Loitering with Intent (2014) Script


♪ Ooh yeah

[alcohol being poured]

Oh shit. Hey man, I gotta get to Brooklyn, I gotta get to work, open the bar, I gotta work on this audition for the morning.

What're you going in on?

Now is this scene before or after you saw your own leg off?

I've seen slaves breaking their backs in the fields. Have you?

[indistinct chatter]

Pardon me, pardon me, I'm very sorry. No, we should head out. We gotta be there at four.

That's enough, from both of you. And you...wait. That's enough.

We need you up there, kid.

I'll be right up.

Brother, prepping an audition or doing an audition, or resting from an audition.

You can never commit, because you never know, you might get a job, but you never do get a job.

Sorry, but you don't.

Okay, who needs what?

These three here, we need two Ripostos one Fellini.

I don't know what he wants, and that freak down there, I'm not certain.

Oh shit, is that Raphael?

I was a gay on the Woody Allen movie you did.

I'm gonna be right with you. Just kidding.

I knew you had a small part but you were great. Thought you were gonna be huge!

What happened?

[indistinct yelling]

When I headed for that door I realized if I went out, I would never come back.

I didn't want to never come back but I couldn't come back out onto the stage, so there wasn't anything left so I went up the ladder.

[laughing and applause]

You're The King. The King. You're Joe Strummer.

I'm Joe Strummer. You're a sonic producer.

I'm a sonic producer!

I think I liked it. If you don't mind I wanna sit for the second scene.

Sure, no. What you did, really good.

Really good. Very good, thanks.

I don't know what else to tell you. You're in an age void.

Would you like a Peroni?

I want you to change your attitude, chief.

I want you to ask me again, and this time, with a smile.

Go fuck yourself! Get the fuck out!


Yeah, we will get the fuck out of here!

Look at me, look at me. Dude I can't do this anymore. I'm gonna fucking kill someone.

In an age void. What?

They don't know what to do with me. That's the problem.

Look, it's Lincoln Center. It's a cultural superstore.

It's white boy business, I mean, you getting that part is a long shot, come on!

Well what's the point then, Raph?

Please, tell me, I mean it's the same five directors, the same 10 writers, the same 20 actors, they just do everything! It's not good for theaters, it's fucking boring.

Look, it's a tight circle, we're not part of it.

You know the days of Joe Papp, off the street, the living theater, that's done!

Who's off the street? I'm trained, well trained.

I know you're trained. I went to conservatory!

Yeah but you didn't go to Juilliard, and that's what this is all about, right?

What big shows you were in, who saw you do it, my dad is Edward Albee, all that kind of stuff.

Edward Albee doesn't have kids. I know.

He's gay. Doesn't mean he doesn't have kids.

But he doesn't. [Kaplan] Hey, Dom! Who's this, your pimp?

Hey, how you doing, what a sight!

You look fantastic. Look who it is, Kaplan!

Hey don't mind us. We were running a scene right now...

I can't believe I'm running into you maniacs, you guys have been on my mind all week!

Was it in a naughty way? Take it easy.

It's always a little naughty with you, Raphael.

Tell us the less naughty parts for now.

All right. That was an amazing night at your bar last month.

We've had so many amazing nights at the bar with you, Kaplan.

No, we were talking movies with your writer friend, Jonathan.

You had those leather pants on! We love those pants.

Wasn't Jonathan talking about doing some low budget Raymond Chandler detective story thing?

No. That was our idea.

Who was mentioning the Sweet Smell of Success?

"Match me, Sidney" Match me.

I love that movie. What's Jonathan up to? I love his show.

Can you get me in touch? I promised my boss I'd find something interesting for him to produce for under 300 grand, he's looking to shuffle some money around on a tax credit thing.

I don't know what Jonathan' up to, but we wrote that script.

It's written, it's done. What script?

The Raymond Chandler thing. We're burning down the cultural superstar rasta.

Wow, look at you guys, that's great. Did you write parts for yourselves?

Of course. Yeah, we're the leads. We play brothers.

Okay, well what's it about?

Don't be shy, Dominic. Tell Kaplan what it's about.

It's, uh, well, basically, um...

Well, we play brothers. Yeah, I got that.


And, you know, we own a detective agency.

And it's a noir. Absolutely.

Uh, you know, basically...

Well, it's an elevated genre film. At least that's how aunt Carrie described it.

Aunt Carrie read it? Yeah, she loved it.

How the hell did you get aunt Carrie to read it?

No offense. None taken.

We know some people. Yeah, we're tapped in.

Well, what'd she say?

She said, er, what did she say, Raph?

Said it was raw. Yeah, oh yeah.

She said it was really raw and original, and that she'd love to get her hands on it.

It's called "The Blackmailers Don't Shoot."

Or maybe "The Black Mask." Yeah, I like that one.

What the fuck, is it low budget? You guys think you can make it for under 300 k?

Oh, yeah. Super low. Really low.

Less than that. This sounds perfect.

My boss is looking for something new. I get to produce this project.

Show me the script, let's do this.

No wait, hold on a minute, you know...

We're doing rewrites, we're swamped, you know, we can't.

This money goes away in two weeks, we don't have to jump through any hoops with them.

I just need to see the script. I'm gonna be honest with you.

Look I get you guys, I always have.

I can give you ten days, that's it. But we're meeting with other writers, so get it to me.

How you gonna get out of this. We don't even know aunt Carrie.

I auditioned for her once.

You can't write a script in ten days. Yes, but we can.

We, together.

Come on, we've been talking about doing this for years.

I have an idea. What do writers do? They go to the country.

We'll go to the country. To my sister's house. We'll have it all to ourselves.

Peace, quiet, no distractions...

Let's just get there, get down, and do it.

[engine spluttering]

[engine revs]

[engine shuts off]

Photosynthesis baby.

Oh, I forgot how peaceful it is in the country.

Nature will flip you, Dominic.

Flip you for real, remember that.


[grunts] Police activity, people. stay back.

Dominic, grab the bags. Oh, yeah.

That's very cute. Very cute.

[wind chimes ringing]

To Gigi's country manor.

Starting tomorrow, I think we should cleanse it out. No booze.

I saw this documentary on Ingmar Bergman at the Film Forum. I love the Film Forum.

He said the demons want you to stay in bed with cold feet.

So the first thing he does is he gets up in the morning and he takes a walk.

And then he writes.


You want some gross character of a woman!

That means power makes you more masculine, and masculine means you're ugly.

Well shame on you, you macho shithead!

All right, fuck this. Eureka!

Yes, that's it! It's a simple missing persons case.

Gets more evolved when we find the girl.


Recognize! It's a character piece, masked as a noir, wonderful.

Wonderful, wonderful!

Maybe a dubonnet with a twist.

It's a secret!

Corruption that echoes the world in which they live.

Yes, uh, dark shame.


It could be a double cross.

Could be, a double cross.

Genius! Yeah!

[rooster crows]

[birds chirping]

Maybe she joins a group, a cult, like the Source Family.

A cult could be fun. It's a period piece, but maybe we make it a mash up.

Set in Los Angeles over a 24 hour sequence.

Some dialog, dancing but heavy, like The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

I love that movie. Okay, so, dancing...

[Raphael] Mm hm.

In a noir. Yep.

That's good, right, we haven't seen that! That's good.

Okay, so, she--

Who's...who's that?

[operatic music on radio]

That's what I wanna know.

[operatic music continues]

Hello. Hi.

How you doing?

You must be Dominic. How do you know who I am?

I've seen pictures of you.


In Gigi's store. I used to work there, I'm Ava.

Oh, yeah. How is it we've never met?

I guess we've just never seen each other. You don't look like an Ava.

What does an Ava look like. You change your name? Let me see your ID. Got your passport?

Some outfit you have on. Is your name Lawrence by any chance?

Of Arabia? Close, Raphael, of Brooklyn.

You wanna borrow this? I got this one in Marrakesh, Okay, Ava, Ava, here's the, um...

Raphael, Brooklyn and I, we really need to be alone.

So, um...

What you doing here?

Planting flowers. I'm doing Gigi a favor.

My friend Carl is going to do a shoot here in a couple of weeks.

Okay, Gigi, she didn't tell me anything about this.

Don't worry about it. We're the king of this castle. Something wrong?

Here's the thing, Ava. We're up here to write.

We've been contracted to write a screenplay. We have nine days to finish.

I'll be very quiet. Like a mouse.

[whispers] Like a mouse.

I'm staying out in the trailer.

Well, why you doing that?

Why not? Okay, see. I just wanna set the right tone.

The tone is set.

[operatic music on radio]

[whispers] Now look.

That girl is very hot.

[both whispering] I can see that. Just stay calm.

I can't control the bitches worldwide.

Yeah, okay, this... This is gonna be a problem.

It's probably Karl Lagerfeld. What?

[loudly] Why are we whispering?

[continues whispering] What, what? Her friend who's gonna shoot here in a couple of weeks.

It's probably Karl Lagerfeld, the famous designer. Yes, I know who he is, bitch.

What are you guys whispering about?

[clears throat]

Ingmar Bergman.

[whispering] I told you.

We don't trust something about her, correct?

We don't trust something about anyone. We're detectives.

Why hasn't she gone to the police?

She wants to keep it out of the paper.

Wants to use discretion doesn't want anything to go on record.

She's got an aversion to celebrity culture.

Are you guys going somewhere?

Yeah. No.


You're sitting in your car. I was hoping you could give me a lift to the store.

We can't. Absolutely. Why not?

Okay, I'm gonna walk then. Do you guys need anything?

No, no thank you. We're cool. Do you want some Red Bull?

Are you kidding? For the writing.

No we're keeping it clean.


[Ava] Bye.

[honks horn]

Ava, can you get me some bittersweet chocolate, some vanilla ice cream, some cookies and maybe some beef jerky.

Don't go crazy. Just get one or the other. Worry about yourself, damn!

[honks again] Ava!

Just make it vanilla swiss almond!

Okay. And some condoms. [laughs]

I think you should fuck her. I'm absolutely not going to fuck her!

It'll open you wide up. I'm here to write.

I'm writing! You can do both.

Are you drinking a Red Bull? It's Prosecco.

Mm, ugh. That's Red Bull. Why would you drink that?

You wanna work all night? You wanna be a big time writer?

Try something before you dismiss it!

Put down the hand sanitizer and get a little messy.

Gonna feel like a tarantula.

[sound of car crashing outside]

What the fuck was that?

[sighs in exasperation]

Whoa! Gigi!

Oh, my God, what are you doing here? Are you okay? Are you all right?

Gigi, what're you... Have you been drinking?

Have you... You're wasted!


[Gigi laughing] Raphael! Raphael.

Raphael. Gigi!

[Raphael screaming excitedly]

[both screaming excitedly]


What are you doing for fun these days?

I don't know, stranger, what have you been doing for fun these days.

Think we owe each other about three happy new years.

She drove here drunk. Oh, give it a rest!

I didn't drive anywhere. I stopped for a second or something.

Can't you see she needs taking care of, Dominic?

Aw you! You are in tune.

You simply tune in. You always have.


[shrieking in excitement]

[continues shrieking]

[Gigi] My little darling!

Bring 'em more water please. The last thing I want... Okay, wow.

[Raphael] Splish, splash, I feel fantastic!

Dom, you wanna get in there and make it a family affair? [laughs]

I'm so happy we're all here. It's wide open.

You guys have known each other a while, right? Yeah.

Raphael was her boyfriend, sort of. What do you mean, sort of?

Whatever they were. That was way back.

[Raphael] Hey!

Yes, it's true. Raph was my boyfriend, sort of.

[Gigi chuckles]

Speaking of, where's Wayne? Don't mention Wayne, no no, don't mention Wayne.

Why not, why? What happened now?

He has some nerve. That's all I'll say.

Raph and I have a lotta work to do tonight so we might have--

Not a bubble bath without some bubbly.

Yes! [laughs]

Please man. [indistinct chatter] Why are you people ruining my life?

Because I love it when a man brings me champagne!

The honey is flowing in all directions!

[laughs raucously]

[birds chirping]

Yeah, get up. Let's go. We're leaving.

What are you doing? I'm leaving.

Why? Why do you think?

Dominic. Dominic!

What? I was losing my mind!

You can't leave, I practically crashed the car into the house last night. I drove drunk.

I don't have time for this. I don't have time.

Get off!


I don't wanna be alone right now.

Well I do! [grunts]

G, stop it. Why can't you stay?

Because, I need to focus! So focus!

It's a really big house.


Do you like that? I need you! I might be at the end of a rope.

Fine, all right, I'll stay!



Gorilla. Pussy!

What's up with my brother, what are you feeding him?

Roast turkey and Miles Davis of course.


Had a dream about you last night, G.

That sounds promising.

You were telling me you wanted to sell your shadow for 60 dollars.

I could get more than 60 bucks. I bet you could.

Hey would you mind reading this with me?

I'm tired of my shadow pinpointing exactly where I am.

I'm not sure that I follow.

I want to be rid of it.

It's not that simple, lady.

Neither am I.

There's no turning back, you understand?

Someone else could find a better use for it.

It got a little complicated...

[radio in the background]

Missed you.

[Dominic] Change of plans. We're not leaving.

So, upstairs in five, back to work. Is this hot?

G, just so you know, you fucked up my rib, really bad. It's killing me.

Let's go. Back to work. So...

...you write and then you dream, or you dream and then you write?

Which comes first? I dunno, that's a good question.

Sometimes I think the dream is writing me.

So if we find her, why don't we bring her back? I'm not sure, I'm not sure.

Because if we bring her back, the movie ends.

I'm not so sure about that, I'm not sure at all.

What's so special about this cult?

Primary colors, Stanley the dog, abandoned peers. Keep that close, abandoned peers.

Snails. A quote: trans-cranial magnetic stimulation.

Grapefruit the size of cannonballs.

The realism of nature combined with the serial-ism of nature, aka, whimsy. Aha!

[Dominic] What?

Carlos Puyol beats Real Madrid with his head. With his head!

Raph, Raph, Raph. What? Okay, what is all that? Where you going with all this?

You see how quickly young Ava dropped her robe?

You gotta love a girl who can think on her feet, huh?

If you're a man with sight, you'll notice she had a little fur down there.

I've been wondering for some time now if the kids have been bringing bush back.

Kojakhas been ruling the area for a long time now.

Back in the day, your sister had a full on Joan Baez.

Okay, stop, stop. Please, stop! What? What?

These are my notes.

These are things that can spark my vision.

We have to stick with it to get somewhere.

I need to circle the muse. I need to let the character emerge. I'm not a machine!

You need to circle. You seem to circle a lotta things.

Oh, I see what's happening here.

I'm just saying man, sometimes, you gotta push.

Man, you gotta jump! [Raphael imitates Tarzan]

[Dominic] All right! Okay! All right!

Just forget it, forget it! Back to the story, okay? Back to the story.

Just give me something real man, something deep, something truthful!

Oh, it rubs me the wrong way when you say deep, and truth. It just rubs me the wrong way!

The guy who wants success in ten days. The guy who wants everything now.

That guy's gonna talk to me about truth, about death?

You don't wanna get in there. Get in where, get in where?

You're just saying words, I dunno what you're talking about!

This is the omphalos of the entire story.

The omphalos? The navel, the central point?

Fuck you, word of the day.

[Gigi and Raphael laughing]

[laughing continues]

[Dominic] You gotta be kidding.

Dark, Mediterranean man sits at his computer, a pensive look on his face.

Hi, Ava. The curious girl enters the room.

Hey, look, Ava, you're a really nice girl, but I thought you were gonna be quiet as a mouse.

His brow tightens, she offers him a drink. This is for you.

[Gigi] No, I wasn't. I was just waving to you and I was...

[Ava] Look at those two. They can't resist.

How's the writing? I'm stuck.

On what?

Um, in...

In the story, my character's hired to find this girl who's wrapped up in a cult.

I find her, I don't know what happens next. She's in some kind of trouble.

Well, I know all about trouble.

What do you mean? What do you mean?

Well, what kind of trouble have you been wrapped up in?

It depends how you define trouble.

Sometimes trouble give you the answers.

Maybe your character is conflicted.

This girl is drawn to you. She's involved in something that intrigues you.

Question is, do you explore it?

Or maybe he's falling for her.

Anyway, if you get stuck again, give me a holler.

So he buys me this '66 Barracuda Fastback.

Pearl white, burgundy bucket seats, I love it.

And Wayne loves it. I love it.

For about a week. And then the next week he's just in his shell.

He's curled up, he won't get out of bed, and he's angry. So angry about everything!

Then suddenly decides he wants to get rid of it.

What! Not just the car.

He's suddenly obsessed with the Ramapough Indians.

To what end, I have no idea! Is that a new thing?

He's riding the Staten Island ferry back and forth. He's not going to Staten Island, he's just riding the ferry.

Says he needs to stay on the water.

I don't know what's going on with him.

Maybe it's everything going on in the world right now. Maybe that's what's setting him off.

Yeah. I dunno.

We were so good for so long.

And now, we're not connected. Not working.

I feel like he's bamboozling me, unless maybe it's me.

No it's not. No, my man is fucked up.

I'm sorry, G. I love you, but he's got some serious issues. He was in a war.

Then he was fucking Team Six.

What's Team Six? It means he was elite.

Okay, the best at what he did.

Anything after that, it has to feel like a let down to some degree.

She's no let down! Yeah man.

No, you know what I mean. I don't mean that. It's just that now he's a... he's a glorified handyman.

Let's not glorify the fact that Wayne is a product of the military industrial complex.

It's sad, but he made choices. What I know, is Gigi here is a radiant sunflower. And one who appreciates the sun, certainly loves sunflowers.


You're in love with him. It's really simple.

Battle of the sexes, people. Men in the lead.

All right, let's do it. Let's go. I'll play around.

On the case. I'll play around, here.

[Dominic] Get this going.

Billie Jean gonna go down. I remember how to do this.

Oh, yeah. Dominic is on fire.

[Dominic] Winning does make you feel good. I haven't won in a while.

[Raphael] Wait a second.

Winning is all. Chiang Kai-shek, remember that.

This is it. This is how it should be.

Friendship is as important as romantic love, remember that.

The cards are life. Minnesota Fats, remember that.

[Ava singing]

It's all in the sauce.

Listen, Raph, here it is. I've got pages man, exciting stuff. This is what happens, okay?

Our girl, she's running from everything, you know?

Her family, society, the status quo's, all getting ripped out.

She's found a new life with this cult, and I'll tell you this much. It is beautiful and I am wide open to it.

Now what do you think? [yells] I think you're out.

I'm out. [yelling]

I won. [celebratory noises]

[indistinct chatter]

You're mine. You're mine.


Hey, hey, watch out. Okay, come on you two, let's do it.

[indistinct chatter]


[printer buzzing]

[Raphael] Don't be a sap, Renee.

You dummy up on me now, you're looking at 99 years in Cincy.

Where'd you stash the dame?

I'm not telling you where she is.

[seagulls chirping]

I don't see that you have much of a choice, bucko.

You wouldn't understand.

Try me.

[boat's horn blaring]

She told me about the light. [laughing]

[continues laughing] I'm not talking about a street lamp. Yeah.

A light? You getting sucked into her cult.

I'll be lookin' for you next.

You may not find me. Wonderful, wonderful!

Wonderful scenes you've written. I love it It's good right?

I can't see him right now. You gotta... You gotta stall him. Make him go away.

Something! Okay?

Yo, dude! What's up, man? Come down!

Yeah, I'll be right down.

[Devon] How you gonna act, man?

I dunno. Oh, cool.

What does Gigi want? She wants me to be cool.

[Devon]Cool, man, so just stay here, cool spirit.

Smoke this, dude. Chill out, when you're done you go inside. Cool?

[Wayne] Yeah, okay, you want me to stay here?

[Devon] Yeah, stay here, I gotta piss.

Wait... Dude I gotta piss!

[wind chimes ringing]

[birds chirping]



Hey, killer.

Look who it is. Holy shit.

I didn't know you were going to fucking be here. What're you doing?

I'm up here with Dominic, yeah, I'm writing with Dom.

Work. Yeah, work.

You still acting? Yeah, I still got the curse.

Well, you still look like a movie star. You get botox yet?


These are new. Saw Dom on Law and Order.

Got his ear cut off. He was being such a pussy about it.

You still working at the bar?

Yeah, I'm still working at the bar.

I gotta take care of some stuff with G, so, um... maybe we have a barbecue later.


She mentioned you guys had a little blow off.

She did?

You know, just in passing.

Thought maybe you'd wanna go get some flowers, bring them up there, Clark Gable style.

Oh, is that what you think?

Well, all we have up here is flowers.

I guess I'm the flowers.

Yeah, I'm just saying.

She's still in bed. She's in bed?

You know that? You know that she's in bed? How do you know that she's in bed?

[chuckles nervously]

How do you know she's still in bed?


You got a lotta information.

Just up here riding with Dom, you know? [nervous chuckle]

You said that.


Runs good, don't it. [laughing] Yeah.

Hey, man, you haven't changed a bit. Look out!

G. Hey, G. [knocking on door]


Hey, man, nice haircut, dude. Like the way you're wearing it. Thanks, man, thanks.

You know, what's going on? I thought you were driving to L.A?

Dude, so did I. We got to Ohio and Wayne pulled a 180.

Wants to work it out with Gigi How long you gonna stay, you think?

Dude, I dunno. Could be a while.

Hey can you do me a favor? There's a black bag in there, it's Wayne's. Can you grab it?

Just in the back, dude. Yeah, no I got it.

What is this? Oh, bro, that's my head shot man.

What do you need a head shot for? Oh, it's for my show.

What show?

You didn't hear it, dude? I got my own show. Wayne's such a dick!

I don't get it. Dude, I don't get it either, bro.

I'm just teaching my class at Point Pleasant one day, surfing It's like the best day of my life everyday.

Then getting changed on the beach, right?

This guy comes up to me. He's like "Hey, bro, I've been watching you."

And I'm like "Hey, bro, what the fuck, man?" Because I thought he was trying to pick me up, dude.

Yeah. Yeah.

Happens that this guy works for Jerry Bruckenheimer dude.

Jerry Bruckheimer? Jerry Bruck-heemer.

Bruckheimer. Yeah, dude, he did Armageddon.

He does The Amazing Race, all these huge things!

Jerr...Jerry Bruckheimer. Jerry Bruckheimer, yeah, dude!

He called me on my cellphone, I pick up. I'm like "Hello"...

I'm like "Okay, dude, yeah, go fuck yourself'", because I thought it was Vasper calling.

Dude, it was really Jerry Bruckheimer, he called me up, he was like

"Hey, man, I want you to come in, I want to talk about your show."

So I go in and sit down with him, dude. You know what?

Great guy, man, he's wearing these tight jeans, he's kinda staring.

He's got these beady eyes, so I'm like "Hey man", you know?

"Is everything cool here?" and he's like "Yeah, everything is cool here."

So then, we start talking and we just get each other dude. Yeah.

He's like my other brother from another mother, dude.

We're just mano e mano, really vibing out, and then he turns to me he's like "You're my guy."

Guy for what? Dude, for my show I just told you about!

It's a reality show about my life, bro, I'm gonna teach guest celebrities how to surf and they're gonna compete.

Dude, it's like Dancing With the Stars. I mean meets The It Factor, meets, like, American Idol, meets, like, we're gonna party.

Sick! How much is he paying you for this?

Dude, can't tell ya. Signed a confidentiality agreement.

[laughing] It's a lot of money, dude.

Hey, man, dude hang on a sec, man.

My new agents are working out the contract, fucking UTA.

Ooda? Yeah, dude, United Talent Agency.

U-T-A? Yeah I call 'em "Uta" to fuck with them.

UTA, man, that's top ten.

Hey man, what are you up to, dude? What're you doing here? I'm just, you know man...

I was, uh... Wayne said you were on L.A Law.

You got your ear cut off or something?

That was a while ago, but, yeah.

That's great news, that's awesome news.

Awesome. The door's that way.

Look at all the chimes, man! Everywhere, just chimes.

Okay, man, I'll see you inside.

[tires screeching]

G. G, wait, G! God dammit!

Gigi just pull out? She did.

What she do that for? Did she know I was here? I don't know.

Come inside. Ah. Ow, Wayne! I'm here.

Aah, fuck.

You all right? Yeah, I'm all right. Um...

I really don't know if she knew you were here.

I'm sorry, man, I didn't mean to do that. I was just...

It's good, see, I'm cool. You okay?

I'm okay, yeah. What about you? You okay?

Yeah, man, I'm good, man, I'm good.

That's good. You know...

Gigi hasn't been picking up my calls for a few days, so...

But I'm good, you know. You guys gonna... have it out or something? I mean... Absolutely not.


Because I'm up here-- [whispers] Is she gonna break up with me?

Wayne, I dunno what she's gonna do. I really don't know.

It's just, I'm up here, I'm trying to work Yeah, that's what Raph said.

You guys are working up here.

I didn't know you were gonna be up here you know, so it was a little bit of a surprise.

Well, I told G, you know. What are you guys doing here, what's Raph doing here?

He's writing a script with me. We're trying to write a screenplay.

About what?

It's about some fucked up, you know, like some noir stuff. Some... missing people, and things-- That's cool, man, I'm not gonna get in the way.

I just wanted to see G man. I don't know if she's been picking up my calls...

But I'm here to make it cool, you know. It's cool, I mean is she cool? You think she's cool?

What do you think? You think she's being uncool?

I'm asking you a question. Can you focus? Okay.

I'm saying that I'm cool, and I'm wondering if she's cool.

Is she cool? She's gonna come back.

I'm just asking if she's cool.

She's been normal.

Are you not hearing what I'm saying? I'm just asking is she cool.

I dunno, I mean, I'm not sure what we're talking about.

Don't worry about it.

Where's my bag?

Huh? Where's my bag?

I dunno... Maybe...

Maybe that's it there. What's it doing over there?

What's it doing over here? I have no idea.

[Wayne] Hey, man, I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to...You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

All right, see you later, Wayne.

[Dominic] It's just we're being pushed out!

It's a reality surfer show, so what? So what?

It starts with a stupid surfer show, or Idol, Top Model, then your Jennifer Hudson winning a fucking oscar!

Do you wanna work?

But you act like you don't care! I don't care?

I don't know, just... What are we missing? What?

Maybe, Devon...maybe he just has 'it'. Definitely has 'Id'.

So you agree, he has 'it'? He's a beach bum, he's a pleasure seeker.

What does that have to do with having 'it'?

Having 'it'?

That's what the fuck I'm talking about! Thought you meant 'Id'.

Do you think he has that something special? Jesus Christ, Raph.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Endless Summer, has 'it', whatever that is exactly.

Maybe people are seeing something in him, that they just don't see in us, and that something is 'it'.

I don't know what you're talking about. He's on TV, we're not!

He's got a big agent, we don't.

I bet you, in a year, he's doing a war film with Ed Harris, and you and I are still shaking Cosmos in Brooklyn, talking about Bertolt Brecht.

I'm not gonna change my philosophy for living because Devon got a reality TV show.

[Dominic makes frustrated noises]

Come on! Okay, so what is this so called philosophy for living, Raph?

Because the last I looked, you were a 40 year old bartender.

I don't give a motherfuck about Idol!

I don't give a motherfuck about Jennifer Hudson, surfing, 'it', or whatever you're talking about!

Now I wanna end this conversation.

Either you're doing something wrong, or you're doing everything right. That could mean that you just don't have 'it'.

If you have talent, if you have real talent, you don't question it, and people that constantly question it, are the mediocre ones, and that's what you are. Mediocre.

Is that how you really feel about me?

I mean, is that how you really feel?

You're doing it right now! What? I'm doing what?

You're begging approval.

You have this pathetic need for validation, look at you. Even from me.

Even from me, the 40 year old bartender.

Well, at least I'm putting myself out there.

At least I'm going for something. You know what, that takes courage. You're doing nothing!

You've become a novelty act, and I'll tell you something, you're kidding yourself if you think my sister would ever have a serious relationship with you.

You're an entertainment.

No one we know takes you seriously. No one.

You're a fucking joke. [grunts]



[continues breathing heavily]

Should take a blowtorch to this fucking place.

Dude, there's some chick out here, bro, it's like a mirage. She's so fucking hot, dude.

You know her? That's Ava. She used to work for Gigi.

You're not gonna land her the way you do those L.A skanks.

Couple of tiki drinks with some coke.

Dude, nobody drinks tiki drinks. [scoffing]

Do you think I can fuck her, bro?

See all this stuff out here? See all this? Yeah.

It's my stuff. Gigi put all my stuff out here. Wanna bring it back in?

She thinks it's over, she's wrong.

Well, do you think, there's a chance it might be?

Might be what?

Over, dude. Come here.

What? Come here.

Come on, man. What did I do, dude? Come here.

Come here. What? What are you doing?

Nothing man. Nothing? What are you doing? Hey.

Hey. Hey.

Hey. Hey.

Hey. Why?

Why? What are you doing, man? What are you doing, stop.

What are you prepared to do? No, Wayne, don't get yourself worked up.

Is God big and white? Don't get yourself worked up.

Do you believe in the Pope? Chill out, stay in the pocket.

I'm in the pocket. You in the pocket?

You want the same shit to happen that happened in the city? You want that to happen here?

Do you?

Do you, man?

Okay, okay. Okay.

I'm glad you're here. Yeah, me too, man.

Hey, tell me this. She 18?

[thunder rumbling]

[rain pattering]

Hey. Hi.

What's happening?

You look nice and comfy. I feel comfy.

You know Wayne? I do.

I'm his brother, Devon.

You're Ava. I am.


Welcome to our illustrious country home, Wayne's brother, Devon.


I surf.

Cool. Professionally?

Yeah, but that's not all I do. I'm a philanthropist. Got my own clothing line.

[Wayne] Devon, Devon!

I gotta get in the pocket man. Gimme your car keys.

Oh, they're in the visor.

He's fine. So, like, what do you do?

What are you a professional at?

Wayne said you're en entrepreneur?

Did I just see Wayne drive down the road?

Yeah, he just took a drive to get his head straight.

Hi, Dev. Hey, G.

Just met Ava. She's very pretty.

[Devon] You know...

Wayne really wants to work it out with you.

He's trying, you know, he's really trying. He's crazy.

Izzy, I didn't get your messages. The service is in and out up here.

I had to go to the emergency animal hospital, all night with him.

All night and-- The service is bad. If I knew...

Of course I would have called you if I knew Benny hurt his eye, I mean, what...

Just tell me what's... What happened? Tell me what happened? Is he okay?

I don't wanna talk to you until you're done writing this screenplay, or whatever it is.

Are you serious? Are you seriously doing this to me right now?

Can you put Benny on speaker phone? I wanna talk to him. No, no,, no.

That's ridiculous. I'm not putting your dog on speaker phone.

Izz? Izzy, are you there?

You okay? Jesus!

Devon, you just scared the shit out of me. All right, dude, chill out.

We're in a country. It's illustrious here.

How you doing, babe? What the hell?

What happened to you? Me and your brother getting down at the deeper truths.

How's it going with you and Wayne?

I haven't seen him yet. Yeah?

Well, if you need me, you shoot up a flare, okay?

You still got it![laughing]

Look, I'm throwing a goddamn party here tonight, lighting this place up.

You got an old suit in that collection for me? A party? Yeah, sure.

I have a suit, of course. Okay, good.


You smell that night jasmine, do you? Yeah, I smell it.

Be cool, Raph. Okay? Just be cool.

Hold up, broheim.

What's up superstar, I heard about your show. Congrats.

Thanks, friend. Nice ride.

What do you want, Dev?

Where you going? I'm going to the store.

Are you gonna get something for Gigi?

I'm gonna get something for everybody you want me to pick you up a nice Rose there, Venice?

Your eyes, my eyes.

Your eyes, my eyes, bro. I'm watching you. All day.

[starts engine]


Hi, Devon.

[phone vibrating]

[phone vibrating]

Hello? What're you doing?

[clearing throat] I'm thinking.

What's all that noise?

Cooking. Mm, what're you cooking?


Sauce? -Yeah.


Mm hm. Nice.


What do you want? Come around the corner, by the pond.

[man speaks on radio]

Hey, how's the sauce?

Good. What're those? Would you like to have a seat?

Where'd you get 'em? Did you take them?

Don't worry about where I got 'em. Just sit down, please?

I wanna talk.

Did you take those chairs from somebody's porch? I borrowed them.

Just bring 'em back, Jesus.

I thought we could sit down and talk and be nice. What you being so uptight about?

You asked me to marry you! How is that a bad thing?

I don't see how this is a bad--

How and when you did it is the bad thing.

And then you just took off? That's a bad thing!

I mean what were you thinking? I don't know.

My head was fucked up, okay, but I've been thinking about this for a long time.

Jesus Christ, Wayne. Jesus Christ what? What do you want from me? I love you.

I wanna marry you.


Where are you going? Don't you think I know what's wrong with me?

Please, come back. Please, come back here.

I got something for you. It's an anger card, just for you to... Sit down.

Babe, sit down. Hey, I don't wanna sit.

"There's nothing really worth getting angry about. What're you angry about this time?"

Are you asking me this? I don't get it. No that's to myself.

I've been carrying that around for a few weeks now. I write stuff down that...

Triggers? Yeah! More I write it out, more I can start to see the...

Patterns? Patterns.

And then I can start to figure some of that shit out.

Okay. This is very evolved for you.

Is this some kind of trick?

What do you think? No, it's not a trick.

Okay, it's a trick. You're being tricked.

[reading] "Lights."

Yeah? Okay, I know that one.

[reading] "Bruni the super?"

Yeah, that fucking guy. Well, I know. Me too, for that matter.


Rain gets you mad?

No, not the rain. Umbrellas. People aren't careful you could get your eye poked out.

They could easily lift it up, or tilt it. They don't fucking do that.

Get poked with a fucking umbrella.

I don't see anything on here about the Barracuda.

Are you listening, are you really reading this? I'm working my way up to the big one.

Why would you wait till now to give me this? After you've caused all these problems...


You do something like this, and then you propose, that's reasonable.

But, not on the heels of a huge argument.

And then you--

♪ Did you ever see a dream walking? ♪

♪ Well, I did

♪ Did you ever see a dream talking? ♪

♪ Well, I did

♪ Did you ever see heaven right in your arms? ♪

♪ Saying I love you, I do Stop it!

Well the dream that was walking, I -- [clears throat]

That was a little high.

Stop. Stop! [continues singing]

I love you--

I didn't want you to leave. I never want you to leave.

But you're always fucking leaving.

I'm working on it, baby. What do you think the card's all about?

I don't wanna leave. I don't want you to leave either.

Let's get married.

Oh, my God! What, oh, my God?

I can't believe you did it again!

What am I doing? You're not getting it.

[cell phone chimes]

Dominic! Hey, it's me, Kaplan. Listen, bad news, the money went away for a little project.

So, I won't be needing your script.

But hey, these things happen, you know, so, you gotta stick it out. The money was there, now it's not. It's very frustrating, but what can you do?

Okay, take care, babe. I gotta go. Bye.


You were crying. Why were you crying?

Because they sliced my ear off, dude.

But that's not what would happen. That's blunt trauma. You would go into shock or something.

You've never had your ear cut off. How the fuck do you know?

No, but I've been shot. Got a piece of shrapnel on my thigh, seen my buddies get their fingers blown off. That's not what happens. You go into shock.

This guy, it was very close to my head, man.

It hit nerves and shit. What about playing like an interior decorator?

Or maybe like a hairdresser?

Stop it. Come on, Wayne.

Wanna do a shot? Yes.

[pours drinks]

[indistinct chatter]

Let's go out.

Cheers, bro!

[together] Cheers!

I want you, right there. You, give me...

[indistinct chatter]

[Raphael] Check, check, check!

DJ Fluxus is gonna juxt your whole position, people.

Everyone back down on the dance floor.

Let's do it.

Listen to me, you're my everything. You're all that means anything to me.

You're my ice cream sundae, you understand. You get me?

Why don't we go to Niagara Falls and have a honeymoon?

Hey. Hey.

Hi! Those were seriously some good dance moves.

You too! Thanks.

Cold water doesn't bother me. I can keep my hand in there all night.

Maybe you should do that.

Ah. No.

[whispers] Sorry.

Whoa, what the fuck? You're not into this?

Come here. What? Oh.

Everybody on the dance floor. Everybody, come down.

We do the honeymoon now, and if that goes well, we can get married later.

Know what I mean? I like that.

And if we get really crazy, we could drive to Canada.

Keep on driving to Montreal.

Is that something you wanna do? Don't you wanna do that?

Do you wanna do that?


Look I'm sorry, it's just, you know, I...

Have a girlfriend.

That's not what I'm talking about.


[Raphael] All right, okay, okay, next.

You know what the main ingredient of the marshmallow is?

Sugar! No.

Horse? Cocaine?

No. What? Horse...horse hoof.

Hooves, hooves! Oh, my God.

[more applauding]

Politics. Politics people, politics.

All right, last one. Who's on the 500 dollar bill?

William McKinley. William McKinley. William McKinley.

Bitches. Who the fuck knows that?

No one. That's the point. William McKinley was a fucking president of the United States and no one knows who he is.

Everybody knows who Washington is. Lincoln, fucking Ben Franklin wasn't even president and he's on some money.

But what the fuck did William McKinley do?

He got assassinated. He did get assassinated.

Does anybody know? He was President?

I've never even heard of him. They don't even make 500 dollar bills any more.

[Wayne] What's your point?

My point is, McKinley never made his mark.


So you're a man on a mission. Yeah, I'm a man on a mission.

You know, I wanna make a mark.

[Wayne] What then?

I don't know. That's it. I get to live my life doing what I love.

Again, and again and again, and again.

And then we die, and then it's over and who cares?

We're all fucking just bacteria, dude.


Why are you so caught up in making a mark for?

I wake up every morning with this... pain in my stomach like I did something wrong. I don't wanna feel that shit any more.


I don't know what it is but I don't wanna feel it.

Was talking about self-loathing. Shame.

You gotta look to it man.

[Wayne] Everything else will come.

I don't know...

But you do know.

It's exactly that. The weight of all this stuff gets lifted when you embrace love.

All of this other stuff is real.

But it's good to align yourself with love. It helps.

What's the point, if we don't have love?


Why are we here?

Yeah, dude, love. Riding high energy. When I surf, I feel love.

A wave is like a wavelength of energy. It's moving water and I'm riding the surface. Dude, think about that!

I'm in perfect harmony with mother nature when I'm surfing.

That's amazing! That is amazing.

[excited squeal]

I love Gigi.

[Devon] I love Gigi too.


I love you.

[Wayne] Take it easy, tiger. She loves you too.

I'm serious.

I love you too. [laughing] Here have a marshmallow.

[indistinct chatter]

Love is a giant pickle.

I'm in love with you.

These people, they don't know what we're talking about. I'm in love with you.

Wayne, I'm sorry you have to hear this. I got nothing against you.

There's something alive here between Gigi and me.


Remember back in the day, you wanted to drive down the Pan-American highway with me?

Remember that?

You wanted to drive all the way down there with me?

But I wasn't ready.

These last few days have been so-- Let's hear him out.

Gigi, I can love you like you never, ever, ever...

Like earth, like magic. Just meet me in my car at 4:00 a.m..

You don't bring anything. We gonna make that drive.

[fire crackling]

[rain pattering]

[thunder rumbling]

[footsteps approaching]

Hey, Dev, you're in the wrong car.

[car door shuts]


Good night.


[wind chimes ringing]

[door shuts]

What's up big boy?

[exhales slowly]


You know, I like what you guys have written so far.

Yeah, what do you like about it?

I like that they fall in love.

Does she fall through with the double cross?

Because that would be heart breaking.


[wind chimes ringing]

[bottle cap rattles]

Think she goes through with the double cross?

I absolutely do.