Lone Survivor (2013) Script

Six times three.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

Hurry up.

It's eighteen. Ooh!

Ring the bell three times, put your helmet on the ground. You're done.

Commence! You don't make it, you do it again!

You ever been tested this hard ever in your life?


Winning here is a conscious decision.

Make up your mind if you want to pass or choose to fail.

All right now, gentlemen, I'm gonna introduce y'all to something called "not being able to breathe."

Andrew! Come back.

Come back to the light.

All this shaking and all this cold. Harness it.

Turn it into aggression.

You just proved to your bodies, through your mind, that you can push yourself further than you thought possible.

Go get wet! Run!

I'm at my limit, so...

...that's it.

You sure you want to be here? Yes, I do.

Are you absolutely sure?

I'm positive!

Whatever you have to do!

Just find an excuse to win.

Keep going.

It pays to be a winner!

I like having my buddies that I can depend on.

And I would like for them to be able to depend on me.

These guys are our band of brothers.

Silent night Holy night All is calm All is bright.

There's a storm inside of us.

I've heard many team guys speak of this.

A burning.

A river.

A drive.

An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible.

Pushing ourselves into those cold, dark corners.

Where the bad things live.

Where the bad things fight.

We wanted that Fight at the highest volume.

Aloud fight.

The loudest, coldest, darkest, most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights.

Is this doable?

It's expensive.

How much?

It's an Arabian horse, man. She got good taste.

I know.

How much?

I'll find out. Expensive.

You're fucked, man.

I know.

I'm up.

Going down.

Murphy by 1.1.

More than that. More than that, Marcus.

Fucking dude, I was being generous. Trust me.

Who won?

Murph. Murph, barely. By one second.


Barely. Head shave?

Head shave or what? I don't know, you know? It's something to think about.

If I shave his head, I have to focus on his face.

Face, ears. Oddly-shaped head.

Well, I don't wanna be looking at him that close, either, but he has been running his mouth about beating you. Really?

Fuck, a head shave is fair.

Axe? Better shave him.

Make him go eat with the E-3s, work in the chow hall until it grows back.

Frankie, what do you think?

Why the fuck wouldn't we shave him?

That's valid.

Patton, not that we care, but what do you think?

Let me see you make a tactical decision right now.

Well, I could go both ways on this.

He did lose, but he was close.

And you're Mike Murphy.

You are Mike Murphy.

The Mike Murphy.

I would've expected a bigger separation.

That is a good point. Backhanded compliment.

Patton. Grab my razor.

Razor, copy that.

Listen up.

Red Wings' a go. Tonight, 1800.


Am I going?

PLO in an hour.

Maybe I'll go.

It's a maybe. I'll give you a maybe. Stay optimistic.

Boys. Hey, what's up?

What the fuck am I doing wrong?

Oh, come on.

I'll tell you what, Shane, here's your first op.

You ready?

Clean all this up.

The objective of this mission is to capture and kill Ahmad Shah.

Bad guy. Senior Taliban commander responsible for killing Marines in eastern Afghanistan.

A Tier I target.

If you want a positive I.D., note that Shah has no earlobes.


His right-hand man. Seems to do most of his chief shit for him.

We're going in with a four-man Recon team.

Axelson, you'll be point. Myself, I'll be second.

Dietz, comms. Marcus, rear, med.

Axe, give us our route.

We're gonna be moving up the back side of this Mountain here, which is gonna offer great concealment from the village.

I'm estimating that it's gonna take us between three and four hours, depending upon the gradient of the terrain which is that crappy shale.

So please lace up.

First things first. You're gonna win the fight.

No medicine in a gun fight.

Two weeks ago, Team 8 was near where we're gonna be.

Capelli got bit by a rattlesnake.

Contrary to popular belief, there is poison oak, so watch your cock and balls, 'cause that will suck.

Murph's got the sat phone.

The angle of this region is very steep. Expect typical comms problems.

We're gonna be on two-hour comms windows.

If we miss two windows, I'd say wake somebody up. If not, don't sweat it.

Way point one is Budweiser. Way point two is Miller.

Three is Corona. Four is Heineken.

And for our O.P. 1, Schlitz Malt Liquor.

And if and when we I.D. Shah, pass Rick James.

Gentlemen, these are your Rules of Engagement. US forces will comply with the Law of Armed Conflict at all times.

Use of deadly force is authorized.

Allahu Akbar!

If you do come under attack, use the appropriate force necessary to deter or defeat that threat.

Leaving here at 1800. Two Chinooks and two Apaches.

We fly here to the L.Z., insert the four-man team right here.

Then we fly 30 minutes to J-Bad.

Here, we'll have 15 team guys and about a dozen Marines standing by all night.

When we hear "Schlitz Malt Liquor", we're heading back to Ba-gram for phase two.

The QRF will stay here at J-Bad.

Now the Apaches stay with the Black Hawks.

The movement is so we can get the 47's back here ready to bring up to phrase two, once you get eyes on Shah.

Oh, I bringing up tomorrow night's new guy presentation to 1400 today, so that all may revel and partake.

You better be good, Napoleon.


A lot of moving parts.

We were going to wait and then she gets her head into it and when she gets her head into something, that's it.

There's no stopping her, man. She's going all out.

You know, you should just let her do it.

You got a handyman woman. That's a good thing.

He's afraid of losing control over his castle.

He's having control issues 'cause he's the one who's always made the taste decisions in the family, right?

No, she's got great taste. I... I trust her.

Well, what does she like?

Rose Honeydew.

Oh. Is that a color?


You better control that situation.

It's very ongoing.

New grass leads to new bushes by the windows, leads to new curtains, leads to new sofa, leads to new carpet, leads to new floor.

New baby.

Dude, she's pregnant? How far along is she?

You know if it's a boy or a girl?

No, she's not pregnant. She's just on a weird journey, moving through the house, one room to the next.

Sounds expensive. Sounds pregnant.


You're fucking late.

Sir, I'm good to go.


You should introduce yourself and tell us something about you we don't know.

All right. Petty Officer...

Oh, shut up!

Get out!

Shut the fuck up!

Hey. Settle down.

Give the kid a chance. Remember what it was like for you.

Petty Officer...

Who gives a shit!

Shut the fuck up!

Mr. Patton, please.

There we go.

More neck.

Come on, dude, you got to get into it. Lose yourself.




Really, really bad.

Dude, that was traumatizing.

Can we vote to push him through?

Because I can't see that ever again.

Hands up. Push him through!

I don't know. Can he say it?

Can you say it? Prove it!

I don't want to watch you dance again. I really don't.

Can you say it, Mr. Patton?

I can say it, I can say it.

Uh... Don't fuck it up.

Come on. No more fucking around. Come on.

Been around the world twice. Talked to everyone once.

Seen two whales fuck. Been to three world fairs.

I even know a man in Thailand with a wooden cock.

I push more Peter more sweeter and more completer than any other Peter pusher around.

I'm a hard-bodied, hairy-chested, rooting tooting shooting, parac' hutting demolition double-cap crimping frogman.

There ain't nothing I can't do.

No sky too high, no sea too rough, no muff too tough.

Learned a lot of lessons in my life.

Never shoot a large-caliber man with a small-caliber bullet.

Drive all kinds of trucks.

Two-bys, four-bys, six-bys.

And those big motherfuckers that bend and go, "ssh-ssh" when you step on the brakes.

Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.

I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a UDT Navy SEAL diver.

I'll wine, dine, intertwine, and sneak out the back door when the refueling is done.

So if you're feeling froggy, then you better jump, because this frogman's been there, done that and is going back for more.

Cheers, boys.

She does not need an Arabian horse!

How the fuck do you know about that?

I know everything, Murphy.

More a Tennessee Walker cross stallion.

The original Silver. The Lone Ranger's horse.

No shit.

Glorious horse, Murphy. Glorious!

Razor 11, 64 is two Mikes out. Establish over watch at 1000 AGL.

All right, Commander, approaching the L.Z.

One Mike on the deck.

One minute!

Thirty seconds.

Thirty seconds!

Roger. Establish over watch at 5000 MSL.

Bruno 64 will be a fast rope infill. Stand by, Commander.

Good Hoyer. Hold your hover.

Rope's deployed.

First team member on rope.


First man on the ground.

Second man on the rope.

Hey. Next one, Shane, okay?

Have fun, you lucky bastard!

Lulu 06, Bruno 64 infill complete. RTB.

Apollo 2-2, Spartan O-1. Radio check.

Spartan O-1, this is Apollo 2-2.

We'll be with you for the next six hours. Have a nice walk.

Apollo 2-2, this is Spartan O-1. Copy.

Comms check. Check.



Spartan O-1, I passed Budweiser. How copy?

Spartan O-1, Apollo 2-2. Good copy. Budweiser.

Apollo 2-2.

Spartan O-1 hit Miller.

Sir, Spartan O-1 passes Miller.

Spartan O-1, Spartan base. I copy. Miller.

Apollo 2-2, Spartan O-1.

It's Corona.

Looks like they're doing pretty good, Chief.

Apollo 2... Spartan O-1.

It's Hein...

Say again, your last?

Spartan O-1. Here's Heineken.

How copy?

Good copy.

Spartan O-1 passes Heineken.

It's the final way point. Call it in.

Spartan Base, this is Spartan O-1. Radio check.

Spartan... Spartan O-1.

Spartan O-1, this is Beast master. Say again. You're weak and unreadable.

Take a peek.

Spartan Base.


Can't see half the village.

I passed Schlitz Malt Liquor. I say again.

I passed Schlitz Malt Liquor.

Good copy.

Sir, intermittent comms with Spartan O-1, but they have arrived at the O.P.

All right, fellas.

Our boys are safe and secure for the day.

Team one, back to Ba-gram with me.

Team two, enjoy your time here at J-Bad. Nighty-night.

Spartan O-1, Apollo 2-2.

Sun's up. We're out. Good luck.

A- firm.

Find a new spot?

Let's try to make that peak.

See if that's not better.

Sounds good.

Boys all set?

They're all set. They're in position. All's good.

Enjoy your night. Sleep well.

Enjoy yours, brother.

Thanks, Pete.

Glorious day. Eh, Patton?

Yes, sir.

We good?

Yeah. They arrived about 30 minutes ago.

Should be digging in nice and tight right about now.

Zulu 06, Bruno 64 is wheels up. J. - Bad, enrooted Ba-gram.

Marcus, on me.

Danny, take our six. Inform command of our new position.

Axe. Eyes on.

Goddamn. Shit.

That's a lot more than 10 guys.

That's a fucking army.

Four guys on the right.

Red scarf.

No earlobes.


Super freak. That's Rick James, bitch.

You make that shot?

Negative. Wouldn't have authority anyway.

Dietz, we got Shah P-I.D# d. Call in Rick James.

Fuck, yeah.

Axe, you sexy in there? You comfy?

Solid. Advise on target.

Danny, you make comms yet?

No joy.


We're too exposed.

What do you think? Keep Axe at O.P. 1?

Move back twenty-five yards, set up O.P. 2?

Roger that.

Axe, you're on surveillance.

Dietz, fall back to O.P. 2 and get me some fucking comms.

Spartan Base, this is Spartan O-1.

Radio check. How copy?

Hey, L.T.


If we're home by the 15th, me and Morgan are gonna cut down all the trees around the stable.

How is that gonna help me?


Brahms horse auction is, I think, the 27th.

That means if I cut down the trees behind the stable, I get a discount for your horse.

Do they sell Arabic horses?

First of all, it's not an Arabic horse, okay? It's an Arabian horse.


It's... You're from New York, okay?

How much is an Arabic horse? It's Arabian horse.

How much is an Arabian horse?

No less than 15 grand.

Fifteen fucking grand?

Hell of a wedding present.

Is that redhead a bridesmaid? Radio check. How copy?

Melissa? The redhead, dude.

The one with freckles on her nose.

The cute one from the Cold play concert.

That's Melissa.

Is she coming? She's a bridesmaid.

Yeah. Is she coming?

She's a bridesmaid. Yes.

Did she ask about me? No.

Mikey, I'm good here. I'm going to break down O.P.1.

Copy that.

Listen up. At 0930, we move to high ground and make comms.

Marcus, Axe, shut her down. Dietz, you got security.

Rest up, gents.

Can you get off the radio while you're chewing?

You're making me nauseous.

Mikey, you see this?

What the fuck is this?

Oh, shit.

Get down!


Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Get up.

Get your hands back.

Spartan Base, Spartan O-1.

Stepped right the fuck on me.

What the fuck is this? What the fuck? Are you talking to Taliban?

Fucking Tali.

Saying again. This is Spartan O-1. Over.

Come on. Come on.

Hey, eyes down. Eyes down.

Eyes down. Eyes down.


Axe. Eyes on him, what he does.


Spartan Base, this is Spartan O-1. Over.

Danny, your radio working?

So now I'm going to be that guy calling on an unsecured sat line because your shit ain't functioning.

Talk to the Mountain, sir.

Eyes down. Eyes down.


You know, it's feeling like a cursed op.

It's not a cursed op. There's no curses.

It's just Afghanistan. That's all.

J- Bad TOC, Sergeant Hasslert speaking.

Sergeant, this is Spartan O-1. Do you hear me?


Sergeant, this is Spartan O-1.

Yes, yes, I can hear you, sir.

I am calling on an unsecured line.

I need to speak to the C.O. immediately.

The C.O.? That's correct.

Which C.O., sir?

Commander Kristensen.

Commander Kristensen isn't here, sir.

Ah, he's at Ba-gram.

Yes, that's correct, sir.

I need you to transfer me to Ba-gram Ouellette TOC.


Roger that, sir. Stand by.

Ouellette. Petty Officer Patton.

Patton, Mike Murphy.

You're looking for Mike Murphy?

This is Mike Murphy. Do you copy?


This connection sucks. What's up, man?

Patton, get me the Skipper now.

He's sleeping, sir.

Wake him the fuck up.

Did you say wake him up, sir?

Right fucking now.

Roger that.

Murph wants me to wake the Skipper.

Mike Murphy? Yeah.

That's Mike Murphy? Well, go get him.

Commander Kristensen?

Commander Kristensen?

Sir, sorry, sir.

I got Lieutenant Murphy on the phone for you in the TOC.

He says he needs to talk to you now.

Which one?

Right there.

Mike? Mike?

Oh, it dropped.


It's dead. What did he say?

Uh, just that he needed to talk to you.

Why is Murphy calling on a sat phone?

No idea.

Are we having comms problems with Spartan O-1?

We were good for a while, but we've missed two windows now, sir.


Try him back! For fuck's sake.

Fuck! Worst fucking comms.

Well, we could light the goats on fire, smoke signal our way out of here.

Yeah, I could walk down to the village, ask to borrow a phone.

You'd get some interesting tile ideas down there, bro.

Afghan Dirt Brown, Goat Skin Blond.

Shit, she'll dig that a hell of a lot more than, what is it, fucking Honey Cream?

Sit down. Sit down!

Way I see it, we got three options.

One, we let them go, hike up.

We'll probably be found in less than an hour.

Two, we tie them up, hike out, roll the dice.

They'll probably be eaten by fucking wolves, or freeze to death.


We terminate the compromise.

Shah's down there. We let them go, we're letting him go. Mission fails.

No, Mikey.

I don't like it. I don't fucking like it at all.

What are we gonna do? We gonna kill them? Huh?

Okay, we kill them, right? What, then what? Fucking bury 'em?

They get found, then what?

Then what?

What do you mean, then what?

And then what?

You know then what.

What do you think? This shit's gonna be private?

Huh? It's gonna be out there for the whole fucking world.

CNN, okay? "Seals kill kids."

That's the fucking story forever.

It's nobody's fucking business what we do up here.

We do what we do. What we have to do.

This is the fucking Navy and you're the fucking boss, so you make the fucking call, sir.

Shah killed 20 Marines last week.


We let him go, 20 more will die next week.

Forty more the week after that. Our job is to stop Shah.

Why do these men have the right to dictate how we do our job?

Rules of Engagement says we cannot touch them.

I understand.

And I don't care.

I care about you. I care about you.

I care about you. I care about you.

I don't want your mom seeing your head, your decapitated head on Al Jazeera.

That is Shah.

I don't see it that way.

Where do you think he's running to? 200 friends down there.

Got guys in Leavenworth doing 20 for taking home trophy guns.

What do you think they're gonna do for two fucking kids and an old fucking man?

Fucking look at them, man.

They fucking hate us.

Look, at him. That's not a kid, that's a soldier. That's death. Look at death.

We can't do it. Look at that soldier.

They are unarmed prisoners.

And the second they run down there, we got 200 hajis on our backs.

Tie 'em up.

Tie 'em up. Let's get the fuck out of here.

We can't just fucking leave 'em, let 'em go!

I thought you were standing by waiting for your fucking orders?

I am standing by waiting for my fucking orders.

What do you think that radio's for?

They're not calling Domino's Pizza.

I know what the fucking radio's for.

That radio's fucking Tali.

It's a cell phone to the Taliban.

So you just think it'll just be our little secret? Huh?

That's a warrior.

Schwack them.

We cannot do that.

This is a soft compromise.

You want to go to Leavenworth?

You don't know how many hajis they have down there, man.

Don't let him influence you.

Marcus, I'm just saying, you can't just say...

Look at that child.

Make up your fucking mind and don't let him influence you.

Schwack them.

Mikey, it's your fucking call. I ain't fucking voting.

This is not a vote.

This is what we're gonna do. This op is compromised.

So we're going to pack up everything.

We're gonna cut them loose and we're gonna make this peak.

When we make this peak, you're gonna get comms up.

When we get these comms up, we're gonna call for extract and we're going home.

Roger that, sir.

Roger that. Roger.

Spartan O-1. Spartan O-1, do you copy?

Fisher? Coffee.

Spartan O-1, radio check, do you copy?

Radio check for Spartan O-1. Radio check. Spartan O-1.

Spartan O-1... Spartan O-1, do you copy?

Where are you guys going?

Just got called north!

We're QRF!

We have troops in contact!

But we're fucking QRF!

We're going! We have TIC!

What the fuck is with the Apaches?

Troops in contact.

Limited resources, Chief. There ain't enough Apaches.

That's fucked up.

They'll be back.

Hey. Hey.

You just won the lottery.

Any station, listen up. Please relay to Spartan O-1.

Spartan to base, do you copy?

Spartan O-1, Spartan O-1 to base, do you copy?


Oh, fuck!

False summit.

Fuck! Yeah.

Danny, get me some comms.

Come on. Spartan Base, this is Spartan O-1. Over.

What do you want to do?

Go home. Get in bed, watch Anchorman.

Yeah, Roger that. What do you think?

I think we did the right thing.

I think we let our love light shine.

Fuck me!

I mean, isn't that how things work?

Good things happen to good people?

This is a bad spot.

Danny, I got nothing here on sat. Give me something.

I don't have fucking shit.

How do you feel?

This is a bad spot.

You okay?

All set.

Good. Let's fall back to that tree line. Wait till sundown.

If we can't make comms, we're walking home anyways, gents.

Let's get some rest.

Pack up, let's move.


Spartan O-1, Spartan to base, do you copy?

Spartan O-1, radio check, do you copy?

Sir, they've now missed three windows.


Commander Shriver, there's a call for you on line 17.


Commander Shriver.

Uh, sir, this is Erik.

For your S.A., we have missed three comm windows with Spartan O-1.

Last known comms were at 0700.

Why am I hearing this from you right now?

Sir, we expected to have some comms problems.

Murphy and I discussed and agreed that we would not start a spin until after he missed two windows.

Is there a fucking problem here, Erik?

Sir, I've told you everything I have at this point.

I will call you when I have more information.

This is Commander Kristensen out.


I'm going to do some Recon. Be back in two minutes.

You want some company? Negative.

I'm going to do about two minutes of Recon. Be right back.

We're about to get contacted.

How fucking fast are these guys?


What are you thinking?

I'm thinking we're about getting fixing to get into a pretty good gun fight.

Copy that.

Looks like I voted wrong.


We just got the opportunity to make hell fucking strong contact with our friend from the other side.

Job well done.

Hoo-yah to that, sir.

Danny, get ready to fight.

Hey, Mikey...

I'm about ready to punch that time card.

Do it.

Push left! Marcus, move!



Spartan Base, this is Spartan O-1.

Request immediate QRF! Troops in contact!

Fuck! Fuck.

Fucking shit! Motherfuck!


Allahu Akbar!

Contact, twelve o'clock!



Mikey. Left is good.

I say again, left is good.


Left is not good! I say again, left is not good!

Roger that! Push right!

We are good right.

Push right. Push right.

Push right.

Murph, down!

Goddamn motherfuckers!

Fuck you!

Smoke out!

Hey! Consolidate on Mikey!

Shit! Fuck!

Right is no good! Right is no good!


Back! Back!

First man!

Mikey! Consolidate on me!


I think we can take 'em, Mikey, but we're gonna need a new spot!

Roger that! Danny, comms!

Negative! Radio's down hard, it took some rounds!

You got crypto? Yeah!

Gas the fucking radio, we're moving!

Roger that!


Ow, fuck!

Ow! Fuck!

Marcus, on me!


We're falling back!

You mean fall off?

Yeah! Fuck!


Axe, on me!

Ready? Move it!

Ready? Roger!

Go, go, go!



Oh, my God.


I lost my rifle.

My rifle. My...


You see? God's looking out for us.

If that's God looking out for us, I'd hate to see him pissed.

Oh, God... thank you, thank you!

Where's Axe?

That sucked.

They fuck... They fucking shot me.

Living in the past, Danny.

We're all shot, bro. Can you fight?

Messed up my drawing hand, that pisses me off.

All right, we're good.

We just gotta get to flat ground, then we take these motherfuckers, that's it.

Fucking foot!

Goddamn, this sucks! Oh, fuck.

Fuck you.


Damn! Fucking burns!

Danny. I can fight.

Way to go, buddy.

Peel left! Peel left!

Last man!

Let me see it. You okay? Give me your arm. Yeah.

Whoa. Passing to the left!

Come on down!


Let's go.

Get them up! Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


Come on.

Come on!

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Come on. Find a fucking strap.

Get him up. Get him up.

Come on. Fuck.

Get him. Get him up.

Fuck. Fuck.

I got two mags, one frag.


Oh, man.



This is bad here.


This is a fucking problem.

Fucking no comms.

Fucking comms.

You're okay, right? Shot me up pretty good, bro.

This hand, let me see.

You're all right. Look at me. Hey, look at me.

You okay? Huh?

Suck it the fuck up, okay, Danny? You're a fucking frogman.

Fuck, I lost my med kit.

You got a little hit in the leg, okay? Look it here.

You okay?

Hold on. Okay.


Okay? Okay. Okay. Lay back. Lay back.

Let me see, Mikey. Come here. Let me see it.


You pack it with some fucking dirt, tight, you hear me?

Keep it packed tight, all right?

I fucking love Afghanistan.

Come here, buddy. Hold up. Yeah, we're all set.

Let me see. Let me see you.

Get your head down. Let me see.

All right, heads down. Get your head down.

Let me see you. Come here. Keep your head down.

Let me see you. I'm good.

Yeah, I know you're good. I know you're good. Easy.

Mikey, how'd they get us so fast? Shut the fuck up!

Do you fucking see them?


I just don't understand how fucking fast they were, man.

Oh, fuck. I just...

Fucking faster than we are?

They're not faster than us.

I was fucking talking to my mom.

She didn't fucking say nothing about...

She didn't fucking say nothing! Danny, suck it the fuck up.

Oh, fuck, such vivid reds. Oh!

We got to move, Mikey.

Fuck. Mikey, what do you want?

Axe, smoke!

Smoke up!

Smoke 'em!

Oh, they're coming!

Get the fuck up and get your fucking legs working, you hear me? Yeah.

Come on, let's go!

Let's go!

You got Danny? I got him.

Axe, we're moving down! Move where?


Good to go.

Danny! Danny!



You good Danny?

Where's Danny? Where's Danny? I don't see him.

Is he hit? Is he hit?

Is he hit?

Where is he? Where's Danny? I don't see him.

Where is he?

He's up top. What?

He's up top. He got... Where?

He got hit in the head. Up top where?


We gotta go get him. Up top where?

We got to go get him. Up top.

Where's Danny? Did he get hit?

We got to go get him. We gotta get him.

We got to get up there and get him.

We can take 'em on flat ground. We gotta get up top.

We get up there, we get him, get him down the hill, and then we can take 'em on flat ground. We take 'em on flat ground.


Come on! Axe, get up here now!

Get him up here.

Come on, Axe, you gotta get down!

Oh, fuck!

We're gonna go get Danny up top and then we're gonna come back down and fight on flat ground, we're gonna kill 'em all.

Marcus, you good?

I'm good!

Axe, you're security, and let's go.


Let's move.


Let's move!

You can die for your country. I'm going to live for mine.



Marcus, move!


I don't think we can get up from here.

We ain't out-fucking flanking 'em, Mikey.

We got to find another way.


I'm going to make the call to QRF.

You ain't making no fucking comms with that sat phone, Mikey.

Look at me.

I'm going to make the call.

No. No, Mikey.

No. Fuck that.

No. No. Fuck that, Mikey.

Take it. You fucking take it.

Mikey, give me the fucking...

I'm sorry, Mike.

For what?

That we haven't killed more of these fuckers.

Oh, don't be fucking sorry. We're gonna fucking kill way more of 'em.



Never out of the fight.

What's he doing, Marcus?

Murphy's moving! Murphy's moving!

Where is he going?

Oh, fuck!

Murphy's moving!

Oh, fuck.

I am the Reaper.


Fucking A.


J- Bad TOC. Sergeant Hasslert.

This is Lieutenant Mike Murphy. Spartan O-1.

We need immediate air support.

We need help.

We are heading down the ravine towards the Chichal Village.

Roger that, Murphy.

We need immediate CAS.

Lieutenant, I need your ten-digit grid.

Please hurry, sir.

Murphy, I need those grids. Thank you.

Oh, God.


Lieutenant, can you hear me? Lieutenant!

Lieutenant, Get me the grids!


Let's go, guys! Everybody, let's move! Let's really move!

Let's go, let's go!

Lulu 06, Bruno 6-4.

Wheels up, Ba-gram, with QRF of 1-6 Eagles.

No go, no go!

No go! You're grounded!

What's the fucking problem?

These Black Hawks cannot fly without Apache cover!

Where are the fucking Apaches?

On their way back now. They're turning around.

This is fucking unbelievable!

No shit!

Sir, we are four Mikes out from the zone.

Four Mikes!

Look alive, gentlemen.

Bruno 64 report Mike Bravo plus five. Altimeter 2998.

Where's Mike?

Where's Murphy?

Up top.

Where up top?

He's getting the QRF.

Where exactly is Mike?

If I knew exactly where the fuck he was, I would tell you, brother!

Is he squared away?

Oh, fuck. Let me see you.



Did they really shoot me in the fucking head?

Yeah, buddy.

Are Mikey and Danny really dead?

I don't know.

Are we dead?


We're good, right?

Fuck, yeah.

We're solid.

If I die, I need you to make sure that Cindy knows how much I love her.

She knows.

And that I died with my brothers with a full fucking heart.

You're not dying, Axe. We're not gonna...

We gotta spread out. Get yourself some real estate.

64, be advised.

Negative Apache support. LZ is too hot. Stand down.

What's the problem?

The Apaches were pulled. We're grounded.


Some Army troops in contact.

They took our gunship support.

Can you put us on the ground without the Apaches?

We'll do what we have to do to get you on the ground with your men.

Thank you.

Bruno 65, continue 030, we're still a go.

Roger, 65.

We're on our own. Stay tight.



Commander, we're two Mikes out.

Get your men ready. Uh-huh. Uh, Roger that.

Two Mikes! Two Mikes!




Bruno 64, two Mikes out. Go!

Gonna be a fast infill. Establish over watch.

Rope deployed and on the ground.

Whoo! Axe!

Fast infill now.

Let's do this! Patton! You're first! Move!

First team member on the rope.

You good?

Couldn't be more good!

RPG! Fuck!


Fuck, throttle's off throttle's off!

Oh, shit, throttle's off!

Brace for impact! Brace for impact!

Fucking down!

Mayday, mayday! Bruno 64 is down.


Put us down! Put us the fuck down!

Put this fucking helicopter down!

Stand the fuck down, Lieutenant.


Don't you fucking stop! Come on!

Stand down, Lieutenant. We're not going down there.

Keep fucking firing!

We have a fallen angel.

64 is down hard. Broke up on impact.

LZ is too hot. We have to break contact.


No, no, fucking no.


Razor 11 en route to crash site, five Mikes out, rejoining QRF.

06 copy, five Mikes out. Be advised, AO is still hot.


Oh, my God.

Fuck! Axe?


You see any movement?

I got nothing.

O6, 11. Infrared negative. Movement negative.

Copy all, 11.

06, we just hit fuel reserve. We need to come off-station.

11 returning to base.

Roger. Copy all.

Oh, fuck.



No. No.

Stay back! Stay the fuck back!

Back up!

Stay back.

I don't care. I fucking...

What the fuck is this? Oh, fuck.

I got this.

No. No. No.


You... You know where to find Americans?


Show... Show me where we are.

Are you sure? Yes.

Who's that?

Who's that? Who is that?

Who is that? Who is that? Who is that?

You see? Do you see what I have? I'll fucking kill you!

I will fucking kill you!

Is he... Is he Taliban? Is he Taliban? Is he Taliban?

I will fucking kill you. I will fucking kill you right now.

I know he fucking knows something.

You tell him I will fucking kill him.

Look at me in my fucking eyes and you ask me if you think I give a fuck!

I don't care. I don't go home, you don't go home.

You hear me?

I fucking kill you! I kill you.

Why do you help me? Why do you help me?

Do you help me?

Yes. Can I trust you?




There's an American base located here. Give this to them.

Tell them where I am. Tell them where I am.

America-yee. Okay?

No! No, no! No! Get the fuck off me!

No! No! Fuck, no!

Fuck you!

Fuck you, America!

Cry, motherfucker!

Fucking do it! Fucking do it, you fuck! Huh?


Fuck! Fuck!

I'm gonna cut your head off and send it to your fucking American...

Yeah, fuck you!

Why are you doing this for me?

Fuck Taliban. Fuck Taliban.

I need a knife.

A knife. Cut.


You know, knife? Cut.

Okay? Go get a knife.


Yes! Yes, a knife, to cut. Okay? Go.

Go get me a knife. Please? Please.

No, I... I said a knife. That's not a knife.


No. It's not a knife. It's a fucking duck!

I need a knife. You know, knife? To cut.


That's not...

I need a knife.

A knife... You know, a knife?



Yes! Yes! Knife, yes!

No, no! No, no, no, no!

For my leg. Please.

Give me the knife, for my leg.





Yes, Texas. America is Texas, yes.




Why are you doing this for me?

Sir, we have a verified letter from Marcus Luttrell seeking assistance.

I want all available CSAR up in the air and moving on this right now.

Spartan QRF proceed to Kandish village. Over.

I want continuous ISR over this situation.

Put me everything in the air. Yes, sir.

Gentlemen, keep your lines free. Those guys are busy at the other end.

All non-essential personnel, get the fuck out!

Razor 11 en route to village. Ten Mikes out.

Copy that.

06 copies. Ten Mikes out.


Tallying multiple hostiles. Are we clear to engage?

Razor 12, you are clear to engage.

Contact right! Contact right!

Two on the le Ft!

We're clear right!

Halo 4-1. Visual red smoke.

Halo 4-2, you are cleared for the zone.

Halo 4-2. Established low block. On approach.

Ninety feet, 45 knots.

Clear forward. Down right.

Clear to the LZ.

Let's go. Move.

Go. Go, go, go, go.

There's an American! In the door!

What do you see? What do you see?

Any Americans?

American? This way?

Go, go, right!


Let me see your hands!

Are you Marcus Luttrell?

You're safe, Marcus. You're going home.

Coming out!

Outside, walking him out, coming outside.

Here we go, all right, Marcus.

Hey, hey, watch yourself here! Watch it!

Come on, we gotta go, we gotta go. He comes with me.

Sir. That's not going to happen, sir.

You can stay here. You'll be safe.

You can't come with us. These guys will take care of you. You'll be safe.

Wait! Wait!

Thank you. Thank you!

Let's go, sir. We gotta go now. Let's move.

Let's go! I'm sorry, Marcus, we gotta move. Let's go.

Thank you.

Let's go, we got to go!

Got him. He'll be fine. I got you. Thank you.

Let's go! Let's move, come on, here we go.

Come on, we're wheels up in 30.

Come on, Marcus. Easy.

Here we go, Marcus.

Jackpot! Say again, jackpot! We got him!

Patient upgraded to urgent surgical. Prepare units of blood.

Multiple gunshot wounds found on secondary survey.

Update ready to follow. Say when ready to copy.

Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and fear of reputation that I am bound to uphold.

I died up on that Mountain.

No pulse. Okay, start CPR.

One, two, three...

There is no question a part of me will forever be up on that Mountain, dead...

As my brothers died.

But there is a part of me that lived because of my brothers.

Because of them, I am still alive.

And I can never forget that no matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how far you fall...

Hey, Luttrell. Luttrell!

We got a pulse.

..you are never out of the fight.