Lifeforce (1985) Script

[male narrator] August 9th, 2:30 PM, Greenwich Mean Time.

The HMS Churchill outward bound.

On board a joint British/American space team.

Their mission: to intercept and study the comet bearing Dr. Edmond Halley's name.

The Churchill is the first spacecraft equipped with the Nerva engine.

It propels the Churchill with constant acceleration, enough to create Earth-type gravity for the first time on an extended flight.

The Churchill is on course for its rendezvous.

Sir, this is odd.


I'm getting a very small radar cross section, just ahead of the nucleus in the coma of the comet.

I've got it too.

Check the length, Brendan, it's at the limit of my angle of scan.

What's going on? Did you chaps run an equipment check?

[female] I've been checking every five minutes, sir.

Radar state's 150 miles.

150 miles what? Length.

Hundred and fifty miles long?

What's 150 miles long?

[beeping] It's a radar trace.

Something right ahead in the coma of the comet.

Show me.

[male] EGR's confirmed.

[female] Looks good.

[male] EGR's optimal, track three on three.

[female] Roger.

What's the height of the thing?

I've got a vertical reading of two miles, at least.

[digital voice] Ambient temperature six degrees.

Iron less than 2%, traces of manganese, titanium--

Try and raise base.

Tell them we have an artificial object out here hidden in the--

Are you sure you want to say hidden?

Tell them it's located in the head of the comet.

Keep sending that until they acknowledge.

Use a secured downlink.

Sorry, Commander, everything's being swamped by the coma winds.

We can't get anything back to base.

How long's the blackout period?

All the way.

What are you gonna do?

We're going in.

We're only gonna get one chance, Derebridge.

That thing won't be back for another 76 years.

And we'll both be dead.

We have to take a look now.

Shut down Nerva.

Shutting down.

Down one. [click]

[male] Deltas plus one in two seconds.

Solar panels retracted. [female] Check.

Give me a readout, Bob.

[male #1] Executing E.V.A. maneuver.

[male #2] Where do you suppose this thing came from?

Was it exploring the comet, do you think?

[male #1] Come on guys, let's do it.

Surface looks badly pitted.

In that case, it's been here a long time.

[male #2] It's derelict, whatever it is.

[male #1] Stand by, Churchill, we're goin' in.

[male on radio] Roger, Carlsen, we copy.

We have you going in.

[female] Churchill, looks like some sort of giant artery-- organic.

I almost have the feeling I've been here before.

Oh, boy.


[male #1] This is incredible.

I hope you can appreciate the scale of this on the video.

Roger, we're getting it.

It's all on tape.

Oh, shit.

Well, here they are.

Churchill, it looks like we found the occupants of the ship.

They look like bats...giant bats.

[female] Churchill, there must be hundreds of them.

[male] Thousands...dead, I hope.


[male #1] Looks prehistoric.


It's completely desiccated.


Crumbled. Yes.

It would.

All the fluid's been lost to space over the years.

[suit rockets firing]

We'll bag this one, take it with us.

[male] We're deploying the specimen bag.

[male] Jesus, what the hell is that?

Commander, the ship has just deployed a-- it looks like some sort of big structure that's just unfolding-- it's enormous!

God, what is it?

[female] Better get out of here, sir.

Nobody's goin' anywhere, stay where you are.

Churchill, this is Carlsen.

What's happening out there?

The thing stopped opening.

The only way to describe it is-- it's-- it's like a giant umbrella.

Good god, it's-- it's absolutely enormous.

Churchill, what's it doing now?

Nothing, sir.

It stopped opening.

It's just sitting there.

Tell what it's made of?

Not metal.

It's radar transparent.

Okay...if it starts up again, let me know.

Any activity out there, you understand?

Yes, sir.

That's where we're goin'.

Something there.

Commander, this is Churchill.

We're losing our signal.

We've lost VTR.

Come in, Commander.

Bodies, three bodies.

Perfectly preserved.

They look to me to be like in--

Something's happening to me.

What's wrong... with me, wha-- what's wrong?

[Churchill] Commander, come in.

This is Churchill.

Do you copy?

They seem to be in some sort of suspended animation or sleep.

[male] Hold on, we're coming down.

[female] Churchill, Churchill, if you read, there are two nude males and one female.

This is Churchill, we have no picture.

Come in, Tom.

Churchill...I said we found a young girl.

Girl? You mean human?

Definitely humanoid.

[male] I'd say she's perfect.

I've been in space for six months and she looks perfect to me.

[female] Derebridge, what's wrong?

[sighs] What's wrong...

[sighs] How many do you want to take back?

I say we take back all three.

One of the dead things in the other chamber.

Well... let's see if we can break 'em free.


[male] Churchill, come in, this is Mission Control Great Britain.

Do you copy? Come in, Churchill.

If they're going to pick us up, they should get us this close.

[male] Simply aren't receiving, Dr. Bukovsky.

Automatic circuits don't even respond.

They're radio dead.


I hope it's just their communications.

[male] you copy? Come in, Churchill.

[male] Churchill, come in, this is Mission Control Great Britain.

Churchill, come in, this is Mission Control Great Britain.

Do you copy? Come in, Churchill.

How's their orbit look?

You can see it's stable, but they're slightly off.

They should have adjusted coming in, but they haven't.

[Dr. Bukovsky] What do you make of that?

[male technician] It would appear that they, uh, set their course just after they left the comet.

I'd say it hasn't been updated since.


The Columbia?

The Columbia.

[male] Lift off, we have lift off.

[radio chatter]

Control, this is Columbia.

Are we clear to initiate docking procedure?

[male on radio] Go ahead, Columbia, you are looking good.

Stand by for soft dock.

[radio] Soft dock.


Soft dock confirmed.


Columbia, the ship's completely gutted.

Oh, my God.

Houston, we have a problem.

There's been a fire.

I'll take a look in the tug bay.

You two try the top deck.


Columbia, they're all dead.

Nothing down here, Columbia.

I'm going on in to the tug bay.

I'll get the tapes.

Somner, I think there's something you ought to see in the tug bay.

[chimes sounding]

I see-- how did you open the girl’s case?

We didn't, Minister.

We were just talking about how to get it open when it popped open of its own accord.

Did you x-ray the crystal cases?

We're not certain they're crystal.

The casings are not metallic.

I'm not even sure they're organic.

The casing is right there in front of us without being there, if that makes any sense.

And the bodies from the cases?

We're going to do our first dissection now.

Provided, of course, that Dr. Fallada agrees they're dead.

[phone ringing]


I don't know that I'm qualified to pass judgment on alien death.

You would agree that they're less alive than we are?

[male on TV] Yesterday in Hong Kong, gold closed lower.

In light trading on European currency markets, the pound closed mixed against the dollar and West German mark There will be a full market report after the late news.

This is James Graham reporting from the city.

Now back to the newsroom.

...developments as they arise.

Halley's Comet is now dominating the northern skies, stretching over a hundred million miles across the heavens, occupying one-sixth of the entire visible horizon.

On this exceptionally clear night, a group of enthusiasts are commemorating Dr. Edmond Halley's great prediction by holding an outdoor watching from the site of his original observatory at Greenwich.

Our viewers may be interested to know that comets were once considered to be harbingers of evil, and that one of the earliest words for comet was disaster, which in Latin means evil star.

And it may indeed be an evil star for the deep space probe, Churchill.

There's still no word from Her Majesty's Government as to the fate of the crew, whether they're alive or dead.

We can only await further developments.





[alien voice] Use my body.

[male] Bukovsky.

Bukovsky, where-- where's the girl!

She's gone.

I saw her.

She did that.

[buzzes] Security.

Hello, Professor Fallada here.

I'm calling at Dr. Bukovsky's orders.

Get me the Duty Security Captain now.

Yes, sir.

Don't worry, a naked girl is not going to get out of this complex.

Four nine to Control.

You'll never believe what I'm looking at.

Control, can you say that again?

I believe you heard me.

There's a girl on the loose in the building.

She must not leave.

Pardon me, but I thought you said she was naked.

That's right, that's what I said.

Surely, you can find her.

Must be some kinda joke.

I don't believe it.

All right, Miss, just stay where you are.

You heard 'em, they said grab her.

Take it easy, Link, she's not in her right mind.

Control, Control, we have located the girl in the main lobby.

[whispering] That's it, come on.

[buzzes] Yes.

We've located the girl, sir.

Where? She's downstairs in the main lobby.


She's in the main lobby.

You all right to go down there? No.

Come on, nice and easy.

Come on.

Come to me.

Come to daddy, come on.

Make it stop, make it stop!

Come on, let's get her.


[dog barking]

You all right, mate? Yeah.

[mixed chatter]

[sirens approach]

[siren louder]

[male on PA] Will all non-involved personnel please clear the area.

I repeat-- Will everybody who has no business to be here, please clear the area for your own safety.

This is a police announcement.

Please keep right back--

Sorry, gentlemen, no photos please. Hey!


May I ask which of you is Dr. Bukovsky?

I am.

I'm Colonel Caine.

From the S.A.S.?

Gentlemen, that last remark is not for publication.

This is a D Notice situation.

Not too close.

And this was murder... you say?

Tell me again how the girl overpowered you.

She, uh...

was the most overwhelmingly effeminate presence I've ever encountered.

I was drawn to her on a level that--

Was it sexual?

Yes, overwhelmingly so.

And horrible.

Loss of control.

And the man, the guard, was dead when you came into the room?

You found him as he is now?


And the girl, she came from the ship, Churchill?


She spoke to you?

In English?

That's right.

How would she know English?

Now, going back-- you say the ship's tapes were destroyed in the fire?

No, they weren't destroyed in the fire.

That's what we were told to tell the public.

They were erased.


Also, the Churchill’s escape pod is missing.

What's that mean, did someone escape?

They don't know.

Unfortunately, the condition of the bodies make an accurate count impossible.

Could the heat from the fire have launched the pod?

No, no, no.

What started the fire?

The ship's oxygen system ignited.

It was a terribly hot fire.

Yet, you say the three cases containing the bodies were untouched.

That's correct. [sighs] Where were they found?

In the bay where the space tug was stored.

Where everything else was charred.


Is it not?


Have you examined the cases?

Using every technique we have.

X-ray scans of the cases yield only blurred images.

What does that mean?

They're not precisely physical objects.

More like a sort of force field.

We're a bit out of our depth here.

The whole thing is--

Yes, I know.


Have they done an autopsy yet on the guard?

No, I suppose not.

What about your two other bodies?

Colonel, may I be excused?

I seem to be feeling a little more nauseous than I thought.

Yes, of course.

I notice from your door, Dr. Fallada, that your area is biochemistry.

But I understand your real interest is--

Death, Colonel Caine, correct.

Thanatology is the name for it.

Death for you, Colonel, is a bureaucratic problem-- who did it?

When and why did they do it?

A problem to be solved, am I correct?

And for you?

Well, I'm fascinated by death itself--

What happens as we die, when we die.

What happens after we die?

You mean, life after death.


Is there? What?

Life after death.

Do you really want to know?


But to answer your question, yes, I think there is.

If I am correct, the life force is conserved always and in all things, even after death.

And you think that applies to what's happened here tonight?


Yes, I do.

I think that girl, creature, drained energy, life force, partially from Bukovsky and totally from the guard.

A vampire?

It could be described that way, yes.

I mean, in a sense, we're all vampires.

We drain energy from other life forms.

The difference is one of degree.

That girl was no girl.

She's totally alien to this planet and our life form.

And totally dangerous.


[whispering] Do you believe those blokes are alive?

I'm not paid to believe nothing, am I?

I believe they're alive.

Don't look bloody dead to me.

[alarm sounds]

We've had some trouble, but everything's under control.

I think you better come down here.

Yes, sir...very good, sir.

It would appear these two are no longer dangerous.

Well, there's certainly no possibility of doing a full autopsy on them.

I would like to examine the guard.

Have they started the autopsy on the guard yet?

I believe so, sir.

This is an autopsy on the body of a young man, dead approximately two hours.

Did you say he was about 20?

Yes, that's correct.




Get the Colonel down here, quickly!




Put him in an isolation cell, quickly!


[moaning and yelling]

I had no idea that it could be passed on.

What do you suggest?

I would recommend that you place this body in another cell.

It was two hours ago that the guard was attacked.

I won't be at all surprised if we're seeing a pattern here.

Do as he says, Kelly. Yes, sir.

Also, I want the two other bodies that were shot-- the males.

Collect the pieces and watch them.

Get me the Home Secretary on the line now.


Call for the Colonel, sir.

Sir, you have a call.


Sir, we've found a naked girl in Hyde park.

The body is in an indescribable condition.

I'll be right there.

They've just found a body in Hyde Park.

A naked girl.

They say she's in an indescribable condition.

Could that be your girl?

Well? That's not her.

Inspector, what about the two boys?

Oh, yes, they were in the park earlier, sir.

[chimes sounding]

Yeah, we saw her.

I think.


Any rate, that looks like her hair.

What a mess. Was she alone?

No, that's why we notices her.

She was with a dark haired girl.

Real good looking bird and all.

Didn't have a lot of clothes on either.

We thought they might be-- well, you know.


Well, did you see where they went, where the dark haired girl went?

No, no, we didn't.

We angled on back to see if maybe we could-- you know, see 'em doing something.

That's when we found her. How long ago was that?

Half an hour ago.

Yeah, this lad phoned us and then we phoned you, sir.

Yes, thank you, Inspector.

Obviously, the work of the girl.

You think we can have this body sent back to the center with the others?

Yes, I suppose that's a good idea.

Inspector, let me know if you find anything else, will you?

We'll be taking her back with us.

Very good, sir.


Now she has clothes.

There's something I want you to see, sir.



Dr. Hans Fallada, Sir Percy Heseltine, the Home Secretary.

You're just in time.


It's exactly two hours.

[whispering] Please help me.

This is the guard who was originally overcome by the space girl.




As I feared, once transformed, the victims need regular infusions of energy.


Otherwise what?

[whispering] Oh, my God.

Dear God.

And down here we have the pathologist who was attacked by the guard.


See. He too needs feeding.


The same thing is going to happen to that girl we found in the park.

In about one hour.

[high-pitched humming]


[mixed voices]

She's the last?

Have there been any further reports, Kelly?

No, sir, we set up to get the calls here the instant one comes in.

What? Nothing.

You say these creatures were brought back from the Churchill?

Yes, sir, but not this one.

She's a victim of the creatures.

Yes, yes, but where did the Churchill acquire them?

We have no way of determining that at present.

[male] Perhaps that's all changing. What?

I've just received a call from the JPL in Pasadena.

Seems the Goldstone tracking disc has just picked up something they think is Churchill’s escape pod-- reentering the Earth's atmosphere.



[mixed voices]

[male] Come on, guys, hurry it up.

[mixed voices continue]

All right, take it easy now.

Hey, buddy, you all right?


Walter Reed Army Hospital?

Is he hurt?

Just exhausted, you say.

Well, get him the hell over here!

Colonel Carlsen, they're expecting you, sir.

Colonel Carlsen, sir.

[Bukovsky] Tom.

I thought you were dead.


Colonel Carlsen, allow me to introduce Colonel Caine of the Special Air Services.

How do you do?

You already know Dr. Fallada.


Take a seat, won't you?

I'm sorry to drag you over here like this, Tom.

I'm sure you'd rather be recuperating with a pretty nurse.

Tom, we've got to know what happened on the Churchill.

Yes, of course.

It may be, uh...very difficult for you to accept what I'm going to say.

We'll have very little difficulty believing anything you have to tell us, Colonel.

Do go on.

You know something?

There was a fire aboard the Churchill.

You might be interested to know that the bodies of the three humanoids were not destroyed in that fire.

They survived in their cases.

They were brought down here to London, and the female has escaped.

She's killed three people already.

Oh, my God.

So you see, Colonel, whatever you have to tell us is rather pressing.

Please tell us what happened.

We found the bodies aboard the alien spacecraft.

What alien spacecraft?

Colonel, take it from the beginning.

Assume we know nothing.

Which is understating the matter.

We approached within 9,000 miles of Halley's Comet,

when we detected an object in the comet's coma.

After we discovered the bodies, we transferred them to the Churchill.

We have in tow, the three humanoid creatures and one of the bat-like things.

[male on radio] This is Churchill, we copy.

Welcome back.

You gotten through to Earth yet, Rawlings?

No, sir, and the tail of the comet's heating up.

What's the matter Derebridge?

I don't know, Tom.

I feel drained.

Do you?

I feel invigorated.

You okay?


I'm fine. Okay.

Everybody back to their stations.

Let's get the hell outta here.

On the trip back to Earth, the crew began to die-- one by one.

Rawlings, the radio officer, was the first to go.

Rawlings denied any knowledge of what he had done.

I don't remember.

Rawlings, besides myself, you're the only one that's been up here in the last hour.

I've been feeling weak recently.

Not myself.

Just don't remember. [sighs]

We found Rawlings' body the next day.

Exactly how did he die, Colonel?

The life just drained out of him.

One by one...

the rest of the crew began to die.


I don't know how...

I held out.

It just seemed to be a matter of will.

[click] [motor starts]

I always thought...

[clunk] the girl...

Yes, the girl?

I can't remember.

What I remember next is the view out of the observation window-- coming in to Earth's orbit.

I couldn't expose the world to what we'd brought back with us.

[high-pitched humming]


I was determined to destroy them all.

It was the hardest thing I ever did.

We understand.

Must have taken great courage to try and make--

No, you don't understand.

Part of me didn't wanna leave.

She killed all my friends and I still didn't want to leave.

Leaving her was the hardest thing I ever did.

Colonel Carlsen looks exhausted to me.

I think we should allow him to get some sleep.

Continue with this later.

Very well.

Thank you, Colonel.


NASA tracking and ours have just reported and unusual structure leaving Halley's Comet.

It's headed for us.

What is it?

Radar ranging reports the object is a needle-like shape, one hundred and fifty miles long.

Its present course projects out into a perfect Earth orbit in a little more than two days.

Oh, and I've just received a call from the Prime Minister.

There's going to be a meeting at Downing Street.

[sighs] PM wants answers.

[labored breathing]

Close your eyes.

You're giving me your life.

You're taking it.

You're draining me.

You're taking too much of me.


It was a dream.

Just a dream.

What dream, Carlsen?

The girl, she visited me.

Visited you, visited you how?

In my mind.

She...she...she... she had some kind of mental contact with me.

She's draining me.

Tell us about the dream, Carlsen.

I can't, it's gone.

It's faded.

I can't remember.

Carlsen, have you ever been hypnotized?


Do you mind if I have a go at it?

It may help you with your dreams.

Yeah, let's try it.

Not now, he's too exhausted.

Fine, fine, in the morning.

Just stare at it until your eyes feel tired.

Then close them.

You'll feel very tired.

Very sleepy.

She seems to... speak to me in my dreams.

She... the girl, I feel...

What do you feel for her, Carlsen?

I feel very... close to her.

Is she in touch with you?

I feel... as if my mind... is not entirely my own.

If she is in contact with your mind, Carlsen, perhaps you are in contact with hers.

Can you see her?

Can you see where she is?


Where is she now, Carlsen?

A place, I don't know the name of it.

She's walking.

She has a different face.

But it's her.

[Fallada] A different face, how can that be?

She's using a different body.

[Fallada] What is she doing?

She's looking for a man.

[Fallada] What man?

Any man.

A healthy man.

[Fallada] Does she intend to kill him?

No. Why not?

She's afraid of being caught.

[Fallada] How could she be caught?

The body'd give her away.

[Fallada] So, what is she hoping to do?

She wants to... draw some energy from him.

Not enough to kill him.

[Fallada] She can do that?


There's another mind.

[whispering] Yes... the girl’s name is Ellen.

You mean there are two people in one body?

Two minds?

Ellen and the vampire?


She's watching a man.

[Fallada] What is the man doing?

He's parked--

Doing something with his car.

[whispers] License number.

Can you see the license number of his car?

[whispers] Yes.

Read it out.



Or, uh...R.

[Fallada] What is the make of the car?

A white Volvo.

[Fallada] What is she doing now?

They're driving.

[Fallada] Does she ask him his name?

She's... pulling her skirt... over her knees.


He's... putting his... his... hand... on her le-- on her leg.

F-M-C-1-2-9-E or possibly R, belonging to a white Volvo.

The driver of the car picked up a girl named Ellen.

I have to know who the girl is and where we can find her.

She's connected with the case.

I can't explain over an open line.

Thank you.

[phone clunks]

Do you think he's telling the truth about the girl?

Well, we'll soon see.

How brilliant if she is moving from body to body, mind to mind.

Taking only a small amount of energy from each victim.

It would make sense that we're finding no new victims.

She's hoping to leave no trail.

If the girl is no longer in her original body, where is her body?


Let's find it.

Supposing you're right about all of this, what about that ship up there?

What's it doing?

We can't know that.

But we've got to assume the worst.

Maybe they're like the vampires of legend.

How's that?

They would carry their earth with them-- in their coffins, wouldn't they?

[male] We have a three meter feed from Hawaii.

[male #2] Here it comes.

[male] Put it on screen number one.

Coming in 240,000 miles.

My God, it's immense.

I say, Hugh, do you have that skin tissue sample I asked for?

Oh, good.

Yes, of course I'll follow containment procedure.

He's here now.

And Hugh, send in that soldier, please.

Oh, thank you.


Dr. Fallada?

Just one moment, Sergeant.

Thank you for coming around.

I'll be with you shortly.

Bloody awful job, tracing that car.

It belongs to a man named Ned Price who lives in Yorkshire.

We have him under detention now.

What about the girl?

The girl he picked up was a nurse named Ellen.

As you said, Ellen-something-or-other.

He doesn't know her other name.

And he dropped her off at Thurlstone Hospital after spending the afternoon with her.

He was most reluctant to talk about it.

The man's totally exhausted.


Isn't that an asylum of some sort?

Yes, for the criminally insane.

[helicopter rotors]

How do you do, Home Secretary, I'm Dr. Armstrong, director of the hospital.

Come with me to my office.

What a cold night.

Bitterly cold.

This is the nurse's house.

Ellen Donaldson is number five.

Thank you. [chimes sound]

Shouldn't I come up and introduce you?

I'd rather you didn't.

Come along, Dr. Armstrong, you and I have several matters to discuss.

Come along.

[female on intercom] Yes, who is it?

Miss Donaldson, my name's Colin Caine.

Dr. Armstrong brought me over.

Id' like to talk to you.

May I come in?

[door buzzes and clicks]


What do you want?

My name's Colin Caine.

This is Colonel Carlsen, United States Air Force.

May we come in and talk to you?

We have seen Dr. Armstrong.

May I sit down?

I want to ask you about the man you spent the afternoon with, Ned Price.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I think you do.

Let me see your hand.

Beg your pardon?

You're in there, aren't you?

I don't know.

Tell me.



It's gone from her, it's in another body now.

How do you know that?

I can see it in her mind.


She's resisting.

I'm gonna have to force her to tell me.

Despite appearances, this woman is a masochist.

An extreme masochist.

She wants me to force the name out of her.

She wants me to hurt her.

I can see the images in her mind.

Do you want to stay?

Otherwise, wait outside!

Not at all.

I am a natural voyeur.

Are you in there?


Are you there?

Let go.


[screams] Now!



I've got a physical description.

Doctor, you'd better send someone to look after Nurse Donaldson.

Is she all right?

If I described one of the inmates to you, could you identify him?


Big man, fat, gray hair.

Birthmark on his face.

Jeffrey Sykes, the child murderer.

Where did you get his description?

Where is he now?

He's in solitary confinement.

He's been naughty.

Look, what is this about?

What we're looking for has moved.

We could be here some time.

I better call London.

May I use your telephone, Doctor? Certainly.

We have to see Sykes now.

Oh, couldn't this wait until the morning?

Oh, all right, I'll arrange it.

Anything to oblige, Commander.


I wish this were not so mysterious.

If the police are involved, haven't I a right to know?

I mean, if you're going to start messing about my patient.

Dr. Armstrong, I sympathize with your position, of course.

However, I can tell you it is a matter of national security.

I see.

But, don't you think that I should be present in any case to represent the interests of my patient.

You see-- Can I talk to you for a second?

Of course.

Uh...the man has the IQ of a child of four.

Well, that's a decision, I'm afraid, I shall have to defer to Colonel Caine.

Yes, of course you can come along.

Can we start now?

What are you going to do to him?

I'd like to hypnotize him.

What's that?

Pentothal and morphine.

I'd recommend it for pre-hypnosis and patient management.

Well, he seems quiet.

We're ready when you are.

Lamson. Sir.


Can the injection be dangerous?

He should have no difficulty tolerating it.

There's always a risk, sir.

May I have that?

Well, I'll wake him up.

What are you doing! Stay where you are.

He's sick, Lamson, help us, I can't explain now.


There's our killer, Sir Percy.

[mixed voices yelling]

It's madness.

I want to question him before it wears off.

Where can we take him?

Up the ramp, sir.

[voices calling out]

We need to be alone for a minute, Lamson.

How the devil did you know it was him?

In the nurses quarters he touched me on the shoulder.

I saw into his mind.


The Colonel appears to be able to see in the minds of people who have been possessed by the girl creature, sir.

It happens when I touch 'em.

Let's get him on the table.


How do you know she's still inside Armstrong?

What's to prevent her from moving to someone else?

She's trapped.

I can feel that.

Are you sure?


Lamson. Sir?

Can you bring me another dose of the hypnotic drug?

I suppose so, sir.

One dose is usually enough.

This is not a usual situation.

How long does the stuff last?

A dose like that?

A couple of hours.

We'll definitely need more.

Bring me three doses.

Three? I'll take responsibility, Lamson--

Sir Percy and myself, just get on with it.

Yes, sir.

Is a second dose safe?

Surely it can strain his heart. don't know what we're dealing with here.

If he slips out from under, she'll escape.

Armstrong, can you hear me?

Armstrong, if you can hear me, just say yes.

It... it... won't let me... ta-- talk to you.


Armstrong, Armstrong!

Can you see what it is that's holding you prisoner?

Yes, yes, she--

Tell her she has to talk to me!

Tell her!

[knocking] Yes?

Pentothal, I brought the pentothal.

Thanks, Lamson, that'll be all.


Hold him.

[female alien voice] There's no need for that.

No need.

You in there, can you still hear me?

Can you get into his mind? Her mind?

Not with this drug, it's like a wall.

Perhaps you've given him too much.

Perhaps we-- Shut up!

Listen, you bitch, I'll keep you in this state for weeks, if I have to.

Now, you talk to me.

Carlsen, be with me.

What do you want from me?

I love you.

What are you?

Why are you so human?

So perfect?

What are the bird creatures on the ship?

Our bodies are unimportant.

As you and your men have approached in your ship, we changed them.

For you.

We entered your minds and found there new bodies.

I took my shape from your mind.

I took your language.

I became the woman I found there, in your deepest thoughts, your deepest needs.

I am the feminine in your mind, Carlsen.

[whispering] Where are you?

Where are you!

Where's your body!

Let me go! Let me go!

Touch me, Carlsen.

Let me go.

Let me go!

Let me go. Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go.

It's already spreading. How?

You didn't stop it, it's too late.

That's impossible, we've been only half a step behind her all the way.

Sir, this gentleman's stopped breathing.

There's no pulse either.

Sir, I think his neck is broken.

Lampson, prepare two stretchers.

One for Sir Percy and one for Dr. Armstrong.

Prepare all your remaining doses of the drug for travel.

Yes, sir.

You said the thing hadn't stopped, it was still spreading.

Why did you say that?

I don't know.

Could the girl have been deliberately leading us away from London?

Is it possible we didn't find all of her victims?

If we didn't find all the victims, if there are others besides the girl in the park.

The thing would spread.

And a chain reaction, geometrically, until by now...

[whispers] Oh, Christ.

Lieutenant, can we use the radio to get through to the S.R.C. in London?

Just a moment, sir, there's something coming through.

It is the S.R.C., sir, for you and Carlsen.

Go ahead.

[male on radio] Caine, can you hear me?

Fallada, speak up, I can't hear you.

The two males didn't die.

They jumped to the bodies of the two soldiers who shot them and transformed the soldiers bodies into their own likenesses.

That's the difference between them and their victims.

The victims can't leave their bodies.

Only the original three can do that.

But I've killed one of them.

One of which? One of the two male vampires.

One of the transformed ones.

How did you kill him, Fallada, how?

The old way, Carlsen.

A leaded metal shaft, penetrating not through the heart, but through the energy center two inches below the heart.

Not steel, but leaded iron.

Right, Carlsen?

Are you there, Carlsen?


Carlsen, you too, Caine, it is my belief that the vampires of legend came from creatures such as these.

Perhaps even from these very creatures.

I know it sounds incredible.

Do you hear me, Carlsen!

It's more than a belief, Fallada... it's true.

They visited Earth before.

What about the other male, Fallada?

He's free.

You have the girl?


We'll be with you as soon as we can, hold on.

We'll try.

This came through while you were talking, sir.

What is it? A scrambled cryptogram.

It's to Sir Percy from the Prime Minister.

We're to proceed directly to the Citadel at Whitehall.



Lieutenant, the controls!


[Carlsen] We've lost her, she's gone.


Her body's in London.

Where in London?

Carlsen, you've got to tell me what happened, what really happened on the Churchill.

It wasn't Rawlings who destroyed the radio equipment.

And the ship's tapes.

It was me.


I didn't want the Churchill to be able to reach Earth.

And if it did, I didn't want anyone to know what happened.

What did happen?

I opened her sealed animation case.

Either I did it or she did it.

I couldn't help myself.

I've never experienced such--

I was in love on a level you've never known, Caine.

It terrifies me.

My memory plays tricks on me.

She was calling me.

Her power was...spiritual.

She wanted me, Caine.

It was more than spiritual.

She took some of my energy.

And she gave me some of her energy.

They must have been living off of each other when we found them.

There were only three of them left.

She killed all of my men.

One by one.

But I survived.

She wanted me to survive.

She chose me!

Why, why!

Carlsen, she's not human, she's not a woman.

She'll destroy you.

She's destroyed worlds.

There's something you might want to hear, sir.

A special bulletin from the BBC.

[male announcer] It's obvious that tonight, London is on the brink of the worst devastation since the blitz.

From where I'm standing, I can see large areas of the city burning out of control.

And thousands of people are now rampaging through the streets here in a frenzied last effort to avoid the plague.

Martial law has been enforced now for three hours But for the moment, it hasn't stemmed what is obviously...


Yes, sir, we've been expecting you.

Thank you, carry on.

Carry on, Sergeant. Right, sir.

Higgins, around the other side. Right.

[mixed voices]

[male] Is everything ready for the cabinet to evacuate?

[male #2] Yes, everything.

[female] Please take a seat, gentlemen.

Sir, I have Colonel Caine and Colonel Carlsen here for you, sir.

Very good.

The Prime Minister will see you shortly.

Uh, would you care for a cup of tea, while you wait?

No, our business is rather urgent.

Yes, I'm sure the Prime Minister understands that.

Oh, uh, gentlemen? Prime Minister.

I'm Colonel Caine, Special Air Service, and I'm sure you've heard of Colonel Carlsen, late of the Churchill.

Oh, ye-- yes, indeed, uh, gentlemen, I look forward to hearing your report.

By the way, uh, where is Sir Percy?

Dead, I'm afraid.

Oh, that's a great pity.

Sir, we have information regarding the object in space, which is bearing down on the Earth at this moment--

Ye-ye-yes, gentlemen, look, if you'll excuse me just-- just for a moment.

Mi-- Miss Haversham, please come this way.

Miss Haversham, here, for a moment.

I'll be back, gentlemen, I'll be back.

[PM whispering] Miss Haversham,

Miss Haversham, come this way.

Miss Haversham, please.


[male] Mind his head.

[female] Go and get the doctor immediately.

Hey, what's happening down there?

[male] Need a doctor over here.

Go, go!


Lieutenant, do you have any weapons aboard the craft?

No, sir, uh, there's a flare pistol, sir.

Where is it?

Just close the breach and it's ready to fire.

Sir, while you were with the PM, I had a call from base operations.

The city is now under martial law.

We've been placed under NATO command.

NATO? Yes, sir.

My unit's been mobilized across the river to a staging area at Blackheath.

Land at the S.R.C., Lieutenant, we've got to talk to Fallada.

I've been ordered to land at Blackheath, sir.

The city's now under air quarantine.

If we don't do as they say, they'll shoot us out of the air.

Hello, zero, this is x-ray 3-1-8 requesting clearance to land-- over.

Zero roger, x-ray 3-1-8, you are clear to land.

Come away from the aircraft.

You are under quarantine.

Over here, please, sir.

Don't come any closer, stop there!

I want to talk to your commanding officer.

I am Colonel Caine, Special Air Service.

And this man is Colonel Tom Carlsen, United States Air Force and former commander of the Churchill.

[male on PA] C company, be on stand-by.

Is Dr. Hans Fallada here from the S.R.C.?

He knows who we are and what's going on.

No, not that I know of.

Has anybody heard of him? No.

Must still be in London.

Colonel, what exactly do you know about what's happening over there?

All we know for certain, Colonel, is that a terrible plague of some sort is sweeping London.

The incubation period appears to be two hours.

And until that time has elapsed, I cannot release you from this compound.

Colonel, we know what the plague is.

We are not infected.

I know what I'm talking about and we're wasting valuable time.

We have totally isolated London in order to stop further contagion.

If that fails and the surrounding areas are threatened, Yes? sterilization by thermonuclear device has been approved.

We have this from General Ames in Brussels.

He's coming up with that decision in... [sighs] just under three hours.

Have you heard anything about the ship?

[female] Corporal Adams...

The ship? The thing from Halley's Comet.

Oh... [sighs] it's parked itself in a geostationary orbit... [sighs] directly over London.

[male on PA] Would air adjutant report to Major Grover in GHQ.

All those little blue lights going up toward the clouds, they're human souls.

How do you know that?

I feel it.

The process of conversion releases a life energy.

Then it can be collected.


Is that what the umbrella is?


The energy doesn't go free.

It goes up there.


[Carlsen] The male vampire's collecting life energy.

But he has to send it through her to get it up to the collector.

Where is she, Carlsen?

Over there.

I get flashes coming from her body.

Sensitive to its environment.

Picks up things.

[Caine] Can you find her?

[Carlsen] If I can get across to the city.

[Caine] What about the male?

[Carlsen] He'll come if he senses I've found her.

She's drawing me, Caine.

[female alien voice] Carlsen.

[Carlsen] I've gotta go.

[whispering] Why?

She wants back the energy she gave me.

When they take on a new life form they have to learn from that life form.

Mate with it, in a sense.

The girl chose me.

But when she mixed with me, she gave me a part of herself.

And now she wants that part back.

Is there any sign of activity in your sector?

Over. No, sir.

Okay, keep me posted-- over.

Colonel, listen to me.

Carlsen believes he can locate the source.

There are only two carriers.

If we can destroy them, it may not be necessary to destroy London.

But we only have an hour and a half.

[machine gun firing] [male] What was that?

Cease firing!


Where's Carlsen?

He knocked over two of my men and took an armored Land Rover.

Oh, bloody hell, did he say anything about where he was going?

He wanted to know where the Space Research Center was?

Rogers told him, the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, sir.

Right, whose is this car?

That, that's the Colonel’s, sir. Give me the keys.

What? You heard me.

Give me the bloody keys, I'm commandeering the car!

Give it to him.

And your side arm.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

You realize once you're inside there, we can't allow you out.

[male] Where is he going?



Colonel Caine, S.A.S., I'm crossing the river.

You don't want to go in there, sir.

I know I don't.

Get them gates in position!

Secure this post-- move!



[clunk] [groaning]

[female alien voice] Carlsen, Carlsen.



Carlsen. Carlsen.


[grinds gears]

Carlsen. Carlsen.




I'm glad to see you alive.

I reciprocate the sentiment.

Is he really dead?

This time?

The only way they can be killed.

Where's Bukovsky?



Like the rest.

How did you survive?

You're looking for Carlsen.

Has he been here?

No, perhaps he misled you.

What do you know about it?

I've been doing some more work.

Go on.

I discovered there is life after death.

How do you know?

There is a certain mental transference, telepathy, that occurs between the vampires and their victims.

Carlsen is after the girl.

How did you know that?

Oh, I...

I seem to sense it.

Where is she, Fallada?

Don't you know?

Carlsen knows.

Where, Fallada?

She's in the cathedral.

She's been there since she escaped.

Rather a nice touch, don't you think?

The crypt of kings and queens.

Stay where you are.

Stay where you are!


Here I go.



I knew you would come, Carlsen.

I'm here.

Now can this madness end?


Be with me.

I need you.

It was always intended you should find us and bring us to Earth.

The web of destiny carries your blood and soul back to the genesis of my life form.


Be with me.

Come with me, Carlsen.



It'll be much less terrifying if you just come to me.

I'll do just that.




What are these feelings?

Why do I feel so close to you?

Need you?

Because you're one of us.

You always have been.

You're like me.

Be with me.

Just a little more. Just a little more.