L'immortel (2010) Script

C'mon, jump!


And again!

Dad, can I go and watch?

Please, Dad!

I'll park and be right there.

Don't wander off, will you? No.

I'm in a strange business.

Once you're in, that's it, you can't get out.

It's like damnation. You're doomed to stick at it until you die.

Spilled blood never dries.

Spilled blood never dries, kid. Got that?


You live in fear all your life.

If you drop your guard, you're screwed.

Prison's just a pause in the game.

You got time for a minor offense. Count yourself lucky.

In a month, you can forget it and live your life free.

Old Timer, let's go.

Believe me, kid, nothing good comes from running with a bad crowd.

Glad to have met you, Charly.

Elie Goldman, killed in the line of duty

Bullet wounds, support ventilation, cardiovascular functions intact.

Slowing down. Adrenalin!

When'd you get to him? 10 minutes ago.

Pulse, blood pressure? Pulse 70, BP 90.

What's he had? Adrenalin, sufenta.

The mayor says to him, "Don't lower the tone."

So Philibert, head of the legislature, remember, says, "How do you know a she-ass is in heat?"

The mayor replies snootily, "Your question proves you're incapable of intelligent debate."

But Philibert insists, "Don't tell me you don't know, dammit!"

And the mayor says, "No, I don't know!"

So Philibert says...

You were smoking?

You smoke in my house?

Philibert says, "It just shows you're dumber than an ass. He knows."


I can't hear you. I'll call you from my office.


Is he dead?

Keep me informed.

Mr. Martinelli, k-knock before you enter.

It's important. It's about your tax audit.

I received a refusal from the IRS.

I said, knock before you enter!

Isn't that c-clear enough?

Your work's as bad as your manners.

Get out and knock.

If I say come in, you come in.

Can I come in, Mr. Zacchia?



Charly Mattei, 57, one of the last mafia godfathers in Marseille, was rushed to Timone Hospital.

According to doctors, his status is critical.

Get Goldman.

He was shot several times in unexplained circumstances.

3 years ago, Mattei sold his shares in various Riviera nightspots and hotels to businessman Tony Zacchia and Aurelio Rampoli, aka The Finisher, another nightclub kingpin in the region.

Often suspected, never convicted, Charly Mattei had apparently retired to be with his two children and wife, Christelle, but today's events...

No, sir, they were professionals.

We found both vehicles burned out by the port.

They'd been stolen.

I know, but we can't do our job here. It's chaos.

An anonymous caller tipped off journalists.

When I say anonymous, it means it wasn't me.

No, sir.

Do I enjoy working surrounded by these vultures?

Yes, sir. I'll take care of it and keep you informed.

What did I say exactly?

Hurry up.

I know what you said, Aurelio...

Bertrand, what did I say exactly?

What words did I use? Words are important.

You said, "Bertrand...

"I'll trust you... Like a friend.

"Like a friend."

An amico.

"I'll trust you like a friend, but I'm dumb, "because you're a flake, "like you're whole family."

Right. That's better, Bertrand.

Then what did I say?



You said if I took one gram...

One single gram.

You'd teach me a lesson. See? You remember.

Excuse me.

I swear I didn't sell her shit.

The bitch stole it from my jacket!

Yes, I hear you better now.


Mattei got shot in a garage.

Is he dead? Shot to fuck!



Newsflash. Martial Padovano, known as Old Timer, was shot dead an hour ago in Lenche.

Police believe it was a revenge killing.

Padovano was a major figure in the local mafia.

He was 85 years old.

Have a good day, Mr. Hernandez.

Goodbye, Mr. Hernandez.

You're crazy.

Killing Hernandez is like killing the Pope or President.

I'd k-kill the P-President!

Friends till after we die.


You ever meet Mattei?

I ran into him once when I was with Vice 10 years ago.

Some trouble over his second wife.

And his first?

He met her very young. They had a daughter, Eva.

She got remarried to his lawyer, Beaudinard.

We know the 2nd?

A prostitute, Christelle Kolarov. She worked for Pistachio.

Mattei fell for her, took her off the streets got her off dope, a one-man detox clinic.

He got her pregnant and Pistachio got very mad.

The streets are filthy! And the stink!

It'd only happen in Marseille.

Guys work 10 hours a week and they want a raise. Sit down.

Only Louis XIV understood Marseille.

You know what he did? Knocked down the city walls and turned cannons from nearby forts towards the city.

I can tell you, they got the message.

You know Louis XIV's motto?

No, sir.

"Impatience for victory guarantees defeat."

You see, Goldman, I agree with Louis XIV and the garbage men.

There's no hurry to clean up. They wanna kill each other?

Fine. That means less to arrest.

Isn't our role to investigate?

Our role is to protect honest citizens.

Not to keep order among thugs.

Bury a hoodlum, bury the case.

Mattei's dead?

Amazingly, no. He's out of the coma.

Question him. If he identifies someone, fine.

If not, forget it.

I'd be surprised if he opens up to you.


Don't make this personal.

Your husband was an exceptional officer, who took too many risks.

Nothing's more absurd than a medal on a coffin.

It would be less absurd if his killer was punished.

Did you recognize your attackers?

Had you received threats?

Mr. Mattei...

Our investigation's futile if you don't help.

They'll try to finish the job.

An officer outside won't stop them, just delay them.

So help me.


Morning, counsel.

Captain, I'd like to be told of your visits.

Just doing my job. Now, you do yours.

Tell your client it's in his interest to help us.


Look who I brought.


When you die, is it forever?

Yes, it's forever.

So Dad'll be buried in the ground forever?

'Course not.

Your Daddy is in a beautiful place, where he's very happy because he can see you grow up.

He's proud of you. He sees me?

Of course.

Through the curtains?

Through the curtains.

Why doesn't he ever call then?

They don't have phones there.

But it doesn't matter because he can see you.

He sees you and hears you.

Sleep now, sweetie.

I love you.

Don't do anything till Charly's out.

We're not gonna just wait for them to come back.

Who are "them"? We don't know who did it.

Sneaking around here, we won't find out.

What do you suggest? Torching Marseille? Raising an army?

There's three of us. We're all he has.

Make sure he's never alone.

If you need me, no cellphones.

He went that way.

He's better.

Better, but his singing's awful.

Superbugs. Hospitals are full of them. Watch out.

I think I'll take a cigarette break.

They looking after you?


If you need anything. For Christelle, the kids, I'm here.

They refused my flowers. They prefer the hospital smell.

Open up. Open the door!

Show him the flowers.


Shame, they're beautiful.

Shut the door.

You're looking good, real good.

Martin said you're tired. You look great.

22 bullets and you're in better shape than me.

In 2 weeks, you'll be windsurfing.

Look at me. I'm sagging all over.

Every morning, I get a shock. I'm all gray.

That's why I wear shades.

I went to the church and got you this.

Saint Pancras.

Patron saint of herds in Corsica and the best healer.

The priest said to kiss the back when you're in pain.

Microphones, cameras. Cops in ambulance.

You're my brother. I swear I'll find who did this.


I'll leave the chocolates.

Don't expect cooperation. He refused an anesthetic.

What? His arm nerves were hit.

It's simple to treat under anesthetic, but he won't trust us.

He's scared they'll get him while he's out.

That's not all. Look at his lung X-ray.

He swallowed a revolver?

We couldn't move him.

The X-ray was taken from over his bed.

The gun was under the mattress.

He left you and the kid and you still love him.

I don't blame you. Everyone loves him, even me.

He's improving.

Before people called him Psycho, now it's the Immortal.

That's much better, isn't it?

I'd hate to be immortal without you.

He sends his love.

How can you get any rest?

Leave it. It's not easy for her.

Eva, can you turn it down, please?

Why do you do that?

Your mother needs to rest.

Eva, I'm talking to you.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

Don't cry, beautiful.

Don't cry.

My mom's dying and my dad's a vegetable.

There's not much to smile about.

He promised me he was through.

He swore.

He swore it to mom.

He knows she's sick.

He doesn't give a damn about her or me.

He's a liar, a bastard.

He wasn't lying. He quit, believe me.

So why'd he get shot?

I don't know.

I can't feel anything.

Heat, pain, my son's hair when I stroke his head.

Let me...

I want the truth.

Damage to your radial nerve forced me to suture it.

Your fingers will never work.

You'll recover a pincer function with your thumb, but you'll have to learn to use the left. I'm sorry.

I'll get something for that.

God heard my prayers. He saved you but he wants you to change, make a fresh start.

I have changed.

All my life, I lived with the idea that one day someone would tell me, "Your son, Mrs. Mattei...

"Your son..."

Promise me I'll be first to go.

We still have time.

We checked your mystery calls.

A stolen phone, but we traced it.

Where? Marseille's most popular monument.

It's good of you to drop by.

Eaten up by remorse?

What remorse?

Jailing an innocent man. Sure.

The girl cut her throat shaving.

Know why I'm called Pistachio?

The size of your brain?

The pistachio is a tree that has a sex.

There's male and female.

To get pistachio nuts, you need both.

But the male pistachio tree is so virile that one male satisfies a dozen females.

Just one, captain.

She hated the competition.

Are you my mystery midnight caller?

What are you talking about?

No phones in jail, remember.

We're searching your cell. We better not find anything.


You wanted to see me.

You missed me. And you miss Mattei?

You wanna pin that on me? Am I the only guy you know?

A month ago, I was here.

You never did your own hits.

If it'd been me, I'd have pulped him.

Who then?

You're mixing me up with Zacchia. I'm no snitch.

Think again, Boudjemar, I could improve your stay.

Or maybe the guys enjoy having a male pistachio.


For Mattei, until proven other wise, you're top of my list.

Go that?

Last night at the Best-Of, a guy from Castellane boasted about shooting Charly.

He's coming out.

We're being followed.

They spotted us. Don't care.

Nordine... Now!

Back up!

I'm sorry.

Back up! Stay cool.

It's no big deal.

Shit! Chill out.

I gave him GHB. He'll sell his mom and dad!

It'll last a good hour.

Not that, please!

I didn't do anything. All I said was just bullshit.

I'm begging you...

Calm down. Deep breaths.

That's right, very good. What's your name?


No one will hurt you if you tell the truth.

Got that? No one. I give you my word.

That's right, very good.

You're a good boy.

Now, tell me everything from the start.

I worked in one of his bars, filling in for Gipsy.

One night, he said the Godmother wanted...

We call Zacchia the Godmother, but not to his face.

He wanted a cellphone carrier, so he didn't get cancer of the ear.

Tell me about February 1st.

I was at Le Becou when they left.

I saw them get ready,

but I couldn't go, I swear.

I just had a hemorrhoid operation.

A real pain in the ass!

I checked.

Was Zac there?

He left first. An hour before the others.

He had something to do in town with Telaa.

Fontarosa was driving.

The guns were in the other car, driven by Rabou.

Paolini was riding shotgun as usual.

He supplied the hardware.

Papalardo had got the cars.

A Mercedes for the boss, an SUV for the others.

Papalardo takes up a lot of room.

He has Velcro shoes 'cos he can't reach his laces.

Young Morvelous was supposed to give the signal.

It was the Magnificent Seven.

Why'd he try to kill me?

Over drugs. What drugs?

What drugs?

Don't get mad, Mr. Mattei. You won't like this.

Everybody in Marseille knew it.

When you sold up to Zacchia, the condition was no drugs.


For him, drugs are the future.

He's teamed up with Pistachio.

You were the only danger.


He was scared. He's scared of your reaction.

You scare a lot of people.

Me, for example. I'm scared...

You shouldn't be, Frédéric.

You should.

Zacchia wanted to strike first.

You're gonna kill me, aren't you?

What do we do with him?

Nothing. We do nothing.


He'll rat on us like he ratted on Zacchia.

He's a professional snitch. We gotta silence him.


I made a promise.

We can't do this, you know that. No way!

Not you. Not Charly Mattei. It's a question of honor.

What good's honor when you're dead? I did that for 40 years.

We can avenge you.

If we kill him, it'll be war.

Charly, wake up. It's already war!

You think Zacchia'll stop now?

You know him better than anyone.

"Friends till after we die."

He was a brother to me. I'm his son's godfather.

I'd have given my life for him.

Dress him and take him home.

Not a single Brit at Arsenal and no Italians at Inter.

What about Materazzi?

One. One out of eleven.

Thanks, Mom. I'm full.

Look how thin you are.

And with all the sport you do.

I got a 10 in dictation. No mistakes.

Good girl! You'll go to college.

You cheated. No, I'm good at dictations.

What's with you? You're jealous.

I'm proud of you.

We're not used to 10s.

We always got called in to see the teacher.

Karim kept breaking the rules and Nordine slept in class.

Because he partied all night.

She's right. We had it rough.

We had it rough, didn't we? Absolutely.

Morning and night. Me and your mother, it was rough. Look how smart the girls are.

It's lucky we're here, because other wise...

But you're my children, I can't complain.

He gives me a kiss.

See that? Fine psychology!

Franck, stop it!


Back off, we can't hear ourselves think.

Your glasses are steamed up.

He's got a good right foot, huh?

Time to meet someone.

You whore!

Is that him?

Are you sure? Yes.

Want a word with him? It's okay.

Go on, enjoy it. One last word. A quick penalty.

You could play for Marseille.

Last one? No, I'm done.

Marseille's lost a good player.

What's up, Bastien? Not having fun?

Sure, of course I am.

Leave your watch alone. Got a date?


Stop checking you're fucking watch.

You always do that.

Screw the time. Hand it over.

Pascal. Hand it over.

It is a great watch.

Hats off to the Swiss!

Now you can look at it.

Where were we?

My boss has a message for your boss.

If he wants revenge, he's in trouble.

He's not wanted in Marseille.

Get rid of him.

Franck, go get your dogs. There's a feast coming.

Morning, Mrs. Mattei.

A parcel for you. Thanks.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

To those who'll give us no more shit!

Take care of them. Marseille's too dangerous.

Another town, somewhere safe. Whatever it costs.

Leave it to me.

The gifts!

What is it?


Thanks, Pascal.

You're smoking?

You s-smoke in m-my house?

P-poisoning my children with your n-nicotine?

Ever heard of p-passive s-smoking?

He mimics him well.

You wanna kill them? Stop, Pascal.


Is this how you thank me for raising you out of the s-slums?

I'm gonna kill you!

Go ahead, Zac, smoke him!

Yeah, I think I'll do that.

Scared your fat ass, huh?

Ange, it was a joke!

Anyone plays the fool, we all go boom.

In the bucket, all of them.

Nice and easy.

Franck. In the bucket, I said!

Take it in turns.

Very good, Malek. Easy does it.

Your turn, Ange.

In the aquarium.

Now, leave us alone.

Bastien, look at me.

You know who I am?

What's my name?

Charly Mattei.

Charly Mattei, and I'm here to kill you.

Out in the open. It's a matter of respect.

I want you to know who kills you, why you die.

You know why you're gonna die?


You don't settle scores in a hood.

You wear a hood, you don't sign the message. It's murder.

You get the difference?

Everybody get it?

I'm gonna kill you all. All of you.

One after the other, but not right now.

I want you to think about what you did...

Think about it day and night, beg your wives and children for forgiveness, tell them why you're gonna die.

And when you're least expecting it, tomorrow, in 6 months, or a year, I'll be there.

You'll never be safe as long as I'm alive.

And tell Zac his turn will come.

You'll have to kill me to stop me.


Charly, please!

Look at your watch one last time.

Happy birthday, Bastien.

Let me out!

Eva, stop it.

Get out of the way!

I wanna go home!

Eva, listen to me. Don't touch me!

You listen to me!

Six months I've listened! Why are we in Avignon?

Your father wants us somewhere safe.

And nobody protests. I don't care what he wants.

I'm sick of all of you! I'm going home!

I know... You know what? You understand me?

You always understand. You're so smart!

That's not fair.

My mother's dying. I'm off!

What are you gonna do? Tie me up?

I've done worse, but it's nothing compared to what they'd do to you.

Remember what they did to your dad.

My little girl.

It's hard enough as it is.

Come on, calm down.

Come here.

My little baby.

Sorry, son, I went to Roumagnac's for the flowers.

They have great roses, but they're always packed.

Remember, we went there together once.

You were in love with that girl. What was her name?

He answers when you talk to him?

I stopped coming. No one ever answers.

I've lost it since my son died.

Like me, since Karim died.

Sorry for what happened. It wasn't my idea, I just obeyed.

I'm unarmed.

I never made a habit of shooting unarmed men.

It's just that I've changed my habits.

Talk very softly.

Mr. Zacchia has migraine aura. You know, a visual migraine.

He has to stay in the dark. Light makes it worse.

It's extremely painful. Especially coming with scotoma.

No. Only one of you.

Come in.


Reminds me of a case, I forget the details...

A police officer. He was my husband.

His killers were never arrested.

We have a good idea, but the courts want proof.

You know how it is.

I see.

Let's talk about Mattei.

Apparently, you think he killed Papalardo?

Why suspect him?

You were in business. You stayed friends.

Since he got shot, he's gone crazy.

He's paranoid. He was always jealous of me.

We started out together and look at him now.

If people knew what he's like...

He's sick!

I remember one time, he flew a plane over to Algeria to find a guy who owed him money.

He dragged the guy out of his village, starved him for a week, then chopped him up. He skinned him like a tomato!

You called the police, I hope? What's the point?

You know he killed Papalardo and what do you do? Wait for him to d-die?

Losing your temper won't help your migraine.

I lose my temper c-calmly.

But do nothing and I'll lose it for g-good!

Is that a threat?

We both know who does what in this city.

I'm a police officer. I arrest a few hoodlums, but when it comes to the big fish, it gets tricky.

Manpower shortages, budget restrictions, arrest warrants withheld, questioning impossible...

It's weird.

You don't like me.

I do my job and keep feelings out of it.

You know...

I truly wish we could be friends.

It can't be easy for a young widow to raise her son.

Who told you I have a son?

A guess.

If I can help in any way. It's dull, but material advantages often ease other difficulties.

When I say Mattei's lost it and needs watching, I'm not necessarily a citizen talking to the police...

I could be a friend talking to a friend.

I earn my living without owing anybody anything.

I'll note your suggested angle of inquiry.

Maybe I'll take it into account. Maybe not.

Look after yourself, Mr. Zacchia.

Shut up!


Stick with him.

Walk to heel!


I always drizzle olive oil on it.

Nice of you to keep me company.

What's your verdict?

I know, I'm behind schedule. When I'm done, it'll be superb.

The Corsair.

I'll call it The Corsair.

Good name, huh?

My son, Anatole, is like me. He loves the sea.

It's the only place I'm happy.

Storms sneak up on you, but you see other boats coming from miles away.

That's the difference.

I had a dog, you know. He was alcoholic.

One day, I gave him a sip and after that he begged for more.

He drank wine and Pastis.

The booze made him very aggressive.

So, no, I won't give you any.


What's wrong?

You gave me a fright.

I wasn't followed.

You shouldn't have come.

I had to see you. Zac's gone mad.

They destroyed everything. Stables, house, office...

Even your mother's.

They try to flush us out and you run.

Where with Clotilde?

I can't hide. She needs treatment. This stinks.

You have to get out. They're here.

The speedboat. Run!

That's impossible.

Get lost now. Hurry.

Hello, counsel.

You're losing him!

Get close!

Closer, I said!

Can you hear us?

Martin, next time you know where he is, I'd like you, as an old friend, to tell me.

Or else I might take offense.

Give Clotilde my love. I'll let you get the tab.

Were you missing the hospital or the prison?

Neither. You!

I wanted to see you again.

So you're not confessing to the murder of Ange Papalardo and Bastien Paolini?

Murder? I thought it was suicide.

A bullet in the heart, one in the head. That's your signature.

I can't even write. Don't believe everything people tell you.

Whatever people say, I know you've hidden your family.

I know you've killed two men and want more revenge.

We all want revenge. On our family, our childhood, or our enemies.

You have no enemies?

Not as many as you.

Maybe we have one in common.

I'm a victim of my reputation.

Your hard-earned reputation.

The truth is duller. I live a very quiet retired life.

Retired from what?

I did a lot of things. Complaints manager, artistic director, horse breeder. I paid my dues.

And you've no idea what happened to Papalardo and Paolini?

God called them.

God's been calling a lot of people.

Mostly guys who tried to kill you.

If you knew it was them, why not arrest them?

No proof. Same with you.

Divine justice beats the human version.

You're very religious.

It helps.

Among your attackers, one was trying not to kill you.

He fired high and slightly to your left.

A bad shot.

He hit an area the size of an orange.

He aimed to one side on purpose.

Of the 5 gunmen, only he missed.

5 gunmen?

8 in all. A lookout, 2 drivers, 5 gunmen.

I didn't count them.

Next time I get shot, I promise to pay more attention.

You're free to go.

I'd love rabbit with mustard sauce.

We just had lunch, Mom. Really?

Yes, we ate at Colombe's.

That's a pity.

So, no rabbit with mustard sauce?

Mom, we're in the middle of a park.


I'd love some rabbit with mustard sauce.

Thank you.

Good to see you.

Evening, Franck.

Come with me, my friend.

Let me introduce you.

Pierre Desbois, you've met, the Minister's chief of staff.

Senator Charles Barbaroux...

Eugene Carreda, speaker of the state legislature, an important gentleman.

My friend Aurelio Rampoli...

You blew my foot off, you sicko!

We're gonna have a chat.

Screw you, I'm no snitch!

I'll tell your pals about your moment of heroism.

We're all out. Where the hell's Rabou?

Call him.

Call an ambulance, I'm dying!

You have a few liters left.

Listen, Franck...

In the garage, there was Bastien, Papalardo, Fontarosa, Malek, young Morvelous and Zac...

Who was n 8?

The warehouse maybe?

Go check.

He got out of Zac's car with a hood on.

I never saw his face.

Why would I lie?

A stranger turns up for a hit and you don't ask any questions?

Franck, you can do better than that.

Of course I asked. Fontarosa blew me off.

That's all I know.


It's Zac you want? I don't wanna die for him.

I'll get you the fucker.

Please... Thank you.

Senator, Mr. Chief of Staff, Aurelio, my friends...

I'm delighted to see you here.

The party is exactly as I dreamt it.

Of course, they say Tony Zacchia is an obsessive, a perfectionist, a maniac even, who blows up for no reason.

Malek, isn't that true?


I know what people say and they're right.


Truth is, I don't like to hurt people.

When I do, I don't mean it.

It just comes out.

Deep down, I hate people attacking what's sacred.

For me, family and friends are sacred.

Friendship isn't an empty word.

Friendship implies responsibilities, obligations, respect. Whatever happens, I'll respect my friends.

I installed the firewall and passwords.


Can I... Fast!

Everything on the dope, accounts, contacts, suppliers, amounts, delivery dates, bookkeeping, deals, the guys he bribed...

Aurelio never saw this.

Zac's taken him for a ride, screwed him for a fortune.

Zac'll eat out of your hand.

You've got him. He can't hurt you now.

Morvelous just called. He's been shot.

Let's go. With Malek?

Not on his wedding night.

Please, Charly!

For the love of God...

I have a 4-year-old daughter.

Her mother walked out on us. I'm all she has.

Think of my kid, Charly!

You have a daughter? Where?

At my mother's tonight. I'm picking her up tomorrow morning.

Please, I want to see her again.

I wanna see her.

Look... This belongs to her.

She plays with this?

It's dangerous for a kid.

Forgive me, Charly.

Forgive me.

I forgive what you did to me.

But I can't forgive what your dogs did to Karim.

You let him get away!

Asshole! Why'd you let him get away?

You asshole!

Why'd you let him get away?

Find him.

Find the son of a bitch!

Eradicate his family, to the last one.

If you miss him, I'll kill you!

Hold on...

You answer when you're driving?

It's illegal to drive and talk on the phone.

Give me it. It's Zac.

Let him watch us fuck too, why not!

Yasmina! Did you see him tonight?

Like it was his wedding. The Godmother and his courtiers.

Don't call him that. If he hears you...

He isn't here.

Stop being paranoid.

Where was I?

What's that asshole doing?

Don't get mad!

You're blocking my driveway!

I'm talking to you.


We found a print on the gun.

A beautiful right ring finger print.

We know the owner?

You could say. Charly Mattei.

You're crazy. Zac's hunting you.

He'll never come looking for me here.

What's going on?

They're trying to finger me for hits I didn't do.

What's that?

Zacchia's will. Very interesting.

Keep it safe, make a copy and take it to Aurelio.

Deliver it personally.

A smart crook doesn't exist.

Top IQs don't join the mafia.


A pro like Mattei wouldn't leave a gun with his prints next to a corpse. It's a set-up.

A set-up for idiots.

There's a manhole he could have dropped it in.

Proves he's a moron.

We have an international arrest warrant.

Whatever it takes, find him and put him away for 20 years.

That'll clear the horizon. And clear out too.


No, put him on.

What's wrong, sweetheart?

No, I'm still working. I'll be home soon.

Yes, I'll come give you a kiss. I promise.

What nightmare?

Don't worry, angel.

There aren't any thieves. Dolores scares them off.

Go to bed. It's late and you have school tomorrow.

You idiot!

I love you, sweetie.

Mattei has a son. He must go to school somewhere.

Tomorrow morning, find out where.

You're looking for an Anatole Mattei or Anatole Kolarov.

Not so fast, I didn't get any of it.


That's his mother's name.

Search for all of France. The kid will lead us to him.

He must be in contact with his family.

I saw you. Liar!

So, who's your girlfriend?


She looks nice.

Can I invite her to my birthday?

We'll ask your mother.

I understand.

Do you have a boyfriend?

No, not right now.

How will you have children then?

I'm not sure I'm cut out for kids.

Your dad wants you in the back.


No, Anatole!

You said it.

I have a license.

A license to say bad words?

Some, under strict rules.

When I have a license, can I say "asshole"?

Sure, but...

What a jerk!

Get down!




Let's go!

Sorry, I can't send a car for that.

Give me your address anyway.

We found Eva.

And Anatole?

Follow me.

Tell me what happened. You're safe now.

We found her at a gas station.

What happened to you both?

What did they do to you?

Talk to me, sweetheart.

Where's Anatole?


They said they'd kill him if... if dad doesn't surrender.

It's your call. Arrest me, get congratulations and a promotion, but Zacchia kills my son.

He'll kill him because he respects nothing.

Not a kid's life, not a cop's life, as you know.

We both know he had your husband killed and we both know he'll kill my boy.

I have a proposal for you.

Announce I gave myself in, but let me go.

If Zacchia thinks I'm in jail, he'll lower his guard.

Zac's not stupid enough to keep my son with him and he never gives orders over the phone.

The second he thinks I'm out of the game, he'll order his murder.

I know who does his dirty work.

I can only find my son if Zacchia thinks I'm in jail.

You expect me to agree?

When my son's safe, I'll surrender.

I don't care about your old scores.

I have a tough job to do and if I listen to a gangster, I won't be doing it right.

You know what it's like to lose a loved one.

I am what I am. However bad that is, my son didn't ask to be part of it. He'll die if...

I'm begging you.

A new twist in the brutal gangland war terrorizing Marseille.

Officials claim Charly Mattei has been arrested and is currently in custody at police HQ.

The man nicknamed the Immortal did not resist, according to Marseille police, delighted by his arrest.

Foreign news now. Tomorrow, the US President starts...

Ensure no one finds the body. Nothing.


Leave the boy out of this.

Charly killed Malek, a son to me. I'll take his.

He won't get closure.

I want it to ruin his life, to kill him very slowly.

A souvenir, like the last time?

An ear or a finger, whatever.

To drive his whore insane.

And you kill Aurelio.


Boss, I need a crew, stake him out.

Forget that. Drive by on a bike, okay?

In return, you can run the hotel I bought near the station.

With all the whores and johns, it's easy money. Go!

Where's Goldman? The basement interrogation room.

How do I know, though?

Open up.

What's going on? Sorry?

Where's Mattei?

We haven't found him yet, but new evidence has turned up.

That how you keep guard?

Mattei's been arrested.

What do we do now? Kill him.

The boss wants a memento.

We can't. He's just a kid.

Is he yours? What do you care?

Move! Get shovels and bags.

I only found one.

In the car! We're not gonna do it here!

I can't.

I didn't ask your opinion.

Move it or I'll shiv you.

It'll be okay, kid.

Shut up! I said, shut up!

Shut your mouth!

No, please!

I'll bleed you like your pal.

It's me.

It's daddy.

It's all over.

I'll turn myself in.

We can't go on the run. It's unfair on you.

On the kids, too.

You can start over, have a normal life.

I'm staying with you.

Aurelio'll live. He had a vest.

We have 5 corpses and one wounded.

Weapons? Cleaned up before we got here.

So we have nothing? Not quite.

This was in Aurelio's pocket.



He helped me a lot.

He's not just a healer.

He appears to the faithful to forewarn them of their death.

3 knocks on the bed means you have 3 days to live.

He didn't knock 3 days ago?

What have you done to my family?

I never involve women and children.

Help me understand.

Understand? Understand what?

Why did you do it?


Not that. Not this business.

"Friends till after we die." Remember?

Stupidest thing I ever said. Friends till after we die!

We grew up together and aged differently.

With your whore, like a coward!

Retired. The quiet life.

Judging everyone else.

I kept fighting.

I had to draw the line.

Dope? That's the line? Morality? Not very original.

Morality never is. In fact, it's pretty boring.

You think you're different? Better?

We're the same. You're no better than me.

To get here, we played rough.

We got rid of people. You went straight, big deal.

You have blood on your hands. It won't wash off.

You'll be what you always were, a bad guy, a gangster who broke the rules. Don't lecture me.

I lost, kill me, but not in the name of morality.

I wanted to end in peace.

Me too.

But I had to eliminate you for that. Your morality's selective.

Rackets, but no drugs.

Revenge, but don't hurt families.

Kill, but not cops.

Outdated bullshit! Evil is evil.

It's in us, so deal with it.

I know you don't agree.

You'll kill me because the truth hurts.

I'll kill you because you betrayed me.


What are you waiting for?

Don't think too long or you get nothing done.

Yes, we aged differently. My reflexes are better.

Honesty makes you rusty. Give me that.

3 days to live? No, years yet.

You'll regret surviving your injuries.

Unless you beg me.

Beg me, Charly.

You're the biggest shit I know.

I said beg me!

Police! Freeze!

Throw your guns down!

Flat on the floor!

Don't move!

Tony Zacchia, I'm arresting you on charges offraud and embezzlement.

He came here to murder me!

I ha-haven't done anything.

Tony Zacchia's downfall sends out a message to Marseille, to the whole region and all of France even.

Our city's entering a new era at last, partly thanks to you, captain.

I congratulate you for your determination.

The Minister will visit next week to congratulate us.

I'm sure you'll take the chance to put our differences behind us and praise my battle against the mafia.

I'm not sure I understand, sir.

Let me make it quite clear.

An Internal Affairs report would reveal a chronic alcohol problem since your husband's death and an addiction to one-arm bandits in cheap bars.

But that's a pee in the ocean compared to actively helping Charly Mattei on the run.

And we may throw in the tracking device on your car.

When the Minister makes his surprise visit, you'll be queen for the day, so make sure he knows you owe it all to me, and the rest is our secret.

If you've finished, I'll go fight your war on the mob.

Be my guest.

One last thing, sir.

Our secret, too.

The cops hassled me for jobs I didn't do.

For jobs I did, they never came by once.

Gangsters may be dumb, but you're no better.

You weren't in Marseille?

You didn't murder Malek Telaa?

And you've no idea who did.

You don't recognize this gun?

Never seen it before.

How come your prints are on it?

I don't know.

Maybe I handled it in a gun store.

A gun store?

Do you have a gun license?

Do I need one to handle a gun in a gun store?

Where'd you get that gun today?

At Mr. Zacchia's.

He claims you broke in to kill him.

Broke in? He opened the door to me. We're old friends, you know.

Please read and sign your statement.

We'll deal with firearm possession and breaking and entering later, but that'll be child's play for your lawyer.

I can go?

The fingerprints confirmed Yasmina Telaa's evidence.

The gunman was right-handed.

Unlike you, your friend Zacchia will be brought to justice.

It won't be as summary as yours, but he faces a long stretch.

Professionally, I have a sense of having done my duty.


I regret arriving too early.

I know you refuse the sympathy of a man like me, but we share the same weak point...


I hope never to see you here again.

The last gunman...

Zacchia didn't say who it was?

I brought what you wanted.

Christelle and the kids are home.

She invited Karim's parents.

I'd like us to go somewhere first.

Of course.


Drive. I'll tell you.

I'm in a strange business.

If you decide to quit, one day, someone will knock on your door to avenge a father, brother or uncle.

You're doomed to stick at it until you die.

Spilled blood never dries.

Is this where they shot you?


What were you doing there?

Zac burst in to my office, yelling there was big money at stake.

I tried to duck out, but he slapped a gun in my hand.

I never thought it was you. You weren't at war then.

When I realized, it was too late.

I didn't shoot at you.

I aimed off to one side.

I know.

I'm begging you!

Think of Clotilde.

She's sick and weak. She needs me.

Who'll take care of her if I'm gone?

She'll be hospitalized.

Is that what you want?

And your daughter...

She's like my daughter. Sorry to say this... but I'm a father to her.

I can't abandon them. Not now.

Not now.

They won't forgive you.

Now we're quits.

My body's like a battlefield.

But I'm still standing.

I'll watch my children grow.

I'll stay with my family, as long as I possibly can.

I'll get old quietly.

Without hiding.

Without always looking over my shoulder.

Subtitles: Simon John Subtitling: C.M.C. - Paris