Lin Shi Rong (1979) Script

Thanks. There's Butcher Wing.

Good morning.

Who left this banana skin lying around?

Good morning, Cheung.

What are you doing?

Those two pigs...

Do you want to buy them? I'll give you a discount.

But those pigs are mine!

Yours? Can you identify them?

No, all pigs look the same.

True. Say something nice and I'll give you the pigs.

Butcher Cheung. No! Call me father.

Why? I've got a beard.

So I am older. Therefore, I must be your father.

Call me father and I'll give you the pigs.

Screw you! I don't want them now.

I was just conned but I didn't say anything.

I can make money here! Call him father and get two pigs!

If I call you father, you'll give me the two pigs?

That's right.

Then you'd better listen.





Keep taking them like that and I'll call you father.

No! I don't want a stupid and wasteful son like you!

You idiot. Damn Wing!

Excuse me.

Knight attacks. Block.

Elephant. Stopped.

Leopard ready to pounce.

I'm ready for you.

Surrounding your General.

You've got no move.

It's not that, it's that you haven't got a defence.

Wait! Do you know the rules? Why?

You have to call before you take my rook.

No, I don't! Give it back to me.

Give me back my rook.

No, you cheat! I'm not playing. Wait!

This is robbery! I don't want to talk to you.

Give it back! Robbery! Thief!

How could you! Stealing in broad daylight!

Listen! He took my... He robbed you, didn't he?

Did you rob him? No, I didn't.

Don't lie! Admit it!

OK, I admit it.

Do you feel guilty now?

Only because you've beaten me up.

No, he only took...

OK. Whatever you took, bring it out.

OK, I'll give it back to him.

Is this it?

It's a chess piece! That's right, the rook.

Are you OK? I hurt all over.

Why are you so badly hurt?

You beat me up!

Don't worry, I'll take you to the doctor myself.

"Five Dragons School"






Good kung fu!

Your Palm of Five Elements has developed magnificently.

It is now invincible.

I've been practising for the last 30 years.

I am second to none when it comes to kung fu.


Tai-hoi, shouldn't you be in Fukien on business?

You wasted the money drinking.

No! But it's hard running a business now.

What a waste of a son. Can't hold up a wall with wet cement.

Godfather, your tea.

What are you staring at? She's your godsister, Lan Hsing.

Go inside, Lan Hsing.

I'll go and get changed.

Master Ko.

What happened to you?

Wong Fei-hung's student, Butcher Wing, beat me up.

There was no reason for doing it.

How dare he! He must be brave.

Yes, I told him I was from the Five Dragons School but he didn't care.

He didn't care where I was from and hit me even more.

He also said that Wong Fei-hung said you were not that good, and that you should change our school's name to Five Snakes.

He also said you'd do better serving snake dinners.

I want to see how good Wong Fei-hung is.

"Po Chi Lam Clinic"

Take a seat, Master. OK.

Here, Master.

Wong Fei-hung.

Master Ko, why the surprise visit?

Who wouldn't want to pay a visit to your famous school?

Ah Su, bring some tea. Yes, Master.

Master Ko, please sit down.

I'm sorry, termites have been eating this chair.

What an interesting hobby.

You must have a fascination for calligraphy.

Not at all.

A brush can build a family or bring peace to a nation.

I've practised the art of calligraphy myself.

Give me some comments on my style.

Brush controlled by wind and rain. Writing poetry for the spirits.

Your brush strokes are too extreme.

A stable heart and brush gives a stable stroke.

A stable heart, stance, brush and stroke gives a stable word.

That's the only way to write.

Wild Grass.


The brush is like a dragon, each stroke made of iron.

Come on.

Use strength.

Your wrist lacks the power to write a word.

My fingers are my brush. Drop the wrist to write.

You've made a mess ofthe paper.

Concentrate on the tip ofthe brush.

The paper isn't messed up at all.

Ifyou can finish it, I'll carry your shoes.

"A Good Man Has No Enemies"

Master Ko, take a look. Please.

Are you really going to carry his shoes?

Do you know how to write the word "death"?

Do you know how to write "surrender"?


He said he's surrendering. Shut up.

Why do you allow your students to cause trouble?

They beat up one of my men and have no respect for me at all.

Which one ofyou idiots did this?

Butcher Wing.

Master Ko, I must apologise.

I'll punish him for beating up one ofyour people.

I promise it won't happen again. Please forgive us.

All right. I'll take your word for it this time.

But the next time your students cross my path, I'll tear your sign down.

Butcher Wing! Why are you always causing trouble? Why?

Master... Who is your Master?

It was a mistake. I don't want to hear any more.

Wing, be careful. Don't break them or you'll be in more trouble!

I'm going shopping. I assume you don't want anything?


How did you know I was a man? I could have been a woman.

From my experience, that sort of smell couldn't be a woman.

What do you want?

Can I use your toilet, please?

Go straight then turn left till you reach the wall.

Left again and you're not far from it.

Thanks. How come it's so complicated?

Why is the toilet so small? You have to be accurate here!

The man next door must be constipated.

That was good.

Have you seen this person?

Thank you.

Have you ever seen him?

No. Ask someone else. Thanks.

I heard that my brother Wing works here.

I wonder where he is?

She's nice!

Would you recognise him?

This was taken 10 years ago, before he left home.

Good morning. Can I help?

I'm looking for this man. Have you seen him?

He's called Lam Sai-wing.

Lam Sai-wing! He's left.

You can find him in hell.

Get out of here. Go!

Come on.

Have you come from the villages looking for someone?

Have you seen him?

I've seen him.

How can you see it that way round?

Him? I know him. He's so thin.

He's called Skinny Pig.

Of course! I used to go out with him a lot.

This picture is over 10 years old, he'll be in his twenties now.

I've known him since he came to this town.

He's my elder brother.

He talks about you all the time.

You're his younger brother?

That's right. Where is he now?

He's fine. He's done well for himself.

Let's go and find him now. Yeah!

This way.

This is your brother, Skinny Pig.

Are you really my brother? Yeah, that's me all right.

But you don't look like him.

Everyone says I've not changed at all!

What's my nickname then?

I'm Skinny Pig and you're Fat Pig.


Oh, I remember. You're Dumb Pig.

Both ofyou are con men. Come on, let's go.

Stop them.

You don't treat him as your brother, but he treats you as his brother.

Yes. And he owes me 300 yen.

As his brother, you're responsible for that debt, too.

But you said he was doing well. I did.

But he's got leprosy. Right!

And his luck has changed now.

You're trying to con me!

I don't care, give me the money.

Otherwise I'll take your wife!

I'll kill you iftouch my wife.


You want to fight me? You must be tired of life.

I'll fight you even ifyou are stronger.

Let me go! Let me go!

Kill him. Sai-kwong!

Sai-kwong! Stop it!

Yuet-mei! Yuet-mei!

I'll fight you to the death!



How come we only practise these moves?

Yeah, it's been ages since the Master taught us anything new.

Why are you criticising your Master?

We didn't say anything!

For punishment you have to buy Wing dinner.

Buy Wing dinner?

Trying to fool us, eh?

I fooled you though, didn't l?

Yeah, you did a good impression ofthe Master.

I'll show you some more.

I, Wong Fei-hung.

My mother died when she was young.

And this turtle is my father... my father's pet.

It wasn't bad, was it? There's more.

You two, go and get me some chicken.

We'll have to strip... the feathers offthe chicken.


Wing what? Bring me a cup oftea.

Is it good? Not bad, just a little too cold.


I'll leave once you've finished your tea.

Master, please stay.

As you did a good imitation of me, I think I'd better leave.

Look, I've already packed.

Master...l won't do it again.


Master, are you going somewhere? Kwangsi.

I need to buy some herbs and visit the abbot.

You stay here and take care ofthe patients.

I forbid you to cause any more trouble.

Trust us, we won't get into a fight.

What happens if Master Ko comes? We'll beat him up!

I'll kill you if I don't get my wife back!

Stop it, you'll kill him!

It's none ofyour business. Go away or I'll start on you!

What? Threatening me? I'm not scared of anyone.

Catch this!

Just you wait.

Are you all right?

I'm fine, thank you.

I'm Tai-hoi, who are you?

I'm Butcher Wing. I sell pigs in the market.

Thanks for helping me. I'll buy you a drink.

There's no need. You must come!

I want you to be my guest. OK, ifyou insist.

I haven't had chicken for a long time!

Don't sit there playing with your feet!

The smell ofthem will poison my chickens.

Yes, yes.

I don't know what you're doing!

Damn chickens making so much noise!

You're a greedy one! Come down and eat.

Peck! Peck!

Don't drink ifyou can't take it.

It's easy to get yourself killed!

I'm a hopeless fighter. No good at being ferocious.

My wife has been taken.

I'm better off dead.

Just a minute, do you have a kitchen in here?

Sure, it's over there.


Friend. What?

Can I use your kitchen, as you won't need it?

Sure. Help yourself.

Good, thanks.

I can't even die in peace.

Hey, wait a minute.

I'll take your money since you won't need it.

Your clothes will fit me.

Since you don't need them.


Give me your trousers too. You won't need them either.

Give me that rope too. It won't do you much good.

I nearly suffocated!

Can you still breathe? Just.

Don't waste your breath, save it. I'll need it.

Can I use your last breath for the fire?

You've changed!

Is Ko Tai-hoi really such a thug?

He is. And he's very powerful too.

I've heard he controls parts ofthis town.

Really? He's more powerful than the electric company.

So? What can you do?

What can I do? A few years ago 10 men couldn't bury me!

Old people always talk about the past.

Are you saying that I'm too old? Things get better with age.

Like wine. The older, the smoother.


My arm is still as hard as rock.

My balance is still steady.

My fist is still powerful.

And even the wine is still strong!

Come in, what can I get you?

Top-quality wine.

You must be joking!

Near top-quality, then. Get out.

Just some ordinary wine, then?

No need.

I'm broke and you still owe me 10 yen from the domino game.

I'll pay you back when I want.

Do you need to shout about it?

I only asked. Well, don't.

What's the matter with you?

Did you hit me? No, I was just scratching.

Then you're scratching me very hard!

Do you want to fight? But I didn't do anything!

Why are you kicking the sole of my feet?

I've never done it this way before.

How did you do it before? Like this...

Come on!

Hit me, not the wine!

The wine hasn't done anything to you!

You'll have to pay for this.

I'll pay.

This is for you.

You'd better release Lam Sai-kwong's wife.

Whose wife? Stop pretending.

I remember. Start talking.

She's with my brother now.

Who's your brother? Wing.

Where is he? He's hard to find.

I'll ask him to bring the woman to the teahouse tomorrow.

No tricks. No, no.

"The Welcome Teahouse"

That old man's got guts! He's willing to mess with your wife.

Yes. He said if I didn't hand over my wife then I'll be in trouble.

That's why I asked you to come here.

Really? Am I that respected?

What did he say?

He said I'd better buy you a coffin and dig the hole.

How dare he! We'll go and meet him now.

Why isn't he here yet?

I'll wait at the entrance.

Where the hell is he?

Hey! Watch it, old man. Sorry.

Why isn't he here yet?

He's already here.

Hiding from me?

This is my big brother. Ask him for the woman.

So, you're Butcher Wing?

What a smell! Have you washed yet?

Not yet. Waiter, can I have a bottle ofyour best wine?


You're not here just to rinse your mouth, are you?

That's right. Now give me the woman.

Woman? There are all kinds ofwomen, which sort do you want?

You're funny, aren't you?

Not as funny as you.

You sound like someone I know. Who?

Jesus. He preaches a lot, too.

You remind me of someone I knew. Who?

Simon the Pimp.

He stole other men's wives.

He was killed for it.

What are you saying?

I'm speaking very clearly.

Do you really think you're Jesus?

Stop preaching and hit him.

Do you still want her?

Of course I do.

You're old and everyone will say I picked on you, so I'll let you hit me three times first.

OK, whatever you want.

Let's go.

Still two more hits to come!

No way! That's three punches rolled into one!

Let's forget the other two.

The Hung style. Who is your Master?

None ofyour business. But you're not my Master.

Watch out for my farts!

Is it still Tiger style?

The Crane manoeuvre.

Wing, are you all right?

I'm fine. I was just a bit careless.

You'd better be careful, then.

The Snake Thrust.

You're playing with snakes?

Hey, what are you doing?

My feet! My feet!

He isn't going to last any longer.

Are you going to give me the woman?

I, Lam Sai-wing, never will! Even ifyou kill me!

You're Lam Sai-wing? The one and only.

You must be bad, stealing your brother's wife.

What brother? Your younger brother, Sai-kwong.

He's Lam Sai-kwong.

You bastard.


Let me kill him.

But he's your brother - Skinny Pig.

I am Skinny Pig.

Are you really? I am, it's me.

I'm not lying.

That's me.

The one in the picture's not as fat. Do you know my nickname?

You were called Crazy Cow.


When you were small, I used to hit you like this.


Why did you help that thug against me?

I didn't know it was you.

Ifyou didn't know, why did you help?

You've just hit me so we're even now.

Yeah, there's no use fighting. That bastard's already got my wife.

What should we do?

Ko Tai-hoi, you've really caused me trouble.

Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Don't worry, I'm here to rescue you.

Really? Who are you?

Don't ask. Just follow me.

How dare you try to release my girl!

You don't know the meaning of pain.

Ifyou release her, then you'll have to take her place.

Butcher Wing is here and he's got an old man as hostage.

Keep an eye on them.

Hi, Tai-hoi.

Wing! So, you took care of him, then?

When it comes to kung fu, the younger the better.

He soon ran out of breath and I got him.

You must be good. We'll lock him up in the storeroom and then we'll go have a drink.

Great! Let's lock him up.

Walk, old man.

Why are you being so rough? He might get suspicious if I'm not.

Lock him in there.

Why are they guarding the room? ls there gold inside?

Open the door! Open the door!

Let us go! Let us go!

No, that's my wife's room.

The guards are here to stop him from messing with her.

Why do you have to mess with other people?

If he says that, I'll mess with him.

I don't believe it! Let me go and you'll find out.

It's OK as long as I'm here.

Now I'm going to mess with you!

Don't worry!

Hey, keep out of it.

Which one ofyou is Yuet-mei? I'm Lam Sai-wing.

I am. Come on.

Her? I'll rescue her, too. I'm...

You must be in the same situation.

Everything's done. Let's go and have a drink.


Stop talking, let's drink!

Now that we're back together and you've found your wife, I feel happy.

She must have been kidnapped by Tai-hoi, so I rescued her too.

Let's drink to your good deeds!

I... Hungry? Help yourself.

Don't be shy, we're all one big family!

I'm... I know.

You must be happy to have escaped from Ko.

I want to say I'm Master Ko's goddaughter, you idiot!

I'm really happy for you too.

A toast to you.

There's no need. We must!

OK, then we'll pour our own.

Great wine and you haven't had any!

I think Tai-hoi probably slept with you.

But I promise I won't tell anyone.

When you go home, just treat it as a nightmare and forget all about it.

Have another drink to help you forget.

It's spinning again!

He's drunk!

Don't look at me as ifyou want to thank me, I don't expect any thanks.

Damn fatso, I'll teach you a lesson.

It's getting late, we should be going.

OK, you get off.

Pack your things up and move in here tomorrow.

You, too. You'd better be going.

You forced me to come here, I'm homeless now! Where shall I go?

What? It's that serious?

I don't care, but I'm staying for the night.

We've onlyjust met! How can you stay here?

You don't know me and you drag me here, for what?

I was only trying to help! Yes, helping yourself!

OK, then. I'll pay for you to stay at an inn.

Give your money to charity for all I care.

Do I have to use firecrackers to make you go?

My foot hurts where you kicked it!

Where's it hurt? I'll rub it better.

Are you trying to take advantage of me?

Why are you so mean?

Are you going or not?

My foot still hurts, I can't walk. You'll have to carry me.

It's three years of bad luck to carry a woman.

Ifyou refuse to carry me, I won't go.

OK, then I'll imagine you're a pregnant pig!

Easy come, but definitely not easy go.

Come on, get on.

It hurts.

Hold on!

This is my Master's best ointment. It even heals broken bones.

Rub some on and you'll be better in no time.

But I've only got a pain in my chest.

Let me see.

My Master hasn't taught me how to treat chest pains yet.

What a mess.

I'm going to sleep here tonight.

Was that a woman's voice?

I drank too much, I've got a sore throat.

Sore throat?

What is it? Mosquitoes.

Are you going? lfyou don't go, I will.

Mosquitoes? Well, I'll go to bed anyway.

Let's go out for another drink.

More drink? Yeah, sure.

Another drink changes everything.

Damn fatso. Hurt me, will you? Just wait till you get back.

What are you doing? I'm your sister!

You're only my father's goddaughter.

Don't worry about it, we'll keep it in the family.


Keep quiet!

Don't shout. Now you can't, can you?

Ko Tai-hoi!

Wing forced his way into Lan Hsing's room.

I followed them and he's taken her to his house. I've come back for help.

Butcher Wing! He dares to mess with me again. Let's go.

The light's out, she must have gone.

I feel dizzy, I'd better get to sleep.

How many times have I told you not to sleep here?

Get up! What are you doing, pretending to be dead?

She really is dead! How did that happen?

I'd better call the police.

What are you doing here? That's him.

Wing, you must have guts. You're prepared to mess with my daughter.

She's your daughter?

Lan Hsing, Lan Hsing! She's dead.

You... I didn't do it!

Dad, he's killed Lan Hsing!

What did you say? I said I didn't do it!

Are you suggesting that I did it?

Lan Hsing... Lan Hsing!

We've caught you red-handed.

But I really didn't do it.

You will pay with your life.

Don't come any closer.

Lan Hsing!

Stay back.

Release him. If I do, will you let me go?


Wait. We'll get him at his Master's clinic.

"Po Chi Lam Clinic"

Tear it down.

Stand at the door, kill anyone who comes out. Round the back.

Tell Wong Fei-hung to come out. He's away. What do you want?

You're too old to start learning Hung kung fu.

I want Butcher Wing.

Wing hasn't come back. I don't believe it. Search for him.

You can't barge in here! It's not your place.

One wrong move and you're dead.

Give me Wing or I'll tear the place apart.

He's not here.

How dare you! I'll kill you for that.

The Monkey Pole?

Hidden knife!

The knife's good in close combat.

But not if I stay away from you.

Hold it.

He's broken our sign!

Lam Sai-wing. So, you're here at last.

Master Ko, how dare you tear down our sign.

I warned Wong Fei-hung that if any of his students caused trouble I would tear down his sign.

You murdered my goddaughter and you must pay for it.

I didn't kill her.

It's better to kill him than let him go free.

Let me at him.

"The Lam Residence"

The Palm Of Death!

I didn't kill anybody.

I'll kill you for smashing up our sign!

That hurt. And I can't even return the compliment.

Hold him down. I'll hit you two if he hits me again.

Will he be OK?

He'll live as long as I'm here.

Po Chi Lam's in such a mess, I think you should go and find your Master.

Then we'll leave Wing with you.

What's happening?

If I hadn't soaked you in that medication to bring out the poison, you would be dead by now.

Wait, where are you going?

To fight Master Ko. Do you want to be a streaker?

Where are Foon and Chat? They've gone to find your Master.

How can I face my Master with Po Chi Lam's sign torn down?

Your kung fu is good, but your arm is not strong enough.

You are lucky you've got a strong spirit.

Hasn't your Master taught you the 12-Arm Hung kung fu?

Do you know it? Yes. Do you want to learn it?

Yes, now I have a second Master. But don't call me Master!

Call me big brother instead.

All right, big brother.

Then I'm a little brother!

The 12-Arm Hung kung fu.

Passing Arm.

Dividing Arm.

Stabilising Arm.

Slow Moving Arm.

Straightening Arm.

Flexible Arm.

Strong Arm.

Rigid Arm.

Nailing Arm.

Pressure Arm.

Lifting Arm.

You do the lifting!

You don't have to lie there ifyou don't want to lift.

Lam Sai-wing, you'll never get away from me.

Weird Cat...bring him back. Dead or alive.

It's only a cat! Scared me to death.

It shouldn't be hiding in a coffin.

You're from the Five Dragons School.

You escaped my mousetrap! Your mother's a mouse!

You killed someone from the Five Dragons School. I will avenge them.

There! You've jumped into trouble.


I beat you like a stray! Let's see you jump now.

Ifyou use the Rigid Stance, he can'tjump.

Rigid Stance?

I haven't touched you. What are you doing?

Your palm is really powerful!

I haven't used my lron Palm yet!

Iron Palm? Will you teach it to me?

It's very difficult to learn.

You have to soak your hands in vinegar and jab them in sand.


We'll have to go somewhere else now that they've found us.


We'll have some pig's trotters for dinner.

Little brother.

I'll teach you something great today.

Good. What kind ofwine is that?

It's not wine. It's a jar of vinegar.


You have to soak your hands in vinegar and jab them in sand.

Are you going to teach me the lron Palm?

It's not that easy. Go and soak the pig's trotters in this.

Pig's trotters? Oh, I know what to do!

I thought soaking was after training.

Shave off any hair first.

What? Shave them?

Burn them off ifyou can't shave them.

What? Burn them?

No wonder so few people learn the lron Palm.

I'll probably go bald after learning it.

After that, rub them with salt.

What? Rub them with salt?


Then cut off the nails with a knife.


Finally, chop them into pieces.

Make sure they're notjoined together.

That's quite hard to do.

What's so hard? I'll show you.

What? Where are the trotters?

Here they are!

No! I was telling you how to prepare pickled trotters.

What? I thought you were teaching me the lron Palm.



Everyone loses except you three.

Come on, place your bets.

Place your bets.

Keep this to buy yourself a coffin.

I told you to follow my bet.

I want to talk business with you.

What kind of business? It's too crowded to talk here.

Continue betting.

What do you want?

Watch it! There are a lot of people in here.

Where did you get that ring?

One night, I was doing my usual rounds... and I went past Wing's house... You know?

I'll buy the ring from you.

I've got money for my coffin already. Keep it for yours.

How much do you want?

100 yen? No, 1 ,000 yen.

You're asking for a lot.

Yes, but how much do you value your life?

He'll only come back for more later. I'd better kill him now.

OK. I'll give you the money.

But I'll have to go home for that much money.

You better keep your promise.

Of course! It's a gentlemen's agreement.

You want my money, huh? Go to hell.

Butcher Wing...

Butcher Wing... Butcher Wing...

He's not here. What is it?

I know who the murderer is.

Who? Tell me?

Ko Tai-hoi.

That's right. I killed Lan Hsing.

But you won't live long enough to tell Wing about it.

Are you all right?

Go and find Wing. Hurry up.

Hurry up! Run for it!


Butcher Wing! Wing!

What's the matter?

Tai-hoi is trying to kill Sai-kwong.


The night-watchman found Tai-hoi's ring in your house.

He's the murderer.

Let's go.


Ko Tai-hoi.

I'm going to kiss every one ofyou tonight.

What do you want? To come inside.

Go away, it's fully booked. Go on.

If I was as happy as this every night, I could happily die young!

I'll make sure you do, then.

I'm here to avenge my brother's death. You'll pay with your life.

Wing... Wing... Let's talk about this.

Please, don't. Let's talk about it.

Wing... Wing...

Wing... Don't kill me! I know I was wrong.

I'm not human. I deserve to die.

I'm not human! I deserve to die. I'm worse than an animal.

Please don't kill me. I don't want to die yet.

I won't kill you. Thank you, thank you.

But my brother wants you to keep him company.

Brother, avenge yourself.

"Beloved Son, Ko Tai-hoi"

He was my only son.

And now you've killed him, Lam Sai-wing.

Son, in your honour, I'll tear out Wing's heart.

"Po Chi Lam Clinic"

I'll put up a new sign today so my Master won't be angry at me.

Don't celebrate just yet. Look who's there.

Tai-hoi, watch father avenge your death.

Lam Sai-wing!

Ko, why are you blocking my path?

You caused the death of my goddaughter and killed my son.

Today, you will pay for it.

Ko, it was your son who killed your goddaughter.

You're lying! I'm not.

I was only seeking revenge for my brother.

I invite you to kill me, too.

Why should l? You're not a pig.

Wing charges for slaughtering pigs!

Since you won't kill me, I shall kill you.

Gold movement.

Let's see how far your Five Elements gets you. Strong Arm!

Strength of a Leopard! Make each strike true.

Wood is sharp.

The belly of a snake is soft and tender.

Snake hands.

Force ofwater. It's more like a trickle.

The water is drowning you.

A dragon can command water.

Passing Arm.

Dragon Spirit.

Do you think my dragon's strong? Wait for Earth Dragon.

Sky Dragon.

Both dragons together.

Oh, my spine.

Watch my palms, the wind's fanning the fire.

Come on, try your luck!


Don't worry, stay firm.

Crane manoeuvre. Move slowly for its full power.

The earth will bury you.

Lam Sai-wing, prepare to meet my son.

Put it down. No!

Your hands! My hands are like his now.

He's lost the power of his Palm of Death. He can't use it.

You can beat his Five Elements. Really?

You need 3 Arms to attack three joints.

First, the wrist.

Second, the elbow with the Strong Arm.

The third will go for the third joint.

I haven't seen you for a long time.

You're too late! It's all over.

Chat, help him up.


More trouble? Did someone break our sign?

No, I just replaced it.

Look, it's great.

Take a look.

"Po Chi Lam Clinic" (Upside down)