Lola (1981) Script

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"For he who has no house, it's too late to build one.

"And he who is alone now will stay alone a long time."

Why is all the poetry you read for me sad?

Poetry is sad.

What does that mean?

You mean there is no such thing as happy poetry?

Poetry comes from the soul.

And the soul is always sad. Is it? The soul?

And why is it sad?


Because the soul knows more than the brain.

And that's why it's sad. Weird.

For me it's just the opposite.

I know more than I feel.

Please do up my corset.

Schuckert? Is it you?

Oh, Mr Mayor!

Don't make so much noise, idiot. You don't have to let the whole town know that I am here.

They all know anyway.

But they don't know every time.

It's not that often.

Anyway. Who do you want? Gigi? Of course I want Gigi.

Tell her that I am waiting upstairs.

Hello, Esslin.

Come here. In this place we all are equal.

The last thing I want is to be equal to you.

I don't think that will ever happen.

I see, you want to meet your new boss with clean, innocent hands.

Did he already arrive, your Mr von Bohm?

He is not my Mr von Bohm.

And he is not even your Mr von Bohm.

Certainly, not yet.

And tomorrow I am going to inform him about the role you play in this city.

Please do!

If not, I would have to tell him all this myself.

And please give him my best regards, this building inspector.

Good evening, Mr Schuckert. Good evening, Harry.

Well, René, did you hear everything?

I never hear what I am not supposed to hear, Mr Schuckert.

I would never do such a thing. Never.

Don't you want to? As you are already here.

Or are you scared to draw the shorter straw here, too?

Thank you.

You staying here? Yes.

Perhaps I'll make up my mind and wash my hands, too.

Lola is going to be happy to see me with clean hands.

What do you think?

Your hands can't be cleaned, even by washing them.

Now you have heard how your people treat me.

Don't you think you could teach them a little bit more respect for the free economy?

The good old post office keeps my money for me.

I don't know how smart that is. The interest is...

Interest, interest!

Do you want to know why I have my money at the post office?

Because nobody knows me there.

Because the guys there do not earn enough money to happen to meet me and that's good enough for me.

But you have a very important person waiting for you upstairs.

I only know important people.

But only one mayor.

But they usually don't wait till closing time.

Something good is always worth waiting for, they say.

Too true, Witty. Oh, Wittich. Too true.

Get lost!

We should see each other next week.

I've got some thoughts on how to finance the Lindenhof project.

You're going awfully quick.

Don't you want to wait till the new building inspector arrives?

I think it's better if we start without him, we can always change the plans.

Now, I'm curious. Can we meet at my place?

I always go where the money is.

This is disgusting!

You should not have given permission for this.

You have to give permission for everything under a democratic system.

It looks horrible.

Your Esslin is amongst them.

You know one of them?

One of the employees at the building department.

Of no importance.

Is he allowed to attend demonstrations? He is a moralist.

That's what we all are, aren't we?

But this is no reason for a demonstration.

Particularly not in front of church.

I also think we should not pay this mob any mind.

Come now. Wait a minute.

Esslin, for the war.

Thank you, Mr Schuckert.

But Schuckert... What's the problem?


I gave them a donation, and I gave them a donation.

A good businessman never burns his bridges, correct?

He is a fine man, very proud.

He reminds me of your father.

Maybe he was also an officer.

Non-commissioned. Non-commissioned.

Yes, your father was a non-commissioned officer, but he would have been an officer, if he hadn't been killed.

If he were still alive.

If he were still alive, I wouldn't have to work as a maid, -and you not as a... Singer.

As a singer, yeah.

What did I want to say? You're always causing such confusion.

What's his name, the new building inspector you are working for?

Von Bohm. From the Baltic coast I would guess...

Or maybe Latvian? From Masuria?

Not from Masuria. In that case, I would have heard his name before.

But he comes from a good family, I'm sure of that.

Sure? Yes, sure!

Even though you are making fun of me.

And if you really wanna know,

I can see him on a horse, I can imagine that very well.

And he is educated, too.

How do you come to such conclusions?

You only spent a half an hour with him.

An intelligent person doesn't need more than half an hour.

He even gave me my housekeeping allowance in advance.

And I can bring my Mariechen the next time I go.

As long she doesn't disturb him.

How old is he? Well, in his prime, I would say.

A real man. So why isn't he married?

I'm looking for the office of the building inspector.

I'm afraid you're out of luck.

What does that mean?

It means you're out of luck because he's dead.

Died a long time ago.

I asked you a precise question and I want a precise answer.

Ground floor to the right, first room on the left, number 6.

Thank you.

Oh, by the way. My name's von Bohm. I'm the new inspector.

But there's nobody in now.

Don't you have better things to do?

But appointments only begin at 11:00.

Appointments begin at 11:00, but the work day starts at 8:00, correct?

Appointments begin at 11:00, but the work day starts at 8:00.

Correct? Correct.

Good morning, Mrs... Miss Hettich. Miss.

So, good morning, Miss Hettich. Good morning, Mr von Bohm.

The first thing I do after the weekend is to water the plants.

Very good.

Miss Hettich? Yes?

If I frightened you, Miss Hettich, I apologise.

I promise not to frighten you again.

Do you know how to help me with that? No.

Just be in the office before I arrive, even if it's only a minute.

One minute before you.

I come at 8:00, do you agree? I agree.

Would you mind getting rid of these things?

Don't worry about the desk, I've already cleared it.

But maybe you will need something or other.

No, I won't. Not something, not anything.

I want a fresh start, Miss Hettich.

Yes, a fresh start.

Please take down the pictures.

And please get rid of the plants.

You don't like plants?

I love plants, but not in my office.

And I love pictures, but not these.

Maybe we could find a nice corkboard as a substitute.

A corkboard? Yes, something I can pin blueprints on.

That's what the office is for, to create blueprints, right?


Good. Now I'd like to read my newspapers.

The newspapers. Of course.

The newspapers.

The mail's not delivered until 9:00.

Oh, is that so?

Tell him to come at 8:00 from now on.

-Isn't that a good idea? You mean I should tell him to come at 8:00?

Yes, that's a good idea, Mr von Bohm.

The city, gentlemen, is still a long way from recouping its pre-war stature.

The wounds of the war are still not healed.

There is still a lot of vacant space in our streets.

But beyond that we can foresee new projects.

The miraculous economic recovery of our social market economy has injected a new enthusiasm, pregnant with new ideas, into the building industry.

We, the city's building authority, must contribute our part to this miracle.

This state, here and now, asks for development and expansion.

We will act accordingly.

We have to do this in order to keep the progress progressive, and doing this we will get to know each other you and I.

A toast to that.

I was pretty sure I had picked the right man for the job, -now I'm absolutely sure. Thank you.

I especially liked what you said about the bureaucracy and how it was up to them to keep the ball rolling.

Especially these middle echelon bureaucrats...

They need a superior telling them, "I know how to interpret the letter of the law, "but I want to learn how to carry things out in a generous way."

Something like that, you know.

There are too many bureaucrats who are a little too dutiful.

I have nothing against bureaucrats doing their duty.

That would be a misunderstanding.

Oh, my God. Sense of duty, that's just for lack of...

We're still talking about the same thing.

We should learn to look beyond the fine print and see the big picture.

That's what I mean... That's what we...

Our Mr Esslin will introduce you to all the gentlemen.

That will be a good mission for him.

My pleasure, Your Honour.

But don't let him... What's the word, Esslin?

Indoctrinate. Right.

No indoctrinations while I'm gone. They're very dangerous.

Besides, we'll get to know each other while we work.

Sounds reasonable, our new man.

Maybe that's the gentleman we should have started with?

Schuckert? You'll meet him soon enough.

That sounds ominous. Schuckert is a builder.

The biggest builder here.

Then it's probably important to meet him.

We are the building authority. I have a good feeling.

We have to work with the builders, especially the most industrious.

And from what I gather... He sounds good, this Mr von Bohm.

He is industrious, very industrious.

Well, I am, too.

Now why don't you introduce me to these other gentlemen?

I'll do that. Please, come.

That is our Chief of Police. Mr Timmerding!

Mr Timmerding. Mr von Bohm.

Good morning, Mr von Bohm. I will safeguard your activities, so to speak.

I hope that my activities don't need safeguarding by the police.

The people, Mr von Bohm. Do we know the people?

Satisfied? I think so.

Especially Schuckert should be satisfied.

Want one, Esslin? Thank you.

Don't worry.

Did you sleep well? I always sleep well, Mr Schuckert.

You come from East Prussia, don't you?

How... How do you know that?

I probably should have told you a lot sooner.

I have two weaknesses which will come to light sooner or later.

East Prussian people and West Frisian tea.

I come from Trakenow. It's not too far from Danzig.

Danzig. I passed through there once during the war...

Or should I say ran? We were moving backwards in a hurry.

Your husband died in the war?

Stalingrad. Stalingrad.

Now there has been peace for ten years, more than ten years.

I hope to God that it will last our whole lives.

You are a good person.

Mariechen stay in the kitchen!

Oh, let her go. She can't cause too much damage.

Mariechen, Mariechen, Mariechen.

Shall I tell you a joke? Yes.

An old woman goes to church.

She meets a man. The man asks, "Where are you going?"

"To church." "To church?"

"Yes, to church." "No, that's not possible."

"Why is that not possible?" "Because you have a bacon rind under your arm."

"No, I don't have a bacon rind under my arm.

"No, I'm going to church. Then I can't have a bacon...

"Oh, God, oh, God.

"Then the hymnal will be in the pea soup."

That's a stupid joke.

You think it was stupid?

Yes, maybe it was stupid.

Are you also from East Prussia? No, I'm a girl.

What are you? Me? I'm a man.

Then we can get married. Perhaps a little bit later.

No, now. Later, I can choose for myself. Mariechen!

I don't know where she gets those things from.

No problem, I like children because they are so self-confident.

Could I please have your orders now? What kind of orders?

What you want for lunch, what I should buy for the weekend.

Mrs Kummer, you'll get no orders from me.

At work, I give orders all day long, all week long.

In this house you will give the orders, please.

I have the right to throw myself on the mercy of your good tastes.

Please, take care of me.

You are also taken care of, Mariechen?

By the way, what keeps your daughter so busy?

My daughter? She is... She's a singer.

A singer? That's good.

Classical or modern? Classical, more classical.

But she's always on tour.

If I like a guy, I want to tell him that I like him.

But if I don't like a guy, I don't have to tell him straight.

So what? Why do you like me?

Because you buy a lot of champagne.

Other people drink, too.

Because he loves life, this Mr Schuckert, that's why I like him.

Mr Schuckert drinks because he's feeling good.

All the others drink because they don't feel good.

I'll have another glass, too.

Because I don't feel good. You don't feel good?

Because I have to listen to your stories of loving life.

You're being paid for this. Now listen to this.

You know I had a running argument with the last building inspector, Kleinerman, about the height of a...

I don't know. It doesn't matter.

Anyway, I was able to add an extra floor because I lowered the basement six feet, and would you believe he never noticed it?

Anyway, this von Bohm, this asshole, he looks at my blueprints and the first question he asks is why I lowered the cellar six feet.

He noticed it.

And I say to myself, "This is it, Schuckert, you've had it," and I begin to stutter, and he just stands there coolly and you know what he said?

No. Anyway.

He said, "Why don't you make

"the building three storeys higher?

"Then you won't have to build the cellar at all."

Three more floors. Can you believe that? No, I don't.


Let me explain.

You know what it means, those three floors.

That means three million in cold hard cash. In total.

You have to imagine that.

Bring him around sometime, your new friend.

In here? You are crazy.

I don't know.

He'll never come in here.

Why? Is he gay?

That's good. von Bohm gay.

No, a little old-fashioned, maybe. Simply old-fashioned.

You said before that he is modern.

He is modern in his job.

But with women, he is old-fashioned. You know, the old school.

Kissing of hands, but no fucking and definitely not in a whorehouse.

I'm sorry, but I've got to tell you straight, he just isn't your type.

A hand kisser?

A hand kisser?

A hand kisser?

What would you say

if I got him to kiss my hand?

Nothing. He wouldn't do it.

Would you like to bet? Don't think about him.


Thirty bottles.

Okay, 30 bottles of champagne for a kiss on the hand in front of witnesses.

What do you want here?

Down with imperialism. No more war.

Get lost.

Out of here, all of you.

Tell me something, Esslin.

Why can't people build as many floors as they want to?

What? Floors? Floors.

That's exactly what I said.

Because each project is regulated by how big it is and how many floors are planned.

Oh, is that how it works?

So how can Schuckert build the Lindenhof three storeys...

Three storeys higher?

I thought there already was a blue...

Blue... Blueprint thing.

What makes you so interested?


Is there a law?

A law against


interested? Just tell me how.

Because von Bohm said all he has to do is change it. Very simple.

Simple. Very simple. Very simple.

And you still respect him, this von Bohm of yours, even when he lets Schuckert build one, two,

three extra floors?

He's impressive, fascinating, and he's absolutely incorruptible.


Old-fashioned. Fascinating.

You know what? The man is a pain in the neck.

But you don't even know him. That's right.

Lola, he's not the right person for you.

He's not right for me!

He's not right for me!

But maybe I'm right for him.

How come nobody says that?

And because not every German soldier was 0178 of the few real Nazis, the town of Coburg decided to build a memorial for the German Wehrmacht and for the German Resistance, in special remembrance of Colonel Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg.

Are you Mr von Bohm? Yes, von Bohm.

Okay, you're not a maid, you're a housekeeper.

I wanted to see how you are at housekeeping. But you've never come to visit me before.

You've never cleaned a gentleman's house before.

Please! Taken care of, then.

Who knows, perhaps this will be a good influence on me, seeing how the other half lives.

Please, Lola, don't touch anything.

Why should I do that?

It would be nice if my mother knew who I was.

Marie-Louise, please.

It's only because it's expensive.

What? This? It's Ming. It's from China.

He even reads books about it. There.

He goes to the library every Wednesday to borrow more.

Leave it.

Doesn't he have enough? Mariechen...

If you crawl around here, pretty soon you'll be smarter than your mother.

Ming. Ming. You see?

Does he read anything else? Like love stories or something?

Of course not. I think that's weird.

And how come you know so much? I know because I know.

You know, because you spy on him.

Mariechen, Mariechen, what's gonna become of you?

A spy for a grandmother, whore for a mother and your father a happy pig.

What's that, a whore? Marie-Louise!

A whore, Mariechen, that's something you can buy.

Like that Ming thing over there.

But you may touch a whore. And they are not so rare.

What are you doing here?

He lives here, that is a negro.

I can see that. Besides, he speaks only English.

What do you mean by that? How do you know how good my English is?

And I speak a little German.

Hello. How are you?

And you?


Once he was living in the whole house, can you believe that?

Very interesting.

And then there is an old man working in the market as a blind beggar.

And imagine, he is not blind at all.

And this is his bedroom.

His bedroom.

Good morning, Mr von Bohm. I was waiting for you.

Good morning.

Here. I will sign you in.

You know the way. Yes, I know the way.

Excuse me. Yes?

I know it sounds funny, but haven't we met before?


I see you're interested in East Asian art.


Indirectly? I don't understand.


Directly, I'm really interested in you.

Good morning, Mr von Bohm.

Good morning, Miss Hettich.

Tulips, daffodils and narcissus should never be without a pretty woman.

They are for me? Why? Do you see two pretty women?

Thank you, Mr von Bohm.

A beautiful day today.

But it's drizzling.

What? It's drizzling?

But it's still a beautiful day.

A day is not what it looks like, it's how one feels that day.

The newspapers.

Who has it better, Miss Hettich, the tea or the coffee?

The coffee. The coffee just sits there, the tea has to suck it up.

How did you know? Did I tell you before? In the first week.

I see, I have to be more frugal with my humble jokes.

So, what's first?

At 9:30, the Mayor.

At 1:00, lunch with the Department of Traffic at the Golden Lion.

And at 3:00, a meeting with the city contractors.

I'd like to see Esslin first.

Why two cups? One for Mr Esslin.

I have to admit, Miss Hettich, you learn quickly. Very quickly.

Good morning, Esslin. I was ready.

I thought...

No interruptions, please.

Building Department, von Bohm, Hettich.

It's a matter of life or death and is for you personally. A lady.

Give it to me, please.

Von Bohm.

"I looked you up, I looked you down. It made me happy what I found.

"I heard you once, I heard you twice. The way you spoke was very nice.

"I touched you once and then again. You weren't like all other men."

You'd like to see me soon? Let's make it Sunday afternoon.

Yes? Good.

It was a matter of life and death, you're right.

No further calls, Miss Hettich.

I'm of the opinion that you have prepared yourself, am I right?

Yes, Mr von Bohm, I have prepared myself.

Have some tea and speak.

Okay, the Lindenhof project.

I want your opinion, your complete opinion.

Thank you, Miss Hettich.

The Lindenhof project is a scheme. A scheme? That sounds interesting.

Go on, I want to hear your proof.

First of all, the certificate of ownership.

Since the turn of the century, no major change of ownership has occurred.

In the last five years, many have taken place.

I know some of the new owners.

They belong to the power elite of this town.

Power elite. Very nice. Secondly. The price of the land.

In comparison to the 1952 prices, it's tripled.

In comparison to the 1938 prices, it's worth 10 times as much.

If the building plans are accepted by the city council, the builders will at the very least double their investments.

Thirdly. The city contractors.

The city contractors are the most classic example of incest and nepotism I've seen to date.

They can be seen as the extract of the so-called good families of this town.

Is this documented?

Well, not exactly, but you're having a meeting with them today after lunch.

Yes. I will see the gentlemen personally. Anything else?

What? Proof of the scheme?

Where does Schuckert fit into this mess?

Schuckert. The rest of the committee are only crows, you know, -he's a real scavenger. Scavenger.

That's what he is, a scavenger.

Power elite. Double their investments. Incest and nepotism. Scavenger.

What about me?

How do you see me in this relationship?

What do you expect from me?

That you clean it up, you clean up the nest of...

Crows? And take the scavenger's hunting licence?

Is that what you want, Esslin?

Do you want to change our economic system?

I am against revolution. I am a humanist.

You are against revolution. You are a humanist.

So, Esslin, you would have to go on suffering crows and scavengers.

MARKET ELITE - SPECULATIVE GAINS PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT - BIRD OF PREY It was genius what that dog did, pure genius.

Why do you call him a dog?

Did I say that? You're right. He's a fox.

A clever, convincing, conniving fox.

You know what he called me?

A scavenger. A what?

Well, I'm not really positive because I wasn't there.

But he said something about a scavenger who was eating up the town and Timmerding said he was referring to me.

Not bad, eh?

He called the others crows.

To put it bluntly, he called you a pack of thieves.

Untouchables. The dregs of humanity.

Well, not exactly in those words, but basically, yes.

I agree with him.

But I don't understand what you find so funny.

Perhaps you're only happy when people call you by your correct name: pig.

You have touched it, then you have to take it.

But that mealy-mouthed Timmerding and your great friend from the savings bank...

What's his name? Wittich. Wittich. Wittich.

Wittich. Wittich.

That they listened to it, that I don't understand.

Then I'm gonna explain it to you, honey, because you've got the sweetest ass within the Western Hemisphere.

Have I? Yes.

At first they wanted to kill him, that's what Timmerding said, but then they understood what he was driving at.

He wants more housing, but he can't build it himself

'cause he's only a building inspector. So it's clear, he needs us, this dog, this bastard.

That man's a genius.

He knows about progress. He should get the Federal Cross of Merit.

Then you can put him on your pay-off list.

No. He'd never let me do it. Not him.

But you're right, somehow, sometime, a man like him has to come around.

Don't send him money, send him a piece of your ass.

He will have a good piece of pig for lunch.

That's good. I've got to tell it like that...

A piece of my ass, eh?

Now I got it. Come here.

I'll send him a piece of your ass.

A night with you will really set him straight.

You are really a pig.

He says scavenger.

Yeah, perhaps it's just not a good idea.

He doesn't frequent whorehouses. I'll think of something.


show Mariechen what a good father I am before she hears what von Bohm thinks of me.

But he probably doesn't talk to little bastards anyway.

If he really knew what you are, he wouldn't have called you a scavenger, he would have called you a vulture.

A very useful bird.

Would you mind coming here for a moment?

Were you calling me? Thank you, but I was calling Mrs Kummer.

Yes? How do you like it?

I bought myself a new suit. I can see that.

Did you buy it for any special occasion?

To hike in. To hike in?

It's a sports outfit.

I wanted something that fit the mood of the day.

You've got that and more.

It has a very strong sporty quality about it.

The cloth is English and the cut... The cut looks English, too.

It's a very practical suit for hiking.

Be honest, Mrs Kummer. You don't like it?

I wouldn't say that. It's only that you look so different.

Different? Different how?

Well, than before.

Different than before, well, that's what I want to be.

Because today is not a day like any other day.

Beside I've got different sides to my character.

I've got my weekday side and I've got my weekend side, and today it's my weekend side.

How old do you think I am?


I don't want to know how old I am, but how old you think I look.

Much younger! Much, much younger.

You see, clothes do make the person.

May I ask who the lucky lady is?

What lady? I didn't mention any lady.

Excuse me, the person that you're going hiking with, is she a young person?

She's a lot younger than I am, Mrs Kummer.

Thank you. For what?

I haven't had so much fun singing in ages.

So nice.

Me, neither.

After singing a canon you're allowed to make a wish because your heart is receptive to anything.

Don't breathe, just make a wish.

I know it will come true. I just feel it.

Don't look back.

You are going to spoil everything.

Do you know magic tricks? Only the easy ones.

The tricky things I also have to do myself. Steps, be careful.

You loved your wife a lot?

I do not know. Maybe.

I came back from the war and said to myself, "This is the woman I obviously love. If not, I wouldn't have married her."

But I didn't feel love. It was only...

How can I say? Like a remembrance of love. Do you understand?

I understand you very well, I believe.

But then she told me that there was another man.

That was the first time I could feel again.

Not love, but pain.

I was grateful for that because my wife taught me how to feel again, even though it was pain.

And then?

This is no place for you, this town.

Go some place else, any place, but don't stay here.

But I just got here.

Anyway, what's so bad about this town? It seems to be all right for you.

The people here live two lives. And they don't let them mix.

But that's quite normal. I have a public life and a private life.

But you're not a phoney. Well, maybe just a little bit.

A little bit? How?

Your suit.

I like you better the old way.

So you don't like my new suit either?

Oh, it looks okay, it's just a little phoney.

Your other suits suit you better.

They don't hide who you are.

Now I need a cigarette.

Thank you.

And who am I? Really?

I don't know.

Maybe I'll find out about it.

But I know what you're not.

You're not dishonest, you're not a liar, and you're not phoney.

And you're just not corrupt.

And that's why you shouldn't stay. And you?

Me? I am very corrupt.

I don't believe it.

Let's just say I adjust to the situation.

That's the same thing, isn't it?

Now, before you find out who I really am, I'd better say goodbye.

What a pity.

Your bus is coming.

It'll bring you back to town. To your town.

If it's my town, then be assured, that I will really examine it on the ride home.

You won't see anything. Everything is dark.

But it's the same during the day.

I don't think it's fair that you're leaving right now.

I don't even know who you are.

You want to start a file about me or you want to kiss me?

Certainly, Gigi is allowed to wear a white dress.

If a girl makes love to her bridegroom, then it's of no importance if she has made love to somebody else before.

It only counts if her former lovers mean something to her.

Nobody meant anything to me before. But they paid.

It's only jealousy that makes you talk like that.

I had to save my money for the gas station.

Excuses! And I am not jealous.

That is no excuse, but the truth.

Exactly, exactly.

Someone who has paid doesn't count.

It's simply necessary for a woman of today to make love to somebody before making love to only one.

And if she has to think about a gas station at the same time, then her actions are justified to Gigi.

What kind of ring did he get for you? An 825? No, a 550.

He wanted to buy me an 825, but I told him a 550 was enough.

What's important is that we're happy together in good and in bad times.

The only person who knows, besides us, how much gold it is, is the jeweller.

Why do they always put a stamp on gold?

It's like if I buy a blouse and leave the price tag on so that everybody has to see how much I paid for it.

After the gas station makes back its money, then I'll have a maid.

That's what Herbert said, because I'll probably be pregnant.

And a governess and a cook and a butler and a lover!

She won't find a lover there because they don't have any lovers there.

Why are you moving there? Why doesn't Herbert move here?

Because nobody knows me there. Except Herbert.

If you're stopping work this month, why wait so long to get married.

You could actually get married right away.

Because... Because Herbert wants to wait.

He wants to get married next month.

And why? Why exactly in a month?

Because... Because a month is four weeks.

What should I say? You know perfectly well why.

Herbert wants it and I want it, too.

Because you'll be clean. Maybe.

Because she'll be clean.

Don't you think that's good, Lola? No.

What's the matter?

I have a headache, that's all. Headache?

Then Lola can get married within the next three days.

Because she will be clean within in the next three days.

And then you will buy this salon from me.

And then you can make the jokes.

Do you want to sell?

If you give me a good offer, right away.

Not right away.

But later.


Shall I tell you a little secret now that everything's been arranged?

Please. Go ahead.

Well, I knew about you even before you came here, and then, after I met you,

I said to myself, "Not with him, Schuckert, "he's different."

And I was right.

I don't think I understand you.

Well, what I mean is...

Excuse me, I have to... Oh, the loo, I will show you where it is.

When I want to get something done in this town, I usually meet with the person that can be of most help to me.

Take him to dinner, get drunk with him, and then... Anyway, a good atmosphere is an atmosphere that creates deals.

But as soon as I saw you, I said to myself, "He does everything in his office.

"One behind the desk, the other one in front of the desk

"and he has no other interest." Am I right?

Well, you made up your mind about me.

I have,I have.

"Schuckert," I said to myself, "Schuckert, you'll invite him

"after the whole deal is set, and then he'll probably pay for his own lunch." Right?

Not completely.

In the first place, the Lindenhof project is not completely set, as you suggest.

Oh, it is, it is, please believe me.

The committee is only awaiting your approval and they'll give you whatever you want.

I've known them much longer than you. And in the second place?

In the second place, the last thing I would do is pay myself.

It's always been clear to me that you invited me.

You're gonna get rich, aren't you?

You're something.

I would like to have a present for a lady.

For what occasion do you want to give the lady a present?

What occasion?

Maybe a wedding, a birthday, an engagement or...

Engagement. The present is for the engagement.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

It's only because I am so happy.

A spring thunderstorm. That is rare.

You know that I know magic tricks.

I want to give you a present, too.

As soon as I'm ready, I'll give you a sign and then you say, "Please take a seat now, it's being served."

"It's being served." Good.

Until then you just have a nice conversation.

Until I give you the sign. Very good.

I would be very happy if you could introduce me to her before you introduce her to the public.

I don't know if she'll come in time.

For a man like you, any woman would be punctual.

Thank you.

It's only because I really feel for you.

I have been lucky to look after you in the past. And in the future, too, perhaps.

I only want to say...

Wonderful, Mrs Kummer, simply wonderful.

This could have been your daughter's engagement party.

I didn't give you permission to question me.

Is it about Gigi? About Gigi?

About a whore. Schuckert?


A whoremaster? Me?

You? A crazy man?

A crazy man who doesn't understand that maybe I'm thinking about myself.

About me! Now read!

May I serve the dessert?

Yes, please. Oh, please, what will you serve?

Rice pudding with plums. Oh, God, I am full.

The dinner was quite experimental, if I...

But fabulous. Fabulous?

Experimental, but I wouldn't call it fabulous.


Spicy, yes, one could say it was spicy, but nevertheless experimental.

Your housekeeper, she's not from here?

From here? No, Mrs Kummer is from...

Where was that now? Trakenow?


The refugees seem to have brought a lot of new dishes with them.

I find that very exciting, don't you?

Adding to our already famous cuisine?

Yes, it is. An addition. But very unusual.

What the farmer doesn't know can't...

Be good.

Oh, no, I wouldn't say that.

I find the menu of your housekeeper really experimental.

It's just a little bit heavy on the stomach.

But then my stupid stomach only cares for our local cooking.

Then let's bring your stupid stomach home, and throw it in the local bed.

Thank you.

My dear lady, it tasted wonderful.

Why must you leave so early?

In our town, everyone goes to bed early.

So that they don't get home late.

Thank you for the evening, Mr von Bohm.

We're all angels when we sleep. Yes, that's true.

It was nice to meet you after all I heard about you.

Only good things I hope.

Oh, only good things. But you won't be all alone now.

I don't understand.

Have your housekeeper stay a little later and clean the place up.

Well, then let's go.

I asked you what you had against her.

You don't even know her. Correct.

Shit. Police.

Please, stop behind the line.

Of course, you had too many drinks, Schuckert.

It is only fair that you too have bad luck once.

Poor Schuckert.

Stop laughing, stupid bitch.

Do you want him to notice us?

I didn't want to know that woman better.

I didn't go to your famous von Bohm's dinner party to meet his housekeeper.

At our house, the help and the dinner guests are separated.

At our house.

That's right, you only see her when she serves the guests, she is not generally asked to join us for dinner.

So who was that bird who sat next to your father all the time?

Miss Gerhard was his matron, not the housekeeper.

But that's a difference you probably can't understand.

Because I'm a peasant.

Yes. And that's really a pity.


I am sure you will go out now.

Yes, and then some more.

No need to be aggressive.

Try not to make too much noise when you come home.

A peasant only makes noise when he comes home if he comes home.

Unfortunately, I can rely on that. Come closer, please.

Documents and driver's licence.

Oh, it is you, Mr Schuckert. Thank you. I didn't recognise you.

Of course, you can go on.

You see? Have a nice evening.

Thank you, Constable. No problem, have a good trip.

Next please.

Good night. Thank you very much.


Would you like to go upstairs?

Would you give me a present?

One present? Many!

Not many.

Only the whole bar here.

Does it have to be now?

Not now. I'm tired. I want to sleep. Sleep.

Esslin, she wants to sleep.

What's the matter with your Herbert?

Fallen from a motorcycle. He had a skull fracture.

And then he didn't want you any more?

No, it was my decision.

What can I do with a guy with a broken head?

I'm going now. You're going now? Yes, please.

It's very late. Yeah, yeah.

Good bye. Good bye.

What's up?

I came to ask you if I was still needed.

This late?

I wanted to ask if I could be of any help. Whether you could help me?

That's very nice of you, but I've got to do this myself.

Oh, Schuckert.

To make money is not as easy as it looks, -you've got to work overtime. Some work overtime and others get the benefits.

Everybody gets what they want.

That's what I always say. And you?

What does a humanist do with his free time?

Well, I'm in a group of people who are against militarisation.

But are you really interested? Very much.

I'm interested in all unsuccessful passions.

And in another group that is studying Bakunin.

He wrote a very interesting article about land and ownership.

And what conclusion did he come to?

The land belongs to everyone, and not only to a few.

I don't think I understand.

It's obvious that land belongs to some people and not to everyone.

Does he mean it or is this some kind of wishful thinking from Mr Bakunin?

It's the truth. But on a much higher level.

Very good. I understand.

You see, Esslin, we complement each other.

You occupy yourself with reality on a higher level and I occupy myself with reality on a lower level.

I dream, and you act, that's what you mean, right?

You think and I function. That's what you mean?

And Schuckert profits. That's what I mean.

Would you mind if I go now?

FASCISM WILL WIN Personally, I like it when people dream.

Most of us only know how to work.

But you won't believe me. No, I won't.

Esslin, tell me, just one more question.

I've always wanted to ask you. Yes?

Do you remember the ceremony at the memorial?

There was a young lady there.

Yes? Do you know who she is?

Or have you seen her again since the ceremony?

No. But why do you ask? Oh, for no special reason.

You know, she was wearing a perfume and I just can't seem to get the smell out of my nose.

A Perfume?

A perfume.

And good luck with your dreams, Esslin.

My best wishes to Mr Bakunin. I will tell him.

Who are you? I got the television.

5:00, just like you ordered.

Unless you keep me waiting here any longer.

The television! My goodness! Was the delivery today?

Of course we have agreed upon delivery today. Otherwise I would have come tomorrow.

This way, please! Thank you.

Correct. Otherwise you would have come tomorrow or the day after.

Put it on the small table, please. Thank you.

Was that your visitor?

I ordered a television.

A picture! It's only the test.

The first show is at 8:00. The first show is only at 8:00.

And what kind of a show is it?

But I just told you that this is no show.

That's the test. What's on TV tonight, I don't know.

Now that is really something.

This is only the test.

But at 8:00 we will know what's going on tonight.

How do you like it, Mrs Kummer? And what's that for?

You can forget it.

That's only in case we get another channel.

Push it in, you get one, pull it out, you get the other.

Then you can choose the channel, if there is a second channel.

Did you hear that, Mrs Kummer? We may get a second channel.

Would you please sign here? I have a pen.

Yes, there.

I will walk you to the door. That's nice.

Mrs Kummer, please give him a tip. Yes.

Not necessary. Good bye.

I will go now.

Goodbye. Thank you very much, Mrs Kummer.

Day and night.

Really? Yes.

I said get out of here!

Your anti-war friend sits here all day long.

That's none of your business. Get out of here!

As soon as I find out what's bothering you. That's none of your business.

Well, I'm making it my business. I pay for it, don't I?

In bed. But not here. In bed, here and wherever.

I pay for your daughter and when your mother can't make any money with her glorified maid service, then I'll pay for her, too.

I'll own the whole family then.

Now, what do I have to pay for an hour of your precious time in this shitty dressing room?

Is 50 enough? -100. I pay 100.

Esslin! You're raising the prices!

And I thought you always got it here for nothing. -100!

If you get lost right away.

You know what, Esslin?

Before you ruin your reputation completely, I'm gonna buy you off.

Take your cigar back.

Okay, what is your price?

I don't know what I'm gonna do with you, but whatever your price is, it can't be too much, and I can always sell you to someone when you become worthless to me.

But, Esslin! I wonder what von Bohm would say if he knew we were both bidding for the services of the best whore in town.

Look, Esslin, this is not something for you, you couldn't compete with me anyway.

Take the money and give it to your anti-war group.

And not to her.

Don't worry, she's in good hands. Get out!

Get out, you pigs.

I said pigs! That means you, too.

Now do you understand why that broad makes me so hot?

Because she's first class and I'm telling you, I'm gonna get her tonight.

I have to get her, even if I pay double.

You know, I always wanted to ask you, Esslin.

Have you ever slept with her? You wanna hit me?

Look, it's really not worth it.

Come on, let's get a drink and forget the whole thing, and I'm sorry for what I said about your anti-war group.

Hey, where are you going?

What are you doing?

I'm going to strip away your facade.

Good evening, Esslin. What time is it?

I fell asleep in front of the TV.

It's not that late. Come on.

I wanna show you the town.

Von Bohm, what a surprise, come here.

Sit down please.

What a surprise.

I knew that somewhere there was a man in you.

Come, sit down, drink with me.


To what we love.

We all have to confess, right?

And I knew that some day you'd find your way here.

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

Let's drink to confession!


Like I said, we're in the best of company.

Witty. Come, Wittich. Let's go to bed.

It's really unbelievable.

You don't have to go upstairs.

That's the nice thing about this place.

You can stay here, drink, and enjoy the world.

Look at me.

I always can, I never have to.

Von Bohm, it wasn't that funny.

Thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen. By special request, once again Lola will sing Caprifischer.

Look now.

It's Esslin.

You never thought that either, that Esslin plays the drums?

Other than that, he doesn't do anything, don't worry.

Just keep your eyes on the stage and you'll see the best broad in the whole town.

And you wanna know who she belongs to?

Me, old Schuckert here!

Isn't she great?

The one I'm talking about. My private whore!

If you weren't such a prude, I'd let you take her for a night!

Good morning, Mr Thiele. Wake up.

Those for the boss? Nice, huh?

You'll need them today, he's already there.


But it's only three minutes to 8:00.

He was here when I arrived.

He was probably here all night.

Good morning, Mr von Bohm.

Where are you?

Miss Hettich.

A minute before 8:00, you're right on time.

Oh, God, Mr von Bohm, what did you do here?

I know, I know, I shouldn't have done it, but I needed a lot of information right away.

I wouldn't like to go to a meeting unprepared.

But your proposal was submitted last week.

It was. It was. Maybe they have some other questions.

Or maybe I have some questions.

And I can't make the tea as well as you. - I'll make a fresh pot.

That's very nice of you. But before you do, send Esslin in.

Tell him, it's a matter of life and death.

Are the flowers for me? I'd better put them in water.

No, I mean, yes, but first let me touch them.

As a man I get flowers so seldom, especially from a beautiful woman.

Good morning, Mr von Bohm.

Good morning, Esslin.

Do you know this?

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me...

Well, we shouldn't tempt fate. Miss Hettich, when do I have to see the town council?

They'll be waiting at 10:30.

Good. At 10:30 the gentlemen will be expecting me.

Then I'd better get shaved.

Get me an appointment with the barber.

And can you also buy me a shirt, a nice conservative white shirt.

I don't want to make a fool out of myself. But first I need to make a call.

Real estate administration, land registry, legal department, in this order, the head of each.

Real estate administration, land registry, legal department, the head of each.

The shirt is closer to me than the coat, but the leader is closer to me than the shirt.

This you can always keep in mind.

Miss Hettich.

Yes, Esslin.

One moment, one moment, where is it?

Here, Esslin.

It's always the hours between night and day when revolutions happen.

Out of the dawn the bird of revolution

rises to reach the sun.


Do you want to be my partner, Esslin?

Now we come to the third subject on the agenda, the Lindenhof project.

I don't want to get into the particulars of the voting results without first thanking our new building inspector, Mr von Bohm, for the selfless, tireless, generous and far-sighted way that he handled the, till now, biggest building project ever in our little city.

I can safely say that Mr von Bohm handled this project with only our best interests in mind.

Mr von Bohm, as you can see by the enthusiastic response of my fellow councilmen, your proposal has been accepted.

If you'd like to say a few words, I most graciously give you the floor.

Thank you.

Having gone over the new book of building codes, I'm sorry to say I have to withdraw my proposal.

I will start on a new proposal at a proper time.

This is preposterous, he has declared war.

He's like that madman with the windmill, who rides on a horse named Raisin or something like that.

Don Quixote. Don Quixote.

And you are the dummy following him wherever he goes.

He is serious. And I will assist him.

That's what's so funny.

Do you want to live in a world without morality?

A world that's only bad and rotten and corrupt?

I would love to.

My only problem is that they do not allow me to take part.

Since he was in the whorehouse he has changed.

Everybody goes to the whorehouse, that's no reason.

He is a damned moralist, that's it. And you hired him!

He had great references.

You want me to tell you what his references have cost me so far?

Three million, conservatively.

Three million.

So much morality doesn't exist, as what I can buy for three million.

You had a good impression, didn't you? I did.

You said he had class, that's what you said.

That's right, and I still say it.

Do you think he can nail us to the cross without having class?

But what can I do? I'm not the mayor... I don't know.

Maybe I can push it through somehow, past the Sanitation Department so that they close the whorehouse.

My goodness!

He's not interested whether we have a whorehouse or not.

He doesn't have anything against the whorehouse.

He's got something against us.

Or that we use it.

Or something like that. I don't know.

I can't just fire him.

His proposals are good and he is in a position to withdraw it if he wants.

This man stands on very firm ground.

That's the problem. If you ask me, I think he's sentimental.

That's wishful thinking.

I think the best thing is for you to go and talk to him, simply, man to man.

Tell him he's got class.

Come on, you know what to say.

Maybe you'll be able to find out what he's got going on in his mind.

You think so?

You have a lotto carry.

This is proof of your guilt, Mr Schuckert.

Oh, come on, Mr von Bohm, we should talk this thing over.

Oh, that's what we should do? I've nothing to say.

Well, it is of general interest, what you have in mind, and...

Please let me through.

There must be a way.

What I have in mind?

I can tell you that I'm going to destroy you.

Destroy and defeat.

All of you and your whore, too.

That's what I intend to do.

He has gone crazy.

These are the last three years.

Shall I make you some tea?

Whenever the contract is for Schuckert and company, whether it's full or partial participation, concerning a project, I want you to make a note of it and mark it with a piece of paper.

Shall I make you some tea?

And the papers you've already gone through, put them on Mr Esslin's desk.

Tea? That would be good.

Tea calms the nerves. Isn't that right?

Am I speaking with the Tageblatt?

I would like to talk to Mr Weizmann.

Mr Weizmann, the man responsible for local news.

Yes, Mr Weizmann. von Bohm here, Building Department.

I would like to talk to you. I have proof against Schuckert.

This will destroy him.

This will defeat him.

Yes. Where? Tomorrow. 4:00.

In the La Luna bar.



What you promised me was a scandal, Mr von Bohm.

What you gave me are only contracts.

Contracts! Contracts! Of course it's contracts!

Or do you think the modern devil stinks of brimstone and has a hairy tail?

Do you really think so?

The devil? No, I don't think so. You see.

You see.

He wears perfume, and the finest clothing you can imagine, but his horrible intentions are still the same.

That's a pact, a conspiracy, a plot!

You can call it a contract, I don't care!

This conspiracy you're talking about, what do you think it's goal could be?

Now we come closer to the point.

You ask for the goals and I ask, cui bono?

- W hat? Cui bono.

Who makes the profit?

Look at all these names in these contracts.

Then you will have the answer.

Honourable citizens of our town.

Honourable citizens!

The power elite, the ruling class!

I have informed myself with an expert on social theory before meeting with you.

Then the only question is about intent.

What is it after, this ruling class?


Well, that's why people make contracts.

But who has to pay for this?


I will tell you that.

The ones to pay for this are the poor, the people with no rights.

The people that are only exploited. But they profit, too.

I mean, if one gets rich, the others get rich, too.

Perhaps not really rich, but they are not as poor as before.

I mean, that's why we call our market economy social, because everybody makes some profit.

These are the rules of the game. You understand?

Yes, I understand.

The rules of the game. Yes. I have recommended to my advisor to change the rules.

I'm not going to let you ruin yourself.

You're not holding me back, Esslin.

How do you stop somebody who has discovered the truth?

The system is rotten, not the individual!

Therefore we have to fight against the system.

You will make a fool of yourself. Me? Of myself?

The rules of the game are foolish. This whole system is rotten.

Because it deforms the people and makes them sick.

Mr von Bohm, you're not sick yourself?

Why should I be the exception?

And how shall I come to peace with a world that makes me sick.

I will leave you alone now.

And I will not tell anybody about your secret.

Which secret? Our secret, Mr von Bohm.

What is that supposed to mean?

Tell it to them, my secret.

Tell them that I'm going to destroy them! All of them.

All of them.

You have just lost one of your supporters.

I would like to join in his place.

Only if you agree, of course.

Well, everybody is allowed to join us.

So you agree?

Nice to meet you. Thank you.

Von Bohm.

Well, I need champagne now.

Champagne, please.

Oh, this heat. But we have beer.

Don't you think it is horrible, Mr Weizmann?

Our constitution allows demonstrations.

He hasn't stopped it yet, that idiot?

Are you deaf, Timmerding?

Hello. Hello, Mr Esslin.

I am eating roast pork with dumplings.

Have a nice meal. Thank you.

A double Korn and a beer, please.

A provocation!

Can't we say that he has tried to provoke us?

Not as long as he remains outside.

That's the snag in a provocation. You can't do anything against it.

Assholes. Assholes, all of them. Public disturbance.

Perhaps that'll do it. Only if he lowers his pants.

He doesn't even go to the whorehouse. There's very little hope.

I really do not know why the gentlemen are so scared.

Shut up, Esslin.

Who's scared about what? Perhaps it's you.

What reason do I have to feel scared? My name is not in the files.

What do you mean? Exactly.

Tell us what you mean by this? Nothing.

But I know everybody named in the files.

It's not too hard because it's not that many.

You have to report to my office on Monday, Mr Esslin.

I'm going to initiate disciplinary action against you.

All of them assholes.

Why can't he be a communist? And then?

We could have him arrested then.

But he's not the slightest bit of a communist.

You know what you are? Shall I tell you, what you all are?

Little, shitty, lying... Whatever you are.

I've had it up to here with all of you.

Don't report to his office on Monday, but to mine.

At your office? You need a new employment, or not?

Do you have a minute? We've got some things to talk about.

Excuse me, please. No problem.

Take her! Take her, throw her in bed, do what you want with her.

She's a whore!

Can I show you a seat?

Thank you.

I'd like to... No, I must...

I want to buy your whore for the night.


Here you go.

René, a bottle of champagne.

Get undressed! Naked?

It's gonna cost you extra.

Put on that fancy stuff, you know what I mean.

Okay, but it's all gonna cost extra.


Just put it on!

Now lay down on the bed!

You love me, don't you?

Bohm is calmer now. Yes, it would seem that way.

Don't worry, he'll stay calm. That's what we all hope.

It's in all our interests.

More so for your husband than anybody else.

Yes. Especially in the interest of my husband.

I understand he started work on the Lindenhof project again.

That's what I heard, too. In a constructive way, this time!

I think so. Well, let's hope so.

It would be nice to see everything go smoothly.

Yes, it would, wouldn't it?

But who can guarantee that?

I can. You?


You've impressed me. I think you're obviously a very serious person.

I'm part of your group now, in a way.

Yes, that's true. In a way, you're part of us.

I trust you.

And I trust you.

We ladies have to stick together. Yes, we do.

You know, I'm also very happy that you finally are going to have a father for your chid.

We can be proud of our social market economy, which is not only good for the past, but will also bring progress into the future.

And therefore...

And therefore I'd like to say, through this building coming generations will be able to see what their fathers did for the future.

With this thought in mind, I'd like to ask our great friend and colleague, our very own building inspector, Mr von Bohm, to break the first piece of ground.


But now I have to congratulate him.

Can we go now to do some philosophy? Only after you have given me a kiss.

First of all you have to buy me some lemonade. First of all I have to buy you some lemonade.

She knows the rules of the game, doesn't she?

Could I talk to you alone for a moment, Mr Schuckert?

See you later. See you later, darling.

Your problems with Mr von Bohm are solved?

Problems? We never really had problems.

I thought there were some discrepancies.

These are always there between different parties. It's only good, isn't it, Mr Weizmann?

Totally correct, Mr Schuckert.


I have a few more questions. Please, ask.

I hope you forgive him for taking your best co-worker.

I'm very grateful that he allows me to have a chat with him now and then.

I have to get some things.

Of course, Marie-Louise.

I will go now.

But at 3:00 you will be back home? On time, as usual.

Lola, come back!

That's so sweet.

You are so sweet. A deed as a gift.

Nobody ever gave me a deed as a gift before.

And then a whorehouse. Whorehouse?

What an ugly word. Salon.

Salon for the woman with the sweetest ass of the western hemisphere.

How dare you! I am a married woman.

Your husband is named in the deed, too.

"Mr and Mrs von Bohm hold in trust

"the property until the 21st birthday of their daughter Marie."

You are so sweet.

Mariechen should have a better life than her mother.

You are a sweet pig.

I am an expensive lover, am I not? Definitely.

That's how it should be.

Naked? Of course.

But, please, with the veil.

That will cost you extra.

Well, Mr von Bohm. Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, everything's okay.

Are you happy?

Yeah, yeah, Mariechen, I am happy.