Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming (1970) Script

No! No!


Let me go, you bastard!

Calm down. Let me go!

Let me go!

Calm down or I'll pull your hair out.

Get back inside. Go on.

Get out. Go!

You need to show some dignity, Judge. Rolling in the dust doesn't look good.

Let my daughter go, you bastards, or else.

You can't hide behind that star. I'll report you to the federal sheriff.

Did you hear that, boys? He's threatening us.

Judge, that's a crime.

You know what you're going to do, Judge?

Go and see the federal sheriff in your underpants.

Trousers down. Get a move on, Judge. Obey us.

We're the law.

Trousers down in the name of the law.

You scum! No! No!

You get out of here fast, Judge.

Cowards! No!

Fast Let my father go!

Go on. Run.

Move. Run.

No! Let me go!


No! No! Let me go! Let me go!

Get back...

You damned coward!

The sentence has been carried out, Your Honor.

Look. Here comes a priest.

Yeah. He picked the right moment.

Hey, priest, what are you looking for?

Maybe you're in time to save his soul.


Have you forgotten your psalms?

While I'm at it, I'll pray for your souls too because the Lord said, "Remember you are dust and to dust you will return."


Stop or I'll shoot!

Hey, you. Are you deaf or are you tired of living?

Are there any animals more important than you behind those bars?

I'll show you... Calm down.

What's going on?

What do you want? To get in.

You got a pass? No.

I've just got three murdered sheriffs. Will that do?

Tell the director. Go on, hurry up.

Go on, keep moving, you scabby dogs!

Sir, there's a man outside with three dead sheriffs.

Keep moving!

Hurry UP!

Open up. Quickly.

Stop now.

Stop now. Carry on working.

Stop, you bastards.

Where did you find them? In Sandy Creek.

Were they dead? No, they were alive when I got there.

This happened later.

Listen, friend, you're just a fool. You could pay dearly for this.

I killed them.

And I've come here to give myself up.

As you wish.

You've managed to get in.

But remember that no one gets out.

In the cages!

Get down.

Off with your coat.

The pistol.

Drop it.

See if he's got any more weapons.


That's enough.

This is the Everglades welcome.

We'll make you stop wanting to play the fool.

Come on, stand up. Move it.

Water! Water...

Water... Water...

Come on, move it.

Open up, Gus.

Water... I'm dying of thirst.

Hey, Sancho.

This guy's a bit of a joker.

Let him have some fun. OK.

Leave it with me.

Water... It's too hot.

You're right, my friends. It's damned hot.

We're dying in here. Water...

Water, damn you!

Have pity on us or we'll all die.


It really is damned hot. Give us a drop.

You bastard, give us some water.

Calm down. One at a time.

There's enough for everyone. Calm down.

That's enough. You've had too much.

Get back! Get back!

Get back, you bastards.

Get your hands away.

Hey, Sancho.

Give me some water too. You hear me?


We're dying in here. It's too hot!

You want some of my water too?

Of course you can have some.

Coming UP!

Hello, Sheriff.

Open Up, please.

Hey, Bill, give me a hand. Right away.

Hello. Hello.

Take the sheriff's horse. Yes, sir.


Still nothing. The man's as stubborn as a mule.

You promised me you'd make him speak.

Yes, but I can't keep on torturing him.

Have you tried my way?

If we kill him before he speaks, we're done for.

I'll have a think.

Why do you want to string it out, Grand Full?

It's all over for you.

Sooner or later the death sentence will have to be carried out and you'll end up hanging.

I'm giving you one last chance.

Tell me where you've hidden that gold and I promise you'll live.

You know that I'm the law and I can do that.

All right, I'll be a bit more persuasive from now on.

So have you decided to speak?

No! No.

All right. Then you're no use to me any more.

Hang him tomorrow.

Did you see? It's no use, he won't speak.

Are you sure he knows where the gold is?

It's worth risking it for 500,000 dollars.

But we can't actually hang him, can we?

It'll be a fake hanging. The rope around his neck will loosen his tongue.

He's not stupid. What will he do with 500,000 dollars when he's dead?

Hey, boys, it's us.

You're all done for tonight. About time too.

Had you fallen asleep? We're only five minutes late.

Hello. It's freezing here at night.

Yeah, and boiling during the day.

This place is getting me down.

Spending my life walking over these piles of shit.

Better walking on it than being up to your neck in it.

You said it.

It's true.

Good night. Good night.

Hey, Sancho, give me a drop of water.

Hold on, it's finished.

I'll go and fill my canteen.

Where did you get that water?

Gus, have you got a light?


What's the matter?

What's going on down there?

He's drunk a bit more than usual and he can't stand up.

Get up, Sancho.

Sit him down and he'll feel better.

All right. Stay down there.


Nice, isn't it?

Damn it, he's completely drunk.

They said you wanted to talk to me. Here I am.

How did you do it?

When I saw the guards dragging you past I thought...

Get to the point, Grand Full.

Tell me something interesting if you want to get out.

500,000 dollars in gold. Half each.

Where is it?

I knew you wouldn't have been able to ignore an old friend's words.

It's in Mansfield.

That bastard sheriff framed me...

All right, tell me the rest later.

Hey, you up there! There's an empty cage. A prisoner's escaped.

Hey, everybody!

They'll kill us. Shut up and follow me.

Hurry UP!

Have you found them? No. Go that way.

Stay close behind me.

Search outside too.

We wanted to say goodbye before we went.

You'll never do it. Sooner or later you'll be brought to justice.

If there was justice in this jail, you'd be the first to die.

Come here!

Hey, assemble a mounted patrol and open the gate.

You need to surround the wall.


What's going on outside?

Nothing. I'm leaving.

Hat, coat and pistol. Quick.

Go to the other side.

Hurry! Everybody outside!

Surround the wall!

Gagged and bound.

That's how you prepare people for the gallows, right?

You ought to know.

But I'm not a hangman like you.

I'll give you a chance to survive.

It's up to you whether you take advantage of it.

Turn around.

Now listen carefully.

If the flame reaches your clothes you're well and truly fried.

But if you run fast you might reach the trough at the end of the courtyard.

There. If you want to save your skin, run and stick your butt in the water.

Grab him! It's him!

Come on.

Let's grab him!

Let me go, you idiots. It's me.

Quick, the gate. Shut the gate!

There's no law in Mansfield.

There's just that bastard sheriff, Manassas Jim.

He threw me in jail for murdering my partner, a man called Johnson.

But in fact... I didn't do it.

We were partners in a gambling den.

But he also owned a bank and was asked to mediate in a business deal.

What deal? Buying and selling.

The sheriff's brother, Manassas Joe, had 20 million dollars in forged notes and a man called Monk wanted to buy them for 500,000 dollars in gold.

Johnson thought he could double-cross the pair of them and pocket everything himself.

So he had this great idea.

He arranged for Monk and Manassas Joe to meet in our gambling den.

Gentlemen, you've requested my expertise as a banker to evaluate your goods.

Yes, here's 500,000 dollars in gold... With which you intend to acquire...

My 20 million in counterfeit notes.

I'm to decide whether the gold is good and the banknotes are perfectly forged.

Exactly. Exactly.

All right, gentlemen, you're in my house and I will guarantee everything.

But I don't deal with armed men.

So please remove your holsters.

It's no laughing matter.

Johnson killed Manassas Joe.

But the other man wasn't Monk, he was his henchman.

So where do you come in? Me? I told you.

I was Johnson's partner.

It was his idea to double-cross them but the gambling den was mine too.

Who was going to tell that gentleman that I wasn't involved?

I was up to my neck in it.

What have you done, you idiot?

We'll never get out of here with this.

We'll both die here.

You don't get it. I'll get out of here with this and you'll die.

Damn that cheating, two-faced bastard swine!

Then what? What happened to Johnson?

That's the big mystery.

I heard he was found dead in the gambling den with the two men that he'd killed.

The gold and the counterfeit money had vanished.

Manassas Jim said I'd killed Johnson and hidden the gold and the forged banknotes.

It's a logical conclusion. But it's not true.

At the trial I yelled till I was blue in the face.

But like I said, in Mansfield that bastard Manassas Jim tells the sun when to shine.

He sentenced me to death then threw me in that stinking jail to make me talk.

But I don't know where the gold is.

Why are you looking at me like that?

I'm not convinced by your story.

I'm thinking maybe I should take you back to jail.

You don't understand. The gold's got to be in Mansfield.

A load of people are looking for it and they'll find it unless...

Unless I find it first.

Sure. The gold is there, you can bet on it. It's there.

Along with a bunch of people who'll shoot me in the back.

You'll take some risk for your share, won't you?

All right. We'll split it.

Go to Sonora and wait to hear from me. Can't we go to Mansfield together?

No. I've only got one thing to offer the people of Mansfield.

Your skin.

Don't offer it to too many people or someone will take you up on it.

You mustn't push this mare too hard, Polack, or you'll ruin her.

All right. You need to go easy on her.

I've been doing this job for years.

Just pick the winning card.

That's all you have to do. Pick the right one.

Place your bets. One dollar. Just one dollar.

Keep your eyes on the cards. This one wins, the other two lose.

This is the winning card. You saw it.

These are the losing ones.

Don't get it wrong. This is the winning card. This is always the winning card.

These two are the losing cards. Watch where I put them.

The one you need to bet on is this one. This is the winning card.

Watch where I put it. Watch the cards. No tricks.

Just pick the winning card.

Voilà, les jeux sont faits. Place your bets.

I accept all bets.

Go on, bet. Don't turn your back on fortune.

Fortune is blind but you have eyes.

Don't be afraid. Go on.

No tricks. Go on, don't think about it too much.


Lift it up. Lift it up!

He won!

C'est la vie! Some are winners, some are losers.

And some should mind their own business.

In Mansfield the golden rule is...

Why do you need to remind them?

Place your bets, gentlemen. We're still playing.

This is the winning card.

See? The gentleman doubled his stake.

Howdy. Will you look after it?

That one?

It's two dollars a day. Provided there's no stuff that'll explode or burn.

No, just an organ.

An organ? Yes.

One of those musical things? Yes.

What do you need that for? I want to open a dance hall.

If you get the chance, spread the word.

I'm staying at the hotel for a few days.

This is my best room. Will it do?


I'll get your bed ready. Thanks, but I'm expecting people.

Come on. Make yourself at home.

Another time, eh?

But... Plenty of opportunities.

My guests have never complained. Of course not.

They were too scared.

Sorry to disturb you, stranger, but I've never seen shooting like that before.

The sheriff's man nearly landed on me.

The lawmen shoot from the roof here?

You're in big trouble.

Here they... They do what they want and use the law as an excuse.

What's your excuse for coming in here?

To help you. Why? Do I need help?

Come and see.

Look at the party they're throwing for you.

Get back!

You're right. I am in big trouble.

Manassas Jim isn't the type to back off.

He'd burn down the hotel to get his hands on you.

The only way out is the garbage chute.

It goes from the kitchen to a ditch behind the hotel.

What do you say?

Better to smell rotten than to rot.

Let's go.

Come on, hurry up.

All in good time.

Two at the usual place.

The rest of you up there.

Not again.

Why can't you wait for them outside?

Do you always have to come looking for criminals here?

Quiet, you slut.

Which room did you give that man?

The one at the end of the corridor.

And try not to make holes in my furniture this time.

I'm here, boys.

Come on. The coast is clear.

This is what I was talking about. No one's going to bother you here.

As you said, better to stink alive than dead.


After you, my friend.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Help me, Sheriff. I don't know how he realized that...


What are you doing?

What are you doing in here? Get out.

There's a price on your head.

What are you doing in Mansfield?

If you want to talk business, why don't you sit down?

What business am I going to talk about with you?

500,000 dollars in gold.

All right.

If you want to know, that money's mine. It was meant for my brother.

If you know where it is, we can make a deal.

Grand Full says he doesn't know.

That damned bastard!

He killed my brother.

He says it was Johnson.

After he killed my brother he killed Johnson too.

And he took everything.

The real dollars and the fake ones.

Looks like the truth has many faces.

But this is the real truth.

Listen to me.

I'd told my brother Joe not to trust Grand Full and Johnson.

But he thought he was smarter than them and insisted on keeping that damned appointment.

When I got to the gambling den I found three bodies with single bullet wounds.

Monk's gold had vanished, Joe's counterfeit money had vanished.

My brother was still warm.

No sign of a struggle. That bastard had killed them like animals.

Which bastard was that?

Grand Full.

Then why let himself get arrested?

He had the money and a bad conscience, two things which should have made him the fastest man in Mansfield.

Monk was involved in this too.

He'd surrounded the town with his army of tramps to stop anyone from getting out.

Who is this Monk?

A merchant.

He buys men and weapons, puts them together and sells them to the highest bidder.

Now you sit down too.

Keep your hands on the table where I can see them.

That's right. Good.

Now it's your turn to tell the truth.

Try to make it convincing.

Very convincing.

I'll offer you a deal.

I'll tell you where Grand Full's hiding and you take down the poster outside and tell your men to leave me in peace.

When I find the gold we'll split it.

Grand Full sent you here without saying where the gold is.

See how hard it is to make him talk?

Grand Full's in Sonora.

If you want him, send someone in my name.

And take down that poster outside, partner.


It's the man who's wanted.

Let's get out of here.

Give me a whiskey. A whiskey. Of course.

I see you.

I said I see you.

Did you hear me?

Are we playing or not?

I said I see you.

You won't see any more.

I don't want trouble in my establishment.

Don't think about pulling any tricks.

My men are aiming at you.

There's a good price on your head but I'm not interested.

I just want you out of here.

A price on my head?

I don't understand. There must be a mistake.

A mistake?

You'll see. You've been misinformed.

Come with me.

What did I tell you?

What was so interesting about what you told the sheriff?

Why don't you ask him?

Go back to the tables, gentlemen. Play is resumed.

Go back to the tables.

What's going on in here, Mr. Nobody?

Just a little misunderstanding, Sheriff.

Come and sit down in my office.

I'll sit in for you if you don't mind.

All right.

I see you too.


There. You won't pass again now.

Come out, Plon Plon.

Keep playing. Keep playing, my friend.

This place is full of people with long ears.

But they don't know much about music.

They only like music from guns.

Excellent! You're very good.

I didn't know you played the organ.

Those are a poker player's hands. Or have you changed jobs?

No, it's an old passion of mine.

Have you been here long?

Long enough to know everything that's going on.

And what are you doing here in Mansfield?

I'm a collector. Real money and forged money. You know anything about that?

Mon Dieu! You don't work for the government, do you?

You think I'm the type? No.

Who could possibly think that about you?

There must be something big brewing to bring you hereto Mansfield.

You're an old fox.

You're not talking about half a million dollars in gold coins, by any chance?

What do you know about that?

Well, just what all the others know.

You know those dogs too.

Look how many of them have gone wild over that gold.

That bastard sheriff first of all, that great big ape Monk.

And then... You got a light?

Yes, right away.

And then the small fry. Small but very hungry.

A strange man who's called the Polack but comes from who knows where.

Nobody, the new owner of the gambling den.

A man called One Eye.

And then Belle, Johnson's widow.

Who's that?

He's an invention of mine.

Go, Alfie.

Thank you, Alfie.

Do you like him? Ingenious.

Very ingenious.

I'd like you to be my partner.

How much do you want?

Well, I'm one of those hungry small fry too.

I've been looking for that money for months. I've wasted a lot of time.

Half each, all right?

Half each plus Alfie.

It's a deal. Let's shake on it.

Look, down there is my office.

You'll always find me there when I'm not working.

Hey, stranger. Make yourself scarce.

Listen. Yes, my friend.

They sent this over from the hotel.

Apparently it's urgent.

A very delicate scent.

You won't need that, madam.

I was afraid you wouldn't come.

Why wouldn't I have?

Because you don't know who I am.

You're the beautiful widow of 500,000 dollars in gold and 20 million in counterfeit notes.

I'm not in the mood to joke about these things.

Why did you come to Mansfield?

To open a dance hall. But I need capital.

So that's why you're looking for the money and you made a deal with the sheriff?

Even if that's so, what's it to do with you?

The money my husband had was my money.

He frittered it away for years in his shady deals.

I'm the only one with a right to the 500,000 dollars that he's hidden.

No matter who you've made a deal with, I'll offer you more.

I could certainly consider that offer. I recommend you do.

Stop right there.

Turn around. No funny business.

If you don't mind I'd like to pick up the conversation where you left off.

You've ruined my hat, my friend.

I'm the best shot in Mansfield. I never miss.

I hit your hat because I didn't want to hit what was underneath.

Should I thank you for your thoughtfulness?

No, there's no need.

You just need to tell me what you told Manassas Jim.


Well... Excuse me, madam.

You've really got on my nerves.

Thank you for meeting with me, madam.

I hope next time you'll have the courtesy to leave your friends at home.

You don't think that...

I do.

The best shot in Mansfield.


You saw him. He's a demon.

Wait, Belle.

Don't go.

I can't go back to town like this. Damn it!

Damn it! The filthy bastard!

Be ready. As soon as he comes out of the rocks we'll let him have it.

He's gone.

Damn him! I'll make him stop his silly games.

There he is.

No, wait.

Same old trick.

We're disarmed. Don't shoot.

Who brought them here?

The devil.






That's it.



Go that way!

You're a heavy sleeper, Monk.

I can't hear you.

But I can read your lips, you ugly son of...

Spare me the compliments, Monk.

I just want a little chat with you.

I told you, I'm deaf.

Because you don't want to hear.

If you don't care about the money they stole from you, I'll leave now.

All right.

But when you talk to me, remember to look me in the face.

What a pleasure. Go on, then, speak.

General Monk, a man's got into the camp.


You bastard!

I can see a man's got into the camp.

I could thrash you within an inch of your life! You dumb animals!

I'll wake you up!

Bastards, the lot of you!

And you too.

What are you doing here?

Get out of my sight!

Damn you!

Look at you. Some army you are!

All you can do is sit there in the sun.

Where do you think you're going?

Take that! And that!

When the general goes wild nobody can control him.

Why do you call him General? General of what, those tramps?

Tramps? This is an army.

That's why he wants the money, to build up the army and sell it to the highest bidder.

Another revolution's started in Mexico.

And where are you going?

With a burnt ass!


Give me that.

For you, my general.


That gold is mine.

Grand Full stole it from me so Grand Full must die.

You're Grand Full's friend so you must die.

We must all die sooner or later, General.

Yes, but not all tonight.

You've convinced me.

I know. You're smart.

But this time you made a mistake.

You're the one who made a mistake.

You trusted Johnson.

I didn't trust him.

That night I was waiting outside Mansfield.

I'd got everything planned.

As soon as it was dark I went into town with a patrol.

It was silent.

The lights were all out.

Even the lights in the gambling den.

That made me suspicious.

We approached without making a sound and I went to have a look inside.

What I saw was the last thing I'd expected to see.

Stone-cold dead. Yes.

Dead as a mackerel.

The man I'd sent in my place.

And the gold...

The gold was missing, of course.

I was sorry I hadn't gone myself.

I'd have shown those bastards if they'd tried to swindle me like that.

I couldn't even put the blame on Manassas Joe because he was lying stone-dead on the floor with a bullet hole in his belly.

Someone must have hatched that plan to double-cross us all.

But I noticed that the crates Manassas Joe had brought were still untouched.

Or so I thought, damn it, because instead of the counterfeit dollars there was just dirty paper.

A heap of dirty stinking paper.

And Johnson? How would I know?

There were only two bodies there.

Then that bastard sheriff stirred things up.

He says he found Johnson there with a bullet right between his eyes.

I say he brought him there himself after he'd shot him.


But he hasn't got the gold.

Right. It didn't all go his way.

He tortured that other bastard, Grand Full, for months without getting a word out of him.

If he'd let me at him, I swear I'd have made him talk.

I'd give half of that money to get my hands on him.

It's a deal.

You know where he is?

All right. Half the gold for Grand Full's skin.

Tell me where he is.

You can find Grand Full in Sonora.

Send someone to tell him that I've found what he's looking for.

Did you hear, you idiot? Off you go.

Thanks for dinner.

You forgot to tell me the best part.

Where the gold is.

You think if I knew I'd have come hereto listen to you?

There he is! It's him!

That's enough.

Let him go, boys.

Thanks, General. You're too kind.

So long, General.

Stop him!

Stop him!

Damn the lot of you!

Scoundrels! Bastards!

At last. I've been waiting for you, stranger.

Something terrible's happened. Plon Plan's been killed.

The sheriff left with his men at sundown so I didn't know what to do.

Come with me.

He's over there.

Who fired that shot? What's going on in here?

What's going on? Plon Plan's been killed. He's in there.


What are you doing here?

Are you trying to take the sheriff's place with all those questions?

No. I heard shots and they told me there's a dead man here.

It was just curiosity.

If you find out who killed him you'll also find out who hid the loot you're looking for.

The old man didn't trouble anyone.

But he had a brain.

He must have used it too much so someone put a bullet in it.

That bastard sheriff has other things to deal with.

He'll never find out who killed him.

Yeah. We need a federal agent here.

Son of a bitch.

Take off your stars.

Tell him Sartana sent you.

If he doesn't believe you, shoot.

But make sure you don't kill him.

He's only worth half a million dollars if he's alive.

Get down.

Hey, kid. Is Grand Full here?

Yes, he's inside.

Come here and have a drink. Oh, no, señor.

Keep me company. Just for a little while.

No, no. Come on. Come here.

Let me kiss you. No, no.

Look out, the boy's here.

Señor, your friends are outside.

They said Sartana sent them.

Sartana? All right, Paco, let them come in.



If you treat your friends like this, how do you treat other people?

They weren't my friends.

That son of a bitch Sartana has started gambling with my skin.

Hold it.

Grand Full, listen to me.

The house is surrounded. You can't escape.

Come out and we'll make a deal.

If you don't, I'll set the house on fire.

We'll split the money. I give you my word of honor.

Now I want yours.


You asked for it, Grand Full.

Holy Mother of God! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Come on, Paco, let's go.

Sartana, you're a filthy bastard son of a bitch.

You may be a son of a bitch but you're a friend too.

Everybody get down!

Take cover!

What do we do? There are too many of them.

Just think about saving your own skin.

Sartana sold the news to Monk too.

Another one gone.

With both sides even they might wipe each other out.

The bastard's getting away.

What do you want at this time of night? The lady's resting.

Tell her that her new partner's here.

The lady will understand.

What do you want?

To see your husband's study. Come back tomorrow.

Tonight. Better tonight if you care about that money.

What if someone sees me receiving you at this time of night?

Someone? Half the town is spying on me.

I need to think about my reputation.

You need to think about 500,000 dollars too.

All right, come in.

This was his study.

When I got here two days after my husband's death, the whole house looked like this, as if it had been hit by a cyclone.

First a cyclone, now me.

Hey, no. Just a minute.

This is my bedroom.

But you're not in there so there's no need to ask your permission.


Don't you have anything better to hide?

If you knew I was here, why didn't you say so before?

I'm looking for 500,000 dollars in gold and 20 million in counterfeit banknotes.

It's too boring a subject for a man in love.

Just pretend I'm not here.

You know what? You're in charge, Alfie.

Looks like we've all had the same idea.

Let's be reasonable, gentlemen.

We'll be playing right into his hands if we kill each other.


He brought us here on purpose.

You picked the right place, Sartana, because you'll be staying here forever.

But only after he's told us his secrets, right?

Put your guns down.

You, One Eye, get into the grave. Quick.

Look at what's in there.

Don't be afraid.

It would have been a good place to hide the 500,000 dollars.

Why here?

Because Johnson ended up right here.

Yeah. But not by himself, four men brought him.

Here, Manassas. It's your brother's.

What do you see under that boot, Sheriff?

The same earth that's here.

It looks the same but it isn't.

Your brother didn't come here by himself to be buried either.

Hey, you. What the hell did he say?

Whoever finds out where that earth is from will find the loot.

Good night, gentlemen.

Did you understand any of that?

Hold it! The first one who moves is a dead man.

Remember I'm the best shot in Mansfield.

And I'm happy to increase the population of this cemetery.

See these sacks?

Fill them with all the gold from that box and hand them to me.

And no funny business.

Cowards. Three against one.

Howdy, Polack.

I've been dividing the bad and the good this evening. Which side are you on?

I might as well tell you.

My real name's Sam Puttnam.

I'm a federal agent.

Are you against the law? Neither for it nor against it.

Let's say my ideas are my own.

What did you say your name was? Sam... Puttnam.

Ah, yes.

Listen, why don't we team up?

The government's only interested in the 20 million counterfeit dollars.

That's why I'm hanging around Belle.

All right. You get the fake ones, I get the real ones.


How could I refuse an offer like that?

You stick your nose in everywhere, One Eye.

I may know where this earth is from.

For someone with only one eye, you see too well.

Take off that patch, Sam Puttnam.

Well done.

You recognized me.

It's not that hard, even with that Polack idiot passing himself off as a federal agent using your name.

I'm starting to think that old Plon Plon had worked everything out.


But he didn't tell me a thing.

I know.

Speaking of that earth, let's meet at the Turkish baths tomorrow morning.

Maybe we can go for a ride together.

All right, boys. You've been sworn in.

I hope you appreciate what that means.

From now on you represent the law and it's your duty to make sure it's respected.

You'll come with me. Saddle up two horses.

You're five against one. You'll succeed, I hope.

Send me alone so I won't have to share.

Better a few sure dollars than a lot and the risk of a bullet between the eyes.

Off you go.

It wasn't me.

Was he dead when you found him?

He was still alive?

He said "Apache".

Hey, Tubb, where are you?

Over here, Joe. Careful, don't let him get away.

There he is.

Where? There.


What the hell are you doing?

Sorry, I made a mistake.

Where's the sheriff?

At the Apache caves.

Who's there?

Come out, Manassas.

I know you're in there.

Make your mind up, Manassas.

Your precious treasure's burning.

It's still 20 million dollars.

You'd never burn money.

Even if it is counterfeit.

You don't want to spend the whole night in there on your own.

I'll send Alfie in to keep you company.

I'll piss on your stupid toy.

Did you hear that?

If I were you, I'd go and teach him a lesson.

So long, Alfie.

20 million up in smoke.

Pity, but I've never liked counterfeit money.

It takes a lot to be as unlucky as you are, Polack.

You passed yourself off as Sam Puttnam without realizing that the real Sam Puttnam was here in Mansfield.

It's maddening to die when you're so close to all that gold.

You knew it was here.

That's why you killed Plon Plon.

Because he'd worked it out, right?

No, it wasn't me.

I didn't kill him.

Is that enough, madam?

No. More please, Sarah, it's wonderful.

Sarah, I told you to carry on. What are you waiting for?

There's no time for baths now, madam.

I've found the 500,000 dollars.


Here in Mansfield.

We need to move it out quickly to save it from Monk.

I need one hour.

Meet me in Green Falls.

It's best if we're not seen together.

All right?

You need to hurry if you want to reach town before Sartana leaves.


On your horses!

I want half of that gold. You promised.

Promises to a woman like you only last as long as the bed is warm.

Señora, what happened? Did he hurt you?


Follow me!

I thought you wanted to leave, stranger.

That's right. But first I'm going to give a concert.

In the middle of the street?

Why not? Monk will be coming this way.

Did you say Monk?

Hey, everybody, Monk's coming!

Quick! Get back into your houses!

Monk's coming! Get out of here!

Monk's coming! Monk's coming!


Get out of here!

Get inside!

Monk's coming!

Sartana! Yes?

Give me the 500,000 dollars and I'll let you live.

How can I give it to you if I haven't found it?

"I haven't found it."

Liar. I know you've got it.

I haven't. How do you want me to tell you?

With music?

First squadron, charge!

You bastards!


Turn around.



Turn around.

The rest of you, get down. Quick!

Come on.

Well done, we've got rid of him.

He's gone.

Where's that son of a bitch?

We'd got him.

Watch out. Go back.

You, look this way. You, that way.

He can't be far.


You did it.

We did it.

Darling, take me away with you. Of course, dear.

It's all ours now.

All ours.

Where did you hide it?

Over there, look.

Ingenious, huh? You're a clever devil.

I'm not a fool like your husband, sweetheart.

It's not easy to put a bullet between my eyes.

I wouldn't be so sure if I were you.

It's the last hand of the game, Sartana.

Think about it. Do you really want to use pistols?

You've been pulling your puppets' strings until now.

Now it's your turn to go on stage.

How did you work it out?

It wasn't difficult.

I just compared the stories of three liars.

Yours was perfect except for one thing.

The putty around that window is old.

You didn't escape through it.

Nobody's perfect.

Johnson and Manassas Joe hid the counterfeit money in the Apache caves.

They went to meet Monk with a load of dirty old paper.

But then Johnson killed Manassas and Monk's man.

Exactly. Go on.

The rest is pretty obvious.

You and Belle split the work between you.

She killed Johnson and you hid the gold in the gambling den.

And the location of the counterfeit money died with Johnson and Manassas Joe.

That bastard chose to die rather than tell us where he'd hidden the 20 million counterfeit dollars.

And you brought his body to the gambling den to make everyone think he died here.

But the sheriff screwed you.

He arrested you and threw you into Everglades jail to make you talk.

Lucky I had a friend like you.

I needed you to get rid of all those dogs who were after that bone.

Fine friend you are.

I got you out of jail and you threw me to the dogs.

You deserve to go straight back in that cage.

You sound like a judge.

A judge?

If I were a judge, I'd have already sentenced you to death.

It's hard to make a dead man tell you where he's hidden a mountain of gold.

You can die in peace. I already know where it is.

Nice safe, huh?

No one would have thought of it. No one except you.

Not even me, Grand Full.

You just told me. With your eyes.

Now get out while you've still got time.

I've been wondering for a while if you're faster than me.

You should know by now.

I'm not settling for half when I can take it all with one bullet.

See? Your father's buried here.

He was poor but very clever.

And you owe it to him too if you can afford the luxury of going around dressed in gold.

Thanks, Alfie.