Living with the Enemy (2005) Script



I did not pay 10,000 US dollars to be here and not be with Phillip Lauder. It comes to that!


Good Morning! It has a reservation on behalf of Bev Wallach.

I'm calling to arrange a meeting between our director Bev Wallach and Mr. Phillip Lauder.

A very short meeting?


I'll take a shower. Undo me packing.

Speaking Alisson Conner again, the part of Bev Wallach.

Mr. Lauder has something ...

It is completely full!

I'm glad! - Slim and sugar.

I go to the conference. Hang things here.

Watch the left!

Care right!

My God! What a race!

You are in good shape! - Equally.

Yeah, but won! - I did not know we were to compete.

It's ok. Then I won.

name? - Allison.

The view from up here is fantastic, Allison.

He has not looked down there!

May I help...

Ready for more, or is still recovering his breath?

Come it! Will I take that beautiful smile.

Why are not you at the conference? - You are my boss there.

I'm busy making calls and trying to schedule a meeting with Phillip Lauder.

I said? - Do you have a way to work interesting.

I looked at those tracks and I could not resist!

You don't want to learn everything there is about new technologies?

Not so much. I just want to work.

I'm a total nutcase of technologies.

You have a little ... Of Ketchup.

Thank you.

-Yes, you're clean. -I don't even know your name.

My name is Paul.

What makes you so sure that your boss comes early?

It's too busy trying to set up a meeting with the Lauder. Like that's going to happen.

Why is that not happen? If you had 1 billion dollars, were wasting time?

-Is ...-do you have something Against the money?

I can't say from experience.

I still don't know anything about you.

That's the idea.

Come on, Paul. Tell me your deepest secrets.

I'm sure yours are much more interesting than mine.

My family.

It's time to say goodbye. -You're a wanted man by the authorities?

I am! A crazy run away!

No, never mind. Pay who wins, right?

-That's right. -You can win next time.


Mr. Phillip Lauder invites Beverly Wallach and Allison Connor for dinner today at 6:00.

-Good job! -Thank you!

You should have brought your dress.

Maybe it would be better if I didn't go. -No. Your name on the invitation.

Was more delicate than expected. People don't realize that you're just an Assistant.

Keep your mouth shut and smiled.

Seriously! And whatever you do, don't mention Mr. Lauder's wife.

What is his wife? - No!

Excuse me? Thank you.

You are Allison and you're the Beverly. - Mr. Lauder.

Huston Edwards. I'm always two steps behind the Phillip and on your right.

Honey, everyone knows that this man is the business center, behind the Cobalt.

This means that I sign checks and smoke cigars.

Phillip! It is the visionary.

Hello Phillip Lauder.. - Bev Wallach, is a pleasure.

My assistant, Allison Conner.

Hello Hello.

Like any high-tech investor, you are my semi-gods.

There is Bill G., but everyone want to overthrow.

Also quererião me down to me, if I could find in the crowd.

I do not know anything about wine, but this is the only way to get him to fill my glass.

Are you enjoying the conference?

I had a great business lunch.

And you lady?

Allison, right?

This is a beautiful place. It's a shame that one has to work!

What she means is that you have chosen a fantastic place for a conference.

Do not know. To me, it seems to me you are saying that the choice was not good.

No! I was just saying that ...

I do not worry about it. This dress does not do it justice.

Allison ... What time is it?

Because you have to deal with the promotional folders for tomorrow.

It is true. I have to go. - I have not even eaten.

I had a great lunch.


there has impeccable wizard. - Yes, it's a good girl.

Her mother died. She had to leave school to support themselves.

She needed money and I needed help.

It's my little charity project.

This should get you better. Meet me today at 8am. Phillip.

18 recruited from the best there is. All students in Computer Engineering.

They are all studying at post-graduate.

And that kid? - Carl Branch?

Yes, the computer language decoder.

It's this one. His programming skills are brilliant!

I want you to hire him. - We tried, but it seems that is not party concerned.

You're abir his company. - she said that never work on Cobalt.

That we are a shark ...


It can be a problem.

Sorry sir. This was returned.

Girl Conner will not meet you tonight.

Okay ... What more?



Hello. Do not you like the dress?

I liked the dress. - you have a boyfriend.

This is a strange situation for me.

O homeland?

Does anyone want to spend time with me before knowing who I am.

It did not seem right, given your position.

I do not agree.

What does your wife think?

Unfortunately, she died.

My God! I'm sorry i did not know.

It does not hurt.

It was reported everywhere, for another 15 minutes.

I do not see much television.

What are you doing tomorrow? - Depends on the Bev agenda.

It's me...

Do me a favor. Make sure you Bev Wallach is meeting tomorrow, all day.

Good. Thank you.

Ready! See you later.

It's ok. Bye.

They hear us? - I shall get to grips.

Bev said you had lost your mother. - Yes, last year.

I still hard to believe. - She must be a woman and pears.

He created a Princess, alone.


She used to tell me to think with the head, not the heart.

Not that she ever had done it ...

In Idaho, we organized in downhill fast, worked in a tourist complex.

It was a kind of paradise.

What look is that? - I'm trying to figure out why I feel this way.

You should not do that!

I promise to comply with the law when we get married.

You are a convinced.

Because? Do not be casavas me?

I never met anyone Like you.

I got it in full. - On what?

In dress. Sit perfectly.

How you guessed? comprehensive analysis ...

I was very motivated to solve the problem.

Are you talking about what, now?

One of my favorite musicians, gave its name to a great song, after you.

Elvis Costello, Allison?

Yes, how did you know?

I thought too young ages to know that.

My mother called me that because of that song.


So every night someone lights the fire and make you dinner ...

Serves you champagne ...

No. Part of champagne, no.

Usually I who I serve me.

How ever have to do what you do not want?

No, all do things we do not want.

Must be ... - Do not believe me?

It's hard to be understanding ...

I would be lying if I did not say that I'm the luckiest man in the world every day we are shaping the future ...

It is beyond anything I ever imagined for myself.

And you, my pretty?

What motivates you?

Nothing to compare with what you just said. My life is very simple ....

Yes? Try ...

hot days ... steep trails ... tough hiking ...

That moment when your feet touch the ocean.

This look.

Allison Conner...

... the best of Idaho.

Sr. Lauder... - Sim.

It has been often described as a pioneer. How do you know when a project is valid?

Good question.

There is a premise of the market, for each existing product.

Its potential to revolutionize.

Of course there is no research to replace instinct.

Carl Branch?

It may seem early, but most of the time we know it's there.

Attack without fear.

Okay, I answer to another. Say it...

Taking into account your route, I think we are all interested to know ...

What excites you most right now?

Well, not what they can think. hot and dry days. steep trails. Hiking hard.

The moment our feet touch the ocean.

I firmly believe that technology should work with nature.

And not against it.

It was a pleasure. Thank you very much.

Where were you last night?

That's with me.

If you walk to eat Phillip Lauder, it's me.

He's a great contact. I brought you to me assistires not to switch beings girl.

Bev, please!

Phillip and I like each other.

Do you think he likes you?

Do not you think he's a different, every night?

So what's the plan?

When are you coming back to see him?


That be a lesson.

You begin to pack. I want to go away around noon.

Sorry, excuse me. Hello.

He saw Phillip?

I'm sorry, my dear. The helicopter he had fully set up.

You want to give him a message? - Yes...

Tell him that Allison said goodbye.

And he's an asshole!

When we get is going to be crazy. I need you to work on the weekend.

There is a man who will save you.

The Lauder use you like that, it's disgusting! - Please do not tell him.


Houston told me you were upset.

I know you are still new, but I thought you were smart enough to realize that I am in love with you.

I thought I also loved me.

And love.

Where were you? - I had to go do some shopping.

My God, Phillip ...


I thought of casarmo us in the French Alps. You've been there?

Do not.

I want to show you something.

Are your parents? - Are. On the day they ran away together.

It was a scandal for Lauder.

My mother was an Irish Catholic and bankrupt.

Like me...

is being too fast? - No. well yet. Because your life is about to change.

Are you trying to scare me? - No.

I just want you to be happy.

Since it is with you, I will be.

Moreover, life is always changing.

Not this way.

When there is too much money involved, there is no way of things being normal.

Through the door to the open space, Where everything was so great that there were only prisons, chains and labels ... and yet the freedom was total.

They were the entrance to each other.

D. H. Lawrence, "O Arco-Iris".

Do you remember the book I was reading?


Now you are my princess.

You have to go somewhere? - I have to go back to work.

You should feel you proud. It was just four days out of Cobalt 20 years ago.

Was it you were talking about when you said that things were going to change?

You can stay if you want.

I'm sorry dear. I should have told you, but it did not spoil the environment.

You are forgiven.

They will have you packing. You just have to get into the helicopter and it takes us to our plane.

Anything else? - Two things.

A trust me and not the lies of others.

Second, from now on you are a target.

Do you like your new home? - I do not believe!

There are even people living like this?

Tu sim.

My sister is governing this for years.

She has worked in the company, but then he got fed up. Now your passion, are the horses.

Do not let it scare you.

She is beautiful!

I'm Tania, your new sister.

Hello, I'm Allison. Nice to meet you.

Are you meeting with management.

See you tonight. I'm sure you stay well?

She ended up marrying With a multi-millionaire. I think she'll be just fine, brother.

Tania means you love spending my money and thinks you'll like.

Goes into. come see your new home.

I heard that you love horses. We have that in common.

I doubt ...

This is not how life with mom. Make the canoe fast.

How do you know that? - The day I met Phillip, They sent me by fax, your whole process.

Your passage through the University of Michigan was bombastic!

In the third year enrolaste you with Olympic skier Clay Reagan?

Gave up to study even before your graduation with a degree in English.

You have no criminal record, perfect health, except allergy to seafood.

What madness! On the day we met?

My brother is a very powerful man. We have to take precautions.

Mr. Lauder asked me to give you this.

Hello Princess. Meet Mystic. It has won awards and is all yours.

She's a good girl, you're going to have fun with her.

We have plenty of time to have fun with the horses. Let's go.

Who was that?

The girl who takes care of the stable. The staff is here to serve you.

I wouldn't do friendships.

Allison, refurbished Suite in your honor.

There was no need.

Monique had her suite. Phillip wanted you to have the same.

-Monique? -Phillip's wife, who died.

I don't need a room.

Phillip has many responsibilities.

It is a selfishness make him requests at a time like this.

Until I have to make appointments to be with him.

-Hello. -Separate rooms?

Honey, I don't sleep.

I'm on the phone to 3:00 in the morning, step two to 3 hours NAP, per night.

This room is just so you can avoid having to live with it.

But you don't have to use it. All right?

We're going to be every night together, as long as we're in the same city.

And slept in the same room?

Good morning, Mrs. Lauder. I'm Roger Kern, head of security.

Don't mind to come with me, please?

Rules numbers one, two and three: never leave the farm without an armed bodyguard. Roger Kern.

We have cameras everywhere, except a few exceptions.

Don't we watch or the room of Mr. Lauder, or none of the bathrooms.

We have info on everyone.

Fingerprints, retinal images, DNA ...

-What's so funny? It's a little too much.

With all due respect, you know what happened to the first Mrs. Lauder?

Well ... he died.

He was abducted in the farm. Mr. Lauder paid a ransom of 50 million.

It was recovered later, dead.

Our main goal is to keep Mr. Lauder and his family safe.

Now, let's add it to the database.

Fingerprint. voice sample.

Allison Lauder. retinal image.

A map of the fifth, master key and a manual of what should and should not do.

Within a few weeks, this will already part of your routine. complete process.

Our annual charity party is next weekend week.

Most of our guests will be taking you all the action.

It is that you are the host.

It's ok. What should I do?

Try to have fun.

I have a present for you.

It's a global positioning device. So always know where you are.

Before, I did not have much stuff, but at least had privacy.

Well, before anyone was charging one US dollar for your life.

Phillip, I knew what happened to Monique.

Why did not you tell me?

She died. What do you need to know more?

Excuse. Can you understand that I do not want to tell to my beloved wife, as was the Iast died?

Excuse. I did not want to disturb you.

What matters is that we are together.

I just want you to feel safe and happy, okay?

Forget the chaos.

We can not predict the exact behavior of a broad class of systems and atirarmo us head for the future without planning every step.

Do not give me "but". The Nanotech is a track that I do not intend to lose.

Now you, your goofy, delayed within six months.

One more mistake and I end up with this. Bye.

Excuse me. Where are my clothes all?

Tonya girl said to throw them all out.

Tonya, do not turn to go through my stuff!

I was just trying to help.

Since 4 years I dress myself. I do not need your help.

Okay ... Here's the plan for today.

My plan for today is to get new clothes.

Hello. I do not know his name, I'm Allison.


Srª. Lauder?

Did not want to go shopping today? - Certainly.

A limousine is waiting.

How are you coming here? - By train.

We will train.

That store across the street, has tours clothes and good prices.

But I think it should be no problem.

I still enjoy bargains. I'll be back.

It has nothing to do with Monique, do you?

In no way.

Monique poor. All that got me sick.

It was horrible! - But it was intended.

What do you mean? - It's so obvious.

Phillip did not want Monique back.

Everyone knows he always gets what he wants.

Yeah, but we should not be talking about this.

The lady of the moment. Among my dear, I need to talk to you.

-I have to get going. It is always a pleasure, Tee.

What's going on?

Please, sit down.

Right now, this is a little uncomfortable.

As you probably know, Phillip and I are close for 20 years so, I know your husband very well.

Usually he's right, but it's very impulsive.

He didn't tell you in prenup, do you?

I don't think that's your business.

But says. If Phillip does not protect is endangering the company and many employees.

Maybe he trusts me.

Of course I trust you. However, in this type of situations pre nuptial agreements are very normal and it's crazy not to sign a.

-In this type of situation? -A wide disparity of wealth.

This is the agreement that Phillip's lawyer outlined for him.

Obviously he didn't. But I think he should have given.

If something happens to you, this agreement-in excellent condition.

If you think this is some kind of scam, this is not the case.

This is a photo of Philip's first wife, Jennifer Goetz.

He's only been married once, with Monique.

No, twice.

He and Ms. Goetz tied the knot in Las Vegas in 1979, after Comdex.

They were young programmers. Had a little rivalry.

After the breakup, she ended up with nothing and he stayed with the Cobalt.

If she had signed a prenup, He had received more than 10 billion dollars. Instead, it is the operator.

I do not believe he did not tell me this.

It would be very embarrassed if you speak it.

I hope you think about it. - I'll think about it.

It seems that here, everybody knows more about my husband than me.

As well? - I heard he was married, before Monique.

That programmer? - That same.

I think it lasted a weekend, week or something like that.

There is something else. Yesterday I heard her speak with the lady of the box.


What do you think she meant by

"Phillip did not want Monique back?

It is going to be alright. - What do you mean with that?

They and Monique are like night and day. She knew to be a goat.

She and Phillip did not get along?

I should not be talking about this.

Please, I need a friend's here.

Well, Monique used to argue with him.

From what I heard, it does not annoy him a second chance.

Sorry, this division is that?

It is a collection of the former Mrs. goods. Lauder, lady.


You can not be over. Cleansest here? And the windows?

Already I cleaned, ma'am.

Allison speaks Lauder, wanted to talk with Stuart Wilson.

Mr. Wilson? I'm calling because of Monique. I am? I am?

I need you to do me a big favor. - Certainly.

Good luck! - Thanks.

Who do you know here? - No one.

Do you know what professional secrecy?

It means that I can not discuss issues of my client, I can.

Monique was very discreet to make an appointment with you, for the day eventually he died.

I think maybe my husband wants to know that.

I think I will now tell him the same. Have a good afternoon.

Monique hired me because of the divorce.

I did give the prenuptial agreement.

She wanted half. We we scored a meeting. Of course she did not appear.

I found this with your business card.

Is not mine. Let me give you a little warning.

Enjoy the money and do not ask questions.

Cheryl Cummings, do F. B. I.

What do you want?

Is weird! He has been married for less than a month and is already consulting a divorce lawyer? Why is the visit?

I just wanted to talk to a lawyer.

I did lead the investigation into the death of Monique Casimer.

My idea is that her husband staged the kidnapping because the woman wanted her dead.

What does that have to do with me?

Monique told his lawyer, Stuart Wilson, I had a "bomb" on the Cobalt.

A test that could cause it to annul the prenuptial agreement.

A week later, she was dead. See the connection?

It was a huge target. - She was a huge threat.

Whatever has discovered, it was enough to die.

We know of the criminal activity of her husband, but we have no proof.

This is where Allison goes. - I do not understand.

Rancho Lauder is a fortress. But you are there.

You can retrace the steps of Monique. It can be very helpful to our case.

You're asking me to give you evidence against my husband?

I'm not asking. Otherwise, it will be a crime of complicity.

How do you know I do not say to Phillip?

If you tell him disappear, as happened to Monique.

If you leave it begins to distrust and you disappear. It becomes a threat.

Your instinct is to protect her husband, a man who knows less than one month. Think with your head, not the heart.

If you're trying to scare me ... I love my husband.

Or is with us and win immunity, or against us and when we catch Phillip Lauder, will face charges.

You have no choice. His life, as he knew it was over.

Call me.

If there is anything that does not seem right to him, trust him.

Srª. Lauder.

Sit down.

He was in town, where?

I only have lunch, take a walk ... have fun?

I understand that the ranch is restrictive. You're young and want to have fun.

It must be hard for you.

It should feel alone, with Mr. Lauder always working.

What is in the bag? - Sweets.

I am so greedy. I can?

I do not want to scare her.

My job is to defend it from harm, and his is inform us.

If this happens again, I'll have to tell Mr. Lauder.

He would look at that as a failure and I like my job.

Come on take it to the ranch.


Hello! - Hello!

What are you doing?

I wanted to make you a surprise. I had no picture of us here.

I know you're tired. I'm going away.

You're not forget you anything? - Do not think so.

Phillip? - Yes darling?

I was just thinking ...

How does the Cobalt can remain at the top for so long?

We hire the best, we've been lucky, great ideas, but above all we are always alert and keep the bar very high.

It seems that has been tested.

You got me! They are always asking me that.

This is the standard Cobalt answer.

And what is your answer? Why is it that you are always the first on the market?

My motto is "anticipate and move."

I guess what follows and go after that, before any other.

The like of what you saw, when we met at the conference.

We met at the race track. - Technically, yes.

But the first time I saw you was at the conference.

I noticed hundreds of types to do to you and had to figure out who you were.

So you did it on purpose to know each other?

I thought I'd come across you in any panel discussion where you were, but then I learned that you went running and decided to go after you.

I thought it was fate.

Fate works best when we are ready.

We fell in love, what does it matter how we met?

Where are you going?

Calm down.

It acted as if you had never seen me. Manipulaste me!

Please men chasing beautiful women, you know.

What I did was a smarter version of discovering what a woman likes to drink and have them deliver.

Everything and everyone is a game for you.

No. You're not.

How can I be sure?

You are perfectly capable of hiding the truth.

I know you feel upset and deceived ...

Only for the most important thing in my life.

Excuse. - Tonight, I sleep in my room.

I am? It's Bev. I'm over here.

I'll take you to lunch and not talking about it anymore.

You look five years older. In the good sense.

I told you I love what you bring dress.


And then? Are you working? Why is it that you had to go? It is not?

No, after finishing school. I'm thinking back in the autumn.

It will let you do that?

Do not I need a certificate of authorization.

You're right!

He has not told me why here is.

Sorry all those awful things I said to you.

You were always a sweetheart.

It's ok? - Go to the bathroom.

As? - Go on, okay?

You know where I am ...

Allison, convinced Bev to bring her here so we can talk.

About what?

You have some information for me.

I told him that came in contact with him, if he had something.

The camera loves her.

What was in the envelope?

Paperwork. It was the contract of divorce Stuart Wilson was preparing for Monique.

I'd better get going. - Not yet.

My God!

It's Wilson. They found his body shortly after he talked to him.

So, are you sure you have nothing to tell me?

Allison, you are in danger. I can help.

Come with me. It should be protected.

I gotta go.

Mrs. Lauder, his bodyguards came with Wallach girl.

They asked to come out with these gentlemen.

They are FBI?

I told Cummings agent did not want to go with her.

It is the nature of a young girl from Idaho.

I did not know who the Phillip Lauder; a crook like that.

What is the price of the wife of a billionaire, now?

It could be worth about 60 million.

Who do you work?

Enjoy the trip.

Does it look familiar?

It was here that they found the body.

Beaten beyond recognition.

Monique poor ... she was a beautiful woman.

I wonder what killed her? The beating or garrote?

Do not know.

She's dead.

That's nice. It means that can keep a secret.

Just walking.

Are you looking for this?

I took the locator. This was not a way to present.


You give me one minute? - Of course.

They forgot to turn back there.

There is no dinner.

What's up?

It is surprise.

I planned a getaway weekend weekend.

We need time alone. Just us two.

I did not bring any clothes.

I sent packing a bag for you.

But I have things checked.

The addition Tonya treated. Relax.

Welcome to my hideout.

Where is he going?

We were fine without it.

See that button? Add here the police in less than 10 minutes.

Two days only with You and with nature.

What? - It was a power outage.

Come on.

Finally I got a way to get you alone in the dark.

Do not worry. I myself have made the installation.

Take, safe here. even here. Already.

I like nature, but with electricity.

After you.

I think I'll sleep. - Good idea, go to bed.

I'm really tired!

This end-of-week is only for us.

I know. Tomorrow we will enjoy a lot. Promise.

We are so far.

Your phone has no network here.

When you're ready, I think we need to talk.

I'm ready.

Allison, I need to know what is moving away from me.

I do not have so much free time as you. And I never felt this for anyone.

Then and Monique?

Monique was a mistake.

I felt more for you in the first five minutes than by Monique in six years of marriage.

Why do not you left?

I have a hard time accepting the failures.

And then she disappeared.

Not so ... I did everything I could to get back.

Paid the ransom, cooperated with the FBI, I did everything I could.

I wanted her out of my life. But I did not kill her.

I would never kill anyone.

When you put aside business, money and everything I'm just a programmer.

I was already a moron before the very word exist.

I am a moron much in love with you.

What's up? - Lunch.

I asked the cook to prepare it.

First I have to go clean it up.

You find or peroxide?

Do you need help? - Walk out already.



You gave me a fright Here.

The cook did not know of your allergy. The crepes had seafood.

I apologize for what happened. I should have informed the cook.

It was an oversight. Not happen again.

These are the keys to a new house I bought for you.

Because that's where you're going to change after the party.

Here are more flowers.

Fantastic! Put them there.

This well baby. I'll let you rest.

It's ok.

Cristina, I need your help. - It's ok.

I wanted to speak with Detective Cummings, please.

When do you think she'll be back?

No, not worth leaving a message.

I heard that it is time for the visit. It's better?

A little bit.

Our boy is a wreck. You think no longer loves him.

I told him he was silly. He's a different man frankly better, since it is in his life.

You will have to take care of you. He needs to be at the party tomorrow.

It is Mrs. Lauder. I want to go shopping.

Good Morning. - Good morning, Mrs. Lauder.

My limo ready?

Sorry lady. You can not leave the ranch to the medical leave.

O homeland ?!

If you like, you can call to Mr. Lauder ...

No, it's not accurate.

It is already good ...

Yes. Come take a walk with me?

Cobalt has paid to eliminate competition, literally.

They have a secret fund, which is linked to half a dozen murders, arson, a blast ... Monique was discovering all this.

And then he was killed.

But the kidnapping ... - was forged.

She was wearing a single necklace on the day he disappeared.

And I found this necklace in Phillip cottage.

They took her there, probably to kill as soon as she found out what was going on.

I was thinking to tell the agent Cummings ...

You think they know you are trying to contact her?

It is possible, if before I was not a threat, I am now.

Security has not even let me go shopping.

We have to get her out of here.

The party ... I have to have the Mystic ready to go at seven-thirty.

Put it in the saddle bag along with necklace Monique.

Phillip is in the cottage.

Are you all right for this? - Of course!

Hello beauty. It's a shame to have to catch a plane at the end of the night.

So we'll have to wait ...

It is better to go mingle.

Nightingale is to go inside. I want her image, urgent.

Allison, I am very happy to see that you feel better. hoping to dance with you tonight. - I'm not that good.

Now rise.

What a pity! Shall I call a doctor?

No, no. I just need to rest.

Where is Allison?

The flirting with Houston, which is that he should be?

Are you drunk! I asked where is Allison.

Calm down!


I made it a question.

Why is it that the horse Mrs. Lauder is sealed?

I'd take him for a ride.

I know I should not. - This horse is out tonight.

For your information, it was his card Mrs. Lauder used to sneak ranch.

Area south near the stables. Let's go!

You better hurry up.

Thanks for everything.

Accept it. Take a vacation paid immediately.

Go. Good luck.

I waited.

Is something else?

No. I need your coverage a bit.



Do not worry, we'll pick it.

It's about Mrs. Lauder ... She knows everything.

Do not move!

We can handle it, sir. Should go back to the party.

No. I'll take care of it.

The tranquilizer arrow. Who authorized this?

How reassuring ...

Do not know? - Of course not.

How long do you know this? - Two weeks ago.

Why do not you tell me?

I thought I was involved.

I thought you had to know. I went to your computer.

More than one million files in the database.

How ... - Monique was hatched.

She was going to use it against you in divorce.

What is?

Well, we have to assume that now they will kill us.

All right, I'm going there.

Hello ... - Hello Tee, what do you want?

We could have a drink, just like old times.

There is a flaw in the product launch. I have to go.

I'm sure it can wait.

No, you can not. I gotta go.

You left your party too early.

Came to the cottage. There has been an accident.

The woods can be dangerous places.

First to Monique. Now both of us.

Who is going to believe that?

There may be some comments, but there have been and we have just with them.

You are doente.

I love you like a brother, Phillip. I do not want this.

If you think you'll approve your decision to kill innocent people, you're crazy.

No, no. I am loyal. I guarantee that every single act was in decisive stages of our evolution, in order to go unnoticed.

They were kids!

Were threats. My job was to grow this company and got, well beyond what anyone dreamed.

Thousands of people trust us, millions of shareholders the economy of this nation, for God's sake!

That had to be protected.

I thought we won because we had ideas.

Creed, man. Today valleys more than 40 billion dollars.

Nobody achieves this value only with ideas.

There is always bloodshed.

And it should be where you come in.

See? It is because of her that you're here.

Your little woman trophy is for her that I have to tell you goodbye, friend.

I hope she's worth it.

Ensures that they are dead and then burns the house.

It is kerosene.

Good job!

Let's go! We have to get out of here. This is a póIvora barrel.

Your attention, please.

Good evening. Thanks to your generous donations the Foundation Phillip Lauder, got 4 million dollars tonight.

They should feel very proud the difference they have made in the lives of so many people. For yours.

I wanted to propose one second toast to ...

Phillip Lauder and its fabulous bride.

Unfortunately, Phillip and Allison had to leave early today.

But he asked me to convey ...

I had planned to be in San Francisco tonight to promote úItimo product of Cobalt.

However, circumstances made me review my priorities.

Me and my wife we ​​Moon-of-Honey.

You will not, no.

Drop the gun.

Houston, drop the gun. Ended!

Houston, oiça-me. Pense...

To kill Phillip, destroys it so that worked.

Products, the work ... Without Phillip, the Cobalt is worthless.

Drop the gun.


it is where? - For any side.