived your life on the line *

* life on the line *

* you lived your life on the line *

* life on the line *

[woman] Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry. I didn't know.

How would you describe Beau Ginner?

Baddest man ever walked the line.

Bailey Ginner was the center of his universe, and he hated everything that came in that universe, including me.

[Woman] Is there anything else you want to say?

Yeah, actually, there is something I'd like to say.

I loved that man.

I respected that man.

I wanna be just like that man.

And one day I hope I'm half the man he was so I can toe the line just like he did.

[Woman] Thank you for sharing that, Duncan.

I have just a couple more questions. [Radio beeps]

[Man on radio] Duncan, we got reports of a storm coming in off the Gulf.

We're gonna need you and your crew....

I gotta go.

* you know this life ain't for the weak of heart *

* and if I could I'd change the hardest parts *

* my dearest love you'll be my shooting star *

* wherever you are just know I'm not that far *

* read this letter to you and know I'm not that far *

* you lived your life on the line *

* now I'll live mine in your memory *

* if I could turn back time I would rewind *

* 'til you came back to me *

* we could freefall together *

* in your arms forever *

* you lived your life on the line *

* life on the line *

* when I read your words oh, how it hurts *

* feels like yesterday *

* wish you were here with me *

* it cuts so deep *

* this paper and ink reminds me every day *

* you lived your life on the line *

* now I live mine with your memory *

* if I could turn back time I would rewind *

* 'til you came back to me *

* we could freefall together *

* in your arms forever *

* you lived your life on the line *

* life on the line *

* you lived your life on the line *

* life on the line life on the line *

* you lived your life on my line *

* life on the line *

* life on the line *

[upbeat song plays]

* 24/7, 365 *

* I'm a lineman *

* I'm already up *

* when the rooster crows *

* get my coffee black *

* breakfast in a sack *

* 'cause I gotta roll *

* another ho-hum day and it ain't a lot *

* but it's my lot in life *

* there's better ways but I gotta get paid *

* so I'm off to toe the line *

* 24/7, 365 *

* I'm a lineman *

* most men I know wouldn't touch the pole *

* I'ma climb on *

* hail rain or shine *

* I'm on call *

* day or night *

* there ain't a job too small *

* I got the power to turn you on *

* if it's a problem *

* yeah, that's my job *

* I'm a lineman *

* well, I'm off for work *

* before the sun comes up *

* I got everything *

* in the back of my truck *

* I'm gonna do my job *

* rain sleet or snow *

* if you're asking if I'm a mailman *

* I'm telling you hell no *

* 'cause I'm a lineman *

* I make my living *

* lining up them poles *

* if I'm in town I'm probably underground *

* with mud up to my nose *

* yeah, some girls call me crazy *

* but my baby says I'm fun *

* 'cause when the lights go out *

* a lineman *

* I'll get 'er done *

[slow tempo song plays]

* like Daddy before him *

* he can't recall *

* when he wanted to be anything else *

* now the passion won't leave him *

* 'cause he still believes in *

* the lifestyle God laid in his hands *

* he's a high line cowboy *

* he ain't no bow boy *

* he's just out doing his time *

* he's the best of the best *

* he won't get no rest *

* 'til he knows that his work is through *

* that's what high line cowboys *

* do *

[slow tempo song plays]

* if a trouble man up on the wire *

* and when the storms come he's flying high *

* many don't know the few *

* who keep it safe for me *

* and safe for you *

* and I know it's no walk in the park *

* when some feel like they're left in the dark *

* but I say thanks for all that you have done *

* you bring light back to everyone *

* I say thanks for all that you have done *

* you bring light back to everyone *