Living Death (2006) Script

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So what do you think?

Holy crap.

This is a big freaking house.

Could you watch your language please?

That's a big freaking mansion.


Thank you.

Is it yours?

Yes ma'am.

You live here all by yourself?

Just me and my butler.

You have a butler?

Yeah but it's his day off today.


So have you really read all those books in your library?

I have a library?

Yeah. The room, down the hall, you know? All the books?

The room with the books?

Yeah, come on, I'll show you.

I know where it is honey, I was just playing with you.

Oh. Do you like books?

Nah. I like magazines.

Let me guess. You like glossy fashion magazines.

With all the latest styles from Paris and Milan.

It's like you know me.

I think we may have met before in a past life.


That's what my ex-wife used to say.

You were married?

Yes. This house is part of my divorce settlement.



I was just playing with you again.

You're tricky. I am.


Where to now Mr. Man?

Well. I haven't taken you to the attic, yet.

The attic?

I always save the very best part part of the tour for last.

What's up there?

Do you trust me?

Uhm... do I have a choice?


We're almost there. OK.

A couple of steps more.


Are you excited? Yeah.

And this must be the toy room?

My father was a bit of a collector.

He was fascinated by the tools human beings concoct to torment and torture one another.

Fun. He was obsessed with his own self for mortality.

The last 17 years, he never even left the house.

Then, one morning in the shower he has a heart attack and dies.

Oh, that's awful.

He was a bit of a jackass.

Nice Rack.


I've been to a few wax museums.

Oh, you are so cultured, I like that.

Is it real?

Are they?

I mean, does it actually work?

In 1447... the Duke of Exeter, introduced the Rack, at the the Tower of London.

Where it became the most popular torture device in England.

The Rack was used in England, for about 150 years before it was deemed to be too cruel.

It was outlawed in 1628.

Is that alright? Yeah.

Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the English Parliament in 1605 was another victim of the Rack.

King James I stretched his body so badly that his bones and ligaments... made loud, popping sounds.

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Can I stretch you?


Awe, come on. Just a little bit. It feels so good.

No, I don't know.

Come on. Sometimes when I'm alone, I come up here and stretch myself.

Okay, okay. Okay.

Okay what?

Do it.

Say it.

Stretch me but... just be gentle, please.

Only if you beg.

Oh my God.

A little bit more?


Ugh. Okay. Oh God. It hurts, it hurts.

Darling, we're only at level 1.

If I took the Rack to level 6... the vertebrae in your spine would be ripped apart and dislocated.

Leaving you paralyzed for the rest of your life.

But I'm not gonna do that.

Okay. Okay?

Okay. It's gonna be okay.

Okay, it hurts Victor.

Victor please stop it.

Tell me that you like it.

It hurts!

It hurts! Tell me you like it.

You're hurting me.

Tell me, that you like it.

Just say the words. For God's sake, just say the words.

I like it.

I know you do.


Look what you made me do!

What I made you do?

I told you, never sneak up on me when I'm here.

Now Ms. Pearson, if you just sign right here next to Victor's name, this whole unfortunate episode will be considered settled.

I still think I should have a lawyer look over this.

The agreement was that I would arbitrate this dispute on your behalf and on behalf of Mr. Harris.

The agreement was that if you sign the non-disclosure and the settlement agreement now.

I know, but it's-- Mr. Harris is prepared to give you this certified check... for 10,000 dollars.

And take care of all your medical expenses.

It's yours.

If you sign the agreement now.

If not, you could spend the next 10 years in court with your lawyer spending money that don't have.

And frankly, possibly never getting a penny.

Ahh, here. Let me uh.

Let me help. No, just don't.

Keep in touch.

Ten grand? What a chump.

You're lucky she is. She could've asked for a hell of a lot more and she would've been entitled to it.

Any more than that and it would have been cheaper just to have her killed. My cousin knows a guy who knows a guy that for five grand will steal a car and make it look like a hit and run.

Victor please, don't tell me these things.

Why? Anything I say to you is in confidence and inadmissible in a court of law, right?

Here. I got you something.

Blonde or brunette?

Happy 35th.

It's for your cigarettes, smokeless. Now that, stays here.

Roman, you really are a prince amongst kings.


Thank you.

Finally gained full control of your father's estate.

It was about time.

Well you know he told me that he wanted you to make something of your life, before he just handed over all of his money to you.

That's just one more thing the controlling party was wrong about.

Listen, I just want to finalize some of the finer points of your will that you've been insisting upon, alright?

Specifically the funeral arrangements.

Do we have to talk about this now?

I just... I just want to confirm.

No autopsy, no organ donation and no embalming?

Did you see my father at his funeral?

Yeah, he looked peaceful.

He looked like a transvestite hooker, all that makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, screw that.

Put me in my best Italian suit and drop me in the ground, au naturale .

Okay, well if you skip the embalming it's gonna have to be a pretty quick funeral. I mean, I'm talking like the next day.

Fine, put me in the ground the next day, just no flowers.

I cannot stand flowers.

No flowers.

And I do not want anybody messing around with me when I am dead. No organ donor crap, I want all of me buried.

Victor, I really think you should reconsider.

I don't want to reconsider.

Alright. You're the boss.

What would I do without you, Roman?

I love you man. Truly.

You and Elizabeth are the only family I have left now.

Well, I love you too Victor.

You are so gay.

Honey, I'm home.

Elizabeth, where are you?

Baby, I'm home.

Elizabeth, where are you?

You didn't answer me.

Aren't you gonna ask how it went?

I'm sure it went fine.

How do you know that?

Because if it didn't go fine you'd be either A: drunk. high or C: not here.

At least you know me well, baby.

Besides, Roman took care of it. He takes care of everything, right?

If you think I'm such a bad guy Elizabeth, why don't you divorce me?

I've begged you to go to counselling.

Oh, why? So I can sit there and talk about my feelings?

Honey, they are your feelings.

I don't see why you care?

I know you're seeing somebody.

Oh yeah?

You haven't been this nice to me in months.

So what if I were?

I would say: "good for you".

I finally get the open relationship I've always wanted.

You get a little companionship and you still get to spend my money.

Alright Victor, I'm not gonna lie to you.

I do like spending your money.

See, we understand each other.

That's why we don't need counselling.

And I bet...

he doesn't know how to touch you the way I do.

Victor stop it.

I know how you like to be treated.

I know how you like to flirt with pain.

You cut her the other day.

You gotta quit that stupid little slut attitude.

You wished it was you, didn't you?

Take me upstairs.

Good things come to those who beg.

Tell me how you want it.


Say it.

I want it.

You want it how? Say the words.

I want it to hurt.

You might want to put something on that.

Flash... flop.

Aren't you C and O?

I prefer a more intimate evening.

It'll be over soon.

Not soon enough.

Excuse me.

Hey baby, hey.

This is my wife.

That's not, that's not very polite. You should say... good evening to your beautiful hostess.

Good evening.

Don't you think you've played enough?

No, I don't think I've played enough, I have to win all my money back from this jerkster.

It's your bet, sir. Don't.

Don't rush me Maurice or I will send your snail eating ass back to gay Paris.

Baby, you're commando.

You need interaction. Do not put your hand up my dress.

Alright, a little sassy.

Alright, I'm not buying it.

I'm going upstairs.

You're enraged.

Can you get me another scotch first? No!

Hey, hey, hey. How about you buy yourself a new pair of panties on the way up?

You're pathetic.

Please show her how it is done properly.

Okay, let's play cards!

You had the same idea I had.

You tell me your idea and I'll tell you mine.

Yeah that's the one.

You know what?

He suspects. What?

That there's someone. And?

And he doesn't care.

Yeah but if he knew it was me.

He'd kill you.

Yeah, probably.

I guess we're just gonna have to beat him to it, huh?

All the estates are now his, you'd be sole beneficiary.

Can't throw in a little something for yourself?

Well... unlike your husband, I actually finished law school.

Unlike my husband, you're not a total failure.

I want all in.

How much is that?


Take off that gay hoody and those sunglasses.

Show me your face.

Sir, this is highly-- Shut up Maurice.

Take off the hoody and the sunglasses.

He's bluffing.

This should more than cover the bet.

Three aces.


What do you think you're doing?

Give me my watch!

Clean up this mess.

Escort this gentleman from the premises.

Honey, open the door.

Go away!

Unlock the door.

Leave it. No.

You've gotta hide, come on. Hide where?

Baby, what are you doing in there? People are asking for you.

Open the door.

Or I'm gonna hop and I'm gonna fuck and I'm gonna--

Hey, baby.

Oh, Victor.

I was worried about you. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

What, do you just need a little bit of... quiet time?

Why do you do this to me?

Do what? You just humiliated me in front of a room full of people.

Half the people I don't even know who they are.

What? I mean it's my birthday party.

These are the party people, you know?

They're in the house.

Oh God. No you are not.

What would your father think of the way you treat me?

Don't talk about my father.

Oooh. I hit a nerve.

We don't talk about my father, you know the rules!

Jesus. I just wanted you to apply yourself.

You never even knew him. Shut up.

Don't talk to me that way.

I don't want to talk about him.

How disappointed he'd be if he saw the way you are right now.

Have a good sleep Victor.

Well you're up early.

Where are you going? Out.

Who's gonna clean up this mess?

I hired a cleaning crew. They'll be here this afternoon.

Cleaning crew? You got me a couple of sexy French maids?

No, I got you Olga and Barute.

Not those disgusting, eastern European hags.

Yeah well, that's my insurance policy to make sure they actually clean the house instead of participating in one of your impromptu orgies.

Technically, it would be an impromptu ménage à trois .

Unless you want to join us?

Where are you going? Come on.

Out. Do you remember anything that happened last night?

I was really wasted.

Yeah, apparently you threatened one of our guests with a gun.

Really? That doesn't sound like me.

Yeah and then you came upstairs and yelled at me and then cried yourself to sleep.

Again, that doesn't really sound like me.

You know what? It would be really nice if for once in your life you could not make a fool out of yourself and humiliate me in the process.

Baby, your boobs look great in that dress. Where you going?

Have fun.

Hey, bring me back a burger!

Come over later this afternoon for dinner.

And we'll do it tonight?

I think we should wait a few months.

So soon after he's gained full control of his father's estate, it's gonna look suspicious.

You're not having second thoughts, are you?

No, I just...

I think we should wait.

He's such a monster, I don't even know who he is anymore.

I know... you said so yourself.

Some of the things that I've done for him...

I can barely look at myself in the mirror anymore.

Well that's all your fault, you know?

My fault? Mhm.

As I recall, it was through dating you that I even met Victor.

Yeah and then you dumped me for him.

Because you wouldn't make a move.

I was shy.

I was devastated when you left me.

We had three dates.

Besides you got back at me.

By insisting Victor make me sign a pre-nup so there you go.

Yeah, I guess that was my idea, wasn't it?

So if I divorced him I'd get what, 10,000 dollars?

Yeah and that's before taxes.

I can't believe I convinced you to sign that.

Well apparently you are a very good lawyer.


And if it weren't for you and your stupid pre-nup, I could just divorce him and get half.

Oh. Now you get everything.

We get everything.

I love you.

I've always loved you.

We're doing the right thing.

I know.

I still think we should wait.

We're doing it tonight.

Alright. I know better than to argue with you once you've made up your mind.

What are you gonna use?

I don't know yet.

Don't worry.

I'll take care of it.

I know.

You always take care of everything.

See you tonight.

I managed to get my hands on a synthetic derivative of Ibogaine called 18 methoxycoumarin.

It's a new drug currently in phase II trials being used to help people kick their opiate and Oxycontin pain-killer addictions.

Oxy what?


Combined with aspirin, you get Percadaine.

Combined with Acetaminophen... you get Percocet.

That's what, White Collar Crack right?

That's what they used to say.

But Crack is the new White Collar Crack.

So uh, how you doing anyway?

With this new stuff I've been clean for two months now.

Yeah, well let's hope you can stick to it this time.

Stick to what?

I'm just substituting one drug for another. I just wanted to get off the junk before all my teeth rotted out of my head.

Listen, I'm looking for something new this time. I mean, I'm tired of all the E and the coke you know.

And I'm done, I'm done with the meth.

What about Ketamine?

What's, what's that like?

A.k.a. "Special K".

Used by Veterinarians as tranquilizer. Wicked hallucinations in humans.

Although one does tend to get really obsessed about the littlest things.

Yeah, pass.

I'm just, I'm looking for something that's gonna totally mellow me out.

I got just the thing.

It comes from Puffer fish.

Puffer fish?

Yeah, you know those fish that go pft! All spiky.

Sort of like, meow meow?

Yeah, that's the idea in really small doses.

But in its' pure form, it's a crazy deadly poison.

It's called Tetrodotoxin, TTX, it's a very rare neurotoxin.

The Japanese eat the Puffer fish raw, it's a delicacy.

They call it Fugu .

But if the fish isn't prepared exactly right, you get poisoned.

Fugu eaters love the risk.

Each fish has enough TTX in it to kill 30 people. It's 400 times more lethal than Strict A.

Now, be very careful with this stuff.

A little goes a long way.

Alright, got it.

Use an eye dropper.

One drop, maybe two on the the tongue. That's all... for 24 hours.

It'll kick in right away.

Your tongue and your lips will go numb.

And then you feel it in your toes. well what if I use... say three drops?

Take enough of it and it'll kill ya.

But see, the funny thing about TTX is, it doesn't cross the blood barrier in the brain.

So you're totally paralyzed but completely conscious right before death.

So what, you hear everything that was happening to you?

And you'd see everything if your eyes were open.

Well, I'll be careful.

And tell whoever it is that you're giving this stuff to, to be careful too. This stuff is really dangerous.

I'll be careful.

Roman, don't con a con-artist.

I know this stuff is not for you.

You were never here.

You don't know me and this transaction never happened.

Great, I'm your lawyer. Whatever you say to me is strictly confidential.

OK, you were here.

Take care.

You need to get dressed.

Roman's gonna be here any minute with dinner.

I am dressed.

This is my smoking jacket.

Whatever Heff.

Besides it's only Roman. He's seen me naked.

I don't want to know.

No, you don't.

Stop playing that stupid game.

I think not.

Hey baby will you get that. I'm kind of busy here.

Yeah, I kind of noticed.


How is he?

Belligerent as ever.

Hey honey, I'm home!

Dude, did you bring the food? I'm starving!

The good for nothing wife refused to bring me a burger.

Well I got your favorite patty.

Love you man. See baby, Roman takes care of me!

Hey, hey, hey!

Plenty of time for that later.

So what did you get?

Something special for our honored guest.

Come on, I'm hungry you guys!

About time.

Here you go.

Want some wine honey? No.

How am I supposed to eat this stuff?

Sorry, I'll get it.

What do you... you want chopsticks?

No, no, no. I'll get it. I'll get it.

If you want something done around here, you gotta do it yourself.

Thank you.

What the hell is this?

I don't know.

It smells like vinegar.

Looks like a crack vile. It's probably just left over from the party.

It's good. Come on, dig in.

I understand you had a little problem at the uh, poker game last night?

Problem? No.

Some jerkster tried to cheat me at my own birthday party.

You threatened him with a gun?

Define threatened.

I think uh, putting a loaded gun on somebody's face could be legally defined as a threat.

Well I'll deny that it ever happened.

You just uh, gotta be more careful.

Okay, don't tell me what to do Roman.

I only have your best interests at heart.

Next topic.

You know, you really shouldn't gamble. You know how you get.

You're gonna start on me too now?

Is this an intervention?

God, you like to gamble as much as I do.

I only like to when I know I am gonna win big.

Some wine?

Here you go.

You okay?

Yeah I'm fine. I just feel a little bit lightheaded.

Really? That's probably just because the food hasn't kicked in yet.

It's good.

Have some wine.

Yeah, here. No.

Something's not sitting right.

It's called a hangover.

I can't feel my lips.

Maybe you just need to lie down?

I need some water.

Is he dead?

Call an ambulance.

I'm sorry it had to come to this buddy.


I'm sorry, he's dead.


No pulse. No respiration. No pupil dilation.

No response to pain.

You say he had a history of heat disease in his family?

Yeah, his dad died of a heart attack when he was 55.

He used drugs?

More often than not.

Such as?

Write me a list, I'll cross off what he didn't use.

I see.

I'm gonna want to perform an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

That's not possible. Excuse me?

Mr. Harris' will was quite clear on this point, no autopsies.

Well, it's my prerogative as the medical examiner to demand an autopsy.

And it's my responsibility as his lawyer to get a court injunction preventing you from doing so.

Don't you want to know what your client died of?

He was my friend.

He lived hard... and he paid for it.

Besides it's not going to bring him back doing an autopsy.

I think what's most important here is that I, uh...

I respect his last wishes.

I'm taking him to the County Morgue.

You're not to touch that body.

Send me an injunction counsellor.

He's young. Drug overdose?

I don't know.

I want to perform a full autopsy first thing tomorrow morning.

Wait, is this Victor Harris?

Yes. How'd you know?

Some bailiff came by before you and party boy arrived.

He was serving a court order.

That was quick. Yeah.

The guy had no sense of humor about it either.

I mean, I've never been served before, right? So I was like:

"Hey man, can you say, 'you got served'"? But he wouldn't.

Can I see it?

What do you want me to do with him?

Nothing. I am gonna fight this.

Put him in the freezer.

I'm sorry, I just can't.

That's alright, I'm not really in the mood either.

It's just. I keep seeing his face.

His eyes... open.

Maybe you can put that out of your head.

I can't.

You even thought about what you're gonna say at the funeral tomorrow?

I can say what I'm supposed to say.

He was a great man, cut down in his prime, a loving husband, a great provider.

Stop, alright?

You know, this isn't the time to start developing a conscious.

Thought about what you're gonna say?

I just killed my best friend. A man I've known for almost 10 years, how about that?

Oh, don't give me that crap.

We're in this together.

You think this is easy for me?

I think I should sleep alone tonight.

What do you mean?

I think you should go.

What's with all the flowers?

I like flowers.

Victor hated flowers. He didn't want any.

I know.

What is she doing here? Hmm?

Melanie Pearson. Did you?

No idea. Obviously she's just here to pay her last respects.

Miss. Pearson, hello.

Mr. Arbogast.

I'm surprised to see you here.

Really? Well, I just came to make sure the bastard was really dead.

Good riddance.

Well, thank you for coming.

What was that all about? What did she say to you?

Nothing honey, nothing.

What the hell is he doing here?

I don't know.

This is a private service.

I have a court order counsellor that authorizes me to perform an autopsy on Victor Harris.

I thought we had a court order preventing that?

His supersedes mine.

Please sir, I beg of you. It was Victor's last request.

Sorry ma'am. Make all the calls you want counsellor, I'm taking this body with me right now before he starts to decompose.

Is that saliva?

Okay, alright. Thank you.

Just get him to call me back as soon as possible.


I don't understand it. I mean, it's in his will!

I know, don't worry.

The D.A. owes me a favor.

At this point, I'm just waiting.

Restricted number, this could be him.

Roman Arbogast.

Who's your favorite client?

Freed. Who is it? Who is it?

Go. Go!

It's about your other favorite client, the late Mr. Harris.

Freed, uh, where are you? Can I call you back?

You didn't warn him, did you?

I told you to warn him. One drop.

Look Freed, I'm in the middle of a crisis right now okay?

I understand that and I'm calling to tell you to hold off putting him in the ground.

Why? I told you about the TTX, that if you OD on it, it paralyzes you that you stay conscious right up until you die.

Yeah, what about it?

Well here's the craziest thing.

See, you might not actually die.

What are you talking about?

Well your vital signs clog right down but you go into suspended animation.

You're barely alive but you're alive to even the most experienced medical professional, you appear to be clinically dead.

Yeah, and then what? What are you saying?

Well, first the paralysis might wear off slowly. Maybe a finger or your lips maybe your eyes would open before anything else?

So, see? Right.

This may be a happy ending after all?

Thanks Freed. As usual, you have been a big help.

Oh and remember this conversation never happened.

I never called you.

Who was that?

No one.

Alright, I'm gonna take you home now.

So you actually crashed this dude's funeral? Nice.

Hey, when you served his lawyer the court order did you say: "you got served"?

Will you just help me prep the body for the autopsy?

You sure you want to do this now? I mean, it's kind of late.

We already lost a day.

Hey, this guy's all floppy.

Shouldn't Rigor have set in?

Do they teach you anything at that medical school?

Yeah about the living, not the dead.

Rigormortis generally sets in within three to four hours and it begins to peak at 12 hours after the time of death.

It then generally subsides within 12-24 hours as the body begins to decompose.

Thank you professor.

The fact that you represent the next generation of medical practitioners truly frightens me.

Yeah, me too.

Who is it?

Will you please refer to her as my wife or Mrs. Smith?


Give me the phone.

Yes? Hello darling.

Was that tonight?

No. I didn't forget, I just thought it was next Friday evening.

It's not entirely the same as forgetting.

Alright, let's not argue.

Right. I'm on my way.

Forgot your anniversary?

No. Apparently, I have a previous engagement.

That you forgot about.

Please put Mr. Harris in the fridge.

I'll come in tomorrow morning and do the autopsy.

Dude, it's me.

Me, Mike.

Yeah, come on down.

We're in the clear.

I'll call you later. You gonna be up?

I think I'm gonna take something tonight to knock me out.

You got a key for me?

I don't think that's such a good idea.

We got a serious situation here, we're gonna have to deal with it.

No, we have a serious situation here and you're gonna have to deal with it.

That's what you do.

Besides, sleeping with me tonight I don't think is gonna solve any of this.

I'm not talking about that.

Who was that on the phone in your office, huh?

It was Freed.

It doesn't matter, alright?

I'm gonna handle this.

Look, you've been under a lot of stress alright?

I just don't think you should be by yourself right now.

Comforting the Widow only makes people start to wonder.

Check's in the mail.

It's Roman.

Oh, back for more?

Why didn't you tell me about the side effects of that dope?

I told you to be careful with that dope.

Look, my lips are sealed, I won't tell if you don't tell.

Oh, I'm not worried about that.

You guys didn't bury him yet, did ya?

No, now they want to do an autopsy.

Well, you gotta stop them. He could still be alive.

Yeah, and what am I supposed to tell them Freed? That he OD'd on illicit drug?

That's gonna them back to me and then that's gonna lead back to you, alright?

Technically, it's not illicit.

But I take your point.

So you're not just jerking me around with this stuff?

The Japanese have reported people waking up in the morgue up to three days after being pronounced dead.

How, how is this possible?

You heard of Zombification in Haiti?

Well this is the same Buddhist stuff they use.

They just get it from Newts instead of Puffer fish.

So what, he's a zombie now?

No, he's not a flesh eating risen from the dead zombie.

He just might not actually be dead.

If he were my friend, I would want to help him.

I'd go to the morgue before they start cutting him up because if he's still alive, when he wakes up, he's gonna be real pissed off.


Yeah, thank you! Come again.

Dude, I want this one.

No, no, no. You can't have that one. Why not?

You can't. Why not?

Because, a real doctor has to do an autopsy on him.

We're Pathologists, not real doctors alright?

Yeah, well neither is a Chiropodist.

Nice, nonsequetal.

I know. Yeah man, I really want this one.

Hey, don't poke the corpses OK?

You can practice on Clancy here.

What that alcoholic homeless guy?

Yeah. Dude we have to dissect a liver that hasn't been ravaged by trying to process cleaning products for the last 20 years, alright?

OK, look. All I have is hamburger today.

Take it or leave it. I want prime rib.

Jessica is gonna want prime rib.

You told Jessica?

Yeah, I told you that already.

You like her, don't you?


I got it. Switch the toe tags. What?

Switch this guy's toe tag with Clancy. Say you messed up, that happens.

Dude! This is not dry cleaning, this is a human body.

Oh, every time. No, this is a corpse. A dead thing.

I could lose my job.

So you find another job.

Look. Our exam's next week, right? Either you lose your job or follow me.

You fail out of medical school.

Wow, tough.

OK. Yes! Good. Good boy.

But I am only doing this under the duress of peer pressure.

Duly noted, my friend. Duly noted. Now this is gonna be fun, isn't it?


There. Are you ready Jess? Check this out.

This one's perfect.

Nice one, Mike.

Rigor hasn't set in.

Uh, actually Rigormortis generally sets in 3-4 hours after the time of death.

And then it subsides 24-36 hours afterward.

I concur, Dr. Campbell.

Thank you Dr. Lee.

Gentlemen, prepare for surgery.

Weird. His eyes are freaking me out.



Ready for incision?

Ready. Let's do this.

Yes. Nice work, Dr. Campbell.

Thank you Dr. Lee.

I do my best.

Get a god damn room.


I'll say one thing for you, the kid's definitely got guts.

Shall we move forward with our appendectomy?

Whoa, whoa. Appendectomy. I thought we agreed we weren't doing that?

It's gonna be on the exam.

Come on man. Everybody likes to have their appendix removed.

It's a blast.

It's OK Mike. He's dead. He won't sue you if we screw up and sever an artery.

I'm not ready. I'm not ready... unbelievable.

Alright, we'll start with some exploratory surgery, get you comfortable with the whole idea of brooding around inside a human body.

Move, move, move.

Okay, I'm going downtown.

Take it easy Steve, this isn't prom night.


Alright, bladder's empty. Want to go in?

No thanks, I prefer to watch.

Come on man. You can't sit on the side lines your whole life. Get in there!

I can't. Suit yourself.

Okay, here we go.

Okay, there it is.

There we have the intestines.

Yeah, there's 26 feet of that Bratwurst in there.

Twenty seven actually.

What's that?

Someone's at the front desk.

Just leave it. No, I better get it.

No, leave it. No, I got to get it.

Yeah? Hi there. Is Smith around?

He's gone for the day. Can I help you?

Yeah. I'm an attorney for the late Victor Harris.

I believe his body is being kept here?

Victor Harris?

Yeah. Is he here?

He was.

Was? Yeah.

But he's not anymore?


But he is still dead?

I'm kidding. I was just kidding.

His eyes are open.

What? I thought you closed them?

I did close them.

It must be a reflex.

You see how they follow you, like those Jesus Statues?

Alright look. I'm struggling to understand how this could happen.

Bureaucracy man, I mean, even when you're dead, they still scream at you.

Alright and you don't know where the body went?

Alright, you know what, I'm gonna need to speak with your Supervisor, this is--

Alright. OK! Look, I'm not supposed to do this alright?

But I'm gonna give you his personal cell phone.

Don't tell him I gave you this number.

And good luck because he usually never answers.

You might also want to try County General.

Sometimes they take the bodies off site for autopsies, you know?

It depends. I don't know. I'm new here.

Got it. Thank you.

Your name was, by the way?

Steve. Steve.

Right, good.

That was fun. Who was it?

This guy's lawyer.


Don't worry, I sent him on a wild goose chase.

Mike, you are the man.

Okay, you guys ready to start practice cutting with the surgical saw?

Yes, let us open up the ribcage.


OK. This is bizarre. His eyes are open again.

I thought you closed them?

I did. I did.

Screw it!

Oh my God. He's not dead!

Mike! Mike! Mike!

Snap out of it! Behind you Mike, get my kit. I need 10 cc's of Aderon right now!

Hurry up, bring it here! Calm down, get that kit.

Oh my God. We cut into a live man!

I need 10 cc's. Jess calm down!

Shut up! Aderon!

Shut up. He's alive, for God's sakes.

Hold this.

Can you hurry? Can you hurry?

Hold this. Hurry. Oh my God. Oh my God.


What the hell Mike? He's alive.

Jesus. What are we gonna do?

I'm not going to jail.

What is that? Meth.

I gotta think straight.

OK, I put back his intestines and I sutured up his abdomen but we have to get him to a hospital.

A hospital? No, no, no. We are not taking him to a hospital.

We have to at least dump him outside the ER, Mike.

Steve he's conscious. OK?

He's seen our faces.

We can't take him to a hospital.

We have to. We took an oath!

An oath? We're not doctors!

We're med students.

I can't believe he's still alive, Matt.

Well, he won't be for much longer.

What does that mean? It means we're gonna bury him.

He's still alive.

He won't be alive if we bury him. That's not right.

Jessica! If we don't do this OK, we don't graduate.

We go to jail.

We're definitely gonna have to find a new job now.

Oh shut up.

It's not right. Shut up!

Let's get him in a body bag.

Don't forget his fingers.

Wow, nice pull.

Yeah, nothing like a dead body to get you motivated.

This helps too, huh? Yeah.

It sure does.

Okay, I think we're done here.

So let's get him in.

I think it should be deeper.

Animals might still dig him up.

So let them. Let nature take its' course here.



Alright. You can bury him.

I'll hold the light for ya, there ya go.

The fingers! Don't forget the fingers.

If my high school guidance counsellor could see me now.

Yeah, I'm gonna leave this off my CV.

Don't write about this in your blog either.

Yeah. When this is over we don't breathe a word of this to anyone.

What do you mean his body is missing?

The Morgue screwed up, alright?

They mistook his body for a John Doe and they took his body off site to do the autopsy and now they can't find it.

When exactly were you gonna tell me?

It's not my fault. I'm telling you now.

That's just great, Roman.

I've been up all night, driving all over town trying to find out where they've taken him.

He's dead and he's still causing us grief.

Yeah, exactly.

Wait. Wait, it's gonna be OK.

I just want to find him.

Who cares if his body is missing?

I mean if his body is missing they can't do an autopsy, right?

I mean, what do they usually do with John Does?

The guy at County General said they cremate unclaimed bodies.

Well then let's hope they do that.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

Maybe they never die.

No, no, no, no.

I went to your funeral.

That makes two of us.

I saw you.

I saw you dead.

How'd I look?

Bad, right?

This can't be happening.


Have no idea.

Oh God.

What are you gonna do to me?

Nothing you didn't want me to do a week ago.

It's a terrible thing.

That there's something this permanent.

I know that now.

This can't be happening.

This can't be happening.

Yes. It is.

I'm gonna make some phone calls.

Don't threaten me.

I'm not threatening you.

Don't answer my phone!

I gave your number to the guy at County General alright?

Just in case anything happens to Victor, I gotta take it.

Oh my God, why would you do that?

Just in case my cell phone dies, alright?


Who is it?

They're not answering. Hello?

Just hang up.

I'm gonna redial.

Why? Who cares?

Help me!

Help me!

Oh God. Help me!


Help me please!

Who's dead now?

What was that?

I gotta make another call alright?

So do I.

OK, you got it? Want me to repeat it?

OK, look I need you to run a reverse check on that number.

OK? I need a name and I need an address.

Yeah, it could be an emergency.

I got a client, she thinks she's being stalked.

Hi, you've reached Melanie Pearson, I'm not around right now so leave a message at the tone and I'll get back to you just as soon as humanly possible. Ciao for now.

Melanie. Pearson?

Are you sure?

No, no, no, no.

That's okay, no it's nothing.

Alright thanks, so I'll get you a drink at the club or something.

Everything OK?

Yeah, yeah. It's all settled.

What was that all about?

Oh you know, it was nothing.

Cyrus, he was asking about a check.


Who called earlier?

What? On the phone.

I told you it was Cyrus.

No, before that.

On my phone.

It was the wrong number.

Don't lie to me. Victor always lied to me.

Elizabeth. Who was it that called?

I don't know, alright?

I redialled the number, Roman.

It was Melanie Pearson. Now why is Melanie Pearson calling my house?

I don't know.

Why was she at the funeral?

What were you two talking about?

Is this some sort of sick joke?

Were you and Victor passing her back and forth?

You and Melanie planning something?

Am I next?

Melanie Pearson is dead.

That's a lie.

Melanie Pearson is dead alright.

I heard her being killed on the phone, OK. Do you understand that? She's dead.

Then why is she calling here?

It was Victor. Victor is dead.

No, Victor is alive.

I heard his voice.

You're crazy.

No, I'm not crazy.

Alright listen. I know it sounds crazy but I'm telling you the truth.

You need to calm down Roman.

Listen, Victor is alive alright? We didn't kill him.

The poison that we gave...

Freed said that he might wake up alright? And he did. Victor is alive.

I am going upstairs. I want you to go.

Elizabeth, please!


Roman what are you doing?



Hi baby.



Roman, we're up here!

Come on Roman. We miss you!

Come on Roman. You should never leave a lady waiting.

Especially not when it's your turn.

Oh! You got me.

Drop it.

Let her go, Victor.

To the Victor go the spoils.

I mean it.

So what are you waiting for? Come on.

You already killed me once, I'm sure you could do it again, couldn't you?

Couldn't you?

Get on.

If you want her to live, get on the rack!

Put your leg in the straps.

Lean back.

Lean back!

Now my beautiful wife.

You... are gonna strap my best friend's arms to the rack.

Strap his arms!

Or he will watch you die.

And then I will watch him die.

Go to hell.

Been there, done that.

Elizabeth, just do as he says.

It's alright.

I'll be fine.

What are you gonna do Victor?

You're not gonna kill him, are you?


Now pull this lever towards you.

You said you weren't gonna hurt him.

I said I wouldn't kill him.

Let me clarify that.

I am not gonna kill him.

Victor stop, please.

The rack used to be used to extort confessions from its' victims.

It was also used to punish sinners.

Oftentimes it wasn't even necessary for the torture to put the prisoner upon the rack.

They simply forced the person to watch as another was tortured in front of them.

Once the prisoner saw the other person's body torn into pieces they were more inclined to confess.

The psychology of waiting in fear.

Knowing that extreme physical pain is imminent... is far more profound than the actual pain itself.

But this... this baby is something completely different.

Very interesting baby.

I didn't even have time to ask you a question. Very, very telling.

Would you like a side bar, Counsellor? Or should I keep badgering the witness?

Victor, it wasn't me.

It was Roman, he planned everything.

Elizabeth... Victor, don't listen to her.

She wanted you dead.

I think you both planned it.

I think you're equally guilty.

So, one, two, three.


What do you want?

What does Victor want?


Elizabeth. Bitch.

I'm a bitch.

You might want to put something on that.