Listy do M. 3 (2017) Script


Good morning from Karolina Krawczyk.

My favorite producer is fumbling at her console, while I'm sitting in my white chair with a mug of coffee in my hand, and in a Christmas mood.

- Together we're waiting... What for?

What are we waiting for? For love.

To have something to celebrate on February 14.

The first star, love, and...?

Good health. - And good health.


Where's Karolina? We'll begin in no time.

Cool and smooth.

What's my man doing? I have no idea.

I haven't met him yet.

But I know he's out there waiting for me.

Ecological hay! Straight from a horse, no additives, or preservatives!

Perfect for underneath your tablecloth.

Hay! Hay!

Whatever you please. Thank you.

Thank you.

Ideal for your red stilettos.

Get in!

Keep your hands off me!

He was spitting on the sidewalk.

Maybe he's ill? Maybe.

He stole a box of Christmas ornaments.

They were for my kids, guys.

What's wrong with the radio?

It's playing all right.

A miracle.

No, no, no! Please, sir. I'm in a hurry.

Go ahead. But I'm really running late.

I said get in. Thank you.


Cab snatcher!


Stop it!

Merry Christmas. Thank you.

Not here.

Are you too shy?

Here? Yes.

Let's move it a bit.


Do you know what time it is? You were supposed to wake me up.

Dad? Yes?

What is it? Three cups.

Why three?


The first... the second... and the third with a ball.

Red loses, black wins. Everyone can get lucky today.

Where's the ball?

Your grandpa was a better magician. Practice.

Could he do magic? That's what Granny says.

Really? Could he make a rabbit disappear?

Grandpa could even make himself disappear.


Hocus-pocus and he was gone. Let's get going.

To Grandpa's? To work.

You said that the family, dad, and son and crappy crap should be together... on Christmas Eve. Mom agreed...

Watch your mouth. Okay, I did say that.

There's Christmas Eve, the son, and the damn daddy.

Grandpa is a dad too. Your dad.

You said... Yes, I did.

But we don't have his address. I found it.

A volunteer blood... Bloodsucker, I guess.

Piotrków, 20 Polna Street.


Here I am.

Sorry, Rudolf. I've had a crazy morning.

Only an affair with Gosling can save you. - Sure.

I missed my cab, because I was staring at that dress.

An amazing ball gown was hovering on the wind.

But I couldn't catch it. Do you think it's a sign?

Yes, a sign of you being late. Boss checked in here four times.

If I hadn't played the recording... I love you, Rudolf.

Wedding gown, all right...

What did I say?

Same as last year. And 2 years ago.

That you have no man, but believe your other half is somewhere out there.

Because it is.

It sure does.

I've met seven of them since I've been working with you.

You need to find a real man, not a sissy.

Good morning. Let me welcome our first caller.


What's your name, Jola?


What are you waiting for on this beautiful morning?

- For Santa. - As we all are.

But I'm waiting for my Santa.

I just want to tell him: if he's listening, to answer the phone.

You were supposed to be here at eight!

Where are you? How long will you keep me waiting? Call me!


It is our Jola.

It was a very interesting call. And now listen... to a song...


That was a brand new radio! She's making me mad!

I'll go insane!

She fell in love with Santa Claus!

Where's the phone? Don't touch it.



I need to make a call! To whom?

She hasn't been answering our calls since she ran away.

I'm calling the radio station.


Loosen your face.

Yes, Cezary.

20 Polna Street.

He moved 15 years ago?

So I can't catch him there, can I?

Doesn't he sometimes drop by?

No, no. Very well.




Let's go.

Hop in.

I've been thinking, Gibbon... Yo, Gibbon.

Do they really call you Gibbon? So what?

Nothing. Awesome.

What have you been thinking, Boguś? Me...? Oh, yeah.

Maybe you should call?

Whom? Her, at the radio station.

You've been listening to her for a year, all in vain.

I love my woman. I just can't listen to her any longer.

Once she starts rambling...


A dress?

Can't you see it's a sign?

Everything's possible on Christmas Eve.

Call her. Knock it off.

A draft must've blown it away.

What do you think?

Son of a...!

After him, Gibbon!

What? Let's go!

Too late. Want a miracle?

Watch me.

What a gibbon!

We spent 2 years in Mexico. We lived on a beach for a year.

Szczepan used to catch fish...

...with a spear.

Then, you know, summertime... Sex, sex, and sex.

And a little fuckie in the evening.



What's up with you?

Do you have to look like that? Like what?

Like a grandpa. I am a grandpa.


Pretty much.

Like a gentleman.

Yes, a gentleman.

That's how he was. Oozing machismo.

Why did you draw on your dad?

Do you think your dad still resides at Polna Street?

Where else?


Everybody needs a dad.

Very much.

Mom told me you were a liar.

That you hug many other ladies.

You can't look after a family. Because you had no dad.

Yes, Tosia. I know I promised, sweetie. But I can't come.

I feel like I need to spend this Christmas with mom.

I've got to go. Bye, bye.

Doruś! Doruś!

Look at grandpa!

Don't cry.

What a generation!

Check it out.


Much better.

Excuse me!

I'm gonna get you, penguin!

This should do.

Get up.

How are they? Not too large? If they are, just put on thick socks.

Unless you prefer hockey. No, I'm fine.

Awesome. When did you last skate?

When I was 20 or so. It's something you can't forget.

You seem fit, anyway. Przemo.


Nice to meet you. I got you!

I'm sorry.

We're meeting in the Old Town after the Midnight Mass.

You're most welcome to join us. Just bring a bottle, everybody will.


What happened to you? What?

Oh, this. It's okay. A penguin knocked me off.

What penguin? Just a penguin.

Are you buying skates?

Yes. Why? Can't I?

I'm going to a rink at night. I've been invited.

I haven't seen you skating for over 20 years.

Really? Maybe you haven't.

Okay, we'll go skating. We may also do some bobsleighing.

But before we do it, Doruś... What?

He shitted himself. He needs to be changed.

Can't you take care of him for 5 minutes?

Your son is really cool. He's our grandson.

The living image of his granny. But he's got my ears, see?

I'm not jealous.

So you're not jealous about me?

Should I be?

He could be our son.

Why not a grandson?

What's that you want?

I want... go skating tonight.

With those kids? So what?

Think about how it's going to make you feel.

I won't know until I do it. I'll take you skating, then to an amusement park. I'll buy you cotton candy.

You'll ride on a carousel. I'll win a teddybear for you.

Why don't you tell me again that I'm a grandmother?

But you are.

Excuse me. Are you leaving?

Sadly, yes.

Arkadia Shopping Mall wishes you Merry Christmas.

Are you okay?

Are you? Yes!

Is something wrong?

I'm old.

That's what's wrong.

Can you see him? Can you? That's the one!


Come on!


Excuse me!

What's this dog doing here?

Where is its muzzle? He won't eat you.

Why don't you sit here? This seat is vacant.

Thank you very much.



Imagine, such a beast with no muzzle.

They serve great coffee over there.

More like milk than coffee, but that's what they call it.

If they called it milk, no one would pay 15 złotys for a cup.

I don't think so. Exactly.

I'd love to ask you out.

But I can't.

I mean I'm in a hurry now.

There's a dog event starting in the Old Town now.

Dogs? From the shelter.

We're looking for a home for them.

I've always wanted to have a dog. So, maybe...

I can't. I must...

It was nice to meet you, anyway.

Come on!

What's up? Why so late? Hi.

Let's go.

Let's split. There's no one in.

Leave it! Come.

Come in, please.

Let's go.


Come in before you freeze.

Wipe your boots.

Where were you through all those years, buster?

Dad! Be quiet.

Tell me.

You went out to a store and...?

Lidka went to Grodzisko to get rabbits.

Stop fooling around. You forgot you had a son?

I was waiting for you. Was it so hard to write a letter or something?

Stop, dad! Why?


Crappy crap!

Did you recognize dad right away, grandpa?

Yes, I did, and I was in Grodzisk, and Lidka went there to get new rabbits.

I have a photo of you. A bit scratched.

I know this man.

He's got my mandolin. How come?

So you're not...? He was with the navy.

He's in Smutna St. now. Grandpa is?

Next to Jolka. He was a hobo. Don't call him that!

Did you feed the rabbits, son?

What's going on here? Who are you?

Lidka... I'm Urszula, dad.

Who are you?

It's Peter and his grandson.


So you're here to con my father. Get out!

And you drag a kid in it, punk?!

No respect for Santa.

Off to work. What about grandpa?

What about him? He's in Smutna.

What Smutna? Next to Jolka. That's what the guy said.

He may well be in Grodzisk. That guy was delusional.

You need to believe...

...miracles do happen.

Did you hear that?

But try to push your luck a bit.

If you love her, just tell her that.

If you don't play, you won't win.

Isn't she right?

Yes, she is.

You don't have to go all the way right off.

Take her out for coffee and cake. You will see.

If you don't like her, you'll give her up.

You want that radio chick to fall in love with this ogre?

Shut up!

He got 4 medals over the last 2 years.

Look at him. There are no miracles. But I did get your ass.

Okay, call her.

He stole my phone.

Chill out. Call her, if you love her. It's worth a try.

Haven't you had enough of your balls, penguin?

I can still pin contempt of officer of the law on you. - He's right.

A girl like her won't fall in love with a guy like me.

Gibbon... Shut up!

Hello. Introduce yourself.

Hello? Are you there?

Yes, hi, Karolina. Can I call you that?

- I don't know how to begin. Why not from the end?

What is your name? - Gibbon.

I'm on duty now...

I'm digressing...

I don't know if destiny exists, or miracles, but I figured you were right saying you need to play to win.

It'd be a shame to let good fortune pass you by.

I've been listening to your program for forever.

And I feel...


Are you there?

Yes, I am.

Tell us what you feel.

Go ahead.

I love you.


Are you still there?

Do you realize...

...that a lot of people can hear us now?

I know we don't know each other, and it sounds weird, but for the first time in my life I feel, as you say it every year, that there's my second half out there.

I'll tell Santa you're looking for your second half.

Let's have some music now.

Don't go away.

You didn't even try, girl.

What if he's the one?

A prince on a white horse?

Since when do you believe in a prince on a white horse?

What if he's a freak? You keep saying...

And you're the first to believe. I am.

Imagine that.

I believed you.

If we're meant for each other, we will meet anyway.

Cut the shit.

Why don't you start playing yourself?

Why would you say all that, if you don't believe in it yourself?

Weronika, bring me the draft of the quarterly report, please.

Anything for you, boss. Excuse me?

Anything for you, boss.

Okay, okay. I'll wear that reindeer tie if you want me to.

I'll look funny.


Okay, I can look sweet for you.

I miss you too. Bye, see you tonight. I love you.

Really beautiful.

Thank you. Got that report? Andrzej...

Why don't you come to my place tonight?

We're at work.

But we won't be tonight.

It's Christmas Eve. I want to spend it with you.

I love you.

Andrzej. Can I have a word with you?

The report, please.

What about that report? It's urgent.

I'll get your fiancée a report.

Why, Weronika? You knew I had someone. I didn't hide it from you.

But I didn't have her number then, Mr. Director.

Listen... I'll get you the report.

Is anyone out there willing to fulfil Kuba's dream, and become his Christmas present?

Before you take him in, though, remember a dog needs no leather sofa, a luxurious bowl, or a glittering collar.

Just like all of us, it needs love.

Only that, and as much as that.

Anyone who takes in a dog will get free dog food.

Anyone interested in taking Kuba in?

No one will take such an ugly dog. He's a beauty.

Who's that girl from the subway? Are you into each other?

I just wanted to ask her out for a coffee.

But? I had no time.

Are you nuts?

One moment.

Kazik! Get back!

Take it away!



I haven't broken anything. That's all I need.

Don't be mad at mom. She's really trying hard.

Take your stuff and leave my room.

If mom loses her job, she'll be sad, and she'll be lying on the couch and crying again.

I told you to take your stuff away!

I made it clear I didn't want anyone in my study.

I had to take my daughter with me.

No, Agnieszka!

I told you not to go in there!

And not to touch the exhibits... I'm sorry.

Take the kid and leave. I haven't finished yet. There's pike...

I don't eat pike. Only turbot.

I also have salmon balls.

Take all that food and leave!

We're leaving, Dusia!

Here, Agnieszka!


My name's Agata. You might try to remember that after 6 months.

You can shove that money up...

I've left you a present.

Merry Christmas.


Let's go.

Our money!

All right. Let's go.

Crappy crap!

Excuse me. Smutna Street?


Straight on, and take the first right.

Thank you.

Diesel looks scary. But he's a romantic.

Give him your heart, and he'll reward you with his hair on your couch, chewed-up slippers, and infinite love.

I saw her. Whom?

The subway girl. She headed that way. Take over.

Smells good.

Want a waffle?

No, thanks.


I don't remember the last time I had one.


Do you always do what you want? I try.

Do you always do what you want? I try.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a vet.


I got a degree in architecture. I've always wanted to be a vet too.

And I am. I have my own surgery room. Really?

Yes. Why don't you come to the event?

I'd love to. You'll get to know our dogs.

I need to buy a Christmas tree. It's a pity.

I mean it's good you're buying a Christmas tree.

It's a respectable tradition. A Christmas tree...

What kind? A broken one. - That's original.

Silly, isn't it?

No, it isn't.

Your dogs...

What about them?

I don't know. I forgot what I wanted to ask.

Speaking of them...

I've got to go.

I'll try to stop by.

Oh, no.


Did you steal my computer? Get in touch with my lawyer.

Let me speak to your mother. She's not around.

- Where is she? In depression, because of you.

What's your address? Nowhere Street. - What number?

1005, at Fantasy Avenue.

Listen. That laptop is very old. It's not worth much.

- But it's important to me. And my mom is important to me.

I get it.

That's why, if you return it to me, I'll give you 5,000 złotys, - and I'll forget the whole situation. No.

If I don't get the laptop back within one hour, I'll call the cops.

I'm underage, so the cops can kiss my butt.

Besides, they won't find anything here. I'm not that dumb.

Should the police come though, you'll get your laptop back — in pieces!




Thank you.

Hello. How can I help you?

I'm looking for... How about that nice symmetrical fir?

That one.

This one? Yes.

Excuse me.


Yes, I'm about to buy one.

I was supposed to pick the tree, not your mom.

Okay, whatever.


This one?

I've changed my mind.

I think it's about time to think seriously about life.

We should rent something.

We can't impose on Majka forever.

It's time we had a place of our own.

I talked to Władek about the job.

He said okay.

Why not?

First, I'd be on trial.

Then, if there's a vacancy...


Are you listening? No.

I was thinking about that couple in the loo.

So they're young, so what?

I'm not sure whether they have any ambitions, but I'm sure they have great sex.

Don't say that. Dorek... Come.

What? Come on.

Stop that. Come here.

What's come over you?

See what you've done?

I want to go to bed. Go ahead.

Your grandson's around.

You think it's funny? Do you?

Yes, I do!

Yes, I do, because it may be the last call for me!

Maybe I have a brain tumor. Where?

In my ass.

I guess it's in your brain.

I want to live. Live then.

Go skating, or something.

Okay, I will. I will go skating. Go.

And you rot here. Stay and clean the place.

Leave it. Stop.

Give me that jar. Stop annoying me.

Do you want to break everything?

Do you? Give it back.

Go ahead, then! Break it!

Do it! Break everything around!

I just wanted to eat something sweet. Moron.


What's going on?

Oh, yeah. Someone has pooped his diaper.


Have you heard it? Granny's gone.

Hey! Have you seen a little kid around?

It's my son, Kazik.

I've seen no Kazik. Crappy crap.

They say he's next to a Jolka.

Do you happen to know a guy named Czarek? An elegant one?

A bow-tie, an overcoat, and a stylish hat?

He's in his 70s. And he's Kazik's grandfather.

My father, I mean.

I don't know anybody here.

Hi, Ludwig.

Do you know this "Kazik"? Oh, Kazik the Great!

He rarely comes to visit, though. So?

There is one Czarek here.

But he hasn't been elegant for long. Jolka is over there.

Kazik will ask about Jolka too.

I'll be watchful. There.

Give me a push. Okay, I'm good.

Let's do the ends now.

The ends, sure. They've grown so long.

Why are you calling the radio station?

Do you have a better idea? What are you going to ask?

Santa's address?

I know what to ask her about.

She'll come back pregnant for sure.

Jesus Christ!



Is Jolka in?


Excuse me. I've left an iron on the stove.


Shepherds came to Bethlehem that Holy Day For the baby Jesus on the lyre did play...

What about those wheel caps? I got a star instead.

Now it's the season for stars, Christmas Eve.

You knock on the door, spin the star... It will spin, when you fix it.

You sing a carol, and cash in. Hold a second...

Just a moment.

Fuck it. I ain't gonna play with you. Stop whining. Draw.

What have you got? A king? You've just won a hundred.

But you'll get a star instead. Hold it.

Now you owe me thirty. For what?

The star costs 130.

How much? 130!

I owed you a hundred, so now you owe me thirty.

Let me have it. Go ahead!

Okay, great, thanks. Keep the change. Bye.

Merry Christmas!

Smutna Street, little man.

Excuse me. Do you know him?

This man?

Kazik? How do you know me?

Did you see that dude? He's your grandpa. If only I lay my hands on him.

Wait! Your dad... Wait!

I thought she made her Santa up.

What a surprise.

Do you know Jolka? I don't, you sadists!

Do it. No!

I know her! Just don't tear it off. How long?

Very long! Did you sleep with her?

Yes, I did! I'll confess to anything, just don't tear it off!

You mean the redhead? Yes, a very red redhead.

Get the hell out of here. Jolka isn't a redhead.

This is Jolka.




Just don't hang up on me.

I'm not going to call the cops. Sure thing.

I can rehire your mom. I'll even give her a raise.

When mom was a director, she got huge raises.

But she wasn't happy.

Was your mom a director? - Yes, in a bank. Terrible.

She took happy pills, but they wouldn't help.

I didn't know.

I was afraid she'd kill herself.

But she quit that bank. Tough time, huh?

Okay, I'll pay you 10,000. You're not listening.

I am, but I still don't know what you want from me.

I want you to be at the rink in an hour.

What rink?

In the Old Town.

Be alone, and wear a sweater. What sweater?

The one mom knit for you.

Hold on.

No way.

See you in an hour. - No way!


They fucked up my leg, bitches.

Your son was there.

He ran after his grandpa. What grandpa?

This punk here.

You're a punk yourself. What's wrong?


You're coming with me.

He won't answer. Grandpa must've stolen his phone by now.

How is my... you know?

A little swindler. A con-artist and an egoist.

Total pathology. You're total pathology.

Crappy crap! - The train to Warsaw leaves...

Dad! Kazik!

I've found grandpa.

Where? At the railway station.


I can't talk.

He's about to... I've got to go.


Let's wrap it up.

Give me a moment.

No one will take him. One minute.

Is that what it's about?


It's good you're still here. Where's your tree?

It's a long story. I've come to...

He's so beautiful.

Kuba is our veteran. No one could see his beauty. Until now.


Hi, Kuba.

My name is Zuza.

You know what? I'll take him.

Seriously? Yes.

I need to follow my heart at last.


Did you hear it, Kuba?

Can I give you a lift? No, thank you.

It's no problem. I have a car. The keys, Maniek.

To turn a guy like you down?

What a stupid broad. Shut your face!

Be my guest. Chill, dude.


Our program is coming to an end. Karolina Krawczyk is saying "goodbye".


There'll be a new day tomorrow.

What am I saying?

Merry Christmas. Have a good one.

Did Gibbon impress you?

A delivery.

From a cop. What cop?

An inspector. For you.

It's that dress.

What dress?

The one from the sky.


What are you going to do?

Nothing. The chance is gone.


Look at how you're driving! It's a street.

There are people around.

What are you staring at? Get out and apologize.

Or get lost.

It's here.

Do you need help?

No, thank you.

Thank you for everything.

Merry Christmas.

Come. Come.

Come. Wait!

Take my card.

In case you have problems with Kuba.

It may come in handy.

Yes, it may.

Bye, Kuba.




Come here, Kuba.


Check it out.

Hi. I just wanted to tell you...

If you have a problem with Kuba, which I don't think you will, call the number on the card.

I surely will.

So... Bye.


You may call me any time. Even at night.

I'd better be going now.


I'm going.

Are you okay?


Are you okay? I'm good. I'm fine.


Call an ambulance. Hello?

You're flying.



Hola, mamma.


Where's mom? I don't know.

She's looking for the lost time. What?

I don't know. I've been trying to call her... For me?

...but she wouldn't answer.

Karina? Where are you?

Over my grave.

Very funny.

Will you join us for Christmas Eve, or are you going to keep sulking in a hole?

Take care of Dorek.


I think I have a brain tumor. Relax. Don't think about it.

I have the right symptoms. I checked on the Internet.

It may be cancer, but it may just be menopause.

Do I look like I have menopause?


You know what...

I think I should...

Do you have weed?

I mean pot, marijuana? Stop being holier than the pope, please.

I'll pretend I didn't hear it. I'll pretend I never said it.

Doesn't Seba have some? No. Why would he?


Got any weed?


I mean I don't smoke. But I have some.

Why don't you roll a joint for the grandpa?

Here I am!

Hold a second! Where are you going? To that girl over there.

With boots on the ice? You can't do that.

You'll break your neck, and I'll be in for it.

What if I broke my neck skating? That'd be your responsibility.

Are you wearing the sweater?


Yes, I am. I need to see it.

What's my mom's name?

Where's my laptop?

What's my mom's name? Stop fooling around.

I'll ask you one more time. Agnieszka... Agata.

Is it Agata?

You're lucky.

Pardon me.

Bonjour, little man.

Why are you staring at me like that?

Hello? Hi. Where are you? I'm on a train.

What train?

- Your mother will kill me. I'm following grandpa to Warsaw.

But I don't know.

What don't you know? - If he's my grandpa.

Is it possible my grandpa would steal? - He's not your grandpa!

He's a crook.

Are you sure he's not grandpa? - Absolutely!

Get off at the next station, and wait for me.

Listen to me.

It's not about the laptop. It's about the pictures of my wife.

You know she's dead. I'm sorry.

Give me those pictures back.

What is it? My mom's drawings.

Drawing makes her happy.

But she was tearing them up today. Just like when dad left.

What am I supposed to do with them? You're smart. Figure it out.

If she's such a good artist, let her take them to a gallery, or some publisher. I don't know.

I knew you'd figure something out. Excuse me?

Three hours. That won't be much of your time, and I'll get you your laptop back.

Unless you fail.

If anything happens to those photos... What use are they for you?

Do they make you happy? It's not funny. Come here!

Do you play three cups?

Do you want to bleed an old dog like me, kid?

Do you recognize this?

Show me.

You're a smartass.

They're marked.

Where's the fourth ace?

You hid it, bad boy. I didn't, I promise.

Who are you riding with? With you, grandpa.

You need to buy me a ticket. Me?

Sure. You're my grandpa.

Hey, sly puppy. Don't try to frame me.

Even if I were your grandpa, I wouldn't buy you a ticket. I'm broke.

I'm whacked big time.

You're lying. You have money, because you robbed a lady.

Be quiet. I saw you.

You're fingerprints are on the wallet.

Give it back!

Crappy crap!

Are you gonna snitch on your grandpa?

You said you weren't my grandpa. Did I say that?

Did I say I wasn't your grandpa?

But I am your grandpa.

Come to grandpa.

Damn fuses.

Everyone does everything at the last moment.

Anybody called?

Stop looking at me like that.

I adopted a dog.


Look at how beautiful he is. Kuba!

Come, show yourself.

Just look at him. We talked about it, honey.

We established we didn't want a dog.

No, you established you didn't want a dog.

Okay. Can I make decisions too?

We always do it together.

Go away.

Come, Kuba.

It's an expensive couch.

Can we talk?

Whose is this? The guy I got Kuba from.

If you really want it so much, I'll buy you a dog.

Let's go, Kuba.



Excuse me?

Did you just call me? Are you...?

I'm Andrzej's mother.


Why are you so surprised?


A reindeer tie?

How do you know about it?

On our bed? It's a bit too much.

Okay, forget it.

Where's the dress I bought you?

Do you know how much it cost?

It's Christmas Eve. We're off to my parents.

You're not going to take it along? His name is Kuba.

I love it when you play a child. No, I just have my opinion.

Of course. Let me decide which dress to wear.

If you don't like it, we may take it back.

No, we may not. I threw it out the window.

Okay, I get it.

We need to leave soon.

You get ready too.

Thank you.

Did you hear him? Did you?

I locked myself up in the apartment, my car froze, and then I saw that dress flying. I already know that.

But what has that got to do with the inspector?

He gave me that dress. You're not listening.

I am, and I'm trying to understand.

Where did he get that dress?

What do you mean? Don't you get it? No.

Neither do I. And that's what's so amazing.

What do you want me to do about it? I don't know.


you could tell all units that the radio girl is waiting for Gibbon here.

Name? I don't know.

I mean your name.

Your ID, please.

Karolina Krawczyk, daughter of Stanisław and Cecylia, residing at...

66 Sowińskiego Street apartment 141, Warsaw.

One moment.

A makeup gift for you.

If you don't like it, we'll return it.

Nice, thank you.

Let's go, Kuba.

We'll take him back to that guy from the business card.

I've already contacted him. He's expecting us.

Honey, understand, please. We can't have a dog now.

Okay, I'll tell you, though it was meant to be a surprise.

We're flying to the Maldives for the New Year. Everything's been paid for.

Why are you doing this to me? You said you wanted to get away.

After we've returned, I'll buy you a Yorkie.

Yorkies are the best.

Mom had two.


Did you get off? No. I'm riding with grandpa.

He's not your grandpa, son.

- I told you. He said he is.

What did he say?

That he's my grandpa. He bought me a ticket. He's cool.

He even returned the wallet he found to that lady.

How generous of him.

Listen to me, son.

Wait a moment.

Tell him. What?



- Listen to me. Hi. Who is this?


I'll tell you who I am, if you tell me who you are.

Do you remember fat Stasia? Stasia wasn't fat.

So you don't remember her. How could I not remember her?

She got pregnant, remember? You went out to get smokes.

Stasia was as slim as a rake. She was fat!

I know better... No, I do!

She's my mother, so I know better, don't I?

Son, sonny...


Remember it once and for all, mother was fat!

She was chubby, bulky and fat! You trickster, you...

See? This is the way it is.

Kisses and hugs.

See you.



What did dad say?

We just chatted about good old times.

Se la vie, as the French say.

What matters is you're my grandpa. And I found you.

My eyes got irritated.

Will you help me publish these drawings?

They are very good.

I'll foot all the bills. Just call her right now, please.

Listen... Her kid is unpredictable.

We must act quickly. Wake up, please.

You haven't showed up at the university for 2 years.

You haven't finished your book. And you were hiding from me at the cemetery today.

I'd love to help you, but... If I don't call her in 2 hours, I'll lose everything. Just your laptop.

Unless that laptop is everything to you.

Will you publish those damn drawings, or not?


Wait, please.

Spend Christmas Eve with us.

I'm spending Christmas Eve with my wife.

Małgorzata is gone.

Gone. Accept it.

Accept it!


Stick to the dosage.

Are you certain? Yes.



I love you.

What a great coincidence, because I love you too.

We could go skating together.

We'll do that.

We'll have sex in the restroom.


I just wanted to hear your voice.

That's what it's all about.

That's what it's all about.

Will you walk him?

Stop acting up. It's just a common mutt.

I don't understand you.



Will you come in? I can't.

Just for a minute?

At least it won't end up in a dumpster.

I'm sorry.

I've got to go.



It's okay.

Dad! Dad! Look! Grandpa. I found him.

Thank you for looking after my son.

Here's for the ticket.

Can't you recognize him, dad? It's grandpa.

No, I can't recognize him. It's grandpa.

He's no grandpa.

He's a common crook.

Dad's right.

I'm not your grandpa.

I'm not your father, either.

But you said otherwise.


Au revoir, garcon.

Merry Christmas, little man.

Stop pulling. It's closed.


It seems like you've got to stay on this side.

Leave me alone, mister.

You're having a bad day too.

After all, it's Christmas Eve. Let it be my loss.

Nice sweater.

Do you want me to open it for you?

Not really.

I guess I'll stay on this side.

What the fuck am I doing?

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


How did you get out of the precinct?

A Christmas miracle.

I want a crown this time.

Are you King Balthazar, or something?

A crown witness... We know what it is.

I plead mitigation.

Why's that?

This is why.

I know where Magnana is.

- Hello? Hi.

I want to wish you Merry Christmas.

- You and your mom. What about the laptop? I still have it.

You can keep it.

I don't need it anymore.

What do you mean?

Hurry up, Zuza.

Andrzej! Listen.

We've known each other for years.

But sometimes we don't understand each other.


The problem is I don't love you.

How come?



Dusia, hey?

What's wrong?

Hello? Tickle, tickle.

What about a smile?

What's wrong, sweetie?

Nothing, mom.

Imagine I got a call... from Stefan, Wojtek's friend, and he told me there's someone willing to publish my drawings, as illustrations for children stories.

Great, isn't it?

I just wonder how come Wojtek had them.


I'm speaking to you. Hello?

I stole a laptop.


Where have you been, mom?

I need to talk to your father. Don't, mom...

Karina, my love!

Look. Listen, Szczepan...

Look. Your skates...

I don't want to skate. Neither do I.

I just realized we never did it in skates.

Come on. Put them on.

Go ahead, do it.

Szczepan... What? What?

We're still young! We can make love anywhere.

In San Francisco, San Diego, San Paolo, San Escobar, Sandomierz...

I called about the job.

And? I'm good.

Very well. Listen...

What? We need to talk.

Do you know what I told him?

That he has wet dreams. Fuck.

That I don't give a shit about his trial period.

I told him to go fuck himself. You quit your job?



Karina, we're young.

We need to feel the wind in our hair. As long as we still have hair.


We need to buy an apartment. Why?

Spring is coming, honey.

We'll live in a tent.

I've understood everything. Just like in Mexico, remember?

I'm pregnant.

Oh, fuck.

"Dear Stasia.

"Send me some money, if you can, "because my resources are running low.

"Not much luck in cards recently.

"Tell Melchior that dad loves him.


Is that what a dad would write or a bum?

So it's all true. What's true?

Everything. On the train, you said grandpa was a bum.

He could do card tricks, too.

Boys, Christmas Eve's dinner is ready.

Mom! Why didn't you tell me about the letters from my father?

Why did you hide them from me?

Because he's a douchebag. A douchebag, see?

How could you not recognize him? To be fair though, he always sent you birthday presents.

You never gave me anything. Didn't I? What about those?

You plastered the whole wall with his presents.

These are just drip mats. Yes.

He sent you matches for your 18th birthday, remember?

Was it from him? Yes.

Let's go. The fish is getting cold.

Good evening.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.


Looks good on you.

Let's go. Wait.

Won't you come in?

We'll break the wafer.

I don't know how it's gonna be.

We don't have anything. No apartment, no job, no money, no nothing.

Don't worry. I'll find a job.

I'll drive a car.

We don't even have a car.

When Majka was born, we had no car either.

Typical problems of young couples. We're not even married.

We're divorced.

Look at this.

The carp is delicious, mom.

What are you waiting for, son?

It's not the right moment.

My dear ones, I think Andrzej wants to say something.

I want to say that Zuzanna's happiness is a priority for me.

My mom says that every woman dreams of standing in front of an altar in a white dress, so...

I'm so happy for you, Zuzanna.

But I'm not.

Zuza! Follow her.

Baby girl!

Andrzej! Yes, mom?


Do you like your pierogi? I'm happy you do.


Where are you going?

Keep eating.

I'll be right back.

Got a light?

Yes, I do.

It's very kind of you.

Thank you.

I'm just hanging around, because I wanted to see my grandson on Christmas Eve.

That's good, because he's waiting for you.


Thank you, sir.

Good night. Good night.


Grandpa's here.


I want to tell you...

That's one of the things I've always loved you for.

Compote? With pleasure.

Police! Do not move!


I didn't mean to walk out in front of your car.

You didn't?

We'd better go.


I guess you didn't mean to come late to the studio either?

I always listen to your program. And you're late at least twice a week.

Today, you were way out of line...


I'll leave the door open.

What about Mel? He's good. He found a father, and a son.

Great. Merry Christmas, sweetie...

Merry Christmas.



Is it Santa's?



My baby girl...


Don't stand like that, mother.

What are all these presents?

They're from my wife.

What did you get this year?

Let's see...


Switch it on.

How are you doing? Great.

I'll do it myself. I'll help you.

Stop annoying me. It's slippery here.

No tricks, okay? It's easy.

Go ahead, grandma! Bug off, old fart!

I'm a young mother.



Let me put my hat on too.

On my lap.

Very well.

Thank you.


Subtitles: Agata Deka