Liz en Septiembre (2014) Script

I was born gay, I have no doubt about it.

And later on, when I started having experiences with girls, I became even more gay.

I liked.

I like women a lot.


I like to make love to women.

Don't you like it?

When you think of me, Dolores, when I'm not around anymore, you will remember me like this, floating.

Floating, floating.


They need me at the office to check on some projects.

Can you go alone? I'll see you later.

My son opens my arms.

Who is innocent?

No one is.

Why am I afraid if the worst is over?

I want the world to stop.

I want everything to freeze.

Death is God's greatest betrayal.


How's it going?

So far so good.

You took my suitcase.

I took yours.

When do you arrive?

Maybe tomorrow... As soon as it's over.

It's burnt out.


The engine is blown.

Is there anywhere I can spend the night here?

Everything is packed.

But there is an inn nearby.

Ask for Margot.

She can help you.

If you want, I'll take you.

If it's not far, I prefer to walk.

Go down that street.

At the end, fold the left.


Where did you send her?

To Margot.

God bless you.

Goodbye! - Goodbye!



Hello. - Hi.

Could I rent a room for one night?

Sorry, but we are full.

My car broke down, and the mechanic said you could help me.

What's your name? - Eva.

One night.

Yes, one.


Yes I'm fine.

Something to do with the engine.

I didn't stay at Los Juanes.

I'm at another inn.

Are you okay?

You defeated me, but you are dead.

Would you like?

Look how fat you are, little pig.

Hi daughter, how are you?

Well, mom.

I couldn't sleep yesterday thinking about you.

I don't know what you went to this beach for.

Your father said...

I don't care what he says.

Talk to him, please.

Do that for me.

For you?

Come and visit me, mother.

I can't.

One two three four...

One more day, one less day...

How many do I still have?




God does not exist, numbers do.

They are infinite, never ending.

Why do I exist?

You are crazy?

How do you want to die? Slowly?

What are you doing here? This is private property.

Your? Talk to Margot. She rented the room to me.

You live in a fairy tale, don't you?

How original. My husband tells me that all the time.


That's what husbands are for, being sensible.

Where is he?

In Caracas.

Oh, wow.

Want to have dinner with us?

We're fishing, but I didn't kill him.

Here, heatstroke kills.

Come on, Lola.

Where were you? - Fishing.

With the pink cabana host?

Have you been spying on me? Like her?

You are not my type.

What's your type? Me?

Dolores is my friend, so run away.

I didn't know you were at Opus Dei.

What happened to you?

Did you rent the straight straight room?


I invited her to dinner.

Are you crazy? We came here to be together.

Who knows what kind of mentality she has.

You can change her mind. Isn't that what you like?

In one day?

People can change in 24 hours.

In Japan! Don't let her escape, Any!

You are provoking me. 24 hours?

1,444 minutes?

Three days and she's in my bed.

What do you want to bet?

A bottle of Veuve Cliquot.

Liz, leave the woman alone.

Are you jealous? Why would I be?

I am famous in this country. I don't want her to leave here talking... shit on me.

Is being gay shit?

In that country it is.

And as always it will present as your personal secretary.

So people who work together in bed.

How about a cousin for a little change?

Health. - Health.

Three days.

No, thanks.

Would you like to have another child?

One that is yours and mine.

And who will have it? You or me?

Can you imagine me with a belly?

You would look beautiful.

Okay, I'll think about it.

Meanwhile, why don't we start practicing?

Because I have to cook dinner for Liz's guest.

How could she?

By the way, hasn't Liz been a little weird lately?

Honey, Liz is weird.

I didn't mean that. Meant...

She is very defensive, distant.

It's like you're hiding something from me.

Do you think Liz is a little weird?

We are all strangers.

Even the fisherwoman, who smokes with her cigarette inside.

Jumps on the beach, Coqui?

Jumps are the path to success.

If you don't fall on your face first.

These are my friends Alex and Any.

Hi Hi.


This is Coqui.

And the one with the hat is Doly.

Want a drink?

Hey, I'm the owner of the bar tonight.

Whiskey, vodka, beer, rum?

You have to celebrate when you're on vacation.

You don't need an excuse to celebrate.

I drink responsibly and without guilt, to quote the great Dr. Jahn.

Are you Dr. Jahn?

The writer?

Yes, nice to meet you.

Please, don't be so formal. It makes me feel old.

What do you do?

Well, I work at a children's book publisher.

My husband couldn't come, but he'll be here soon.

Are you married?

I was never married.

I went, but I don't even remember anymore.

I married an old man to leave Cuba.

Divorced, with two children on vacation with their father.

If not, they would come with us.

And you Liz? - Me?

I was married so many times that I lost count.

Did you hear that, Dolores? You don't count.

They were married for two years.

And she almost killed herself when Liz broke up with her.

Oh, shit, I blew it.

Stupidity is not a crime.

Please, she's straight, not silly.

We are not here to hide. We already do that a lot outside.

I'm sorry.

Why "grimace"?

The opposite of gay.

Black or white. Straight or gay.

There are shades of gray, but they don't count.

Tell me about Dolores Jahn.

A figure, isn't it?

We were a couple.

I betrayed her and she never forgave me.

This is understandable.


Fidelity is not about sex, it is about feelings.

They know that better, don't they, Lola?

I gave my son an equal.

Do you have a son?


He's gone.

She survived!

She embarrasses me.

I'm going to kill you and Liz.

Good Morning.

The sun came up after a stormy night.

Do you want us to take you to your car?

Thank you, Liz has already volunteered.

But don't be on a motorcycle. There are a lot of people drunk by.

At this time the two of them are sleeping with a hangover.

You look like her mother. It looks old.

I hope that when I'm my age, you'll be as well as I am.


Next year I will write a book about female homosexuality.

For that you will have to leave the closet.

Why? I am a researcher. So next?

Nobody buys a book about frogs, unless it's really yummy.

10% of humanity is gay. Statistics.

Including those in the closet?

If we count on them, they are 30%.

Thank goodness you're going.

One more day and my dog ​​will trade me for you.

I thought they were faithful.

Stay with him.

I'm going to the reef. Do you want to go?

And the mechanic?

Do you really think Juan already got your car ready?

Do you dive? - Me?

I barely float on an inflatable mattress.

You just have to dive without drowning.


Don't your friends come?

Are you afraid?

I didn't bring a bathing suit.

I brought an extra.

She put her on the boat!

Damn, it's going to rain.

Drop it. Don't you see that she is too busy to answer?

What's bad in the rain?

It is not made of action.

Let me try.

Don't worry, it will pass.

It's just a tropical storm.

Aren't you feeling well?

I have a headache.

It will pass.

Did you bring aspirin?


How about rum?

Want a massage?

Sometimes it works.

What is this scar?

An appendix that went bad. But I survived.

Did you like what you saw under the water?


Why don't you stay anymore?

No way. The water is very agitated.

They have more reefs around. Don't worry.

Liz knows what she does.

Are you sleeping?


What are you thinking about?

It is very calm under the water.


Lies down.

Liz is 36, but she behaves as if she were a teenager.

She was always like that. No.

So you don't know her.

Better than you.

And I survived it.

Hi Hi.

What about?

Are you okay?

I'm fine, but you have a mess.

What happened?

The engine broke down.

And Liz had a brandy. Is that so?

Stay and I'll give you a discount.

I would love to, but I have to go.

You cannot refuse a toast.

Health. - Health.

Who is she?

One that left, dragging the bags like you.


Go up.

Never rode a motorcycle?

You will like. Comes.

And the suitcase? Put it on my head?

Leave it, you can take it later.

Put your feet here.

Like this.

Now hold tight.

Tighten like a horse.

And then?

You promised you would be ready today.

I'll get some tools. - Right.

When will you come see me?

- You know I don't believe that. Oh, no?

Shaking that hole, huh?

Seriously, Juan... Popped?

It is not so bad.

Didn't the engine melt?

Who told you this story?

What are you doing?

Who's going to fix this? Me or you?


Thank you.

How hot!

Hey, velcro glueers! Don't you have a place for me?

Take her to the room!

What an impression you will get.

Watch out.

Where's my bottle?

Isn't a night on a desert island enough?

Did something happen?

No. So is it true? You cheater. Fuck!

Give it to me.

And Doly? - In her room.

Did you argue again? You noticed?

Yeah, there are some things I need to solve.

Have you heard from Eva?

Have they changed the number? No.

Too bad, because I liked her.

Didn't you like her one bit?

You fall in love, you lose.

What if you don't fall in love? You're brave.

Is that nonsense that Dolores loves so much?

No. I have other attributes. I am very friendly, intelligent, generous...

Very bitch.

Two soul mates have just met.


Don't forget that you owe me a bottle.

We said three days.

Are you going to do any magic?

Because she left. Goodbye!

I want champagne for my birthday.

What do you want from me?

You never give up?


What are you doing here?

I came to see you up close.

Since you are between Dolores and me, the only way to get rid of you is to put yourself in the middle.

Do you understand what I mean?

Go away, Coqui.

Go away.

Should I give up?

I know you like me. I saw you looking at my ass.

I will report you.

To the National Guard?

Don't you feel guilty?

Life is too short.

Give me that.

Enjoy the 37 years.

It's all downhill after 40.


Where are you?

What a miracle!

From the sight of Chang َ, he was up to hers.

Hey, Chang َ.

Have you put the bottle in the refrigerator yet?

Until you do, it will stay at room temperature.

Come here.

How are you feeling?


Tell me the truth.

You are not taking care of yourself.

I prefer quality over quantity.

Both things count.

In a perfect world, but this is not.

Do you ever think about who loves you?

And who thinks of those who leave?

They are quickly forgotten.

Fortunately You are cold.

I'm not cold, but of course I think of those who love me.

And I think of you, taking it all out of loyalty.

I've loved you.

But I am not good for that.

He says he will miss me.

Liz is leaving us.

As well?

The cancer came back.

Liz is going to die, Coqui.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because she asked me.

Do not think anything wrong, it is purely medicinal.

What are you sick of?


What do you blame yourself for?

The last trick, but I won't tell you.

I don't know if... I was born that way, or I became that, but when they threw me out of the house at 16 I came out with a kind of devil that never left me.

At 16?

I wasn't going to go back, not with their rules.

Some Italians were looking for models, they hired me and I left.

I quickly realized that in life beauty means power.

And I had that.

Do I look arrogant?

Just sincere.

I became addicted to that power.

Seduction is addiction.

It's a sophisticated hunt, the biggest of highs.

I enjoyed testing my limits.

The harder it is, the better.

When they fall in love, I kick them.

You are terrible.

No more.

This I was able to heal.

What have you not been cured of?

Falling in love with the wrong person.

I'll let you sleep.

Good night.

Good night.

Come on, Lola.

... 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100!


Time goes by very fast.

Don't cry bunny sleeping in the moon

You don't always get lucky when you fall in love

The moon is so beautiful it is worth catching in its seas

The night brightens your sorrows when it gets full

- It's Liz. - Liz?

Where are you?

You will have to defeat me more often.

It hurts less now.

When the day comes, you will put me to sleep.

Don't let me go to waste.

Tell me you're going.

Lola, say you're going.


She drank too much.

Margot, are you all right?


We are going to the city. Need something?

Wine. - Wine?

Wine and Yolanda. My beautiful Yolanda.

She's drinking too much. Coqui!


We all drink. Leave her.

Margot, you're going to get cirrhosis if you don't stop it.

Don't say that. This is serious.

You are always hiding things from others.

It looks like Liz.

What are you talking about?

Nothing, come on.

No. What's going on? Ask Dolores.

What does Liz have?

This is not fair. They are also your friends.

Sell ​​me a watermelon.

How much?



She beat you again.

Play here!

What did you do that she is so happy?

I am a good mechanic.

And a cheater.

She's pretty, isn't she?

How much is it? No, no, I'll pay.

Hey, Pedro.

You can't let her pay.

Sorry, tomorrow is your birthday.

In my world, the birthday girl doesn't pay.

My shirt looked great on you.

Meet Any, Alex and Liz.

Hi. How are you?


Sir, I'll pay.

We will.

We will?


Would you like to have another child?

I am not ready.

But you can raise another woman's child.


Turn right.

Do it please.

Has the child improved?

How long have you known?

I'm sorry, I don't know what happened, but since Tommy died, I...

I'm glad you helped her.

Turn off the car.


Say that this time your world has been shaken.

Go after her.

It's too late.

There is something that you are not telling me.

As far as I know... - Please.

We've been friends for 18 years, right?

I hope it continues for another 100 years.

100 years. That's what worries me.

What worries you?



I bet one day your paintings will be in the best museums.

Bet for what? You always win.

You and Alex have children, who will have their children, Dolores has her books, Margot, the inn.

What do I leave?


Isn't that enough?

How long does it last?

An eternity.

Oh, Liz.

Fuck, I finally won a bet!

What bet?

One I did with Alex.

Go after her.

Takes it. - It's mine.

It's okay...

Well maintained.

Hi Hi.

Where's Liz at?

Maybe in the bedroom. She is tired.


One, two, three...


Hey, here's one less.

Do you think you locked it?

Liz, come on!

Gentlemen, the National Guard has arrived.

Shut up and let's go.

Leave the bottle.

Juan, she's out of her mind.

How much did she drink? More than one bottle.


Close the door when you leave.

We will.

Are you taking advantage of me?

What are you doing in my bed?

I don't know yet.

And my clothes?

On the floor.

What did you do to me?

What did you do to many without blinking.

So it's not worth it, I couldn't defend myself.

Is it really?

Defend yourself now.

You are delicate.



Better or worse?


Very different.

Why did you come back?

Because Chang َ drives me crazy.

Do you think love can heal?

Certainly more than marijuana.

How are you doing?

Look, a shark.

Wow! It's a big one.

Did you get it yourself?


Are you going to be a painter?

No, a better biker than you.

Today is my birthday.

Can I have it?

Do you know how old I am? How many?


But this is too much!

So, is it mine? - Yeah.


When did you start to believe?

I want to be healed. Anything goes.

Let's do it.

Lie down and take off your shirt.

Lie down, woman!

DO NOT cross your legs.

Your pot stinks.

Do not criticize.

Any dreams?

I don't know if it's a dream or a nightmare.

It's all the same, but without me.

They eat, drink, laugh...

dance like always, but without me.

They don't even realize that I'm not there.


And then?

Ten more minutes?

A minute can be a century, it depends on how you live.

On your birthday I come to congratulate you I also come to offer you This bouquet of flowers Happily harvested in the garden of loves!

Happy birthday!


For your posterity.

It's beautiful.

Look. Beautiful.


We did it together, for your nights of love...

She spent the whole week adding songs, but I bought the device.

And since we give what we like...

First the birthday girl.

Congratulations, let's toast.

With a warning.

If she suffers, I take it from you.

Health! - Health!

It's my turn.

Now the resolutions for the year.

This year...

I will dive in Bora Bora, if Eva goes with me.

And this year, it's over.

The next one to enter that door is mine.

This year I'm going to learn English and I'm going to Miami.

Better to learn Spanish first, which is more useful!

I am going to start my lessons in rich singing.

This year I am going to come out of the closet.

And I swear I will defeat you in something.

A year is too long.

Let's do this now.

To the pool.

No, Liz. The water is so cold.

What's wrong with you?

It will be the first time since I met you.

Liz, stop it.

Don't be a spoiler.

Dinner is ready. I cooked all day. We will not let it cool.

I'll. You are a coward.

If you don't come, you lose, and you owe me a wine.

We will.


Round trip.


I beat you.

I left it because it's your birthday.

You owe me wine.

They had to go, it was urgent.

Liz is not doing well.

I know.

Who told you?

I know the disease.

She took my son.

I don't care about the pain,

it's just the guilt.

I want to pull it off like you pull an arm, or a leg that no longer serves and slowly poisons you.

I couldn't scream.

I just wanted to keep quiet.

It changes, like a dying fish.

I fought, I fought.

I made him suffer for nothing.


Sometimes the worst happens.

83, 84...

Because I?

Because now?

You die and that's it.

I don't remember those who left, either.

Why would I be remembered?

When I am no longer here, you will remember me like this, floating.

Do you already know what I have?

Did you see how bad I am?

I didn't tell you anything.

That is not it.

You were afraid.


Go back to your husband. Go.

This is an order?

No, it's a favor.

I hate feeling sorry, and the sick like me always look at each other with pity.

How am I looking at you?

How will I know?

Is this what you are feeling or is it what I need?

You decide.

Because I love you so much?

Is it because I'm dying?

Most likely.

And I?

Nobody can resist me.

No one.

Take it off.


What are you doing?

I'm discharging myself.

Are you crazy?

Take off your shoes and go back to your bed.

This is not my bed. I'm leaving.

No, you will not.

What? Will you stop me?

Eva, give us a few minutes, please.


Whatever you have to tell me can say in front of her.

You need surgery.

I already know how it is.

One operation today, then another, and another...

Until I have no bones left.

There is a new chemo, my love. Is it?

What does not make you sick? And don't your hair fall out?

Or don't you drag yourself to the bathroom to throw up? No, thanks.

I already went through this.

But the treatments did you good, Liz.

How much time do I have?

I don't know.

Six months? - I don't know.

Dr. Jahn doesn't know. Three?

Two? one? Tell me!

Two months, I don't know.

Two months? Two months until I lose my autonomy?

You have to prepare yourself.

We have to be prepared.

Liz, I can't do this.

What can't you do? - I can't.

You promised. I won't do that.

I can't do it alone, Lola.

I do.

Dolores only has to say how to do it. I do.

Scientists say that in millions of years, the sun will go out and there will be nothing left alive on this planet.

Millions of years, and us... One second.

I have something to tell you.

It's mine, isn't it?

For sure.

And if it's a girl, I already know what it's going to be called.

No, don't do this to her.

Teach her and dive, okay?

Teach to hold your breath up to 100.

And opening your eyes under the water.

What image am I going to take, huh?

What do I tell Tommy?

To take care of you.













You ruined the game! You play worse than Margot.

Didn't you say that Liz taught you?

And with that, your game is so locked!

Let me see your pieces.


How beautiful, my son! This looks delicious.


Floating, floating...