Logan's Run (1976) Script

Wake up.

Logan, you are here. I couldn't believe it when they told me.

What are you doing?

Logan 6.

It's not every day they authorize a new Sandman.

I'll tell you, Francis, that's him.

Maybe, maybe not.

What does it matter? He isn't yours anymore.

All right, you want me to wake him?

Break-in. Now you've done it.

Scanners report intrusion. ldentify.

Logan 5, Francis 7, authorized duty quadrant.

Intrusion accidental.

Clear, Logan 5. Clear, Francis 7.

All right, Francis, l'm with you.

Only the crazies hang around Nursery.

There'll be a couple of new Sandmen tomorrow.

How do you know?

Some of our guys are on Carrousel tonight.

And Sandmen always renew. I know.

But you don't know. You just assume.

One for one. What everyone's been taught. One for one.

Why not? That's how everything works.

Keeps everything in balance. One is terminated, one is born.

Simple, logical, perfect.

You have a better system? Of course not.

At least l wonder about it sometimes. Not like you with your automatic routine.

You sound like a sleep teacher with a stuck tape.

Leave it alone, it's perfect.

You know, Logan, you wonder a lot.

Too much for a Sandman.

Why were you so angry just then?

What did he do to you?

That red's going to run. I can always tell.

Did you ever see Francis 8?

I never even visited nursery before tonight.

You know, when you question, it slows you down.

I don't know. What makes you so curious?

You know who his seed-mother was?

Of course not! I'm curious, not sick.


Look at the crowd. Good Carrousel tonight.

Last Day, Capricorn 1 5s.

Year of the city, 2274.

Carrousel begins.

Last Day, Capricorn 1 5s.

Year of the city, 2274.

Carrousel begins.

Would you mind?

Thanks a lot.

A few over there could have been his seed-mother.

Only a few? You're just not trying.

Capricorn 1 5s...

...born 2244...

...enter the Carrousel.

This is the time of renewal.

Be strong...

...and you will be renewed.



Renew! Renew!

Up, up!

Up, up. Come on, up!

Come on!

Up, up, come on, up!


Renew! Renew!





Ha, ha.

Run, runner!

Did you hear him? Run!

Hold it! Runner!

Runner terminated, 0.31 .

Ready for cleanup.

Request identity check.


He was good, wasn't he?

Showed he had some life in him in the end.

That was a great shot you made.

You kept missing him. I had to do something.

It's crazy. He could have renewed on Carrousel.

Now he's finished forever.

Why do they run?



Please, no.



Come on.


What's wrong, hm?

Oh, you prefer women?



Nothing, I felt sad.

I put myself on the circuit.

It was a mistake.


What do you feel sad about?

A friend of mine went on Carrousel.

Now he's gone.

Yes, well, I'm sure he was renewed.

He was killed. Like the others.

Killed? Why do you use that word?

Isn't that what you do? Kill?

I've never killed anyone in my life.

Sandmen terminate runners.

What's your name?


Well, sad or not. . .

. ..you're beautiful.

-Let's have sex. -No.

Then why are you wasting my time, hm?

Why'd you put yourself on the circuit?

I thought I had to do something.

I told you it was a mistake...

. ..and l've changed my mind.

Because I'm a Sandman?

Am l your first?


And l'm curious.

About what?

How a Sandman lives.

It's a little different from most people. . .

. ..but l assure you we have the same feelings as everybody else.

If you're feeling curious, it's--

-Not about that. -What, then?

Why is it wrong to run?

You shouldn't think such things. . .

. ..let alone talk about them.

Look, you know what to do.

You try like hell for renewal.

Otherwise, when this turns to black, that's it.

But if for some strange reason you want to be 31 .. .

. ..then you have the same chance as everyone.

Like your friend. Carrousel.


. ..if you're one of the misfits. . .

. ..that's where I come in.

-l didn't say that l would run. -Mm?

I just. ...

How old are you?

I'm a 6.

I go red next year.

You're years away.

What quad do you live in?


You're quite sure you don't want to. ..?

It's nice to know you can nod.

It's nice to know you can do that too.

Hey, Logan. I've been looking all over like Cain for you.

We're having a party, right?

Hey, Francis. They're great.

Let's fade out.

Ah, Logan. Give me my screamer back.

They're mine now.

What happened?

-l lost a runner in Cathedral. -How come?

Ran into some cubs.

One of them cut me all the way down.

-Cubs. -l'm on my way to New You for repairs.

Get yourself a new face while you're at it. They know you now.

Ha, ha.

I might look in on the New You myself. Number 483.

You? Why? It's that last runner.

I think he got a face change on Last Day.

If so, someone in 483 was trying to help him.

Check it out.

Hey, Logan, got a runner in power center.

What's with you, Francis?

Last night.

You had a kicker.

She must have got him in the head.


Clear Francis 7.

Well, there goes another one.

Why do they run instead of going on Carrousel?

Good one.

Runner terminated, power center.

71 06, identification correct.

-See you in the hydro toner. -Be right with you.

Logan 5, approach and identify.

Sit facing the screen, Logan 5.


Logan 5.

Do you identify this object?


Question: What is it?

That is the name of the object: ankh.

Do you identify this word: sanctuary?


Sanctuary is a pre-catastrophe code word...

...used for a place of immunity.

I don't understand.

The object ankh...

...has been identified with the code word "Sanctuary."

The object and the word both relate...

...to runners who have not been accounted for.

-Question-- -Hold.

Unaccounted runners: 1 056.

You may state your question.

1 056 unaccounted for?

The number is correct.

That's impossible.

Question: Maybe they weren't all runners.

Maybe most of them reached life renewal on Carrousel.


Nobody reached renewal?

-But everybody believes that some-- -The question has been answered.

You mean, nobody's ever been renewed?

The question has been answered.

You are authorized to penetrate city seals...

...and search outside the dome.

The seals?

Question: What seals?


There's nothing outside.

You will find Sanctuary and destroy.


What if I need help from another Sandman?

Negative. You will begin assignment by becoming...

...a runner seeking Sanctuary.


I'm only red six now.

How can l pretend that I'm approaching Last Day?


My life clock.

Question: My life clock?

Retrogram complete.

Procedure 033-03.

But am l still red 6?

I had four more years.

I will get them back, won't I?

You will take the object ankh with you for identification.


Do I get my four years back?

What the hell took you so long?

It was the debriefing.

It was more complicated than usual.

Come on, get in the water.

Francis, did you. ..?

Did you ever see anybody renew?

You've been skulling out too much. First Nursery, and now silly questions.

No, but did you?

-Did l what? -See anybody renewed?

Of course.

Anybody we know?

Look, get into the water.

You need it more than I do.

Francis, I have to talk to you.

I'll see you.

Here l am.

Now tell me why.

I couldn't get you out of my mind.

I'm the most beautiful woman you ever saw, I suppose.


-And you must have me? -Yes. Something like that.

-Just like that? -Yes, why not?

But l still have the choice?

-Of course. -Then the answer's still no.

No, I don't believe you.

-That's why you had me brought here? -Would you have come on your own?

-No. -Well, there it is. I was right.

You can have any woman in the city.

What do you really want?

-Why show me? -Because I'm going to run.

-Why tell me? -You know something.

About running? Dying, what?

Both. But running is what I'm interested in.

I know what everyone knows.

Try like hell for renewal. You have the same chance as anyone else. Carrousel.

Look, don't you understand? It's different now because it's me!

My life.

Help me.

How can l?

Where'd you get that?

I got it from a runner.

And then you killed him.

It was my job.

But now. . .

. ..it's different. Believe me.

I don't.

Speak to your friends for me, Jessica.

-What friends? -Look, I don't have much time!

I never heard of a Sandman running, ever.

And l never heard of Sanctuary.

First level, near the hand.

Don't look for us, we'll see you.

You don't seem quite sure, Jessica.

Can you do it?

Will you?



I'm sorry, Jessica.

We all are.

But he has heard about Sanctuary.

And that makes him dangerous to all of us.

Doesn't it?

Oh, thanks, Francis. I can use a break.

Just don't take forever, like last time.

You love it. You're afraid you'll miss a really good run.

Did you speak to them?


Then why are you here?

I'm here to help you.

Come with me to Arcade.

Wait, Logan.

-We have to talk. -Yes, we have to.

-What is it? -A runner. In Cathedral.

A woman. Come on.

You better go home.

I'd rather be with you.

Logan's got a mean one tonight.

-Cathedral. I better help him. -Watch out.

Careful, they'll cut you to pieces before you see them.

Are the cubs really as wild as they say?

Never been there, have you?

No, of course not.

You wanted to come with me. You'll find out.

They're wild, all right.

They're the violent ones. There's no place else for them, unless they change.

People say it's because they're born in breeders. Had you heard that?

We're all born in breeders.

But most of us don't end up running wild in Cathedral.

No, but they say human mothering might be better.

I wish I'd known my mother.

Where do you get these crazy ideas?

When did you begin to question Last Day?

I didn't say I questioned it.

Well, do you?

Entering a reservation...

...for violent delinquents. Authorized persons only.

I've never been in this quadrant before.

Request door open, Cathedral Plaza.

Logan 5 authorized to enter risk area.

They shut it to keep in the cubs.

No. No, let me go first.

Sometimes they're waiting just inside there.

Quick, before it closes.

Don't be afraid.

What's your name?

Mary 2.

Where do you live, Mary? Here.

Why aren't you in Nursery?

I'm very smart.

When are you green?

When do you go up?

I never go upstairs.

You're a nice old lady.

-Hey! -No.

No, don't. Might be a decoy.


Watch out. Watch it.

Circle! Circle!

Get behind them.

Don't let them get away.

Billy, come on!

Billy, we've got one!

We've got a runner and his pair-up.

And look who decided to run.

I cut up a Sandman yesterday.

They said I'd never get him, but I cut him up good.

I feel sorry for you, boy.

For me?

You better feel sorry for yourself.

No, no. I....

I feel sorry for you, Billy.

How old are you?

1 4? 1 5?

Your time is running out here. How long have you got left here?

A year, six months? What happens when you're 1 6 and you go to green?

Nothing will happen. Nothing! I make the rules here.

No cubs over 1 5, Billy.

Look, have you ever seen a cub who's turned to green?

You'll have to leave then because they won't let you stay here.

And if you do try and stay here...

. ..your young friends here will rip your guts apart.


All right, children, playtime's over.

How many of you want this to be Last Day?

Come on, we can rush him!

Come on, we can take him again!

Come on! Cut me!


There's been a terrible error.

My life clock must have broken in some way.

I'm nowhere near 30.

I'm 22.

I should be green. Did you hear me? Green!

-Now, don't be afraid! -Let me go! Let me go!

I am not going to hurt you.

Now, look.

There. There. See?

We want to help you.


This means nothing to you?


Listen. . .

. ..if they find you, throw this hard enough to break it.

But remember, don't breathe until you get away.

It's blind gas.



Runner terminated at 0. 1 6.

Ready for clean up, Cathedral quadrant 39.


I must tell you now. When we were in Arcade, l was taking you to be killed.

I'm sorry, I didn't believe you.

But you do now?

Of course.

You let the runner go.

Then tell me where Sanctuary is.

Take me to your friends.

I can't tell you. And if I take you to them, they'll kill you.

But you saw me let her go. Tell them.

They won't listen. You're a Sandman.

They won't take the chance.

Request maze car, Cathedral Plaza.

Stand by to open door.

They're opening it. Come on, we got to go.

Where will you go now?

Back to Arcade.

I'm going to get a new face.

But you can't, you're a runner.

No one will do it.

There's New You 483.

I think there's someone there can help me.

Maybe there is.

The cheeks could be narrowed, the mouth changed....

Please let me know as soon as you've made your selection.

I'll let you know as soon as she's decided.

Hello, Sandman.

We don't get many Sandmen.

I think we've had only one since I've been here.

A Sandman can get as sick of his face as anyone else.

Doc, there's a Sandman here. Can you see him?

Doc is ready, Sandman.

I recommend a more detailed study of our projections.

There are new suggestions for your consideration....

-This is a real privilege, Sandman. -For me too.

I thought you'd be older.

I mean, l was expecting a red.

I am.

Your own work?

Yes, l did it myself.

Right on there.

I'll show you.

This is the Aesculaptor Mark 3.

The latest. It's completely self-contained.

It has a tilt bed and cryojectors in the platform.

Well, Sandman, what will it be?

Face job? Full-body job?

Just the face.

Fine, Holly'll get you ready.

You're in expert hands.

Believe me.

Will you get on the table, please?

-Want me to take my clothes off? -Not for your face.

You shouldn't have brought him here.

I didn't bring him.

What's the difference?

He's blinking.

He wants to run.

Run? He's a Sandman.

I tell you, he's running. I know.

Maybe. I just wish he'd gone somewhere else.

All right, he gets a face.

I like dark hair.

Tell him to give you dark hair.

All set?

Did you have anything special in mind?

-l don't care, just-- -Dark hair.

Oh, yes.

Holly would like dark hair.

Hmm. We'll start by narrowing the cheekbones.

With this, there's no waiting for scar burnishing.

It's all in one.

Watch now.

Here's the improvement.

Instant healing before you feel a thing.

Hello, yes?

Yes, they are.


Pay attention, Sandman.

I'm proud of this machine.

Perfect depth adjustment on this one.

The beam will cut through that uniform and just through the skin beneath.

Absolute precision.

Watch now.

Just imagine what would happen. . .

. ..if the healing stopped functioning.

HOLLY Doc, the machine is spinning!

Right! It's a trap. They know.

I'm a runner!

-What's going on? -Get out of my way! Get off me!

What are you talking about? I saw you let a runner go.

-What? -ln Cathedral. I was there!

Follow me. Stay close.

We've got to go through the Love Shop.

Where'd they go? A Sandman and a green?

Didn't you see them?

-Why do you run from your friend? -Because he is my friend.

I don't want to be killed by him, or anyone else.

He's good, isn't he?

You mean, will he find us and kill us? Yes. Or one of the others will.

You know, they won't believe us.

Maybe not. But l'd rather take my chance with them than with Francis.

They won't listen.

Do you think Sandmen will?

There's no other way for me.

We'll convince them.

Yes, Logan.

You better stay behind me.

How will they know we're coming?

They're watching us now.

They'll let us in when they're sure.

There, 1 7th Quadrant K.

-Whose signal? -Logan 5.

-Who's available? -7, 9 and Arcade Patrol.

Sandman, put your hands on your head.

Clasp your fingers together.

Now turn your hands over. Palms up.

In a moment, a light will shine in your eyes.

Walk into it. Jessica first. Then you, Sandman.

You will have to stoop, but don't unclasp your hands.

Do you agree?

Move against the pillar.

Up against it!


Look, l'm a runner.

She brought me here because I begged her to help me.

He's lying. No Sandman ever ran.

You don't run.

You kill runners. You have always killed runners.

Yes, l have.

But now it's my turn.

And l find l want to live.

What's the matter with you?

He's a runner! He's blinking!

We must help anyone who asks. We must!

Or we're the same as they are, deciding who lives or dies!

Holly. Holly New You 483.

He's dead. Doc is dead. And the Sandman came.

It's him! He killed Doc.

Holly. Wait!

He's running.

-Tell them the rest! -He's the one.

And you too. I remember.

He was in a hurry. A face job only.

And l said, dark hair.

And then he killed Doc. . .

. ..and you grabbed me and the machine blew up and I ran.

I ran.


Holly, please!

The other Sandman.


The one who came after?

That's right.

The other one came after.

And he was hunting the first one, wasn't he?

Wasn't he?

This one was running...

. ..and the other one was hunting him, remember?

Oh, yes.

Yes. He was after you.

I remember.

You were running.

I say we pass them through.

Runner. . .

. ..follow the corridor with the pipes overhead.

The way is always down.

Then this isn't Sanctuary?

No, you must follow the tunnel to the end.

Where do l go from there?

When you come to the lock, there will be a message.

After that, there's no turning back.

No. Jessica goes back now.

Do you hear me? You must go back now.


No, I'm going with you.

No, it's not possible. No, you must go back.

Somebody take her back.

See that she gets out of here.

Please, it's dangerous.

I don't care.

I want to go to Sanctuary. Take me with you?

Jessica, why?

You're still a green. You're not running.

It doesn't matter what l am.

I want to be with you.


Listen to me!

I'm your friend. l understand. We all go crazy once in a while.

Nobody knows except me. l won't tell. I could have turned you in. l didn't.

But she's a runner.

And it's over.

Terminate her. Now.

-You're a Sandman! Now, Logan. Now! -Stay out of it!


What do we do now?

Runner, this is the last gate.

Use your key now.

When the bell sounds again, use your key.

Good luck, runner. May you find Sanctuary.

I still have the key I took from the runner. There.


We must be somewhere under the city.

I'd always heard the city received its power from the sea...

. ..but this looks forgotten.


Runner, this is the last gate.

Use your key now.

When the bell sounds....

What do you suppose this was?

Looks like some sort of breeding pen.

They say people used to breed animals, fish, anything.

To eat, you know?

Must have been a savage world.

He said go down.


Maybe we can put these around us.

Let's take our clothes off first, before they freeze on us.

Welcome, humans.

I am ready for you.

Fish, plankton...

. ..sea greens and protein from the sea.

Fresh as harvest day.

Overwhelming, am I not?

Are you too startled?

Am l too removed from your ken?


Who are you?

I'm more than machine. . .

. ..or man.

More than a fusion of the two.

Don't you agree?

Wait for the winds.

Then, my birds...

. ..sing...

. ..and the deep grottoes whisper my name.


This place is a link to Sanctuary, isn't it?

Link? Hmm.

How do you think we got here?

Same as the others.

Don't you remember?

Why do you think we're here?

Why? Why?

We were sent here. And you know it.

You say others have been sent here. Where are they?

In hiding?




You know about Sanctuary.

I know you do.

-Sanctuary? -You have to help us.

You don't have a choice! It's not your decision!

-So tell us! -Very well.

Follow me.

This way.

How'd they get there? Regular storage procedure.

The same as the other food.

The other food stopped coming, and they started.

What other food?

Fish and plankton and sea greens. . .

. ..and protein from the sea.

It's all here.

Ready. Fresh as harvest day.

Fish and plankton.

Sea greens and protein from the sea.

And then it stopped coming...

. ..and they came instead.

So l store them here.

I'm ready...

. ..and you're ready.

It's my job...

. ..to freeze you!


. ..plankton, grass from the sea!

My birds!

My birds!

What is it?

I don't know.

Whatever it is, it's warm.

We must be outside.

I didn't know any place could be like this.

Everything hurts.

I hate outside!

-l hate it! l hate it! -Jessica!

It's all right. Come on, it's all right!

We'll be all right. Don't worry.

We'll get there.

Just got to find some water.

It's dark and cold.

And l'm tired.

Come on. We must get out of here.


I can't go any further.

Let's rest in here.

Do you think everything will turn to ice?

I doubt it.

Don't ever let go.

I won't.

It all seemed to make sense. ..

. ..until Box.

You think he was telling the truth?

What truth?

Perhaps we're the first people to get through.

Maybe Sanctuary isn't far now.

Another protected place.

Can't be outside.

Who would ever know?

And even if we find it. . .

. ..we can't go back now.


No, you're right.

It must be near now.

We'll find it.

Logan. Logan, look! Water!

Logan, look.

Look at your palm.

The crystal. lt's clear.

What does it mean?

The life clocks have no power outside.

We're free!

You can have any woman in the city.

What do you really want?

You know.

The choice is still mine?

Of course.

This time. . .

. ..the answer's yes.


It must be Sanctuary!



But it must be.

Whatever it is, there are probably people there.

And food and shelter.

Come on.

What do you suppose happened to the people?

I don't know. They must have left here.

A long time ago.

I wonder what they were like.

That must be one of them.

Then they looked almost like us.


. .. l've never seen a face like that before.

That must be...

. ..the look of being old.

They've all got names and numbers on them.

I wonder what they are?

"Beloved husband." "Beloved wife."

I wonder what it means.

Who are you?

Who are you?

I'm Logan 5.

This is Jessica 6.

I never much cared for my name, even when I could remember it.

We're from the city.


Yes, we came through the ice.

We got past Box.


This is Sanctuary, isn't it?


May I see your hand?

Look at his face. His hair.

-ls that what it is to grow old? -l guess so, yes.

But how old are you?

I don't know. l'm as old...

. ..as l am, l suppose.

Your hair is white.

Yes, well, it wasn't always that color, you know.

I got my color someplace here.

It wasn't your color. It wasn't much like hers, either.

Those cracks in your face. . .

-. . .do they hurt? -No.

Can l touch them?

Oh, my, heh.


Are you alone here?


I got all these cats.

Is that what they're called? Cats?

And they've each got their own name.

Cats, of course, what else would they be called?


You know they've each got three names?


The naming of cats is a difficult matter.

It's not just one of your holiday games.

You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter. ..

. ..when I tell you that each cat's got three different names.

See, they got their ordinary name.. .

. ..and then they got their fancy name.

And that makes two names, doesn't it?

Now, it's got a third name.

Can either of you woo guess what that third name is?

Come on!

Above and beyond There's one name that's left over And this is the name You never will guess The name no human research Can discover But the cat itself knows And never will confess.

Will you, Henry?

How long have you been living here?

A little longer than I can remember.

What kind of a place is this?

Well, it's just a place, you know. Just a place.

How'd you get here?

I've always been here. Hello, Thomas.

Are there other people?

Oh, gracious, no.

Has anyone else ever passed through here?

There may be a few out there. I don't know.

What makes you think that?

My parents told me.

My mother. . .

. ..and my father.

You knew your mother and father?

Sure, they raised me.

How were you grown?

-lnside your mother? -Right in there.

Are you sure?

That's what she told me.

I have to believe her. l don't know.

-Where are they? -What was that?

-Where are they now? -Where?

They're dead.

They are dead. Yeah.



They're buried.

Gus was the cat at the theater door His name, and I should have Told you before, is really Asparagus But that's such a fuss to pronounce We call him just Gus.

Why did you want to see my hand before?

You'd better show me yours.

Yes, you had.

Oh, that-- Oh.

That's lovely. That's beautiful.

Can l have one of these?

Uh, well, no.

I'm sorry. It's not possible.

That's just not fair.


I'll give you one of my best cats, my favorite.

I'll give you a Jellicle cat. I will.

I'm sorry, I really don't have anything to give you.

That's the truth.

-You hear that? -Here, you can have this.

What is that treasure?

I don't know.

You don't know. You're full of secrets as Macavity.

Macavity, Macavity There's no one like Macavity There never was a cat of such deceitfulness and suavity.

What lies beyond this place? Do you know?


I don't know, nothing. Nothing there.

Did your father or mother ever mention another place?

My mother? No, she never mentioned any other.

Nothing at all.

May we stay here?

We'd like to rest awhile.

Of course. This belongs to the people.

-What belongs to the people? -Certainly does. All of it.

What people?

All of them. lt's marked on the wall someplace.

All the people, all the time, shall not. . . .

I'll be right back.

That sweet madman.

How could he come to exist?

He had a mother and a father.

And they spent their lives together.

One in a million, l suppose.

Who knows?

We are going on, aren't we?

There's nothing to go on to.

There's Sanctuary. There is.

-You want there to be one, but-- -There has to be!

I know it exists.

-lt has to. -No, it does not. Not really.

Just so many people want it to exist, so many people who don't want to die. . .

. ..they want it so much that a place called Sanctuary becomes real.

But it doesn't exist. lt never existed.

-Just the hope. -You're wrong!

-lt has to be! lt has to be! -Oh, Jessica.

Jessica. Ahem.

Oh, my. Don't cry.

Look, l got some bigger ones of these over there. l don't know who they all are.

I think they must be family.

That'll cheer you up.

That's my color. That's what it is.

Leave her alone.

Surprised you, Doris, didn't he?

Now, l don't know who these all are.

I'm quite used to them. They all look the same to me now.

When I first found them, they were a little different.


You know, feel free to look at them.

But they're all old men.

Father said that one of these people...

. ..never told a lie. I don't know which one it is.

You thought I wouldn't find you, didn't you?

You thought I'd quit, huh?

What did you do to him?

You know what he was? He was a Sandman.

He was happy.

You ruined him. You killed him.


I've seen this face before.

Yes, isn't he the--? Hey, Jessica?




Why, Logan? Why?

Is this good? Is this what you want?


We had good times.

I let you go.

You wouldn't terminate a runner and l covered for you!

Why did you let her?

And now, l have to finish you.

You are terminated, runner.

Francis, look at your palm.

Go on. Look at it.

Go on, look at it!

Believe me, it's true.

This isn't the truth.

This is a lie!

Francis, stop! Listen!

That was the right shot.

Watch out, now.

He's tricky.

He'll fool you.

Logan. ..

. ..you renewed.

I don't want to say any more...

. ..but l hope that is understood, young woman.

Of course.

Now, don't forget.. .

. ..you promised.

We'll remember. But that's a long time off.

I wish I knew, but. . ..

Long time off.

What are we promising him?

He asked if we would bury him when his time comes.

We can't.

We're going back.


To what?

I have to tell them the truth.

You won't be able to tell anybody anything.

-You'll be killed. -Not when they've learned of this.

They won't listen. Things don't change.

We can stay here together.

Have a life as long as his together.

Jessica, things do change. Look.

You're lying. You don't want to change anything.

You want to go back to kill!

-Listen to me. -Francis was right!

-You really-- -Look. Listen to me.

The life clocks made me kill Francis.

They kill people every single day.

If l don't go back and try to stop that.. .

. ..destroy them. . .

. .. l can't live here.

I couldn't live anywhere.

Don't you understand that?

All I want.. .

. ..is to be alive and with you.

That's all.

Do you think I want anything different now?

Must we leave soon?

As soon as it gets light.

We're going to have to leave you in the morning.

What kind of people are you?

She promised you'd stay here and bury me. You did.

Come with us.

Yes. Come with us.

Yes, you must.

We need you now.

If people see you, then they must believe us.

Where you going?

We're going to a city with thousands and thousands of people.

-Young people. -All the people, all the time.

How many people?

-ls that more than my cats? -More. Much, much more.

More than. . .? Oh, my. And all of them alive.

Is it a long journey?

-lt's a journey. -Yeah.

We lived in most of these houses.

But they became too small for us...

. ..and ran out of mice, l guess. I don't know.

I used to come fishing here. . .

. ..but somehow all the fish died. Long time ago, now.

Nothing sadder than a dead fish.

All young people, you say? I don't even remember what....

Although, of course, the young people, yeah....

They say this thing used to be called a road.

Had to give bits of metal to use it.

How far away is it?

It's much further than it looks. It's big.

It's cold. Let's go back to the fire.

-We'll be there soon. -Soon?

That's worth its weight in gold.

That is, when it's cold.

You know, I've been thinking.

Those words we saw. . .

. . ."beloved husband," "beloved wife." -Yeah?

-What do they mean? -Oh, well, you see. . .

. .."beloved wife" would mean my mother, see?

And "beloved husband" would be more like. . .

. ..my father.

-They use those words to stay together. -Stay together?

-l can't put it any different. -But you mean. . ..

I mean, they lived together all their years?

Yeah. Oh, well--

Before I come along, I don't know. But after, yeah, they did.

So people stayed together for this feeling of love?

They would live and raise children. . .

. ..and be remembered?

They raised me, didn't they? Right in there.

I think I'd like that, Logan. Don't you?

Mm. Mm-hm.

Why not?

Beloved husband.

-Beloved wife. -Beloved son.

Here we go.

That's right.

You mean to say those people know ahead of time when they'll die?

-That's right. -That's silly.

What's the reason for that?

That's the way things are. The way they've always been.

It takes all the fun out of dying.

But if they're all shut up tight in there...

. ..how we going to get to see them?

All the young people?

What'd you say?

What does the water do?

Must be part of the power system.

The ocean tides are turned into energy somehow.

-Does it go inside the city? -Yes, I think so.

I don't know where, though.

Just took it for granted, like everything else.

I think it's our only chance.

Here, let me help you!

No, I can look after myself.

If ever a time comes...

. ..when I can't look after myself, I said to my cats:

"Why, that's the moment that you--"

Where are you?

I'll have to tell him.

We're going to try and get in through here.

I'm sorry, I don't think you can make it.

Oh, my. I was so looking forward to seeing all those people.

I want you to meet them too.

Stay here as long as you can.

-We'll bring them to you. -All the people?


You know. . .

. ..they've never seen a cat.

People have never seen a cat?

Oh, my.


Don't go in there!

You don't have to die! No one has to die at 30!

You can live! Live!

Live and grow old!

I've seen it! She's seen it!


Look, it's clear!

Last Day...

...Capricorn 29s.

Year of the city 2274.

Carrousel begins.

No! Don't!

Don't go!

Listen to him!

He's telling the truth!

We've been outside!

There's another world outside!

-We've seen it! -The life clocks are a lie!

Carrousel is a lie!

There is no renewal!

Nobody's going to be renewed!

Believe me!

Please listen!

Logan 5, did you find Sanctuary?

Did you find Sanctuary?

We will begin surrogation.

Your surrogates are engaged.

Logan 5...

...you were assigned to find a place called Sanctuary.


There is no Sanctuary.


The answer does not program.

You were assigned to locate missing runners.

State what you found.

All frozen.

The input does not program, Logan 5.

You may not resist.

An old...


You must not resist, Logan 5.

Did you find Sanctuary?

There is no Sanctuary.

An old man.


You broke city seals and went outside.

Confirm outside.

Old ruins exposed.

There is no...


Answer the question.

Input contrary. Input contrary.

You may not resist. You may not resist.

Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Unacceptable.