Lone Star (1996) Script

we got cenizo, and that's purple sage. agave, nopal.

what's that stuff ? yeah, that's that, uh, whatchamacallit-- that's that horse crippler.

this place is a gold mine ! lead mine ! what ? i said it's a lead mine ! right. i don't know why i'm talkin' to you. you got that thing on your head. you findin' lots of cactus and shit ? not just cactus. there's the acacias, the yuccas-- looks like a lot of cactus to me. man knows 150 varieties of beer, can't tell a poinsettia from a prickly pear. hey, cliff ! you live in a place, you should learn somethin' about it. explore ! cliff, you gotta look at this.

don't tell me. spanish treasure, right ? pieces of eight from the coronado expedition ?


was coronado in the masons ?

i got the forensics fellow comin' down from san marcos. there's no way to know how old the body is without some lab work. that ring ? masons been around a long while. is he a treasure hunter ? old bullets. makes art out of 'em. sheriff says we shouldn't touch anything, mikey. can't hear with that ray gun. mikey ! hey, what do we got here ?

we're supposed to leave everything right where we found it. they're real particular about that. the scene of the crime.

no tellin' yet if there's been a crime.

but this country's seen a good number of disagreements over the years.

he went to school on the post when we were in korea. it's all kids in the same boat. army brats. i really need-- his record shows that he's a good student. i'm more worried about the social thing. are there gangs or guns ? we haven't had any serious violence, if that's what you mean. we've got a pretty lively mix, though: mexican kids, anglo kids, black kids. and the blacks are-- they're our smallest group. except for a couple of kickapoo kids. look, you're obviously a concerned parent. chet has no history of gettin' into trouble. pilar. is amado okay ? he's not here ? no. is he sick ? he's gonna wish he was dead.

somebody hand me the cd player. damelo, pendejos. they sure come a long way since those old 8-track jobs, ain't they ? something wrong ? this is stolen property. i'm hauling the bunch of ya to jail. if anything else is wrong, tell me about it on the way to the station.

...cleanin' the dirt out of his toenails with a pocketknife. he was the most hygienic of all the mchenrys.

"fishbait," buddy says in that quiet way of his, "what do you know about them tires that went missin' from merkel's ?" fishbait thinks for a minute, then lifts up a loose board from the porch floor. calls down into it, "come on out, hooter ! they caught us !" buddy deeds. he had a way. he known who it was on account of the tire tracks in the dirt, leadin' from the back of the garage to where they loaded up.

"old fishbait," he said, "never lifted a thing in this world... if there's a way he could roll it." there'll never be another one like him. that boy of his can't cut it. if you ask me, he's all hat and no cattle. hey, fellas. sam ! i was just tellin' a few on your old man. yeah, he was a unique individual. he was that. big day comin' up. i wish we'd have thought of it while he was still livin'. went so unexpected. better late than never. korean war hero. sheriff for nearly 30 years. the buddy deeds memorial courthouse. i heard there was a bit of a fuss. well, the usual troublemakers. danny padilla with the sentinel, that crowd. they call everything else in the country after martin luther king. we can't have one measly courthouse ? king wasn't mexican, fenton. bad enough all the street names are in spanish. they were here first. then let's call it after big chief shitinthebucket. that tonkawa had the mexes beat by centuries. nineteen out of twenty people in this town are mexican. there was a faction pullin' for that boy killed in the gulf war. reuben-- santiago. mexicans that know, that remember, understand what buddy was for their people. hell, it was mercedes over there swung the deciding vote for 'im. she made it even three to three. as mayor, i get to cast the tiebreaker. the old-timers won't have any problem with it. they remember how buddy come to be sheriff. tell that story, hollis. hell, everybody heard that story a million times. i'd like to hear it. your version of it. yeah, come on, hollis.

well, the two of us were the only deputies back then. me and buddy-- what ? '58 ?

'57, i think. the sheriff at the time was big charlie wade. charlie was one of your old-fashioned, bribe-or-bullets kind of sheriffs. he took a healthy bite out of whatever moved through this county. it was in here one night, back when jimmy herrera run the place. it started over a basket of tortillas.

this beaner fare doesn't agree with me, but the price sure is right.

jimmy got a kitchen full of wetbacks, most of them relatives. them people breed like chickens.

so ? so i roust some muchacho on the street, doesn't have his papers. all he's got to say is, yo trabajo parajimmy herrera. sort of a i-scratch-his-back, he-washes-mine arrangement, if you know what i mean. this will be one of your pickups, buddy, first of the month, just like the rent. get the car, hollis.

i'm not doin' it.

come again ? it's your deal. there's gonna be some left over for you. i take care of my boys. that's not the point, charlie. you feelin' bad about jimmy ? have him tell you the size of the mordida they took out of his hide... when he run a place on the other side. those old boys from ciudad leon-- i'm not pickin' it up. you do whatever i say you do or else you put it on the trail, son.

well, how about this, charlie ? how about you lay that shield on this table... and vanish... before you end up dead or in jail ?

you're not makin' sense, buddy. you stick around and i'm bringin' up charges on the county road project. two-thirds of that money went straight into your pocket.

you're bein' mighty careless with your mouth, son.

you ever shoot a man who was lookin' you in the eye, charlie ?

it's a whole different story, isn't it ? you're fired. not a soul in this county isn't sick to death of your bullshit, charlie wade. you made yourself scarce, you could make a lot of people happy. you little pissant-- now or later, you won't have any trouble findin' me.

you're a dead man.

get the goddamn car. we're goin' to roderick's.

muchacho, mas cerveza, por favor.

"mas cerveza, por favor." that buddy was a cool breeze. charlie wade were known to put quite a few people in the ground. and your daddy gets eyeball to eyeball with him. we made our pickup at roderick's place. nobody seen hide nor hair of him since. he went missin' the next day, along with $10,000 in county funds from the safe at the jail. never heard from him again. buddy deeds said a thing, he damn well backed it up. never be another one like him. so i suppose then he arrested all of jimmy herrera's people... and sent 'em back to the other side ? no, he come to an accommodation. money doesn't always have to change hands to keep the wheels turnin'. i know you had problems with your father. and he and muriel-- your mother was a saint. but buddy deeds was my salvation. won't be another like him. it is an honor for me to assume command of this unit. i'm looking forward to working with all of you. i'm sure you're all aware of the army's decision to shut this post down. that does not mean, however, that we are here to mark time until we're reassigned. you may have heard rumors that i run a very tight operation. these rumors are not exaggerated.

wait a minute.

get down ! somebody call the doctor !

somebody call the doctor ! hold him down ! hold him down ! somebody call, please ! you weren't in here tonight, were you ? n-no, sir. go out the back way. somebody call the doctor ! somebody call the doctor ! just tearin' everything down. tearin' down our heritage. tearin' down the memory of people who fought and died for this land. we fought and died for this land too. we fought the u.s. army, the texas rangers. yeah, and you lost, buddy. winners get the braggin' rights. that's the way it goes. people, people, it would be best if we don't view this thing in terms of winners and losers. the way she's teachin' it, it's got everything switched around. i was on the textbook committee, and her version is not-- we think of the textbook as a guide, not as an absolute. it is not what we set as the standard. now you people can believe whatever you want. but when it comes to teaching our children-- they're our children too. as a majority in this community, we have the right-- the men that founded this state have the right to have their story... told the way it happened, not the way somebody wanted it to happen. the men who founded this state broke from mexico because they needed slavery to be legal... to make a fortune in the cotton business.

-that's an oversimplification. -you reportin' this meeting, danny, or runnin' it ? just adding a little historical perspective. you call it history, i call it propaganda. they got their own account of the alamo on the other side, but we're not on the other side. there's no reason to be so threatened-- we're not about to have school taught that way ! excuse me. i've only been trying to get across... part of the complexity of our situation down here. cultures coming together in both negative and positive ways. if you're talkin' about food and music and all, i have no problem with that. but when you start changin' who did what to whom-- we're not changing anything. we're just trying to present a more complete picture. that's what's got to stop ! there's enough ignorance in the world without us encouraging it in the classroom. now who are you callin' ignorant ? i hope the sucker does die, man. mess with me, that's what you get. hospital says the other kid's in bad shape. the shooter local ? down from houston. think he knew the girl from before. we'll take a statement from all the g.i.'s before they go back to post. you can get the story from otis over at the club. okay. any poop on the john doe we found out there today ? no, nothin' much. rangers are puttin' ben wetzel on it. i'll catch ya later. all right.

he's only 15. he's about five-foot-five-- pilar ? something wrong ? they've got my son. they've got him here ? somebody called. something about a house that was broken into. they say they don't have him-- i know what he looks like. i'll see what's going on.

i was, uh-- i was real sorry about nando. he was a good fellow.

we haven't talked-- we haven't talked since high school. yeah. i'll go check on your boy.

richie didn't say nothin', 'cause he didn't want to get in it, see ? then the next thing i know there's shots, and richie's down. it just happened so fast. we got some boys you run in earlier today ?

they tell me you're good at fixin' things.

your father was a hell of a mechanic.

you know, if you figure minimum wage on the time most thieves spend in jail, they could have bought most everything they stole. they asked me to hook it up for them. i didn't steal anything. i didn't say you did. my name's sam, by the way.

he's all yours. are you okay ? i don't even know what the big deal is. you'll find out when i get you home. thanks, sam. it's no problem.

it was good seeing you again.

big o's is the only place in the county where african-american soldiers are-- well, that they feel comfortable in, sir. have we had trouble there before ? fistfight now and then. this town isn't much, colonel. they didn't come for vacation. no, sir, but for a lot of them, it's their first time away from home. dealing with new people. i remember my first hitch. substance abuse ? yes, sir, but i went through the program. i haven't had a drink since-- i meant on the post in general. how are you dealing with it ? we throw a urine test at them once a month. random numbers. maybe 100 people at a time. let's make it once a week for a while. no problem, sir. i sprint the last quarter mile. you gentlemen don't have to keep up if you don't care to. appreciate it, sir.

guy cracks walnuts with his asshole. you get the feeling he doesn't wanna be here ?

sam the man. hey, ben. thanks for comin' down. so how's business ? business is boomin'. got your drugs, got your illegals. had a shootin' the other night at o's place. soldier got ventilated. i hear they're closin' fort mckenzie down. gonna pull a lot of jobs outta this county. yeah, we'll have folks swimmin' over to mexico to work in the sweatshops. that the word on our boy ? this is skinny. skinny ? when we find a body, it's either skinny or stinky, dependin' how much meat there is on the bones. it's a nice job. male caucasian, 40 to 60 years old. five-foot-nine to five-eleven. chewed tobacco. then we got the dental records and the personal effects. it's charlie wade. that badge-- didn't come out of a cereal box. yeah.

look, you know the popular version of how he left town. everybody on the border knows that story. so you got a cause of death ? skull was intact. there's no signs of trauma on what we found of him. not much to go on. so he could have gone out to the post, uh, just hopped the fence, dug down into the dirt on the old rifle range and had a heart attack.

you remember what old buddy carried for a side arm ? colt peacemaker. forty-five. he swore by it.

what ? i's just wonderin'.

so is buddy on your short list ? if it was some poor mojado who swam across at night and got lost in the brush... and starved out there, i wouldn't go much further. but this is a formerly prominent citizen who disappeared under a cloud-- you got to investigate. there's no question about it. what i will do is keep names out of it until we get some answers or hit a dead end. you know how the press is when they get a hold of a murder story, even if it's 40 years old. yeah, yeah, they can do a number on ya.

i remember charlie wade come to my father's hardware store once. i was just a little boy. but i'd heard stories about how he'd shot this one... and how he shot that one. man winked at me. i peed my pants.

winked at me. okay, we have the fight against the spanish... with bloody conflict for dozens of years 'til they are finally defeated in 1821... and mexican independence is declared. anglo settlers are invited to colonize the area. by the time they begin the movement against santa anna, they outnumber the mexicans here by four to one. the war between mexico and the anglo forces... ends in 1836... with the formation of the texas republic. texas joins the united states as a state where slavery is legal... in 1845 after the so-called mexican war, then secedes to join the confederacy in 1861. the confederacy is beaten, and the reformation period here is marked... by range wars and race wars... and all this paralleled by the constant battles... between both the mexican and anglo settlers and the various indian nations in the area. what are we seeing here, chet ? um, everybody's killing everybody else.

boy, i always wondered what you mayors do when you're not cuttin' ribbons. sam !

partner ! ya caught me playin' hooky. yeah, floatin' around out here, playin' hell with them bass. sounds great. where do i sign up ? you been by your old place lately ? no. new people painted it some god-awful color. we found a body out by fort mckenzie yesterday. it'd been there a long time. was it davy crockett or jim bowie ?

you recall if charlie wade was a mason ? charlie ? yeah, i believe he used to go for lodge meetings over to laredo. what's charlie wade got to do with your body ? well, all it was wearin' was a big, old masonic ring... and a rio county sheriff's badge.

you remember anything else from that last night you saw him ? hell, i've told the story enough times. we were just in the car. he was stewin' about his fight with buddy... as we drove over to roderick bledsoe's. bledsoe ? he owned the colored roadhouse before otis. he still livin' ? no. i think his widow's still in their place in darktown, though. you think it was charlie wade, huh ? forensics people are sure of it. you got any idea who might have put him there ? besides my father, i mean. there's no call for that, sam. wade made hisself a pile of enemies over the years. yeah, and buddy was one of 'em. with the dedication tomorrow, this is a hell of a time to bring up old business. people have worked this whole big thing up around my father. if it's built on a crime, they deserve to know. i understand why you might want to believe he couldn't do it. i understand why you might want to think he could.

thanks for your time, hollis. hey, look at all this, will ya ? tackle, boat !

all just to catch a little old fish, mindin' his own business down in the bottom of the lake.

hardly seems worth the effort, does it, sam ?

so you knew this young man before ? from back in houston. we both come up on fifth street. did you know he was gonna be there last night ? if i had, i wouldn't have gone in. and you and private graves were... we were just dancin'. we're not runnin' a datin' service here, private. i know that, sergeant. we were just dancin'. there was a bunch of us there. shadow-- shadow just come down lookin' for trouble. i don't like to get involved with the personal life of soldiers, but when it interferes with the training here-- shadow just gets crazy. sergeant, how is richie doin'-- private graves ? he'll live. he'll be transferred to fort sam as soon as he's stabilized. he'll probably be getting a medical discharge. will this go on my record ? the incident will be noted. but if it happened the way you say it did, there hasn't been an infraction. thank you, sergeant. you're dismissed. thank you, sergeant.

you spoil 'em, cliff. you don't believe her ? let's just say that wasn't much of an interrogation. i'm the one in charge of her sorry ass, and quite frankly-- i don't want to give her the third degree because her ex-boyfriend is a thug. she's pulled herself out of a pretty rough neighborhood. if she isn't careful, she's gonna slide right back into it.

mrs. bledsoe ? that's me.

i'm sheriff deeds. sheriff deeds is dead, honey. you just sheriff junior. yeah, that's the story of my life. you ever play one of these ? yeah, i've seen 'em. don't ever start up on 'em, 'cause once you do, you can't stop. i tell myself i'm just gonna play three little games after breakfast. and here i am with half the day gone. you mind if i ask you a few questions about your husband roderick ? i ain't gonna say nothin' bad about the man, but you can ask away. he had the club out on the old trail road ? we run that club for over 20 years. give it over to otis payne in...

1967, april. then you must remember sheriff wade ? them days, you deal with sheriff wade or you didn't deal. first of the month every month, he remind you of who you really workin' for. so he squeezed money out of you ? wasn't legal to sell liquor in a glass back then, unless you was a club, see ? roderick used to say, "buy yourself a glass, get a free membership." that sheriff wade, he could close you down anytime. and my father ? sheriff buddy was a different story. long as roderick throw his weight the right way at election day, make sure all the colored come out to vote, throw a barbecue for the right folks now and then, sheriff buddy kept to his word. that sheriff wade, though, he could get ugly. and people didn't complain, huh ? not if you was colored or mexican. not if you wanted to keep breathing. i remember the last time i seen him before he go on missin'. he come fussin' around our place. he used to come in whilst we was in full swing, makin' everybody nervous. had him a smile like the grim reaper. he used to sit there with his hand on his old gun, actin' the kingfish with everybody.

otis payne come to work for us about that time. and that boy had him some attitude.

* shake, rattle and roll *

* shake, rattle and roll *

* shake, rattle and roll *

* well, you won't do nothin' to save your doggone soul *

* shake, rattle and roll *

pour it. what ? pour it !

i know you ? name's otis. otis what ? payne. they call me "o." one of cleroe payne's boys ? uh-huh. i sent your daddy to the farm once. yeah, i know that. why you think that was ? some crop needed pickin'. the man was shorthanded. as i remember it was because he had a sassy mouth on him. must run in the family. you wouldn't be runnin' numbers out of this club, would ya, son ? runnin' numbers is illegal, sir. runnin' numbers without i know about it is both illegal and unhealthy. you remember that. whoa, son. you're not finished. pour his. i prefer it in a bottle. shut up, hollis.

how come you don't look familiar ? i been away, up to houston. houston ? i hear they let you boys run wild up there. oh, look what you done now. better get something to wipe it up, son.

you spilt it. maybe you should wipe it up.

i told you to do something. you gonna hop to it or are we gonna have a problem ?

don't wanna turn tail in front of your people, huh ? i understand.

come on, houston. give it a try. come to papa. uh, don't mind him, sheriff ! the boy is a bit slow is all. he don't mean nothin' by it. that the problem, son ? you slow ? otis. apologize to the sheriff. sheriff, you got him too scared to peep. maybe if you'd put that gun up ? you tellin' me what to do ? no, sheriff, i'm just-- is that whiskey in them glasses on the bar ? roderick, i'm gonna have to cite you for violation of state law. this is a club, sheriff. you been here. all you people better clear outta here now.

you learn how to act your place, son. this isn't houston.

'course, i was young... and full of beans back then. i didn't understand the spot i was puttin' roderick in.

and that was the last time you saw him ? i think he came in one more time. uh, with hollis and, uh-- no, no. your daddy wasn't with him. made their monthly pickup. roderick wasn't in, so i kept my mouth shut and handed over that envelope. and that was the night he disappeared ? could have been.

you own a gun ? back then ? no. how about roderick ? oh, he kept a big old piece back behind the bar, just so folks knew it was there. i don't keep one here now. don't much care for 'em. and when my father was sheriff ? what about him ? what was your deal with him ?

buddy was more a part of the big picture. county political machine. chamber of commerce. zoning board. if i kept those people happy, he was pretty much on my side. whenever somebody thought of startin' up a new bar for the black folks, they'd be, uh-- how should i say this ? they'd be officially discouraged. he ever accept cash for a favor ?

i don't recall a prisoner ever died in your daddy's custody. i don't recall a man in this county-- black, white, mexican-- who'd hesitate for a minute... before they'd call on buddy deeds to solve a problem. more than that, i wouldn't care to say. i'm supposed to tell my friends they're too low class to hang with ? come on, amado. just because i'm not like little miss honor roll ? leave your sister out of this. you and those teachers in that dump, your story's over. so you don't want anybody else to have fun. you jerk ! i'm not talking to you. you don't have any friends. who'd want to be friends with pachuco wanna-bes ? i don't pretend i came over on the mayflower. and those stupid girls who hang out with them. shut up ! joanie orozco's telling the whole school she's in love with santo guerra. so ? it's pathetic. you can't be desperately in love when you're 14 years old. not if you have half a brain. of course you can. what ? it's got nothin' to do with being smart. it's ancient goddamn history, danny.

1963, they dam up the north branch to make lake pescadero. a whole little town disappears. a squatter's town ! people had been living in perdido for 100 years. mexicans and chicanos are deported, evicted, moved forcibly out of their houses by our local hero, buddy deeds, and his department. there was a bill from the state legislature. families were split apart, jorge. a community was destroyed. who ends up with lakefront property bought for a fraction of the market price ? buddy deeds, sheriff of rio county, and his chief deputy, hollis pogue. you finished ? look, i'm not after you, sam. i think people in town ought to know the full story on buddy deeds.

that makes two of us.

i don't see what the big deal is. go back over, talk to the man and bury the hatchet. why should i be the one ? he's had almost 40 years. i haven't heard a word from him. he was probably embarrassed. otis payne was never embarrassed in his life. dad. del, you were eight when he left. he didn't leave. he moved three houses down with one of my mother's best friends. dad ?

"hey, delmore, where's your daddy ?" this godforsaken town. everybody in everybody else's business. and everybody loved otis. big o. always there with a smile or a loan or a free drink. dad, can i talk to you about track ? people change. not that much. i talked to the track coach. we already had this out. next year if your grades are higher.

-i have a "b" average. -how many "b" averages do you think they take at west point ? we're stuck here for three years. we're gonna have to see him. no. we don't.

get off the phone, enrique. we've got people waiting.

¿ mami ?

these ones coming over are getting stupider every year. maybe you're just gettin' less patient. if they're going to survive here, they have to know how to work. if you hire illegals, what do you expect ? nobody's illegal in my cafe. they've got green cards. they've got relatives who were born here. if they only had a little common sense, i'd be very happy. maybe if you took more time training them, you wouldn't have this-- you come here to teach me how to run my business ?

i was wondering if you wanted to take a trip south with us. maybe see where you grew up ? why would i want to go there ? you must be curious how it's changed. amado is into this big tejano roots thing. i've never been further than ciudad leon. you wanna see mexicans ? open your eyes and look around you. we're up to our ears in them. mami, how old were you... when my father died ? he was killed. right. when he was killed. a little older than paloma is now. how come you never got married again ? it just didn't happen. there must have been somebody. i was too busy. mami, nobody is too busy. maybe now. it was different back then. i had to do all the shopping, all the cooking. what do i need some chulo with grease under his nails to drink up the profit ? thank you. i don't mean fernando. mami,when i brought him home, those were your exact words. some chulo with grease under his nails. i never said that. you made it pretty damn clear. you thought he was nobody. i felt you could do better for yourself. what ? what ? become a nun ? you didn't even want me to go out with anglos. i never said that. it was just that boy.

"that boy." mami, say his name, for christ's sakes.

you people are stealing from me. i entiende ! i robandome !

¿ lo madre ? mm-hmm. lo siento. now, i'm as liberal as the next guy. if the next guy is a redneck. but i gotta say, i think there's something to this cold climate business. i mean, you go to the beach, what do you do ? drink a few beers, wait for that fish to flop up on the sand. can't build no civilization that way. but you got a cold winter comin' on, you got to plan ahead. that gives your old cerebral cortex a workout. good thing you were born down here then. you joke about it, sam, but we are in a state of crisis. the lines of demarcation are gettin' fuzzy. to run a successful civilization you have got to have your lines of demarcation... between right and wrong, between this 'un and that 'un. your daddy understood that. he was a-- what do you call it ? a referee for this damn menudo we got down here. he understood how most folks don't want their salt and sugar... in the same jar. boy, you mix drinks as bad as you mix metaphors, you'd be out of a job. you're the last white sheriff this town's gonna see. hollis retires next year. jorge guerra's gonna take over. this is it right here, sam. this bar is the last stand. se habla american, goddamn it. even in here it's slidin' away. tsk. take that pair over there in the corner. place like this, 20 years ago, buddy'd been on them two. he'd have went over there and give them a warning. not that he had it in for the colored, but just as a kind of safety tip. yeah, i bet he would. day that man died, they broke the goddamn mold.

seriously. "seriously" ? i think we should get married. we've been through this before. we should just do it. and if i get transferred to a different post ? germany or korea ? i'd ask for a transfer too. which they are most likely to turn down. i'd quit the army for you, if it came to that. you know, you are somethin'. man's gonna retire in two years, and he offers to quit. big goddamn deal. excuse me. sheriff. hi. this is sergeant-- this is priscilla worth. sheriff deeds was with us on our archaeological find yesterday. it true they gonna build a shopping mall out there ? if certain people have their way, it's gonna be a new jail. damn. they closin' down military left and right... and puttin' up jails like 7-eleven stores. say, do either of you have any idea... when they stopped usin' that site as a rifle range ? fort mckenzie stopped training infantry there in the late '50s. it was just a playground for the jackrabbits 'til they gave it to the county last year. you know who it was they dug up ? i'm not for sure yet. but i kind of wish they hadn't.

es muy lindo, su coche, senora. in english, enrique. this is the united states. we speak english. is very beautiful, your car. good night, enrique. buenas noches, senora.

* since i met you, baby *

* my whole life has changed *

* since i met you, baby *

* my whole life has changed * carolyn. knock that off a minute.

* and if-- *

black seminoles ? hobby of mine. a few artifacts. couple of pieces one of your men out on the base made. admission's free. ah.

this is where he was shot ? he fell right there by the door. get much of that in here ? it's a bar. folks come together. drink, fall in love, fall outta love, air their grudges out. deal drugs in the bathroom. if i thought it would do any good, i'd put up a sign tellin' 'em not to. right next to the one about the employees washin' their hands. this here is carolyn. honey, this is my son, delmore.

nice to meet you, ma'am.

i'll be in back, waiting for that delivery.

so ? so.

tell me why i shouldn't make this place off-limits.

this is an official visit then. i assume most of your business is with our people. your boys all cooped up together out there. they need someplace to let the steam out. if they black, there's not but one spot in this county where they feel welcome. it's been that way since before you were born. we have an enlisted men's club at the post. you the man out there now, ain't ya ? it's your call. that's right.

i've been hearing about this new commander out there for a couple of weeks now. boys say they hear he's a hard case. a real spit and polish man. full bird colonel by the name of payne. bet you never figured you'd end up back here.

the army offers you a command, you go wherever it is. right. i hear things too. they call you the mayor of darktown. over the years, this is the one place that's always been there. i loan a little money out. i settle a few arguments. i got a cot in the back. folks get scared to go home, they can spend the night. there's not enough of us to run anything in this town.

it's holiness church or big o's. and the people make a choice. most of 'em choose both. there's not like there's a borderline... between the good people and the bad people. you're not on either one side or the other.


i'm gonna meet that family of yours ?

why would you want to do that ? because... i'm your father.

you'll get official notification when i make my decision.

so that's him. yeah, that's him. historic occasion, ain't it ? yeah, seems like we have another one every week. jorge and the boys at the chamber of commerce gotta keep things hummin'. buildin' up tourism, sam. people come here to catch bass... and to get laid at the boy's town in ciudad leon. you ought to put up a banner: "frontera, texas, gateway to inexpensive pussy." that kind of talk don't help. i'd rather have that than the ten-foot-high catfish statute. i got eddie richter at the sentinel to kill that story, sam. what, the perdido thing ? he agreed it wasn't exactly news. danny's gonna be out for blood the next time. that's the reason we wanted to talk to you about the new jail. just so's we're on the same page. we don't need a new jail. that's a matter of opinion. we're already rentin' cells to the feds for overflow. there was a mandate in the last election-- it wouldn't happen to be... your construction company gonna get the bid on buildin' this thing, would it, fenton ? and jorge, you wouldn't be thinkin' about a couple dozen new jobs... to dangle in front of the voters when you run for mayor next election ? the people are concerned about crime. i'm not gonna campaign against your deal here. but if anybody asks me, i got to tell them the truth. we don't need a new jail. when we backed you-- when you backed me, you needed somebody named deeds to bump the other fellow outta office.

hi, sam. hey, folks. fenton, what's up, buddy ? hi ! how you doin' ? let's get this thing over with. good to see ya.

i never thought i'd see the day a buddy of mine would be datin' a woman... with three bars on her shoulder. it's beyond what you'd call dating. you gonna get married ? maybe. you met her family ? they gonna be cool about you bein' a white guy ? priscilla says they think any woman over 30 who's not married must be a lesbian. she figures they'll be so relieved that i'm a man-- it's always heartwarming to see a prejudice defeated by a deeper prejudice. marriage, man. i don't know. let's see. i did two tours of duty in southeast asia. i was married for five years. i couldn't tell you which experience was worse. hey, mikey. i knew she was japanese goin' into it, but she didn't tell me the ninja assassin part. mikey. her parents acted like... i was gonna blow my nose on their curtains. mikey. if i stayed out past 10:00 with the guys, she'd go into this madame butterfly routine. hey, mikey. look at this. what ? it's a bullet. i'm lousy with bullets here. it's a .45. oh, yeah ? this is the stuff we picked up the other day, right ? the rest of this is all .30 caliber. they were using m-1's, yeah. yeah. so what's a pistol slug doin' on a rifle range ? we better call that sheriff.

back in the early '70s, a reporter from a national magazine asked the governor of our lone star state, "governor, what's your ideal... of what a real texan oughta be ?" governor said, "son, that's easy.

"just go down to rio county and get a look... at sheriff buddy deeds." thank you. there's, uh, one more person we ought to hear from. i think he's somebody who knew buddy better than any of us. sam, uh, say a few words ?

well, you folks who remember my father... knew him as sheriff. but at home, he was also judge, jury and executioner.

this is a real honor you're doin' him today. and if buddy was around, i'm sure his hat size... would be gettin' a lot bigger every minute. i used to think there wasn't a place in this town... you could hide from my old man. and now i'm sure of it.

i do appreciate it though. and wherever he is, buddy's puttin' the beer on ice for the bunch of ya. thank you.

and now my favorite council member... and one of frontera's most respected businesswomen, mrs. mercedes cruz, will do the honors.

senora cruz, espera un momento. como esto. gracias.

it does look kind of like buddy. i think he's gonna run that mexican kid in for loitering. nice to see you, mrs. cruz.

field trip ? lunch hour. my next class isn't until 1:30. you want to take a walk ?

they cooked the whole thing up without asking me. people liked him.

most people did. yeah. i remember him watching me once... when i was little... before you and i--

i was on the playground with all the other kids. but i thought he was only looking at me. i was afraid he was gonna arrest me. he had those eyes, you know, and that-- yeah. hmm. it's weird what you remember.

hey, your boy there-- amado. nice-lookin' kid. he hates me. no. with paloma, it's more like she pities and tolerates me. totally age appropriate. but with amado-- he's always had difficulty reading. and me being a teacher and caring about those things, it's like... a betrayal. fernando did okay. he dropped out. fernando wasn't pissed off at everybody. he just wanted to fix their cars. i spent my first 15 years tryin' to be just like buddy. next fifteen tryin' to give him a heart attack.

so why did you come back here, sam ? i got divorced.

i wasn't gonna work for my father-in-law anymore. the fellas down here, they said they'd back me. you don't wanna be sheriff. i gotta admit, it's not what i thought it'd be. back when buddy had it--

hell, i'm just a jailer. i run a 60-room hotel with bars on the windows.

you remember this ? i, um-- i oughta head back. pilar-- it looks real bad if the teacher's late for class.

it's real nice to talk with you, sam.

are you gonna tell her ?

you gonna tell him ? he doesn't need to know all my business. he's gonna find out. so ? what's he gonna do ? arrest us ?

it's supposed to be some big sin even if you love each other. you believe that ?


me neither.

private johnson !

report to sergeant burr in the orderly's room. the doctor's gonna have a look at you. i'm feelin' okay. i'm real happy to hear that, private. go put some pee-pee in a cup for dr. innis, and i'm gonna be feelin' okay too. y-you testin' me ? you and 119 other fortunate individuals. put it in gear.

take this shit off now. you been talkin' so much trash today, you got us thinkin' you're a dangerous criminal. you better be good, boy. "boy" ? you're the one who's a good boy. man say fetch and you fetch. just doin' my job. white man just usin' you to keep the black man down. this isn't houston, friend. we're running things now. our good day has come. you chumps ain't had a good day since the alamo. andale, amigo.

lupe ? would you get me ben wetzel up in austin ?

i vamonos !

wetbacks again.

hello ? border patrol ?

mom ? yeah ? you gonna stay out here ? yeah. for a while.

what's she singin' about ? what do you think ?

hey ! good morning, sheriff ! hey, pete. how's it goin' ? time marches on. how much you got left ? three months. stop growin' that locoweed at your place, you'd see a lot more daylight. it was for personal consumption. you gonna smoke an acre and a half of marijuana ? look, i got a bad stomach. it helps me to digest. your father never bothered me about it. leastways, not 'til those drug people got on his case in the late '60s. i thought he busted ya a couple of times. no. different charge. i had a still. i made my own mescal. that's how come i ruined my stomach. i'm surprised he bothered with it. he was afraid i was going to poison somebody. your father tried to do good for people. so i heard. and your mother, she was a saint. you remember that summer when i built that patio at your house ? she made me lunch every day. you were workin' there. it could have been just another box lunch from the jail. you built our patio while you were on the county ? out in the fresh air, nice gringa lady makin' you pies. who the hell's gonna sit back in a little jail cell all day ? oh, sheriff buddy, man. como el no hay dos. and after that cabron charlie wade. i heard wade was a bit tough on the mexicans.

he murdered eladio cruz. is that tough enough for you ? murdered him ? chucho montoya saw it with his own eyes. shot him in cold blood. era muy cabron ese charlie wade. sam !

uh, sam, wait up.

you're out early. yeah. haven't seen much of you at the jail lately. i'm workin' on a few things. uh-huh. i'm goin' over to the other side. the republicans ? no. mexico. oh. gotta talk to someone. well, they got telephones. no. it's gotta be in person.

sam, i-- i, uh-- the committee-- jorge and fenton and all-- they, uh-- well, they've asked me if-- they want you to stand for sheriff next election. yeah. you'd do a good job. thanks. what about you ? i don't know if i'll still want it. i, uh, just didn't want to go around your back. that's all. appreciate you tellin' me.

you think we need a new jail ?

well, sam, um, it's a complicated issue.

yeah. right. you'd be a hell of a sheriff.

down here we don't throw everything away like you gringos do. recycling, right ? we invented that. the government doesn't have to tell people to do it. so you own this place, huh ? this place, the one across the street. three or four others in ciudad leon. soy el rey de las llantas. king of the tires.

a lot of your people rolling over that bridge on my rubber. you lived in the states for a while ? fifteen years. made some money, came back here. something like that. you ever know a fellow named eladio cruz ?

you're the sheriff of rio county, right ? un jefe muy respetado.

step across this line.

i ay, que milagro ! you're not the sheriff of nothing anymore. just some tejano with a lot of questions i don't have to answer. a bird flying south. you think he sees this line ? rattlesnake, javelina, whatever you got. you think halfway across that line they start thinking different ? why should a man ? your government's always been pretty happy to have that line. the question's just been where to draw it.

my government can go fuck itself and so can yours. i'm talking about people here. men.

mi amigo eladio cruz... was giving some friends of his a lift one day in the back of his camion. but because they're on one side of this invisible line and not the other, they got to hide in the back como criminales. and because over there he's just another mex bracero, any man with a badge is his jefe.

what's in the back ? not much, jefe. some watermelons. drivin' 'em up for the market. should bring a good price.

i heard somebody been haulin' wets on this road. i haven't seen anybody doing that. this same person been braggin' all over the county... how he doesn't have to cut that big gringo sheriff in on it. he can run his own operation without any help.

¿ como se llama, amigo ? eladio cruz. you know this road's got a bad reputation, eladio. reputation ? bandidos, injuns. there's many an unfortunate soul been ambushed out on this stretch. i hope you're carryin' some protection. protection ? you carryin' a firearm, son ? don't lie to me now. si. un escopeto. just a shotgun. just a shotgun. better let me have a look at that.

oh ! oh, jesus ! little greaser son of a bitch is runnin' a goddamn bus service. think he can make a fool out of charlie wade. get them wets out of the back, hollis. see what we've got.

you killed him. you got a talent for statin' the obvious, son.

steve called for you. steve ? steve. board of education steve. who likes you. he goes for us hot-blooded mexican girls. i can tell. spanish, please. my mother would have a heart attack. your mother's family is spanish ? sure, they go back to cortez. when he was riding by, they were squatting in a hut, cooking hamsters for dinner. you've got to be interested in somebody, pilar. all you do is work. all my mother does is work. that's how you get to be spanish. how about this sheriff ? sheriff ? the old high school heartthrob sheriff ? thought you were crazy about each other. he's available, you're available. i'm unmarried. i'm not available. you told me one time it was true love. nobody stays in love for 23 years.

come on. get up ! i can't ! i can't ! get up !

let's go. goddamn it ! come here. what the hell are you doin', you asshole ? how old is that girl, huh ? let me go! i pendejo ! come on now, missy. get your clothes in order. huh ? where's your goddamn sense, son ? you got no fuckin' right. stay outta my life ! give me the goddamn car keys. what am i supposed to do with her, buddy ? drive her home. tell her mother where we found her. sam ! you leave her alone ! move it, boy !

please don't tell my mother. she's gonna kill me. pilar ! don't argue with me. git !

* my love, my love is a mountainside *

* so from, so from it can come the tide *

* my love for you is a mountainside *

* it stands so firm it can calm the tide *

* that's why my love *

* my love is a mountainside *

* my love, my love is an ocean roar *

* so strong, so strong that i can't let you go *

* my love for you is an ocean's roar *

* it grows so strong that i can't let you go *

* that's why my love *

* my love is an ocean's roar *

* my love is longer than forever *

* and endless as the march of time *

* 'til 99 years after never *

* in my heart you'll still be mine *

* because my love *

* my love is a deep blue sea *

* so deep, so deep that i'll never be free *

* my love for you is a deep blue sea *

* it's grown so strong that i'll never be free *

* and that's why my love *

* my love is a deep blue sea *

* oh, my love, my love *

* my love, my love is a deep blue sea *

* my love *

follow me.

we thought we were somethin', didn't we ?


i look at my kids in school-- tenth, eleventh-graders-- that's who we were-- children.

i mean, what did we know about anything ?


when nando died-- it was so sudden. i... kind of went into shock for a while. and... then i woke up, and there was the rest of my life. and i had no idea what to do with it.

you know the other day you asked why i came back. yeah ? i came back 'cause you were here.

my mother hasn't changed the songs since i was ten.

wow. yeah.

how come it feels the same ?

i don't know. it just feels good. always did.

so, um--

what are we gonna do about this ?

more. i hope. huh ?

how long have you lived here ?

two years. there's nothin' on the walls. no pictures. i don't have kids.

the other pictures-- i don't know. it's nothin' that i want to look back on. like your story's over. i've felt that way. yeah. it isn't. mm-mmm. not by a long shot.


what was your father's name ? eladio. eladio cruz.

that's john horse. the spanish down in florida call him juan caballo.

john horse. he a black man or an indian ? both. he's part of the seminole nation got pushed into the florida everglades... back in pioneer days. african people run off from slaveholders, hooked up with 'em, married up, had children. when the spanish give up florida, the u.s. army come down... to move all the indian people to oklahoma. a couple of them held out. that man john horse, his friend wildcat, another fellow named osceola... put together a fighting band, held out for another 10, 15 years. beat zach taylor and a thousand troops at lake okeechobee. so they stayed in florida ? one night they packed up, rode out to mexico. then went to work for general santa anna down there. after the civil war, they came north to texas, put up at fort duncan. the men joined up what was called the seminole negro indian scouts. they were the best trackers on either side of the border. they'd chase after bandits, rustlers, texas rednecks, kiowas, comanches-- they fought against the indians ? just like they did in mexico. but they were indians themselves. they were in the army. like your father.

you know who i am ? i got a pretty good guess. t-that guy who got shot. you didn't go tellin' your father you were here ? are you kidding ? and face a court-martial ?

pretty tough old man, huh ? every time he moves up a rank, he's got to tighten the screws more. i mean, just 'cause he didn't-- you know, he didn't have-- didn't have a father. he's still pissed off about it.

when you're his age, you'll still be pissed off about him.

how come you got into all of this ?

these are our people. there are paynes in florida, in oklahoma, piedras negras. so i'm part indian ? by blood ya are. but blood only means what you let it. my father says from the day you're born you start from scratch. no breaks and no excuses.

gotta pull yourself up on your own. he's livin' proof of that, son. livin' proof.

mornin', hollis. sam ! sit down. big to-do the other day. meant a lot to folks you said somethin'. you thought any more about our murder ? i wish i could tell ya i remembered something new. i can't.

i got an idea what happened. you do ? i think somewhere between roderick bledsoe's club and his house, wade ran into buddy deeds. i think buddy put a bullet in him. waited for him to die, threw him in the trunk of the sheriff's car... and drove him out by fort mckenzie.

i think he buried him under four feet of sand and never looked back.

you lived in the man's house how long ? seventeen, eighteen years. you didn't get to know him any better than that. i gotta go see somebody up in san antonio.

your memory gets any better, i'll be back tonight.

she finally got up. it's saturday. you got in late last night. i had some, um, some school business.

could i get this ? oh, paloma. nobody really wears that stuff. just 'cause you went to catholic school and wore a uniform. i only went for my last two years. how come ? my mother wanted to keep me away from--

from boys. did it work ?

longhorns go for ten times the price. but longhorns are hard to come by these days. sell much out here ? how am i gonna sell things ? nobody comes around. this stretch of road runs between... nowhere and not much else. hell of a spot to put a business. don't see much competition, do you ? used to sell these things like hotcakes. now, if it can't play those disks, they won't look at it. i like it here. once i tried going onto the reservation to live, couldn't take the politics. damn indians will drive you crazy with that.

now, your father-- this wasn't what he had in mind. he come out of korea, bought a chevy with too much engine. he used to come roaring up and down this road all hours of the day and night, lookin' for somebody to race.

look here. buffalo chips. fellow down in santa fe told me he sells these things... as fast as the buffalo can squeeze them out.

you think he killed anybody in korea ? they don't hand those medals out for hidin' in your foxhole.

would you buy this ? no. yeah. neither would i.

if he hadn't found a deputy's job, i believe buddy might have gone down the other path. got into serious trouble. settled him right down. that and your mother.

of course, he had that other one later.

he had another woman ? your mother was not one to be chased off her patch. half the damn county knew about it. nobody thought the worse of her for seeing it through. you know who it was ? the other one ? hell, at my age, you learn a new name you gotta forget an old one. here. this big fellow was sleeping in a crate at cisco's junkyard. right when i was gonna open to see what was in there, jumped right at my face. scared me so bad i had to kill him without thinking. you gotta be careful where you go pokin'. who knows what you'll find.

private johnson,

are you unhappy in the army ? no, sir. then how would you explain... that out of 120 people... you were the only one who came up positive for drugs ? i'm sorry, sir. when you were given the opportunity to enlist, a kind of contract was agreed upon. i think the army has honored its part of that agreement. yes, sir. do you believe in what we're doin' here, private johnson ? i can do the job, sir.

what exactly do you think your job is, private ? um, follow orders. do whatever they say. who's "they" ? the officers. and that's the job ? nothing about serving your country ?

these are not trick questions, private johnson. you'll be offered an article 15, and we will go through the process one way or the other. i'm just trying to understand... how someone like you thinks. y-you really want to know ? please. well, it's their country. this is one of the best deals they offer. how do you think i got to be a colonel ? being good at your job. do what they tell you.

"do what they tell you" ? i mean, follow orders, sir.

with your attitude, private, i'm surprised you want to stay in the service. i do, sir. because it's a job ?

outside, it's such a mess. it's, um--


why do you think they let us in on the deal ?

they got people to fight. you know, arabs, yellow people, whatever. they might as well use us.

it works like this, private. every soldier in a war doesn't have to believe... in what he's fighting for. most of them fight just to back up the other soldiers in their squad. they try not to get them killed. they try not to get them extra duty. you try not to embarrass yourself in front of them.

why don't you start with that ? y-yes, sir.

dismissed. thank you, sir.

this time threads the needle for painter. the aggies jump to a 14-point lead. late in the second quarter, sooners back to punt on their own 27-- longhorns are gonna kick some serious butt this saturday. you just watch. we got a kid, a tailback, from down your way, out of el indio-- that's in maverick county. oh. right. and you're in ? in rio. right. this kid, hosea brown, he does the 40 in 3.4. soft hands, lateral movement, the whole package. only a sophomore. still goin' to home games ? daddy's got his box in the stadium. i'll fly to the cowboy away games when they're in the conference. and then on friday nights, there's high school, of course. churchill's got this boy, six-foot-six, 310. moves like a cat. high school we're talkin'. guess how much he can bench press. bunny, you, uh-- you on that same medication ? why ? do i seem jumpy ? no, no, you look good. just wonderin'. last year was awful rough with mama passin' on and this business with o.j. it's not like it's don meredith or roger staubuch or one of our boys. but it kind of threw me for a loop. you look good. then there was that squeaker the aggies dropped to oklahoma. that son of a bitch stepped in some lucky shit before he kicked that goal. if they hadn't pulled me off that woman, i would have jerked a knot in her. you were in a fight ? daddy calls that an altercation. how you doin', sam ? you look skinny. i'm the same weight i always was. daddy hired a pinhead to take your job. said so himself. says, "even my son-in-law's better than this pinhead i got now." bunny, uh, that stuff i left in the garage still there ? least he never called me that. with me it was always "high strung."

"my bunny would have done something with her life if she wasn't so high strung--" or "tightly wound." that's another one. you haven't had one of your fires, have you ? the stuff i left in the garage, some of it was my father's. did you watch the draft this year ? of course, you didn't. idiot question. they try to make it dramatic. like it's a big surprise... who picks who in the first round. only they've been going over it for months with their experts and computers, doctors' reports, coaches' evaluations, highlight reels, psychological profiles. i wouldn't be surprised if they collected stool samples on these boys, had 'em analyzed. all that to pick a football player for your squad. compared to that, what you know about a person when you get married to 'em... doesn't amount to diddly, does it ?

no, i suppose not. you kind of bought yourself a pig in a poke, didn't ya, sam ? that whole time we were first seeing each other, you didn't know that i was tightly wound. it wasn't just you. no, it wasn't, was it ? you didn't exactly throw yourself into it heart and soul, did ya ?

your shit's still in the garage, if that's what you came for.

three-hundred-and-fifty pounds.

that boy churchill's got. he plays tackle both ways. bench presses 350 pounds. can you imagine havin' that much weight on you pressin' down ? be hard to breathe, hard to swallow. i think they have another fellow there to keep it off your chest. a spotter.

"i only got my little girl now," he says.

"she's my lifeline." then he tells me i can't sit in the box anymore if i don't control myself. son of a bitch doesn't watch the games. he sits there drinking with his business friends. looks up at the tv now and then. i'd be better off sitting in the cheap seats with some real football people. you look good, bunny. it's nice to see you.

thanks. i like it when you say that, sam.

"dearest buddy--"

hi. hey ! it's the general. colonel. is otis in ? come on in. if it's too late, i can always come-- come on in.

otis sittin' up with some people at the club. i don't think he'll be long.

his hot sauce recipe won a contest last year. they're sellin' it far away as san antonio. um, you've been in this house for a while ? i've been here with him eight years now. he built it when he was with leora. never met her. there was a bunch of 'em you never met. me neither.

let me show you around.

he got into all this cowboys and indians stuff a while back. spent half his time pokin' around the library way up to austin.

kind of like a shrine, isn't it ? where'd he get all this stuff ? your mother's got a brother, alfonse. uncle al. otis stood on good terms with the man. whenever you do something that makes the news, he sends it on. when they made you general, otis about drove away customers goin' on about it. i'm a colonel. yeah, i know. man made me memorize the whole damn army chain of command... before he'd marry me. uh-- my mother said that he never asked about me. he never asked her.

tell him i stopped by ? thanks.

catch ya later,


enrique ! yes !

senora cruz ? who is it ?

enrique, what are you doing out here ? are you crazy ?

in english, enrique. we are in the united states. i have some friends, and they have had an accident. you have somebody else out there ? we was by the river, and i "heared" my friend, calling for help. i look and she has falling in the water-- don't tell me lies. what happened ? we was crossing the river--

enrique ? what are you doing out there ? who are those people ? how could you bring them here ? i need help, senora.

senora. i'll call the border patrol. they'll get her to the hospital. you think you're doing these people a favor ? what are they going to do ? either they get on welfare or they become criminals.

look out.

this girl is a friend of yours ? i thought you were married. i am married to the cousin of a friend, but only for her to live here. this is the mother of my child. typical.

homework ? no. finished that. i'm just messin' around.

tanks, huh ? yeah, well, gotta be in the army, you might as well have something slick to drive. so, you're going in the army.

that's the general plan, isn't it ?

that's up to you.

the army isn't for everybody.

it's not that i don't think you wouldn't be good at it. it's-- you know.

i wouldn't be disappointed if you decided to do something else with your life.

you wouldn't ? no.

so, uh-- so, how's your room shapin' up ? it's fine. i'm pretty much moved in. good.

are we ever gonna see your father ? my father ? yeah, he lives here, right ? yes, he does.

maybe we'll fix that thing out back up... and have a barbecue next weekend. we could invite him and his wife over.

he makes his own sauce.

i vamos ! i rapidamente ! everybody in the world is going to see.

he used to be a doctor on the other side. don't worry about it. he owes me a few favors.

in english, enrique. in english !

hollis ?

hollis ?

ya in there ?

hollis !

there's a big difference between what he can guess--

fellas. sam !

you're open late. i'm not open. we were just talkin'.

so hollis probably told you. we found charlie wade. is that right ? start diggin' holes in this county, no tellin' what will come up. you two saw it, didn't ya ?

you two saw it when buddy killed him.

i'm gonna find out one way or the other. your father had the finest sense of justice of any man i've ever known. yeah, and my mother was a saint. for 15 years, the whole damn town knew... he had another woman on the side.

he stole $10,000 to set her up in business. but, hell, what's that ? you got a problem ? old buddy'll fix it. you facin' some time in jail ? buddy'll knock half of it off if you do what he says when he says. you got some business that's not exactly legal ? just talk to buddy. buddy deeds-- buddy deeds was a murderer. that night at the cafe, he didn't stay long after you left, did he, hollis ? maybe he decided he'd gone too far with wade. maybe he figured he'd better not wait for the sheriff to get behind him. so he stepped out to see if he could catch up.

and you were here at the club that night. weren't ya, o ?

i was here.

i'd been runnin' a game on the side after hours. craps. draw poker on the weekends. roderick didn't know about it. more important, charlie wade didn't know about it, 'cause i didn't want to cut him in on it. i was pretty full of myself back in those days. hell, i just didn't expect the man so early.

charlie wade !

easy. easy.

sheriff charlie was the whip hand... for old judge tibbs, who pretty much owned this county back then. if the truth came out, it wasn't gonna go easy on hollis.

i don't know why i trusted buddy with it. don't know why he trusted me.

the first time i talked with him was right there and then... with a dead white man leakin' blood on the floor between us. the three of us... cleaned up and took him out by the post... and put him under. can't say i was much help. and the $10,000 ? widow's benefits. we figured it'd make the disappearance look better. mercedes was just scraping by after charlie killed her man. buddy and her didn't get hooked up 'til later. time went on, people liked the story we told... better than anything the truth might have been. it's your call, sam. i don't think the rangers are likely to... find out any more than they already know.

as for me,

it's just one of your unsolved mysteries.

word gets out who the body was, people gonna think buddy done it.

buddy's a goddamn legend. he can handle it.

night, fellas.

hey. when's the picture start ?

you gonna tell your mother we been seein' each other ? she'll find out sooner or later. i don't have to ask permission anymore, if that's what you mean.

have any idea when your father died ? eladio ? couple of months before i was born. try a year and a half.

buddy bought the cafe for her... with money he took from the county.

no, they can't pull this on me. it's not fair.

i don't believe this.

he paid the hospital bill when you were born. your mother-- she always calls you...

"our beautiful daughter" in the letters she wrote to him.

from the first time i saw you in school--

all those years we were married to other people, i always felt like-- like we were connected.

i remember thinkin'... that you were the one part of my life... that buddy didn't have a piece of. i can't have any more children. after amado, i had some complications. i can't get pregnant anymore, if that's what the rule is about.

so that's it ? you're not gonna wanna be with me anymore ?

if i met you... for the first time today, i'd still want to be with ya.

we start from scratch ? yeah. all that other stuff and all that history-- the hell with it, right ?

forget the alamo.

* i wanna be a cowboy sweetheart *

* i wanna learn to rope and to ride *

* i wanna ride over the plains and the desert *

* out west of the great divide *

* i wanna hear the coyotes howlin' *

* while the sun sinks in the west *

* i wanna be a cowboy sweetheart *

* that's the life that i love best *

* i wanna ride old paint goin' at a run *

* i wanna feel the wind in my face *

* a thousand miles from these city lights *

* pullin' a cowhand's pay *

* i wanna pillow my head near the sleepin' herd *

* while the moon shines down from above *

* i wanna strum my guitar and-- *

* oh, that's the life that i love *

* i wanna be a cowboy sweetheart *

* i wanna learn to rope and to ride *

* i wanna ride over the plains and the desert *

* out west of the great divide *

* i wanna hear the coyotes howling *

* while the sun sinks in the west *

* i wanna be a cowboy sweetheart *

* that's the life that i love best *