Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989) Script




I-It can't be!

Can it?

It is!

I'm really flying!





This is fun!



Wow! This is great!

Yaaaaaay... woooooooooow!

Up up in the clouds we go!

This is fantastic!


What kind of a city is this?



Hah... hah... waaaoooooooooh!

Huh... phew... huh?









Ugghh Wo-ungh!

Errrrrrrr... woooo-wow-oooooh



We've gotta get out of the house!

No... Mom!

Mom! The train!


Whew... just a dream.

[Mom] Nemo, are you all right?

[Dad] Having bad dreams?

[Mom] Oh, Nemo!

[Mom] Have you been sneaking pies again?

Hey! Huhuh Gee whiz, a circus parade!

Icarus! Come on, Icarus, let's go!

I hope we haven't... missed anything Excuse me... pardon me... uh, sorry Sir Uh... excuse me Ma'am.

Woah... wowie look!

Step right up, step right up! See the [inaudible] show in the world!

Oh, gee Yahoooooo!

Hello young man!

Who? Me?

Would you like a ride?

Weeee... yes Sir!

Weeeel, hope you like it!

It's great! Right, lcarus?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Get your tickets now for the grandest show in the world!

You're a delightful boy.

Papa! Papa!

The circus is in town, Papa!

That's nice, Nemo.

Please, will you take me to see it? Please Papa?

Maybe tomorrow, Nemo.

Oh, you always say "tomorrow", Papa.

Oh no! l'm late for a meeting.

I'm sorry, but I have to go.

Perhaps tomorrow, Nemo.

Goodbye Ralph, have a wonderful day!

Oh, gee.

Good night, dear.

Join you in a minute, honey.

"Remember your promise". Mm.



Huh? W... W... Where... where am l?

Oh Nemo. How many times do I have to tell you?

W... What have I been doing?? Uhhhhh

Nemo! Stop!


Ralph, would you please talk to that son of ours?

He won't listen to a word I say.

In the morning. In the morning.

Huh, phew! That was close.

lcarus! Wake up! lcarus!


Assemble yourselves.

This is a royal calling.

Atten... Hut! Hut! Hut!


Whoops! Huh?

Oh no, oh my.

(Clears throat)

Greetings, my boy.

Do I have the honor of addressing Little Nemo?

Uh huh.

But who are you? l am a professor. I am a genius.

You can call me Professor Genius.

And this would be BonBon.

At your service!

At my service?

We have been sent here on a mission... King Morpheus, the King of Slumberland.

King Morpheus?


Yes, indeed. Yes indeed!

Don't forget the present from the Princess.

I am not finished, kindly wait your turn.

(Clears throat)

His Serene Highness, King Morpheus, the ruler of Slumberland, and divine protector of everyone's good dream and his daughter, Princess Camille, extend this invitation to Little Nemo:

To visit our Slumberland and be the official playmate to Princess Camille Gee, thanks!

The Princess Camille is eagerly awaiting you...

...well, shall we be going, young man?

Wait a minute!

This princess is a girl? But l've never played with a girl.

What? Well.

A girl? She's a princess!

Doesn't matter.

She's still a girl.

And besides, l've never heard of Slumberland.

No one has ever been displeased with a royal invitation!

W-What about the present?

Present? What present?

All her adorable marvelousness, Princess Camille, has sent a present for you!

Boy, l love presents!

Lovely delicious dream-sweets from the Royal Bakery!


Wow, this is great! I love the Princess! l love girls!

The King even sent his personal dirigible.

A dirigible? A real dirigible?


Wowwee, Icarus, it is -- Just like my dirigible!

Hi there!

And, upon the King's royal command, it's waiting for you, my boy.

I accept! We accept this invitation!

Right, lcarus?

Better leave Mom a note.

Hurry! The dirigible's departure time cannot be delayed!

His Majesty and the Princess are waiting!

Hurry! Hurry, dear boy!


Prepare to pull... Ballast away! lcarus! Look at our home, it looks like a toy house!

Jeepers! We're going so high!

Now, Nemo, we call this...

The wheelhouse!

Yes! l know.


Stabilize and maintain altitude.

Full speed ahead!

How about taking the helm, Nemo?


Yes! Hold the wheel tightly now.

Like this?

Good lad, yes!


Very good, you'll make a captain one day!

Yippee! Weeeee! Haha!

Hahaha! Weeee! Hahaha!

You fly like an acrobat!

Yeah! Haha!

It's a Nightmare!

Oh oh oh oh!

Steady, steady!

Full power!

Don't worry, folks. I've sailed through Nightmare before.

Crystal Clouds dead ahead!

Oh, thank heaven. Once we're in the clouds, we'll be safe.

Full throttle!

Hold her steady, Nemo.

A-Are we safe now?

Yes, yes dear boy. Very safe.

We're coming out of the cloud!

Engines at slow speed.

Welcome to Slumberland, my boy!

Wooow! This is Slumberland?

Hi! Hello there! Hi! How you doing down there?

They all know who I am!

Indeed, they do!

We've all come to greet you, Nemo!

Hello there!

Hey, hey, comin' through, watch out for ya... ah... girl!

Hey! Out of the way please!

Who's that?

Stay away from him my boy.

Well, hiya kid! How ya doin'?

Wanna ditch old sourpuss here and have some fun?

What?! Of all the impertinence!

See ya later, kid!



Who was that, Professor?

Flip, a frightful fellow.


Please, forget you ever heard that name.

Little Nemo, to see His Majesty!

(Clears throat)

Your Majesty, By your royal invitation, it is my great honor to present to you... Nemo!


Your Majesty?

Oh no, not again! Wait here.

Search the garden!

And I'll search the palace.


Yes, Sir! Right away Sir!

Huh? What? Huh?

Maybe he left because we're late.

Ha ha ha ha!

So you was invited, and now he's stood you up.


What luck you have, kid.

You're Flip. You're a frightful fellow.

You got it.

I'm frightfully funny, frightfully friendly, and l can make your dreams come true.

So ya wanna meet the King, huh?


Then leave it to me.

You really know where the King is?

Kid, I know everything.

I am the exclusive, the one and the only holder of the official map of...

"Nightmare Land"?

Oh, Slumberland.


C'mon. Let's find the King. Wait.

Don't worry Icarus. I'll bet we'll find the King before the professor does.

Hey, if the furball's got a problem, leave him behind.

Oh, no no no, there's no problem. Let's go.



Just follow me, kid. Wow...

Satan's waltz! Yaaay... ohhohh Everything's upside-down!

So it is, yeah. So it is eh.

Unngh-ooh... just do what I do.


All it takes is a little technique, kid. Watch.

Come on, show a little backbone.

There... eh... there... arrrgh... woahhh...

Where are we?

Who's that?

Who is that?

Sounds like something's loose...

Maybe it's this.

Nooo. Then it's that!

No, it's not that grchch!

Then what is it?

Maybe it's the the piston gasket!

Hmmm, that's right.





Piston gasket.

Piston gasket.

Piston gasket.

Piston gasket. Set in place, turn, tighten...

Another quarter turn so it won't leak.

Anything else?

Oil it up, real good.

Well I'll be! It worked!

You're quite a mechanic.

Thanks. l love trains.

Haha, me too!

Hey, be quick because it's leaving!

Haha! Come on, quickly now!


Do you think we can catch it?

Sure we can. This way.

Here we go!


Where are we going?


Ah hah!

Right on time!

Here she comes!

All aboard!

You be the engineer.

Okay. Full throttle!

Moo moo moo moooove out of the way girl!

We're coming through!

King Morpheus! Oh King Morpheus!

Oh... oh...

Out of the way, Professor!


Oh I haven't had this much fun in years!

Neither have I!

Ouch... ouch (Clears throat)

Your Majesty, may I present Little Nemo?

Yes, of course, we've met.

You're... Your Majesty?

The king?

Oh, let's dispense with the formalities.

Just call me Morphy.



Uh, Morphy, my best friend, lcarus.

Furry little fellow, isn't he?

Now Nemo, my delightful boy. l have invited you here to become my sole heir.

Me, Sir?

Yes, you.

And as my Heir Prince it is my solemn duty to give you... the golden key.

With this key you can open any door in Slumberland.

Wow, thanks, Morphy!

But l must warn you... there is one door you must never open.

The door with this symbol.

This, you must promise.

And this promise you must never break.

Y-Yes. l promise.

Sir, l promise you.


Now, Professor, escort my heir to meet the Princess.


Oh yes, yes, Your Majesty.

The Princess?

Last stop: The Rosebud Room. Princess Camille's penthouse.

Nemo! At last.

Now, let's get you tidied up, Nemo.


Hehehe... sorry... heh.

Follow me, dear boy, the Princess is waiting.

Now, be on your best behavior young man.

Remember, Her Royal Highness Camille is a princess!

♪ (Princess Camille singing) ♪

(Clears throat)

Ahm, Your Highness, Ah, Your Grace Ah... er... forgive the intrusion, Princess, but er... may I present Little Nemo?

Oh yes.


Indeed you may, professor.

So this... is Nemo.

[Nemo] Mmmm...?

Hmmmph Thank her for the present, Nemo.


You know, the cookies, dear boy.

Oh, yes, well um thank you for these Miss...

P-uh... P-Princess Camille, Ma'am You're welcome, young man. Glad you enjoyed them.

That will be all, Professor.

Uh-huhuh ahem well, then, um, I'll just leave you two Come on Professor, don't leave me alone with her!

Have nothing but fun... Goodbye, Nemo!

Ahem Ahem-what?

Nothing, really.

It's just that no one has ever accepted a Royal Invitation... his underwear. (Giggles)

Underwear? This is NOT my underwear!

They're my pajamas!

Oh. But I believe the Royal Invitation was for you alone.

...and not for your little rat.

My little rat?!

Yes. Your little rat.

Ungghh grrr!

He is not a rat!

So... so I am in my pajamas! So... so what?

You invited me here in the middle of the night!

And, princess or not, this is no way to treat a guest!

(Princess Camille giggles)

Huh? Now what?!

You know, you are kind of cute.


And you're absolutely right.

I did invite you, and I didn't say formal attire.

And besides... (Giggles)

Now what's so funny?

Your underwear is rather cute!



Come with me, Nemo, I want to show you all of Slumberland!

[Icarus] Wow! What about me?

I think your little rat wants to come along too.

Icarus is NOT a rat! Get it straight, OK?!

And he's my best friend!

Alright, I'm sorry. I apologize.

Hey, don't apologize to me, apologize to my rat!

Oops, um, oh come on!

I-I-I-I meant... lcarus, l didn't mean... oh c-come on Icarus, I didn't mean it!

We're both best friends! lcarus!

Come down, lcarus.

Nemo's sorry!

And so am I.

Alright, then I'm coming up!

lcarus, stop!

Gotcha now!


I got you!

So this is Icarus.


He is absolutely adorable.


(Both giggle)


Oh no! Crocogators!

Oh don't worry, silly, they're friendly!

♪♪♪ (Music continues)

They're the weathermen.

They're jealous because we're having so much fun!


♪♪♪ It's so beautiful.

I could sit here forever.

Boy, what a great place!

(Both giggling)

Right on time for your schooling, Nemo.

Schooling?! But I hate school!

Ahh, to be a prince, you must be taught to behave like one!

Come along.

But what about lcarus?

He'll have more fun with me. Good luck!

But... but... ah-a-achhh...

Who are all these people?

Why they're your teachers, my boy.

Now, let the lessons begin!

♪♪♪ (All teachers start singing)

Shoulders back, use your spoon.

Here'll be lunch at half past noon.



(Nemo slurping soup)


Very good.

Oh-oh my Time to dance!

♪♪♪ En garde, my child!


And we thrust! And parry!

♪♪♪ Thrust! Parry! Thrust! Parry!

Slash! Jab! Take that! Parry! Thrust!


"Don't stand when a lady enters the room."

"Don't spit in public."

"Do stand up straight."

"Don't raise your voice."

"Do pull the door open for your elders."

"Don't pick your nose."


♪♪♪ Sit erect. Sit erect, Nemo!

Not again!


Being Slumberland's Prince ain't as easy as you thought, huh?

Stick with me kid and you'll be a prince of mischief.

Here's your crown.

They're gonna come lookin' for ya.

And put this on.

Ta da!

Flip Jr. is born!

Come on. Follow me.

Where are we going?

Leave that to me.

My home away from home.

But this is a police station.

What if we get caught?


I know this place like the inside of my nose.

Now we're gonna have some real fun.



Huh?... What?... Why you!

Ouch! What's going on here?



Cut it out!

Bleh-bleh bleh-bleh-bleh-bleh!

Wait, wait, you go that way and I'll go... this way.

Which way did they go? Maybe in here! You go that way!

♪♪♪ This way!

Hey, Flap, wake up old girl!

Two to go, and step on it!

Come on Up is up that way!

Come on Flap, you can do it!

It's flip and bar bear!

Got you!

Go get the shotgun! There's two of 'em!



Hold on tight, kid.

Sorry, gentlemen.

Now maybe we'll play some more later!


Hey, look! Music!

An orchestra.

Nemo my boy, this is what we call op-por-tunity.

Now, it's your turn.

What's this for?

For this.


Aha! Get the idea?

Easy... easy... just keep it up.


That's the spirt. You're a natural, kid!

Stick with it and you'll be famous, just like me!

Say, what are you wanted for?

For having... fun! Hahahahaha!

Wow, look at all those steeples!

Them ain't steeples, kid.

Them are fireworks to celebrate your coronation!

Really? Yeah.

Say, how about a rehearsal?

Alllll right!


Woah! Wooow!

These fireworks are worthy of a prince!

Wouldn't ya say, kid? Hahahahaha!


Ohhh... Ahhh...

We got company, kid.

See ya later Flap, old lady.

Let's beat it!

Don't let 'em get away!

Uh... huh?


In you go!

Come on, follow me you guys!


Nobody gives them the slip like old flip!

Haha! Come on, let's go.

Where are we going now?

To have more fun, trust me kiddo.


Stop it, Flip.

This place gives me the creeps as it is.

Hey kid, as long as you're with Flip, there's nothing but fun ahead.



Hey, kid Hey, y'alright?


Um, I think so.

Great slide kid, but you almost had me worried!

Whew Would you look at that?


You really bumped into something big here, kid. l've got a bad feeling about this, Flip.

This looks like the door that the King warned me about.

Waddya mean?

He gave me this key and told me not to open the door with that symbol on it.

Let's open it.

B-But I...

Don't ya wanna see inside?

A door this big has gotta have something really big-big-big behind it, kid.

You think so?

I know so.

Let's take a little peek, huh?

Waddya say?

I don't know, Flip.

I promised the King!

I won't tell him if you don't. He'll never know.

Trust me.

Well, I guess just a little peek won't hurt.


Here, hop on, I'll boost you up.


There. Hurry up, you ain't as light as you look!

Don't rush me.

Is it unlocked or what, kid?


H-H-Huh-Oh-Ohhhhhh-Uhhhh! No no no no nooo!


Look. Look!

(Door mechanism/rope noises)

Well, let's open it.

But remember, just a peek...

Sure, sure kid.

Well don't just stand there, give me a hand!

(Both straining)


That was close. Yeah.

Gotta go kid. I hear my mamma callin' me!

Flip, wait!

We gotta get the key!

Flip, wait!

♪♪♪ Where has that boy gone?

Oh me, oh my!

The coronation is about to begin!

Presenting His Highness, Morpheus King of all Slumberland!

Hail Slumberland!


Welcome my people, welcome to this momentous occasion!

Oh dear! A prince late to a crowning is a capital sin!

Out of the way of the black bird!

Ah, we made it, hah.

Made it? MADE IT? You're late!

And what are you wearing? Oh! Disgusting!


No, no, there's no time for excuses, my boy!

Here he is, and not a second to lose!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Hey, stop it!

Now, my dear boy, you look like a prince!

[Flip] (Mischievous laugh)

♪♪♪ (Trumpets playing)

There! There! It's the Prince!


Steady, steady my boy!


Approach, Nemo!

Whe... (Crowd gasps)

Oh, l can't bear to watch.

Citizens of Slumberland May I present to you: Nemo, my chosen heir to the throne.

[Crowd] Hurray!

As my heir, it will be Prince Nemo's solemn duty To protect Slumberland from the Nightmare King, as I have done.

The Royal Sceptre, our sole defense, will be passed on to the Prince.

Stand back.

Nemo, my heir, bear witness to the power of the Royal Sceptre!

(Crowd gasps)

Bazama Pajama, Pajama Gazama.

Kimera-kazam, kimera-kazam.

Impera kazam Hulda pancha tzanzam Shazama, pajama, pajamaaaaa!

Let it be known to everyone That the power to use this Royal Sceptre is given ONLY to my heir, Prince Nemo, and me.

(Nemo gasps)

But he's so young...?

But, since the Prince is so young and the Royal Sceptre so dangerous, it cannot be given to him until he has grown in wisdom and physical strength.

[Crowd] Ah, well, that's different!

Nemo, it is time. Step forward.

♪♪♪ (Trumpets)

I hereby crown you Prince Nemo.

Royal Eminence of all Slumberland.

As prince, you must guard and protect my gift to you:

The Golden Key.

Huh? Gosh!

Hooray! Hooray!

Let the celebration begin!

Everybody dance till dawn!

♪♪♪ (Classical music)

(Humming along to the music)

Yahoo! Ha-hah!

Hah! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha ha!




Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ah, swing it, swiiing it!

Ahhh! Ooooh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha oo-oow!

Ha! Huh! Ah yes! Oh-ho-ho-ho!

Oh, I can't let the Professor show up the King, now can I, Prince Nemo?

Heh! Guard this well. -- but Sir!



How do you like being a prince, Nemo?

Oh, Flip...

Bet we could have some fun with it, huh?

Let me see.

Don't touch it!

Did you just say something, Nemo?

Eh, uh, what? N-Well, uh, nothing.

J-Just talking to myself.

♪♪♪ I never shoulda opened that door.

I've gotta get the key back!

Watch this for me. l'll be right back!

Nemo, where are you going?



There's no time to explain, Icarus.

Oh no!


♪♪♪ What's going on?

King Morpheus!

Stop! Oh please, stop!

Nemo, what's wrong?

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Let me through!

Oh please, get out of the way!

Oh no!

King Morpheus!

lt's Nightmare!


Nemo, give me the Royal Sceptre!

I'm trying!

Hold on!

Nemo, hurry!


Oh no!

King Morpheus!

Father! Oh no! Father!

(Princess Camille crying)

Nightmare... how did it get in?

Who opened the Forbidden Door?


He's the one who did it!

Grab him!

Don't let him get away! Stop -- stop him!

Hey, don't poke that old finger at me.

Nemo did it!

No! Flip!

Honest, I saw it with my own eyes!

No, I didn't do it!

Flip did it!

But Nemo had the key, I tell ya!




I-It wasn't me!

It wasn't!

[Crowd] Nemo!

No... no!

Nemo... Nemo... Nemo... Nemo!



Only a dream...






King Morpheus?

Where are you?


Nemo... Nemo...

Nemo... Nemo...

Wa... Help... Help!

Help me!



Oh no!

Help meeeee....! (Glug glug)


King Morpheus...


I am so sorry

Is that...?

It is! It's the Professor!

Hey Professor! lt's me, Nemo!

This way!

Over here!




It is you!

Grab on! Careful!

Woh... wo-oh...

Nemo! I feared we'd seen the last of you!

Where's King Morpheus?

Far away.

He's been taken away to Nightmare Land.

All of Slumberland weeps for him.

Because of me.

It's all my fault.

No, no dear boy, don't blame yourself.

It's Flip's fault.

No! It was me who made the promise to the King...

...and it was me who broke it.

I'm going to look for the King.

But, without the Royal Sceptre, well, there's just no hope of saving him.

The Royal Sceptre? l've got it right here!


Why, so you have, my boy!

We must take it to him right away!

Oh, no!

None of us knows just where Nightmare Land is.

Flip does! He's got a map to Nightmare Land.

He does? l saw it.

Oh dear, it might be too late.

He's to be banished into space in a very short time.

We've gotta stop it! We've gotta hurry!

Paddle, Professor, paddle!

Paddle? Yes... uh... w-why yes, indeed!

Blindfold? Are you kidding?!

I wanna enjoy the show!

Ready the cannon!


Hey, waddya... waddya all doin'?


It's... it's still lit!

Hey... (cough)... lemme outta here!

Darn it! You hear me? l'll turn over a... (cough, cough)

Trust me... woooow!


Let's go! Whoops... hurry!

You... must... stop the cannon!


lcarus! Where did you come from?

Where's Nemo?

Stop! Stop!


Don't fire the cannon!


The Royal Sceptre!

Let Flip out!

What?! l'm gonna look for your father.

So please, let Flip out.

But what?

He has a map of Nightmare Land.

Release him!

Phew... yikes... woooah... woooah... weh-weht!

(Flip coughing)

Hey fellas, watch the Tweeds!

Huh? Alright, hand it over, Flip.

Hand over what?

The map of Nightmare Land.

Oh, that little thing.

So... ah... what's it worth to ya?


Seize it!

Yeah, I sees it Professor. Here... here, it's yours!

Easy, easy with that!

Hey! Not so rough, you guys!

Interesting, ain't it?

It... doesn't make any sense.

Oh, didn't I mention?

It's written in my very own special uniquely inscrutably incomprehensible and otherwise unreadable super code!

It is, huh? Well, then you're coming with us.

Me? To Nightmare Land?

Sorry. Sorry, but I've got things to do, places to go, people to...

Prepare the cannon!

On, uh, second thought, I'll come along...

If I get to be Captain, I mean, after all, l'm the only one who could read the map.

And do you want to come along too, little princessy?

I'll even let you carry my cigars! Hahahaha!

Did anyone ever tell you, you're kind of cute when you're angry?

Huh? Hoh! Huhh?

Of course l'm coming!

And by Royal Decree, I sentence you to no cigar smoking!

♪ Sailing, sailing, off to Nightmare Land! ♪ Two degrees starboard!

Aye-aye, Captain!

Hard to port!

Aye-aye, Sir!

Father, please be alright...

Don't worry, everything will be alright.


♪ Sailing, sailing, ♪ l am the Captain!

♪ l change the ship the best the best the best the best I can ♪ Owww.

Would you please pay attention to what you are doing?

Sure, sure Princessy, I mean, I er, er Sir, er Missy.

What's that awful noise?

Flip! Wake up! You're supposed to be steering the ship!

(Everyone screaming)

Quick! Grab the wheel!

Help me!

Oh dear! Hang on! Hang on!

(Everyone coughing)

Is... is everone alright?

I think so, my boy.

Yuck! All my beautiful clothes ruined!

Where are we?

By the looks of it, I'd say we're in Nightmare Land.

We are? Oh... I-I mean of course we are.

Hey, I told you I'd get ya here!

Uh... Urrrh!

Oh boy, the little stinkers are... goblins!

They ARE goblins, you idiot!


Let go of my dress!

Help her! Help her!


Don't let 'em go, Professor!

Ah-hah! They are scared of the Royal Sceptre!

Get away from me!


Flip, the map!

We must move on before more of them spot us!

OK, OK, don't get pushy, Professor.

Uh-oh... What's wrong, Flip?

Wrong? Ahahaha nothin'. Nothin'! Uh...

My map says... that way.

Keep your eyes peeled... we want to see them before they see us!

Ahh... Ahh.... Ooooohhh This place is too spooky. I don't like it.

Flip, are there any... are there any goblins in this forest?

Why, there ain't a goblin within miles of here.

Which way is it to the Castle of the Nightmare King?

Up-oh Do you mind?

Well, I-I-I was right. Um-uh th-th-thataway.


Uh-oh This is a dead end!

Flip? Where'd he go?!

Flip! Fliiip!

Um, let's see now A forest here... uh, a swamp here... a-and some mountains here.

And that'd put Nightmare's Castle right about uh here!

Nope, not about there!

Right about here!

Thanks, hehe AHHH! Get away from me, monster!

(Monsters laughing)



Well the guy fell down, I think so...

We must have scared him to sleep!

Oh no!

Leave him alone!

The Sceptre! Ruuun! Aaaah!

Flip, are you alright?

Oh yeah, sure kid.

It's dangerous to wander around all by yourself.

Are you sneaking a cigar?

Those horrible monsters made me do it, they stuck it right in my mouth and lit it!

No, no!

We didn't do it! Oh no, not us!

But you're goblins!

Stop, stop, stop, stop!

That noise, it hurts!

Please don't do it again!

We're your friends!

Good goblins.

Are you alright?

[All together] Alright? We're GREAT!

Watch it, Princessy, those are the goblins who attacked me...

...and made me smoke that awful cigar!

We didn't attack him!

We didn't make him smoke, either!

We just helped him draw the map!



Meh, well... uhhh...

We're jesters, you know. Haha! Funny goblins?


Yes! l'm Ump. l'm Umpa. l'm Umpe. l'm Umpi!

And a one, and a two, and a three!

♪♪♪ (Singing)

♪ We are the Umps... bum bum

♪ Good garden Bumps... uh uh

♪ We are escapees from Nightmare Land

♪ Our nightmare is king, doesn't understand

♪ We just can't horrify or terrify

♪ Can't even work up a fright

♪ We just... get... laughs...

♪ when we go bump in the night

♪ When goblins are good, bum bum

♪ They're misunderstood, bum bum

♪ Though we may separate Separate?!

♪ Or come in clumps

♪ We get so blue

♪ 'Cause when we say "Boo!"

♪ Nobody jumps from us! ♪ I sure wouldn't.

The Nightmare King...

He's so cruel! And he's a liar!

We were so scared, we had to escape!

But one of our group has been caught in Nightmare castle.

Therefore, we have to go back there to rescue him.

Nightmare King fears the Royal Sceptre...

...which you have!

Please let us join you!

We wanna help!

I see.

We know the safest way.

Let us be your guides!

Hey, hey! I'm the guide here!

No, you are not. You are fired.

And you're hired!

Thank you, thank you!

Oh boy, we're going back to work! I can't believe it, hahhh!

And just what am I supposed to do?

You may carry the luggage.

♪♪♪ (Goblins singing)

Here, let me help you, Flip.

No, thanks. Don't take this job away from me.




That incantation for the Sceptre...

...wasn't it something like:

Jazama shazama...

No. The second word was "Pajama". l remember because you made fun of mine.

Shhh shhh shhh Not so loud!

The Nightmare King might have spies all over this land.

We must let the Nightmare King believe Nemo can use the Sceptre.

Would ya please keep it down over there!


First they make me a royal bellhop. Now they won't even let me sleep. l've had it!

DOGS get better treatment!



Nemo! lt's an ambush!


Oh stop! Help me!

(Inaudible) Let go of me!


Oh! Urgggh...


Hey, hey let go of me will you guys! I'll give up smoking!

Please, help me!




Don't worry Princess, I won't let them take you!



Princess! Run, run!

Oh Professor!

Let go of me! Get off of me! Get away from me!

Get away from her!



Nemo, help me!


Jazama-Pajama! Jazama-Pajama! Jazama-Pajama!

Jazama-Pajama! Jazama-Pajama! Jazama-Pajama!



The Sceptre!


What a dream!


Ohhh wow!

You alright, Nemo?


What are you doin' here?!

We're being here!

I must still be in the dream.

Dream? What's a dream?

Well, you see... l got it! This is a place called "A Dream"!

Oh, is that so?

Now, sure sure.

I know that.


What?! Ugh!

Jazama-Pajama! Jazama-Pajama! Jazama-Pajama!

Hey, Umpo! lt's Umpo!

I know that!

Are you alright? Is he OK? Wake up, Umpo!

Hey come on.

Umpo! l am so happy to see you all again.

Hey... hey no, not again!


I-Is he a friend of yours?

The missing Ump, the one we left behind!

Nice to meet you, l'm Umpo.

Hello. l'm Nemo.

You're Nemo! l have a letter for you, from King Morpheus.

From King Morpheus? Hey, where's the king now?

Last time l saw him, he was imprisoned in The Nightmare Castle.

And the Princess?

The Professor?


The letter! Let me see the letter!

Here it is.

Goodness, this is the incantation!

Uh... oh... ahhh It's the secret to use the Sceptre.

It's got super power, enough to defeat the Nightmare King.

Wow, that's great!

But why did the King send it?

Let's go to the Nightmare Castle right away!

The King must be waiting!

(Excited shouting)

Stop this noise!

Stop it, please!

Don't scream at us!

You say that Nemo is going to die...

...if he says the incantation?

Uh no, I mean ye-- well yeah but oh I know...

Nemo, goodbye!

Gee, that's terrible.

No wonder Icarus is worried.

No wonder Icarus is upset. lcarus, I really appreciate you worrying about me...

But the king needs me.

I have to go.

At the Nightmare Castle, King Morpheus must be suffering terribly.

You understand, don't you Icarus?

And l need you, Icarus, to make sure I'll be alright, OK?

Oh yeah!

OK, it's all settled then!

Yahoo, let's go!

Now let's get to the King quickly!

Here we come!

Be off now. I'm coming, I'm coming!

Okay, guys, make sure you show me the right way.

Just leave it to us!

Off to Nightmare Castle we go!

(Excited chattering)

One, two, three, four!


(Excited chanting)

There it is, the Gate of Wind!


Ho! Nightmare Land at last!

Come on guys, we've gotta protect Nemo!

Umps unite!

Oh-hu-hu! Somebody put me out, I'm hot hot!



Look out!

Watch oooouuuut!

What was that?

Up ahead!

♪♪♪ (Dramatic music)

I don't know!


(Excited chattering)

Now that's marvellous, the way you do that.

♪♪♪ Aaaaaaah!



♪♪♪ Ohhhhh...

Would you look at that!

Nightmare Castle!

Wooh, I don't like the looks of this!

OK guys, ready?

Hang on!

Here we gooooo!

♪♪♪ (Fanciful music)



Is everyone alright?

I think so I'm OK Let me see... if memory serves me correctly, there should be a secret entry...

...somewhere in this valley.

(Sinister animal noises)

That little presumptuous Nemo and that Sceptre of his...

...have already been terminated by us.

Now you have all of Slumberland in the palm of your hand!

Hail to the the Nightmare!

(Evil laugh)

What? Nemo in the castle? With the Sceptre?!

Oh what?


No! H-Hn-Hur-Hur-Hur!

Help the booooy!

(Worried chattering)

What's happening?

O-Oh-Wo-Wo-Wo-Aaaaaaaoooow- Woh-Ahh-Oh-Waaaah...


Where are we now? lnside Nightmare's Castle.

(Crash) Wooooah!

What was that?

I don't know!

It's too dark to see anything.

Maybe we oughta come back when it's no so (gulp) dark?

(Deep evil laugh)

Watch out!

Let's get outta here!



Oh-Hohhh... Crikey, here it comes!

The secret passage right in front


Ah, that was close!

Nice little hideout, huh?

We made it ourselves.

Not even the Nightmare King knows.

He can't see us in here, but we can see him from over there.

You think you can hide? l know exactly where you are!

I thought you said he couldn't see us?

He can't. He's bluffing.

Give me the Sceptre, Nemo, and I'll let you go.


NOW, Nemo, I'm losing patience!

Perhaps this will persuade you...

Princess! Professor! Flip!

How do you like my... collection, Nemo?


Leave her aloooone!

So that's where you've been hiding, eh?

The game is up for you, Nemo!

(Evil laugh)

Oh, there's one more piece in my collection, I think it's something you'd really like to see!

(Evil laugh)

King Morpheus!

Oh, how horrible!

Your Majesty!

Oh no!


Here's your Sceptre!


Did you really think that rescuing your King would be that easy?


Nemo, Nemo!



He's there He's there Here he comes!

Nemo, the Sceptre!

The incantation, hurry!

Jazama-Pajama, Pajama-Jazama!


Hurry, hurry, hurryyyy!


Uh, what's the next word? lmeratazam. lmeratazam! lmeratazam! It worked!


Pata... mm...

Uh... P-Pajap-Shaza-Shazam!

Woooooaaaah! Shazama-Pajama Shazama-Pajama!

Oh no! Here it comes again!


Woooooooooh-Woooooooooooooh Oh no!


Come now, for your own sake, give me the Sceptre so you can hurry home to your Mommy.





(Evil laugh)

Is that all you can remember?!

Pa-Pa...Pajama-Pajama Ooooh, pajamas do scare me so!

(Evil laugh)

Nemo! Behind you!





Thanks, lcarus! Hold it tight!




Get the boy into safety!

Hold on tight!





The boy's gonna escape!

Shazama... Pajama... Wooooaaah!


(Nightmare King growling in pain)


Huh? Hey... I don't see Nemo.

Ho noooo!

Nemo... (inaudible)... wake up... (inaudible)


Wh-Wh-Where am l?

Uhhh... Wha...? Uhhh... Mmm


Wake up, Nemo!

Please wake up!

Oh, Nemo!

Oh... (inaudible)... poor boy!


Y-Your Majesty? l broke my promise.

I opened the Forbidden Door. l'm very sorry.

Mmm. Your courage destroyed the Nightmare King.

And his evil kingdom is gone forever.


Quite the prince you've become, my Little Nemo!

(People in the crowd cheering)

♪♪♪ Mind your manners, dear boy!

Hey, kiddo!


Hey, Nemo, lemme take care of Slumberland while you're gone!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Huh? Huh?




Huh, hey Flip, Hey Flip, c'mon! Stop it


Flip, stop it!

Flip, are you alright?

Wait! Donado! Wait!

That Flip!

Flip, as Prince of Slumberland, I sentence you to no more cigar smoking!


Me too, Flip. And this time, we mean it!

Oh, yeah. Adios, Nemo my boy!

Take care of yourself, Flip!

♪♪♪ It looks wonderful! Wow!

♪♪♪ Oh, look! There's my home town!

Come here, lcarus.


Huh? l had a wonderful time.

Thank you... Nemo.

Uhhh... sure... I... I'm... Ummm...

♪♪♪ Nemo!

Nemo, time to get up!

Breakfast is ready!

Well, what a surprise. You didn't fall out of the bed!

Huh? What?

Did you say something, Mom?

Ah, there are so many wonderful things waiting for you today.


It must have all been just a dream.

A wonderful dream!

Well, from the look on your face, it must have been!

Well, Mom, sorry I broke my promise and uh took the pie.

Good morning, Nemo!

Hurry up and get ready!

Huh? G-Get ready for what, Papa?

"Get ready for what"?

Well, we decided to go the... uh... circus today?

Didn't you know, Nemo?

The circus? Really? lcarus too?

Of course Icarus too. Now hurry up.

Hot dog!

Icarus, wake up!

We're going to the circus!

The circus? Oh boy!