Lock Up (1989) Script

Excuse me. Yeah.

I'm looking for a mechanic.

Anybody around here fit that description?

Yeah, I might be able to help you out. What do you need?

I have to get it fixed right away.

I need somebody who really knows what they're doing.

I'm not too busy, so, what's the problem?

Um, I'm not sure.

Maybe, you... ought to take a look under the hood and check it out.

Yeah, maybe I better.

Looks okay from here.

Great customer service!

A little bit of cleaning, a little bit of paint, this place'd be ready for business.

About time for me to play the Superbowl.

Those guys are gonna take you apart.

Okay, we're gonna do it this time, you ready?

Okay, ready?

To the left! Cut back! You can do it! Cut back!

Here it comes!

All right!

Okay. Suckers walk! Suckers walk!

Hey, hey, suckers walk!

Suckers walk!

Hey, Frankie, what's that mean?

It means everything's okay.

So how do you think I did?

Pretty good with the 6th graders.

They know how to make a guy feel great, don't they?

Hey, what's the matter? You don't look too happy today. Hmm?

I'm missing you already.

Oh, come on, pretty soon you're gonna be so sick o' seeing me around here, you're gonna pray you have some time on your own, you know that?

I don't believe you. Oh, yeah, believe it.

That's Italian!

I gotta go. No, no, no.

Gotta go. Yes! Yes! No.


So, you don't think I'm so good against 10-year-olds?

Gonna say I should try a different sport, maybe?

Yeah, golf. Golf. Golf?

Yeah. Yeah.

Wanna see my swing? I'd like to see you in whites.

Like those old guys?

Can you see me on a golf course, huh?

Well, you're lucky I have a sense of humor. I would take that personally!

Time to go to work. All right, be good!

Wait a minute. I got something for you.

What's this?

It's supposed to bring you luck.

It's nice.


I could use it.

Hey, Rod.

Hey, how you doin', Frank? Good furlough?

The best, man. Hey, did you see that game?

No, I'm afraid I missed it. Hey, it was awesome.

Was it really good?

Yes, it was. You missed a good one, buddy.

I have a feeling I had more fun than you this weekend.

I'll bet you did!

Here you go, Roger. So, how's the Diesel running, Jimmy?

Forget it. Uh-huh.

It stops, it stalls, it rolls. It don't go. I don't know what to do with the damn thing.

You got water in the fuel line. Open your mouth.

You sure? I'd bet time on it.

Take it off. All right.

See you later, Jimmy!

I'll give you more starch next time. Yeah, do that.

Say "Hi" to the wife. How ya doin'?

Yo, Frank!

What'd you bring me? Hey, here, go kill yourself!

I thought you'd bring me a girl.

A girl? Had one for you but, uh, the guards liked her so much they decided to keep her at the front gate!

I knew that shit was gonna happen. I can't depend on you.

Look, let me ask you somethin' else. Did you go see the garage?

Oh, the garage... Beautiful, beautiful... Beautiful?

Johnny, beautiful. A garage, I never stuck up as beautiful.

And this one is. It's great. Look, can I tell you something?


I'm gettin' outta here soon. Uh-huh.

I don't come cheap... Mmm-hmm.

... but, you know, I know my way around cars.

Yeah. You need any help, call me!

Hey, Johnny, I fix 'em, I don't steal 'em!

I was framed!

What? I was framed!

What is this shit there, Jimmy? I don't know, but it's official.

Crack, 210!

On your feet, Leone! On your feet!

What d'you want? Take 'im!

What are you doin' here?

You're being transferred! Transferred where? What the hell...

For Christ's sake, that's not necessary. Step back, officer.

The prisoner's in our custody now. You got the wrong guy!

Take me where?

Move it! What'd I do? What'd I do?

Unlock it! Get in there!

What'd I do? Goddamn!

Where are we going? Hey! Talk to me!

Let's go, Leone! Come on!

Get his ass out here! C'mon! Get off!

Where the hell are we?

I wanna know where the hell we are. Shut up!

You got the wrong man! You made a mistake!

There's no mistake.

Welcome to Gateway, Leone.

Drumgoole? That's warden Drumgoole, convict.

Captain. Move 'im!

You'll be issued 1 bar of soap, 2 rolls of toilet paper per month.

Somebody steals... Turn your ass around!

Somebody steals 'em or you lose 'em, you will be wiping your ass with your shirt.

You have one uniform. Your number is 510. Remember it!

This is C-Wing. You will eat, shower and take your yard time with your wing.

There's six counts a day. Miss one, you're in the hole.

Miss two, and I'll personally put you in the house of pain.

Convict!. Two things.

One: I am Meissner.

Two: Never fuck with Meissner.


Sir, what about the cuffs? Let 'im get used to 'em.

Better watch your back, man!

Officer Fryberg, 5235!


19-1! Crack it!

Oh, yeah, you better not eyeball me, boy!

So, how were your accommodations last night?

Like your mama used to do you?

You did his mama, didn't you? Twice!

Hey! Open the door! You hear me?

Hello, Frank.

In the old days, the warden would've come down that... private passageway, from his office to this execution chamber to witness the... putting to death of a criminal.

120 men and 4 women were electrocuted in that chair before it was retired. Beautiful, isn't it?

When I came to Gateway, it was falling apart, so I had it restored, put it back into perfect working order to remind me of how things ought to be.

It's nearly 5 years since you escaped from Treadmore, Frank.

Time flies when you're having fun.

In all the years that I was warden there, you're the only man that ever made it over my wall.

So I read in the papers. Yes, of course you did.

You and your lawyer saw to it that everything made in into the papers, didn't you?

The media... yeah, distorting the truth.

Distorting the facts. Making a criminal into a hero, and a warden into a criminal. You took my future away from me!

You and those bleeding heart politicians.

They sent you to Northwood. That's a country club.

I ended up here in Gateway, the worst shit-hole in the system.

You don't remember, do you? I asked you.

No, I-I begged you, Drumgoole. Do you remember that?

I had two weeks to go before I was released.

And all I asked for is one hour.. one hour to visit with that old man before he died. You remember that?

I was doing my job. There's a lot of ways to do your job!

I mean, you could have given me a... an escorted leave, you had armed guards! You could have done that for me.

You broke the law.

You broke the law and I was punished.

I got 5 goddamn years I paid my debt! To the state, not to me!

But you're going to...

All I know is I've only got six months left from my sentence.

In Gateway, six months could be a lifetime. Anything could happen.

This is hard time, Frank. You've no rights here unless I give them to you.

You feel no pleasure unless I tell you you can. This is hell... and I'm going to give you the guided tour.

Okay, tough guy. Open your mouth!

Roll your tongue around! You tryin' to kiss me, huh?

Lemme see you ears!

What are you looking at, asshole?

Did you check his nose? Checked it.


This is a delousing chamber. Do not breathe!

Xylon-profic gas can be harmful to your lungs.

Stand with your legs apart, arms extended out and away from your body!

When I tell you, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it for 30 seconds.

Start now!

Ten seconds.

Not yet! He can take more.

Mr. Braden, you will learn that inmates are physically more capable than you could imagine.

If you underestimate them... it will cost you dearly.

Watch out for the birds! What the hell you doin'?


Yo, Billy, get that weight!

Move it, ace. That's my spot!

Uh-oh. That's my spot too!

Any spot in here that isn't yours? Nope. They're all mine.

You wanna use it, you gotta pay.

Not so fast, ace! I'm not gonna gouge you.

That little thing around your neck, That'll buy you a spot for the day.

I'll put a fucking hole in your heart!

Break it up! Break it up!

I said break it up, back off!

Spread 'em! Back off!

All right, Weber, drop the shank in the dirt!

There ain't no shank, Braden.

All right, let's go! You, motherfucker!

Spread 'em! Spread 'em, goddamn it! You're making a big mistake, asshole!

You're going in the hole for carrying a shank.

Where's your witness? Where's your evidence?

Well, where is it?

He saw it! He didn't see anything.

You saw him carrying the shank, right? I didn't see nothin'.

You're making a bad mistake, Braden! Get him the fuck out of here!

He would have put that shank in you. What did you cover for him for?

You got your rules, we got ours.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. I do know the face, and I do know the name.

Hey, Frank. Frank Leone, right?

Frank, the name's Dallas. I was in Treadmore, man, when you were there.

Right before you busted out!

Ah, yeah, you were in A-Block, weren't you?

Yeah, yeah, that's right! I was-I was in A-Block.

You got a good memory, man.

Treadmore doesn't have an A-Block. Watch your feet!

Okay... dig it. Look, look, look, look.

I was there on transfer, man. Mmm-hmm.

Transfer. Less than two hours, but I know all about you, man.

You're looking at a downhome historian and devoted fan.


D.T.A. Okay. What's that, man?

Don't trust anybody. Words to survive by. Watch your feet!

D.T. A. Okay. D.T.A.

Oh, come on, you gotta trust somebody, right, Frank?

Let me hip you to the joint, okay, man?

See this fat tub o' shit back there? Now, that's Manly. His partner's Wiley.

They're a couple o' sadistic pigs, man.

They ain't happy unless they put the hurt too, if you know what I mean.

All right? I mean, if the warden wants to put the boot to you, he uses them. Okay?

And, look, this dude over here. The black dude in the booth.

That's captain Meissner, all right?

Now, he runs the guards, okay? And he's one bad dude, okay?

We already met. Look, I gotta do my work, okay? Watch your feet!

Okay. Okay. Okay. Cool. Cool, man. So, listen, Frank.

Frank, Frank, Frank. When you decide to make your break, okay, and I know you will, you come talk to me, all right?

You come talk to Dallas. Okay?

Anything you want, anything you need, man, I can get it. Anything. All right? Okay?

No way! No damn way! C'mon, Eclipse...

What're you talkin' about, man? Aren't you the guy who's always cryin' about how you need a man who knows his engines?

Well, I brought you the man, homes.

Look, don't "homes" me! The only thing you brought here is trouble!

C'mon, Eclipse!

You know, I heard all about you, Leone.

And whatever's between you and Drumgoole ain't comin' in here.

As you can see, the boys ain't got no problem with me.

And I ain't got no problem with the boys.

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey! Come on, Eclipse. You're makin' me look bad, man.

I promised the dude a job and you owe me.

Hey, look. I don't owe you or nobody nothin'.

Hey, you! You! Get your face outta that motor! Get your face outta there.

You don't know nothin' about motors.

Stay outta that motor! Stay away from it, okay? Okay?

It's just been a long time since I've seen an old 365 small-block.

Well, look good, then! Cause that's the last time you're gonna see one in this shop!

Hey, come on, man. Frank, we can work this out, man, we're all gentlemen here!

That's all right, it's his place. He knows what he wants.

It's okay. Thanks anyway.

Thanks a lot. You made me look beautiful, man.

I appreciate the endorsement.

Hey, Frank, hold on, man! Hold on!

You didn't want this job anyway, man.

Grease under your fingernails, oil on your clothes, you know...

Don't worry, man, you're in good hands, I'm gonna take care o' you. That's what I'm afraid of.

All right?

Prison guard, here! Prison joke.

Hey, I lost my watch, man. Why don't you gimme a hand looking for it?

Roll your ass on outta here, man!

Officer Vazquez, you ought to put on a few pounds. You look a little frail.

Hey, Frank. Listen, man, I mean what I said, okay?

I'm gonna get you something good, something easy, something cool...

You're gonna love it, man.

All right, now shut up and get inside!

Shut up and get inside!

Here's your shit from Norwood, Leone!

All right! Lock in!


No, I got no problems.

And I wanna know what the hell is going on.

Look, miss, all I know is that he's in the general population with...

I don't give a damn about the general population!

I wanna know about Frank Leone!

And I'm not leaving... Calm down, miss!

Leone's all right.

He was a model prisoner at Norwood. Why did you bring him here?

Routine transfer.

Hey, Frank? What?

Hey, man.

Whoo! It's hot in here, man! Yeah, I know. But at least it's easy.

I know, man, I'm sorry. I didn't do too good.

No time to go on the negative. Now, walk with me, man.

I gotta show you something. It's important. Okay?

Nah, nah. Here, you try. Oh, no. Come on, man.

Why not, you'll like it, really. Try it. I'm not into hard labor, man.

It's cool. It's easy.

Okay. There. I'm burnt out! Come on, man!

Come on, you're gonna love this.

Watch the steam, Frank!

I got these off this old trustee. He did the plumbing here for 20 years.

Everybody thought he was a nut. Doesn't mean he wasn't smart.

Come on, hurry up. All right, cool.

The tunnels, under every cellblock, okay? Right here.

They lead to the steam plant, okay?

I go out across the steam lines. Dig this.

I shimmy, okay? Across the steam pipes to the sally port, okay?

Over there, there's trucks comin' and goin'. I wait for my time...

I'm on a truck that's leavin'. I'm dearly departing Dallas, man. Huh?

Am I keepin' you awake, am I, man? Come on, you're the doctor. Operate.

I want your professional opinion.

All right. Let's run it backwards. Since I've been here, I see these trucks.

They stop running by nine o'clock.

At nine o'clock, most of the tower guards are waiting and running full staff.

At nine o'clock, all the inmates are awake.

So, before you go ten feet, every con the joint's gonna know you're gone.

And this thing, about what would you say this shimmy thing...?

Sh-shimmy slide. Shimmy slide.

You think you're gonna shimmy slide across 200 yards of steam pipe runnin' full at it at 160 degrees and get away with it?

You try, they're gonna change your name from Departing Dallas to Deep-Fried Dallas.

Just a thought, man, you know? The thought that counts.

That's right. Look, I gotta-I gotta plane to catch.

Okay, Frank. Thanks a lot. Hey, Dallas!

You got a cigarette?

It's my last one, man. Um, here, finish that up.

I know it ain't much, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Right, last call.

Mess hall, last call. Last call.

Uh, looks like some delicious garbage stew. Just like mom used to make.

That's why I shot her.

Can I have some more gravy, please? Gravy?

You want some gravy? Yeah.

Here's your gravy. Come on, you got it all over my food!

Move it!

What's your problem, man? Nothing. Move it!

What's that kid's story? In for murder.

Says it's a bad rap, claims he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Waitin' in the car while his buddy went for a six-pack.

Didn't know the guy was packing heat.

Boom-boom-boom. Two guys dead.

Kid's doing the Big Bitch now: Double life.

He'll make parole when he's about... 400!

Move it!

What are you, a slow study or what?

Screw that guy.

Look, Frank, man, I didn't get a chance to make a reservation, you know?

So... why don't we, uh, we get a seat over there?

Hey, what are you doin'?

I'm takin' this. You got a problem with that?

Why don't you go take somethin' else?

Open your mouth, Marjorie, wait for the steak.

I don't need it. Want some cake? Are you chumpin' off on me?

I'm not hungry. You want it? Who are you?

Nobody. Here.

I'm on a diet. This spot taken?

Why don't you stand up to that fat dirtbag?

Hey, shut up, punk. He just saved you a lot of healing, okay?

What's your name?

What's the difference?

Why does anybody need a name in a joint like this?

It helps when you get mail.

Oh, yeah? I need a name? They call me Killer.

Killer? Hmm. That's original.

You think that up yourself, or someone give you a hand with it?

Yeah. I call myself what I want, okay? Okay.

Killer, this is Dallas. And I'm Frank.

Dallas, what do you think this is here?

Wanna give me an idea? These might be peas.

Then, again, um, they might not. They might be toxic waste.

Who cares? It's all crap, anyway.

Eat your vegetables, man, to grow big and strong.

Hey, man, stick your vegetables. Nobody asked you!

Watch it! You know, we got about 325 other killers in here.

Most of 'em, unlike you, live up to it, punk.

Put your leg in the aisle. What?

Put your leg in the aisle. Be ready to move.

Hey, nobody tells me nothin', all right?

You always gotta be ready to move first.

You just might make it to first base in this place.

First base. There's a name for him, huh?

Man, it's good to be outside. It's cold outside.

Eh, it's not that bad. Listen, it's good to keep movin'.

How come you always got like this up attitude here?

How could you keep an up attitude in a joint like this?

It's a mindset, kid. Your body has to be in here, but your brain doesn't, right?

As long as you keep movin'... you don't become a piece of this place.

What's that? Like guru stuff? Yes, guru stuff.

Maybe I should become a guru. You gettin' sarcastic?

Fuckin' birds!

Fuckin' birds don't eat in the rain.

Yeah, well, they'll come back.

Hey, uh, you save your bread for me tomorrow?

Yeah, sure. Put that on your list, okay?

Okay. Thanks.

Why you talkin' crazy, man? It's a waste of time.

To you, it's a waste of time. To him, it's all he's got.

That's more than you got.

In here, you gotta respect something.

You don't get much, and what you got, you gotta protect. You know that?

You don't know nothin' yet. Come on, let's run.

Come on, Frank. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

I'm gonna get wet. Send you my laundry bill.

Feel something, Leone?

Wanna play? We're a man short.

Hey! I'm talkin' to you!

Hey, punk! When you gonna paint your nails and answer the name "bitch"?

Hey, you know you got a big mouth? Why don't you keep it shut?

Why, you, little motherfucker, I'll tear your goddamn ass off!

Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey! You wanna play? We'll play.

You talk too much. Hey, let's play.

Goddamn right we'll play. You and I'll play later, you little fuck!

You want more, Leone? We got more for you. Come on! Come on!

Stay down, fucker! That's a cheap shot!

What kind of game is this? This ain't no game, man. This is a lesson.

Got somethin' to say? Yeah.

Say it! Say it! First down!

Fuck you. That's your last one! You're dead, Leone!

You'll never last the fuckin' game!

Get in there, hit 'im! Come on, Red, get in there.


Hut-one. Hut-two. Hut-three.

I'll beat you up, homes.

All right, Frank!

Get 'im!

Hut-one. Hut-two. Hut-three.

Fuck up! Get over on that other team. That's who you're playin' for anyway.

What took you so long?

Looks like you need the help... and I need the exercise. So, call the play!

You're dead, Leone!

Damn! What hit me? F-train, son! F-train.

Don't lay down on me now. Come on!

Come on, Leone. Come on, you son of a bitch!

All right, I am goin' over tackle on "two".

All right, Frank!



You're dead! Hut-one!


Go, baby!

Come on, Frank!

We did it!

Hey, come on Wiley. Come on, man!

Hey, put up, Wiley. Come on, man!

Next time I want... you give.

Move it. Out. The game is over. Let's go. You don't listen, do you?

You okay? Come on. Come on, Frank. Put 'im down!

You ain't no doctor.

He's on his own. Get inside.

Real badass, huh?

See you inside, Leone.

You won't break me!

You still interested in the job?

Yeah, I am.

You sure know your way around an engine. Who taught you?

This old man... named Galleti.

Took me off the street when I was 14 years old.

Taught me that I could do something besides hangin' out on corners all the time.

Where is everybody? It's quittin' time.

We got the place all to ourselves. Is that what you broke out for?

Yeah, I owed 'im.

Tell me, what put you in the, uh, joint in the first place?

One night these punks broke into the garage and put a beating on old man Galleti.

And the whole neighborhood knew about it. The cops knew about it.

But I guess these punks were connected, so, uh, the cops didn't do anything. I did.

So, after all the smoke had cleared... these guys ended up in the hospital, and I ended up doin' 18 months in Treadmore for aggravated assault.

Care to join me in a little contraband? Why not?

I can see why they call you Eclipse. What are you, about 6'7"?

I do block a lot of sun, don't I? That you do.

I had a guy on the outside that used to get me good Havanas.

Uh-huh. Not this crap. But someday...

Someday... Yeah, someday.

That's not bad. At least they're cheap.

Eclipse, what do you got hidin' back there?

That's my baby.

Good body work. Call this here vehicle Maybelline.

Hello, Maybelline. Yeah, this is my baby.


Come on! 1965 Ford Mustang, V-8, 2-89, 1-20-25 horse power.

When was the last time you turned this thing over?

She's been dead for 15 years.

Couple guys tried to get her goin' and couldn't. I'm a body man myself.

Mind if I give it a try? It's a dead issue, Frank.

Nothing's dead around here until it's buried, isn't it?

Save the headstone, man. Save the headstone.

Hey! Nothing's dead until it's buried. Did I tell you that?

Yeah! In like Johnson!

I love it.

A toast! Let's do the poem, all right? From the top.

What poem?

Hey, "the" poem! It's the jailhouse poem, all right, man?

Some'ing we all wrote. Excuse me, sorry...

"When we're in a sober mood We worry, work and think, "When we're in a drunken mood We gamble, play and drink.

"But when our moods are over When our time has come to pass

"We hope they bury us upside down So the warden can kiss our ass!"

Amen! I like that.

You like that, huh? It's a little catchy.


This is the best. I mean, this... this is good, man.

What's wrong, man? Nothing.

It's good.

I wouldn't smoke around this.

But it tastes as good as any dollar wine I've ever had.

Check, please!

Wait, wait, wait! "When my moods are over, "And my time..." That's not it. Wait, wait. "... time has come..."

Take five, man.

You married, or thinkin' about it, or what?

Look, if you don't wanna talk about it...

Are you proposing to me? You're not my type.

No, I'm not married. Not married?


You planning on gettin' married when you get outta here?

Oh, yeah, that's the plan. Yeah.

You know, I had this really nice girl. Yeah?

She was nice. And we were in love.

And we started talkin' about, you know, gettin' married and...


She's got three brothers, like, about 1% percent retarded, these guys.

They-they throw a beatin' on me. Some guys don't appreciate romance.

Yeah. Don't take it personally.

She wrote me for a while. Then it just stopped.

That's when it hit me, Frank.

I ain't ever gonna be with a girl again or even see a real one.

I'm gonna end up like Eclipse, kissing pictures in magazines, man.

You know, there's so many things I ain't never done!

I ain't never learned how to drive a car, Frank.


I ain't never learned how to drive a car.

I hope we don't get a speeding ticket. I'd hate to end up in jail.

You're supposed to be a wise guy. You wanna learn to drive or not?

This is the best I can do.

Okay. Now cut it sharp. That's it. All right. Look.

Why don't you hang a left on 42nd Street.

Then we'll go down to Broadway and check out the action, okay?

What Broadway? We're doin' circles in a garage.

Aw, come on, First. Work here with me, okay?

You wanna stay here or are you gonna end to Broadway check out the action?

I wanna check out the action, of course.

Okay. All right.

Turn left on 42nd Street. Okay, I got it.

The place is jumping. Look at the action here!

Check out those fine-lookin' ladies!

Yo, honey, wanna come for a ride in my new car?

Hey, baby! Hey, Frank, they ain't responding.

Don't worry about it, they're not your type.

When was the last time you were in Atlantic City?

Oh, man, I've never been there.

No? We're there now. What do you think?

I don't know. Do I like it? What does it resemble?

It's the best. Look around. Look at the lights.

The Boardwalk is jumpin'... day and night.

It's hot music. You got high rollers. You got parties.


You got money. Yeah!

You got gambling. Whoo!

You got 10,000 chorus girls!

Hey, baby, wanna come for a ride in my new vehicle? Whoo!

Oh, man. Yo, that was great, man.

I hate to tell you, your engine just blew a rod. You're ready for Indianapolis, kid.

You got the touch.

Frank, let me ask you one favor, man.

I appreciate the drive and everything, you know, but... none o' this is real unless I can hear this engine kick over just once.

First, you know, if I turn the engine on, what's gonna happen is the guards will come bustin' in here, they're gonna grab out every one of us and they'll throw us in the hole forever. Forget it.

Come on, Frank. Just for 10 seconds. It'll last for the rest of my life.

You are such a pain in the ass!

Come on, Frank. Let me just hear that engine. We built it, man.

All right, go on. 10 seconds.

Hey! Lookin' good! Ain't that great, huh?

It's beautiful, baby. Hit it, one time!

All right, one more time! Damn it, Frank!

Okay, turn it off. You got it. You did it. Turn it off!

Hey, kill it, Frank. Come on, man. Come on, First. Turn it off.

Frank, if I turn it off, I ain't never gonna turn it on again, right, Frank?

That's right.

Please, turn it off, First.

First... I'm sorry, Frank.

Oh, shit!

Frank, turn it off and get him out of that car.

Get him out!

Frank, get on that kid!

Stop that kid!

Look out!

First! First!

First, turn it off, you crazy bastard!

All right, stop that car now. I repeat: Stop that car!

They're gonna kill you!

This is Meissner. Stop firing! But, sir, the warden said...

Goddamn it, I said stop firing! Hold it, hold it.

First, turn it off! Hold it. Hold it.

Frank, look out! Look out, look out, Frank, look out, man!

Get out of the car!

Get out of the car! They'll kill your ass.

Frank, did you see that ride, man? Sure I saw it. Are you crazy?

It's beautiful, man. Yeah, it's beautiful.

I can drive, Frank. Drive, Frank.

All right, all right. You're one crazy son of a bitch, you know that?



You bought yourself a trip to the hole. Leave Frank alone!

Let's go, let's go. Break it up! Break it up! Let's go.

Let him go. You have the wrong man.

Take Leone to the hole. Back off.

Six weeks. It's not his fault, sir, it was mine!

Save it.

Get off me!


I want five inmates. Give me a bat. I wanna break up this car.

Hold it right there, now!

I want you to watch this, Leone.

Back to the honeymoon suite!


You should've been notified... Why is he in isolation?

I don't have that information. Oh, you don't have that information?

Then I wanna see the goddamn warden! Not today.

Every hour when the light comes on, you'll stand, face the camera, and state your name and number.

Name and number! Leone, 510.

Face the camera! Name and number!

Leone, 510.

Name and number!

Leone, 510.

Name and number!

Leone... 510.

On your feet! Name and number!

Give Mr. Leone half rations for the rest of his time here.

Yes, sir.

Name and number!

Get up!

He seems a little sluggish. Wake him up!

Cold enough?

- Wanna see my swing? I'd like to see you in whites.

- Some swing. You see me on the golf course?

You got a little cruel streak in you.

Leone, 510.

Upright! Name and number! Leone, 510.

You'll be praying for some time on your own. You know that? You know that?

- I don't believe that. Trust me. I know about these things.

Leone, 510.


Leone, 510.

Name and number!

Marilyn... Monroe.

37... something.


Crack 121!

Listen, I didn't mean it. No, I didn't say anything at all. No!

That's enough.

Who ordered this? The warden.

Does the warden hate 'im enough to kill 'im? Cause that ain't my job!

Mr. Sensitive. He's upset, he thinks we're treatin' Leone too rough.

Forget which are the cops and which are the cons?

Whose side are you on?

You want me? Come on! Break it up!

Your stick, Mr. Braden.


And you, you get the hell outta my sight, before I shine my boots with your face, you fat piece of shit! Go on!

Time's up.

Remember what I told you, Frank.

Roll with the system. Roll with it or it's only gonna get harder.

Yeah, and it's getting shorter too.

So, what's new, Mr. Braden? Hmm. How's the family? Good?

How're the Jets doin'? Don't forget to check your bed!

Hey, Frank!

Somebody die in here?

Ain't a great welcome home, is it?

Hey, big man.

Sand. The whole engine block is full of it. It was Chink.

What are we gonna do about this?

Forget it. Forget it?

We poured everything we got into this car. No way we can let Chink slide.

Let it go, First Base. Let it go?!

Aren't you the guys who says you gotta protect what's yours, watch each other's back, you watch mine, I watch yours?

I guess that was nothin' but a bunch of jive, huh, Frank, now that you're a short-timer.

You're incredible! What? You think this is your car?

This ain't your car. This is the warden's car!

What do you think, that... do you think that Chink Weber did this?

Drumgoole did this. Come on. What?

You think that we got this car together, that we were gonna take our dates out in it?

Is that what you thought?

Maybe rotate it on weekends?

Hey, Ernie, why don't you take it Friday?

And Dallas, why don't you take it Saturday?

And Eclipse, you got it Sunday! Is that what you thought? Huh?

It's his! This lift is his, these tools are his, the garage is his!

The whole goddamn place is his!

And you better remember that too, because once you start buyin' into this...

"our car", "our thing" concept, man, you're his too!

Just let it go.

Where you goin'? I thought you were our leader.

Goddamn it, I'm not your leader!

And this ain't a gang! We're convicts!

We're prisoners! We're inmates! We're here.

And as long as we're here, we're gonna stay his.

We're his. Nothing's ever change that. You gotta face the facts.

Now, you guys are standup, no doubt about it.

But I got three weeks to get outta here. And in three weeks, I'm walkin'.

Ain't nothin' gonna change that. I...

That's all I care about.

That's nothin' for nothin', man. He's right.

Hey, Leone, how do you like my belt buckle, boy?

Yeah, I know. I like it too. A little souvenir that reminds me of you.

Tell me, what are you gonna do about it?

You mean six weeks in the hole killed your guts and your appetite?

It ain't over, you son of a bitch.

Anybody call this spot? Naw, you guys don't need reservations.

Hey, you on a diet, Frank? Huh, man? Cutting back a little bit.

Hey, Frank, take some of my food, buddy.

Yeah, here you go, Frank. Don't worry about it.

Some bread... That's nice.

Tomatoes, man. You'll be all right. Celery stick.

I ain't playin' football! Hey, Frank, don't worry about that guy.

We gotta fight him for. He's a lifer. You only got a few weeks to go.

Forget about 'im.

I think a miracle just happened. First Base finally learned something.

I doubt it.

Okay, who's gonna say grace, huh? Grace!

She was terrific, wasn't she?

I thought I could rely on you, Weber. He won't be pushed.

Because you're not pushing in the right place.

Everyone has a weak spot, Weber.

Find his, or I'll have to find a new yard boss.

Welcome to the Gateway Stakes.

Come on, guys, I'm startin' to feel like a steamed vegetable.

Let's start the race.

All right, all right. Hey, Frank, Frank, what's your bug's name, man?

Uhh, Dirt Creature. Dirt Creature. 3-to-2 on Dirt Creature.

First Base, what's your bug's name, ma? Rear Entry.

Rear Entry's 4-to-5. Place your bets.

Two'll get you three, five'll get you four.

Two'll get you three, five'll get you four Five'll get you four.

Everything I got on Dirt Creature!

I bet the house on Rear Entry.

Window is closed. All bets are in. Gentlemen, start your insects.

All right! Come on, Dirt!

Boom! They're off.

I've got a steak dinner on this victory, buddy boy!

Come on, Dirt. Come on.

You can't do that! That's it, we got a steward's inquiry.

You can't push your bug across the line like that!

A come-from-behind victory by Rear Entry!

We need to re-run the race. Hey, no rematch.

Hey! What are you guys doin' down there?


Peņa! You're on the wrong detail. Get your ass up here.

I want you to clean up the gym!

We got a rematch later, all right, buddy? Oh, yeah, sure we got.

I'm gettin' outta here, man. All bets are off. I'll pay up later.

Now, asshole!

Hey, gimme a break, man.

I gotta get dressed over here, you know what I mean?

Hey, watch out for my bug!

I'll take care of him for you. Really. Delicious.

Come on, let's do it today! All right.

Clean this place up. It's already cleaned.

What are you, deaf? Shut your mouth and do it.

Come on. One by one, come on!

Come on!

Get him down there.

Hold his head!

I told you we'd play later, you little bitch.

Hey, Leone!

They got First! I can't hear you!

What did you say? They got First Base in the gym.

What is it? They got First Base in the gym.


Let me have it!

Twenty years old.

This kid's twenty years old. I told you.

I know. I know.

You want me, you got me.

You want me, fucking Nazi.

You want me... you got me!


I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Fight! Fight!

Kick his ass!

I'll kill you!

Son of a bitch!

I'll kill you!

Do it!

Pussy face!

Do it! Take him down!

Linen run! Come on, get a move on.

I'm tryin' to make a livin' here, you know what I'm sayin'?

Hey, hey, hey. Frank. My man. Florence Nightingale...

How you feelin'? All right.

Yeah? Three weeks you're out of this joint, man.

Feels like three years.

Oh, come on, man. Three weeks is a blink.

What'd they do with the kid?

They sent 'im home, man, what do you think?

You know...

You know... Ugh. The kid told me once. Uh... The body has to be in prison, but your mind can be wherever it wants. You know?

He tell you that? Yeah. Yeah.

Listen, Frank, I brought you... I brought you some toilet paper, man, in case, um, um, in case, you know, you wanna write some poetry or something, you know?

Hey, hey, hey, colonel Klink. Lemme outta here, man.

Hey, Frank, man, it wasn't your fault, okay?

Remember that.

Roberta, have Miss Lowell photographed for an I.D. for visitation.

I'm reinstating Mr. Leone's privileges.

Yes, sir.

I just wanna make sure Frank's all right. Oh, he's fine. He's recovering nicely.

And in three weeks he'll be out of here, and you can look forward to a happy life together.

Thank you for coming. Thank you, warden.

Okay, look into the light.

Hi, baby! Hi!

How are you?

I was so worried about you. You look great!

Thirty-minute visit, Leone. Compliments of the warden.

Don't waste it. How do you feel?

Oh, I feel pretty good. Thanks, sweetheart.

Thirty minutes. You need any help... just give us a call, huh?

They all like that? Don't worry about it. You look great.

You look...

Don't tell me what I look like. I can't stand it.

I've missed you so much!

No more separations. Promise?

I promise.

Time's up! Ooh, nice view.

What the hell's the matter with you? You heard. Time's up.

The warden said half an hour. Well, the warden changed his mind.

What do you mean he changed his mind? I wanna talk to the warden!

Lady, what you wanna do is keep your mouth shut.

Fix your clothes and get out. Come on!

Don't touch her! What did you say?

"Don't touch her?" You don't learn, do you, pal.

Hey, hey, I'm leaving.

Three weeks, three weeks, three weeks.

Leone! Come here!

Do I know you?

No, you don't know me, Frank, but I know you.

I was at Treadmore with you.

A-Block. Treadmore don't have an A-Block.

That's right. We got somethin' else in common.

Yeah? What's that? We're both gettin' out soon.

You in a few weeks. Me, I'm gone the day after tomorrow.

What happened to you? One beating too many.

I served some hard time in this place. We both have, am I right?

Yeah. You're right about that.

Hey, you need anything when I get out? Can I get you anything?

No, I'm all right, thanks. I'm just lucky, I guess.

I got a job lined up when I get out.

It's just temporary, you know, but it pays a grand for two hours of work.

It's not bad, eh? What do you gotta do?

I just gotta... rape this bitch. I get an extra hundred every time she screams.

I'll kill you for that! I'll kill you! Payback time, Frank.

Chink says hello.

You touch her, you're dead!

Hey, bailiff! Guard! Guard! Somebody!

Manly! Hey, Manly! Guard!

What's your problem, Leone? I gotta use the phone now.

You know your privileges. No phone.

Manly, please, that guy....

That guy in the wheelchair, it's an emergency. He's gonna kill my girlfriend.

What guy?

The guy that was just here! You let him in! He got in a wheelchair!

I've gotta warn 'er! I see is an empty wheelchair.

What are you tryin' to pull, Leone? Fuck, don't play with me, Manly.

Please. I gotta use the phone. I gotta warn her!

Everybody's got problems, Leone. Get some sleep.

Goddamn, you fat motherfucker! Goddamn!

Hey, Frank. Doin' some spring-cleaning, huh, man?

Dallas! Come here!

What is it, man? I need some help.

No questions asked.

What, you're bustin' out, man?

What the hell's goin' on, you got less than three weeks to go!

Just help me.

Hey, if that's what you need, it's gonna take a couple o' days, okay?

No, I need it tonight. Tonight I can't do that, man.

By the time I finish tonight, everything is gonna be locked up!

Listen to me!

There's a con gettin' out of here tomorrow.

Chink Weber's paid him off to get Melissa. You understand?

Yeah, I understand, Frank. I'd love to help, but I can't do the impossible. You're hurtin' my arm, man.

I'll take you with me.

No shit?

What's the plan? You'll know when you gotta know.

Goin' for the tunnels, huh, man?

You just be here, all right?

Hey, convict, move it outta there! Let's go!

Hey, use some bleach on that, Frank, better get those stains out.

I'm coming outta here, colonel Klink.

Linen run. Evening, officer Vazquez. What's happenin'?

You're late. Shit! Now get in on, come on.

Yes, siree. Quick.

I'll be real quick, sir. Still makin' that jailhouse booze?

Absolutely not, sir. I'm on the wagon.

I just joined Alcoholics Unanimous, you know?

Whatever. You got some line of shit. It's bad on my nervous system.

Makes me talk too much, you know what I mean?

Make it quick. Yeah, I'll be right out, sir. Right out.

No! Help!

Come on. Frank, let's go, man! Come on!

Okay, come on. That's it.

All right. We got 10 minutes. All right, move it.

Sweet dreams, Moby Dick!

Frank? Come on. Come on, come on!

Tools, man.

You got it.

Okay, here I go. Oh, God, I'm jumpin'!

Aw, man, there's rats in here, Frank.

Come on!

All right. I'm all right. No! No, no. What?

It's this way, man. It's a shortcut to the steam plant.

It's this way!

No, man, I remember the map.

It's this way. I'm positive, man. I'm positive. Let's go!

D.T.A., Frank.

Ain't that what you taught me, man? D.T.A.

Right on schedule, Frank.

I'm sorry, man. You were my ticket outta here. I'm sorry.

Damn you, Dallas!

You... had me... set up... the whole time?!

Not the whole time. I got 30 years to go, man. 30 years.

The warden made me a deal.

Dumb... dumb bastard!

They made me a deal, man! A deal!

We don't make deals with escaping prisoners.

What are you talking about, man? You said if I delivered...

Shut up.

You're going back to the population. Population?

Oh, you can't do this to me, warden. You can't do this to me, man.

I snitched him off. They're gonna kill me back there. I'm finished.


All right, look, I came through, goddamn it! We had a deal!

That's enough. You're gonna kill 'im.

That's enough!

This is an automatic 10 years, Frank.

It's 10 ten years for a second escape attempt.

I knew you'd cross the line.

I told them 5 years ago you were a hardcore criminal.

But they'll believe me now. And you better believe me.

You better believe that you're gonna be doing hard time here... for the rest of your life.

Manly, you know what to do.

Some deal maker.

See? Shit does float, doesn't it?

Hey, you know what else?

You don't have to worry about that psycho hurtin' that pretty little blonde bitch girlfriend of yours.

We decided to keep him in here. Didn't we, officer?

She's not my type.

We'll teach him a lesson. We'll graduate you with honours, pal.

Come on, turn on the steam, Mastrone!

Turn on the fucking steam!

Put him in it!

Get him in there!

Bring him in here! Come on!

Push him, Darrell! Do it!

Come on!

Rape this!

Oh, my face! My face is burnin'! My face!

School's out, punk!

Frank! Frank, don't leave me here, man.

I'm sorry. Take me with you!

Let him go, Manly! Let him go!

What are you gonna do with that? You okay, Frank?

I'm okay, Dallas.

You can trust me, Frank. You can trust me.

Put it down, Dallas. Put it down.

I won't hurt you anymore. Oh, yeah?

You don't wanna do it. You fat piece of shit.

Don't do it, Dallas! What, are you trying to scare me?

Dallas, no!

You won't do it! Oh, yeah?

You don't got the balls to do it, punk. You're wrong.

Stoolie! You're wrong!

Dallas! Put it down!

Dallas, no! You're wrong!

Switch to backup! Excuse me, sir, we got a power outage in C-Wing.

Get some men down to that utility quarter.

You better have a real good reason for not telling me you knew Leone was goin' out.

I've got a dead officer and a dead inmate out there.

And I don't have any fuckin' answers. Do you?

I was trying to save an informant's life by keeping an operation secret.

Why the hell would a man who's got less than three weeks to go try to break out and kill two men? Why?

We can ask him... when we catch him.

Busted cable... utility corridor. He's going to the roof.

Bring up Zone 2!

Can't you get any more light in there?

- Captain Meissner. Meissner.

This is Osner. I'm in the well room right now.

Looks like this is where he went out.

Sir, that has got to be at least 200 yards underwater.

Do you really think he made it? Well, maybe not, Mr. Braden.

But until you bring me a body, I got an escaped prisoner.

This is Drumgoole. I want Sector 4. Meissner, Sector 4, go.

- What do you have, Mr. Meissner? Right now, nothing, sir.

In fact, I'm thinking of calling in the local and state police to coordinate with my men.

No! No outside agencies. I repeat, no outside agencies.

This is an internal matter. He's alive, I want 'im.

Arm a tactical squad and meet me in my office now.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Braden, you will continue the search!

You won't get away with it. You know that, don't you?

I could've got out.

But I'm not gonna spend my life running... from you.

Paul, look at this!

Get your ass. Whoa, hold it! Hold it!

You can't use me as a hostage... Shut up! Shut up!

You recognize that chair? Huh?

You built it, didn't you? Now get in there. Get in there!

Don't even think about movin'.

Think you'll take me to hell, huh?

You'll be in no time there. I'll show you hell!

Move you leg!

Dallas... he fried, the way you're gonna fry. Huh?

First Base, took him downstairs, you broke his goddamn neck! Huh?

I'm gonna fry your brains. What do you know? It's a perfect fit.

You can't make this work, Frank.

You're not smart enough. You're too stupid.

You're scum! Shut up! I'll show you scum!

You can't kill a man, Frank. You're not a murderer. You don't have the guts.

Ten more years. Isn't that what you said?

How about 20?

How about 30?

No, it doesn't matter what they give me because you won't be satisfied... till you got me for life.

Make a hole!

Take it down!

Well, I ain't doin' life for nothin'!

Come on. Lean on it, man! Lean on it!

They're gonna break that door down, Frank.

And they come in here, they're going to take your fucking skull apart!

You're going to beg me to let them kill you.

Come on, break it down! Meissner!

Harder, man. Harder!

Come on, lean on it!



Take out the glass!

Come on! Shoot! Shoot me!

Don't shoot! Shoot me! Come on!

He has his hand taped to the lever.


Don't shoot! Hold your fire. Hold your fire.

Come on, shoot!

Hold your fire!

Relax. Just relax.

I'm glad you're here, Meissner. This wouldn't be official without witnesses.

He's bluffing. He's trying to get me to take responsibility for his escape attempt.

Just like before.

I don't want a confession. You set me up. You set everything up!

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm talkin' about Chink Weber!

The goons. The cop that was gonna rape Melissa!

Dallas. The killing of the kid.

Guilty on all counts. Prove it!

Prove it, Frank! That's your problem. You can't prove anything.

I don't have to prove nothin'. I came here for an execution.

I de... I demand to be released from here!

No! No!

Don't do it, Leone. Don't do it. Take it easy.

You deserve... payback. Frank!

Please. Please, Frank.

Don't kill me! It's true.

I confess. I confess, Mr. Meissner.

Everything that he said was true. I set them up.


No, please.

Please. Don't kill me!


See... you in hell, Drumgoole!

Works better with this.

Take him to the hole, Mr. Meissner.

Mr. Braden, take the prisoner to the hole!

Cuff him. Yes, sir.

And somebody get me out of this chair.

Come on.

Thank you, Mr. Meissner. I said take him to the hole.

I can't do that. Take the warden into custody!

Yes, sir.

I said take him to the hole. What are you doing?

Cuff 'im.

Stop it! I am warden of this institution, and you will obey... Stop that!

That was just a stupid confession to try and save my life.

Are you crazy, Mr. Meissner?

No, but you are.

Till this matter's resolved in a judicial inquiry, you will remain in our custody.

I'll have your ass for this! I'll have your ass.

Move 'im.

I only wanted to do my time, captain. You'll get your chance.

Move 'im.

Hang in there, Frank.

Hey, Frank?

Eclipse. Take care of yourself.

Yeah, you too. Thanks a lot, big man.

Yeah. That okay? It's all right.

Got this one from Fidel Castro his self.

See you, big man. Okay.

Hold it.

Crack the outside!

You know what I'm gonna miss most about you, captain?

What's that? Your incredible smile.

Take care of yourself, Leone. Thanks, captain.

Lock 'em!