Like Father (2018) Script

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WOMAN: Hello. Rachel Hamilton.

Yes, thank you for calling me back.

Yes, Mr. LeRue told me you were coming in tomorrow.

Well, I promise, once you hear our pitch, there will be no doubt in your mind that LeRue is the company to make you America's next favorite potato chip.

Excuse me, the world's greatest potato chip.

(CHUCKLES) Right. Well, anyways, I'm sorry for calling on a Sunday, uh, but I actually... won't be in the meeting tomorrow, unfortunately, so I just wanted to make sure we had a chance to connect.

Mm-hmm? Why... won't I be there? Uh...

Actually, I'm getting married today. WOMAN: Come on, Rachel.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I know, it is exciting.

I wish I could serve your chips to my guests.

Maybe I should place an order right now and just postpone this wedding, huh?


♫ I've been crying, ooh, ooh ♫

♫ 'Cause I'm lonely for you ♫

♫ Smiles have all turned to tears ♫

♫ But tears won't wash away the fears ♫

♫ That you're never ever gonna return ♫

♫ To ease the fire that within me burns ♫

♫ It keeps me cryin', baby, for you ♫

♫ Keeps me sighin', baby, for you ♫

♫ So won't you hurry? ♫

♫ Come on, boy, see about me ♫ (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING)


I'm not used to having my picture taken. PHOTOGRAPHER: It's fine.

I mean, the best wedding photos are the ones that show terror and fear.


♫ My friends are gone and you have, too ♫

♫ No peace shall I find ♫

♫ Until you come back and be mine... ♫ PHOTOGRAPHER: Oh, I love your pearls. Ah, thank you.


♫ Keep on cryin', baby, for you ♫

♫ I'm gonna keep sighin', baby, for you ♫

♫ So come on, hurry ♫

♫ Come on and see about me ♫ PHOTOGRAPHER: All right, loosen up.

Show some teeth.

(LAUGHING) (CHUCKLES) I feel so awkward.

PHOTOGRAPHER: We're getting so much good stuff.

Wonderful! I think we got it. Good. Okay.

Good, very good. Okay. Heh. (CHUCKLES)

♫ Come see about me See about you, baby ♫

♫ Come see about me ♫

♫ You know I'm so lonely Come see about me ♫

♫ I love you only, come see about me ♫

♫ See about you, baby Come see about me ♫

♫ Hurry, hurry ♫ (INDISTINCT CHATTER)



Hey Penny, it's Rachel.

This is a reminder to make sure that the team presents the Cara's Cookies materials tomorrow in the pitch meeting.

And make sure that they say it is Whole Foods' top organic cookie seller, and that we created the brand.

Uh, what else?

Please ma... We have to go.

Uh... the... I gotta go.


Can I give this...






Hi, everyone. I'm Frank LeRue.

I'm Rachel's boss.

And according to the Internet and the state of New York, I am here to join... my star employee... and Owen... in holy matrimony.

Now, Owen, from what I've gathered... you are a very smart, kind, adventurous guy.

A physical therapist... a great pasta maker... (GUESTS CHUCKLES)

...and one of the last remaining in-line skaters.

That takes dedication! (RACHEL AND GUESTS LAUGHS)

Now, some people don't think that there's such a thing as a branding emergency.

But if there is...

Rachel... is our EMT. (GUESTS CHUCKLES)

FRANK: She's committed, dedicated, and inspiring.

And now... the good stuff.

Will you please join hands?


BRIDESMAID: I'll get it. RACHEL: Okay.




(SOFTLY) I can't do this.

What? I'm so sorry.

Oh, God, Rach.


OWEN: Sorry. What is he doing?

Owen? Wait. Owen.

FRANK: Uh... just a minute, folks. This is, uh...

This is a new thing that Rachel and Owen are trying out.

You know, they're innovating. Always. (CHUCKLES)

Sorry. I'm so sorry. I know I wasn't supposed to bring it.

But... um, please, you cannot do this right now.

I know this is insane.

Oh, my God.

Were you on a call before you walked down the aisle?

Yes, but see how well you know me?

See? That's why we're supposed to be getting married today.

Come with me...

Come on. Wait.

Owen? I'm sorry.

I love you.

I really, really do.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I can't have this conversation again.

And not here.

I wanted this to work... more than it actually can. Oh, my God.

(CRYING) OWEN: I know you've tried.

Even our wedding can't make you change, and that's okay.

It's just not okay with me.




That's your dad?

(SIGHS) Excuse me.

(SNIFFLES) I have to get out of here.



I'm a fucking bride, you fucking cocksucker!



(PHONES RINGING) WOMAN: Good morning. LeRue.

MAN: Oh, no. Is she really here? WOMAN: I can't believe she's here. Oh!

WOMAN #2: What is she even doing? WOMAN #3: Awkward.

MAN #2: Hold on. Rachel's actually here. (MAN #3 INHALES SHARPLY)

MAN #2: I don't know what to say. (MUTTERING CONTINUES)

Morning, Penny.

FRANK: Morning. Good morning.

FRANK: You know you have two weeks off for that cruise, right?

Uh, I do, yeah.

Thanks, but I don't... I don't need it.


I'm fine.

I am. Really.

I'm... I'm sorry about yesterday. That was very dramatic, but, um...

(INHALES SHARPLY) You know, deep down, I know it was the right thing, and, uh...

I'm moving on to more important things, like the Evie's pitch at 11:00.

Did you talk to your dad?

Well, you saw him run off. So, no.

And honestly, I hardly know him, and I have no idea why he was there.

So, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that I'm here.

I've been trying to land this account for months.

So, uh... if you don't mind...

I'll just take the next five minutes to prep.

FRANK: Uh-huh.

I do not mind.


ANNOUNCER: Evie's. From our hearts to yours.

You're probably wondering why we didn't talk about how good your chips taste.

That's because... any chip company can say that.

And they'd be right, because all chips are good.

I mean, they're chips, right?

But what we think is special about your company, what... what makes it unique... is you guys.

Your chips aren't just a snack.

They are an act of love.

And here at LeRue, that's the story we want to tell.


(VOICE BREAKING) Honestly, when we moved out of Brooklyn two years ago, I never thought we'd be back in New York doing something like this.

Oh. We'd just gotten so caught up in the momentum of our draining everyday jobs...

(VOICE ECHOING) ...we'd forgotten how important things like... creating a human connection with our work was.

It... it touches me deeply to know

(IN NORMAL VOICE) ...that's what you'll be helping us continue to grow.

Can we answer any more questions you may have?

Uh, it's, uh, not really a question.

I just want to say thanks to all of you.

I mean, this is all really impressive.

Yeah, we know they're just potato chips, but they really are a... a part of us.

So, I hope you'll understand if we take some time with the decision.

Yeah. Of course.

Of course. Yeah. MAN: Thanks.

And, uh, Rachel...

Thank you so much for... for being here.

I mean, your new husband must really be so cool to not have minded you coming in today. WOMAN: Yeah.

Oh. (LAUGHS) Yeah, he's the coolest.

WOMAN: Tell him thank you for us. And have so much fun on your honeymoon.

I will.

That was brilliant. I can't believe she almost cried.

That was amazing. Did you see their faces?

FRANK: I gotta hand it to you guys, that was a brilliant job.

Really well done. Rachel... incredible.

(CHUCKLES) I can't believe I tried to send you home.

It's... (GRUNTS)


WOMAN: Oh, my... WOMAN #2: Jeez!






WOMAN: (ON TV) What's going on? MAN: Get inside! It's not safe!

WOMAN: Not safe? What is that thing? (CREATURE ROARS)






(GULPS) No, Owen, I think what you did was completely insane and entirely unforgivable.

Yeah, well, fuck you, too. (INHALES, EXHALES SHARPLY)

Hello? MAN: (OVER INTERCOM) Rachel. It's Dad.

I mean, it's...

Harry Hamilton, your father. (SIGHS)


You there?

Yeah, I'm here.

What do you want?

Look, um...

I could probably come up with, uh... a million excuses, apologies...

But that won't change the past.

You hate me, and you probably should.

But I came yesterday because I thought it would be the best day of your life, and therefore, a good day for me to show up. And...

I didn't realize that...

That what?


That... well, you know, you were there, so that... plan didn't exactly pan out.

I'm sorry. And I realize you... probably don't really want to talk to me right now, or anybody for that matter.

But I thought maybe you could use a drink.

You don't have to talk to me at all.

Come on, one drink.




Are you drunk?

Can I get a Manhattan, please?

Make that two. MAN: What type of bourbon?

BOTH: Woodford. MAN: Coming up.

♫ Fun in my life ♫

♫ With fun in my life ♫

♫ I find the simple life ♫ That's a pretty strong drink.

How many of those you had?

Three. I thought we were drinking, not talking.

♫ But, girl, I'm trying... ♫ I'm going to need three more, exactly like this, right away, please.

♫ Oh, with fun, fun in my life ♫ Ah.

♫ But, girl I'm trying to make the most of my time ♫



♫ I'm blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫

♫ Gong-gong, gong-gong, gong-gong Gong-gong-gong, gong-gong, yeah ♫

♫ I'm blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫

♫ Gong, gong, gong, gong-gong... ♫ How did you know I was getting married yesterday?

♫ Ha, blue... ♫ Well, there's a website called The Knot.

And then I found...

Owen and Rachel get married dot com.

Cute engagement photos, by the way. (SCOFFS) Of course. It was Owen's idea.

(SOFTLY) Smug asshole.

♫ My love with you was doomed ♫

(GLASSES CLINKS) ♫ I hope her reading was wrong ♫

♫ I hope she was wrong 'Cause you been gone too long, come home ♫

♫ Hey! Gong, gong-gong Gong-gong-gong, yeah ♫

♫ I'm blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫

♫ Gong, gong, gong Gong-gong, gong-gong, yeah ♫

♫ I'm blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫

♫ Gong, gong, gong Gong-gong, gong-gong-gong, yeah ♫

♫ I'm blue, ha, blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫

(MUNCHING) There's... theories about about this way of eating pizza, you know?

I see that you're a flat... pizza-eater. I'm a folder.

(SLURRING) If they wanted you to fold it... they would serve it like... like that. It's more manageable, in a way.

No, the chef wants you to eat it... Would hand it to you like a sandwich?

Yeah, it's not a sandwich. Right.

Hang on. Let me have more beer. Know what you're looking for?

I'm looking for my beer. Yeah, thanks. You're looking for a calzone.

That's your problem. ♫ Hey! ♫

♫ Gong, gong-gong, gong-gong-gong, yeah ♫

♫ I'm blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫

♫ Gong, gong, gong Gong-gong, gong-gong-gong, yeah ♫

♫ I'm blue, ha, blue Doo-bee, doo-bee, doo-bee-doo ♫


I might be wrong, but I think that driver's calling you.


HARRY: Mm. Mm-hmm.

(GASPS) Oh, shit.

(SLURRING) That's my honeymoon.











Hi, sweetheart. Oh, shit.

(GAGS) Ooh, shit...



Good start.





I didn't see any luggage.

I didn't pack any.

If I recall, you insisted that the clothes we were wearing would be fine.

(SCOFFS) It seemed to make sense at the time.

Less sense now. (GROANS)

You don't remember anything about it, do you?

No, not really.

Do you remember inviting me to join you?

No. Sorry.

Want to go see if they got an extra room?

Yeah. It...

No offense, just... Not at all.

Your snoring's louder than this thing's horn, anyway.

(♫ "HOT, HOT, HOT" PLAYING ♫) ♫ Olé, olé, olé, olé ♫

(INDISTINCT CHATTER) ♫ Olé, olé, olé, olé ♫

♫ Feelin' hot, hot, hot ♫

♫ Feelin' hot, hot, hot ♫



Uh, miss, I'm so sorry, but we really are fully booked.


WOMAN: Oh, congratulations.

What? Ew, that's my dad.

Oh. I am so sorry.

I just figured, you know, with the honeymoon suite and... you know...

Um, there's a pullout bed in the couch. Pre-made.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Let me know if I can book any excursions for you.

They are completely full.

She says there's a pullout bed in the couch.

♫ Rhum-boom-boom-boom ♫

When we get to Jamaica in two days, I could buy a plane ticket and fly home.

Yeah. I think we should both fly home then.

I need to get back to work.

♫ Olé, olé, olé, olé ♫ Sorry... that this whole thing happened.

Sorry to interrupt.

We just wanted to say congratulations. (GIGGLES)

HARRY: Thank you. WOMAN: We're neighbors.

MAN: Hi.

We saw you going into one of the honeymoon suites this morning.

We're honeymooners, too. Mm-hmm.

(WOMAN CHUCKLES) You two look so happy together.

Thank you. That's very nice.

So, when did you get married?

We thought maybe it was last night because of, uh, how, uh, drunk you were getting into your rooms this morning. (COUPLE AND HARRY CHUCKLES)

Well, we're headed to the spa.

Nice meeting you. WOMAN: You, too.

I need to get out of these clothes. (SIGHS)

Well, I'm sure there's a golden sarong around here somewhere with your name on it.

Why don't you let me take you shopping. My treat.

Sure. Okay.

This outfit has become one with my body, I've been wearing it for so long.

HARRY: I feel the same way about my underwear.

Don't talk about your underwear. (WHIRRING)

What the fuck is happening?

Are we on a fucking floating bar?

HARRY: (CHUCKLING) It seems we are.

Want to get a drink?

You're breaking up, but...

I'll be back in the office on Thursday. FRANK: Wait, what day?

Thursday. I thought it was ten days.

I'm leaving early. Why?

Because I don't need a vacation. Yes, you do.

Wait... So, your dad's there? (WHISPERING) Yes, he's here.

(LAUGHS) How drunk were you? (IN NORMAL VOICE) Quite drunk. Okay?

Oh, my God. Just... set... a dinner meeting with them on Thursday night.

I can take the chipsters out myself.

You know? No, no, don't. I will handle it.

All right. Whatever you say. Okay.

Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome. Bye.


You know... if you want to talk something through, I'm an accounts man, too.

How did you know what I do for a living?


It's not hard to find out information about anybody these days.

You're saying you never Googled me? No. Why would I have done that?

My wedding, my job...

You read a lot about me, huh?


Everything I could find.

You really never Googled me?


The service is terrible. I...

I'm gonna go take a walk, try to... I'll go with you.

Let me put my shoes on.

Maybe we should take our bathing suits that we bought...

We can try that surfing thing. I've wanted to try...


SINGER: ♫ Here we go, here we go Here we go, now ♫

♫ Here we go, here we go ♫ (MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY OVER P.A.)

Yeah. I think that surf thing's over on the other side of the ship.

Should we do it? Yeah, I just need to send this e-mail.

It's kind of important. I'm on the verge of a promotion.

Promotion? Yeah, I'd be the accounts director.

Well, if we land this company, a hippie potato chip maker from Upstate.

The chips are oddly good, though.

♫ There we go, now There we go, there we go ♫ It's just not... (SIGHS)

Yeah, I...

I'm not getting as good of service out here as I thought I would.

I'm gonna go back to the room, try to settle this. (SIGHS)

♫ There we go ♫

♫ Whoo, whoo! ♫

♫ Whoa ♫

♫ Yeah! ♫ I may be hard up, but I am definitely not that hard up.

And I'm not goin' anywhere...



MAN: Damn you! MAN #2: Man overboard!

MAN: I'll get you for this, you... (MUTTERS)

Not my tool belt! Hey, hey...

Boat movies on a boat. (CHUCKLES) WOMAN: Keep going!

MAN #2: As you wish. You're supposed to call it a ship.


MAN: If I ever catch you, lady, you're dead meat. You got that?






I feel like Owen set this whole thing up because he knew I wouldn't have service in the middle of the ocean.

Loser. Yeah.

He had nerve wanting the person he was spending time with to actually pay attention to him.

Why are you here, Harry?

Well, you practically forced me into that town car.

You may not remember, but you were aggressive. Uh-uh.

I don't care why you're on the cruise.

Why are you here... after all this time?

Why now?


You want to do this now?

Leaving you was...

Please don't give me some rehearsed speech with a bunch of lame excuses about why you left.

I don't care why you left. I really don't give a shit why you left.

Okay? I care while you're here.

You showed up on my wedding day.

Now you're acting like we're best friends who have spent our lives together. Why?

Why now, Harry?


Gabe, my partner... Oh, shit, you're gay?

Oh, I didn't know you were gay. No one told me that.

(CHUCKLING) You think I'm gay?

Not that there'd be anything wrong with it if I was, but... no.

Gabe is my work partner.

We built a successful business together.

But, uh, I had some... some time off from work. And...

Gabe always says it's never too late. So, here I am.

Oh. So, you had time off, and then your friend told you to come.

Okay. I'm gonna get hash browns. I wanted to come, too...

No, that's... Hash browns?

I got extra for the table, and I don't eat them. Too many carbs.

So glad you lovebirds could finally join us.

MAN: Hey. MAN #2: You must be Rachel and Owen.

We're your assigned tablemates.

This is my gorgeous boyfriend, Steve. I'm Jim.

From San Francisco. Been dating two years.

That is Shirley and Leonard from Palm Beach.

Hi. JIM: Look at their outfits.

Are they not the cutest thing? I love 'em.

They are celebrating, get this... (CHUCKLES)

...their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations.

SHIRLEY: Thank you. JIM: Dan and Beth.

Second marriage for them both. The right one.

And... from Wichita?

Yes. Very impressive, Jim. You're right.

JIM: Why, thank you. Jim's insanely good at remembering things about people. It's... part of what makes him a good therapist, and it's gonna make him such a good dad.

JIM: We're adopting. STEVE: Yeah.

We're on the waiting list, so, don't wanna jinx it.

We're manifesting. If we think it, it's gonna happen.

STEVE: How did you guys meet? JIM: Yeah, what's your story?

How'd you catch the silver fox? Mm.


Hi, I'm Harry, actually, Rachel's dad.

Rachel and Owen decided not to get married, so she invited me to come.

You see, I left her... when she was five years old.

It's unforgivable. I know.

So, I showed up at their wedding a few days ago, and Owen decided to be a little bitch and leave Rachel at the altar.

So, I took Rachel out and got her good and drunk, and, uh, we're here.

(CHUCKLES) It's nice to meet you all, but we're gonna be getting off the ship when it docks in Jamaica tomorrow.

So you see, we have very little time, and um...

I'd like to congratulate all of you for your love.

That's really great.

MAN: Can we have a couple of lemon wedges? Thank you.

Hi, I'm Rachel. LEONARD: Hi.

DAN: Hey. Hey, Rachel. Nice to meet you.

I don't think you needed to know all of that, but now you do, so...

Sorry that we're leaving tomorrow.

Not as sorry as we are.

I mean, this is more interesting than what they got in the brochure.

Honey. Yeah. I'm sorry.

You guys hadn't seen or spoken to each other in how long?

Twenty-five years. Twenty-six.

Wow. I see.

So, why don't you just stay with us?

BETH: Yeah. We're really good people.

At least come hang out with us today.

Leonard and Shirley were nice enough to get us a private table in the adults-only section of the pool.

No kids. Mm-hmm.

Don't nothing ruin a vacation like kids. Mm-mm.

That's nice, but no thanks. I have a lot of work to do.

May I ask all of you a question?

Who here likes potato chips?


All right? You can stay.


MAN: (OVER P.A.) Good morning, good morning, good morning, Royal Caribbean passengers.

It's Captain Johnny from the bridge.

It is an absolutely glorious 78 degrees on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

Today, we are at sea as we sail our way to Jamaica, which means lots of time to enjoy our incredible ship activities.

So have a wonderful, wonderful day, (INDISTINCT CHATTER) SINGER: ♫ You feel the funk ♫

♫ Everybody getting funky ♫

♫ I feel the funk ♫

♫ Gotta have that funk ♫

♫ You feel the funk, everybody move ♫ (CHILDREN EXCLAIMING)

Suddenly, Gabe's bag drops, pops open, and there's a 30-year-old bottle of Macallan he's bought at duty-free.

Then we end up rolling all over the floor, plastered.

And that is how we landed the Cannon account.

(TABLEMATES LAUGHING) LEONARD: I got a plumbing contract for the entire Baltimore school system because I passed a roll of toilet paper to someone in the bathroom I was fixing.

Remember that, honey? SHIRLEY: (LAUGHING) I sure do.

That toilet paper pass changed our lives.

No shit.



(SMACKS LIPS) This story is just as good the third time, and I'm glad you're rich. Thank you for the cabana.

But we got something more pressing to deal with right now. Rachel...

Earth to Rachel. Rachel? (KNOCKING ON TABLE)

What's going on?

How are you?

How are you feeling about the "Owen" of it all?

Oh, um...

I'm fine.

I really am fine. I feel great about it, because... you know, he was never going to let me be the person that I want to be.

So, I think it... it really worked out for the best.

JIM: Okay. (INHALES SHARPLY) And who does she want to be?

Someone who can't interact? Babe. (SHUSHING)

JIM: I mean, I'm just trying to help.

I don't want our daughter like this. Don't jinx it.

I'm reminded of a time we were trying to pitch a client in Hawaii.

And I was allergic to the leis. Oh, you're gonna love this story.

Rachel, would you mind grabbing us another round at the bar?

Thank you.

JIM: I love Hawaii. SINGER: Thank you, thank you.

Sit back, relax, while the boys and I play another set.

MAN: Hi.

I'm Jeff.

From Edmonton, Alberta. It's in Canada.

Hi. Rachel. New York.

New York, USA.

I get that. I've been there.

Cool city. Mm-hmm.

Big. Big city.

I was there for a stag party 10 years ago. You call them bachelor parties.

Mm-hmm. It was fun.

We went to a steak house. It was expensive.

Excuse me. Um, what brings you on the cruise?

You, uh, here with your family? Husband? Boyfriend?

Girlfriend? Solo cruiser? Solo cruisin'?

Can I get a round of drinks for our group? Yes, of course.

I'm... I'm here with my dad, actually. Wow.

That's amazing.

I would only do that with my dad if it was his 200th birthday.

I mean, like, a very special occasion.

(CLICKS TONGUE) Actually, Jeff, if you can believe it, I was left at the altar a few days ago.

Uh, and my dad, who I haven't seen since I was five years old, showed up to my wedding unannounced. We got drunk together the next night, and I dragged him on this cruise that was supposed to be my honeymoon.

Pfft. That's fucked up.

Well, I, uh...

My wife left me a few months ago.

And my sister brought me on this cruise to kind of... cheer me up.

I guess it's working.

I developed a mantra...

Well, I didn't develop it, I read it in a book. But it's this:

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, today's a gift.

BOTH: That's why they call it the present."

I've heard it.

JEFF: Pretty good. You heard that? Yeah.

It's... it's a kind of... Like, it's a well known phrase.

JEFF: Oh. I never heard it. I read it. JIM: Oh, sexy rabbi alert.


Can you say "rebound"? (SNICKERS)


Hello, chaps. BETH: Oh, hello.

WOMAN: How you doing? BETH: Good.

I'm gonna get back to my dad.

JEFF: Cool. But we're leaving tomorrow, actually.

So, maybe if I see you before then... we can, I don't know, hang out, live in the present... or something?

Sure. Uh, yes.

RACHEL: Okay. All right. I would love that.

I'll... I'll find you.

WOMAN: Yes, it's a trivia game show. Would you be...

JIM: Rachel, you're back from flirting. Great.

This is Ginny. Love that name. GINNY: Mm-hmm.

JIM: This is Ginny.

She's the activities director on the cruise ship, and she has arranged for us to get into the sold-out Gigantic Game Show.

You're gonna love it. It's task-oriented, just like work.

So, guys, who's in?

Oh! The Taubmans are there. Mm-hmm.

GINNY: Oh, yep. Oh! DAN: Mm-hmm.

JIM: I love anything gigantic.

GINNY: Oh, I'm excited. (♫ UP-BEAT MUSIC PLAYING ♫)

BETH: I hope they pick Dan as a contestant.

He is so good at trivia.

I just learned that dealing with people's teeth, it's easier to distract them with trivia facts.

Ah. Like, you got a cavity? It's okay.

Worldwide, approximately 2.43 billion people got cavities.

(WHISTLES) Does anybody brush their teeth anymore?



(AUDIENCE APPLAUSE) HOST: Let me hear you!

Come on!

Yeah, all right! (CHEERING)

♫ Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! ♫ (WOMAN CHEERS)

All right, I said, hello, everyone!

ALL: Hello.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't realize I was on the senior citizen cruise.

I said, hello!

AUDIENCE: (LOUDLY) Hello! HOST: That is so much better.

All right, welcome to the Royal Caribbean's Gigantic Game Show.

I am the host with the most, your friend from the West Coast, your lover, your guide, your dearest dear, Jimmy Deer!

(CHEERING) JIMMY: Ooh! You're too kind.

This evening, we have quite a treat.

Okay? We have a special, special edition of the Gigantic Game Show.

I'm thrilled to announce that we will be playing...

The Honeymooners edition, right? AUDIENCE: Ooh!

Okay. That's right. We'll be getting our contestants from all you crazy lovebirds in the audience.

Oh, look at that! Right on cue.

My assistant Alexa.


Contestant number one... Let's find a name.

Random, right, Alexa?

We have...

Samantha Soren from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. (EXCLAIMS)

Nicholas Rea from Chicago. Oh! (LAUGHS)

Sadie Rogers, from Syracuse, New York. (EXCLAIMS)

And finally, last but not least...

Rachel Hamilton from New York City. Uh, hey.

So sorry to interrupt, but they just called your name. What?

They want you to go onstage. Harry, go with her.

SHIRLEY: This is gonna be so funny.

I'll take pictures. No, no, I'm not going onstage.

You can pick someone else!

Come on. Let's just do this. (BOOING)

What? That's so stupid. WOMAN: Do it!


Come on down!

JIMMY: Funny story... Okay?

Okay. Uh-huh.Okay.

(WHISPERS) I know that we can win. I don't care if we win. (SIGHS)


All these newlywed games are the same.

All the questions can be answered by a few set responses.

That's not gonna work.

Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But just in case...

If it's a location, we say Hawaii. If it's a food, we say pizza.

If it's an activity, it's... jumping jacks.

If it's a color, we say black.

If it's a number, we say 22. That's stupid.

Hawaii, pizza, jumping jacks, black, 22!

JIMMY: All right, here we go!

Samantha, the question was...

What were the women that Russ dated before you like?

"Ugly skank whores!" (AUDIENCE LAUGHS)

Ooh, the triple threat of my heart.

All right, Russ, let's see what your answer was.

What were the women you dated before Samantha like?


JIMMY: Ooh! Not the same.

Unfortunately, Russ and Samantha, if Rachel answers this question correctly, you are done.

All right, Rachel.

What were the women that Harry dated before you like?



That's an answer. Okay.


To move to the next round...

What were the women that you dated before Rachel like?


(AUDIENCE CHEERS) We've got black!

JIMMY: Holy moly! Moving on to the next round.

Rachel, if you weren't on this cruise, you would be in...


JIMMY: Neither one has a ring. No rings.

Oh, oh! I got one! We got one ring!

Rachel's got a ring.

(AUDIENCE CHEERS) JIMMY: Nicholas got one!

Come on, Harry. Find that ring, or we're getting divorced.

JIMMY: Ooh, Rachel means business.

♫ You're outta sight ♫

♫ So fee-fi-fo-fum ♫ (SIGHS)


Wowee, that's a lotta whoopee!

Seriously, how are they doing this?

♫ So get ready... ♫ All right, Rachel... the glass is just a little bit higher.

There you go.

And now, to move on to the finals...

♫ Here I come... ♫ Harry... what's your biggest fear?

Is it pizza?


Can you believe this competition?

Brad and Sadie, I've just been told...

A new course record. Can you believe it?

That should add years to your marriage, no doubt.

Now, Harry... and Rachel.

For the use of a private cabana... for the rest of this trip... you two must complete this course... in a world-record time, one minute and three seconds. How are you feeling?

Great. Great.

Jazzed. Jazzed and great.

Those are adjectives. They used them.

(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) On your marks...

Get set...


♫ All my friends shouldn't want me to I understand it ♫

♫ Be all right ♫ Rachel off to a huge, huge start.

Harry is... not good at this.

RACHEL: Harry! Come on! Pedal, pedal, pedal! What are you doing?

(GROANS) Here I come.

JIMMY: Breaking through the altar... Eighteen seconds.

They gotta pick it up.

Cake toss! ♫ A love that's true ♫

♫ So get ready ♫ Underhand? Better. Better strategy.

Nice pass. ♫ To make love to you, so get ready ♫ RACHEL: Come on. HARRY: I hate balloons.

You're being a pussy!

JIMMY: Into the Tunnel of Love at 36 seconds.

Thirty-six seconds. How nervous are you two? Nervous!

♫ Get ready ♫ No, no, you have to fall backwards. It's a trust fall.

Audience, give her some support! I got you. Trust me.

JIMMY: Time... is... running... out!

Second place walks the plank. (WHOOPS)


Check the fucking clock! Let me check the clock!

JIMMY: One minute and two seconds! (RACHEL AND HARRY EXCLAIMS)

Ladies and gentlemen, our winners...

Rachel and Harry! (CHEERING)




(CHUCKLING) My favorite newlyweds.

LEONARD: Mazel tov!



Ooh, I love this song.

♫ Yeah ♫ RACHEL: Go, Dan!

♫ You are ♫

♫ My fire, the one ♫

♫ Desire ♫ What do you say we take this partnership up to the stage?

Maybe "Sweet Caroline," huh?

(LAUGHS) No, I don't think so.

♫ I want it that way ♫ HARRY: Want to get some ice cream?

♫ Tell me why Ain't nothin' but... ♫ If I'd known you could get ice cream all the time, I would have taken a cruise a long time ago.

♫ Ain't nothing but a mistake ♫ Gabe would love this. ♫ Tell me why ♫

♫ I never wanna hear you say... ♫ Ice cream and karaoke...

It's... funny.

Can I just...

You know, you really talk about this Gabe a lot.

HARRY: Well...

I spent... a lot of my life with him.

Working with him. You know?

He's divorced, too, so he and I kind of... kind of became... my um... He's your family. Got it.

♫ Hear you say ♫

♫ I want it that way ♫

♫ 'Cause I want it ♫


You know, I heard on the last night on the ship, they have a big karaoke competition.

I hate to keep bringing him up, but if Gabe was here, he'd do it.

What do you think? Want to try?

No, we're leaving tomorrow. Remember? We're not gonna be here.

Right. I forgot. ♫ We can find ♫

♫ Why don't you come with me Little girl? ♫ RACHEL: Hey! Hey, hey!

RACHEL: Hi! How's it going?

Good. Hi. This ship is crazy, right?

It's so big. How does it float, even? (CHUCKLES)

That's what I keep thinking, I don't know. Hi, uh, I'm Jeff Friedman.

Uh, I met Rachel earlier. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta. Canada I'm a teacher. Nice to meet you.

♫ Let the sound take you away ♫ RACHEL: Want to have a drink with me?

Yes. RACHEL: Okay.

Thank you. Yes. Uh, yeah. RACHEL: Come here.


Thank you. You're welcome.

Yeah. Cheers.

I was born in Saskatchewan.

I moved to Edmonton in grade two, or second grade, as you guys call it.

♫ I looked around ♫ Harry. Harry!

I just want to say, I'm... I'm sorry if I was forward before, you know, with Rachel. I just...

Family therapy's my area, and I am fascinated by your relationship.

I mean... the bond you two share despite all these years apart, is incredible. Mm.

I only hope that we share something like that with our future imaginary child.

We cheated.

What? And, more importantly, she hates me. Frankly, I can't blame her.

She doesn't want to know about me.

She doesn't ask me anything. She's never even Googled me.

And she doesn't want to know why I left.

No, no, no, you gotta tell her, man.

You gotta tell her. I'd want to know. I'd have to before starting over.

Tell her. HARRY: I've tried, but she's always on that phone of hers.

Honestly, I'm starting to see why that son of a bitch Owen bailed on her.

You know, Harry, I think you guys are a lot alike.

I know.

At first, I thought it was great, but I'm starting to think she's a jerk.

Look, I've been a therapist now for four months.

Okay? So I want to give you my professional opinion for free.

(INHALES SHARPLY) You fucked up.

You fucked her up. You fucked everything up, and it's all fucked.

So what are you gonna do? (SIGHS) Hmm.

JIM: It's all your fault. Thank you.

JIM: You're welcome. Okay.

Come here. Yeah.

That's just great.

I'm going to bed.

JIM: Bye. ♫ You don't know ♫





Yes, hello. This is Harry Hamilton. I...

Yes. Yes, we are having a chance to reconnect.

Thank you. It... it is wonderful.

Listen, may I ask you a favor?

Is it possible to connect to another passenger?

To their room?

Yeah, it's, um, uh, Jeff.

Jeff from Canada... uh... (SIGHS)

Freya... Fried... Fried, Fried... stein, Friedrick... Friedman!

Yeah, that's it. Thank you.


Come on. Answer the phone. Come on.


Two seventy-six. No, 274. No, two 276... 236.

Rachel. Rachel!

Rachel! It's Dad!

Hey! I don't know who the fuck Rachel is, but it doesn't seem like she's here.

MAN: Will you keep it down? Hey, you're Harry from the game show.


JEFF: Hey. Hi. Listen...

Uh, Rachel didn't come back. I'm worried about her. Have you seen her?

You hear stories about people falling overboard off these ships.

Oh, my God, Harry. You're insane.

What are you do... Ugh.

Thank you. Yeah, great to... Yeah.

Yeah. Okay. Great. Good hanging.

How was I supposed to know you were doing that instead of hanging off of the ship?

I was worried about you. Why?

You haven't been worried for 26 years.

I am sorry, okay?

I got overprotective, but you don't do that!

You leave somebody waiting, wondering... worried!

We don't even know who this Jeff guy is.

Maybe he's some kind of a rapist or a murderer.

I was being protective. Rachel!

You said you don't do that?

Ooh, you don't do that.

Oh, you know what else you don't do, Harry?

You don't leave your family.

Okay? And you don't get to come looking for me in the middle of the night after not looking for me my entire life.

Okay? Fine!

But we are in a strange place.

You don't know this guy. I didn't want him to take advantage of you.

Taking advantage of me? Do you mean having sex with me?

I don't want to hear this. You don't want to hear it? You're gonna.

Because he had sex with me. Big-time. And I loved it.

All three times.

You don't like that? You don't like that I am a human being who can have sex whenever I want? Well, news flash, Harry.

I've been fucking since I was 17. I'm not gonna stop, 'cause I enjoy it.

I'm not hearing this. No, Harry, we're bonding.

We're bonding, just like you wanted. We're sharing like best friends.

Am I making you uncomfortable? Are you uncomfortable?

Well, guess what? I don't care!




Rachel. Oh.

JEFF: Good to see you. Yep.

JEFF: Yeah.

I have good news, I hope. Um...

I heard you flight wasn't till tonight, and you're gonna go on the hike. so I asked if I could switch into your group, and they said yes. (CLEARS THROAT) Oh.

Is that cool? Yeah.

Mm-hmm. Great. Great. Cool.


I'm Jeff. Hi.

Hi Jeff. What's up?

Uh, I'm, uh, Rachel's... uh, ship friend. Friend.

(WHISPERS) She fucked him.

Mm-hmm. JEFF: We met on this ship... and we're friends. So I'm gonna be hiking with you guys.

So that's exciting. Gotta work off these pancakes, right?

How good were those?

You try the boysenberry stuff? STEVE: Yeah.

That was good.


So I'll see you guys, uh, in the van.

Uh, super psyched! Great. Thank you.

Good to see you. Yes.

STEVE: Great to meet you, man. Bye.

See ya in the van.

Rachel, can we get you some maple syrup, or, uh, did you have enough last night?


♫ I will never grow old ♫

♫ I'll never grow old ♫

♫ I'll never, I'll never, I'll never I'll never, I'll never grow old ♫

♫ 'Cause I walk ♫

♫ And I walk ♫

♫ And I talk and I talk ♫ (CHICKENS CLUCKING)

I've kinda just been throwing myself into my work more than anything, and the kids are... they're... they're great.

After the divorce, they all signed a card for me.

Uh, some of them even said they would marry me.

(CHUCKLES) Which was funny.

They're seven, so it was kind of weird, but... honestly, like... being here... in this country... and meeting all these people...

It makes you realize that you have a new... like, a second chance at happiness.

And that's... It's just so... It's... it's honestly exciting. Right, Rach?

Sorry, can you pull over?


Ah. You did try those boysenberries. Nice.

Yeah, mon. I have something to help that.


Yeah, mon, that's smooth.

JIM: It's my turn, thank you.


Hey, now it's for her. To cure the nausea.


You sure? It'll make you feel better. I feel fine.

You look gross. RACHEL: What?

I... I'm stoned, I'm not blind, okay? This girl needs to lighten up.

She looks pretty light, personally. (CHUCKLES)

Thank you, Jeff.

♫ I'll never, I'll never I'll never, I'll never ♫ Give it to me.

♫ I'll never, I'll never, I'll ♫

♫ Never, never, never, never Never, never, never ♫

♫ Never, never, never, never... ♫

(EXHALES) No, I'm okay.

MAN: Come on. It's Jamaica, man. I've never smoked in my entire life.

And I'm pretty proud of it. (CHUCKLES)

Good for you. Thank you.

I gotta set a good example for the kids. Ah...

Everybody ready to go? (ALL LAUGHS)

Yeah, mon! Okay!

(CHUCKLES) Come on.

Look at those rocks, how pretty they are.

Are we going to be back in time to make our flight?

Watch your step. (YELPS, LAUGHS)

There's a place that makes smoothies. So good, with fresh vegetables.

Uh, I go visit my nieces.

What do you do on an average Saturday?

Saturday... uh...

I'm usually pretty hungover from the night before, taking clients out.

Oh, you, uh... you drink a lot.

Yeah, usually.

Thank you, Harry. Thank you. (HARRY GRUNTS)

Thanks, Har.

I got it.


JEFF: Here you go. I picked this for you.

Oh. Thanks.

JIM: Don't touch that, that's poison oak.

DAN: Man, getting high and hiking. Who thought of it?


HARRY: Okay. I got another one.

JIM: Go ahead. Why is it hard to play cards in the jungle?

STEVE & BETH: Why? There's too many cheetahs.

(ALL LAUGHING) JEFF: That's good!

DAN: Don't say that shit while I'm smoking.

You're gonna kill me.


JEFF: I'm not stoned, and that's funny. (DAN GASPS)

BETH: Honey... (LAUGHS)

(WATER FLOWING) MAN: We're almost there.


We made it!


JEFF: Amazing! LEONARD: Look at the water!

BETH: Beautiful! JEFF: I'm going in!

So slippery! MAN: You can climb behind the fall over that way and jump or you can just go in right here.


JEFF: Not too bad!

JIM: Here I come. Catch me!

HARRY: You gonna take a swim? Uh, yeah. I just wanna send one email.

I didn't realize we'd have such great service out here.

What the...

Harry, what the fuck? Why did you do that?



I'm comin' in!

RACHEL: What were you thinking? I'll be honest, I wasn't thinking.

Maybe it wasn't the best idea, but I'm worried about you.

Look at this place. It's beautiful. And you're sending e-mails!

That's my phone! I have important shit on there!

I think we should stay on the cruise.

Ugh! I don't really care what you think.

You go on back to New York. Go ahead.

Get back to your job, start making a lot of money.

But all the Owens out there, they'll keep leaving you.

It is not my fault Owen left!

Nor do I care. And I don't need you or anyone else worrying about me.

HARRY: What are you going to do when you get back?

Are you going to go on pretending you're still fine with what happened?

You can't admit that all this is fucking crazy, huh?

(GASPS) I found it! (SIGHS)

For some insane technological reason... it still works.

Excuse me.

Is that a sea turtle? Oh, wow! Probably!


How's it going? Huh?

I, uh, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

You know, you're, uh... You're the first person I've been with since I got divorced and...

I think I maybe like... uh... got swept up in it and built it into something that it wasn't, and uh...

I invited myself on this hike, and If I made it uncomfortable, I apologize.

Fine. I'm... I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to lead you on. No. You don't have to be sorry.

And I really... I really hope that, you know, you work things out with your dad and all that.

Thanks. Thanks.


Well, uh... I'm gonna go for a swim.


DAN: He really did it! (JIM WHOOPS)


BETH: All right! All right!


When I was young...

I had a vision of how my life was gonna be.

Top of my field...

Fancy dinners, corporate cards.

All of it.

I never saw myself with a family.

And then you came along.

And I was only 24.

I quit work for the first few years.

You were...

the sun in the morning and the moon at night.

But something was missing.

I started feeling like the dad who was around physically, but wishing he was somewhere else, and...

I didn't want to be that guy.

Your mom and I decided I should go back to work.

Then after a while, with... the trips away... it started to feel like a release.

Not from you, but... from the version of myself that wasn't very happy.

So that's it? You... you couldn't come visit?

You had to disappear completely?

I guess you were too young to remember. I came back every week.


(CRYING) ...every time...

we had to say goodbye, it got harder and harder.

You were... you were better without me there.

And, uh...

Finally, I just didn't come back.



I really, really am so sorry.

It was the biggest mistake of my life. (SIGHS)







I did have a really good childhood.

Mom made it seem completely normal... for it to just be me and her.

And obviously, I Googled you. I mean...


Before the Internet, I looked you up in... every phone book and every memory box, in Mom's closet, and...

I wrote you... so many letters that I didn't ever send.

I even prank called you a couple times. (LAUGHS)

Maybe a lot of times, like... around 1994.


Fuck it. Let's just stay. (SIGHS)

Really? (LAUGHS) Yeah. Really.

I have the time off work.

And, let's be honest, I could use it.

I'm going to go for a swim... Ah.

Nice idea.

JIM: Oh, yeah! Go! (BETH CHEERS)



RACHEL: Get your butt down here, Harry! No, no!

I'll meet you down there. JIM: Come on, Harry! Don't be a baby!

JEFF: Yeah! Don't feel pressured!

Fuck it! JEFF: It's really hard!

(BETH WHOOPS) DAN: Harry, don't do it!

JIM: Come on, Harry! RACHEL: Let's go! Come on, Harry!


♫ Made me see where I've been ♫

♫ Been down one time ♫

♫ Been down two times... ♫

(CHUCKLES) Sorry, the humidity was making my hair into a shag carpet.

Looks fine.

LEONARD: Here they are.

HARRY: Hello, you all. Oh, hey!

You clean up nicely. (CHUCKLES)

STEVE: I like your dress. Very nice.


♫ You don't know what it means to win ♫ If I get it, I would basically be second in charge at the company.

And I would be managing all the face-to-face with the clients on a very personal level. You know, traveling to see them a lot, entertaining them when they're in town, and, uh, translating all their needs to our team.

It's a big deal.

BETH: Ooh. Sounds good.

RACHEL: Wish me luck. LEONARD: To Rachel.

STEVE & JIM: To Rachel. DAN: You got it.

♫ Come down and see me again ♫


♫ Been down one time ♫

♫ Been down two times ♫

♫ Mm, never going back again ♫

♫ Mm ♫


Ready? JIM: To friendship.

BOTH: Friendship! Hold it. One more!

Whoa! One more! One more! One more!

Thank you.

All right, down the hatch! (ALL CHEERS)

(♫ "VACATION" BY THE GO-GO'S PLAYING ♫) I love this song!

Ah! Me too, me too!

Let's go dance. Over here.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Now listen, I know you said no to this before, but don't you really want to be the Royal Caribbean Karaoke Queen?

RACHEL: No! HARRY: I thought... this could be something we both enjoy and do it together.

What do you think?

If I say yes, will you please let me dance?

Yes? Okay! I will karaoke with you!

On the last night. Okay? (LAUGHS)

♫ Can't seem to get my mind off of you ♫

♫ Back here at home There's nothin' to do ♫

♫ Now that I'm away ♫

♫ I wish I'd stayed ♫

♫ Tomorrow's a day of mine That you won't be in ♫

(CHEERING) ♫ When you looked at me ♫

♫ I should have run ♫ STEVE: My boy's a surfer!

♫ But I thought it was just for fun ♫ HARRY: Ooh!

BETH: I don't like this. I don't like this!

(BETH GROANS) ♫ I see I was wrong ♫


Wait, they went back upstate to the farm? FRANK: Yeah. (SIGHS)

Did they say who they were gonna with before they left?

(CHUCKLES) No, they said that they were going to meditate on it.

No, no. Then we just have to let them meditate on it for a bit.

(SCOFFS) What are you gonna do, right?

If I were there, I would drive upstate... But you're not here, and that's okay. I know. I know I'm not there.

Hey. How's it going with your dad?



It's better.

♫ Vacation, all I ever wanted ♫ (PHONE VIBRATING)

♫ Vacation, had to get away ♫

♫ Vacation, meant to be spent alone ♫

(♫ HARRY AND RACHEL SINGING ALONG ♫) ♫ Vacation, all I ever wanted ♫

♫ Vacation, had to get away ♫

♫ Vacation, meant to be spent alone ♫ I don't know... I...

I think it's a little on the nose. Agreed.

Yeah. We'll just find a better song.

Okay. Hey, can we see that book again?


♫ Do you... ♫ I don't think this a good song, either.

Why not? Do you know what this song is about?

Piña coladas.

It's about cheating. What?

This guy places a personal ad because things aren't going well with his wife, but his wife ends up answering the personal ad, because she was thinking of cheating as well.

(SMACKS LIPS) I had no idea. Yeah.

(CHUCKLES) Well, I always thought it was about piña coladas.

That's sad.

Let's pick another one. Okay.

May we see that book again, please?

♫ If you like piña coladas ♫

(SCREAMS) ♫ And getting caught in the rain ♫


♫ If you're not into yoga ♫ Make sure you just do your shoulders and your arms are relaxed.

I know. I know. And you just... You just...

I know how to play mini-golf. Okay? Okay. Fine. Fine. Go ahead.

♫ I knew her smile in an instant ♫ (BALL CLICKS)

HARRY: Oh, what happened there? Okay, well...

It's because you're in my ear. Because I'm watching? I know.

I'm going to stand here. Go ahead. Watch, just stop talking.

♫ Yes, I like piña coladas ♫

♫ And getting caught in the rain ♫

♫ I'm not much into health food ♫

♫ I am into champagne ♫


RACHEL: Whoo! ♫ Cut through all this red tape ♫

♫ At a bar called O'Malley's ♫

♫ Where we'll plan our escape ♫



Oh! Hold on. I'll be right there.

Mm, this is nice.

It is, isn't it?

Maybe Owen wasn't such a fucker after all.

This was his idea.

I think maybe I'm an asshole.

Owen and I dated in college, and we eventually broke up and lost touch.

And then, I met up with Owen again three months after my mom died.

Three months after that, he proposed... and I said yes...

because he felt familiar.

Because he felt like family.

And I did not... want to end up alone... the way she did.

(CLICKS TONGUE) I was in a cab when she died... because I had a meeting that ran long.

She was alone...


I'm sorry.

I just never should have said yes to Owen. (SIGHS)

That's all.

Fear of loneliness is a very powerful thing.


(CHUCKLES) Thank you.

(LAUGHS) I'm gonna run outside for just one sec.

That was really fun. I'll meet you back in the room?

We're going to win this thing, Harry.

Are you serious? Well, that can't be.

A debt collector?


Are you sure they called looking for me?



Well, I don't care if I'm his daughter, I'm not bailing him out.


I gotta call you back.


I'm not sure why they even have these on a cruise ship.

What do you think? I got you one.

Did you charge that to the room? What?

Because I just got a call telling me that you're fucking bankrupt.

You came here because you need money? No.

Progressive Collection Services in Los Angeles just called my office looking for me.

Your bankruptcy payments are late. Because I'm your daughter, they wanted to know where I was. Okay. Is that why you came to find me?

Because you wanted to get me before they did?

I can't believe I trusted you.

Oh, my God, I'm so stupid. I want you out of my room.

You are a selfish, cold-hearted, horrible human being. Rachel.

Was it not enough you left me when I was five?

Now you're trying to steal my money.

(SOBBING) Is all you want to do hurt me? No!

Oh, my God. Know what? You can stay. Stay.

I'm gonna sleep with Jim and Steve, and there's no way... Stop talking for two seconds!

In fact... Gabe is dead!


He died. Two months ago.

I promise you, I'm not after your money.

(SNIFFLES) Yes, I'm bankrupt.

And I owe a fair amount. But I promise you, I'm dealing with it.

That was not why I came to find you.

I am sorry. They should never have called you.


My best friend died.

He was all I had in the world, and... now I'm alone.

So I came looking for you.

I'm sorry. That's not fair to you, but... that is the truth.

Why didn't you tell me that sooner?

I... I wanted to, but... (CHUCKLES) were going through your own stuff, anyway and...

Well, honestly... being with you, it was nice just to forget about everything that happened.

So that's Gabe?

(SNIFFLES) What happened to him?



He was always the organized one.

We traveled around the world for business, and he would make sure we got where we were going, and when we were supposed to get there.

He'd look after the details, you know.

Then he started making mistakes.

He'd get confused and... repeat himself.

When the doctors told us it was early-onset Alzheimer's, we were... (SIGHS)

He was just 52 years old.

We'd lost most of our clients by then, because of the mistakes and...

he didn't have any family to look after him.

So I quit working... and moved him in with me.

Eventually, I couldn't look after him alone anymore.

Had to hire some help, and that's where the money went.



I was gonna spread his ashes in New York, 'cause that's where he's from.

So, he was... with me that night when we, you know...

(CHUCKLING) So, along he came. I figured... the Caribbean was nicer anyway.


Sorry, I don't know what to say. (CHUCKLES)

(CRYING) I don't want your money.

I sold my house, and I'm just waiting on some paperwork to go through, and...

I've even started packing up.

I'm gonna finish the job when I get back from the cruise.


Where are you gonna go? I'll get an apartment or something.

A little late in the game for me to get a job-job, but...

I can do some consulting.

I'm gonna be just fine. You don't have to worry about me.

So I guess we should karaoke in Gabe's honor. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)



It's your old pal, Jimmy Deer, here. WOMAN: Love you, Jimmy!

Now... while I couldn't be sadder that soon this ship will be docking, WOMAN #2: Say it ain't so!

I also couldn't be gladder... that tonight we will be rockin'! Yeah! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS, CHEERS)

JIMMY: Tonight... is my favorite night of the entire cruise.

I give to you... the Royal Caribbean's Karaoke Championship!



♫ Sometimes I feel I've got to ♫

♫ Run away, I've got to ♫

♫ Get away ♫

♫ Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody ♫ With you. With me?

♫ With somebody who loves me ♫ Smile. Smile.

(OPERATICALLY) ♫ I'm all out of love ♫

♫ I'm so lost without you I know you were right ♫

♫ Believing for so long ♫

♫ I'm all out of love What am I without you? ♫

♫ I can't be too late ♫

♫ To say that I was so wrong ♫

♫ But when you touch me like this ♫

♫ And when you hold me like that ♫

(CHUCKLES) ♫ I just have to admit That it's all coming back to me ♫

♫ And when I touch you like this ♫

♫ And when I hold you like that ♫

♫ It's hard to believe But it's all coming back to me ♫

♫ Don'tcha wanna dance? Say you wanna dance ♫

♫ Don'tcha wanna dance? ♫ Dance!

♫ Don'tcha wanna dance? Say you wanna dance ♫

♫ Don'tcha wanna dance? ♫ Dance!

♫ Don'tcha wanna dance? Say you wanna dance ♫

♫ Don'tcha wanna dance? ♫ Dance!

♫ I'm too sexy for my cat ♫

(HISSES) ♫ Too sexy for my cat ♫

♫ Poor pussy, poor pussycat ♫ (YOWLS)

♫ I'm too sexy for this song! ♫ JIMMY: Oh! Make some noise! (AUDIENCE CHEERS)

For Dan and Beth! Whoo!

Newlyweds from Wichita, Kansas, with a hauntingly sexual rendition of that ditty.

Oh, thank you, Alexa. Make some noise for Alexa.

(CROWD CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) My lovely assistant.

Now, wait, hold on.

I am being told by the judges that this contest is too close to call, with one couple remaining.

Are you ready for that couple? (AUDIENCE CHEERS)

Coming to the stage, our final couple of the evening...

You know 'em, you love 'em, our favorite non-honeymooners, Rachel and Harry!

(CROWD CHEERING) JIMMY: Make some noise!


(♫ "COME SAIL AWAY" PLAYING ♫) WOMAN #2: Rock it out!

Ugh. Pfft. Way to be obvious! (CHUCKLES)

Fuck, that's genius. They're totally gonna win.

♫ I'm sailing away ♫ MAN: Yeah!

♫ Set an open course ♫

♫ For the virgin sea ♫ MAN #2: Wow!

♫ 'Cause I've ♫

♫ Got to be free free ♫

♫ Free to face the life That's ahead of me ♫

♫ On board I'm the captain ♫

♫ So climb aboard ♫

♫ We'll search for tomorrow ♫

♫ On every shore ♫ BOTH: ♫ And we'll try ♫ (CHUCKLING)

♫ The best that we can ♫

♫ To carry on! ♫


STEVE: Go, Rachel!

♫ A gathering of angels appeared Above my head ♫

♫ They sang to me this song of hope ♫

♫ And this is what they said ♫

♫ They said, come sail away ♫

♫ Come sail away Come sail away with me ♫

♫ Come sail away ♫ (JIM WHOOPS)

♫ Come sail away Come sail away with me ♫


MAN: Yeah!

RACHEL: Guys, come up! Come! She's talking to us!

RACHEL: Come on! HARRY: Come!

BETH: Let's go! JIM: Don't have to ask twice.


RACHEL: Do the robot! JIM: We gotta do the robot.

HARRY: Yes, yes. RACHEL: Come on! Come on! Follow me.

LEONARD: What are we doing? RACHEL: Rock out!


MAN #2: Nice! MAN #3: Yeah!

BOTH: ♫ I thought that they were angels ♫

♫ But much to my surprise ♫

♫ We climbed aboard their starship ♫ Pick me up! ♫ And headed for the skies! ♫

♫ Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me ♫ RACHEL: Everyone! ALL: ♫ Come sail away ♫

♫ Come sail away, come sail away with me ♫ Lads! ♫ Come sail away ♫

♫ Come sail away ♫

♫ Come sail away with me ♫

♫ Come sail away, come sail away ♫

♫ Come sail away with me! ♫

JIMMY: Rachel and Harry! (CROWD CHEERS)

Hold on, let me check with the judges. Who am I kiddin'?

There's nothin' in my ear! Our winners!

Rachel and Harry! (BOTH EXCLAIMS)

JIMMY: Let's give them their crown!


If it helps, we promise to name our baby Gabe.

Jim, what if it's a daughter?


Gabriella's actually a girl's name. Let's just do Gabriella.

We could do that. (CHUCKLES) It's okay, you two.

You don't need to do that.

The reason I didn't tell you all about Gabe was because...

I didn't want to believe he was gone.

He was a good man, a good friend.

Loved karaoke.


We were each other's family for a long time.

I'm sure gonna miss him.

(WHISPERS) So long, pal.

Do we clap? STEVE: Babe...

Oh, Jim.


HARRY: It's all right. It's okay. The last thing Gabe would want would be for us to be all mopey. (CHUCKLES)

Why don't we all head back inside and enjoy one final night of... unlimited sugary cocktails?

(CHUCKLES) Come on, let's go.

Hey, I was thinking maybe after this I would come to California for a few days.

Help you move?

What about work?

I was thinking about work.

Actually, it's funny, because I wasn't thinking about work, but... a few days isn't gonna make a difference.

I'd like to help.

Moving's hard work. I got a lot of stuff. (CHUCKLES)

Are you sure?

I can handle it.

I want to see where you live.

Lived. Sorry.

Isn't that what family is supposed to do?

I guess so.

Yeah. Then I'll come to California.

I'm gonna go inside.

I'll be in in a minute.

Hey, Dad?

Thanks for coming to find me.


Mm-hmm? Yes. Yes.

That is the first phone call I've seen her pick up in days.

I gotta admit, she looks like she's doing very well.

Oh, she has been relating to us like a human.

I hate to brag, but you two are some of my best work.

Hello? Oh, Jim.

Okay, it was all of us. Mostly Harry. LEONARD: Thank you.

Either way, I hope we have a little girl.

Know what? I want to propose a toast. (CLEARS THROAT)

To Rachel and Harry.

You guys have made this cruise so much more fun.

And it's really nice to see you reconnect.

To forgiveness. ALL: To forgiveness.

And I'd like to add something else to this toast.

That was my boss. I am the official accounts director.

STEVE: Congratulations.

Thank you. We got Evie's chips. So... Whoo!

Strategy meeting first thing in the morning, And then, up to Upstate New York this week.

Oh. Mm...

Sorry, I think that changes our plan a little bit about me going with you to California, but...

I figured you'd understand. I do. That's fine.

I'm so... I'm really proud of you. Yeah.

And I... I'll see your place in California.

We have a ton of clients there, so... (CELL PHONE RINGS)

I will be out there. Great! I'll show you my new place.

Great. Okay, I've gotta take this. Hi.

Shirley, would you pass the salt, please? Of course.

What time does your car come? Oh. Oh, half an hour or so.

I'm really sorry that I can't stick to our plan about coming to California.

Oh, that's all right.

I'm really proud of you.



Oh, I gotta go. My car is here.

I have to run home before I go to the office, so... (SIGHS)

Um, when's your flight?

This afternoon.

Any idea when you might get to California?

I... I have no way of knowing, 'cause it's entirely dependent on work.

Yeah. Sure. Sure.


This week... has been...


I'm glad I pushed you in that town car.

I'm glad that somewhere in my drunk brain, I wanted to get to know you, and find out you were not as shitty as I thought you were.

(CHUCKLES) Thank you. You're welcome.

But this is vacation, and I have to get back to real life.


Which I've worked very hard for. I know.

I'm... I will see you at some point.



I really am proud of you.


I'll see ya when I see ya.

See you when I see ya.



♫ Two dozen other dirty lovers ♫


♫ Must be a sucker for it ♫

♫ Cry, cry, but I don't need my mother ♫

♫ Just hold my hand While I come to a decision on it ♫

♫ Sooner or later ♫

♫ Your legs give way, you hit the ground ♫

♫ Save it for later Don't run away and let me down ♫

♫ Sooner or later You hit the deck, you get found out ♫

♫ Save it for later ♫

♫ Don't run away and let me down You let me down ♫

♫ You run away, run away Let me down ♫

♫ Run away, run ♫

♫ Black air and seven seas Are rotten through ♫

♫ But what can you do? ♫

♫ I don't know how I'm meant to act With all of you lot ♫

♫ Sometimes I don't try ♫

♫ I just, now, now, now, now, now ♫

♫ Now, now, now, now, now Now, now, now ♫

♫ Sooner or later Your legs give way, you hit the ground ♫

♫ Save it for later Don't run away and let me down ♫

♫ Sooner or later You hit the deck, you get found out ♫

♫ Save it for later Don't run away and let me down ♫

♫ Let me down, run away, run away ♫

♫ Let me down ♫

So, I think what the game plan should be when we get up there, I will take Ben and you take Evie.

How does that sound?


She's got you staying in some guesthouse that's attached to the barn.

She says it's "magical." That was her word.

She also said something like, "You need to be near the potatoes to sell the potatoes."

Anyway, I... I got a really good feeling about this company.

I think Evie really likes you, and I have always found that my biggest successes come from when I become friends with my clients, you know?

I think you staying in the barn is a great first step.

It's like you're practically family.

♫ Why don't you just hold me? ♫

♫ Why don't you hold me and kiss me... ♫ Do you have any flights to Los Angeles?

Wait... What happened to Syracuse?

Wait, what's going on? I'm sorry, I need more vacation days.

Can you get me on a flight to LA?

I have a flight to LA in 45 minutes.

I can get you on it. RACHEL: I'll take it.

Okay. You're set, but you gotta hurry. Okay.

Who's in California?

My dad.

♫ Hold me ♫

♫ Why don't you hold me and kiss me now? ♫

♫ I want you to hold me ♫

♫ Why don't you hold me And kiss me, now? ♫

♫ Save it for later ♫

♫ Ooh, mm ♫

♫ Don't run away and run away Run away, run away, run away ♫

♫ Run away and let me down ♫

♫ Run away, run away and let me down ♫




JIM: I don't care how successful you were, there is never a need for 278 ties.

You can't even wear the ones you like that often. It is insane.

That is not a word I'm supposed to use with patients.

I'm not one of your patients.

All right, then.

Oh, shit.

Hi, Steve. JIM: You saw her. Now shut the door.

(CLEARS THROAT) I had a few extra vacation days.

Well, like nine years' worth, so I figured I'd...

(CLICKS TONGUE) ...take some.

I love you, Rachel.

I never stopped loving you. (SNIFFLES)

Thank you for coming here.

It's more than I deserve. (CRYING)


You don't have to say you love me, you know.


How about I just start by becoming inside?

Good plan.


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