Linewatch (2008) Script

Call Lordsburg.


How many, Mike? Nine.

Is that a passport?

It's fake, but it's good work.

You goin' after him?

I don't think the driver's more than 12 hours away.

What kind of sick son of a bitch would do something like that?

Stay here. I'm gonna get a bearing.

Four-two-one. Four-two-one. Go ahead, Mike.

Swing around the hill and pick me up at the seventy-six wash.

Copy that, I'm on my way.

Was he here long? He's got food and water.

More than he left for them.

Well, let's keep movin'.

This guy's fast.

All those people dying, those little kids, and for what?

Just tryin' to improve their lives, just tryin' to have a little bit more of what we got.

That's why I say you gotta count your blessings every day.

Sophia hates it when I say that.

To her it's like saying, "You're stuck here forever. Deal with it."

Well, what'd she expect? Paris?

You know what she did the other day? She went and bought Cheyo a suit.

I mean, where is he gonna wear a suit? First two years are the hardest.

Goes around in the same sweatpants all week long, doesn't even wash her hair.

Flowers work.

Take this right, right here. There's somebody I gotta go see.




Stop. Hey.

I didn't do shit, Dixon. Hold it. Hold it right there.

Vargas. Vargas.

Hey, call your dog off, Dixon. He's got a gun.

Put your gun away.


Hey, Dixon, man, what's with the gun?

I told you to stop. Vargas.

Careful, Luis.

Call him off. Come on, man.

Come on, man, call your dog off.

I got him, I got him.

Vargas. What the hell you doin' assaultin' an officer?

He had a gun.

You were... Hey, hey, back up. Get over there.

I didn't do shit. You always do shit.

The passports in the trailer. Who you sell 'em to?

The what?

Passports in the box, man. Who you selling 'em to?

I don't know what you're talkin' about, chief.

Oh, I'm sure the dead little girl we found would disagree with you.

No, no, no. Not me. Dixon, man, come on, you know me.

You don't tell me about the passports, you goin' down for the girl and the eight other bodies we found with her.

I ain't no murderer.

Who'd you sell the passports to? Man, I don't know, man. It's some new haul.

What'd he look like? Dark skin, dark hair, not that tall.

Where can I find him? I don't know. I'd tell you, I swear, if I knew.

I swear, man. Stop cryin' like a little bitch.

Where can I find him? I don't know, man, I swear.

If I find out you're lyin' to me, I'm comin' back.

What the hell you still doin' around here, Mike?

You know, you could have got yourself a transfer long time ago.

What for?

I don't know. Shit. Civilization.

Never really much of a people person.

I'm startin' to sense that, Mike.

Seven-nine-three, over. One-five calling seven-nine-three.

We go over to the next valley, maybe get ahead of him, or at least pick up on his trail.

You think he's makin' for the highway or the border?

He's been headed east the entire time. Then he's stupid, or lost.

There's those work camps over there. What, the shanty towns?

Looks like he's headed right for 'em.

Looks like somebody was in a hurry. Let me go talk to 'em.

I got this one. Yeah.

Drop it!



Now just look at me, Luis. You just look at me.

This is four-two-one requesting immediate assistance.

Officer down. Repeat, officer down.

My boy, my boy.

All right, get Ballistics.


Big night for you, Mike. Any warning shots?

Whole clip of 'em.

Guess you warned 'em to death.

They gunned down my partner.

Who got away?


The tracks on the near side of the trailer, they go to the road about a quarter-mile north.

Maybe they were laid before we got here.

You sure about that?

What do you want from me, Warren?

Nothin', man. You all right?


Just go home to Angela.

Dr. Martin, report to surgery. Dr. Martin, report to surgery.

Daddy. Hi.

I had a dream. There was dogs running around the house.

What kind of dogs? Talking dogs.

All right, well, you go back to sleep and I'll chase them off, okay?

Hey. Hey.

How is he? Not good.

You know, if it was you, I'd... I don't know what...

Six years. Never been shot at once.

All it takes is one.

Kimo! Been a long time.

Do you even remember what he look like?

Mike Dixon. Mike "Mad Dog" Dixon.

- So you sayin' it was him? I'm positively sure it was him.

- Calm down. You know how you get. Man, I know what he look like.

I'm 100% sure it was him.

Your boy Mad Dog? He rocking a badge now.

If it wasn't him, then he got a twin brother runnin' around at the Border Patrol.

I had him right in my sight, I could have shot him.

Man, shit is so fucked up now. Man, he shot both of 'em.

Hey, Kimo. I want to talk to you, man.

Both of 'em. What are we gonna do? Just tell me, what are we gonna do now?

Stay where you are. We just take a little road trip.

Shut your bitch-ass up, nigga. Kimo.

Snitch-ass nigga. I just want to talk.

Come on, man.

Daddy. Daddy. Dad.

Hello? Hello?

Man, I hope the kids' books are gonna be okay. Look at this mess.


How you doin', Mike? What happened?

Some patriots and some gasoline. Anybody get hurt?

One of our boys was sleepin' here. He got out, thank God.

I'm lookin' for a coyote who drove a panel truck up through Cochita Valley yesterday. Yeah.

You heard.

I wish I could help you with that, but you know as much as I do.

You or any of your people see or hear anything out of the ordinary?

I been hearin' some rumors about Repot Depot.

The mobile-home park?

That's all I know. Thanks.

Good luck, Michael. God bless you, Simon.

Officer, I don't want no trouble.

No, sir. No trouble. Looks like you got some squatters in there?

No, yeah. No, no, everything's fine. My cousin, he was...

- Hey, four-two-one, come in. Mike, come in. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Four-two-one, go.

Michael, Spencer and his guys are holdin' some SBIs on 137, just east of Number 9. You around there?

I'm on my way. Four-two-one out.

Sorry about any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Yes, sir. No problem. You have a good day, Officer.

Who's the coyote?

Which one? Who brought you here?

Which one? Who brought you here?

Hey, what's this?

You don't know?

You don't know. Well.


Get down.

Get down! Don't move!


Damn it. All right, legal up, fellas. We're by the book now.


These could be the guys responsible for the fire at the church.

Now because you are SBIs, you're being detained until the United States Border Patrol arrives.

Three-two-five is out.

How you doin'?

Ron Spencer, Homeland Defense and Rescue.

We got seven suspected SBIs here.

Are you scarin' these people?

We're citizens protectin' our rights.

Hey, take your guns off these people. Put your guns down right now.

Put 'em down.

There is a van coming.

Is anybody hurt?

Are you hurt? And you? You?

Are you hurt?

I'm looking for a coyote that left nine people dead.

This happened three days ago.

But it could be the same coyote.

Our coyote, he gave the name Miguel.

He leave us in Janos, in Chihuahua. Is this the truth?

He doesn't know shit. He wouldn't tell you if he did.

It's not the same man. He was in... In Janos, all week.

This man, did he hit you?

He is not a cop!

Did this man hit you?

Are you sure?

These animals are illegal. They don't belong here.

Get him. Hey! Hey.

He's gettin' away. Drop your weapons.

What are you doing? Put 'em down. Back up.

Why are you pointin' at us? Put 'em down. Right now.

What is your deal, bro? What? What is your problem, man?

We're out here on our own dime, tryin' to catch some of these dogs.

And God knows you need the help.

Turn around and put your hands on your head.

Are you serious?


This is bullshit. Must be a real thrill for you, huh, boy?

Get your ass down. Bullshit.

Shut your ass up. Shut up. Get down on the ground. Shut up.

You're gonna regret this, you hear me? We'll find out where you live.

Yeah, well, when you do, y'all come by and I'll make you some fried chicken.

Fuck you. Shut up.

Focus on the tip. And you put 'em right inside that big tiger's ear.

And you suave it in.

That's okay. Don't worry about it.

Hey, baby girl. Daddy just got caught up.

No, no, no. Hey, come here. Come here.

Listen. I could never, ever forget about you.

How was your day, huh?

Okay, put your seat belt on.

What'd you learn today, sweetie? How to break somebody's arm.

That'll come in handy on the playground.

Hey, you want to have some fun?

Okay. Hold on a second.

You like that?

Hold on.

Daddy's gonna pull over, sweetheart, so hang on.

I'll be right back.

You know, I just think it's better for Emily. Angela's strugglin'.

We got family in Washington. But hey, I'll take anything out of the Southwest.

You can't blame yourself for Luis.

I don't blame myself. I didn't shoot him.

We been together a long time.

You got your promotion. I just think you need a little time off, Mike.

I need a transfer, Warren.

Will you stop that? Sorry.

How'd it go today?

You ever think about movin'?

Every day. But I couldn't do that to my husband.

Must be a really good guy.

He's passable. He's kind of moody.

Yeah, kind of grumpy, actually.

He likes to get lost out there in that desert and hide from the world.

Don't you ever get lonely? Well, he loves it out there, so...

No. He loves you. So he says.

You want to move, let's move. You want to stay, let's stay.

I didn't need to see all that. Put your drawers on.

You ought to know better than to sneak up on a man.

Mad Dog.

It's not like that no more.

In case it was.

I couldn't have you pullin' a gun out on your house guests, now could I?

You all domesticated now. We gotta work on your manners.

You mean, like knocking?

Take your time.

Cook's is here. Stokes. Oh yeah, and V-Ray's kid. He's here.


But don't worry. He don't know.

We make sure we stay real quiet so we don't wake little Emily.

What are you doin'? Towel off. Go into Emily's room.

Why? What's wrong? Just do it.

Look at y'all. Mad Dog.

What, you coming from church? Work clothes, playboy.

What's that?

HNG it, man. Can you give it me? That's what's up. High Noon Gang.

Aw, he remember. Hell Needs Gangstas, man.

Heroin and guns, you know the truth. Remember that?

Hey, Cook, you lucky you caught me with an empty clip. You know that, right?

Oh, I'm lucky? You lucky that I recognized you, 'cause mine was full.

You used to always shoot blanks, that's what I remember.

Oh, now you clowning, huh? I was gonna pop him. Then I was like, "Oh."

What's up, Uncle Mike?

What's up, Lonnie? What's goin' on?

You all growed up. You know that's right.

Yeah, man. High Noon Gang, just like Mad Dog.

Little 'bout ready to take his daddy's place. But he ain't HNG just yet.

Just about to be. Just about to be, though.

Gonna have to put in some work, Little. Michael?

Go back to bed. Well, I just want to see you for a minute.

Bitch, I said get back to bed.

Mad Dog still mad.

Come on, y'all, let's get a drink.

Yeah. Let's get a drink. Come on.

Come on, Kimo.

Tradin', real estate. Same dirt, different shirt.

But you already know a little somethin' about that, don't you?

Speakin' of dirt, you want some candy?


Couldn't drop that in the desert.

You stealing from a crime scene, Mad Dog. Ain't that against protocol?

We're brothers from the hood, man.

Me being here is against protocol.

You're right.

So what's up, Kimo?

Those Mexicans you killed? They was specialists that I hire to get trucks across the border.

Now we got a shipment comin' in two days, and it's on the wrong side of the line.

So I got some big dudes with big guns waitin' on it.

That's no good.

It's cool. Turns out I got low friends in high places.

Is that so?

You know what your problem is? You started runnin' and runnin' and runnin'.

Man, you still runnin'.

But that's okay.

I'm here to give you a chance to man up, even make some chips on the side.

If you still want out after that, then so be it.

I don't know, Kimo. Things are way too hot right now.

Can't just bring a truck up through El Paso, they'll tear it up. I don't see why not.

The Mexicans say money make anything invisible.

Mexicans? They set you up, by the way. You're lucky I shot 'em.

Millions of tons of that stuff roll through every year, man. Why not us?

'Cause it's not your world. But it's your world, so you gonna make it happen for us, Mad Dog.

Can't do it.

Little. What's up, man?

Shoot the kid.

Come on, man, I ain't gonna shoot no kid.

You gotta shoot somebody this week. Go on upstairs.

Come on, Little Boy.

Okay. That wasn't so hard, was it?

I would have done it.

What's going on, Michael? I have to help them.

Help them do what? They're gangsters. These are the friends you told me about?


Get to the gun. Keep it hidden. Please.

Check it, I drive these trails all day, every day.

Right through here is a dry riverbed in a narrow canyon. See that?

Yeah. A natural maze.

That's where it's goin' down. It's gonna be hard to get there by car.

We're not gettin' there on foot. But we'll be invisible.

Unless you're in a helicopter up above us, you won't see a damn thing.

Can you change the drop point?

I'll have to talk to somebody, but I can get it done.

Got to get it done. That's what we need.

Now I'll handle the patrol schedule. This will all go down day after tomorrow.

What are you doin'?

The less you know, the better. I won't be gone long.

You expect us to stay here alone with them?

I have no choice.

You better fix this, Michael.

What you know about reptiles, man? They everywhere out here, man.

They all kind of reptiles out there. They got every species of snake, damn near every kind of lizard. Every kind of creature that you can think of.

Hey, little pretty mama.

God made all this stuff and it'll bite you right in the ass. I caught you lookin'. What you lookin' at?

Nothing. Nothing.

Yes, you are. I saw you lookin' at me, weren't you?

I don't blame you. I'm pretty good lookin', aren't I?


She's somethin' else. Yeah, she's somethin' else.

You want some candy?

This used to be your daddy's favorite candy.

Pieces of gold, real gold, inside it here, all right?

Thank you. You're welcome, Mad Dog's baby girl.

Go find your mother, Emily.

You good? The question is, are you good, Border Patrol?

I'm gonna let Little stay here wit' you, keep you company.

Cook and Stokes, too. Oh, you know we hold it down.

You know that. Yeah. All right.

Let's go.

Anybody fuck with my family, it's on you. Hear me?

Mike, we all family.

You know, same old Kimo.

I figured you'd be running things by now, Cook.

Who says I'm not? I just don't like to deal with all the stress, kind of interfere with my get high, you know?

You the person that should be running this outfit.

Who says I'm not, nigger?

I thought we got rid of that word.

Hey, Mike.

How you doin', Frank? Not bad.



Hey, you hear anything about Luis? Nope.

You guys need to stay out of trouble.

He'll be all right. He's a tough son of a bitch, huh?

Yeah, he's gonna be back in no time. He's got a six-year-old kid. Poor guy.

What's up, Mike? Just checkin' the routes.

C'mon, I want to talk to you outside.

You know, I wasn't kiddin' about you takin' some time off.

I can't do that, Warren.

Yeah, well, it's not really up to you, Mike.

You know, ballistics aren't addin' up on the DeSanto thing, either.

We got four different shells. That's four shooters.

I'm takin' you off line watch, just till we clear this thing up.

I'm gonna find that coyote.

You know, DeSanto might not ever see his little boy again.

You do what you want on your free time, but don't forget about the important stuff.

Got it.

Kimo, V-Ray and Mad Dog, they used to run High Noon Gang.

Thank you. Well, your dad was friends with them?

My dad was V-Ray. Virgil Brooks.

I'm Lonnie Brooks, so they call me Little Boy, you know.

What happened to him? Your dad?

He got shot by a guard durin' a truck heist. Actually, tryin' to save Mad Dog.

Took two for him.

Well, which one is Mad Dog? Are you fuckin' serious?

Watch your mouth in this house. My bad. I just thought you knew.

I mean, Mad Dog's Uncle Mike. Your man, Michael.

I can play this shit now. You think Little look like V-Ray, man?

I ain't seen V-Ray in over 10 years, man. I don't know.

I don't even know what V-Ray look like no more.

Kind of look like Mad Dog, don't he?

He look like Prince, if you ask me. Nigga, I'm serious, man.

Mad Dog was hittin' that shit, wasn't he? Come on now. That's Donna, who wasn't hittin' that? Come on. Yeah, you right. Donna.

And what about your mom?

My mom O.D.'d, she was a junkie, when I was about...

You know, it don't mean nothin'. I got family, you know, Kimo and all them.

They... They be takin' care of me.

Real good care. Just what the world needs, another gangbanger.

HNG ain't just no gangbangers. We are professionals.

We? You ain't HNG until we say you HNG.

Now we say you go outside and play with little mama.

Can I go, Mommy?

Yeah, go ahead.

So who's this? These your people?

Give me that.

What? I'm just looking at it. Wait a minute.

This your mother and your father? Where you all from, Seattle?

You want to play? I like to play wild. You should have said you like to play rough.

Come here. That's what you get.

What you gonna do with that shovel?


Man. Get up, man. Get off the ground.

Shut up. What's wrong?

Give me that shovel. Get in the house.

She crazy, man.

No. Go in the house. See you later, Emily.

What happened? You okay, little mama?

Who was second in command on the Starship Enterprise?


What's the Spanish word for "black"? You.


You been reading all them damn newspapers, that's how you know all this stuff?

Trying to get it, baby.

What was Elvis Presley middle name? Aaron, with a "A."

Damn. I read everything man, you need to try it.

Hey, what is this? Checkpoints. Could be anywhere, anytime.

That's why we're taking the long way. Come give me a hand with this.

Angela told me about your mother.

Oh, junkies die, man. Ain't no reason to cry about that shit.

Hey, man. Don't talk about your mother like that.

I don't even know why we talking about my mom.

My dad was the hero.

Anybody who treated your mother the way V-Ray did isn't considered a hero. You hear me?

Man, what's your deal, man?

My dad saved your life.

My dad died for you. I don't even know how you even talking about him like that.

There are stories, and then there's the truth.

Oh yeah, that was Cook, man, he didn't, I mean, nothing really happened, they just got into...

Hold up, man, but wait, wait, wait one second, dude. He...

They must be bored out they damn mind living out here.

They just got card games and shit. Mike, hold up.

Aw, damn.

Hey, man, hold on. Hold up, playboy. What are you doing, fool?

Kick back, Cook, man. I'll kill you.

Calm you nerves, homie. Nobody touched your lady.

Ain't nothing happened to her, man. Relax.

Kick back, man.

Just like old times.

We got a big day tomorrow, Mad Dog.

You and the missus better get some sleep.

You was shook like that old fool at the Repot Depot.

Shut up.

I want you to take Emily to Las Cruces after we leave tomorrow.

Get a motel room and stay there till you hear from me.

God, I'm scared, Michael.

I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

No, I'm scared that I don't know you.

Mad Dog.

All right, Stokes, you'll follow me.

Only taking one. Why?

You, me, Stokes, Cook, Little. Two stay here.

That wasn't the plan.

Sure, it was the plan. I just never told you.

Do you think we gonna leave those two beautiful women alone?

They need protection. Roll out.

Stokes, I'll drive. It's your world.

So, you want to tell me why we're headed east?

Yeah, man. We gonna take the long way around, so we can avoid that mobile checkpoint in the west.

How do you know?

Did you get confirmation on the time? 4:30, just like you said.

Patrol's gonna be in at 5:00. We gotta get in and out fast.

Like a quickie in a school bathroom. When have you been in school?

Man, you can't even spell school.

S-U-C-K-M-Y-D-I C-K. You think you funny.

Man, they got monitor lizards, glass lizards...

It is hot out here. Too hot. They got another lizard called the emperor flat lizard. That shit's...

Why didn't you go to the bathroom before we left?

Uncle Mike.

Hey, man, when we get back to LA, me and you, man, we gonna find that dude that shot my dad.

You know what I mean? We gonna hunt him down like some old gangster shit, like you and my dad used to do, you know what I'm saying? Get in the car.

See, your uncle Mike here, he thinks if he didn't talk about it, didn't happen.

What didn't happen?

What was that old guard like? You know, "We're gonna find that dude, "put a cap in his ass." Like, "This is for V- Ray, nigger." Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

You know what I mean? It's better if you don't talk.

Now get in the car. "Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop."

"Some old gangster shit, Uncle Mike." Will someone shut him up?

Four-two-one. Four-two-one. Lima-five-two.

- Four-two-one. Go Lima. I've got Warren here.

- Copy that. Hey, Mike.

Just got back from the hospital. Luis came out of the coma.

He remembers that night at the Garza trailer.

- How's he doin'? He's looking good.

He said there was a third man that night, black guy, 5'9", 175, - gray/tan jacket. Cook?

- Ran south from the trailer. Really.

We've been trying to reach you on the cell. Where are you, Mike?

Cochita Valley.

I need you to come into the station immediately. That's an order.

I'll be in as soon as possible. Over and out.

Listen up, Cook. Check it.

If a Gila monster starts chasing you while we out here, make sure you jump to the side.

It's Gila monster. Gila. Gila. It's a "G," it start with a "G."

The "G" is silent.

Man, you be silent. It's not He-Unit, it's G-Unit.

You know what I'm sayin'? If the Gila monster chase you, step to the side, 'cause they can't turn. Now it probably won't kill you, but the Komodo dragon... Kimo, can you...

Can someone tell him to shut up? ...that's one, it'll eat lizards. Stokes.


So a chameleon's a lizard, right?

Hell, yeah, it's a lizard. He's the reptile professional.

He's a reptologist. Y'all think y'all funny.

Wow. It's a long way down. Yeah.

You putting too much weight on this side. Sit your ass back.

I'm tryin' to see where we might fall. Sit the... Sit back.

Why you messing with the kid, man? Where is he taking us, man?

Kimo, where are we goin'? Yeah. We all over this mountain.

Fuck this shit. I'll get out and walk.

Oh, my.


Easy, Mike.

Kimo, what you so scared about, man? Uncle Mike does this all the time.

Ain't nobody ask you nothing, boy. You know what? Stop the car. Stop the car.

You done riled him up.

What's up, Kimo? Little.


Yeah, I'm ready. You ready to get big?

Gonna be full-blown HNG now.

Little gonna get his ass whooped. Yeah.

Ready? Yeah, he ready.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, later for that.

We're gonna turn Little Boy HNG.

We gonna do something old-school today. Come on, watch your step.

We gonna do something old-school today. Come on, watch your step.

Should have kicked his ass. Mad Dog, remember the honeybee crew?

The parking garage, remember that? Man, that's just a story we told little punks like you, cuz. No, it made sense to me.

Survival of the fittest. Oh, yeah.

See, they make you walk across the edge. If you made it, you were in.

If you fell, hell. You didn't belong no way.

You know, that's funny, Kimo, 'cause I don't 'member you ever doin' that.

Shut up, Border Patrol.


Uncle Mike, do me a favor. Stand over there.

Go on, man. So what are we gonna do?

Go on. Shut up till I tell you to talk.

Now all you gotta do is walk from here to Uncle Mike.

It's all you gotta do.

From here to there.

I like this type of shit, right here. Gotta walk like a man.

Watch this. What the fuck that for, man?

Didn't I tell you not to talk, boy? Shit.

I hope you not scared of the dark.


Walk. Nobody talk.


Man, I don't know where the edge is. Hey... Hey, Uncle Mike.

I'm right here, Little. Shut the fuck up, Mike.

Man, walk your little ass. Ray Charles could get across there faster than that.


Give me a jumper shot.

Come on, man, what the fuck are you doin'?

That didn't hurt. I ain't even throw it hard.

Walk it off. Man, what the fuck are you doin'?

Walk it out, punk. Throw it at him again.

Oh, come on. Hurry your ass up. It's hot out here.

Stop cryin' and walk your ass. Watch out, man. Come on.

Man, that hurt. He's gonna fall.


Hey, man, chill the fuck out. That didn't hurt.

Just one mo' step. Hey, Mike... God damn.

Hey, Mike. Hey. Stop doin' that.


Fire a gun at me again, see what happens.

I won't have to.

I think that badge give you, like, superpowers.

I gotta get me one of them.

Sucker. Was you scared? He was...

Hey, thanks for the... Shut up.

"I can't see."

Little, you's a soldier.

Lima-five-two. Lima-five-two. This is Homeland Defense and Rescue.

Come in.

This is Lima-five-two. You're not supposed to be on this channel, Spencer.

Yeah, well, we just heard gun shots not far from Pyramid Pass, and I'm lookin' at a blue SUV headed in that direction.

You guys take the day off or what?

- Copy that. We'll have someone check it out. Really?

We got it.

I'm gonna take her to bed for a nap. I don't want a nap.

Watch 'em.

Okay, baby girl.

Let's play a game. You want to? Okay.

Let's pretend that this is our secret room, and we can't use our voices to talk.

What are we gonna do?

Oh, man. We're early.


Better us waitin' on them than them waitin' on us.

It's hot as shit out here. I don't trust those sneaky little bastards.

Put some of this gas in the tank. You know what I heard they do?

People they kill? What?

Put 'em on posts, put 'em out by the road, some type of a warning.

What type of shit is that? Don't come here.

- Four-two-one. Four-two-one. Where's these Mexicans at?

Got a call comin' in, Mike.

This is four-two-one. Go ahead.

Listen, we got reports of gunshots and a blue SUV heading towards Pyramid Pass.

Do you know anything about that?

I'm about 200 miles away from Pyramid Pass, Warren.

When can I expect you back? A few hours. I got a lead on the coyote.

- I'm gonna go check it out. Mike...


Havin' a problem, Mike? Hey, Lonnie.

What's up, man? I need you up on that ridge to be lookout.

You know what? Why don't we let Little stay right here?

Stokes, you go up top.

Now how the hell I'm gonna get way up there, man?

Man, get your ass up there. Watch your mouth, slim thug.

If a chili dog was up there, you would run up there, wouldn't you?

What time is it? If your mama was up here, I'd fly.

We've got about five minutes. I'm gonna go turn the car around.

Little, let me holler at you for a minute.

Don't go nowhere, Mike. It's hot out here, huh?

Oh, shit. What the fuck. Get away.

Get back. Yah, motherfucker, yah.

What's the problem, Stokes?

Nothin', man. Nothin'. Nothin'. Don't worry about it.

So get up there and look out. Yeah. Yeah, man, I ain't...

I ain't never seen nothing look like that.

Where is these Mexicans at?

Oh, shit...

Oh, shit. What's this all about?

Oh, shit. Why they got all them guns?

They are strapped right now. They're comin' from everywhere.

Look at all that.

Speed it up. Hurry up.

Get this stuff up in there so we can get up outta here.

Hurry up, y'all. Get money.

Hey, hey, hey. Radio. Radio. Radio. Radio.

Hey, hey, what's up? Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, don't point your gun at me.

Put your guns down. Stop pointin' y'all guns. Put your guns down.

Who you hollerin' at?

Speak English, man, I don't understand all that. Speak English.


Lonnie, come on. Get down.

Drop it.

Get in the back. Get in the back. Leave him. Leave him. Leave him.

No. Stokes, get up, man. Stokes, come on, man.


Get closer.

Patrol's gonna be here any minute. Man, if you let this guy get away...

Get closer.

It's a waste of time.

You should be real used to this by now.

You drive this all day, every day.

Your job's done here, Border Patrol.

I can drive. Hell, Little can drive the car.

Where'd he go? He crashed. He's right over there.

There he is.

Don't. I know where your coyote is.

That kid, Juan, the other day, he was lyin' to you. He's the guy.

Last night we ambushed 'im. We killed 'im.

He was takin' another group across last night.

He's there, about a mile up the wash. I got his maps, everything, look.

Look. It's all there.


You got your papers, let's go. Was that your friend or somethin'?

Four-two-one. Four-two-one. Come in, four-two-one.

- Four-two-one. Four-two-one. Four-two-one. Go, Lima.

Hey, what the fuck you doin'? How you doin', Warren?

Pretty goddamn shitty. You want to explain where the hell you've been?

- Cochita Valley. After I told you to get back here?

I found the coyote. About a mile up in the wash. Shot dead.

That's where you've been? I had to do it, Warren.

I'm gonna check it out. We'll talk tonight.

You handled that well, Mad Dog. Real well.

Little, why don't you ask Uncle Mike here that question?

You're a man now.

Did a guard ever shoot at you during the truck heist?

Oh, the cat got his tongue now.

Let's trade cars and call it a day.

Frank, I'm headin' up to Cochita.

Stop by Dixon's house tonight on your way home.

This late? Something's wrong.

If I don't never come back here again, that'll be good to me.

Where's Stokes at? In the desert.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Hurry up, man.

You all right? Yeah.

Where's Emily? She's inside sleeping.

Okay. Everybody's out front, so I need you to go out the back and take Emily over to Regina's. Okay? Okay.

That's everything. All right, we good?

We're good. We got some unfinished business, Kimo.

No, it's finished. We rich now.

Besides, Mad Dog ain't gonna tell nobody, right, Mad Dog?


Good seein' you, Mad Dog.

You killed my dad, man. To protect your mother.

Finish him, Li'l Boy.

You got him? Yeah. Let's go.

You all right?

Hey, Angela. Hey, Frank.

Everything okay? Hey, Mike.

Hey, how you doin', Frank? Fine. Warren wanted me to stop by.

Seemed to think something was wrong.

No. Ah, Warren is just lookin' out for you.

You know, he's been real jumpy since Luis got shot, okay?


Have a good night. You, too.

Good night. Drive safe, buddy.

I told you to leave. I would never leave you.

Okay. Come on. Let's get this sewn.


Now you're gonna go a quarter of an inch outside the wound, and a quarter of an inch deep. It's okay. It's okay. It's just like sewing.

You know I can't sew.

Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry.

Why did Lonnie try to kill you?

He thinks I killed his father.

Did you?

It wasn't his father.

They're gonna come back.

And I can't let that happen.

Whatever you do, it's a good man that does it.

Sorry. I know.

You really can't sew. I know. I told you. I'm sorry.

Mommy. I'm awake. My baby.

Warren, what are you doin' here? I came to wake you up.

I found Mike's coyote, but he wasn't in Cochita today.

So I need you to tell me what's goin' on.

Angela, where's Mike?

And where you goin' this early?

My little man cold-blooded, ain't he? Smoking Mad Dog Dixon.

Thirty-five pounds short, Kimo.

What you want to do, man? Still a good hit.

Little, why don't you tell me what it was like to put that last bullet in your Uncle Mike's head?

I don't know, man. Show me where you shot him.

Come on now. Show the fellas with your finger where that bullet landed.



We ready to go yet?

Still waitin' on Cook. We always waiting on Cook.

Little, what's wrong with you, man?

Hey. Don't.

D, check on that.

Stay there, Little.

Oh, Little, you lied to me.

He's gonna kill me, man.

Ah, Little, I thought you said you killed him.

I gotta finish Little's work, huh? Get him, too.

Mad Dog.

Get your ass up. You were right, Mike. Hell Need Gangstas.

Kimo. Little.

Boy, put that gun down. You ain't gonna shoot nobody.

Get that shit out my face. Get that gun out my face.

Okay. Okay. This nigger gotta kill everybody in Little's family.

I am his family.

Little Boy, where you goin'? What?

I got this.

- Dispatch. Go three-five-nine.

So where we goin', Uncle Mike?