L'imbalsamatore (2002) Script

It's a stork. I don't think so.

Nice beak, huh? Move your hands, though.

If he bites you, your hand will crumble like a cookie.

Did you hear him? Then behave yourself.

What kind of animal is this? An African Marabou.

Know what it uses that beak for?

To dig into carcasses. That means dead animals.

The neck is all plucked so it can dig in better.

It's a kind of vulture.

Does it even eat mice? Yes, everything.

All kinds of junk. You know what they call him? Scavenger!

When it smells dead bodies it's like ragu sauce for a Neapolitan.

It feeds on all the carcasses, it keeps the environment clean.

Do they feed it carcasses? It feeds on a bit of everything.

You're not interested? Let's go.

Sorry. He was explaining things to us...

I'll go play with him.

Valerio, if I'm not wrong.

You seem very interested. Yes, it's my passion.

I'm a taxidermist. You embalm animals.

Good! It's the first time I say that word...

I know because my dad was a hunter.

At home I still have a fox, an aquatic bird.

Are you from here? Yes.

So your dad must have been one of my clients.

That's impossible.

I know everyone from here. He passed away a long time ago.

I'm sorry... sorry.

I have all types of animals, if you come you'll be stunned.

I'm curious to see. I have a rhinoceros!

A rhinoceros! It's four meters long!

An animal that big... I'll show it to you.

I saw live ones a few times.

Monkeys, cercopithecus... I have some great things.

I'll come visit, as soon as I have time.

It was nice meeting you, you're a bright kid.

Thank you.

See you? You will. See you soon.

Hello? Signor Profeta?

Signor Profeta!

A bit dirty... Sorry, can't even shake your hand.

If I'm bothering you... No bother at all!

Give me a minute to clean myself up a bit.

I'll wait here.

Can I get you some coffee? No, nothing.

Just a minute.

I'll look around in the meantime.

I'll be here.

Bird's eyes, mammal's eyes...

Now get ready for the big surprise.

Here it is.

It's a shrew. Very rare!

Imagine, my cat caught this and what a battle to yank it out of its mouth!

But I managed to and I created this masterpiece, excuse my arrogance. It's beautiful, especially since it's so rare.

It's amazing.

Look at its whiskers.

A steak, mixed salad, and mozzarella salad.

Two stewed fish, salad, and two portions of eggplants.

Where? Table 7.


I wasn't expecting you. It was a surprise.

Actually I have to tell you something.

What is it? I have an idea, I'll throw it at you.

I'd like you to work with me.

I'd like to, but you've kind of... caught me off guard.

I'd have to give notice here. Of course.

How much do you make a month?

1 million five, in summer time 1 million seven.

I could offer you two million.

When work increases, I can do 2 million five, 3 million...

Know what that is? A turtle.

A land turtle. Pick it up, see how heavy it is.

Know what this is? A Boa...


Do it this way though...

Not like this.


What's important is to not pierce your fingers, this wire pierces.

Now the wing can take shape, the wire is in so you can shape the wing as you please.


Thanks, but I have to admit that I had the help of a guy who is hiding right now.

Valerio, why are you hiding? Come here!

A round of applause!

Come here, Valerio!

You just disappear like that?

You know where the workshop is, you could have come by.

I did come by, but you owe me an explanation.

What's the problem? I don't understand.

You disappeared, why?

I left for work, you know what the job's like and how much I make.

Truth is, I just need to be alone right now.

I started this job, and I want to dedicate myself...

I heard he's tied to the camorra.

To the camorra? Yes.

That's your imagination, you've convinced yourself.

He's a great person, he taught me things I didn't know.

How to kill animals? Then you'll move on to humans?

Are you against it? Yes. Don't you like animals?

There are people who get attached and want to keep them around even after they die.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Great, perfect.

Are you sad?

You haven't laughed all morning. Now I'll make you smile.

Your first paycheck. A month has flown by.

Glad you say that, it means the job isn't a burden.

That means you enjoy it. It's my passion.

You can't imagine how glad I am to have found you, to have picked you, you're just what I needed. Don't exaggerate.

Don't contradict me!

Peppino Profeta is hardly ever wrong.

And this is one of those times I'm not wrong.

You've earned another little reward from Peppino.


Like it? You shouldn't have...

What I should or shouldn't do is my business.

How much did it cost you? What's the big deal?

Do you like it? That's what matters.

I wanted to tell you that two girl friends of mine from Rome are coming in.

We'll have a good time, take them out to dinner...

When? Next week. You decide when.

You seem worried, maybe I made a mistake.

You prefer to go out with Manuela? No, it's not Manuela.

You say the word, I'll call someone else and...

Jeez, I regret having asked you. No! Do it.

Should I? Don't make me look like a jerk.

Don't worry. I'll organize it.

They're coming specially from Rome.

What a great smell!

Almost ready, ten minutes.


A toast to this lovely evening!

And to our cook.

"Maria, look, the baby talked!"

"What did he say?" "Dad, you're such a jerk!"

"He's right! You brought the wrong kid!"

No biting!

Is it comfy?

All four of us in here? Good!

Gimme a massage. Let's see if I know how to...

What a beautiful hand! Really?

Uncle, shut off the light!

You come home at this hour?

Unfortunately yes. Unfortunately yes?

Don't you care that he has to go to school and I have to go to work?

It's four in the morning!

You have to adapt yourself to this home and this family.

Will you quit shouting? He won't knock it off!

First him, now you start too...

You think you're in the right? No.

Why don't you knock it off?

Waking up the whole building...

I wake your son up because he bugs me with that thing.

You bug us when you come home at this hour.

When you want to be the dad. Never mind dad. Don't mention him!

Enough, make a decision. A decision? He has to leave!

So he'll leave! I'm sick of this!

Fuck you! No, you!

Sorry, Peppino. What are you doing here?

I fought with my brother. Can I crash here for a few days?

The room's over there. Just for a few days, then...

Grab some sheets, if you're hungry get something in the kitchen.

Don't make noise, I have to sleep. Thanks.


Once I went to do a job on this street, but I couldn't find the way out.

But I had gone in! I should exit where I came in from!

I couldn't find the exit.

Then all of the sudden on the corner I saw a tall man, more or less your height, gray, long hair, blue eyes.

"How do I get out of here?"

He looked at me. I was stunned by his calmness.

He came near the car with silent steps...

Seemed like he was flying.

"You're tense, huh?

You're going through a bad period.

But don't worry, you'll come out of it.

And you'll come out of here too.

You called me and I came.

I'm always behind you.

Just call me and I'll come. The exit is there."

I'd passed by there 300 times! The exit was right there!

Sometimes exits are right in front of our noses but we don't see them.

But they are there.

He said he can't wait anymore, we have to deliver it.

It didn't turn out like I wanted though.

So you're not satisfied.

Come here. Excuse me.

Go ahead, I'll catch up.

This is the third time. The boss is expecting you tonight.

If it were up to me, I'd have chopped off your head already.

You've got a guardian angel. Don Pasqualino's expecting you tonight.

I sent for you three times, you never came. I got angry.

I was embarrassed. No need to be.

We've known each other for so long.

Embarrassed to come here because of 20 million lira?

Don't do these things to me.

It's a rough period. I'm not thinking about the money.

I sent for you because I need a favor from you. Only you can.

What can I do for you? You have a trade that you do very well.

Nobody's better than you.

You know what your trade is, right?

Want me to embalm an animal? Not an animal.

But you know how to open and close.

Why are we going to Cremona?

What do you care?

I'm going to Cremona, I'd like to know why.

What do we have to do? Is it important to you?

No, it's not. If you don't want to tell me, no problem.

Just pretend we're going for a ride.

A few hours, no way! I can't perform miracles.

If you want me to fix the car... We gotta get moving.

Let's see what the piece costs. Call me a taxi.

I'll show you to the office. Come here, Fabio.

The gas pump needs to be changed.


As soon as the car's ready, rush to the hotel.

Remember where it is? You explained it to me.

Don't worry.

When's this taxi coming? I called for it ten minutes ago!

Here it is. See you at the hotel.

Sorry... You could have asked for one. I was about to.

If you need anything... Very kind of you, no thanks.

I'm waiting for the car to be repaired.

It'll take a while.

Take this fucking bag and get lost!

Pay me and I'll go! With a kick in the ass.

Go, beat it!

You're not here for your pretty face, but as a favor to your father!

Yeah, but don't touch my ass! Get your hands off of me!

Hands on you? Take a look at yourself!

Go away. Away!

You're a thief! Shame on you, who do you think you are?

Bastard... But I stole 200,000 lira from the register.

I did good, right? He deserved to be punished.

Wanna get something to drink?

Sign here, thanks.

Please, first floor. Thanks.

Are you kidding? No, it's nice here.

Stay for a year, then we'll see if you still say it's nice.

My parents are used to it, but they're old.

But it's good for the body, cold weather tones you up.

What time is it? Why?

I'm worried Peppino will be waiting for me.

I have to go soon.

Do you want to leave?

I'd like to stay. But?

But I don't want to give a bad impression.

That dwarf won't get mad, don't worry. That dwarf...

He gets mad alright.

It's so big!

It's so beautiful! But I can't do it here.

Come on, don't stop. I'm dying to put it in my mouth.

No one's here. And if someone passes by?

I'll keep watch.


I'll keep watch.

I can't do it here. I'll keep watch!

I'm really good, you know? No, I don't know, show me.

But in this situation...

I want you! I'm dying for you!

I can't do it here, sorry.

I don't feel safe.

Can't we go to your place? We can't go to mine.

Sorry, you're right. You could have called!

You'll never guess what happened. You should've called.

I tried to. Bullshit, I was here all night!

Now I'll explain to you.

Reception, good evening. Fine.

Signorina Deborah? Leave your ID, it's on the first floor.

Hello, Deborah. It's a pleasure, Peppino.

I don't know if Valerio told you what happened tonight.

Is there a problem? I couldn't go home.

We'll take care of it now. I didn't know this was the set-up.

Me neither. What?

I didn't expect this either.

I booked two rooms, but those jerks didn't tell me there was a convention.

There's a lack of rooms, they only gave me one, I have to make do.

I'll try calling someone. Wait. I think we can find a solution.

I'll call a friend. She always wakes me up at night.

You're calling at this hour? -Well... That's what friends are for, right?

Call her!

Outside line please.

If she wants to go to her friend's, let her.

She doesn't feel at ease, let her go to her friend's.

Should I call or not? Do whatever you want.

I think we can work it out. There's an armchair.

I can't sleep knowing you're uncomfortable.

I'm not uncomfortable.

Want to swap? Don't worry, I'm fine.

What a pain in the ass! Just sleep!

Thanks, I'll do the same for you.

Good morning.

I won't ask if you slept well or it'll seem like...

What about you?

I slept well.

You woke up early. Yes, pretty early, we had breakfast...

Guess what? She's coming with us.

Who? -Deborah. To Rome, she has a friend there.

I couldn't say no.

We're going that way anyway.

We're almost there.

What's she doing here?

She was supposed to get off in Rome, she called her friend but she was in Sicily.

She called another one but her mobile was off...

Point being?

If she can stay for a few days, if it's not a problem...

Two days? I wanted to wake you, right Valerio?

Why didn't you? He said to let you sleep.

We did the right thing? No, you didn't.

You let me sleep for too long, plus we should have made this decision together, but instead you two did it alone.

Even if you said no, it was two against one!

She livens things up. Come on, we'll have fun!

Come here.

Don Pasquale. Everything okay?

Everything's fine. What's new? Is everything going well?

I brought my nephew and his girl here to go for a ride.

Your nephew and his girl... That's the guy you're always with.

My nephew. Nephew my ass!

I told you, don't let people see you with young guys too often.

I know everything.

All the money you borrow gets spent on them!

The cost of living has increased!

The fun you have increases and my wallet size decreases.

I'm glad you're having fun, but take it easy with the money.

They'll drown you with your clothes on.

Congrats for everything that's going on.

Things are going well? Very well.

If there is a problem, I'll straighten it out.

So far, so good, as long as it stays that way, relax.

I want Peppino!

Take it easy though. who knows why. that in doing this he laughed

Come here.

Good one, you deserve a kiss.

Enough. Let me do your lips!

Just a bit!

I did it to him!

Look what she did to me! But you're a kid!

Lipstick bothers me.

Wait... No, enough.

Please, just this.

Will you get her out of here? She's just playing.

What am I, her doll? I swear, you look great.

You look great. I have to be honest.

Look how she dressed me!

Can I go dancing like this on Saturday? Yes, you're beautiful.

Careful, it'll rip. Excuse me, foxy blonde.

Just five minutes. You can't stay here.

I was all alone there. Are you crazy?

I'll sleep here, I'll be good.

If you say that, I made a mistake bringing her here.

After all I've done for you!

I don't get you. Just five minutes.

Don't touch me or I'll kill you. Take it easy!

Stop, don't touch me. Last time.

Last time what?

Peppino, stop it.

Are you crazy?

What's with you? Nothing.

I thought you liked it.


We should have another party like last time. Me, Rita, you, and Deborah.

What kind of party? What do you mean?

A nice dinner, you can make spaghetti with prawns.

Lobster, wine, champagne...

Then whatever happens, happens. What's that mean?

Two men, two women, what happens, happens.

We'll entrust ourselves to the champagne's bubbles.

Then we'll mix it all up.

No, Peppino. I don't think so.

Why? Because with Deborah...

How do you know she won't like it? Maybe she'll like it.

I can assure you, she won't like it.

Why are you getting all grumpy? You're so uptight!

I'm joking.

Plus, I see nothing wrong with it.

I was joking, I beg your pardon!

You're so uptight!

Everything okay? Yes, I'm almost done setting it up.

I wanted to tell you... What are we going to do about this problem?

The girl's gotta go, it was only supposed to be a few days.

It's been ages already!

You're right, we've been meaning to tell you.

Now that I have a monthly salary, I'm going to rent a room in a hotel and we'll move out.

Money, hotel... I don't get you.

You thought going away would resolve the problem?

I asked you a question. "What are we going to do about the girl?"

There's a problem that needs to be resolved.

I don't think leaving with her is going to resolve the problem.

If you need time, a week, 15 days, a month, that's no big deal.

You're going to throw away your hard-earned money on a hotel?

Let's find a solution and...

Eat breakfast! I'll get you a cappuccino and bun.

Thanks. Fool.

There she is.

Where were you? I've been looking for you for an hour!

I found a job! Really? Congratulations!

Who's that? Signor Leo.

Can I go? Yes, see you tomorrow.

You're all settled in now, you even found a job!


You can leave. Where are you going?

Want to be alone, do my own thing tonight.

What about the car? You keep it.

You have to go get Deborah! Go, or she'll get mad.

You're gonna walk alone? Where are you going?

Oh please! Peppino Profeta is never alone!

I just do this and I have thousands of friends around.

Can't I come too? For what?

You're still here? I'm waiting for Valerio.

Want a lift? No, thanks.

You sure?

There it is.

I hope we're not going somewhere else.

Where is it?

It should be this way.

Here it is.

Peppino tripped.

What a great night! We enjoyed too.

It's been so long...

Plus this kid is fantastic.

The bottles? Which?

I asked the waiter for two bottles. I'll go get them.

Be right back.

He forgets everything! I didn't tell him.

Well? Wonderful, great. I'm pleased with you.

As agreed, 200 for you and 200 for you.

The night is over. What? We just got here!

It's over? What?

It's over. I'm tired, I want to go to bed.

And Valerio?

Let's see what he says. It doesn't matter, I decide.

It matters to me.

You leave nice and easy and we can meet up with Valerio another time.

Where are you?

Already warming up? Warming up.

Are the glasses missing? You're the only thing missing.

I'm coming up.


Brace yourself.

Where are they? Who?

They're not here? Where's Roberta? In the bathroom.

What a night!

Let's get undressed, we'll get ready for them.

Give me a hand. Let's get ready for them.

In such a hurry! What's this Roberta got?

You like her, huh? Thanks, I can hardly move.

Take off your shirt.

Wait. Don't rip it, I like it.

Don't worry, Peppino will buy you a nicer one.

And if we don't find it? Who cares!

My, how drunk you are.

Having fun? A great night.

Seems like you're calling a dog!

Be more gentle!

Where the fuck were you? Tell me!

Where did that fucking dwarf take you? Nowhere.

If you wanted me to leave, you could have told me.

I'm leaving! Where are you going?

Stay here! Don't touch me!

You have to stay here! Fuck you! You make me sick!

Take it easy, this isn't your house!

You dirty pig! Don't you dare!

Don't ever touch me again! I didn't do anything!

Look at the state you're in! What state am I in?

You smell like shit! How dare you!

I'm fucking fed up.

I smell like shit? Don't you ever dare!

Who you been with?


Having fun? Are you bored?

Kind of tired, can we finish another time?

Want something to drink?

Deborah, want something? No, thanks.

Nothing? An ice cream?

Want an iced tea?

What is it? Are you bored? No. Are you having fun?

It's not my favorite sport, but I wanted to do this thing with Valerio.

You remind me of a friend, you know?

Your friend? Yes.

He was small like you, very intelligent, great personality.

But he's dead now. How did he die?

We never found out, he went for a swim in the sea and never came back.

That's what they told me. He fought with a guy he loved to death.

And to give vent to... A girl?

A guy. Uh a guy.

The little guy was in love with a man! A handsome guy, really tall.

Like Valerio? Yes, similar.

They fought and he went for a swim to vent, he ran in and then we never saw him again.

How does it end? That's it... They never found the body.

You didn't find the ending yet? What ending?

Now we'll put our heads together and finish it, you're creative.

I'm not making it up.

It's beautiful. You don't believe me?

The little guy falls in love with a young man.

You remind me of him because it really happened.

Then a bitch from Cremona came along, not knowing what she's risking.

You don't know what you're risking.

For your own good, fuck off, get lost!

Are you insane? Get lost!

Peppino Profeta has already waited too long.

You want me to go? If I go, you'll be alone.

Who says so? Valerio pities you.

He feels sorry for you, I know him.

You make him sick. Who told you?

With those fake plastic lips, shaped like a pussy.

At least I was able to fix myself, you can't be fixed.

But if you want, I go away. -There's one thing you can't fix, your brain!

Don't you dare touch me! Beat it, you whore!

I won't touch you, you make me sick!

Look at you! Let's see how you end up! Peppino Profeta has never touched shit!

What are you saying, Don Pasquale? Don't embarrass him, he practically ate his plate too! He did it to please you.

What? Is that true Peppino? No way!

We shouldn't do these things for wives.

What are you saying?

Wives should stay at home, raise the kids...

Really? It's normal.

What's wrong? Peppino!

Lad, this is no way to behave.

What's wrong? My head's spinning.

Did you drink too much?

Something's wrong. Do you know what's wrong?

Peppino's problems.


What the hell's your problem?

We're waiting downstairs. You forgot everything?

You're right. You're supposed to be a gangster?

Dress you up. You're trash!

This is the last time. We'll wait downstairs. -Move it! Droogie!

Mr Gangster!

Where will we dump him? In Verona.

What is it? It's late.

Excuse me... Yes.

Did you pack everything?

Hold on, mom!

Been waiting long? No, five minutes.

Deborah, Valerio, there's a surprise.

How are you? Good. Look at your belly!

Peppino's not supposed to know? We never heard from you.

What brats! Aren't you going to say hi to uncle Peppino?

How are you? How should I be? Fine.

Youngsters are so odd. -They're youngsters. Who understands them?

A bit ungrateful. They forget the good things and abandon you.

What are you doing here? Uncle Peppino's of no use... bye!

Why are you here? In Cremona. Just passing through.

Signor Pietro, how's he behaving?

Not true, he's a great kid. Thank you.

Did you tell them about all the fun we had together?

Valerio was supposed to. I didn't have a chance yet.

You never mentioned such a friendly uncle. -Too kind, signora.

Well, it's time for me to get going.

Want to stay for dinner? Why don't you stay?

My wife's a great cook.

Will it make you happy? Of course.

You're glad that I came. I see it in your eyes.

You saw each other often? More or less.

I just remembered, I have an appointment.

You're so kind, thanks for the hospitality.

Are you leaving tonight or will you stay a few days?

I haven't decided.

Like I said, I live in absolute carelessness.

I've got all the time to decide, I could leave in 15 minutes...

Excuse me, I feel sick. a year...

Wait! Excuse me Peppino.

Goodbye, it was a pleasure.

If you're still here tomorrow, you can come for lunch or dinner.

We'll see. Goodbye then.

See you soon, I hope. You've been very kind.

May he show me to the door? Please...

Now you've gone overboard! Can't you see this is a special situation?

Why are you ruining things for me? You're exaggerating.

Calling or passing by work is acceptable, but...

I've been here for two weeks and you never managed to find free time to talk to me for five minutes. I have to talk to you.

It's a special time for me, don't you get it?

A baby's growing in her belly, she'll give birth soon, we're a family, we're happy together now. You don't understand.

You can't find two minutes to talk to Peppino? Is it that hard?

I need to talk to you.

That's it. Let's talk.

Let's talk, just like that... This fucking fog!

Where are you going? We might get run over in this fog.

Can we meet up tomorrow?

After work, for an hour. Are you off duty?

No, I have to go back home.

What time do you have to be back in the barracks?

I have to take care of Deborah, she might feel ill.

If tomorrow you're not on "clean-up duty", don't forget that this jerk needs to talk to you.

How do you feel?

What the fuck did he come for?

First of all, take it easy. He came. So I saw.

We moved, we lost touch with him... He called me a few times.

Why didn't you tell me? It was pointless.

After all that he did? You must be kidding!

Don't you realize?

So you knew he would come.

No, I didn't know. Yes you did.

Why were you afraid? Who said I was?

I saw you, you think I didn't notice?

You were all weird, how come? Knock it off. Now you're starting too?

Why, what did he say?

Look me in the eyes.

Something happened between you, didn't it?

Tell me the truth. How dare you?

I think you're hallucinating. Hallucinating?

He gave you two million five for doing jack shit.

If you think that, you're a bitch. I always thought that.

Do you think I'm stupid?

Can't you see he's dangerous?

You have to do something. I have to do something?

Do what? I don't know.

They want all kinds of things, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, walkie-talkies, because if you buy something big, you're not just any old ranger, you're an important ranger, you gain the power to decide.

I already bought a truck.

You with a jeep, me with a truck... We'll be in charge there.

It's a wonderful idea. It's nice, but you'll isolate yourself in that place and once you lose interest in the animals, and want a little action, there's nothing there.

Then there's Mombasa. Mombasa?

It's a beautiful place.

In the hotel area, there are skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, like Las Vegas. I've been there, it's beautiful.

Chock full of fun, women, chicks...

And kind of outside of the city, in the suburbs, there's a nightclub where all the foreigners go.

If a pretty boy like you walks in, you'd knock them dead, I can assure you.

My friend said that it's packed with chicks there.

Seriously, you'll have to say, "Enough, no more for me".

It's nice... Maybe we'll talk more about it.

I gotta run, it's Deborah's uncle's birthday.

Wait... No, it's late.

I don't want to make a bad impression on the relatives.

There's a bar nearby, we'll just get a beer.

A beer won't hurt! An aperitif! Just one beer, then I'm going.

You warm up with the second bottle of wine, with the third, you defrost.

It's good. We went a bit overboard.

Yes a little.

Damn you, how did you end up here?

It's not that bad.

Depends on how you look at it.

If you're convinced you're happy...

The sea... maybe I miss it a bit.


Why? You're in a sea of troubles.

You think I'm that bad off? Why, you think you're fine?

We won't live with her folks forever, we'll get our own house.

You'll have a career as busboy, then a waiter...

Head waiter. Head waiter!

You, Valerio, handsome as a god, will settle for becoming the head waiter in a restaurant!

You could have had the world at your feet!

Just had to go like this! I can be happy this way too.

I don't need to be an engineer... Why settle?

Woe to the man who settles.

You have to keep looking ahead. At age twenty, your life is over, the baby, Deborah, that's your life.

You make me mad.

As they say...

You're happy. Yes.

Then don't think about it!


Sorry, maybe it's the wine that makes me lose control.

I budded into your personal business. I don't really care, I'm leaving tomorrow at 10:00, I'm all ready.

Do you know where you're going? Of course!

I could even go to South America. Cuba, wherever I want.

You'd like Cuba, huh?

Or even Thailand. My my!

Isn't that Peppino?

Valerio's with him too. Where?

What the fuck do you want again? If you dare come back here...

What are you fucking laughing about? And don't touch me, you make me sick.

Goodnight signora! Don Pietro...

He was talking about work, about a project he had long ago.

I swear. Signora, do you believe me?

I believe you, but you could have called...

It was my brother's party. I'm mortified.

We were embarrassed.

Forget about it. Mom, forget it!

Mum I told you to stay here, leave him alone!


Valerio, excuse me. Yes, signora.

Here. Thank you.

You sure nothing's wrong? No, really.

Everything's fine. That's what you always say.

Deborah won't talk to me about it, neither will you...

We'll talk tomorrow, it's better that way.

OK, goodnight. Goodnight. Thank you.


Are you sleeping?

Cuba? Cuba!


Let's go! We go?

Right now? Yes.

Lover's getaway?

You're cute together.

Don't you gross yourself out? Why?

Am I gross? Kind of.

Aren't you ashamed to run away with a 50 year old dwarf?

Gimme a minute. You're imagining things.

Nobody's here, who are you talking to?

I'll catch up with you. If you get in the car, she'll disappear.

She's not here, it's all a bad dream. Be right there.

You want to go with him? Then go.

And me? What'll I tell to my son?

Valerio, now you're pissing me off!

I said hold on! Can you give me a minute?

What difference does it make if I stay?

I could even stay, but it's the same.

I said hold on!

A friend came to get us, she's restless.

I wasn't expecting her!

Please, put that thing away.

When Peppino's in trouble, she gives me a hand.

Why don't you put it away? No, why?

Relax, we're leaving. I care about her!

She has magic powers, she makes people disappear.

That's not necessary. You wanna disappear?

Peppino will disappear? No one will disappear.

We're leaving, put it away.

Relax, be a good girl.


It's not my fault!


The suitcases. Put it away.

Grab the suitcases.

Please, put it away. She's tense, she gets pissed!


We're leaving. Don't shout.

People are sleeping.




Come on! It's ready!

It's 7:30!