London Has Fallen (2016) Script

MALE REPORTER 1: Two gunmen have been shot dead after they opened fire in a shopping center...

FEMALE REPORTER 1: As many as 80, 000 residents of the city have fled their homes to escape the shooting...

MALE REPORTER 2: Government forces in the southern Philippines have launched an offensive against rebels as fighting escalates in this part of Asia's largest Catholic country.

MALE REPORTER 3: A national day of mourning in the Philippines after 44 police commandos were killed in the line of duty when an anti-terror operation went wrong.

FEMALE REPORTER 2: Two hundred heavily armed separatists from the National Liberation Front attacked the city of Zamboanga.

MALE REPORTER 3: The officers from the police special action force were killed during an operation to capture one of the most wanted terrorists.

MALE REPORTER 4: Philippine authorities now say the toll in yesterday's hotel bombing has risen to 146 dead and 231 wounded.

It is the most devastating terrorist attack in Asia in 10 years and the worst ever in Manila.

While no organization has taken responsibility for the blast, Western intelligence sources have identified chemical traces that are the hallmark of the infamous arms dealer, Aamir Barkawi.

International security experts say the Barkawi family is now instigating violence in remote capitals to foster instability and thus fuel massive arms sales around the globe.


There he is.

Kamran. Raza.

Did Philippine intelligence track you?




You did well.

KAMRAN: Thank you.

We need to discuss Major General Rahman.

It's your sister's wedding.

I'm sorry. This can't wait.

I think your ISI officer was compromised.

Kamran, all Pakistani intelligence officers are compromised.

One of our Afghani friends discovered a German BND agent in his circle.


That particular general won't be very useful to us anymore.

He's been eliminated.

Thought you might want to know.

Don't forget his family.

Vengeance must always be profound and absolute.



So am I. I'm very happy.




Pentagon just received target confirmation from MI6 ground asset.

You're clear to execute.



Hell of a presidential race, sir.

Every day the same damn joke.


What the hell did they make you out of?

Bourbon and poor choices.

You pick a name yet?

We were thinking Benjamin if it was a boy.


Hell no!


If it's a girl, maybe.


Voight, you wanna run over him for me?

Believe me, sir, we've tried.







LEAH: Little problem in the nursery.

All right, so six cameras, right?

One, two, three, four, five, six.

What, is that too much? Yeah, maybe.

Yeah, it's too much. I thought that.

They're baby gifts from the guys.

I'll take them down.

All we need is one baby monitor.

One baby monitor, right, okay.

And a Kevlar mattress.

Come here.


Unhand me. Never.

And guess who just got the next week off?

Oh, don't toy with me, young man, 'cause there will be consequences.

No, no, we're finishing this nursery.

I can't believe it's taken me this long.


Paint samples. What?

Yeah. Oh, I gotta show you these amazing new paint samples.

Can I get a shower first?

God, yes!



Sir, Speaker of the House is waiting.

And the Senate Majority Leader would like five of your time.

Oh. Um...

I'll take him first. Hmm.

When is Trumbull getting back?

The Vice President has three more days of vacation and insinuated considerable violence if he heard my voice before then. (CHUCKLES)

Yeah, never get between that man and a fish.

Sir, I got your son on video chat.


He had his first date last night.

ADVISOR: Mr. President, you need to take this, sir.

Sir, Speaker of the House?

You need to take this now, sir.


This is the President.


Okay. Thank you.

REPORTER: (ON TV) Sources confirmed that Prime Minister James Wilson has died while sleeping in his residence at 10 Downing Street.

He is believed to have suffered a heart attack, possibly from complications after a surgical procedure to repair his knee a day earlier.

An autopsy has been scheduled within the next 48 hours to determine the actual cause of death.

It's the White House.

It's okay. My mom can come over.


ROSE: What we are proposing is that the funeral takes place this Thursday, the 9th, 4:00 p.m. at St. Paul's.

The confirmed attendees are all world leaders, with the lone exception of the Russian president.

Well, no love lost there.

Our Royal Family will attend a private service at St. James's Palace, the morning of, with 28 other heads of state from all over the globe.

As per foreign royals, Prince Albert of Monaco, Queen Rania of Jordan, Saudi Prince Muqrin.

Yes, it's a logistical nightmare.

But let's make sure this runs without a hitch.


And what special requests have the Yank circus demanded so far?

Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders part of the retinue, possibly?

(ALL CHUCKLE) That's a request I could live with.

I'm partial to the Kardashians myself, as apparently is Her Majesty.


Nineteen special requests from 12 different countries.

We've denied all of them.

Any issues of special concern with our current assessments?

We all know about the 350 or so British nationals who've traveled back and forth to Syria in the past year, as we've seen before in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of rising concern is the handful we believe to be former military.

Is any of this actionable?


Very well.

Then we will see off our dear friend James with dignity.

Give him the ceremony he deserves.


Are you ready for us? Oh.

Yeah, come on in.

Take a seat.


What are you guys so damn nervous about?

The Brits are world class. We all know their reputation.

But still, these are the trips I hate.

Last minute. Out of the country. No time to plan.

Are you sure I can't talk you out of this?

Lynne, it's a state funeral.

It's our oldest, strongest ally.

I spent half the night on the line with our advance team.

Metropolitan Police will secure the perimeter of the funeral at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Air Force One will land at Stansted Airport.

On the ground it's all Mike.

Touchdown. Then a 12-minute chopper ride to Somerset House.

From there we take an armored-vehicle escort down Fleet Street to the cathedral.

You don't seem thrilled.

Well, the British have their hands full.

It's a clusterfuck... Sir.

Well, 40 different countries with 40 different security teams.

Minimal flexibility on approach routes, funeral seating, egress.

Can we make it work?


I always do, sir.


I know it's not great timing for you, but...

It's what I do.

LYNNE: Thank you, sir.



There's my man.

Mr. Vice President. How was your vacation, sir?

Son, do you have any idea the joy a man feels pulling a 70-pound king mackerel out of the waters around Jekyll Island?

No, sir, I don't.

That makes two of us.

(CHUCKLES) And I'll have to wait until next year to find out.

But thanks for asking.



LEAH: Oh, yeah, that's in the Sinai.

DORIS: It's beautiful. LEAH: There you go.

Oh, gee, that's incredible. I love these things. They all are...

Don't worry about a thing. We'll be fine.

Doris, can we have a minute?


Oh, you meant Leah. Right.

Very funny, Doris.

And she tells me not to worry.

It's only three days.

Yeah. And I'm not due for two weeks.


The walking away ain't quite so easy this time.

Hey, I got this.

You go and you do what you have to do and we will be right here when you get back, okay?

You, say bye-bye to Daddy.


Bye-bye, Daddy.

Bell tolls.


I love you.


You better.


Uh, here you go. Thank you.

You've been hiding lately. You busy nesting?

Something like that. Mmm-hmm.

Your idea of nesting being bullet-proofing the walls of the nursery?

Now, that is actually a great idea. (CHUCKLES)



I'll do it.

Well... (CLEARS THROAT) That only took two weeks.

Uh-uh. It's no small thing being a godmother.

I mean, I didn't take your asking lightly.

Oh, I know.

You think you can handle it?

Well, I'm competent, brilliant, stunningly beautiful and really fucking honored.

Really honored.

Thank you, Lynne.



Big day ahead.

Correction. Mega day.


Thank you.

Just your signature here, please. Thank you, sir.


Gentlemen, ladies.

Today, I need your undivided best.

The most important people in the world are in our care, so muck in and get it right.


Good morning, London.

Southpaw has landed.

Agent Banning. John Lancaster from 5.

Hey, John. Bit early, aren't you?

Nope. We're moving up our schedule.

I see.

The fewer people know the President's exact movements, the better.

Why wasn't I told?

Nobody was.

That's how you keep it a surprise.

JOHN: Well, thanks for the help.


FEMALE NEWS ANCHOR: With security at unprecedented levels in anticipation of the funeral, set to begin just an hour from now, this isn't just a gathering of the world's most powerful leaders, it is the most protected event on Earth.


OFFICER: (ON RADIO) Rooftops in position.

All units in position.

PILOT: Marine One, Two and Three on final approach to Somerset House.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER: Marine One cleared for landing.



GUARD: Platoon halt!

Present arms!

Nein, it's okay.

GUARD: Arms!


Thank you.

GUARD: Stand at ease! (GUARDS STOMP)

Yeah, I understand.

Yeah, I promise.

Everything is going to be fine.

Important matters of state?

That was daughter number two.

She didn't pass her driving test.

(GASPS) Guess whose fault it is?








AGENT: (ON RADIO) Southpaw has arrived at destination.


What's wrong?


Bugs the shit out of me.

Thank you.

MIKE: Sir. Thank you, Mike.

CLARKSON: Thank you very much, Lynne.

Thank you. Thank you.

Welcome. Good to see you.

Benjamin, thank you for coming.

We're grateful you could make it.

I'm sorry.

You know, the funny thing is, James always hated funerals.

Yeah, don't we all?






Get down!

LYNNE: Mike! Mike!

Move! Let's get inside!


All right, back to the car!

LYNNE: Okay, okay, okay.

Grenade! Down!


Beast is compromised.

Fuck. They're not real cops.

Two at the front!

Gulf One to CAT team. Support on me now.

You okay? BOTH: Yeah.

Stay with me. We'll get you out of here.



ASHER: God damn it, Mike.









Oh, Jesus. There's been a massive attack at the cathedral.

WOMAN: Chelsea Bridge has collapsed. MAN: So has Westminster Abbey.

Get me SO15 Counter Terror.

Yes, sir.

Where's emergency response?

On their way, sir.


Voight, where the fuck are you?

VOIGHT: Almost there.

Move! Go! Go!

VOIGHT: You okay, sir? Keep your head down.

Get inside! Get inside!

LYNNE: Bronson! Bronson! VOIGHT: Mike!

LYNNE: Mike!

Let's go!


Go, go! Let's get to the chopper.


Dean Court, black Land Rover.


I don't believe it. They overran everything.

Not everything.


Looking for hard extract, Marine One, for Southpaw.

(RADIO STATIC) Fuck. Comms are down.

All right, here we go.

Get down!

Voight. Yo.

MIKE: Let him get next to us.

VOIGHT: Copy that.

Hold him. Hold him.


Voight, hard brake now!





Come on!

Down! Get down!

Voight! Voight!

Voight! Voight!

Keep pressure on the wound. Voight.

Voight. Voight.

He's dead, Lynne.

Oh, God.



Get down, sir.


Jacobs, take the wheel. Got it!

LYNNE: Get in! MIKE: Got it.

ASHER: Mike, on your left!


Get him!

Not really where you wanna be right now.

Fuck you! Fuck me?

Fuck you.

We're almost there, sir.

AGENT: Come on, let's go.

Go, sir, go!

Five world leaders are confirmed dead, along with hundreds of innocent civilians, in an attack that has decimated most of the known landmarks in the British capital.


Clarkson and Asher are alive. All the rest are dead.

And I thought it was too much to hope for.

We just changed the world.

Plan B, Sultan.

Fate has smiled on us.

Lights out, London.



CHIEF HAZARD: The generators will kick in.

CLARKSON: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

We've asked the residents of London to stay indoors for their own safekeeping while the situation remains fluid.

Let there be no doubt that every relevant police authority and counter-terrorism unit is actively at work regaining control of our streets, and within hours... (GASPS)

Call Mike. ...we will secure this city and those responsible will be swiftly brought to justice.

Jesus, it's not connecting.

How bad is it? It's pretty goddamn bad, sir.

All lines of communication have been compromised.

Both civilian and military. Shit.

We've tasked satellites and drones to get eyes on, but so far nothing.

Sentinel Drone is on station. We have visuals incoming.

They're coming up.


TRUMBULL: Oh, my God.


Nearest quick reaction force?

Sicily. Two hours out.

Spin them up.

And get a line to Downing Street and to Box Emergency Command.

EDWARD: Yes, sir.

Satellite is up. Marine One is airborne.

Southpaw is evac'ing.


PILOT: Marine One with Southpaw on board en route to Stansted.

Prepare Air Force One for urgent departure. Copy.

GROUND CONTROL: Copy. Air Force One prepped and ready to go.

It was a trap.

That's an understatement.


Holy shit.

It's one thing to plan for this, another to live it.

All right, well, we're good now.

It'll be okay.

Yeah. We'll be on secure ground in 10 minutes, okay?

There was no chatter on this. None.

Something of this magnitude, it took years to plan, and we had days.

ASHER: It's a fucking blood bath.

How did they do this, Mike?

They only have to get it right once.

Today they got it right way more than that.

Fuck. Fuck.

PILOT: Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Marine Three is down.

Oh, no.

Rooftop, three o'clock!

You see them? PILOT: Yeah.

ON RADIO: Marine Two, two shooters at three o'clock.


We're being pinged.


CO-PILOT: Deploying flares.

Okay, stinger down.

Stinger at three o'clock. CO-PILOT: Climb, climb.

PILOT: Marine One out of flares.

MARINE 2 PILOT: Marine Two out of flares.

PILOT: Marine Two, prepare for sacrifice.


PILOT: Marine Two is down. Missile lock on.

Mr. President, we're going to take a hit.

Brace for impact.



Oh, no.


MIKE: Sir. Sir, are you good? You okay?

Sit up. Can you move?

Yeah? Okay, sir.

You with me? Yeah.


Lynne. Lynne!


My God. Oh, my God.


ASHER: Help me stop the bleeding.

Ben. Ben.

Ben. Get out of the chopper. Ben, get out of the chopper.

This thing could blow at any second. Go.


Hey. Hey.

I never thought you would outlive me.


Me neither.


Oh, shit.

Do me a favor?

Stay alive.

You gotta see your kid.

Make those fuckers pay.

I will.


Box Command, this is Gulf One. Do you copy?


Box Command, this is Gulf One. Do you copy?



Fuck. Looks like we're walking.


Mr. President, those better be comfortable shoes.


Sir, I think you're gonna wanna take a look at this.

I'll put it up.

To our friends in the West, whose idea of war is a remote dusty location thousands of miles from the comfort zone of your shopping malls, who send your poor to be blown to bits in our land or, better yet, murder our families remotely from the sky.

Your time is over.

We're bringing the war to you.

Make no mistake, this is the day when your world changes forever.

(SIGHS) Jesus.

This is all over social media, too.

Everybody in the world has seen this.

Aamir Barkawi.

Number six on the ten list.

This man is responsible for more deaths than the plague.

Sells arms to every failed state in the world. (PHONE RINGS)

He has a vast array of connections.

Terrorists, mercenaries, corporations.

Mr. Vice President, it's Barkawi.

Put him through.

I thought you might take my call.

You understand if I made it difficult to track.

You have me at somewhat of a loss.

I thought you would have learned a lesson by now about crawling out of your hole.

I never lifted a finger against you.

You armed those who have.

I sold triggers, Mr. Trumbull, just like you.

What do you want?

Your president.

You can end this right now.

Just hand him over.

That's not going to happen.

Then every death from this moment forward will be on your head.

Barkawi sells arms through dummy companies, some of them probably in London.

Find a connection to him.

He's probably been planning this for years.

Everybody makes a mistake.

We have to find it before he finds the President.

Let's get to it.



Mike, he's a policeman. Yeah?

Not exactly standard police issue.


Oh, my God.

I've never seen a man suffocate before.

I didn't have a knife.

He's got more ammunition than the entire US army.

How could they pull something like this off?

There's gotta be somebody on the inside.

Yeah, looks like it.

These ain't your typical spray-and-pray hillbillies.

These guys are pros.

We should go for the embassy.

No, they'll be expecting that.

There's an MI6 safe house near here. I have a contact there.

We go there, we wait it out and we get an extraction.

Do you trust them? Yeah.

The fact is, every single one of these guys is a terrorist asshole until proven otherwise.

The only person you trust right now is me, okay?


We gotta get underground.

ASHER: These guys are everywhere.

Let's go.

Stay here. I'll be back.

ASHER: Okay.








Or we can do this the really fucking hard way. (SCREAMS)


Answer me, brother.


(PANTING) Raza's not feeling too well at the moment.

He's a little bit fucked up.

Yo, what's this dickhead's name?

This is Kamran. Who is this?

Hey, Kamran. My name's Mike Banning.

You are the one with the President.


So why don't you boys pack up your shit and head back to Fuckheadistan or wherever it is you're from?

(SIGHS) You should have let us kill him quickly, because now we're going to kill him slowly and stream it live for the whole world to see.

Can you hear me, Mr. President?

Tell him.

MIKE: Yeah, he can hear you.

Here's something I want you to hear first.


That's the sound of your brother dying.

Yeah, not much of a talker, that one, but I'll bet you one of your men will.

I'll see you soon, Kamran.

Was that really necessary?



TRUMBULL: The Brits are compromised.

Police for sure. Who do you trust?

We can also assume all communications are compromised.

Anything that isn't secured could get into the wrong hands, sir.

And Banning would know that, too.

So how could he even reach out for help?

There. Freeze that.

Sir, is, is Banning left-handed?

No, he's right-handed.

Okay, well, the President doesn't move without a drone or a satellite over his head.

Banning knows that.

RUTH: It's his left hand. Southpaw, six.

Shorthand for MI6.

Look for any MI6 location in that area.

Yes, sir.

All right, Banning.


You okay?

Hell, yeah.

Made out of bourbon and bad choices, huh?

MIKE: Huh.

Sit down. Take deep breaths.



How many you think died?


I don't know. A lot.

All those innocent people.

Dead, because of me.

No, not because of you. Because of them.

They're trying to kill you, sir.

And they've killed all these people just to make everyone else a little more afraid.

Well, fuck that and fuck them.

Mike, you don't let them take me.

I'm not going to. Let me finish.

If it comes to it, if it's going to happen...

Sir... Mike.

If it comes to it, I want you to kill me.

That's an order.

I will not be executed for propaganda as my son and the American people see me on fucking YouTube for the rest of their lives.



Vice President Trumbull, it's an honor, sir.

Chief Inspector.

I'm afraid our news isn't promising.

Our dearly departed Prime Minister James Wilson was assassinated.

Poison in his anesthesia and his doctor's body found dumped about an hour ago.

State funeral. Must-attend event for Western leaders.

Each one a target. Goddamn.

And we walked right into it.

And all dead, bar your man and ours.

What's happening on the ground?

The terrorists have killed 19 first responders with another 30 unaccounted for.

They're impersonating us.

Our people are walking right into ambushes.

GENERAL: Say the word, we go in.

But make no mistake, we risk turning London into another Fallujah.

That's the last thing we need, the President in the middle of an urban battle.

Or the citizens of London.

You're just as likely to take out half the Metropolitan Police Force unless you can tell me how you can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

We're gonna have to stand down our emergency services.

Surrender London?

He's right.

Take out all legitimate personnel.

Anyone that remains is a terrorist.

Look, the sooner we end this, the more chance there is of stopping London becoming a complete war zone.

Well, how do we get the word out to our people?

Air-raid system.

We sound that, people know to stay secure in their place.

Then we let the military sweep in, go door to door if necessary and clear these bastards out.


MAN: Good evening.

Is Auntie in?


Put that away.

Are you who I think you are?

ASHER: Unfortunately.


What a pleasure this is, two handsome men visiting me on such a lovely evening.

Long time, Jax.

Yeah, not long enough.

Mr. President.

Sir, Jacquelin.

MI6's finest. Don't fuck with her.

Hello. Hmm.

JAX: The phones are down.

That said, it did allow us to pick up this.

TRUMBULL: Mr. President, Banning.

I hope this finds you well.

Mike, we got your message and I'm sure you don't know who you can trust, and all prior authentications may be compromised, so I offer you this...

Do you have any idea the joy a man experiences pulling a 70-pound king mackerel...

Out of the waters around Jekyll Island?

It's him.

A Delta team has been clandestinely inserted.

By now they should be en route to your position.

They'll take you to the US embassy where an armored convoy stand by to get you out of SAM range and onto a military jet.

Thank God. Let's get us out of here.

All right, so who's behind all this?

Aamir Barkawi.


Barkawi provides armaments. He's a fucking criminal.

Shielded by governments.

Mike, there was a drone strike to get him two years ago, authorized by the G8, so we took a shot.

He survived. We didn't know his family was there.

His daughter was killed.

Well, he certainly got his revenge. Civilians?

Well, they're not being targeted specifically, but...

Collateral damage? Yeah, quite a lot, I'm afraid.

It's government targeted.

No official support from any country. It's Barkawi's show.

But he didn't have any problems finding recruits, did he?

It's the United Nations of every-fucking-body that hates us.

Who's on the inside? There's gotta be somebody.

Yeah, you're right.

They've infiltrated our CCTV system.

And that can't be done outside the network.

MIKE: Yeah, but who?

I don't know.

Mike, if you hadn't moved our schedule up...

Here you go, sir.

Get this down you. Thanks.

I don't know about you, but I'm thirsty as fuck.



How you doing?

I was just thinking about my son.

He sends me these jokes every day.

It's kind of our... I don't know, our thing, or...

(CHUCKLES) A little off color. His mother wouldn't approve, but...

I tell you something, Mike, these little messages I get from him every day, they mean everything. You'll see.

Most important thing, never criticize, always encourage.

You just want them to be passionate.

That's what I always tell my son.

Find something you care about and care deeply.

That and the golden rule.

Treat others as you'd like to be treated.

That's it?

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, basically.

What about all the other stuff?

You know, sleeping, eating, electrical outlets... (LAUGHING)

...diapers, stairs and...

That stuff takes care of itself.



You'll figure it out.


PRADHAN: I think your dates have arrived.

When did Trumbull leave that message?


Thirty-two minutes. No way they got here that fast.

Is there a zoom-in? Yeah.

They're not sweating.

What? That gear weighs 40 pounds.

They just stalked all the way from outside the wire and not a drop of sweat?

It's gotta be them.

Now they're going round the back.

This doesn't look like a rescue formation.

Please don't tell me that's not our Delta team.

They've intercepted Trumbull's message.

Jax, where's the armory?


Are you not coming?

MIKE: They'll have this place surrounded.

They catch us in the open, we're done.

But they're not looking for you.

Go. Find the mole.

Right. The wheels are in the garage downstairs.

All right, point this end towards the bad guy.

This is not good, Mike.

Stay in here. Stay down.

And if anybody but me opens that door, you empty that into them.

What if you don't come back?

You're fucked.

Mike. Don't jinx me.

That was inspiring.












I was wondering when you were gonna come out of the closet.

That's not funny.

We're almost out of this, sir.

I have another mile in me, Mike.

Okay, let's go.


God bless MI6.

I'll drive, you shoot.

What the fuck are you doing here?

We have a mole. I know.

Well, any ideas?

Someone high up with access to everything, routes, security protocols, emergency services. (CLEARS THROAT)

Jacquelin, what brings you here?

Do we have the embassy covered?

SULTAN: (ON RADIO) Affirmative, brother.

Double the men. I want every single man on that perimeter.


Shit. The car's bullet-proof, not politician-proof.

Hey, I'm the President of the United States.

I haven't driven a car in six years. What do you want?

Fuck. Take a left.


Where we going, Mike?


Embassy? You said they're expecting that.

They are, but we are shit out of options.

Take a right.

Mr. Vice President, you wanted us to find Barkawi's mistake.

Take a look at this.

RUTH: Of the 119 know Barkawi front companies he's used in the past...

Twenty-eight have been located in the UK, 11 in London proper.

Well, that's not news.

But it's a baseline.

Now, every entity he's ever used in the past followed a very rough communication pattern except...

TRUMBULL: No known communication in or out ever.

Well, that's under construction.

No one lives or works there.

That's why this is particularly interesting.

I had my NSA analyst take a peek at the power usage.

Through the roof for the last three weeks.

Pretty odd, considering nobody lives or works there.

Central London.

Right under our bloody noses.

Tell SAS that we're gonna make a house call.


It doesn't feel right. Slow.


Okay, stop.

This don't look good, Mike.

There's no way to dress this up, sir. It isn't good.

Could be worse.

We could be walking.


Don't stop for anyone.



Are we clear? Yeah.


We fucking made it. We did it. We did it.

ASHER: Mike!







Where is he?

(SCREAMS) Where is he? Where the fuck is he?

Where is he?

Where'd they take him? Work site.

Broadwick and Lexington.

WILL: Stop. He's done.

Leave him. Come on. Back off.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

You've gotta be Banning.

Will Davies, Captain 22, SAS.

Trumbull sent us. Code, Jekyll Island.

President Asher has just been taken and these assholes intend to publicly execute him.

WILL: We know. At 8:00 p.m., it's all over the Internet.

We'll take care of it. Move up.

Hey, hey, wait.

Look, we can't let you come with us, mate.

How many times have you saved this man's ass?

Now, I'm gonna go get him and you can either kill me or you can come with me, but it ain't gonna go any other way.

After you.

MAN: CCTV's back up.

What did you do?

Disabled the authorization code that shut down the CCTV systems.

They've been watching us using our own surveillance systems.

Wait. What authorization code?



You should be thankful.

How many men get to experience their death witnessed by billions live?

You are going to go down in history.

I'm not the only one who's gonna die today, Kamran.


Box Command.


Mike Banning? Chief Inspector Hazard, Scotland Yard.

Hold your position.

Our military will be on your location in 20 minutes.

No, sir. The President's gonna be dead in 10.

You don't understand.

We have NSA imagery of where you're going.

It's their base of operations.

There are nearly a hundred terrorists in there.


Well, they should have brought more men.

All right. Things are gonna get sporty.

Just watch your balls.

Will do.


WILL: Two o'clock clear! Move up!

Okay, fuck that.

They're dug in like ticks on a dog's arse.

We can't storm that building with a force this small.

Yeah. They'd kill the President the second we tried.


All right, call Box Command.

Make sure the utilities here are isolated and switched on.

You sound like a man with a plan.

See the generator? Yeah.

Let's poke out their eyes.

Yeah. Generator, 12 o'clock.

Fuck. What happened?

Power supply was just cut.

Get the emergency generators up. Come on!



WILL: This is what we've got.

This is a three-story building. The entrance point is here.

There are two stairwells, one here and one here.

We believe the President's being held in this room on the second floor.

Hold your position.

I need you to hit this building with everything you got.

You got it. Keep them busy. I'll sneak in solo.

Take that.

Do not touch that button until I tell you.

Are you fucking crazy?

Yeah. Wish me luck.

Don't shoot me.



They are almost here. Why don't you just kill him now?

No. The whole world has to see this.


You hear that, Kamran? That's the sound of inevitability.

I'm going to kill you live, but that doesn't mean you can't suffer privately first.



Look at me!

I held my sister as she died in my arms.

We're all monsters, Mr. President.

I won't justify your insanity to make you feel better about yourself.


Shoot him!






Power is back. We're waiting for the Internet connection.

Come on, come on.


Only as good as the dumb shits who are using it.

How long?


We're live now.


Say hello to the world, Mr. President.


KAMRAN: Any last words, Mr. President?


I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States... (GRUNTS)

Son of a bitch.


...United States...

...and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend...

Oh, my God.


I'm not watching this.



You know what you guys don't get?

We're not a fucking building. We're not a fucking flag.

We're not just one man.

Assholes like you have been trying to kill us for a long fucking time.

But you know what?

A thousand years from now...

We'll still fucking be here. (CHOKING)

Mike, grenade!

What took you so long?

Sorry. I had a couple of errands to run.

Shit. Does this fucker ever die?

All right, we've gotta go.

You good? Let's get the hell out of here.


MIKE: Go, go!

Go! KAMRAN: Go, go, go!

Come on!


Mike, come on!

KAMRAN: Go, go, go!

Damn it, I'm out.

I'm out, too.

MIKE: (ON RADIO) Come in!

Davies. We're trapped!

I repeat, we are trapped.

Blow it.

Are you insane? I can't blow it yet. You're not out.

We're not gonna get out unless you do!

Just trust me!

Now, God damn it!

Go, go, go!

Banning? Banning, do you copy?

Has anyone found any sign of them?

SOLDIER 1: Nothing. Over.

SOLDIER 2: Negative.

Okay, well, stay sharp. Keep looking.

Box Command. No sign of the President yet.


WILL: Box Command, we've found them.

The President's alive.



Did I ever tell you?

I fucking hate funerals.



You okay? Yeah.

Sir, I got you.

WILL: Mr. President.


That all they got?

Kind of looks like it.

Lieutenant, this could be the missing link to Barkawi.

I'll get it to Box Command right away.

Next time I tell you to blow it, just blow it.


Good job, Lieutenant.

You, too, Banning.

Safe journey home.

If that's possible for you.


JAX: Next time you wanna leave town after betraying your country, how's about you steal a car to take you to your getaway vehicle?

Preferably one without a GPS, 'cause that just takes all the fun out of it.

You forgot to delete your access logs.

Your authorization code's there, bright as day.

The security cameras show you logging on.

Just get on the floor.

Do I have to tell you this is the most dangerous time since the Great War?

They're cutting budgets while the barbarians are at the gate.

The system's failing us, Jax. It's broken.

You know it as well as I do. Things have to change.

So you thought you'd teach us all a lesson?

That and 20 million euros.

Come with me, Jax.

Get on the fucking floor.


John, get on the floor.

Get on the floor, John.

Get on the fucking floor!




TRUMBULL: Mr. Barkawi.

I thought you'd take my call.

You think this war, this war that you started, you think it's over?

I'll dedicate my life to your death. This war will not end.

Maybe you should look out your window.


SOLDIER: Clear to proceed.

Ground asset confirms target clear of civilian presence.


NEWS ANCHOR: (ON TV) Two weeks after the devastating attacks on the British capital, a new government has been installed and the city has begun to rebuild.

In the words of Prime Minister Clarkson, "London may have fallen, "but it has always endured and will rise again."


LEAH: So Daddy's gonna be taking some more time off.

Isn't that cool?

Yeah, maybe it's the new me.

Or maybe the President insisted.


He says he reckons I've earned a few days off, thanks to you, little one.



Yeah, it's okay, baby. It's okay.

Yeah, it's okay.

I wonder what you're gonna be passionate about, Lynne.



TRUMBULL: (ON TV) Our hearts go out to the people of London and to our friends around the world.

Far too many people died for no good reason.

There are those who will say that this would never have happened if we would just mind our own business.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Frankly, we live in a dangerous world and we have few good options.

But the worst option is to do nothing.

And finally, we owe it to our children and to their children to engage in the world.

God bless you all and God bless the United States of America.

That was Vice President Trumbull live from the White House.